The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 18, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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gpfclil Jo Hit SYrnhUiii Tribune
Tuiikhiinnock, lire. 17. Tip' sniiill
iov i-iiscm lift; KcttlllK mi nicely. No
lieu- l'uhr.4 Imvo npjirnroit for Iuiir
time unci tlir- fear 'if uiiy ruriliei'
Hpi'omltiit; nf the niiiluily In ar nu I'm!.
I'M win .1. .Innlnti, who imn lierii 111
w Ith pneumonia lor tln lms. month,
Ik now HllKhtly ln'iler.
A younf? man or the muni- of (.llt-ini
was niHlt'i' hall hne In the s-tju-ItiK of
1H0t, clitit'RGil with rorj?ory; ho nktr'tt
lila hall, which wart MOO. unit the
lecoKiil-'.iitK-i; wao turfi'lti-d In iliiu
course hy the court, itntl iinir-eeilliitcs
Httirtbd to cullool It. Kulji.-iUi'iitly "'
whole amount was pnlil to the eoin-iiiIs-joiii-i-h,
and they iiHln-tl the court
to appoint an luitlltiir to dlntrlhtite Hie
money. .Indue Wheiiton, of Luzerne
county, ppeclally prerfldlnR. wanted
their prayer, tint! ,1'iiiR'M V. Piatt. timi.,
wns appointed ,-ix uudllor, and on
Tuesday he pal to make illHlrlliutloii.
The law library committee attended
and claimed one-half of the whole furd
for the ti.-e of the library, under tin
Act of 1(101. The district attorney,
who brought null, risked to he allowed
an attorney fee, and the commission
ers' attorney, who received the money,
claims a commission for collecting.
The auditor will be heard from later.
The remains of Mrs. l"nnlel Smith
were taken to AVnvorly. X. Y., for in
terment on Tuesday niornliiK. The
deceased was a clster of Alvln lv.y.
senior editor of the Wyoming Demo
crat. Arthur it. Stofki-r. tax collet tor til"
"Meshnppon liortuiRli. ami Aluiizn I..
Williams, tax olleetor of liralntrim.
wen; here on Tuesday, settling their
duplicates for the year.
Wilbur U. Arndts, who has quite a
long Job of electtrie wiring itl Xiehol
son, spent Tuesday with his family at
this place.
(ieoiW- l- Kill;',, the hai ness man, Is
luivliiK some needed repairs pul on
his residence, on the corner of Second
and Bridge streets. Thomas M.
ins is (loini? the work.
.Many cellars were partly tilled with
water, on the streets adjacent to the
creeks and river (luiiiiK the hli'h
water of Sunday, outbuildings were
floated and overturned, and a consid
erable amount of damage sustained by
Individual cltl-.nb in different parts of
the town.
Walter K. Sicklcv, of Xorthinoiv
liind, was a visitor in town mi Tues
Fprdal to tin- Si'Hiilon Tiibitue.
T'itlston. Dee. IT. A hlnh-class
sacred concert is beimv arranged by
1'rofessor Thomas It. Williams, to be
given In Musi'- hall, January 11. for the
benefit or the Welsh Hantlst church.
Leading soloists of Sera tit on. Wilkes
Barre and I'ittston will participate.
Wlllurd D. Howe, of WcmI Plttston,
l lie impersonator, has been engaged to
take part in the Christmas entertain
ment at lhe Oreen Ridge Presbyterian
The next basket ball game to be
played here will be between the Xlntli
lleglmeul team, or Wilkes-Ham-, and
the young lien's Christian Association
team of tills place. It will take place
in Armory hall. Friday evening, Decern-'
her "7.
The water in the Susquehanna here
is receding rapidly, diopping eighl Teet
since lajit evening. A majority of the
collieries resumed work today.
Tnvltations have been issued for the
marriage or .Miss Mary .lane. Hartman,
daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Hartman, of
West Pltttilou. to Hev. t-Mwunl Hittter
.lames. The ceremony will take place
Xew Year's eve.
Miss Teresa l-'euerstein. one of the old
residents of this olty, died this morn
ing at the home of her niece, Mrs. Jus
tine Liiztirun, on North Main street.
She had been ill for the past six weeks.
Mjss Feuerstein was f.7 years of age,
and -was a native of Uermany. The
funeral will take place Friday after
noon at 2 o'clock, and interment will
be made ir, "" llcnbaek cemetery, at
The coroner's jury in the case of
Owen ltacly, whose deatli occurred here
suddenly last week, met yesterday and
rendered verdict exonerating the at
tending physician of any suspicion of
malpractice. A verdict laid the death
to acute alcoholism.
A young daughter or Jlr. and Mrs. F,
C. Mosler, of West Pitttston, died yes
t onlay, after a brief illness. The funeral
will take place Thursday afternoon.
Tho West Pittston Hose company's
engine was brought Into service this
morning to pump the water from the
Clear Spring Coal company's pump
louee, on Susquehanna avenue.
Fpoiil Id tla- Srranlon Tribune
Thompson. Dec. 17. ileurge Mc
Xamara. of J,enox, visited his brother.
Dr. W. W. McXmnara. Sabbath and
The floods of Saturday night called
the. trackmen from here to work on
the main line of the Erie.
Oiiy Foster, the efficient station
agent at Starruccu, Is home since, Sat
urday, Hiilferlns from a sore,
which seems loth to yield to treat
ment, Tlav. W. II. French has been quite
Indisposed for several days. Iev. V,
Tl, Tower supplied his pulpit at Lake
View Inst Sabbath.
A. AV. dates, who Is over SI years
old, Is over in Sherman today, attend
ing to intittcrw on hltt farm, while Mrs,
nates, who has been shut In uomo
weeks, from a dislocated hip, was out
shopping this morning without her
C), F, Spencer anil son, Lyman, are
putting in a Spencer heater nt Fac
toryvllle, this week,
Superintendent Osgood Is in town to
dny, putting in phones In M, Lewis'
houso and In V. M. Lewis' house. Ilo
has the clarmigo caused by the Hood
repaired and everything ship shnpe,
Henry Leonard, of Aftun, after u
vllt wllli relatives lit Jackson, re
turned to his home this afternoon.
Unfits Poller, of tin- township, litis
enteted the Heady Pay Slore as clerk
and Is ready to smile benignly on
all customers.
fteorgo Llstenthi", of Syracuse, is In
town today.
Uev. .Mr. Sliclhoru, who has b.-n
holding evangelistic services In the
.Methodist t-yplHctipnl church here for
tin' past two weeks, left this morning
for Henlock, where he begins work
this evening, lie has a way and
melhod.4 peculiar to himself and
awakened quit" in Interest under nd-
jpfgfTfm My yyy wlwn JIFf " m."! 'JW ya
All Italia in tile Cobbers' Cave.
ver,-.,- circiimslaiKPS. The pastor. Uev,
A. I. David, will continue tl ft'ort.
Tlie death of Patrick McKcou. aged
(W yiars. occurred yesterday morning
at the family residence on drove
street, after suffering several months
of general debility. Deceased came to
tills country from Ireland In IMl'.i and
was among the few about the town
who could relate many experiences of
canal life In Flnwley. lie came to
Avocti more than thirty years ago and
since then has been one of Avoca's
best citizens, lie was a member of the
Father M.-ithew society and the l.ang
clilTe association fund. Besides Ills wltV
he is survived by one sister. Mrs. John
Cm-ran. and the following sons and
daughters, Mrs. James Malouey. Mrs.
Frank Ashworth, and John, of Newport
News. Ya.; Patrick and James of Mil
ford, Utah, and Prank of Butte, Mon
tana. The funeral arrangements will
not be completed until they bear from
the suns In the West.
Mr. and Mrs. William Brown. Jr.. Mr.
and Mrs. William Brown. m. John
flattie and daughter Ann!-- attended
the wooden wedding of Air. and Mrs.
A. Wilson at Seraniou on Monday eve
ning. Born To Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bro
gan, of the West Side, a daughter.
Neville, the bridge contractor, liaa
completed his work on the Transit line
and will leave for New Jersey this
Muster Raymond Whali-n. formerly
of this town, was operated upon til
Mercy hospital this week,
Patrick D'Hoyle and two sisters,
Mary and Kate, of Main street, are se
riously 111 of quinsy.
After Jan. I the postofllce will close
at 7."0 o'clock.
One only needs to look tit the cars to
Insure themselves that this Is a union
town. Only an ueraslonal passenger is
seen and 11 is needless to say that these
with the exception of a few are resi
dents of the town.
Mrs. C, Stegmaler of Wilkes-1 Jarre
was a visitor here on Monday.
' '
Saturday moinlng this town was vis
ited by a mail dog, owned by Air.
Jones, of Lawrence. The dog came run
ning down Front street, turned Into
Dowen's livery and lilt two of his most
valuable horses, It then darted out
onto Hack road and was overtaken by
Mr. Howon's watchdog. The dogs then
began to light. The mad dog succeeded
in biting Howen's dog and then es
caped. It then crossed Hack road, ran
onto Fontc street Into the chickencoop
or Benjamin Weaver and killed twenty
of Mr. Weaver's (lock. Then it ran out
onto Hack toad, down as far as Xay
lor'H meat markei, sprang into the
yard, pounced upon ,corge, Liu tfi.
year-old sou of William Naylor, and
tore the tlesli from his chest. Air. Nay
lor tiled to lake Hi,- dog off his son, hut
could not, Then ho called his large
watchdog and turned hltn on the mad
dog. The dogs snarled and fought, and
Mr. Xaylor's dog was severely bitten,
Tho mad dog then ran out onto the
street again, Into Kdsall & Clausen's
store, but before It had done any dam
age, Mr. Naylor arrived with a gun and
killed it. A physician was summoned
to attend to thu Injuries of Mr. Naylor's
sou, and pronounced them very dan
gerous, While playing in the Lawreticevllle
school grounds, Horace U had the
misfortune to injure his kneo by fall
ing on Botue sharp Htones, Dr. Iiur
llugton was summoned and dressed tho
Wlllliim IJupc, a student nt the An
napolis Military school, is visiting his
parents In this place.
Airs. John Carey has returned from
the. Lackawanna hospital.
The following young men left thU
morning for Mlnersvlllo, to accept posl.
tions with the nuokwlu Coal company:
Brilliant,Clean, Easily Applied, Absolutely
llcnjatnln nltseckcr, Joseph McUniup
hell, Oscar MrCntiipbell niul Holm
John Campbell Is 111 tit the home of
his daughter. Airs. John Whytc.
Mrs. William Auiinnrinitli visited
friends In Plttslon, Saturday,
I Theatrical. I
l,Y('i:tM-t Imiiiici-y Olfolt In "Cijrrelt
0'M.t!li," Vlltlit.
.M'AIII'.MV "A ItJRC'l Hero." Aflfinivtl 'ilnl
M'AII M. II -r' llililr.iiirl.. Mtrlii'icn a.iil
At the Academy,
Tin' Vi.iiIhiiv nt Mii-le plnjpil I" tmwili'il
l-mi-r i'slcnlay allrvmnin nml ounlni.', Ill'- lit
tr.ntloii' liili'g Hie ik-w iurlflr.iniill- fi'.n't't-.",
Kind Cassim and his wift.
" l.jiuei1 Mi in. n jt! i, --i u I.iiiil o,oi
H'liUilK'J lllnle lllriilill,.1 eh)l:lN ul itll Hull! ,l(i(- "A I t.lUiTC, t lllTO," .Itl.l '.in' letupl!..
I- iemi!"-i'il nt i' i cmmoU'tit iiliii't .e, .if Hi'
il!(tltll iMIl'i. il 1, mil. 1, 111', If I'H'IOllti'nU V!
T'.iby -.'.ill I, tli,' l.i-t clui.v i" - Hi.',
i ti'Vi'i- iMin)im !ti tlie Mini Ihtiiiu !:u'l".!i nu I,
" llu!;,-,l lli-l"."
Chauucey Olcott.
Wl'i'ii i,niiiii.y tlli' mine t.. nir l.i,, tin
Uiiln.-ili.l .-mil ' lti(.hl.-. tin' j,'u;,l,' ..t
till i Hi uill li.iv .in iMi'mllliliiK ,1 n.'.ili.'
.-tie nt tin1 -uM'ti-i .'Ciu'tr nu tin- Vm.'ttL.i!!
-t.ljfi-. II" 1- .1 lll'llnll'jllh tl.lilll'.l i t.iT.t ill .1
lf.tll.lil 'lliui f. uml UK tt'liilitii'li et !ii mill I'tlte
poitiotw i ,i iit'ive lietl. IIU n - pl.iv '-
liy Aitititns l-il.'i'. hi- in itii'ji'i', .tiki i i.ilK'.l
"C.itii'tt O'M.irIi." U U nt tin titl'i.-il i. ft
Iti-li iioiini -iil ill Im uiuii Inn -ilili :te
sjiik- ej-1 .itul fii'ien win. li iiniKi-'l Mr. ol''.:''i
.Kii's.inl nut 'i' liii' iii"tit!i nt -i S.'iU. Mi.
tllintl Inv wiiiini .itul (i,iiKi,'i ill.' n' -"li;n
ti.i- tin' pl.ti. it, .t'.v tin.i nn -j'.
'In a Woman's Power."
t.i'V iiti.l le-ii tti.'i'Kliiim.t. 't i .i V-o
tn.itr. Pilur.' ,itli Lillintt AU'Vi'liii i' ll.ili'S
.llllt lll.ltll, M.l-nn, .,liiulll'i l.y .1 i ii!l!i.l!iy fif
lui'lil.i nilil i,'.i.!f , tin- iititiiintici'lili't.l ft Mil
Ucr DttlVi, tfir llitin ,l.i lu'itiniti 'I linc-Kiv
I'lituti'-'. .it il'i- r.iiUin.i nt' Mii-i.' li i- ;t phv
feltmli'it I'll t.lil- LiiiK'flllllli; tin- I'llllul '-tills
-, i rnt, situi'i, Imrm. -iiul 11 i -ihl tlif in-!
ilftit.s v.'liMi ,tt-'ir n t.uu
nntiil in lii-mi.'.
'Hi'- pt.iy K .1 ili-iinit sumo-.-. Ii.niii' In- 'i
.v. il.'il.iifil In nil lit.ltnitii' inliis in , ty
illy II li.l il.l,llil. M.llitlPrs Hill hi' .iii'll I'll
ii.i tti'l -sani'ihii .lUi'ii.ncfj-'.
"Eight Bells.." lli-IN" Hill l.(. pn-.nli'il .11 Hi.' I
ituiti iu'f S.ittiiil,iy .llli-riioon .itni I'iKl.'. I''''-.
J I. Tlu'ii' i.- no vill.iin in llvine llmtlur-' !.
jnvi'iiiiti'il "Kialit lli-tl." lint llieit- U plinly J
inn, triil. .-cctiiiy. 'jni.ll uius'p uml ,ivu ."
citlltUf. I'lin pil'r'f. lll'l'tl M'l'tl lll'l," Mj Ittl'll little luuil In.' sdil in iit.ii-e uf its iiiiny
I'Wi-llilil frntini-.'. Ml tlm t'linii'f -itui'i-t.s 'n
tin- u-iiy of tiiii. i-lfirts .a,, ii't.ihiul .itul;,'
new tliins.s .niilcil.
II -lill pip-nit- the 'sfut r.-Mihiit-; --lilp si'fiM',
(In- ttiik .iii, tlm Inistliic fi'topii-, tin' nt"i
tiiinl., ilnni-.s itnil iliiiit.-, ami tuniii'fniis ic-'.v
toatiii c-s. Iiniili'tit.ill.i a numlicr m ili'.i-iii .-pu-,'i;illii-s
.ii'i- Inlliiiliii'i-il N" mil- -in blip 'nu
.tiittiiie lilt- tint' .uinlitiii: wmk tn tltt' . I'm. n
lljlin- itiuipi' ni ,11'ii''. A spi' liirgiln
tl.iy n-aiini-i- will Ik- kIu-ii at '-'.1.'). ,t- prims nf
-'.".', lll'l JO cl-llt-t lllllilllll In ,lli pill nt' Hi?
il.i'.itii', l 1 1 in-. Iliins alotm tin ihililiiii.
Tlii.) will I'ltjey -T.ii.lit Iii'll,."
Mililuil II, .11. mil. i
lur llfidll) -in i.'sslin l .
itti-r Iti'liini. ilie The t.i . '
iMtli !iptHi,iiiii' in thU
iii cess U-t ,-r.i-nn '.' j-.
ni.iiitii' ill .una, "Tim P.
n itnili-illin-il fur .in i
till. Ml", llnlljtlifs
'I 111 III',' lii-ll ilnm li
Hi,' lli.l.iii thi tti'i',
Null;, l.iit iv
llilnn tiki- i,TM
wen- Moteil In Mm
llfnili'il Willi V.ltll'
niiilil. in-l .May Irwin
in i-ilm-il i ii.tiiiiii's.
hilt nt tin- tin ,u, i .mil
lo ptfii'itt the ,-ptt' nl ii
otn '
I tho
Ml-. I..iii.ny is .nun lii .tppcti' at Lmitlwi, in
tin illU- inli' nl '-M.iiliiiinl-i lh' Mil.-." li;.- I'.ml
Ki-ti'i, tin- Aln.ili-iiii ,Ia.v wilitl.l. Mi. lii'.li'i
winli- '.-iMi't N'i'll nl Hhl lliin-y." Hhhlt l.iil'-'l
ill 1111-1 cnllllln. Il'll l.llUhl nil M!ll'l's.4l'llll,l 111'lnli,
"Till- I 'hi est l.n.l'li-," thnnsli nlinillllly .1.1.1) .t -ml
y 'III I'li's'llsti ,'i i,, Mis. tin 111. ups, Iih
tint ;,i Ihtii ultrti in'l., i.ull M.auhi
I- tii'j-nil.ii ln nn ilic Ilir.lisli rlulii-. ami it
siiiiiMiil Wlnli'ivil lint.iy will pl,i Ml-s fijp
1 .iii.l"- p. nl,
Nn pin- nt' lltf i.iMiii In .Si-iy Ynii, ill." !-
i-clvcil innii' tnlii'lsi! (litiii-in dun "ll.n I'i,,mI.
nunc .Mn.. Ilitcli," prniliiuil l,y Mij. I'l.lie, I a-,
tlie i-iili'iljinnii'in is .iitl In ! iii-li a pupnlir
mhi'im I'M 1 1 .illirnnnii ii'rrni'in.itii'i- .n
Im-Iiic itbi'i".
Ma I..- .il'inrii u inmlil rilii in li.Hi- ,i'i.,ii.
ilntuil iTilicly 1ri prolivlrii firoilui-iion nl ,
pl.iy in.iili- frnin .Mit'inn-l.i'Ti'.s nnvcl, "(ir.iii.
lailc." Sli- mm- .iy, ilic mil lkl; tn M.inliv
Mi'inlllli" until ni-l r.i-nn, Mhin slip will pin.
iliup llin pine Cljili- I'itih U uiiiins for ln-r,
'I'lic tlr.ini.i, MiiilKtiirtit," a iIiiij- "(
Kins Solomuti i,ti tl,i- tivii ni'itliii, Lis t.c.-n
pirKiiti'tl (in .-1 cniiji'lulit iKifoitnanU' at llicle
inoiiil, Vj .mil ,1 New Yuri. iniluitinn U
prntniK-i!. 'I lie- pl.iy ii-i-u upon ll.p ttmy nf ,t.
wl l.iiitf in liU Vi'iilUt lictwii-li tnn iljInianU
oi run i MM.
I'iiaih-j ', tin- Luiiilnn ailoi-nuii'iii-'-r,
in nut willt j llit lit; tniili-inplati.s ii. In.
Iiir liU time lor llir lali'in 'ln-tivi'in llii- ,l-j
nnslNh iniiii'polls iiikI .Ni-iv Yurk rily, it ii
umli-roluoil among ni.inj,i'r.- thai Mr. WyniHiini
will coma to Uils i-'jiiiiiij umn innii-, iu.t .ci.
si lor .i brief tour uf ihu ptli.ilpal cau-s
el dtu i.i-t,
Wall Street Review.
Nv Yirk, l),c, IT, Tlie tmiktlnin, nt llic
Moik m.ttket win ili'i'lili-illy lltitn-r Inilj-,, -jrow
linr Into itirimtlt :i tin- il.iy lifoBiifil. iiml
tin- t'liMltit iiM, fairly trnntr with linliililo mt
unltu In ,i titmilirr nf proinlhi-nt stni-ki, Tlii-IH-iiiUtloii
wm .iliinwl piillioly I'Mfi'-mloiml mvl
W.n it'pti'vcil in lt.1 ii.iluri- tllli ,i illpo.llnti tn
itiutltiii ahnul rtii'mai-liltnr nt, tin litulli'tl inntii-y
Miipllr. AIiiiIkhiuiIi'iI fiippor iiulii'.iliiiil In
i.'uiiiIiiaiiI liilliutni- nit llin mil lt 'niw
Mill ItitiliMtiniK Iiul tntni- iinpilli.Mi ill'ic'
iilw-.ij", hut tin- c'KU w.n iiior,- nutl-M nn Hip
iiiw.nil riinfcp nl pt lir. .init tl.i- iriiiu il.ili
)lltnl in tin; i.iiiii.iI tnaiki-t w-pri- immlit chili
hnrnly wlii-n Xinaljii-iitvil tnptur ri'iii i-il, '
Moil; touihi'il iiij iiiott itltpi I lie niit-nltiKi J ill"
('line from 'ptpr'l.ii'n i-lu'lnit aini u-conl 1,,
Iripl of l', .-iuiiilis''iiuiti-il touil.t'il ii I - . .mil
allrr luniniuu Inn. Iiclnw Hut iHilttt
i lii-oit it lUi., n iipt is'iln of 1-1., flip ni Li ivpn- pioi.iit.i-iit tor siiin-.-ih,
niul npp.iiptilly llnlii-il mi tin- p.iss.nti' of tin
l-.tlitnl.ui i .ma I tut.. In Hi.- piic- nf
pi'trntpittn, tnrir, loan .mil lliispoil r 11 ha, I i iIp!i,' rifi'i t nn 'pi-utltlct nf i-iiiiip.iiiIp In ll.n-i-trade-,
llic pri'-s-il Mill car lmks win- In-ivy
on rpHitt8 of nu n-iihltli,n (ninpini- tn lp i,r-t.-inlzril,
A viry ticlbo iIpiimihI for Hip Sintli--rii
Hallway vtorki ili-vi-lnin-il Iain In tit.- il.ii atnl
liflpoil tn make- tl.o Pln.iliii; .slintnr, A ti-inniy
if i linti In Idiblir llnoils pti'fpitul ,in,l ,i
furtlipf I f-t- of :t In l.ntitt M.uhI wirn fiMturo.
Total nail luilay, 2.11, Jinn Muros.
Tin- IhiihI inarlci'" w-ih iii,lii,ilrU mtiii- iiul
liri-Kiilar. tati-n pat ulm', i, I.
S. rnuinin I Iirot-t niblinil . tilvl tin- rrfnnil.
Inir I wi 'J n-r i i-nt. The llie column itrrllni'il
'.. tier i-ptit. on Ilie l.i-t cull,
Tin- follmilii); ipii.tatloii" arp lini.Wtdl Tliv Tille
urn- hy M. S. .Intilatt ft t'oinpaiiy, inniil" Tni "04
Hrars Imiltltn?, Sirinton. Pa. T.-li-plinn,-. DiHH:
Open. Illalt- Low t'lnv
Inir. pt. p-t linr.
Anu'ttiati Suaar 12il'j Wi IH', IJ'I'.
Alrlilsntt 7D-1;, 7TIS Ti'.'i "'
Atpil.-oii, Pr nil IKH', !(" -.i-ii,
Anml. Cnpprr rtl'fi HI'!.. uHu ill'.i
Am. C'.ii ,V ro.tinlry '.M'. '-"th -:''j 'Jh
niniilt. Tr.ntlnn ii2Ti IiI'b H-'i i'J'4
itait. d niiin pii nint im iim,
ih,'. fc nhi i"i; nji, r.ii a.W
lllli-. ,; III. West 'it--), -Jl... .")',... '!IU
IIiii., Mil. Jl St. I' t.Vii'i ItlP!, inn i nu-;,
I hie,. It. I. ,t I'.n- nil's I.Vi'i tin's 1 ..
ink Pin I ,v Iron i.ii .sT'. Mi'j 1-7
I'lli- It. It ::s"s :!H''i ..s, "li
IJili-. It. II.. Pi- 7lH,B 7i M 71'h
bonis. Nail KIP'S Kill's inl'j lo 'H
Man. Llei.iliil I.'ll?; I.i.'i'', ll.t-'i 1l's,
Mi-I. Ti.ulloti I.VHi Hit li.'Hi In I
Mis.,,. P.ipllin 1.1.1 H.-IH KM7, lull...
Snilnlk tc . . ")" .V,', .",," "i'i
X. ., (i. w :u"s .":t'.4 ."' ':
. V. IVnlial inl k;.-i",' Ii.I In"..
IVtitia. It. II Iln". IIT'-i lln 1I7U
llpnilltin III' 17 47"-., 17 174
HiMilltn.- lb.. I.-I I'i-.. , 7H".;, Tiivm P",i J'".i
S'l.tithiiii Itl .12 !.'!'i M'k "'I'i it,-., pi -ii"; n-i1-; ni-! nt';
Slllllli'lll l-.ll-ill" '"l!1i ."S'' .""l ."i-'i
"I nil. dill A- Itntl 0?4 111", li.l'1. lll'j
Texas I'.llitll' '.! .I'1- ''7" .Is'i;
r. . L.'itii.'i- in. ii'-.. ii', ii".
I',, IT Nil ii' i -n'j 'ii' i
I . s'. i-iii.i,,., ii ii ii :i
r. i. sip. i i in-, ii-"; in-.,, tii,
1. - st,", IT ", '.il-N m'li 'il' i
I lliotl I'i ill.- 's:. I Hill, - ltll''
Mi-li'in rninii HI HI". -'I I'l'i
u.iha-h. Pi i-.-1; i-j-i; tK-j I-'
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Rased
on Par of 100.
STOCK--. Ri-J -ko,l
I.-irkawinn.i Dair.i Co., IT 1,0
I'ninit.i Kaiiiii;, llink A Ttiio I'n. . :tii(l
Kii't Nat'niiii Hank- (I'athonilalp) .. .. :a"
Statnl.iiil llrillin-. ,, :.fl
Tliinl N'tttiiiiul Hank HI
Dime llrpi-lt anil Dlsinui.t Hank.. '277
lVmiomv Liplit. II. .t P. C 4"
I'ir-H N'atiniial limit l-.'nn
lurka. Ttiist ati- llpp.-isil Co
Clatl. A- Stinu-i- IT I-21
SVrai.tnti Iron film- i- Mtg. Co 1"0 A!i- Work. '.'5
"-i-runtoti Samsi bank 100
Tiaders' National ll.tni I., . .
Kiranton Holt !c Vnt C, 101
IVnpip'.s Ilail, l"."i
Npw Mi-!i-o lly. A' C. Cn 73
Scianfnii l'jssenarr Haihiay, tii.-t
MnttL-a.o. iln- ltun Il."
Peopli''., Micit Itailii-av, llr,t tnoit
SJBi-, tin- I'JIs US
l'ppplps -trort Itiilujy, ili'iit'
inoitKuap. iluc mil US
lticksoii Mautifn turir,,- I'n t'Xi
L.u-ka. 'U'Un-hip .spimol .', p-'r ipnt. ... 1W
Citv of Siranlon .St. Imp. 1 pi-r
ui.t K
Si-iautou Tt.ii ttoti c pir n-tit 115
Scranton Wholesale Market.
tlniriPtul hi II. I,. Halo. "27 L.u'kauMuti.i Aw i
l'li'iir--ll,'.-t p.itp'it-. pi-r luiiel, -'l.iln.
ileiiiu IVi ht'sliil, il.iiiii- uiaiinu, !.'...".
Itutti'i- -I'nsh il -.inn ty. -2ii.; .Inn- n ini.-i.
:'ie. : i'.- in-. -2;;i -p.
Clic-l- -rilll ilP.llll, 1I'S.2.
I.'i.'.'s X,ath, ;:-2i-.; -torai;p. tani.i, I'i'.'-p.
tttiiii l-p.i- 'I'm- hti-l'-l. il.Ril.
I''i- -1V hil-lli 1, s.
Oni-ills- l-ir hll-hPl,
Philadelphia Grain nnd Produce.
Piiil.-iil -lphla. Hoi. l'liiii; uii.irni
liuilo, ll.-p.. Ml.i.'il'-i . Cnrii I'll in. '.-j' . hih", ;
N'n. 2 inlxc'il. Ili-e , li7.iH7'3o. ; Nn.
' iililt,' I'lippul. .'I'i'. Mini t'lKliaiiai'il,
l'rnii,ii,iis'iiiii, t.tii ilptn.iiiil, itiitipr I ii-n,
Iiir lii-iiiaiiil; lauo sipstuti i nat.i.-i". , 2.'n-;
I.,, n.'.nliy priuis, .'M. Iltsus -rinn, li. Iilaie
pt ; ui'.uiiy, "-p.: iln. wp-iitn. -i.-. 'I .
-nuthlM'sti'lli, af,',j iln, Milltlll-ni. 27i', I In-.-.-
-I'iini; Xi-v Yoili Pill itpatm,'.i -mill.
IP. ItPhitpil sintar. Hull .ml pi-lip- iiihii'i',1
111 pniuts mi all araili-, pu-tit tho Ft tukllii,
wlilili iiit piiiT-i 10 poinw on .-oft. milj. I tniin
, S.",.'2.',a.-,,:;j ; euli,.,, s..i).'n.-.l.',; pnwil.'ri'il, .cl.!ifl
a.l.Ki; maiiiikiti-il,; A, Lii
al.'.m; innfpeliniii-i,- , Yt.Hial.7; N'n. 1, SI IS;
Nn,. 2 .itul ':,; x,i. I, s-i.:::,; .N'n. s, .si..-ji;
Nn. il, Sl.-m; N'n. 7. -l. Ill; Nn. -. M, Nn. 'I,
st.lS; N'n. ID. -.i.ffli; .No. II, "si., '"I Nn. 12,
s:l.S",; N'i-. I:.. II, 1S niul IK, M.7S.
riiilt.iii-4nl. Tallow Kino; nitv piitnn In
lipid's, (i--,!,; tl.i., luiii'K imI.Ui- ;!, .V.s.iS-V. . i.lki--, iil3i'. Liu pnulliy-i)iili-l,
l.ut MiM'ly: fowl,, isii'i.;
In!,, nl.j.illl,-.; nhi tonsil f.:, li'ljiii', ; I lliikl'll-,
sane.; "iliiii;,, in.tlli'.: upi-i', -iiliii',: litikPi.-.
!-.iup, Pipisiil poiilnj- 1'nwl", ilmipp, f)i.jiii-.:
iln. fait- In liiirul. .'.I'm.; olil innsL'ts, r,i...i7p. ;
i-liliki'ti-, ni'.irliy,;ip.: 'APstPin ilo., HjI.'o ;
iiiilipvs. fainy nt-aihi, -2al"i-.; wi-tuu, ihuht
iln., Il', ; uiiml I" pi line. Hiilli.i erilhi
an il..,, .s.i'ip.; ilnil.s, ni-aih.i. I-2jI.Ii'.: hhi-ii
ilo., lu.ilJi.
It"pppl l-'hnu, -2,(inn li.niils. ami ;i,:,-.iil II, s.
in sjiks; wl-pil, fd.flixi Iiii-IipIs; huh, .'l.irlfl;
nits, ft,.-.lll. Shl ills- tt'l.p.-ll, r.,.-,i-l liu-lipls;
cm, -2s,noi); nnt., f,(iii.
New York Grnln and Produce Miwket
iw "ink, Dee 17. I'lnur Till- II .11 1,1-1 W'S
In a nil nt ilultni--, ami Iiul ah-nluli!y tin fi-.i-
title linall 1 1-01 1 1 Its MClllllll'i,. of Ullill'ltnll.',
Winter, i-.l.Tu-I.C'l; Mum. inliiits
is'i ' Sput iiiaiki-t tn iii : ah, -reil,
MiW, f. ti, 1 1., ami NV'ti-. i-lei.ilo-;
N'n, 1 nnilliern llnlulli, 'Si'io. f. li. .ili'.'ll.
Options who Ki'itirilly Hint all ilav. I'lot.l
Ml in ,n ijiU'ip, net .nh.inriN Mar, It i li il
MV.i Miv, m",p.; .lulj, M'l.o,; Her . .' 'fr.
Coin Spm ' linn! .Nu. -'. 7li'i. Uv.iti.i-,
71I..C. f. I-, I', nllnit, 'ipllou iu.iil.pi .iih.innil
fin'lv; i 1ii(-iI 'i'l'.i. ml liialii i iiml liim. M,.y
tlp.e'il Hi'.; l.'i-.. .'"4i-.' "I"'! Hi in i :
Xd. 1, Sl'-i'.l N'n, It, Ab,; Nn. 2 while, .il'lo,;
Xn. ;i whllp, .W-.: ti.u'v nis.'l wi-.tirn, f.Ii
n.e. : white, 1I.ii7i-. Opllnns Muiv, lint
lliiuii' nu kuo'I la-h ilpiuaml ami tin- -iiiiuiii in
nihpi- in n ki I'. It'ltli'i-riini; iri'im.-i.i , in i
Jll-i ; i.utniy,'i'jp. ; luiii HiJiinrj , IS
,i'2l',.-i.; liultJlinn iii-auii'1.1 , llll.i'ii . ; Uili
iljln, IS.i2'JIp. (1irin- ; f.iiuy'.'.
Sppt'ili.liif. plain',,'-, lam) niul, -iit., ln'ii
title-.; lab' iii.uIp hist lutfp, fl'.ii-. i iln. iln, iln,
Mii.tll, lo.illHii'. IliHs-riuiii "-taie anil l-.nni.,
2sa'2!'e.s ivels-in, '22J-21I-.-. nfiiillii'in, "Ij"27i-.
Chicafjo Ornlu find Produce Miwket.
I liirjuo. Her, 17.- I .nu- Imlli-li iviiull' luns slip
plinienteil hy ,i ii-ii'.il ni ip-hi for rmiu lin-at-.,.-ul
tin- mill wi-allior, lirunalit m.iiio small apibity
tn iithpiwl-i- dull (,'l.iin m.iiki'.s mil iv ,iml Mjy
wheat ilo.sei ii. iip. May imn, "), . biicle-r.
niul Mav illU. '.in. .iilvjiiuil, Pi ni, oii-. , ",ii
liuihiiii'Pil In '2'."'- lip. I -i'i' quotations vi I
ii., lollowi:
riuiir lla.y; n. .'I s-l'ilii',' wiieal, 72',-il'le. ;
n. -2 i"J, MlliJiJi. ! X'"- ellnw. iffiii: ;
No. J oaU. tii'.fjp. ; So, l while, IVililji,; No.
;s wlilte, II.ilSlJi'.; Xo. U t.w, iIHil-.; fair In
iIioIok iiiiIiIiib; lui'K-l, SMi'lo. ; Xn, 1 Uiiul,
i-L.-lUaLSl J Nu. 1 lii-llI-wi'Milll, -'I.SJL; pil'tie
tlniulliv H-fil, !. 10UJ.WI; inei-s puik, MS. ii,S.:,il;
lanl, ').S7!iill.llli kIioii rlln, f',. Iiias.vij ilry
Mil nl lioitli!ei. 7-?-iT,'o. t Mwi'n ip.a- iulev,
-J.ifili-s.l-Uj wliUI.ey, -SLIU.
Chicago Live Stock Mnrket.
I Itliaao, live. 17. -I Jltle-HpuIiiH, O.iiui;
i.ti.lilv nl Jiliani-L- nf Motility; irnnil in pilnie,
!fil.-2."ia7..lil; pom In nirilliiiii, i?I.N)Ji'.; .tii-'.,-i
ami li'iilus, il.'iS; tutrt, -tlil,2J; lielfet.,
H'WaS.IS, (ainier-i. tLi'i; ImlU, -fl.ISjI.Mi;
ijlve-. ('2.SS.IS.7S; Texas tt-it ulu-w, -H.2iJiSI'i.
IIok-i Iteu'ipti twin, :ji,i.1j, i"iiii.iuw, l.i,
PiU); left liver, '. .Kit rlinni.' lo hailo lilulie' ;
inlM'it ami Imtiti'if, fS.Jj.iii.iS; Knoil In liuleu
lieaiy, ti,l..liliii.il7lst rotijjh heaw, .S'i.i-Hi'J.IS;
linlil, tS.S.2SiS.lii); I, ul I. nf t-.lle,, !.-.IMjii.rii.
Slierp- Iteii-lptK, ll,irt; tlii-i-p, Me.nly in 10,-.
Inwii'i liinhs, ..lino; L'ooil tn ilmiie welhorii,; wi-sli'iii fclteqi, iS-i I ; initio hunln,
-f-j.fiOj3.79; weU-in I ,mli, -KSjI.-U,
Buffalo Live Stock Market.
i;al lluflalu, Dp, . 17 Cuttle llici-lpu, -hjij
4 Lines 10 Cer(t3
More Than Pour l.lnet, ,1 Cents for liticll tl-ctra Uiu.
Please Call For These Letters.
Ailurtlirtd In Tin- trilniiipV "Want
luuilil mil til tltelr leiille-. Ili-ri' I
lite. II
llov 723
.. I lt. A. II.
M. .
llox II ...
II. II, ...
M. II. ,.,
I. ,. II.
II. K, I'. .
firaliun .,
., It. tl,
C. I). ...
I', -,
.I. I
llox .S.IH ,
M. II. i:.
llov IS ...
. . I Linrlnetr .,
.'7 Kittle
.. I Mr.. A. M.
.. 1 llox .W ....
.. II li. tl
, , " M. U
,. ISC
.. ,1 Unity I'li-ll.
.. I II. T
. 1 llox 'Jliii ...
.. -2 11
.. I W, II, I'm
,. 1 I'. W. M. .
.. I
For Rent. wwt.vvvvv
FOIl HUNT Miul.-iii flttli' nif'in lioii'e; Inii'ton--
uinitji, Itlll r-.tuiii,i' iiitnii.'.
11 III HUNT -Mulo In .1l liloi'l. LiicVaw-aiiiu
iiwhtio, M.irv .--iiiiiip, I.Vi'i N. Wiiililiiittoii
iHenue. T. I. Ilnlnii, nltntiii-.t, I'onnell liiillilnia:.
1)01111,1-: UI'-KICh.i I'lUt ItLN'T Mn.l.v "' l
suite, ut ion anil In2 Lailiaiiaim.i iiii-nti' .
An nssmi hull, ,lllnlih- fnr Imlu-p, nr Hoi'ii-t-les.
(I, A. I'liller, ,",'2. Lai-liawatma avenue.
l'DIt HUNT Linae, llr.-t iI.i-h -Inre; coiner In
limine,. ,'ptiitT. I 'nu ho ilh'.ileil.
S.MAI.I, SToltllS nu l.ui'l(uw:iiiii.i am! V.'.ivli'int-ii
arini,' fnr lettl.
I.MIliK I'l.Ddlt. .-'littihlp for lii.iiiufaitiiilii-,' n
lui.ii,-.s well lluhli-il. tl. A. 1'iillir, .'2
L i, '1; im, inli.l avpiiue.
roil )!I-:T-$H, oiiO'liall of ilotil.le Imiis,-. in
upper (In-ill lllilire; law Iialli. lint
niul rnlil w.iti-i, rati'.p, i-lritrii- liaht,. IL I.
Hamilton, I'wll liuililln, s,,nitp tu-et.
For Sale.
A I'.MIt nl IIiIkIiii Ii.iips rua',p, a .itii.ille u
well a, ,ai iiiit.i-neiital Xlui, jrin. I'les'til
hlntlip,', .si.llf. Mitt nr il.ill'slltl't a ','111' nl l"l-
aim,, li iii.n ..peii tl.p eale In Ionian. We
haii' tin to fin- -.lie. All pi'ii-es iron, s,tu up.
Illls-ll Ul.ule, puliarii-il Moil,. A ,lllll'ili'
lelllntr all 11, lnl.ui" ''" f''"1' '-i1'1 '''''"'
ile. I '.ill or ail'li-e.-s (Ir i Itlilae ii . Irtl.
l'ip,ti-p aipiiup, pt'.ititoti, t'.i.
I"DII s,,r, Me K I iLitulilitoiiian luiii. Holly:
Mllil (of tin Mull; .till tetllitl'l llt.V faliu.
Lii,.; i mini: l'li.sses Cut I, I n-li a Intuitu il .mil
liiti ilill'ts tor hit, hut if I latinnl -et II, 'lill a liuti'lifil. ! 'p (iletiliuin Hi ni. Atnli-w-I
eiu;itnii, liletihiuti, I'.i.
I'tilt U a linixaiu, hniso, harui'-e. niul
huairi. I', r, CiiIiIpii, Avui-a.
I'lM'. I iiNi IIIIT lit'll'ML neiv. lii-.iiUiliilly in
Lii, I will, .iil; mil s'7'J.Sii: a luf-Min. "'i
I'.irler hlilsr.. mi Liinli-ii .stipel. S tanli'ii.
1011 .sl.i: llmili'.l numlier of shaip.- of Town
Tnpiis (julJ Mining pniiipmi', L.i-1
i ham In piiielia-i' tin, ilpslt.ihle. illihlenil-piiin-;
-tiiil, at pi lent, per -lure. Km tnrllii-i Inl-r-nialtnti
e.ill ,m m- ,ii,lie,. ('. I). Siti li-iwm, l"G
M'.iomiln; alPiiup, si-i-atitnu I't.
'Mil- lllnl niati. Ml I'ls
satlstai le n.
Pll.llile. -211
nwo -.Hep;.
in fuM sna: Imijr tail .lapme-e tl-li; lieaiUi
ml,; l.,i' ....-! tint-lit f iiluhi.', a.'iurii.
I't' . I'lIX, l'i .spllli I" rtlll-l.
pnnrinT. (Jit.itaulti-il Inmteis; luiii toiti.r-;
rrHlir I 'i' tPti'iei--: IS'lisUii li-re--: -,-ume.i
1 LUHLlI Opii;s. I'm. -21.-. Spill. 1-tleit.
l'Olt Stl.i: I'llLAI' I'iipiiu.i.l, aim luuluil.', 'ii-i-hi
!.-, Iiuiaij,, iiautliuH, en.. It, nu uhl pais-,
uilalil- for -II piiil'i..-,. ,li'imai's. t it.ttal
Mine.- Millih, fu,ii ,,t Ihi'tt.lmi .stiu-i. utt Si-tut
Main .tM-tiiie,
! the lip.inlitul ' ii "Ul '-'
lil.iiiL' .u'llai'ia. i-i.nlile In-'-,
IpKel-phtul- am Mian,
nii-nnii-iit,-. eli-.
l-'nv. -21.', .spruip .r, il.
!'"lt SAI.K v(, i,fj,i fiirltur w-.ini.ti-! ami some
liarnw-.s, ,li,..ip. i.ijii,, i ear II'I' I.n'ei-.e
i0lt -sAl.i; -Cheap; hniso. -prina wauoii ami
harms.-, at V,,. lS-iit ("pilar .iiemi-.
Till.i.ur iurrnl.
p;il'.l,ll( f I--, unhl
fi ii i li e .'. hull
l'", -.'IS S,-i,-p f-tteet.
Fuinishcd Hooms.
I'DIt ULM'- I i-ruUliftt Iroi.i tnoio. with heat,
hath ami; neat- , nun . nil, nun
piiteniil. A.liltp'., I!,, mn, lln -2'i')
l'Olt IIKNT runii-liiil I until ; lu-at ami Intli.
"-fi 1. iti, leu .,11 1 el.
lL'ltXls'HKI) ItOO.MS i'OIt HKNT. with lieat, t-.ii
an,l bath, petitlemeu prcietreil, nt Si!) Ailauis
Kooms nnd Board.
A I.AIItli: ntONT ItOOM. with l.naid, at S21
Ailaiii-i aieutie. .-sitilahle for twn yniinj; inci-.
I'.OOMs TO HUNT, with Imaid. SO!) Mulherrj
Business Opportunity,
HAVi: YOl vllliue, oily ui- town piop,.ty, lm,-
IIP.-S ol -tock of Lrnn,U In -ell ul l-Xi-li.tll-.'s-V
l.i-t jniir piopertj Willi .1. I,. Tuny, IMate
IL-celianai-. Waurly, N. Y,
STOl Iv NI) WIII.'AT TltAllllltS witlinnt lielaj.
Willi- lor our kit letter, l-'ioe mi Ion. s. lhli.inl .-i' I'n.. member- ,S.
. r, ii.iiliil.itnl anil Moil; Si linnj;,', 41 am! Il,
i-.i-oailwiiy, N'ew VniK. IMtihlUlinl, I,.,n-,-
Dlsinipe I'lutie iirn.ul,
Money to Lonn.
s-sttitl.ilini '10 LOAN Lowest late,; strain-lit or
inoutlily iia.Miiiut.s, Mail, ,v ( ,,., Ii-.nlir.i 1,i,Ik.
straiaht loan-- nr llitihlli.-j .iiul Loan. At
fiont -t to (I ,i i' lent, fall on X, V. Watkci,
ail-uKi Connell bullilins.
Row.-.rtl. lll.U lltli I ion will l.-.i.l
In Hie ai-n-t ol p.ntle, who .pile nr may
mm ban- iny lirai- Cuglisli n-uei- lentsteieil i(n:
Itifullil.lllnil litelH- i-nnllileiillal, ai, lev t
('i-tnnu, .".ni Muillsoti .iii-nii. .
W'ASTlin (it-iilli'iiii-ii'i, plain Inanity wm-'i;
pilie, n,s,,' anil clotlics kept III ropii.',
loll rapni.e nvi title, relephor.e, i),l A.
WAN'TLH-I'llvali- lei-ott, In liiuliatn's liurlli.rul,
line nr twn attinwoas eaili week. Ai1i1k's,
ilr.ihau), Tribune Ofllie.
WAXTI'D ruinWieil room, i-cntrallv lneateil.
mo. If in ami in ptivutu family, li, Trlhini1)
niiin-, iny.
WAXTKDlluoil iecntul-liniiil futiiaie, will pay
ca.-u. .Minn--,, i.oik no i;m, nirauion, im
.ll.sTTIII.L IIIMt Til VI' VOI f.VW tin- liaiul-oim
p-t llin- ot iii. nn, ,ii,l ilns in mir .ton-. tu
.iImi i-airy tl.i lario-'t k of lnn.ii i.ini'n la ihc
city, ami will mount lli-m In unler whllo yjti
wait, i;, .-Miiimpu, ai (..ic-iuiwanua avemie.
New VorK and Oiilarlu l.iiuil Co
NOIIIT. h I'LiiKHV (itVIJN Hi. t Iln. s-.v ) ,-k
ami Onl.uln l.atul iTUiPattv will, on the i,it
ilic of I'lliiuaij, IIX", lul.e ii'i anil i ietn ,!
ol Ilie honil. im". .mut.iiulliii is,iu-i uuih-i- im
tnoilKiue nr ilejil ul liast, il.iteil Jut, -ttli ,;o,
lU'inleil by lite kalil loutpiny In Hie Oiiilr..l
Tiul i'1' of .New VH. a.. Iiu.iee. by
pivin; foi i.uli null bi'iul ilie bum nt ilvl- bun
ill, (I an. I liny I'-V,") ilo.l.iih ami nil iiitenst up.
criteil to the Mi'l ilale. I'aynieitt will be iiiple
nn -iri-.unt.ilhm of alil ImmU ami alt tinpahl
coupons, al the ullli-c m the (Vntrjl'Tiii.t imn
pany, ul Xew Ynik, Nu. .il Wall tlrict, in tlm
illy of New oik.
A, L. r.liMi:i.i:r, Trwuui-r.
New Ynil., July Jl, 1W1,
lienl; teaily al Muinlii'- ptlu-.i tor goo-l to
iholee iiail,'.,; i-luw anil weaker Ini inuiiunii
li (air hitiihi-li. Int.; .,,il,eis ami leeileu
teaily at Hie ik-i-lin-..
Want Advertisements WUt Bo
Hecelvetl nt Any of the lTollow
Ing Drug Stored Until 10 V. M.
Central City
AI.IICIIT SCIII'l.TZ. cormr Mulli-rrj-
dlreet .nut Welisln- amino.
(llfSl-AV I'lL'llKL, U50 Ailuiiw avenue.
West Side
(IL'Oltdi: W. .IIINKINS, 101 Roiitli Main
South Scranton
Flli:i) L. TKitl'l'i:, 720 avtuiii'
North Scranton
OLO. W. DAVI.-s, pouter Xullli Mtin
Miiue ami ilaikrl tticct.
Green Rldgo
CllAlll.l.s 1
JOXI'.S, 1557 Diikson
P. ,1. .IOII.VS, fail Creen HIiIrp fttect.
C, LOHI'.N'X., lorner Wa.liltmtoti ave
nue ami Ma Inn htrect.
W. II. KN-:i'li:i.. 10(7 Inltig aienite.
I) u n more
J, . no XK .v sox.
Help Wanted Male.
WAXTKI) A teii'tislii Apply at 5'2I lliier
tii-i-l ; iint-i havp i Nperu-iipe.
UAM'LI) inarrii'il i-uii in en tn 'he eo-.a.t ,-j
with family; one tliat uiiilersUinl, It. It.
tip.; sli-jily wnil.. Apply between :! anil ! p.
lit., Wmis; Meit'i L'htibtian .''.suelatinii,
L.i' kawanii.i .iienue,
WAM'KIl- A m-oil blaiksinitli anil uo'.J
11-i-ili.lliiis. Apply in s--l.ltit.'ll Sti-aiil I'liiilp
U A.NTIlll Tim lionil tiiuliiiii.-l-. Apply a I tin
nllhe nt llii ,-i.i'.iiiliiii llutlnu i-niupatiy,
t bury street,
WAXILI) Wiiiii: man. IS yiar, oil: e.on.1 .mil
lapiil u-rftei. Liu kawiitiu.l Lamnlry, Mi.
I'piin aii-mip.
TWO WLI.L I) e.ipable mi-it. Mu
p(l- week; li :,li-l ips liillllpil. I'all oil,
--ptlti e s-tn-et,
WANflMI-lly l.-.ulliiu- I'hllaili-lplila lion-.-, lir-t-clas,
p.ib-siiun. tn sell ui-neial line nf paiier
to llio telall ttaiie, nue who has an .lequainlaiiet!
prifctieil: must have l,pst tefeteiii-p anil b able
to lutiiish boml. Aihlins I'. O. llox 2U-, I'liila
ilelpblu. Help Wanted iTemale.
UAMTII A irnnil '.'ill for h..ii-p.v.i.i.
Apply 7.MI .Iptb-f-iiii ,ik nut-.
WANTI'I) -A juiiiiR -.'lit In iissi-! with liwise
iiml,. ('.ill. us Ninth sB,.,t, stu'-l
VOl'XU WOML.N WAXTI'.li by .l.leob Miller, i'ni-i
. I'nnifiaiiy at thn L.u;Ip .hiit :..ctniy,, -it
at llflilplitnivti, N. .1., nu Hip past bank ot tin-lielui-an
riu-i, in -iulit of Tlentoti, an, I o"
hi-ntr's tide irotii I'hil.uh-lplil.t'. Tim-e liiiitii;
tn tit- .-peiienee nu power l'lai-hine- pipipirpti. hut
ullii-i- aiiiptal'le Kirl, wilt be lakeii. All nl,l atnl
new baml-i are pilil tlie ,-atnp piiee by pup,--wmk,
hut If tii-w It. mil, f-hoitiil fail al fu,t to i-.tiit
their lioarit we make that up In Iheiu. -f, tiie
shill not -ji I inl-1 ilelit while le.iiniu-.'. Thi
traile i-i lie 1 1. . linn lmiis,-Miirk, ,n -,--ni.ik!in; ui
.lle.s.,)llall. Cut llii, nut anil l.ei-p il Im mii-tiititii-
u-p, aiel when nit wtite In u- -11 ion
-uiv a, lii Xo. '2.1. I'm- lui-lhiT p.nli, nl.ils .iililre-i,
Samuel It, .Matp-e, l-oi-ilintoivn, X. ,1.
WA.VITD- (till fui limi-ivor.;, at 15 W
l'ptltt aecnu.-..
l-'IKTY Ol'LltATOItS WAXTKI) -'ti-.iily work
Siiarantecil. W. K. Itpek .. Hon, ;'3ti Ail.inn
tVAXTr.I) -Cili! for bou.-ework al llalton.
Aililrws II T.. c-iiic- Tribune.
Help Wanted Male and Female.
CA.W As,s;i,s WANTI'.ll ('noil pi-.'pnMtion; sal
aty ni- t oiiiuu-i-inir. In uuik in ily. Adilri-t-tins
', 'liibiuie. Herantnti.
Agents Wanted.
WAXTKI) -speiiul Anent-i for t'ai hunilal,- ntul ..11
Die pilneipal oiliis .mil towiu in the i untitles
ot l-iiTiibei-l.iuil, Kt.iiiklin ami AiIiiiii-, in ti-lilc
.,'eiit the Kinphe Lite Insurjiu-e mitipany (Irn'or
purateil 1M1). Tn mi-ii with -ability n-nl tad
win, i-an iiiopuie liu-lti'-s- a iouti.n-1. H
iilfeml. fall nr .ul.lie-, l'ii.irle-t I" U hlieln.-k. .mi-lit, lluoiii 5, Aiil.ui block, C.nbon, I'.i.
Canvnsseis Wnnted.
('AXVAS-'I'.ll-v llyesLis, anil rpeulaili- ueie..bilv; lonvinees; HI o. working mil
lit niul partipiil.u-i. I'. I'. Iioiuhey & Co,, Op
tin in-, Vinel.inil, X. .1. Hi-lit. K.
Situations Wnnted.
A MAX. Ml ,w,ir nhi, nnt ll-tlnir la litis ellj.
Wnlllll like .1 po.,ltnll a, mIi-miiiii in a nam-tun-
tun-; h.n ten jeai.s' t-Np.-iienie in a llr-t
i-l.i i-.iib inrnllutii s-tnro, Aihliesi riituHuii-.
Miantun Tilbniip.
HTI'.VrillS" WAX'IKII lly .1 .inuii-t Inly In ilo li'iitseiviul: 111 a family nt tun; iMei
ly penpb- piili-iuil; Willi pilvll.-Ki' ot aitetalln,'
M-linuI twn .illeiiioon, or eienliiKs e.u-li week;
waue.s moilpr.itp. AiIiIip-p "V." ran- oi Trib-.inp.
.sITl'A'IIO.V WAX'IKII -Hi tithlille aueil laily .-.,
Iiou'i'kiepir foi a unit Ionian In illy or rniin
Irv; be.t n fen ires .-iien. Obieit, ku'iiI lioiiu
.ii'i.I mnileiale w.u,'-. llov 15, Ttibune Otliee.
COACHMAN WOl.'l.l) LII'll a Mltiathn in a pit.
i.tte Miutly; i-inr.ii-ii-iil ami reliabli. at.,
Hlilitlv Kinpei'tle; i.iipIiiI ilt'hu', liu,k-r-l,ili,ii.'
Ilie liuslni thninii3hi; rily leti limes. ,.
ilie,,, Cnadiniaii. hi-i.iiilnii Ttihune.
A .MAX U'.i .veal, lil, noi llvliiir in tltii i liy. ivoiibl
like i ' '.,-lt"li .! ah -mail in a liumtiiii'
rtuli-, I'-i-s I'll .M-.tlt.' ipppiie lit .1 fir-t ,is,
lash fninituu- stim-. Ail-lics, I'tii iiitutc-, -iujittoii
Board Wnnted,
WAX Mill -lloout ami I10.111I in irfliieii jiilvite
fltnlli- fui lltli-e l.iillc'1.; nit tn isieeil I2 pir
n-i'ilt. One lorateil within IHe iiilnules walk fi' in
lily hall prefiiiril. Aibln-v, li. II, Ttibiun- Of-flu-,
I.O.sf- On Saturilaj im linn-.-, Iieiuriu lii-jn - li i"l
ami Mlllbell.l 1lei-l, 11 pllli-p. Itl'Walil lol Ha
return In Ml. Il,iiilinberi.'h, Niiool nf .Mi,Ii- ,n I
I.OVi'-l'rnbiibly on Vine stn-ei, betw.-ui WMnl.r
1111, 1 .Mniui'f an nil,'-, .1 K.hl 1111b iliaiu i'laep-
lei. 1'iniler will Ik- lewapliil by letuinln-,' to Pi
(plllll- flll-Ct.
i $400,000
Of Butte, Mont,
lliullc li the t;rcale-,t i upper nt m Hu- ivsii )
5 First Mortgage Sinking Fund Gold Bonds
Denomination -il.nOii, injlinlni; l In 30 yearn, "imply nnnuleil f,,r lj i,nc ami
titikinir (uml. .Net rarnlniw ilirec un I llueiiiuitii tune- Inurcvi di.u.T
Wtitc IVI reputt of Jit. i-ainii'.'l liiiiill, I'li'.Wcnt of the Chu-uifo Iklison l o , ml .pe, ,a
3 Insertions 25 Cents
iMar.-TIm luiur Line-,, o Centa lor lincli llctr.i 1.1,1.'.
Certifled Public Accountant,
KIlWAIII) ( . NI'Al l.lllNl!. '2.1 TIIAlli'.llH MAS'K
Ilillhllinr, ami St. I'.ml ItitllJItiir, New Vuik.
nii:ni:itit.K -' ntiows. aTicil ii iii:.Ti
Litate Kxphiiiiite Illilif,, 12(1 W.-nhlnuton ave.
Civil hnd Mining Englneera.
II. L. IIAIIDIXtl, (ion LOXXKlT, mtlU)TklL
m. ( 1:. Vili:n'iii-:ikii:ii, "i'aih.i iiijildixu,
h-nrucc ulrcet. Kitutiton.
ltooim 12, 11, 10 ami II Ilitir iliiilillm,.
1'. K. TIIACV, A1TV, CO.M.MOXWKALTlf llLlltl.
1). II, HKl'LotlLi:. ATI0ltXi:V-L()AN's"xiT(To,
tlaleil on real estate vceurlty. -Mear.t HullilliiK,
uiriiei- W.Kliliiijtiiu airntie ami ."piuee etieet.
iniil ioitiisellor-i-al-la.. Itipnbllean Ililllillni;,
wa-lilnsloit avciiii:-.
.IK.ssfl' ,. .IliSsfll', ATTOIIXI'.VS AX II
km-, (otunionwe.ilth llitililiuu, Jtoomi
1!'. 211 anil -21.
WI.I-I.tll, lltli jlnur, .Meat., binhliii.
L. A. WATItK.s. ATTOItXI'.V-A'r-LAW, 110AH1)
"f Tunic lluilillnir. Siiantmi, I'o.
Hani, niilliliiifr
a. w. liKfinioLi', orncu .AIOVKD TO no.
211 WynmlnK aieiine.
Physicians nnd Surgeons,
Dlt. W. i:. ALl.KX, 51-! NOUTIl WASiilNO'IOX
Dlt. S. W. L-AMOKKAIj.V, OIT'lCi: 33) WASH
liiKlmi atomic lle.lileme, 1,'HS MuHicrty
Chronic ril-ea.'is, lit.;;,, lu.itt. kiilneys am.
Ri-nitn-utltuiy ui Rans u speeially. Ilouis.
lo i p. in.
Hotels nnd Kestnurnnts.
thi: ki.k cii:, 1-25 axd t'.-7 i-haxulix avk-
nue. Hates lea-onahle.
I'. ZIKOLKlt. l'roprielor.
senei depot, fniitlui te,l on tho KurnpeJti
I'I in. VICTOII KOCH, I'loprlotor
A. II. 11111(701 ( LIIANS 1-IIIVV VAtn.T.S AND
ie-1 pool,; ti" ,iloi ; only imprnieil pumps useil
A. H. llrii;-', pr,,prit lor. I.p.tvp onier., IHO
.North Main jupuiio. or Kii Lp'.s ilruff store, iot.
in-l Allan's ami Mulberty. Hntli telpphoue,.
Cf. it. CLAHKK k CO. sKKIWMKX AND XUlt-t-if.-iiiiin,
uiuii: -'hi Jshinstnn avenue; siceti
hoi..'e.i, lt'50 Xuitli -Miiin .ivimip; stum tele
plione. 7-2.
Wire Screens.
JO.s'KI'll KI KfTKL, lll'.AU 511 LACKA. AVI.-,,
.scianion, I'a.. uiaiiufaittnet- of Win- Sireeni
also Luliei waist-". Louise .-slioetiukei, -212
Ailatn, aientie.
.MKOAHOKi: IlliOS.. 1-IIINTKltS- SIM'l''.S, LX
lelopei, piper baa', twine. Viutclioiisc, l-l'l
WaslniiKli-n ai.-nue, Mi.inton, I'a.
'tin: wiLKK-s-HAiiiii: liKconn can hi: hh
in Siiaiilnit at the l.ew-i slami-i nt Iteisuu'i
lltos.. 4oil .-'piuio anil f.n.i Lin.len: -M. Norton.
'2 Lapkaw.iuna .nenue; i. S. ScliiiUcr, -11
Spline street.
Eenl Estate.
I'Dlt SM.i:. on I'.llk, sin;:le I'O'lsP. Wlti
nioileni iiiipi-ii-iiu-iii, on p.isj ipiuis. Inquii,
tit West I itul ofliip. Xorlli .Main airnue.
POH SAl.i: -One arte of 1-inil, Itnproieil with
nine-room bouse; plenty niul i.inely of fruit:
rooiI loiation in vllki-je of l'lectville. Mrs. Olive
l-'ifh, Kleetville, I'a.
Boarders Wnnted.
l'HIVATi: 1'AMIl.V wlslie. lo hue two ni-e men
tn bo.iril, (luiuaii or i:u-;li.-h. fall tiny Cm
alter TlmiMli. All ooiiM-nieltie.-. J7 llaiil-o'i
MII'K 11 IS IILltKHV IIIVIl.V, Tint the antinil
mei'tini; of the sloil.noiiteis nl 1110 iiniaii".
Cnrbnnil.ih- mnl .suaiitou lt.1iho.1J rnnipany, t,
tin- eli-ition uf pre-i'linl ami iliueioi.s, .111, 1
pulae, ou itispei-lnn nt tin- iiisiitm; .-leoll.u.,
ntnl tor tin' n.iti-aitlun nl nidi ntlu-r btt-iine- 1
1n.1v pinpeily i-utiip In loin the iiipetini,', will I"
liclil at tlie is' ulllet: nl Iln- 1 oiupany, Com
niouiM'.ilth builillim. 111 il".- i-il.i "f A ran' m.
I'.i., on TiH'silay, Ilie lllli ill)' nl .1.11111.111, If)',
at -2 n'i luik p. in.
Thu tiiiii-fpf bunks will he 1 luseil at .- p. in ,
llu. II, 1'ini, aiel ii'-npiueil mi I. HI2. ,t
III .1. 111. Ill uliJif of till- I Il nt ililiilui--
It, II. lilfK M.'l),
Ml'lltnll, I'.I.. Iln. II, H-nl.
IN It i: : liiiotpnt.'iti m nf th" In, 11,, l.ltl.u 1111.1 .
Killir Vit.lllln Hl'lietllilll Assnl-I.ll Inn, tiiul- ,
the ntisplees (,f S. K.i.iiiileiu, ni I'liielmri:, IVun
.s.iliatiit. Ill tin- I imri ot Common 1'le.i, o
L'.iikawiilina iniiu-y. No .-'..'C, .lanitan Telm, I'D'
N'.itiip I, lieu hi Is'Imii that an applli-.itiuu I'i'l
he in.iili- to Mill I 'mil I, on the seieiitil ilav cf -I m
uil, P'0-.!, at I) ii'i'loik .1. 111.. iiniliv tho ad '
,i--piubly nl tin- p,jin'ni,iiw,-jili ut Pi' 1
ii.lllli'it' "An ml m puihlo ti.r the im orporiti ,
anil ie;tul.itiou ul prilalu i-oipoiatloni.," .11
pruiiil Apill .li. ts7l I II, nipi'lpiuenl-, 11 llrai'ih in., -lii' 1 ts i"'l,al.i lii'itis. An, 11, 1
lileilr.ntis, I', litis ,liikti)eiji-iii,, Aiili-ltis H.-sm
Aleiiinlr,i Maielnkeiluliis ami .lotias K'lpsLis,, 1 1
the I'liailn- nl an inleliihil tui'pni'aiioit to '
talleil Hip Duliii Liiliiiaiiiiin ICini; . 1:11110 li, .'is.,11 iatnui, iiii'lir lh" .iii-p'ips nt S. K.tii,
ii'ioi, nf I'riii buiir, 1'i-iuis.vh 111I.1. llin
.itul ublll wlll'lpnl i-, t,,i- I'.-ll, li, l.ll ..111 plutei
Hie puipuM In Us 11, mil, , is In la-,- 1,1 mi I
tips., .11-1 lili-ut anil il,tl twin l'limls i,ii,i:,
llicieiii, ami lei ibi-e p ni'ii.i'1. In li.iiP, p.'-.--ami
1 iijuy all the listhl. In in Ills ami pill lh e
Hie -alii .ut uf a.--, nihil ami ii- ippli-ni, nl-.
TWI.OH .v I.KWIs,'.i- tur ipptu nr .
I V. Mcg-iiKcl. H"J ( in , lei Megaru'l
BK&JglllWIM Mill III -T
j M i "fit- j -s M 4