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The Nicaragua Ganal Bill Is Still
in the Gommittee Stage
in the House.
Healings Will Begin on Wednesday.
Gencinl Wood and Others Will Ad
diess the Committee The Senate
Is Still Without Any Definite Plan
of Action Kcpublican Leadeis
Have Practically Decided to Make
Material Seduction in Tariff on
Philippine Impoits.
tl Uuhi-itu Mti ram Hie V-"iiiltd I'nx
Washington, Jan 1 The lcnlly Ini
poitimt woik of the house ot' icpiesen
ntlics, aside Horn tho Nicaragua canal
dill, Is still In the committee stage, so
lint theie is Uttlo of impoituuce to be
tonridcied dining tht! coining week.
Monday will be given to bills affecting
.he Dibliict of roltimbla. Alter that
the pension appiopriallon bill will be
passed. Although this measuu can Its
about X1S9 000,000, it follows the tlepait
ment estimates and dots not inole
any serious issues, so that aftei a Inlet
explanation its passage usually lollows
promptly. The was and means com
mittee has a few minoi bills on the
talendar, for the leclemntlon of ieve
nue stamps made woithless by the le
peal of ceitaln featuies of the w.u icve
nue act. With the disposal of these
bills, theie will be little to engnjre the
attention of the house, and there piom
ises to be sevctul peilods ot adjoin n
ment, duilnsr which time the commit
tees will pei feet the laigti nieasutes to
bo brought befote the house. The thief
Intel est of the week will centei In the
hearings on Cuban leclpioclty, to be
gin at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning
before the wnj,s and means committee.
The he.ulngs will continue for seveial
dajs, and it is expected that Genet al
Wood and othei s ptoiuinent In Cuban
nffuirs, ns well as the opposed
to recipiocity, will adtliess the com
nilttee. Senate Without Plans.
The senate Is still without am defi
nite plan of action for the futuic, and
the indications aio that the pusent
week will witness a gieatei dlspla tit
,utilty In the senate committee moms
than In the senate chambei. Time aie
veiy few matters of Impoi tance on the
t.ilrntl.ii, but enough to engage atten
tion foi a tew hours each daj until
Thuii"day, when the senate piobibly
will adjoin n for the week.
Among the mensuics which theicwill
b( an elToit to get out of the committee
dining the week aie.
Th" Nicaragua canal bill, the Philip
pints taiift bill and the shin subsidy
bill. The Indications aie that the N'lc bill will bo lepoited pi actually
as It passed the house, and that the
shipping bill will not b materially
amended, but the Republican leadeis
hac pi.ieticallv decided to make u mn
teilal leduttlon of the tariff on Philip
pine impoits. It Is not in nimble that
the discussion of cithet of these nties
tlons will beeln for some time. The
utmost that Is to he oMieeteil in that
dilution Is a piellmiuaiy aiiangement
for tousideiatlon. Which of the mns
uics shall leieKe (list attention Is not
yet dotei mined, and t onsidPtnbln nv
aliy Is Ilktly to deelop for precedence
All oi the time measuies will be de
batetl at .some length when taken up hi
the senate.
The Dolphin Sails fiom Washing
ton with Three Men Missing.
11 Exclusive Wire from Itic Associated I'rcu.
Washington, Jan, 12. The dispatch
boat Dolphin sailed fiom AVnshlngton
yesteiday for Poito Hlco. Shu will
make deep sea soundings on tlio way,
will do suivey duty in Potto Ulcan
waters, and will mobably return hero
in April. Her departuic was delayed
by the disappeaianco of Joseph Town
shend, William A. Miller and Magnus
Nlelson, oidinaiy seamen. Tow-unbend
had recently been court martlalled for
leslstliiB uriest, and his sentence was
In abeyance. The men had not been
anested when tlio vessel sailed.
Lieutenant Commander Gleaves, of
the Dolphin, says the men had no grie
vance, and ho does not undei stand
why they left tlio ship.
Alimony of Pugilist's Wife, Five
Hundred Dolla?s a. Month.
By fxclushc Wire from Tlio Associated TroM.
Saratoga, N, Y Jan. I'. Justice J.
W. Houghton yesteiday granted ti de
cree of absolute divorce to Mis. Julia
Woodruff Sclby fiom Not man Selby,
better known as "Kid McCoy," tho
pugilist, who Is now conducting u
sporting place In London. The core
spondent named In the uctlon Is one
Dnlsy Dixon,
To the plaintiff has also been giant
ed alimony of JC00 a month. She will
resume her maiden name of Julia
Woodiuff, The loadhmise on the east
shore of Saratoga Luke and known us
"the Kid McCoy Farm" is owned by
Mrs. Julia Woodruff Selby.
i- -Silk
Dyer's Suicide.
By Ejc1u1c wire from lho Associated I'lew.
Nw York. Jan. 12. Kduard llalthaur, 05 vear
uld, a well known si lie djer ot tliU city loiimilt
ted wIcMe here toda). ll vva piciuintntly ion.
nccted with the silk industries and lud ettensho
jiUiitd ut Haveutraw, . y While uiHrii!
froui 1 neuralgic attack he shut
But the Tieasuiy Department Will
Not Revoke Its Order.
II) I xilnsltc Wire from The "noelalid I'roi.
Wuriilngtnu, Jan U M. tie Maigerio.
seitftaiv of the rieiiih ctnbasv, has
made a ptotest In behalf of the mei
I'httntH of his lountiy against the le
tent Order of the tieasuiv tlenaitnieiit
piohlbltlng the admission of adulter
ated canned fiults to Aineilcan poll.
The asstttion was made that the tanned
goods on whkh the department has
just placed a llgld ban did not contain
enough poisonous acid to make tin in
dangerous. After consldeilng tho pio
test officials dtilded that the older,
which was based on an Invebtlgntlon bv
the deinrtmeiit of agikultuie, would
have to stanil.
The liianufaLtuteis contend that suth
a smnll ainount of sulnluiious acid Is
used for polishing and pieseiviug the
ft tilt that It does not atfet t the riult as
an eatable. Chemists til the dep.nt
meiit ot agiltultute, howevei, saj that
in Mibjeitiug the fiult to the polishing
piocess the acid ptnneates the liult,
and tilt 1 1 b makes It d.inr.cious lm
The Town Elaboiately Decoiated
with Flags M. Waldeck-Ros-
seau and Paity Cheeied.
II) ImIihIyi W lie from Mil ssov.U(ed 1'itvi
St. Ktleniie, ri.tiuc, Jan. .' The
opening of the niinistt'tial electotal
tampilgn heie today piovtd an tiu
iltidllflid success. The wenlhti was
lino and told.
Sltn.0 yesteiday, the i ipltal ot th"
Loiie has been tilled with people fiom
the fauiioundlng dlsliiits and nuineioiis
lsitors lrom Pails ana othci p.uts of
Upsides M. Waldei k-ltosse.ui. the
Fiencli piemler, the mlnisteis ot wat,
mailue, the colo-ilts and commeite,
who In u'tendum u. as weie the jiilu
ilpal mllit'iti and els II otlieials of the
depni tmenl.
'loduj's leienioalHS intlude Islts to
the hospital and other local Institu
tions of St. Ktienne. The town was
rkibiitiitely decoiated with Hags M.
Waldeck-Hopscau and the other minls
teis wcifgteetod with eheeis and ciies
ot "Vle La ltenublkiue," "Vive La
Gouencment," and "Vive Loubet."
Upon leaving one of the hospitals
which was founded In lfiSO, the Fiendi
piemlei said:
"It Is not a hospital that I base Just
Mslted: It Is the et.tlbule to the
nioigue'." He pi utilised to do his ut
most to sctuie government aid In
building another one. After dinner at
tin- Hotel D'Vllle. at which Wa'deek
Housseau's speech was conllned to lo
cal toplts, came the unelliug of the
statute to Maile Joseph Francis Gui
lder, a taptaln of tin- Fiench nay and
an exploter, boin here In 1S39, and
whose elf tuts helped to obtain for
Fiance her colcTnlal possessions of An
num and Tonkin, w hero Captain Gar
nlei was assassinated In 187,'! by the
"ISIaek Flac." Th" umcilitig of this
statue was made the occasion of a ovation to the Fiench piemier
and the othei mlnisteis.
A leceptlon by the delegates to the
lahur and commeiclal organizations
followed. In the evening, at a banquet
at the piefeetuie. offered the Fiench
premier by the Itppublltans of the de
pal ttneut of the Lohe. M. Waldetk
Uofeseau, icplyln to a toast to his
health, made his piiucipal speech of
the day. In It he set loith the posi
tion of the government, In view of the
coming geneinl elections.
The speech took the form of a ic
vlow of the polity of the government
and the woik of the ptosent legislatuie.
It expiessed tho linn conviction that
the elections would lesult In a sulk
ing Ictory for the republic mid oer
tluow all the foices of reaction.
M. Waldeek-Uosseau declared that
since the formation of his iiilnlstiy the
country had iicquhed n security un
known for a long time und that it ic
tiuiied an incut able pessimism not to
iccognlze that the bad days had gone
by, When the cabinet took otllce, he
said, the factions of the paity which
legutded Fiance as its own pioporty
and patriotism us a political Industiy,
the solo patent of which It confeited
upon Itself, was piepuilng to usuip
power by the e-cticlse of erltablo
tjtauny, and that within the Hist year
this tyianny was succeeded by material
ami moral dUotdei.
He ice ailed tho sweeping Uepubllian
vlctoiy In tho municipal elections, ntul
said that the hour for action, Instead of
defence, had seemed to have nrihed,
und that the government .submitted a
pi ogi amine of lefoims. He stud the
adoption of the law of associations had
nuiiked a decisive step forwuid tiom
the point of luw of economic develop
ment, and its guarantees of society.
Notwithstanding a pioductlou uf agita
tion, the speaker said thu law of as
sociations had begun to be executed,
and that It would be tan ltd out In tho
splilt In which It was conceived, with
out passion and without weakness,
llefeiilns to the iiioi legislation,
which had lesulted in a loss to the
tieasuiy, the piemier said that tho
transltoiy deceptions attilbuted to this
law wen' not too heavy a pi Ice to pay
foi tho suppiession of the bcouigu of
akohollHin which tlncntened tho veiy
eNlstenco of the race.
Alluding to the naval piogramme of
F'unee, M. Waldeck-nosseau said that
jub-inurlne boats, the constiucilou of
Which was duo to Fiench genius, weie
calculated to oveitutn tho laws of
naval pie-eniluence,
The ptemlci spoke of tho develop
nient of Fiench-Afilcnn emplio and
said that the eneigetlo action In tho
far I Jus t had given Fiench lullueucc ft
new attthoilty,
"Tho piesenco of the Itnllan ut Tou
lon," said the inline minister, "Inn
shown that we arc capable of Instilling
sympathies, and tho presence of the
czar of Russia at Uethonv hns shown
that we are able to stiengthen an al
liance and Ineicasc our stiength In the
confidence she has succeeded In In
spiling und In the sphit of eciulty
which she has shown In nil foielgu le
latlous. Wo have thus better set veil
the Intel csts of the countiy than by a
policy of bluster, which Is moio calcu
lated to nlaim eveiybody than fright
en anjoiie. Other men may have con
ceived loftier designs but they could
not have shown that good faith or pei
seveinnce. "The woik accomplished b tho lepr
lslaune penults us to eontemplule the
futuie tonlldentlv. "The coming con
sultation with the countiy will be a
gi eat'-i v Ictoi y for the l epubllc, bo
cause we shall Impose upon ouiselves
a stt later discipline."
M. Waldeck-nousscau concluded by
leculllng the tactics of the adveisarles
of the l epubllc. He said the lltst antl
Hepubllcan coalition had been fonned
of contnullctoiy elements which had
found no title that they could avow
as thelis The speaker dubliPil It the
"nameless piitj" and said that later
It took the name of the faction ot tho
soldier Iloulanger.
"Todav It Is Nationalism," he said,
"the name of expectancy, allowing
each element to eheilsh the hope of
duping the othei s. It Is the inonaichv
or Cacsailsin of tomoiiow, a connect
ing link between aibttoctats who have
become familial and demagogues who
have become luuightj. The clevti men
who sought success In this equivoca
tion have made a false c.tltul ltlon.
Thev took too gieat caie to hide them
selves lrom tin- ancient paities and
thus signed theh abdication and giad
uall, atctKtomed the countiy to take
note' of theli definitive downfall
The twentieth ientui llss on It
has foievei tllspeised the tulns of io
alty, Oileanlsni and emplie and the
Fienth demoeiaty Is picpailug to pass
sentence on the vain paiodles and bad
foigeries of stneeie palilotlsni and on
the splilt of levolutlon "
At the com luslon of the bulletin t the
Fiench piemiei who was accompanied
by his wife, took the tialn foi Pails
He was enthusiastic illy cheeied bv
the clowd at the station. The other
niinisteis will lemnln heie to p.nllii
pate In the conclusion of the festivities
The thieatened hostile domonsti.t
tlons did not otcur and good oidei was
The Nicaiaguan Officials Will Confer
with Piesidents of Other States
of Cential Ameiica.
Rv 1 ilu-ii' Wire ficmi 1 lie Vvotlateil l'ies
Managua, Xicaiagua. Jan. 1J Viesl
doni Zelava. the mlnisteis ot his t ihl
net and seveial other Nlcaiasruan olll
tials hive left heie loi the pent ot Coi
Into, on the Pacific, whoie they will
meet and confei with tho piesidents of
the other states of Cential Ameilcu,
who will assemble theie upon the In
vitation of Piesident Zelaya.
Geneinl Teieuclo Shi a, piesident of
Hondmas, and Geneial Tonias Reg
aldo, ot Salvadoi, aie already on their
vvav to Coilnto. Tho piesidents of tho
other lenubllcs, or their lepresenta
tlves, aie lepoited as Intending to go
to Coilnto latei. The obfect of these
meetings Is dcclaied to lie the pitsti
vatlon of peac e. Thc.v will omit .1 iini
ai y 15 and IT.
SIsteis of Charity Save Hy Wong
from Being Offeied Up to Joss.
lis h c lu-ivo Wilt fiom I lie Vssoilitul I'iim,
Haker City, Ote., Jan. 12 A human
sacilllce was pi evented by the timely
aiilval of some sisteis of ehailtv upon
the scene In this city. Hy Wong, a
paialyllc Chinaman, who has been n
county chin go, was leturned to the
cate of his tountiyinen In Chinatown,
While ho was an inmate of the county
hospital, his que had been out off. On
this at count, the Chinese madp pap
ulations to offer him as a sacrifice to
Hy Wong managed to get a message
to the sisters at the hospital and they
lescued hlui befoie his life was taken.
It Is nsseited that all piepaiatlons for
Hy Wong's execution had been com
pleted when the sisteis ai lived at the
Joss house,
Ten Thousnnd Dollais Contributed
to Fund by Pittsburg Woi leers.
II) Kxdiwlic Wire lrom 'i tie Associated l'rcsj.
Plttsbuig, Jau, 12, Ten thousand
dollars was yesteiday eoutilbuted to
the national fund tor a McKlnley uie
niotlal by the worMiigmcn of Hoine
stead. It was one of the laigest
amounts foi this pui pose that has been
iiilsed In Western Pennsylvania, and
the amount, togethei with the names of
those who donated to the tause, will
be forwnidid to the dltectois of the
McKlnley ineiiioilal tommlssloti In
Washington eutly this week.
The inajoilty of tho woikingmen
gave a halt da's pay, fiom the low
est laborer to the heads of dcpait
rnents. Thcte weie a few, honour,
who gave nothing.
1 l.xthunc Wire (rum 'I lie Assutitinl Vttu.
I'lllUikliiMi, Ian. J.' Ilit, Uilgn, in it, coal
jrtlclc toinuiiou ull sait.
'Tlit' iintlii ultv trade iuunu Hid u-ual
inldulnttr iunlliii3, 'fie cur sIiqiu'i., nlorni
ulbti ut t Ions tu trail lortallon und minim; md
ollitr clKliuillliy lue inttifeud ullli Hie niovi,
mint pf foal, Imt the conii.iiili an suullng fur.
uard all Inn toiuuuc the) can traiijugrt, ua tin
dtiiuiid tontliim$ tl and lie maiket lakc all
that tan he pit lu ihlcwanr iirt-i or, to ton
snmtis. l'lites are fully liulntalnetl uud ocein
ficlfhts aie firm. Tliu eoniijaulcu aie now Lnilly
engaged in nuklnp up. their statistical i ,oiU o(
the hest coal jtai tlity iter hate hau, and are
btnlnnliii; u new )car ukltli H tvotti'd to la
full) i good.
War Correspondent Graham Tells
Storij ot the Santl-
ci(o Battle.
Views of the Fight with the Spanish
rieet Obtained on Board of tho
Biooklyn A Defense of Admiral
Schley Coi respondent's Veislon of
the Signals on the Arrival of the
New York.
B. t'tliniie Wire from The voclated PrcH
Chleirro, Jan.' 12 A book entitled,
"Pehley and Santiago" Is In press In
this city and will bo Issued within 10
das. The author is Oeoige IJ. Gin
ham, a vvai coiiespondent, who has
had exceptional facilities for Kntheilnff
materials as he was on boaid the
Ihooklyn dining the fight with the
Sp mlsh fleet. The book Is wild to have
the unqualified endoisement of Rear
Admlial Schley. When President
Itocwevelt was froveinor of New Yoik,
he was piesent when Mr. Oiaham gave
an ae-ount of the battle to state otli
eials and membeis of tho leglslatuie
and sa'd:
"X am sure j ou feel as pleused at
having listened to Ml. Graham as I
do, for I have listened to the best ac
count I have every beard oi lead of
the naval fighting during this win."
This book Is the flist and only com
plete stoiy of the woik of the fbing
stttndion, tommanded by Sthley. Mr.
Giahnm was assisted by his camera,
which enabled him to add many In
tel esting ilitistintlons and the account
ho gives of the movements of the fleet
and the battle Is evidently sincere. It
is fiee of indent and peisonal at
tacks; tho aim is to give N a tiiithful
statement ot eveiv oeeuirenee In
connection with the aitlval ot the New
Yoik, Mi. Giaham sajs;
"The coiiunodoio leached over to
me, took my glasses and looked
seaichlngly to the east, bajlng slowlv
as ho did so: 'There Is the Teas and
theie is. the Vixen, hut I don't see
thtijiNevv Yoik, 'and then, as Jn kept
the glasses up, -In an Instant he evi
dently bad found hoi. for he lemaikcd:
"Yes. theie she Is, 1 can tell hot by
ht'i smoke."
This was at I li o'clotk aftti the
Colon had gone ahote, while Captain
Cook had iteelved the sut lender of the
vessel. At f o'clotk, just as the Ni'vv
Yoik lnd got within '..igualling dis
tant e. Commodoie Schley oidei ed tho
signal taised: "A glorious vlctoiy has
been achieved, details later.' This sig
nal l enlaced the one which we had
been living for nearly thtee-riuaiteis
of an houi: 'The enemy has sunend
eied,' and which the New Yoik had
not answered. Vainly the signal offi
cer on the bridge watched th New
Yoik for even tho courtesy of an an
sweilng pennant showing that she un
dei 3tood our signal. None was dls
plajed and then It nppaiently dawned
upon Commodoie Sehlej's mind that
Sampson's ling captain on the New
Yoik was Intent on Ignoring him.
Picking up the megaphone, Commodoie
Schley did the one thing that dav fot
which I have alwais criticised him,
lowering his dignity sufficient to plead
with the commander of the ileet that
he might have the surrender of the
ship wheie escape had been fiustiated
by the 13iooklvn and the Oiegon, thus
making complete tho day's vlttoiy.
" 'I lequest the honor of tho bin tend
er of the Cilstobil Colon,' ho said In a
eleai, distinct voice, and fiom the
commander-in-chief's tlagshtp came
wnfted back tho Insolent nnswei fiom
aloft: 'What?' 'I letiuest the honor
ol the suriender of the Cristobal Co
lon,' ngaln called the commodoie, and
this time his volte trembled slightly.
We watched the bridge of the New
York closely, waited Intently for an
answer, but nonoji, came. And that
message, ns had all the others pieced
Ing It since the desti uctlon of the
Spanish fleet, which had been addiessed
by Schley to tho Now Yoik remained
unansvveied. Somebody i.ilsed a broom
nt our masthead on one of the pennant
linlvardB nud the ciew of tho Oiegon
followed suit and then gave three
cheers for Commodoie Schley, On the
Texas the men lined up on the foi waul
deck ond at the of somebody
aboard I piesumo of Philip himself
gave till en cheers for Commodoie
Schley. The little Vixen elided
aiouud thtce or four times, her ciew
yelling themselves Iiouim! for the
HiooKlyn, for Schle) und for the crew.
Hut fiom the New Yoik tame never
u sound and nevei a cheer"
Mrs. CiistnPs Chaued ami Lifeless
Body round by n Policeman.
II) Melinite Ulro fum'llie AovK'Utnl I'rtu
Washington, Jan 12. Jlis. Mario
Cilstal, aged 7-', was llteially loasted
to death last lllshl. Hei chatted and
lifeless body was tounil lu hei loom by
a policeman, who had been snioku Is
suing fiom tho place, The woman's
death was a mysterious one and Mni
tln distal, her son, is In Jull, await
ing tin Investigation.
She was u ltubslau. riicuinstauces
Indicated that hhe made a stiuggle for
life us her bod) was found some ills
tamp fiom tho bed vvheio she had
been lilug sick,
Collie j y Will Resume.
II) hu)i)hc Nile from "the .sotUted I'll)
bhcitiniliuli, I'll , Jan. .'. The ItnltkubotUr
and bheiuitdoali (olileiles ot the Heidlii'.- Coal
and Iiun toiutan), and the Lam-emu toUlery of
the hthairtr estate, uhltli t(io lend.ied Idle 1
the heavy flooilt (our uiU ao, illl icminj cpi
utfoiui touioiltiiv. .VUiut .',liJ mtn a'ud to)4 will
Lc glvtii cnij'Io) limit.
The Washington Dressmaker Talks
of the Mysterious Assault.
l)y Kxclmhe Wire from The AnocUtrd Trew.
Washington, Jan. 12. Mrs. Ada Gil
bert Dentils, the fashlotiablo modiste,
who wan tnurdeiously assaulted on the
night of Dec. !), was nhlo for the Hist
time today to make a statement. The
police have been hopeful that what she
would say would tin on some light on
the motive for the ti line or lead to the
dlhcoveiy of the peipetrutor, but Mrs.
Dentils' statement contained nothing
that would give any clue In cither dl
lec'tlon. She said she lemcmbered nothing Im
mediately pioceetllng the attack on her,
and said the blow was struck while she
was asleep. Nor had she the remotest
Idea who committed the assault nor
the motive for It. Mis. Dennis said she
had not been out ot the Iioubc din
ing the evening of the night of the as
sault, and that bjfote le tiring she had
locked the door to the front and back
pallors. The latter she occupied as a
bed-ioom. One feattue of Mis. Den
nis' statement that puzries the police Is
that she said her icvolvei and her
money weie under bet pillow when she
letlred. When the crime was dls
coveied the next morning the revolver
was In a diawer of a secietary nearby,
and the money was In n pocket-book In
a bos on a table near the bed. The
police aie mote mystified than evei
over the nffah.
Mrs Dennis' condition today wus
veiy much linpiovvd, and the attending
physicians now bellpve she will ie
Engineer of Tiain Killed The Sing
er Sustains Biuised Shoulder.
Pianist Simmons Huit.
It) Milii'ite Vine hum llie ViTOiited lre.
Rome, Gn., Jan 12 As a result of a
collision betvvpeu a passengei tialn and
a fi eight tialn on the Southern Rail
way tliis morning near Reeves station,
twelve miles noitli of Rome, Mme. Lil
lian Nordlea, the singer, was Injuiod;
her pianist, 13 ltomalue Simmons, sus
tained a bmtbc'd hand, an engineer was
killed ond tluee other employes of the
load were Injuied. Engineer Frank
Tr.icpy, in attempting to jump, was
caught between the two locomotives
and crushed to death.
Mine. Noidlta's private ear was at
tached to the lear of the passenger
tialn. When the collision oecurted,
Mme. Nordlea was asleep in the pil
v ite state room of the car. The sud
den Jar threw her fiom her bed to the
tloor. It Is expected that she sustained
a badly biuised .shoulder and the mus
cles of her neck aie said to have been
stialncd. Dr. Gaillngton, the lallroad
compan's sutgeon heie, attended the
ringer. He stated tonight that Mme.
Noidlca was not badly hint and lie
thought she would be able to fill her
engagement at Chattanooga tomoiiow
Mi. Simmons, her accompanist, sus
tained Injuries lo his right hand.
Mr. Biush Issues a Statement Re
garding Spalding's Scheme.
II) l'xcltii-he Wire from The .Viiochled Pros.'..
Indianapolis, Jan. 12. John T. Biush
todav Issued an elaboiate nnd conob
oratlve statement. In which he dis
cusses A. G. Spalding's proposed base
ball trust, which he says was blocked
bv himself and riunk DeHans Kobl
son. The documents in evidence are
copies of letteis and telegiams passing
between Messis Hart, Spalding, Hobi
bon and himself, also conveisatlons,
which .no proven by letteis.
After declining Spalding to bo the
oilglnal piomotei of what is known as
the base ball tiust, Mr. Brush leads up
to a meeting with Ml. Spalding In Chi
cago, wheie he was made acquainted
with Spalding's plan to oignnlze on the
lines of the American Dlcycle tiust. Mr.
Hiush furnished a copy of a letter writ
ten by him to Mr. Roblson on July 15,
at Hip solicitation of Messis, Spalding
and Hint, with the view of securing
Mr. Hoblson's consent to join Mr.
Spalding In hla efforts to formulate a
base ball trust, also of the form of op
tion that he was asked to sign, which
was tho same as that used by Mr.
Spalding when he formed the bicycle
trust. In this letter Mr. Biush Intoims
Mr, Roblson of his opposition to Hpnld
Ing'h proposed tiust, fearing that under
Its w taking the Cincinnati club might
be plated In a plight of some sou In
which Its Intel ests could not bo pio
New York Central Tunnel Victims
Now Number Seventeen,
lly rcultihc Wire from The Ajiotiated I'resi.
New Yoik, Jan. 12. The death list
caused by the New Yoik Cential tun
nel accident, was today swelled to sev
enteen. Wlnfleld I'lutre, who hud submitted
to tho amputation of one of his legs,
died today at Flower hospital. Ho
lived at New Hochelle,
lllcluud Mollneux-, another New Ho
i hello man, who Is at the same hospi
tal, Is leported to bo In a ptecaiious
condition, The other patients aie pio
giesblng Jin ot ably.
Tann Hand Mmdeied.
It) Kiclule w ho f i oin the Associated I'rttu
I'hlludiliilila, Jan 12 -William Mitite, an
utail farm hand it ()nd, itir lire, j nun.
tkiid sunn I lino last ni,ht m ir that plate. Ills
hod) via found tcdi) In a clump ot wiu'N. the
sl.ull had hetli tin. lied und the face halttrrd in.
I'oiu jh nous wliti nhom he had u miaml ic
ttlila) afleliomi, weie placid under aiiut l the
Moiittttntur) Liiimt) police on vuc pNluii of l.non.
Ini; bomilhlntr uLuut the crime.
Steamship Arrivals.
II) I'ulmhe Wire from The ,VotIitcd I'reM.
.New v.oik, Jan. U Anited: Hrurla, l.itti.
pool and Qtift-mtoun; i Uaocotiiu, llaiie; An
liukto Victoria, llambuiv, isouthamploii and
Chcrbouig; I'alatla, Jlamhuiff airi Houlojuo.
ttuvic Arrived: La Clianipajne, New York,
Set Pile to Herself nt Gas Jet While
Drawing a Bath.
II) l!xtlule Wire frbm Tho An'otlated l're,
Orange, N. ,T Jan. 12. As a lesult
of burns received this motnltig at the
home of Sidney M. Colgate, nt No. Mi
Centre street, Orange, Mlis Marlon
Dalgilc, a nursemaid, died late this af
ternoon at the Otange Memorial hospi
tal. Miss Balgrle, who was twenty
years old, was a daughter of Andrew
W. Ualgiie, of East Orange. Mr. Col
gate Is one of the well known ill in of
soap manufacturers of New Yoik.
Miss Galgrlc, It Is thought, caught
Tie from n gas Jet while di awing a
bath for tho little Colgate child. Prob
ably not until she felt tho flames did
the maid leallze her danger. She
lalsed no otttciy then, but lan fiom
the bathioom Into the nuiseiy, wheie
the Colgate child was asleep In bod.
Another mnld was In the nursery, but
Miss Iinlgrle eluded her und ran Into
the hall, still not making an outciy.
In the main hall she gave a shriek
which lesounded through the house.
Mr. Colgate, who was In IiIb own bath
room, alairned at the outcry, hastily
inn into the hall. At the same mo
ment Mis. Colgate ran fiom her apart
ment at the other end of the hall, lioth
started at onco toward the binning
glil. The llames had by that time
piactlcallv burned off her dress. Re
moving an eiderdown lobe, which she
wore, Mis, Colgate throw It about the
glil,. and she and Mr. Colgate
cairied her Into another apart
ment, where they enveloped her In a
t ug. In subduing the llames Mrs. Col
gate was quite badly burned on both
hands, and Mi. Colgate was binned on
his right hand, his left aim and his
The American Columns Drive the
Loboo Rebels from Their Bar-
xacks and Hamlets.
Uv I'xcltWte V ire from 'the tjsociatcd I'resi
Manila, Jan. 12. Tho news received
n om Batangas province Is cheerful.
The expedition to Loboo, in Batangas
has been a complete success The col
umns under Colonels Whit and Wells
have desti oyed a laige number of bai
lacks and hamlets and enough rations
to keep 20,000 Filipinos for six months
Theie was not a single American cas
ualty during tlio enthe expedition. The
encniv fled befoie the Americans, many
of them were killed and soeral sui
l endered.
Major Hemy Allen, lounerly gover
nor of the island of LeMe and now
chief of the Insulin constabulary who
has been making a tour of Inspections
through the Islands of Leyte and Min
danao, has returned to Manila and
teports that the native constabulary Is
fully able to contiol the situation in
the piovlnce of Mlsamls, In Northern
Mindanao, where he thinks the situa
tion hns been much exaggerated. Pre
vious repoits concerning this piovlnce
caused Generals Davis and Wade to re
quest that It bo returned fiom civil to
military control.
With the exteptlon of the chuich
the entlie town of Qulngua, In Iiula
can province, L117011, was burned to the
giound and thousands of Filipinos hnve
been lendeied homeless.
Commissioner Beinaid Moses, head
of the department of public insti uctlon
for the Islnnds, has dellveied an ad
diess to the tencheis of Manila In
which he paitlculaily uiged the con
tinued Instiuetlon or Filipino chlldien
in Hnglish. Ho .said tho membeis ot
the wealthy Filipino classes were mak
ing a gieat mistake in sending their
children to Spanish schools, as the
consequent neglect in English Instiue
tlon would injuie their position and
standing In the islands which would
Inevitably and lndlssolublv become a
poition of the American nation.
Hon. Richaid Reid Dobell Thrown
from a Horse.
By Exclusive Wire from The Assoclited 1'ren.
Folkestone, Jan. 12. The Hon. Rich
ard Reld Dobell, Canadian minister
without portfolio, was tin own from his
hoise, near heie, yesteiday, and Is
Mt and Mrs. Dobell ai rived here a
week ago, and were Joined by Major
Hull, their son-in-law, and his family.
Mr. Dobell and Major Hull lode to
gether to Hythe, Saiuidiiy, attended by
a gloom, They weio leturnlng In the
afternoon and had I eat lied the foot of
Shot midlife tanm, when Mr. Dobell's
iimuii urn Ktartlett bv a motor car going
at an oulhuuy pace, and tlnew Its
rider, who tell upon ni neau. air.
Dobell was can led to u toool convules
fpiit home, wheie ho leci'lvcd medical
atteiidaiiti' He uevtr icgaliittl ton
m loudness
Working for Eight-Hour Bill.
lit I veil.. lie Win twin I hi Aijotiatid rei
Vm v,oil, .lm 1-'- Jiuuk I MtCiilon, thalr
man ol lliu t,'Ulatlve luinmitteo of tlio .Nation i
Wodallon of I'lktoftko lltrUt, lepoited lo a
luittlntr uf hunch No I, held line tcdi), un die
pre rum nt the tlavdhiatloli an 1 i li,lil hour I III,
which the a fotlulon U niKln.' lo hate u'ed
In ..un,,.... Hit hidl fmiL'i.iOiu li and tid-am iaIlii
all owi tht tiiuntry hate h) lettii it:nllUd thtir
approval or lie Hill.
H) l.vtliilu Wire from 'flu? .Wuiatid l'ref.
Mlentoun, Pa , Jap. 1J John Hon in, one ''
AIIuitnuii'4 wealthiest nuithaiits, vice pml
ilt nt of tho J.elngli Valley Trut und bafo Pe
poult toinpan.v, died toda), UKed U) jur. He
wirit lo Oalifoinli in It 19 where he i a btul
ntw aMOtiate and inlinuto friends of Mcs.
bharon. UaiLi), Hood, O Ilrien and othti bo
nanza Mini, uturnlnjr in IftckS. During the Citil
war he uned In Captain rrcKotl' cavalry coin
pany ot mlncK.
Hcnru Pearlstein, Wile and Five
Children Perish In the
An Entire Family Wiped Out in a
Mysterious Conflagration. Which
Occuired Yesterday Morning'.
Joseph. Supowski, Owner of tho
Building, and. His Brother-ln-Law,
Karl Braci, Have Been Arrested.
Bjr Exclusive W lie from The Aoclated Pre
Buffalo, X. Y Jan. 12. Henry Peail
ntelu, his wife and five children, rang
ipg In age fiom one nnd a half to l'i
yeais, w ere binned to death at an early
hour this moinlng In a lire that de
sti ojod a two-stoiy frame building.
Joseph Supowski, who owned tho
building, ami Kail BiacI, his biothei-In-law,
have been anested pending an
Supowski can led an lnsuiunee of
$9,000 on the building and its contents.
The I'enrislelns and another fnmlly
lived lu looms above the shoe store,
and weie asleep when the lire started.
Supowski told the police today that ho
accidentally dionped a lamp. A few
minutes after the die began theie was
a loud explosion that blew out the
fiont of the .stole and hurled some ot
the contents ot the windows Into the
middle of tho street. Plate glass w in
flows on the opposite side of Broadway
weie shntteted .md the sound of the
explosion was heard two blocks away.
The llames enveloped the building In a
shoit time. The family living In the
icai Hat baiely escaped with their
lives. The Peai Istelns were awakened,
but before they could reach tho only
stairway leading from their looms, the
file had undei mined the floor in tho
hallway and it collapsed, carrying them
down Into a mass of llames. Their
chaued bodies wete found aftei the
fli emeu had extinguished the flames.
The body of the mother and baby w era
found together, the little one tlghtlv
clasped in Its mothei's aims. Peail
stein's body was found close to that of
his wife. He also held one of the chil
dren in his aims. The bodies of the
other tluee chlldien were found hud
dled together close to the father's body,
An Elaboiate Progiamme to Bo Pie
pared foi- His Entertainment.
Ily Evclusive Wire from The Associated I'resJ.
Washington, Jan. 12. The announce
men that Prince Hemv of Prussia,
brother of Ihnpoior William, will como
to tho United States nt an early day,
already has caused much interestltiE
speculation ns to the details ot his re
ception. The programnia for his cntei -tainment
will be an elaboiate one, ap
propriate for his high station.
He will be met In New York by rep
resentatives of President Roosevelt, an
olllcer will bo detailed fiom tho army
tuid one from the navy to arrange for
the convenience of the pilnco and to
accompany him. He is an admiral in
the German navy, and when ho arrives
ut New York will be gieeted by a sa
lute of tvventy-ono guns, which Is th
same as a piesidentlal salute.
On his at rival In Washington, Pilnco
Henry will bo lecelved by tho presi
dent und will bo Invited to become the
guest of the nation. Whether he will
caie to accept this Invitation or to stay
at the Got man embassy Is not known,
The Distinguished Inventor Will Bo
Guest of Electrical Engineeis.
U) Inclusive Wire from The AswUted Press.
New Yoik, Jan. 12. Signer William
Marconi, Inventor of wheless teleg
laphy, arrived hero today fiom Can
ada wheie lie has been the guest of tho
Dominion govet nnient. Tomorrow eve
ning he will be the guest of honor at
tho annual banuuet of the American
Institute of Electrical Ihiglncois. He
will sail for ICiuope on Wednesday.
At the banquet tomoirovv evenlntj
Slgnor Mm conl Is expected to speak of
his leceut achievements, Others on
the list of Hpeakern aio Lieutenant
Geneial Ntlson A. Miles, near Admltal
Iliadtord and Piof. Pupln, of Coluni.
bla uulveirity,
Fox Plant Put chased.
P) l uluiite W ire from The Auoclited Viitt
lolltl, 111 , Jan ri-It is unofficially report"!
lino that the lulled Matu Steel corpoialton
haa iHiichattil the lov Pressed Stetl compiii)'
tsork and that that plant will resumo work tlif-t
uirk limit i ut in uuijeinent. Of tic I lU hue ran
n.i tonlirm the minor, 'the Vox plant liaj Ixui
idle lnu laot uinnier, on account ot labor trou.
bin llie mill hai tlio latest Improved inathlntr),
jtmplo) buieral hundred men and male ttccd
tjiu and timlu
- -r
Washington, Jan, 1J. forecast for Jlon.
-f day and Tuesda) : Eastern I'eniu.vhanM 4-
-f fair In foutli, clearing In northern twrtlon'
4- Monday; Tuesday fair continued cold,
4- bibk winds UlinliiUhln; by 4-
4- Monday nlsliti Wednesday fair,
f4-- 4-.t4:-T-t4-4:.t-fV.
ftrrijffiiliiir'nttiii fw -")-'fr Jf
intttttttti mm f i I nfh 1 1 HiM ii -awu h ti 1 1 TTni imiriii miiib iimii ii ii-- "Tjm Minisa i i
u.fcM:vi'(c .''-- - '-'- f iHrffftJlV'; V,-j& .