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OT.5rj., s
Sixteen Teams Can Be Easily Organ
ized for Competition Half That
Number Already in Existence.
Lackawanna Council, Royal' Ar
canum, Officers Installed Edward
Williams and Thomas Evans Held
in Ball on a Charge or Assaulting
Edward Bryant Nows Notes.
The Electric; City Wheelmen are talk-Inj-
about organizing ti league (iinong
themselves, to promote a spirit of riv
alry In their bowling games, and from
the list of members it is possible to
formulate sixteen teams, together with
those already Conned, as follows:
I'lrst Team frank Wcttllmr, W. ('. William",
J'tanU Dcpne, Sim MiCi.ii Mil, ll.n i J Pavls.
Hiioml 'JV.iiii lleniy llnniin, Howard Will
lams, P.ivld Umtix, Thomas skciiell, It. 1.
I.ifajcllc-i Aitliur Stowr, Sain .Tone, 1'iank
Stuart, Henry, J.nllicr Thrum. 1'aiLs M. II. Oipcntci, blilney Mean,
Hill Wllll.mii, Hen I.tKi', W. It. llurrlios.
Suth lljilc l'.nk AM'iiiic Alt 1)U, Waller 111
is Artli .MtCraM-ii, V ill Plclil, Ceoici! Har
iiiKtun. Xoitli Hi Jc l'.nk Aunuo Walter .Tames
,ier Jones, lieu AlUn, Adolpli llrtinliu,', 1'iank
1'at.iBonl.i' Will Lewis John 1. Williams, Kly
ilairls l'rcd i:am, Herbert Clutflclil.
riijrtlclan Pr. W. Pules )r. T. .
lljnon, Pr. 1'. 1'. Slnipplei, Pr. h. 11. it.i.unoinl,
Pr." I'cin.
Uwjers-C. 1!. 1'iltlirr. W. It. Hue, C. .'. Pan
'i'l, .lohn II. 1'elloMS, .Mm It.
Mjine Awmies larcnco l'loiej. Ilany 1'. Pi
ties (lus K.Mion, (lenrKO Unwell, ltnibm Staples
Central Cit Pniiean Hall, (lus Weinss, llnny
JUCriuken, Will Sej- ' e-
llccruiLs 0. Pel'ue, (,'eoinc Seal, 1'reil Hottley,
M Smith, I' (iemlall.
Ink Sllnpci-r 1U Moist', IIiibIi UiirIios tthrja
.liwpli, Conrad, Iail, Waller II. .lonc-i.
Clerks Itccsu Hauls Call In Coon, Will .Tones
fioorfro Panlels John Howell,
llusiness .Men A. P. Watniau, (Jenipc 1'akile,
I'. W. T.IKUC, JdIiii i:. Johns Will C. fiice.
Silremcn lleit James, Thomas Stephens iill
Widinor, Itoucrt llr.ulley, W. llajilen i:am.
Installation of Officers.
A regular meeting1 of Lackawanna
council, No. 1133, Koyal Arcanum, was
held in Ivorite hall lasjt evening. After
the business session the newlv-olerted
oflieers were ItiMalled liv Dlstiict Dep
uty Grand llegi'iit W. W. Berry.
The ollieers installed were: Regent,
V. A. Browning: vlcc-icgent, K. AV.
Thayer; orator. Will Luce: secretary,
Dafoiip's French Tar
Will promptly rellce and speedily cure
coughs, colds and all limn trouble. For
Kilo by G. W. JUXKIXS, 101 South Main
at cnuc.
4s idii ii l - t
I Men
1 Admire We
And the best dressed prouienaders of thia city g
bear daily testimony to Avbat you can get for $
a little money, provided you come here. All $i
of our customers are models of correct style. &
There is a trig effect, a trim individuality that &
is uot common, gf
1 Here Are Practical f
Examples of What a Little
I Money Will Do When Well Spent I
r The garments offered here now are most bar- $1
i$ gainable at these new prices. We have more a-
2g reasons than one for making them low priced: S?
i2i73-In!eh Coats
I ' Values Up to $10,00. Price $3.98
- ,. iValues Up to $20.00. Price $6.98
42-Ihcli Jackets
I Values Up to $20.00., Price $6.98
l-Ladies' Raglans
.Values Up
.; Values, Up
.-jV UKil-
3stff- , jSS We do uot hesitate to say that here are JSI
tsom-e,t6'f;he greatest values we have ever beeu able 5!
'no'offeV you. The prices reuder competition out of 5";
the question, and the sale is on Friday aud Saturday, JT'
rf Will vou be there? ' We think vou will. Si
Will ypu be there? ' We
. iiirt w
I Globe Warehouse I
"Walter Bevani collector, George Kynon;
treusurer, Victor Lauer.
A smoker was held nfter the Instal
lation, during whtrh short addresses
were delivered by several of the mem
bers present,
An Unfortunate Woman.
Mrs. Starncr, of New Jersey, nn aged
woman, who has been spending the
winter with her daughter, Mrs. Osninn
Beers, of North Hobeeca.' avenue, fell
recently and dislocated her hlo.
Several weeks ago tho unfortunate
woman ventured out of doors, and fill,
dislocating her nrnt. ' (l c, '
Jackson Street Baptist Ghuroh.
The board of deacons, will meL nt
7.45 Monday night, Twenty-eight per
sons will present themselves before tho
board for admission to the church,
The new hymn book, Hacretl Hongs, Is
for sale, limulre of Brother W, L, Da
vis. Tlio tickets for our conct-rt, March 10,
will bo out thlH week, This entertain
ment Is the most unlnue that will vlalt
Hcranton. It is a i evolution from Dark
est Africa. Tile i'nllir boy choir is uu
exuciUed. The Batitlst Young People's union
meeting was largely attended lost Tues
day night, A gimil (Iriuml Interest is
Coming Events.
The fourth Informal dance of tho
Electric City Wheelmen will be held nt
the club house on Thursday evening,
February 13. Each member Is privi
leged to invite a friend ami lady.
Dancing will bo enjoyed from 8.30 to 1-2
An Old Follies' concert will be given
by the choir of the Bellevue Welsh Cal
vlnlstic Methodist church on Wednes
day evening, February l!fi.
lion. John O. Woolley's lecture will
be given next Tuesday evening in North
Hcranton, Instead of the Jackson Street
Baptist church, owing to the smallpox
A stocking social will be held in the
Plymouth Congrej-ntlonal church next
Wednesday evening. It will be con
ducted by the ladles whose names be
gin with the lettcis from F to L, in
clusive. The musical and liteiarv entertain
ment at the South Main Avenue Welsh
Calviulstic Methodist church will lie
held on Friday evening, February 1 1.
Ohailes Hartley has consented to ap
pear during tlio evening.
The Kalllr boy choir will give an en
tertainment at the Jackson Street Bap
tist church on the evening of March 10.
The entertainment will depict life and
scenes In South Africa.
Washington camp, No. ITS, Patriotic
Order Sons of America, will celebrate
their twenty-ninth anniversary on
Wednesday evening next, with an en
tertuinment nnd social.
A Martha AVnshlngton tea and en
tertainment will be the attraction at
tlio First Baptist church on Friday
evening, February 21.
On Saturday evening, February 22,
the members of tho First AVelsh Con
gregational Sunday school will conduct
what they call u "Columbian" supper.
The Oxford Glee club lias decided to
Ji-I dd CJ-I il-li i d
to $10.00. Price $3.98
to $20.00. Price $6.98
think you will.
give a concert on Wednesday evening,
Starch 12, In tho First Welsh Congre
gational church, South Main avenue.
Pre-Lenton Announcement.
You are Invited to our fish and oyster
departments at both Btores, 10G North
Main avenue and 103 Drinker Btyeet,
Dunmore. 'Miotic 251-2.
Ciitiuvnn & Walsh,
llufn To Mr. utitl Mr. t. n, I'rlcr, a ion, rtt
tlio homo ol the lattcr'n parent", Mr. and Jin.
Thoina? I). Ihom.-', of lit Xoith lljito l'ark ae.
hup. f.uhpin John II, I'nll rrv-iily ptrwntcJ
I'nnooka Irlbp, Xo. HI, Impruinl Order of Ited
.Men, with a Urge photograph of hlin-clf, nppia.
ptl'tcly frmiicd,
O'eorgc Tarker, nf Wuihhiii n tlrcct, fell on (ha
Icy p.nrment rci-enlly mid fi-Llmnl hl wrlft,
Kdivnrd, of I.urtTiiu street, lud IM
wuiil mid Thoin.i- K'utii nrrjlgned licfoie I).iles In-t eeiilii'- on the ih.irne of n-.
sjult and liatteiy, mid both weip held In lull
for tholr uppeiiriiiire ill court.
.laniei jjulthnti, of riaik toiirt, was Mrtul; liy
ii holi sled on Cheitiiut ftieet Tliur-iduy nlir'.it
and, lendoicd uiKomilniH, lip v.i- to tiU
home, whole Dr. V. ('. Hill attended him.
Horn Vo Mr. and Mi. 'l'honi.i, tOM
lieet, n sonj to .Mr. and Mn, John W'iiksIhO, of
Kjiion street, a d.iiighlci i Id Mraiid Mr. I'l.uik
1'o.iter, of Itiiinptnn Mreet, a miii; tn Mi. and
Mix. Allieit Itiirnet, of Hampton utteel. .1 (on.
.St. l'elei'i Total Ak'tlneiiie and llineoli'iit
society of ItelleMie, Mill hold a lnrilln;- In their
roon tomorrow afteinoon,
tteheaic.ili of the Kintcr miHlo hcic liegun l.iit
PtcnliiK liv (he I'I.miioiiIIi (htiiili iholr, under
the dlreitlon of Mrs thorl-tcr, 1'iofpn.ur D.ivld
Oh olio.
ltev. 1). 1). Hopkliw, piitor of the 1'nriil Weldi
Ihptlsl iliiiuh, will piecnt a paper on "'the
Inlliieiuo nf ltomaiiUni on rinltaiiNin" at tlio
lhpllst Lonfeieiico nest Mondi) morn
Inir. The inenilieM of Si, PjuI'h Pioneer imih held
their irgnlir weekly dilll In their rooim
evenlns, and dl-eusM'd the plain for tho inmlli
(iKampmcnt dinlnir. net niii)ner.
Mm. .7. 11. Snjder, of Wa-hlmui utioel, "iitoi
(allied the Woiii.iii'h I'oii'ipn Missionary soolelj
of the Htnp-oii MethodNt KplKopil iliiiuh I it
A hifo chv) of piohitloneii weio 'iddus-ed
liy ltev. II. U, MiDerniott at the Simp-ion Jlcih
odisl Kpi-eopil chinih last pvpnlni.
'Hie liicnilieis of the Wnnicn'o llellef oiiw, '.i:
TiO, aiixlliuiy to llsra Griffin post, No. l::'J, (Ira.i 1
Anny of the Itcmbllc, r.ivo a ie. Thurvlay eon
Inir in honor of their piesident. Mi. II. M.
f-tionpf, of Xoilli Main aienne, wio letently io
tinned honie fiom Auliuiii, X. V,
The initlatoiy tiam of the Diamond lodur, No.
21, of Caihondalo, paid a Kit l.i-t
aenlni; to Comt William McKinley, No. SI,
Milolil of Honor. 'J he gland nia-ter was aKo
Mlv! Maiy (Jninniii, of Noith Hyde I'.uU Ro
mie, was tendeied an agieeahle Miipti-c pal.y
The emplojes of 1. McCain's sloies cnjo'cil a
slel;lii!dc to Ol'pliint iecentl,,
AiinoniKenient has been midu of tho io'iiIiir
iniiiiaKC of 11. t, Weber, of lljnon stieel, nod
MKs Maicaiet Tlnedfall, of 21't Van Huren ,e.
nuo. It will take pl.ue on rihnuiiy 12.
Mil. . I), lletteily, of Smith Ilroniley nve
11110, was agreeably smpiised by a patty of friends
on eionlnir.
The lie tic-fit entertainment aiianmd for Peter
Smith lias been postponed from rtbitniv 10 to
Mauh 17.
Mn. William Shaw, of Pawlet, VI.. who b.ii
been 'isltin her sislei, Mis. .1. J. Kobeits, of
South Main avenue, letmncd lirune thia wee1,.
Miss imi M. .lone, of Wa-lihuiti sheet, h
comj.lpsplns after a two weeks' illness.
Mis Mao I.lnd.ibniN, of South Main aci,no,
lias resiiimd her studie.s at SlioiuUmiB Stale
Xonnil mIiooI,
Mrs. laniene Fellows mid d.nuhter, rinistine,
of South Main aonne, attended the Junior I'tom
enado at Cornell unhcr.sity hsl eionino;,
Mr. Watkin Joseph, of South lljile I'atk ae
line, is eroeiinc fiom an indisposition.
Misses M,ni;.iiet and Alice Kvaus atteudrd the
funeral of a lelatho at Oliphint on 'Iliuisilay,
'I bom. is It Inker, ot " loniiim. has rottnmd iioi'uo
fiom a ist wllli ('. S. Kie.skj, of Noith Sumner
Mro. William Phillips, of Swetland street, U
lonlinei tu ber home villi an attjcl. of ihcu-
John Johnson, of Birch Street, Seri
ously Injured by Being Struck
and Knocked Down by Sled.
AVhilo John Johnson, of Hirch street,
was on ills way home lust evening a
small boy coasting on Hirch street, be
tween Piospect and Pittston avenue,
ran into him and threw him with much
His head came in contact with a
sharp piece of ice cutting- a gash sev
eral Inches long In his scalp, mid ren
dering him unconscious.
A physician was hurriedly cnlled and
It was necessary for him to put in sev
eral stitches to close the cut. Mr.
Johnson will be confined to his homo
for a few days.
Other Accidents.
George Hopkins,, of Avocu, was
thrown from his cutter yesterday while
crossing the our tracks on Pittston
avenue. Outside of a severe shaking
up ho was not Injured.
Mr. Evans, of Pittston avenue, sus
tained a broken nose, an arm and leg
and a number of bruises by being
struck by a Delaware & Hudson train
Thursday. He was walking on the
track ut the time, His condition Is ser
ious. Ended in a Dispute.
The game of basket ball on Thursday
evening between the Defenders of this
side and the Stais of tho North End
ended In a dispute In the lust half.
The Defenders showed their superior
ity throughout the half played, The
score at the close .stood, Defenders Ii,
Stars 2. It was the most Interesting
game ever seen on this side.
Masquerade Balls.
The masquerade bull of tho Uingold
band took place last night In Gerinan
la hull, A large crowd was present
and first class music was furnished.
The Sweltzer Maejinerchor held their
musk ball In Athletic hall last even
ing, Tho hall was pueked with tho
merry masiiueniders who enjoyed
themselves Immensely,
The condition of Peter Webber, of
Elm street, who bus been 111, still ro
miilus serious, A consultation of physi
cians was held yesterday,
William Haggerty, of Plttbton, called
on friends here yesterday,
Mrs, John Conlpton, of Elmdule, who
attended the funeral of Mrs. John I.lnd
ter Wednesday, returned homo yester
day, Louis Kneller, of 722 Pittston avenue,
Is weurlng a broad smile while he Is
kept busy passing out tlio cigars.
Another girl.
The otilceis on this sld are kept busy
watching the small boy and his sled.
The several accidents which have oc
curred the last week have made them
The Star drum corps Wfre out lust
evening advertising the ball of tho
Meadow Brook drum corps which tool
place In Music Hall,
The b'cranton Suengerrundu will con
duct their musimei'udu bull on Monday
Joseph Williams and William Ed
wards Were Presented with Jewels.
Mooting of tho North Scranton
Republican Club St. Glair Basket
Ball Team Was Defeated by tho
Crackerjacks Miss Katie Wagner
nnd Thomas Gibbons Married '.u
Holy Rosary Church.
The members ot Uescue lodge and
Panookii lodge, Knights of Pythias,
held n Joint smoker hist night, a feat
ure ,of which was the presentation of
Jewels to Chancellor Commander Jos-
Presented with the Jewel of a Chain elli I'oiii-
eph Williams, of Uescue lodge, and
Vice Chancellor "William Edwards. The
presentation speeches were made by
Attorney George Deuedlct and V. D.
Christmas. '
John Saltry presided -over the smoker
and addresses other than those of
presentation were made by Henry Da
vis, John U. Hopewell, l-'van Morris,
Republican candidate for city control
ler, and Jonathan Vlpond. Vocal num
bers were contributed by Charles Rich
ard, David Smith and a quartette.
Republican Club Meeting.
There was a largely attended and In
teresting mooting of the North Scran
ton Republican club last night, when
addresses were delivered by Attorney
C. E. Daniels and "tVullaee Moser. The
speakers showed the necessity of fidel
ity to party and earnest work in the
small as well as in l"ie great cam
paigns. Tho club endorsed all of the
regular Republican candidates and the
members will make an earnest effort
to secure their election.
Evan Morris, the Republican candi
date for city controller, nnd a number
of the candidates for ward oflices were
present at the meeting.
St. Clair Team Defeated'.
Down In SI. Clair, Schuylkill county,
tho have n basket ball team that has
won fame far and wide for Its clever
work. It came to Scranton yesterday
and last night was defeated In tho au
ditorium by the fast CracKerJucks. Tt
was ii game full of ginger from start
to finish. Tho score was: Crackerjacks
2u St. Clnlrs 10.
The features of the same were the
playing of Hughes for the Cracker
jacks and Green for the visitors.
Hughes was formerly a member of the
St. Clair team. Tho line-up follows:
C'l.ickerjacks S. DavK rinht forward; Wllllami,
left forward; Hughes, centei ; Wells, light guaid;
lleiijimin, left Kiiaid.
St. CI Hi Monicker, right forward; ftroen, loft
forward; llhch, tenter;, lisht guild;
fetolnian, left L,-unnl.
Goals w,ro thrown from tho field by
Hughes, Williams and Wells, for the
Crackerjacks and Birch and Green, for
St. Clair. '
Funeral of Myles Gibbons.
There was a very large attendance
yesterday morning at the funeral of
Myles Gibbons, from his late home on
Summit nvenue.
At Holy Rosary churcn, a solemn
high mass of requiem was celebrated
by Rev. J. V. Moylan. Rev. N. J.'Mc
Manus was deacon and Rev. Father
Holmes, sub-deacon. Interment was
made In the Cathedral cemetery.
New Bowling Alleys.
Messrs. Shotton unci Davis, who a
week ago opened bowling alleys under
tjio Auditorium, North Main avenue,
have decided hereafter to keep Friday
especially for the ladies.
Yesterday was the first day for the
ladles to have charge of the place, un
der the direction of Miss Selby, nnd
the attendance was large. It Is ex
pected that In the near future a bowl
ing club will bo organized by some of
our best bowlers to compete In one of
tho leagues,
Wagner-Gibbons Nuptials,
In Holy Rotary church Thursday af
ternoon, Miss Katie Wagner, of Oak
streot, and Thomas Gibbous, of Paw
nee street, wore united In tho holy
bonds of matrimony by Rev. J. V.
Moylan, Tho brldo was attended by
Miss Mary Campbell, while Edward
Rock ucted as groomsman,
After the nuptlul knot was tied, the
party returned to tho bride's home,
where a reception was held, Mr. aud
Mrs. Gibbons are well known In this
section nnd have the best wishes of a
largo number of friends.
Social Events.
A very pleasant surprise party wus
tendered Nathan Jehu, of AVayne ave
nue, Thursduy evening, Tho evening
was spent In tho usual party diversions
up to a seasonable hour, when refresh
ments were served, Among those pres
ent were; Misses Jennie Leonard, Junet
Simmons, Alum Richards, Maud Davis,
Marguiet Thomas, lCdlth Morris, Lizzie
Davis, Thomas Jehu, Frank Coleman,
David Davis, Nathan Jehu, John Sim
mons, Albert Reese, George Muckey,
Thomas Davis, David Matthews, John
Miss Sumh McDonald, of -Mary street,
wus recently tendered u, pleasunt tur
prise party by some of her friend's. The
evening was spent In singing unit danc
ing up to ii lato hour, when refresh
ments were served. Those present weie;
Misses Haruh McDonald, Mary Million,
Alice Campbell, Annie Pevers. Alice
Golden, Annie Neary, Clara Murray,
Mary IJarjeH, and John Nolan, John
Loftus, James O'Malley. John Neary.
aeorgg ( Greeley, Edward Dougherty,
yiy'wmjHHHumii)!! iiLii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiii)TOpwwaMaagM
PflilCElH 11111
Mrs. William Cotter, nf Hartford, the Victim,
Tel 1 3 the Story In an Intervlew-A
Terrible Hxpsrlencc,
"It wus horrible," said Mrs. Cotter.
"I allnost wished for death to relievo
me. Rut help came In time aud 1 am
very grateful.
"Tell you the story? Yes, Indued 1
never grow tired of telling It. Several
years ago I was taken with neuralgia,
and suffered untold misery. 1 tried a
great many doctors and several reme
dies with the result that I found tem
porary relief, but I was not cured and
began to fear that 1 never Would be.
"Then Policeman liellly, who Is n
neighbor of ours, recommended that I
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People nnd I did so. I thought that the
first box gave me some relief, and my
husband Insisted that I keep on taking
thorn, I did and I can truly say that
these pills are the only medicine that
ever peitnnnently benefited me.
"I used to have to give up entirely
and He down when the pain came on.
My face would swell up so that my
eyes would close. The pills cured all
this and 1 have hod no leturn of It for
the lust three years.. I keel) the pllft
constantly on hand as I believe they
are a wonderful household remedy.
"To Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo
People I owe all the comfort 1 have en
joyed for the past three years In being
l'tee from neuralgia and I inn glad to
be able to recommend them."
Many who are now tortured with neu
ralgia will read with Interest tho above
statement, which Is beyond doubt as
It wus given over the slgnatuio of Mrs.
William Cotter, whose husband linM
been Democratic Register of Elections
In Hattford, Conn., for over ten years
and who Is well known throughout the
Mis. Cotter who lives at No. 42 Wind
sor street, Hartford, Is the mother of
a happy family, and Is now enjoying
excellent health.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale.
People will not only cure cases similar
to that of Mrs. Cotter but, containing
us they do, ull the elements necessary
to give new life and richness to the
Dlood and restore shattered nerves
they have proved efficacious in .a wide
range of diseases. They are an unfail
ing specific for such diseases ns loco
motor ataxia, partial paralysis, St.
Vitus' dunce, sciatica, neuralgia, rheu
matism, nervous headache, the after
effects of grip, of fevers and of other
acute diseases, palpitation of the heart,
pale and sallow complexions and all
forms of weakness, either in male or
female. Dr. Whams' Pink Pills for
Pale People are sold by all dealers or
will be sent postpaid on receipt of price,
fifty cents a box; six boxes, two dol
lars and fifty cents, addressing Dr.
Williams Medicine Co., Schnectady,
N. Y.
John Morgan, John McCarthy, Frank
Mrs. John B. Owens is ill at her homo
on Ferdinand street.
Mrs. Isaac Edwards, of Putnam street,
has returned home, after .visiting rela
tives at Lansford, Carbon countv.
The barbel s of the North End will
meet tomorrow afternoon In Leonard's
hall, when new shop signs will be dis
tributed. Mrs. William Field and Mrs. II. II.
McKeehan were the guests of Mrs. J.
S. Read, of Factoryvllle, Thursday.
A coffee and cake festival will be held
this afternoon and evening in tho Os
terhout building, by the ladles of St.
John's Episcopal mission.
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, of
Alford, N. Y., are the guests of Simon
Thomas, of Heese street.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Thomas Reynolds, of'
Ross avenue, are rejoicing over the ar
rival of a babv daughter.
Patrick Hughes has announced him
self as candidate for constable of the
First ward, on the citizens' tlcki't.
John Shaughnessy, the North End
representative of tlio Times, sliuned
and fell, while going out of his office,
and sustained a deep gash In his head.
J. D. Main, assistant secretary of the
Young Men's Christian association, will
lead the gospel service at the Young
Women's Christian association Sunday
afternoon at .1.30 o'clock. All young
women nnd girls are Invited to attend,
Misses Florence and Murv AVudkcr
weie suddenly called to Oxford, N. Y
on account of tho illness of a relative.
For the convenience of those who de
sire to attend the Woolley lecture in
the Tabernacle tit North Scranton,
Tuesday night, bandwagons will leave
the corners In time to leach the Taber
nacle before the opening of the lectin c
Hon. John G, Woollev will lecture In
tho North Main Avenue Tabernacle
next Tuesday night on "My Own Coun
try." Thomas Shotton, poor director, has
been passing around the cigais, with a
pleasant smile on his face, since the
arrival of a daughter at his home early
In the week.
DR. HENRY CORSON died at tlio
residence of James Arthur, In Forest
City, Thursday afternoon at 11.-I0 o'clock
from heart trouble, after an Illness
dating since October. Mr. Corson was
born near Camden, N. J., March in,
170t, and was therefore In his 108th
year, and wus no doubt the oldest per
son living In this state at tho time of
his death. He was the oldest of a
family of four children, all three
brothers being physlckum aud tho sis-.
ter- was Iho wife of the late Judge
Rioadheud, of Philadelphia,
Mr. Corson, when ho was 10 years of
age left home and begun studylng
medlclue with a physlclun In Philadel
phia. After remaining there ii num
ber of years, he came to Wuyne county
by way of Honesdale, then a laurel
swamp, and started practicing his pro
(esslon In Montrose. Ho remained
there a number of and then
went to Harford. After staying there
a few years ho removed to Susque
hanna, tho place at that time contain
ing only three houses, AVhlle at that
place lie yas united In marriage, In
1SJ1, to Miss Lucretia Geslut, He con
tinued his pructlee there until ISSU,
since which time he has uiutlt? h's homo
In Hancock, Vnwood nnd Forest City.
Dr. Corson was a most remurkubla
man In many ways, und his skill hi
medicine made him known fur and
near. Ho continued puotlelug up to
the duy of his death and retained his
eyesight and mental faculties to an
unusual degree.
He Is survived by a. widow, two sons,
Dr. Frunlc Corson, of Wuvinurt. and
I Dr. Charles Corson, of Rlleyvllle; two
IBS Pii-i
Today, Saturday, we will show the wage
earner where his money will do the great
est service. These three quotations beat
all arguments:
-HAMS --Sugar- 1 n
Cured 1 i 2
Strictly Fresh Eggs,
per dozen. ....
20 'pounds
You can save on all
purchased at the
Popular Priced
218-220 West
432 Lacka. Ave.
MONDAY, REB. 2a, 1902, AT" B.30 F. IVl;
Under Direction Frod. C. Hand.
Store, Monday, Feb. 17, at 9 a. m.
dauBlUcr.S Jlrs. Hattlo, wife of O. A.
KU'hinond, and Mrs. Iavina, wife of
ltev. G. It. Men-ill, of Smithville Flats,
N. Y.
The funeral, which will ho private,
will or- held Sunday at Mr. Arthur's
residence and Interment will take place
near Thompson, Susquehanna county.
STANTON Tho community was
shocked on Friday mornhiK on leiirn
ing of the sudden death of Elizabeth
.Tewctt Waller, wire or the lale Will
lam II. Stunton, which occurred at her
late residence on Third street. Hones
dale, about 10 o'clock Thursday even
ing'. The deceased was a dauKhter ot
the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Wal
ler, and was- born in Honesdale. Juno
11, 1S1G. She had always been a resi
dent of Honesdale, On December 30,
1SCD, she was united In miirrhiKO to
William II. Stanton, who died about
two years ago. The deceased is sur
vhed by two daughters', Mrs. Italph
W. Martin, of Honesdale, and Mrs. J.
Edward I3ail)our, of I'aterson, N, J.,
and one sister, Mrs. Mary Waller
Crowell, of Newark, N. J. Mrs. Stan
ton had been ill but a short lime. The
funeral services will be held at iter Ian
residence on fc'alurduv at 1.30 p. m
ltev. William II. Swift, of the Presby
terian church, olIlelatliiK. Interment,
will be made in Glen Dvboirv eenie
While visiting her daiiRhler, Mrs. W.
W. Mitchell, in Utlea, N. Y., Mrs.
Phoebe Ann Downing was stricken with
typhoid-pneumonia and died yesterday
afternoon at r, o'clock, Mrs, Downing
was tho eldest diiuuhter of Mr. and
Mrs. Nathaniel Hallstead, who reside
on Mlilllu avenue, and leslded with
them t.lni'0 her husband's death. The
family will have w deep sympathy of
a lame circle of friends in tholr he
leaveiuent. Mrs. Downing went to
IHIca about a week au'o to visit her
daughter, and Immediately became ll.
The remains will bo brought to this city
for Interment.
PATItlPK SIIEKltIN, an used resi
dent of West Scranton, died yesterday
at his home, 200." Price street. He had
resided in tins diy ror many years, anu
Is Mirvlveil by several grown-up t liil
dren. Tlio funeral services will ) e held
on Monday morning, with a reiiulein
mass at St. Patrick's church. Inter
ment will bo made In tho Cutle'ilrul
MItS. MAHGAUKT l'U.(tK, lellct of
(he lato (loodhaiid t'l.irk, died yester
day, morning after a shoit Illness from
pneumonia, aged 7$ years, ut tho fam
ily lesldence, M3 Jeiferson avenue,
Services 'will be held ill the haute on
Monday lilvht at X o'clock. The le
malns will be taken to itochester, N.
Y on the 1.15 Lackawanna train,
Tuesday morning, for Interment,
EMMA H. UONEY, aged it months,
daughter nf the Into lleiberl i.oney
and Emma Dodge I.oney, died yester
day at the homo of her grandparents,
Mr. and Mrs, T. J. I.oney, ill Seventh
street. Tho funeral will lit) held Sun
day afternoon at 2 o'clock from Uik
Loney lesldence. t interment in Forest
Hiu cemetery.
GEOltQK MJ3MKUT, the 4-yearold
Groceries and Meats
Lacka. Ave.,
401 Penn Ave.
Diagram Opono at Powell's Musio '
Tickets - $1.00, $1,50, $2 and $2.50.
Lyceum Theatre
U. HEIS, Lcsseo and Manigcr.
A. J. DUITV, Dm. Man-get.
Saturday Matins and Night
f, I. D. Stair nic-icuts foi join r'a"lire
Ward and Voes
In tliclr New "l ut-l'i."
I'lkcs M'tlnrr, 2"'. nml 'r'''-.
XiKli. 2Jt.. Me, 75c, ami $1.00.
Seals on i.alu 'llunil.i.
0n3 Nigh!, Moniay, Fab, 10,
fir. James O'Neill
In I.iclilir & C'o.'s M.iRniluriit Scenic Prcrlijction
of the Urralcr
Mar cast include lill'-DllRIC I)E BEI LK
YJMX, .Linn's O'N'i-lll, Ji Wnrmi Toulon, W. .1.
llinii, ( lamlc liillicrt, .In-cpli Mnjlrr. IIi
1-clonc JohiiAOii. Kate J'lctilicr, Irprinia Kcatiiiif
ami fifty othoH.
(In'siiul Xlw Ymk Acailcni) of Miiiiu produu'.
I'liccs-liV. In 41.30.
Seit.s on .ile I'liita at II o'doiK.
Turday. February 11.
Vh'st Time Hoc of t lie Timiciulmis DivlInmnlMu J
Tiiuuipli, V. K, N.NII:viT-M:, p-CMmls '
JlaSI Casne's
Mii't Powerful t-loiy
The Penitent
Direct fiom l'.nk Theater, no-ton, ttilU a11 """
tcmrry aril vifltfuit .it. r
Price 2"e. to il.00.
Sale of seata opens S-alunla.v at !' .1. in.
W3dn3sday ani Thursday Nights
M. W. Pauley I'icsciit".
Robert Mantell
SuppoiteJ lij an Km client Company ot Shale-1
nc.ire-n Art Mi,
TIIIilMiAV Mtil'ir,
I'lius 2.". tn SI .'ill.
Sile of (.eats Jliimljy nt l it. in.
Academy of ilusic
U. IIUIS, ".MS--, A. J, Duffy, Manig-r.'i: op wixk.
The New Sawtelle Daamatic Co.
xi:.t wixk, si'ix iai. liMiACpinvr
May Fiske and Company,
Momliy, (-pedal matinee ami nlsht, "Iho Char
Hv tilrl." 1Mb a11Jeille .11 1 lieailed by tin
Hiiillet people ill Iho world, Mis. tieneial Turn
Thumb, ( mint ami llaion M.iurl.
AM'. 0. HKBUIXGTOS, Manager.
'fliniiilj) , 1'rlilu.i 11ml Satin ila,
I'lXltl in 11, T .M1 .
hgypt Burlesquers"
Matinee I.m-ij Ijv
Sirif rs iTfu p rFHoi '&. ft'
.c. '.VM? .."rr.-.'.y" . s
T Aut-rlt-L. l-uaraUflu rurv aUubr mall rrl'tli
llUcs!-! I ifvMft tbUMi, iiiqoi ruufu, Avrivuti
Urblllljr,- uil nonvvii inrvn-ii'; rtinciuirtauj
rwltlBJ) I mlni-loBH-tiiU tt bbruakrn Urgtssf
kfrVtb ct- rurrl i Iw IU ua 3 Jfirt ir(llril C n irtrtt
laotpLUl 9sptrlraflu(-trwa7- Hrntl forbwk -rrLlh".l
Ivu'Iuf trjf nifJUf A tU'clrlffcl fraud. MBPtloaUltPr.T
mn of Mr, and Mis. Jacob Mellon, it
521 Moi'ldlnn street, died 011 Thursday,
and will Us burled this uftenigon.
t AjtA
'f wa.3
liMT'1""" "l"y CJipulei nr V I
ItMWiili'st lu -IK liuurit without ,,,., I
ft "Conpiilcnic,iilfcctiouMnY J!
SJaJiu.wltfeli I'piiaibii, Jiu-iV' "-V I
jbcbn miJ iiiloclliiii Inli. - I
.- 'fV5,
- tt -f