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Tlhe News of
Delnwnro and Hudson Kallrond.
November 21, IDOL ,
Trains leave CaibotiJalo at city station as lot
Tor Seranton and Wllkoi-Darrc-C.OO, 7.00, 8.00,
.01, 10 01, 11.21 a. m.S 1.00, 1.41, 2.W, 8.w,
i.OG, 7.00, 10.01, 11.00 p m. .... . . , irt
Sunday tralm leave at 8.M, 11.21 a. m.S l.W.
C.40, 6.IA 8.35 t. in, ... , v.w
Tor Albany, Saratoga, Montreal, Bos'?"' '";'
l:iiBlnnd bofittj, itc, 7.00 a. in. I 1-3-J !' m'
ror'Lymart and Honeadale, 7.22, H.M '!
'feiimlay trains leave Woj mart and Iloncsdale
t 0.B0 a, in. s 4.11 P- in. . . ,,.,.. , n...
Train? arrive at cirlwndate from Nil ""
mid Beranton a? follows O.M,S.3T.Q.M,
. m.; 12.!!7, 2.00, 3.1J, I.2S, 0.03, 7.01, S.31, IU1,
11.57 p. in.; 2.03 a. in. ,, ,,
Sunday train arrive at 0.27 a. in.; 1-.10. "
4.23, 0.2!, 11.C3 Ji. til. , , , , ......
.Sunday train arrive at Ciiibomlitr fiom
Man and HoiiMdalc at 12.17 and 7.m i. '
New York, Ontario rind -Western.
September 17, 1001.
Trains leave Carbondulo for Scullion at ,.00 a.
in.; l.oo p. in.
Sunday train,) nt 7.00 a. in.; O.M p. in.
Tialns leave Ciiboiuhle lor polnti norm at
11.10 a. m. On Sunday at 0.10 a. m. Iralm
lenvlnc at 11.10 a. In. week iIjjm and I'.V) n. ni.
Snnihys nuke connections for New Yoik, torn,
vi all, etc. .
'tnliu oirhe from Scranton at 11.10 a. in.;
t. in.; from poind lioitli. 4 00 p. m. fcmuUjrf
from riciantnn at 0.10 a. in. and 7.IJ l. m.,
fiom Cidosla at 0.00 ji. in.
Erie Railroad.
.lime 2J, l'jfll. , , ,
1 tain? leave llv station, CailumJile, daily
fe:.copt SuimIiv) at 7.00 .1. in. and 4.S.S p. in. for
Ilrniidt ami Mncvcli; al U.3i a. in., dilly (e
ceptliiif frnidiv), for llliiRliiintnii. miKlnjf ion
JieUlons i,r Jveiv York lly and Iluii.ilu. and at
( 10 p. m. for Sibiiucuanii i, inalcitii: connections
for western point".
Sunday tialns at 'U.-, n. in. for Sihqurlianna,
vllli urstcm cnniicctiin, and 0.27 p. ni., with
6.MUC connections.
Tialns arrive at S.yj a. m anl u.43 p. m.
blind.)- at &.5J u. in.
Carbondale Council, Knights of Co
lumbus, Negotiating for the Old
Moflltt Homestend, on South Main
Tlu Carbondide council, Knights of
Columbus, will likely have u club
house, and soon. Negotiations are in
Iirogross for the old Moftllt homestead,
on South Main street. A committee
from the Columkustles has conferred
with James Coughlln, si' who recent
ly purchaspd the properly, and had a
satisfactory interview with him. It ia
understood that the new owner Is
willing to make the necessary repairs
and changes about the homestead, and
to receive n rental that meets with the
favor of the council. The probabili
ties, therefore, are that u home for
the Knights is in sight, a possibility
which It has long been hoped to real
ize. A cltb house for the Knights would
be one of the greatest factors in the
life of the council. It would give the
organization an Impetus that would
manifest itself In many directions.
Not only would it show itself in the
council's development, but it would
mean a good deal to the social life of
the town. This is true of the Cai
bondale Bicycle club and It would bo
equally true of the Knights o Colum
bus in the event of their coining into
possession of a club house. It ha.3
long been locognlzed, as it must be in
every like organization, that without a
home, a club house, with ample ac
comodations for members and facili
ties for entertaining, that the council
has been retarded In its development
and that this could not be overcome
until the club was a certainty. After
lasting about for some time for an
acceptable place, there is now a hope
ful prospect of the Knights being
pleasantly located before long in their
own homo.
Miss Jessie Matthews entertained
the follow ing young friends at her
home on Dunduff street on Tuesday
evening: Misses Annie Lowcry, Lil
lian Brunner, Minnie Moylo. Tllll"
(lerhardt, Cora AVedeman, Rose East
lake, Gertrude and Bessie llcrtzog,
Pansy Steele, Mary Burko and Hose
Chubb, nnd Messrs. George Kase, Gui
Brunner, Edward Maze, Harry Glea
bon, Edward Lowcry, Benjamin Sump
fon, "Willis Wilson, Ernest Yarrlngton,
Richard Hunter, James Steele, Rich
ard Burke and llarlie Klnback.
Mr. and Mrs. V. J. Glonnon, of East
Side park, entet tallied young folks on
Tuesday afternoon on the occasion of
the eishth birthday anniversary of
Proof About Feeding.
It bus been proved times without
number that properly selected food
will build up the bruin. Tho testimony
of a school teacher on this subject Is
good. The letter is long and only the
important facts will bo given,
"While I was teaching school In IS'jS,
tt little girl In tho household whore I
lived was very fond of Grape-Nuts and
would eat all she was allowed. I no
ticed that sho was a lemaikably bright
rjiupllc 'There were- Ave other children,
jill of ono family, that were so marked
..In their work.- They were loally the
brightest family I ever know, so I
'jmestlpned to find what they were uu
jug, They replied, 'Only Grape-Nuts.'
J learned upon further Inquiry that
.this was their chief diet for breakfast
' rind discovered that their luncheon
"consisted generally of Grape-Nuts with
' cream and u little fruit, i
I hud Buffered from dyspepsia, head
.aches and general debility gieatly and,
ns I knew, my diet was not well se
lected, I took up Grupe-Nuts Break-
fast Food and curried it to school for
luncheon, I soon discovered a chango
ln my condition and found that drupe
jlNuts afforded more nouilshment than
"-bread, meat, egga or anything that I
jeould take In my basket, After lun
cheon i would feel strong uud bright
or"Jhe afternoon's wprlc, while before
J had frequently been half ill.
, In the spring of 1900 I went to col
Siege, rented a room and bourded my.
Sflelf, subsisting largely on Grape-Nuts,
Rand I cannot speak too highly of the
"food as a brain nourlsher, At tho and
of a year's schooling I obtained a po
sition In one of the ward schools in
X4hls( a college town, and nm well and
The wife of the college principal tells
luo that there Is no food that agrees
-with her as well as Giape-Nuta and
that testimony was repeated by' a
' lady friend tn my 'own home." is'aine
' slven by To'stum Co., Battle Creek,
WJch, ',
their daughter, Charlotte. Present
wore! Jennie Brennan, Lillian Blo
bold, Salome Brcnnaii, Lcona Morgan,
May Lover, Mary Iloach, Clare Gilhool,
Nellie Keating, Itosnllo Vaughcy, Lulu
Miller, Paulino Ponwnrdon, Kuth Clail;
and Glenn Morgan.
A Man From Horrlck Comes to Town
and Meets Cnrbondnlo Jokers A
Municipal Water Story.
He was from Ilcrrlck Centre. "Hor
rlck Centre," said he, In a "Lafe"
Smith whisper, "Is my home, but
Unlondalo Is my town."
This Herrlck Centre man came Into
one of the Carbondalo hotels the other
clay and fell Into the hands of several
of the town's jokers. Ho had a "Lafe"
Smith beard, u pair of buckskin glows
unci u rod handkei chief was his muf
ller. "Say," came the "Lafe" Smith
whisper, "there hain't ;t man here by
the name of Michael; he's from South
Cllbson, and I wouldn't inlnd seen'
"Michael, did you suyV" asked the
"klddcr" of the crowd. "1 know hlin;
he's a broker from South Gibson, Isn't
he? You'll find him at the Peddler's
Ilest, 'round the corner."
"Broker," asked the Herrlck Centie
man with a thoughtful look. "Broker:
now I don't know, but I know he's got
a lame leg."
"Say," said tho "klddcr," when the
laugh subsided, "do you believe Mars
Is inhabited';"
"Now, I, can't just say as to that,
but I did read In the weekly that some
man was tijing to talk to the foll.s
up there."
"Sure," continued the "klddor," "they
signal to Mars every day now. You
see they have"a flag as big as the state
of Pennsylvania nnd a pole about two
thousand miles high; they built the
pole like they do ice machines, right
up in the air."
By this time the Herrlck Centre
Unlondulc man was what "Chuck"
Connors would call "all in." He got
up from his scat and looked around
for a place to put his packages.
"Put them In tho stove," said the
"kider," "nobody will touch them
He left then and the last heard of
him was In inquiring for the "Fiddler's
This Is u "municipal" water story.
Besides being a fertile topic of discus
sion and the cause of divers opinions,
the municipal water project lias fur
nished many a good story.
One of the best of these stoiies Is told
of a West Side resident, a witty son of
Erin, who is heart and soul in tho
movement. So much so is he in earnest
that everybody who is not shouting
free water is according to his opinion
is "agin" the movement. Ho was one of
the witnesses called by the city to
piovc that the water furnished West
Side residents was not up to the stand
ard. "Tell the court, please, your opinion
as to tho, water you have to drink?"
"Your honor," said tho West Sider,
his rich brogue filling the court room.
"Your honor, sure there's bait enough
comes through my tap to keep Vint
Kearney nshln' up at the mud pond
all winter." Vint is one of the winter
fishermen of the town.
Celebrated Last Night by Knights
of Father Mathew.
Latit night was an eventful one In
the history of the Knights of Father
Mathew, the oldest organization of tho
younger members in the total absti
nence movement in Carbondale. It
was the twenty-fifth anniversary of
the society its silver jubilee.
There was a double celebration, as
it were, of the happy event. There
was a dance, in the early evening, In
the Burko building, and at midnight,
after several hours of music and pleas
ure in tho ball room, the guests re
paired to St. Rose hall, where the ban
quet table awaited the gathering.
The dance was a happy' forerunner
of the evening's pleasure, as the young
people who made up the assemblage
seemed to keenly enjoy the time spent
in following this diversion. Tho Mo
zart orchestra provided Its best music.
At tho banquet, which was served
by Mulholland, Mark Campbell was
toastmaster. The toasts and responses
were as follows: "Our Society," M. J.
Horan; "Our Ladles." Thomas Cou
ncil; "Our Country," David L. Walsh;
"Total Abstinence," P. F. Carroll.
Tho report of this part of tho exer
cises will appear in tomorrow's
The List of Contributors and How
the Money was Disbursed.
Now that Fireman Charles Hull la
able to bo a about nfnln, a statement
of tho fund which was subscribed for
his benefit Is quite timely,
Tho btatement, as submitted by John
Brown, of the Columbia Hoso company,
who received the funds, shows tho
contributions and the disbursement of
tho monoy, which was all used, to bo
as follows. The contributions were:
J. II. Paul, ?2; George II. Paul, 2; C,
E. Spencer, ?-'; M. G, Watt, ?2; Even
ing Leader, ?2; It, Stanley Rottow, $lj
II. F, Clark, $2; R. A. Jadwin, $2; J,
Russell Jones, $1; W. II. Branson, f.'
a. A. Singer, $2; F. II. Beale, SI; G, C.
'Chamberlain, $1; E. Howard Corbetr,
91; C. . Hunter, $1; Oeorgo W. Cross,
?1; W. Burr & Son, $2; cash, EOc; G, M,
Laubshlro, ?1; AV. M. Thomas, JI;
Frank Orchard, $1; cash, $1; L. M.
Kmitn, 5i; J, w. Klefer, ?l; J. R. Van
deford, JI; W. J. Hamilton, JI; II, J,
Warren, JI; M. II, Tuppan, $1; J, 'M,
Morgan, JI; S, P., JI; cash, 51; H, H.
Jadwin, $1; Harry Wright, JI; W. T.
Colvllle, SI; E. E, Hendrlck, J3; W. If,
Fltzpatrlck, JI; the Israel Crane com
pany, J3; a friend, JI; M. J. Murphy,
JI; A. L. Patterson, J2; William Collin,
JI; Federal union, 7201, $10; Thomas It,
Durfee, ?2; Grand Opera House, ?3j
Thomas Levlson, JI; Mrs. II, E. Ray
nor, J2; Mlas Hattle Puscoe, Ji; B. A.
Kelly, J2; a friend, JI; Mrs, W, G.
Scurry, SI; C, O. Mellon, J3; W, W.
Watt, J2; Mrs. J. E. Burr. J2; F, U.
Pennls, J2; G. S. Kimball, J2; O, Frank
Couch, 51; A. W. Reynolds, J3; Bell &
Brown, J2; Robert Tralles, JI; James
Thompson, Belmont street, 50c; Purple
Undertaking company, Jl; Jumea Stott,
J3; AY, J. Opte, Jl; Mrs. Charles Per
kins. J3; Reese Bros., J2; F; i.'. Munn,
Jl; Q. AY. Fulkerson, J2; A. P. Traut
weln, J3.00; friend, J3; Mills Bros,, J3:
A Chicago Society lady, in n
letter to Mrs. riiiMiaiu soys :
'BKA.n Mns. PisitiiAMi Of all tho
irrateful daughters to whom you havo
ylven health and life, nono tiro moro
glad than. I. ... ,
"My homo and my life was happy
until illness came upon me three years
ero. I first noticed it by being irreg
ular and having- very painful and
scanty menstruation; gradually my
general health failed ; 1 could not en
joy my meals ; I became languid and
nervous, with griping pains frequently
in tho groins.
"I advibed with our family phys
ician who prescribed without any im
provement. Ono day he said. 'Try
iiydla Plitlcluim's Remedies.' I
did, thank God ; the next month I was
better, and it gradually built me up
until in four months I was cured. This
is nearly a year ago and I have not
had a pain or ache since." Bosnie
Delano, SIMS Iudiana Ave., Chicago,
111. $5000 forfeit If above testimonial Is not
Trustworthy proof is abundant that
LydUv 13. riiiklmm's A'egetable
Compound saves thousands of
young women from dangers resulting
'from organic irregularity, suppression
or retention of tho mouses, ovarian or
womb troubles. Kefdbo substitutes.
Abe Snlnn, ?2; Edward Healey, ?2; AV.
J. McDonough, ?1; Joseph O'Neill, $Z,
Arthur J. Thomas, $1; P. J. Mauulon,
$2; .1. J. Brennan, Jl; J. T. Loftus, $2;
Marcus Frieder, J2; cash, J2; total,
The money was disbursed as follows:
A. AV. Reynolds, $3; Helen M. Swingle,
$1S; Charles Hull, J20; Alice Chumard,
JO; M. E. Malaun, JGt; W. AA'. Fletcher,
$; total, $lr,3.
the lato Mark Collins, passed away
yesterday morning at her home on
Brooklyn street. She had an attack of
grip several months ago and owing to
her advanced ago, a condition of drop
sy developed, which ended in her
Mrs. Collins, who was formerly Miss
Mary Gillen, was born in Ireland near
ly three-quarters of a century ago.
She came to America in her girlhood
and has slnco lived in Caibondale. She
spent n good life, faithful to all her
duties, and well deserved the eternal
reward In store for those who die in
the Lord. She is survived by three
daughters, Mrs. Hugh Murphy, Mu.
Patiiuk Clark nnd Miss Julia Collins,
of this city; two sons, Patrick, of Car
bondale, and Thomas, of Maylleld; two
sisters, Mrs. Martin Gerrlty and Mrs.
Margaret Markey, and one brother,
Fatrlck Gillen, all of Carbondale.
Wedding of Hiss Kate Caviston and
Thomas Martin nt St. Rose
At St. Rose church yesterday, the
nuptials of Miss Kate Caviston, of Hos
pital street, and Thomas Martin, of
Powderly road, attracted a large gath
ering of f i lends. The ceremony, which
took place at 4.30 o'clock, was solemn
ized by A'ery Rev. T. F. Coffey.
Miss Mnmo Cogglns was tho maid,
and the groom's best mnji was AVil
11am Haggerty, of Scranton.
The bride and her maid were most
becomingly gowned for the happy
event. The bride's gown was a steel
color, with a hat that matched, and
Miss Cogglns wore garnet, with a hat
In keeping with tho gown.
There was a reception after tho cere
mony at tho . home of the bride, on
Hospital street, which was followed by
n wedding supper. Tho couple will
commence housekeeping nt once. The
well wishes of many sincere friends
will accompany them to married life.
Will Bo Observed in People's Lec
ture Course nt Baptist Church.
Tho trustees of the Berenn Baptist
church invito nil persons of our city
to honor tho memory of tho immortal
Lincoln by supporting the next lec
ture In the Peoulo's Lecture course,
which will be on next AA'ednesdny
A musical programme of an attract
ive and patttotic character will be ren
dered, After the programme Rev, A,
J, A'nn Cleft, Ph. P.. tho well known
Methodist divine, will deliver his lec
ture uuon Lincoln,
Rev. Mr. A'nn Cleft Is too widely
known In this vicinity to rectulre any
extended introduction. It Is onoimh
for his friends to know that ho will
bo the orator on this auspicious occa
sion, Emergency Hospital.
Hdvvard Burke, of Pike htreet, was
discharged from Emergency hospital
as cured, Ho hnd sustained a fracture
of tho lower limb by falling on the. ice.
Tho condition of Martin Jordan still
remains iinchnneed.
Witnessed the Show.
The stasa hands of tho Grand Opera
houFe here witnessed the performance
of "My Friend from India," by the
Franklo company in Olyphunt, Tues
day evonimr.
Liquor Case Postponed,
The case of Dudley Gordon ugaluut
A. P. O'Malloy, for selling without a
license, has been postponed until the
next term of court.
Position as Draughtsman.
Joseph Flannery, of Powderly road,
has been outraged as drauchtsman at
the new foundry of tho Caibon'dale
Metal AVoiklnu coinpany,
Mr, Flannery's engagement deserves
some recognition, as he is a young
man who has advanced hlpigelf fo this
position by dint of honest application
-""- 'i UBMte4'ff w
nnd iiard work. A short time ago ho
was working about tho mines In this
vicinity. Ho took a course at tho In
ternational Correspondence schools and
was given a certificate, which won for
him the uosltlon which he has just
entered. Ho deserves tho well wishes
of his friends for continued success
along his career.
A Chango In tho Cast.
""Our New Minister," which returns
to tho Grand on Monday night, Is n
splendid pastoral play. It has not tho
dairy farm scenes, tho threshing ma
chine nnd other Clap-trap, such ns In
loo common In pastoral plays: but It
Is a good play, a piny filled with merit.
It presents types that nro true to life
mid which tiro portrayed in a man
ner that makes you believe they nro
moving nbout In real life In the hard
hearted town of Hurdscrabble, Vt.
There has boon n change In the cast
since tho company's appearance hero
on New Year's night. Miss Estello
Loo mis Is not with the company now.
Sho has been succeeded by Miss Isabel
Brooke Ferguson, nn emotional actress
of standing.
Boys iu Alderman's Court.
Three lads, Patrick Connors, James
Jordan and Charles Jordan, wore bo
fore Alderman Jones last night, charg
ed with malicious mischief, stoning tho
house of Charles Jordan, grandfather
of the Jordan boys. Tho prosecutor
hnd a long story of the boys annoy
ances, claiming, among other things,
that In their mischief thev broke win
dows In his home. The trio was held
In ball to answer at court.
"My Friend from India," Tonight.
The Frankie company will bo at tho
Grand tonight to play a return date.
"My Friend from India," regarded by
many to hp the funniest farce ever
written, will be the bill. There will
bo the usual specialties, which in
cludes songs by Miss Gennell, the en
gaging soubrotte.
Tho company will no doubt repeat
the success which it achieved last
Meetings of Tonight.
George Randolph camp, Sons of A'et
erans. Division No. C, A. O. II.
United Mine AVorkers, Local 877.
Branch 77, L. C. B. A.
Ladles' Auxiliary Railroad Trainmen
Retail Clerks' association.
Carbondale council, Royal Arcanum.
A New Daughter.
There was a baby girl born at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Payne,
on Summit avenue recently. Both Mrs.
Payne and the new daughter are im
Mrs. Alonzo AA'hltley, of Jermyn, was
In the city.
U. S. AA'onnacott was a AAraymart vis
itor yesteiday.
County Controller Edward Jones
was in tho city yesterday.
Miss Annie Grady, of Mayilcld, is the
guest of Carbondalo friends.
Mrs. Edward Roche, of New York
city, is visiting in Carbondale, her for
mer home.
Clarence R. Sliryer, the well-known
druggist of AVost Scranton, was at the
American house yesterday.
Peter A. Coleman, of Scranton, was
In the city last night, a guest at the
banquet of tho Father Mathew so
ciety. F. A. Hintenneister, F. AV. Guard,
Herman Levy and M. H. Duggan, of
Scranton, were leglstered at the Har
rison house yesterday.
Mrs. Margaret Lcnnon returned to
her home in Philadelphia yesterday,
after spending several days as the
guest of relatives at the Harrison
Miss Maine AA'alsh and Miss Mame
Graham, of Mahanoy City, returned
homo yesterday, after a four weeks
visit with the Misses Little, on Plko
Rev. and Mrs. Clark Wlllson, the
well-known Gospel singers and workers
who are holding a series of meetings
this week in tho First Baptist church,
arc attracting large congregations, Mrs,
AVillaon who possesses an excellent
voice, sings her solos with much ten
dernes and delights her audiences.
Besides her trip abroad In tho great
Murphy movement when she sang in
many of the principal cities of Great
Britain, she was associated with Rev.
A. C. Dixon a few years ago In his
great revival campaign in New York.
Mr. AVillBon has considerable gift as a
sneaker and the meetings are well
worth attending.
Owing to a defect in the heating ap
paratus the series of services being
held In the M, E. church were Inter
rupted last evening and could not be
held. They will be continued again
tonight, however, when the meeting
Scranton People Receiv
ing the Full Benefit.
There have been many cases like the
following In Scranton. Everyone re
lates the experience of people we know.
These plain, straight-forward state
ments will do much towatd relieving
the suffering of thousands. Such testi
mony will bo read with Interest by
many people.
Mr. A. W. Klotz, of 1514 Lafayetto
street, painter by trade, says: "Five
years ago I took a severe cold which
settled In my bladdor. Ever after my
kidneys troubled mo a great deal. I
used many different remedies and took
medicine fiom a doctor who pronounced
my trouble catarrh of the bladder, but
I got little of any relief. My condition
was continually growing worso and
there was n constant dull puln across
my back when sitting down or on get
ting up and turning about the pain
became very sharp, I had to work
often for hours In a stooped position
ami If I straightened up ny back felt
as though It would snap In two, The
kidney secretions were Irregular, of a
high color and a disagreeable odor and
accompanied by too frequent action. I
was dually laid up, unablo to do any
work. At this tlmo a friend recom
mended Doan's Kidney Pills to me.
I hud not much faith In them, but I
went to Matthews Bros. drug store and
got a, box. I received so much benefit
fiom this that I continued the treat
ment until well,"
For sale by all dealers. Pi Ice 60
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buifalo, N.
y., bole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's nnd take
no substitute,
leiJil II LIGHT.
I I mr W In
All Dnifrglsts sell It
will bo led by Attorney Battenborg. To
morrow, Sunday school night, the
meeting will bo held by Mr. C. D. Win
ter. Tho meetings are being largely
The condition of Mr. James Timlin,
111 of Brlght's disease, is most critical.
He lias grown gradually weaker tho
past two days and the attending physi
cians have little hope of his recovery.
Mrs, Frank Altemus, of Third street,
was a Scranton visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. George Pondered, jr., expects
next week to Join her husband who
some tlmo ago left for Johnstown to
accept a position. Their household fur
niture was shipped to their new home
The regular monthly meeting of the
borough council will take place tomor
row evening.
Mr. Patrick Collins, of South Main
street, who was Injured by falling sev
eral weeks ago, does not Improve and
It will bo some lime before he is able
to resume his work.
Borough Secretary Jones was at
Scranton transacting business yester
The menu for the supper of the
Ladies' Initial society of the Blakely
Baptist church, which will bo served
tomorrow evening from 5.S0 until 8.30
in the church parlors, by the B's, C's
and D's, will consist of broiled fish,
roast turkey with dressing, glblet
gravy, cranberry sauce, mashed tur
nips and potatoes, white bread, plum
pudding with lard sauce, tea and cof
fee. Everybody welcome. Como and
have a good supper for the small sum
of 25 cents.
AAMlllo Gill, of upper Dunmore street,
was knocked down by a coaster on
Second street yesterday afternoon and
had his arm broken.
Miss Mary Doud, of Ul.'ca, N. Y., was
tho guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Doud,
of Lackawanna street, yesterday
The funeral of Mrs. Thomas P. Jones
will take place from her Into homo
on Susquehanna street, at 2.30 o'clock
this afternoon.
The different committees In charge
of St. Patrick's chuich supper are re
quested to meet this evening at 7.30
o'clock in the convent hall.
Mrs. James Peters, of Wi!Kes-Barr.,
spent yesterday at this ulace.
Tho Frankie Dramatic company
closed a throe nights' engagement at
the opera house last evening, when
they presented "Pawn Ticket No. 210."
The parts were all rendered In a most
capable manner and many hlh class
specialties were Intioflueed during the
action of the drarra.
Francis Jones and William James, of
Providence, were visitors tn town yes
terday. The evangelistic services In the Pres
byterian church are continued -vt;rv
evening this week. TJa-y are conduct
ed bv Rev. f. II. I! viand, of pjnv,.
burg, who Is a pleas ng sneaker and a
singer of note. The services are large
ly attended.
James Jordan and B. J. Lvnch at
tended the Knights of Columbus ban
quet at Scranton, Tuesday evening.
John Price, of Culm street, had his
hand badly lacerated by a fall of lire
clay, while at work In Grassy Island
colliery yesterday morning.
A Hungarian resident of the flats,
employed In Eddy Creek mines, was
pulnfully Injured about the back and
head by a fall of top coal about noon
Miss Lizzie McGlnty has resigned her
position In Atherton & Sutton's cash
store to accept a position as bookkeep
er in Mandel's market on Lackawanna
Jacob Ginsburg, who has resided at
this place for tho past two years, lelt
yesterday for New York to reside per
manently. Mrs. David Lewl3 is vlslilng friends
at Carbondale.
Miss Lucy Gardner, oe Dunmore
street, Is ill with an attack of the grip,
Mrs. S. Carpenter and Miss Kate
Rounds, of Untondale, who havo been
visiting relatives at this place, re
turned home yesterday.
A largo crowd attended the fair of
tho Wilson Flro company Tuesday
evening. The programme was given
by the St. Patrick's orchestra, of Scran
ton, and was highly appreciated by
those piesent. Mrs. J. B. G rover was
tho winner of the door prize, a locker.
Tho high grade entertainments given
each evening are proving to bo great
drawing cards. Tho programme to bo
given this evening as follows: Piano
solo, selected, Miss Norma AVilllams;
readings, (a) "Jim," Gertrude Norton;
(b) "Christina. Night In the Quarters,"
Russel; (c) "A Similar Case," Burdette,
Cora Morris Grlflln; vocal solo, select
ed, Mrs. Lizzie IIughes-Brundnge;
readings, (a) "Michael Strogotf," (re
quested), Arerne; (b) "Dllllcult Love
Making," Burdetto, Cora Morris Grlf
lln; vocal solo, selected, Mrs Llzzlo
IIughes-Bruudage; readings, (n) "A
Spanish Mother," (requested), Elttob
Retaw; (b) "Foreign A'lews of Statute,"
Brooks, Cora Morris Grlflln.
Mr, William A'anderwort has filed
nomination papers to enter Into the
race for councilman of the First waid
of Blakely,
Excellent sleighing prevails In this
vicinity and Is being tlaken advantage
of by u multitude of young people,
Tho Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will hold a special meeting at
the homo of Mrs. Beck on Friday even
ing. All members are lequested to
be present.
The ladles of the Wilson Fhe com
pany fair committee will give a social
ut Odd Fellows' hall Thursday aftur
uoouvieglnulng at 2 o'clock, Cake and
cream will bo served nnd the booths
will bo open for Inspection. Tho Indies
of Peckvlllo and vicinity are given
cordial Invitation to be present on this
afternoon nnd enjoy ci Boelal time.
List of letters remaining unclaimed
In tho postoHlco at Peckvllle, week
ending February 4, 1902: Ladles Mrs.
Jennie Jones, Mlsa Emma C, Rools,
Gentlemen Patrick Jennings, James
AVelsh, Andrew Drlskol Foreign
Jtlan Onofrez, Pit Brcckr, Mrs Mnry
Korzs Persons claiming the above will
please Bay "advertised" and give date
of this llBt U V. Mnce, P. M.
This evening the much talked of
masquerade ball of tho Taylor Hoso
company No, 1, will bo hold at AVcber's
rink. All details havo been carefully
attended to and tho event promises
to bo the most claborato over attempt
ed hero. Tho committee In charge havo
worked dllllgcntly for tho past month
to make tho ball a success. Th6y have
engaged J. T. Fahrenheit, of Scranton,
tho widely known theatrical costumor.
He will bo at Weber's hall this after
noon and evening with about 200 cos
tumes of all kinds which will be fur
nished those who have no costumes
and prices will bo within tho reach of
all. A very handsome souvenir pro
gramme will bo given to every person
who attends the ball. A first class or
chestra has been engaged and a good
.time Is assured to every one. Tickets
25 cents.
Tho chief of police and nil mcmbois
of the police force are requested to
meet at tho council chambers tomor
iow evening at 7:30 o'clock.
List of unclaimed letters remaining
at tho Taylor postofllco for the peilod
of February G; persons calling for tho
same will please say advertised and
give date of list: Domestic Miss Olive
Anderson, M. Chllds, John P. Davis,
Thomns Keene, Reese D. Reese, Mrs.
George Thompson, P. B. AA'lIss, Mls's
Emma AA'ebcr. Foreign George Rival:,
Andro Radrlerskl, Frank Rapsak, Jueo
Mleneza, Joseph Slefaryck, Marya
Frlonclk, Faflraleo Antonio.
Miss Edith Richards, of Royersford,
Pa., Is tho guest of her cousin, Miss
Susie Harris, of Main street.
Lackawanna Valley council, No. 81,
JrT Order United American Mechanics,
will meet In regular session this even
ing. A large number of our townspeople
attended the funeral of the lato David
Plckroll, of Lackawanna, yesterday.
Avoca Hose company will leave the
station at 7.31 this evening to attend
the llremen's fair at Peckvllle.
James Clark, of Giovo street, Is crit
ically 111 of kidney trouble.
The committee of ladles on the quilt;
of the Homo Mission society of tho
Primitive Methodist church will meet
In the lecture room this morning. All
persons having quilt blocks please
send them to Mrs. E. S. Torr and Mrs.
S. Dceble.
The energetic young men of the Sixth
ward are talking the advisability of or
ganizing a fire company.
At a recent meeting of tho Independ
ent Order of Heptasophs on Monday
evening the following ofllcers were
elected: President, AV. J. Samn'ion;
secretary, II, M. Steever; treasurer, G.
AV. Lower; Inspector, James McFar
lano; warden, Patrick Brennan.
A horse stolen from Charles Mitchell,
of Scranton, was recovered In this
town yesterday by Constable Healey.
Mrs. A. J. AA'elsley, of Tyrone, is tho
guest of her mother In the North End,
Thomas Smith has returned fcom
Easton, after several weeks' visit at
the home of his parents.
The Star social club will meet in
their rooms on Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. James McLaughlin and son
have returned to Chicago after- sev
eral days' visit hero.
To Cure a Cold in One Day
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if It
falls to cure. E. W. Grove's signature
Is on each box. 25c.
Special to the Scranton Tilbune.
Mooslc, Feb. 5. A number of young
people from Greenwood enjoyed a
slelghrlde last evening to the home of
Mr. Roland Davis, of Laflln.
Mr, James Monle was tendered a sur
prise at his- home on Tuesday evening
on Brook street, by a number of young
people. Flashlights were taken of tho
crowd and games indulged in until an
early hour when refreshments were
served by Miss Belle Monle, assisted by
Miss Mattle Brown. Those present
wore the Misses Maude Smith, Stella
Le A'un, Lllu Osterander, Nina Dlx,
Nellie McCormaek, Mame Dorau, Ethyl
Tregellas, Hattio Knapp, Carrie
Brunges, Mabel Slnser, Maggie Bax
ter and Miss Loveiing and Miss
Thomas, of Hyde Park. Messrs. James
If the teacher could
wipe away the blotches
fmm 1,," ct-in nu pncitv
as she does the caricature
with its pimply face, fahe
would be a happy
Pimnles and eruptions
are more than n disfigure
ment to u womau. they
make her sensitive and
unhappy. The. way to
cleanse the skin is to
purify the blood. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery purifies the blood, and re
moves the clogging accumulations and
poisous which corrupt it. When these
ore removed, pimples, boils, emptions,
sores, and other consequences of impure
blood are entirely cured.
"For nbout one year nnd a liatf mv face was
ry badly brot-eii out," writes Miss Carrie
Adams, of n6 West Main St.. luttle creek, Mich.
I spent a creat deal of money with doctor and
for different kind-, of medicine, but received tio
benefit. At last I obtnined u bottle of lit, 1'iercc'a
Golden Medical l)lcoviry. lU-foru I bad taken
one bottle of thij medicine I noticed n change,
and alter taVlui; three bottles I was entirely
cured. I cnu well recommend Doctor l'ierce'9
(jtildcn Medical Phcovcry to auy one imltarly
Accept no substitute for the " Discov
ery." There is nothing "just as good"
for impure blood and skiu diseases.
The People's Common Sense Medical
Adviser, 1098 pages, is given away. Send
31 one-cent bt.unpa expense of mulling
0y, for the boqk iu paper covers, or 31
stamps for the volume bound in cloth.
Address Dr. R, Y, Pierce, lluflalo, N. Y.
An Ideal
A New Discovery Which Cures nil
Forms of Catarrh,
The tablet Is tho ideal form In which
to administer medicine, but until re
cently no successful catarrh tablet had
over been attempted. Thero Is now,
however, an excellent and palatable
remedy for catarrh In tablet form,
known as Stuart's Catarrh Tablets and
sold by druggists, composed ot tho
most recent discoveries In medicine for
cure of catarrh and results from their
use have been highly gratifying.
The old time treatment of catarrh
was In the form of inhalers, washes,
douches, sprays, etc. Later on Internal
remedies were used with greater bug
cogs, but being In liquid or powder
form were Inconvenient to use and like
all medicines In liquid or powder form,
lose their medicinal properties when
opened or exposed to the air.
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets contain
highly concentrated antiseptics, Red
Gum, Blood Root, etc., which kill the
catarrh germs in the blood and mucous
membrane, and In this respect nro
strictly scientific and modern, becauso
all authorities are now agreed that
catarrh Is a constitutional blood dis
ease, and local applications can have
only a transitory effect.
Tho use of Inhalers, douches and
sprays Is a nuisance and Inconvenience
and can in no wise compare favorably
with tho same antiseptics given in tab
let form internally, where they can
reach tho stomach and blood and kill
catarrh germs right where they are
A prominent lawyer and public
speaker of Pittsburg says: "I have been
troubled with catarrh of the head nnd
throat for twelve years. In this cli
mate it seems Impossible to get rid of
It. The continual dropping of mucus
from the 11030 Into the throat caused
Irritation and hoarseness, seriously In
terfering with my public speaking. ItT
took me an hour or more of coughlngr
gagging, expectorating and sneezing
every morning before I could settle
down to work and this condition grad
ually brought on catarrh of stomach,
causing loss of appetite, poor digestion
and a foul breath, which annoyed me
exceedingly. My physician advised tho
to try Stuart's Catarrh Tablets and I
took them for two months and wa3
astonished to llnd how quickly they
cleared my head, throat and stomach
and I have no hesitation in' recommend
ing them. They are not only pleasant
to take, but they seem to get at tho
very root of the trouble, because since
using them I have had no trace of
Druggists sell Stuart's Catarrh Tab
lets at 50 cents for full size package.
They can be carried in the pocket
and used any time as often as de-'
sired since they contain no cocaine,
mercury or any other injurious drug.
and Elwoith Robllng, John Brown, AVUl
Younger, Ralph Knapp, Clyde AVater
111,111, Edward Miller, Dave Monle.
Miss Maud Smith was a caller In
Scranton yesterday.
Mrs. Ed. Doran and Mrs. AVilliam
Stevenson attended tho theatre at
Scranton last evening.
Heavy Travel to Florida and tho
The tide of travel which sets In every
winter lioin the northern stutes to
the milder climates of tho south and
southwestern portions of the country
has begun this year at a very much
Increased rate over that of any pre
vious season. Transportation compan
ies leport that their facilities aro com
pletely utilized, and that early appli
cation Is often necessary in order to
secure choice accoinmodatlons. Tho
Southern railway's new and palatial
train, the "Southern's Palm Limited,"
which began .its seivlco in the mlddlo
of January, between New ATork and
the more prominent resorts of tho
South, has proved a welcome and In
view of tho Increased travel a neces
sary addition to the means of Inter
communication between these two sec
tions. This train Is running heavily
loaded every day, every compartment
and stateroom being taken, and It bus
frequently been necessary to put on
additional sleeping cars In order to
accommodate the demand. Tho popu
larity of this train Is mainly duo to
tho prominence of the points which it
touches and tho quick tlino which It
makes between New York and Florida.
Another train operated by tho Southern
Railway system Is the AVnshlngton and
Southwestern Limited. Its close con
nection with tho "Sunset Limited" ol
the Southern Paclllo coinpany at New
Orleans to Mexico and the Paclllc
coast makes it a popular southern
route for winter travel. This system
otfers quick service to tho beautiful
"Land of the Sky," tho mountain reg.
Ion of North Carolina, within which
are located such famous resorts aa
Plnehurst, Ashevllle and Hot Springs,
also to Columbia, Summervllle, Aiken
and Augusta. These places nra easily
leached, and is one of the main iea
sons for the present gieat' inercaso ol
Southern travel. Tho travel to lu
still milder and more squthernly h
cated resorts In Floildti, St. Augiibtlne,
Palm Beach, Ormond, Tampa and oth
er places 011 both the Atluntlo and
Gulf coasts of the state seems to hi
equally heavy, The Southern Rullwaj
loute is also most popular anion
travelers to Cuba, since the quick thai
made between Kew York and Tunipa
and Miami, materially shortens the trlj
to Havana, Travel westward througl
the Gulf states to New Orleans an
the west is unusually heavy, and tin
npptouchtng Mnrdi Gras festivities it
Nw .Orleans are also attracting a con
slderable number of northern visiton
to that city. Complete information It
rtgajd to reaching all of tho abovt
resoils can be piocured of Chan, L
Hopkins, District Passenger Agent
Southern Railway, S2S Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, Pa., us his ofllce Is 1
bureau of information for souther'