The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 23, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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:C " , .1V ?f V4f
rfyv - f
I' " ' 3
.. .riS
w r -
3e Reunion ri6ime
Puhll'lifil 17-lljr. Incept StirnUj. Iijr Tlif Ttlh
t PublUhlng C'ompanr. t Kitty Cent, n Motit'i,
I.1VV !. ttiai.VRO. IMUor.
O. '. BVXIIIU:, llinlnw Manauer.
bt VctU Oflke! 150 Njimii St. . ... .....
8. s. vntxr,AXt,
8ol Agent lor forclfin AlvrrMfo.
iotertd it lh Pottofllrc at Seranton, t'J.i
Second Claas Mall Milfcr.
When space wilt permit, The
Tribune is nhvays glad to print
ullnft tnffova tfnr (fa frlplltls betlV-
ing: on current topics, but its rule is
thnt these must bo signed, for pub
lication, by the writer's renl name;
nnd the condition precedent to ac
ceptance is thnt all contributions
shall be subject to edltorlnl revision.
Tlif following table sliow thi price per Inch
ath Imcrllon, spare to be mu wltliln on year:
I. linn &00 Inchca
.(on inches...
" ...
snoo "
MOO " ...
Hun ol Sldllij- on
I'npci Itcaillm:
.i"i " .2TJ
.20 .2!
.io .;.
.1.5 .17
.If. .161
I'or rartl of thanln. rcolnlioin ol condolence
and alrnllir contribution In the nature of art
rtlsltig The Tribune tnakci a cliaige ol 3 cents
Bttej for Cluilfliil Ailvrrtlalnf- furnNhed on
" "ten" pages.
.SCItANTOX. UliCK.MriJOIt L'.'i. Hwl.
Wither admirals nor kpiioimIi sin
ulay horsi- with til,' iti'osi'til eoniniii'i-rhM'-fn-i'hlir.
II tlifj ilun'i know It
yi'i, llicy i,oii will.
The Practical Issue.
A HOOD jiliin in ooiiHldiiiiK ill
stive I milwiiy' I'miuiilscs
now lu-foiv numiils l to not
ret oxi'lttit or 'vntki'd up
Into 'i tVanif of mind about tln'in, hut
to koop rool. Tlnv roiiHtituk' a Htiii't
ly luilni'.-': pi opo-itlon and as sttcli
should It,, coii-ilcli'icd on their merits.
The men liael; of these ordinances
had for many years h"iinl piiblie i'iv.'i
plaint at the Insiittleleney of the ser
vlre alVonled l,y the Hminlott Itaihva.v
eompnny. They weie led to helleve
that the p.-ople of Si-ranton wanted
hetltr mmvii" Ih.'in the piesetit i oir
pany had slveti. or with lis equipment
and other hiiiulli np seemed llhely
ever to he aide to slve.
A elumee eatlle to lest tlli feelin;;
anions the people. The lesislalil'e
passed a law ineideiUally uiaKiiiu
eompetltion possible In the street rail
way btiMnes-K In Seistntoii. harteis
wf-ie applied for and Krant'ii, r'l.u.s
to Interest outside capital in the enter
P'ifoin Liinjiiiietlou with the iu-w
trunk line eleettie railroad w ei-.-formed:
fraiuhlse ordiuane--! u.'ie
diawn: ami alter due leisure, with
every possible feiiness to the Seranton
Itfiilway eompnny. intituling an offer
to buy Its holdings at a teason.ible
price those fraiuiiises were Intro
duced. All these steps met with plain
signs, of public approval.
Now, however, some citiHeuv appear
to have developed a sudden solkitn !r
lor the luiuiB of the SiTiiiilon Ituil
wey contpan. If the backers of thi".
Hew I'r.tnehKes had ai(!d to dls))ose
ol their lirn ter iIkIU. to the Pi r.iutoii
rtailway loiiipnny. its tulure woulo
have been assmed. It would have
been riveted upon Seranton for all
lime to eotue and the promoters of the
new eompnny ould. without invest
ment, have lO.lllaed n seneious jn-olil:
doubtless more than they would real
ize throusli brinshiK abouL om
petltlon. Hut most of them are m ',
who have made and expect to male--Seranton
their home: ami who, I lien -fore,
ate not engaged in underhanded
The new stieet railway p'.pollUui,
as we undeist.uid it. I vitlUMlly lhi:
If the people want a good svstem ;i
piece of ,i poor one and will say -o
through counells. ihey can lui 'e It bv
moans ol thece onllnanee, ror tho
jnopoiltloii embodied In them 's bona
lide nnd ihe money to back It up !
In s-itjlit. If tliey prefer the iioiiumI
service of the S-ernnton Ituilway com
puny, and Icel that It supplies all rea
sonable imblic lequireineuts, then they
will eatiii these franehlses to be de
feated. Attempts to load the fian
i hlses with unfair demands or Willi
condition umuil'ivily fatttl to the s.ic
icss of ihe enterprise noni a I lir
business standpoint are not miided bv .
an tiitclliconi i.ereptlou of what i-1
bes-t for Ser.uunn. I
Theie is inn 1,.,-s exettse for KdK'.ir l
S. .laeluy In the fact that his pi minim'
writings sho.v he v as a in.iu w ho I
knew briter. I
Roosevelt as n Poiiticlau. J
Ol'MWUSi: 1'ieslllellt Itoof-evelt
Is hIvIiih attention to politics.
lie (ottld not do less ami do I
justice either to himself or to t
Ills party. The otllce of president Is In I
the, highest sguso a political oillee, and
the man who should try to hold It with- j
out smug- intention to politics would
soon land in a bor. Hut the kind of
polltlcH which President lloosevelt Is
plttying; Is fair politics, If Is eU'.iu,
inunly nnd open. Theie Is nothing
sneaky about it. All can .see its diift.
tie. wants to hold together tn rtepub
llean pt; Hawunts to'rirt'servo for
the t,S'rTj- nnd country whn't It hits al
ready nvhloved. Hut ho intends to iio
this by honorable methods. Ho does not
purpose to lower tho standards. Ho
does not purpose to let Ills politics hi
terfere with giving the country a Mrst
I'liips ailnihilstj'utlon. Tim (lolitlelans
citn couult;iiim ami, within leasouablo
limits, lidvlstt him. Din lliey cuiuut
run'hTiiiT Ho 1ms sot out to lie piesl
dent In fact as well us in name, and lie
will succeed. He has just enouli Dutch
in him to evo assurance on this point.
Velo -nol credit all wo lead ami
hear ritbout his having begun to lay
wires' for tho nomination In jpoi. Nn
doubf ho Iiuk the anibltloii in In, IiIk
party's Btniidard-beaier In that cam
pulgn, and desires so wril to please tho
fair. minded Republican people of (ho
country by his Intorvoning: udmlnjslru
tlon that they will cull tor lily nomina
tion unanimously. Ilu(. lilts Is u dif
ferent thins than being consumed by
nmbltlon and willing to subordlnato nil
things to ts promotion. Jf fidelity to
onvictlon of duly, combined with
worldly wisdom and inn lily politics, run
win for Theodore llooevell the nomi
nation three ycuii hence he will get It.
but Hot otherwise-., citnliily not ut Ihe
espense of his wlf-renpeei or hlith eon
vlctltm of duly. That l soiuulhlng we
would be willing to stahe it fortune on,
Then- Is HKitlii litlk of trying to i't
Ihe riivorinnuut ul Washington lo pe
III ion the governmenl or Urea; Ihltiiin
lo p.ndiiu ittt American woman recent
ly toniotd In London of t'oiger.v. Tho
woman In this use Is undoubtedly en
titled to sympathy, but It Is hnrdtv
the business ol one national govern
ment lo busy lls'il with the court pv.i
ceedlnss or another government..
Amerlutiis who go to other uounlties
to break laws should accept tho enure
itleuces, the same as they would hne
to at home,
The Habit pf Criticism.
N'K OF- THK serious evils In
this country, which ever and
unon llnds conspicuous llltls.
tratlon, Is the pronetiess of
the American people to bellee 111 of
their public sorvunts. It Is possible
tint tho word 'believe" Is too iiroitd a
w.rd to convey our meaning corteet
ly. They believe far less of Ihe ill
thai Ihey fieely speak and wi'lc than
they think they believe while tliey are
speaking or writing of It. Chtoiiic
censoiiottsness, of the kind winch im
putes lo men In ofllclul position mo
tives far less creditable than would be
Imputed to ihni In any transaction
plicate In Its character, has rown o
b" u hulill with an uver-lni reiiKlmr
iiiunber, who, when they pause to
think, generally reeognlxe that thy
are unfair In most of their suspicion--.
It can truthfully be said thai the ex
penditures of public moneys utithor
l:'ed by those in representative posi
tions are usually planned with lesr
anxious economy than are the expen
ditures of those same men In private
life. In other words, there Is often
some waste. This Is censurable, of
course. The public dollar should go
us fin as the pi Ivate dollar. ITessure
Irom public opinion toward gieat-r
economy Is always in order. Hut it
nerd not lie everted on the supposition
that all waste are fraudulent. In in
ception, and that the men we elect to
otllce are given owr to the practice of
looting. Knavery Mas a foothold in
public life: that, unfortunately can
not be doubled. We are not deplor
ing1 Its exposute. What we deplore
is the pi oneness of ninny people to
eiedit reputable men in public ofllce
with motives in their public aits
would never be suspected with iegai.1
by them in a private ie
lo acts doni
la lionship.
Mow little
the pi luted
convicted of cowntdlee, Mucins' vvotild
have lomulhed oil the pay loll white
Hellley would IliiVe hud to go. Wchlny
on this iitiesiloii In Ihe precept was
tiimtilmously acquitted, to the heart i'it
satisfaction of vi w decent American
That nccittltlal dinMis MiMay I'oieVer
us it hlslniliiir lor he did not ritiullfy
his winds; he mud" dlrcttly ugiiliir't
Schley, us If sure of his ground, Ihe
most humiliating eliarse known to the
military service: nnd having ro
charged and been confounded, the navy
yitid Is no place and I'liele Sam no
employer for lilm.
Ilefore illsmhslng this subject nnd
with It. we hope, Ihe whole nauseating
Schley lonlroversy, we deem It season
able lo lepeat some words spoken near
ly three years ago on tho occasion of
the presentation of a sword to Com
modore, ufleiwurd Hear Admiral
Phillip, since deceased, one of tho no
blemen of his generation. The speaker
or those words was Theodore lloosevelt,
then governor or Now Yolk, hut recent
ly assistant secretary or the navy mid
now, by virtue ol" his position as presi
dent or the United Stales, commander-lu-clilcr
of nil our laud and naval
forces. Said he:
"When a eonmiauder-lu-ehlef, ulloat
or ashore, 1ms done the best possible
with his forces, then lightly the chief
credit belongs to him. and wise mid
patriotic students of the Santiago sea
emupaigu gladly pay their homage
fust to Admiral Sampson, It was
Admiral Sampson who Initiated mid
carried on the extraordinary blockade,
letting; up oven less by night than by
da.v, that will stand as the example fin
all similar blockades In the future. It
was owing to the closeness and admir
able management of the system or
night blockades which ho Introduced,
that Cervera's licet was forced lo come
out by daylight. In other woids, It
was the success of his system which
ensured to the splendid sea-captains,
under him, the chance to show their
prowess lo the utmost possible advan
tage. Hut the ,i iiiul light, although
Admiral Sampson was piesent and In
command, was a captains' light, and In
this actual lighting- each captain did
his work according lo his own best
.Mucin should have w i it ton ids hU
tory in this spirit; then his history
would have been correct,
licrli liiicj-lnl In l,o tclitillilhuc til tliclr 1 ulltt
I'lTi (Oil lli. i,.,,iiitiiltt ut tlnli- ,H, vine)
bum li.ilf ut it, ..Mii f tlic Plitnil are !.
I'cmlliiv lilici-l!.,' .., linlhulh npoii Hie Miiim
nf lint linlit, ,f i ,'mchI, t ni.1.1 pvii'il
ni" i. plniM. iluim-tH,. unlit, iiiul the !i,ipnb
tic- ef n fin' ii 1 1 i,., .iiiul i.n,lr In Iru.iiil
I' o mi'l.ll ( nf IMi-l tr sill llli I iiiul ltllll!li!
I llvVlKh Willi f,,. v,l Mt fill'. If It fill,
we in 1.1 ii"il Mill Mie In hi will .iotIii l.mitil.'
w.eli', Hi,' mill, will uij.ilii Im'ciiihi' ilNmniil, it,
Hie ) truly nf blum,, v,lll tlmivui uut of
iinpliiiliirhi, iiiul Hi il imuilr ienl t.uv.itl"ii,
illieiiln .ihil iin.n i, , v ill follow."
The iiHI-e nf 'lie pii-i t i olullllon Willi II
livnlLitil i.ii-n.Hi' to ilie l.l.iiul, l not liii In
ic'l.. 'I he cnoinri'H IturcKi', liniliii; tlio pint
tvviiily jc.iiii, n KiirutH'iii hn'itillnl licrl .inrii1
h.t I'diihll'tiol Itiiiiliiin; in Hm do'iiliMiit iriilff
In III" iriuil.illiin .if vvni hi pllir. en Kliuiir. l"io
(iii,liillnii In lint Imliv li. i' fulhii l a
(iuiiir vvhhli in ikei lie New Yuri: pi Ice nf ihltv
pihl ii' n nil pci' rnl. 1'itill.v,
iOiiiiit .!.", per IiiiiiiIitiI piiiiinb,
'Hie v.nlilluii In the iot nf th" ( nluli pee
iiiul, iluc to lni.iluii iiml niinpiiii'iit of thtf
lllllllllll pl.ltltilt, in i;t Impu.-ihlc in
iliiiite r ul IIkiii,., Hut it Is ctrt tin Itial,
viiilw pii-uil iliiiiin,inir, lluie ioc no luoiu ii vi'ij- f.vv pl.mlii whi ir.n l.i.v ilovn
lliolr ilnly-p.ild Muar mi tlio vhul lr Xevv Ymk
for iniiili iiml, r k,'ji pn Imtxti cil pouiiiU f mu
imiiiot do it i,r tluit. 'Ih!. iniMie, In ihu
picoiil i? of the inul.ct, vvhlili sliow
no -.ia'i of .in niv,iil IcimKiki, ii ih'.nl lo on
limcli the l.imu mil (,f hc t'ub.m uup, ut (it
leiul li iciit. ur liuiidicil poiinil, Jii"jimllnir. in
Ihe iiiraicrciitc, to onuthliiu' ahovc sj,(IOO,'"W.
"t lil- would iikmii niter inln many ,i pl.uili'i',
ulilld nlin,i( liopeli'wly nlpplllis ntlicn. jimI
Wolkinit -fllini iiifmy il .ill
Few pi mills i. mi,' mil f tin' vv.n pciigil
wiih n "Inuli' doll ii- fm- tin- ii.hulillll.itioii of
thill c-l.ilis A '
III!!' pi'llllltilS'' I'l till"" llll.
real fairne.-,s enters iuio
iltiiisnis of our jiubllc
men! t'oiulneiil, after several genet
.illons of free m. hools and a tvea press,
l sllll pretty much of two kinds:
either eMreinely udulaloiy or ex
tieinely hostile. Of judicial ,'iiul Judi
cious iilticisni. fair in pi.iise and 'n
blame, or .it least (."chibiiing- the spirit
of tainies. v , have hardly any. Noi
ls this s,j .ji;.. eiiliivmed. I.ancor
and detraction on the one side !e
Willi sve uphH n y and finitely on the
oilier, iiiuil ii (,,kef. tin- lapse ofien ot
a m'Ur-i.'itlon to determine the lighlful
plaie of a public otlicial in Hie pub
lie's esiinialiiiii. Such :i state of lhings
If not ci editable to us a a people.
It is pi nimble tit,, i the lalesL llaiion
h'oraker tight is nelim loiighi ehli''
lr, shii.-iII(iii:iI U'-u-pap"is.
Hnfurcing Discipline.
Till: PI IF.SI HUNT'S lelnil.e to Miles lor mixing
into the M-hiey conlrovers;.'
issiviie. No doubt II would
have liven less stingliij, had this been
the Urst offense, in iccciil
yens (Jeneral Allies bus aiu., i,js
opinions upon oltlcial mutters not only
Willi u freedom thai would hardly have
been loleialed III a subaltein, but also
in some tiistn in CM with notable itregul
mity. While ilie public holds in high
esteem his truly wondeitul work as an
Indian lighter and recognizes In him a
military authority of eslrnordinni v
evperieiice and uiiiiliesiioiied
ability, Ii I'.ns not fulled to nolo the in
hibitions of weakness he 1ms also giv
en The.,,, have estranged hlui fioni
every niliniulsuvitlon vvhldi has come
illio power since he still ceded to the
coinniaiid of the army and his escape
fioni earlier rebuke has b"cn leinurk-
Manifestly, however, the lebuke now
mimlually uddressed to .Miles is act
ually nieaiu for all loriiuuiutts ami med
dlesotlie einplo.ves ill the I'edetal ser
vice. II Is Intended as a notliicatlon
that discipline hereafter will be en
foiced. Its purpoit Is that bickering,
dissension and incitement of gossip and
scandal must stop, ,,s a icsiilt of
pulling and hauling in the navy. In
the llrst Instance absolutely uncalled
for, Ihe glories of the successes won In
warfare have been involved hi the
smoke of Jealous faeiloiutl contention
over tlio illsti lliutlnn of the honors, io
mindful of nothing- so much as the
hulr-pullliig scraps of fractious school
children; and If the example of the
lleutoiinm-geueiul had been allowed lo
Invlie Imitation, soon the army would
nlso have been lorn up over tho sainu
mutter, n these things uro subvot
slve of discipline and most pernicious
lit their iniluenci's upon legislation,
Tho president Is wise In putting his
fool down upon them. Tho fact that
ho lias not hi'Miuied to put it down
upon tho olllcor at the very top, whom
personally lie admlies, shows that ho
menus; liusliies.-' and thai the i tiles of
the seivlec aie lo be unforced impm-.
Initially timely and to the point is
the president's dismissal of (lisloilun
Muclay f"0in hln small place in tho
Diooklyu nuv y.ii-d. Some persons
woiideied wliy this aiilnn was not tak
en sooner. Tlio reason is obvious,
Mat-lay h.vd Utnr&ed a lir,i; olllcor of
tho navy with being .t toward. That
oflli'iT Iiml nsked for a court of Inquiry.
Tlio court had taken evldenco but Iiml
not icudeted an opinion, Until thai
opinion had been Hied and uppiovcd,
Muclay could not for thhi leuson linvo
been doluehed fioni tho naval service
without opening tho dupartment to a
Just cliargo of partiality. Ills falo
buns' on tlio verdict. Had Schley been
Allies leans wish no ill-luck to holdeii
ot Panama Canal company stock.
Tlieir delerniination to go into ill
canal business themselves Is forced
upon them by the Impel ions logic of
In the lnleiests of justice, il is hoped
Ihe l evolution in Venezuela againl
President fasti o will succeed and suc
ceed (pilckly. Castro is a good kind of
a man to disconnect. Irom public otllce.
Siigar Costs as
Mtich as Pensions
spciiil I I'lii'-piiiiilnnio of 'Ilie 'Ii.Iiiiiic,
W.i-liiimfun, p,'i. '2
1 li.Vi: I.MI'illi'l.s .int.. tin- I niioil
O i lie i, di mln i, n- luol will i', i
el .1II.V pl(li"llllir .Vi.ll' li.v .i'iiiiii i
pomiil-, .i iil
.im piei i-ilini, y,.
.v , ir mtu-ii.illi hi
siiyji in ihu ,M.II
to the tii'iiinv
, pail,
-i.ilo, in
i-,l tlio-,'
I Will III' Ult.lKI' ll'lll
I, ,'Vlpl I Ml!, hIiiMI pi in'
Ii, 'the lo, it ii.iioil,it!ii,-, ut
llii.llt I'l , ml will, iki nlllill',;
Iniu.i'i 'I -l.itN'i, -. .ij'jui:.!."
i.tiTrt.iHMj.iHit piniiiiu, .it iii iin iiml aiimii -'n',-
tmii,i"i. 'Ilio hmht-l uioiil of 'iiuji Inipmie
linll- 111 ,lll pICl -.lili," V,-.a I-, ill ,lllllllv,
llio-e ut lvi',, l,l'ii,TI'i,07S iHinr,!-; while' ill
value, Ihe fii;mi ,,l ;-".: mnli' tin- hiuln-vi ice
mil, s J :,i)-.!, il 7.
Tlic i.iiin.iii- ol the Ion, '.nt u .i,iit-!ii fo,
ilu i.ihtiil,i v ea t I nil i lu-r-,1 it, ion the uliil
I.K1IU'- nt illlH.ll lllf.n, 11.1111 lOII-isil iiilllltlli'V
lei- I. ii month oii'llnu Willi OiIoIki-, to whhli
.iio iilth'il the .Hind fuuri's nt Mi7.11
lr..ii llawiii In il,,' I nilcil s,t,.,. '-0 tin .a,
nl'lfil i-tiin.ilt's iui .Nuwiiilii'i ,!,(! pci ,'iiiht i ,
li'lh In. in loiciitii iiiuiiliii- .mil llrfn.ili. .nul
lor . lull .vimi Hum I', ii.. M ; tliK imp: !,..i
nt ul, Minim- Ihe ll.iw.ibin . nil I'.oi.t Itlniti t ic
nnv lx iii imtNtiii I'l H -mi "i Ilie Ii 1 ihu
, f.nnm lie v. illi Ih.n i-l.eiil, i, im loirji in
, hhli'il in Ih,' -liti-lh m Ilu- Ionian i riiiiiiic). i
el tin I'nili-il st.ii,., 'n,iv -nuw, .in iniii'.ii' nt
.ih"Ul !'i) pn- mil, m tin' vinj if iiiiiioil.ill i'i
ililo the t'nitcil s,iv in ilu i,.,.iih', I In' lluiiii
lor ls',1 liciiis :i.l,7.i,7-'i,MI pouniN :ij,'.ilii-t I,-li7-.',Ui"i,U(Hi
In Pill, lh, Hilii.iI iiuiiM-e in tin'
ili-iailc tiiu hi'ii'ii in leiiml ti'im", otn- Pillion
'Ihe , iiuiiiitiii- iiiiJiiiily i.ii i..iim- hi ',,- ci
li'diiil v.hi-ii ii I- rt ili-il Ihu' .iKrplliiK die
i, i'l mi' i.e l.,nl .il n),t, tin- ,iu;.ii- im.
pi'il.ilii'n. ul I'imI wn'.ihl In' MiitU li'lil It, hi ul
.'s.lmo , ,ii-. In .iilililimi in (his mommus rtmir,.
Ol 1,1,,11,00'I.IIDII piillliil, il,li0ll,il, il." -uu.ii pn..
ili.uion in (lie t nli,.i s.ili's for Mu i.n- l
pit's inn, dilv .ihniii i.iU.hi i.imo puiiuil, this hiv
ing lni ihniii ilie .limit il ,iii-i mr tlnilliK' I i'i .'ill
."..I- 1)1 flu- l,al,IHNI,(alll poiituU uf ,n ii- mi
put,, I Into I In' I nihil Mile. In Hill, nioi,' il,ni
l,lm,l,llil,,l, Ol llllb " MI Kill,, is I. Ilu .11,1.11
inini the liophs, 'Ih,' i. in iltitliT i ihi(ll,v inn
-ii); ir, thliflv ii'in Ci' jiol An-lii,i Hun.
-.u. In the ten month uiillux with Oilnlir.
Ilie impoil.ulons nf lit! nilgai- .imuuntul to
ihoiil ,,iilln,iilliah luiin.iN, inn t .1 lolil iiiiju.i--I
it bill Ol lll.'li. I ,K h I,, K ,, r k) ii,iiuil-. Ol
Ilu' iiKiie thin c.DDii.niiii.fVi) poiinils nf i,mo mi'ii
iuipoilnl liiilnu' the visa, .ihuut :: per ,"1H.
i iiiik-s Hum (nl, i, .il out I", ,n it'iil, limn il;r
i:i-t luilii'., .iiil the i, moinlii ihli'fh limn it,.
Wl'.l llllllis .tll (lllH.ll ..t. I S.lh ,.i .
i "Hull if.
'Ill" lull. . ill, l.lUI"
I" ii a lull-, iiiinili
I ho
, hv
uii ,P hie
i .ih Hilar
visits, ii. ,ni s'i n, iimi, jCnvriiihii un.l I). tc'i)
ii, i ul ii, I,, an, r l lin.itcil t
i-,a. liiniil',v, p ii nil.,
I1'1 'i.brj.'M'.i.'il
iui ;i,t,to,ii;ii,iut
si I,ii',.',ui, to;
lui :i,7o,sl,"l
lS'i I,10s,'l,,ll)l
l-'i; i,ioi,--'ii,;i'-
is'is ;,i.'7,-jM,,iin
Is'fi l.'I'i'l.Tll.n-s
llOn I.H.V.ll.'iVJ.V!
iikii u:.i.)
111(11111111'; .:ii,iHikh p. in.'b.
V.d.11'. il.llu.
V.lllltll .it ,'li,'
H'.i.imii, i ih, i.iii.l linpoits from ll.iw.iii ooin
Jlllll' l"i in Hi .1
- - - -
The i-linU ot t till nt.imU lotl.iy tint ut -n-
vvidi a liii'imlil -iii-l li'ilii-liljl tri-U who-,' pie.
ilpilulhm ,,i tho ,iii.-ii,i time vvo'thl Iio not
null ilUi-liniH In intiiiii.t, hut an it
foiliin.Ut' it'll i Hon iipun the .itliiilni-lijilii' jhil
ily of mil' nvvii,
The iiiuiiliii )n.f ii uih ii irbls hi, 'h-u app mill l the .nitlmiliios ii, U.i.liliu.
lull till rUIIK, Wl'l'lts. 'Ilu' ill. lilt Ill's ,lli,lj HI
01 the'stT l"l I im lo .u, in hs loo ul
IHi'v ,' :
"I iiiokI t .n iit, I- ul, .torn .itlmtiim i.. ilu
Wl-llulll, llullt'll 111 till' . i l .il llt'ill, Of t,ill.lili
f"i ii siiii.i.inii.ii inliuiloii in lu i.nin link's
i, n I Impiiit. ih,. ,ii, siji,,,
'Ihe Hiiiu iimIIiiI.ui 'ul SMirtji Itt it t, iy,
In his l.i.l niioil.
"in icli.lliu' illnjii tall ami,lis
liiont h.v ho t'lllli',1 Mil"., tho ( nhjii iil.inliu
line iimiIu 'i.'ii'ioiw enuris, l,i uvlvu ilia,r
Itii'it lii'liittty, ai'l lui, nl-,',1 iiidi pioili, i
ot Misar lli'lo i)ilc,iil tun, In liv'f o tt5,ni) tonj
in 1'UI, while tiiu ii'tpiil for ihu piesi-nt ji-jr il
votiinilcil .U fiiiicihliii; mil' MH.nio Ion,, Inu'.
ci by mir picupt Jinl triulim: to our bltii'l.
fhip, thr luve flnali'il lo uliliic thu ih.
jjti'i umlci whkli hri louulry hul mlli'inl.
an mi' ui'iiui in,') nan ui umei nouon in, i
tilli's nii hiMvily iiniilgiueil. many of Ilinii up
to or hivouii ih"ii' pu-i'iit valuation, hi I ho
Siowlnif ol unr, hl,i is Ilio ihhf iltin. All tie
tctlii'i-, il I ..ilil that Borne lUU.Ua) mi!
illiKllv ami liitllii'iMy ilepnitlint upon i in pin.
ilmtlon in the il eul. .Many of thc-o nie no'V
(luplo.vnl lip,,n ,i tuiilliiKt'iil hisi., llicir Ii"
imiiii-nillon Ik'Iiib in. nl" iliiiuili'iil upon tin' pil "
ii'K'lvcil fur tho mm. T I.e Innilin nf fallinc
fills illl," iipnu iliiit"i- ai'il Mioioi It. I'lTt'dH
Kitiili ilo-cly mil fat doiii llnei" iinili'l of die
isl.niil population.
A fiilmr to,,' tho ti.ip. ui .tti.i niiiliii' lo-
In It ale, null it-nit in In", ot ct.ipliiv-
ini'iil to -in iiimy nl Ish.iin.. 'Ihe lidcf in In--
tl.V ot tho illlli licllijj; Wlil!. 01 Mltlollllk' tli'
a-li'i-, the,, ,-iinl iniluslrid
p.n.ilvl ol tlio Muni -"tins iin-vlliimV. 'Ilu
linini-ijl anil cniuin, u In- nil rfiMinloi- inicht
lie lioini' ami I i v,i iipiil ,i pi-iloil of .
iiiioi.i. The Inilu-lil.i! ph." pii'sdit'iro
ui nitiip tliitti iiiul Mniv -, u,iu. t m.,' for nlaim.
Mm niu-l live. Vi, .iiiiiv of the hum;!,.- me
uiiphiviil I- .duals ,, tntu.u,' lo sn.i.d urih'i.
llilltlt'h'ln-, 1. 1- I, in. lil I i, hive hum hr,.i ,ii. i,f
Ih,' ti'ilei- of (una, .ml ihe iu-lihi!i,,n i u it
vi I s!iiiii(il nm. tlini in ihii-o thiown i nt of
t'lnpln.nninl vvmilil, .-i im re. Ihe oi'v
It tils of the htiiiiol ios a- a locjlis nf ei-l,iu,.
' piott--. loiuliiiKs inhlipiy Willi hl.ickiii.el.
The poulliv- of the p. or f.nt.i, i- I no safct funn
the (h-pirililioii nf this dnnpiit thai i tlic
.-loio of the lomiiiy m, it u.Uil. .Money i oh
lainoil, in laun ami in small amc.imls, mi'l, r
tin .if nf the th'sliiKtiou nf piotiMty or Ihi'
taking of lite. Tlicic voulil follow, in :i vvoitl,
auaicliy, the icign of ili'niil. r. A -l.,rvinK iiiailt
uitl" wouhl ih in mil I, mil; a ill-nitl, ily iiiuiiliii lo
vvmilil ilf'iii.'.nd 'uppii's-iou at Ihe hiiil in lie
only foitc toiupeleiit f,u tht- pinp,.s, i.i ih in
II i- a llOlahli' fail. Inn i,li,l,ltb uvoiii 1.
that nil ol (iilu's ii'inli. ii, ,1 in'-iiiiti fu
tlic li-l hutiilii'il vrii, have i,,,' n nut nl iii'e
'liliou of I'tunoiuie iii-ll,-- !,, vvhlili 111" motln'i'
lomiiiy was hliml, ami vvhlili -ho stf.ulil.i- ie-fu-ttl
In li'lievt'. No it'vnlt i now- to no Jie
ticipilul, hut it miv well ! .isknl if the I'l.ilril
stale i- to w.illv in sinjn'.s tuntsliM. .mil pt'i-
mil in t'uln a inn, liliou nillv ., "iiitolniilili"
.is Hiat vvliii h, snnic luiu ii.ns ago, ilie -oii'lit
lo icliein liv .1 vv.n- with -iiiu.
The Cuban fiit'sti,i'i imw pu-eitis tvni f.ilui(s.
tho iuipiiilive null of mmitiliale iclief, ami iluc
piovi-ioii for the tuiiii,'. 'Jho two ;no ami eiu-t
lie -tp.n.ile .mil di-iiiii i 'Ihe pu-,nt ilcuiiul
imnuilialo rousiti's-ieiiil .Klinii. by I'th. 1 :.f die
I. il, -I. 'the liilme it iiin- tni tlittiniiiiiiti.i'i,
hy licit, wilh an (-l.ilili-lu'tl I'lilnn jiovci'i
liicnl. unit's. ni'iil'ii oi in ml upon tin
piesiiit iiiit-liuii ir-uli- in iho no, lion (f a
inmlltion vvhlili would lt'iiuoi- Ihe c.ii;.ini?jti,ili
ul a ('ul, in iiv, rn'ii'iil iiupo iblo.
Ill llii lellcf ol Cnl'i'h iliuil'illale lieetl Ihu
lies nt, ilaiiiii-r tu iui iiau iuiln-ii, Om io-quiit-mi'iits
fur die ioiiiiiik vi ir will hi' -nine
-.-inn.iini, urns of .simi. Om lioini' pinihitilnn
of biM'l .mil lane -mu .ippu fvt.cmo it n.
I'oitn Ilio ami lliwaii Mipply .ilioiU tho -ili'e
.lllllllllll, Aihlinir Ilu' wiinle of ClllllV plohlhl"
piotliui m u0,0ll0 ton-, we aie still uhluri'il to
piucli.ii-c fioni oilier I oi'K some 7o(l,iXl Ion-, in
aihlitinn to all uf lln-c.
I'lom all points nl iciv, evciy .ilKimii in .liiiih
laitif vvoinht i in uvor nf piompt action for
the avi'isjun nf a t tilian oi-i-. 'the full !
siate i- nut mil Ih" tnislie of CuPa' political
ivolfaii', I, nl is eifiille ii'spmitfilile lor lu-i- ceo
miitile u'ti-pciilv fho i-1 out -houhl no. to
tmui'il ovn in ihe u.-w nl in aov einiiient in it
hut an tinnoiiiii :.lp .is it wa wlnli we lr
it'ii'ivnl il. 'tills '.in only ho jviiwil ti.v Ilie
uiptliato adieu piniiiliim an juiph' luittis-iuii
In Ihe fiiilt'tl st.i.s t ii-lnni lioini', for Iho nop
ulil li i- imw it'. nli fni i nil Inn. I utiiie .nunc"
iiii'liis inn he 1, fl Im ailiusliiit'iit h.v licil In
I vvc-ii ih" tvv,i aoveiniii' in-.
MI.mi ft. Hohin-ii.i.
Pel' Tin
I p III die uniimtaiiis ui (lie .Ni.nh,
A llllh' ipilii. , aui" gu-lilnn fuitli;
llllhi'i' ami thilh'T It woentl ils way,
ItlppliiK .mil liliI'Mim Ihe Iiin hmtr tlay.
Ami In nlh, l- and .-l-li'is tame, iiiilll
It kii'w to a lioi-v, lii-liiuL' I ill.
Down the mount inn with noi-e an,! sin-,
M.iKIm, its palli'Vav lo the M-a.
Hut, Just whi'io mii'Uil.iiu ami phlu lutl in,
A niliihlv lull in il wav was srt.
"I'lna-e Id ui" ,i.s"' il Ilie little nil;
"Ci hail,; ,n!' -liil III" IniilKlili
The Hill" Illl '"'in,l aw., In the lluhl,
lint ni'lt'l an '.i l, Inn mil il 'ijlil;
The little till wound jvvjj lo I lie bit,
Hut in v ei a ,-l.m uf ilie liuitsi. iiau;
Oltl il Mi.lii IukI tlio tlultsl i on k,
llul Ilie lull .1111 -alii! "!o link-! Ih, en,.:'
Itlulil .aul lui in 'a'li li suuijlil ;
I'm Ilu' llllli' nil in .1 imp m'ciuoiI taiiulii,
'I'i mi- pa ril .iwai, 1 1 mil tho mniilil..ln sltl,.
To the Ulistlil.v hill, .1 lake ftioliluil vvhle;
cji .HbT .vi.u Ii new, until
II UJiliil the li'l' ol Ihe haiislilv lull;
Ami ovn tin blow In ,i tmii'iii pnuii-l,
V luin'iii thiil plougl.til ami lam'tl .out muni
The inlsdily hill via- ienl In ivv (In .
Ami -iilliii'il ni.i' the IiU'l plitn,
nut the little Illl. Willi lime' .mil iih'i'.
Still mil, , Hi- pathway m Ilie .".
ItUi'il'into I- i iiiIlIhv hill:
Sih Hi" .oi hmnhh llitl" illl.
Pri.lulon, IK' I. -W, I! IVny.
lalltof uf 'Ihe TiPniiio
Ir.' hi .lour piper of 1 llt heb, utt mle
IMipiI In Wlilllip'Ti lotlcdlott mi .iitldp i-rttliitr
fol III .1 lltVV ll-e In Willi h II hviinintlve III.IV he
put, vi,, Iwoljai I,, mil tin i.tu that the hoot
vvu .hull Dun til'. Xmv It would ho .1 Vvndo of
lime In miv thai Ilio nl I uii- w.t a iip.iIIo'.i ol
Uhllni'.i-'s iIMpihIpiI iiml ill-loiliil thlnlel mil,
hi'p.iusc I iiht'.iily well nin'ivli lamwit, Ihe
w titer uf timlic iiiul Viliil, at, lint llvrdiitsnl
talf lollr Im fni it ill "ti In ptihlbli mio im
hlliHi'll, Il I MIihi-"i o hive oiiuiinl lie ir
ll.ii iipa point, Some uf MMl'i filontl
foimil dud t. tl leit ,i kiii ill (null i n,ike iiml plenl
It vvlirie W'hll. while ttiullliuf Willi hi tci.v
lipl Kill, foinul il. Alter plultiR hln "lis'.1"
nut of li.'rin'. way ami imiuliiu: half u utile for
a feme Mil. Hip u-ptlle w.t ill-pi'i hrd (foi the
pi mid tlnip), 'I Iio .iilvciiturp when lel.itt'il Ii
thp aiirihoi' of tin' LGii'iet lui In I lie eftei I
thai tin' ."Oi prnl u.i an iljhl foot l.itllci' In
Ilio act of Mv.illovvlnn; n tow. The uppmlitlvp
IWonei ntlvbi'il tlio virllinp up ol the nu-j
for Ih" pii', hut for oine ip.iuii II vvu ovei''
1 1 lift. Hiaiie of Iiml luiliin.' ppll.ipln "Hup
Hi's Whlttipy." Well, poor fellow. 1 uppo-io he
couldn't In ck avv.ty Itniii the Inhtt, cvoii after
hp roI to PjuiHip () .laik Piuriu.
SiiMUrliatm.i, Den. iO.
Hill & Conn-ell's
There can be no more
appropriate gift than one
of the following lin.-s, all
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plain figures:
Wril In-.' Dek.
Dievlnif Table.
rainy Table.. (ln-e.
Parlor Cabinet".
Tilic Oalilni'ti.
flirio ('.iliiuets,
Book Cafe,
fx reena,
Wrrk table.,
I'ais.v Chair-,
Hill I hail-,
Inl.llil (hall,
Itockcl !.
slnuilu sl.iinl,
( In it-.
Low prices and large
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Misses' and Children's Sets of Augora, Badger,
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Gas Mantles,
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Fine Gold and Silver Watches
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Sterling Silver Novelties,
Cut Glass and Umbrellas.
And everything pertaining to a Watch and Jewelry
133 Wyoming Avenue.
4 '4 4 4 4 4 "4 M " ' " '4'4 4 '4 A ' Q ri4 4 '4 4 '4 4 " U
Organized 1872.
A ooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo
6 0
Stores are filled from heel to
with common-sense Christmas
, irom 25c to $5.00.
ooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo 0
Depositary of the United States.
Capital, $200,000 Surplus, . $550,000
l'lltllll'0lllll IlltO tllll4H)1IIOI i ') l0l' 1'PIII. (ll .llllllllll.
Siii'iilutliin(liii slven In all hitoiiiUm wlielhoi- lai rm or -.111 tl
Upon !-aliu'du.v muuliiK" H 10 Du'i'lu c.
'Ihiei 'MM'conti Inloruit luliliiu 'iuIiii ilopiiMH.
luteirst i'imiiuumluil Jmiuury IM mutliily 11
HENRY BELIN, JR.. Vice Pjflaiciant.
WILLIAM H. PE0K, On-ihter,
William Connell, James Aruhbald,
Henry Bolin, Jr., Luthor Kellor,
Geo. H, Oatliti, J. Bonj. Dimmiuk,
Thomns H, Watkitu. Jamos I. Connell.
W. D. Zelimler.
LGWIS OL KOllly, Wyoming Avenue
Store Optn Evenings Until Christmas,
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