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No Truth in the Storu ol Heated
Words at the Venezuelan
She Simply Wishes to Collect Claims
Due German Subjects Vhen This
Has Been Accomplished, Will
Have No Further Interest in the
Xocnlity The German Cruiser Ga
zelle Sails for Venezuelan Waters.
The Government nt Washington
Fully Aware of Germany's Posi
tion Herr Knoop's Discharge Is
By Kwlule Wire from The .Kwlatrd Press,
Rerlln, Dec. 30. The German foretell
ofllcu authorizes the Associated Press
to announce there is no truth whatever
in the dispatches from ('mucus, s.iylng
that the German minister has left the
Venezuela capital, after a heated ex
change of words with President Castro.
The German charge d'affaires, Hut
Von Pilgiim-Raltazzi, Is still sit his idst
nnd is continuing negotiations with
President Castro. There has not been
any question of breaking off diplomatic
relations with Venezuela.
The German minister to Venezuela,
Dr. O. Sehmldt-Ledn, who has been on
ii vacation here, is now on his way to
The foreign otllee again solemnly re
Iterates the statement that it does not
ontemplnte territorial acquisitions in
Replying to Germany's assurances to
the United States regarding the for
mer's plans in connection with Vene
zuela, the foreign oftlce here has re
ceived an answer from Secretary Hay,
expressing full satisfaction with Ger
many's petition. Germany still hopes
to collect her claims peaceably.
, The 't'agehlntt this evening prints a
double-leaded cable dlsDtitch from
Washington, setting forth that the
principal military and naval author
ities there consider that war between
the United States and Germany, sooner
or later, is inevitable.
The United States ambassador, An
drew D. Wlilt. informed the Goiman
newspaper men, who culled at the em
bassy today, that tho reports of the
possibility of war between the Tjnlted
States and Germany .veto "the thinnest
Kind of sensational nonsense." Not one
of the authorities referred to In the
Tageblatt's dispatch, he added, would,
under any circumstances, disclose such
nn opinion, least of all when the telii
tlons between the two countries are so
good as at present.
"Moreover " said Mr. White, "Presi
dent Roosevelt, the commander In chief
of both the army and navy, it Is well
known, entertains not only olllcial, but
personal predilections for Germnny,
which have been made not only olllclal
ly to the German government, but
which have long been known among his
friends. Ho studied In Germany reads
ond loves German literature, and has u
most sincere personal respect for the
German emperor.
"Any utterance of the kind alleged by
an officer of cither service would be
sternly rebuked by President Roose
velt." Cruiser Gazelle Sails.
Today the small German cruiser Ga
zelle was ordered to sail Immediately
from Kiel to Venezuelan waters.
The government Intends to send one
or two other small warships to rein
force the present German squadron in
the Carrlbbean sea, The additions to
German's naval force In the Carrlbbean
will not be sufficient to give rise to
suspicions among the people of tho
Vnlted Stntes that Germany meditates
anything beyond the collection of
claims due German subjects, The Ger
man government desires, beyond any
thing else In this matter, to avoid dis
turbing the government or the people
of the United State. German news
papers published today are full of ex
pressions of this kind and many of
these expressions are so much nllku
Unit It is easy to Infer their utterance
was suggested by the government, A
ivmininbo thing Is the fact that there
Is not a single unkind expression to
wards the United States in any of this
newspaper comment. Kven the dispatch
from Washington to n New York news
paper, printed yesterday, to the effect
that persons of Importance In the war
nnd navy departments consider war be
tween Germany and tho United Stales
In be Inevitable, has been reproduced
everywhere, thioiighout Germany, Is
discussed coolly, and for the most part
treated with Incredulity.
"Wo hope that this opinion," says the.
Berliner Noiicslo Naululchtcii, "Willi h
grow out of tliu Spanish war and which
we consider to be wholly erroneous, will
soon give place to a more correct con
ception of Germany's alius, It s quite
unreasonable that the people in the
United States, holding hiicIi opinion,
should connect this opinion with tho
Venezuelan affair, in so much as Wash
ington has been fuly Informed of Ger
many's Intentions."
The I.okul Anzelt'er says;
"The task for our diplomacy Is to
make German Interests prevail against
Venezuela, without, at the same time,
losing touch with the American govern
ment. The authorities at Washington
have up to the present time shown such
Intelligent comprehension of the situ
ation and friendly disposition towards
Germany's, wishes that no grounds for
apprehensions exist at this point."
Knoop's Dischnrgo Demanded.
Caracas, Dee. 50. -The Venezuelan
government has sent a request to Mer
lin that Herr Knoop, manager of the
German railway, be discharged. It Is
believed that Manager Knoop will be
The Official Gozotto published today,
contains n resolution of the Venezuelan
government setting forth that Herr
Knoop Is unlit nny longer to deal with
the government, as he Is an accomplice
in the present revolution and must he
discharged. The resolution further says
Herr Knoop will probably be expelled
from Venezuela.
Traffic over the German railway
continues to be suspended.
It can be said upon excellent author
ity that Germany's contemplated naval
demonstration against certain Ven
ezuelan ports will be postponed until
the termination of the present revolu
tion against President Castro.
Total Capitalization of the 183
Largo Corporations and Value of
All the Products.
By i:diiMe Wire Irom The Associated 1'ies.s.
Washington, Dec. HO. Census statis
tics made public today on industrial
combinations show a total authorized
capitalization May ::i, Ifino, for the is;!
corporations reported of $.1,(07.f39.'.!00
and capital stock issued $3,0S5.2U0.S8.
The total value of all the products of
the IS,", combinations reported is $1,061,
293.3G1. The 1S.1 corporations employed an av
erage of ::0!U92 wage earners, receiv
ing $104,534,715 in wages. Employment
also was given to 24,5S.1 salaried ofll
cials. clerks, etc., receiving a total of
$3L',cr.3,C2S in salaries. Miscellaneous
expenses of these combinations aggre
gated $l."ilS51.077. Total cost of mate
rial used was S1.0S7.0S3.S2S. The gross
value of products less the value of ma
terial purchased in partly manufac
tured form, gives the net or true value
of products of these eo.mb'nations as
$l,0."l,0Sl.nSi:. This r-presents the in
crease in the value of the raw mater
ials resulting from the various pro
cesses of manufacture.
The 1S3 corporations reported control
2,209 plants that were active during the
census year and 174 reported as Idle
during that peilod. Tho returns show
an average of 11 active plants to each
corporation. Of all these industrial
combinations 03 were organized prior to
1S07, and in the years lSt7. ISfiS, 1S99 and
prior to June 20, 1900, there were or
ganized 7, 20, 79 and 13 corporations re
spectively. Over DO per cent, of the
total number of such corporations were
chartered during the eighteen months
from January 1, 1S!), to June 30, 1900.
The, statistics of industrial combina
tions exclude all corporations manu
facturing and distributing gas and elec
tric light and power, it being impos
sible to trace all of the latter, and they
do not generally possess the same eco
nomic signlllianee. The returns show
that the Iron and steel Industry Is at
the head of the list, with a gross pro
duct of $50S,G2ii,4S2, which is more than
double the value of the product of any
other group except food and kindred
products, and represents nearly ono
thlrd of the total gross value of pro
duets of all the Industrial combinations.
Blind Han Kisses a Saintly Relic
and Sees.
Ily i:eiinlve Who from 'flic Aooiated Press.
Rochester, N. Y Dec. 30. Thomas
Graham passed through here yesterday
on his way to his home in Ontario
county, und declared his pilgrimage to
Hto. Anne de Itenunre's shrine had re
stored his eyesight,
A short time ago liiaham was nearly
blind. He declares that after he had
kissed the relic the liillaiumatiou in his
eyes disappeared, lie is now able to
discern objects.
Girl's Father Shoots Two Friends of
the Would-Be Bridegroom.
Ily KncIusIvo Wile tiom 'Hie A wcUtvil Prey.
Locust Fork, Ala., Dec. .'io. With a
double-barreled shotgun J. ii. Hood
frustrated the plan of James Glaze, who
wanted to elopu with Hood's daughter,
Jim Snow and Juke Hood are danger
ously wounded as the result of the af
fair. (Haste went to the house or the ghl,
accompanied hv Jake Hood, Jim Hnoiv
ami several other friends. AVhcn the
party arrived the father of the girl
opened lire.
Corporations Chartered,
Ily i:u-iilw Wile fiom Tim Associated I'ic,
ILiilMmii:, Pee. M). Chattel icie k.ued hy
(lie Mute drpaituuiil today In die tullawfng uir.
puiatioiiit IImI.ciiIiiiIi I'tluliiiir coiupiny, p.
tciiii capital, I.IJ1.IMI. Moiii'i.iMhel.i iiim! IV-tcr
Clei-li lie i-uiiipat"., t l.illluii, Allegheny eniuilyj
i.iiiul Valentine I'llne no company,
Allenlmwii, KAUMi. MuiiuiiimIii 1.1 alley
llicuini; rnii.iii.v, Clalllumij i.iplnl, M.iiVi.
IVnniv.ini.i Slate lompany, Katou:
iaplt.ll, SIII.IIOI. Nultli lllaildocl, l.'ieilrle li'lil
puny, Nm III lli.ulilocl.; capital, H,tn. ItanUIn
Weenie lenipiny, H.iiiUn; capital, wi.sim. Tim
Ve..t Luiil, WilkivlLiici iapll.d,
Miller Succeeds Knight,
Ily r,rlutitc Wire hem 'I lie Awuclaluil l'ie.
Alluuy, N, V., Iter. Ko-liiiicilior (hlell luiUy
appointed Nj. t lull-. I,, MIIKi', uf t'oi t I.iml coiiniv.
114 tUle iinnptlolliT, o till I ho wcim-y emwil iy
Hie reliutiim uf liluMiu ('. KnlsM, who a4
leieiilly eliileil ini.w.i- f llinljlu. The term uf
the new roniptioller ephc January 1, l'AI.
m -
Pall Bearers at Sewell Funeral.
Ily Cxilutltv Wire horn The Awjcbti-d I'rcs.
Wuililiigtun, Pie, iJO.-Seeietaiy Hoot uml A'l (irneul Coihin, uhn have hiell invited Io
ait a pall hearer at the funeral uf Ihe late
Keiiater Scucll, will leaie here wily lumorrmv
niuruliif fur Camden, N. J.
An Estate Valued at $255,000 Left
to Charitable Institutions.
Uy Exclusive Wire from 'Ilic Auorlati-il Pros.
Philadelphia, Dec. 30. The will of
George W. Parr, Jr., a prominent Jew
eler, disposes of an estate valued at
$225,000, n large portion of which Is be
queathed to charitable Institutions,
most of them In this city.
Among the chnrltles remembered nre
tho Ministerial relief association of the
Presbyterian church, which receives
$10,000; the Presbyterian board of home
missions, $5,000: the Presbyterian board
of foreign missions $5,000 and the
French benovolent society $10,000. Af
ter all individual bequests are made
the will devises the residue of tho es
tate to tho board of publication and
Sabbath school work of the Presbyte
rian church in tho United States, In
The Revolutionists Debark at To
nosl from the Liberal Steamers.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Associated I'rcs.
Colon, Columbia. Dec. 30. General
HerreraBs expedition left at Tonosl,
Dee. 2t, from the Liberal steamers Ibis,
, Daiicn and Gtiltan und sailing vessels.
j Jlerrcrn is the general who upllu
luted at Panama, lust year. Ho Is con
sidered to be one of the best, If nut
the best, general the Revolutionists
j possess. He Is a clever and able man,
I who has sucrHleced everything for the
sake of the revolution. Hen-era Is
said to be surrounded by first class
men. General 1'orras and Lorenzo are
doubtless aware of Herrera's arrival
In their vicinity and will do their ut
most to join forces with him.
In view of Herrera's movement, the
government has requested that Hie
loinforcements be sent from Uarran
qutla. In the meantime, recognizing tho
gravity of the situation, the govern
ment officials are taking active meas
ures to meet all exigencies.
Everything seems to point to Hen-era
making a final desperate effort.
Since the wlhdrawl of the troops
along the railroad lino Liberal .-oldiers
have been seen at night time in the
vicinity of Culbra and Kmperador awl
uic supposed to be some of Domlnfeo
' Diaz's followers.
J Tho government yesterday garrison
ed Las Chispo and Matachln with tho
view of intercepting combination with
ihe Interior in the direction of tho
i enemy.
A Bank President nnd Wife Are
111 A Strict Quarantine
Is Established.
Ily KxrliKhe Wire from The Associated l'rc.v.
Montrose, Dec. 30. Small pox has
made its unwelcome presence known In i
this community, the victims up-to-date
being Mrs. O. A. Gilbert, wife of Vice
Piesident O. A. Oilberc, of the First.
National bank, and Mr. Gilbert him- ,
' self. The board of health has taken
vigorous action in the mutter and a ,
t strict quarantine has been established.
'It Is believed that there will be no
spread of the disease, but that It will
I be conduct! to tho family in which it
1 first appeared. In the meantime no .
church services nre being held, public
assemblages generally are being dl?
pensed with, and the doctors are doing
a laud office business vaccinating the
At various times within tho memotlos
of our older Inhabitants, small pox hns
broken out in Montrose, but In no ease
has it ever spread or became epidemic.
It Is hoped and believed that In thlr
respect, history Is about to repeat Itself
Dr. J. a. Wilson, health otlieer of tho
borough, has personal charge of tho
two cases now existing.
Slayer of Kraus Crazed by Hearing
Negro's Execution.
Ily I'.Mluslve Wire from The Ai-.oi luted l'rcs.5,
Trenton, N. J., Dec. SO. George Het
rlck, alias Franklin Williams, who
killed John Kraus, the clgurmuker, was
so badly disturbed by the execution of
Hubert Henson, the negro desperado,
last Friday, that he Is grudutilly losing
Ills mind, and may go Insane.
He saw the gallows when he was ad
mitted to the Jail last AVednesduy, and
was greatly unnerved. On Friday he
heard the blacksmith cutting the
shackles from the feet of Henson, Just
prior to the execution, and suw him
march to his doom, Then ho complete
ly broke down, and later became ment
ally deranged.
Manufacturers Joyous Over Unprece
dented Prosperity.
Ily Hu-ludte Wire IroniThe Associated 1'icn.
Trenton, X. J., Dec. 30. The Trenton
potteries are now taking account of
stock and balancing books, and tho
manufacturers Uml that there has been
a rciuurkublo Increase in business dur
ing tho year. The Increase In the vol
ume of bu.dness has been nearly a mill
ion of dollars, the greatest ever known.
During thu latter part of the year tho
potteries have been behind In their or
ders, This prosperous condition had Us
effect on real estate, for there ale only
u fuv empty houses In the city.
Bonner Will Be Manila's Fire Chief,
Ily i:clu.lie Wile lloni Tho Ascetnl Crfsi.
WjililiiK'toii, pee. :;u Mr, Hu-li llenuer, of
New Veil., h.H aircptcil I lie lemler of an ap
pointment as il.iif of the Ihe itcpaituu'ii! ot
Manila, It U puipoceil Io icori;anle Ihe Manila
Ihe lluliiliiu' krrvke on inodein Aiueilcaif Hue.'.,
ami Ml. Homier wi .s?Iictiil became of liU line
tccoul In Xew York i-lly,
President Invited to Gettysburg.
tiy Inclusive Wire from The Associated t'rew.
W'a.hliiutoii, Pee. ;;.lte, Dr. K. I', Wolf, of
(.'itlvchiiri,', .i,, today imitcil 1'ioloVnt Itouw.
tell Io annul llu memorial oicriUc ut the
tlillburc; lialllclklJ, May M
ft Vessel Direct from Philadelphia
Unloads a Garob of Black
Diamonds at Rouen.
Only Question of Time When the
United States with Her Own Ves
sels Will Supply Most, if Not All,
of the French Coal Deficiency Re
port of Consul Haynes Anthra
cite tho Favorite in Germany.
Ily Cxt-liiihe Wire from The Aoclateil Press.
Washington, Dec. 30. Two weeks
ago for the first time In tho history
of the port, a vessel direct from Phila
delphia unloaded u cargo of coal on
the Itoticn quays, says Consul Haynes,
In a report of the state department,
dated Itoueu, Nov. S, setting out the
prospects of American coal in France.
He says In Southern France tho Impor
tation of American coal has passed the
experimental stage, and that notwith
standing the nearness of lCngland, Hel
glan and German coal fields, American
coal has begun to filter Into Northern
France at different points. "If this
Infiltration is successfully begun with
the employment of foreign shipping,"
says Mr. Haynes, "it can-be only a
matter of time when the I'nited States,
with her own vessels, will supp'y most,
It not all, of the French deficiency."
An Interesting portion of Mr. Haynes
report Is devoted to the subject of labor
In the French coal mines. It says that
a general strike was threatened near
the first of November but that work
continues, with little interruption. The
consul says the miners' principal de
mand Is for the eight hour day. Should
they eventually win on this point, as
tliey have won on other points in the
past, the yearly output of coal from
France in Mr. Haynes' opinion, would
be diminished some seven or eight mil
lion tons.
The Greatest Objections.
Mr. Haynes said that one ot the
greatest objections urjnd sgtiinst Amer
ican coal In France is its friability. Cut
he quotes a French prospector of a
large steamship line, between Bordeaux
and New York, to the effect that he
considers American coal equal to. If not
better, than tho best Cardiff. The con
sul declares there is no doubt that most
of the objections to the American pro
duct are due to ignorance of its usage.
The state department also Is In re
ceipt of n report from Consul Man, at
Ih-eslau, concerning American coal in
Germany. Mr. Man says that one of
the largest coal dealers In Berlin, who
recently has returned from a visit to
the United States, thinks that the talk
of America flooding Germany with
coal shows ignorance of the situation.
American soft coal, the dealer con
tends, cannot yet, even with the pres
ent ocean rates, be introduced profit
ably into Germnny. He says It can be
imported only on the Mtditernuunn
with profit. The import of anthracite
coal from America Is quite another
matter. The Berlin denier left big or
ders for this sort of coal In the United
States, nnd says that in the Importa
tion of anthracite coal into Germany,
England Is the only competitor of the
United States.
Branch Is to be Opened in Palestine
Capital Not to Exceed 400,000.
Uy Inclusive W'lte from The Associated Pre
Basle, Switzerland, Dec. 30. The
Zionist congress, which opened last
week has nrrlved ut a provisional de
cision by which the colonial bank Is
to keep u certain sum available for
the acquisition of concessions.
It has been decided to establish a
branch bank In Palestine, with a capi
tal not to exceed -100,000 francs, to bo
confined, for the present, to a strictly
banking business, and not to be direct
ly collected with thu work of coloniza
tion. It Is also announced that up to tlw
cud of Inst November SrS,l.m one
pound shares hud been taken in the
Jewish colonial trust In London.
A Reduction in Letter Rates Would
Cause Deficit of $35,000,000.
Ily Kxilu.he Wire from The Aa'.oelateil Press.
Washington, Dec. 30. llopresentntivo
Loud, chairman of the house commit
tee on postofllccs and post roads, hud a
tnlk with the president today about
postal legislation, Mr. Loud sayu that
one cent postage is out of the question.
"Under present conditions," said he,
"penny postage would result In a deficit
of $;io,0f;(i,000 annually,
Lattimer Colliery Sold,
liy Kirlmivo Wiu- from The Asioeliled I'revi.
llaclctou, Dec. SI). fill In I'aidee, of Philadel
phia, tor inai.y Jens id Ihe l.alllimi io.
lieiy, loiLy cold the piopeity and In Icav, Id
IiU ihlhlieii, who will nuiihict the Im-mct under
Ihe linn ii tine of IMulee Itrotlint ti Co. The
inriiiheis ol the new linn uie Calvin I'aidee, Ji,,
Alfred I'uidee, A. I'.iulie, llow.ud I'aidee, fotelli
I'anleo lluhuaii, Alice I'.iulce W'Jiilvn, 01(wi Par
dee und Helm I'aidee. Ilentofoie Ihu Hun ujs
1.UOV. u ui (ihin I'aidee A: to.
Robbed the Cashier,
Ily Inclusive Wile from ihe Associated I'reis.
Ilcnton, Pec, "SO.-A mm intcied ihe ufnVe of
tlie I'ludeutlal lu.iiiance company in ll'oNhury
today, and, po'iitlm; a lemhcr at the youii;
wimaii iai.lili'1', Williclmliu otl, ilemauikd vthat
money lie had. TViillieil, the pit him jhout
in), uhiih u'.ii In I lie lir.miT. The pjlke lute,
not hecu idde lo tiace him.
The Pope Is 111,
ll.v Cm-IiikUi1 Wile fiom The Awielafcd 1'icm.
,ijudoii, llie. :il. A dKpitcli In a ncMn uv'eucy
frniii Home .!) that Ihu pope ii tuhjul lu
eiiioU) falutiii:; IIU.
Mrs. Patrick Campbell Says the
Noloo in Chicago Is Awful.
Dy Exclusive Wire from The Aiioclatei) Pre.
Chicago, Dec. 30. Mrs. Patrick Camp
hull and Pinky Panky Poo, her pet dog,
arc In u condition of hysteria due to
"I can never get used lo this awful
Chicago," said the actress. "Bells ring
ing, whistles tooting, vans galloping,
newsboys shoutlu,?, elevated trains
crashing. Oh, dear me, It's dreadful. 1
never imagined Hudes to bo more tin
fortable. 'TIs extraordinary, very ex
traordinary." Then Mrs. Campbell picked up her
dog and began petting him.
"Poor Pinky Panky Poo Is almost
crazed by tho noise, lie does not stand
It as well as I: but he does like your
corn meal mush, nnd so do I, too. All
women should eat corn meal mush,"
A Coming Fight Which Will Involve
the Heavy-Weight Fistic
Dy Kxrliwlvc Wire from The Associated PrOM.
New York, Dec. 30. Jim Jeffries nnd
Tom Sharkey were matched today for
a fight which will Involve the heavy
weight tlstlc championship of the
world. "Billy" Dclaney, who Is Jeffries'
manager, met Tom Sharkey and his
. manager, Barney Helch, nt a resort
, near tho Criminal court house this af
ternoon. Delaney said he was anxious
to induce Bob Fitzsimmons to meet the
champion once more and he had given
him due notice of his whereabouts, but
neither Fitzsimmons nor any represen
tative of h's put In .'m appearance, so
Delaney clinched the bargain with
Sharkey. According to the articles of
agreement the tight will take place on
nny day between March 17 and April
30, before the club offering the best In
ducement. Immediately James C. Kennedy, rep
resenting J. W. Coffroth, of the Yose
mite Athletic club, of San Francisco,
bid 82Vi per cent, of tho gross receipts
and the men immediately ngreed to
light In Sun Francisco under the club's
There is Just a possibility that the
men will not meet, and according to
the articles of agreement the chance Is
that if Sharkey is defeated by Peter
Muher In their bout In Philadelphia In
tho third week of next year, the bout
I will bo declared off should Sharkey
succumb to Maher.
Rivers and Creeks in the Eastern
i Section Are Steadily Falling.
, Ily Kclusive Wire 'rem The Associated I'rc.-n.
Philadelphia, Deo. 30. Reports from
' all parts of Eastern Pennsylvania to-
' night show that the rivers and creeks,
' which became greatly swollen as a re-
' suit of Saturday night and Sunday's
continuous rain, are steadily falling.
There Is one exception, however, the
lower part of the Susquehanna river
being reported to be still rising and
' close to tho danger mark. Although
considerable damage was done the
losses will not be great, most of the
Hooded ureas being lowlands along the
upper Schuylkill, Lehigh and Susque-
hunna rivers. In tho anthracite coal
I district a few of the mines were flooded,
causing a suspension of work for the
day. Along the lower Susquehanna
there Is apprehension that damage will
result from Ice gorges. Tho water Is
, said to be rising six Inches an hour in
that vicinity.
Tho Schuylkill river in this city rose
eighteen feet above normal, which rise
has been passed only once In thirty-two
years. Mnnuyunk, one of the mill dis
tricts, situated along tho Schuylkill In
the northeastern part of the city, suf
fered most from the flood. Every mill
along the river was forced to suspend
operations, throwing out of work for
the day about 3,000 persons. The river
drives through Falrmount park and
several sections of the railroad tracks
on both side of the river, between the
park and the moyth of the Schuylkill,
were under water for a short time dur
ing the day, It was feared that the
Baltimore and Ohio station, on the east
side of tho river at Chestnut street,
would be Hooded, but Just as the water
got within a few feet of doing harm,
the water began to recede and all dan
ger was over.
The rain, which began falling here ut
7 o'clock Saturday night, ceased ut S
o'clock this morning, and In that time
the precipitation amounted to 3.HG
John Dalrymple Dies of Starvation
on Christmas Night.
ll.v llMlushe Wile from The Asnoelaled lien.
London, Dec. 30. Tho Evening News
this afternoon prints the following dis
patch from Belfast.
"A well known Scottish artist. John
Dalrymple, died of starvation here on
I Christmas night. His body was found
In miserably squalid surroundings.
Dalrymple exhibited at the Hoyal
Academy and took three first prizes
for designs at thu Paris exhibition."
Boston Bicycle Race,
Ily Ihihultu Wire from The Associated Prci.
lloMoii, )ce, ;;o.- (If. thu ten team. wlitch
l.ii ted hi Ihe i daya' tin hums' a day lilcyclu
aie ill l..'!) Ihls .iftciuooii ,u llie Park Square
Carden, U wile lied nt 'il mllei. Iliac lapJ,
when the 1 1 lilt' expired tonight, while Ihe oilier
foul- U'.lins well) within a mile of (lie Ict'lcm.
The kl. lenient, ut 1 1.. 1U, when the lint day
indod, ueiel Muuioe mid I'lt'iiiiau, llon'jolu
and Sliii.ii', lluller uud McLean, .Mcl'mland mil
M,ia, MimicUon uml Kin;, and i.ciinlor uud
Schley Considers Case Closed.
Ily r.Mliulie Wire bum The Atsoclatcd l'rc.
New York, I lee, ). Captain .ianici p.irkcr, of
I'cilli Anihoj, X, .1,, one ol Admiral Schley'.i, Mid today that Admiral Schley lear.N
llie i'.i-e iii 1', hut that IiU irleiuh will u..k
cousp-cvi to i Indicate him hy ictliiui; him on full
pay and i(imuuiiii lilni fur the e.;H'iivC of IiU
Postmaster at Jubilee.
Ily i:chuhc Wire from The Associated 'rr.
Washington, lice., .V). r lalwurds ha hem
appointed po.stiiu.UT ut Jubilee, I.avL.nvai,m
Proposal for Appointment of Com
mittee of Jurists Discussed.
By Kxchulvc Wlte from The Auorlatcil l'ic.
Mexico City, Dec. 30. At today's ses
sion of tho Pan-Amorlcnn congress, the
proposal of the late Duarte Perelra,
delegate of Brazil, for the appointment
of a committee of Jurists to codify the
public und private International law of
the Americans, was discussed. Tho
amendment ot Mr. Logcr, of Ilnyti, to
the effect that Ruropean governments
be Invited to share In this work was
voted down, Mr. Leger being the only
delegate favoring the Interference of
Kurope In this matter.
In a strong speech Mr. La Bnrra, of
Mexico, said the conference nnd Its
work must remain Pan-American.
Secretary of Navy Decides to Retire.
Would Have Left Earlier but
for President's Death.
Xew York, Dec. 30. A Washington
special to the Commercial Advertiser
That Secretary Long will retire from
the cabinet ns soon as he can do so
conveniently is well understood here
and has been understood for a long
time. If President McKinley had not
been assassinated Mr. Long would
have left the cabinet before this. He
has remained only because he did not
wish to embarrass the new president
ut the beginning of his term and be
cause he was urged strongly to stay.
The situation ?o far as the secretary
ship of the navy Is concerned Is pre
cisely what It was when the change in
administration took place. There has
been no recent development. "While Sec
retary Long will welcome a relief from
duties which for a long time have been
a burden to him, he hns not tendered
his resignation even Informally, and he
will not tender it so long as there can
be the slightest suspicloti that he leaves
the cabinet as a result of the Schley
controversy. Ills course in the latest
stages of the Schley affair Is heartily
approved by the president, and even If
he wished to resign Immediately, the
president would not permit it unless it
could be made absolutely clear to the
public that the resignation was not In
duced even Indirectly by the attacks of
the Schley press.
But the secretary will not resign now,
and tho president will certainly not ask
for his resignation. Tho change may
come n. little later, probably In the
There is no foundat'on for the report
that Secretary Long's successor has
been decided on and that Charles II.
Allen, formerly governor of Porto Itlco,
Is the man. Governor Allen is not an
impossibility, however. Indeed there
are circumstances which might make
his selection probable, but there is no
reason to believe that the president has
come to any conclusion in the matter.
The Last Respects to Be Paid To
day. fly Kxclnalvo Wire fiom The Asioclated Prcvi.
Camden, N. J Dec. 30. The lust re
spects to United States Senator William
.1, b'ewell will bo paid tomorrow when
Camden's distinguished citizen will be
laid to rest with full military honors.
Public ofllces and many business places
will be closed at noon.' The public will
be permitted to view the body from U
until 11 In the morning, itellglous ser
vices will be held at the late senator's
house and will bo conducted by lilshop
John Scarborough of the Protestant
Episcopal diocese uf Xew Jersey and
the Kev. It. A. Hodrlck. pastor of St.
Paul's P. K. church, of which (Icnerul
Sewell was a vestryman.
The military escort will be under the
command of Brigadier General Cooper,
of the Xew Jersey National Guard.
Tho escort will consist of four mounted
butteries, I S. A one foot battery, V.
S. A., Third regiment, Troops A und B
and Battery B, N. a. X. J the tele
graph and signal corps of the brigade
und tho members of the lute gonei-iU's
division stuff,
The active pall-bearers will bo eight
sergeants of the National Guard, and
among the honorary pall-bearers will
ho Governor A'oorhees, Governor-elect
Murphy, Secretary of War Boot, Adju
tant General II. i Corbln, V, H, A.,
former I'nited States Attorney General
Griggs and A. J, t'assatt, president of
the Pennsylvania railroad. The list In
cludes u large number of past and pres
ent olllcluls of tho state government.
Major General John It, Brooke, lu com
mand of the department of the east,
will bo In command of the federal
troops. The National Guard of New
York uud Pennsylvania will he ofllcliilly
Ily i:chiiltc Wile finm The .WicUtril lien,
New Voil., Ilee, flu. Theodoie llaiih'll, ot Sinn
mil, , .1, .1 leadliK ll'4me In the Kucllim: and
It'llniiii: liu!iiei, died at liK limne lod.iv .HUT
Hevclill -eek' lill.e.-.. lie ".a, iilinnt 5.1 '",
old und hit weallli u nihil .it iduint , ),0'Xi,
all of which lie unused hy tiivciit iotia lor iucll
In;," and iilliiln,- urcd.
New Votk, Pee, W). 51i. laldle t iilein.ui Mini-,
ilaiijflilei- of ihe late Senator McI'IivImjii, of New
.hi'M-v, I, dead ut the Manhattan hold, I hi, city.
Mrs. Mull' Mitfricd Iioiii piKiinniiiia, euiuplicited
with mciiklei., A i.ildetiiaiu uji rent to ili.
Muii'n hn-liaiul, llr. .lo.eph Muir, ulm I, llui
lidlcd M.i 1 1 coiiMil al MncMioliu, .Sweden, .Mm,
Muir ill pri.hahly lie luuled hc!do her father
und mother lu Wtiihlni'ton, II, ('. Mr.-i. Muir
lunli-itril her lather' "III und litigation over the
iiol,ion uf the will l.i now pciidln:; hflween bho
ami her uiolhci.
Mhldlclown, N. V., Pec. 1(0. l'iof. .James II.
'looker, I nov.ii a "ihe saiic of Wawanda," I)
dead ut his home near here, aijed SO. For oci
fifty Jell" he a a proliili'iit plucuvloitM and
plOtdoKiiouiUt. lie died in thu house where he
uaj loin and had.ahvjy lhcd.
Four Deaths Arc Reported from
the Cotton Belt to Date :
Disaster Elsewhere.
The Torrential Bains of the Past
Two Days In Georgia, Alabama,
East Tennessee and Portions of
North Carolina, Inflict Serious
Damage to All Kinds of Property.
The Susquehanna River Still Ris
ingNumber of Collieries Flooded.
Dy Exclushc Wire from The Associated Prcsa.
Atlanta. I5u Dec. 30. Tho torrential
rnins of the past two days lu Georgia
Alabama and Kast Tennessee ind por
tions of North t'arollna caused t!w
death of four persons as far ns known
and Indicted serious damage to all
kinds of property where rains have
been followed by much colder weather
uoeompanicd by high winds. This
weather bureau announced today that
the Chutahooeheo river would continues
to rise during the next 116 hours and it
is feared much damage will result.
Three people were drowned .at 'West
Point, (5a.. while attempting to cross
the turbulent. Chattahoochee nnd
Thomas Russell, an engineer on thi
Atlanta nnd AVest Point Railroad was
killed In a freight wreck caused by a
washout near Notnsulgn, Ala. Thous
ands of dollars worth of property has
been destroyed at West Point nnd there
is much sufferelng. Today the wnter
In the streets of West point was from
1 to Ji feet deep. Many of the peopio
spent the night in Fort Tyler. No
trains have been sent through front
Atlanta to Montgomery over the At
lanta & West Point road since Satuf
dny nnd the Southern railway's New
York and Xew Orleans limited last
night was sent around by Birmingham
and Meridian. A washout Is reported
on the Southern between Ashevllle and
Knoxvllle. At Columbus, Ga., tho
Chattahoochee registered 38 feet. The
property damage Is already heavy.
Xearly live inches of rain has fallen in
the vicinity of Rome, Ga.
Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 30. The Susque
hanna river is still rising. The most
dangerous point appears to be at Sufo
Harbor, where the Conestoga empties.
Here the water continues to rise at the
rate of six Inches an hour. The water
now covers tho Port Deposit nnd Col
umbia railroad tracks and tho public
roads. The ice on the river has not yet
broken, and If it goes, it Is feared a
great gorge will result at Star Rock,
just above Safe Harbor.
People living at the latter place
close to the river have abandoned their
homed and taken to the high ground.
The river is not yet bank full at Col
umbia or Murletta, but Is steadily ris
ing. Shamokln, Pa., Dec. 30. Rain which
fell almost continuously tho Inst forty-eight
huurs flooded u number of col
lieries In this region. Water rose so
high In the' Henry Clay shaft that all
the mules were hoisted to le surface
and the operation closed down for an
Indefinite period. One thousand em
ployes were rendered idle. The plant in
owned by the Philadelphia and Read
ing Coal and Iron compuny.
The James River Rising.
Richmond, Va Dec. 30. There
been it tremendous rush of water down
the James last night and today. Thu
people In the lower part of the city
are moving out and the wharves at
Kocketls are under water. The ex
terme. lower part of the city la cut off.
Owing to the fact that tho wires are
down along the James river division
of the Chesapeake & Ohio, nothing can
be learned definitely of the conditions
ubow. Fears are entertained that the
freshet will be tho heaviest in years.
No fatalities have been reported.
The Ruppahannock took a tremend
ous rise, putting the Frederloksburtf
gas works and electrics light plant
under water and plunging the city into
Turlay reports ti great freshet in tho
Shenundoah which litis seriously Inter
fered with th'. running ot trains.
McLeod Beats "Butcher Boy,"
Uy i:cludic W Ire from The Associated Press.
ltolietir, X. V., Dee, .10, Halt .McU'Od, ol
Hamilton, lint., Ihe Scutch wrc.tler, heat Molt,
llcndciion, Ihe HochcMci- "Imtclicr hoy," in it
natch toulKht.lle atiiei'd to put lll'Iidoron douu
live lliniM lieddo of mi hour: time forty-liui
Minium, foiiy-ItU' wiiiliiU. Mendcii-oii wcluheil
llui and Mi' 11.0. The conditions were ralili
iiocalcleciin, uilh ihe i.tiani;li'.iolil liarrcd, Sic
Levi! won all me lalN with thu notch hold,
Steamship Arrivals.
Uy KmIujIic W'iie fiom The Associated Piew,
.Sew Yolk, He''. !' Arrived: Steamer I'm
hll.i, l.iicipiKil; l.i ( li.mipaKne, llauc; llvnd.iiii,
Itoiiciiliin. (ii iiu.1-Arrived; Steamer I.ain, New
Vmlf. Southi.niploiiSallcdi Steamer KieJtnd,
Irom Aulweip, Mew VmK.
Local data for Pee. SO, 1001.
Hik-licitl liiop.'i.iliuc ,,.,.,, .'II dcKnrt
l.owct umptialuic ,,,,.,,,,,, 30 degree
Itclalhc Humidity:
S a, m ,. 00 per cent,
s p. m. , ,,,, ,,,, 62 per cent.
I'lcclpltatlcn 21 hum ended 8 p. in., 0.31 inch.
4- Washington, I)c. SO. Foictatt for
-f TucmIj' und Wednesday; Kilern I'emi.
f hlanla-l'alr Tuesday mid WednMday j 4-
-f uriihlv utl winds. -f
f i 4- ft-