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Special to tlie PcranUn Tribune.
Factoryvllto, Jan. 13. Mlsn Hertha
Knapp, tho trnlncd nurse who linn been
taking care of tho diphtheria patient
up at Brennnn's, In tho townnlilp, was
taken with tlie disease last week, und
Is now (it the home of her parents in
this place. The board of health 1ms
tho house placarded and quarantined,
ovury precaution lieliiR taken to pre
vent tho spread of the nmludy,
Tho Ico harvest in this vicinity Is
now in full blast and every available
man that can be, Is pressed Into ser
vice. The crop Is a good one uriuii
tills year and Is about fourteen Inches
The January term of WyomlnB coun
ty court will commence next Monday.
The borough councils arc working
on tho subject of lighting tho town by
electricity. They will hold a special
meeting this evening for the purpose of
looking Into the franchises and contract
part of It. It may not bo out of place
hero to give for the benellt of tlie tax
payers and residents a few Ilgure3 In
regard to tlie cost of lighting tho
streets with the present system, and
by lighting them by electricity. At
the rate that the borough is paying for
tlie lighting of thirty-eight oil lamps
nt tho present time, and If they wete
lighted every night in tlie yclir, as the
electric lights will be, it would cost the
borough a little over live hundred and
twenty dollars per year, at 11 cents a
light per night, outside of the expense
for repairs and new lamps, and they
make n very uncertain light at that.
The proposition from the Keystone
dumber Supply company that the
councils are now considering Is to burn
forty 21-caiKllo-power lights at $r00 per
yenr, lights to burn from one-half hour
after sunset to midnight every night
in the year, tho borough to bo at no
expense in the construction of the
plant and line, franchise and contract
to bo awarded for a tenu of five or ten
years. One of tho iM-caiylle-power
lights Is suspended over the street in
front of the lumber company's mill,
and can be seen most any evening.
After all, this good old town Is a
pretty good and desirable place to live
In. There are some, it Is true, that try
to better their conditions by moving
elsewhere, but generally a fair trial
elsewheio convinces them that this
town Is the ono above all others, and
back they come. Among those who
were former citizens bete, and who will
again come hack here to reside are:
Kx-Counly Commissioner Fred II.
Chnse, who now resides in Seranton;
J. t Reynolds, who, It is understood,
will build a handsome residence at the
lower end of Grove street and later
occupy It; Solomon Reynolds, who
moved to Yonkois, N. Y., about one
year ago, will also be welcomed back
to our threshold.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Reynolds, of
West Nicholson, spent Inst Friday with
friends in this place.
Fprcial tn the Scianlon Tribune.
Honesdale, Jan. 13. A four-hoist:
idclghload, members of Grace church
choir and congregation, drove to Wuy
inurl, Sunday afternoon, and attended
the services conducted by Rev. James
P. Ware.
T. H. Clark & Co., glass cutters, of
Honesdale. have purchased the J.
O'Connur gliiss-cuttlng shop, at Haw
b y. A larger number of cutters will
be employed. Forty thousand dollars
is said to bo the amount paid.
The reckless roasting- down Peers'
hill, crossing the principal streets or
Honesdale, endangering the lives of
people and danger of collision with
teams, has caused the borough author
ities to pass an ordinance forbidding
coasting on any street in the borough.
Tlie annual report of tho Presbyterian
Sunday school shows a membership of
113 und an average attendance of 225
during the past year. Four have been
removed by death and eighteen have
become members of the church. The
session on Sunday was of unusual in
terest, being the sixteenth annual re
port made by the retiring superintend
ent, Andrew Thompson, who has so
faithfully and earnestly served as
superintendent for over sixteen years.
After a few words of advice and en
couragement to the school und thanks
for their loyalty and faithfulness, Mr.
Thompson introduced David L. Ilower,
his successor ns superintendent, be
speaking for him tho co-operation of
tlie membership in ills Sunday school
work. Mr, Ilower, on assuming charge,
spoke very feelingly of the responsible
position to which ho had been called,
and consented to accept only by a de
sire to lie useful. V. IT. Holmes, chair
man of the committee, presented reso
lutlons on tho retirement of Mr.
Thompson, which were adopted by a
rising vote.
Special to the Seranton Tribune.
Forest City, Jan. 13, Tho now library
project Is rapidly gaining tho luterebt
and support of tho people. There should
bo found room in tho new borough
building for such nn enterprise, and
onco started It would by natural stugea
ioon grow to goodly proportions, A free
library would bq a source of pleasure
and profit to nil our citizens, old and
T. A. Surdam was a Seranton visitor
Tho seinl-nnuual convention of tho
Jefferson brunch union of Christian
llndeavor societies will bo held in tlie
I'resbyterlnn church here, January us.
An Interesting progrnmmo Is being pro
larcd, Melvlu Robinson, a monologist, will
be nt tho opera houso 'Wednesday even
ing, as the third number In the papu.
Jar entertainment course, Ho will glvt
u number of selections from Dickens
works, and Is said to be very entertain.
Misses Katharine Flannery, Fannie
Knapp and Jennie Tlglio were guests
of Forest City friends on Sunday,
The annual meeting of the stoeklioldt
ers of tho First Nutlonul bank will bo
held tomorrow evening In the parlor of
the Hillside- Jioso liotibf.
l-pedal to (lie Saanton Tiibutie.
(jke Ariel, Jjn, 1J. Iter, 0. M. lull pleached,
a very touching Kimon on Sunday evening Test,
Daniel v, ST, "for thou art weighed In the buj.
mice and found witting."
Tbo Ariel Telephone lompatiy organized ivcent.
b, contemplate building new Hue between
Lake Ariel mid UontwUle. 'Ihe follov(ittr vv
slectc-1 ofiusns fo-t lite ensuing jtur; J, W. bin-
tlereock, picstiltiilt Dr. II, (', While, vice rcnt
dent) i:. II, Kiinmon, sdcrclniyi .1, . llortire,
treasurer! II. II. Nect, J, II. llorltre, .1, W. Han'
dercock, II. It, Aimson, .t. A, Hutttee, ilitcitprs.
Special to (he f-'crattton Tribune.
Susquehanna, Jan. 13. I. A. Sweet
und family iiuvo recently moved from
here to their farm In rilbson.
Mr. Hunt will succeed Theodore Cur
tis ns the mechanical engineer in Sua
r'ltchanrin, ""
U. M. Tlngley, II. U Abel and O. R.
Styles, of Uibson, wore legally engaged
here last Wednesday on suit between
the townships of Jackson and Gibson.
John Valentino has had a very sick
horse the past week, but It Is better
Mr. and Mrs. It. M. Tlngley visited at
the home of W. M. Wcucott on Wed
nesday. Miss Mubol Lewis was n caller on
friends In this plnce lust week.
The Erie Is short of firemen for run-
Can you read
ninsr their trains, and there is a great
callfor men to work.
Stack & Avery have been putting up
their supply of ice for the summer.
They are going to Brushvllle this week
to fill their Ice houses there.
The Ited Men are contemplating a
sociul hop in the near future.
Clare Lewis, of Welsh Hill, is help
ing Stack &. Avery with their Ice Job.
A number of our young people will
go for a slelghrlde Tuesday night.
The first blizzard of the season oc
curred Sunday and Sunday night.
1. W. Ualley and family have moved
from Gibson to this place.
Special to th Seranton Tribune.
-Montiose, Jan. U. Dana A. W.i(imi, .,m it
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorge II. Watrous Jilt todi tor
Philadelphia, where ho has secured a pillion
with the Baldwin Locotnothc wotks.
The mull-po tears in Montrose i oer, no
new c.i.-es hailng appeared, and all of the Miv
pects aro uppaicntly in (rood health.
The slate-makers nre said to be buily creased
nialtlns: up a. local ticket lo be supported .it the
lUpublican caucuses net week. It the tiMilt be
n (rood slate, let It po through, if not, Miiadt
It and make Boinclliins; better.
Oeori;c K. l'rlnk has been Idling fi lends at
''Atter weeU of unremitting; cllott, the authori
ties believe that they have finally located the
source of contagion ttoni which developed the
recent eases of small-pov in tliU place and the
present tae at Ilallatead. Uuriress JlcCausland
hi? prepaicd the following statement loganling
it: Mr.f. Ja.Mte, residinp tn l'lymoulh township,
Pa., where there has been such an alarming: epi
demic of mull-pox, and who had been e.pecd
to the disease by contact with neighbors sick
with it, went to Youngslown, Ohio, to attend her
father's funeral on Deo. 0, 1901, leturnintr by (he
Delaware, f-ackawanno. and Western nilliou'd on
Dee. 11, 1001. hho was taken sick on the tialn
tomliis home and broke out before teaching her
destination, but kccplnc her face covered with a
he ivy black cin, so that her ttonble wo, not
known. As the tialn did not make close icWc
lions at bctanton, the had to wait two hours in
the Seranton depot before ttettltiff a tialn for
Plymouth. There were no cases of sinall-pos In
Yoiingbtown, Ohio, previous to Mrs. Jajne'n vUil,
but since then there h.u been an epidemic, the
disease iM breaking out In the home ot her
relative, wheie she ftaed. All the inmates of
that home hae now lucl the disease, a sister of
Mrs. Jjj tie's haling- died with it. Mid. Jayne
was very ill .tfler arriving home, but is now con.
Idered nut ot danger, but her husband Is down
with It. U,v a strange coincidence, the muse
win) attended Mr.. Jayne through her illness was
called to nurse Mrs. C'odldngton, who together
with tier child, u lster and two brothel's, are now
ilck with small-pox at HalUtead, Mw. Cod.
dlngton teiiieuibcra that when U-turning- from
Binghaintou with her child on Dec. II, 1901, a
woman sitting limncdUtcly in front of her wore
a heavy black veil, and, from her manner and
speech was evidently very silk. TliU wvnian was
heard to ak the conductor how long she would
have to wait at Hctaiiton befoio getting a train
for l'lj mouth. After bieaklng out with entail,
pox. Mrs. C'oddlngtott has thought that tho deep-ly-elled
and ultangely-acting woman must hate
had tho dlscuc, and that she Mrs. Coddlngtou)
contracted it front her. Upon the nriltal of the
nurse, who was famlllir with the ttlp ot Mis.
Jjjne on thai date, and her illness on the train,
Mi, Ccdldngton' msplclons wcie continued, On
the same car wete Mr. and Mrs. (Illhcrl, lettiin.
Ing front lllngbamtnit, and a coiialdeatlou ot the
time thai elapsed between the upo,uro of these
people to tliU taxi, and their vuWquent lllne,s,
ttabliiM the fact that the ca-es nf mall-pox
in Montiosu and lall,tcad ,ue due t'j the tin
tamliiatfoii ot this woman, Mi. Jajne. pi. IM
wards, who is attending Mr, and Mia. J J) lie, tuh.
simulates the abotu tails In relation to Mrs,
Mrs. t'oddlnglon's (.hl'ni, epoaed, Dee. lit lck
IKc, Jl (twehc dai.), bloke out, Dec. 27 (slvtem
Mrs, Cudidiiglon and the ret of her family
took tliu illseattf fioiit the child,
Mr. (llbeil, exposed pee, Us silk Die. Si
(elcieil dajs); btoke out Pec, SI (touitcen ilj)).
Mr, Ollbeit, eOarl Dec. It; sick, Dec, '.'f
(sUtffli, djjs); bioke nut, Dec, 2S (eflileen
djvsj '
Special to the Stranton Tribune.
Ilnpliottom, .Ian. J1. The week of prajer lias
bieu olfaenid at the Methodist Kplxoiml cliuicli
(ho past week, ami this week rstivat teiiltis
will be held each night, excepting Monday and
Xitindj.v- iiIkIiIi.
Mlts Piborah Dai as In (own uter hutidjr,
'Ihe Willlnar Wotkeru l.i.I ,t il.ll,.,l,lJ ,..
Drookbu last Tliuisday,
'ihe l imeisall.t bunday school will lute J
" -'-- ii i - ;
jT y ? TltUilguatntaU oh ee'rjr box'ot the fenQtbl
cf2har7 Laxative Promo'Quinjne'rbuts
v"' 4r3rOlCxf?.bi KWCtUrilWr sxuko a colli Ui v .HJi
ileljrh-tlde next Ftiitay ami the Methodist I'
Sunday school, Saturday of this week,
Mr. Paul tkanldey his been Idling tricmls
at Nitliolton a few ilav.
(I, (' I'lim nml family, of Kltigiley, spent Sun
day at N. At. FlimV.
Ucorgd .Utterly, of New York, Is Idling friends
In town.
Tim fad new rcactiid us of the deallt of Mil,
W, II, Written, nt, rt former resident of
thl place.
Miss Maine Tllus bin returned after visiting
friends at Ashley, and will resume, tier foriittr
position In the p-wlolllce
A larjo peirentage nt nnr 'people hate recently
l)0i n vaccinated.
Mil. EII.U Tcwkibuiy 1 (gain confined to her
The Ladles' Aid will meet at the pirton.tge for
dinner Wednesday.
Mm. W, a. Itodcs wai al Seranton Monday.
Alls Carrie Luce, who Ins brctt visiting her
patent, will return to fluanlon Monday.
ACADEMY Ifoclfler-dlliucy tnntpi'iy. After
noon mid night.
STAIt The lllg Scmatlnn lluilcnuer. After.
noon und-lilght.
Qibnoy-Hoeffler Company.
Two well tilled houies greeted tlie Olbney.
Iloefller company at both mnlliiee itiul night per.
this proverb?
fornunces at the Academy ejtcr1l3v in "Little
Minislet" and Monhon's "The Indian." New
tpccialtles wete seen this trip and paiticulatly
good weie the musical Jioolmaiis and the l'anlzei
trio in. a new act.
Today for matinee the company will piesent
"Prince of Uarf," and for tonight "The Sign
of the CtucllK" will be picented with (.pectal
sccneiy and efleets. The I'.uitnr trio and tl.c
musical Ooolin.ins will be seen at r.M-h tieitoim
mice. Big; Sensation Company.
Zltella l'lj tin's Illg Seri.ilion binlesquc com
pany gae .t pleasing peiforinaiicc at the Mar
je.-iterdiy lo largo audiences, afternoon and
evening, upon the opening of their work's en
gagemenr. The company is an unusually meri
torious aggregation, containing in addition to the
itgulor roniedi.ins anil chorus, a number of
cienh- 'ocalUts and dancers. Prominent among
thi-tn .lie James Cliundy, Sue Orumly, .Mr. mid
Mis. Sherniiii Cosies, Ulla Anderson ".itt.l Teuiile
ltu-oell, who gate n pcifonnanee that etoked
girat Liithiisi.iMii.
r.nnui'1 and Xi-l-on gate a wonderful aciu-
b.itlc act! fllO lt.lplirlo Situtrt.a iiln,A.ln.l . ..!.
iiig number, with thole Uollns and liiandolini,
and the Xewell Sisters rivalled the colored coterie
in ehibltloiii of buck und wing dancing.
The humor of the performance, was interpreted
by Dive Conroy and Hairy Kceler, and Collirs
and Nelson. The pingraininc com luded with a
laugh tbie farce entitled, 'King of the Itou-liee-Boos."
The company will rent tin at the Star all
the week, with matinees d.illv.
"Barbara Frietchie."
"HaibJia I'rietchie," with Miss Fiance., Gaunt
as tlaibata, will be the attraction at the Lvceum
neU SatunUy, matinee and night. This i-Zcivde
Kitch's play which nude sticlt a delightful s'en
sation in Xew Voile. It was found tit be a bean,
tifnl, unconventional piece, ttliring, pttriotic
and toniantle, .ind it piesonted the heroine of
Wliilticr's cclcbtatcd "Baibaru I'rietchie" poem,
not as a bent and white-haired old wwman, but
as a charming, glowing, riederiektonn maiden,
whose gohhn heart w.ts given to a federal olllcer.
Mr. Fitch told his story to delightfully and
the acting was so supeih lhat the play was an
acknowledged triumph on Its flrsl night at the
filtrtloii theater, New Voile, and it kept tint
p.iclous play home crowded to the ihwis for
mote than loll petfoniiaiiees
Fftverslmm's Heading Woman.
Miss Julia Opji, the leading wumati uf Wll
Hani Faveitham'a company, which apiwais at the
I;)ceuni next 1'uesday, appeared with the Daniel
rroliman I.jceum company few jeats ago,
Since that season Miss Opp has bet n plajlng in
linporlnnt pioductious with leading lompauies In
London. It is a curious fact though she Is
tin AiiK'ilc.ui girl, nioit of hei professional ca
reer has been speiil in Ilnghtud, MU Opp is, if
an,vth!ug, more beautiful than ever, and has made
a substantial advancement In her profssloual
Slie was specially engaged by Chatles I'toliuiau
to come lit this country In play the leading
suppoit U Mr, I'atersliam, and to play the loir
ot Matita fit Pit Mailer's rptnantlo pliv, "A llmal
IMvviu Aideii has Mcin.ii an ciigaci'iueui with
a bin I'lancUeo atoik loiupjity, and will pity
leading toles theie until the end nt the season.
It Is Muted that in the Island of Heligoland,
wlicte itlchatd Id was Iwin, no pei.-ou mi
iter sixteen of age Is piMinltud in enter a
When May Irwin it Hits Irom the tago nest
season, It is staled thai 1 'lutein e Heed, daughltT
ot the late Itolaud Iteetl, will star In tho Irwin
II. A. IliiuctS latest imisleal iviitedy, which
Is to bo piodueed lot' the lli'.l lime in Huston by
the lat'.'ls uf that iltj, l to lie tailed "Tho
fehow dltl."
William Collier won't In llaiiy llusom
nml Clay (Jri-elie's "Checkers" alter all. Mr,
Collar n the pletu is not tu his jlkluv ill its
present ahapc.
William II. West, the well known iuiniie, is
mlierlng fioui smoktis' lancer, and, although his
preHiit condition not critical, It ic feated that
It lannol rc-cuvet,
"Kin Tov" ran for Sfs) totiu'cutlve perfuiin
antes at" lljly's tlu.itrr In London and w.i ih.'it
only taken oil betaitM' an eilemiou of time c"t'ld
jut be auiired tcr It,
htcll.i llammeiatelii, daughter of Oscat Hani
iiterstelu, the New- Voik uiauager, nudu her debut
on the tage l.i.t Tuesday idght In frnImiati'M
"I'locls and nilU."
Paul Hester's new pUy, "Mademuillo ;M.tts,"
will k' piodutcd u London bj Mis. Inguy two
weeks ftoni tonlglil, 'Ihe pine jvlU Wvc ct(
cltlwrate I'lucntjlluii.
Wftlt Btreot Ksyliir.
Kevv Vork, Jan. 13. There will contlntud lok
ot animation In the stock market todty and the
dealings were palpably In Ihe hands ot profes
plon.ll tr.t'lctti Tills clement was lull In Its
operations nn the outlook and sold i.totM initio
Ircely throughout the day. Tins level nt pilees
was tattled genctallr tamt 1 to 2 points under
lost Week's ilose. No largi' amount ot llqultl-i
tlott was brought tut by this considerable llecllne
and them was :t uinvrnient to uover shorts late
in the J.ij, tausliig a rally ot A point ot over
In some of the most prominent slocks but this
tecoviry was practically lost ftRaln befote the
closing, which was extremely dull und heavy. Tlie granted b.v the United Mates .Supreme
court lor the state of Minnesota to argue on It
petition to bring suit for the umiulment of the
formation of the Northern Securities company, al
though Its force was little understood, had u chill
ing effect on speculation owing to Its promise ut
it prolonged legal struggle and delay In the
(total ion ot the company's tccutltles. The chad
lug of prices of Copper led to a shatp raid In tin
late dealings nit Amalgamated Copper, which
helped to unsettle tliu close. Kxcepiloiial move
ments wen-made by Latkawanni, which ros:
ii and loslMiiost nf Itj (llueoie prefeired, which
gained H, and American Lxpress whlih lost tl.
Total sties tnthy, 07,300 fhnte'. The bond mar.
kct was not very active but il was Irrcgiihir.
Tclal sale", par value. W.PIO.OOn. United States
letttndliig S'ii declined U and the H's toiipon i
per cent, on tho last call,
The followlngJiuotatlom are furnished Tlie Trib
une by M. H. Jonlsn t Company, ruomj TO.', Id
Meats building, Seranton, I'a. Telephone, WXU:
Open- High. Low- VAcv
Ing. est. est. Ing.
American Sugar 122 u-j no loi(j
Atchison 7.S 73!i 711; i 77
Atchison. I'r , Iiai m't !W(, 03
Alual. Copper TOfe 70Vi (iSli HS?i
Am. Car k ol'undiy 2flt-i 29j 2a',0 '29'1
Ilronk, Traction HCKj COVf, U"i K
Ball. ,t Ohio 10V!i Win 10l; KUVs
Ches. k Ohio W, 1114, HI lit
Chic. A. til. West i!t "at IStj '!.'?s
Chic, Mil. fc St. P ....HtlV; 10Ji,S lli KKJi
Chic, it. I. & I' trsPi ljfiti 151 15l?s
Coin. Fuel k Itou HI ,1 Sji:, t.'it,(,
ilrlc It. It Il-'i 1171 0 sU!-j
Kile It. It., I'r 7.J!,i 7;l'i 7i!? 7J
ol.uls. k N'ath Itlivi Ki'iiti 101',', 10414
Manluttuti Lie I '; VW i:t7Vi l-'i7'.
Met. Traction PI2H loj'i 1I1K;; lt',2
Mi'toutl t'acillo 10.! Wiy, 100 llXIH
Notfolk k Western fi"U 7!i (ilijj MVi
N'. Y O. k W iHU :i4',4 ;;.;, nt-n
X. V. Central lBIi lOHi unii lrt".s
l'cnna. 11. It 14!) lt'l Its HSU
Iteadlng Ity :r)i 5554 stu r,j
Heading H.v I'r ...a... Hi's 81?. St SI
Southein It. It tl.l',S ran aiv, Sit'.
Southern It. It., I'r 0.1 el'i 02V4 !)
Southern I'acifle (K)J4 Out',. rMi. Ml
Ti-nn. C. 4: Iron (II ill (!2U 1K14
Texas 1'aclfU- ."'I so Jlois Si'j
I.'. S, Leather 11!1i 111 lOi 11H
I'. S. Leather, t'r SI'.'. '' SI SI
C. S. Hubber ll'jj 1K. 14V. 1IV-
U. S. Slcel Co Vi 4U3i 42'i I2vi
U. S. Steel Co., I'r .... ) 0I, n nt-i'j
Wc-stern Union 01 pi po'4 MIT4
Wabish. IV ISt's 42? 4114 4I-14
Union Pacific 102-i HK'a 100'j 101 14
Seranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
Lackawanna Dairy Co,, Pr.
County Savings Hank & Trust Co.
First National Dank (Carbondale) .
Standard Drilling Co
Third National Hank
Dime Deposit and Discount Hank.
Kconotny Light. II. k P. Co
First National Hank
Lacks. Trust Safe Deposit Co
Claik & Snot er Co.. Pr.
Hid. Askci
"75 . . .
1071,$ ...
Seranton Iron Fence k Mfg.
t-crantoti Axle works ,
Seranton Savings Hau'c
Traders' National Hank
Seranton Holt k Nut Co ,
People's Hank
New Mexico lly. ,t C. Co. ..,
Seranton rnsacneer Hallway,
Mortgage, clue i!i'-i)
People's Street Hallway, first mort
gage, due 101S
People's Street Railway, Ceneial
mortgage, due 1021
Dickson Manufaeltiriug Co
Lacka. Township School 5 pee cent.
City of Seranton St. Imp. 0 per
Scianton Traction 0 per cent
Seranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. O. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave)
Flour Hesi patents, per barrel, 4.ttO.
Deans Per bushel, choice martovv, 1-2.55.
Butler Prcah crjantctj, 2ilc. ; Jure cr.umery,
24c; dairy, 23We. .
Chcefc Full cteain, ll!al2o.
l.'ggs Nearby, 32c. j storage, fancy, 10',ic
flicen Peas Per bttsbcl, fl.jO.
Potatoes Per bnsitel. 1.
Onions Per bu-ltel, $1.00.
New York Grain and Produce Market
New Voik, Jan. 13. Flnm i;a.-ier and less
active, ullec'ted by the wheat break; wlttlei
tti-ilghts, i.l.fi0a:!.); Minnesota patent, lt.8J.i4.2i).
Wheat Spot, weak; No. led, fr'iVii'. t. o. b. ullOJt;
No. 2 ml, OOVsc. elevator; No. 1 noithein Hit
litth, WVic. f. o. b.; options, opened
steadier but reacted under liquidation. TowauLs
noon there was 11 charii recovery but this al-o
vlelded later and nniket dosed weak -tt"4c net
lews; March cloed 87 Vic; May, HT)gi-.: July,
Stlfc. Coin Spot casj ; No. 2, C'J'jic elevatot
and 70fc f. o. b. alloat; options Him neatly all
day but finally btoko with wheat and closed easy
at Vic net decline; -May 1 losed iPtHe-i July,
O0i,4c. Outs Spot quiet; No. 2, 01a4c ; No. J,
"lVic; No. 2 white, jUjc; No. U white. .11c;
ttack mixed wrstcin, olVsaSJie,; track white,
iUaSMSt-.; itloin tuiet but taitlv sternly with
lorn. Hutter Steady; cic.itnrtv, l(i.t2:i''c ; tat-
toty, Ituniuc ; lime cteanii.r.v, llsSle,; imlt.H,
iiou creamety, naiBtt-c; natu u.iiry, iiasi'ic
Cheese Finn; Male lull ereain laige fall made
fancy, KUtaloc; state full cieants sntall fall
made fancj, ll'.lalHic,; late made beat large,
0V4c; late made beat small, lUilO'Su. Fggs
Finn; atate und Petuis.v Iv.inia, U2i3lc; western,
27ay:Sc ; soutliern, 2tla32c.
Philadelphia Grain and Product.
Philadelphia, Jan. 13. Wheat lc. lower; con
tract grade, Januaiy, suaSO'tc. Corn Vic lower;
No. 3 mixed January, 0u',ajG7c, Oats Steady;
No. 2 white clipped, Jll-c Huttei JJalc. lower;
fancy western creamery, 21c; do. nearby ptiutst
27c. Fggs Film; ( neatby, yOc; do. western,
uOc. ; do. aauthweatein, K-,; do. aoiithein, 27c
Cheese Finn; New Vork (till citunis, fancy
small, HV4c; do. do. tin., fair to choice, DUallc.
Itetluei! Sugats Dull. Cotton Cncluiiged. Tal
low Stetdj ; 1 Ity inline in tletces, itr.j cotinliv,
do. du., baircls, fi'UUVlc.; do. daik, do. do,, ;;i
nOVict cakes, v. Live Poult rv-(J,tlet but
steady; InvvN, U'lOc; nd loostcts, 7c; chicktns,
hVJaO'.ic; ducks, Il,tl2c; getaf. 10al2c; tur
hejs. lOallc. Dresaed Poultry I'irui, fair tl-.
tn.indi fowls, iholie, lUViallc; do. tatr to good,
OVi'tlOc; old tooalcts, Ta'hrc; c hit kens neaiby,
ll.il3c; western do., Ual'iit.; tuiKevs neaiby
iholro to fancy, lalJc; wettriu do. do,; 12al3c;
fair to good do., Dalle; ducks nearby. lOatlc;
wcstein do., lOtU'c; geeae, Salic Ittiflpts
Hour, 4,000 baitels and l,5Wi,00rt pounds in aachs;
wheat, 7,000 btisbels; lutn, ll.OOli bit,he; oats,
222,00) ba-lieU. .shipments Wheat, KO.ISIO bush
els; com, .1,(101) bushels; oats, 22,000 bushels.
Chlcngo Grain and Produce Market.
Chiiago, .Ian. 1:1. lleneial beatLh sentiment
In tho wheat nil lombattcil tho iiicagin catly
bullUli news and after much prcs-tuc loteed a net
lo. of '.tlc In av wheat; May toiii iluacd only
a shade lower ami May oats unchanged. Piuvis
Ions iliM'ii 2U-tl0c lower. CMh-iiiot.itlons weiu
as follovvsi I'loiii -i:.iy; Nn. ,1 tilling wheat,
70,,ia77c; No. 2 led, H7Vc. ; No, 2 o.tts, (',4u
lliVi-ci No. 2 while. 47ia4:ie.; No. ; white,
t7.i8V4f.t N. 8 rye, ii.1f.iuic.; fair to choice
nulling, l,2.iic.Vic. : No, 1 fltx teed, $1.02'$; No.
1 niiithwctlcin, tel.tki; prime tlutothv si-cd, ;l..Vi;
tines putk, ljlil.i,jili!T(l; laid, HI2inO.I3; sliurt
libs. CidaS..'!); diy tallid sliouldei, 7.i7".c.. ;
khoit clear sides, j).OJai,.73; whhkey, sl.32.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, Jan. 1), Cattle ftccripU. 20,000;
good to choice steady; others slow to 10c lovvet;
good tu piliue, !ti.lAi7.U3i poot- to mediuin, ta
11.25) stckeis and (edicts, V,25a,50; cows, 1,2U
4.73; heiltts, fj.71aa.a0i tunnels, $l,23a2.30; bulls,
if2at.W; ealtis, f2.30a0.23; Texas fed slceis. fr23
a3.23. Iloga llccelpts today, 4.1,0(Xl; tomorrow,
33,00111 hit over, S,0il opened tlow- but sold Bu
ItV, lower: mixed and butchers, $5.b3ad,40; good
tu clmitr he.ivj, M,.23a0,f,"j lough jieavv, i).!Ai
fi.Su; liglit, f.i.(UU, bulk of tales, H.taU.W.
Miecn-ltecelpt., 2.i,oOU theep, eteadyj lauiW,
stead), Dllui.s weak! good to tbclie wetheis,
1.23 il,73; wctlttn thtt'it fed, flil.73; native
lambs, f.t.M.iU; western lunlw, sjjn,
Buffalo Lire Stock Market.
Last Hutfalo, Jin, 1J. Cattle Itt eelptt, 3,10ft, lucludfiig I'sJ faiudas; talilv active and
full steady toi desirable fat batihers, and cholio
shipping etxit tteets; common unci tlipiery
gradea, J0.i2iic. lower; extra piimo hul.lnd tiers
quotable $0.tOa0.73 beat heavy shipping and ex
1101 1 1 1 ci i, Mt.23aU.3(l; (all to choice, HJ.23.iH. 10;
liglit to good bittrheis, 4a3.2d; heifers, $U
3,30; lows, fair to good. f3.25a4.40; lanuets and
(1U1U11011, tl.70.l3; bull.', f.l.&aa4.30; slockers
steady for g'ful; llghl dull stockets, f2.4tU3.70;
feeders, l.huul.50; fresh tows, very dull and f-iad
lower, HogB-Hctelpis, 22,1111 head; opeitul faltly
Heady; lie-av.v,; mixed, U.S0aU.40: pigs,
W.KU3.W; toughs, aC,.IOj3.03; .tigs, islal.2).
hect and LamU Heecipti, S.OW bead, litelud
Inir J,tW Cnadas; steady; shvep, inlxvel, UIO0.1
t.ilii culls to gviod. f2.ftOat 30; wethus. 8l.75a3:
jeurllngs, f73.5s'3t ; top native lambs, yU3
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Pour Lines, ,1 Cent. for EVacli tlxtra Hi:
Tov Itont.
FOIt HUNT Five-room Hat; nil lmprocittenl,
hit hiding fleam heat, .fit. Also one ..-ir.otti
homo, $8- Orecn Illtlgn Lumber Co.
FOIt lti:NT-l2. 7-roont liotue, vltlt Jillli, unge
double dealer, etc. Lntrance frutn Main ave
nue. Inquire 431 Mouth Main avenue or A, T.
Itelser, 102 South Main avenue.
i'OU IuTnT Spctdwjy'Tiolcr Iipity to J. It.
Kemmeter, 128 Fianklln avenue.
FOIt Itl'.ST 419, onedinlf of double tintue, In
tipper riiettt Itldge; large yard, bath, hot
ml cold watei, range, electric lights. 11, P.
Hamilton, l'atili building, Kiuucc sttcct,
Wnnted To Hent.
WASTI'.I) TO ItF.NT Ihree or four furnished or
imfiunlsheil rooms for housekeeping. Adihess
S2 Jeirerson avenue, city.
For Snlc.
FOIt SILK Cheap, hoise, catrljge and liarnesit
will sell for waul ot use. 207 Ilolllstcr uve,
1011 SALIi .Milk route and cows, togelher or
sepntate. Addiess llnivey Jaiqttes, .Muoslc, I'a.
FOIl SALF hliavlngs, sawdust and kindling wood.
At Atulcy's Lumber Yard, hot Seranton St.
FOIt SAI.i: Special tnoilol Isscomoblle, cott !j23;
neaily new; pel feet lotidlllon; Hup steaiuer;
will sell at once for ?300. V.. ,1, It., Tilbtuie of.
FOR Sf,i: One 1,200 lb, winking hoise, one
1,000 lb, dii'vlug or winking nine, well bred
and would nuke a gond blood time; also llttltl
Cappcrfleltl, pacer, 2.23V4, bay Rcldlng. llupilrc
J. II. Ladvvlg, lc, slote, ot at bant, rear 330
W.voiulng avenue.
FOIt SAt.i: Tin- bar nml nMurts of the Union
Hotel on Lackawanna stteet, Olvphaut. Lo
cation excellent. Lodges meet In building. Sell
ing out on account nf 111 health. T. 1. Jones,
FOIl SAt.i: Mock of Ihe Intern tliona'. Test Hook
Company o( SiijMhii (foimetly the Colliery
Knglneer Co.), I). Stnletson, VM Wyoming
avenue, Sci.inton. I'a.
FOIl S.U.i: C'lllIM'-Flievvood. lion moling, Um
bers, boards, scantling, etc., ftoni old cars;
'tillable for r.ll purposes. ,Ietintiigt, Cential
Mines switch, foot of Ilairpton stteet, off South
Main avenue.
FOH SAT.I' Two light sptlng wagons .tnil some
hat ties-, cheap. l'vans, rear 11)2 I,ncr:ie
Tori SAI.I' Cheap; horse, spring wagon and
harness, at No. 182(1 Cedar avenue.
Public Sale.
I't'HLleJ SALK We will sell al public sale for
the benellt of whom it in.iv conceit!, on Wed
nesday, .l.iuu irj 22, at 10 o'clock a. nt,. .it the
Wiei ill's i.llice. Ill the Coin I House, of tin; t'lty
d! PfiimlQii. twit (2) lutes of stock of Abe
Moivch' I'cik Fat king und I'tovisioti Company,
tl.c same being held as to a note.
Wl'.LLLS k 'lOnill'V. Attotnevs.
Heal Estate.
FOIl SALt: One acre of land, imptoved with
nine-room house; plenty and variety of fruit;
good location in village of FlcetUUe. Mrs. Olive
Fish, Flectvillc, P.
Furnished Hooms.
FCIIMSllllU HOOMS for rent, modem improve
ments; private family; gentlemen ptetctieil,
at 3)7 Adams avenue.
FOIl HLN'T Two comfortably furnished looms
for gentlemen; modern iuipiovcineiiU; pit
vale family. 330, Washington avenue.
roil KENT Furnished front room, with heat,
bath and gas; near court house; gentleman
prefened. Address ltoom, Bo 290.
FOH HENT Furnished loom; heat and rjath.
623 Linden sttcct.
and bath, gentlemen prctcrretl, at MO Adams
WANTED- Second-hand mine ambulincc
dte-s IS. II, C. Pittston.
WANTED Cood second-hand furnace, will pay
cash. Address Loci: Dox 130, Seranton, Pa.
Unfurnished Booms Wanted.
WANTED April 1, Ihteo or foil- unfurnished
looms, located above and not above
Moi'.too, between Pine and Linden sttects. Ad
dress J, Y., Tribune ullkc
Wanted Boom and Board.
WANTED Hoom and board in remicd piivatc
family (ot three ladles; not to exceed J12 per
week. Ot.c located within live minutes walk fiom
cl.y hall prefened. Addrrss, K. 11, Tribune Of
fice. Booms and Board.
A LAltnt: FRONT HOOM, with board, at 521
Adams avenue. Suitable (or two joung inert.
HOOMS TO HUNT, with board, k.00 Mulberry
Boarders Wonted.
nOAHDEHS VASTi:i Sire looms, good loca
tion. 1113 Jackson street.
PRIVATE FAMILY wishes to have two nice men
to boaid, German or English. Call uny time
after Tliuisday. All convenllntes, 807 llarri.oii
Honey to Loan.
straight loans or Ilulldlng and Loan, At
from 1 to 0 per rent, Call on S, V. Walket,
iill-Ula Council building.
LObT Two black and white cttei dogs, male and
female; both hate white streak between Ihe
r.ves. Reward, J. 11. Dainty, cata of Hittcnbeu
tier k Co., Seranton,
POCKEIHOOK LOiI", conlainlng inv card .mil
Miinii money. Hi turn w lull Penii avenue
and teieive levvaid. Piuileiiii' Levi.
0.21): culls to good, isl.23.iil.lll; Canadians, !-,,t0a
, East Liberty Market,
East Libvi tr, Jan. 13, -Cattle Active; i.liukc,
Hsl.40i0.l0; prime, i3.E0i(J; good, S.33aS,03 Hogs
Active, prime heavies, U0a0,5); heavv juc
iliuiits. fii.45ail.30; light do., ?i(,40; heavv orkvrs,
irll.23aO.20; light do., Aiab.13; pigs. s3.-Oa3.H).
sheep Higher; bet wethers, -r,; culls and
common, tfla:i.50; ve.ulliig., i,sil,73; veal i.ilves,
Oil Market.
Oil (it.v. Jait. ll.-CiitPcatis. no bid; ncdlt
balaniCa, 113; thipments, 173,270 hands; avrr-
age, fcO.002 banels; nuts, 110,81t, batrels; -veraae,
72,200 liaiteU, - '
M Lillian SliulK, of lllughamtMii, V. Y., Is
lsillng her aunt, Mi i, Ihotuas llallttune, of
.South Main olivet.
Ml l.isile Jloiile, pf PhllaiUliihiu, is visiting
hei pateuls on South Main atttet,
Ms. Mallei, ot Cliluchllla, k visiting ,n ,vll,
Jtev. J. X. Ilallcy, this Week,
, blflhday HtrprUo patly not UiidctiM Mt.
Alcli lleckci, at her home on livutonij avenue, m
Friday evening by Ik' neighbors iipd ftleitdi.
Mh. tKtkcf was ptt'se tied with n beautiful dull
as n token of filnnUhlp, About ootenty-tivc
guects wete prcMint,
S'l vices will be lojtluued uch iviuing llrs
week in the 'resbyetau cliutth.
'Ihe Cpwoilli League biitluen liieellug will be
held this evening at the home of Mis Uctte
vine KIiooiioht.
MUj Agues IlutUr v.a, a caller In Seiaiilou
M, Ketti! Hill left today for YUIUniatort,
-IfV-ra Kl"' will iwnd liu rrinalndfi uf tin win-
Wnnt Advertlaementa Will Do
Reeolvod at Any of the Follow
ing Diug Stores Until 10 V. M.
Central City
ALIllinT SCItllLTZ. enter Mutb.-rry
street nd Websler ntettue.
tltlSTAV I'lCIIL'L. 050 Adams avenue.
Wost Side
GllOltai: V. JKSKI.NS, 101 Soulli Main
South Scrnnton
KIIKU L. TKttl'l'i:, 720 Ceilir avenue.
Noith Scrnnton
HI'O. V. I1AVIS, rntiier .North Mifn
venue and Maikct street.
Green Ridge
UIAHIXS 1'. JONKS, 1337 Dicksjn
F. J. JOHNS, f20 Oieen I'.lilge sttcct.
C. LOItHNZ. cuiiicr. Waihlnglon ave
nue and Marlon street.
W. H. K.NIU'FUL, 1017 Irving avenue.
J. 0. BOSU k SOS.
Help Wanted Male.
Indicators. Shaking (hates. Fiunaie llluv,-(is.Sep-aiatois, l'tiinp-, Alaini Water Columns,
Sheet and l'lslon I'atklng, etc Ciiicn 'to tut
Specially Co. Nivv 'phone, lilt Franklin avenue.
WAXIIMI Hellable .voung nun In solicit und
cnllect for tespotislble hon-e. fi pel day to
ttart. (lood ilnnce lor iidviiticemeul. Call iohiii
11, Dull' building.
VAXTi:il A voung man to woik In stoic II.
W. Hallett, 432 Spruce stteet.
WAXTKIl Men to le.tin luiber liude. Xew sys
tem. Fight wieks completes, inducement-
this month. Wages Satuul.iys, Diplo
mas avvatded. Steady poi-illon guil.iiittcd when
thiouah. Yliltc for tiee citalogue. Addic-s
Mold's liuibcr School, .New Voik City.
WANTLD-Hy leading l'lilladelphla home, fiit
class salesman, tu sell general lino of paper
to the retail tinde, one who has an acquaintance
preleired: niui-t have besl rcfeienee and be able
to bond. Address P. 0. Ilo-cO11. Phila
delphia. Help Wantpd Female.
WANTED Middle aged woman for took- and liouscktepei. .Must ionic light nw.t.
.lohp .Suibi-r, H.ibybn lintel, Old Foigc
guaranteed. W. K. Heck i: Son, 230 Wlams
WXTED Clr! for gcnetal housewoik at Dalton.
Address 11. T care Tribune.
Business Opportunity.
.STOCK AND WHEAT TltAIIEUS without ilrlay.
Milte for our spetltl market letter. Free on
application. S. M. Illbhaitl k Co., members N.
Y. Ccnsolfdated and Stock fxchange. II and 10
Droadnay, New Yolk. Established ISrtl. Long
Distance' Plione 23S3 Broad.
Dissolution of Partnership.
licttbj given tliat the copaitiiei.ship be
tween Mud bon F. Ltiklii and John Voik'tlt, ti.ullng as the "Kunii EMiaet Ccin
pany," is dissolved, Madison F. Laikm con
tinuing in the liu.iness with the light to tt-e the.
same linn nime and tollect all .tccitmls .mil piy
all lu'lelitedi.e.v, of the linn.
OFFICE OF the S'cranloii Holt au.l Nut ('".,
Siiniilun, I'a. 'Ihe Annual Meeting cf the
stockholder tit the Seranton Holt and Nut Com
pany, for the election ol dhei-tots for the i ti
ming jcir, and for the tiaiisacliun ut siuit other
biisiue-s as may piopttly be biottglit before It,
will be held at lb? oftlee uf (he Company, nt
llie'Woiks, on Thur-da), January 2.1, at 2 o'clock
1. m. L. 31. IIOH'IOX, Socretaiy.
THE ANNl'AL MEETIXl of the stoeklioldets ot
the hiianton Hidding Company will bo held
in the salesrooms nt the- coinpati.t, (.00 L.tcki
wanna avenue, on Thursday, Januiiy 21, at l.lio
p. ui. F. A. KAISER, Secretary.
THE ANNUAL MEETINO of the stockholders of
the Thiid National Rank, of Scr.tittoii, will
be held Tuesday, January the 14th, 1902. In the
llitectois' looni of the Hank, between the liotr.s
of three and (our o'clock p. in.
W.M. II. PECK, Secrctaiy.
THE ANNl'AL MEETINO of the .stockholdirs of
the Ditnmoic F.lectiiu Light, Heat nml Power
cempany will bo held nt the ndlie of the mm
pane, 30') Liiideu Mieet, Sciautou, Pa,, on Wed
nt'Mlav, Jjini.ii.v 13th, 1002, at 2 o'clock p. to,
for the elcttion of diicttora for the eiiailng .vc.u
and Mich other business as may toino bclnte
them. E. M. STACK", Sectetnry.
THE ANNUAL MEETINO ut Ihe atoikholdeis t.f
The Moolc l'owdct (iiiupiny will bu held
at their olllce In the City ot Sci.iiilon, I'a., i,lt
Wednei-day, January 22, 1002, ut t u'doek p.
in,, for the purpose of electing dheilors lor the
ensuing and transtctlng such otl.ei' luf-ltti-os
M may inmo before them. No tiauslei of nine!;
will be made fur ten d.i)s next ptteediiig the day
of elei tic n.
JOHN 1), SlIEREII, Seciotaij.
THE ANNl'M, MEE'llNti of the stiickholdeis ol
Ihe Then. A. While .Maiinfn lining t otnpany
will be held Tuesda.v, Januiry 21, at 2 p. in.,
in the olllce cf the, 121 Linden strec,
for tho piilie uf healing icputts, clecllng the
boaid ut dltectuis lot the ensuing vcat, and for
the tiJiisit-timi of melt uther bu.liiess as may
pioptlly come btfoie the tueetlug.
L. It. STELI.E, betretaiy.
THE ANNUAL JIEETINC of tlie stoe kholders uf
Ihe llithwoiiil .Slote Company will be I eld
ihe lotiith Wednesday of .Linuaiy, being the 221
ilty uf Jaiiuiiv, 1 002, ill two uMuck i, in., tut'
the puipoMi uf elei ling a lloatil ut Dliettots ami
lor the Hun uf tuih other business us may
lupetly conic befoio the mtetlng.
'HIOS. U. JONES Seeretaty.
Dated Januaiy II, 11V2,
l.STA'li: nf F. D. Stevens, late of lie- Hotuugh nf
Dimmvie, Lackawamit county, P.-unsilvanU,
ilt'i eased.
Letttrs tcslauicntaiy upon tho abovu estate lin
ing bieu giauttsl tu the uiidetBlgued, all petsulis
having claims against the same will ptesuil them
tur pii,tmeut and Indehted Iheltto will
please make Immediate pavnient to
DAN POWELL, AihulliUtiator,
Ccllier (l tlrove and J)!akly Stietts.
, Duiiniute, Pa,
Vvlbl.AIID, WAH1IKX k KVAI'i'.
Attorneys for Estate.
THE ANNUAL SIEKTINtl of the stotkliohUts of
the I heriy IIIvit Hoom Lumber Compauy
wlll be held the tomtit Wednesday of Januaiy,
being the 22d day ot Januaij, 1002, at len o'clock
.(. lit., a tlhe olllce of the OmitiaiiV, Hoard nt
T'tadu Hiilldlug, Seranton, P.t (or the iupi'e jil
elc-ctlng it Ilojld uf Dilicloji, and tot' the ttalis
uctios ut audi oilier btttiuess as inav (iinpeily
coiuu befoio the meeting,
TIIlK E JONE". Seciilai.t.
Dated Jauiuiiv II, I'sij.
IX IIEt liieiiipoialiou vif The Atlluatuu Social
i lull ut httaulcu. Pemisylvauii. In the louti
nt euiiiinuii pleas pf Lackawanna luunlv No. 331,
Jauuiiy tenu, iHri,
Notice is lieiibv given that tin apiilicalion will
be made in ali cumt uu ilonila.v, Januaiy 20tli,
1002, at 0 u'tlock a. in., uudei the Ait uf As
sembly ut the commonwealth ut I'cinn.v Iv unta,
entitled, Vji Act to piovlde fur Ihe iucoiiiora
tloti and legulatlon uf tvilaiii coiimiatloits, up
piotcd Aptll 20, s7t, ami the supplement, there
to, fin the chattel' uf an intended iiiriiuraiuai, lo
be called "'lhc Alllnglon I lub u( Sciau
tou, I'enus.tliaula," lhc- eharsitei and ubleel
whcieot Is tlie iiialntniuiiie ol u ilnb for svcUl
ciijovmcut, and for tlleu tu have, pM
sect, aud-eiijoy all the lights, benefit? and priill
edges ot the said Ait ot Assembly und Its tup
pUiuents. TAYI.OU i LEWIS,
Attorneys lor Applicants.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
Alan Tim I'atir Lines, o Cents tor liacli thlra tin,
Cortlflod Public Accouutant.
F.I)'Altl) C. SI'XL'MltNd, 2.rTHAnr.lIsllAXU
Ilulldlng, and St. Paul Ilulldlng, New York.
FREiii:itit:K l. tinow.v. Aitgti. .. Ri:.ti
Utatp ExtlniiRc Hldg., 120 Washington ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
eptuce stteet. Seranton.
lluomt 12, J4, ic ondflS Harr Ilulldlng.
tlalcd on real estate security. Mears Ilulldlng.
eerner Washington avenue tin! Spttico slrcct.
and rimnscllors-it It.v. lit publican Ilulldlng.
wa'hitigton .tvenif
fcllcrs at law. (VuihiouwvjHIi Ilulldlng, Hoonti
19, 20 and 21.
i:'"v'ni) w tiiayTmi. ATTORNEY. HO0H
OO-l-roi, Oti door, Meat's building.
'" A. WAT,ll:s) A'nOHNEY-Al'-LAW, HOARD
oitititlo Hulldlng, Scinnluu, Pa. .
PArrnnsoN ,t wit.cox. trader's nationais
Hani: Ilulldlng
C. COMKCVfy )-1.; ni'l'IillfJc'AN BUILDISO.
A--.W;.."l:i,T"or'1'. OFFICE MOVED TO NO.
211 Wyoming menus.
Physicians and Surgeons.
ington atentie. Residence, 1!IIS Mulberrv.
Cliitinic uisea.'cs, lu irs, bcait, kidneys and
gciiito-utinarj. ciigans .i specialty. Hours. 1
to i p. in.
Hotels and Bestaurants,
title. Hates tcaonab1e.
P. ZIEOLER, Proprietor.
senger depot. Cunducted on tho European
plan. VICTOR KOCH. Tropilctor
ce3 pools; nn odor; only improved pumps u-ed.
A. H. Uriggt, proprietor. Leave otdcrs 11C0
North Main avenue, or Eitke'.s drug stole, cor
ner Adams and Mulberty. Both telephones.
-frinen, stutc iol XYashington avenue; green
houfc'S, 1030 Noith Main avenue; store tele
phone, 752.
Wire Screens.
Seranton, Pa., iitanufactuier of Wiro Screens.
also ladles waUts. Louise Shoemaker, 214
Adams avenue.
s elopes, piper bags, twine. Warehouse, 11,0
Washlngtcu accrue, Scianton, Pa.
in Seranton at the news stands ot ltclsiiian
Bios.. 400 tptuce and .003 Linden: M. Notion,
.122 Lac'k.ivrauiia avenue; i. S. Schutzcr, 211
Spruce street,
Situations Wanted.
SITUATION WASTED-lly a juting nun as a
teamster lor pilvale family, or uny kind
uf woik; tan l,ive tefitence if teiptiied. Addie-,s
William Muigan, 732 Ktesslet conn.
YOl.'Nti American gltl wauls po-ition at
housewoik in fin ill privnte Iiimllv. Best it
icfetence. II. S., Tiiliune ottlcc.
SITUATION WANTED By a gill to do genual
housework. Call at 213 Putnam alitor.
SITUATION WAN'IED s leimsler ot stabli
Iiom, nr take "aio ot horses. A. II., i1!
Piltston uvuiue.
SITUATION WANTED By a joutig gill Hi ,
old to do liglit housewuik, mirsi- and wash
ing, Addieas 1.'. l 210 Walnut ttret, Dim
iiiute. A
WOMAN, aged 21 .veals, with cvp.lieiico us a
housekeeper, deslies euiplnjiiient at
houstwoik. Addii-ss oi tall 12!) Putiuni slieet.
SITI'ATIOX WANTED-liirl wauls place to do
light hoitsowuik. Address .Minnie SpjiiUlIn,',
15t Susiiuelunii.1 stieet, lllugliuutoii, N, V.
SITUATION WAN'IED H.v c.speileneed Ims
salesman; will .iic-pt iiiodctate salaij. VI. '., (ienetal Delivei.v.
SITUATION WANTED-llv talloies,, all or part
of time, on coats ot ttou-cii-. Addiess II,
eate nf Tilbunc
SITUATION WANTED-ll.v .voting lady with ex
pirlenti1; ilcnites iiosltlun a it stenogt'.ipi"r
and tjpewilter. Addiess A. II,, die of Tiibutni
YOUNO MAX vvWius po-ltiou ill hotel as night
link, aiivthlug in hotel woik; lias good
habits and cm tome well ici'ouiinci.dcd. Ad
diess, J, E. II., 1000 Sitttli Main uveuue. Set in
ton, l'.t.
A TIIOROUHHLV up-to-date, e.perlenccd, first-tla-s
tliitlilng saliMiiau, wauls a job; willing
to piuve ellielcni'y and ability or accept dlsiuUsal
without pav; conipetenl to wtile, edit and ttki
ihatge ut ull uilvcitlstug ill an oiijlnal JillUUv.
Atldrc.'n .1. A. Clogan, Wilkes-Bani', ly,
L F, MesiHBvl. - 'Roy Cheeter Mfgarg.'l.
Spencer Trnsk & Co.,
27 & 29 Pine St,, New York
Inuestinenl SecirifieL
Members New York ttock Exchange.
Bianch Ojljce tj. Slate , St. Albany
f ,