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f 9- A"- -"-s-i -i
,-Jm. , f - - -.-C
-- '- ! -
TteNewsof' Catflboaclale .
to V . i
Railroad time-tables.
"Delaware; ivnd -Hudson BalUoad.' ,
JZ 3fovember 21, life. '
STralns lc4VTMllu1slo nt L-tlj- Bt.tU6n ti fol-
Por Scullion nntl, 7.W, S.00,
P.OI, 10.01, 11.21 n. III.) 1.00, I.-. 2.M, H.S0,
c:0o, 7.ofl, lo.oi, ii.oo i. in, . , ,-
Sunday Imliu lent at S.Wi, 11.21 a. "! -,l
2.J0, D.oO. 8.00 p. m, . ., , ..-,
'For Allmiiv. SjuIorh, MonlrMl. ,".SV.. T.
JjjRlallil points, etc., 7.00 n. HI.! 4.W I'--;'1,'-
v,J wajinnrl ntiil llotioil.ilo, 7.22, lt-'" ' ,'1'!
S.51, 0.13 p. in. . ,, ,,,,,
Sunday tmliM Irmo Wayitt.iii mul ltonWilall
I'O.RO i, J iM ii. m, ,,,,,.
Train? arrive ot Catboinlille Irom Will'" '"
mill StMtilnn in follo'vi: (I..VI. S.!!7. -"'; J V,
til-S 32.37, 2.00, :i.l!l, I.2&, M.0S, 7.01, P.3I. I'-i'i
11. 117 i. Iil.i .2.0S a, in. ,,.n -,
Sunday Irulrn nrilve lit 0.2" a. in. S l'--10' ' '
i.U, (I.2U, n,no it. m. , ,,.,
Sunday Iralni nrrlvi lit C.irhmul.ilr iim "''
m.ift and Hnncnlnle nt 12.17 ami .-"' !' '"
Now Y.ork, Ontnrlo and Western.
sept. 17, inoi. .
.Train lcaV Cubotiilalc tor Scranlon al ,.00 a.
Ji.f 1.00 p. in.
''iiiiday tr.ihw at 7,00 a. in. i 0.00 p. in.
TmIiii lime e.irboniHc tor point norm nt
11,10 a. in.- On butuljy nt H.10 a. in. lutiu
leaving at 11.10 a, in. week tlj 4 mill IU0 a. in.
(Mtiidais coimcclloiH tor New' Yotl., Loin
Mall. rto.
Trains airlvp from Ptrautoti al 11.10 a. m.t f'.IO
p.. In.; from iiolnti north, 1.00 p. in. Sumlaja
froin Srranton nt all) a. in. and 7.1., p. m.i
(loin Cado'lii at 0.0(1 p. m.
Erie Bnllrond.
.llllK- 2.!, IM01.
Tl.iltu lent- tlj.v station, Carbond.ili', ilJby
Oxeipt suml.iv) at I'M a. in. and l.,":l p. in. lor
l'.i'.lli'll nml Mncw-ti; nt !..::! .1. in., dally (e-i-uptlns, lor IIIiihIiiiiiIuii. nul.ins: ,'un
nrrtloiii for New Vnik ilty and llnfl'.ihi. and at
I'.IO p. in, for Su'tpk'liannj, iu.iLlti luiincctiont
fi-l' wcti'in point.".
Sunday Ir.iim nt 0.1.7 a. in. for Siiiiiui'h.inii.i,
Mllli ulcrii i-unm-i-dom, and (!?" p. in., with
fame i mnirrtlon.
Tialiu arrive- at S.M a. m. anil .".15 p. in.
Sund.ijs at 8;5'j a. in.
The Republican Primaiies for City
Election to Take Place Between 4
rind 7 This Evening What Mr.
Bommelmeyer Says of His Candi
dacy for Mayor.
The city Republican primaries, In
.vlilcli the candidates for election in the
spring will he nominated, will take
place this uftenioon between 4 unci 7
o'clock, mid ns the result Interest rs
keyed to n high pitch throughout the
city. This widespread interest Is at
tributable, to two things the fuel that
tlie Crawford county rules will lie ap
plied, for the first time, to municipal
elections In furhondnlc, and the num
ber of candidates who have manifested
their wishes to fill three important
otllces that are to be voted for, namely,
mayor, treasurer and controller.
For mayor there are three candi
dates. Frank jlonnnelineyer. Ii. A. Rob
erts and Hon. 1U. T. Burke.
Mr. Roberts, as is well known, seeks
the nomination as the pronounced rep
resentative of the municipal water pro
ject. He has been the chief worker In
this movement and Is now more en
thusiastic than ever In this cause.
Jlr. Burke was first mentioned as a
candidate for treasurer, hut later cast
his chances with those seeking the
nomination for mayor.
What Mr. Bommelmeyer Says.
Mr. Hommelmeyer, in his statements
to the public, lias indicated that he bas
no platform but the platform of Un
people, whatever their wishes may be.
His aim, he has pointed out. will be to
net for the best interests of the taxpay
ers and property owners of the city and
to stand for all who iii-Re for the prope
administration of municipal affairs-.
His views in the matter are rellected In
the following statement:
"It is not for any personal ambition or
through any expansion of the band of
my hat that I am a candidate at the
primaries today, but at the earnest re
quest of representative citizens, prop
city owners and taxpayers, who m-ro
for Rood administration of our munici
pal business.
"So devoid, to me, are the attractions
of the oflice that is highest In the sift
of our people. Hint I would not Rive a
nickel for a nomination. However (now
rend attentively), If the Republicans
Saturday, afternoon express by their
votes a demand that I be their candi
date, r r.hall endeavor to merit their
confidence, and ninko a vigorously de
termined effort to be the next mayor."
Frank lioinmehneyer.
For treasurer, there are four candi
dates, J. Xormiin fielder, Melvln II.
Tappan, Frank It. Dever and Daniel 11,
Davis. Kach lias put tip a vIroi-ous
fight and the result will be exceedingly
close. Interest is centered in the can
didacy of Mr. Older and Mr. Tappan,
as they aro the representatives of the
younger element In the Republican
party, Mr. fielder Is an enterprising
young man, whoso connection with tho
dally newspapers of Hit- town , has
brought him Into favorable connection
with nearly everybody in the city. Mr.
'I'll i Owner Comment On (lrup:-Nuls.
A farmer with his out of door work
might have reason to expect more than
the average of good health if lie would
use prdper food' and have It well cook
ed, buGCinculy of them, In middle age,
suffer Ibi'iiit-nts from dyspepsia, nml
followlflfc "that - u weakened nervous
system!: "'.
To slfow '.tile vnluo of.'a chanae la
food vS utiofo., from a letter written
by U iTlagrefr:t,'bwne'-:'iif mil Brook
Farm. IChttUottSsvlUe.-Va.
"I h&Vo spent u very considerable
nniounCof money In trying to Cure my
Btomaett' trouble with." medicines, una
have changed clliiiute several times.
About two' years ago 1 was taken
worse, SSiy heart and kidneys gave ino
much trouble. I could not sleep nights.
Was vVVry nervous, thin and ills
courtigaa, Finally I changed my food
nnd began taking flrapo-Xu'ts Break
fast Fffid,'' This" agreed with mo and
I thought I could see my way out, so I
have sGicUto Orape-NutH for a year
and a Tialf and gradually the old
troubles? have dls'appeured,
I havo made splendid progress In
health Niiut 'stre'iigtli, sleep well and
pan no do a good day's work for a
nuiu ofllfty years.
I kntftv that Orape-Nuts caused the
changeSand although I am now able
to use b'thei" food as I like, still I stick
to CJrujjfr-NutH because I know how it
nqurlshSd me, and besides', wife and I
both llUii thtf food.
She sgys nothing has helped her ner
vous system like Grape-Nuts. We
buy tliefood by the case nita-ut-o wi'y
enthusiastic In regard' tWtl ' ,
It is'vplaln that nervous, "worn out
people ranBbToTlin3l.tK-Krohre"ffltff
by using GrapeNus
Tiippnn Is employed -In the ofllco of -the
HotulriOKB company, and Is coimplctioua
among the young men of the town,
J. H. Shannon,' the welt-known mer
chant, ot the Ilnu"of Shannon & Co.,
and tleorgo Kvuns, pccretury of tho
hoard of health, nre the cautllthitcs for
The other candidates are. us follows:
I'm- 'Avc.or--Tliolii.l Klolt, TJiitm Wntcillcld,
VIHI.llr1"ll. WIIII.III11.
I 'or School tJontlollor,. Ihiik trrm l'lrt, She
nml, l'ltlli nml Mxlli wnrda W. If. CopdJiiil,
frank ,1. Winrt tcitii, V, It. hvniH, X.
llomor Smith; Tlur.l nml l'oiirtli v.inb, llniiy, V. I), hoivit.
I'm- (,'uiiilaliti'sJ-I'iii.t waul, II. II. I'li-ri-P!
Kwonil waul, II. .1. e.iryi I'lflb, Thoni.n
.1. ll.llicr, W.llti-r (Mipy, llnriy D.ilpli, Mcpiu'il
(lllbyt SKlli waul, Julm .f. Iliiiniolt.
Waul AT.snri I'itiil waul, A. . I'lilialiit
'llilul waul, .tiilm It. 'I tioiii.ii; riflli ward, I'nil
II. lllllci; Hlxlli ttilul, William II. Artlntr, .Mm
(I. llrutittou, Wllli.un .M.ilmv.lilnor,
Poor l)lrcitoi. Scioiiil waul, II. II. Mi)';
I'lltli ward, A. It. Nylin.
SVliit Cnnnill -?e. olid ward, II. K. t'ltnk, A.
I,. S.ilnn; Sixth waul, .lolin (I. tivaiH, tleoraio
. I.. Ilimlrr, .lolin M.I7.I-, l'li'd
Illsntlt'T OITIt'llltK.
waul, l-lit ilMrlillli'itlnti-r nt
rirt waul, l'lit ilMrlillli'itlnti-r t Mili-n,
Klmi-r lliotipnliiii'; jnditi- of rU-ftlnn, (ii-iiiso
llnd ; liupcrlnr
Tlimii.H -Mniaiui.
Si'i'imil waul, l-'lit dUrlrt IIckMit of tUvi,
T. .1. Simon-; JiiiIot of i-lii-tiiin, Henry Hall;
Impec'iir of ekelloii, V.. A. Wits. Hwoml ilh
tllel, ii'Mir "I Mitel's Auji. Uni'iii'iiclnicjrr.
'I till tl w.ild, Sni.nd illtll(-t -lii-sUtri of Mitel's
John W, lldw.iuk; JiiiIrc of idee lion, William
lKer: lii'p-iloi' of eleelion, .1. II. S.nnpon.
I'omtli ill-ti let. ii'Aliler f Miters Wllll.nn A.
Ilitslioi; JihIrc "i eleetioii, riinveo llouell; In
teeli'i of ,'leilien, Aliialnni .l.ieoli.
l'-ifth w.ild, l'ii-1 dMllit-1tei;i-ler of M,l,'r.,
('. i:.'l)K; jud,'e of elerlioii, Clonl-.i Alri.iiiili'r.
1.. 1. lillllllL'll.
Hlxlli w.ild, I'ii't ilNtili'l Ilrui-ti-r of loin's
Inlm T. Ilow.utli; Jmlv of ideollon, .lospli .1.
lVloLin; lii-.p'itor nt I'leillon, .Ixliti Mirnniii'll,
II. W. llinnpliiey, Cli.iiitn.iti.
Some Incidents of Jere McAuliffe's
Company, Which Played to Big
Houses at the Grand This Week.
Plays Booked for the GranV
.Tore Me.Uillffe. the entertaining
comedian, showed his popularity in
Carbnndale by playing, this week, to
the largest audiences that have ever
lllled the Grand. While McAullffe Is
an old favorite in Carbondale, and
he has been seen to good advantage
on his earlier appearances, Ills versa
tility was never so well shown as this
week, when he essayed roles that were
quite varied. Aside from the admirers
Mr. McAulilTe increased by his enter
taining ways on the stage, he also
The Successful Singer and Comedian.
widened the circle of friends that ho
claimed in Caibondale. His personal
ity is most pleasing:, and this is one
of the chief factors of his success.
Mr. McAullffe is the same off as on
tho stage, always lllled with good na
ture. After Monday night's produc
tion Mr, McAullffe was In a lunch
room where some one, not recognizing
his features, asked how the show was.
"Oh, pretty good," replied .left-.
"Is .lore as good as ever," again
asked his questioner.
"Ves, about tho same, but he is get
ting old you know," was .Tere's last
reply, while be winked at his pet ter
rier and ordered another cup of coffee.
Where a crowd of jovial spirits trav
el and become acquainted with one
another In a social way. there Is hound
to be some practical jukes perpetrated
among them. Such Is true of the Mc
AulilTe company. Iletwceu rehearsals
and playing time the actors llnd time
to turn tho laugh on one another. This
weel: Arthur De Yoy was tin- vic
tim. In bis dressing room at tho
opera house he found a large placard,
On It was an Illustration of a man
clinging to a lamp-post and apparent
ly well supplied with the liquid which
Inebriates. Another ilgure asks him
what's wrong nnd admonishes hini for
being drunk. The lamp-post's com
panion does not answer in words, but
points to the stage entrance shown on
the placard. From a creak In the
door, "All Is lost, all Is lost," with any
amount of exclamation points Is heard.
Those words aro used by Mr. IluVoy
In a scene in tho production of "Plavps
of Itussla." The victim took the joUe
lit his own good natured way and is
biding his time.
Mr, neVoy is one of the most cap
able leading men In lepertolro seen in
Carbondale. Besides u well trained
voice he has u splendid stage presence.
The Mitrtlnu brothers scored such a
big hit In their acrobatic work. They
tiro influential members of tho famous
"While lints" organization, They
have signed a contract for a six
months' tour In Australia In the near
future, With them go, the best wishes
of Carhomlalluns who lirjve seen them
in their great specialty work.
One of the most prominent llgun-s of
tho company was Walter l,egreit War
ren. Mr. Warren Is the owner of
nuke," a handsome St, Uermird dog
which, when out with his owner, was
iiulte an attraction on the city streets.
The JK'Aullffe company will end Its
succsssful engagement In this city tills
evening, when "Convict 1210," prob.
ably the strongest play of tliu week,
will be presented. T(ta bill this after
noon will bo "Slumus O'Urien."
Manager llyrne bus just closed a
contract for Jie appearance at t,ho
Grand on Feb. 15, of' "Tho Bonnie
Hrier Hush," wltluh is headed by J.
II. Stoddard, the veteran of the Amer
ican rdtige, nn nctor of renown. This
is 'a bit of enterprise on tho part ot
Mr. llyrne that should ho nppreclrtlett
by Cnrljoiidnllans, tin the procurement
of fttlclt a rare attraction for tt town of
this slsso Is something out of tho or
dinary. ..
The a rand will have another full
week ot attractions next week, IIcrIh
ning Monday and -playing every night,
hut Wednesday, and giving mntlnces
on Tliuisilny and Hatttrday, tho at
traction will be Perry O'Doll and Dee's
comedians. The opening bill will be
"In Peril," a drama whloh has many
strong situations, The company conies
with many recommendations.
On AVediiosdny night, tho attraction
will ho "Tho Secret Despatch," which
made a hit in Scratitoh, at the Acad
emy of Music, on Thursday evening.
Van. II. Kenzle, who Is the lending
innn, made a splendid impression hero
when ho appeared In the chief char
acter in David Illgglns' "I'lnoy Kldgc'
last season.
Poor Bonrd, After a Discussion, De
cides to Tost the Question hi Court,
If Necessary Other Business.
Tho poor board met last night, all
members being present.
The question of paying rent to tho
city .for tlie use of a meeting room In
the city building was again discussed.
The board's attorney, II. A. JUitlcr,
gave his opinion on the matter. lie
advised the board to appoint a com
mittee to confer with the building com
mittee and to try to settle the matter
In that way. tie stated that the char
tor of Carbondale provided for a poor
department but the. poor department
was not then established. He advised
that tlie facts be given to court to de
cide. If they decide that the poor de
partment is a part of the city of Car
bondale then the poor department, docs
not have to pay for the room.
McCabe spoke on the matter and
also requested the committee to llnd
out If a better room could be secured.
Attorney liutler was given the case
and he will confer with the city solici
tor. A young man addressed the board
and wanted permission to go to tlte
hospital as a charge of the board. De
lias already been operated upon sev
eral times and will have to be operated
upon again. This matter was placed
in tlie hands or the Sixth ward direc
tor. The bill against Edwin Moon for
farm supplies which he secured while
on the board was then discussed.
Two bills turned up last night for
which orders wore drawn for them
over a year ago. The matter ot hav
ing bills turned in within sixty days
after being contracted was then
brought up. In the future according
to written terms on bottom of the bills
the hoard will refuse to pay them if
they be turned In after tho sixty days
limit. Two bills here again turned up
for work done over two years ago and
were ordered paid.
McCabe reported for the farm com
mittee that everything was In good
shape and but one inmate. John
Hundley, being sick. The hands at the
farm are at present cutting Ice. The
lie on the dam is ot twelve inches
thickness, and a good quality. A num
ber of bills were read and orders were
drawn up for their payment. The
board then adjourned.
Five Richmondale Sportsmen Arrest
ed for Violating- Game laws.
A party of hunters from Hichmon-dal.-
fared badly In Dundaff yesterday.
The parly, live in number, was cap
tured by Constable Henry Uaee and
High Constable A. J. Perry, and were
brought before 'Squire Kike, on the
charge of hunting out of seasoTi.
One or-the men escaped, but a search
for him Is in progress,
The hunters were lined S10 each for
the rabbits and $.j for the pheasant.
Xine rabbits and one pheasant were
found in the party, and the aggregate
amount of the lines was 5125, which
they paid.
One of the men, Jack Williams, lias
but recently been discharged from the
county Jail.
As provided by the law the game
was given to Hniergency hospital, tills
St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
St. Paul's Lutheran church First
Sunday after Rpiphany. Sabbath
school H.CO; services 10,!I0 a. in. Ser
mon on Genesis xlv, lo-2l. Melchis
edeck, King of Salem. A typical pat
tern foV shadowiiav Christ as the king
of peace and blessings. All are cor
dially invited and welcome.
I wish to make the following re
marks in regord to our church-year's
tables ot scripture lersons, prescribed
for tlie Lutheran church for two
years' course, free scripture texts not
excluded. Within the current year, 1
select the second year's course, us the
types forshadowlng Christ in all phases
from Ills birth up to His coming as
"ICIng of the Kings," with his "heav
enly army," to substantiate tho king
dom or heaven on earth In tho mllen
uiuui of his sovereign reigning on this
globe before heaven and .earth totally
are reconstituted Into a now earth and
heaven In accordance with I level.,
chapter six and xx. Tlie "King of
Kings" will certainly realize what God
had committed to Dim from eternity
to execute. There Is no fooling!
The T, N. G. Club.
The members of tho T. X. G. had a
highly enjoyublo evening on Thursday
as Hie guests of tint Misses Cecelia
and Dora Early on Seventh avenue.
Flashlight pictures were taken of tho
grimy by James Mtilonc, Those pres
ent were Misses Maipto and Annie
Monahuu, Kate and Xcll Little, Mar
garet McDonald, Mary Glennon, Louise
Dlshoji, Dora and Cecelia Early,
The Centennial Club Dances,
The Centennial club entertained at
a dance in Hnrke's hall last evening.
Tho dunce had all the feature's of a
swell enterprise, Tho Mozart orchestra
furnished music and, among Die merry
gathering were young people conspic
uous in society circles. Tho affair was
highly successful.
Change of Meeting,
The Carbondale Medical society will
meet Wednesday evening, Jan. 15, In
stead of Tuesday, Jun, H, as previous
ly uiinounceil, Owing to tho meeting
of tho medical society of Kcrantou on
Tuesday, the time has been chunged
here. Dr, Wehlau, of Scranlon, will
deliver an address.
Danceat 'Royal.
The Thursday night ilanujng class
Intend having a big time at (lennett'a
hull in ltoyal on Thursday night next.
County President W.C.T.U., Mrs. H.
F. 'Roberts, of Kansas City,
Says to All Siok Women! "Give Mrs. Pinkham a Ohanco,
I Know She Can Help You as She Did Me,"
"DriATt Mns. PiNKiiAst: Tho world praises gronfc reformers; (heir
names and fumes arc in tho curs of everybody, and (ho intbliu viress
helps spicnd the rood tiding.". Among them nil J.ydiu E. Pinkhutn's
name goes to posterity with a softly breathed blessing from tho lips of
thotisnnds upon thousands of women who have been restored to their
families when life hung by a thread, nnd by thousands of others whoso
weary, aching limbs you have quickened and whose pains you havo
taken away.
SLJr -
"I know whereof I speak, for I have received much valuable bene-'
flfc myself through tho use of Jjydia E. Pinlihnm'.s Vegetable Coiu
ixmnri, and for year.-, I have known dozens of women who have suffered
with displacement, ovarian troubles, ulcerations and inflammation who
aro strong and well today, simply through the use of your Compound.
I feel sine you will never know one-half the good you have done Im
munity, and X only wish every suffering woman could know what you
can do for her, would she only just givo you the chance. Fraternally
yours, Mrs. II. F. Konmrrs, J-HU iileUeo St., Kansas City, Jfo."
"Women, do you renlizo tho generosity of Mrs. PinUiiain's
freely offered advice ?
Don't hesitate to v.-ritc to Mm. PinUham. She will your cifo
perfectly, and will treat you with kindness. Her advice is free," anil the
address is Lynn, Mass. No vomau ever veff retted having written her. and fhe has
helped tlionscuds. Her medicine, Ijydiu, IS. Pinkliam'S Vegetable
Compound, is the true help for nervous, sick anil ailing women. It regu
lates tlie monthly sickness and overcomes all those uterine derangements that
excite the nerves. This ia the easy and tho right way to jet the belli you need.
Kead the letters from the women slio has helped.
"When women are troubled with irregularities, suppressed or
painful menstruation, weakness, indigestion, loucorrheoa, displacement
or ulceration of the wonib,inilunnnution of the ovaries, general debility,
and nervous prostration, or are with such symptoms as dizziness,
fniutness, lassitude, excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleeplessness,
melancholy, " all-gone " and " want-to-be-loft-alone " feelings, blues, and
hopelessness, they should remember there is one tried and true remedy.
Tjydin, K. IMiilcliiun'K Vegetable Compound at once removes such
troubles. Refuse to buy any other medicine, for you need the best.
!KSJnii he
63 J re fa ' vA 'J3
John Firth and William Collins will
accoiniiany the party. The young
people are preparinsr to have an en
joyable evening:. DancitiK and rel'icfii
liients will tola- up their time.
S1HS. t'ATUKItINT-3 MUtlllAY, a
resident of Carliomlule, her birthplace,
nearly half n centmy ago, died yes
terday jnorniiiR' at the resilience on
lint lie avenue, after a llnfrorliifi- Illness.
Mrs. Murray, who was the wife of
William Ij. Muriny, t-exton at St. ISose
church, wtis born in Carbondale forty-
r.lirlll vo.'l 'K ii,.,, mill nhvfivi; Hvn.l lin,A
-"- - " ...j.,
lie fore her marriage she was Miss !
Catherine Murphy. K'.ie led a good J
life, one that prepared her for tho end, I
unit mice hci- tlm nnnunl.'i rlnn In nn- !
swer the summons with resignation,
The influence of her life will survive,
The survivors or Mrs. Murray are:
Her husband, four daughters, Misses
Anna, Jiurii, Kuthi-yii and Mary .Mur
ray; one son, William Murray one
sister, Mrs, John (VMiilley, and three
brothers, Michael, Patrick and .lames
Murphy, all of this city. The funeral
will be helil on Monday morning:. Tho
cortege will leave the house on ilattlo
avenue at !l.l.ri nVloH: nnil inn,.,i,l I,,
Ht. Hose church, where a solemn re-
tiuiciu mass win ue ceienrateii, inter
ment will be in St. Itose cemetery,
Today the Itopublicun primaries,
under the Crawford county system, will
bo held at the usual polling- places, be
tween tlie hours of 4 uud 7 o'clock p.
m. Ah 1 am a cundldate for the olllco
of city treasurer, 1 would respectfully
its!; that you givo me your support on
this occasion, which, I assure yon, will
be greatly appreciated.
Thanhlng yon In advance for tho
favor. Yours very truly,
' M. II. Tappan.
Was Probably George Myers.
The Ulnglmintou police hold the
opinion that the nitin who was hilled
on tho Delaware and Hudson road In
this city on Saturday last was O cargo
Myers, of that city. Ho was Haven
camp's companion in crime, and It Is
believed that tho pair were together
at tho time of the accident.
Civil Service Examination.
Secretary P. F. Fox, of tho postal
board, announced that a civil service
examination will bo held in (his city
on Feli, 19, I'm, for tho positions of
clerk and carrier in the postoillce ser
vice. All applications must be on file
with Mr. Fox on Feb, G,
Meetings of Sxmdny,
Pioneer Father Mathcw society.
St. Joseph's Cadets.
Order Hallway Conductors, No. 1G.
Interested in Big' Fortune..
Mrs, Juliet rtuyiiolds, of -Terrace
street, of this city, Is among several
persons who are part heirs to the es-
Owlnp to the fact that fori"- rlieptical people
liavc fioni time to liin questioned !h? Kcnuino nt the trstimnnul letter- we ,:ic , onslantlr
imh!i-.!-.ine: we r.ivc dctHir.itLtluitfi ilie National
Citv iianli.ol I.miii, M.nv;., J:,ckj, which will
be paid to any person v.hti vill show iliat il-.e a!.ove tc timtmia h not
genuine, or was published before nhtainhi;: the wtiler's special pcrni'.j L,yUa 1C. I'iuUliiim Mcdicino Coumauy, Lynn, Muss.
r, l.n 1.1 iwi'TTOii-f p i ira ..' n-gaTT-T-YnTTTrg-.-iai i j.;,aiTiiirMntTnni-T
tatf of the late Colonel Raiser, which
t-overs about S00 acres of laud in tae
heart of the city of Philadelphia.
To Conduct a Social.
On Easter Monday night In liurke's
hall, the St. Aloyslus society intend
conducting a joclal, to which all their
friends will be Invited, and are as
sured of an enjoyable t)me.
The Mozart orchestra will furnish
music for the dancing.
t Meetings of Tonight,
Court Lily, No, iiO, Foresters of
Diamond lodge, Shield of Honor,
hocal Killi, united Mine Workers,
Co:irge J. Xeedlinm, traveling pas
senger agent for tlie Union Pacillc
railroad, called on ltus3ell Shepherd
at the Krle ticket office yesterday.
Miss Bessie llurda, of Orange, X, .1.,
Is tho guest of her brother, S. S. Hards,
of this city,
Tlie Jerinyn borough couu,cll held a
special meeting last evening, all the
members being present except Mr,
Dunn, of the First, and Mr. Cubunney,
of the Third wards. Secretary Jones
read a coiuiminlcalton from Horough
Solicitor Miilhollitud on the flallugher
case, In which ho expressed the opin
ion that, according to the decisions of
the higher court, tho Oalhtgliers hud
no case, There was a slight doubt in
tho mind of Councilman Tln-ron Moon
us to tho wisdom of appealing tho mat
ter to a higher court. The mutter was
disposed of by the appointment of
Councllnion Httdgor, Uawllng nnd The
rou Moon a committee to consult the
borough solicitor and Attorney Torrey,
with power to net.
Secretary Jones was insti acted to
notify tho hoi-ouch solicitor to proceed
In the cttso of Stoclu-r versus tho Hor
ough, damage suit.
Messrs. Dunn, of tho First wardi
Hudger, of the Second ward, and Ca
bunney, of tho Third ward, are the
three couucilnieii wlioso terms expire
next month. Mv, Cab.inuey has already
announced himself as a candidate tor
re-election. Mr. iJadger Is undecided
whether or hot to run again. David
Jones Is being mentioned as a caiull
ilnte for rouncilinaiilo tumors In the
First ward, and David Thomas and
George Cudllp are spoken of us pos
sible candidates In the Second ward.
The retiring members of the school
board are William H. Monoin, of the
Fltst; Mr. Hunter, of the Second, and
Mr. KdinundX of the Third. The only
one of tho three so fur to announce
himself as a candidate for re-election
Is Mr. Morcom, who, at tho earnest
solicitation of a number of the voters
of tho ward, has consented to run
again. During Ills term of ofllco he has
been a faithful uud conscientious direc
tor and bus lllled tho olllco very capa
bly. He ought to have little itlfliculty
In again securing the ofllcc,
The Jeriuy'n Hoys' brigade will at
tend tho Hnntlst church in it body tomorrow-
evenliiB for tltclr second pub
lic service. Their chaiilnlii, Hev, Mtty
hard It, Thompson, will talk to them
on "Tho Uses and tho 13vlls of Witr."
Tho boys met iih usual In Knterpilso
hall last evening for drill. Hoys wlsti
liic to drill should consult with the
chaplain or any member of the brigade.
The work Is Itttot'dciioinlnutlonitl and
iioii-sectarliin In membership ntul In
spirit, and linn no reference whutover
to the (ideation of going to war.
Tho many friends of Uev. Air. Cook,
a former pastor of tho I'rlnilllve Alolho
dlst church, will he sorry to learn that
lie has been taken hnnm to his friends
at I'rli-ebtirg, In nit almost hopelerfs
condition, suffering with lieiuorrhageot
tho hums.
Uev. David mil will preach In the
Congregational church tomorrow cvon
Jng. Hev. Alttynard Thompson will preach
in the First Hantlst church tomorrow
morning on "The Peace of Prayer."
John Jlowartli, of Cemetery street,
who bus been so seriously 111 for sev
eral weeks Hint his life was despaired
of, Is reported to ho considerably Im
proved and hopes are expressed for Ills
recovery. t
There was a falflv largo attendance
at the fair last night. Hogarth's band
played a number of selections, and
AIlss Neitlon, of Carbondale, played a
brilliant piano selection, which was
much enjoyed.
A 10-year-old son of Mr, and Airs.
Hlchard Cole, of Atuylleld, died yester
day, after it hrief Illness.
Prof, and Airs. Harrett arc expected
homo today from lakeside. The pro
fessor Is recovering from his late se
vere lllncrs.
1. T. Douglier. who occupied part of
the building destroyed by fire oft Wed
nesday, has moved his stock of furni
ture to the Alutthows buitdinjr, on
Delaware streqt.
Tho friends of D, .1. Williams, of
Blnkely, are urging him to become a
candidate for justice or tlie peace In the
Second ward, nt Hie forthcoming elec
tion. "In Peril" was produced In an uil
nilralilo manner before tt large audi
ence at the Father AInthew opera house
Inst evening.
The horough council will meet in
regular sepsion on Monday night.
In the Blnkely Baptist church tomor
row, Dr. David Spencer will preach at
10.30 a. m. on "Divine Refreshment,"
and nt T.IiO p. in. on "The Greatest of
All Questions."
Rev. K. J. Hatmhtou, of Dunmore,
will conduct tho Episcopal services in
Kdwards' hull tomorrow afternoon at
3.110 o'clock.
AIlss Alttmie Kuban has ri'turned
home, after a week's visit with Car
bondale relatives.
AIIps Maine Alurphy, of Wllkes-Barre,
spent yesterday witli her mother, on
Dunmore street.
AIlss Nellie Hynn, or Hudson street,
is ill with the grip.
Airs. H. 15. Bush returned home yes
terday, after spending a few weeks
with relatives hi Atnuch Chunk.
Airs. Alalia ltogan, of Dunmore street,
is quite, ill.
Hev. J. J. H. Fee-ley, of Inkennan,
who has been In town for the past few
days, returned homo yesterday.
Alembers of the Wilson Fire company
are making extensive preparations for
holding their fair, which will be given
"on Alonday evening, February- 3. The
WilFons expect to eclipse all previous
efforts !n this line.
Air. and Airs. II. P. AVoodward were
visitors at Peranum yesterday. '
The First ward Republican primaries
will be held at the ofllco of S. AV. Ar
nold, on Saturday. January L'n. between
Ihc hours of I and 7 v. m. James AV.
Smith, AV. J. Bonner, AV. 11. AValker,
vigilance committee.
John Stiphens of tho Third ward, is
a candidate for the olllco of school dl
rei tor in tlie Third ward.
Peckville Baptist church, Rev. J. S.
Tliomas, pastor. Services tomorrow at
10.30 a. m. and 7 p. m. Afoining sub
ject, "Tlie Priesthood of Believers;"
pvenlnsr subject, "Christianity and
Buddhism." All are welcome.
Presbyterian church, Hev, S. IT. Aloon,
D. D pastor. Services tomorrow at
11.30 a. m. and 7 p. m. Subject in even
ing, "The .Momentous Pioblem." All
are welcome.
Jot-eph nibble, a resident of this place
for many years, died very suddenly at
Scranton on AVednesday. The cause
was the rupture of a blood vessel, Air.
Kibble being apparently in perfect
health. Ho leaves a wife, but no l'uin
ily. The funeral iirntngi-ments havo
not lieen announced at this writing.
Charles Singer spent Thursday In
Scranton on business.
A party fiom the High school made
n sleighing trip to Hie home of friends
in Sirnntou on Thursday evenlnjr.
Samuel Sn viler, of ciilnclillla. was
among tho business visitors to our town
thin week,
Edward, Cirlflln has enlisted In the
navy, and Is stationed temporarily at
Tho week of prayer Is being observed
at the Alethodlst Hplscopal church thla
week. Special revival services will be
held later,
Tin- sli-lghlug continues excellent,
each light snow serving to keep It In
good condition. Tho predictions of the
weather prophets aro being verified,
and lyiylng a sleigh may bo considered
once more a safe investment.
Fred J. AValker has returned from u
trip to AVnvue county.
AIlss Jennie Warnuck left recently for
New York state, where she expects to
remain forseserul months.
l.'aii Stone, of Kilellu, visited friends
here on Sunday last.
MIhh Cora Wheeler Is III with diph
theria, at tho liniiie of her sister, Airs.
Airs. William Reynolds was a Scran
ton visitor yesterday, '
Mrs. lhnlly Travis, who has been
iiulte ill, is convalescent.
The gold watch which was milled'
o)V fur tho benefit of Mrs. Samuel
Kschelinan was won by George Houser,
of Scranton.
Tlie merchants In this vicinity aro
busy tilling their leu houses.
!-jn'( lo the Su'Jiitun 'filliuiii',
Duryeu, Jan.' JO. Teachers of the
bbrohgh schools will hold their local
Institute today (Saturday). An excel
lent progi ammo 1ms been prepared.
Alius IvWzlu Stackliouse, of Scranton,
is visiting ut tho homo of Mr. Isaiah
A number of cases of measles and
scarlet fever have bean riiortil to
the board of health.
Surprising Results "&
A Simple Internal Remedy Mnkoa
Reinnrkhblo Cures of Catarrh.
People who have tiseil sprays, he
linlci-rt, Halves and washes for catarrh
nnd havo found how useless! nnd In
convenient they, tire, will bo tigreeably
Biirprlscd nt results following tho Use
ot it pleasant, internal remedy In tali
lot form; tfritggliitB everywhere ndinl!
that Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, which
they sell at HO cents for full sized
treatment, Is tho safest, most effective
and popular or nil catarrh remedies.
Nearly nil cheap cough mixtures and
throat lozenges contain opiates; these
cheap medicines give u temporary re
lief, especially with little children by
destroying nerve sensation: tho Irrita
tion In throat, which causes coughing
Is temporarily removed, not by remov
ing the cause, but by deadening the
nerves of feeling tho irritation Is not
felt although It Is still there and will
promptly return",
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets Is the best'
remedy to remove catarrhal secrclloti,
whether in tho nose, throat or stomach
because they arc composed ot whole
some antiseptics like Red Gum, Blood
Hoot, etc.; when you uso these tablets
you know what you arc putting into
your system and not taking chances
witli cocaine, opiates or similar poi
sons found in so ninny catarrh cures
and cough medicines.
Dr. Ramsdell, Iik commenting on ca
tarrh cpj;es, says: "I can heartily rec
ommend Stuart's Catarrh Tablets, be-'
cause they contain no cocaine nor oth
er dangerous drug found in so many
advertised catarrh cures. I havo
known of many cases of long standing
catarrh of the head and throat com
pletely cured by the dully use of these
tablets for several weeks. One case In
particular, ' which 1 could not reach
with tin inhaler or spray and where
the catarrh caused dally headaches
and a noticeable loss of hearlnrr was
entirely cured by this harmless but ef
fective remedy."
Dr. AA'ninwright says: "I never hesi
tate to prescribe Stuart's Catarrh Tab
lets for catarrhal headaches and ca
tarrhal deafness because I know them
to bo perfectly safe for child or adult,
and havo seen many remarkable cures
resulting from their regular dally uso;
because they are advertised and sold
In drug stores Is no reason why any
good physician should not uso them
because we should selao upon the
means of cure wherever found."
Stuart's Catarrh Tablets are espe
cially valuable 'for catarrhal colds in
children because they are pleasant to
the taste and may be used freely to
break up severe colds and croup at the
very beginning.
All druggists sell therepiedy at fifty
cents for full sized package.
A little book on- cause and cure of
catarrh moiled free by addressing the
F. A. Stuart Co., Marshall! Mich.
Andrew J. Doles, one of the pioneer
residents, expired yesterday morning nt
2 o'clock at his homo on Alain street,
after a lingering illness. Deceased was
70 years of age, and w:ts highly re
spected by all who knew him. Air.
Doles had filled the office of justice of
the peace for years. . Ho wns well
versed in law, which served him well
in the ofilce he held up to tho time of
his death. Air. Dqles was a prominent
member of Acacia lodge. No. 570, Free
and Accepted Alasons. of this borough,
and served as its secretary for -many
years. He was also connected with the
Knights Templar, of Scranton.
Sabbath services at the Alethodlst
Episcopal ch'frch tomorrow at the
usual time. Rev. ('. B. Henry, the pas
tor, will oillciale. Kpworth lenguo at ,G
p. in.; Sabbath school at 2.15 p. m. All
are welcome.
The second rehearsal ot the "Taylor
Oratorio society will bo held on Sun
day evening at the Calvary Ruptlst
church, and all desirous of carolling
should do so at once. The work Is far
too important to accept members when
tlie book Is liuir finished .or near com
pletion. About sixty singers were pres
ent ut last week's rehearsal. Forty
more are wanted. Tho choruses for
study tomorrow evening are "Alourn,
A'e Ailllcted Children," and "Hallelujah,
Amen," the llrst choruses In tho book.
The Archbald Aline Accidental final
elected the following otllcers tit a re
cent meeting: President, Thomas Wel
hy; vico-mvsldent, AVlllinm J. Jones;
secretary, David J. Thomas: treasurer,
II. 11. Harris: inside sentinel, AI, J.
Glynn: outside sentinel, AVllUum An
drews: board of directors, Henry P.
Jones, AI. J. Butler, Thomas AA'elby,
avid J. Thomas, Patrick Gibbons, Ed
ward Walsh nnd AVJlllain Anthony.
The above-named otllcers will be in
stalled on Monday evening.
The meeting of tho Young Men's
Christian association, In their rooms In
Vim Horn's hull tomorrow afternoon,
will bo of an Uiteivatliu; nature. Tho
Young Alen's Christian Association
Glee society of Scranton, under the di
rection of Prof. J. D. Alain, will ho
present uml render somo of their ex
cellent selections, and well-known
speakers will deliver addresses. All
young men an- cordially Invited.
Services tomorrow at the Calvary
nuptjst church will be held at the usual
hours, The pastor, Rev. Dr. Harris,
will olllclate at both services. Tito
Lord's Supper will bo administered
after tho nvpnlns services.
Thuro will bo a special meeting ot tho
borough council on Monday evening to
discuss some means of guarding ngalnat
The employes of the Delaware, Lack
awanna and Western company will re
ceive their senil-inonthly earnings "to
day. Delawaro and Hudson Dividend.
Ily IImIiuIm.- Wlm fioin The AwJriati'J I'rcw.
M-w VjiIv, Jjii, 1".- The lcwnl ut niuusw o
Dili JM.itt.iu- ami lIuiUcu lumiuny toiliy tie
I'lai'd Hit' ii'sular ilbiiliml u( 7 per unt. fi-i
the jwr IWU, pjJihU- hi four iiuilcily lijLia,U.
i m
Stops the Cough
and Works ore the Cold. ;.
Laxative Hroiuo-Qulniue Tablets cur&
a cold in one duy. No Cure, No Piiy,
Price" 25 cents.