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Steel Ware 8
Ib a wore that every
house keeper who wnntH
n really good article
uliotild have. The body of
"Strnnsky" la of heavy
spun steel! on this four
heavy coats of enamel
each liurnt on separately.
"Stransky" Is pure and
clean It'll acid proof It
wont chip off. It Is sold
Foote & Shear Co.
J J9 N. Washing-ton Ave
W? Are Specialists
In tlio line of Infants' near, ml miny dainties which you can
not find elacvvhcre. Our gooJa
are just a llltlo more dlstltictivo
than others. Wo will answer jour
questions and tend catalogue. But,
belter still, como and see lis.
510 Spruce f-.rcet.
ackawanna l
308-310 Perm Ave, A. B. Wurman, a
Mrs. Frederic "W. Fleilz gave a card
party yesterday at her home on Madi
son avenue, which, aside from being
exceptionally enjoyable, had a num
jcr of unique features. The favors
were very hand.some and were won by
Mrs. J. L. Wonts:, Mrs. William Mat
Miows, Miss Eloise Gllrnore, and Mrs.
Henry Sheldon.
The guests were: Mrs. P.. W. Arcli
buld, Mrs. K. L. Fuller, Mrs. F. H.
Jermyn, Mrs. "William Matthews, Mrs.
It. .T. Foster, Mrs. J. L. Wentz, Mrs.
E. G. Coursen, Mrs. A. II. Christy,
Mrs. Walter Matthews, Mrs. W. A.
Coleman, Mrs. W. A. Avery, Mrs. T.
It. Brooks, Mrs. Stanley Allen, Mrs. II.
C. IJarker, Mrs. W. A. Coleman, Mrs.
G. A. Dounce, Mrs. G. Dale, Mrs. E. II.
Davis, Mrs. E. W. Gearhart, Mrs.
Wlllard Matthews, Mrs. M-. W. Lowry,
Mrs. Frank Okell, Mis. George nice,
Mis. T. F. Penman, Mrs. B. H. Frutt,
Mrs. Runyon, Mrs. H. G. Dale, Mrs.
Ten Broeck, Mrs. T. G. Wolf, Mrs. H.
B. Ware, Mrs. Marshall Zehnder, Mrs.
William Drinker, Mrs. Foote, Mrs. F.
D. McGowan, Mrs. John Sherer, Mrs.
A. N. Walker, Miss Sherer, the Misses
Gllrnore, the Misses Gereeke, Miss Alice
Barker, the Misses I.avei ty, Miss How
ell, Miss Buggies.
Mi-s lllanche Kcimedv. of 'Ihompson stie-cr,
i-prtit Sunday with Miss Sliocinaki-r, of i:lm-
I'liinU 11. 31c Run .in, who fell a foilnlght ago
and sulTcied a t-uIous (undue o( the liip, Is fclovv
Jy leonvcilng .it Ills l.cine on Wheeler avenue.
Death of Mis. Bridget Clark at the
Age of Almost One Hundred
Mrs. Bridget Clink died yesterday at
iho home of her daughter, Mrs. Mary
Flynn, 331 Jefferson avenue, aged be
tween 03 and 9S years.
She hail been In bed for two yeuis
but her hearing and vision were good
up to the dnte of her death.
Mrs. Clark was born In Ireland and
came to this counliy half a century
ago, bettllng in Scranton.
Children surviving her are Mrs.
Mary Flynn, of this city; Mis. E. IT.
Timlin, of Butfalo; Michael and Wil
liam C'Uuke, ot this city.
Meeting of the Workeis Band of Y.
Iff. 0. A. Held Last Night.
The tlxtli annual reunion of the
Workers' band of the Young Men's
Christian association was conducted
Itiht night In tho association rooms and
bi ought out an attendance of over ojie
hundred active and energetic young
Secretary George G, Muhy presided
md n brief muslcul programme was
curried, out. AVI1I Stanton rendered a
cornet t-olo, while vocal numbers wore
given by Pi of. McMurry, William
Johnson and the Association male
choir, Following this there was a
brief period allotted to the heurlilg of
perfconal experiences from u number ol
members s to the wot It accomplished
during the last year.
The Workers' bund Is composed of
tlioso members of tho association who
volunteeer to do personal work among
their friends, and to bring by th'tlr
own personal efforts as muny Into tho
fold of Christ aa possible, ,
The Hoard of .Wciatcd Lharltl of St-wntou
will piect tUU evening at 8 o'clock in tlio pot
muter' loom, poilofuce building.
After the regular lltriary ncrcUcs cf Ilia Cath
olic )lltorkol Society and J"cwuiau JlagJiliio
club tliU evcrdoff, there will be a meeting ol the
JBtcra and ggvcrucsscs
Coronet's Jury bo Decided in the
Skilisltirx Case.
Tho coroner's Jury In the case of
Stephen Sklllsklu, who was killed on
Saturday by the collapse of a floor In
one of tho buildings connected with
Anslcy'B lumber yard, after hearing the
testimony of several vltn6sscs Irtut
night, brought In a verdict to the ef
fect that his dentil was purely acci
dental, and that no one could be held
responsible for It.
Coronor J. F. Sultry conducted tho
Inquest In tho rotirt house, and several
of the workmen employed about the
yards testified as to how the accident
occurred, James Stevens, who erected
the building In which the accident oc
curred and who hnB made nti examina
tion of the premises since, stated that
a beam, calculated to sustain four times
tho. weight which was upon It nt tho
time of the Occident, had collapsed.
He stated that he himself had seen
twlco as much lumber piled up In tlio
room an was In It on Saturday, and the
only explanation ho could offer as to
the cause of the accident was that
there was a flaw some place. City
Solicitor. G. M. Watson represented the
Interests of Mrs. M, C. Anslcy nt tho
Inquest. .
Ho Will Be Chairman of Republican
City Committee.
At it conference between Hon. James
Molr, the chairman of last Wednes
day's Republican city convention, nnd
Evan It. Mortis, the candidate for city
controller, held yesterdny, C. E. Chit
tendon was selected as the chairman of
the city committee.
The members of the committee wilt
be selected before the close ot this week.
Executive Committeeman Barrett's
Version of the Sunday Night
. The executive committee of the
fetieet car Btrlkerb, through M. J.
Barrett, last night furnished the fol
lowing statement to Tho Tribune, con
cerning the meeting of Sunday night:
"No motion was mode to return to
work, and consequently, no motion of
that kind could have been declared out
of order. The motion that was de
clared out of order was one for the
appointment of a committee ot twenty
to deal with General Manager Sllllman.
The motion was declared out of order
because there Is already a committee
appointed, and that committee has
given the company its ultimatum.
"There was no 'danger of disrup
tion' other than that the expulsion of
five members was discussed and re
ferred to n committee. We feel Justi
fied in this action, because one of the
five men had previously acted on a
self-constituted committee that went
to see General Manager Sllllman and
was condemned for it by our interna
tional president.
"Our' position today is stronger than
it ever was and wo feel that no think
ing man will say we are asking any
thing unreasonable."
The committee to which the case of
the five members was referred will, It
is expected, make a leport at the
meeting to be held this morning. Much
Interest attaches to the outcome of
the committee's recommendation and
the action of the division,
WILL ASK $10,000.
Recotder Connell to Request Council
to Appropriate That Amount
for Handling of Smallpox.
Recorder W. Xi. Connell stated yes
terduy afternoon that he will send a
brief message to common council on
Thursday night requesting that an
emergency fund of $10,000 be appro
priated for the bureau of health the
same to be expended by the superin
tendent of the bureau in case of the
further spread of smallpox. He will
tequest also that the ordinance appro
priating this .amount bo passed as
quickly ns possible.
Theio weie no new developments In
the situation yesterday, no new cases
of the disease having been repotted
to the bureau of health to the contin
ued surprise of tho authorities. The
Parry girl, who Is 111 with the disease
In the Meur's building In West Scran
ton, is reported to be in a very dan
geious condition and fears for her re
covery are expressed.
Work on the emergency hospital on
the West Mountain Is being pushed
with all possible speed and everything
will, be In readiness for uhc by to
morrow. The fact that no new cases
have been reported Is not at all deterr
ing the authorities from taking every
The vaccination epidemic Is still
spreading and nearly every other per
son on the street wears a doleful ex
pulsion and says things when any
body touches his or her nrm. The pris
oners at the county Jail have alt been
vaccinated during tho past few days.
To the South via New Jeisey Central.
The Now Jersev Central rallioad is
tho only line offeilpg Pullman service
to winter tesorts in tlio South and the
cimriesion exiiwsmuii, vwm uiu one
chunge of cais.
Lowest rates and quickest time. Pull
man reservations secured and baggage
checked through. Inquire of J. s.
Swisher, district piiHBenger agent, i02
West l.aokawaunu avenue, Scranton,
A young nam who can Justruot on the
violin, and can play first vloljn In a
good orchestra, to exchange these ser
vices for educational advantages. Cor
net player also wonted on slmllur
termB. Address, Muslo Dopt.,
State Normal School,
Uloomsburg, Pa.
Card of Thanks.
Mr, 1,'inules Kurtz and family, of lis
New York stieet, desire to thank nil
Who In uny way rendpjed assistance In
their late bereavement.,
Chmles Kurtz apd Family,
The ladles of the Fenn Avepue Bap
tist church wll serve a chicken supper
In the church parlors Thursday even
In, Jan, S3, beginning at 5.30 p. m. "
Marriage Licenses.
Joecpli SUwinsLy ,,,,,, ,., ,..Suji;ton
Mary Gutikja , , Seraniou TUonus Caibondalo
Male Puffy ,..,,Caibotida,lo
Christopher II. Luthge , ..,,., Sorant on
Jennie May Price , fc'crauton
Officers Were Elect
ed and the Yearly
Reports of the Of
ficers Were Read.
Vice-President A. W".
Dickson Had No
Opposition for the
Presidency . -
At the annual meeting of the Scran
ton Board of Trade held yesterday tho
following officers were elected: Presi
dent, A. W. Dickson; vice-president,
John T. Porter: secretary, D. B. Ather
tonj treasurer, Joseph Levy; trustee
for three 'years, Hon. William Connell.
Reports of the retiring president, J. A.
Lansing and Secretary D. B. Athcrloii
were read.
The meeting was called to order nt
noon by President Lansing who soon
after relinquished the chair to Vice
President A. W, Dickson ns he hod to
leave the city on the 12.45 train. W. II.
Taylor, of tho special committee, ap
pointed to consider ithe matter of the
city councils granting franchises to
street railway companies without ade-.
quate compensation presented the fol
lowing report which was adopted with
out discussion.
Jin. taylob's nnroii i
The Scranton Hoard of Trade, J. A. I.Jii-Ini;,
President, Scranton, l'a.
Pear Sit: On Ben, 10, 1"01. the boaid of
dado adopted tho following resolutions:
"Resorted, That it is tho sentc of Ihis lioaid
of tradu that the ordinance now pending in coun
cils gTantlnjr a, francht-c for new stieet uihvay
should not pan in ita ireent fonn.
"Keoled, That tliU hoard Is npruMrd to Riant
ing (ranchi-M In perpetuity.
"Retolvcd, That Ihlt boanl N opposed to Bruit
ing valuable frandil'M without some adiquato
"Ilesobcd, That a committee lie appointed to
bring our protct before council"."
Acting under the same tho undeulgneil com
mittee, in conjunction with members of the city
common council who nko were opposed to the
pas-sago o the franchises as they lead at tint
time, met in confeienco the prouiolm; of tho
proposed new street railway njstcni nnd the re
Flit of those conferences: was the teeming of ei
tain modifications of the ordinances as they tXoail
on Pec. 13, 1001, which modifications arc indi
cated in nccompinjing copy of oidlinnce. Pile of
Common Council, No. f,l, as amended Pec. 2,
1901. You will notice that among other things
secured was the recognition of tho psinciplo ot
the right tint the city should be paid a Uk on
the gioss receipts of the company, nnd while
jour committee and the inemheis of council who
bo ably agisted them In this matter did not Mi
cure all that v.n desired, yet It was the best we
could obtain.
We hae also (retired other important ino'lilica
tions, including tho following:
First The fleeing of the city fiom liability
arising fiout any of the following causes:
(a) I'rom all diinages and wt of every natuie
arising from the grading of any street or itieets
or paits of Btrtet or stioels which might be occu
pied by the proposed street railway.
(I) Failure to keep protected with phnlts all
tracks wheio T Lilts are u-ed.
(c) Kteiy accident tlnough any weakne-s in
any bridge which lias been subjected to any ad
ditional strain from occupation or use by pro
posed fatrect ralluajs.
Second. The changing of width of narrowc-t
street on which double tuck could be laid from
twcnty-fio feet to thittv-thrce feet.
Third An agreement to lun all ears on their
trunk lines at least five minutes headway.
1'outth An agreement to pae and repae on
all bridges used by proposed htiect rallw.ijs.
Fifth An obligation on tho pait of the Wet
I'.nd Street Railway company, the Xoith Kntl
Street Hallway company and the South Side
Street Hallway company to enlei' into an agiec
ment with each other and the city to giie and
accept transfer, one from the otlici. no that a
passenger could be cairicd from the starting
point on any one road to the end of the line on
any of the other ptopo-cd roads, for olie fare of
five cents.
Pcipctuity of l'ianchic3 On this phase of the
subject there was very little dUciiSsion, It being
early developed that the promoteis did not feel
that they could well flnince the road if the tcim
of the fisiiclilao ms limited, and the subsequent
meetings were taken up with the discussion of
the other modifications and befoio Doc, 2H, 1001,
no further full dlscii&don of the matter was hail.
This icport is respectfully submitted and the
discharge of joitt committee requested.
' William II. Tajlor,
I'.benezer A'illlain,
.1. IlcnJ. Dliumlck,
Stiuiilun, Pa,, Jan, 20, 1002.
The Scranton Board of Trade, ,1, A. Lansing,
President, (scranton, li.
Pear Mr: As n supplementary lepott to that
of the above named committee, thu undersigned
begs to report that hclieilisg It to be within the
fcopa of tho tplrit of the icsolutlons under which
that commit tru was acting and believing that the
time was opportune for audi action, lie person
ally aw the oilkers of the Reunion Traction
tonipany and secured frem llicm a volnntaty otter
nf taxation on its gro.s teceiptt tu he paid to the
city as follow:
Jjnuaiy l, 10W.
Sir, W. II. '('avlor, 3.12 JI.ulion avenue, Scranton,
Dear Sir: As a ic.ult of tlio recent coiifuicnccs
held tvltlt.vou, the .Scullion Hallway company clo
thes to t'spuvs Its ircogtiltton of the giowth
duilng the past .vcar throughout this coiiimuii!i.v,
as well as el-cnlicte throughout the country, of
To allow the difference be
tween the fiueat Flour that
cau be made and the average
brauds. We will sell Coiir
sen's Gem Flour, Monday,
Tuesday aud Wednesday,
(one sack only) at $r.oo, our
regular price is less than
dealers ask for inferior grades,
N, B: Always heat flour
before mixing.
E. Q. Coursen
HiigiX IBS
New President of tlio Iloird of Tiadc.
a trong public fentlinent In favor of the public coipoiiitlons boning it luge proportion
of the' municipal taxation. As explained to oii,
there have been icaons In the part, which also
apply to the prpsent and the near future, which
have made and (till make it impossible for the
Scranton Hallway company to Increase its burden
of taxation until the ie.ioiis rcfened to arc no
longer in force.
We fully apprcchle, however, tint the stiong
public tentlmrnt rofctrcd to must he recognized
and met by our company to as gieat an extent
and as soon as the milling power of our company
will enable it to do so. The condition? which
have surrounded our company during the past,
prefent conditions and the prospects of the fu
ture, were clearly explained to jou, and any
sources of Information within our reach ale of
fered to jou for xerincatlon of tho fctatcnients
which wu have made to jou, as to whnt this com
piny has done in the past, Is still doing, and
pioposes to do for tho city of Hcianton, and also
as to tho methods by which we hive nnived nt
the amount of taxation which the estimated fu
ture earning power of the company will enabli
It to pay to the city.
Wo now desire to make voliuitully, tliiough
jou, to the municipal authorities ot the city of
Scranton, the following pioposltlon:
First That the bcianton Hallway company will
agiee to pay to the city the following percentages
per annum upon tho gross earnings of all ni Its
lines operated within the city limits, beginning
with the .voir 1001:
1001 1 per cent.
U'Oj V,i per cent.
ltHW per cent.
1D07 2' per cent.
1003 3 per cent.
1000 .1 pei cent.
1010 , 3 per cent.
1011 Rtj ptr cent.
1012 3ti per cent.
10K! 3',-i per cent.
10 U 1 per tent.
1013 por cent.
1010 4 per cent.
101" and thcie.ifter B percent.
Second That tho above peiccntages on our
gross earning are to be in lieu of all taxation
or licenses of any l.iud bj the municipality upon
the property or earnings uf the lOinpanv, or oth
er.-, he.
Thltd Tint the oidtnauces alieady passed by
tho city million! lo-, creating a tax of 5 per cent,
upon the earnings of this company, shall be i.
rclndcil. Fourth That ordinances shall be passed cov
eting fixation in accotdance with the above
proposition, in such fonn as shall be agieed
upon between the city solicitor and the counsel
of this company.
In conclusion, we desiie ito ay that we have
done our utmost in this matter, to consider this
question in the right siiiiit of falrnc-s aud jus
tice, apd have gone as far ns we could, con
scientiously, to meet jour views, the extieme
limit of r per cent, being reached In the above
rising scale of taxation, notwithstanding the fact
that an far as our knowledge1 goes, tliete is not
a city under 20',U00 population, and vciy few
of any ;ie in the United States, where any such
rites of taxitlon aie imposed.
Vciy trill; yours,
Sctanloii Hallway Compiny,
lly f. Jf. Cla:k. President.
This olfer has been submitted to the city aud
an mdliiaiicc covering the same was intioduccd
in common council Jan. 0. 1002.
Vciy truly joins,
William If. Tailor.
The repot t of Piesldent Lansing: was
then read by Secretary Atherton. It
wan as follows:
It Is the custom of the letiiing picsideut to
make tonic ic'tciicc to the woik of the boaul
dining his administration. Mine xvill be brief
and only icfer to the existing conditions, as tho
annual lepott of jour seciotuy gives full detailed
infoiniation ns to the pcclftii woik of this or
ganization. One of the questions which jou will and ou-ht
to ask is: What h.i3 ilia liuird done during iho
pa-t jeir what has 't contiibiited to the de
velopment of jndustrlil intcirsls and the pios
prrit) of our city? Jlcasuied by nppaient ic
suits, 1 ln.ij- say that little has been accom
plished. New manufactories have not been
added to our niimhcw, Some plants iu cniiise
of erection have been Mulshed and put into oper
ation duiing the jcar. Of llio-e alieady located
here, iniuj- have largely Inc leased tlulr capacity
and output, I.aboi has been continuously em
ployed (a.s far as It would permit itFclf to be).
A large volume of business has been liaiu.nit'J.
Hank deposits, dealings ami postal ticelpts nil
show a large increase. In building, we have held
our own.
There has never been tv jear in the history ot
our board when tlieie were as many manufac
turing plants that have appealed U us for infoi
niation looking tow.inl tho locating' of their
plautsTu our citj, Ac have never had so many
cheap and satisfactory sites that wu could of
fer. 'Iho vailous committees mid indlvlihi'il
membets of the boaul, aided by our secretarj",
have been earnest, cneigetle and lojal, aud hue
Used every cftort to bring woithy and pins-neious
manufacturers here. Alas, all rftotls Iu this ill lec
tion have come to nought. When all other dlin
ciillics have been oven nine, we have stranded
upon this tock: "Wo Hud that time is Midi a
feeling of among Iho mechanics and la
bours of Scuiilon. and vicinity that we won't
come," So all ot our advantages have louutcd
for nothing. In tliU icpect, we liavo not only
stood still,' but some of our huge institutions
have seiiomly considered tho advlsibillty of mow
ing In whole or in part their plants ftotii our
This condition of attalis Ins been tinhairiss
Ing both to the pctmauciit pioperlly of our In
duAlrlea and tho fiituto welfuu of this city.
It is not my pliiposc to enter Into a discus
sion on tlio value or placo of Iho professional
labor agitator, ) will ay, lion ever, that for the
past two jeais, he has been a hoodoo and
miUaiiio iu Scranton. Our cniplojcs are, iu the
main, lionet, fair ami honorable citizen. wish
Iu urge upon both tint there ran he no pen
malient pio;-pully uncs all pull together for a
common good. Without the Incentive for the
fullest development of Individual piuoualltj, men
cannot lUe finui humble walks o llfo Into p.-sl-tlous
of wealth and influence, lively nun of
wealth who occupies an Influential position, as
well as cvt'iy latgc manufacturer Iu our city, has
uisnl himself from humble clicumstaures by
thrill, Industry and bclf-dcnlal, ami 1 have je(
tu ment a succestful man in Sciautoit who docs
not desire, Hist of all, to tec all men enjoy equal
success. No man commands gieatcr honor iu our
community tluu the honest, Industrious man with
a dinner lull, who, If ho doc4 not achieve
wealth and honor for h'ni.ilf, will see his chil
dren occupjlng the highest positions iu piofes
stoiul, political and commercial life, I trust Iho
day Is not far distant when the man who works
only with the Jaw, will llud no place in tliU
I desire to thank joa all for the honor of jour
confidence, and the ccrdlal support jou have
given me duiing tho past two jeais. I wish par
dentally to thank jou for again honoring me
with a unanimous nomination for u third term
and sssutc jou that I have lit vets felt so stiong
' ' i ' ' ' ' -
.Continued, on Page 8.
Dan S. ToZood Will Meet Prof. M.
J. Dwyer nt Bicycle Club.
The wrestllnrr imUcli, between I), H.
McLeod nnd Prof. At, J, Dwyer, which
Is lo he nulled oft tonight nt the Benin
ton Bicycle :lulj, In cieitllnif Widespread
Intoteet nnd promises to lie one of tile
bent coiiIgfIs ot Its hind ever seen In
HiIh city.
Mcleod nrrrlved In HiIh city Innt
illicit In the pink of condition, nnd mild
he would welnh In nt 1C5 pouiulx. Up
Is conslderpd to he ono of the hept
inlddlcwclKht wrestlern In the country,
nnd recently nliiycd for nn hour nnd n
half with blfir Tom Jenkins, who clalinn
lo ln tho chnmplou ot the'j'nlted Htutcn.
Tho match Ih for it purso of $200 put
up by tho club nnd a side bet ot $100
each. AIcLcod mtrccn lo throw Dwyer
twlco In ono hour, uatch-nn-catch-cun,
or lose tho match. Admlsnlou In not
limited to club members and tho rjen
crnl public will bo received.
Heats to accommodate -100 persons
liavo been erected In amphitheatre
utjie In tho ballroom. The men will go
on the mat nt 9.30 o'clock sharp.
Ho Addressed Methodist Clergymen
on Municipal Government in the
Elm Park Church.
llbcortler "W. L. Connell, In the
course of un Informal talk on municipal
government delivered yesterday morn
ing, before the Methodist Ministers'
association, In tho Elm Park church,
took up the Aluehlbronncr or "rlppor"
bill, and declared it to be ono of tho"
most admirable measures ever framed
and passed by a stnto legislature for
tho government municipality.
Tlio most ndmlrablo feature of Hie
bill, he said, Is that It centralizes re
sponsibility and gives the executive of
ficers greater scope, so that If any
thing goes wrong or If an Injustice be
done, the citizen can placo his hand
on tho man responsible. There Is no
possibility of responsibility being di
vided now, he said.
The recotder took occasion to com
pliment the clergymen present upon
tho fact that Methodist ministers de
vote their entire time and attention to
the spiritual side of their work and
very seldom meddle In affairs outside
of their province.
It Is unwise and un-American, he
said, for any citizen to prejudge an ad
ministration before it has got fairly
started and before the executive head
has all the reins of government In his
grasp. As an Instance of this point,
he referred to the letter sent by Dr.
Pnrkhurst to Mayor Seth Low, of Now
York city, In which tho latter was
threatened with dire things If he failed
to strictly enforce the excise law. It
was 'unfair, he said, to take It for
granted that Mayor Low Intended to
wink his eye at violations of the law
before ho had an opportunity to set the
great wheels of tho administration in
thorough working order.
The clergymen present at the meet
ing woie as follows: Itevs. C. H.
Ilenvj-. J. N. Bailey, H. C. McDermott,
H. A. Greene, G. C. Lyman, F. P. Doty,
Gustav Bobllin, II. C. Nowing, S. C.
Simpklns, C. M. Glfiln, M. D. Fuller,
G. A. Cure, A. GrliTln, J. Madison. D.
P. Bentlej. B. M. Pascoe, F. Gendall,
and K. B. Singer.
William Bair Accused by George
Chamberlain, a Motormnn, Held
Under $300 Bail.
William Bair, foreman of the Lack
awanna Telephone company's con
struction gang, was hold under $309
ball yesterday afternoon by Magis
trate Howe on a charge of assault and
battery preferred by Stephen Dyer, of
the Scranton Hallway company, acting
in behalf of George Chamberlain, a
motorman employed by the company.
A hearing in the case was conducted
In the municipal building In tho after
noon. The story told by Chambeilaln vvus
to the effect that on Thursday morn
lug lust while his car was stopped on
South Main avenue near Bock street
he noticed his conductor and the driv
er of a brewery wagon In a light. He
went over to them and attempted to
separate them and while doing so was
btruck from behind on the head by
some person. He couldn't Identify Dall
as the man who had struck him.
S. B. McKeevey anil James Anthony,
comprising the crow of another car
which was nearby at the time of the
incident, swore positively that Bair
struck Chamberlain on tho head with
out provocation. Chamberlain, ho said,
had not Btruck tho driver of the biew
ery wagon but was simply trying to
take his whip out of his hands.
Attorney John V. Scragg, who rep
resented the defendant, sought to get
the witnesses to ndmlt that Chamber
lain and lils conductor were striking
the brewety wagon dilvor with black
Jacks nnd that Bair only interfered be
cause ho couldn't stand by and see two
men pounding one, but they stucl: to
their stories and persisted in saying
that Chamberlain was merely trying to
take the whip away fiom the drivor,
Attorney Scragg offeied to prove by
fifteen witnesses that the stoiies lold
by .the street cur men woio absolutely
false and that Bair meiely Interfered
tor humanity's sake. Magistrate Hovvo
stated that It was not necessary to
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hear tho defense nnd held Bair under
$300 ball which was furnished.
Theic wiisiimtch unfair criticism of
the innBlstriitc's nctlon ntler the hear
ing, It being contended that he should
have heard tho defense. In explaining
bis action ho stilted that even if llf
teen or twenty witnesses had sworn
directly contrary to the three street
car meil he would still have been
obliged to hotel Bair under ball because
of this very fact. When there Is n di
rect contradiction of sworn testimony,
ho said, tho magistrate's only choice Is
to send tho cane lo cottit ami let u Jury
puss on tho evidence. Ills action In
refusing to hoar tho defense was mere
ly to save time.
Fatal Results Attend a Bito from n
Bog, Sustained by Qeorge Dunn,
of Bcmlham.
George, the 12-year-old son ot Mr.
and Mrs.' At. W. Dunn, of Ilendhum,
died yesterdny ns the result of an at
tack ot hydrophobia, The boy was bit
ten by a dog five weeks ago, tho ani
mal's teeth penetrating tho lad's upper
lip nnd nostrils. Tho wounds were thor
oughly cauterized at tho time, and he
appeared to bo improving rapidly,
Last Frhlny night, however, young
Dunn became violent, nnd continued so
during Saturday, when he frothed tit
the mouth, snarled at his attendants,
barking nnd biting at thein, and crawl
ing on his hands and knees, drank
water from a pall.
Kvorythlng possible wns done to al
lay his sufferings, but the end wus In
evitable, and he died In agony yester
day. Tho distressing circumstances at
tending the boy's death has excited the
utmost sympathy In the little town.
Under tlili headlnr short letters of interest
will lie published when accompanied, for publica
tion, by the writer's name. Tlio Tribune does not
uiume responsibility for opinions here eipressed.
The Cost of Vaccination.
Editor of The Tilbune.
Sir: Under the hendlne; "Ksoibltanl Clniges,"
In'n Times the following accu
sation against the plijlcl,ins ot bcranton: "It
is neither fair nor honorable to lake advantag.'
ot public cultemcnt or nn epidemic to squeeze
the people."
JIr. I.'ditor, I vvi-Ii to emphatically deny the
charge physician mo now- or ever have
been utility of taking advantage of public excite
ment to squeeze the people. On tho other hand,
we have been nude tlio butt of ridicule by the
business world for ntteinptln; to in.iliit.iiii our
piofessional dignity by rcfulnlnfr fiom commer
cialism. '
I defy the Times lo show tint the physicians
arc cluigiiiff for vaccination .my inoic tli-n they
duly tlMige for other professional duties lcquii
In? i's much careful attention and lhk us does
I ague with the Time.i when it sa.v that "the
ph.vsleian in with us at our blith, through our
sickness nnd .it our dath, .md vve ate prone not
to mvc hint the credit for hi- countless ruil
flccv, of lieultli, pleasuie, coiiifoili of home, lcis
uie, and many things that go to make lift pleas
ant. A Is practically a tlavo and
ought to bo well paid for his labor.
1 maint ilu further that iu cvciy epldemlo ot
mull-pox or jcllnvv fever, tlio- pbsiri..ins have
liecn the Bicitost Hifleirrs. They Invc liken
then livess In their hinds and, fiepaiutiug tliem
prltes fiom their families' and dear ones hive
continued at their pot of duly, livishly using
their own scanty for the comfotts ot
others; vvoiking fur ollin.s without thought of
remuneration until they weakened by ccposide
or oveiwoik and surcuinhed to the fatal milady,
or until Mich a time .is theii cervices wetc no
longer required.
Docs this look us if Ihe pli.vslcians are neither
"fair no honotablc," and that tlicy "take ad
vantage of public eeitcmciit or an epidemic to
squcci! tho people"?
Moieover, instead of following the spirit uf
coimneicialiiiii Iu attempting to increase- their
business, the- j.iofctaion has alivavrf been
the piactieal phllantlnopiit. Ti it is due all the
advances which have been nndc, not only to cuio
ilii-casc, but to pievent it. 'J lie central thought
of the profession today Is Fanltation or liovv to
preseive the health of the people.
I will illustralo this by citing the bcnellls do
lived from vaccinal ion. for which we aie ac
cused of making exorbitant charges'. In a pi.u
tire of inedlc'lnc, published ill tho jeir 17"..
befflic vaccination was known, the author slates
that email-pot was the most common ot all dis
eases, only four or live poisons out of 100 atc-up-Ing.
Out of this number, seven would die ut the
Xovv, thanks to the piofesslon for vaccination,
the number of cases is only a small fraction of
ono per cent, l'or this, the Times najs It voices
public opinion in declatiiig we aie dunging too
much for vaccinating ,m applicant.
We do not believe that bitch in' the publ'c
opinion. Wc know, fiom past rpciieiiies, Hi it
the ph,vs!ci!inH of .Seiaiilou have nlwa.Vi, been
willing and glad to adiiiiuUler to the wauls of
tho needy and if tlieie aio any pei.sons in lbs
city ton poor lo pay for vacciimtioii, theie Is no
phy.,, who, if they will apply, will nui In
willing In vaccinate thcui free of chaige. 'il.o
honest public is willing to pay for what it le
ceives. It well knows that the pi.ictlcc of medi
cine is tho least rciminciatiic of all vocations
iccpiiriug an equal pieparatiou, ability aud skill.
Wc again agree with tho Times when it says that
tho l.uge tiuijoilty of people would picfer to pay
a icasoiuble fee to their icgvilar phjslciau to
going tu a public station to get fico Inoculation.
Aeiy liuly,
L. S. nw, M, X).
Sir.iiitou, .Ian, 211.
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