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Speclsl to the Scranton Tribune.
Tiinltliannock, Jan. 22. William 'A.
Kutz was a business man In Towanfla
on Tuesday.
Unify Splcz, conl agent for the Lc
hlfih Vnllcy Cont company, of Wilkes
IJurrc, wns doing business dt this place
on Tuesday.
Daniel Decker, of Melioopany, wns
sailing on friends In town on Tuesday.
The Monday club met autho home of
Miss Elizabeth Klofer, on 1'utnnm
street, on Monday afternoon nt 2
John Sawyer and eon, Fred, of
Spokane, Washington, who liuvo been
visiting their cousin, Mrs. Stephen Rob
ertson, on Second street, the past
month, left for their homo on Monday.
They were accompanied by Mrs. Daniel
Tlrown, of West Nicholson, and Miss
Inez Lelphnni, of Lackawanna.
Addison Mowrey, of Mcshoppen, at
tended the Ilttwke-McKeown wedding
on Monday.
Hnrry Welch, of Snyre, visited his
father, Joseph Welch, on Harrison
street, recently.
Miss Elizabeth Bunnell, of New York,
visited her mother, Martha Bunnell, on
Tioga street, Monday.
George Klttrldgc left on Wednesday
for Cincinnati, Ohio, where he has ac
cepted a position.
The Chttce-Mulhnne minstrels will
give an entertainment at Piatt's opera
house this Thursday evening.
Quite a large number of Melioopany
business men Interested In the county
bridge question, wore In attendance at
court on Wednesday.
Harry Welch and family, of Sayre,
are visiting relatives at this place.
Charles Gardner, of Factoryvllle, Is
acting as foreman of the grand jury
this week,
i Captain James C. Turner, of Falls, a
well known veteran and lecturer on the
civil wor, is In attendonce at court as a
Jurer this week.
In the matter of a free bridge across
the Susquehanna river at Melioopany,
the grand jury on Wednesday reported
v in favor of making It a free bridge.
In the case of commonwealth vs.
Thomas Ryan, Thomas Collins, John
, Meyer and Frank Williams, charged
with burglary and receiving stolen
goods, the defendants were tried, con
victed, and sentenced to a term of six
and one-half years In the eastern pen
itentiary. In the case of commonwealth vs.
Harvey Rupert and Carl Snyder,
"harged with burglarizing a dwelling
house in Windham, defendants pleaded
guilty and Snyder received a sentence
of six and one-half years. in the peni
tentiary and Rupert four and one-half
Commonwealth vs. Carl Snyder and
riiomas Ryan, charged with an at
tempt to break prison and escape, de
fendants pleaded guilty, nnd sentence
vas suspended.
- Commonwealth -vs. -Carl Snyder and
Thomas Ryan, defendants plead guilty,
and sentence suspended.
Commonwealth vs. George Alden, de
fendant and bail called, and not re
sponding, ball was forfeited.
Commonwealth vs. George E. Keeler,
defendant gave ball In sum of $1,000
for good behavior, and a verdict of not
guilty was taken in ease of assault
against him.
Commonwealth vs. Harry Lackey,
charged with assault and battery on
Mrs. Mary Shlppey, grand jury ignore
bill, county to pay costs.
Commonwealth vs. Charles Peterson,
charged with larceny by bailee, grand
jury Ignore bill, county to pay costs.
Commonwealth vs. Perry Talada,
charge, fornication; grand jury ig
nored bill, prosecution, James Dady,
to pay costs.
The surety of the peace case ugalnst
Fred Wall, James Blackmar, prose
cutor, and also that against Perry Tal
uda, Stephen Walker, prosecutor, were
heard before the court on Wednesday
afternoon, and the decision of the
judges will bo given on Thursday
The matter of a county bridge at the
outlet of Lake Winola was before
grand jury for their action when court
adjourned on Wednesday.
Special to the Scranton Tilbune.
Honesdnle, Jan. 22, Chase and Wil
son minstrel troupe are booked for the
next attraction In the opera house.
The ladles of the Methodist church
are preparing to give one of their pop
ular suppers In the church on Thurs
day, Jan. 20.
The school children and factory em
ployes are being vaccinated In com
pliance with orders from the authori
ties. Recently u load of wood containing
four and one-quarter cords, weighing
leven tons, was brought by Burnett
flnllow from upper woods pond to
Uelflcni and Sons' acid works at Tan
ners Tails, which won a five dollar pre
njlum offered by Messrs. Relller for
the lareest load.
i In addition to $1,901,29 costs In the
lato Wlnans Hull trial, u Cnrbondalo
constable presents a bill for $1,000 for
flotectlve services at the vato of H.r.O
per day, from tho time Schoonover's
)ody was found until the trial.
The Republican borough caucus will
po held on Saturday evening of thlH
The Instructions of the factory In
ipector to place lire escapes on build
ings In Honesdale has not been ob
served by building owners. Steps will
be taken to enforce tho order.
Mrs. Leopold Fueith and Miss Juli
ette Freeman have arranged an ex
cellent programmo for the first meet
ing of the musical history club this
Thursday evening.
Special to the Scranton Tibuiu.
Brooklyn, Jan. 22. Boy Shuaduek,
Karl Alney and Robert Hull, of Key
stone Hcademy, bpent Saturday and
Sunday In town.
Last Friday the Hopbottoin Sunday
., , school of the UnlrcriullHt church cuino
to Brooklyn for ti slelghrlde. una Sat
urday tho Methodist Episcopal Sunday
school passed through town.
Mrs, S. B. Kldrldge spent Monday of
this week In Scranton.
Mrs. Joseph Tewksbury Is spending a
short time In Scranton.
L. II, Squler la quite sick.
A company lint been organized by
ten business men for the purpose of
putting In a telephone lino from Brook
lyn to Montroee.
Miss Jennie Brondhend, of Montrose,
Is sewing for several families in town.
She Is at Dr. Alney's this week.
Mrs. J. J, Austin Is entertaining Miss
C. II, Tiffany has been on the sick7
list, but Is better.
Mrs. I'hlnnojvof Pltttston, is visiting
her husband, at the homo of F. B. Jcw
ett, this week.
Mrs. Amandti DoWItt Is assisting
with housework at tho home of F. B.
O. M. Dolaway Is still suffering with
Inflammatory rheumatism, but Is slight
ly Improved.
JI. W. Mend has gone to Hornclls
vllle, N. V on a visit.
Mr. and Mrs. 13. S. P. Hlue expect to
occupy their new house soon,
Mrs. A. W. Kent entertained nt din-
Can you read
ner last Wednesday Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Sterling, Mrs. A. S. Waldle and Mr. and
Mrs. M. W. Palmer.
E. F. Tiffany has returned from a
poultry exhibition at Rochester, X. T.,
where he took his fancy poultry.
Town caucuses have been held, and
politics begin to be the subject of con
versation, instead of smallpox.
Special to the Siranton Tribune.
Hallstead. Jan. 22. L. G. McCollum,
grocerymnn, of New Milford, was look
ing over his business and found every
thing satisfactory. He is a popular
man and does a large business through
out the county.
L. B. Parks, of Hickory Grove, was
at the Mitchell house yesterday.
AVllllam Stuck, esq., of Susquehanna,
was engaged in business here today.
Harry D. Jones, of Sayre, Pa., is vis
iting his relatives and numerous friends
in this place.
Sheriff W. D. Maxey was engaged
here on business today.
Attorney W. D. Lusk, of Montrose,
is attending to professional business
here for a few days. He is stopping at
the Mitchell house.
Miss Winnie Tlngley, of Cohoes, N.
Y Is visiting her parents at this place.
James Strency. of Elmlra, is visiting
friends in this place and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. George Brink, of Mara
thon, N. y are here on business and
visiting friends.
Chess Is getting to be quite a popular
game at the Railroad Young Men's
Chrlstlun association. The experts have
many spectators, who take great In
terest in the game.
Messrs. G. II. Winkler, Harry Terwll
llger and F. A. Bauman, of Uinghnm
ton, were registered nt the Arlington
The marriage of Charles O. Tlngley,
formerly of this place, mow the populur
clerk, at J. C. McConnell's drug store
at New Milford, occurred at that place
recently. The bride was Miss alary L.
Burton, of Oxford, N, J. The ceremony
was performed by Rev. Charles Smith,
tit the Methodist parsonage.
The marriage of Miss Mary Cnvnn
ngh and AVllllam Corcoran was solemn
ized yesterday afternoon In St. Mary's
church by Rev. M. F. Crnne. Tho
bride anil her attendant, Miss Mary
Clifford, were handsome gowned In blue
suits, Boih carried pink loses, The
groom was waited upon by Joseph' Cn
vfinaugh. After tho ceremony, supper
was served at the liomo of the bride's
pnrents, on tho West Side. Neither the
bride or groom Is yet 21 years of age.
The death of Thomas Farrell, which
occurred yesterday morning at Pitts
Ion hospltul, was a great surprise tq
tho people In town. But few knew of
the sad accident that befell him, hap
pening as It did late on Tuesday even
ing. Deceased for a great many years
worked In No, 8 shaft and on Tuesday,
after coming liomo, ho wont back to
bring his mining tools to the black
smith shop, whllo returning, he was
about to step from one track to unother
when he was run down by u Bwlleh
engine on tho Erie road. Ho wns re
moved to the PltUton hospital, where
It was fquiul necessary t amputate
his leg, The physicians hud hopes of
his recovery, but through tlie njght n
buddeu change soon overtook him nnd
hu died shortly after, Tho remains
wero removed to the family residence,
on the West Side. Ifa Is survived by a
wlfo and one son. The funeral vlj
take place on Friday afternoon.
P, F. Godfrey, of Jessup, spent
Tuesday with T. J, O'Malley, of Main
Mr. Cleotge Allen, of Dunmore, will
cpnduct tho meeting tonight at JIUs
Haetie'a. Mr, Allen expects to start
next month as a missionary to Africa,
Beginning Jan. 27, tho Christian Al
liance will have a week's meetings lit
y tVi'tjsHji remedy that cures) u cold In ouo Uj,
charge of Rov. James Lelshmiui. Bible
readings nt 3. Kvangellsllc servient
at 7.30. Place of meeting will bo an
nounced later.
ACADEMY Pranklc Carpenter company. Af
ternoon and night.
STAU-"MIh' Kcw Votk, Jr." Afternoon nd
'Brother Officers."
"llrother Officers" deserved a better home, a
better company and belter surroundings than It
bad last night when It was presented at th
Lyceum. It U tho play by Leo Trevor, In which
the Kmplro Stock company fo mightily pleased
critical New York audiences a season ago.
John lllmla I A young Ungllshnian of lowly
origin, a sergeant In the Tenth Dragoon, brave
ami manly and every Inch a soldier. He has
proved Mi worth aa a soldier and save the life
of .Lieutenant l'leydoll at the risk of his own,
and for these an officer's commission and the
Victorian cross are liU rewards. Ito fecks out of
place In the officers' quartern and Lieutenant
Plcydcll undertakes to give blm some social pol
ishing. This procesj brings him much In con
tact with the Uaroncss Hoyden, nnd ho learns to
love her. She lias been Plcydctl's companion
this quotation from
since .vouth and they love cadi other. An un
fortunate gambling affair puts Plcjdell in the
power of a rascal named lint ton. The lieutenant
lias no way of paying his debts to Hutton, lint
the latter is willing to forgive them if I'loydcll
will introduce Mutton into society. The lieu
tenant iefuos to be the social sponger tor such a
blackguard and has asked for an ccchanic to a
West India regiment, knowing that he cannot
lcin tin in Unglaml after the blow has fallen.
Hinds recognizes in llutton n niuu a twenty
flic jears before lobbed his father of Ave hun
dred pounds and Ids wife nnd lied with bath to
Austialia, where lie anuved much wealth. For
an instant the temptation is slicing with Hinds
to allow Hutton to break Plejdell and thus
clear Ills path to the Haroness Hoyden, but he
quickly brushes the tempter usldo. lie do
cides to save liis friend, the lieutenant, thoiyli
by doing so he knows he shuts out all hope of
the baroness and moreover must forego bis pil
vate vengeance against Mutton, fly means of ha
knowledge of Mutton's pat he coiupolls the latter
to hand over bis note against Plejilell. Ill act
of self sacrifice and devotion to his filend accom
plished lie icalizcs that ho cannot be ha.ipy In
England nnd he take3 l'Jej dell's cschange to tho
West Indian regiment and leaves Phvjdell at
home to marry the Haioucss.
Howard Could made a very minly Lieutenant
Hinds and was most acceptable thioughout. 'Jh"
mcmliers of the company wore not equal to tho
tak of pre-erving the atmosphere of the play,
and in "llrother Officers" atmosphere counts for
a great deil. The acccs'oiics In the way of
staging vveic not up to tin- standard icipiiud by
the play.
"The Garrison Girl."
'lhi fiirrlson filil," a thiec-act war melo
drama, was the piece Mageel by the I 'lankie jr
pentcr repertohu company last night to a well
pleased audience. Miss Carpenter plajcd the
title role in n manner that could not he e
iclled, Jeie (irady as Tonialonc Hill, the weath-er-bealen
stage driver, was teen In an entirely
different part from nnj thing c-aved by him be
foie this week, and his leading of the lines was
a most satMailory lemlulns of a cllfllciilt put.
Tonight, "lly 1'ilcnd fioni India" will be given
and on I'riday evening 'The New South" will ho
picsented. At the I'llday night pnfoimante,
each lady will lie piesentcd with a souiculr pic
ture of I'rar.lle.
. "Richelieu" Saturday Night.
Cardinal Itlchelicu la a prominent character In novels that are now popular, especially
in some of the volumes of Pumas' vroiWs, which
are beicng extensively trad ut proent, Xo cinr
acter in Trench history, unless it be Xapi'pcn
Bonapaitc, cvrr achieved greater prominence than
this military prelate statesman who, as prime
minister to Louis Mil wielded the power tint
was fctipposed to belong by right to his monarch.
The play vuitteu by llulucr around ipboiico
that oicurred towards the close of Ids long life,
.'s one of tho most interesting and entertaining
drjmas ever produced, and is considered a classic
in dramatic llteratuie. It lias been mOiticI as
the pla.v In which Jir, Crcston Clarke will be seen
at the Lyceum on Saturday evening of this week,
ami a fine sjcnlu production la auiioiiuted. At
tho matinee, Jloupi Isoii'fl celebrated comedy,
"David darrlck" will be given at popular prices.
Sousa's Band.
'I he legion of fc'oma admirers in this city will
rejoice in the announcement of the early coming
of tho "March King" and his men, and u cor
dial welcome homo aftrr their HritUh triumphs
awaits these lepiescntativo American uiU'liiati.
Mr, Sousa will give tin It another concert as tliosj
that delighted Loudon when be appeal at tin:
pew armory on Jan, 23. Jlmd teeo-I)ivle, t
prmioj Dorothy llojlr, vlollniste, and Arthur
I'rjor, tioniboue, arc the soloists.
Irhe Carner Stock Company,
The Tamer Stock company will begin a week's
engagement at the Academy nf nuuic Monday
nlKht, Jan. 27, piescnting for tho opening pliy
llal Iteid's beautiful Southern too in four acts,
"The Knobs o' Tpiuiesee," Willi tho popular
comedian, Man; L. Yi'ehli in bis original charac
ter, Centennial,
Specialties will be Introduced between tho acts
by tho great Koppe, the juggling comedian;
t'led Itusucll, ju illustrated songs, the billliaut
i Mid artUts, tho M'tcrs I.o II la nc, and Will
llt!iu.Uuer' elaborate moving picluivs, etc,
JIatlnte wit) bo given ditly, starting Tuesday
afternoon, rieals on sale at the box olHce 1'iiday
at P a, in.
"Miss New York, Jr."
The folio lug prc4 notice clipped fium the
Ih vnlng Telegram, cf Providence, It. I.) " 'Miss
New Vok, Jr. opened tlm week at the West
minster theatre Monday afternoon and evening
vvth irovvded bouses. Tho opi-iung suit is en
titled 'Sir Thomas' Deception.' It j Hie story
of he tdienturcs, of two American hoboes,
"The principal feature of the olio is the klucto
Hope pictures of the JerTries-Iluhlln right. The
movements of both of tho pugilist are remark
ably clear nd vividly depicted. HUi Allle Vi-
S iofir
Tbl signature is on every box of the genulnt
Laxative Rrnmnniilriiiie Tabuic
vlan, who opcm this portion of the programme
In a singing sketch, has a good voice Ahd made a
big lilt, Mills and lleccher have a Herman pro
fessor and his pupil act, which was well re
ceived. Cothlcy and Ilutke, two Irish comedians
In it comical robutf trlsti act, follow,
"Tho Connoly sIiIom, three blactc-pj ccl beau
tin from Chicago, present an artistic singing
an'l datulng specially, which Is cleanly rendered
and met with great favor nt jcslerday's per
fomiaticc. 1.111 Inn, a brisk-moving buck dancer,
nnd Bhorly, n dlmlnutht! comedian, best ap
pear, Idrry Crane, a clever Irl'li conjurer, closes
the olio with sonic tiartllng Illusions, The per
formance ends with a farce entitled "Loop the
Loop.' " This company appears at the Star for
three days, beginning with matinee this afternoon.
Oicar Haminerstcln will erect a theater In
Nst Goodwin says be has three new plas on
hand for next season.
Olga Kethersole has cnttrelv rrcovcied her
health and expects to appear at a Loudon 'thea
ter In the rprlng.
Clay M. Orcene and Ijvlng Uachcllrr arc col
laborating on a dramatization of "D'rl ami I,"
the latter' novel. '
Loult Mann nnd Clara Llpnian have shelved
"The lied Kloof" and are ones more plajlng "All
on Account of Elba."
Lole Puller, with heryflrc dance, In conjunc
tion with a Japanese troupe, U doing unusually
well In the German theaters.
tluy Ilstes Post Is to ,bo the leading man of
tho Itobcrt IMeon company plajlng ltlchard
Harding Davis' "Soldiers of l'ortune."
Charles l'rohman has nt last decided that Vir
ginia Marncd shall have the title role in "Iris,"
l'lncro's latest comedy-drama, next kcason.
Wall Street Rtwlexr.
"ew York, Jan, 22. The professional opera
tors in the market made an iinward turn of
Tilces ngaln today. The dullness of the market
and the congestion of the scanty dealings Into
a few stocks cleaily reflected the continued In
difference of the out6lde public to the securities
market ami the abstention of the gicat banking
interests which undo the great bull markets of
last j ear from any hand in the trading. Such
narrow price movement as there wipi, was pielly wiped out In the closing dealings, and
many stocks closed below last night. Metropoli
tan Street Hallway was the central figure mid
moved up late in tho day an cxticmc ;)?i on a
volume of dealings very unusual for that stock.
The gain on tho clay was 24. The dork of other
Xew York public utilities did not fully Fjmpa
Hiiro, and leaded sharply nt the last. Advances
of 5 points each In the Chicago and Xorlhwed
crn stocks nnd 37 in Lnckawunna were accom
panied by minors if a coming distribution of
scrip. Sugar and People's Clas gained nearly a
point at one time. This about exhausted the list
uf advances worthy of mention. The lain and
snow In tho winter wheat belt aid tho prom
ised benefit to the ciop were u-cd by the traders
as arguments for advancing railroad stocks. There
was recently some speculation In Hrlo shares based
ou the assumption that the dividend on the fii'ot
preferred was to he advanced to 4 per cent, but
the belief has been general for some weeks that
the late would not be changed, as proved to he
the case today, with little elTect on the stocks.
The market cloed dull and irregular. Total sales
today, S17,nou diaies.
The railroad bond maiket broadened out today,
bringing foiward many dormint mortgages into
activity. The dealings in some of these, notably
in the Itock bland Is and the ot (ienrgla
income bonds mid Comal Idated O'i wcio very
heavy. Theie wcie advances i.iuging fiom 1 to
2'4 in the Itock Islinds ti's and 4's, the Oiegnn
Short Line U'k, St. Louis and Sm !'i.inelro ti's,
New Jersey Central .Tr, Peoria .lint Lastciit In
comes. Central of tieorgia 1st, 2d and t'd incomes,
the Chicago and Pacific division O's of the St,
Paul and Texas and Pacific 1st. Total nlc, par
value, .J.,C20,n'). U. S. bonds wcie all unchained
ou the last call.
The following quotations are furnished The Tiih-
one by M. S. Jordan & Company,; 701 708
klesis building, Scranton, Pa. Telephone, SUUS:
Open- HIeJi- Low. Clos-
- Ing. i"it. (, in?.
Anieiican Sugar V'?1 32! 123 122Vi
Atchison ..., 73?i 7311 75',s 7SVi
Atclilion, l'r 0(1 ill?! m, IH'.i
Iliook. Tract lo Im' Wi IIS'JA HI
Halt. & Ohio -(O'.i 4'iVi 4(lVc 4(1',;
Chic. Ic tit. West, ...... 2.! .2.! 22-j 221$
St. Paul v.lH2vi IVH llltTn lOtij
Hock Island 151 l.ViH lii'i lJi',5
Kan. & Tew, l'r 5! 51 51 51
Louis. & Nash 10JV1 ltn?i V' lW.i
Man. r.lcvated 130?i lSVtt l'Wli
Met. Traction 1(13 171?s l(J73i 17014
ML-so. I'ncllie jofl'i Vm' 10ti& JOO'.J
Southern Pacific ifli.i .M'i 5Sii 'iVtt
Nri folic k Wat 6(1 fill 51 ii)
Krie It. I! Rnsj :;)7s fS7i :U
Ihic It. It.. Ut l'r 71 71 70 7016
X. V. feudal !(.!:. lrji.', KJ) W
X. ., O, Ic W : :t:i :uJ .V!V,
I'ciina. It. It -..Ua 14t)'i 118i H
I'acilie .Mail 47 47'i Id 4.",
Heading It. It MVt ."(!& m 5ii'S
Heading ll.v., Pr tS2 2 SKi SI14
.Siiuthein It. It. ........ :!2'.l :i2Js t'-i'X 2',i
South. It. 11., Pi 0.1 0! !r'3j Cihi
Trnn. Ceil A. Iron (i2V, 02U ii2',i t'2'i
1'. S. Leather 111J IlKj 11 H4
r. S. Leather, l'r 81 SI l stui
1'ulnn Pacific lOOTi 10114 lftlVi lOi)','-
t'nioii Pacific, Pr S3',i MU S!4 Hi
Wabash, l'r Hi 1 1-"! 41'4 41'4
Aunl. Copper (VJJ 70 f.i)t-, iflij
Peopled ias SWi 10.T); mil HKi-
Texas Pacific :wt tisu s ::t
Am. Car I'oundiy, Pi... Sti M'.i M M
1'. S. Steel Co 123A 42 U l.'-A I!"-
V. S. Steel, l'r lA 'ny nt"i mi
Scranton Hoard of Trade Eschnngo
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
Lackawanni Dairy Co.. Pr
County Savings llank & T, list Co..
First National Danl: (Carbondalc) ..
StamUml Drlllimr Co
I hliil National Ilauic
Dime Deposit and Discount Hank..
Kconrmy Light. II. 4: I'. Co
First National Hank
Laika, Trust & Safe Deposit Co....
Clark it Snover Co., l'r
Scranton Iron Venco ft Mfg. Co. ...
Scianton Axle Works
Scianton Savings Hank
Traders' National Hank
Scruntnn Unit & Nut Co
IVoplrt's .'.ink
New Mexico lly. & (5. Co
Scranton l'asseueer Hallway, first
Mortgage, due 1020
People's i-trcct Hallway, Hist mort
gage, due 1013
I'coplo's fctrect Hallway, General
nioilgage, due l'X'l
Dickson Manufacturing Co
Lacka, Township School J pe,- cent.
City of Scianton St. Imp. 0 per
Scranton Traction 0 per cent
Keonomy Light, Heat & I'owcr Co..
Hid. Askoc
27, ...
107',S ...
115 ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Collected by II. (1, Dale, 27 Lickawanna Ave.)
flour M.tO,
Ilium f'J.SU.
illutter I'icsli cieamciy, 2.'ic. ; June ticamc-iy,
23',!;c.; dairy citamery, 22c.
Lheeae ll'iaUV.
L'ggn Ncarbj, a2e. ; fancy stoiage, 31c.
l'ca.-1'er biulul, .).
I'otatocs I'cr mlicl. 85c,
Oiiloini I'ei biiihcl, tl.W,
fhlladolphin Grain nnd Produce,
I'lilladelplilj, Jan. 22, I'lrnii contract
glade, Juu,, Mabji&c. Corn 'ic lower; No, 2
Mixed, Jan,, ultfaiMic Oats Steady; Xo, 2
white dipped, tile. Iluttcr linn, good demand;
extra winter ci turnery, 21c; do, nearby prints,
27c. Hggs I'll m, 2c. higher; freili iieniby,
27c; do. wedein, 27c; do, kouthwelein, 27c;
do. southern, 23c. Cheese 1'irni; New Yoik
full creams, fancy small, 11! je. ; do, do, do,,
fair to choice, D',jallc Itiilncd tiiigura Un
changed. Cotton 1-ltic lower; middling up
lands, 8!c. Tallow Steady; city prima in
tierces, C?ic.; country do. do., bbls., U!lat!i'. ;
do, datk, fiftaCc.i cakw, fi?ic Live poulny
rirm, good cteiuaiid; towU, lOatlc; old lodcw,
7c; thickens, OjlOc; winter chickens, 2aliic;
clucks, 12al3c.j geese, 10al2c.j tuikevs, laillc.
Drcsrcd poultiy 1'iiiii, good deinand; fowU,
choice, lie; do, fair tu good, lOjtU'.jo. ; old
loosteis, Itf'.br-i ihUkcns, neat by, UVSv. ;
western do,, tMWIsc; turkeys, nearby choice to
fancy, IJalUc; we, tun dn., l'2ul:i!5(,; fair tu
good, fa lie; ducks, nearby, lOallc. ; western
do., lOal'ie. ; gei'e. Dalle,
Hecelpts Klour,2,K barrels und 070,000 pounds
In tacks; wheat, U-t.000 liiulieh; coin, ll.UXi;
oats, P1.O0O. Shlpnient Wheat, ll.ouu buslieUi
com, 2j,0uu; oaU, 10,000.
New York Grain and Produco Mailtet
New York, Jan. 22. flour Maiket was held
Calif, above buyeis views and i tiled quiet! win
ter straight, fcl.tWa3.75. Wheat spot ,teady
No. 2 red, 88c. f. o. b. afloat, and (XV, clevalui;
No. 1 northern Dulutli, ftlVic. f. o. b. afloat.
Options depressed in the day but closed rather
Hi lit ut ', net decline. March clocd UHv.;
May, 83c.i July, blfte. Com Spot itcadyj
No. 2, iWJc. elevator, ami V.k: f. u. b, utlojt.
Options weaker ut tliot, but tallied later und
closed toady at !is!ic. net loss. January closed
tSiici May, tUVic; July, oSiic. Oats-Spot.
UUict) No. 2 white, MaJ-Hic. ; No. a white, C3c;
truck mixed until n, 5UJli4cj track white, Hi
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Titan Pour Line), 3 Cents tar Each Extra Line.
For Rent.
HALF HOtJIlLl! house, K8 Harrison avenue, $19.
Alo half double hoiw, um line street, ?17.
t'oascloii now. Apply 050 llatilsou nvenue.
HODSi: NO. 0.12 forest court, lielvvccn Wyoming
avenue and Lrlo depot, llent, 12, Monroe
llroun, Hull's Head.
BT.Ml CAfH, with fixtures, for rent. Apply J.
O. Welch!, 3S0 Webster avenue.
l'OH HUNT Hotel Hest, 3H and Hid Cedar nve
nue, from April 1. Apply at Mjer Havlduw,
E07 loickawanna avenue,
foil HUNT My resilience, "21 franklin avenue,
12 rooms and first class In nil its appoint
ments; will make a favorable Icaee with n good
tenant. J, M, Kcmmrrcr,
l'OH HUNT Store, coiner littston avenue and
Illrcli street; ood location for grocery
tlore or hotel. Address, Corner l'ltlston avenue
and Illrcli street, v
Toil nnNT $18, one-half of double hou'e, In
upper Green JHdge; large janl. bath, hot
and cold water, range, clertrlo llshts. It. P.
Hamilton. Paul! building, Spruce street,
Wnnted To Hent.
LAKH Amur, COlTAni:, wanted to rent, Jun
to October, 1 months or .1 months, luinlshcd;
nothing fancy; just plain nnd comfeitablc, at
reasonable price. Addicts Cottage, Tribune.
WANT1ID TO HKNT Tluco or four furnished or
unfuinl'licd rooms for,Iiouekccplnif. Address
325 JcrTcrson avenue, city.
For Sale
roil SAT.IJ A good horse. Apply to Oeorgc
Ilrlegel, 111 Olive street.
BLACK MAlit: l'OH SALE; guaiantccd sound and
kind. V.. !., 42J Lackawanna ave.
fOH SAr.H l'accr'vvllh nuik ot 2.18; ill-" buggv.
light delivery wagoii and hatnes. Will t.cil
entile outfit for t.t30 i'ah, on account of leaving
city. Incpilre at J. W. Guernsey' .Music Store.
Jl'ST AltlllVi:i) with n of hor-ei; cood
woikeis and several tloicle matrhed tcims.
Weight from 1,100 to 1,500. Can be seen at ii.ll
ltajmond court, f. M. Cobb.
l'OH SALi: Slnvlngn, sawdust and klndlliu wood.
At Amley's Lumbei Yard, S'Jl Scranton S
l'OH SALI! Stock of the lnlelinllona'. Tct Hook
Company of Sir.irton (formerly the Colliery
Engineer Co.), Clias. II. Saudeison, 130 Wycminj
avenue, Scranton, Pa.
fOH SALU tilllAP-flievvood. iron rooflnj, tim
bers, boards, scantling, etc., fiom old cars;
nillnhle for all inupos-i. Jennliii!, Central
Mines switch, foot of lla-nptoii sliect, off Soucli
Main avenue.
fOH SALU Two light uprlnj,- wagons and some
harness, cheap. Hvans, rear 11J2 I.uzeine
TOn SALK Cheap; horse, xprincr wagon and
baincss, at No. 1S20 Cedar nvenue.
Furnished Rooms.
I'UKNISIinn ltOOMS for rent, modem Improve
ments; private famllj ; gentlemen ptetcircd,
at 537 Adams nvenue.
fOH HUNT Two comfortably furnished ioot.s
for gentlemen; modem impiovcnicnts; pri
vate family. 330 Washington avenra.
foil HI'.NI I'uinMied fiont rorm. with heat,
bath nnd gas; near com t home; gentleman
preferred. Addrew Hoom, Ho 2'W.
fOH HUNT I'liml'lied loom; heat and tilth.
025 Linden street.
and bath, gentlemen prclencd, at 530 Adams
av cnue.
Wanted Boom and Board.
liOAItl) AND HOO.MS WAXTKD Tluce or four
coiniecti'ig moms v.ith board for l. In a
nice location at moderate terms; home cuoklur.
Addiccs T., Tiihunu of die.
WANTI'D Hoom and boaicl In iefii..'il piivite
(amllj- for three ladies; nut to c.eid vl2 i.r
week. One Ircatcd within live mliiiite-s wall; tioin
city hall piefcticd. Addles, K. II, Tilbuuc Of
Ike. Booms and Bonrd.
TWO U."Ni:CTIN(i looms und bci'd for family
n( tl.iee; cential loiatlou. Addieos Hov. 15,
Tilhiuie utile e.
ROOMS TO HUNT, with lioarJ. nc'J Mulberry
Boarders Wanted.
I'HIVATU I'AMILY wisjies to have two lib e men
to bo.ud, (Iciman or I'ir.'lUIi. Call any lima
alter 'Ih'jiiiljj. All conveniences, b07 llauKon
MToney to Lo?.n.
straight loans or Ilullilln and Loan. At
from 4 10 II per cent. Call on N. V. Walker,
3U-J15 tonnell Lulldlng.
WASTED Kvcry family botheicd with roaches to
send us thcli addiess. We manufacture the
greatest Hnach, Moth and Poultiy Yertnln exter
minators of tlu aye llcais Powder Co., llox jM,
Keranton, l'a.
57'te. With other inaikets oats at first were oft
ii little and then partly recnveied;; tio.Ing quiet,
lliittei film; creamery, U'o2.iH.o.; factory, 1.1
iil5!:c; June crcimerj, 11a21c; Imitation
ireameiy, llalSiic ; state dally. Ha21c Chcc-e
I'lruii ktate full cream, large fall made, fancy,
lo',4uloc.; state lull cicaiu, small, fill'.
fancy, llViall'.ije.; late made, heat large, Utfr.;
do. do. do,, small, lOiinyie, l.'gg. linn; state
and I'enu-jlvanla, 30a3lc; westein, 30e, ; south
cm, 20c
Chicago drain and Produce Marhot.
Chicago, Jan. 22. tiialus cMtellcnced n ner
vous Jeiky Hade today folluwing thu lead of
'wheat ns It tlauudeiod about on eveiy bit uf
canty news available. At the clmc May wheat
was a shade higher and May coin and oats a
bile lovvvi. Provisions ciused TVaalOc. In 2
27!6'. lower. Cash iiiotatlons vveie as follows!
flour Haicly steady; No. ;i tpilng wheat, 72'.'
75!jc; No. 2 red, tU'iaSlc; Nu. 2 nats, 15 ia
iilOitc; No. J white. W'ial7!4c; No. 2 lye,
(r2!'j.iewJc ; fail 1u choice malting, OlaOlc; No.
1 Max feed, l.7; No. I iioilhwcsleiu, cJl.TUi;
prlnin timothy teed, iffl.35; inc.s poik, 5.10,251
1U.30; laid,; hhoit rib., S.2DaS.40;
dry malted shouldcis, 7,,a7,4c; shou clear tldcj,
Buffalo live Stock Market.
fast Hunalo, Jan. 22,-Cattlc Heceipts, light;
tteady for good (trades; veals, tops, J.23aS.75.
Hogs Heceipts, 2,000 head; hteady but weak
early und clewed Hie. lower; beavv, M.tntll.75;
mixed packets, l;0.5tall.0O; iyt, if3.ll'u5.7J;
roughs, 5.50a5,70; tag., flal,50.
Sheep and lambs lccclpt. H.OtiO liead; klnep,
Meady; inixcil, iflnLSOi wethers and callings,
Sl.oo.i.1; culls to good, 2al; lambs, lower; tops,
ii).10a(l.20; culls to good, JlaO.
Chicago Xive Stock Market.
Chicago, Jan. 22. Cattle Heceipts, 10.000;
steady to 5o, lower; good to prime, ssl.50a7.40;
poor to medium, iplad; tlockcr and fcedeis, b2.2i
ul.Ti cows, S2.25al.75; helfeis, J2.50a5; can
neis, JU2.25; liulls, 2.25al,"jj calves, 2.50a0;
fid bttcrs. .I.25jO.
Hogs Heceipts todiy, Cj.OOO; tomoiiow, 10,
000; left ovei, 12,000: kIow und 10 tu 15 tents
)uwcr; piived and bulchcis, jHIjU.W; good to
choice heavy, ?tf.20a0.l2!ij sough heavy, 3.00a
U.15; light. If.l.00a5.05; bulk of nalej, S.5,8.1a0.30.
tslieep Heceipts, 17,000; sheep and lambs,
steady; good tu choice wethers, vi.8Uu5.20; west
cm sheep, ll,25a5.15; lutlvc lambs, fed, iVI.JOjU:
westein lambs, f5.20a5..V '
East Iiiherty Live Stock Market,
L'ast Liberty, Jan. 2-'. Cattlo-Stcadv; choice,; prime, 5.65a0 good, if.V35a5.0i.
Hogs Sliady; fair to inline heavies, W.lOa
0.50; best mediums, JO.30aO.35; heavy soikcr.,
W 15a0.25; , light do., .VOaO.lO; pigs, ?1.70a
6.WJ rouglu, ?3a0. '
Oil Market.
Oil City, Jan. Si-rCtcdlt luUntw. 115; ccititl
cutw. no bid or oiler. Huns, si,bl5; avviagc
TI,W5. Shlpiuents, 10il,217i aviiagc, 02,130.
Want Advertisements Will Bo
Bccelved nt Any of tho Follow
ing Diug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City
ALDCHT RCIIULTZ, corner Mulberry
street and Webster avenue.
OUSTAV P1CIIEL, 050 Adams avenue.
West Side
' aUOIlUU W. JUNKLNS, 101 South Mala
South Scranton
fHUD L. TUHPPU, 720 Cedar avenue.
North Scranton
ai'.O. W. DAVIS, corner North Mslu
avenue and Maiket street.
Green Bldgo
CIIADLUS P, JONHS, 1357 Dickson
P. J. JOHNS, P20 Green Hldge street.
O. LOHUNZ, rorner Washington ave
nu3 and Marlon street.
W. II. KNUPFUL, 1017 Irving avenue.
J. a. doni; it sok.
Help Wanted Halo.
WANTKD Several reliable and energetic life
insurance olicilors to represent the "Old
Hclllblc" Mutual Dencflt Life Insurance Com
pany of Newark, N, J., In Scranton nnd nearby
low'rs. Apply nt once, COO Connell building.
WANTf.D A young man for stole. II. W. Hal
lctt, 422 Spruce ftreet.
WANTUD Young man to solicit orclcia and de
liver goods. Apply II, W. Hallctt, i21
Spruce street.
WANTUD-lly leading Philadelphia house, firtt
class .alcsmaii, to sell geneial lino ot paper
to tho retail tinde, .one who has an acquaintance
preferred: niut have best reference nnd be able
to furnish bond. Address P. O. llox 203. Phila
delphia. Help Wanted Female.
WANTKD A good, rcllililc girl to do geneial
housework, small family, no small children.
Apply at oire, OU Madison avenue. Mrs, L G.
guaiantccd. W. K. Deck & Son, J.lo .Jdann
WANTUD Girl for general housework at Dalton.
Addtess 11. T., care Tribune.
Agents Wanted.
by Geo. U. Graham. Atitngiapli introduction
and personal account of battle by
l'OH flltST TIMU, bv the only oo-witucs-os of
Hie fight. Sells f.istei than "Life of McKlnley."
l.ibrral voimnls-loiiH. I'ltUH OUTfIT HUADY.
Send seven 2-ceut flainps for postage. Hooks now
rcadv. Hewaie of ions. Can be had only
from' sole publlslicia. W. II. COSKUY COM
PANY, Chicago, HI.
WANTUD Ten men to cur. ass in New York
tute: i.pcnses advanced. Call at once on
f. N. Chall, 1-iekananr.a Valley House.
Situations Wanted.
SITL'ATION WANTUD lly girl to do house
work of i.uislng. Address 111 New stieat.
WANTUD lly a goud gill place tu do hoit-e-vvmk
In pilvate familv; onlj small fimily
pajlns good wages need icply. M. C, Tiilmnc
A POSITION" VMiutcil ly n Joiing nun tu woil;
nftcincnns or evenings, can assist in tten
ogtapl.y mid tvpewrltlng. Addiess, II. H. S., 1030
North Wa'hlngion avenue.
YOl'NG MAN if 20. with business education,
wants bookkeeping position or oflice wulit
rf nnv kind, live jcus' cperiencc as clerk: i-m
furnNh excellent references,. . Addie-s, l'o.ltion,
l.ov 10.1, ilcosie, Pa.
WANTUD Hy a yourg lady with good ediieatiun,
a po&Itieii ill an oftlee oi n. assistant book
Leepei ; hlgkefct ufcienee,. Addicts Ilu Hi I,
llawley, Pa.
WANTUD Petition as b.ukreper 111 flist-class
jalooii or flub house by paity who thoiughly
nuclei .liitids hi I hu,iiess, laigo i-perlcnii, ca
pable cf takln;,' lull cluugc; leference as In chn
aclci, etc; have been owner and uiiuigii for
liumbci jcais. Addle. IloM 20, Thbiiliu ollice.
WANTUD Small family washing done at homo
Mondiii. Mrs. I.'d Salniuu, 020 1)1 com t,
WAN'IUD A position, as bookkeeper by gentle
imn with frKtecii jears' espciicitce; bet of
icfrrenee.s. C. Tilbune utile e.
SITUATION WANTUD, by mauled man, pri
vate coachman: best city leterciire. Apply
A. Z., Trlbuno office.
SITUATION WANTKD Hy a woman to go out
, working or to take washing and iioniii;
home, or go out washing and iioulng. Address
015 Orchard stieet.
SlTt'ATION WSTP.II A .vouiiir woman with
clilld 3 yeais old: hoiwekeeplng pitfcueil;
best lefirences. Mr. llrovvn, Scianton pastoflUe.
SITUATION WANTUD As ilcrk or workman in
Jeucliy htoic; thirty je.ns' expeileme; gooil
rcfeicnces. Addiess A. C. I)., 22i Spilng tticet,
West Plttotou, Pa.
Business Opportunity,
A PAHTV iiiidcistaudliiR double entiy bookkeeii
inj can ketuio lor hlnisclt a line position in
a well established dividend pijlng conipmy by
Investing eK or even thousand dollars, Addiess
A. V. '.., Tiibuno oflhe.
S'i'Ot lAND WI1UAT THADUHS without delay,
Wllto for our speilat market letter. I reo on
application. S. M. Hlbbatd & Co., members N.
Y. Cctisolldatt-iTand Stock Sxchange, II and 16
Hioadivjy. .New York. Ustubllslied 1501. Long
Dlnancc' Phono 2JS3 llroad.
Real Estate.
l'OH SALU At ( laih' Summit; a place of ll-u
acies, house ami fain, goon nine; mcaii lor
cash. Imiulie of Mis, L. Lindsay, 1111 Norih
Main avenue, city.
FOH SALU One acie of land, improved with
nine-room house; plenty and vailctv of fruit;
good location in village ot 1'lectvllle. Mis. Olive
Pith, lTcetvllle, Pa.
investment Offering;
Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Comp
Issue $4500,000 Fixed Limit)
O P U It K T I O N . Tho Company oppulra about 110 miles of load, measuicd .is single track,
and M,rws in nil a population of about MO.00O. Also uvvn.) pcipetual frantldscw for llio genera
lien ami alc of electricity for tight, heat, und pawn, vvhtili fiaucbbes cover the entire city. The
clii is well occuidcd and cciuivii.v served by the Company.
E A II X 1 N P O W K It . foi the jear PJ01, the tuiiihts, utter all fixed barge, was nearly
H'nce times I lie I'leterud iliililcnil icipiircinpnls. The t'ompaiiy appiuprlatcd for ri'wive, an
amount ubncvl eO,ual to the dividend pajinent,
INVESTMENT V 1. 1' V. . The laige cah rqiillics, Junior to the Picfcriejd stuck, and
the income leeoid. ule pioof "I the exceptional iutiiiisic value of the investment, tpccUl circijlar
luiiilshvd upon lciuct,
MARKET. ThdKlock Is listed upon the New Yoik Slock l&change, ha ostabllslied mt
ket, and is iiou' in New Vuik Slate.
Spencer, Trask 8 Co. ,
Branch Oflice. ALBANY, N, Y.' ' S7 & SO Pine Streot, NEW YORK
3 Insertions 25 Cents
More Tim I'our, 6 Cents lor Uncli Blr U:ij,
Certified Public Accountant.
ntilldlng, and St. Paul Handing. New York.
phudkricic r,. nitowN. ahcil d ncAii
Ustste Uxchange Hldg., 120 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
Spruce street, Ecranton.
llooms 12, u, 10 and 18 Burr Building.
Tatcd on real estate security. Mcara Building,
corner Washington avenue and Spruce street.
and coiinscllora-at-Iaw. Hcpubllcan Building,
Washington avenue.
scllors-at-lavr. Commonwealth Building, Hoomi
19, 20 and 21.
003-COI. Oth floor, Mean building.
of Trade Building. Scranton, Pa.
Banic Hulldlne;
211JVyomlng avenue.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ington avenue. Residence, 1318 Mulberry.
Chronic diseaoo, lungs, heart, kidneys and
genllo-urinary orgaia a specialty. Hours, 1
to 4 p. m. ,
Hotels and Bestaurants.
nue. Hates teasonable.
P. ZIEOLIin, Proprietor.
senger depot. Conducted on tho European
plan. VICTOR KOCH, Propilctor.
ceis pools; no sdor; only improved pumps used.
A. U. Briggs, proprietor. Leave orders 1100
North Main avenue, or Eicke's drug store, cor
net Adams and Mulheiry. Both telephones.
ermen, store 201 Washington avenue: gieen
houses, 10.10 North Main avenue; store tele
phone, 782.
Wire Screens.
Scramou. Pa., manufacturer of Wire Screens.
also ladies waists. Louisa Shoemaker, 212
Adams avenue.
vclopes, paper bags, twine. Warehouse, 1.10
Washington avenue, Scranton" Pa.
in Scianton at the news stands of ltcisinan
Bros,, 40(1 fcprucc and 501 Linden: M. Norton,
322 Lackiwamu avenue; I. S. Scliutzcr, 211
Spiuce street.
THU ANNUAL MEETING of tho stockholders of
The Lackawanna Tiust and Safe Deposit Com
pany for the election of dncctors to servo for tho
cu-iilng jLar. will be held at the otllce of tho
company, 401 Lackawanna avenue, Scranton, Pa,,
on Monday, Pcbruary 3, 1002, between the hours
of thlce and four o'clock p. in,
1IENHY HKI.1N, JR., Secret a ly.
OITH'U OP tho Scranton Holt and Nut Co.,
Sciiiulou, Pa. The Annual Meeting uf tho
stoikholdeis of the Scinutou Bolt and Nut Com
paiy, for the election of dhictoiA for tho fil
ming jear, and for the Ion of Mich other
business as may properly be brought before it,
will be held ut the oflice of the Company, at
the Winks, on Thursday. January 23, at 2 o'clock
p. in. L. M. HOItl'ON, Secretary.
IN TIIH DlS'UtlCT COURT of the llnltcel State.)
lor the Middle elUtilct of Pcnnsilv.inia in
I he matter of J. I'lieislcin, Hankiiipt, No. US in
Tu the crcdit'irs of J. fuersteln, of Dilton,
in the county of Lackawanna ami dlstiict nfoie
aid a bankiupt: Notice is hereby given that un
the 21st day uf Januaiy, A. 1). 1002, the ttttd J.
fueistiln was duly adjudicated bankiupt; and
that the llrf meeting of their creditors will be
held at the cdflce of the ltcfeiee ill tho Guv crn.
meiit bulldirg, In the city of Scranton, Pa., en
the 1st day of fibruary A. D, 1!K)2, at 10 o'clock
in the foieuoon, nt which time thu slid creelltors
may alleinl, prove their claims, appoint n trustee,
eumluu the baukriiiit, and transact such other
business as may proiH-ily cumo befoiei Mid met
Ing. C. A. VX WORMEIt, Referee.
Scianlon, Pa.. l(e.
Pioof of tialni 50 cents.
SEALED PROPOSALS will be iccelvcel for fur
nishing and electing complete, iiM lineal feet
of iicm fence on New York licet side of Licki
wanna county piison, pi Ice ti be per lineal foot
erected und piinted ceuuplete, Hyle of fence ici
he same as that aheady in fiont of said prison,
lliils to be addressed to undersigned and in hands
on or before Pcbruary 1, 1002. All bills must bo
iicconipunicel by certified check for 10 per cent,
in evidence of good faith. Tho light to reject
any or all bhls Is reserved. H, A. JONES,
County Controller,
Scranton, l Jan. 15, 1002.
l, F, Megargel. Hoy Chester Megargcl.