The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 19, 1901, Image 9

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S.,i-iIj1 to Mil- SiNntoii Trlliiinr
tloiuitiilc, )r, 18. -Tin- mi-hhiiI mi
nimi Imll ill" I'V-t'liliinV ii'tIii-hIiii u lit
bo Ih-UI In Ilic iii'tiint'V J'lirlHtiniiH iiIkIh
There will In Hpci-liil f'hrlntiniiH imwlr
ni the mninliiir iiikI i'VoiiIiik Mervli-f In
tin- MpIIioiIIsI i-litin-li. A roiiiiitiiiiloii
F-rvlcc will In- In-Ill lit Ili.ilO ii. m.
Tin' l-Mt ptny sei-ti In IIiiii.'siIhI" In n
Iuiik tltni- wiih ihvfwiIhI In tin' iiptTii
limine Titr-ailny uvi-nliifT. "Ihtinim
Heurlst" uppt-iilH tn till liunmti lu'iul
nnd kIiouIiI be poon li.v nil.
Mlsit Mary Miunfnnl Is home fur Hie
liollilny vai'iitlon from n loliont ti'-iti'
Wtislilmrtoii, I). (.'.
Mr. WitlU-r Whltlny, in" Klmlm. is nt
Ills HolUKllllle Inline.
The Krli' KlirveyoiH ni- salil H I"' I"
Ik- nut-llit-i-n imrt of Wiiyni- i-ounty,
worklntr pfisttwnnl, loi-nilnx tin pro
posed new nntte for Hie Kilo ni-ioss
"Wayne i-ounty. I'liTi-n-iit ronte.s m:iy
op tnken west of llonesiliile. The
tlonosiliili linini'li In nil prolmblllty will
up used o.MHt.
HllHlne.s. In the lltiiiestltite nhiips niul
'ttetorle: Ii liouinltiK. Theie Is lull one
trile to lfi-onl .it iiivi'iil the town
-loek vvhii-li ilo'K not ntrlke. We eim
sympathize wllh f-Vriiiiloii mill wall:
ny oi'r own time.
The seroml muiibi-r of the Christian
Kmletivnr enti-rtalnmeiit rottiue 111 be
Klvcn III the onera lions- by 'Sew
Thomas McClary l'l-lrtuy ovi-niiiK. Ue
1'iiibei" l!0. Sulijei't. "The Mission of
Mirth." Then an- few men on the lei--tnre
platform who have made as riviii
i success as Thomas Mci'lary. The lee
ure hi )iopnlar ami Instructive, luter
porsetl with wit (mil humor. Don't
fall to hear this noted lecturer.
Kiinlcp. wife of FrauelM I- Hlge
ow. rtleil at her home In Xiitrava,
'A'ayne county, on Monday after a lln
ierlnp illness, used f.8 years. Deceased
i survived by her husband, five sons
ind tlireo dauRhteis: Mrs. Clara C'nrr
if Prompton, Miss .TaiiPt, teacher in
the Ilonusdale public school: Ver
na. at home: -Nelson I-!., of the Hones
dale Klevator and Machine Works:
Clarence IC Walter II.. and Delos, at
' '
Spri I'll lu I In- Sirjntmi Trihimi-
t'.iclorj villi. Dec. IS. Mr. and Mrs.
V. It, tint-liner. Mr. and Mrs. Abram
vVriKley, Mr. and Mrs. .lames Wrlnley
mil Mr. W. '. WrlKley attended the
Mineral of their brother-in-law. Merlon
Colviu, .it Dalton, last Monday.
About thirty young people were taken
Into Hie Metliodist church on probation
lust Sunday morning.
Next Sunday is the third nuurtc-rly
meeting at the Methodist church.
Tuesday evening, at the regular meet
ing of Paulowna lodge, Daughters of
liebekah, Mrs. Frances 13. Transue, the
grand master's deputy, of Laceyville.
was present and Installed the following
officers: Noble grand, Mrs. Klizabeth
Knapp; vice-grand, Miss I.eona AVur
icn; treasurer, Mrs. Ida HiUton. After
the Installation the ladies served re
freshments and enjoyed a social.
The annua roll-call meeting of the
Baptist church will be held this (Thuis
Uay) afternoon and evening.
Hev. William Hiller, of Parsons, was
. visitor In town this week.
Ii-ual tn tlir 3. miiton Tribune.
Spiingvllle, Dec. IS. The Walker Spe
cialty company finished their engage
ment Saturday night, and took their
leparture on Monday. They rave a
how well worth the small admission
fee charged. The set of twenty-four
pieces of silverwate given away to the
baby Iinvlnt, Hie highest number of
votes went to Kalpli, the youngest son
of Mr. and Mi.. K. I.. Button.
The storm of Saturday did a lot of
Jumugu in this ieinlty to roads and
ridges. Many of the. bill roads are
icarly Impassable, and it will be nearly
rnpofcslble to repair them without 1111-
ng with fine stones. The ereek that
comes in from the Prlchard swamp
verllowed Its banks and came down
he street tn the business center, leav-
lg the roads a mass of stones, while
iie main stream overran two of its
rosslngs, leaving Hie streets In a bud-
y demprallzed condition.
On January 1, Morris Slight comes to
own to live, .mil will run Stuart
ttiley's I'ariii, tPmge l.ce leaves his
present position with K. Stevens on
Apill 1 and goes to K. C Klv's farm,
ruirtou V, Hemu'li, lh" nrereiit oeoii-
nant, going to Hrailfnrd county Thote
Of suffering from kiilney disease, Miss
Minnie Ryan, of St, Louis, Mo., found
h complete cure result from the use of
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dibcovery.
ii is bucu currti
as this which es
tablish the sound
ness of Dr. Pierce's
theory: "Diseases
which originate in
vhe stomach must
be cured through
.he stomach."
Svery other organ
Jepepds on the
itotnach Tor its
iltulity and vigor,
.'or by the stoin-
Clt Hllll its USSO-
iated organs of
lipestlon atid mi
Titiou the food
which is eaten is.
.onverted into iiu-'
triment, which, m.
the form of blood, -
is the sustaining
power of the body
and each organ of
it. When the
touiach is dis
eased the food sup
ply of the body is
;ut down, the or
jans are ttarved, and the weakness of
starvation shows itself in lungs, heart,
livert kiduev.-. or sonu- other organ,
Dr. Pierce's CJoMcii Medical Discovery
:urc8 diseases of the fitoutuch and other
jrgaus of digestion and nutrition, and
to cures disease of other organs which
ive originated through deficient uutri
:ion or impure blood.
"I had len tud'crini; with kidney tiouble
-wenty yrart," writes MIm Minuic Knn, of
1517 Louisiana Afnuc, St. l.oui. Mo., "ami I
tiad doctored with a uuiuber of tli bet phyki
liana. Two vear upo I commenced taLiiif; our
Golden Medical Dltcavery' and 'I'avorite I're.
acrlption ' and took alto teverul vinln of Dovtor
Pieree'a Pelleti. I took eighl Iwttles (four of
each), anfj I feel now perfectly cured."
Or. Pierce's Pellets cure biljousues.
if :&
T&r' I B
h'x: .:f.;
abA i 'jaaasiV
tilt 1111110 Mills fin hilltop hele llltill
can be siipplleil.
.Inhit Sawyer niul son, of t'oloiudn,
an- vlslllng at '. I'. Slang's and other
places In tllli vlclnlt.v.
ti, I' Stulig has got the westriu
fever, and will apply the lellledy If he
can xell his stone ipiairy.
Not long since ii dog owned by Mink
Scoit wait diot iiud killed It- Truman
I'llte. iiud proJeciUlnn was likely to fol
low, as He' do'A was killed under clr
ctiinsliinies thai instilled Ic-irul action.
I''lke settled for the iinluuil by ghlng a
sewing timcli'ne wot tit Jl.",
Tito teceptlon of Mr. niul Mis. .lames
lllukslee took tilace at the home or Mrs.
'. I.. Illakslee. Tuesday evening last.
ical. j
I, VI III'M -Uniuir tllmti nt 'i.j.i !1
O'Mijtl,." .Vlul.i.
'Pi:l-"ln .. Wi'Iilmi'. -,.i.i " Ut.t.
"Till liiii'iiciii lliiiii'iqiut AllriiMinii .ind
'a.inett O'Magh."
' liiiiiui.t nii-i.ti. n,. .nivt liij.M i.i I, .ii lul
l.iK .i it tlir I... i .urn j.t nmiit. .mil Ii is
incillis tiv aiM fiat ,. ,j,l ,m jrnii,..., ,. ,jt
w.i liitii-, tiitiitli,i;i iml ciilliU'lelie. Hi- .'I
wa.n Ii h mIuii I.i- ,, m- tn link (i- Tnin
.ii-ii- hi- iiunrd-u-it li.n Ikiii in-ill- f.n inn
nlgliU liKti'.ul of oie. tin IiU imili.ii. ,
mm.". Iii'ii- (hi li'iy-i- In bun iiiici'iniuit.i'ili
(tm.ilcil .iii'l m.iuv In J t l- timi.'il ii.iy. 'I'u
iiM'iil till i! i,i i imMIc it nj .Icfiil
nl on tlil moii-iuii In iiiiKp bl rii;,i-.'(iiniii fot
H.'ii nluliN. ,j.,t iiifiht linn w.ii lint ;i laiint
fit In tbc hf'ii-i' jiii) lonluht. It i fjtf tn ,-.iy.
In1 will h.tii' .in .iii'll iiir iiiully ,u lug,'.
Mr. 01. otl'j j.ljy tin m-,i'oii i-i "Cani'tl
"O'MikIi," tin- Atn- .i.H-,iring in tin- lull ml"-.
n'.M.nilt i- ii jiuiiir iriiiii,in nt gnml uin'ilt
Ih. in 1M'- lott Iltiljll:, .iii.l win. tn NVw VipiI
.mil i-iii',nj;.'il in Iiii-inoJ. ,m yun lain Ii
i.'IiiiiimI In Dnliliii mi a it uilli hi- niitiii-f,
Itufu-i Il.mlv ami D'M nrli ulls In Inn- ultli tin
riMiuiiliiiilli- ImliiKil iLait'liti'i nf Kni'i XaKU-,
a liiililfn .atuini-, wlin i an old Irlcml nl tl.p
ii'MjkIi fJinilv. Xi-'Ip it in Invc witirMi.. P"
lin. n'M it'll', .mil I iml il.ii hi, uloptpil innt'i
if, .mil i-hi- .itfHT-, in unl him a. "mil a. O''li
I- utiMi-il ti. .N'.it'l"'-, iniiutitli- ihut'hki. 'nitli
nf the nliln- n'oili- (uiinhlni: lint it ii.iihl l
.in .nli'ilralili- in Hi Ii. 'lu Mti-t) Mivs .Vanlo's
loin.inllc iniilnii-! it i an.iiitful Ihut liirndt
!-li.lll i-lnju' Willi hi. Inly Imp uith a !iilt'ii.
1-ivi- i.tis, inoonliglit lulili-i t'c.r ai mull mi-li'i-nt-..
I. iiii-i- Wilmn In Ihm- with D'.M ii-li,
niul In I iir iii:'.nrliiii.Uily Ml. Nat'b' iiilm.l-i 111.-
'(UU nl Hip iiiiiiiu-i llnn-llll'lit. 'I In- UMllt-. inllow alino-.! -I'luiuli- O'Miith tinni lii.
lull loin, but ili".v al..': iuri' ln-r ot hir roil-intie
iiloa.-. In tin- mil lliint"! risbt linn
M'hia anil all an- li.iim. '
"(Jain It O'Mat'h" i. a nuiii'Inu. Iti.h plav,
iiu-nnuli as it ha-. m lamllonl ami no illiln.
II has coiih- ili'liehtful cnnii'ily nldili rIh-.-i Jlr.
(Iliott nn r.ptiorhiiilti- In ili tin- kind nf v.orl.
.... uihnli.ilily .iiHi-d to him. He smK fnm i cw
H'lit's la.t niulit of n hlih "riii- I..U-.. I I.ovi'"
ills lust iii'oivd. Hi. i-thi-r snns wtri' --Mi
Sw-i'it IJiii'in." "Iii-lniiil A! '!ia C.n Inpi-,"
"I'ailily'. fat," ami tin- - Woarinj; nf tin- firivii,"
ill nf ttin- i'iiilni.i,i.stii',illy ri'idM-il l-.i
tin- aiidii'iui'.
Tin' iiifiotiini; ioniiaiiy i- a Minni; mi', ihi
lojillng nu'inlici. of it lii-iujr Maiiraii-t ritzint
nek. IMilli B ilti-r, l.nnisn Mari'lli, Mill .Mm in,
t'aul r.iiTtnn, f.iil.o Mai tin, Charli-s M. I.'nlli'v.,
Ijtt-li.- M. alliens ami D.niii'l (jilli'ihtr.
"Eight Bells."
iin- Itroihi'i-. It-. t tie. iilm appc.ii at tin- J.,icium
SilnnLiy matin!-.- and nichl in tln-ii- Litest i-di-lion
i-f tin- "Xi'ii Kisht lli'll-." i lain: nilKinalltv
in all tlu-y pirfonn. Tlioy nro tin- niifiiutfiri of
llioir .ti 1p nf pntitrt..inmiiit and haw nn riial-.
In the ".NVw- IMglit Hell." tlu-y Inn- pu-cntrd to
1 lit- piilille a poi loni' mi- entlii'ly dllli-rint trmn
all iiliirr.. A punlu'.tinn lint .-'land-, alnne. Tin'
iM.ndiiinl I'tlects inlriHliiiiil are all entlrily new
and .in'.iilii? iiialiuiis nl i-t.iw ait.
Our toity people fifiiii' In tin- .la, and the
i nl ire ll.irnu famll.t, fmn In niiinhii-, an- .seen in
I he lenlint' paits. The ll.uiie prndm lions hale
alnajs lici'ii the l.iitglilnv lills nf the iv.ison, and
in Ihe "New night llelli" they suipits, all pu.
lioiit fflort'i. Tnns of intiieate ftienery is ii..d;
in fuel, a hpeeial ur h H'tjuliid lo tr-anspnrl tln
incclunhal i Heels', Mcncty. i-le. Vvr (rood, solid
fun "Tiii- Xf-iv Ri'itlit Dells" stands in tin- iroi.t
.ml.. Sneilil initlnii- al J. 1.'.; priie-i i', and ..i)
icnH! ihllilrin 1"- ii-nts ti uny pari it Hie lioase
"Ehen Hohlen."
(luiics 1'ioiiii'an pre.-itit nisi Tne-day ninirtr,
al the l.,ii'iiin ti-intri, the new- and sin ee..iul
iiniedi-di una, "llln-ii llnMin."
"Ill a Woman's Power."
t tin- Acd.-ii'i .t Mm!,-, lii-j-iiiiilin; imillit,
ll.i- lit -t li-Iiri.rnt.llli II in llli.. illy nt the i.-.v
infli.ili.niu. "In a Wninan-s I'n-iu," u ,e
urn. It Is a pbr fiiimlul ,.n an iniident mi-.-Iirltiil
Willi III.' I'nlK-il Mill i. "nu Se-uie,"
ainl Is t-.ild In he i li".i ill unikul he the
I, A. I'm-, i I. ii.p..n.ldi in, the pliy nm
has wrllten m-iiu- i.i sin i e.-ml iil.,v. In the
past, Many n n el niiie .lh i ts n. pn.iiil-ei! iml !
a t'i""l niiiw-iiiv his hull ui.'iL'iil fui the nn-.-!
iniatlmi, inilinlin-r I.1IU.111 Ak-:imlri Hurl .iml
t li.nli's M,i..,ii, hl nt the I'lohnuii nmm,
MJtllltr.s 1'rlil.u and S.lnulii ,iti llinon',
OlbJiey-Hoefller Stock Company.
.lath llmlllii. inin.ii.-ir nl 1 In- liilna jdl'iellh 1
iniipiliy, iihlili is l ippeii In reputnlii. it tin
.Uadeiny, in tin- 1 .1; finni Minmii 1,.
IfiiUy iiioriilie', 'I ho loiupany ,1 iieil,'.
irt'.it'uneiit al Mtnnii.i (si' Miniy and h.i.
Iii'tll pIljiliB 1 pint (hue eieiy nluhl. Hi ,
iieni.iper. of ilty speal-int' In Ihe l.litl'e t
tiinis nf tlieli 11101111111011-1,
"I Jin inille well wll-lnd tint Hi- nf
Miinton vlu haie rem mir pinilmtlnns im
ni.liiy jiurs. p.isl will .uiee with me, j(iei- th-.i
hale hiii the (il-t piriuilliaitie lime, Hill we
l.i ve the flUHfiM and li.-.l innipanv Hut t.v eier Mkrn i.n the lead," haiil .Mr. I lit. ttt - .
esterdiy, I'liics hele will In- pi, -Jn and t'n
i-illt, SpeeUI irl-t t'l.iMlius ill,
American Burlesqueis,
'Iin tnirliaii llniii vun will h,s tin ,, 11
limi nt llic Mar tin, i' ila.i., iniimitiulii'.' Ihi ni-ti-rnoon
wllh tin- usual iiiitlnce, 'lids chow ha
the illstincliint nt lulu,' the h-jilln,- l.nili-ypn-.-Iiihv
hiiuie Hi puhlli', i I. lamuii inr its
li'-mlifill wnineii, I i.e nutiiiiiir, m. tie .-1111.1,1
iml niiinli'tnil ilenile'il ill. 'it., Headed In t)'(
womlu nt Jll iniiiidian., U, II. W.iW 11, v.iio...
Mint- U .1 Hiui.inli-1' Hut tin- -him will ilu ,i
iiiheln of the rail. i- i.lil.l,-.
'I'm tpeilall purtioii 1.1 Ihe thuiv is iiiiriiuliu
Pi i.sielleiii'i.i! and aldllt. ilrint .ml aliliu,n,
t-10 ilurmlni: aouhiettu; rlii.i.ilii.- and lioie,
VliiillniM I.p.I fli-Uli aitMs; U.lle and findv,
s.iti wrlttis -unl tin ml. .i 11 i-Mfi-M, cil'i
Cmiii-i," I". tlie I inn in.) IniirtstiiiK iKhimr
lnirle-iiie, 111 whiili VV, II. Wai-mi plj the
lot pill, II l lulislltillnl for pin, iiili-iininul.-d nitli 111 w iuu,ic, t.rlt-nt-jl
il..rie, ldl.ii,iiiily 1,11111 liiiuilinii ami man m.
jIjIucs Hut .lie new In lh" vaild-nll.- '.im".
Ii. V llnui' Ijti'.t nni'lcul inini-dy 1. in I.e
i.illid "I'ni' lap of fortniu." It it In In- pu, , tl
III ll'ijlon for the time llnl-lnus mel., upil
Mill he plaji'd Ii tin- ( Jdttf, nf Hut clt.
Willljin II. 'Ihi.inpsoii, wlui ailed tin- mle nl
the C.udli.jl with Annie Itii'.tll In "V KovjI
I'mnll" hi Plfulliil.i, Is In iau' an Iniporuni
Jsirt ill the I'lnliiiian'i new prmluitluii of "Mieel
ami 'lueiily,"
VII the ihjhu of Paul'i's Uti.t plj,
"Jllle. Mait," luii- I.opii i,uld h) Ihu .mthvi tn
Mr, ljnyli-)', whu will pmilncs. it In London i.t
An Excellent Combinntlon,
'I'lio pli'ttattt mnthotl utitl lu-nellelal
cffecls of the well known ivitiudy,
Svni'i' op Fiob, mtuntfacturoil bv tl'10
OALU'oitMLV l-'io Svntti' Co.. Illiiiitratt.
tin viil'.iptif obtttlnlnn the lltiuld laxa
tive principle "f plant. known to Ins
iiK-ilk-liuilly liixttllvt' ttntl present Inp
them !n the form mo-st ref rosftlni' to tint
tahtc nntl neoeplitblo to tin- system, It
is the one perfect ittreiigdlieiilnjr luxn
tlve, oloansiiiff tin. systuin elTecttially,
dispelling eoltls, hetultielu-.s niul fevers
(rently yet. promptly and enabling-ono
to overcome hahitital uoiihtlpatlou per
manently. Its perfect freedom from
every olijeetionublo quality and sub
stance, anil its acting on the. kidneys,
liver tint) bowels, without wcuki'tunij
or irritating' them, mnke it, the ideal
In the procesr. of mtinufueturliie; figs
are used, as they tiro pleasant to the
taste, hut the medicinal qualiticsof the
remedy are obtained from senna anrl
other 'aromatic plants, by a method
known to the Cai.ii'ohnia l-'iu Svmui
Cn. mite. In iiri'.ei' In pel itsbenelielal
effects find to avoid imitations, pjenso
remember the full name of the Company
printed on the front of every pui-kng;e.
i.ouisviLLE, nr. new voiik, n, y.
Foraalo by all Druggists. Iricc50s. per buttia
niviit'i. .ind if .'iire.-fiil Hi lnln.r 11 in lids
1 nimiry ii"l ..e.ivs.n.
II. . r..ii.ninl, me KiuI.kIi pl.i.inniilit. In'
line t ling with the l-liiiplie Theatet Slock
I'.ll'p.llll, n!,i.u-nu hl pleer. "Hie Wlldeni'ss,"
n- Mulnwe piodint's his l.ile-t wnrh, "liiiir
.son's Wai,' next -priirj.
V tinmliei nf thealii..-! ni.ina'aeis in. 1 ' i
wee', in -I, lands and Unl the I11itl.1l .slip p.
w ml fniinitu -i le-mlicitr will hi. hide loll
riliis and uhMi tun' lint In tontinl Hi- Inir
s.,p-(. .him hiiniia.- In Hit. immtiy.
r-.n.i t nnw rve, vim hi. In tit with ..Mude
Ad mis !,i th past lue leal., hi- .inii'Miiiied 'it r
initaitfineiil In Itosme :. Itmii'nii. n Healthy
iti.-tinf 11 Iniri nl n-inia, I i.nn. Mi.-, t'niiv.i-t-lvlll
rt-tl'e the -1 1" at the md nf Ihe
I'm, If any. nmdtin i.-in iiitu pl.iis illnw nf
tin hemiliiil and tlilini.ilp stiire M-:tli.ur
an- itiieti Mihliid llollimrs enuiin' -tuie..-fill
lulu uith' diatni. "Tlie I'oue:- It I1111 1 lln-
'," w'lieh will .i.pear .1
The siHil s nl Mad, lint- III, ell
tin- I.U'tuin
It li.i's pi it.
"Miit an I Men," In la ndnn, has .tall-d sieial
Viiniit in mm. 11:11s afli the pirn, whit 1 1
lirt-ii). it ma Hi- 11:1. 'iin ili. .11 lh. 1 (hull. I'iiiIi riiiitit.l. all nht.. in; llus innnlii. having
tniiiliidtd nei;ni:.iHnn. inllr Ml months .art..
Nat llnoduin I1.1. a lea.e nn the rnmedi -hei-In.
I.oiidnn, tni th' entile .e.i.nn, and whin he
.(.ppnl mil In eonie l.nint lie let in Pnihes ll.dn
e'l'ini and liirltnde lime weie wuial
pllllt" .llilni' tn lake the lel-e nil Cnniliiiti's
liind., Imt In- tiinihidid to Keep it in tl.i- family.
Tourist Cars on Nickel Plate Road. traii:-ontiiifutit tourist
cms between Hit- Atlantic titnl ihp ia
citic coasts are oppi'ttletl by (lie Nickel
Plate and Its connections. Tourist cars
referred to afford the same sleeping ac
romtnodallons, with same class of
mattres.s and other bed clothing that
ate provie'ed In the regular Pullman
sleeping ear service. These tourist
earn leave Hoston Mondays and Wed
nesdays, and leave San Francisco Tues
days and Fridays. Uerths In these
tourist ears are sold at greatly reduced
rates. Conveniences are offered without
extra cost, for healing food or prepar
ing tea or coffee, alfording every facil
ity for comfort on a long journey, es
pecially for families traveling ' with
children. Lowest rates may be oht.iineti
always via the Nickel Plate road for
all poltiiH in tin- west. For special in
formation regarding all trains on the
Nickel Plate road, Including these tour
ist cars, consult your nearest ticket
agent, or write V. J. Moore, general
agent, 291 Mnin street, Buffalo, N. V.
Wall Street Kevlew.
New Vml., P.t. IS. Tin- pruiilnil nl,u .(
i.piialnw in uul,s Inlny iniillinid In Is m
t-jlit- the iniMini nf Ihe inppu i.i.-,li..ii. 'Ihe
t-iiatie 01 AniaUitnatfd t'nppti in
t'etted the niiieilalnli m iniial m Hie proles opirators in Ihi- ..l.n'1, wl, , laiitt 1 limn
. pnied iin- id ilina.. Oi ailnil tint h'.pini nt
tin- .11l1Htiui1.1l 'i.i hi Ihe m .. r ...
the fi.itim- nt tin ill. The t iltiuvs isliidn
In Ainalpamnltd, wlihli 1 mil fun. i this niiininu'.
v,.i. ihu- In the .1 itini.t lt.ii Ihu Ihm iiuald I.--tintht'l
.lu Ini.'s in Hit put.- ni the eniiiii.ui'.
plnlhllt. Til.- Lilly nt I'i- pnlllts in tin- pil.e .f
the si "1 1, .1 It'. r il.e ledintii-n nf ..'llnu' piim,
lit' Hit I nllid Mill. Stlliii iniiit,,.ii,i liiilitaiid
that istiiil,i's .ell ilia' wi. I.,l ii tt-.i-ii.ti.ll In. 11.
and '.i nit nl. me. Total salts tnd.iy, Iil'.Tw)
'Iin- ho nd in.nktl wis .ntiie 1111. 1 nun
fill-. I'll- Jltie, -s!,ll...i'Xl. I , st. old Is uijpnii
mid the 'V- if.'isti nit, iilianietl 1;, mil ,",. tnupiin
pel t'ei.l, 'Ihu .'s innpnn ililn-i l per nut,
mi tin- lit tall.
'Ihe i iIIiivmiij; ipi-il u
l.ll.- hi M. . .).'! 1! 1:1
inius ure
Inini.iieil The T'lih-
,v t Hill
pint, loom ,0j ,i.n
MeJrji liilildlnf, Sci.ilil
1111, I'.l.
Telephone, lilHlsl
lllitli- Low- t'h"
Opt II
. V 7 i'k
.. H'Ht
., fii'j
.. "11
.. 'I'TH
.. In'.
.. -Wl
. S7
.. Is'il.
.. 71'J,'a
.. ;hi;-
.. Is
., ;i".
.. in--;
.. i'.l'.
.. oi
'! 'ii't;
. 11 .
. 41
.. 'ip;
. 'U
. i."i
e.t ina.
Vi'iiiiuii Miir ...
AlihUm, IT
V111.1I, Cniipi'i
V111. t'ai . rmniilry .
Ilini'h. Tnu limi ,,,,,
Hill, - HIil.
(lies, , Ohio
I 'hit-. & lit. Wist. ,
t'hic-., Mil. Si. p.,
t'lilt-., II. I. ,v I'ji...
('id. I'ml , linn ....
Clle It. It
IJit- II. II., IT
l.oiiN, ,V NjsI
M.lli. Illi'ialul
Mil. Tl iiIIiiii
MK-n. I'.itlflt-
.NeilnlK At VV.-.t, ...
N. O, W ,
V. .. I Villi jl
I'tliii.i. II. II
Itt.iillnir lit
Itciillnir 10., I-i Pi.
-.illlhelll 11
(mill. II'., I'i,
Sullhi'lli, I'.li'ill, ,,,,
'I'l'iin, I 0.1 1 .V. bull ..
'Iias P.iillie
f. S. I.e.itht.'i'
II. S,, IT. .
f. S. Iliihlier
r, .-. tt't'i in ...
I , s. suil t,i it,
rillnll I'.llllll- ...
We-lilll I'liion . ...
Waundi, I'i.
lojij piia, pij
Hi's In'' ( i
ll '-I's SI',
HU'i HII'n H
l"il?i I.Vi'.a I'jii
i-'i'.i 7 .s'l'ti
.",'iTs I'll. :t'i',
7l',j 7l'i 71',
Hmv 1(H W,U
i'i'i'i, ll-j'j 1.111.,
llll'.a ti-n'-a lul"'
lill'i IHU'. J(li;
.Vi! ,V, ,V,
::ili .'Si'i !'.'IH
inn'.. litv4l a;
U- 117 117
i-'j i- !:;
7n 7 tn
.'ti's I-'', . I's
n-it, 'I'lj njij
vn- .'.si, ,vi
ii-!? i.J ii.'
tfllfj itsTJ sw4
ii-. in; h
,sl.j MP.. sol .
lll ili ll-Ti
id', ni-i. 1 'u
P'S Wn't HUT.,
l'.l- Ii Kt'
I-' II'1. II",
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
, , STOCK8. Hid sU-,
I3rl.j1v.1nna lulry fu IT . . 10
Count hjilni;. Hani- .V. I'lii Co.. .tM)
Kiist Njtlunil Hank tl'uiL.m.lale) ., .,, :i'i
Standanl Prllllin.- Co :.0
llilid N'jtiuiial IlJi.l 1,-0 ,,.
Dime Ptpmii mid HUiount Haul,., !' ...
Ktonoiny l.luT,.. II. & Co l
Pint .National II ink J'Oii
iQika. Tin-t Site Co. , ISO
t'l'll. & Siiniii- Cn., IT li'i
Kuntoii Iron I'tiiie A. Mff. Co inn
turn tun AnU- Winks 05
bi.mitoii .ViIiiks lljnk J... tmi ...
Tratlcu' N'jtloiul Manic ,,,,.,, 171 ,,. Uo't & Xut Co, .,, ,,... tot ,
Prnpti-'n lljnk .... 1 ,11.111. i'i
.Vciv Mrslto Ily, k (!. Co. m
.'rrantui pj-jtrnji-r llnllw')', first
Miitiiatis iluf l-i'.'O
I't-nplt-'i s-tti-ct llillwuy. nrst inort
Face, llnu lilts 1
I'd.pli-'. Slriel, llrtniiil
11101 ttt.iRi-. dm- l-i'l
Mrlrnn Inrllnr Cn, Toun-hlli .ithnnl '1 pet Kilt.
fill of s'eruninn si. t.,.,,, ( pi.r
ll-v ...
11.1 ...
IIS ...
... Inn
mil tir
tu.ititili Itaitli'ti U lul' tent .... 11.'. ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
tCnllittiil hi II (I. lUle. -' l..ul.:ltt.llil!l Alt')
I'lnin llitl pit 'tits per ll.lllll, 'I.IKl.
He.iiK Per Ini'hi'li ilnlto lnniuii, '. 1
Itntlir Cri-.n iiMini'it -i.e.i .line rr ihnrt
' le 1 1 iilr.t. -.'.I1..!
('Ieet' I "til 1 lll'.lnl, ll'.iill-'i.
I.ittt N'ciilln. ,!'t ; slmJite. funty. 1'' jt .
illt'tli Pm- Per liu-l'il. 1,r'l.
Pnllllri-t Pel lillsn'd, -I.
Ollli'll- Pel'lil'l, ? Ml.
New York Grain and Produce Market
.- V'lk, Dei, I- I'liitir Hull mid 1'iub
sleiiil lM1e.1l- -p.'l fl',11 So. ' led, . , I.
11. Ii. 1llii.1t .ind s.'!Ht. elei.ilni : No. I Nmtlitiii
D.lllllll, f. 11. Ii. .ill nit. Uptlols ilipl.lrd
lnniltl.Ui llniiii". lot 11 while .unl linked Me.llt
Jl ',i',i. nil iletllm. Vt.mli s"i'ai.!
Jlu.i. ,Sii.i.i .lul. ni'ii.; lift., Wit. I mi'
"pol I'.K i N.i. t. 70-. . lii'ialiil .Unl 7l't'. f.
n h, all. .nl. Hull. mi in ..i In I ued. at lt.
nil I. .. Mai- (loud Ttfji ! Ph.. 70',t. OH
.N". '.', ali.t Nn. '!, .ii'at.l Nn. ' iihllt, SIM
No. ,! uhlli. Slijc. link nilMil tit'sltin, .".I'i
r.l'jt.l ll.iik while. ..-I.'ne, Option ni.nktf
t'piliiil Him ami tht'll llltliid, rnllonllii;
nil. ei In il kil.-. Ilnttii I'iiln: 1 1 1 .iin- it. II. 1
S.'ii-.; lailniy, l.'jil."i'i,i.! .linn' eieiinci, I'u
M'ji.t Ii n ireaineri. I ljl-'Lt . ! d Hi'
thin, ISitS'i. Chn-e I'illii: t.uu-.v l.iim.
"pl., llMtij'jt.' Linn fin ill. "-ipl.. tll'jill-t
I lie tunic. In-l I j I ire. 'I'lf.l iin. tin. do., -mill.
lUIID'l, tilths -tlnllKi slate ,u,l IVlili.l,, -'I
.iMii.t m-tviii. Mi'-lte., siiiiIIiiiii, '.-'.I'M.
Chicago Grain nd Produce Market.
I hit ,mn. Ilet. Is. Nniiiiroii- IxMiiinc i onil.
i!,.ti3. .itxltnl he tll,,'i.,1 si-lllnir alii r a linn oiull-
' inu, Innnu'lit .ii-haip lump In all malls Indi.t,
I Mil w li-it 1 Itislnu 'ji. tliittiit M.i 1 nl 11, 'jl
I se. ItllM'l. 'Illll Vl.i.t -nan-, U.!'1.!. I'l-tll. I'll
ti-ioiH 1 In-iil J1',. In i it'iils il.n.n. I a-h !
titioiis iirie as inlliot.
I'loin -Put; Vn. 'I spiliijr Me it. 7i-iiTS'.i
.Ni ' It'll. h'llK. i".i.t Nn. '! nit-, l.l'.llli'il .,
Nn. 'J while, sl4iPll,i ; Nn. .! 1 liilf, 17'ai
lie, j .No -.' it,-, ii'i-. : tali In limit t- tnilliiu
l.illle.l, iVIii'.l'.r-.: Nn. I lla.i'til, Jl.'il: N'o. I
iioitlmeler' , -.I.Sil! pilme lliiinlliy -etd, sii..n;
inifs imik, si', inil'i.'jn; lard. ss'iliVi?1!
-hint iilis"-.-1ilt ihy -iiud slmiild, is, 7"
.o'f. , slioil ile-n ddis, ss.7.-,a-i.s-,; tihi.'.t't.
M. !J.
Chicago Live Stock -Market.
Chii.iii. Die. I. -t'.ltllo- KtieipH, 'l.'Ml;
Kim-i.illv 10 In l." tents limn: i.'n,.d to pi line,
-ri.',.j.i7....i; ptKii- In nioilliitii, -s,!.7,'n'i,,'il; lmk
eis and Iriilei., vJ.i l.-I'l. im'., VlH.i.i: lilfett-,
-.'.i'i.-SI; t.lllllil.-, sli'J; hull., C 7',j,il; I lilts,
"J. "! 11.75; Tt'Ms fed -letrs s,:;ii-,.-j,.
llnu-- Iin eipls loda, 4s,m: tnniiiiniu, I"
MM; eft mci. Hl.onil;' -te.nli In .'i ti-nN nwei;
inKi-il niul bull Im'-. ""i.-." t!""l "' ili-'in-heal,
sili"aii Vn: n.imh .w.iii.n; liuin.
". i.'i.'mi: Imlk nf s,i, i, "i.
Sheip Hinipl., :''. Duo, -hfip. Mi. 1'iwer;
limits. II tn i'i mil. limn': uni.d tn ihoite
litllnl., s.l,; tail In tliniie sj Til
II.I..1H: ue-ltlll ..hetp, -III: llllile lanili-, S--...0
.i,1..11: iw-tein lainh.. sa.
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
Kist'., Pec. Is- tattle llnilpis lijh::
n-als -sa7; clri. s,,j-,.
Hie;. Iliselil-. '..-lii) Inad: -le.iilt : In.ll,
i:.l1utiiii! mlttd, ii.2i)iil.lii: pit;-, -1.liiij.."ii):
it)ii''hs, "l. tiiiS rn. st ir.. -,lal..Vi.
Mieip and I mil's llnelpt.. T.-Jmi mad, in
tluilin' '.Mt Canadi.: lop nithe I nnlis. n1.1I
ii.I.iii; i nl lo Komi. sl.i.IJi); .lietp, ml-, -il.
unn: inp.. s.i.itia'i.7u: wtiltii, -..7iiii: cull,
tn itiuiil '.7.1.i.:,iu, .M'.nlitig-. s-l. 7.1 il, I.n.
Oil Market.
Oil lilt. Die. I-. tinlit liilinii- Hi: tn
tilie.ites', 'im l,id. Miipi.nnt--. pil.-'iii; .neriye,
HI, HI. Iluiis, ni.l'ii; .nci.i'je, 7','i-.!.
iicpoiii' oc im. ( 'o.N in no.v or nn:
lit Si iiilim, in tin- M III- nt Pinr.-.ili.nili, .it Mi"
i .i.i' nl hniii't-s-, Deo. inli. t- I.i, It'll:
itiVm itci:-.
I., inn ami Hi-i.oiml-1 sJ.Hs.-ijjT
111. l.ll. 111..', sit-llled and llll.ei nu'd. I. I'I ."'I
I. S. Hniitl- in i-i-dlii- eiienlatinll.. "ll.thliHil
I. -:. llniids tn set-lire I. --. ileiosiu lil.nuM')
I'leiniiiiiii tin I . -s. Iloniis muii-.
Moils. Hinillle.. en- (ilt.7Hil I'i
llaiikliii? Imii.e. tin lii tin ami hxlures ,n,i) 0)
Duo ft inn .National hanks (not le-ine
asriits) lu.t'.ii f.l
Due lioin .-lite hanks and l.anl-tis.. i,7'i') II
llnu fi'niii nppiin.'il le-eite .iKint- , 1-...01 --it
Intel nil leuiiiie .lanips .Its ni
("lueks and nihil el-h itiul. T.-'ii I'll
I'mIuuki's fur ileniii'i linii.1- n.'J.i'i 17
Notes nf other li.ltin'lil lulik.-... . 4.".1" J
I'l.u tUuiil pipts unii-iny, nitkels
md nut T ''-' 71
Lawlul inoiie.i ii-ute in Imik. ti.:
-.petit- -lll.Sii::'!
1.1-k.iI limit i- noil's .. . iil.iKM ihi
i;ii.i.", : :.n
kino hi
-.'.till O)
,-1,1)17,017 :::)
,4 flH.iKH) (.0
, ,",.1",u.) im
I7.I--1 M
lu.nni) 0.)
-.!,i.y. i'i
1-..M7 -1
ji.-jii i
Iteileiupllnii linn uith I . S. Tic is
inir (.1 pel ttnl nl .
Hue Iretu C. . Tit.i-mir, rthu than
.1 jnr tvut. itiliinpti' n luinl
MAHII.I nil's.
( apilal -lot k paid ill
Suinlii. inn!
I'mllthltil innlit., le.-s tieii-(s and
taxes paid li.inl: limes i.ui.i,-ii..liirr'...
Due to other National hank.
Due in state hank, and li inker.,,. .
Hue lu trust t onipinics and satin',-.
Dm- In npprtiitil re-i'ite atuts
Hit Ith nils inn. aid
Il'.liliihlll llepo.iU Hiliinl tn iln-ik. -J.ii'.I.Uli 7,1
Dtm.iiit' nn ili ate- ti deposit. .. ,t-,ll!ii1
Ceil lied ihetks I -us :
(.i-Ii'i-i'i- i link- nut. I .mill I"sl5
Cnlti-il Malts iltpo.ils ll.o.OI'l oi
lleiii.-l 01 I. S ilMilllslllK nlil'tls, l,mt 'il
T..I.II -.1,1117.1-1" 3)
Stile of 11 iin.tlt inii, Cnimlv nf 1 at I, ii. ai.u i, -:
I, MM. II. PICK, I l-hiil of Hit- .lliiil'e 11 lined
lulik, tin .'ihlimli .wen- Hat Ihe iholi'
laii.t is tin.' tn 11'.' lu-t ni mi I, ii. ml, iir and
hi Hi.'. WM II. I'lrii, t a-lne-
Mil'.-, i il., .1 .md s'.iniii in I, iime nn- .hi. 171
dit nf llieiinhcr. lull.
-VM1 I.I. V. KDCVK. Nt.ti- Puhlli-.
(oimi Vliesi!
iir.Niiv ni:i.iN. in,, !
i.r'inr.ii Ki'i.i.nit.
.I.VVIi:.-! VIHIIH.VI.D. D.I. . im..
iu'.I'oiit or tiii; i o.npition op ihi:
.it -irriiitun. In tin' MjIi of Ptnii'vliain i, at tie
tin e of Inu-ltllss, Dee, pi, l')l;
llllslll lit IS,
Loans ami ilk. minis -I,slti,s' tm
ll.i I. hall". M-tuinl mil uiisi t ur -il '.', Ill II
I, S, IhiiiiI-i tn n-ruip i'li'i iil.uluii,'Dlii
Minks Mitiiitles, en. ,, h, in
II nil. ina: houte, fuinitiire .unl liMun .;ii,rii)ni
Dm- In in .Vilion.ll li.u.Ki (in-t u-nlte
UKints) ,, 71,77s h'l
Hun Im in Male h.l'lk.s and'is. . .1','J'il ,'.
Due limit jppuiwi! u.tno ii;ii.l.. i;;ii..i.'., IT
I nt ti nil ri-'ini.o ntiiups I.-.'I.-71
(links .mil ntlii-r i-i-li I tt ins I-.I7.' Ill
Dm hiiiiKfs tor ('luring Inmv :'.t,im ;,1
Notes of nihil' iuiIjIiiI luiil-.s :;".,iml nil
I'laiti'iinl uptr (iiiicriiy, nl, ki-U
utid tints .'i-1 :,.:
I.jwlul inniiey rfscrtn In hank, i:
.-pule -rl'il.'.Hi ,-,
l.itMl lender Imtis II'.',.:.M. ki
II i.-im 71
lu iit-init im finni -.tiih r, s. 'ii.-.
Illll' (1 pel li'-ll, of tin 111. 111. ,111. '.',,. Ii)
Put' hum I . ,-, Tiei.inii, mini ii,u,
,1 p'i imt, leil.iiiptloii luinl.,,,., ,,.'ii1 it)
lolil f,,'.'7,ui I '.'.i
( JplUl tlisk p.lld ill - '.'Oo.llM (1)
hiiiiilii. luinl , ... . l,lm),tKi') HI
I liilh lilt-tl pn.lit., i- expi-iiM-s and
Iuxca paid Olu.ll.l-l
Valion.ll lui'k note- outtiuiiillni;.., M,uij.l Hi
Hue tn i.lhti ii. ill. mil lank,.,.,., ,v,,.:n,i
line to slate luuk and luukii.. '.'i, Wl
jllle III llpplutld les.'lll- nLjt'llt.'. -'l,'i.", ! V
DliiiltinU nupjiil 'JI.IJ'. on deposits Milijeei in limit, ;,(i in, -(i m
ii.'iiuiitl iirtllli.ilei nl dtpiwlt .,, , -ii.uii'l 1 1
Ciitilled (links 11,'jvt I'
C.ishlei'ii i links i.ui-tiiinlliij.' Ml 7.!
NiiIik Jlnl I'llln li-distmillttd s n.i-
Hills paiddi, Im I nllntr itilll"itt".
ul ,1, pitalt 101 lllollvy l.ollnv.l.l.. ,,i,
I.i ll.llllle. .tin I Hun lli.i..' al..ii'
tJli'd ,.i . "'i,'! '.'.1
Malt- nf I't'lii'.iHaiii i. I uuiii ni, .:
I, J.-u.ti' I'n-I. C.e.1.111' nf the itiiiti..i.ius
hunk, ihi Mihiuid.i mumi Iha't lh,. il.,i,. .n,,, .
luinl Is Hue tn Ihe U..1 id nit' know h dm.- and
l-ellef. , , bAAC I-0-I-, r.i.hler.
-.ulistilluil .iml stuiiii in lupin, im, ih,, i7,,
diy of put'inliri, lul.
V. .1. 'lOIIIII'.V, Vntuiy puh, ,..
Coireit Vttirt:
.1. X LIMA'.
.1 It. MOltll., plK-tti,
4 Lines 10 Cents
More (Itan I'uur Lines, J Cent.) Inr li.tcli tfxtra I.I it.'.
Please Cnll for These Letters.
AdtrrtPrH In 'Ihe Tiihlihe' "Wulil Dll
rh.iillil i, ill foi Ihell 'tpl.i't. line Is Hi
llo 7.!.'. I Vli A. (I. VI. ,
Hot It I I'tmlneer . . .
K l.'Kltlli'
II. H I Ml-. V. M
M It. ..
.1. A. II
ii. i:. p. .
A. II, C
i:. i). .
'.--.. .
.1. ('. ...
Ilnx 11") .
m. il i:.
Ilov.ll ..
. I ii.n .vj;
il It. II
, " VI, IV
of i ,
,. ii Pull del I.
.. I II. T. . .
I Ho-. -I'm .
.. i w. ii. r .
.. I ('. W. VI, .,
For Rent.
. wwt vvi.V'sn'vviXiVi'.t iuA V tv,V j w
roll III.M' -I'.lll of law nltlte IIlle: It lepliolli-,
l.ltllt: Mtais- liulhlll'ir, Aildli" V. 'I llh-llie.
I'Olt IIKNT- Moitein i-iuli ImU'e; impi It
nn lit!.", I ,ipo,i.e mi nut-.
POI! Illl.Vr !-, otii-hall of tluulile hmisi-. In
iippi-i Hiedi llhlue: I,ii3i yird, Intli, hot
nnd mill walei, i.inne, eleilrli Haiti s. It P.
IIjiiiIIIuii, PiiiII liiilldliu, fplutc hIklI,
For Srtle.
vWVu, J V.'V 4S,XV X-' V-V."NX V"V
V I' Mil m Hili-i in h.n.'s make- :i tnliiahli .
well as nn Nuns kIH I'i,-- -if.
Iiinlliir, i-i-tn. Mm in ikitighlei a ,iiu n( 'I I
Itl.lli-. It mat npeti tin' Male til liiltlllll. Wi
ll lie llieni tin- -.tie. VII iihtr tlom -.1.00 up.
Iliith untile, p'.lljr "il Moil.. lalui'il' li.ih
I. 'Iilm' all nl. II. 'lii in- irlttu lie.' l.illi 'tni
nl". I all ni atldie-linen Itlilu- Kihhltt, l-.l -(
apnii.t ait nut , t i.iiitt.ti. Pa.
I'Olt SVI.i: -Vlt "mil llainlilttoiiliii nine, lullt:
sold inr nn fault: ii utile-' lii
I ikt i.iiiilt I Its.ts lliail, I a.k ii I. mi. Iml ,ml
Mill llnlhlM lol' llll. Illll II I I'.lt.ll'.t let II. Will
take a hiinihi-il. - e ( I nluirn linn Vmh -w
l.eiulilnti, III. nl. inn, I'a
I'llll -Vl.i: Al a l.aiu-ain. Iim-n. Ii.nne and
hllKK I'. I". (Inhltll, Vim.-
'Ihe Hint limn. VII lu-i
SiwiU iilw s.ilisl.iiH'11.
Pn Is ii-liahl'. -LI
piuie sine,
In full s, na: tiii l.iH .lapaiie-e : lie.nt'i
lul iihint.s; l.,rb't .is.niluii'iil nf Kli,h"J, .niiurl i,
cle. I'nv. -Jll Splint- -tin-t.
PPnnPTf-r:1i'"drt''l liiinti-iii lull inri'i'-'i
rrnnrl 'n t'-nii-i-i luinim inn-; suine.i
I ullllLiI upiss. r.i, -jr. M""r- i-tn-it.
IOIt S.VI.i: ( IIIIAP riiiwood. nun titofiiik'. 'im
im-, Im.iril.. .t inllliiy, ete.. Imm old i.n..
suiialih- im all puipo-i-. .Iiuiunjs,
.Mines swiii h, f,,t nl lleiplnn -tuet, oil S.mih
Main .iieiuie.
n .uiti if
le hi'e.
I I H I IU ' luekel.plaletl- llo.ltillB
hit an--.
oriimniiit., ei.e. p,lVl 211 Spruit -Unl.
I'm 1 1 liitht -ihIiib itu'som atnl -ome
t heap. Ki.uis. 111 I.ueiue
rOI! SAI.I.'- i h up; Imi-p. -pihu nawoti Jntl'. al Nn. !: Cedai ateiine.
Ili.the.'. Puv, 211 spriie .tieet.
Furntshcd Booms.
Poll It l IN I" Pi'iiii-hnl ftoiit rnniii: eilv Meant
nnd li.ilh hit Siiine Miccl.
l'Oli IIU.N'I ruiin.-lii'd I rout looin, with lint,
hith mid iris, neir tomt hou.e; tt'
piifeiuii. Atlilitsi. lloorii, Ilo 2ri'i.
I'Olt llHN'T Fiiinislicil loom; hint and hith.
liL'.'i Linden sliul.
rUltNISIILI) DOOM-, KOIt HCNT. with heat, yu
antl h.illi, st'litlt'UH'li pitli-ried, Jt Soil A'hi'iH
Booms nnd Board.
A LAHrti: I'RONT KOOVI, with hnaid, at 121
Adams .inline. Suitahle lor two .toiin lily.'.
ItOO.VI? TO Hi:NT. tilth hoard. Mtt Mulberry
Business Opportunity.
-s'ltlllt AM) VVIIIIAT TUAIH'ltS ttlthout deliy.
Wille tor oin uiarkit let it r. Tree on
appllcalloi'. S. .VI. Illhluiil iV Co., ineinhers .N.
Y. ( i.ii.nlidaleil ami Stnik hi lunci-, 41 MMi 10
ilm', New Voih, Lstauli.-hrtl l-MI. Long
Dlslinre' Phono .'.!- Ilro.itl.
Money to Loan.
if.H)i),0()i) 10 LOAN I.owoHi rales: straiuht or
monthly pi.tineiihs. Mail; &. Co., T'r.idi'is.'hiiiir.
AXV AVIOI'NT 01' .MONTI TO 1.0A.N ('nick.
stral'.'lil loans ni llulldlui; ami Loan. At
from ! lo n pu- ci-nl. Call nn N. V. VVdikui,
:-;i i::n Cnuuill huildlinr.
-.'..nil IIHVV VIII) foi' im.. llll Hii. li that will lead
to the lllisl or piltltr. llhu .tuh- nl'
n.. w lute my Inje la'iill-l. n-n.i inrislned dnj,
liili.iiii.itlnn i-1 1 it 1 1 ii mid, utiil. Si Inn kr c.
tiiinoii. In' Miili.oii .iieuue.
WANIIID- I'llt.ile lc-uoiis in liialuiu'h almrlh nil.
One i.r two :ilt' i not, tis vn.k, AdJi"..,
(lr.ili.un, Triliinu- Oftli e.
WAN'THD ruriil-lii'd room, (entrally lotated,
nioiU-m and In pritate fjuiily, K, 'lilliunu
Oiflie, city,
VVAN'I IIP flood M-oiuldund fuinaie, will pay
tush. Aililri-o Link llo Lin, Mrinlon, Pj.
.ll'M"li;i.l. IILII IIIVT Mil SlV Ihe hili.l-.-li;'
el lite nl diamond im;.s in eiii stole. VV'n
also i-nr.t the lilu't'st cli'il. nf loii-c stones m ;hc
dt, all. I will im ul t Hum lu'r while ,u
wait. V.. Scliiiupit, :'I7 .iieuue,
LOM'-Niar nun I hnu-e -'U.iu, 1 pill .-null
in Milt me s i.,i,.., I pah miiiII 'dliu' luiille
rii-.Mii.-, I Inifi, I knife n.i-u. I 'in. In
will plt.i.e I t'l in n In in., in Nn, I, I id W.toitinn;
att tine and rttein iiw.ud,
LOsT On Silnitlay iiiniilin;, hilwicii hljn s, h nl
and Mull.iiiy met I, a iiiim, II, waul i,.i lu
reliini I-i Vll.s IIjuIi'ah, Viionl oi Mu,ii an I
LOST Pit.lulili' nil Vllt flint, l.ctwmi VWhster
ami Muiiie ,itiiiits, a (,'dd null ilinn l.i.i ,,.
let. I'liidei will he iiit.inli'il h le'iiil.llu In 111
Spline i-lilct.
Situations Wanted.
A .M VN. ."'I ten's nhl, n I Utile' ,n n', .in. I
ttoiilil Ilk- .1 ! -Illo.i .is .jh-in.iii in a mini j
1 lire toll ; lit- tin t,il-' t'tptiiiuti' in ,i III. i .
ili-s i t-li iiiiiilliitt- i-iiiie. Vdilii'v. I'liiiilii.if, i
s'liunlon Tiihiiiic, i
WAN Illll A podti'ii u iifiinai iplur and Im. I,
keiptii iM' it'll'- i sp. liei.i,-; oml ifur
emes, Vdilifs Ii, Till mn- null r, .ii.t.
VVAN'I HP-Vim villi thoiniijh l.u,,i,i..s ipnl.
line, ili-ilo. enipoiutllt; is, nf
fillluir aiiv position n i tiii.t; in niiuv, a- Im-i-lies,
ni in m.':1. sili-iuiii, tl liatellinr n ili -in n't
liilil.e-t li'lt'liiiit'; -.limy urinudaii inn-lilei e
linn, iltlli1.-- V. V. I.ihli-.'li, tii l... J'm,
Wllki't-Hilie, I'J.
IV VN'IIID- Ml nit inli, :m iu..,.i ,i at to
i lllti- wnik, hy i t inln j mn., ;: i.,ii. ,,
Uf. wllh atH.i lidiils, VI I ifei eiiie. iMi .1
I'. II., nne 'tiiui.ll tli lilt I.i. ill,
slUVIHIN WVN'II'.II 11 a ..iui Ion in n,
Ullu l.ll laiUsittuik ill J Jllllll nf llt'ii; ,.d,
I) penpl- pltllllltl: Willi pilllltLt l II .ilnlill.
-ilit'til I. to afttriliiolls nl ett'liiiu- i.ith tii I,,
MJiis iiindiratc. Addle- "V.' i.tie oi I'lihinii'.
MTI VIION V VVIIill-11 n.ldilli iK.,1 lull ..,
hoiiMkitpu' ft I .i -tiilli'ii.iii In i, it or i'.,kn,
try: he.t lift-leu t Ilinn. Ohj.ii, too.l iiie
uud nu'ihrale w.cj... llus n, Tnhiini' lli.i .
A M VN ) idd, not lliinu- in this clt, wvo,
like j position -i -He. nun in a luiiiltur.)
jtoie, l.u leu .teal.' i spi'ilini e In i tlul ill..,
lush fiiiulliirt- tture, Ail'lles. I'liiultiuc, Si I'jnio,,
Want Advertisements Will Bo
Beeelved at Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 P. M.
Central City
At.tlCttT bCIII'l.TZ. corner Mtilhcirjr
street and VVelitcr Jtenile.
01 Sil'.VV PlUllia., li'.U Atlam-i a'-cime.
West Side
ui'oncii: w. .ir.siitNs, 101 tnii vuiu
South Scranton
l'HPI) L. Tl'.lll'l'i:, "29 Cfilir .itciiui'.
Notth Scranton
(IKO. W. DVVI-', n.iiitr Nut Hi Mniu
itniuc and Mar kit .-licit.
Green Bldge
CIIVIII.LS P. J0S'i:S', I Mi' Dukun
P. .1. .lOIIN'S, WO Cretn HIiIkc -Irct.
(.'. I.OItn.N.. eoinri avi
line ami .Mn ion tttieel,
VV. II. KNI'l'I'lll , 1017 livlns atiinie.
J. o. host .v. son.
Help Wanted Male.
VV.VNTI'.D- Vn nfliie link, tilth kl.nwhil,'
.iti"Uiaili, Vipl,t JL 'I'i lillt s'.lnl, I'm.
pli's Coal tioupam
VVVM'HD A tint ul likukMiiilh md n-ur.d uoml
inn lunit's. Vpily in SLiaiituii steam rump
VVWnili 'Ittn troinl tnaililnlst-. Apple al Hie
nlHi i- uf Hie Sit, mini. Ilntliiii eomplii,
( lirir.v -tiiel.
TWO VVKI.I. I)Ili:-Si:i), i-apalilr nn u. Silary MO
pel -.let!:; lefeit'i ie n.iilnil. (ill .lln
.-puiir tli iet.
Vt.VNTI.H-Hy Irj.liiij- Philadelplila limit.'.
das. -ilesinan, tn sell irttieriil line nf paper
lo lln. utill tiade. one who has .in unpi liiilnnie
piefeiietl: inlet hate ln.i nfeitnie ami he .tide
to fiiinil- Loud. Addie-s P. O. Iln 'JOs. Phila
delphia. Help Wanted Female.
IV'AVIPP-A iinl I link .Illll 1.IIIIIIIH.S III -ll.lll
piit.ite fimil Vpply at nine, ,iln VV';o,n
im: an line.
VVA.N'llll) V rood mil for hoii-ewor..
Apily 7:o .It'llei-oii .iienue.
VOI'Nd VVOVIHN VV VNTIII) hy .1 ii-oh Milln. S ml
r. Coiupan at lie Lauleshlit tailor, loiatnl
a! II rileiiioitn, N, ,l , on the east ti ml. ot the
Held w.i i e liicr, in -laht of 'I teuton, and mn
In. Ill's l ill.' Hum I'llll lili Iphia. 'Iho.e hltilij
sune expeiicnt e on pnwoi liiuliiues pienrreii. hut
iitlnr Jiiiitjlde Klrl-t till! In- taken. All nhl and
neiv hand ait- tnld the -tine pi ice hy piei i
inifc, Iml II i.t-M- hands .shuulil fall at fii.l" ti. eim
thiii hnirtl we make tint up lu lltim, .u thei
shall imt set Inln deht while learnhi'-'. Tin's
irade is hettei than huu.e-woik, ili.'..-uiakin-' m
Mil" Cut tld-t out and kei p ii for f'iir
future u-e, ami when juii utile to us sanu
mw- add No. 2;. Kor furlhei partli ulais jddie-s.
S.iuuitl IS. Mjki'O, lloidintown, N. .1.
VVAN'I IID-dirl for ueueril huiisi-v nrl;, at 1.T.11
1'cnn avenue
Riiai.intrcd. W. K. llctk i Son, Ii"'1 Vdanis
at enue.
VVANTI'.D-Oir! for hoibettort at Palton.
Adthe-s II. T., care Trilume.
Help Wanted Male and Female.
CANVASsLltS WANTHD-linod piopo-ition: kiP
ary ni t-niiiuii.siuu; to ttoik in ill. Adtlrni
Hex 1, Trihune, SrrJiilon.
Agents Wanted.
VVANTHI) Aueiils foi I aihoiitlile and II
the piintiial tilii's and towns in tin. lomitiis
of Ciimhrrl mil. I'rinkliii and Adam-, in icnr,--M'nt
the Dmpiie I, lie Iiliiliih-c i'nuiianv (i'toi
poiated Issij. 'In nun tillh aldlitv .ilt I lul
ithn tan juinuri- lindiit'-- a lihiial cnutiitl U
nffeicd. Cull or adtlus- Ch.ules I. Whiit-lot It.
ireuelal at lit, Iluom ,1, Aliken hlnek, CjiImii
dale. I'J.
Canvassers Wanted.
(.'A.N'V'.Vs-llltS r.iech.s.s jud -pet t.uli tu-i i..-lit ,
ilfnion-li.itloii in.'itlnie.; HI e. wutkliu' u'U
lit and pailliiilar-. I-'. P. Donihe Cn., Op
lii Iin-, viurUml, N. .1. D.iit. I).
Board Wanted.
VNTIII) Itvoiii niul IiojiiI in nlii... .1 jiiiiite
laiully for tluee ladli..; ml In i-xienl i-i ' pn
tvi'il;. One lncatnl itllhlii tha luiuulis walk fi'.nu
til hU lueimetl. Adilit , K. II. Tiiliuie- Of
lite. LEGAL.
tiii: vnni vi. vn:i:iiNti m the M,Hi.h..ui'it ..-f
'Ihe Sill. llll. ..II lililtrl. I.lilhl inlupiui- will
In- held .it the "111. i nl the I .illl.. lilt , ."IU Lllidi-i
.tint, Siiautnii, I'a., .Liiuiny II, I IU,
at 4 p. in., tni' the ilittiou nf tllieiiors fur the
'iistiini, -i.n. antl siiih nihil- lui.liie.- as mi
mine In foil- tinni. II. V. -.I .UK.
Siiaiilou, l-.i , Die, II, IIHil,
MU'lCi: OP VI'DITS li.t.Uis tn he .uuliied In
Ihe Oiph.iiis' Couit nl Laiknw inii, inuiilt.
Nnilie Is Inn I.e ulteii thai jtiuuui. hue he. n
1i tl and ti'iiliriniil idistiluiilt hy Hit mull in
ihe mil. .wiie.' chics.
I "IMnle nf Lilly Vim lliilind, ileeea-ed; V,
.1, M.iitlu, .itlinlnl-tiatui. Mel.. I it, .liinui.t I.I,
Hi)1, at tl .1. in.
3 Pi-lule nt I'lt'ili'ilil. VliikuM,;
.Inhil le."i', iMti.tor. Tin-di, n.
l:ti at II a. in.
II -Lstale it lllehanl Mill luuii let. i.-cd;
.It Im VI, llolieiisi.n, iM-nior, uli, ...!. it, li.iu
.nt- 11. UU-'. at i a. in.
I llati' of lain llniii, i iiiiinr; V, I
slilllil, itu.ildiau letii pllt n.'i., Janu
ary HI. lit'-', at I' J. ni,
,'i -l.'.t.lli' nl Vim V. Cniiuolli, iin,.!. ell: I.,
T.thr Cniiiiull, cM'iutor, 1'Hil.i, .I.iuuiiy 17.
I'.-trJ, ,ii t a. in
The :tlit ' an, ami- iiiiiiuriatcii atid ilesiunaii'd
In Ihe ahull- IM will he audited hi the Ih-noi
.ilile V. V.Vi'..liilli:, P. .1,, nf tin.' IMplniis' Conn,
In the III in-' Cuiiit mom, Ciuni ll.'il-e, Sum
lull, I'.l . lllllillu till 1-lM-lnll.t lit ll'llll mi l III'
tins -i-i upp siie the uinit- nl t.ull i.iitt, e
width I mn all piianin Inii'.. ,-it.l -lull .mini, if
lln hi I' . .unl pi, lin'li el urn aualu-t -nl
.si, lie. "i I'lt'til li'li-jltil he ihl'lll-l Ii i
. .'.ii in; in upon mid Hind. VV M Ml' II, ,ll(
I. '."', ul OiiUi.iii.-' ('"til
Wfc HAVfc Lbhl UlNSULD A hbW
Five Per Cent. Gold Bonds
Interest Due, Jnnuary 1st, 1002,
l-'iillv guaranteed by the Pittsburg, Johnstown, hbcnsbui'K -v
JMStein U.iilro.ul, which lins no boniled nulebtediifss nnd whose,
net piollts lor the past year were live times the interest cliarL'es
g of these boiitls. For this week we
purchaser seaues the interest due January 1st.
We believe this is a good investment, and will stand thorough
investigation, l;or further particulars, maps, copies oi mortgage
and bonds, call at our office.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
.Mo,-.- l'iii i Pjut Llitej, o CcntJ Inr Illicit llxlri 1-1 n .
Cei titled Public Accountant.
lliillillntr, niul St. P. ml lhtllitinir, Niw- Vnilt.
i'i!i:i)i:nii k l. iiiiovv.v. aikti, il, ttiLvfj
l.stile i:.ihatiifi. Ilhlif., till Wellington avo. "
Civil and Mining Engineers.
II. I.. II.VIIDINri. (h! CONM'LI, Illiri.lllSO.
int. c. i.. i:ii.i:nhi:ikii:ii, paiji.i,
fpiure slreit, Sir.inliin.
Uoonis 12, II, 10 ami IH llurr lliilldlii.
H It. lti:i'i.Gi.', ATTOIt.NCV -1.0 V.NS N'l 0
tlak'il nn red ntale -comity. Mum lliilhlin,-,
(Oilier VV.i,hnRton .iteinie .-ml Spruie stiert. "
WILL VIII), VV'AIMIl: 7tN:PI'.".Vl'hll,.virVM
and law, Itipuldliati IIiiIIiIIiik.
VVn-lilii.on Jtiini..
Ji:-M-f .v. ,ii:ss p, vnoiiN'iivs and coun-
-ellui-ni lue. Cniiiinoiiweallli lltiiltllni;. ItuonU
11', '.'il and . i
jl"'1"1' "'I' "I""'. Mens huildlni;. y
i-i rinile llulhliim. Sennit I'i.
Hank Iliiihllii;r
V. VV HIllllTltif.l', 01Tli'i: MOVHI) TO NO.'
211 VV.ioniii.p: atni'ie.
Physicinns and Surgeons. r.
Dll. W. li ALI.KN. J1.5 NOItTH VV.VSIIINlil'ON
at' into.
III!. S. VV. L'AMOHIIVPX, OlT'll'l! lido' WASH
liiSlnn an line. Ilt-itltme, HUH Mulhrirt-'
Cliionlc ulsi-j.-1-s. Iii.isa, heart, 'i!dnis anj
Cinltii'iuiiiJiy nigans u tjie(lall. Iloiu, f
to 4 p. in.
Hotels nnd Bestaurnuts.
'illi: IM.K CUT.. 12.1 AND 17 I'lt.VMil.lN AVlT
line. Hites icj-i'iulile.
P. I'.IPtil.Illt. I'
.SCIIANTON" Illll Si:, Nlillt I)., L. .V; W'.vi--niKi-r
tlepol. Coiidui It'd on the Kiiropem
plan. VI (770 It KOCH, l'ropiittur '.
Scavenger. , -
rr-.s pnuls; u itiur; mil impiuveil puiups used.
A. II. Ilrin, pripiuloi. Le.ttu- oi tiers 1HC
North .Main atonic, nr KieLo'- duuc -tore, cur. Allan's and Mulheiry. Until tcleplione.. '
u. ii. n.ARKi: .v co.. si:i:ivti: and xuhs-
tr.tmcn, -Ion- 201 Wa-lim'ton atcuiiu; gieui..
h live., lll.'.U Nuith II lln ait nue; Mole, tck
plione, 7'2.
Wire Screens,
josr.i-n Kt'i:nT'.i ltr.Ai: .in i.acka. avj:
Siraniun. I'a., ntatiufai titiei nt VWio Sireins
al.n ladies tvaists, Luuis'j bhoiiiukci, 21.
Adams ateiuie.
MLd.viior.i: imos.. piiin'timis' shi-i-liin, p.n.
tL-lope-t, pipir Ins, ittiiie. VVartiunitt., ID
VVa-liiiiHli n ait iiiii-, Siraiitun, l'j.
tiii: vviLKi.siivitui: isi.coiid can hi: iivk
111 Su.uiloii ii the iii in stands of Hei-ma.i
Hios., mil tlrule and .It) I lindin; M. Norton,
::2J Laekiwaniu atiinie; I. S. Seliutei, 21!
Spiute strut. Estate.
I'Olt S.VI.i: V lirire Idotk of hiilldln-.'s on th
toiiiir nf lliinkei- md ( hi. .1 mil -Unit.; '"one'e -Ion- liuildiii's and nue liolel. Imniiu- of
Ciiiiki' VV. I'm-t, No. I'll II t-t Hiililtei htl.'.t,
Duiininie, l'j.
I'OU S.VI.II. iiii We-l I'.uk, -iiule I'nu.e, ttiili
niotletu iiuiruteiu( uN, mi e.i.t tei-n-. luipilie
at West Pari- IjiuI rflitc, Ninth M tin .itfiiue. ;
F0I1 SVI.i: -One arte of IjiuI, Inipinted tilth
nine-iooin hnil.e; phiity Jiul i.uu.ty of iriur:
Itootl loiation in tillage r ITei-tt Ilk-. Mn. Olitu
l-'lsli, FlcctvUle, I'a
Boarders Wanted.
I'UIVATi: I'VMII.V til-lic. in hue two nl s- tutu
to lio.lltl, Hlllli.ill in Llullsh. Call all) Mil
allei 'I hurMl.iy. VII conuni 'ines, bU7 lljirisuii
w'N rZu t.'nfssJ'
I. V. Jli-XJIo'tl. Itn.t Che-ler MrKaiil,
Spencer Trask & Co.
27 & 29 Pine St., New Yorl-'
Iniesfnrten. Seciirifies
.Vlihibn-s .-tew Yorl- Mock I'.m Imiiji.
Branch Otlico 05 State St. Alban1,
oll.'i them at mid the
Conncll Building.
rrrr-. . lhjh
jfr fcSfJX
f fj .j
am 1