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tnc uoDBnN itXnDWAnB sromt,
until you tire down net
they "my save you n sell
out) futt doesn't cost much
to bo on the snCo Hide.
Union Ice Creepers enn be
fastened to the oi'ershoe.
Price, 35c. per pair.
Foote & Shear Co.
JJ9IM. Washington Ave Q
Jjjj these! houses
r'.itinnh 1m ltotifrlit nt ntu mice because
they mo not for talc, but we line fur s.ilo
a beautiful
Double House
ir0 and 1507 Adams Avenue
The house U located In cry pleasant
put of the illy, ami U the only double
house in the block surrounded by hand
tome single clncHlne;, Home of which nie
ftone. On the thudy side pf the slicet,
ms furnare, pis, lnlli, cte. Slreet ears
pasi the door; near drtiu utoie. On the
llrst lloor on one wide of the house nio
parlor, tlttliiR loom, dlnlits room, library
and large hall, and four rooms on second
On the other half of the hoti-e are six
room.'. Tlie Iioum- van built four je.ira
oro and is in. Ncry good ronditlon. It
will nut for $12 per month and can lis
bought for
$5,000 Easy Terms.
Don't let IIih chance (ret awav from
you. The owner is out of the city end
wjiits to ue the money. It will lost
you nothing to look nt the home.
Comegys & Co.,
heai, r.sT.vrr. orricn.
Dime Bank Building, Scranton.
cer been in our bloic to fee the many
things we hac to nial.o jour infant
and children well dicsed and com
fortable. If not, it will icpiyjou to
gic us a little of your time.
510 Spruce Street.
m .
mmzm t
30S-310 I'eim Amhuc. A. 11. Waim-in. a.
Mr. and Mrs. "William II. Taylor en
tertulned a large company of guests at
"Hill Top" last night. Jliss Electa
Ulft'ord, soprano, and Arthur Hoch
innii, pianist, were the artists.
The magnificent new home has not
before been thrown open to as large
nn assemblage and its magnificence
and wonderful adaptability to such en
tertainments was the subject of con
tinual lemarks during the evening. The
rooms are all of noble proportion and
most remarkably handsome, furnished
as they are In the rarest of woods und
the perfection of coloring. Within
them have been gathered treasures of
art from many lands. The great hall,
sixty-live feet In depth, Is richly panel
led lu old oak nnd from It rise two
staircases from u raised landing and
meeting midway ubove, giving an
Indescribably stately effect. The balus
trades are enriched with rare carvings,
In which acanthus designs are the mo
tif. Velvet carpet, In a glowing red
hue made this room with Its assemb
lage of beautifully gowned women a
scene of striking loveliness.
The Inglenook surrounding1 the great
(Ire-pluctJ made a picturesque plat
form for the piano and u. cluster of
brilliant led roses guvo the keynote of
color to the general effect. The hall Is
set with many curved pieces of furni
ture, chief umoug which Is a wonder
ful clock, a genuine antique, dating
back to 10.10, and taken from a famous
English castle. It weighs tons and Is
valued at many thousand dollars. It
it -could tell Its own history the tnlo
would bo u romance Indeed,
The entertulnment which air. and
Mrs. Taylor u (forded their guests was
one of such rare enjoyment as comes
but seldom. The celebrated soprano,
Miss Electa Gilford, and Arthur Iloch
man, the great pianist, gave a pto
gramme of such a high order that It is
unique In tho history of musical af
fairs In this city. An addltlonul pleas
ure was tho sympathetic and artistic
accompaniment given by Charles Doer
sam, formerly of Scranton.
Mr, Uochmau has certainly a mar
vellous future before Him. Ills
technlquo Is superb and such execution!
It Is said that none can play that
Chopin Polonaise with such power and
such Inspiration, save one, and that Is
liosenthal. His octave work In that
number last night was truly phenom
enal. The plaintive Impromptu of Schu
bert's was most adequately given and
again a glimpse of tho true poetry of
his soul was given In the little Ber
ceuse which he played lit the Paur
concert. His refined discrimination
was evident In the progrunune. His
encores were characteristic, the con
eluding wedding music leaving a Hup
py spirit In the air.
ujsn o r(mcsbC
Miss ailTord with her youth, hor
spirited beauty might have stepped out
of u Wnttenu picture Inst nlg-lit. Bho
sang exquisitely, purely! nnd to say
that nho captivated every listener Is to
Express but mildly tho general senti
ment. She Is un Htunilnnted edition
do luxe of Mlllan Blituvolt nnd the
Scranton people would like to have her
for their own. Prom the brilliant waltz
song from "Komeo nnd Julletto" to the
sweet old English song which she gave
an nn encore, she wn a delight to
near and a joy to look upon. The
programme of the evening follows:
1, Alccrto, Piprl.csnr Irs alM tie bullet.
2. Wall. Hon;, fioM ilbmco ami Juliet, , i
3 Impromptu, "0 minor 5p W....,...'.iSchulieft
li (lavottR .tlliick-llralmu
c-Sonatc Scarlatti
4 n My Hwccl Itonose .1 Schubert
b-llaikl! The Laik , Selmberl
c She It Thine Schumann
G a tlcicciue ,,..,,.,...,.,.. Itochman
b-Vulso llrilllaiitc Chopin
0 n Violet i:erjwheto von FIcllU
li Tho f-i'.Hom Coweu
c The. KlRlitlngalYil .Song N'cvln
1 l'olonalte llrllllantc op. to Chopin
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were assisted In
entertaining by their mother, Mrs. Bar
ker, Miss Alice Barker nnd Mr. and
Mrs. Harry C. Barker. The most elab
orate Runner was served. The favors
given were musical In design and ex
ceedingly dainty In conception. The
guests were:
Mr. and Mr. llemy Dcltn, Jr., Mia, and Mrs.
Paul II. Delhi, Judge and Mm. Alfred Hand, Mr.
and Mis, J. 11. Plminlck, Judge nnd Mm. K. X.
Wlllard, Judge and Mm. II. A. Knapp, Mr, and
Mm. C. 11. Wcllca, Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Klngv
limy, Mr. and Mm. II. 11. Drady, Mr. and Jim. A.
II. Storm, Mr. and Mrx. James A. I.lncn, Judge
nnd Mm. II. W. Archbald, Mr. and Mrs. l. L.
Puller, Mr. and Mrs. N, CI. Robertson, Itev. and
Mr. Itogcis bract, Mr. and Mn. Kianlt K. Piatt,
r Mr. and Jim. Gcorgr II. Smith, Mr. and .lames
O. Sandcrfon, Mr, and Mis. George Sanderson,
Mr, nnd Mid. Gcoige bturge, Mis. It. Q. Powell,
Mr. and Mr?. I K. Traiy, Mr. Thomas Dick
son, Mr, and Mis. G. G. Broolti, Mrs. Amtlu
Decker, Mr. and Mri. William M. Marplc, Mr.
James Itosle, Mr. ilud Mr II. C. Shafcr, Iter.
Joseph Odcll, Sir. and Mrs. C. S. Weston, Mr. and
Mr Gcoige II. Jennjn, Mrs. Jf. Y. Loot, Dr.
and Mrs. (I. 1). Murray, Mr .and Mil. Itkhard
Matthew k, llcv, and Mr James Mcl.eod, Mrs. W.
G. Paike, Mr. and Mr. George L. Dickson, Mr.
and Mrs. Walter M. Dickson, Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. H.
Watson, Mrs. Seldon lllalr, Mis. William II.
Strong, Mr. Flank S. Ilaikcr, Mr. nnd Ml G.
dull. Dlmmlck, Mis. II. K. Liiltue, Mr. nnd Mr
1). X. McKce, Mr. and Mr Austin lllalr, Dr. nnd
Mr 11. V. Logan, Mr. and Mr L. A. Watrcs,
Mr. and Mil. II. II. Chae, Mr. and Mis. A. W.
Dickson, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Slinihon, Mr. nnd
Ml. T. II. Watklns, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Cole
man, Mr. and Mis. W. L. Matthew, Mr. and Mrs.
l'rank II. Jeimyn, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mott, Mr.
and .Mis. H. C. Ilaiker, Mis. lldward S. MofTatt,
Mr. ami Mis. Albert L. Watson, Dr. and Jtr
II. n. Waic, Mrs. Williams Watklns, Mrs. R. J.
Uenucll Mr S. O. Ilarker, Mr. and Mi 1". J.
Piatt, Mr. and Mrs. James Archbald, Mr. and
Mrs. Kicietl Wmrcn, Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Hand,
Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Phillips. Mr. and Mr T. E.
..lone Mr. and Mis. W. t) Boyer, Mr. and Mr
T. J. Poiter, Mr. and Mis. C. 11. Penman, Mr.
and Mis. T. F. Penman. Mr. anil Mrs. 0. V.
ltej nobis, Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Genrhart, Mr. nnd
Mis. Joseph Lynde, Mis. W. W. Wat'on. Jfrs.
L JIIm Plait, Mk Siuderson, MNs Undenvood,
JIhs Skinner, Mks lcvrcti, Miss 'i;rwilllger, Mis
Howell, MI'S Gcarhart, ills Ilelin, Ml-s Rey
nolds, Miss Wlllhm Mis Richmond, Miss Clara
Richmond, Mks Matthews Mks Mott, MIfs Grif
fin, MIm Lavirly, Ml-s Grace Laverty, Miss
Tannic Laverty, Mi-s (lalpiii, MLss Shaw, Mls
Ilennell, Mis l'aike, Mits Mattes, Jliss Cor
nelia Mattes, .Mi-.f Olmtead, Mb-s Hohinson, Miss
llaight. Miss Merrill, Miss Gilmorc, MUs Klolsc
Giliuoic, Mios Hand, Miss Charlotte Hand, JIln
Helen Hai.d, Miss Anna Hand, MIs Archbald,
Miss Parker.
Dr. S ('. Logan, Mr. .1. M. Clianeo. Mr. II. I).
Merrill, Mr. .T. U. Smith GJlpin, Mr. James Gear
hart, Mr. S. 1). Pi ice.
Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly enter
tained a party of friends at cards last
night in their beautiful home, on
Quincy avenue, for their daughter, Miss
Genevieve Kelly. The prize winners
were Miss Xellle Beamish, John E.
Allen and John J. Loftus.
Miss Mary Isabella Kayes, of San
derson avenue, has issued invitations
to a valentine party, to be given at her
home Friday next from 4 to 7 o'clock.
Gibiiel Iliuwne, of Kuslon, was lisltiog H. V,
Llltlo yesterday.
GoM-rnor Stone yeslerd..iy named Dr. A. J.
Council, of this city, as one of the trustees of
tho D.imille insane asylum.
W. V. lllxson, superintendent nf luidges and
buildings on the Laekawannna railroad, leaves
this morning- for a two weeks' vacation tiip to
Minneapolis lib former home.
It Will Be Extended to All Parts of
theCIty West Saturday Schools
Which Will Be Opened.
On next Saturday the free vaccina
tion will be extended to all parts of
the city Director of Publics Safety
Wormser announced yesterday that on
that day between the hours of 9 a. in.
and 12 noon and 2 p. m. and 4 p. m. all
nersons annlvlnir nt tho fnllnwlnr.
school buildings will be vaccinated free
or cnurge:
No. 0 Wyoming au'iiue and A,li rlucl, Sev
enth ward. ,
No. U-HIckory street, Liglitli waul!
Xo. 6 .Ml ntrect, Petersburg, Tenth waul.
No. BJ Mailbon avenue and Pine ilrcet, Nintli
No. 3j Tujlor atenuc and Olive htreet, Seu'ii
teenth ward.
No. SO Piunklln avenue, MMccnlli ward.
Scranton High Eihool.
No, SMJrtlianl ktreet, Twelfth waul.
.No. S 1'ltU.ton niciiue and IlliUiy utieet,
L'lmentli waid.
No, 8 Cellar avenue and Maple stieet, Klctcnth
No, atieet and Prospect avenue,
Nineteenth ward.
No, 11 llrook .licet and I'Jtwtvn avenue,
Twentieth wiird.
No. W I'Kbin-ct avenue, Twentieth ward.
No, :;o Oiowu avenue, Xlntltentli ward,
Nu. 21 Park Plate, Second ward,
No, .-.' Iliad works, Thin! waul.
No, 23 Notch, 'llilrd ward.
No. 21 )ak and I'eny iticets, Second waid.
No, 25-School sticet, Plr.t ward.
No, 20 I'atker btrcet, Phut ward.
N'o. 27 (iliillirs corner, Second ward,
No, 28 Wiomlng aviuuc and Grien Ridge
sheet, Thirteenth ward.
No. 3 Near torch ktreet, Thirteenth ward.
The West Scranton schools which
were open for vaccination last Saturday
will bo open again this coming Satur
day for nn Inspection of tho vuccclna
tlons already made and for tho vaccina
tloit of all persons turned away. In
tiny case wheie the vaccination failed
to take the persons will be vaccinated
a second time If ho or she desire,
...i i. . .
To Hear Paderewski.
Account of the Paderewski piano re
cltul ut the new armory, Scranton, Pa.,
Monday evening, February 24, arrange
ments have been made with the Dela
ware und Hudson company for special
rates from tho following points, to
Scranton und return;
Carbondale, 00c; Muyfleld, 40c; Jer
myn, 35c; Archbald, 30c; PcckvlJIe,
23c; Olyphant, 20c; Mooslc, 20c; Avoca,
25c; Plttstou, 30c; Wilkes-Barre, 60c
Train service will be announced In
the papers later.
Considerable Discussion About Small
PoxDirectors Want No. 18 Bo
opened and Pupils Allowed to Re
turn to No. 14 Matter Referred to
Superintendent', Health Officer and
Special Committee Miss Margaret
Thropp Appointed tovFill tho Va
cancy at No. 10.
There was a short and buslness-lllto
meeting of tho board of control last
night, at which a good deal of routine
business was transacted. It waB the
first meeting slnco tho rooms were re
decorated, and the members were loud
In their expressions of admiration.
Controller A. B. Eynon called the at
tention of the board to tho fact that
nearly forty pupils of No. 14 school, who
live above Price street, -are prevented
from going to No. 14 Bchool, on account
of the smallpox. Tho parents of tho
children believe It Is unnecessary and
therefore a hardship, as manV of them
will be prevented from making tho
High school next year, If they arc long
kept out of school.
This brought on a general discussion
of the smallpox question, and It was
moved that No. IS be reopened. Finally
the whole matter was referred to the
superintendent In conjunction with the
health ofllcer and tho special smallpox
committee of the board.
The report of Attendance Olllcor
Joyce showed that ho made 91 visits to
schools during January, 47 to homes,
and looked after 02 pupils.
At the suggestion of the High and
Training school committee the board
decided to admit pupils to the High
school on the certificate of the board
of regents of the state of Now York.
With reference to books kept by pupils
who loft tho High school, the commit
tee reported that the secretary notified
these ,puplls to return the books and
If they do not do so, suit will bo brought
against them. With reference to pupils
from outside the district who are at
tending the High school, the commit
tee was not ready to present Its report.
They found that there are thirty-two
pupils, three or four of whom are chil
dren of soldiers. The law grants them
special privileges, and the committee
has asked Solicitor Iteedy for an opin
ion before passing upon them formally.
Miss Margaret Tropp was appointed
a teacher at No. 1G, to succeed Miss
Smith, resigned. Miss Teresa M. Blewltt
was transferred from No. 25 to 9, and
Miss Gertrude MeGee from No. 9 to
No. 23.
A motion was passed instructing the
superintendent to attend the conven
tion of the national city superintend
ents In Chicago on February 28, and
$100 was appropriated to pay his ex
penses. He was instructed to endeavor
to get the convention to hold its next
meeting in this city. Chairman Gibbons
was Instructed to appoint a committee
to attend tho convention of county
school directors at Hnrrisburg on Wed
nesday and Thursday, If he believes it
Is advisable to do so.
Controller Evans called the attention
of the board to the fact that the mat
ter of pupils of Lackawanna township
attending Nos. 13 and 32 was still un
adjusted. Secietury Fellows explained
that ho sent a bill for $4Sg to the Lacka
wanna township school board, but has
not yet been advised as to what action
was taken with reference to it.
Five thousand dollars of Insurance on
school building No. 10 Having expired,
Peter Bobllng, jr., was told to renew it,
and the premium of $131.23 was ordered
On motion of Controller Langan, the
next meeting will be on Wednesday,
February :o.
Seventeenth Ward Republicans
Adopt the Block System.
A meeting of Seventeenth ward He
publicans was conducted yesterday af
ternoon at Republican headquarters in
the Price building and was attended
by all the prominent Republicans In the
ward. Ways and- means for the con
duct pf the campaign were discussed
nnd It was decided to adopt the block
One man was chosen to take care of
each block and he will be held respon
sible for the getting out of the vote
from his block on election day. Poll
books will be provided for each dis
trict and at 2 o'clock the block men
will be sent out to bring lu the voters
whom tho books show have not voted.
The Seventeenth ward Is one In which
there Is no light and It Is necessary
for the workers to do Trojan service
in getting out the vote.
A stenographer sent to a position
last week by one of the proprietors of
tho Lackawanna, Business College,
called at his ofllce last evening nnd
said: "She could not thank him
enough for tho practical experience she
had received In his oillce, that It Utted
her for just tho kind of work required
in her position."
If you luck this practical experience,
you should finish your course In the
oillce of the Lackawanna Business Col
lege. ,
Ou Faucy Maine
Corn, Fancy Cut
Beans, Striuglcsa
Beans and Wax
Beans and Bartlett
Pears, "JOc per can,
E. G, Coursen.
Wholesale and Retail.
Held Up Bills of Scranton Gas ami
Water Company,
The auditing commltteo of councils
met lam night nnd held up bills of the
Scranton Gas and Water company ng
gtegatlng over $2,900. Tho bill that
raised tho greatest howl was for $l,r90
for setting twclvo lire hydrants. In
the past the cost of sotting them has
averaged something like $40. Another
bllt for $1,000 for furnishing water to
Ihe city for the month of Junuary wntv
hold up for the reuson that the com
pany Is not furnishing water to the
entire city, Its mains not reaching cer
tain parts of the Twentieth ward.
A third bill was for $335 for changing
a gas main so iib not to Interfere with
a sewer at Cedar avenue and Chorry
street. It was decided that a sewer
must bo built nt n. certain grade and,
that grade Is not so essential with gas
mains an the pressure overcomes
grades. The grade being necessary and
the sewer being a public Improvement
It was decided that It Haa tho right of
vtny and that the city owes no com
pensation to tho gas and water com
pany. There was a. discussion over bills for
newspaper advertising, It being alleged
that lu some Instances bills aro ren
dered for advertisements set In typo
larger than agate which tho law speci
fies, without reducing tho typo to an
agnte basis.
Plans for New Play,Houso Submitted
to Building Inspector Will Have
Seating Capacity of 1,000.
The plans for the re-modelling of the
old Thirteenth regiment armory Into a
vaudeville theatre were yesterday pre
sented to Building Inspector Brown for
approval by Contractor Conrad Schroe
der, who will make the alterations.
Tho plans were prepared by Architect
L. C. Holdon and provide for a theatre
of comfortable size, equipped with all
modern Improvements. The most Im
portant change that will bo made In
tho present building will be the raising
of the roof eighteen feet. Tho present
lobby Inside the main entrance will be
left as It Is and the company rooms
on each side will be fitted up on the
one side as a ladles' retiring room and
children's room and on tho other as a
gentlemen's smoking apartment and
general business oillce.
The main audltorum will be about
sixty-five feet wide and seventy feet
deep with a lloor five feet higher In the
rear than at the stage. The prosecnlum
arch will be thirty feet wide and
twenty-five feet high. The stage itself
will have a total width of about fifty
feet including the space inside the
wings and the portions set apart for
dressing rooms. The fly loft will be
sufficiently high to permit the hoisting
of the scenery.
There will be twelve boxes, six on
each side of the proscenium arch, thtee
on the main lloor nnd three on the bal
cony lloor. The balcony will run way
around the auditorium from the boxes
on one side to the boxes on the other.
There will be four rows of seats In the
balcony proper nnd behind these and
raised still higher up on a separate
floor will be the gallery. The balcony
will bo approached by wide stairways
running in the rear of the main audi
torium. There will be four exits from
the main floor, two on each side and as
many from the balcony lloor, tho latter
leading on to commodious fire escapes
running down on the outside of the
Tho walls and celling of the theatre
will be finished with ornamental plaster
work on iron lathes while the pios
cenium arch and the front of the bal
cony will be finished In paper mnche.
The contract for decorating will bo
awarded later and the color scheme
has not yet been decided upon.
Tho stage will be equipped with all
modern Improvements and an entirely
new set of scenery will be painted for
tho house. An asbestos curtain will al
so be painted. The theatre will have a
seating capacity of about 1,000 and the
main floor and tho balcony will be pro
vided with upholstered' chalts. The
gallery will be provided with hard wood
Work on the theatre will be begun as
soon as the building Inspector approves
tho plans. The Dixie Is named after
Henry Dixie, who will manage It In the
Interests of the local gentlemen who
have become Interested In the plan.
Another Lot of Complications Dis
closed in Divorce Court.
That "married life is full of strife" Is
being exemplified in the now celebrated
and much complicated Compton-Hege-Hn
Frank A. Compton and Carrie Hege
lln, a boy und girl, of Petersburg,
thought to get married. In addition to
being very young they were exceeding
ly green.
It was their Intention to run away
to Blnglmmton. Just what all lead up
to it Is too complicated to detail, but
at all events, Compton and a middle
aged man named Mechler, of Nay Aug,
convinced the girl that tho trip to Blng
lmmton was nn unnecessary expense
and that the filling out of a marriage
certificate would do the deed quite
thoroughly and well as If they went be
foie a squire.
A fancy embofcsed manluge certifi
cate was purchased nt it stationery
store, Mechler and Compton filled It out
In tho lobby of tho postolllce, and
Compton and the gill proceeded to live
together as man and wife at the Mech
ler home.
Tho girl's parents, a month Hitw had
Compton und Mechler urrested for
forging the certificate. Mechler Is serv
ing nine months In tho county jail.
Compton was committed but an appeal
was taken nnd tho case Is now In the
superior court.
Tho Hegellu girl married ou Paul
Black on December 23 last, recking not
of the fact that there was a common
law mnrrlage between herself und
A desire has also come to Compton
to marry, but fearing a charge of big
amy he decided to secure a legal un
tying of tho martial bond which Ho felt
bound Htm to the llegelln girl, now
Mrs, Slack, and Instituted proceedings
In divorce,
Mis. Slack was not concerned about
the divorce proceedings until she read
In the papers that the churge on which
the divorce application was based re
flected on her character, She would
not, of course, deny the act alleged, as
she acknowledges Mr. Slafck to bo her
husband, but she was averse to hav
ing It designated as it was In the di
vorce petition. Consequently she ap
pears In opposition to the divorce.
Testimony was taken yesterday by
Stenographer WHUs D. Coston, acting
as commisbloner. A, A. Chase repre
sented Compton, and W. Guylord
Thomas appears for the Hegellns.
Bfickus Bowlers "Got Evon" Last
Night and Won Throe Straight
Games, Making a Splendid Total.
Greon Rtdgo Whoelmeu's Five Took
Three from Bloycle Club nnd
Moved Up to First Place Elks
Won Two Gnmea from West End
Wheelmen Standing of Tennis.
Tho colors of the Electric City Wheel
men'8 bowling team were lowered last
night by the Backus bowlers, who won
three straight games, thereby putting
the West Slders back to third place, tho
Green Rldgo Wheelmen's tetim slipping
Into first place by taking threo from tho
Bicycle club five.
The Backus bowlers were defeated
for three straight games on tho Elec
tric City Wheelmen's alleys last week,
and they started In last night, to muke
"Pike's Peak or bust!" Charlie Moore
was obliged to play In the orchestra at
the Lyceum, and W. J. Melster, of the
City league, a former Backus bowler,
was put on lu his place. The Backus
five had a safe margin In each game,
and had a total of 2o3 more pins tliun
their opponents. The total of 2,r,52 was
one of the best made this winter. The
reikham 171 201 1(1251(1
Mclslcr 118 171 1S! JOS
rahronholt 171 170 155 j;)
Holt 20! ll'l ISO 137
Hopkins ,. 102 110 ltO RU
801 SI2 ill) 2532
MeCiaeken 1J-". 120 134 US
Davis ISO IS1 1C4 -ISfl
Depcvv 173 17t 110480
Williams 173 17S 13.1 Ml
Wetlling 150 IK! 113432
' 7U3 7.10 751 22K
High man Peckliam, 201.
High average Pcckham, 160.
Tho Scranton Bicycle club team
played In terribly hard luck on their
own alleys last night arid lost three
straight games to the Green TUdge
Wheelmen's live. The llrst game was
lost by three pins, the second by eight
and the third by fifteen. The score:
Gold I'M Lis 101 .13
Toley irei 15R us no
Mitchell 1,", (,' 171 4L3
Waidell tSl 152 173 f13
Cormat 170 17l 1174(0
Ml 7!i.! 772 2:170
Gitix.v ltipcu: wiiei:lmi:n.
Fe.nnaiH 141 111 Iftl 113
Towler v 117 I'll US 120
Mavo 15.) 152 141 110
Wcdcman dl 177 lfij 5JJ
Taj lor 212 ')7 140 oil)
S17 SO I 787 2liV
High in in Tasini, 212.
High average Taylor, 1J.
The West End Wheelmen's team
from Wilkes-Barre rolled rather poorly
on the Elk's alley Inst night und lost
two games to the Elk's team. The
Phillips 151 H',2 11,7 11
Dhnlcr 117 li,2 ll ill
Madenspaiher 1.11 131 VJ2 174
Weill 172 110 V.K 312
U.irll llli ll'l 152147
7ii0 77:s til 2.r,7
wi;st i:nd wni:r.i.Mi:.v.
Yot 170 132 147 15
IlchuT 102 Vil 177 -121
Jeflrles ltd 150 US 420
Jones 177 110 157 Is:!
Hunter 1.11 L,fi 110 4.!0
77.1 710 720 2221
High man Madeiupaiher, 102.
HIrIi average Jladenspaches, 170 2-.1.
The standing of the several teams Is
now us follows:
Won. I.ot. l'.C.
flicen ltiihjo Wheelmen S 4 ,(1C7
l'.lks 7 ,- .5S.1
Ciectiic City Wheelmen 0 fi .500
r cuw.g SijMO ,50$
A.,A .. V mm Ml j
WW fc Vv m IIP'I
By All Means
A Valentine
A pretty custom reviving a greater demand last year than for
many years a still greater demand this year, We have taken great
pains in choosing our offering priced from
1C to $2.50
Artistically decorated little cards to slip in an envelope to the more
pretentious ones In boxes. Our assortment Is original and exclusive,
but not large. See it before it is broken.
. E. Prendergast
Umbrellas Made
Ombrellas Repaired
Umbrellas and parasols re.
covered in different colors. A
fine assortment of handles.
Latest designs. All goods
guaranteed for one year.
The Scranton
Umbrella Manufacturing: Co.,
313 Spruce Street.
7 Ml
7 .111
7 .11
Kcruuton lltrj cle club
Wct Cud Wheelmen
Wagon nnd Tin Shops hi Green
Rtdgo Broken Into.
Tho wagon shop of Philip Thatcher,
situated on Green Ridge street, be
tween Dlchson nnd Von Storch ave
nues, was entered by thieves Sunday
afternoon. The latter broken open two
tool' chests nnd carried away about $25
worth of their contents. Tho thieves,
gained entrance to the carriage shop
f i om the blacksmith Bhop adjoining It.
They ttlso broke Into tha tin shop of
C. P. Stack, of lBGii Dicusou avenue,
entering tho shop through a back win
dow, which they pried open. They had
gathered about $30 of Mr. Stack's
tools In a bag when they wero frlgltt
oned awny by Wlllnrd Stack, who went
Into tho sloro for the purpose of using
the telephone. The men Htuitlly left the
store nnd ran over tiio Delaware nnd
Hudson tracks and down Green Rldgo
street. Doth men were young and
slightly built. The North Scranton
police are Investigating the case.
Report That a Now Committee Has
Been Appointed.
Report was current yesterday that
the street car strikers hud appointed a
committee of three, with full powers to
effect a settlement of the strtke.
When questioned Inst night us to tho
truth of the story, President Shea gave
evasive answer.
Drink COFo. It tastes like coffee.
The new spring Four-in-hands.
All exclusive
designs and colors, plenty
ol those very popular ro
man stripes in new col
ors. The neat patterns arc
represented here too.
To be properly corseted one
should be fitted by an expert. We
have expert fitters.
If you will permit us to cor
set you, using our own judg
ment as to the correct style,
etc, thereby creating a good
figure for you, we will guar
antee satisfactory results.
We carry the latest Models for
Slender, Medium and Full figures
in prices from iiOc to 10.50. ,
Price & Jenkins,
130 Wyoming Ave.
Oils. Paints
DiokiH ..,,,..,
V, A
Ta. i
MaIon?y Oil & MandfacUiring Company, 4
i I tZUtZI-riSJIVtZ JtfO-if.
We are so e acreiita for
The best Mouse
Paints in the 'world',
warranted pure linseed
oil paints.
This Hue comprises
Seventy-four different
Insist ou having
Masury's Paints for in
side and outside work if
you desire a good lasting
126-128 Franklin Ave.
$. . g, 4
I Art and Fancy Goods.
and Collars $
Stamped ou Ivineu
in both White and
Cramer-Wells Co.,
130 Wyoming Ave.
'Phone 353-3.
The Hartford Typewriter
Till machine U recognlzM uHj'whei"i
as the host .nul latct i" tMcrltir con
Hruction. Tho Iliiitfonl Conipiny ius
tains no hue nnil cpcmivp Mrj H
liartmonU HKi-' its (ojiipetiloM, hut tcllj
throiiRh lolUUc ujrcnU, thiw Jvhiff to
piudusen this iirait itrm of expense.
Price of Other Makes... $I0D
Price of Hartford's 00
Your Profit 40
Reynolds Bros.,
Hotel Jennjn llulliliil.',
Maimier" Jinl lUvfuwn.
507 Linden Street.
Board of Trade Building.
m ieady
412 Spruce St
and Varnish :
r . w .
Spring Wm
141-140 Meririifin Sfr-rt?f. T
rLj. -