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y;iw'rfyt'''i''WJwji,'Sii(it7a'g''r''T' "M""."
An Excellent Combination.
Tho pkusnnt method nnil bonollciaL
effects of the woll' known remedy,
Bvnur of Fibs, mnuufuctural by tho
Califohnia Fio Svitui Co., Illustrate
tliavnluauf obtaining- tho liquid laxa
tive pririelplcs of plants known to bo
medicinally laxative ami presenting'
thorn In tho form most refreshing to tho
Insto and acceptable to the system. It
Is tho ouo perfect strengthening laxa
tive, cleansiug the system effectually,
dispelling colds, headaches and fovcrs
gently yet promptly and enabling ono
to overcomo habitual constipation per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every objectionaolo quality and sub
stance audits nctincr on tho kidnevs.
liver and bowels, without weakening1
or 'irritating them, make it the ideal ,
laxative. i
In tho process of manufacturing figs
nro useu, as tnoy aro piensanc 10 mo
taste, but tho medicinal qualities of tho
remedy aro obtained from senna and
other aromatic plants, by a method
known to the California Fio Svnur
Co. only. In order to get its beneficial
effects and to avoid imitations, plcaso
remember tho full nameof thoCompany
printed on tho front of ovcry package.
Forsalo by all Druggists. PrieoSOc. per bottlo.
s3j -
Z' 3W.
Must Go.
ilitth pr)rc or poor ijiMllly can't stjv in thii
Horn. Our oiitlic Mock or l'K-l'l'HKS, l'KAMliS,
.VAI.I, PAl'Elt. etc., i. .-olil on its merit. It is
our rule to ulwuys give full'ue. That's wlij
our customers conic again ami ag.'itn.
Jacobs & Fasold,
''ictures, francs. Art Gooils, Wall Paper.
Mdsical InsfrQirtenfs
(String and mechanical re
pairer), reasonable. Address,
"Music," 81)9 Mulberry St.
City Notes, J
BAItHKItS '10 .Mi:i;r. Tlie llaibeis local, Xu.
21, will lioM a meeting in ltnlbeit's, hall tonight
at 8 o'clock.
l'.UJH COXUIKT. The iliaKlani or tho sale
o c.its. for the l'.iur jmphoiiy iirli-.'.-.tu opens
st Powell's mie-ie s-loie at. U u'llotl; tills morn.
1)., I., i" V, PAYS. 'J lie rui)iloe.s of the car
hop, were paid yt-iteiil,iy. The M-iul-iiioiitlily
u,j anion; the niliio woiki-ii will lu com-inrm-eil
I od.i.
1IAII.WAY.S COM.MIlTi:i;.-A H'ecial iiiei'tliijf
of the railways connuitlce of the common coun
cil will bo held tonight lit 7 o'clock, in the i-lly
lull piloi- to (ho liiccllu;,' of couuiil.
SPECIAL MIltYICIlS. lcliaious 'it-
id's will be held in the l'hi-l l'le-ln leii.m
ulitirch tilts eicnlnjf and lomoiiow incnini; tit
7.IJ o'clock, piepauloiy to l In' colelnati'm of
the Loiri'i. attppei net Mimb.
AXMAI. MIXTIVIS. Tin- An-.iiI.iI Ion of the
llunie for (he l'i leiulle-,-. will Imlil its animal
lincling touioiiow at l'.::ii p. mi. In the loom-, of
tho Youn;,' Wou.eii'f .i.-oelatioii, Tho
pulillo and all friemU of the llnmc ate inited
In ntteiul.
IIDIt I.Kll IMOKIIX. A ulvltiif lu r
H.1II1C a Irs. Maiy .lone-. Mlpped on the side.
walk In fioi.t ut l!oliin-on lirewcr on Wet
I.lmlcii slicct last iilslit and fraituieil Iter liiilit
leir in ten-nil places. Min wai taken to tho
Lackawanna hospital,
Till; l)K.( (INS. lu incut lotting jctcrilay the
i'l"itloii of officer!, of the I'enn Acnu llaptl-t
iliini'h we pae the iuinc. of I!, H. Wllllani, A.
1). Sli-lle, I!, A. ami P. M. Kochler a.s the
new deacons. Tlii n an cnor. The- lire the
n.'w tiustrix Tlie deaeont ire: .1. I Strllc,
(ieoitte I'ltltchey mid (dalles Ilenwooil.
(I'liiUutf axriiue, mie of the Mrcr! cai' men whu
nit out on fctilkc, but who Is now cinployeil .n
)i lit her by the Anthiiieltc lliewlntf coniiuiif,
was liiimiij on TuiMlay nluhl by being tlitown
flnin Ids wagon mi Sottli Main meiiuc, Tlio
,ikoii w.i, struck by a sheet ear and almost
uH'l turned. l"o.'b Inlmies arc nut setiouj,
H.Vnirt WP.lli: IIUOKP.X. -A leant of hoiie.s,
tiltitilird to one of tlie North S'uiituti bucs,
liecaiue frlshtencd on lluir uipru.ah to the Cut
Imiii htreet crossing at ll.:;o o'clock Tuesday
lliglit ami iiaxlieil lulu tho ttates, miaslilnc;
1 In in. Tlie Delaware and Hudson train, due in
the cily at that hour, was appuuililni; the trosj.
tiiif, and iiiiicli exilement prevalli'd. Portuiiately
nu one was liijuicd.
!'l'.Si;it.M.S AT HOUY r;il().SS.Two funeral
fei vices wcte miiihu(ri) at Holy I'ruvt church
ycciday inoinlntf over the tcinalns of the late
Jlu. Mary (toap, of toi llynoit slieel, and Sir.
Mai'k'aict MiDjiicukIi, of till) Thliil t-tuil. HjiIi
who rntilniU of the llrllrvue seillon. llev, V.
I'. O'DoniU'll aid (he mavis ami pieailirj the
erinoin and Interiiicnt of .Mrs. Heap was nude
In llunniorp cemetery and ( Mrs, SIvlMuaugli In
tho Cathedral cemetery.
W. II, llegan, of Wllkcs-Ilarrc, yetenljy tllid
a loluiitary ivllllmi In l.ankiuplcy with Cleik
Searle, lib liabilities uie ify.OOi) and his assclb
The bond of John M. WlUon, who his been
iipoInteil tcfcrcc In bankruptcy for LjcoiuIiir
ml tfutheilaml louullui, was jcklrrdoy approved
by .court.
Ourlfs V. lloweii, of I'ittston, was yostcrday
ppulnlril ifccltr,- in th.;;iiiitey proifcdings
2ulnst Mlducl I. Kelly, of l'llMvn. Ills bond
it) Hie sum of p,WQ was approved by the CQUit-
z .. Z-- -i-sa J ZZiST'
vstrf s?jxsg?
Only Two Witnesses Called In tho
Luzerne Street Shooting Case, In
dicating That a True Bill Is to Be
Returned Flnn-Scrnnton Criminal
Libel Cabo to Be Heard Today.
Defective Declaration in tho White
Divorce CaseHearing In the
Dcan-Howell Case Continued.
Totlny the Kriiml Jury will nmke list
flMt report. Several t'aneH of unuHital
Impni'tunco linvp been heard and the
report, in consequence, will bo awaited
with Interest,
Ono of theco onsen In ihut of the
Cointnonweitlth itfrnlu.qt Sylvester F.
CosBfovo, the Druniiiiotiil detective;
FrnnU Ktift'Knlnkl and Frank KIiirs
ley. fliai'fietl with the UlllltiB of Ditnlel
JteAulllTo, at Slornn's stilorin, on l.u
zerne street, Decumbei 9, while the de
fendants were attempting to make ar
rests for an attack made on a trolley
cur the uIkIU before.
Only two witnesses were called by
the grand jury, which would Indicate,
almost conclusively. Unit n true bill Is
to be returned. The charge against
Cosgrovo Is murder, but the Common
wealth by consenting to his being re
leased on bull, showed it does not re
gard the crime us of the first degree.
Another cttse heard yesterday was
that In which John Meelmii, of Prlee
burg, Is charged with tlio killing of a
foreigner at Prlceburg. Meehun
hoarded with Thomas McCSulre. Dur
ing the night he and' MeOttlre were
aroused by a commotion In the chicken
coop. They went out with guns and
began firing. A charge from Meehnn'H
shotgun brought a man tumbling from
a tree. It Is supposed the hitter wus
In the tree gathering up chickens roost
ing on Its branches. Sleehun averred
that he fired In the air and did not
know there was a man In the tree
when heH fired In that direction.
The case of criminal libel in which
President V. V Scranton of tlie
Scran ton (las and Water company is
the defendant and Select Councilman
Wade SI. Fran the prosecutor Is sched
uled for a hearing today. Sir. Scran
ton Intimated In it letter to the press
Hint councilmen had solicited him to
bribe them to vote against the license
tax ordinunce. Sir. Finn Introduced a
resolution In councils, calling upon Sir.
Scranton to give names. Sir. Scranton
wrote another letter to the press which
caused Sir. Finn to begin libel pro
ceedings, i
Xlne street car riot cases were henj-d
by the jury Monday and will likely be
reported today. One of litem had for a
defendant Daniel SlcAuliffe, who was
shot and killed. lie was charged with
assault and battery on a non-union
crew and with the breaking of win
dows In cars.
Petition Was Defective.
Sept. 28, 189S, .r. K. AVhlte, a painter,
of Daleville, was married hi this city
to Helen Smith. A few months ago he
mnde application for divorce, alleging
that he could prove the woman lie pre
sumed to marry was the wife of a man
named Fen-ens, formerly of Great
Bend, now of Staten Island. The suit
was brought against Nellie Slay Fer
rens. The respondent made answer
denying the allegations of the libellant
and attacking the declaration on the
ground that the suit should have been
brought iignlnst her in linr name of
Sirs. Nellie White.
Yesterday, Judge Edwards bunded
down an opinion sustaining this latter
contention. Although the marriage
may have been null mid void, the judge
says, the name acquired by marriage
must be used until the decree prayed
for Is obtained.
The plaintiff was allowed thirty days
lu which to amend his petition.
Dean-Howell Case Continued.
Tho equity case of Sirs. Jennie Mow-ell-Dean
against her brother, Franklin
Howell, was scheduled to bo heard yes
terday, before Judge Kelly, but was
continued on a plea of surprise by the
The plaintiff alleges that the defend
ant, who had charge of her estate, mis
managed It. She sues for an account
ing. Soon after the suit was brought,
the attorneys made answer, denying
mismanagement, alleging that he had
made an accounting, ami further that
he wns n partner with his sister in
various transactions Instead of innn
nger of her investments. The attor
neys for Sirs. Dean, Ira II. Burns and
Layton SI. Schoch, did not make repli
cation until yesterday. The defend
ant's attorneys plead surprise, and the
cuso went over until tlio next term.
The defendant did not appear lu per
son at the hearing.
An Incorrigible Boy.
Judge l-M wards heard testimony yes
terday on Sirs, Lena It. Lei tiler's peti
tion to have her ll-year-old son, Kd
ward Houek, committed to tho house
of refuse.
She and her husband, Uitrber Fred
Lcltner, the stepfather of tho boy, tes
tified that the hid Is beyond their con
troli that ho will not attend school,
and tliut he spends his tlmo with other
wayward boys about tho culm dumps,
They also stated that lio stole a pipe
and a dollut- from his home,
They wore corroborated by govern!
of their neighbors. Henry Heck, gro
cer, ut the corner of Larch street and
Washington avenue, told that tho boy
stolo apples from his store, John J.
Keller, another neighbor, testified that
young Houek stole ninety cents from
his house and with two other boys went
to tho Star theater,
At this juncture Judge Edwards said
lie did not care to hear any more tes
timony. Testimony Much in Conflict.
In court room No, 2, there was a
hearing, yesterday, beforo Arbitrators
Wulter Hrlggs, .1, SI, Walker and Wll
Ham Leach, lu tho i-uso of Itiehard Fos
ter usalnst Isabella Okell. Olarenco
Halentino appeared for tho plaintiff,
and tSeorgo SI. Okell for the defend
ant, Tho suit Is brought to recover on a
ineehanlcs' Hen for tho building of a
cellar under the defendants' house In
Duumore. The plaintiff alleges that
lie. i,nndo n contract for tho work wjth
(ieorge M, Okell, aS attorney in fact
for the defendant.
The defense Is a denial f tills alle
gation uud the claim that the contract
for the whole house, Including cellar,
was inada with Wlieatcvoft & Ilower.
The defense avers that it does nut
know Foster except an n sub-contractor
under Whenlqrotl & Hovcr. ,
The heat-lug Is lo bo completed at, a
future session of tho arbitrators.
Yestorday's Mnrrlngo Licenses.
.lo.x-pll Zukod-U ,,,,,,, 1. 1 AlcMlilid
Murlntiini Kldclkowi'U Archli.ild
P.ivld I'onrll U'nlklns Scianlou
Dllio M. Ilollhl ,,.,. ....Kcranlut
Andrew'euliz ,.... hlyphant
.Mnry twantzkn ,.,.., ......Oliplnul
.tohn llokua .,.,..,......,,.,.. i.lcMiip
Hoinunl .,,,..,,,,,.,,.,...,,,,. ,, Jessup
.tohn Mill i i..,,,,., Scranton
SnphJA ( loyi! a ,, Scranton
.1octiIi Demi ,,,. .Scranton
llnrliara ll.nli Scranton
MclinliM Cooper Oil pliant .1. 1'iirry Olyphatil
.Mm llrbtinu !. Scrnntcti
Mary lloshliu , , Scranton
Tlio will of .loiepli Mcder. lain of tliln ilty. w
yesterday admitted tn probate and tetters tesla
menUry gintitnl to (Jeorite V. .Model'.
In the of (I. I'. Peck and other against
1". I,. Peck and others, .tudfrc, Ildw.uds yesterday
handed down an opinion ilbinl-wlitK tho plain
tiff's bill and decreeing the iliaru of each patty
in tlie disputed prcpcily.
Attorney Jnliti I-'. Murphy applied yesterday lor
a charter for the frown SjcI.iI and l.ileraiy club,
which wai formed for "foelal Intercoms? and to
enooiiiagc lllcaiy education by literary and ile
b.itlni? evertlsf.s." The suk-ulbcrs In the r.
tides of Incorpoiatlon aio Patrick I!, llean,
Ihoina Polan. Kicd Mattln, Philip Khtliadt, Jo
seph kluuifi, JnlliH Troy and Will Jaii.sen.
Concert of the Paur Orchestra Next
Monday Night.
"I should have been a good girl and
should never have been hero dying in
this way," said a young girl in a hos
pital not long ago, "If there had been
somebody to tell mo where to go when
I first came to Scranton. I couldn't af
ford to pay much for my board and I
went to a cheap boarding house which
Is supposed to be respectable. Slay be
It Is, as boarding houses go, but peo
plu were there who weren't the right
kind for a girl to know when her
mother Isn't there and nobody else to
tell her. Well, I'm here, that's all, and
I'm not the kind of a girl you'd speak
to If you saw me on the street."
The Young Women's Christian asso
ciation Is trying to make It impos
sible for such a sad story ns the above
to be repeated In the ear of some kind
one who leans to catch the lust whis
per of si poor wrecked soul. It Is far
too frequent a tale now In this city.
It Is hoped that by means of the funds
received from the Emll Paur concert
that rooms may be established where
young women coming as strangers to
the city may find home-like surround
ings and safe-innocent pleasures.
The concert itself will be something
which no one can afford to miss. To
hear such a great orchestra as the New
York Symphony Is u privilege and to
hear it In our big new armory will be
a still greater pleasure. A concert by
the Paur Symphony orchestra is an
event In any city, not excepting New
York. Sir. Paur has his orchestra un
der such perfect control or perhaps It
would be nearer the truth to say In
such perfect sympathy with him that
the results are little short of mar
velous. The delicate nuances, poetic
meanings and tremendous climaxes
are all brought out with thrilling ef
fect. He Is conceded to be the giant
among the world's conductors of today.
J. E. Havencamp Arrested Here by
Detective Stephenson.
John 13. Havencamp, who is wanted
in Binglmmton. for larceny, was ar
rested on Washington avenue on Slon
day by Detective Robert Stephenson
of the Parlor City, who was here at
tending court. He wns committed to
the county jail yesterday for ninety
days on the charge of vagrancy and
while ho Is serving this term requisi
tion paners will bo secured.
Havencamp and a partner stole
thousands of feet of copper wire In
Hlnghiimton by climbing poles and
cutting It down, playing havoc with
tho electric light and telephone facili
ties. Detective Stephenson secured
warrants for their arrest and when he
went to serve them Havencamp drew
a revolver and fired at him, the bullet
almost grazing his head. Roth men
got away.
Hy the rarest chance the detective
happened to see his man on Washing
ton avenue on Slouday afternoon about
iUiO o'clock and Immediately placed
him under arrest. When searched by
Superintendent Day a burglar's tool
used for opening shutters was found In
his possession. As he can give no sat
isfactory account of himself the charge
of vagrancy bus been preferred against
Little Ripper Legislation Needed for
Water Company.
A certain well known citizen writing
to Recorder Council in response lo his
request for opinions on the water ques
tion makes the following apt comment
on the situation:
"I think a little ripper legislation
properly administered would have a
beneficial effect If rightly applied,
When a lion bus your hand In his
mouth it is a rather inopportune tlmo
to make terms with tho lion."
Another citizen suggests the prac
ticability of having a competent board
of engineers Investigate tho question
fully and report to a committee of dis
interested citizens appointed by the
recorder, fsnid committee to thoroughly
canvuss tho situation and make a rec
ommendation to councils.
The letters still keep coining in to
tho recorder's office and tho majority
of the citions writing favor municipal
ownership or tho water system under
certain conditions.
This Man Wanted to Take Out a
Marriage License,
A tall, row-boned young intui saun
tered Into Director of Public Safety
Wormser's office yesterday afternoon
and approached the director's clerk, F,
!!, Reese.
"Want to tnlto out a license," he
drawled, "and I guess I'll have to go
through u little examination,"
Clerk Reese mndo tho fatal mistake
of sizing tlio mun up for a plumber.
"You'd better see the plumbing In
spector first," lie said, "and see what
he's got to say,"
"Look here, young man, don't you
get fresh," yelled the tall man, "1
ain't no durn fool and don't you forget
it. I don't want to seo no plumber. I
want to get married and folks told me
to come hero for a license. 1 want
one, too, and you Just hurry."
Clerk Reeso hastened to beg the
man's pardon and to direct him to the
court house, the locution of which he
hud no Idea of,.
Figures That Go to Show Thnt Its
Establishment Wns n Wise Action,
and That Contrary to the Utile In
Other States, It Is Not Productive
of Litigation Only One Per Cent,
of Its Decisions Appealed to the
Supreme Court Havo Been Re
versed Tho Trial List.
W, 1C. Taylor, crier and clerk of tho
Superior court, which opens Its ses
sions here on Monday next, arrived
hero Inst night and Is registered at the
Jermyn. Sir. Taylor has prepared on
Interesting report of tlio work of the
Superior court since Its Inception, In
One of tlio most important fun lures
of the report is a comparison which
shows that the establishment of a
secondnry appellate court In Pennsyl
vania, has not, as In some stales, in
creased the number of appeals.
The total number of appeals taken In
1S91, the year before the BUoorlor
court was established, was 1,101. Last
year the appeals to both courts num
bered only 1,148, an Increase that would
be natural with only one appellate
The relief that tlio Superior court
has been to the Supreme court Is
shown In n comparative table. In 1894
the Supreme court heard or, at all
events, received, 1,104 appeals, lu 1S98,
the total number of appeals was 3,130,
of which G3."! were made to the Supremo
court nnd 4SS to the Superior court.
In 1897, the proportion 'was: Supreme
court, 71S: Superior court R90; In 1S98
Supreme court, CM; Superior cotirt, 4.r,l :
in 1S99 Supreme court, G64; Superior
court, CO!); In 1900 Supreme court, 533;
Superior court. CS1; in 1901 Supreme
court, 379; Superior cotirt, 3b'fl.
It Is also interesting to note that In
the seven years the Superior court has
been in existence, only 29 of its 3,231
cases have been reversed by the Su
preme court.
In the period of the Superior court's
existence, Lackawanna county has sent
131 cases to the Supreme court and 103
to the Superior court.
The list for the term will be called
next Slonduy morning at 11 o'clock,
and is a.s follows:
orrom-.n tkrm. woi.
Coiimionwealtli vs. ,1ume.s II. .lcC'ulloih, up-pi-llant.
Appeal and cell. (. S. Illair inimty.
A. C. Holm, appelant, s. p. fl. Rrilne. Ap
peal and cert. (.'. P. Columbia county.
.M. I. Heiinesey, .idmlni.stialui-, et jl., v. Pan-
yiiic .n-tock, appellant. Appeal and ceit. (,'. P.
coiiinuua coiuiiy.
Julia .H. Cinllelil . tlie IIoiourIi of Hart
Strnud-Jiurir, appellant. Appeal and ii-rt. C. P.
Momoj connly.
i;iiner W. .Moore, receiver, appellant, s. Jos
eph I!. Diciltt. Appeal and cert. V. P. Jlonioc
A. II. Pc AVItt, administrator, et a!., appel
lant, vs. (Vlestia Do Witt, ct al., and Lehigh
alley Railroad t ompai-y. Appeal and ceit. ('.
P. Wyoming county.
JAXl'.USY TICRM, 3(101.
Hairy C Maion is. James (Jiiinn, et al., appel
lants. In equity. Appeal and ceit. ('. P. Lu
zerne county.
Maifc'.iret A. and Catherine ('. MoAiilmy vs.
Simon .Miller, et al., v. appellant. Appeal and
cert. C. I'. Luzcine county.
Dennis Uri.slin, administrator, w, the Kingston
Coal company, appellants. Appeal and ceit. C,
P. Luzerne county.
Dennis Iliisiin, Kiiardlau, vs. the Kingston Coal
company, appellants. Appeal and cert. C. P.
Luzerne county.
Walter PcnnliiKtou s. II. M. Pace, appellant.
Appeal and cert. C. I". I.useine county.
I). J. Conlan vs. Mary, appellant. Ap
peal and ceit. C. 1'. Luzerne county.
(Yunmoimoallh of Pcim.-yUaula, appellant, ".
I'l.wuouth tnun-hip. Appeal and ceit. (.'. P. Lu
zerne county.
(.'. P. Wesley vs. W. It. Shaipe, appellant. Ap
peal and cert. ('. P. Liucrnc county.
W. L. Itaeili't- .. ('. i:. llutler, appellant.
Appeal and ceit. C. P. Lueine county.
Zeeuian lliothers s. David Silshenr, et al., ap
pellants. Appeal and nil. C, P. Luzcine county. Wiijsht, et al., s. towmhip of Lehman,
appellant. Appeal and ceil. ('. P. I.ii.einc county.
((orai" H. Kulp s. county of Luzcine, appel
lant. Appeal and ceit. (. P, Luzerne county.
Ilauy Jl. W.iKiier, appellant, v. Catiii'iinc
IIollm.ui, ct al. Appeal and ceit, C. P. Luzcine
.lo-epli Mtnovky v.-. Maiy Mi nov-hy, et al.,
appellant. Appeal and ceit. ('. P. Luzcine
l'alth A, Dullard. iippHllanl, s. lljlaw.ue,
Lii'knuMum and Western Railroad coiupai.y. Ap
pel and icit. ('. P. Liueine county,
(', L. Ualdwiu, executor, appellant, e. the
l'enn.vhaula Pile IiiMirauci.' company. Appeal
and ceit. C. P. Luzerne counly.
bimon Hilda is. tlie Home In-ur.UKC company,
of ev York, appellant.
Commonwealth u. John W. Bunnell, appellant,
Apppeil and cert. (J. S. Luen-.e county.
Couuncimcalfli .-. Jnuic.t I.. Bunnell, et al,,
appellants. Appeal and celt. (. S, Luzerne
In re : Lunacy of John Doyle, S. W. li.ueu.
poit, director, appella it. Appeal and ceit. (,. S.
Luzerne comity,
JANUARY lllltll. 11102.
II. ('. (llbl, ct al., is, Pewlllon Siveet, ap
pellant. Appeal and cert. ('. P. Lack manna
i ounty.
Coiiunoimcallh vs. Gierke W, Re.ile, appel
lant. Appeal and ceit. (J. S. Lackawanna county,
Louh-a Lyman, appellant, s, Lewis Smith, rt
al. In equity. Appeal and celt. C, P, Lacka
wanna county,
Patiick Carey vs. Jem lo IS. Brink, appellant.
Appeal and cert, C, I',. Ijckawanna county.
M, J. Ruddy vs. William Itepp, appellant. Ap
peal and ceit. ('. P. Lackawanna county,
Coniiuonwe.illh c lei. Maitln P, Plynn, ap.
pellant, v. Joseph A, Scranton, counly treas
urer, etc. Appeal and ceil, C. P. Lackawanna
lIcorRO Cooper w. city of Scranton appellant.
Appeal and int. C, P. Lcckawanna, counly.
John Tlcrney Cornelius Smith, appellant,
Appeal and cert. C, P. Lackawanna ooun'.
Henry llardlni; vs. William Repp, appellant.
Appeal and cert, C. P. Lackawanna counly,
Ljonore II, (Irosvcnoi- s. Stephen J. Cook, et
al., apHllanU. Appeal and cert, C. P. Laika
wanna county.
llaik K. LMKrT i. O. X. Callender, appell4-il.
Appeal and cert, ('. P. Lackuwanna counly.
li. P. Reynold! vs. H. X. Callender, appellant.
Appeal and cert. C. I. Isickawanna county,
I), P. ReplOBlo va, Jane R. Singer, appellant,
Appeal and cert. C. 1'. Lickawanna county,
(I, L. Peck, timtcc, ci al., appellants, vi. Wil
liam Council. Appeal and ceit. C. P, Lacka
wanna county.
Maiy V, Duffy vs. Mary Duffy, appellant.
Appeal ami i-crl. C. P. Lackawanna, county.
Conrad Sohroedcr, atpcllant, i, the Sciantcn
(las and Watii' company. Appeal and cert. C. I'.
Mckaivuuna totally.
In ret Condemnation of the Factory! Ille. a,nd
Ablution Turnpike and Plank, load by II, W.
Xorthup, president, appellant, Appeal and cert.
C. P. Lackawanna county,
(icoruu W. Potter 4; Son, (Jcotjro W. I'ottrr ap
pellant, vs. tlio Scranton Railway company,
Appeal and cert. C. I', Lackawanna, county,
Charles Lewln s. Martha Y. Paull, adnilnia-ll-atlix,
appellant. Appeal and cert. C. P, Lacka
wanna county,
P. I), Mauley is. Isabella b'. Okell, appellant.
Appeal and ccr. C, P. Lackawanna, county,
Daniel Kbulusky j. Thomas (Jllboy, ct al., ap
pellant. J, D. Caryl, appellant, vs. P. !,'. Xetllelon.
Appeal and ceit. ('. 1". Lackawanna county.
I'.llen C, Kelley vs. Jaiura' P. Donnelly, appel
laut. In eipilty. Appeal and cert. C, P. IjcLj.
wauiu county.
Pnlnstcl Carter, rt al., v. the Rhine Turnpike
tompauy, nppellitit. Appeal ami tcit. 0. P.
Liikaivaiini county,
In re! lislalo of llrrkel Ounntor, tlrcfMcit,
Silas Hartley, appeltanl, Appeal ami cert, ('. P.
Iiiilommnu county.
Joint A. N'rtiU, appellant, w. cily ol fli-ranton,
Appeal and ceil. C. P. Lackawanna cwmly.
Alexander Head vs. William II. Wilson and
MiIrIi Valley Itallrnad company, cunMier,
tlerni.nt Bank of I In (Tali), appellant, Appeal and
cert. ('. P, Bradford county,
Charles V. ..Mitchell, appellant, m. Allen .
Spatildliig. Appeal an I cert. ('. P. Druufou!
Joeph fc'ivnln, appellant. f. Peter Brady. Ap
peal and cert. 0. P. Bradford county,
I l,m ford b. KpauldliiK, appellant, vs. t'll tries II.
Ilntlock. Appeal and cert. (', P. tlr.tdford
Athens Car and Coach company, to use ot C.
Tlclcl, asiftnce, 18. J. b, P.lslircc, appellant.
Appeal and cert. C. P. llrailtord county.
Commonwealth, appellant, is, Clmtlcs Ilazen.
Appeal ami ictt. Q. S. Pike connly.
John I Armbrust, of Penn Avenue,
Files a Petition.
John l- Armbritfd, the butcher doing
business at 10 Penn avenue, yesterday
Hied a voluntary petition In bankrupt
cy with Clerk K. 15. AS. Searle, of tho
United Stules district court, throuitli
Ills uttornev, C. II. Soper.
Sir. Ai-mbrust's liabilities nro $.",24fl.
wlilte his assets amount to only J3.00S.
Hu has upwards of fifty creditors, tho
amounts of their claims ranging: from
$r00 to less than one dollar. The peti
tion was received by Judge Archbald
who set a hearing for Jan. 13.
Significance of Giving Them Their
Rights iu Church Government.
Prom the (.'liicago Ttibmic.
There are few words more frequently
abused than the word "epoch-making."
Yet "epoch-making" is almost the only
word that adequately describes the re
cent action of the Methodist confer
ences in giving women the right to sit
in the general conference on the same
terms with men. Not that the granting
of this right will In Itself revolutionize
the Methodist church. It may lie years
before women appear at tho general
conference In any such numbers as to
alarm those persons who have a dread
of, "petticoat government." It may be
that there will be little apparent change
in the management ot church enter
prises and In the tone of general church
policy. But the mere act of giving wo
men permission to enjoy the rights
which are accorded to all other lay
members of the church organizations
is deeply significant.
It marks clearly and definitely the
tendency toward an Increase of power
for the laity and toward the elimination
of distinctions-In the lay body. The
Methodist church Is giving up the pol
icy of clerical predominance. It is
becoming a church of "the people."
There Is no doubt that In doing this It
Is accommodating Itself to a drift of
thought that is in certain quarters ex
ceedingly strong-. It Is gradually mak
ing It impossible for the "liberal" and
the "Indifferent" to say that "the
church" Is nothing but a small group
of clergy, uud that tills small group
forces its opinions on every one else.
The advantages gained are obvious.
The church becomes more democratic.
It represents more accurately the will
ot the majority, and to do that Is to
conform to "modern American ideals."
Yet the policy embodied In the change
is certainly not to be found in the orig
inal purpose of the Methodist church.
When Wesley laid hands on Coko there
is every reason to believe that he in
tended no diminution of clerical power,
and for many years after that time
tlio control of the church was undoubt
edly lodged In the hands of the "or
dnlned ministry." That period Is now
brought to an end. The laymen's elec
toral meetings have authority to vote
on all constitutional questions; the
vote necessary for the amending of the
constitution is reduced from three
fourths to two-thirds; and distinctions
of sex in tlie lay membership havo dis
appeared. All these thifgs, however,
aro merely a reflection of a tendency
that has been long apparent. The
laity is increasing in comparative
strength and influence. Under the now
constitution the Methodist church Is
as "progressive" in the matter of
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church government as almost any one
could wish.
Northwestern States Once Comprised
an Immense Lava Bed.
A lava sea 200,000 square miles In ex
tent and upwards of 1,000 feet deep Is
not usually thought of as forming a
part of tho United States, yet nearly
the whole of Washington, Oregon and
a large part ot Idaho were once over
run by such a sea of molten rock, the
wide spread remains of which form
most of their surface today. Into the
ancient lava beds the rivers have cut
profound canyons several thousand
feet deep, some of which, notably that
of the Snake, even rivals the Grand
Canyon of the Colorado except In bril
liancy of rock coloring. Between the
rivers on tho upland plains the coun
try Is a series of rolling plateaus on
which the soil is thick and rich. Here
is the great wheat growing country of
tho northwest, large areas being par
ticularly adapted to agriculture.
One of the greatest needs of the sec
tion, however, is a larger supply of
water for irrigation In the summer sea
foii, for stock, and for town and city
needs., Thick lay-era of gravel and
water-bearing rocks are known to lie
between tho lava sheets, and it is from
them that water Is looked for. During
the summer of 1900 the United States
geological survey, through Prof. Israel
l llussell, made a detailed examina
tion of Nez Perce County, Idaho, a
typical portion of tho lava-covered
country, with special reference to Its
water supply. The results of this in
vestigation have just been published
by the geological survey In its series of
water supply and irrigation papers.
Besides explanation of tho geology of
the region on which the water supply
depends, the paper contains sugges
tions of the localities where water is
likely to be found, explains the prin
ciples for the occurrence ot artesian
waters and gives practical sugges
tions for testing wells during the pro
cess of boring. Mention is also rade
of the useful building stones to be
found in the section, including tho na
tive lime-stones, whose value for the
manufacture of cement is explained,
and tho probable location of the pre
cious metals, such as gold, silver and
copper, is discussed. The paper may
be had on application to the director
of the United states geological, Washington.
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