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hen you buy a
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JC neighbor!) win bear witness
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The Foundation of Fortune
The h.ililt ot Milne foimod in eaily
life, is the Ion of many it fottune.
Thrifty people pttronizc the savings bank
and prosper. The department ot savings
Is n feature with this haul;. It
lias many Luge deposit". It has many
small deposits and all draw the same rate
of Interest.
The Bible Training class of the Penn
Avenue Baptist church held a party at
A. J. Kellennan's home on Penn ave
nue, Monday evening. A very pleasant
time was had by everyone present.
Vho guests were: Misses Ida 13. Kapp,
Augusta Swink, Myrtle Swingle, Eliza
beth Jones, Esther Jones, Miss Perry,
Ida Swurtz, Flossie SwarU, Isabella
Lewis, Lenoro, Batsel, Lavina. Tonilin
son, Miss Kennedy, .Martha Moore, Lil
lian Moore, Anna Jones, Elizabeth Min
zenberg, Maud Orifilth, Ettlth Keller
man, Mrs. A. J. Kellerman: Messrs.
James Wills, John "Wills. Frank AVllls,
K. J. Snyder, J. I.aBar, II, D. Place, jr.,
John Hughes, Will Hughes, Will Voltz,
Henry Voltz, Lewis Bates, D. Safford,
II. Madden. II. Becker, V. P. Long, A.
J. Kellerman. A. Meugar, G. Erh, Har
ry Murphy. Uofreshments were served.
Willard Atherton, of Taylor, and Miss
Margaret A. Whiteford, also of Taylor,
were united in marriage at 11 a. m.
yesterday, by lev. L. It. Foster, ot
Green Itldge. The young people are
both front old and well known families.
The sroom is of the firm of Atherton
Bros., of Taylor. AVilllani Whiteford, n,
brother of the bride, was best man,
and Miss Mary Whiteford, a sister, was
bridesmaid. Tito young couple left on
the "11,51 u. in. Delaware and Hudson
train for Philadelphia, Washington and
the south. On their return they will
llvo in their newly built and hand
somely furnished home on South Main
street, Taylor.
Monday evening a number of the
young peoplo from North Scranton en
joyed a sleigh ride to Jerinyn, where
they attended a party given in their
honor at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. F.
L. Depew on Fifth street. The ride up
was enjoyed by all and after a bount
eous ropasl, which was served shortly
after their arrival, various games were
played and the evening spent in the
usual party diversions. At a late hour
tho merry sleigh riders started. on their
homeward journey.
Miss Sarah Henry, of Warren street,
last evening entertained a number of
her friends at her home. Those pres
ent were: Tho Ml?ses Kiah Davis,
Allot- Lewis, Carrie Kvans, Muuio
Jones, Kdlth Ulchurds, Jennie Jenkins,
Iluttio Lloyd, Mary Thomas, and David
(lames, Hossnr Price, Daniel Davis,
1 tutus Richards, Frank Canvardlno,
Ivor Danvers, Evan Thomas and Wil
liam Reese.
An enjoyable surprise party was ten
dered Mlsa Margaret Kramer, of South
s'lnth street, recently, at tho homo ot
ner parents. The young folks In at
;endaueo had a jolly time.
Announcement has been made ot tho
approaching marrlago of Peter Snyder,
of lumpton street, and Miss Jordan, of
Lincoln Heights.
William Snow, of Lafayette street,
entertained the Bachelors' Camping
club ut his home last evening,
The engagement of Lewis Jones and
May Samuels, of Archbald street, has
been announced.
Jim. J. J. Iluir, ot Caibuiidjlc, vUllcd Scran
tun friend uu Monday.
JlM. John llvans, of M'wlMly, It, I., Is vWltluj
Inr iclatlvcs In West Scriuiou,
Judge John P. KelJy (toei to Muutioeo tpday to
preside in the Su.imcli imia eourK
Jllw Lena IMtut, of rho.tmit Mint, i spend
in? a few days with Will:c-Uano friends.
I!, 11, fiilfllth, ot .Mlcnlown, lus lotumcd
thtie from a visit with his family In (luj city,
John 31. fSannan, iq., cs-clialmun ot (ho
Democratic fctale lomnilltec, was In the city
yesterday. Ho lett for llauhluier laler in tlio
Mis (Una Sharer, of Wllkw-Uarie, who has
been the Ruosfcf Mr. and 3lis, William Clevc,
laud, of North Slain ateuu?, ictuiiicd home yes
teiday. II. C. Omvm, of .New Vorit, (tciivral ciafciM.
nirtiit of the Buffalo ami Susquehanna rallioad,
culled on Delaware, LacUvuuha auj Wctcru of.
IcItU la UiU city yesterday.
I 5
T, 0. Melvln and Thomas J, Roche
At the Eighth ward Democratic 'au
ctis held 111 the St. Citation last nighty
tho following ticket was nominated:
Select council, T, ( Melvln ! common
council, Thomas J, HoVho! conslitblo,
John Tlernej'! asgossor Thomas P. Gil
gallou, First district Jduge of election, John
Loftus; reslslor, John T. Kennedy! In
spector, Edward laorman.
Second district Judge of election, P.
8. Coyne; reglater, Frank C. DeLong;
Inspector, John Miller.
All the nominations were made unan
imously. A strong speech commenda
tory of Air. Mclvln's work for tho
Eighth ward during his four years'
service In the upper branch ot tho city
legislature was made by John T. Ken
nedy In placing him In nomination. A
seconding speech In a Hlmlhlr vein was
made by Druggist John J. Loftus.
There was u very large attendance tit
tho caucus, many of the most promin
ent citizens ot the ward being present.
Martin P. Flyniu proprietor of tho
Lackawanna Volley house, was chnlr
mnn, and Frank C. DeLong, secretary.
Interesting Embezzlement Case from
Blair County Argued In tho Su
perior Court.
In the superior court yesterday, ar
guments were hoard on the appeal of
James II, McCullough, of Altoona, for
mer delinquent tax collector of Blair
county from tho verdict adjudging him
guilty of embezzling $10,000 of the coun
ty taxes.
McCullough, It appears, lost heavily
in the panic of 1893 and sought to tide
over the difficulties by advancing mon
ey to himself from the taxes lie col
lected for the county, covering up his
borrowings by keeping a year behind
In his duplicate. He was re-elected col
lector from term to term and by this
practice of "robbing Peter to pay
Paul," managed lo avoid detection un
til January 7, 1001, when his defalca
tion was discovered and he wan arrest
ed at theinstnnee of one of Ills bonds
men. Juno IS, 1901, he was Indicted and
shortly afterwards convicted. From
this conviction he appealed.
Ills attorney, A. V. Dlvely, argued
to the court yesterday that the actual
embezzlement having occurred In 1804,
tho statute of limitations Intervened to
bar a prosecution. That np embezzle
ment could be charged for the statu
tory period of two years preceding his
arrest was shown, the defense argued,
by the fact that the county accounts
credited McCullough for that period
with $101,000 and charged him with only
H. C. Crolllns and C. O. Teinpleton,
representing tho commonwealth, ar
gued that while tho actual embezzle
ment took place in ISiM, McCullough
carried the crime down to tho moment
of his arrest, by appropriating county
funds each year to make up the short
age of the year before, or la other
words, that by appropriating money
belonging to tho county for the coun
ty to pay a debt lie owed the county,
he was guilty of a misappropriation
amounting to embezzlement.
Seven appeals from tho Luzerno
common pleas were also argued, among
them one with a local flavor. This lat
ter was the appeal of Miss Faith A.
Bullard, a Luzerne attorney rrom the
judgment in her tresspass case against
the Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern Railroad company.
Last summer while traveling front
her l)6mo in Kingston to iter summer
home in Xew Milford she lost a satchel
at the Lackawanna station In this city.
She claimed $15, the value of the
whole contents. The company refused
to pay for anything 'more than tho
wearing apparel, and when the ease
went to trial the company's claim thnt
it was liable for only $13 was sustained.
Miss Bullard then appealed.
J. O. Crovellng and Miss Bullard,
herself, appeared for tho appeal, but
she did not participate in the argu
ment, much to the disappointment of
the onlookers. Arthur HiUinan argued
for the company. Tho other cases ar
gued were:
O. 1 Wesley airaiint W. II, Sh.upo, appellant.
Thomas I l'airell for the appellant; John M.
Carman and H. L. Keddcr for the appellee.
W. b. ll.icdcr ne-aiiu-t C. K. llutler, appclljnt,
M. J. Jlulhall for tho appellee; Kdmund tl. Unt
il.!' and A. It. Iluuubgc for ihe appellant,
Mary Wright et al,, against the Township of
I.ehrnjn, appellant, John if, Oaiiuau for the ap
pellee; G. .1. (Jlarl; for the appellant.
Harry ,'. Wagner, appellant, agaimt Catherine
Hoffman, et al. .lo.scpli II. Jones for the appel
lant; I'. P. J.aughran mid Ahner Smith for the
Joseph Mcnov1;y against JIary Meriovol.y, et
al., appellants. Ahram Salsherir for the appel
lee; John II. Williams ami John Meuovky for
the appellants.
(J. I,. Ilaldwln, cM'ciitor, appellant, against
Ilw l'cmisj lvanl.i rjre In.uiancu company. John
McCahrtu for Hie appellant; II. A. taller for tho
Only three mora cases from Luzerno
remain to bo r.rgued. The Lackawanna
list will bo called toda
A child of Frank Maninha, who is.
a ueiguuor or tue vnrga tnmlly, at
Olyphant, died yesterday from what
appears to lo arsenic poisoning.
Two children of John Bechech, an
other neighbor, lie at the point of
death, apparently from poisoning.
All Olyphant Is puzzled over tho
cases of tho thveo small chlldron ot
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vnrga, who died
there Inst week from arsenic poison
and tho mystery was deepened yester
day, when it was learned that another
child had died and that two more uro
seriously ill as the result of apparently
similar poisoning.
An Inquest In tho cases of Mary. An
nie and Peter Vargn, aged 7, 1 and 2
years, respectively, was conducted last
plglit by Coroner J. F. Snltry In Proko
povitz'H hall, Olyphant, but was almost
barren of results. Drs. Van. Sickle and
Crans testified as to tho symptoms of
tho three children, explaining that they
had found them In an unconscious con
dition and that the external evidences
wero of arsenic poisoning. ,
Tho report of Chemist Barber, of (his
city, who examined tho contents of the
stomach of Mary Vurga, the oldest
child, was read. This report showed
that urpenlc In a sufficient tiuuntlty to
cause death hud been found In the or
gan. Both the father and mother wero put
on the stand and subjected to ait ex
amination by Coroner Sultry through
un Interpreter. They both professed to
Ho Htul Sixty-tlneo Votes ns
Against Seventeen Cast for D. W.
Vaughnu, Who Hns Been 111 in
Bed Sluco tho Day Following That
on Which Ho Announced His Cnn
didncy Controller Esdras. Howell
Did Not Allow His Name to Go
Beforo Cohvontion.
1'. AV, Costello was yesterday nomi
nated lot city controller by tho Demo
cratic city convention. He received
slxty-threo votes against seventeen
cast for D. W. Vaughun. Tho present
controller, Ksdras Howell, did not al-
Democratic! Candidate for City Controller.
low his name to go before the conven
tion. He declined, after the conven
tion to give his reasons for dropping
out of the fight at tho last minute.
Since the close of tho primaries Sat
urday, It lias been the general im
pression that Costello would be 'nomi
nated. He Is now serving the last year
of his second term as county auditor
and last fall was a candidate for coun
ty controller. He was defeated by E.
A. Jones, the Republican candidate, by
a majority of eleven. Costello carried
tills city by a largo majority.
It was very unlike the average
Democratic convention, was the body
that met yesterday in the grand jury
room, on the third lloor of the court
house. The crowd was small and the
delegates were listless and spiritless.
They did not look fit for u light, if
there had been something to fight
At 2.20, City Chairman C. II. Schadt
said the convention would begin its
work and the secretary, Attorney John
J. Murphy, road 'the call of the con
vention and the list of election dis
tricts of the city. As lie performed tho
latter duty, the delegates handed in
their credentials. The roll of, the con
vention prepared, nominations for
permanent chairman were called for,
and C. H. Schadt and Attorney D. J.
Reedy weto nominated. The latter de
clined the position, suggesting that
Mr. Schadt's services for the party
made him deserving of all the honors
that could be showered upon him. Ho
moved tho election of Mr. Schadt by
acclamation, and this was done.
Two secretaries were called for, but
Attorney John J. Murphy was the only
ono who could be Induced to accept,
and the convention contented itself
with one. The chairman then ap
pointed the following committees:
Cuntcxtcd Scats J. J. l'.tdderi, 31. J. C'.iililen,
1'. J. lloiun, John Klden, I'. P. Mob In.
ltesolutlons I). J. needy, J. II. o'M.illoy,
Thomas .Mvlliigh, Joseph Conrad and .1. !'.
There were a number of contests and
as chuinnnn Schadt turned the pap
ers over to the committee he said
"Give them all a vote and turn In your
report soon." They did and gave dele
gates and contestants a vote and the
convention approved of tho committee's
Attorney Reedy read the report ot
the committee on resolutions which
was as follows:
Tho Democratic pirly of the elly of Sciautun.
in convention ii'Seuililed, renews Iti allegiance
to the pilnciples of the Democratic paity ns
We condemn tho "ilppei" legMitloii as oh.
noxious and contiar.y to the law, and in
tlte the attention of our pcoplu to tin: dissenting
opinions of three justices of the Supicme eouit,
who vigorously condemn the Fame, and tuither
invito attention lo the fact that a majority of
the couit declared in favor ot the
ity ot the act only by gieat pscssino liom the
governor of tlil.i commonwealth.
We plechro the candid ite of this convention to
peitoiiirilii! duties of the ofilce fcnlcosly, faith
fully and honestly and ask the HipporL of all
voters to the cud thai a check may bo had upon
extravagant expenditure of the people',, money.
hnvo no knowledge as to how tho chil
dren could hjivo taken tho poison, They
snld that tho children had eaten tho
same food as themselves and Unit there
wits no poison of any kind about tho
In the course of his examination tho
coroner asked the father if ho hud any
Insurance on tho children's lives and
ho denied that ho hud, Tho jury brought
In a verdict to tho etrtct that the three
children had come to thelr'ileath as
tho result of arsenic poisoning, but did
not fix tho responsibility for their
deaths upon anyone In particular.
A nursing child of Frank Marusha, a
neighbor of tho Varga family, died yes
terdny after having displayed symp.
toms similar (u thoso revealed by tho
Varga children. Tho two small chil
dren oB another neighbor, John Bechech.
are at tho point of death from appar
ently tho bante cause and aru being
attended by Dr. Kelly.
Coroner Saltry stated last night that
ho could offer no explanation as to
how the children wero poisoned.
"I can't even suggest a, theory," said
he. "The case Is ono of the most puz
zling 1 ever heard of. I shall have a
conference with County Detective Phil
lips tomorrow, because I behove that It
Is u case which he should carefully in
vestlsute." The coroner has not been olllcltilly
notified or the death of the Marusha
child uud will make no Investigation of
tho caso until ho Is,
Whllo tho convention was walling
for the reports of tho committees, Sec
retary Murphy called tho attention of
the delegates to the necessity of mak
ing nominations for poor board. He
said that four and three years ago
elections Were held and the moiv elcct
cded have olnco been fighting In the
courU for the offices, Tho court ot this
county, ho snld, has declared that the
oillco of poor director Is elective
and not appointive, ns Is tho
present custom, nnd that tho Su
preme court of the statu has en
dorsed this view. Notwithstanding
this Ihe appointing goes on regularly
nnd the appointed board continues to
conduct the n flairs ot tho district nnd
tho men who were elected nro stilt on
the outside.
Ho called tho attention ot tho dele
gates to tho fact that the Scranton
poor board Is th6 only body In tho
country holding oillco by appointment
that has the right to levy taxes. That
l against tho spirit of our Institutions
which Is that taxation must bo by of
Ilcers elected directly by the people.
On his motion It was decided to hold
caucuses In the six sub-dlstrlcts of tho
poor district lying within tho bound
enunciated by Jelfcis'nn and us followed sltiie.
Wu point with pride In the administration of
Democrdtio officials of tills city nnd county, and
invito tho attention of tho rltlreiu ot this city
tu the economy practiced as compared with the
itilhleca extravagance ot tho llcpubllcam.
We condemn the action ut tho recent legislature
in' depriving the citizen, of this city qf their In
herent and Inviolable right tu select those of.
llecM who ale to lonlrol tho affairs of the city,
and cull upon all voters, linspectlro of paity,
lo expie&s by their ballots their condemnation
of such revolutionary methods. Tho citizens of
the illy of Scranton hhould be peimltlcd tu se
lect, without Inlcrfeii'iice from HarrLsburg, those
who nic to conduct the nilniliiUiration of its nf
fairs, and lo expend our taxes,
arles of the city and have tho nomina
tion!; made at theso caucuses for tho
oillco of poor directors subnilttell to
the city committee which was empow
ered to have the names placed on tho
official ballot. The dates for these cau
cuscsLhavo not yet been fixed but they
must be held beforo Jan. 21.
Nominations for controller were
called for by Chairman Schadt and J.
F. Hammcs was recognized and nom
inated 1'. W. Costello in a speech that
had In It something reminiscent ot
nearly all tho many nominating
speeches heard In tho court house. Ho
praised Mr. Costello's Democracy, his
artistic temperament, his skill with the
pen, his popularity with the voters and
assured his hearers that if Mr. Cos
tello was nominated and elected tho
books of the city controller's office
"will bo a monument for future genera
tions." Just what Mr. llamntes meant
by that was not apparent but the dele
gates knew ills intentions were good
and they applauded John Frederick
until he blushed.
Attorney Thomas F. Hundley placed
the name of D. W. Vuughau before the
convention and in doing so spoke elo
quently of his services for the city in
councils and also his years of work
for the Democratic party. He referred
to the unkind fate that struck Mr.
Vnughan down on the day after he an
nounced his candidacy and which has
since confined him to his bed.
George Monnghfui and J. J. Coleman
were appointed tellers and when tho
delegates were polled it was found that
Costello had (!3 votes and Vaughan 17.
On motion of Mr. Hundley the nomina
tion of Mr. Costello was made, unani
llon.ud 1'oihc was ypslciday appointed by coutt
iiiinoilly inspector for the Second distiiet ot the
l'ouitocnth waul.
I'. 1'. ptcpoM's lu inn as an independent
candidate tor aldciiuau in Hie Twelfth ward. He
claims the Democratic les wcie unfairly
conducted. .
Prof. H. D. Buck's Sunday School
Class Dined Last Night in Elm
Park Church Parlors.
The annual banquet uf the Sunday
school class of Prof. II. D. Buck, of the
Elm Park church, was conducted last
night In the church parlors and a most
delightful night was enjoyed by the
slxt- odd j-oung peoplo who gathered
around the festive board.
Prior to the banquet' the annual
meeting was held and tlte following
officers were elected: President,
Benjamin Satterflcld: third vice-president,
Mrs. II. T. Thomas; fourth
vice-president, Miss Dorothy Fischer;
secretary, Benjamin Evans and treas
urer, Miss Carrie Fischer.
After the banquet, which was taste
fully served, a brief list of toasts were
responded to, Attorney Lewis B. Cutter
acting as toastmaster. Prof. Buck
himself spoke on "Our Class," and
pleaded for tlte earnest and hearty sup
port of all present In his efforts to
build up tho class nnd increase its
membership. John II. Kemp, the re
tiring president, spoke for "The Out
going Administration," and Miss Helen
Decker had something to say of "Tho
Bachelor Girls." Miss Rose Rlehl read
a clover class poem and II. T. Madden
also spoke. Tho new president, George
E. Hook, Unbilled the toast list with a
brief resume of the policies of "Tho
Incoming Administration."
Those present at the banquet wero
as follows:
Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Thomas, Mrs,
Florence Jennings, Mrs, Ethel Pease,
Mrs. F. W. Hornbnker, Jennie Kauf
man, Miss Edith M. Black, Miss Edith
Bovuns, Miss Leanoro M. Edwards,
Miss Fischer, Miss Burrltt, Miss Al
lethii M. La Bane, Miss Harriet Pal
mer, Alius. Isabella S. Okell, Miss Mario
Godfrey, Miss Anna M. Siebort, MlS3
Lillian Morris. Miss Besslo Thomas,
Miss Lillian Storm, Mlrs Hello Osborne,
Miss Mlnnlo 12. Champion, Miss Cnrrio
E. Fischer, Miss Mario Paulman, Miss
Abbie Erk, Miss Bernlco Conger, Miss
Lillian Hogeu, Mies Eva Heckinan,
Miss Minnie Dented, Miss Lillian
Carlyou, Miss Belle Harpor.Miss Madge
Holmes, Miss Hnttlo A. Alberty and
Miss Elizabeth Ammerman,
Prof. II. D. Buck, Lewis H. Carter.
George E. Hunk. R. D. Richards, Ben
jamin Evans, Harry T. Madden, Floyd
Brutzinnn. Arthur Leach, AV. H. Suua,
Will W. Davles, E. L, Warner, J. A,
Curtis, D, H. Stone. ,. A. Decker, Wil
liam Loyeland, Fred Lyfoid, E. II,
Weeks, E. Herrmann, A. R, Whit
more, H. C. Hubleiv R. II. Hough, and
Benjamin Satterlleld.
Tho committee 'having last night's
affair In charge consisted pf Lewis B.
Carter, Miss Dorathy Fischer, Miss
Roso Rlehl and Miss Minnie E. Cham
pion. Dr. Lindabury
Will bo In his office, 210 Connell build
ing dally from 11 to 4 and 7 to 8.30 p.
in., to accoinmodato any who desire to
bo vaccinated. Fresb vnnlnn virus la
received from the laboratory dally.
President Itoedy Calls for the Sub
stitution of Practical Methods In
Lino with Advanced Ideas for
Those Obtaining at Present in
Dealing with This Problem In
Scranton Conditions Encountered
by Physicians in Their rrnctlco
Aro Coming to Cause Alarm.
At last night's annual meeting of the
Lackawanna County Medical Kocloty
tho report of the retiring president, Dr.
Walter M. lteedy, gravely deplored tho
methods pursued hero by tho authori
ties lu dealing with tho social evil, and
called for the substitution of a prac
tical policy In lino with advanced ideas.
This, tho doctor said, was demnnded
by conditions at which tho practition
ers of Scranton aro coming to feel an
The medical society, ho said, should
make It a primal duty to advise with
the municipal authorities on this sub
ject. It Is a problem that Is almost
coeval with the race and since Its first
appearance aa a menace to well or
dered society, the brightest minds of
tho ages have striven for a solution,
but In vain. All recommendations ever
offered for a total suppression of the
Vice have proven futile. Tt Is with us
and Is hero to stay. Us curses aro
many, but tho part that should con
cern the doctors Is the trail of disease
that follows In Its wake. Something
must bo done lo abate the spiead In
this community of the resultant physi
cal disorders. Were tho punishment
restricted to the evil-doers there would
not bo much call for sympathy. But
It Is Innocent ones who come to suffer
the most.
Let tlte clergymen treat the moral as
pect of tho situation as tliey will, refus
ing all compromise, but failure only
can be their portion. As to the medi
cal men thev must bo practical. It
is their duty to think of the physical
side. We aro fully convinced that a
higher standard of morality among
men, the inculcation of religion by
trained teachers Is of course valuable
In tiro battle, but, unfortunatelj-, it can
not bo wholly effective, for the evil
doers in many cases are beyond tho
pale of such Influence.
Acknowledging as we must that all
means have failed, thus far, to eradi
cate the evil, we uro obliged to make
the best of the condition that exists.
If it can not bo eradicated let it bo con
trolled. Legitimatize prostitution, con
fine the prostitutes to certain localities,
subject them to close surveillance by
the police authorities, and assign phj-sl-cians
of repute regularly engaged by
the city to enforce quarantine regula
tions. Tho reception which the paper re
ceived at tho hands of tho assembled
physicians attested that they too held
these opinions.
The establishment of a bacteriologi
cal laboratory by the city; the regular
medical examination of school chil
dren were among: other recommenda
tions of Dr. Rcedy'a report.
Tito election of officers resulted as
follows: President. Dr. A. J. Council;
first vice president, Dr. W. A. Paine;
second vice president, Dr. F. J. Bishop;
secretary, Dr. Lucius C. Kennedy;
treasurer, Dr. L. M. Gates; censor, Dr.
It. II. Gibbons; librarian, Dr. H. D.
Forty-five Days' Tour via Pennsyl
vania Railroad.
The Pennsylvania Railroad personally-conducted
tour to Mexico and Cali
fornia which leaves Now York and
Philadelphia on Feb. 11 by special Pull
man train, covers a liirgajand Intensely
interesting portion of North America,
embracing a great part of Mexico, the
beautiful coast resorts of California,
and on tho return Journey from Cali
fornia, the Grand Canon of Arizona,
ono of tho great wonders of the coun
try. Fourteen days will be spent in
Mexico and nineteen in California. The
Mexico and California special, to bo
used over tho entire trip, will bo com
posed of the highest grade Pullman
parlor smoking, dining, drawing-room
sleeping, compartment, and observation
cars, heated bjf steam and lighted by
electrlclt'. Round-trip rate, covering
all necessary expenses during tho entire
trip, $J7n from nil points on tho Penn
sylvania railroad system east of Pitts
burg, and $J70 from Pittsburg, For
tho tour of Mexico only tho rato will bo
$350, and for California only, which will
leave Feb. 25, $373. For itinerary and
full Information, apply to ticket agents,
or address George W, Boyd, assistant
general passenger agent, Broad Street
station, Philadelphia,
To the South via Now Jersey Central.
Tho Now Jersey 'Central railroad Is
tho only lino offering Pullman service
lo winter resorts In tho South nnd tho
Charleston exposition, with but one
cluingo of cars.
Lowest rates and quickest time. Pull
man reservations secured and baggage
checked through. Inqulro of J. H.
Swisher, district passenger agent, 602
West Lackawanna avenue, Scranton. w
for This Week
Ceres Asparagus .,.,,.,, 25c
Mammoth Asparagus .,.,,,,,, 28c
Carraolo Asparagus gDo
3 1-2-lb Cans.
Coursen's Midget Limns. ,,,,,. 15c
Cnlutnot Limns ,.,,,,,, 5c
Beach Leaf Peas. ,.,,.,.,,,,,, 15c
Sifted Swoot Peas ,,,,,,,. ISo
Envly Juno Peas 10c
Fancy Green or Wax Beans,,,, 12c
Piue York State Corn. 10c
Pine Maipe Corn 10c
Per Pound.
Goldon Bio Coffee. ,,,,,,,.,.,, 10c
Plantation Java ,,,,,,,, 25c
Irish Mackerel, 3 for. ....... , ,25c
E. G. Coursen
B-ev. V. H. Luhons Will Spcnk in
First Presbyterian Church.
Tho Rev. -V. H. I.ukenn will give a
talk on Alaska, lu tho First Presby
terian church, this evening, lu place
of tho usual Wednesday evening ser
vice. It will bo tinder tho auspices ot
tho Women's HoniO'Mlsslonary society
of tlio First church,
Mr. Ltikcns Is anxious to raise enough
money to build a little ohurch lu Alns
ktt, where It In very iimicIi needed, ami
In this work ho has the full nympittliy
of thii board or homo missions. The
lecture will bo Illustrated with store
optlcon views taken during Mr, I.ukeim'
visit lo Alaska last summer,
Michael Budttclc Struck by a Dela
ware and Hudson Train.
Michael BUiluck, living In Jcssup, Wits
struck by a south-bound Delaware and
Hudson train while walking tho tracks
near his homo last nlsht about 10.30
o'clock, and received Injuries from
which ho died utmost Instantly. Both
his legs wore cut off.
Coroner Saltry has been notified and
will make an Investigation toda3'.
Hubsrt Albright, Arrested for In
toxication, Passed Away in Cen
tre Street Police Station.
When Sergeant Edwards, of the Cen
tre street police station, tried to arouse
tho occupant of cell No. i early yester
day morning, preparatory to transfer
ring him to the central station, he
found that he had a dead man on ills
Tho dead man was Hubert Albright,
an upholsterer residing at 013 Dlx
court, who hud been picked up bj Pa
trolman McMulIen on Lackawanna ave
nue, late Monday night, in a helpless
stale of Intoxication. Ho fell asleep Im
mediately upon being placed In tho cell
and was heard snoring an hour before
he was found dead.
Tito body was removed by order of
Coroner Saltry to Cuslck's undertaking
establishment, where an Uiutopsy was
performed In the afternoon. The cor
oner said after tho autopsy that Al
bright's death was duo to heart failure
superinduced by alcoholism. He em
panneled a jury comprising John Cole
man, James Reill, Fred J. AVidmayer,
Charles Teeter, John AYnlsh and Titos.
Cleary. An Inquest will be conducted
tonight In the Centre street station.
Albright was 3S years old and Is sur
vived by a wife and one child. Tho
funeral will be held from the home on
Dlx court, tomorrow afternoon and in
terment will bo made In the German
Lutheran cemetery on North AA'nshlng
ton avenue.
The animal congregational meeting of ilia
Green ltldgu Baptist church was held last even
ing and tlio showing was exceedingly gratifying
to Hit ineinbent of this church and congiegatiou.
The report of the tieasuici, J. II. Chamberlain,
showed a. good condition of Hie flninciat ailalrs
of the church, tho debt having Tjpcu quite ma
terially ledmcd dining tho year. Tlio report of
tlio pastor, tev. V. J. l'onl, gave the present
incinbctship us Ihuo hunched and twenty-seven,
forty-souii having been teccived into the chuHi
during tho p.ial year. After the reports of tlu
different boards had been ic.ul and accepted,
Thomas Johns and A. 1'. Cullender, deacons,
whose tcims of oldca had cxpiicd, wero lo
elected. J. 31. Homer wa.- elected tniilee mid I'.
S. Cluuibeilaiii was elected to the '1(1100 of tuns
mcr fo!" the lenth consecutive tenn.
i:. S. Palmer, uf Wajne avenue and Putnam
street, and Mi.-.. Amanda Phonic r, of tlio South
Side, weto atre-led and brought before Alduman
llalley Monday by Officer Itoheit Wilson, charged
with selling liipior without u liccn-c. ll-ith par
ties wore lined ii, and costs.
A Trip to California or Florida.
Thoso contemplating such a trip need
but to call on the local ticket agent of
tho Lackawanna railroad and ho will
arrange every detail, including trans
portation, berths, reservations and
chocking of baggage through to desti
nation; also will furnish rates, folders,
descriptive literature and any other in
formation desired on .the pubject.
Through sleepers and day coaches to
Chicago. Only ono change of cars to
California. '
n t f"
mm eiici
S B 0 m
Good, warm, soft, fluffy i
all-wool Blankets were
sever sold so cheap any
where. These are bar
gains that cau't be beat:
All-wool Ulniikels GootJ
large size white wool blankets
light, warm nnd comfortable. 53.50 y
quality, pair.... iJLtJV
All-wool IJluiikols Fine
large size while wool blank
ets that are full of warmth.
Regular $.f.SO -.
kind, pair 43.5ll
Comforlei's Pure cotton
(illing.sllkoline covering, large
size, Reduced price, eacli
59c, 89c, $1.23. I
xOMsXx ooio to
K fiN.U h; ..,
wm. rmm &m I'diimn
mtiim tnHHF wmhhwiwiiimiimiiimumhw
MaIon?y Oil & MandfacWring Company,
$ 141-149 Meridian Strest.
.j. .. .. .. 4. ., 4. ,, .j, 4, .j. ,j. ,$, ,j. ,, ,j, ,, , 4,
I Bittenbender&CL J
126-128 Franklin Ave.
.j. . .j. $ .j. .j. .j. .j. .j, ,j. ,. ,j. ,., ,j, ,j, ,j. ,j, ,j.
' January -
i Clearing1 Sale I
In order to reduce our stock
before taking our Annual In
ventory we have made sweep
ing reductions on our lino of
Pillow Tops
Stamped Linens and
Battenberg Patterns
And for tho ten days we offer
tho above mentioned goods at
practically cost prices.
I Cramer-Wells Co.,
S- 130 Wyoming Avenue.
'Phono 353-3.
'! & J ! !'! JI ! I.ii,Jf"2 ! v 5 $! 4 !
Only at
lUt? 18
I !9 Franklin Ave.
Broken Ribs
Are Pal of o IS
And ' .1 .- inl:i.' to the body. Tile saf.
it aid c ii .,'-. nay is tu glte it liu
mediate atvn.i t.. IT IS VOUIt UU
1II1ULL.V we ,,i ..peaking about, Wo
euro the atioce'iiicntioueil ailment, and
oko carry the lirgcl lino ot I'mbiellij
pud Paiasols in the city.
The Scranton
Umbrella Manufacturing Co.,
313 Spruco Street.
Booms 1 ancI2, Coin'Uh DTdfe
nining; and .Blasting
Ue&a t'. Mooalo and HusbIoIb Worlif.
Uleetrla JJattorloi. nteotrlo KiploJorc
exploding blasts, Safety l'uu tia 1
Repauiio Chemical Go.'s wra
507 linden Street. '
Hoard of Trade Building.
syour wants
A li O. A ,5,
I Shovels I
1 Pi
1111 MOODS. :':
I Ms, Wire I
l cuM tilt ' I
' 1 " I 4.
Nfil k i
a ;