The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 20, 1901, Page 11, Image 11

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$is$$is$$$WsV$ Mi i$y4K&XX&Xi4X$$lX&$tt$$i 5i$Sss$$ssSsiSSss? 'X5J5$Stt WftWJiitfcJ.'Jt-JiifttJW
We have constantly
on hand a full line of
111 AND HI
The .mclc-iit .mil lionoi.ib!.' anii- of
font l),ill Is an Institution lcin n Unbh'
in in in v m.ijs. It luih Ijutn llm i.uiiu
l in inj Miinras jos :nul nuriv
I'vti.ioKlin.m happening It Ikis iui
nisiicil beiuntifitl jpo(I ldi tlimulil .mil
lls( iisvion i,, timid old kpiuIi irn.ii who
w, n in tlioiiiches hv the Hi on hilsk
Oetiibei (I,i, urn 1ms i( jiui ,i stop io
tins lienifuflil ptattho with Ihe nun
ling jinis II hits binutjht t'luth to n
1w. :iiiil inhales, nun c or lcs sciioi.t.
to thousands, It litis nme'e men out ot
an untold niiiiiliiM. Anil 'fool hall it
was 1'iiit established In bushics., tlu.
wiilolj known und piospci mis Hun
name of "Copeland i. uite, HinU'ii
und r.ioKei-. "
L$f ' ""
limn to luviiiy nml il"umI in the
midst ol weillh, Ulco caino to colIiv.u
'loin .i home ot Imppliio: Copulmd,
in all his Hie, had Known iriuifhl hut
pnett A t.ill, well f.unuil unj,
lellow was Uiu and Inn id ! houl
U'l , and a pIcpmul wnv of sptakhiR
to a leliow, together with a
u-e ol inoiiej, fitiRMv won lihu jiopu
lantv. itul C'oiioland, handicapped as
he wa.s h a eiv homely, alltcll n
honest e ounlcnum e, and hj a niaiinu
i old latlui than i iif,.ijriiiK'. nut to in n
lion a lncl: of inonci, did not become
About a week aflei the opening of
tolloKe tin to i a inu the usual call for
loot h ill candidate" Now if then- wnt
one thins? nioi e than itiiotho. like
hid In hw when lie enteied tolli-e,
that thin;, iui to play loot hall. So
ii'ialUns with pildo his leimd on his
Pi pp. tcmii, he tupped .studies and the
i heater went out on the tit hi in a
foot hill suit, cluuiiilned that he
would list t on uu t with notli'nif slim t
ot u plate on the 'Vaislly,
f'oppl.iud had (ome io ioIIij.c to
fltttiU. Ho had uevu played loot hall
- all hit hat ties had lieon lou'ht
nsulnst poeity. Ami inohahly he
neer would lune placd foot hull, had
not IiIk 'lK.mtlc musdiiar fiaine i.iuKlit
theeje oftl.odKP, the 'V.iMlty taptiiln,
'That ninn oiiKht to he a foot hull
pluyir," thoiiKht IaidKe, "I'll (all on
him loiilnht."
And so he did, He found L'opehind
Mink deep In an mm i hah stf luj Hles
too small loi Ii I in his loiiK l'Ks closed
mid his head almost but ltd between
nks hioad sliouldeis, Ho wus lemlliiK
noiiioslluiut., elilentlv with Kieat dlf
llillllV hut With UlilllliiK peiM-M lai'ie
V Intel wo.d- ol BwetliiK and Ktli
tntiodinitnn, mid I. (nine, with that n-ut-'V
that ulwa.v.s nmilttd tils puhiK,
hud pliniKid Into the midst of mi finn
enl i ppeal Io t'opelunil to (Oine out
an 1 tiv lot the leant, M'Ik tin v It uiih
the iloipieiue ol J.ode, 01 n sf.iu(i of
lojalls In (olletje, ot nil Inwaid lot ,;
IliK I'M Blniv 111 KinteMlM ill ii.unle and
f-Pliit Dial hmiiKlit It about. I do not
know, hut win it the taiiUHu cald,
"t'optland, will oti bo on tin Held lo
iiioiiow '" rnpeluiiil, uftcr Ihlnkliip, a
luiii? while, with lialf-tlosed (yen, an
swi'tcd "Ytp"
Rn the iiet dn. foptdind nppeaiul
on the Held 111 ut nioi , iho t outer of nil
eyes mm thu mihjei I ol ninny u ( ilth al
lPlliaik by the llliderKiaduales. lie
wan pitted iKiihiHt Hhe, who hud now
lii'Rim to ho leiouUeil iih 'iinietllilitf
of ti player. And thh, is how ,, -opho-nioKf
ilfst ilhes It
"l opelaml' Wliv man lieV a hi n
JUen Ihii't In the wmie (iah wllh liiin.
You Hhould Iiiimi neeii hlin nutUo holes
In the 'Vatslty linn, It wai the hnt
thiiiR In the piat'thu, That man will
he at left Kuaul on tlio 'Vnihll hofoie
long; Just wo it ho won't "
Thin nlKlit wliiu dipelainl willed
down In his mm ilmli, lu leiumked In
hlH slow. tlioiiKhUul way ".Vow that
In .spot t , u follow tan HtuUy ultei ia-i-'((ko
lilfo Hint."
Hut lllco wua hlooiny thai nh;hi,
femlul ol IosIhk Ills plate on iho 'ai
pity, ,
lllri ic.iitt welo i-oon to ho
L'flio thltd day that t'opoluntl npptaicd
n the field ho was railed Into Iho 'Vii
Ity fcouud. Itlco went with tlio
A piaotlee Kuine betweou the two
kunib followed iib uHiial; mid In tlio
eotoiy, later on, theio wcio Hlinnce
lUes golnc tlio louiuia ol now a c-i-
lu Biuud who hud boon tukou out nf
It "VurBtty Juul eiiKUBPd In ')i1ub-
lig" tactli.s with h eortulii ottier
ptird who hud been put In hlu
Klee hud not oulv lost his i . i , j 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 lit
hud also lost his he id
Two dajs later, the Ilawlni' f,auit,
the Hist impoitant one ot ll.o -easou,
was phiMd. 'I'hPie was n suipiWe In
stole loi the kliowhiK one. Kle w is
1UU lu at left itiimil, ' 'I'hal s heeau"e
ol Ills espeiiellee," the said. Then'ie
iiiinld of Copelnnd."
In the lust half Rawlins iiknniul
a wt.ik spot hi the lell shl ot theh
opponent's line, and by 'ontliiuu'lv
luiiuniPiiiiB .iwnj at the 1 f l kuiihI.
thee at list (.ailed I he ball oei the
l,oa! line, liinilnr was uniihlo to stou.
(a the second halt, ('oHaiid ippeiied
in Ithe's iilaee. l.andoi nuide two
touchdowns, tin tiedll ot th lcicn
lell to Copelainl.
That was iust a month l.Hioie the
Kieat B.ime ol the Season th Thiinks
kInIub d.i B.inie with J.andoi . old and
hlttei inal m all .spin t the .'nheisitv
of l.ittltton. Such was the (lunatur
ot this lisalaiv when the day
tame loi the l.alileion-l.'indoi tool hnll
nialtli, evei infill in botli,
how-ocM-i slight his inleicte Pi spoils,
was stilted to the pilch ol enthusiasm.
And on thin dav, too, utij pla r as he netei nlaved befoic. Km h
'is the tiadltlou in thes,. jmuent 'us
ol learning.
To )ilav in this tame i, to n.uli tne
liK'hcM. pinnacle ot lolle-Ke Kloiy. Heme
Ii thnL poor like, who had f. iv u
Up PMlWliillK loi loot ball, ias dl--
heai lentil and (1Icouiubii1 a- the time
diew near for the Kieat suiiv, and his
cliantes to pln hi It waiud. l'ul he
did not Rle up. It was not in hi'
blood, lie i.iuiir lo the pinctiie eseiy
da, ami took the teiilble poumlinB
that Copcland uie hint witli neer a
linn mm, thoiiKh he looked upon his
i luil ab an cm im lo be luoldid Tlltie
was still one c haute leu hhn the
i han. thai copeland mUlii bo In
Juied. i i.
n a "Monday atteinoon thiee d tvs
befoie ThallkSBl IliB day, t'opohilld
tame out of his loom and stnitod down
the coitidor. He hud Bone but a Mioit
dislanie wlion he f-aw beloie him wll'it
appealed to be a lettei. He Mopped
and picked ll un and his attention w(1q
at nine eiiBiiBed bv the Wolds "Little
ton Umno" that tuiiBht hl,s ee. With
out HtopphiB to think of what he was
dohiB, he toinnieniid KadlliB,
"Well, 1 urn out ot tlu I.lltle'nn
Biinie Anothei man has my plain. I
hae hut one ihniue, tlinl n luity be
InJuiLii, ami while I am mu hopliiB
that this will lake place, I am leady
to ,( into the K.ime If It doen, I am
fa ninn piottv will (IK'iisted with thlK
plan, and um IhlnkliiB ol 1. .uIpb II,"
As i.'opelnud looked below it t the Mk
naluio of Milton ,1 Itlce, he ,;, a 1 1 1 1 d
'h, 1 must be the man In'" t.ilK
1ns about."
I'ooi lcllow,' he thouKhi ..nil a etui
oui. unite solleiied the haul cpiet.Hlon
ol IiIh mouth, 'lie imiM take it liuid,
'I'oo had. J tdiould hau ttpolti n to tlliu,
And null it Bood phoei, loo. Well,
pel Imps ho will Bin hla ( liiillee, Yei-, 1
um nullo HUle lie will,"
Thill nlcfllt he went lo hee Klee In hl
loom, Ho held out Ills haul, hut iho
otlii l would lint take It.
'Kite," he paid In 111 olov way, "I
want to he tiieiidK with ,ni, and I
think 1 shall ho heroio lout'. I bolltno
that ,nu me u kooiI tellow at heail,
mid 1 don't want llils fool hall hutiliiPfH
to Id ei in apail."
' 'I'lmt'a ny easy lot you lo sa,"
leplled Illi o Milleul ; 'You lmu tlio
position nml on me boIub in plu In
the Littleton name. Hut ou hao pot
liealed me talily, nmt I'll not i-hake
like, an lb uppment, um Mill mil
hlnipoir. He liuil not p in'jMteii iis
t'opclaiid haw Hint thcio t no uw
"All ilBht, then," ho Hatd, "Juat ua
,ou will. Jltu Jim i haiiBo your
mind betoui Ioiik. And ha ,'iue," ho
added, an ho wus lea lug, ' lo ho out lu
a suit, Thin sday, you muy rfel into iho
Itk'e looked aittr lilm for a minute,
ait tf to Uitk what ho meant l this laHt
lematk; then tinned In his chati mid
IIuub IiIh Icet moodily on the ilctk. Two
niontha hud wioiiBht u gieat thungo In
this oiire Joyout) son of a llch niuii.
Tlio gicut day caiuti ut lum u bilbk
keen, toot bull day, with cloudlesa
With Every One Dollar Purchase We Will Give
One Bottle of Extra Fine Blackberry Brandy. This
inducement Is to
iiiiiwiiimii ii wi
Mpsirlv IBmr P
u w. jr "" 'V.H1, 1" wn.. s, .. T w-
January 1, 1902.
8y ' y .y?
hettlls out head. The lllhtst, most
eiilliuslastk uowd within ilu u-iollPt-ilon
ol the olden Biaduiil", taine out
to witness the most ineinoiable bailie
llle two tollc'BOS had u toiiht.
II was indeed, a Mi unfile ol Bimils
mil i mi v ni'in IoimIU as ll on hhn de
pi tided the Nue of the (ontist. s;,,
111 st Littleton dioe l.andoi do.n the
Ik Id, and then woakimd and was In
tin n pushed back And thus the
k'pl il up itil neei a hiih' eeept
one It was tow ml the en I ol the
Hist halt Lamkn li-ul the hill loilj-lhe
aids liont theh opponent's 70 il 'I he
411.11 li 1 -hack Kiie tlu signal the iwn
li mis in' lied tosethti and tin men
piled one on lop ol anothei 'u a sti ub
llinr mass, the nel mnineiu a Lltll1
ton plaei was seen iimnlnir swiftl
down the lie Id, with the ball uiulei his
aim. and the hilcjil toloi t 01 his lian
1 1f chcoio't snildi nlv Mnuiif into it-spIi-ndiiiL
in fiinini lite, wmln oui the
heads ol the multitude as ihmiKh the
enthusiasm ol then owmus hid b -i
Iniputtd to them The Land 11 plajiis
ueie alnio-t too astounded 10 puiste ,
the touclidown was m ide" but th" it
tiiiiiu to kh k j-iial lulled nd the
eoie at the mil ot iho 111 st half w 1.
Littleton .". Lamloi 0
The s, , nml li ilC had b'-'uu, th i
was a su hiim.iBi'. mid w hi u the iw 1
had volitn up t'opeland was .1011 lum
on ihe mound rollhu; his head lion
skii 10 side and omltliiih an oiasioiiil
Bio in. All ( 1101 Is lo ievle lum piowl
of no aall, mil. still um oil' t ion j, 'i
wa.s 1 an ltd olf the Held. 'Ihe Lamloi
partisans io e mid Bao a chcei .oi
I'oipi land, but theh he.u Is weio nil
ill il their hopes hud roup with h
mini whom the weie theeilnr.
'ihe luptahi took .1 luiii I" 1 look at
tin substitutes. AlotiB l no line eoiV
ninn of th. m easel to el into the
Biinie. The captain beckoned to Jlk
and line pulled oft his swetter, and
MiapplUB a uose-Biiaid mrund Vs
head, took his phue hi th" line
"1 h.uo mv ihmien" he mutleicd to
himself. 'I lost mv neiu In that last
Biinie. Now I'll bhow Hit 111 what 1
1 an do "
Ho iioucliPd down low, his Inn t
Mnllt for the combat. Ill the 01v 11 st
play ho bioke thioUBh Iho uppoiipul n
line, and downed the Llttlelon lint '
liatk almost beloie he hud stalled, And
the Laudor p.uttmius iouo ai a ma 1,
and 1 lieetcd for IJlee,
I fliall not attempt to ih 'iilbe the
s-oul-sthiliiB MiubbI" loi ietoiy of
llle two team. In tliln pvpi nienioinltlo
hall, nor tlio ten llle plum-os Jtko
nuide tliioiiBli the Littleton ltlto, mil
wlileh aie Mill 11 thoiuo lor lulls 111110111?)
llinsrtt who wltltt'sMd llieni, .Nor Minn
I toll ,ou ot how tu Hie M'iv lam of
plu, eeiy Balliuit will I'lnr was B'up
Iiib lm bieath and biiffeiiiiB 110111 i-omo
injuiy, Kite, wllh an eh'oit nliuost mi
pei human, MuibbIhI IIiioiirIi thn Lit
tleton playeis mid united tlio hall over
the lino loi a touclidown. That In all n
pail of tlio history of tlio icillP'te.
Hut llleie s soinoihillB llioie, wldnifi
Hpoken of, but whit li 1 think In tlio Hi -t
ihliiir lu It nil.
The Ptoie was thd: (oull It be hil
teied.' Wan llioie a ninn lo kuk tho
Boal? V"or It wan 11 most dlllliult one
Tlio inuihdown had been made lur orf
to the llKht Horn llle (toul posts, ,t
hueli an iiubIc. In wild tlio hill between
those posts, would iiiiulro iMiaoidlu
ui y pit Union and iooIihms
Itlce was neon In oaimM iuihiuii
Hon with Lodr.e, iho uiptaln. A mo
ment Intel, Lodta HlBlialed lie 411111 In
to InliiB the ball out. Ami us thn
other playuH Untied blowly down 1 Up
hold, Iheie wiib Itlce, plain Indole iho
vii 01 nil, calmly dlteitluB tlio llitlo
iiiaric-i'-batl how to hold the hall
NOW It Is Olio HllUB to luke Hie lull
in the uiDim nt ol ei lunifiit, and wllh
a ilumtmnd nimlinon uitjln ou 011
Willi their blioutH, 10 oat mil vonr heait
nil Hie wiiy down the Held mul attn-H
Iho noal lino it Is uiioHui ihniB wliou,
Willi loin thouband pnha off yes Intent
upon you, an uuutuiablo b.llluesrt nil
around you, jutir own honor, iho fain
ol a Baiuo, Hio i.lot j. ol Alma Mater dt
pomlciit upon ou, to keep ;. our hcait
Uoin hoaihiB like a tilp-hniumer, ami
at tho i-liilll .sound ol' tho leleivo'u
wlilblle, pond iho leather hall b-fuio
ou, i-pllllllUB belwoiil tlio Bial pobts
That Is what Itlce- did.
A lew mliuitt'H beloie eight o'clock
011 tho C'M'iihiB of that day, lileo and
Bring Before the Public More Promi
ii ibii iwiM iBii i ! in i t i ri 1 ri i ti 1 1 1 i ii iiwtinai ! i u ,
nil- 9 .nrflhon. fund
. Hi H t V, H J & , , V, V . 5 V. - K
-JWieV---- ",a.1
"'ii T?rs
. '"-triS-i; ,
-- !!3WK'
iLoi Aroe
3 W LiL'X'r: H Wfrl
ojj r. n ? nr
It, 11 .",, 'Aj'
F01 by intelligent, unbiased compaiison of our
Pianos an J pi ices with otheis, we aie sure to
secuie your patronage.
Come fo the factory
Give Os ihe Benefit o a Thorough
Criiical Examination of oDp Piano
And we will ptove to you beyond a doubt that
novvheie else can you buy as good a Piano, as
high class an instrument for the money as trom
us, at our factoiy. These pianos have been in
use lor the past 21 yeais, and not a dissatisfied
customer. We guaiantee eveiy piano for ten
years. We shall be pleased to see you at
any time.
I nor
j ftullu
1043 to 5051 Capouse Avenue.
Pianos sold on easy payments.
Old Instruments taken in exchange.
Ail ' 'A S 'A "H s4 'A "A ' "R 4 il 9 4 ' "A "A
""cipeland ( nine fine to lino In tho
lobby of Ihe Chiuet theatio Tho
inemoiy of ihclr touoisatlon oi a few
ilios beloie mid llio NIou ol I'opo
Inml, tiliiio and putloilnt,', bilue ai
lhd olf the Hold, hiouttlil m-minus
thoimhts to Hire's mind He held cut
IiIh hand, nml
I'opehuid," he Mild, "1 want to (ilt
mil loiKl'Wt-H nml lllendshlp, I
lune ai ltd oiy badly."
Copeland m.ncly took tlio out.
sliotihed liaud, and looked mnlisedlv
Into iho others eye.
"1 think I luiMMi ilRlit," lie unlinked
simply, "lo my now that i told jmi
leo "
"Yes," liuiKliid Itlce, "you coitainlv
liae. Hut tell me, weio j on badly
rope-laud laiiKhctl
"Hint! .Titot listen u minute, ltliv,
mid I'll toll you a peciet, 'rimt's the
(list piece ol at Hnir 1 oser did. I knew
mi would make tho memt of ,our
(liiince, so I'm skid 1 did 11."
And It Ire'l not a word, hut amilii
Ki lisped 'opolu mi's hand, mid looked
lilin In the ee with u look nf platitude,
V l ill 4 I, .
Such l n Hue ,u fount ot lie.w tho o
tianidluuiy kuiiio of fool hill laid tho
toiiuilatlnii ol the ill in ol ' I'opelaml S
IHee, Jtalil.eis mid Ilinkci.s,' --Hull K,
laick, in UeniKotown i'oIIiko .louiual,
Seiileil In Silver Jnis hi an Auclont
Auottlnu Chuicli,
Win I, L ui Us in lm ( niiju lli juiIIiuM
Down in a Bloomy Utile etpt lu tho
thui th ol the AiiKiistlllo films at Vi
llain, the s-ai dl.suiii, li jmi will h'ho
hlin a kiouui, will Id ou look thioiiBh
a KiatiUK I" tlic door and mo tho foity
sewn t.uw upon a melf that outliilt's
tlio whltowahhed wall. Thev tool; llko
uu awboitinciil nf tinned meats or vph
otaliles, but lontaln the Ilea its of tho
meinheis of tho Impel hit liouso of wus
ti In.
Tor centuili's, when an chipeior or
an t'liiin eys or any of the ioal family
rtmdci ffnr&ri B infal
.... swsr wM.J
l H , . . . V, t t V, . VI V
Convince Yourself
We Invite Comparison
We Court Comparison
We Want Comparison
'A H C 'A A "tt 1 A "A A A 'A "A 'A A A 'A 'A "A
dlo-c, It has been tho custom to cut tho
heait out ot tho body, seal It up In a
little silver tun and It in thh
ihiuoli, which contains also u bemiti
tut monument to Hie AichdiichesB
Malta Chiisilna, daughter ot Jlarla
TheioMi and tlio most lioaulllnl sepul
cher 1 luuo eor .seen. It w.n caned
by CuiOMiH and lopios-onl.s tho taco
of a pyintuld with nu open dotu,
thioiiKh which a piocesslon of llfo-slo
niaiblo HhiiioH Is passing into tlio tomb
Iho pom, the lame. Hie halt and tho
blind hem Iiik lain els ami oilcihiKs of
uli'ietlou mid Riatlliide, while the an
Kid of tho itsuiiettlon hnns upon the
back of a lion and watches them,
1 1 Is au imlv old i hui tti mid was
built way bail; lu kl.l'l, hut 11 Is Unions
lor helm, the com I i Impel mid having
olio of tlio llnchl (hohs lu tlio woild,
An appointment to Hits choir ks iho
IiIkIu'sI 111170 offtied bv tho Impoilal
I'ouseiMiloiy ol Slnxlc, mid, althnuKh
the salailiM aio not Imtje rompaied
wttli thine niiiil by tashlouahln
c lllll t lies ill llio I'lllted iStutCh, tlio a)
poliilinout Is lor llle nml cammuiuks a
pension wlien the Mnj;i'i luih outsilllf,
.AtUlttlonnl Pnssenijcr Tmln Seivjce
via Soutliern Railway,
Hfioetho 'ov il, tho Southern Hull,
way will opeiate thicHigh tinlu seiie
fi um WiifliliiKtoii ln Itlchmoiul, Va
to I'loilda and point south,
Tho now ti.tlit will bo known as ,'o
:"j ami will lease "W'nsliluijton at 10. ID
a. in ocr the WnshlliKtoil Southeia
Hallway and airho Jacksonvlllo. I'la . I
at '.MO a. m. This tinlu cm tics Hist
ilusi (imchea and I'ullmuii diawlus
looin sleeper bitwcen Wahhliiscton and
JiKkbinnllle, also has dhilniy cm hei
vlce Tho above ualn Is in uddltlou
to the tult complement of tinlu her
vlco of Soutliern Uullwuy hv Lynch
huiff and I)anlllo.
Pins. I. Hoplslus, Hlstilol Vm-senifor
AKc-nl, Koutluun Itnllwuy, hJH Chehtniit
St., l'hlkidelphla, will furnish all It),
li, m ww
We are the only
for the United States and Canada
for the celebrated
221 and .223 altford Court.
Next Door to the Lyceum Theater.
Nt Ur liflliimliLO Bl oLtlaHo
Careful Drivers and Prompt
Attention Given to
Also have Band Wagons and
Sleighs to accommodate large par
6.te Banlos. Dfemojids
i limlo iiuik )
Mil, I 111 VI. 10 III.M PUMOMIs s 10 O0ls AMI l HI Will (I 1' 1,1 s M
hi'wn i.i, nu. ii.sisoi oi.n mim i.ub ion 1 1 un im oiiiu
I I.M IIIMS- slls, , IIIIIM.s, HI' VI 'Jill MMIMIOI-H I l)U I'llll V 01
(k-nt'tni ill's lltrav) flat llt'ltlicr Uhiss
Hi .lie- i'ii Id i I i Hi. 1 uu
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BARRIOS DlAriOND CO., U39 BroaUway, New York
authorized agents
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