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    VI' V''"1
The News of Carbondale.
Delnwnro nnd Hudson Hnllroad.
November 21, 1P0I.
TmIiu 1cm e" nl city fl.Ulcn (oh
For Sttillilnn nrnl WIH.os-llurc-ri.ob, T.(M, S.0.
n.oi, lo.oi, a. in., i.iio, i.i.i, 2.A n..o.
6.1X1. 7.00, 10.01, 1I.IXJ p. til. . ,
Similar tiitltit two nl S.W, tl.Cl J. in. J i-Wi
i;. 40. fl.Ao. s.oo p, m. , , ..
Tor AlhiUiy, SiltnlnsJ. MoiiIimI, ntnn. New
r.iiRUliil point", etc.. 7.W a. W.t !' '"
For Win mart mid Honcfil.ilo, ".i2, 11.0' "'
!i.."il, (1.1 J p. m, ....ii.
Sunday tr.ilu? Imip Wjim.ul nrnl ItotiMilaw
at n.wi n, in.) 1.4,1 p. in, ,
Tr.ilm niflve nt dilioiitl-tlp from llliM'l'.uri
nrnl SiLitiinn m fotln'n: ii.w. .:t. '-" t'V.
n. 111.! 12.37, 2.00. Mil, 4.2S, il.OS, 7.01, 8,!ll. U.-'li
11. R7 p. in,: 2.03 n. in. ,
Sunday (mini arrive nl ().'J7 a, m.i I'-M". -w
4.2", (1.2!), 11.M p. hi. ...
Suinl.i.v train nrrlve nt Ciihrmilati' fiom ''
inmt mid ItoncMlnlp nt 12.17 ami 7.W p. m.
New York, Ontario nnd Western.
Sept. 17, 10OI.
Tr.ilm l(av Cmlionilalo (or Smntnn nl T.00 ,
In.; p. m.
Sunday tmlm at 7.00 n, m.: (l.(Ht p, in.
Trains Ic.hp Cnrliomlilo tor poluls ncrlli nt
11.10 a. m. On Sundae nt !'.1u a. m.. Irnlii.4
leaving at 11.10 a, in. work il.i.v ainlu.10 a. m.
Sunday nuke uontircllom for Now Vuifc. I'mie
wall, clc.
Trains aiilve from Scr.mloii nl 11.10 a. in.: 0.10
p. in.: fiom point north, 4.W p. m. SimiMJii
dom Krranloti at 0.10 u. in. anil 7.1." p. i"-'
from Cido.M.i nl (J.lHi p. in.
Erie Railroad.
.Inno 2.1, moi.
Tr.iim li-ave city station, Ciilinnilalp, daily
frvci-nt SntuJjv) nt 7.00 a. in. and l.::.l p. in. lor
Hr.iiiiit and .inooli; nl ii.iSl a. in., dally
opting Sunday), lor Uitigliamtiin. inakini; ion
iicrtloiH lor Now York tity and llitllalo, and at
ii.10 p. in. for SiHqiiehamu, making loinwctloni
fur western points.
Sunday tr.ilm nt 9.1." n. in. for SiHnnplianua.
v 1 tli weslirn coimcitlom, and 0.27 p. in., wllli
KJttip connect ions.
Tnn'in arritt at S..V1 a. m. ami .".I" p. in.
.Fnndays nl S.Z a. in.
Several Patients Beceived nnd One
Discharged Brnkeninn Humphrey
l'ntriek llenloy, of the West Side,
Who wan obliged on Saturday to submit
to tliu loss of one eye in :in operation
nt Emergency hospital. In order to pre
serve this other, is improving. The in
dications nre most favorable, and the
danger to thn other eye Hint was ap
prehended when the afllietcd eye was nt
its worst stage is now removed.
lCdward Burke, of Pike street, the
young man who slipped on an icy side
walk a few days ago, lias been removed
to the hospital and is pelting along
it will be good news to the friends of
young William I'riestley, or Rtrkett
street, to learn that his leu will not
have to be amputated. lie was a driver
hoy at the "Wilson Creek mine and had
Ills foot badly squeezed while riding1 on
a "bob-tail" engine, near the mine.
Subsequently he was removed to the
lospital, where the ley was placed in a
piaster cast. This expedient availed,
and while Priestly will spend point
time as a hospital patient, he will have
iho use of bis limb.
Jacob Humphrey, or Cadosla, the On
tario and Western brakeman, who bad
uch ti narrow escape from death in the
wreck in the yard here, several weeks
nfio, continues to Improve and the staff
nt. the hospital is correspondingly
'lated, as his condition was almost
hopeless when he was admitted lor
treatment. He was in an almost dying
'ondltion and had to suffer the ampli
ation of one leg-, just below the knee,
lie was greatly run down, and despite
'.lie heroics work of the staff, imfavor
vble indications increased each day.
null it was feared that either the le
.ould have to bo amputated at the hip
or be would die from septic poisoning.
About a week ago an unexpected,
1 hough hoped for, ebunge for the better
was manifested. Since then Humphrey
bus shown signs each day of increasing
vitality and now the prospects are
bright for his recovery.
Local Railroad Trnfflc Opened O.
nnd W. Main Line Closed.
Things are beginning to adjust
themselves after the big storm of .Sat
urday night, and llule Inconvenience
is felt In. the city. J.oeal trallle on the
railroads is free, though the Ontario
and Western still has men at work
ballasting the roadbed where the wash
out occurred, below Olyphaiu station.
On the Delaware and Hudson, every
thing Is rmmlnir smoothly. The main
line of the Ontario and Western Is still
in trouble. North of ("adosla there Is
a blockade and us a consenueiiee
through trains are interfered with.
The i:rle made big demands on the
lumber which was stoied along the
.lel'fersoii division, The purpose was
to use It In strengthening bridges
that had been weakened.
Farmers who come from over Dun
.1ai'f way report bad breaks in the
roadway, .lust above ".Toe" sjeheck s,
on the Crystal lake road, there was
finite a washout, barely leaving room
for the safe passage of vehicles. All
along tint route, there were breaks
hero and there that made travel un
pleasant as well as unsafe, ('onm
iiuontly, fewer farmers than usual
huvo come to town with their produce
this week, The supervisors of Fell
huvo men at work making such ,.
pairs as are needed mi that part of
ihe mad that I in the township,
Opinion of One Who Heard Ernest
Gamble, Who Will Be Here Soon.
One who heard Ernest fiumble, Urn
magnificent singer, who will be the nest
piitertnlner in the Sinltli-Slngor course,
writing from AVIlllumsport lu a friend
In this city, says:
"i heard ("iambic the other day at
WllUnnmporl, and can only say with
I hit Queen of fjhebu, that 'the half Iuih
nut been told.' He lias tho most mag
nificent voice I huvo over heard. Then,
no Btiigs with such consummate art. ,
'argrt share, of his programme Is inado
jp of beaullful old ballads that every
nody .can understand and thouoghlv
Mildred Holland's Coming,
Victor Harmon, advance, representa
tive of SIlss Mildred Holland lu "Tim
I'ower Jlulilnd the Throne," was a vls
lor to tho Cnrbondnlo oflloo of The
Tribune. Ueaides diffusing sunshine
nnd good cheer, with which he, is
ibunduntly blessed, hu left n pretty
louvenlr. It is an ulumlnuni card re
reiver, with a hulf-tono reproduction
jf the most powerful scene of the
play tho climax on' tho staircase of
tho palace. Tho greetings of tho sea
lou are nureu4 on a scroll at one
corner, and on tho oilier Is Jtlas Itol
limd'H portrait. The souvenir Is a
pleasant reminder of Air. llarmoii's
Air. llnnuim, In discussing the tour
of the company, said It was tho most
successful over enjoyed by Miss Hol
land and Unit the results jtistllled the
heavy Investment that she made In the
piece before It was mounted, The
business played to thus fur Iuih been
more than satisfactory.
Miss Holland, who is u favorite In
C'arboudale, will be at the tlrand on
Thursday evening, Dec, 116.
not working more than half time those
days. Ciuh arc scarce, hut tho slack
time is due, It 1b believed, to Iho market
helng quiet. The washorles nre In
operation every tiny, us there Is u brisk
demand for sinrtll sizes of coal.
Final Session of the Local Institute.
Several Excellent Papers Rend by
Tenchers nnd nn Address by Dr.
The school teachers held the limit
session of their annual Institute last
night In the central high school. It
was a sort of an extra session, the In
stitute proper having taken place dur
ing till; first week In December. All of
tho local teachers were present last
night and the meeting proved to be a
most profitable one. It was presided
over by city superintendent of sehooN,
K. K. a a it, who by virtue of his olllce
Is chairman of tho institute.
The session opened with music, after
which Jllss Altec Uasblelgh delivered
an excellently prepared paper on elo
cution. She was followed by Jllss Da
Vis, who spoke on "Klemenls of I'lov
ernlng Power." One of the best papers
of the evening was by Prof. T. U. (III-
martln, whoso subject was "How to
Halso the Standard of Our Hehools."
More music followed and then Hev. H.
.1. wliulcn, D. D.. delivered the address
of tile evening, ills subject was, "The
Riiuallzing Inllueuce of Education."
The thoughts expounded by the elo
quent doctor seemed to strike right
home for ho received great applause.
The following resolutions were sub
milted by the committee and were
unanimously passed:
Itesolved. That the iiftli annual in
stitute or the Carbondale city teachers
held at Carbondale, Pa., Dec. :! to Ii,
JH01, has been lu every way a success.
Hesolvcd, That we as teachers fully
appreciate the labor, responsibility and
care that our worthy superintendent
had in securing for us some of the able
speakers, and while we gratefully
thank him for his efforts, we, alfo con
gratulate him on the success of the in
stitute. Resolved, That we fully appreciate
having our slate superintendent, Dr.
Seluieffer, with us, and that his ad
dress on education should have been
heard by every parent in our city.
Resolved, That our thanks aie due
to tile high school orchestra.' for their
services, to the high school for the use
of the piano ami tnc young people
who so kindly helped in the evening
Kcsolved. That we acknowledge the
kindness or tho Press lu giving us' such
liberal space for reporting the work
done a I. our institute.
Resolved, That we most deeply de
plore the death of our former superin
tendent, .T. J., Forbes, lu whom the
teachers bad a warm and sympathizing
friend. We sincerely regret his death
and We shall over remember that the
aim of Ids life was the advancement
of education and ihe improvement of
our city schools. AVe extend our uni
ted sympathies to his bereaved wlf
and children who have suffered so
great a loss.
Katharine .Toy, Anna Fnrrell. l.lzxle
Tighe, committee.
Paul Clifford Alias Chauucey Walk
er Wnnted on Several Charges.
Constable Edward Xeary would like
lo lay his hands on one Paul Clifford,
alias Chauucey Walker, of llingham
tou, X, Y who left here on Monday,
taking with him a bicycle belonging to
his room-mate, Fred Shepherd, a bell
boy at the American hoit.'V. All that
he left behind him was a small unpaid
boa id bill and not a very good reputa
tion for honesty and Integrity.
Clifford came here a few weeks ago
In company with Shepherd. They ar
rived here from llouesdale and came lo
solicit orders for a portrait company.
A week or so ago the pair left the pic
ture company. Shepherd getting em
ployment at the American house, Clif
ford remaining on Easy street. They
hoarded at the Webb boarding house,
but Shepherd chaiifjed lo Ihe hotel
when he began work theie. When he
went for his wheel Monday h learned
it was gone, Clifford or lllaek was also
missing and he has not been seen since,
He said nothing about going nway and
what was of more importance he fot
got, purposely or otherwise, to pay his
week's board,
It Is not believed that the wheel was
taken away, bat was disposed of eith
er In Carbondale or near this city. The
police lu ISinghamton, which Clifford
claims is his home, were untitled.
I'.iHXfiiKcr engine Xo. 11 of the On
tario and Western, Is In service again
after being repaired and refitted at the
Mlddletowu shops of the conumuy.
No. 11 looks swell. lu Its black enamel
llnlsh and silver trimmings, Engineer
Reuben Lewis is quite proud of his
The collieries of the (), and W, ate
Take Scott'.s Knuilsion for
scrofula. Children often have
sores on the neck that won't
heal up. The sores may come
and go. Parents may not
know what's the matter nor
what to do. Scrofula is the
trouble and Scott's Knuilsion
is the medicine,
Scott's Knuilsion heals the
sores. Hut that is not all,
Scrofula leads to consumption,
This is the real danger,
Scott's Knuilsion is the
"ounce of prevention" that
keeps off consumption,
We'll tctul on a lilllc to try. if yon )iW.
SfOTf & HOWNE, i) 1'c.irUtrccl, New VoiW.
Wouldn't Pay the Fnic nnd Was
Sent to Jail,
John Van Nome, of Wilkes-Uarre,
came to (.'arbondale yesterday. tlo
had all the clmracterlHtlcs of a native
of the little town along tho Susque
hanna, chief among these was his
exaggerated Idea of himself that the
men from down that way have, Vnn
Nome could see no reason why he
should pay his fare for riding on a
Delaware and Hudson train and the
conductor could see no good reason
why ho shouldn't produce. First, the
Wllkes-Uarru man secreted himself in
the tar toilet room. Subsequently ho
took his real among tho other passen
gers, and when the conductor re
quested his ticket or cash fare, he as
sumed the nlr of an offended Wllkes
Jiarn; man: there's only one man, and
that's a Wllkes-narre man, who can
become real earnest over an Imaginary
offense. This Is what this man did,
protesting that lie had paid his fare to
Wllkes-ltairc on the way to Carbon
dale earlier In the day. Conductors
meet with all kinds of Jokers, but this
one was lu a ilass of his own, He
persisted In his little attempt at farce
until Detective Martin Crlppen, of the
company, came on the scene nnd gave
It a serio-comic air. Van Nome was
sized up to be a Wllkes-iinrre man
and was put off at tho next station, in
charge of Mr. Crlppen, who took him
to Alderman .tones' olllce. In this city,
where a charge of stealing a ride on a
train was prof e: red against hlni.
The alderman, when ho heard the
evidence, believed there was a good
case against the Jarerne county man,
and gave him over to the charge of
Constable Ncary. who took hltu to the
county jail, where he will eat his
Christmas dinner.
Business Transacted nt te Last
Regular Session Monday Night.
The Fell school board met last even
lug lu Simpson and after going through
the regular i"'der of business the direc
tors! decided to close the township
schools on December "0. and open them
again on January (1, IHO:'.
The report 'of Supervising Principal
Delaney showed aa attendance of -10!!
pupils for the mouth of November, as
against 4211 during the month of Octo
ber. This falling oil' in attendance is
due lo the negligence of parents and
guardians. The board of education
warns those parents lo be nude prompt
in sending their children to school, or it
will enforce the school law.
The beating of room No. V, in Simp
son school was referred lo a commit
tee. The board adjourned, to meet at the
call of ihe cha:r.
A Crowded House Greets the Actor
Singer in "Garrett O'Mngh."
Chauucey Olcott, the actor of many
graces and the sweet-voiced singer,
whose songs have delighted thousands,
was given a characteristic reception by
the Carbondale people last night, when
the Orand was tilled with a crowded
audience. It was an expression of
warm-hearted admiral lou that surely
must have jdi ased (lit oil, though he
may be accustomed to singing beforr
big audiences.
The play, "(tarietl O'Magh," in which
Olcotl Is in the title role, is of the same
typo lu which this Irish minstrel is to
be found each year, lie is a romantic
lover, a role in which he is at home,
and makes everybody else uboul him
feel the same way. The piece Is of the
lightest comedy, with plenty of funny
situations, though ii may not sparkle
uilh wit. The tun is pare, light
hearted and wholesome, there Is an
abundance of It, and, coupled with l
eott's singing, It offers a truly delight
ful evening. Everybody is sure to be
siillslled mid pleased to have laughed
with (iarreit O'Magti In his meriy
The company is a splendid one, the
staging wim excellent, and with the en
thusiastic audience then- were all the
elenienis lo make the engagement n
The Tribune's Tempting Offer Will
Not Be Lost to Carbondale Boys.
The splendid opportunity which The
Tribune offers lo enterprising boys
who wain in increase the amount of
their upending money for Ninas will
not be lost to the young hustlers or
The offer which appeared lu yester
day's Tribune, lo provide lads with all
ihe Tribune's which they can sell on
Ninas morning stlrivd up Interest
among the rising generation 'of the
town and Immediately there was many
a resolve to take advantage of ihe up.
portuulty to earn extra spending
The papers can lie procured at the
Carbondale olllce of The Tribune which
Is located In the llurke building, There
will lie u clerl: lu ihe oilleo from 7.:!0
to who will supply alt the wants
of the hustling boys who will lie on
Well Known Citizen Announces
Himself for School Director.
Homer Smith, of Maple avenue, an
nouuees himself as a candidate for ,ho
olllce of school director on the Republi
can tk ltd as the successor of Prof. II.
I. llockenberry,
Mr. Smith Is ouo ol'Carboudule's (m
luiibt citizens. While hu has not been
so conspicuous lu politics ho Is n Re
publican who always has at heart the
Interests of his party, at tho samo time
In line with every movement that
looked to the advancement of ihe
city's welfare In every direction. Ho
holds an Impoitaiit portion under the
Ontario and Western company, Is a
substantial taxpayer and has all tho
(liinlltlcailoiis for the olllce to which ho
Uncalled for Letters.
I.lst of . letters remaining in the
Carhonilale, Pa., posiolltce Dee 17,
l'JM, .for persons unknown: James
llenueti, n. II. ihowu, Samuel RIvjii
hiirt,', Register of Wood's college, Mrs.
Coleman, Mrs. F. A. McMlnn.
,1. 11. Thomas, postmaster.
At the New Foundry.
Things are moving quite smoothly
at the new foundry of tho Carboudnle
Mclul Woiklng company. No heavy
work lias been uttempled yet, orders
for small castings boltiR disposed of
.Tunics Early, of .Seventh avenue, Is
the moat recent addition to tho forco
of employe of the works.
WIlllniUB Is In Jnll Yet, Ball Not
Being- Fixed.
The two children of Tailor Joseph
Peters who were shot by Hottler
Thomas Williams during his escapade
on Saturday, are rapidly Improving and
no danger ut all Is apprehended us to
the result of the wounds.
Williams Is in Jnll yel. No attempt
lins been made to have hint released
on ball, though ho could gel his liberty
If the mnttcr was tnkon before the
court, and the necessary bond offered,
its the children's lives uro not In danger.
Meetings of Tonight.
Ladles' Auxiliary Railroad Engl
users, (afternoon).
Father Cnrew branch, Catholic
Pioneer castle, Knights of the Mys
tic Chain.
Corboudsttc lodge, Knights of Py
thias. The Second Night.
The second night of the Mitchell
Hose company's fair was another ban-
nor night, :t largo crowd enjoying the
Mitchell's hospitality. Tho programme,
as given in yesterday's Tribune, was
carried out In full.
Register Today.
Refore you go home to rest tonight
register. This Is the Inst day on which
you can be entered on tho registry lists,
If you want to nvold confusion and an
noyance on election day In February.
Seriously 111.
Miss Teresa. Powdcrly. of West Side
hospital, Scranton, Is In attendance at
the bedside of her Rrother Thomas,
who is seriously III,
Aurora lodge. No. K2S, Free and Ac
cepted Masons, last evening elected of
ficers for the ensuing term as follows:
Worthy muster, D. J. Jenkins; senior
warden, James Allen; junior warden,
Frank Winter; secretary, S. D. Davis:
treasurer. Calvin Vail; representative
lo grand lodge, William Rawllng: trus- j
tees, .1. u. iiiiams, J. 11. Wheeler and
Robert Roe.
Thomas Rellly, a well-known resi
dent of Maylield, met with a pain
ful accident yesterday. While return
ing from his work at No. I, Carbon
dale, he fell, fracturing his knee cap.
li- was attended by Ir. Hymn jr.
Mrs. Stephen, i . Miller, of Fourth
street, is conllned lo her home by Ill
ness. There will be a meeting or the First
Aid lo i he Injuied society in Windsor
hall this evening. The class will be
addressed by Dis. Jackson and M. J.
Mrs. Thomas Ainey, of Second
street, has been seriously ill for ilic
past three or four days.
An entertainment will be given In
Assembly hall Friday evening by the
children. of the .Maylield public school.
Floyd Hunter was u Scranton vlsi-
lor yesterday.
Mr. John ilowarth, of Cemetery
street, who has been critically 111 for
several weeks, was still alive last
evening, but was rapidly sinking and
Ids death Is momentarily expected.
tjuite a number of Jeiinyn people
iv Chauucey Olcott at the (Jraml at
Carbondale last evening.
Ai laugciiieiits are nearly completed
for the fair of the F.xcelsior hose eon. which will op.n on Christmas
nlghl in Lloyd's hall on Lackawanna
street, and it promises to be one of the
most successful affairs of its kind ever
lond'ieteil here. The organization Is one
of the oldest in the valley a'nd one of
the most popular as well. A feature
of the fair will be the high class pro
grammes which Hie amusement roni
lililtce will provide. Kllctrlclun Uardls
will have chaige nl ihe moving pic
ture machine is hlch will have new and
up-to-date plcttirt s
Miss' Nealon, nf Daunioie street.
Is ill with the fi,.,.
A barn owned by Frank Magor.
In which a horse and two ows were
stabled, was carried down Hull's creek
from Fourth .street to First street,
Hlakely, by the rushing water during
tho big storm. The building became
overturned during its course and It was
necessary to remove the roof before th
animals could be extricated. Sixty
chickens belonging lo Mr. Manor wore
drowned lu the Hood,
John T. craven, of (iravlly street.
was taken ill while at work In No. 2
mines about .S o'clock yesterday morn
ing, The mini was found hi an uncon
scious condition by his fellow work
men and removed to his home lu the
company's ambulance, where he re
ceived medical attendance.
ICddy creek colliery resumed opera
tions yesterday after a day's Idleness
on iiccouul of the Hood,
Lawrence JJonstlen left yesterday for
Crcsou, l'a , where he will reside per
maneully. Miss Bertha Ooodrlch has accepted a
position lu Alhcrton (i Sutton's store,
Honest Doctobs
As u rule doctors arc nbnotutuly ltoiicsl. Tho fanoy
which some peoplo liavo (hat tlnt'tora iiniko frequent
visits lo run tip hilts is simply horn of Inttk of knowledge
of the tlelicitoy and diflluiilty of the doctor's work. As
a rule, when the doctor lins renehctl the limit of his skill
ho -will any so, and rofuso to take money for
services which he knows must he timivailintr. lint
even tho most honest doctor sometimes falls into
the error of limiting tho possibilities of :i euro to
the measure of his own skill. Jle says, practic
ally, "I huvo exhausted till my knowledge nnd
skill in the case. Nobody can do mom than I
can. The- patient cannot get well." This state
ment may he made in perfect good faith and in
all honesty, and yet it is very often proven wrong
by the recovery of the pationt as a result of the
use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery.
"My sister (of Arlington, Washington Co., Neb") was
taken very sick and Intil several doctors," writes Mrs.
C. h. Harrison, of Hlk City, Douglas Co., Neb. "They
could not do her any good and told my mother they
Hint cftA rtMtM lint not liwtlt Cla ltrwl I ......I !.. . If .1
digestive organs.1 My mother said to my siuter, Well,
I n I most knmv Hr PWrr'c itin.lIpiMoc ujl1 ..- 1.-
So she boucht sis bottles, three of 'Golden Medical 11U
covety,' three of ' Favorite Prescription ' and some of the
Pellets,' and now my sister is a well woman."
The testimonial of Mrs. Harrison is an adiniralilo
illustration of the fact that honest doctors can he
mistaken. Several doctors were in attendance.
They snid, " We wont come any more as the pa
tient can't get well, and no doctor could help her,"
and yet the use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery effected a complete euro. This is not an excep
tional .ease. It has happened again and again that after
doctors had decided no cure was possible, a perfect euro
has followed the use of " Golden Medical Discovery."
"I am truly glad that I can do the least thing lo show my nrati
ude for your great medicine," writes .Mrs. Mollic llirchtielil, of
landley, Kanawha Co., W. Vo. ''I was taken six years ai'o with
IIOIIAt-a 11IH III aillt llnrtlr lMti ,m..l . . . .4 " .
-- -. :,'," ..', : ,-.i
' Jib itt&miiifA d
)(! Wffri&S' t mjMi ttttciMlit "sfWU.'llimk. rl
nWMll MMmimWmmm
Jiff! KmmWmKli
SKI I W m mewiH SI
III mm WK '"Hi I
iil ml B wSHb
111 Mil mm-j&--Wfr
iiM mill ircbBQ&PnNrc
lira H
s3 JmMI I
mm i
rcat " ' I
n um.At-o r.3.,1 II, ,,,, llni.l. 'PI,.. ....nt 1 . ". "' .
-- !" ;-v - ij"i. Mx-iui'ii no ian;er than a
twenty-five cent piece, and at times it worked around to my stom
ach until I had no relief except when under the influence of' mor
phine. The pain would last longer even- attack, until I finally
gave up iasi winter auu 11111 not ueueve 1 could live a day lonuer
my misery was so great. I had no appetite and craved cold water all the time.
i nan cigni iim-ior io sec mc ami an pronounced my trouble gall-stones. Some
said I won d get well, and others said not until I had the gall-stones removed, but I thank
t.od and I r. Pierce tha I am living, and have had 0 operation ,ierfonned either. Must
took your treatment right along and it has saved my life. No one thought thev would ever
..H....i xluii ... umui, juM iu iiuiiiw now i suiiered tor si: lontr vcars. an
cure within reach of me all the tune, vet I did tint ibi.,1- f ;i Af,..-.1...
medicine 1 did not have to take anymore morphine. I hav.-'now taken twelve bottles of Dr.
, 1Cn.c jvim i..-......i. lamely unii - ravoruc I'resciiption,' and now I can work all day with
ease. No pains, ami no morphine. I have a splendid appetite, sleep good, and feel like "n new
CT" blXhVsie'k "'" SUner " ' ,,l a"" "0t U l Cl lL' "?
It might he asked with reason. " Mow can Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery
cure when so many doctors tail-"' The answer must he that, "Golden Medical Dis
covery is the product nl n larger experience in disease and superior skill in treatment
than theirs. Many a sailor can pilot his boat about, the familiar waters of his own
coast who would he powerless to accomplish an ocean voyage. Many a doctor can
treat successfully certain tamiliar forms of disease who linds himself "helpless when
the larger problems ol complicated diseases confront him. Dr. 'Pierce's Golden Med
ical Discovery was perlcetcd in years of study and experience. Dr. Pierce found that
many diseases of organs remote, from the slomaeli had their origin in iliseascs of tho
stomach and other organs of digestion aud.imlritmi. We argued that a medicine.
which would cure the diseased stomach and its allied organs, would also cure the dis
eases in other organs when they were caused by disease in' the digestive and nutritive
tracts. To produce such a curative medicine was the effort of Dr. Pierce. His suc
cess is testified to by thousands tipun thousands of cures.
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the stomach and other
organs of digestion and nutrition, and so enables the perfect nutrition of the body.
Perfect nutrition is perfect health. Ulood is only digested food, and a common cause
of impure blood is food-undigested. The ' Discovery," therefore, heals the stomach
huh pinnies iiic iimnd. it increases tiie blood supply
and so strengthens the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, etc",
whose vilalitv and vigor depend on an abundant sup
ply of pure blood. It cures biliousness and cleanses
the blood front poinonoiis excreta, the product of a
sluggish liver. It builds up the whole body with
sound solid llesli, and gives new strength and new life
to worn-out, riiu-downweak and emaciated men and
mm, 1 1 ' i
IIDPnni c'C l!!
W fr
in, i
j 11 :
w-oM.iii,. -.. ,., af iay QNSLY,
Sgi ono of tha greatest maiiicai batiks of ilia
age Dp Pierce's Common Somso illadicat
Adviser;, in siagssi' covers, containing UG03
Capgc pages and mace than ZQQ tlfasti'a
fc'onsj is sent FREE on receipt oS 23 onaaant
stamps, to pay expense of mailing ONZV. Sf
tSio more substantial eiotli-OiounrJ hack is
desired, scnzS 31 stamps
AcltSress: UR. R V. PSEROE, Buffalo, ?h V-
Christmas cnicrialiinicnlH will be
lilvcu In both tho JJantlst and Unlvcr
sallst churclicH UhrlstmuH eve. Tho
Mothodlsl KpiKcopal Sunday school lias
united with the Hautlst and will ccle
bratt I'hrlstiuuH eve together.
The farmers' iiuititute, held limn two
days of last week, was very Interest
lnnr and Instructive, Tito evening hch
slons were well attended, but tho at
tendance durlnir tho day sessions was
small. Finlcy Tiffany was tdeeleil for
(.ouunlltccmiin from this place next
.Mrs. (ieoi'Ko Terry, of, vis
ited .Miss until Brundnfio recently,
Charles Furnham, who goes Mouth
amumlly on a hunting expedition, is
ours If you try -
stroug at
f w 4 &f. ami ours is fo stroug we
I ,M rtJ guaraiHeenciireorrefuml
v 'sar mouey, ami ivc tend you
free trial bottle if you write for it.
HIIU.OH'S co.sts 23 cents and will cure Con
sumption, Pneumonia, llromliltla and all
I.ung Troubles. Will cure u cough or cold
lu a iby, ami thus prevent Melons results.
It has been doing tliee things for 60 years.
S. C. Wblls U Co.. r.c Roy. N. Y.
Karl's Clover Root Tea corrects tiw Stomacb
Hpeudlug iweial weeks lu Virginia. libs
wife and Ihice cbllilrcu uro with hlni.
The terrible condition of tho roads,
caused by the recent washout, runderp
travel both dllllcult and dangiious.
Jlrs. Mlvlra nrownlng, of Heranton,
was entertained during the pant week
by .Mrs. YV. M. Ilobbs.
Although Ihe weather was so incle
ment Halurdny, tlie report of guns
could occasionally be heard, It being
the Inst of the hunting season,
Last evening, about 7 o'clock, .Mus
ter l.elghtun Miles hooked up Ids
grandfather's (Andrew I.eighton's)
young Humbtatoulun mare, Polly, to
drive to church at Waverly, a mile
and a half distant. Leaving her at
tho door without tying, he ran into
the house and hastily donning his
overcoat and arcilcs, returned two or
tltren minutes later to Had her gone.
A (illicit investigation proved that tho
mare, hud not gono buck to tho barn.
Next followed a hurried visit to neigh
boring' premises, on all sides, equally
fruitless. A council of war decided
that tho next objective point should
bo the church at 'Waverly. In half an
hour, young Miles drove up at a lively
pace, having' found Dolly Htaudiug
patiently In the cold blast, not tied, in
the driveway between the parsonage
and tho church. The linos were oyer
the dashboard and blanket, buffalo
robe and cushion all lu their places hi
the phaeton.
Stops the Cough
and Works OK the Cold.
I.uxallvo lhonio-Qululne Tablets euro
a cold In ono day. No Cure, Xo Pay,
Trice 25 cents.
Mark Walker, aged fi" years, parsed
away ut ' his homo on North Main
street ut ii o'clock yesterday morning.
He has been a sufferer for vewtul
months. I'luai'iionla ."el In a few days
ago and ill.- end came yesterday. I'i
ceased leaves a wife and nine sons.
'J he funeral will take place from the
la to residence at " o'clock Thursday
afternoon, lut.'rmeut will bo made In
Vrospect cemetery.
Lost, strayed or stolen IVekvlllo'n
board of health,
Dr. Illlild, of I'rovldenre, will lu the
near future locale In town,
Hurglars entered tho Winlon sta
tion of Ihe Delaware and Hudson com
pany on Huiiday night. They ran
sacked the place, but took nothing but
a gum machine. This they took a
short dlHtunco from the station and,
smashing it In, took the gum and u
small aiuouui lu pennies which the
box contained.
AVlllls Krug has resigned his posi
tion with the Peck Lumber Jlanuf.ic
hiring company.
M, J), Uetts will today take posses
sion of Hotel Wilson und continue tho
business nl that popular house.
Mrs. S. II, llrlggs, of Curbonduli',
was a visitor In town yesterday.
Mrs. Alice Hlckler and daughter de
ulro to extend their .sincere thanks to
all thoso who hi any way couli United
their sympathy and help dining llu-lr
recent great alllliilon.
Sjioilul to the Su.iMton Tijliuiic.
Xiw MilMil, Doi. If. Tho .uuii.- i.iil.' el
Iho I'rolijtcilJii Sumliy .iio kIk.iiIiu
for. i, "Mill lu smlu ll.ui.," l"i Iio aboil
ClirinlnuH iv in tlio I'u' linmlt.
Tho W. I. ('. .ucloly nl tin Ilil'IM iliii.i
mil ut the homo or Mi. A. i:. Minlir, on Mi
iIj.v iiitiiiimui In inl. a l' "' K,"l '"'' i"liii
.u 1 04.
Ml iUtj IIjii'I, of I i' -;i mlii';
a lew iljj-'illt lur i.ui'itt in Hn pi-io.
Tin IlJHIhorii Miiili it club will jiivo a ii.ii
colt in Iho'il-l (hutch (M TluiU'il.i 1.0111114
pi this iM'i-K. Tlili I Iho i-oioml nii'iihir ul tlm
Iodine (uiiiro, luit'ladul ly tho jouns c"!''1'
ot thu IliptU iliuuli.
Jli., llodlo, an uxcil ic-ltlont .i ilm li..v,
ilhil at the homo il ltcv. Muii.m'. in
lllnijhaiiituii, 1-it 'Jlmdjy, ivluio .hu li.i Ibid
(or the pail few joai.. jwl caiod tut tltcir li
lallil son. The tunoial irvu'04 tvoio (v.niluiloil
Uy a recent ml of the lcglsla.
ture, free tuition is now granted
at the
Literary Institute
State Normal School
uloomsbtirg, Pa.
to nil those preparing to teach,
This pehool maintains couiees
of study for teachers, for those
preparing for college, and for
those studying music.
It will juy to wrlto for lurtlculiri,
No other school olTori suili iiir.oilnr aj
lanUni'i at tucli low- rated. AilOrcil
J.P.Welsli, A. H-f PIi. D. , Pfia
t-CllAMON, l'.
T. .1. I'oter, I'rvtliieut. i:inior II. Laivill, "t"en.
It. J, t'oitcr, Stanley P. Allca,
Vice President. Srlir).
in Hi" l'iia!.tuii.iii (liiiiili on Monil..,v at S
ji. in. I.y lt.'. It. -S. ho, j.i.'U.i i lt,. J.
MlllUlll. 'HlO lll'L'.'Jioil uj, fj ,m.iiv if Hi", '''!
Iho oUo-l liuiiilioi in I In- I'lv.l'.-e-iiail ihur It
ol llii- plaic.
.Mi Maul llioiin, il H.ilUUaJ, U i u."t (
MI.i .MaK-lo HlmIoii.
.i, '
: t-,4f I.!.