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Pharaoh's Horses
Wr arc otTrrlng this populii- unit lrlMnu pic
turn at (lie following icdiiccd prices during till
ErMt picture ilcarlnir mIp!
76c. flr.r, linn' IKK', fl slrr, now .f1..A
Wall ivipcr, Paints, Hliiflc, Pictim-v frames.
Jacobs & Fasold,
209 Washington Ave.
City Notesa
TIII1II) ANXIWI. MAMv llAf.T.. Tlif tlilul an
niMl iniwpirrmtc lull of Die Yoims Men's He
brew dub lakes plate on Tiwilay
evening, l'curuary 1, nt Mulc ball.
lwK.vriov Aru.sovi.i:i)(ir.i). Tim s-Mcr
St. .bwepli'i I'liuiKHInc Home lh to .nknowl
tiIrc with grateful tbanU Ibe ceiicnmi iloniition
-of dry courts tthleh Ibe firm of tin- Globe War.--home
lias m kindly cnl tu tho above institution.
A MiKilir rilti:. An ntriliratrd lmo i-aiitnl
a 1IbIi( bl,i7e shortly befoie It o'clock lat iiIkM
in (he home of John N'eat on Willi street. The
file was easily evtlmruMied by the firemen who
arrltril in irpune to an a'arm turned in from
box 73.
HAD AS" llPII.lll'i'lO TIT. .lamb Kiigle. a
younp man finin Smlh Pef.mlon, was seized with
an ipleplle fit In alley jrafciiluy mom
Inir and was iemoed to the hos Kntrle wandeied fiom home about a joar
aitu and rtra.ied to Lake Seiantun, wheic he frore
his feet cry badly.
t.irrruiir. nv iiisiiap ro.VATY. nt. ltrv.
Thmiias .1. Conaty, lector of the Catholic uni
versity at Washington, 1). ('., wilt delher n lec
ture In the I..UCU1U theater nest Momljv night
under the aa-plees of the C'alholle to
ilety on "The Catholic IMubational MnMiiirnt. in
the t'nited htatps." He will be introduced liv
Itt. Itcv. Mr J. Iloban.
I)., L. k W. PAY DAYS. n Ida j, Jan. 24,
Awuidilc, uihlncloss, llk, llallslead, Pclte
bom, WooiIh ink .Sjturikiy, Jan. 2.'i, Archluld,
Hellenic, Hellenic w.isheiy, Itrisblu, tijujr.i, Con, Dodfre, llainploii, Haiupton washei,
Iloldrn, IT.idc I'.nk. ()foid, I'ljie, Sloan. Tailor,
Monday, Jan. 27, Diamond, Diamond uaalirry and
Slorrs sh.ifl.
CXDY SAI.i:. The "Sans-Souii" fSIrl., Jean
ItiK-ell, Charlotte lliandow, Louise Slioheckcr,
I'uunie Jlcar.-, Marjorj and Helen Ijis, Clara
Silnion, Kllsabelh Hose, (lurlotle Znrllieh, Helen
V.iil, Cell i Itlne and Mil Ian Smith will gie
a candy sale thi aflcinoon and cuiilng from j
till 'I .it .'(11 fjuincj aenue. The proceeds will In
fer ,omc ihariiable in-tltutiui. l'lcac come and
bring join- poiUtbool;.
of the Caledonian club will conduct a Majr parly
tomorrow night in Illitlei'a hall in commemo
ration of the hiilhdiy of ltubeit Ilium, the
Scotch poet. Iliks ii the fti-t lime in many jcal'3
that the club has conducted a celebration with
out asking the presence of the lulled 'Iheie will
be no ictrular toan li.t but a iiiiiiiIki of iin
piomptu addresses will be made.
A "M.IXD" AUCIIOX.-V "Wind" auction
silc will be conducted Tuc-day night hi
Oueniscy hall by the avoiiation compiUlnK the
einplojes of the International Coiicpomleneo
i-chools. A number of ailicles donated by the
Held force will be packed in such a manner as
to completely hide them from lcy and will be
auctioned on one by one to the highe-t hidden.
Dancing will be cnjo.ed aftei tho sale.
Places Where Money Will Be Dis
bursed During- Week.
The following schedule of pays has
been prepared by the Delaware and
Hudson company:
January 23 Mamllle, Minlne, I.egetl'a
deck, Von btorth, Dickauu.
January 24 Olyplunt, Kddy Ciec-k, (Jia-v U
land. White Oak, Jcunsn.
Januaiy 25 Uroenvuiud o, , Clieenwood o.
2. bpiing lhook,,'cllff, I.alllu.
Januaiy 27 Delaware, llaltlinoit- Slope, Haiti
inoic No. 2, Baltimore 'lunncll, Iljlliiuoie No. 5,
Conj nghaui.
Januaiy 2S-Cllnton, foal lliook, Cnbomkile
No. 1, Powdeilj,
Januaiy -J'i-lto-,ton, Plymouth o. 2, 1'lv.
nioiilh No. ;i, l'ljiuuutli Xo. 1, I'hniiiiitli, N'o. 5.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Hamilton, X, Y Jun. 3. Tlie basket
nun suns-cm is wen tinner way, Janu
ary 13, Colgate played Syracuse mil.
verslty nt Syracuse, resuluas in u de
feat for the homo team. The next 'var
sity game Is, Hamilton college tit Ham
ilton, January id.
Much interest Is inunliVhtcd hi intfr
class basket ball. A trophy cup Is to
be awarded to the class scorlnjr ttiu
Ktentest number of points. Rich class
Is to play each other class two games.
At present the sophomores lead.
Cjeorge "W, Douglas, 'SS, for some tlmo
connected with the Urooklyn Rigle, lias
ecclvcd nit editorial position on tho
Vouth's Companion,
L.uHt Frlduy evening an exceedingly
enjoyable vnudovlllo entertnlumoiit was
-tven by college and local talent in tho
opera house, for tho benefit of tho atli
lollu fissoclatlon, A large house greeted
ho successful production, Ju tho neui
future Prof, I.osey and wife, of Syra
cuse, will give readings for the benefit
)f Colgate Academy Athletic associa
tion, Cnii W. Zelgler, 'Oa, has been eoni
pelled to return to his homo In Scran
ton, owing to Ill-health,
Prof, Anderson, of the seminary, pre
sented n thesis In New York, Monday
Inst, nt a coiifeience,
Dr. Hurnhnm preached at tho Fifth
Avenuu Haptlst church, In Troy, last
The college entrance examination
board bus appointed Prof. Urigliam
chief examiner in physical geography
for 1902, Dining the recent vacation
Prof, Hiighiun attended tho meetlpg of
tho Slate Science Teachers' association
nt Syracuse, and tho meeting of the
Geological Society of America nt
Itochester. He also spent a week in
New York and Washington.
Tho speaker on the day of prayer for
colleges will bo Jtev. J, t Rdor, U. I).,
of Albany.
Sits, R A. Taylor, of Troy, Juts left
by her will W.QOO to tho unlveisity, to
be used as scholarships.
The advisory bourd of tho Intercol
legiate Athletic union meets at Vtlc-n-t-aturdny
of this week,
Miss Stewart Is Putting the Finish
ing Touches on It.
The Ulnness which will bcfcln next
Thursday night will be the equal ot
any oC these benullful affairs which
have been RlVen at various times In
thin clly. Miss Stewart 1b most expert
In tllreftliiB Bitch entertainments. Hhc
hiiH Planned elaborate cIiimirch from
those with which wo are familiar. The
costumes are to bo utitistitilly effective,
and tho dances are nqw anil pretty.
There will also be more participants
than have appeared In former Ulr
inesses. Tho object Is one which appeals to
nil. The teachers me hard-working and
patient public servants. The ptoeeeds
of this Itlrmcss will form tho Ix'kIii iiImk
or a fund which will bo n ureat aid
nud comfort to many who will become
Incapacitated as the years ro by. '
The tin nee of the season will be one
of the prettiest of the klrmess. It will
bo chapel oned iiy .Mrs. John T. ltleh
a ills and Mrs. R R tiiasc. The dancers
will be iim follows:
'prlnif 'I lie Mimes I'lnrrnrp Muli'llne (llbks,
Jails lleikrr, la-ll.l nley Purler, Omit Thayer.
innnirr Jlljwes Mary lldwards, i:thel Troth
Itik'li.tiu, -lean .Iriikins, Jane llian.
Aiittinin -The llluuhi i;as, I hrlllne
IVIIiiuh, llerlha C.i !.-, lluplicinli Ulblu.
Ulnler Tin' Annie IMnarcN, Helen
Tliaier, .Mimaret (!lbb, IMIIh Frank Ulihards.
There will be a full rehearsal tonlfiltt
with Bauer's orchestra at which no
spectators will be admitted except the
chaperones. Tomorrow night the
whist game will be played. Messrs. C.
It. IUillcr, Grant Polton, KiiReno Ileol
ey and others will be players.
Assessor Seamans Shows That the
Amount Asked for This Year Is
Lower Than Previous Years.
City Assessor Jay G. Seamans in a
slulement made to a Tribune man yes
terday afternoon declared that the
services of a clerk are absolutely In
dispensable In the city assessor's oillco
nncl sought to show that instead of
making an exorbitant demand this
year the assessors are actually asking
for less than they have In past years.
He produced the following statement
showing the expenses of the depart
ment for the fiscal year, IDOO.-'Ol.
Salary of three $ 3,000
llonil of ieislon 2,000
Tttenty-one assistants 4,,'ij'i
Making ta- duplicates ,100
Assesntncnt books- 12.5
Slatloneiy, pi luting and stamps 200
Sheds for la-c duplicates 75
Total "J0.-I2U
Amount n-ked for PW2-0.! '),S)C5
!ccica-e ,..? 301
The amount of $l,r29, included In tVie
above statement, was appropriated this
present year as a detlcicncy for the
fiscal year 1000-01 and can properly be
Included as part of tho actual running
expenses for the year 1900-01,
"We can't do without a clerk," said
Air. Seamans, "some of tho members of
the estimates committee to tho con
trary notwithstanding. The salaries of
the clerks in every other city depart
ment except the treasurer's is paid by
the city, and there can be no good rea
son advanced why the salary or our
clerk should not also bo paid by the
"It is idle to say that we do not need
a clerk. We are away from our office
for four or five months every year, and
IL is absolutely essentlul that some one
be left in charge to receive visitors and
answer inquiries. A vast amount of de
tail work remains for the clerk to do
during the lest of tho ycai, and until
the counellmen asecitain for them
selves just what this Is they cannot act
intelligently in this matter."
Special to the Scrantan Tribune. '
Nicholson, Jan. 23, Miss Jl. K.
Moody, of Jersey City, is the guest of
Mr, and Mrs. 13, F. Johnson, of Stale
Miss Kvelyn Edwards, of Laceyvilie,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. U. M. Niles.
Mr. and Mrs. D. AV. Titus, of State
street, are entertaining Mr. and Mrs.
James Osterhout, of Punxsutawny, and
Mr. A. L. Titus, of Binghamton.
One of the most brilliant functions of
the season was a banquet held at the
Opera house last evening, It being the
thlrty-thlrd anniversary of Nicholson
lodge, No, 43S, of Free and Accepted
Masons. It was a most delightful af
fair from beginning to end, At half
past nine the following programme
was opened, which occupied the enllte
evening and was u success in eveiy
particular: Part I Call to older: 'id
dress of welcome, D. W. Titus; piano
holo, selected, Mrs. F. A. Baker; vocal
solo (a) "The Dally Question" (b) "l.a
Seronnta," Susan Ulack; vocal solo,
"The Uaudalleis," Dr. F. Kills Bond!
duet, "Tho Night," Mrs. II. S. .Steph
ens, Mrs. W. S. Decker: recitation, Uny
A, Decker: mandolin duet, Kthel Stark
and Charles Hi own; vocal trio, Mr.
II. S. Stephens, Mta, V. S. Decker and
Mrs, 1.. N. Shields. Part II Invltaiiou
to banquet table; Invocation of Divine
blessing, ltev, L. R Sanford; feasting
and nuihlc, Part III Ton.stmiihter,
Charles S, Seamans; ".Masonry," Iiu
J. Phillips: "The Ladles," Bradley V.
Lewis; "Human Naluie," ltev, L. L.
Lewis; "Masonry," Miss Susan Ulack;
"A Jolly Time," Jtoy A. Decker.
Tho above- tut represents the front vlow of the big bunk building that
will hoon ornament the space between tho Mcars building and Dlx court,
on tho Kpiuco street shlo of cuurt house square, Part nf the structure Is
already existing, the part un tho light -the new County Savings bank build
lag, Tio portion tu be constructed H a building on tho left similar to the
County bank building, which Is to be the home of the Title ijiiuranty and
Trust company, and n central building tu bo used Jolntlj- for vaults by (lie two
banking Institutions. The plans arc by Holdein of New York. Tho loutiact
has not nn yet been awarded.
Defense Produces a Raft of Wit
nesses to Show That tho Plaintiff
Suffered from Extremely Dofectivo
Vision Before tho Time of tho Ac
cident Dr. Longstreet and MIbs
Duffln Flatly Contradict Dr. Boos
Four Judges Engaged in the Trinl
of Common Picas Cases.
Nearly ull the testimony In the Duf
fln case Is in una it will go to the jury
The city occupied nearly all of yes
terday In the presentation of testi
mony tending to show that tho phy
sical disorders Miss Duflln alleges aro
tho result of the nccldent of Nov. 4,
1893, nre due to other causes, and exist
ed prior to the nccldent.
One of tho prlnclpnl aliments that
Miss Duilln nllcges In consequent of
tlie accident is blindness of one eyo
and partial blindness In tho other. A
raft of witnesses were produced by tho
defense to show that her eyes were In
tills condition long before the accident
took place.
One of these witnesses, Mrs. W. K.
Dolnn, could not bo brought into court,
nnd her testimony as given at the
prior trial was read from the stenog
rapher's notes. It was In effect that
three years before tho accident tho
plaintiff was a frequent visitor at the
homo of Mrs. Dolan's parents nnd that
it was then readily apparent she was
very defective In vision. Sho would
enter a room without recognizing tho
presence of another party until the
second party spoke or made a noise
to attract her attention, and nt table,
instead of directly grasping anything
passed to her, she would have to feel
about for it until her band would come
in contact with It.
Dr. L. M, Gates, whose testimony
was largely responsible for the grant
ing of a new trial after the first ver
dict of $7,000, was the next to testify.
He told that on April 1, 1894, nnd less
than a year after the accident. Miss
Duflln came to his office for treatment.
Sho stated then that her sight hud
been Impaired for a number of years
and that she was fearful of becoming
totally blind. She made lio mention
whatever ot the accident.
The defense a'ttempted to show by
Dr. Gates what caused the impair
ment of vision, but objection was made
by the plaintiff's counsel and under
the net of 1S93 it was ruled out. Dr.
Joseph F. Grant nnd Dr. Gilbert Mur
ray were also called for this purpose
but on the same ground their evidence
was declared to be inadmlssable.
M. W. Kelly, of Madison avenue,
who claimed he knew Miss DttlTin in
1590, when sho taught a private school
on Gibson street, testified that ho
played euchre with her as a partner
tit the Cummlngs' home In that year,
nnd that he readily observed she was
near-sighted. She read the cards with
great effort and invariably had to hold
her band within a few inches of her
The witness created considerable
merriment by some of his answers and
set the whole court in roars when he
referred to City Solicitor AVatson as
"General Watson" and explained that
there were so many colonels nnd ma
jors on the other side he thought the
defense ought to have a good military
title for at least one of Its two repie
Colonel Fitstslnnnons protested
against whnt he was pleased to char
acterize as invidious comparisons by
Implication and an effort to rob Major
Wan en, Colonel Martin, Dragoon
O'Malley and himself of their military
Miss Ella Shaw, a dressmaker, testi
fied to having met Miss Duflln at
Mitchell's dining robin, on Linden
street, In 1S93, a year before the acci
dent, nnd that Mis Duflln besought
her to go Into partnership, as she, Miss
Duflln, was no longer able to do all
kinds of dressmaking, because of her
failing eyesight.
Samuel Newman, Superintendent or
Police Lonn B. Day, Vemn Long, Mis.
Frances Mitchell. M. J. Mitchell, May
Leonard, all testliled that Miss Duilln
took her meals at Mitchell's dining
looms In 1S92, and that It was notice
able to everybody her eyesight was ex
tremely poor. When she counted change
she woyld have to hold it close to her
eyes; In cutting meat on her plate she
would bend close to the table; on en
teilng or leaving she would have to feel
around for the handle of the door, and
In passing along through the dining
loom she would have to feel her way.
Dr, W. E. Allen, superintendent of
the bureau of health, testified that ho
examined Aliss Duflln a year nyo and
found no conditions existing thai would
cause the Incontinence she complains
of, or tho neurt'Hthenio disorders she
aveis sho suffers from,
Dr, C, H. Fisher was tho last witness
for the defense. Ho told of having ex
amined Miss Duflhi's eyes in 1S9S, and
gavo it as his opinion that their con
to 71
dition was not duo lo the accident of
which sho complains against the city.
Tho plaintiff called Dr. S. P. Long
slrcet as tho first witness In rebuttnl.
He stated positively that nt tho time
Miss Duflln was at his omcc to bo ex
amined by tho defendant's physicians,
Dr, Hi O, lloos nnd Dr. J, 13. O'llrlen,
Dr. Hoob becntnn nngry when Miss
Dttnin refused to let him participate In
tho examination, because lie was "an
nvowed enemy nnd personally ob
noxious," nnd that ho turned upon her
nnd .declared, "You have no case, and
1 will knock you out in court."
Miss Duflln was then called and cor
roborated Dr. Longstreet as to Dr.
lloos' alleged utterance, Sho then pro
ceeded to-deny explicitly various ot the
allegations, made by the defendant's
witnesses, which tended to show that
she was nearly blind long before the
accident took place.
Sho never suggested partnership to
Miss Shaw, for her friend, Judge Hund
ley, had advised her against ever goliieT
Into partnership, Sho never bent over
her plate when cutting meat in tho
Mitchell dining room, unless It wns
when necessary to put weight on tho
knife to dissect the Mitchell dining
room tenderloin.
Tho Mitchells nnd their friends were
unfriendly to her, Miss Duflln tried to
show, by reason of u dispute resulting
from her charges for making a dress
for Mrs. Mitchell. Sho llatly denied that
sho told Dr. Gates that sho had had
trouble with her eyes for many years,
What she did tell him was that she had
had an operation performed in Phila
delphia, when she wns a girl, to euro a
"squint" In one eye. She never played
cards at the Cummlngs' home, Bhe suld,
and positively repudiated the distinc
tion of the humorous Mr. Kelly's com
pany as a partner In euchre.
She did not go to Dr. Roos' ofllce on
November 22, but did go there early in
December, nnd had the experience of
being rudely ejected, so sho says, when
she offered only $G on her bill of $25.
Mrs. Mitchell was recalled for further
cross-examination, but did not respond.
AVhen City Solicitor Wtason and As
slstunt Solicitor Davis were Informed
that the only testimony the plaintiff
wanted from Mrs. Mitchell wns that
the Mitchells had the contract for fur
nishing meals to the city for prisoners
nt the station house, they agreed to ad
mit It of record.
There may be some further rebuttal
and sur-rebuttal testimony this morn
ing, but at tho most It will not take up
more than an hour.
City Solicitor AVatson will argue the
chso for the defense, and Major AA'ar
ren for tho plnlnttff. The speeches and
Judge Gordon's charge will likely con
sume the whole day.
Four Judges Presiding.
Four judges were presiding yesterday
in common pleas. Judge Kelly, in the
main court room, spent the day in the
yet-unfinished case of Depuy against
Brink; Judge Gordon is sitting in the
Duilln case, in No. 2, and in No. 3,
Judge Edwards, first, and then Judge
Newcomb, took a band in helping to
dispose of the list.
Before Judge Edwards, In the case of
H. AVehrum against F. G. Itarrlck, a
verdict was found for the plaintiff in
the sum of $36. Douglas & Aran Dusen
represented the plaintiff, and Clarence
Balcntine, the dofeudnnt.
Before Judge Newcomb, a verdict of
$407.70 In favor of the plaintiff was re
turned in the case of AA'illiam H. Flies
against S. N. Blake, of Ehnlra. It was
a suit on a balance on a sub-contract
for wiring the A'alley House. O'Brien
& Martin represented the plaintiff.
There was no. appearance for the de
fendant. Judge Newcomb was engaged at ad
journing time in the trial of the case
of Joseph Gray, of Mayfleld, against the
Scranton Railway company. Gray
claims $123 for services in settling, to
the satisfaction of the company, at the
company's behest, a damage suit insti
tuted by Airs. Anna Propenyok, of Ed
gerton, who was Injured In a trolley
wreck at Jermyn. The company denies
that Gray was employed by it or any
of its agents.
II. D. Carey is the plaintiff's attor
ney. The company is represented by
Hon. t:. P. O'Malley.
In the case of II. C. Mott against
John Beuore, administrator of the es
tate of George Denote, deceased, judg
ment by ngreement was entered for tho
plaintiff in the sum of $6,flr.0. It is an
amicable action on a mortgage. The
plaintiff, was repiesented by O'Brien it
Martin, and the defendant by John F.
A non-suit on account nf the non
appearance of the plaintiff, was entered
In the case of Ellen L. AVnlsh against
the Metropolitan Life Insurance com
pany. AVlllard, AVarren it Knupp rep
resented the defendant.
A non-suit was also gi anted, for the
same i en Mn, in the case of Cramer &
Strauss against the '., AA'eiugart estate,
Ralph L. Ley appeared for the defend
ant. The case of John J, Mnhar against N.
D. Monsky, garnishee, and tho case of
M. Blefeld & Co. against M. D. Breschel
were continued.
Not considering the cases on tilal, all
except four of the fifty on this week's
list have already been disposed of,
twenty of them finally, nnd twenty
three by continuances.
In Orphans' Court.
In the Orphans' couit, yesterday,
arguments were heard by Judge A. A.
A'osburg In the estate of Letty Ann
Ruland, deceased, Tho principal con
test was, with respect to u large clulm
presented by Abel Tonkin. This was
opposed by Attorneys Horn nnd Mnr
t In. representing the estate and somo
of the heirs, on the ground that it was
barred by the statute of limitations.
Attorney II, D. Carey, who appeared
for the claimant, contended that tho
stntute was tolled by the bringing of a
suit before a justlco of the peace, and
by tho dentil of tho decedent. Decision
was reserved.
In the Mary Dockerty estate, the
arguments in tho will contest were
postponed on account of engagements
of counsel, ,
Today has been fixed for tho adjudi
cation of tho nccounts of executors, ad
ministrators and guardians, which will
come up for examination and final con
firmation, IF YOU WISH
To buy a property,
To rent a property,
To sell a proper!
To insure property
Tu exchange property,
To buy a business,
Tu sell a business.
Rooms !M0 Price Building,
Wanted to Rent.
Furnished lious-e, Everything must
bn tho best. Will pay a good rental If
suited. For particulars, references,
etc, sen W. T. Hackettv rooms 9-10
I'llvc Building.
One Is to Recover 910 Given na Re
lief to One of Their Number, Who
Returned to Work Suit Is Based
on a Cut-throat Jdginent Note Tho
Other Suit Is One in Slander
Directed Against Dr. H. E. Imts:
by tho Executive Board Damages
in the Sum of $5,000 Asked.
Two suits weroi instituted yesterday
by tho street car strikers, through their
attorney, Clarence Halcntlne,
One ot them Is on a Judgment note
for $10 nnd has as defendant Charles
II. Keller, a member who quit the union
and returned to work. Tho other has
ns defendant Dr, II, E. Lutz, .who is
nlleged to have slandered the executive
board of Division 1GS, Amalgamated
Association of Street Railway Em
Tho first suit discloses the fact that
tho relief fund which the strikers dis
tributed wns given out only ns n lonn.
Each man receiving relief was required
to sign n thirty-day cut-throat judg
ment note, on which nn execution can
bo Issued against anything the signer
possesses, not excluding wearing ap
parel other than that on his person,
and not even excluding this, If tho man
happened to bo taking a bath, or was
undressed in bed.
The note on which the suit was
brought was signed by Keller October
19, 1901. He returned to work shortly
Similar suits aro to be brought against
nil tho ex-strikers who received relief.
Tho case against Lutz Is based on al
leged statements he mnde at the time
he supposed he was settling the strike.
On January l!i, it Is nverred In the
statement, ho declared in the presence
of divers persons, that "the executive
board of Division 108, Street Car Men's
union, have failed and nre unable to
account to Division 1GS for $1,100, and
they are x ." The next day,
so the declaration says, Lutz declared:
"A certain social club Is having a ban
quet at the rooms of the executive
board or Division 1GS, Street Car Men's
union, and the executive board of
Division 1GS, Street Car Men's union,
are furnishing ithe money out of the
division's money."
The divers persons referred to are
the commmittee from the union who
waited on Lutz, representing them
selves as being In the movement to
take the control of the strike out ot
the hands of the executive committee.
the purpose of their visit being to find'
out what Lutz and tho genuine insur
gent committee of Ave were up to.
Damages in the sum of $5,000 are
asked. Attorney Balentlne entered a
rule in Prolbonotary Copeland's office
giving notice of tho puipose of tho
plaintiffs to choose arbitrators Febru
ary 8, at 9 o'clock a. m. The plaintiffs
are enumerated as follows: P. J. Shea,
George Kagler, Thomas Edwards, Fred
Surlne, Patrick Messltt, M. J. Barrett,
Andrew Lavelle, P. J. Keegan anil AA
J. Marlatt.
Special Session of Court.
President Judge Edwards yester
day handed down an order providing
for a special session of criminal court
during the week beginning February
21 which Is Lackawanna week in the
supreme court.
The purpose of the special session Is
to clear up .the cases that will be left
over fiom the regular February term.
There are two murder trials and a
number of other big cases on tho regu
lar list, and this, it is almost a surety,
will make It impossible to reach all of
the 334 cases in the two weeks of the
regular term. Cases left over will be
placed on the list for the special week
and two outside judges called In to
try them.
It may be that the list for the spe
cial term will not be as large as antici
pated as It Is understood that verdicts
of no pros are to be taken in the
bribery cases against C. W. McKinney,
Simon Thomas and possibly some oth
ers in which the Municipal League is
the prosecutor.
Rule to Bring Suit.
Michael Horan, of South Ablngton,
by Attorney It, H, Holgnte, secured a
rule yesterday to compel Mollis AT,
Morris, of Scranton, to shpw cause why
he should not, within ninety days,
bring an action In ejectment to test
the title of a one acre lot in South Ab
lngton which Horan claims by squat
ter sovereignty nnd for which Mortis
holds a sheriff's deed,
Nov. S, 1901, Morris bought at sher
iff's sale the property of AVilllam Jen
kins, which the lot In dispute adjoins
Tho deed for the Jenkins property pre
sumes to Include tho lot Horan cIrIiiis,
Ho questions Morris' title on tho
ground that lie has occupied it openly,
notoriously and adversely for more
than thirty-five years.
Marriage Licenses.
William II. A, WYber 'rjtiton
Mjiv K. Iloii Snutitoi!
.lolm 1', Kpii.ioii , (irri'iifWcl
Aiuiiu Wotuhwril '.,.,. Diiiimoic
The case of dip city of ScrJliton g.iiut , D.
f-tiiiui", .i ji'iUrnljy !!iiiulril tu tin- hiinittiio
louit by tlio cily.
Tliunnlay, .liuiiui.i to, 1IA3, w.i eti-nlay
flvi'il by court us tlm time fur iuitiiir .iiMwv.l
cclinnenl "' (licrifT's ilot'iln.
iilicalIoii for dliorco m lllcil In I'lutlimio
buy .lolm '('o;iclainl'ii office jiMculjy by I'lill-jjii-n
i (lul't .iz.iliist her alli'Kdl wruway Iiu
luml, .lolm Clulsl, They vvro iiuuioil .lum- i,
IStm. Tip alli'gi-d ileiriltnn tool; ilnn- May iU,
lo'JS l II, llojlo U (ittoiuoy fm Mn, I'liiM.
How a Lehigh Man Once Won a
Victory Over Pennsylvania,
In the Philadelphia Press of last Sun
day, tho following appeared;
Itctlilclirm, .Inn, 18. -One of tin; most
able iillilt-tie ocnts tlut over mcmicd on tho
l.rlilli unlM-mlty atliU-tlu flehl took jiUcd mi
TlmieilJ', Xoipiuber '18, lbSd, during the return
rjiiir botncin tlio University ot I'cnnt.ihanU nnd
I.clilfli uulrcrtlty foot ball temu. Aftrr Arthur
Louie, cUkh of 'R, of Wllkos-lljrrc, I.cIiIrIi'h fa
mous half-back, run tho rutfro length ot the tldi)
am) pljc'dl the ball In the back of IVmi' go
ioit, the ball "as tnouglit out by W, II, 1'lcrrc-,
lapUln, of 1'raiiWllu Furnace, X. J,, Lehigh, '37,
lio klikiil a Kiy difni'iilt Kiul in tho faro of
a ftrniiK wind. It. P. llradford, I'rinrctoii, '87,
prrsltlrnt of tho l'rliucloii I'oot Pall association,
rc-feired tlm gamo most wlUfac-lorlly. The c-oro
ton, I 'J3 to O ill fJUir of Lehigh, Till gamo
treated intense rxciteiiteiit and its celibiation
lasted mi-ial dais.
The Ilcthlehcnu on the night of the game wers
painted a bright wrmlllluii. Ilaudi of' and
fireworks attended the torchlight proceaIon of
Lehlgli ktudcntJ.
Long, I'lertc and llradford wrro the I erow of
the day and were (.anted off the Held an!
It t nn miiaH Jul) to fake Inventory with fturli it Stock as we ramr, !rMNiiu im Sp
ike, HO, Hull, keipihg nil linmK hustling until ,ln, );, wti. Is ll aiij wonder tall JS
pieces, number Ies than u doen uCrtinuilatc, and parti nf Ml get broken St
Goods bought at this Annual Inventory Salo Is a better Invest- r
mont than money in a Saving1 Bank. You will ho surprised to
see what 10c, 2Gc, and 50c. will buy. 10c. will buy: Hair 5
Receivers, Bono Dishes, Mustard Pots, Tea Pot Stands, Plates, Kg
Citpa nnd Saucers, Candle Sticks, Cream Jugs, Jnrdiniore3, etc, S
1 , CuuaT
3 Gen. V. Millar &
Have you in your attic a favorite chair with the upholstering in
bad shape, an arm or a rocker broken, or perhaps having the springs
out of order, waiting an indefinite sometime to be repaired? Let us
mend it, repolish it, put a new cover on it and send it back to you aj
good as new.
Scranton Bedding Co
Lackawanna and Adams Avenues.
Particular Dressers
Wear Union Suits (underwear)
DO YOU ? No Shirt to work up your back
when stooping, or drawers to hold up with
pins or otherwise they are in one piece, and
trie price is no higher than other underwear of
the same quality
From $2.00 a
And if you mention this "ad." will allow you
1 5 per cent, discount during January. Trading
Stamps, too, for cash sales. . . . .
ron f"ir1
Are You a Lover
Of the Beautiful?
Do jou wl-li to haio uietly ling-,? We will
be pleaded to show jou Solltalli- Diamond
Itlnas Diamund and Dneiald Iting-'. Pla
uioi.d and Ituhy 11 Ins, Diamond and Opal
Itins;- Diamond and Sapphire Kins-1. Dia
mond and TurmioH Itlng-. Wu will moult
any de-lied combination lo cidci.
E. Schirapff,
317 Lackawanna ave.
! Wonderful Shoe Bargains !
9 " ,
I (yjl Iff Ff J faff iMtlftf vf
!S S2 40 y SSfe P &P 4P 4& & 4ft 4ft 4ft sSb 4ft 4ft 4ft 4B)
Making Both
It's a Problem.
So far as wearing apparel is concerned we
have solved it, We Invite any worthy to come
and pick out stylish and dependable Clothing,
Hats and Shoss, and pay for them in small sums
paid wcsldy, We provide Clothing for Women,
Men and Children and sell at pi ices as low as
any store. We own and operate 28 stores.
Credit to All.
31T Lacka. Aye,
second Floor,
Open Evenings,
throUKliQUt tho paiade in triumph on tho should
ns ot Ulilgli men, l"le thousand people- wit
lirtdiril thU i-xcltinsr same, Whcnem l.chlisli'b
mm of 't9 and 'Si meet thU niymgraule (,'ainc
U (iilliualattivally uhcancd.
Co. 1'40,nl..Avonno
wane in o.i j uook Around, t
Both 'Phones
Suit to $6.00
305 Lacka. Aye.
A Difference
There is as much difference in
Diamonds as there is in human
faces, nnd not infrequently as
much hidden deception. When
you wish to buy a diamond come
to us. You can rely upon our
judgment and representation.
E. Schimp
317 Lackawanna ave.
Ends Mee
Tlio Arthur I.onjr referred to la iluw
Colonel Arthur Loner of this city,
niaiiiiKcr of tin? ureal department atQro
owned by himself and lilw bt'otl'crs.
4 fl
'!! I
JriL !
j i- ?