The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, January 11, 1902, Page 11, Image 11

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Church and Sunday-School
Till i Mw"MMW"'w"iw''WM"'"'i"',"'w"Mww,w ww'w","l wwwlwww i mi i in ii
J II I III! " """" ' " " ' ' I " " ' I ''I
1, ,
Tito Ilttli uniiunt biiniiuct ami social
of Prof", ltuek'n class of Klin Park
Sunday school will lie held In tho
church purloin Tuesday evening, .Tith
nury 14. Tho tmmiuet will bo preceded
by nn unusually lino lltciury and mu
sical programme and election of olll
cerri for the cmuilng year.
Pi of. ttuult'H class 1ms not only the
honor of being the largest olnns In Klin
Park Sunday hcIioo, hut tho largest
clans In the city, having one hundred
mid ten members on Its tolls In good
standing, and Its cntertulnmontH draw
large crowds not only on account of
the uniform hospitality of Its members
but thiough the original modes used.
large attendance of the members Is
leslrpd Sunday.
Hobert Wilson, of this city, will ad
dies the Sunday meeting of the Young
lion's Christian association at 3.15 p.
in. Air. Wilson Is well known as a bold
advocate ot righteousness, and as a
speaker he Is Intensely Interesting and
helpful, huvlng hud a largo experience
with men.
Tho Soranton Baptist Ministerial
."onference will resume Its meetings for
1S02 next Monday moinlng In the Penn
avenue chinch. Hev. It. It. Thomp
son of Dallon will picsent a review of
Dr. It. A. Torroy's hook on "How to
Voik for Christ."
Hew W. P. Ilolllngs, D. D., of Jumes
town, N. Y formoily pastor of the
Penn avenue Haptlst church of this
city, has accepted the call ot tho First
Baptist church, Buffalo, N. Y and
will outer upon his new field February
Methodist Episcopal.
I'.Itn l'aik cbnicli L.uly piajci liuctinst, 0"0j
piiuililng li.v imstnr, Dr. 0. M. Glilin, at P).:!0;
claw nioctliiK in faunday school loom nl eltw (t
niorninp; genices. Sunday t-ebool it t 2 p. lit. :
.Junior lciKiic at 3 30; Senior league at (I'll). At
7.30 the pastor will picach. All in. Mclionio.
Simpson Melbodift Kpliiopil ilimili lice. II.
(.'. MeDcimott, pastoi. Picadiing at lO.liu a. m.
.subject, "Tlio Laid Yet to lie Possos-cd by Homo
Missions." In (lie ciinine; llio lino ilioir under
tlio dilution ot )iof. W. V. Jonci will by re
quest H'pcat Hip Lluislnm choral kenieo. IhU
will bo u licat. Suniliy .sibool at 12 in.;
.lutiior Loiriio at 3 p. in.; Himoitb league at
(j.J.O p. hi. All ill bo nude welcome.
Couit bliect Metliodlt LpLseopal chinch fi. ('.
I.) in in, pittor. Class, 0.15 a. in., fl. 1). )Vitt,
li iiloi. 1'icaibinc; by pi-toi, 1,:!0; Minday
sebool, 11.1;, (.'. II. CI. uk, Mipciintcitilnit. Junior
league, l SO, Mi-. Ui.eaut, Miietlntendont; lip
worth league, CIO. l'reuhinjr, "..10, it; Hev.
11. II. Singer, assistant pastor Kim I'atlv ibiiiih.
LuuiKellstie tonicc llnr.iili the 'Mil. at 7.10.
Hoi. . T. lllaii will be 'llb u. Let in act
the nio.t nut of Ibe-t uiutiui. ll ale wel
tome leilar unue Methodist Kii-( eliiucli 1
J". Dot.v, pastoi. 10 a. in,, itieitmir of tlis
Hiotliorbood of St. Paul; IO;10, nioiniiR worship
and sermon; noon, biiuday sclicfnl; I.S0 p. m.,
.luiiJor Lpnoith league; li."u, Heuior IJpuortH
louKiie; 7.30, evening worship. Strangeis ami
all othira cordially welcome.
Pint Ciciiiiati Methodist Hpiscopil cliurili,
ilini nvirmc ami Vino Mioet (!. llnbllin, pas
lor. llhine sen Ices, 10. ao a. m. ami 7.30 p.
in.; Sunday f,ihool at noon and, at 2 o'clock p.
in. at the Taylor ,ienuo chipel. Hpwortli
League meeting at 0.1 p, in. ltciiial services
will be held the coining week at the Ta.Ior
aunne chapel ceeiy citi'lug except .Monday and
.Silinday eciitii(is.
Aiii btreet Methodist Lpiscopal ebiucli lb v. .1.
It. Austin, piotoi. Moir.iug prcjclilni: sen ice at
10,30; scmion bj the Kcv. Joseph Madleon.
li tueetlng at ll.:;o a, m., rinrlcs Cioop,
leulci; Sunday hdmol at 2 p. in., Peter Hart
man, superintendent; junior Leaguo at !I p. in.,
Mjitlo Staik, leader. A consecration sen ice at
6.45, to lie led by John Jlllclieli, and at 7.30 a
spiritual least. All Ihings aio leady come, fiod
is with us ami is doing great things. Sinneis
aio being f,ied and beliecn sanctllled. Rer
Ices each night dining the woe!., except Satur
daj. 'the chonis under tlio leadci-hlp of i:. W,
Slonc, is doing most cfllcirnt heriice. An- jou
sad? Come and lie made glad. Are jou Inmg'iyf
Come and get filled. A mint wehome.
Xaj Au' 'Metliocli I.pinopal chinch-Itcn. .1.
II, Atibtln, jn,lor. l'lcadiliig at 10 a. in.; Sun
day bcliool at II a. m ,,W. M. Mou, supeiin.
tendent. inidlnl welcrine.
1 llanipfon sticet Mithoiflft I'piscopal (luudi
' llc. James llumingci, pMot. l'leaddng at
10.30 .i- in. Sibjtct of Kiinon, "I'lewlling
l'rajer." C'ias meeting, U.30; Sunday school
at "J p. m. Inteimediato league at .1 p. in.;
Senior league al 0.30, leadei, Jha. Stciiiback.
l'reachlng sen ice at 7,30. Subject, "W lilt Con
fession I.eadj To." Seats fiee. A wel
come to alt. Ileihal seri(es eieiy eiciiinf.
I'roildenco Mctliudlat KpUnpil' Chmdi lle.
W Q, A. Cine, paitm, Tlie lliotheihooil of St.
Paul will meet for pia.wr at 10 a .in. Pleaching
at 10.30. Subject, '! he Pioml.e." , Sunday
kdiool at 2 p. in.; Kpwoitli league at 11.13; topic,
"i.'ntering tlie Kingdom," .1, P. llioadbent leader.
Treadling at 7.30. Subject, "I'aUe Witnees."
illevhal lneclings, ioiiiimm.lng wlib Sunday
evening, will coiitinue lluougli the week tlil
Satiuday eieiilng. New and ei client hong books,
enough for all will bo pioUded and about one.
half hour ipenlng taili i.eilce vlll bo do
oted to niuie. 'Hie Siuiilay nhuol oiiheatu
will assist Siiudai eirniiig,
African Metliodht KpUmpil ilimili, lluwaid
Place Itcv. Dr. 1), S, llriilhv, piMor. I'leadi
ing, 10.30 a. til. Sunday school, 2.30 p. in., A.
Porter, superintendent. (" lliuleaior ton,'
and prayer tcriicc, T.l.'i p, in,, couducled by
Messrs, (Jilnes and ( nil. lici. (1, S, Kincihl
will preacli at 7.13 p, in. Iteiival mwVw will
bo continued iluilns llio week. . wel
come to all.
Venn Aicmie Baptl.t Cliurdi, liclwecii Spine?
and Linden sticctb btiungein alwaj, Melioiue.
Preaching inoinli.t- at 10.30 and ciciilnir al 7.30
by the pastor, Ilci. Ilobeit r, V. I'leue, II.' 1,
Jloinliib- piajcis In tlio lower leniplc at u.J'I.
' 'Jliciuo of tlio iiioinlng beimon, "Law- Viih
(luce1." Sunday school at the homo dumb at 2
o'clock and at tho Ameinuii inMon at 3.30 p,
in. Voung people's lueetln.' at 0,30. At llio
eienlne service in tlie audltoiluui will bo
"Songs of tlio Night," nuny of the lanilliar
hjiuns will bo beautifully illihtialed fur (he cmi.
Kifallonal blngngi Jlis, lliuudagc wH n,o
ting and tin selections will bo ilu,iatid, ah.
Ing a fpltitual sinico of hmiuohs in mmiM
song. Jlld-wcek piujcr ineiling on Vv'ediiciliv
Flrnt Ilaptist chinch, South Jlaln iiicnue-Her,
S. V, .Mathews, pastor. 'ii u.iial pieadiln,'
Benlcis inoililu.- ut 10.30 and mulng at 7,'iO
The (heines wjll l,e in jccoidauco with Hie
weik of piujir. 'Hie Sunday uliwl wilt c-m.
M-ne qt 2 p. in. in uliool vnn, 'Ihe II. . P,
I Hnlia ut .30 p, pi. pi aiiCiiilily loom,
Prajir meeting, 7.30 p. m Mednclai neiilng.
All au coidlally I m lied to ihese svivlies.
Jackson Street Ilaptist ihuiih-Hev. 'llinuias
Ce (liiidiy, I), J)., pastor, Jlen'o pia.u-r lucctliia;
at U.J5, l)rothcr (leorge Mlddlck, leader, 'J he
iiiornliiB sen Ice will be Uesoled altogether to tlie
laird's supper. Seiiicc will begin at 10.30.
Bible school at 2 p. in., John Uojd, sunoiiii
tendcut KHiiiiitf jenice at 7 shaip, piaUo an 1
on seiiice, by !f.iiut the pa.tor wl picadi
the scmion on ".oo l'lvt ami Last," pleached
a few Suiidjjs ago at the iiioiniii- unlce, 'tlia
public alulys welcomed at all cm,- tenlcc.
Own llidge llapllsl chinch Moinhis prajcr
medium at 0.11. t'liuidi snilcos win, m,,,,,
j the pjjior at I0.3U and r..lrf Subject In tin'
moruloB. "llie Coming tf w Holy fcpiiitj""iu
til? etcnliui "fe'cparatpj frein Ovd." i.juday
km r, rM$;, t -- , ,
!Hiiii& :., ;:: ;;;i's-.... m. . ssj . S3,iz$', -ifj$i
The above la ti picture of the vented choir of St. Luke's church, which Is recognized its one of the finest In the
Central Pennsylvania diocese. The ndult members of the choir pictured above me as follows: J. Willis Conant,
director; S. "V. Jones, AV. JI. Bunnell, Dlvid Jenkins, rimrles Kt. John nnd H. I!. Upjohn. The hovs in tho group
are: Roland Deubler, Ivor Price, AVillle Stein, Ciould Hunter, John Framplon, Clayton Hall, Archie Williams, Clif
ford Cockrlll, John Crofut, Kdward Colby, Oliver Realff Leeds, Kulpli Georgia, John Hall. Hany KldridKO, Hobert
Norrls, George Cory, John AVllllains and Howard Oakley. Mr. Conant has had the diiectlon of the choir for the
past ten years, and under his leadership It has made an enviable reputation,
school at 11. 11; meeting of the Jiinloi society at
S."0. 1'iajcr lueetins of the Senior society, (...'ill.
hhlloli lhptlst diuicb ltc. .T. B. Jloddle,
pastor. 11 a. in., preaching by tile paloi, sub
ject, "I'he Old Path"; .Sunday school, 2."Q p.
in.; pieaddng, T.30 p. m., by lhc pastor; sub
ject, 'The limportaiico of llaiips find wltli
Us." Our liKctinss aro si 111 koIhk on come and
help us. All aie welcome.
Noi Hi Main Alemio Ilaptist t'limili Kci. Al
bert II. Smith, paitor, will nccnn.i tlie pulpit,
liolli lunnili)),' and eeuinj;. .Moinins: sell lip at
10..TO. Subject, "The Power of tlio Holy Spiiit."
Kvcning sen ice at 7.:.0. Subject, '"I he ltotuin
of the I.oid to the Kaitli." .Sunday school at i
p. in. KiaiiKcllstic unices all next week.
Theme, '"I he Plan of the Aires."
l'u-t Wcl-h Hapti't cluucb, stiect
Hn. J. V. Hid-,, pislor. 10 a. in., sermon by
the pistoi ; ' ji. in,, Sunday school; 0 p. in.,
M'imoii by the pistol. The uienhiK senice will
be in KuglMi. All aie coiiliallj iinited to at
tend. Seats iree.
l'iist Pre-bj terian chinch Peniies 10.30 a.
in. and 7.30 p. in.: Dr. Jlcl.eod will uflii late
at botli scnlcei 'Ilie saciaiuent of tlie I.oid's
supper will bo admlnistcieil in tlio lnoiuing.
"Should Our Sunday Laws He ( ImiRcd in Older
to Please the Liquor Saloons aiid Theli Pa
trons?" will bo the subject of Dr. Mel.eod's
ciculiie; discouise.
Second Piesbjteiian chuich, Jcftenon .iieiiue
Morning sen Ice, 10 30 a. in.; ciciiIiir sen he,
7.30 p. m. 'Iho Loid's supper will be celelnaled
ill the inoininir. Ile. "Ilr Y. P. Coddlnslon
will conduct both sen ices.
Washburn Stieet Piesbitoilau chinch Hev.
John P., 1). 1)., pastoi. Scnicei at 10.30
a. m. and 7.31) p. m, Hible school at 12 m.;
Junior Clnisliau Hulcaioi, ."..JO p. in.; Younj
People's Society of Cluistlan Hndeaior, 0.20 p.
m. Special teniccs will lie continued all next
week. 'Hie pistol-will preach iiiciniiiK and ecn
iiiK. Subject at tlie lnoipinp: senile, "I'oi tho
Pioinise Is L'nto You und to You.' Clilldieu."
All coidlally inillcd lo all ot thr.-e sen ices.
Pioiidence Pusbyteilan CJuiic'i, Xoith Main
aicniK Hev. (icoiRc1 II. (luild, pistol. 'Iho ser
vices of tlio diy as The special ten ices
of the past wcelc will continue, coiumeuciii Mmi
diy cuiln'. 'the public is invited to attend all
the sonic is. 'the meetings of tho pat wocl;
have lieen luxcli attended.
(,'iecu llide I'leslijteiiui climdi Hev. I. .1.
Lan-dns, justor; Hev, I.. H. I'ostn, assUtant.
10.30 a. in., senice of worship, with sermon by
lhc pastoi; subject, "A Hoial of CJcncroslly."
1.' m., Hible school; 0.30, ChiUtian rndcuor;
7.:0, eieiilng woislilp, with herinon by the pas
tor. Second, on "'lue Sabbath;" subject, "The
Sabbath for Man and Not Man for tho Sabbath."
Alt aio coidially iinited.
Adams Avenue ehipcl, New Ym! sti'eet
Preachius senices at 10.30 a. m, and 7.80 p. in.
Sunday uliool, :i p. in., Mr. Chandler, '.upeiin
tendent. Mr. lli'Bhes will teacli Hie men's class;
Chlistlan Hndenioi, fl.lj p. pi, .Mr. Hughes will
tal.q for bis siibjeit in tlie eienlnif, "What (Sod
Cm Make of Suili a 'Ihlnt' as .Man" All wel
come to these senices.
Oapouo (lupel (Piislijleiiaii) -l'ieadiiii?r in.."i)
a, in, and 7.30 p, in. bj the pailor, l!e, 1,. It,
1'osler. Sunday school, :s p. m Junior luls
tiin llnilcaioi, I p. in. Senior Clulstlan '.i
cleaior, (l.:iil p. in. Piajer iiiicllntr, 7.:.0 'lhun
di) rienlntr, Mdeonie In all.
St. Luke's I' Hev. Hosoia l.iiiel, I). 1,,
icitoi; He. Kdwaul .1, IIiukiiIoii, iiuatc. 1'lnt
Sunday after tlie llplphanj.
St, Luke's dii.ich 7.30 a. in., holy coiiiuiiiu.
Inn; lli.UO a. in., nioiiiinjr jnajn ;,inl hiinion;
7.30 p. in,, eienliiK: jiraier nnd seioion,
St, Maik'1. chapel, Hui.nioie-S 1. m, holy
commiinioii; 10,.:ii u. in., hole iu miiluii ami
sciiuon; :i p. in,, sundaj school; 7..J0 ji. in.,
cm'IiIiir pia.ier and siiiiuui.
St. tlrnitc' Mission, ill; pliant 11.30 p. in,,
Sunday school; .130 p. ni ciiiilui,- inajer and
Hast l.'nd Misslcin, l'ieioll aiinue- !.. p. in ,
Sunday school,
South hide. Mlfeloii 2.30 p. in., Suiulai sibool,
(luudi of the (,'ood shephcid, loinei Mniis'y
auime ami (lieen llldcc sticel I'liit hunda
iiflil Hplphauy. c. i'laucis II,, u-o.
tor. Holy loiuinuiiioi, at 7,30; hioiii'hi; uajc'i"i
10.30 a. in.; Sunday sejinol and lectin' elas.,
2.M) p, pi oe'il'ic; pujel, 7.U1 o'clock,
Reformed Episcopal,
thaie Hefoiined I'pbcopul thuicli, M.iiniilns
uieiiue below Mulberry siiecl-ilc. (Icoise l
Alilili, pastor, Piajer am) piai.e stiijee, u:o
a, in.; Divine woi.lilp, 10.30 a, in, und 7,30 p.
in, Pieailiing by the pastor, Muinliijr, "'Ihe
To Hesiuieetion.," John :SI.Ai: i-uuiuir.
"Cli'lliil Life," Joliii Hi: PI. Sahablli scliool at1
13 in.; Vouiijf People Soclet of (liWlan Cndca. I
vor, p, in. Lesson stml.e cifij Wednesday
eieiilng ut 7.30 n'dock, followeil by piaier
meelliiK- at 8. Seats fiw. All aie welcome,
EvangeHcnl Lutheran.
l; Lutheiaii-Suiiday after Lplphani,
lifispel, l.uku lis U-Sl. Ltilstle, llinn. xllt 1-.1."
St, Maik's, Poiiilecnth apd Waihbuiii ttieets
llifi. A. Is llaiucr, I'll, I)., pastoi. Senlees,
,M a, in. and 7 p, pi,; Suiidiy schygl, p;
Luther l.caxuo, o p. m, Mission Hand, Satiuday
J.30 p. in. Muinliijf subject, "rngascd In the
l'athei'. IliisIi.eWi euulmt subject, "Clii,tlan
'lialuliii,' nt I'hlldifii,"
Holy Tllulti, Adauw aienue and Slulbciiy
licet Rev, 1 p, JIHtw. of tte.l llanjeton, will
pieadi. Seville's at 10..i0 a. 111. und 7.30 p. m,
Sumljy sibiiol, 2 111.; Lutbei Ljaaue, C'jO p. 111.
St, Paul's, short axni'v Itcv, W. V. J Lauei,
pa.tor. Scnlcei at 0.o a. 111. and 7.30 p. 111.;
Sunday school, -.30 p, 111.
lluist ilmicli, fecial aecuue and Illicit ctrect
-rllev, Junieii Wilke, pastor. .Seiilci at I0.3O a
Hi, and 7.JSU i 111.; Suiujay scliool, 2.S0 )). m.
fct. 1'itei's, Picscott auuue Hev. "'' Han-
dulph, pistnr. enlces at 10.30 a. 111.; Suinliy
school, '1 p. ut.
Ihiiinaiuiel (Jeiiiian-PulMi Lulheian -eliiudi,
Ili'c-c stiect Hev. I'euliiiand Sallebneier, pistm,
I'leachiiiK in the (.'ennui laiiaiiat'e, 10 a. 111. ;
Sunday school, ! p. in.
Holy Tiinily Lutheiau (luudi, comer Ad.nm
aienuo and Mulbciiy sticel suudaj allci llplp'i.
my. Kplstle, Hoiiian-, il, l-."i; (lo'pel, Luke,
il, -.).. Hev. L. Y. lllltei, of West lluleloii,
will pleach Ihe scmion at 10.30 .1. 111.; lespet sci
lice, 7.30 p. 111. Suiidiy uliool at 12 111. Lu
ther IciKiie mectlnif, (1.4 5 p. 111 All .110 wel
come. Seats fiee.
(ii.ico Kiiingcliral T.iitliei.n chuicli
s.inod), coiner of Madison aienue and Mulbeny
street lice. Luther Hes Marin?, pastor. !i:;0
.1. 111,, 'inula school; 10.30 a. 111., Dieine woi
ship; lop'c, "-Indies i.i the Life of Jesus Chi 1st
Ills lllitb and Infanc ;" 7 p. m., Yonne; Peo
ple's Society of t Ludciioi; e.ulei, 1).
H. Wetel; 7,.',0 p. in., Dieine wm.-liii, topic,
"Dnld l.iiins'lone, Hie Man and the Mission
.11.1." Miscellaneous.
All Soul's 1'nlieisilisi clnljih, l'ni'e sluet,
ni'.u Adams aienue Kei. 'Ihciuis II. P.i.n.r, pas
toi. Dniiip senile, with seiuion, at 1(1 30 a, 111.;
subject, "(.'Ottilia; the Most Out ol" Sun
iliy school at 12 m. Scats free. Heerjbody wel
come. No cicnii.jj senice.
Pilot Plluiltiic Methodist (lunch, Oieen Hn's'e
Hev. (i., pi-toi. Pieadilns ar 10.30 a.
in. and 7 p. 111.; subjects, nioiiiinir, "Slrnre and
llellsion;" cienlnm, "My Hesllne; Place." A
welcome to all.
Z1011 I'mtctl He.uigelical chinch, 1 CJO Capoiiso
I aiinue Hei. ,1. . Mcx-antei, pai-lm. Pieaili-
ma;, 111..JU a. in. and 7.30 ji. 111. vibjnts, "A
Di'stiiiiini; l'a-isien" and "'Iho lllch Pool." Soli
dly school, 0.30 a. 111. j Junior Kudcaici, 4 p. in.;
Senior K11de.11 01, I..30 p. in. All iats inc.
Hiei.ibody welcome to all unues.
(Jospel Tabeiiude, Jclleison aienue, Dunmoie
lames I.i', pastor. siuuliy semcis:
PieichiiiB;, 10.30 a. 111. and 7.30 p. in ; Hible
school, U 111.; 0u11s I'eotde's niectiiw, 0 10 p,
111. On Sunday onln;r will begin a seiies of
ciaiiKclNtie seniles, in wlndi (be pi-lm will
be assisted bj lli, A. H. 'Ihinupsoii, of Km.
wood, N. Y. 1mj uieeliiiKS i'oi pra.Mis and
(Diiseeiatlon eiei ailcn.ouii cvcipt siuiiilay, at
3 n'cloik.
l'ii-t (liilstian chinch, Noith Main aiinni
It. M. Clinir, jiutor. l'lenchliiff at 11 a
and 7.30 11. in. Subjcls, "Laboieis with Dim"
and "Ivccpingr the I'aith." Sunday sdiool, 10 a.
m,; Hible assembly, .1 p. 111.; ( lui-tipn Hndea
i or, il.l'i ti. 111. All aie wileome.
Sewutli 11.1 AdtrntMs llcciilar teniee bj
the pastor Salmda) at 'J p. ill. In aueiiisey li.ili,
310 Washington avenue. Suniliy scnlee.s:
I'rculifiia;, 3 p. 111., at Little KiiKland, esnner
Luke and Km I, stiect . I'leaehine;, 7.30 p. m.,
Citcinsi'.i hall; subject, "Pisis-id of the
Dull l'oi'Nied of tiod," t. P. MiV.ikIi, jus
Acts. ii. 1-21.
IIV IIIIV. .1. II. (ilLHIlll'l', 1). D.
Secietary of Ameihiii Society of Helljjloin
CO.M'i'..T.- That pl.'.Mi inirtliiir at leiihaliin
Willi ttliLh Hie lat jes.on iletd, appeals, to
hue been iulelliiplid. 'Ihe apostle "ihleiill
did not ill-.illy iippiiheud ihe full luiioit of their
Mlstei's louuuaiid. He has raid unlit them
"lany until e me ciiduid" (l.uki wliit'i),
'I lilt was intended to he piolilbltoi.t as will ,ii
inanilltoi they wile rvpicleil to leli.ilu fl ml
any ait fm llliu mull b. the Spliit's po,er
ihe-y weie (iialllled to ail. Hut Petir who,
with hnpeluous nituie 1i.ul pueiplialed nuny
things at an iuipiopei tin) (Mill, wih'il),
ki.lyeH 11 k... Ill I ni.3 1- niiiini Inn., iiwmii.tit- i, .1 oi ..
... .. .. . ., ...,...,. .,.,..,. ... .. ,.. ,.
pitocel an dectloii to III! tho laiaue made In iho
iieaiiiiiy oi .inn. is i u'H iiia-.uj, ine eoiiipany
jillded to the siiKKi'stiou and .Matilda? was
chosen. It Is siupiMiiK that no one lulciposi'd
luipicunt siiih an ait,;, ulijl was tine .lesus had appointed His own upnstlcs, tint
lie Imf not ilelijjated any aulhoilly to llio
lllllllll III .lit fill llllll. Ill.ll till. tl.ll-l! t 1,111 IV. W
pieiiiatuie, and it was manifestly dictated
....I 1.. ii... i..i. o 1.... a... I.... , i
(in, iv ii'v s(i,,i inn ii(, in Milan msuMin,
llli:NOMi;.-(VefM 1, , ;ij. Tito i-Iol.
tlon did not wholly tlhfit the hint U tioiu '14
nut .mil ilmi Win ii Dnitiwiui- 1. 1 it !. . 1m
fiflletli da,i ailei I'assuier (I.v. xsJIIf I1, they
who all in the nppci loom. ,s (oily d.i)s
elip-eil bfliiein the ieuiic'itoii ami the a.eeii.
Inn (Acts 1:3), the lud been In evpeilaut wait.
In.r for about leu dais mid bad not jbjniloii"i
the hope Hut the Suie.ui'4 pioinlso nf poir
would be fulfilled u tlicni, Why tint proniUs
dela.ied we mv'il Pot eiiqulie. 1' was a
t'H'.t feal oein.ioii, and tin) came lo;uthci wilh
ouo spilil tu pi jj. While so 1'iiitijjid cerUlii
physiiul and siipeniilnul iiunile.ljtloin went
nude Iu llieni, 'lime eaiiio th.t a iiishlui
mlulit) wind, an t liilile in ol the lluly S;ihlt
tbilin ill',A), in iilher an imlliatloii to Ihj
senses (hat the Spoil was appioaehlns (I Kli'itl
.l:l). 'this was followed b. lUniis of Ihe, lll.o
toiiguts, i.iili to liulii-alo ilhiTilty, imhliiii oi
of the Spiiit ami of speech, a tlauie icstlny upon
each pcrmn.
( yyj fa This slgnaturo U on eMy box ot Vfo geanlfis
0 - (Jt5L,- Laxative BroinoQuinine Tabuu 7
v &S7rKir&&Shi curca a cold I11 ouc darf
t-t i J-'sirx3,4
LTllHtANCi;. (Veile I.) Tlic-e oiitwoiel and
visible thlnt's weie foi tho bent 111 of the (lis
(Iples, that lhc) mi-lil know- tint the Spiiit bad
(ouie to tin in. Iniiuullalcl) thee weie iu the
power of the Spllll. Ho took complete posses
sion of them, s,i Hut what the) aftiiwaiel did,
lie did. In sboit the) weie leeeptieles Illled
by the ipliit and instiuiuenls Usui by the
S'pnlt. 'J he voids of .lesus concerning llieni
weie fullllled t lets i:")). i heir wailinp; anil
pi u.l r Ii id been lew uded. 'Ihen these spiilt
lillcd nun, pcihaps the apustles null, mole likely
tlie whole dirndl, beeau to speak in dllleieut
tongues which the) had neici letined. 'Hide
bad been nothiiie; of the kind befoie since tlio
buildcis of Hihel (lien. xi:7, were sialteied
abioid tin ontili confusion ot t-pcedi. Hut the
disciples continued toselhei, eadi speaklnu; a
1 menace uiidei-stood b) none of his associates,
but all alike .n the Spiiit gale them uttei.inie.
YISII()iS.-(nS(s 5, il, 10, 11) This
able trill of loniu-, iisul in an upper loom by
a (ouiiin) of -uliulul people, soon piodi.ccd Us
intended ifTeet it was noised ahioad and b) it
the people weie diawn tosethei. t thai time
Jeinsalem was Illled with del nut men fioin va
lions nails of. the woild,. who, with coiniuend
able lo)all) to the lellirion of (htii father',
came up to Ihe nitioiril festivals tj icnew tucir
fileiielship with their kindled and eonliiin tlieir
faith by acts of devotion, '(he Sciipttue men
tions nearly two scow couutiies that weie thus
lepie-tnled, n vei) liitrc 'ection in fact of the
lloiinu iinpne, chielly about the Misliteiianciu
ill the thiee continents now known us Lurnne,
A-ii and Afiica That was a masniflicnt atidi
enee, many of the in Ihe descendants of Abia
Iiiiii, olhcis piosd.itcs nf .liidiisui, all of tlicni
the best ebnieiiK of Ihe pupulilion, li i nisr
weallh, iiitelllKenee, snnl standiiu and inllii
dice, else the) would unci hale made nidi a
M HI'HlSi:. (leisiH (!, 7, 8, 12). 'Ihese pen
pie snilt. (be of the (ounli) fioin wlmli
they (.line, and spoke llchiej. also. When, time
foie, tin) weie diawn liuellici Ihei weie amazed
tint a ioiiiiun of (iallle ins should sueak so
that i.ich beaiei eo'ild uiidei.taiul. Ilmv ibis
was dune does not inittii, nhethei man spoke
at mil" in seiual in s'licession. 'lie liuiiie in
c'lci) case was ielij;hiin. 'Ihe wondenul wenks
of (iod, veie die lined, pcihaps lecltale of
(luislliu liist.i) weie (jinn, nine likely die
Illations or e-vpeilcnie, all dcUned to show
loilli what (foil had done and lould do. 'Ibis
was indeed a most iimaikible phinonuiiou, Men
llslcnid ,itli astonishment, 'iheie Wus an ap
peal to Iheii heaits in tlie laiapi iri Used In their
Lu-anay bon.e, the Ja-l llilua; to be expected in
Jeiusaliui w lieie iiIIkioii adlieiitl to tonus anj
fmplo.ud Ihe Hebrew tongue, 'the suipiNe was
iuuniiisely Inncau'd hi tlie fait lint the speak-'
els weie (A, ts :ll) liiiiiqiiiinieil n, nollte
leainliiK niiil vvllh distant lauds.
lIILMJi:XMS. ( 13, U, II). While
some weie Iu doubt eoiKiiiiliia; tills leiuaikahle
i;lft of toiisue-i, otheis put foilh .is an eNplina
lion that the Mieakiis wue Intinlcated. This
was ah.uitl on lli fate of it, for, wlille ihunkeii
men aie Klein tu bolsteious nnd iiliihui tundilft,
lls'li sptech Is luciilii nut and nciei leierotit,
and they leitalul) iiiiiiiie no abillt) to use a
fi)ieli,'ii tongue. It liui-t lie Hut some euilous or
inalldoiH pi icon nude the suj;a;isluii, pnlnps
soiue who seoind al lelUhni altoitithn, oi sum.'
who weie nre.Hl) opposed to spiiltuil dciuoii
stiatloiis, of whlih ila-s theie aie 111.1113 in our
ill), l'dti, as the iiiouthplete and ikokiiIiiI
leader of He iiputlrs, stme Ihhik liy Clnist'a
appolnlniei.l (Matt. ii:l!ii, felt called to lcpel
this unjust diaice, 'Ibis he til, I In mi extended
speedi bcifliiuliiK with an optn diiilal. It is
I'lldenl tli.U hi spoke iu ihe (,'ieek tongue then
in louuuoii use. und that n speikiut; iu otlur
toiiKius w,n Mi-piudid until lie IliiMinl bis
addiess, piobibl) not lesiiiued.
PHOI'IlHt .(i)ses 10, 17, Is), lladiis- de.
Iileel Hie eliuiii of diiinkeiiucss Petit as.(iied
the tiuii 1 liise of wliat hid ocduied. II w.n
lueiely the fiillilliiieut of an old piedlitlou 111.11I0
t'Ulit lliousand iciitiiiies bid no bv one of Iho
plopliets nf Isi.iel Willi which the .liws ouuht
to haie been fainlllii' (Joel llsS). 'the eaieful
oil done iu the s) lURou'ue eieu In foieisu
laiurs made eiuy jiait of Seiiptme a matter of
stud) eieu (mm the rally )cau (Acts 11vtlj,
so tliat all luesenl weie uepaed for the ipiola
tlou wlildi Peter uaie Iu support of bis asset
Hon. Theie was the piomUe of (Jod lo pour
nut Ills spilt 111 the last days, In iciiio thu
pii)ihelc oflice which for four iciutiiies
been unoeiupled, XntluuK couhl be mole plaus
ible than this Iniripietnlloii It Kale iiieinlii
ln wouls mil whlcli many had pondeied. It
ei!.ilntd what was utliruu a iii)teiuin thinsf.
It liukid tlie piesent In the pat. It Ulunl
aitalu the Jewish heart and tilled it with Inline
of a new eta.
i.OMi:itS. -(Vusttt 10, 20, 21). 1'elei 111.1.
tlliued to quote fiom Joel, sliowiiie; his fJlulb
laill) with tlio lattei, ami Ills In.litht iulo thu
liuMiiliiy of the Seiiptme. The cutpomlni; of tlio
Spiiit, pioinUed by the piophft and now real
ired, sluiillled imue than what hail been wit
nessed. ' lie speaking with tongues was only
llio bnjliinlii.' of wondeis to be miii in th'g
heaien ami on eaitlifjoil ll:'i)!(l). They weio
at the iipe'iilntf of 11 time iu which (Jod would
display IP lionet ) man) siisus in blood, ira
and' smoke, piioi In Hie coining of a day of
judaiuenl, Many bine liileipieled (his as re
(lilntf to the ililiuctlon of Jciusalem, of wlile'h
Jes,us so plaluh speke (Matt. ietiiO), which
sceiiH to be the eleaiest (oiislluctlqu of tlie
wouls. 'lids rcfeienco IMer tuineil (o piaitlcal
account by insuring liU niiillrnccslhat nil who
ulleil upon the lord sliould'be 'eaicd tlw lni
pending jmtRtiielit would not oieibtke tlicni,
roNrLPMO-Vi-TIiln l'elitccol.ll l'ltallon !
nlflcil niucli td the np6lollo church It ssiurcd
the men npiloliitcil to rairy the gnptl tint
they Would bo helped in their work, tilling incut
holdups mid lieiiglh! it gained nil aiiillcuce
among men, ni.lny ufwhciii incepted tlie incs'ine,
lio had come fioin many land and who would
return to uport what (liey bad lieluli It
opporliinltv for I'ettr In ptfaeli the inlllnl ser
mon which I milted ill tin' lollleitlliii of tlioit
sind (Art llll). In a liigt( day the imihc ot
( hri't Iinil adiaiiced In iiuiiiIkis and liillilnin',
'llio pnljglol speedi I) pi fled I lie inliiloimry
liioiciiuntx of nil ci time. Hut imirli ot what
win done Ihat diy soon ilkippeirod, baling no
iKiiiiuiienl lalue-tlie nnhlnir wind, (he cbii'n
llery tongues the speedi III dHTelOlit l.mitillges.
Tho Spirit's power riiunined. It lum lieen with
I In' fallhful rliuiiii rler since und will be Willi
It in all the .leal to nunc. It is I.anlli pioprr
lo ntlrmpt now, us sonic i', "a PciitecoM il
meeting," as If to icpinduci' the oreiiiii ines of
that diy, It Is highly piopcr for llod's people
when they pleae m wall upon linn t.u the
emblement of the spllll.
iiv in:v. miiiiiiii' r. v. iMiiiici:, ii n.
ll'iom Vuthor's Votes 111 "I he Simd.iv Sibool
l.c"(m llli"tiator," l'iibllhrd iiv I'. II.
Hcicl k Co, ChlrnRo, lll.
Oolden TiM -"lhc inuiiilu1 Is unto 3011 .nil
to mil chlldieu." A(t, il, 30.
Ilci tibial Thought The lli'eiul of the Holy
. Intiodmtoi.i Notes: 'lhc comiiiuiid of mir land
.lesils to He ill'dplc-i, "Tail) je al .lerusileiii
until jc be einiiieil with power fiom on high,"
v.h glieu In all of Ills ilK(!ih". Ail imi-t
tarry that all mav leeelie tlio Sphlt and all
testify of Ills power. Kiijli wis to bo u,
and all nni-t bile the "uppei loom" cvperieness.
Tlie cordillons for the icccption of tin diolv
Spiiit. weie tint all the dlMinlcs should liei
1, Obedient: "i'uri) till )e leceiec." i. I lilted:
"Iu one place of one aicuid." 3. l'l .i pi fill A
pia)er meeting ten di)s loin;. I nvpeetant:
LookiiiR foi the blessing.
The sune eotidltloiis anions Hie membership of
the (lunches todav will bun?: iiuothei Pentecostal
blessinjr. 'Ihe le.ulls of Ihe bestowuunt ol powir
weie: 1. 'They war all Idled;" ;'. Hold Iu wit-rc-sin;
3. I'oiuiful 111 speech; I. V binest of
SiiBaestions: Punt hi huce Ictteis the 11.11113
D-l-Sr-f-P-l.-i: S; over iicb letter milk a Itinio
ami ra)s, to indicate a liffbt. As eu'i letter is
lighted, so eieli (hiistliui that pics to nuke up
the Orient loot Ik 1 hood of the di-'ipks of Christ,
must be a shining Unlit, Uinio the name di.i'V
the outsti etc lied wlnas to indicate the Holy
Spiiit. viound the name "Disciples" diaw 1.1.14
of lijiht, with the rioss iu outline, I) llliistiata
tint the special ollicc of the Hole spiiit, in w"ll
as Curi-tiai! serine, is to lenal I'luist to the
w 01 Id.
Whin our lives Inn been mhted b) the Hole
Spiiit, we must tin out with ( liristim love -cvk-inir
to lijtht other liiei. Oh, how niplilli the
world wniild lie ev.ui'zdized If cadi one whose
l!f is llehjeiid b) the sweet Soliit ol t.o.l,
would fin qu'ekl) and tell oiheis of the tnld's
Snioi, aiid ieid them to bis side.
'Ibis Ismii miv be nude "Inleiestiim" b i'i
ni',' laiRi" and mull randies. t)n landle lighted
11M) lepiesent the ( hilstian 'hlnimr. for the M is
tel. With some poluteil wiie 01 ions; pins
fasten some laie and snuil candles on the
blickboiid, and 11s vol! talk of spicadlnc; the
lUht ami of littlue; join light shin", llitht .the
candles and quhkl) thaw the outline of tie
Idiots iiidiiatid b; the dot Ml lines 111 Die
If jou c 111110I u-i" Ihe e.iutlles ft 1 Hie obje t
lesson, sluipl) pint while eia.ion maiks on thu
boaid lo lepident theiii.
Tbi'ii when tluv aie jditiued as liehiK liKhtid
(with led and jellow ii.i)on) place tlie nihil
lltnal lines (m siatlct ci.i)oii) to foim the wold
"Lei ) mil llglit so shiie lie'foie nu"i, tint lhc)'
111 ij- see .lour liood winks, and ulmily )ou l'a
lliei uhiili is in heaven." Matthe.s, 1, to.
Under thli headlntr short letters of interest
will bo published when accompanied, for publica
tion, by Hie vviiter's name, 'lbs 'tribune decs not
assume responsibility for opinions hero expressed.
Millikens of Dromoro, Ireland.
Lilllot o( 'the Tiiliiiue.
Sir: -..Ijiium Mllllkeu wiote le I lei s litini Did
uiuie, lielatitl, to his sous, Janice and Willi 1111,
wlm lame tu l'emis,Miuli om; befoie, the leio
lulliiii. His wife was Miitha lleuiphill Ho
died in Diomoie, Apili, 17t0 his widow, May
V.1, 1S00, I'lom ihe ili.n.u lei of his le t le 1 s he
seems to liaie lieen a boiIIv man and bis adiiio
nltloiis to Ills absent son-, veie piudent and
piaitleal, 'I In le wtie nine ihildiin naiiied as
follows: .lames, William, John, Mai), Dnlil,
Maltha, Samuel, Xuiu) and Unbelt.
'Ihe sou .1. initi, fa a we.iiei, and one who
leiiieuibeied him lias 1 ei 01 tied, t lint "lie was a
ui) quilt, iiiiilleiHiic, honest' 1' liilp
111,111 who, while wealing in Ills loom shed,
would sine; I1UI1 soul's. He claimed to be of (Ml. 11 1 Ion and tll.-likeil to be ealled
1111, 'the KcncaloK)' of this faiuil), do.
sicudcd fiom eleieii diihlieii, lias been emu.
piled. Aiuui'gst tliiui win' and aro luanv null
of high di.uarlir and pioiiiluiuie iu l'emis.
lunia and Ohio.
William Mllllkiii taint' iiefoie the leioliiliou,
piobabl) Willi James, and sit down iu (lue'iia
loiiuly, wlieie lie iliid .May 0, 1800. Of tltii
mill al'.'l III. famil), if lie lud I ...sue, iiifoimatloii
is ele.licd by tlie wiilci'tiuil loiiesp.iiiilenee with
his descendants lespee l(nll) tolidted.
John Mllllkeu, another biolhn, died Ma) 4,
17111, pi obably unman led.'1 Milllkcu, anotliii sou of .l.nut.s of )"o.
mute, Ireland, was at homo Iu 17tU, uiitl of bis
nib-eqilent life notliini; ii know 11 li) me, Tiadl.
tlou, wlildi cannot be rellnl upon unlets well
stippoiti'd b) il'ininieiitaiy eiideuie. sa)s thli
D.ivld came to )'iitus)haiila aflei the leiolii
Hon. Samuel Mllllkeu was iniiitloiieel in his ratlin's.
Icttei of 1 7eil, us llun ut home, bu states that
lie, ami biothei Dai id Ju.t lumitluneil, Intiiule "I
tu iniiie old ill the spiin" pf Ks7. 'jlie falb.r
wiltes of S.iiiuifji "Sjiiiuil ihouijlit lie was put
leainid Aeiiousli tu an lino lint touniry ami iu,
tends loiitlmilnir In school this )ear for ho
1111 jus making Ids bread by that calllui;," Who
tan Iiifoim pie f.nlhei' of this .Samuel Mlllikeu;
SaH'ial of lids name, and sume fiom Hioiuoie,
iiiidoiihtedly kindled, came to I'uiii.ehuiiij, hi(
110 elocuiueiits )iaie beyn found by me (0 pruvo
wlieie lie loealid. Tliero uie, liuucur, Mllllkeiu
In Tesas, and iu Iliookfyn, N. V., who seem
to be this Samuel's deccciieianU I'uMlier liueo
litfatloii nuy make ioiiiuctloin niiUf ictury.
bine ol hi PQileiity may still libido neat his
place ot sUllciueiit, uliu can tiace the (j 11 illy
by icioitls
IMJt" "S. J'(
Sw''A. .. r
i 1 . ... , . '.V.
aik AS-
0 ,.
To OCtvl
9 (9 ' GJ) B
Going Out of I
The J. A. Banister Co.,
Proprietors of
w ft Js ri k I m Bl Ii Scc l-i Ml L JQ Sc I I II LJ w
q Will close 'their 'store in this city
I at the expiration of their present Q
g . lease, which occurs shortly, and
with this end in vievv have inaugu-
ratea a great
9 a
The Newark Shoe Store's Reputation
for "Good Shoes" is so firmly established
that it is unnecessary to say anything
about the quality of the Newark stock,
except that, owing to the recent business
depression caused by unsettled labor con
ditions, the stock is much larger than
us'ual, in fact, so large that we can pro
vide A-l shoe bargains for all who will
take advantage of this great "Closing Out
Sale" at the following prices.
$7 00 Shoes at $0 00 $1 75 Siioes at $1 50
00 " " 5 00 l 5() " 1 35
5 00 " " 425 ! s5 j io
4 00 3 25 ,1, u fi, c
3 00 " 2 50 c (i a "c
2 50 2 10 7lc (,0c
2 00 "' " 1 05 50c " . 42c
co csj ss as o s ssi a
llobcit Mllllkeu, piobably tlie )onngest sou of
old .hinies of Dioinore, c.inie to I'enus.vliaiii.i
nnd seltled in (iieeno counly alonsslde of his
breithcr William and is slid lo liiw been Hie
head nf a laige famil) whose deecendiiiN, fonu
ut least, dwell on lintls once ownetl b) lum.
Me llnil dniiiiiient', lninel), old land leaco and
leltns, to show- tint a William Mllllkeu, "iui
ii," nttlid iu (bedei count), Peninjlvanla. He
win a (I'Mkcr and soinctiine bitween 1700 and
1770 leintucd to iliudolpli cinuil), Xoith ( Jits
lina, wlieie lie fnurdeil a laige famil), all of
whom spell (lull nanus Millikau.
Wiilesiuead inteie-l has been stlinulaliil iu
the hlstoi) of the s-eeeiil brandies of the Mllll
keu finilli now numeiou.s iu I'ennsiH.inla, Ohio
and wistern s,ites neir the settint; sun, who-o
aneestois uune 'fiom Diuniore, lleluid, and It
is hoi el b) those who aie tiling to (onipilo
11. ell gcnialog) that all who i Lum to be ihw ( ud
ants from this st((k will no their endcivors
to as-ist In furnlshlm; C.n and fniiil) lecords
to pime the lonueitinns. 'Hie Mllllknii. of
Ki-haeeiliukn v.illcv . me descend nils of a
Julius and llu.'h Millikin. who Heed in Pi"
mole, lielind; one biaich tliioin'li a hiniuel
anil anotliii tliouah a lliild Millileu. The.o
me eiidentli lelitetl to the otbei Diomnra
fiuuilles, but the dcyiee Ins not betii sit,f.u
toiil; e,t ibllshcel.
Iii'searches now iuogicsin In Irelmd liny
lesult ill a ile.uei imilerstiindliiir of the ties
that once bound' fimillcs to.'ethti In the
"Old W'oiltl" and caused so minv of llieni to
mine into s'."-h dose (Oiitacl Iu the "New
W'oiltl." t any late, south will be exhausted
befoie tills iiucstlou is allowed tu ic-t mull-&'...-.
c (I.
Ml peisoiis rlnlmlng lonnectlon wllh Hie Ihe
sons of old .lames Milllken and his wife, Mar
tha Hemphill, of Diouioie, lielind, lie liigiutly
leiuieslcd to couuiU'iiicale wilh the siibstliber
inmiL'di llll;',
llei. (!. T. Ilnlloii, sr, Palis, Milne.
Special to the Siiautcn 'liibuue.
plttHton, Jtin. 10. Tenlity'H ilevolop
inents In the Hniitllpox epldeiulc vvoto
much more uncouiMsImr than yester
day's, only one new enso lutvliikc been
leported to the nuthorltleH. Timt vvtis
ut the homo of Aim. "Williams, on Lu
zerne avenue, Wont I'lltston, wlieie the
ciiko.s aio thoiiKht lo have oilglnnteil.
Sirs. Willlanis' eliitiKhtuf, Mrs. Joseph
Ilallstenil, who tvijliU'H wllh her mother.
Is the victim. There la also n miBpectetl
ease iu the IioioukIi, which It 1st thought
will be elliiKiioneii as smallpox tomor
row. TliPio were no siibneetH tmrt no
now casoH In Pltlhton city today, and
the patients aio all repotted as being
much Improved. Councils met In joint
fchMoii hint evening and upproprlitted
J2.000, to be left ut tho disposal of the
board of health, und tho simltaiy com
mittee!) were Instructed to net In con
junction with the health boaul. The
olUclnlri at Diiryi'.'i aro erv active In
tuKhiK bteps to prevent the spiead i-f
tho dlfense, und have ordeted tho clo'i
Iiijr of tho public schools, nnd have
nslied that the churches be closed. Hut
one caso exlhts theie.
.William Mm dock, ol' Jerniyn, and
Jllss Ida Hughes, of West Pittston,
wero today gnintVel a license to nutiry.
31 1". Murdock Is liiiiniiBer of tho Nelson
.Mortis lieef company's plant at Jer.
CnUieilne Heldy, of Plttaton tow (is
shl!, was this morninK qrnuted the
adoptjon of Oeoio Ilarold Uletikk, n,
tulnor child of her duuirhter. The adop
tlt'iu was decreed by couit, and tho
child will take the name or (ho peti
tioner and have all the tights ami
duties of n child and lie I . 31ts,
The bo.ttil of tinstees of tlio "Wet
J'lttbton Methodist church
have decided to ask the Wyoming con
fluence for the ie-appolutment of its
pastor, tev, 0. I4. KeVerHon,
A flood Ito.ids league," hun been formed
)u West I'lttston. with H. M. UugheB as
president. Over $1,000 have been ub-
usmess.: ,.
it 't -
z s& &
t sb es
One Appreciates g
Tills Month.
i The entire stock of
Women's Wool Under
wear, product of tlie
famous Luzerne Mills,
to be closed out at
a garment.
1 ham.
126 Wyoming Ave
- . - - - - r r-air
scribed for the purchasing of.m HtunJj.
j oiler und irubhur- l -'j
KimikIh Jenkins has been Jtpnoli)u3l
ttdmlnlstrator In thu estate of the ufi
Kdl&ou .lenklus, of .TeuklitK streuf, ttliti
city. The est.ito is valued at tJSjfi
Toe Flpoh, ot Puiimiire, whQ,lfii'ailtji
disposing of the Httlu nnis ,otim
auauintec and Ttust i onipu'ilsiS1
SiTiinton, expects to uuurn loipltutAn
next week. (Ik
To the South via New Jersey CedthtU
Tho New Jer&ev tJejittal railroad Is
the only line nft'erlntr Pullman net vice
to wWqttWoari;lU'toe , South "lil U"
M. w
t 'tUU'ieyillltff'APiKSllMJll. . w tin , out
.i....j... x.if. aiiUBFWfc : ,b
e'liuutii: I'v.i
LoMJStWnhiJ rjulekettftltde. Pull-
inin iWeJ'afbiis -tjerurd und bugdge
hevked thrpiiglijJ Inrjulvo'' of , J. K. '
Swls'auv dlalilet pussengejr vigent. COJ
West iuckawuniitt uvenue, Scjanton.
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u r nni y T -il