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OP C. T. A. U.
Temprorary Organization Has Boon
'Effected and Will Bo Made Per
mnnout Simpson Church Peoplo
Want Itov. H. C. McDcraiott Bc
turncd Two Weddings Last Even
ing Lent Services Begin Tomor
row Evcnto This Evening Notes
nnd Personals.
A movement which promises to be
come national In Its scope lias been In
augurated by the members of the local
tolul abstinence societies and at pres
ent Is developing with remarkable rap
idity. It Is the proposed annual mili
tary encampment of the uniformed
corps of the Catholic Total Abstinence
A temporary organization has been
formed with Thomas Glhoy and T. P.
Hurley as president and secretary, and
another meeting will be held on Tues
day evening, February IS, to effect a
permanent organization. It will be un
independent regiment of total abstin
ence men, aside from their present so
cieties, and already there Is talk of
it becoming a state organization.
It Is expected that the necessary
equipment for the encampment will be
secured from the state authorities. The
permanent organization will include
representations from every society In
the Scranton Diocese Union. Among
the societies already enlisted in the
movement are the following:
Young lien's Father Matliew society,
of Archbald; Father Whitty society, of
North Scrnnton; St. Leo's Battalion
and St. Paul's Pioneer corps, of West
.Scranton; Young Men's Drill corps, of
AVJlkes-Barre; St. Gabriel's society, of
Hazleton; C. T. A. U. society, of Pitts
ton; Knights of Father Matliew, of
Carbondale, and others.
t Want Pastor Returned.
At a meeting of the quarterly confer
rnce of the Simpson Methodist Episco
pal church hold last evening the fol
lowing was adopted unanimously by a
rising vote:
Whereas, Dminf? tlie period of one jcar last
liast it lias been our priwlcpro to have asso
ciated with us in Chiistinn fellowship, as our
pastor, a preacher strons and earnest, to whom
wo deem it a pleasmc and profit to listen, a
noble Christian gentleman, with whom our as
sociations have been most pleasant; a father to
Dtifottr's French Tar
Will promptly relieve and speedily euro
coughs, colds and all lutxr tiouble. For
iuc by G. W. jnNlilNS, 101 South Main
ning of
I Colored Dress Goods i
' This is the Imperial, Metropolitan, Cosmopolitan
;-; stock of the vicinity, and every day adds to its com- 5!
5 pleteness. x 5?;
1 Tuesday, February 11, 1902, 1
We make the opening display of the New Colored Dress
(.rtnlc M- niintA4 1ai..lnllnn a.m.ll 1 1 ..... I.
vjuuu. nu piiiiibu ucov.iipiiu.1 wuuiu ic-u you iuucil
about the styles. We can only say that as they are
heaped upon the counters nnd stacked in the shelves
they make the most complete assortment ever shown
1 A Partial List of the Names :
I Waist Goods
In all the new solid colors and fancy stripes, Tucked and &i
Corded Effects, Satin Stripe Challies, Striped Albatross, St
Rica Cloth, French Challies in Persian Effects, and hosts &
of others.
1 For Tailored Suits
Thibets. Crvstal Cheviots.
' Effects, Broadcloths, Kerseys, Coverts and other suitable &
is ' fabrics. ;
S Pedestrian Suitings I
Friezes in Stripes, Phiid,
Cheviots and Covert Finished Effects.
1 Velvets for Waists,
Metal Printed Corded
Heavy Costume Velvets.
This First View Will
The master makes of the Famous French, English, Ger
man and American loom artists, In the prices, everv
,j. . . ; advantage goes to the customer. Time and money have
"" ' hot been spjred to make this stock (he best of its kind
.36 4 vvc carry at an limes a mosi complete stock of all the
uwivi vittjjcj ui icjui.u Jjuuus, iinu in aaaiUOn UlerelO
always have exceptional offerings of such goods as come
to sale at extra low prices. Let us show what there la
1 Globe
whom our licarU go out In brotherly njmpathy
ami affection. Therefore, bo It
llcsolvcd, By this, the, official board of tho
Simpson Methodist episcopal church of Scran,
ton, In this thctf last quarterly conference of the
year nwcmblcd, tint wo express to tho bishop
anil cabinet of the Wyoming conference by our
lcocd presiding elder, the ltcv. Dr. Amtln
Griffin, our deslro and request that the ltcv.
Hugh C. McDermott be returned to us as our pas
tor for the coming, conference year that ho iney
continue (fod's woik In our midst.
The Homo Missionary society also
met last evening and transacted regular
At noon on Thursday the Ladles' Aid
society will servo their members with
a dinner In tho church.
Two Weddings.
Reginald Taylor nnd Miss Emma
Morris, both of Garfield avenue, were
united In marriage last evening by Ilcv.
K. A. Boyl, pastor of tho Plymouth
Congregational church, at his residence
on Prlcu street. The couple were unat
tended. John Plndo and Miss Carincna Cas
sesse, two well-known young peoplo,
were married nt 0.30 o'clock last night
In St. Lucie's Italian Catholic church
on Chestnut street, in the presence of a
large number of friends.
The bride was attired In white silk,
with bridal veil, and was attended by
three children as llowcr bearers, and
the bridesmaid and groomsman were
from Carbondale. The ceremony was
performed by Itev. Domlnlck Urocco,
and Miss Cavanaugh played the wed
ding marches.
The bride is a niece of Joseph Cas
sesse and the groom Is employed by
Cnrlucci Brothers. A reception was
held in Cassesse's hall after the wed
ding, and was participated in by many
well-known Italians.
Wedding in Nenlls' Court.
On Sunday night the Turkish and
Arabian knights of Neulls' court held a
wedding celebration, and towards mid
night created such a noise that a tele
phone message was sent to the Jackson
stieet police station.
Several ofllcers responded, but when
they arrived the participants had
(Itileted down and resumed the even
tenor of their way. About twenty-five
men and women were crowded into a
room about 15x13, and the smoke was
so thick one could almost cut it with a
knife. No arrests were made.
Ash Wednesday Services.
The following services will be held
in St. David's Episcopal church tomor
row, Ash "Wednesday, Rev. 13. J. Mc
llenry, pastor.
Celebration of holy communion, S a.
m.; litany and penitential office with
sermon, 10.30 a. m.; litany and Bible
study at 7.30 p. m.
Weekly School Deposits.
The weekly collections among the
pupils of public schools Nos. 13 and 19
yesterday amounted to $B.32, and were
deposited in the West Side bank by
the following teachers:
No. 13 David Owens, S2c; Eliza
Lewis, 75c.; Bertha Kelly, 9Gc.j Nellie
Richards, G4c; Edna Lewis, $1.64; Eliza
Price, 20c; Martha Watkins, 52c;
Alice Evans, S3c; Edna D. Evans,
New Sprin
Ven(tinn: in Plnin nA MimA ?
Lined and Reversible Cloths in C
Suits and Skirts I
Velvets, in plain colors, and S
Show You
Warehouse I
$1.22t Catharine Phillips, 02c; Sarah
McDonald, Oc.j Florence Freeman 70c,
Total, $9.20.
No. 10 Miss Murray, 72c.j Miss
Beamish, Slic; Miss Itutton, iluc.i Miss
Davis, $1.05) Miss Wade, 8Gc. Miss
Mtirnhy, $1,131 Miss llunill, $1.20; Miss
Nlcholls, $1.03; Miss Morgan, 3oc.;
Miss Evans, $l.tii; Miss Kclluw, $3. in;
Miss li'lynn,' G2c.; Miss lecl, $1.C0;
Mrs. Foibor, $2.25. Total, $17.00.
Lenten Services at St. Patrick's.
Tho annual Lenten services will begin
tomorrow morning at St. Patrick's
Catholic church, with Ash Wednesday,
when tho ushes will be blessed and dis
tributed at the 8 o'clock mass.
During Lent services will bo held at
0.30, 7 and 8 n. m. A sermon nnd bene
dictions will be given Wednesday even
ings 'and stations of the cross will bo
recited on Friday evenings.
A collection will bo taken up next
Sunday for tho colored and Indian mis
sions of the Catholic church.
Two Funerals Yesterday.
Services over the remains of the lato
Patrick Sheerln were held In-St. Pat
rick's Catholic church yesterday morn
ing and were largely attended. A re
quiem muss was celebrated, and inter
ment wan made In the Cathedral ceme
tery. Tho remains of on Infant child of Mr.
and Mrs. David Reese, of 331 Evans
court, were privately interred In the
Wnshburn street cemetery yesterday
Events of This Evening.
The Colonial club, a social auxiliary
of Washington camp, No. 17S, Patriotic
Order Sons of America, will celebrate
their flrst unnlversary In their rooms
this evonlnr.
The Ministerial Association of Welsh
Baptist Churches of Northeastern
Pennsylvania will meet this afternoon
and evening in the First Welsh Bap
tist church, South Main avenue. At 2,30
o'clock Hev. W. D. Thomas, of Pitts
ton, will read n paper, and at the even
ing service Hev. Morris, Nanllcoke, will
preach in English, and Rev. Hoberts,
Wllkes-Barre. in Welsh.
An uncommonly important meeting of
the inembera of Local No. 1072, United
Mine Workers of America, will be held
in D. D. Evans' hull this evening. Dele
gate William Lewis will make his re
uorl. Tho regular monthly meeting of the
West Side board of trade will be held
this evening in tho Wheelmen's club
house, on Jackson street.
The members of the Electric City
Wheelmen's minstrel company are re
quested to cancel all engagements for
next Friday evening, in order to at
tend tho rehearsal.
Thomas Williams, a young miner,
employed at the Dodge, had his leg
broken and back Injured by a fall of
rock, wliile at work yesterday. Ho was
removed to his home, on Storrs avenue.
John Francis, of Kcyser avenue, was
fined $.". recently by Alderman Davles
for making threats against one of his
Thomas Jones, or Eynon street, was
injured by a fall on the slippery pave
ment, on Main avenue, Saturday even
ing. A birthday party was held at the
homo of Albert Morgan, on Eynon
street, Saturday evening, where a jolly
crowd of young people enjoyed them
selves for several hours.
A boy named Arthur Zimmerman, re
siding on Meridian street, sustained a
severe bodily injury on Sunday after
noon, while coasting down Oxford
Preparation is being made for the
presentation of a cantata, "A Dialogue
or isiras," at me Bellevue Welsh Cal
vinistlc Methodist churcrh, during the
latter part of March. It will be sung
by children, under the direction of J.
Henry Jones.
A large party of young people from
West Scranton enjoyed a slelghride to
Elmhurst, Sunday afternoon.
The talent engaged to appear at the
entertainment in the Welsh Calvlnistic
Methodist church next Friday even
ing includes Charles Hartley, Thomas
Abrams, David Jenkins, Misses Via
Jones and Gertrude Freeman. Mrs.
James Meckel and tho Ladles' Glee
During the absence of Funeral Direc
tor William C. Price, who is In New
Orleans, tho business Is in charge of
Mr. Price's able assistant, Eugene Vos
burg, who is a painstaking and thor
oughly competent funeral director.
Miss Elsie Evans, of Lafayette street,
has returned homo from a with
friends at Dalton.
Uezaleel Brown returned homo yes
terday after spending Sunday with
friends at Courtdnle. near Wilkes
IJarro. Mrs. David Evans, of Acker avenue,
Is reported to bo seriously ill at her
Two young men named Thomas Mor
an and John Betzcl wero arrested yes
terday on Main uvenuo for abusing a
horse. They weru lined $3 each.
A public meeting of tho West Side
Central Republican club will be held at
mo rooms Tiiursday evening, when
speakers will be present to uddress tho
Hev. E. A. Boy, pastor of tho Plym
outh Congregational church, returned
home lust evening from Camden, N.
v.. where ho preached Sunday morning
and evening.
Tho Gaum Nu society of tho Wash
burn Street Presbyterian church held
a regulur meeting in the church pnrlors
lust evening, ,
A business meeting was held In tho
First Baptist church hist evening, tit
which mutters pertaining to tho church
wero taken up and acted upon.
St. Brendon's council, Young Men's
Institute, met In their rooms lust even
ing in a business session.
Twenty-eight applicants for member
ship were considered nt the meeting of
tho board of directors In tho Jackson
Street Baptist church last evening.
St. DaVld'B Church VOntl'V fnUnd In
meet last evening, no quorum being
Hev, James Bennlnger, pastor of tho
Hampton Street Methodist Episcopal
church will assist In conducting revi
val services this week In the Jermyn
Methodist Episcopal church.
Before a large audience last night,
the Iligh Works Indians defeated the
South Side Defenders. Tho game from
sturt to finish, wus full of interesting
features. The playing of Hughes, for
the High Works, nnd Kane, for the De
fenders, was brilliant. The score at the
end of the game was 19 to 1 in favor of
the High AVorks Indians.
John Murphy, of Stanton street, fell
on tho ice, near his residence, yester
day, and broko his log.
This evening un entertainment for
the bencnt of tho widow of Lewis
gliomas, who died some time ago, leav
ing Ids wife und child in poor clrcuin-
A $1,000 PRIZE.
A prominent manufacturer has of
fered a prlzo of mio thousand dollars
for the best essay on preventive medi
cine, "believing that n proper exercise
of preventive inedlclno In of Incal
culable benefit to the human race."
Tho tendency of medical science Is to
ward preventive measures. The best
thought of tho world Is being glvon
to tho subject. It Is easier nnd better
to prevent thnn to cure. It has been
fully demonstrated that pnoumonln,
ono of tho most dangerous diseases that
medical men have' to contend with, can
bo prevented by the use of Chamber
lain's Cough Remedy. Pneumonia al
ways results from n cold or from an
attack of Influenza (grip), and It has
been observed that tins, remedy coun
teracts tho tendency of these diseases
toward pneumonia. This hits been fully
proven In many thousands of cases
In which this remedy has been used
during tho great prevalence of colds
and grip In recent years, and can bo
relied upon with Implicit confidence.
For sale by all druggists.
stances, will be held in the Puritan
Congregational church, on West Mur
kel street.
Gertrude, the 10-year-old daughter of
Mr. und Mrs. McDonough, of Ruano
street, broke her log near tho ankle,
while coasting on Stanton street yes
terday. She was descending tho hill on
a Bled, when her leg struck u, stone.
She was removed to her home, where
her leg was set.
Dennis Ruddy, with his lady friend,
were thrown from a cutter, on West
Market street, Sunday evening. Both
sustained a few bruises about the head.
Mr. and Mrs. W. C. McDonald and
family, of North Main avenue, are vis
iting friends in Wllkes-Barre.
Miss Katherlno Loftus, of Olyphant,
was calling on friends In this part of
the city, Sunday.
P. J. Lynott, of McDonough avenue,
Is slowly recovering from 'a recent at
tack of rheumatism.
The Ladles' Aid society of the Piovi
dence Methodist Episcopal church will
hold a valentine surprise social In the
lecture room of the church, Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Philip O'AIalley, or
Bloom avenue, are rejoicing over the
arrival or twins, Saturday night.
Tho Dutch Gap Mission Sunday
school will hold an entertainment in
their rooms this evening, on North
Main avenue. Cake and coffee will bo
served after the entertainment.
Misses Helen Hern, Beatrice Perry,
Jennie Dawson and Hannah Hern wero
among Plttston callers on Sunday.
Miss Lavlgne, of Avoca, was among
callers in this section last week.
William Thomas, of Putnam street,
has left for White Haven, Pa., where
he will reside in the future.
Daniel Davis, son of Mine Foreman
Davis, of the Cayuga, Is seriously ill
at his home on Putnam street.
C. P. Savage, the Hepublican Can
didate for Borough Treasurer.
Short News Notes.
C. P. Savage, the candidate for bor
ough treasurer on the Republican
ticket, was born in Dunmore in 1804.
and has continuously resided here ever
since. At an early age he entered the
employ of tho Pennsylvania Coal com
pany as telegraph operator, being pro
moted successively to the position of
i I". s.WAGi:.
Itcpulilkiin Candidate for Tieasurcr of Dunmore
secretarv nnd treasurer of Dunmoru
Gas and Water company, manager or
Western Union system on Erie and
Wyoming Valley railroad, assistant
purchasing agent, nnd for many years
was purchasing agent for tho Pennsyl
vania Coal company, Erie and Wyo
ming Valley Railroad company and
Dunmore Iron nnd Steel company,
which position was held until tho com
panies mentioned wore absorbed by the
Erie Railroad company and the pur
chasing olllce removed to New York.
In tho various departments Mr, Sav
ago served continuously twenty-two
years. For several years he acted as
borough clerk, where his thoroughness
and painstaking efforts looking to tho
best Interests of the borough wero
much In evidence. Tho experience of
Mr. Savage has certainly been of an
order that will make him nu eminently
proper custodlnn of the borough funds,
and will tibsuro tho taxpayers that
everything connected with tho treas
urershlp of Dunmore borough will bo
conducted In a capablo and buslncss
llkp manner. Mr, Savngo Is conduct
ing a clean and buslness-llko campaign,
and every Indication points to his elec
tion to tho position of treasurer of this
borough on Tuesday next,
Revival meetings will bo held In the
Tripp Avenue Christian church for the
next month, commencing tomorrow
night. Interesting speakers will be
present, and special music will bo pro
vided, and it is hoped they will be
largely attended.
Tho choir of St. Mary's church will
be tendered u banquet at Washington
hall tonight. Caterer Hunley, of Scran
ton, has tho affair In charge.
Dr, J. B, Garvey Is In Ney York city,
where ho will spend tho next month.
Mr, and Mrs. Charles Collins, of
Cherry street, aro visiting friends in
New York cty.
Allow a couch to run until it gets beyond tha
reach of medicine. They often My, "Oil, it will
wear auay," tut in most case It will wear
them away, Could tliey lu induced to try tho
tucicssful medicine railed Kemp's IlaUam, vhl:h
U bold on a positive iruarantcc to cure, they
would Immediately tee tho excellent eOcct ni
ter taking tho llibt dose, l'ricc 23c. and COc.
Trial size free. At oil dnJi'i'isU.
C , Wf-VjSi
v 5 '.jflllllillr f. i m
HKidJHp'f Oft
Was a Prlzo Winner at tho Eecent
Athletic Club's Mask Ball Aunu
al Event of the Scranton Sacngor
rund6 Last Night Was a Dig Suc
cess Mrs. Ellen King Acquitted
of tho Chargo of Soiling Liquor
Without a License Doy Kicked by
a Mule Other Notes,
At tho Scranton Athletic club's mask
ball, which took place a few days ago,
prizes were offered fo? the best dressed
couple and prizes weru also put up for
the most fantastic garb. Master Wil
liam II. Koch. J I'm "on of Register of
Wills and Airs. Koch, residing at 71:3
Cedar avenue, attended In tho same at-
tiro which lie wore at a recent klrmess,
showing him as a typical Johnny Bull,
and lie easily carried off first prize, an
elegant silk umbiella.
The dress is an exact counterpart of
what tho world-famous Britisher,
shown In Puck, wears, and consists
of a scarlet coat trimmed with silk and
brass buttons, over a vest striped like
the Union Jack. A silk hat and top
boots are also part of the costume. As
the picture shows aridlng whip goes
with the outilt. Master Koch is only
10 years old.
Ball Was a Big Success.
Athletic hall was literally jammed to
the doors last night with the members,
wives, families and friends of tho
Scranton Saongeirunde society, who
had assembled for a carnival and so
cial time.
The hall had been beautifully draped
with bunting, in which the stars and
stilpes, and the German flag of red,
white and black, were the most prom
inent. Inside the stnge rail Bauer's full
orchestra was stationed and their in
spiring marches were a big factor in
the fun making and jollity of the merry
maskers. Before 10 o'clock admittance
to the dance or refreshment pavilions
was difficult," and so It continued until
after midnight.
The costumes were brilliant and va
iled In make up, while the laughter
provoking hobo was much In evidence.
Taken all In all tho Saengerrunde mask
ball was one of the finest affairs of tho
season, and as a result a neat sum will
be added to the treasury. The com
mittee of arrangements was composed
of Berthold Schott, Gustav Schultz,
Jacob Hess, August Hagon, Edward
Olaus, Louis Haberstroli and John
Police Court Notes.
Mrs. Ellen King, of 430 Genet street,
was placed under arrest late Saturday
night by Patrolmen Zang, Poland and
Sartor, on the chargo of selling liquor
without a license. Th? evidence given
at a hearing before Magistrate Storr
was deemed Insufllcleni, however, and
Mrs. King was discharged.
William Brcnnan was picked up by
the police on Saturday night, and after
spending the evening In the station
house was given a hearing on charges
of being drunk and disorderly. Alder
man Storr ordered him to pay $3 and
costs, with tho alternative or spending
twenty days In jail. As ho could not
procure tho necossnry cash, ho was sent
up as a guest of Sheriff Schadt.
Kicked by a Mule.
A 11-year-old son or Mr. anil Mrs.
Christ Bohr, who resides at Crown ave
nue and Maple streot, mot with a seri
ous accident while at work yesterday.
Tho boy Is employed as driver at tho
Murray mines and was leading his initio
to the barn after work, when tho ani
mal became fractious,
He struck out viciously with both feet
and caught tho unfominute boy on the
head, knocking hm bonseless. Young
Bohr was nt once removed to his homo
and Dr. Walsh was summoned. An
examination showed a nasty jagged
wound over the oyes. Had tho steel
fchod hoofs struck the boy an inch lower
ho would havo been killed. A number
of stitches wero necessary to close tho
gash, and the sufferer was made as
comfortable us possible.
An Interesting meeting of the bowling
club wis held at their hoaduuurters last
evening, which was followed by a so
cial session, A mutch gumo was also
played between the first and second
teams and arrangements wero made for
the regular league game, which takes
placo tomorrow night.
Comet lodge, Knights of Pythias, will
meet ln regular session this evening.
Charles Kuestner, tho well known
hatelkeeper, who has been seriously 11)
and had to undergo an operation last
week, Is somewhat improved.
A cominlttoi) has been appointed nnd
plans aio now being mado to havo a
production of the famous Passion riiy
lit tue Church of I'eacp on Prcspect
acnuo within the tut nv nth.
Tho Arbiter Fortblldlngs Vereln con
ducted a very successful mask ball at
Workmen's hall last night, which was
well patronized. There was an abund
auco of refreshments and Urst class
muslo jvns furnished for the masquer
aders. i
I I m MiiiiiiiiiiiiiH.mni
Jonas Long's' Sods
This Sale of Furniture will eclipse
anything we ever attempted in this line.
Ready cash brings to the Big Store a large
quantity of Bedroom Furniture purchased
from F. B. Harrower, Receiver of the
Wilkes-Barre Wholesale Manufacturing
Co., and is now on sale this week on
the. Fourth Floor.
Here Are Some Prices
20 Bedroom Suits for $11.90 '
A Solid Oak, 3-Piece Suit; Dresser has beveled French
plate mirror, size 20x24 inches, shaped top wash stand
with splasher back. Bed is neatly carved.
$24 Bedroom Suits for $12.98
Solid oak, 4-Piece Suits, Dresser has French beveled
plate mirror,size 22x24 inches.shaped top and cast brass
trimmings. Bed is finely carved.
Odd Dressers
In all woods and finishes, Combination tC Cfi
Dressers for ,PJ,JU
$12.00 kind now $7.50
$12.98 kind now $10.50
13.75 kind now $10.98
$12.50 Sideboards for $8.50
ci; .ir .-.-.Man finitli with chnnprl ton ?rrt
m ounu uai, guiucu union, . .!.. ....mwv. !' "- n
I French bevel plate glass mirror, lined drawers for silver, k
H lined drawer and double cupooarci Tor aisnes. iNever
before such furniture selling,
r - m
Mr. Edward Nettleton.of Green Illdge
street, Is confined to his home by ill
ness. Joseph Ijosey, manager of the Scran
ton Lumber company, was out yester
day for the first time, after nn illness
of two weeks.
Mrs. James Francis, of Kingston, is
visiting Green Kidge relatives ana
Ml&s Mary AVells, of Breaker street,
Is spending a month at Kaston.
Thomas J. Davis, formerly foreman
of Mulley's plumbing department, has
nccepted a position with G. II. Monies,
of Dickson avenue.
Miss Addle Von Storch, of East Mar
ket streot, is spending tho winter with
friends in tho Ulue Grass state.
The members of the Green Uldgo
Dancing club gave one of their delight
ful socials at the club house of the
Green Itldge Wheelmen last evening,
which was enjoyed by about foity
JIHS. JOHN FOIS died yesterday at
noon at her home, 403 Tenn avenue,
after an Illness of about three months'
duration, Pneumonia was the cause of
death. Decased had resided in tills city
over thirty years, and was well and
favorably known. Sho was 03 years old,
and is survived by her husband and
the following children: Charles, Jo
seph, Fred and Mnrgnrct Foln, Mrs.
Henry Vockroth and Sister Sylvester,
of Cape Charles, A'a.
terilnv afternoon nt tho homo of her
daughter, Mrs.' Catherine Marlon, on
Mineral street, Mrs. Devlne had been
ailing for some time, and her death was
not unexpected. Deceused was ono of
the oldest residents of tho city, having
lived hero over llfty years. She was 85
years of age, and Is survived by four
children, Mrs. Catherine Marion, Thom
as V,, James and Martin Devlne, nil of
this city,
GEORGE M. ATWATEH, aged i!7, a
highly respected young man of this
city, died at his home, 615 Hills court,
Sunday night. He Is survived by hla
wlfo and two children; also his father,
C, L. Atwuter. three sisters and a
brother, of Belleville, III, He wus a
member of Mooslu council, No, 21S,
Junior Order United American Mechan
ics, MHS. ANNA DAVIS, a well known
resident of North Scranton, died Sunday
at her home, 114 Wells street. Mrs.
Davis wus n very active church work
er and charitable woman, and tho
news of her deatn will be a great blow
to her friends. Tho funeral will take
place from her lato residence Wednes
day afternoon at 1! o'clock.
4S years, a. widow, residing at 911 Price
street, died yesterday, She Is survived
by three children, The remains will bo
taken to Stroudsburg on Thursday
morning for Interment,
Wednesday morning there will be
Lincoln day exercises In the High
school, when a picture of Lincoln will
be unveiled.
There will be an uddress by City
Superintendent Howell and recitations,
songs, etc.
in ever Derore sucn prices
Lyceum Theatre
M. HEIS, Lcsspc and Manager.
A. J. DUFFY, Bus. Manager.
Tim day. Februiry 11.
I"irt Time Here of tho Tiomomlous Distinsui.'licil
'liliimpli, W. K. X.VNKKVILU:, prc-cnls
Mali Caine's
Mut Powciful blory
The Penitent
Piicrt hum 1'aik 'flicntcr, lloslou, with all the
Krnciy aril efficient rail.
Price---2.V. to .U.
&.ile of beat open.- Mdinljy at ! a. in.
Wjd.i3Sda7 ani Thursday Nighls
Ji. V. Mauley 1'iosenK
Robert Mantell
Supported by an Kxcellent Company of Mule
pianan AitUU.
Vi:i)XlSD.Y MKillT.
jIIL'KMUY xioiir.
f'iice--2.V. to l..r,0.
File of feats .Mond.iy al 1 a. m.
Academy of flusic
U. HKI3, Letaee. . A. J. Duffy, Manajsr.
A lleielition in Itepeitnire.
ONi: SOf.lll WIXK, roniiueiieiiig ITllltrARY 10.
Willi Special Monday Matinee.
Special Engagement of May Fiske
nnd Ikt coiupiuy. touetlicr witli her Own Solu
Orcliestru in the followlnc plaj.-: Momliy
fneo and nislit. "C'luilly lilili Tue-ilay inalliiie,
"I'e WoffinKlon": Wednesday matinee, "Under
'lva KMin"j Wednesday night, "'tho (lolcl
Klnir." Hlir alldcille ueh, headed by MIIS (1N
'IOM TilUMll, COt NT AXI1 1IA110N MADM, Ihu
Miullot peoplo in tho world. Night prices, 10.,,
Llie. and 3CV. Matinee, 0;;0e. Monday night,
Kidicb' bon bon night.
ALF. O, HUltltlNGTO.N-, Manager.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, lU. 10, 11, I,
Night Owls Burlcsqucrs
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps,
;-.. ' - 4
For Sa
f 150 Acres
Uriel, house of tcu'ii room-. Ham i't60
feet. One mile fiom raihoad station, l.x
(client tpriiw nnd running uater, plenty
of oaL timber. Underlaid with seven-foot
eiu ofVoal. Uood markcty for every
thing, Thlrly-lhe acres bottom laud.
Price, $123 per ttcie. Tciiru to tult put"
chiw.T. .
Kcw AlexuiulrU, Pa,
Westmoreland Co.