The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 18, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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They Will Bo Assisted by Mis. Ran
dolph Jone3, Misses Elizabeth
Markvvlck, Bessie Slote, Thomas
Abrnms nnd David Jenkins The
Funeral of Mis. Plioebo Smith
Yesterday Afternoon Caucus of
rotnth Ward Republican Voters.
Other Matters of Geneial Intoiest.
1'iof. Silas Dosser's Junior ami senior
pupils will Rive a plana forte recital at
Washington hall, Noith Main avenue,
coinoi row evening, ns-slstod by Mrs,
Randolph Jones sopi.ino; Miss Posslo
Kioto, elocutionist. Miss Nellie Muik
vvlek, cunltnlto; Thomas Alii mil", tenor,
'nnd David Jenkins bnsso. The follow
ing progiiimmo will be lenrteied:
I'ls llulouble, strcaiioR
1 HI in 1 iniu
hiccup fitllcl
Miss ilnllit Aruiitiuia.
"MIIaKO Hlicktiiltli" rWii
.Miss I, lllli' llitur.
Contralto mil vlected
Mlv. .Villi VlirUuk.
Sillirelln fiom
Ml-vt (jliiljs lone-
"( llCUflllnOv," Vo-s
VI ks IMllli Vbrrk
"Ihalhci 1!om Lange
Miss ( ithnlnc Pilne
lmor r,ol Si'.cct'd
Hi mns Abrnn-.
EoiiIIiii, rp 33, No 1 k'ulati
Mi-s Ko-i" I in"iu
".Nwnphs at l'ln" O'Vaii
ML- Miuil luncs
"Jtticilo llli" Heel nun
Mks XI i) lioberts
n is Mill ctlectid
Diiid Jrnl.m-'.
"l'Mtun? Calm" Oiirc'iel
Mi-s I mi i Jcm-
"Jlit- fountain" Hnhtn
Hirold I iii-
"1 rulic of the Unit ill-." Pium
Mlv. Mi .loin.-.
iktililicii Sleeted
MiNi lie -10 Miuli
"(.jji'.v ltoiitln" lliyltn
Miss Aim i low-.
"Mlpliiia Impromptu W il-i Ilulimui
llitiiil 1ci i-
ijiinlittc "hll Mi- llioi! I'ullv Ik." .1'ioth.rrc
Mr- ltiiiililpli lows Mi- illn VfuUic..
"3 homo-. Alii ml' iml Diul .Unl.iiu
Weekly School Deposits.
The wii'Kh deposits fin schools No
J1 uml No ; weie .is follows: School
No 10 Pi of. D W. Phillips, .10: Miss
Nichols, .:,; Miss Peaniish, .!; JIM
Dtifoiip's French Tar
Will promptly relieve iml tpcedily cure
iouh, colls ami ill lun trouble. Kor
sale lij 0. W. JLMiI.Ns, 101 s0uth Mam
My Lady s
Best Friend
Wintry W
Is a set of nice Fashiouable Furs, and you'll think
for a very long time before a happier idea for a suit
able present for a lady friend strikes you.
Fur Sets
or Single Pieces
In all the popular Skins, including Blue and Natural
Lynx, Silver Fox, Brown Fox, Sable, Marten, Beaver,
Mink, etc.' Fashious latest modes are refheted in
these Fur Scarfs and Muff?, aud you buy them here
at prices which are not to be equalled elsewhere in
town. A look around the other stores before you
come here, will satisfy you on this point.
Fancy Neckwear
for Ladies'
In all the new conceits and fancies, many of which
have been especially designed for the holiday season.
The variety is infinite, and the prices arc surprising
ii'ly low, considering the quality and charming
b'-auty of the many novelties offered this week.
Special display in Ladies' Fashionable Neckwear,
"ow awaits your inspection,
for the Hair
In fancy Boas and multitudes of other beautiful
creations, such as are considered essential for a fash
iouable woman's fashionable toilet.
Globe, Warehouse
SSS3 '
By the way, the store is
Molgutl, Jl.u'ii Miss lltlttoll, ,!).: Miss
Ilvuns, ,4": Miss Davlcs, $1.01; Miss
Keltow, $1.07; MIhs Wade, ,7J; Alius
l'lynn, .14; Miss Mutphy, Aim.
Koibor, $2.1.8; Allss Peck, I-M7J total,
School No, 13 Prof. David Owens
.2ti! Miss Alice Kvumt, ,G(5; Miss I'dna
Kvnns, .25; Alios Ellu Lewis, .'Jr.; Allss
Nellie ltlohnids, .CO; Alls- Catherine
Phillips, $1,04; Allss Ddtiu Lewis, $1.13;
Miss I'lla Price. $1.21; Miss Pin ah Alu
Donald, .1.: Allss Kloiencu Freeman,
.!); total, $0.01.
Foutth Ward Candidates.
A caucus of Kouith ward voteis and
candidates for olllce was held last
evening in Alderman John's otllcc, to
in range for a date for the ptellmltimy
light. James Leyshoii wan chosen
chali man; D. W. Evans, sectetaty,
and E. W. Soring, tiensutcr. The fol
lowing candidates icglsteied for the
vailous ward olllces;
Tor telect council Ihv id 11. l'in.
li r imnman immill IMwiril V. "S-nln-j
Jiiiks MiMion, Willi mi V, V.ww, i:an V
V. I1H
I'm coiiiditile lolm ,1. l)nl
For icflilcr of ctcM llrt dllll(t, OavU
11 Juicn; s,poiiI ilMikt, Ilugli I Ills; l'uuitli
iliitriit, .lolm C .Tone.
It was decided to hold the caucus on
Satin day, December 21.
Theie Is no candidate, as yet, for
uprlsler of Mitcis In the Thhd dlstilet
ot thi' ward, but should there bo any
additional nspliants for any of tho
al)oe-named olllces, they uie leciucst
eil to wilte Seeietaiy V. W. Evnas,
57 Roberts eouit, or meet at Aldei
iiuin John's olllce ncl Tiiday evening.
It was also decided that should any
aspltant for any of the above-named
ofllioH Ish to register after Dec. 20,
their names will not appear on the
Hag ticket.
Annual Election.
The following ofllceis weie elected at
the legular business meeting of tho
Pb mouth Congitg.itlonul chinch, held
on Monday eenlng:
Deacons, Riehnd Owens and Ellas
Dwins, teLoidingcleik,LI7lc A. i:ans;
lliwncl il cleik. John P.. Klchaids;
standing committee. Samuel B. Powell,
John T. Jones, Ileniv A. Paisons;
music committee, Class A, Alls John
A James, Class 15, John Phillips; CI i-s
C, John It. Thomas, Class D. John U
Itiehaids, t'liss V., Allss Jennie Lewis,
audltois, Daltl S. Reese and Hajdcn
Funeinl of Mis. Smith.
Tho of the late Alr.s. Phoebe
Smith oecuned jesteiday afternoon
fiom the house, JJJ South Deckel s
torn t. The seikes weie hugely at
tendi d by lelathes and fi lends.
Rev. Daid Spencer, ol Rlakelv.
pleached the senium; Rev. S.
1 Mathews, ot the Fhst Daptist
eliuieh, lead the HeilpUue, and Ite.
James Benningei, ot the llainpton
Stieet Alethoillst Episcopal chinch, of
feied piajer.
The lemains weie laid at rest in
Finest Hill cemeteiy by the following
pall beaieis: AVlllIam Coiless, Wll-
inds Do Blow
open till 9 p, m, these days
llntti neese, "William Fowler nnd Wil
liam Fioemaii.
Broke Arm at Elbow.
Mrs. Aliny Davlcs, of Twelfth sliced
was the lcllm of a peculiar accident,
while dusting her home nn Monday.
Alis Davlcs had swept the pallor and
was taking down tho nletuics to dust
them. In putting them back In place
she was ttimdlng upon a chair, which
tipped, tin owing the unfotttmato lady
to the Moor with ninth foite.
A member of the family, healing her
fall, hastened to her asslslance ami
found her In an unconscious condition.
Dr. William ltowlnud Dmles was Im
mediately summoned and found her
suffering fiom a biokcn arm at the
elbow and seeie contusions
On December IS will take nlace tho
man Inge of Robei t Thomas, of Fll
tnoie avenue, to Allss Casslo Powell, ot
Joekron sticct.
Tho announcement of the coming
mnirlngo of Allss Coin Renchler, of 520
Not th Lincoln aenue, to Heibeit
Longeore, of nsC Notth Lincoln avenue,
has been made.
St. David's Sisters of Rethanv held
nn Interesting meeting last evening.
A benefit enteitalnmont will be held
Fildn e onlng In Aleais' hall for the
sti Iking street car men.
Air. ami Alls Hopkln Aladdock nnd
daughter, Attn v. of lfio South Rebecca
acniie, will leave for New York city
tomonow. Air. Aladdock has been called
there by the Rovnton Furnace com
pany to test a new furnace which will
be put on the maiket In Januniy, 1902.
Air. Gable, of Stalk's court, was
taken III while at woik on Monday In
the Cential mine. Ho was remoied to
bis homo In the ambulance.
All who wKh to donate ai tides for
the uimmago sate to bo held In Wash
ington hall bv St. David's church, are
leuuested to leave them at the hall to
day. lie v. Howell, of Dlkdale. formeily of
this .side, will move to this city again,
on account of failing health.
The tegular Wednesday evening ser
vice and Bible study will be held this
evening In St. D aid's chinch at 7 30.
The uinnnnge s ile conducted by the
vestiy of St.Divld's chinch commences
today In the Washington hall stoic on
Noitli Main avenue, l'eiions having
at tides lor the tile will take them to
the stoie Seivlce this morning In the
chinch .it 10 o'clock
John Aluiilngcr and Hnuv Holly an
nounce themselves as candidates for
common council in the rouith w.ud.
The D. and L Dancing class will hold
theh weeklv social in Aleais' hall this
William Wilght, of Lueino stieet,
emploved as a uinner in the Conti
nental mine, was squeezed between a
car and the lib leeently and seveiely
Jhs. Tllson is seilously ill at the
home oL her daughter, Alls, nank
Slu del, on Noitli AI.ilu avenue.
Roy AIoi'an, of Vlntondale, is visit
ing Chailes Caipentei, of Noitli Re
becca avenue
The fair and festival of the Ladies
League will open in the First Wol-h
Uaptiht (liui eh this evening.
Miss Alnirf.uot Ciawfoid, of No'-th
Hide Paik avenue, enlei tallied the
AlNsionaiv Studv clas-s of the Simpson
clmnh Rpwoitii League last evening.
D. 11 Thomas, ot .South Alain ave
nue, is making a business trip
tin oiigh the lower pint of the state.
Washington camp, No 31, Paliiotie
Older Sons of A met lea, will meet this
evening in Washington hall.
Alis. Dllzabeth Saul and on, Thom
as, of Pi lee stieet, aie spending a, few
d.ivs In New Yoik.
E-Chlef of Police Alaitln Guirell,
of Ninth stieet, has been appointed
collector of delinquent eltv and school
tu lor the I'ouiteenth waul.
The annual high mass for the lepose
of the soul of the late James G.illa
rhei, of Metidinu stieet, will be eelc
btatcd at St. PatiUk's chinch this
Robtit C. Page, of the central city,
nud Allss Anna AlO'-es Allies, of Noith
Biomhv avenue, weio mauled by Rev.
J, P. Jloffat, at the paisonage of tho
Washbuiii Stieet Piesbjtcihm chinch,
on Tuesday attcinoou. Tht will te-
sklo at .Jo.' North Lincoln avenue.
The AVest Set an ton assembly of the
Ro.val Society of Good Fellows will
.il, .., nlll...i ! ., ,An-..t... in,.ll..n I
urn... ti, ih;ii ii.Liiai mui'Liiife,
to be held In Red Alen's hall tomor
iow evening.
The founal opening of the i:iectiic
citv Wlieilnion'b new bowling allejs
will take place tomonow evening at
the club house, on Jackson stieet. The
committee ot aiiangoments will pio
vldu cnteitalnineiit and letioshmonts
The opening game w ill be played be
twien the lilac k Diamonds and Green
RIdrfe Wheelmen, ot the Noi theustern
Pernio luul.i Iluwllng league.
The Gieen ltldt,u Women's Chilstlon
Teiiipeiame union villi meet this uf
tcinoon at II o'clock at the homo of
Alls. Wlnant's, Alonsey uvenuo and
New Yoik stieet. Alis J. S. Allller,
supeiiiitendent of evangelistic woik,
villi have chin go of the meeting, A
coidhtl invitation Is extended to all In
teicsteil, A10SCOW,
VIh. . W, ninlcii, o Main Micit, uliu Iuj
lioin critical.', ill ut iniuiuii nU foi tlio nl
tin i o clK, is Ihoiiphl at lllli wiilintr to lie u
Ullh btinii.'rr,
lliu fiimial ol William ItafTeih, rf Sttinto'i,
u krimr rc-.Iiknt of Ma-iu, un In Id Ikk,
SatiiiJi;, fiom Clio Mitlmill t iliuuli, lli, (I, A.
(nn, ti( I'urt I'K tin, o!lUlilin-, liitcnmiit iui
tunic In tin Muvow (iniit(i,,
MIm Until (Imliur w in thu Knost ol Irk mis in
Clun ltliH.e IWi) .nil Sjlimln,
II, .S U.ilN had nioioil ill Ml, .lolm 1 ilttauli'
limi on I linicli Rtnot,
Mm. Siuli lluili, of (iliiilmrii, r,tkmliil tlio
film ial of William Itaffutv Inn, Siiunlii,
.Mti Dale, of Kino, ulio I at lien i-puiilln;;
n'liral sciK-, ulth Iui ckkr, .Mi. (J.iiilnti,
rdiiuidl limnu lilih),
Lluilis lliuun kit IVMiy (or A.nrfolk, Va ,
wlurc liu vccM to skiii1 1 lie winter,
A joun ken uf Mr, and Mis. IKmil, of church
ttrcit, ilinl fkrili.
'llic IjiIIh, .Viil toclcty licM 3 mrclliu jov
tculiy aitcrnocn at tlio Iwinc of Mrs, I', II,
flarilm r.
II I Ciniinn, vilio Ins Irrn ill In th.' past
mil, ii ablo tg ba cut a.un.
Mr, A J, Cooper wai tho (jucdt of lilj father
in I'lttsteii on Sumlay,
Trliilo Willlini Hope, (f Port Mdiroc, mil
fpiiil tlio holiday ultti 1U pauntj, Mi, unl
Mr. 1 ml Ik in,
Mr, uml Mi, Fimikl Uroidhrail, Jr., fpcut
Sauil.iy wllli frlcn'U Ii lllnliainton, X V,
Waltir Njjlur lia muicd hU fanill) into tlio
lioiuc H'cintly lari'dl ! Ml. Willie.
Mrs. Ilarhara MidilUlon, ol Siiaiiton, wh tlio
gtUft of lur lurents, Mr, anj Mrs. William
Dilvon, on MouJiy.
Mrs. Mary l.Juanli lias a fine ilifplay of lnli
ikiy cuoJi ut her lioiiu. lliU is tic pluo to
to with our cliltlrcn to buy swat nit at s.
i:.kiulc inpai aloim aru bclu nu'lo by tlio
dilfuiiit Sunday nhoyb for their ClirUtnuii en
Store will he
open every even
ing from now un
til Christmas.
Hand Appllqued, Itrtissels Not, In
black, white and new tones of cciu
Real Duchcsso ami
fiom the tiniest edge to the widest
Real Dtichesso and Itlsh Point
Gculels and Collins.
Hi lilnl Veils, In Real Dtichesso
and Point Lace, up to $2,"0 00 each.
In Duchcsse nnd Irish Point.
Ctepp and Chiffon Ties, Dtesdeii
and Foi shin designs.
AInny In lengths ot one pattern
Important Session of Electric City
Council in Storrs' Hall Herman
Schwenker Tendeied a Suiprise
Paity by a Number of His Young
Fiiends The Funeral of Anthony
Ncalon from His Late Residence
on Piospect Avenue Oscar Pit
tack Is Home on a Furlough.
A well-attended session of Electric
City council, No. 1541, Roval Aicunum,
was held in Storis hall, on Alder
stieet, last night and olllceis for tho
ensuing tetm weie elected. Aluch other
Important business was tiansactctl, and
action was taken on a joint member
ship Lilly and Initiation to take place
during tho month of Apill. The coun
cil is in a jnosperous condition, and
has a membetsliip of seventy-eight It
was oigtinied In 1MJ, with twent-slx
membei s.
The ofllceis-elect aie: Regent, Oscar
Giatnbo; vice-iegent, William Robling;
oi.itor, J. F. Alurphy; past legent, Am
biose IIci; secieluiy, A. G. Hewitt;
collet tor, Chailes 1. Phillips, trensuier,
Enill Uonn: chaplain, Chailes Kelter,
ji.; guide, John Jankoski; vwiidcn,
Wlater Kafehlnskl; sentry, Alvln
D. u lies; tiustee, for tlnee jears, Stan
ley Klonoskl; medical examiner, Dr. J.
A Surpilse Paity.
Herman Schwenker, who is emplood
by his fathei, Fted Schwenker, foie
man of The Tilbune's blndeo, was ten
deied a genuine surptise paity last
evening in honor of his sixteenth blith
day. The young man was sent oa an
cnand of some kind about 7 o'clock,
and when he returned was waitnly
gieeted by a huge paity of fi lends.
After a shoit reception, the gatheilng
adjourned to Baldner's hall, on Willow
stieet, wheie a most enjojable evening
was spent. An excellent supper was
seived by the young man's patents,
who furnished an abundance of le
ft eshments, and nfteiwaids dancing
was enjoved for seveial hours.
Tlioe piesent weie the Alisses Alln
nie Hut timm, Anna Fasel, Emma Wal
tus, LUIe Rlchaids, Alinnle Helcr,
Lucllo Illldebi.tnt, Teiesa Brill, Alamo
Aloilang, Llrzle Schuek, Lena Beig
hauser, Rose Welcome, Katie Welcome,
Katie Hueslei, Coi.i Delt7, Anna Kuhn,
J'inni.i Ciothnmel, Ilentv Schwenker,
Heimnn Schwenker, Fted Rlngler, Will
lam llcsslnget, Adam AI.ius, Fiank
Hesslnger, David Rehllng, Otto Sdill
llnger, Henty, John llahn,
Chailes Reighauser, John Schtadel,
Fied Dehllng.
Laid nt Rest.
Tho late Anthony Ncalon was laid at
icst jcstciduy morning fiom the home,
on Pioipcet avenue, which was
tlnonged with sjinpathlei.s of the af- I
lllctcd lamlly, It was one of the hngost
fiineiuls ever seen on tills nlde, and
neai ly cvciy member of the Plumbers'
union was in attendance. A i cejulein
mass was colebiatcd at St. Petci's
cathedial, and Inteimont took place In
tho DunmoiQ Catholic cemeteiy.
The high mass of leiiuiem was celo
biatcd by Rev. Father O'Uiyne. Thu
ilowor-bcaieis weie Allehuel Kenlgan,
Thomas Alay L'dwaid Costello anil
Allehuel Thornton. Tho pall-bom cm
were Daniel Aluiiav, James Denipsoy,
I'atiiek Reap, Edwaid Kelly, Anthony ,
u uuiiiiiii nun iieiny vvinsiiei, tin or
the Plumbcis' union.
Home on n Furlough,
Oscar Plttack, a pilvato In the
lIght) -thlid company of United States
Coast artllleiv. which Is now stationed
at Guu'inoi'ii Island, N. Y Is spend- I
lug a shoit fin lough with his patents
at C17 Willow stieet. Pi lor to Joining
tho legular uuny, Plttuck seived In tho '
Spanlsli-Ameilcau wnr as a member of ,
Company C, Thirteenth leglment, Penn
sylvania vohmtceis, of this city, fiom '
which ho was houoiably dlschuigcd at
Augusta, Ua Mtnch 13, 18011.
A llttlo over two years ago ho le-en-listed
and In that slant time ho has
seen much active seivlce tu china and
also In the Philippines, wheiu ho served
seveial months, He has a lingo collec
tion of idles fiom joiclgu eountiles at
his homo, which he is ptoud to display,
His tuilough explies on Jauntily IT,
when ho will ic-Jolu his eommunii,
which staits In a few dujs after fur
our eastern possessions. Plttack Is
fond of serving Untie Sam, and will ie.
enlist next jenr.
Funeial of Hiss Hayes.
Tho fuiU'tnl of Miss Julia llujcs,
whoso death occuncd on .Monday at
tho homo of her brother, Thomas
Haves, of 320 Plttston avenue, will take
place toduy at 9 a. pi. lu III do Paik
cumctety, after u icciulcm mass at the
The family of tho deceased lady aie
somewhat cxeielsed over thu fact that
thu death notice in the vailous papeis
stilted her to bu a man led ludy with a
family. The tiuth is that deceased was
This store nsks your patronnge because it deserves it, nlwavs
has the finest merchandise, the largest assortments. Nntur.tlly much
is expc'cted from us at Christmas. We won't disappoint ou, but
meet your expectations to Its fullest realization.
In Pet shins, Snipes and Checks.
$100 value for t'.'ic
$1.25 value for Sc
$1.50 aluo for $1.25
Good lino of designs at special
pi lees for Holiday Piespnts.
Fine Fictich Taffeta, Peuu do Sole,
Paillette do Sole, Satin Duchcsse,
Hongullup, Ataseotte, Mohc Velours,
Atoll o Antique, lth h Hiocades,
lilacks and colois, 10c and up
Ptlestlev's Pluck Dross Goods, In
all their new popular weaves.
All colors at dealing pi Ices.
never matrled, She was over CO oars
of age at death.
The Junger Alaenneichor's pntettaln
nient committee will moot tonight to
make final aiiangoments for their
Clulstmas drawing and social, which
takes place In Geimnnla hall net Alon
day night.
The Saengerrundo's committee will
complete nnangements tonight for
their annual Clulstmas Deesclieerimg,
which takes place in Athletic hall next
Alondav night.
Services nt tho vailous ehuiches are
being an anged by the pastois, and at
the Chinch of Peace the Loid's Supper
will be admlnlsteied by Rev. E. J.
Schmidt, PhD. In tho evening shoit
services will be followed by exercises
nppropihite to the season, for the bene
fit of the little ones.
Accoi cling to some of the papers,
Charles E. Phillips must have stood on
his head when lnjuied a few dajs ago.
Instead of Ills left aim being bioken It
was his light leg.
Thomas Giitllths, of 2107 South Web
ster avenue, who Is employed as en
gineer at the Axle vvoiks, fell on a
slippery sidewalk vesteiday rooming
and sustained a ft.ictuie of the vviist.
Get jour smokeis" supplies, pipes,
clgais and tobacco, at Aliller it Doeh
ler's, fiOfi-Cedar avenue. The best goods
at the lowest pi ices.
A meeting ot St. John's choir was
held In the chinch basement last even
ing. Another inloicstlng game of basket
ball will be plajed in St. John's hall to
monow night
The Stais and the Twentieth Centuiy
Athletic club aie matched to plav In
door ball, In Callerv's hall, Filday
Stars Defeated the Allentown Team
at Basket Ball in the Auditor
ium Personal Mention.
The Noith End Stais defeated the
Allentown basket ball team at the au
ditoiium last evening in a lather slow
and unlnteicsting game by .i score of
1G to ii Skiff, of the Stais, distin
guished himself by tluowlng four dif
ficult baskets Horn the center of the
hall. The baskets weie tin own by Skiff
1, J. AlcCluskey 2, and Tlgue 1, from
field and J. AlcCluskey on foul, foi the
Stais and for Allentowns, Woimei 1,
and Sykes 1, fiom field, and Slices 1
f i oin foul. The lineup follows.
1 ir- AlUnlowu
kilf i mlit foi ml Powell
I McClu-Kij lift forwml liner
'lm'iio tenter SKi-.
1'. Inm nV'lit -uir.l I ut
1". Aktlu Iifi Rimil rnir
Hck ut Willi mi- rmplii llittln.
Spotting News.
Aluch luteiest is being taken in this
section in the coming wiestllng match I
between Abe, ot this place,
and a man named Jones, of Ilvde Pink,
to take place at St. Alan's hall Jun
ii,iiv 13. ISO.', for $100 a side.
Is the man who gave Ptof. Dwver such
a tusslo at tho Set anion I!lcele club
last winter when Pi of, Dwver was giv
ing exhibitions theh.
The ci at Kei jacks will play tho
Rloomsbuig state noimal school basket
ball team a game of basket ball at the
iiudltoilum Filday night, and a good
game Is expected as tho Noimal boys
alwas play a clean scientific game.
Tho Ladies' Aid sot ioty of the Welsh
Congieg.itlonal (huieli aie winking
haul for their annual lea paity which
Is to bo held on Now Yeai's day In the
puilois of tho chinch. Tickets tno for
sale by ineinbeis ot tho Ladles' Aid
Thu Kej stone Diamallc club aie
ni.ictlcing haul for their beautiful
chimin, entitled, "The Plug ot Ttuce." ;
James Kcttildgo was lined $.1 bofoio
Aldei man ridlur last evening for
fighting and being a nuisance.
Tho Flist Clulstlan chinch of Xoith'
Main uvenuo will hold their Clulstmas
exoiclses on Clulstmas evo. An ex
cellent niogi amino has been piep.ned
consisting of seveial leeltatlous, solos
mid songs.
On ciulstmos nvo tho Civstal Diam
atlo club, consisting of seveial well
Isiiown v tiling men of this section, will
piesent to the public for tho Hist tlmo
In Sciauton, "Tlio Seuatorb Daughtei."
Mis. Solomon Dawes left rsteiday
for Atlantic City, whcio shu will icsldo
dining tho white i.
Mis. A. II. ltiyden, of Ithaca, N, J.,
who has been visiting bur pnents on
Tlnoop stieet, i etui ind homo ester
day, together with hei hi other, It win
Mis. Kate Mcllale, of Wilbur stieet,
wishes to aiiiKiuuee that she Is luuo
(out of all clun ges clt diluted i oncom
ing her.
Thu funeial of thu latu Mis Mai tin
Walsh, who died Sutmday moining af
ter a llngeilng Illness, took plaiu jes
ten day moining from the family icsl
demu on McDonough avenue, and was
laigcly attended by fi lends and i da
tives ot tho deceased. The leinalns
weru conveyed to the Holy Ilosny
chinch, where a high mass of ieinlein
'was celebrated. Intel ment vwis made
In the Hyde Puik Catholic cemeteiy,
At half pi lee, nip splendid gifts
for Waists, Chlldien's Di esses,
Short Skills etc.
New line Just at lived. All new
spilng eoloilngs. Philn, with snlln
stripes; plain, with polka dots;
fancy with satin stripes, and fancy,
plain Challli's. AInny choice de
signs lu single dicss cuts.
Complete lines In all tho now
A pair of nice win in Mnnkets or
a Huffy Comfortable would make
an exceedingly desliablc gift.
"Truth is sti anger than fic
tion," but "actions sueak louder
than woids," so we shall be eco
nomical with woids and Ubeial
in facts and figures.
Our proposition Is as simple as
it is generous.
Every purchaser of the follow -lng$"
Combination Giocory Older
gets a ten-pound tuikev abso
lutely without cost.
If you desire a laiger blul, add
the cm rent price to the weight,
above the 10 lb. limit.
This Combination Offer alone is
a baigain:
S3 pound niK lojccs Ueot Hour, a
(upi rior brc id nul or f'o
Ililf pound Illinium Cocoanul, ihc
standard of cxcollonic l'o
Fice pounds Cicimery flutter, i icil
bargain in ltclf s "j
'lwo pounds llest 'lo5 ou'c paid
SI 20 for pooler quilil 100
Three pounds J3 cent Knipit-s Dlcud
CtifTee, a brenkfast joy 100
One pound Joyce's BaKing Powder
Tiy it; you'll ue no olhci SOc
Two latent bottles Uvtnct, Lemon
and Vanila Uccular .10 tent v due Jjc
One pound Aborted spite Strength
in eicij ore u0o
llnnilir I'rn ftC t--i r'.tltllllll'ltinn
H """" " "' " -
firoieiy OITtr) f-' 00
10 pound lurkej, at 13 rents
pir pound 1 &
We this startling otfer
to demonstiate the liberal tiade
policy of the "Jovte Stoics"
Youi money, spent leguhnlv at
any of them will lesult In sav
ings exceeding the Intel est on
"gilt edge" securities.
Popular Piiced Provisions.
JjigTmi'lMtlWroifV'M're'' I
Councilman T. J. Snow den, of the
Second wind, Is In New Yoik attending
a meeting of the sceiotuiios of tin
Luiubei men's association.
Daniel I'itrgcialil, of West Maiket
stieet, has letuincd home Iiom a two
weeks' visit with fiiends In lic.uling
The Noith Sciantou Uepubllcau club
will hold a icgular mn'tlng this even
ing In their newly tarnished looms and
a laige attendance Is ien,ucsttd. A cot -dial
Invitation Is given to those who
would like to become- numbeis ot this
oiganiatlon lo cotno to the meeting to
night. Miss Maigaiet Clieen, who has been
the guest of Mr. and Mis Heatilce
Malum, of William stieet, has ictuineil
to her home lu Plttsbuig.
Mi. and Mis. Joseph Williams, of L'l?
Putnam stieet, aie lejoltlug over the
in I iv al of a baby glil at their home.
Intel estlllg ChllstiuiiH exetilses will
take plaiu In tho Sunday school looms
of tho Piovldenco Piesb) tciUin church
The street car business on thu Piov
Idtucci line jpstciday hnd the appear
ance of tho days betoto the sti ike.
The thoinit for lonsldeiatlun this
evening In the Pnnlduncu Piesliyteilan
chilli h will be ' Tho Woul Made Flesh,"
u Clulstmas lesson,
miss wiLiini-MiNA unita, nn
estimable joung ladi, passed away at
the home ol hw patents, 12'S lllnh
stieet, yestciclay inoiniug, after a long
Illness. The di ceased was only l'b
.veins of ago ami Is suivlvod by lu-r
father.mothcr and one hi other. Puncuil
will take place fiom the Into icsldencp,
I'.'.ii Hlrch stieet, Thuisday afteinoon
at " o'clock. Sei vices will bu held at
the house. The lemains will then bu
taken to tho Chi 1st Luthcian chinch,
oa Cei'ai avenue, wlniu Kuv. Wllkt
will ollleiate.
lU'ClDNI MAY, the l-eai-(ild son of
Mr. and Mis. Uugcne May, died Mou
duy night, after a shoit Illness, ut the
1 w
Kid Gloves mag
be exchanged for
correct sizes af
ter Christmas.
You won't uiike a mlHliiko If
Linens mo votir choice for gifts
A nit" di ess pullet a of a pietty
design In 1'ci c ale or Dimity would
b a vciy acceptable piesent.
A nice suit of line Underwear
would make a vciy seasonable gift,
or .some of our Hue
Hosiery, Gloves,
Silk Waists, Petticoats,
Toilet Aitlclcs, Novelties, Etc
Fiom luc to $22 50. Inltluls oll
giaved free.
Lyceum Theatre
M. ltKIS, Lessee and Manager.
A. J. DUl-FY, Dm. Manager.
Two M(,lit, Wulnefih) ind Thursday, Ditcmbcr
IS mil 10.
The Olltcil Comedlin,
In Ills Latest ind Cieatcst Smcei,
Garrett O'Magh
Hi" .mie prnihi'llon, sccnerv "ind cait tint
milked Ins suciesstul .New Vork run
I'rkes 2"c , "A' , T'i and si no.
scats en sale Monday at 9 a. m.
Sitimliy Mglit and Speenl llarpiin l)iy Matinee
jiLcr.Muru at, loot
Annual L'ngigemcnt of tie Vorld finicd
Brothers Byrne
In their Spectacular Pantomimic Comely, tlia
New 8 Bells
n cerlasting success Tenth season! J"ov
belttr than tveil
1'ntis Puning, i'c., SOc, 7",o , and t 00
spidil Mil ilii i' ,-iruis. 'J', and TO cents, (Ink
dun to no put of the lime, 13 rent Bnnx
along the rhildien; thej will enjoy ,S
Soils oi sale ihuioday moining at 0 o'clock
Academy of flusic
M. REIS, Lessee.
A J. Duffy, Manager.
Three Dan, Ili'inn ng Mnndiv; Dec. 10th,
'lhc Powerful Vklodranu,
Mitluces Tuesday and Wednesdij,
I'rites Mght, 15e , .'ic. He. and 50t.
Prites Matinee, 13c. and 25c.
Thne Nislits, beginning 'Jhursdiy, Dec, 19.
Matinees lriln and satuula).
1'ncfs Xi'ht, lSt , Jic. .Hi. and 50e.
I'ritta Matlntt, Idc, ,ud'J3i
ALF. a IlEnniNOTOS. Manager
DLC1MI1I It 10, 17, is. DULY MVUXrX.
AI. Reeve's Burlesquers.
t v Tilephoiie
General Agent for the Wyoming; District for '"
Dupont's Powder
Mining, Wasting, Sporting, Smol cless and ths
llepauno Chemical Company's
Safet Tuse, Caps and Txploders. "loom 101 Coa
, nell Building .Sciantcn.
TIIOS TORI) Pittstcn
JOHN' U svmil & SOV I'bmoulh
W. U JJULLiaN WIlkisUarM
fife Prof.G.FJHEEL,527flSJ
V, iSl (larrlra. urtiilcr lu cur nUu hy mall I rliftt
! A AwSa Hlffctr-S " ei, A ui Ulou 1 1 niun, trngoii
(vrA U' ' inil M )inhoinJ,srlroffln Astrlclurrti9T
f INAa uitlniri. mlrtrl imfnt A. riltrunlpn Urfin.-
tfrt-hririi.furf'14 to HliUj 3U jrin rnttlri! f (I jreartl
boil It tl MDfrlrnft In ! rmniiy. Snl fur I It "Tmlb tsl
iWdc i err nir dlf al I ttf rtrlrtl 'run I. Bf nllon 1UU i-apcrJ
home ot his giundpuieuH, Mi. mil
Mis. Michael Cm by, ot 1 Sllev. stieeti,
The will take place this iiftei-c.
noon at :::i0 o'ehxk. Jntciment lr eemcleij.
MICUAIIL LYMAN, aged fl' ye.ns,
a lesldtnt of the Slble), died last even
ing at the West Sldu hospital, whom
I liu had lit in ciinlliicd dining tho past
' week suffcilng fiom heait tumble. De-
i eased Is suivlved by his wlfo and sov
j eial ehlldicn.
f JOHN SHKUWIN died at his home,
CO." Hast Maikd stieut, last night, aged
ti7 jeais, He Is suivlvod by thu follow
ing chlldiuii: Mis. Coin Slocuin nud
Miss Ann i oi this city, and Itohuit, of
Newuik, N. .1. runeial notice later.
Tie funeial of tho lato Mis. Mai gin ct
Davis will take placo tills afteinoon at
d o'clock fiom the house, 2113 Ninth
stieet. Uev. llinth Davis will iillltiilte,
and Intel ment will bu made lu Wash
bin ll stieet cemeteiy.
The funeial of Hie haul W. I'vans,
who died fiom liijuiles lueived by be
ing binned in the Mt. Pleasant mine,
on Monday, will take place this attti
noon at it o'clock fiom the house, 3'.2
Noith Iliomley avenue. Sei vices will
be held In thu Tabcmaelu Conguga
tloual chin eh. and will he conducted by
Uev. D, P. Jones Intel ment will ho
mudu In the Washburn sti cot ci-iiu-tei
Tlio fund al of the latci Janu's Hheedy,
of i.'l Miilbcny stieet, will take placo
this moining at S 30 o'clock fiom ht.
Petci's cathedial. Inteinicnt In Cathe
dral cemeltiy.
The luiieral of thu Into Hogcr Dunn
will take placu this afteinoon at .'30
o'clock fiom No. I ltnlhoad avenue.
Sei vices will bo held in Holy Ctoss
chin ih, and interment will be made lu
Cathedral cemetery.