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f I x,r.
She Entered a Plea of Guilty Yester
day and Throw Herself on the
Mercy of the Court Berton Gray
Convicted and Sent to the Peni
tentiary for Two Years and a Half.
Case Growing Out of One of the
South Side Riots Minus Moses
Convicted Other Cases.
Airs. Aniilt! Amen, charged with un
lawful relutlotiH with Dr. Kniipi), of
Potent City, yi'Htimlny pleailoit guilty,
itid court suisik'ihUmI sentence. Mr.
Amen wiih nrrestetl with the doctor In
i hotel In this city. Hotli were Indicted
:ind the doctor wiih convicted nnd sen
tenced to u term of lintiflsonnieiit In
the county jail. After the conviction of
the doctor, Mr. Aiiich, who wan behind
llio prosecution of 'both, declined to
pursue the ense ngalnst his wife, and a
not pros, was entered.
This displeased Mis. Kimpp, who
thought her liusbimd's partner was as
much deserving of punishment as he
Mils, and she had her re-arrested and
Indicted for the second time. Yester
day Mrs. Ames entered n plea of guilty,
and her attorney, Joseph O'Hrlen. made
an urgent plea to have sentence sus
pended. He snld Hint her husband has
forgiven her and Is willing to take her
back, that she has a daughter who
needs her eilie nnd that, moreover, she
is shuttered In health.
Judge l-M wards said It was the policy
of the. law to keep married people to
gether, rather than to separate them.
That wns the reason the nol tiros, was
permitted to be entered In the former
case. In such eases, the .ludge said,
the inun Is more to blame than the
woman, and If sympathy is extended It
ought to go out to her. He therefore
suspended sentence.
Convicted of Perjury.
Annie Wengrenlk, Frank Wengrenlk
nnd ivter Butcher were tried on a
charge of perjury, preferred by Joseph
Migda. All the parlies live in Carbon
dale. The Migdas had a christening
at their home on Sunday. March -I,
last, and in accordance with a I'ulMi
custom, offerings were made by the
guests for the child.
Wenyrenik claimed during the chris
tening that Ills watch hud been stolen
and he asked Migda to recover it for
him. Migda said lie knew nothing
about it, whereupon 'SVengreiiik, in a
spirit of pique, went before Alderman
Atkinson and had a. warrant, sworn
nut, charging him (Migda) with selling
liquor on Sunday. The. three defend
ants testitied at the hearing that the
money they gave was in payment for
the beer and other intoxicants which
were served.
Migda was discharged, and he imme
diately had the three defendants ar
l i-sled on the charge of perjury. They
all took the stand yesterday and swore
that they testitled before the alderman
in good faith, believing that the money
that gave was in payment for the in
toxicants served. They were adjudged
guilty by the jury and were reconi
liended to the mercy of the court.
South Side Riot.
When courl adjourned, Daniel and
Vutrlek Finnegan were on trial before
'udge Edwards on a charge of assault
and battery preferred by Superintend
ent of Police Frank Holding, jr.
The prosecution is offering to show
.hat on October ;i Patrolman Thomas
Jones saw James Murray throw a
stone at a street car on Piltston ave
nue, and that lie placed him under
arrest. It is claimed that Patrick Fln
pegan knocked Patrolman Jones down
and sat on him, and that when Mor
gan Sweeney placed Patrick under ar
rest, his brother Daniel took Jones'
club and revolver away and assisted
others in the crowd to drug liim along
the street.
The defendants deny that they com
mitted any assault. Patrick says that
lie merely asked Jones to allow him to
take Murray home, because of the lat
ter'K intoxicated condition, and Daniel
claims that the only connection lie had
with the affair was to advise his
hrnther to go along peaceably with
Morgan Sweeney. The evidence is all
In, and Judge Edwards will charge the
jury when court opens this morning.
Mecca Changed His Plea.
Angelo Mecca was put on trial before
Judge Wlieaton yesterday, charged
with selling liquor without a license
and to minors, Antonio Corrello, prose
cutor, and dealing and tralllcklng in
registered bottles, Henry Ulrleli, prose
cutor. The evidence was to the effect
that Mecca had been selling beer from
kegs and bottles at Ills place in Dun
more, and that lie used the registered
bottles of A. Scliroeder and Frank Har
rlelt. Tile accused was defended by At
torney C. K. Daniels,
After the commonwealth rested, the
ehnrge of selling to minors was with
drawn and the defendant then recalled
his plea of not guilty and pleaded guilty
to selling without a license and tralllck
lng In registered bottles, He will bo
sentenced Saturday,
Minus Moses Convicted.
Minus Moses, a young man, who lives
on IV'iin avenue, and who for years
has been looked upon as not well-balanced
mentally, was put on trial be
fore Judge Kelly yesterday, charged
with attempting to commit a criminal
nrwiult on C-ycar-old Mary Quint. The
offense Is said to have been committed
one (venlng, several months ago.among
thu "Masks," near tho Dickson foundry,
on Vine street. Thu testimony was that
Moses was found near llio girl with his
person exposed.
lie denied tho charge, and attempted
to prove an alibi, Tho Jury found him
guilty of- assault and battery,
Gray Sent to Penitentiary.
Derton Gray, the colored man, who
was tried Tuesday on a charge of slash
ing Patrick Caffrey, of Green Itldge,
with a razor In Raymond court, was
yesterday found guilty.
Judge Kelly sentenced hi in to two
years and six months at hard labor In
thu Eastern penitentiary.
Frank Carluccl, James Llpnlck and
Peter I.obuteittl, the three boys put on
trial Tuesday on a charge of malicious
mischief, preferred by Mrs. Mary Sulli
van, of Ninth street, yesterday with
drew their plea of not guilty and plead
ed guilty. Sentence was suspended,
Joseph Gurvls, Anthony Muckulis and
If t&m
Twelve Years of
Awful PBIo Pain.
A. K. Aurlnger, Urnldwood, III., says:
"After HUfferlng untold agony for over
twelve yeai-H from both forms of piles,
and trying nil sorts of pile remedies
without relief, I am completely cured
by Pyramid Pile Cure." Sold by all
druggists, RO cents a box. Hook, "Piles,
Causes and Cure," malted free. Pyra
mid Drug Co., Marshall, Mich.
Kiln Muckalis were chnrged with rob
bing Adam Yoiialonls of $10, on Cuslck
avenue, In North Scralilon. The defend-
.iiiin i(?iiil'i uir uiiurge, iiiiu men iuhu-
mony went to show that all of the par
ties were drunk nnd had a brawl in the
house of the prosecutor.
Mrs. Mary Shaw was on trial before
Judge Kelly when court adjourned,
charged with embezzling $77 from the
Moses Taylor council, Ladles' auxiliary
of the Hrotherhood of Hallway Train
men. The lodge is located on the West
Side, nnd Mrs. Shaw was the treasurer.
The prosecutrix Is Mrs. Artie 'iiirlow,
the president. Mrs. Shaw's defense Is
that she has not embezzled any funds,
that she is willing and ready to settle
her accounts as soon as tht ollicers of
the lodge surrender her bond and prop
erly audit her accounts.
Thomas Uellly. who pleaded guilty to
one charge of larceny and receiving
and was convicted of another, was yes
terday sentenced by Judge Edwards to
Ml costs and one year In the county
S. D. Gallon, the well known clothing
merchant, was yesterday declared not
guilty of the charge of malicious mis
chief, preferred by John G. Iteesc, of
the American Hill Posting: company.
Itceso claimed that he obtained permis
sion from K. J. Jlfkins to put up a ulll
board on die building now occupied
by Mr. Calico, at the corner of Penn
avenue and Centre street. He claimed
that Jlfkins said that his father,
Thomas Jlfkins, the owner of tin- build
ing, hud given him authority to allow
the erection of the bill board. The
board was creeled in January and Mr.
Wallcti moved Into the building in
April, Ho tore the bill board down in
August. Thomas Jlfkins testitled that
lie had not authorized his son to allow
a bill board on the building, and said
that if a tenant objected he would nol
allow one to be erected. The law is
that a bill board cannot be erected if
the tenant objects. Tho costs wore
divided between both parties.
When court adjourned, J. J. Harl
nett was on trial on the charge of sell
ing liquor without a license, on the
corner of Phelps street and Capouso
avenue. Tho prosecutor is Robert Wil
son, of the Municipal league, and the
arrest was made in 1SH9. Several of the
league's detectives testitled to having
purchased intoxicants in the place.
Hnrtnett denies that he was the pro
prietor of the pluce, claiming that his
brother, Dennis, now dead, was thu
Tony Fihir was yesterday adjudged
guilty of stealing cement from M. II.
Dale and was recommended to the
mercy of tho court. He was senteiaeil
to pay a tine of $1 and costs and to
spend ten days in the county jail.
A verdict of not guilty was taken by
agreement in the case of O. E. Jones,
former manager of the Dyceum theater,
who was charged with embezzlement
by George A. Dounce, of the Scramon
Dairy company.
A verdict of not guilty was taken in
the case of Anthony Schiniinlsky,
charged with selling liquor' to minors
by Joseph Broborack, the latter fall
ing to appear.
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
fiiilsrppc ( liloih lJiiiunoi'e
Homlnda Petrclln Dunmoio
William llumplury Scranton Palis Scuiilon
Klmcr O. Midd.iugh Iluaillfv.
Amu 1'recthy Ski'llelt llawlcy
Mm I'limo Scr.uitiMi
Mis, Annie McNcary Snantcti
Andrew t '"-.Wo (ii ecnludi I
l'.illtli Linily IMvIs Mj) III 1.1
1'. T. (Hill, rcu up In tlio ease of Kate Wit.
Hams attain-.! the city of Sir.inlun, awarded tlie
plaint III 2,000 ihm.ues yctciday,
hi the divorce piocccdiio Inoimlit by I', V.
Itolililiix niMiiiil Prances 11. Iluhliliia, court jr..
trnliy is-ncd nn order dlnrtini; the llbcll.iut to
(llf a lilll nf particular within thirty iljyj.
W. llaylor, ri'f.Ti'C in Ihe suit brouuht by
poiniuick- lloalcy tho city of Siranton,
for nllwi'i) damages MiMnlni'il by the widc-nlii',- of
Minion klii'i't, ut tho iiii nor ot Ninth, jctciday
ilooldcd tho ojso in favor nf tho city,
Harry K. Unwind, William llealey and .lus-ph
Kropelcb, of tho Second ward, Olj pliant, nml
II, A. Thornac, of tho lVmilh ward of till-, ipe.
,ve.-tclday loipioMod Audit Itoliirt Wllon, of Mm
Municipal league, to furnUi them with bills nf
particulars in tho ailions brouijlit ausint thorn
for a tevocatlon nf Ihoir licenses, In onlor tint
they may bo prrpiird whin tho cases, come up
before aiKumont court next wool.,
Uy l'.uluslvc Wire from The Awoolatod press,
Washington, Poc. 11, Tho final aiuumcnt of
counsel woie b'Biui thi'. afternoon in tho Mil if
Mm. Lola Ida llonlno, cluritoil with tho kiHiii
nt (Vnstu t'lirk Aitaiit piitikt At Inc.
noy Tai,'Jrt ope I fur tho government, Thu m.
til c inniiiinK telon was devoted to tho nihiii a
hlon ot tho riyi-r for tho Bomniiirnt 1 1 1 tlw
ilofinso. (I, M, riillun, of caiinscl for tho tin.
feiiM', foil nviil Mr, TJiarirl. Tho urinuuniti
probably will bo finished tomorrow and tho caaa
nay no io mo jiuy mio in ino aiiornoon.
Killed by nn Engine.
lly r.xiiualH' Wire from The Associated l're.
Lancaster, l'a., Poc, J), fiooruv' Allwcln, ae.l
35, a IVniiijivanh rJilio.ul cariienler, IhU oven.
Iiii; wIiIIb ictiuiiliiir fioui work to hn homo In
thij city, nnd walking on the railroad, win tluui:
by a thltlliiff englno and instantly killed, ,
body IicIiik toirlbly niutiljtfd. In trying to avo.
ono train Allwcln stepped in front i.f tho njtln
which killed him.
MoKlnley Administrators.
Uy Exclusive Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Canton, O., Dec. Jl. The bonds ot floorce II.
Cortolyou and Judo William It. Pay as adminis
trators, with will annexed, of the estate of th
late President WlllUm McKInley were tiled In
the probate court today and approved by 'iM
Aumt today. Tho binds te each In the u'm of
1100.000. They wcrei furnished by a n-vluJ
surctv company, i
Lnst Year It Stood Fifty-second
Among the Postofilces of the Uni
ted States and This Year It Is the
Forty-sixth It Is the Third in
tho State Figures Showing the
Business Done by the Local Office.
Some Comparisons Made.
Scrnnlon Is the third city In tho stale
of Pennsylvania as far as the receipts
from the postofllce business Is con
cerned, and stands forty-sixth In the
United States along the same line. The
figures which follow are based on the
sale of stamps, stamp paper, box rents
and second class mall matter, and do
not Include receipts front money or
ders. Philadelphia leads, with Pittsburg
second and Hcranton third In this
state. In thu Kcranton olllce the ex
penses for the llscal year ending Juno
!!0, 11101, were !!(! per cent, of the re
ceipts, thus the government earned t)4
per cent, profit from this olllce.
The previous year the local olllce
stood fifty-second In the Pnlted States.
The total amount of business done
at the Scranton olllce was $201,029, and
a. comparative estimate can be drawn
from tho amount done in other cities of
the state as follows:
1'hll.uiolphl. $:!,C05,301
IMtAlmig I,t0,jl3
Sirantoii . ail.ui)
Alh'slionv 1!.".II
H.iriMiurB 1I.J.VM
lti'iiillm; imi.tKII
Wllke-Haiiv 71. 4'.'.!
WIIH.imi.piil fiSJOl
This Is ii remarkably good showing
for this city, and at the rate we are
increasing In population and along
other lines. Scranton will soon be In the
first class.
Conference of Lackawanna Officials
Concerning the Now Book of
Rules Today's Board.
A conference on the new book of
rules, which go into effect on the
Lackawanna railroad on December 22,
was held In this city yesterday and
was participated In by General Super
intendent T. K. Clarke, Superintendent
K. M. Klne, .Superintendent Phillips, of
the ISul'falo division; Trainmaster John
Honaii, of tiufftilo: Trainmaster J. fi.
Sii'kles, of the .Morris & Essex division:
Chief Dispatcher A. W. Chapman, or
Buffalo; Trainmaster ti. (', Kcrrls, of
Syracuse, and others.
The conference was held in Train
master J. .1. AlcCann's olllce, and in
struction on tho book of rules was giv
en by Superintendents Clarke, ftine and
J)., L. & W. Board for Today.
Tho following is the make-up of the
V., L. and W. board for today:
Wild Cats. i:,ist -s p. in., M. l,.iiiKhnoy; !) p.
in.. t. W. Hint; 1(1 p. in., Ii. T. Staple, 11 i.
in., I'. L. lii'soic.
Wild ('.it", i::,..l.,'iii a. m., M. Klimritj ; t a.
in.. I'. Ilalletlj .', a. in., I). Wall.uo; 7 .1. in.,
woik train, . lt.nulolph; S a. in., John Il.ixt'T;
: a. in., . A. Ilaitliulomovr; 111 a. in., A. II.
ltiivvv; 11 a. in.. A. I'. Million; I p. in., A. If.
llumuiitt; 2 p. in., O. KiMinoy; '.1 p. in., O. W.
I'it.L'orald; .'i . in., liioio Thnm.n; 0 p. m.. V.
V, St even-,
SiiinmiN, Kli'. II a, in., o.'i-t, .1. CairiRS; 'S a.
in., nift, (I, riinnifiilicr; II a. in., woj.1, Nlchnls;
11 a, in., Kinsley; 2 p. til., Thompson; II p. in.,
TliiimpMrn; 7 p. in., .Nay Auu, I;. MoAlli.-tir; S
p. in., .M. lioldi'ii.
Pushi'r.---i, a. in., Vidnoi ; 7 a. i.i.. S. Kinnopy,
S a, in., HoiMr; II I.", a. in., Mourn; ."i p. in., !'.
MiP.iniieU; ti p. in.. C. Ilnitliiilnnu-u ; 7.:iil p. in.,
Muipliy; II p. in., W. II. ISartholomow; II) p. in,.
Lain niliLT.
I'a.-soinior IlnsiiiO' 7 a. in., I). Miller; 7 n. in.,
P. Sinircr: in a, in., Niuuunn; 10 n. in., t K.
Soi'or; Ii .15 p. in., Stanton; ,s.,!u p. m., MilJovorn.
Wild ('..Is, Wo-l-.s a. in., T.; 10 a.
in., It. Cn-lnor; I p. in.. Koliham; I p. in., .1.
Oinlcy; II p. in., I'. Wall; tl p. in., M. (ilnloy,
with M. i'.iiiiuiil's now.
TiiriiM).v, i)i:(T.Min: 12.
.1. fioiiity and now will inn ti .1. m. wild cat,
Per. 12, for'ton.
Willi. 1111 Hoar will run ii a. in, wild cal, with
1'. Cllliiraifii cri'vv, Doc. 12, and until fintlicr no
the. ltiakemon John 11. Jones', Sam Snyder and It.
.Miiii.ik1i.ui will go on with John Maxtor until fur.
thor nntioo.
Itrakeinau J.,'an ropnrls for (l. Kearney.
Will Be Reported Favorably in the
House Tomorrow.
fly llxiiuslvo Wire fiiun Tho Assoiiated Press.
Washington, Dec. 11, At a meeting
of tho ways and means committee to
day Chairman Payne was directed to
favorably report to thu house the Phil
ippine tariff bill which the Republican
members of the committee agreed upon
yesterday. The report will be made
Friday and the bill will be considered
In the house next Tuesday with a vote
at 4 p, in. on Wednesday Instead of on
Tuesday as at llrst planned.
Some surprise was occasioned at the
failure of the minority of the commit
tee to ask for a division and volo on
It Is the Experience of Scranton Peo
ple That Proves tho Magical Effect
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Pills with
Sick and Nervous Headache.
It has never come to any other medi
cine never to all medicines the
abundance of Scranton testimony
showing tho unequaled merit estab
lished by Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve
Pills. There js probably no case of
nervous sick headache they will not
Mrs. James Watson, of No, 3 IS
Twelfth street, Scranton, Pn says;
"Dr, A, W. Chase's Nerve Pills are
line. I began to use them for nervous
slclc headaches and nervousness, and
had great success In stopping them
completely, Recently I used them to
ovorconio the depression and weak
nesses following grip and they wero
again successful, giving niu bodily
strength and nerve steadiness. As an
all-round nerve and general tonic they
are grand, and I am very much pleased
that iny attention wus called In them
through Matthews Pros., druggists,
320 Lackawanna u venue.
Dr. A. V. Chase's Nerve Pills are
sold at EOc u box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. Chaso 'ftledlclnu Co., liulYulo, N. V,
See that portrait and signature of A.
W. !husu. M. D.. are on every paekuge.
Goldsmith's Bazaar
Rugs and
Art Squares
For Holiday Gifts
! Our large stock of these useful j
j and ornamental articles, now on sale gj
2 in our Rug Department on 2nd floor. ;
! Jute Smyrna Rugs,
5 $r'$; our price
Velvet Wilton Rugs, size 30x60, (fc AQ
h $2.00; our price P 1 T'V g
3 wort
Heavy Smyrna Reversible Rugs, f Oft $:
worth $2.50; our price vlVO gj
2 Large size Marquette Rugs, new j5 AQ :
patterns, worth $3.00; our price PT'V !
j$ All-Wool Art Squares, measuring t A A r :
v5 7 XA square yards, worth $6.00; our price PT'T"
"5 . t. ...... 2
ah- Wt.oi Art squares, measuring P C Af
S 9 square yards, worth $7.00; our price POzr" g
! $erPlease present your checks when they gj
g amount to $10.00 and obtain one of our Gen- 5J
2 uine Steel Engravings, beautifully framed and g;
! ready to hang, free of charge. Remember the
distribution of these pictures continues only j
$ until December 31st, 1901. &
the question of reporting the bill. In tho
absence of such request no vote was
Numerous conferences of Democratic
members wero held prior to tho meet
ing of the committee today because of
the question which had arisen as to
united opposition to the Philippine bill
drafted by Republican members. It
developed that the four Louisiana
members now in the city, Representa
tives Robertson, Meyer, Davey and
Uansdell, were favorable to the bill and
that the two Louisiana members out of
the city, Messrs. Rroussard and
Brcazeale probably would favor it. The
Louisiana members made no conceal
ments of the fact that the sugar indus
try of their state required the measure
of protection against Philippine sugar
which the majority bill gave by apply
ing the Dlngley rates. Under these cir
cumstances the minority members
reached no united decision as to op
posing the bill, and although there will
be a minority report opposing the
measure on general grounds the Louis
iana members will hold themselves in
dividually free for the bill.
An Effort Made to Smother the Dis
astrous Fire.
By K.xclnsivp Wire from The Assnit.itiil Press,
Harrlsburg, Dec. 11. The big lick
mine lire, near Lykens, may be extin
guished before many hours. Kven
now there am hopes that the lire,
which has been raging in one of the
abandoned workings, Is under control.
Today, men, nt great risk, sealed up
the mine at both ends. The long gal
lery toward Lykens was closed and
the mine opening at Pig Lick was
sealed up. This, It is thought, will
smother tho llames, as no air can gut
to them.
Water Is being piped from "Willams
town, In case It should be necessary to
turn It Into the mine.
Additional Passenger Train Service
via Southern Railway.
Effective Nov. 1M, the Southern Rail
way will operate through train service
from Washington via Richmond, Vu
to Florida and points south.
The now train will be known as No.
29 and will leave Washington at 10.M)
a, m. over the Washington Southern
Hallway and arrive Jacksonville, Flu.,
at 0.13 a. in. This train carries first
class coaches and Pullman drawing
room sleeper between Washington and
Jacksonville, also hus dining car ser
vice, The above train Is In addition
to tho full complement of train ser
vice of Southern Hullway via Lynch
burg and Danville, '
Chas, L. Hopkins, District Passenger
Agent, Southern Hallway, S2S Chestnut
St., Philadelphia, will furnish all In
formation, The True Southern Route,
Tho most comfortable and direct
re u to to all points south nnd south
west Is via the New Jersey Central,
Only ono change of cars between
Scranton and Charleston, Atlanta,
Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Ashvllle,
New Orleans and all other prominent
points south,
Pullman service tho entlro route,
Only ono change of cars to St, Louis,
Cincinnati, Louisville, etc,
Quaker City Kxpress leaving Scran
ton at 7.00 a. in., Wllkes-Uarre at 7.50
a. in., arrives at Philadelphia at 12
noon, Washington at 3.30 p. m. Through
solid vestibule train with Pullman I lur
id Parlor Car, J. S. Swisher,
District Pass. Agent, Scranton.
The popular Punch cigar Is still th
leader of the 10a cigars.
size 30x60, worth 0&-r 5.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
in V.tlrul Nov. :;, 1001.
Trains lcii' S-ninton.
For I'hl lati.'lphi.i ami New York mj Ii. .t II.
R. It., .it f,.: .mil '.i.MS a. in ul 'J. id, 1.2;
(Black Ui.imoiul i:pie-s), and II. iW p. in. fcun
ikijs, II. .fc II. H. I!., I..W, S.-.7 .. hi.
I'Vir White ll.Hon, lliulrton ami irincip,tl pomli
in the lesion. i.i I). - II. It. It.. ii.:t, :!.1S
nml i.'ll i. in. Tor I'otlM ille, Ul. in.. J.1S
p. in.
Kor lifllili'hriii, Kj-Iiiii, liiMilini;. ll.n I'isliurs.
nml inlcimeiliale Mill ion.-, via II. .'; II.
II. It., .SS, H.iW a. in.: 2. IN 1.27 ( Dl.i
moml l!pre.v), 1l..'if p. in. Suml.i, II. & II.
It. It., !i.3S a. in.: 1. .IN N27 p. in.
For Tniikhainiork. Tmvamla, Khnii.i. llh.H"i.
I.'enria and prinoipal inleriiuili.ite Nation-, u
1)., I,, sun! W. It. It., Nio n. in. .mil :i..'n p. m.
For Cii'iiov.i, l(ni'lii'ter. Ilnll.ilo, Pall-,
Chli-aRd ami all pomU voi-l, ia I). ,v II, it. It.,
7.1S, I2.WS n. in.. I.I.!. :i.2S (lllaek Diauioml I'..
press), 7.1?, 10.11, 11. HO p. m. Snmla.s, II. i II.
It. II.. 12.0.1, S.27 p. in.
I'nllniaii pallor and sleepinc or Lehigh Valley
Pallor i.irs on all tiain- lielneeii Wilki'-.-Ilanc
nml New York, I'hilailelpln.i, linfl.ilo and Sn-pen-sion
ItOI.I.IN II. WU.1U1I, tlcii. Siipl., 2(i Cortland
ftivet, New Voik.
fUAHI.KS S. I.i:i:. Hen. P.Ks. A(?l., 2fl Cortland
fctreet, New Yolk.
A. V. N()Ni:lA(Tli:il, Div. l'a-. Aqt,, South
llethl(h"in, l'a.
For tickets and I'nllnun re-eivation apply to
oily ticket uflke, CD l'nVlif Siiiure, Will.e.s-It.ure,
New Jersey Central.
In Ktl'eit Nov. 17, IWI.
Stations in New Yolk, foot of I.ilicrly tlreut
and South I'ciry, N. It.
Trjins .Scianton for New Yuri:, Philadel
phia, Fa-ton, Ilethleliein, Allcntown, MjiiuIi
1'hiink, While Haven, Ashley and Wilkes-llanu nt
7.1.0 a. in., 1 p. in, and I p. in. Sunday, 2.10 p.iu,
(jiuUi'r City lCspie-n le.nes Sc.'anlon at 7.;i0
n. in., throii','h wild ililnili train with Pullman
Pullet Parlor ('."'. for Philadelphia.
For Auua, I'lttstun and Wilkes-llane, 1 p. m,
and I p. ni. Sunday, 2.10 p. .in.
For lams Hi. inch, Ocean til dm.', ete,, 7.M a.
in. and 1 p. in.
For IteadinK, Leli'inon and HanLlnirg, via Ab
lentuwii, at 7.0 a. in. and 1 p. in. Sundiy,
2.10 p. in.
For I'ottsvllle id 7.M a, in. and 1 p. in.
For tales and tlikeU apply to aitent at station.
C. M. IllUtT, (leu. Pa's. S,
W, W. WKSTZ, lien. Supt.
Delaware and Hudson.
In infect Nmenilicr 21, 1U0I,
Trains for Caihondale Sii.iuton at 11,20,
s.oo, io.ia a. in.: i2.oo, 1,20. 2.:u, .sj,
.1.2'), 0.'.'5, 7.S7, 1U5, ll.'.O P. in. : l.iil a. m.
For lluui'Mlalc, 0.20, 10.FI a. in.; 2,:it and n.'.'j
p. in.
For Wilkes-ltarie d.N 7,b, 8.11, u.:n, Iii.I'J
a. m.i 12 ttl, 1.IJ, -'.1, .!!, t.-JT, 11.10, 7. IS,
10.11, tl.WI p. Ill,
For I.. V. . II. PolnU-aiiS, O.iii a. in. ; 2.13,
J.27 and ll.aO l'. l.
For IVnns.i'ianlii II. II. Points (i..'H, O.Si a.
in.; l.t-. !!.- '"I'' 4'-7 I1' '"
For Albany -md all points uortli n.20 a, in.
and :i.W P. in.
For Cailiondale h,50, 11. ' a. in.; 2,31, i!.u2,
B.H3 ami ie.- !' '
For Wllkes-ll.iire-t'.as a. m.; 12.0.J, l.M, s.-ii,
U,"2 ami t. 12 p. in,
For Albany and imliit-, noilh 11.52 p. in,
For lloue-dale-s.W :u in, and il.52 p. m.
. Ij. P1IYOII, ). P. A., .Suantoii, l'a.
New York, Ontario and Western.
In lllfi'i't Tui'Mlay. Sept, 17, 11WI,
.Ntiitni mil xii.
l, Airlio
No. 1
Nu. 7
Si'i'Jiituii, t'.iibondale. t'adoala.
Il).;i0 a. 111, II. Ilia. 111. l.(l p, m.
ll.lili. 111, A r. Caibondaleli. 10 p, in.
I.eaiu Leave Arrlic
t'ado'.la, t'ail.ouilale, Herauton,
7.U0a. 111. 7.10a. m.
No. a
2.11 P. m. I.iiil ;p, in. I.IUp. in. I
E3U.MI.n If.M.I, .llltl IHIl .Ml,
l.eaui Leave .11U0
Seranloii. Caibouilale, ( .doila,
No. 11
No. 0
I-.., 'i a, 111. n. 111 11.111 , jo. 1.', j. in.
U'l p. III. ,
r. I Mrlioui UIo 7.iii. in.
l.e.uii Arrive
Cjiboud.ile. Seraiilou,
7.U0a. 111, 7.10 a. in.
No. U ,
No. It).
l.:;0 p. 111.
il.mi p. 111. U.I,', p. ui.
Tra Hi No. 1 on week dam. anil 11 on Miudji..
nul.e main line luiuicctloni for New V01U lit,
illddlctoiMi, Vt'ulton, Noiwlch, One Ida, t)jWec;o
and all pnlnU went,
1'or fiulhci' IntoniLitloii, eoionlt tleKet aientd.
J. ('. AN'lli.UMi.V, (I. P. A., ew Vork.
J. II. WLLSII, T. P. A., Scranton, Pa.
Erie Eoilroad, Wyoming Division.
Train.' for New Voile, Newbuiith and Intrun.
illito pointt leave Sirautoii. .14 lulliu; T.-.'y a.
in.,; '-'.i" p. in.
Alilvali 0,:i." a. 111. from .Mlddlttoun. lionet'
dale, llaulcy and InteriueiliaU' poinU; U.iU p. 111.
fioni New Yolk, Ncwburcjh and inlvlinedlatc
uoluts. No Sunday traluj.
From 45c to $22.50
Last season we in
troduced the custom
of Engraving Initials,
free of charge. We
still continue to do
Nothing more ac
ceptable as a gift to
Mother than a Nice
Dress Pattern.
We carry an un
ending assortment
in cotton, in wool, in
Dress Patterns
Liuerty Satin Foul
ards, Silk Waist
Lengths. Only one
pattern of each style.
510 and 512 Lackawanna Avenue
9 o
From a regular 10-cent
package of "None Such"
Mince Meat you can make,
as you choose and when
ever you want them,
Two LARGE Pies
l-Vtfv -'ill
f ,
or a Fruit Pudding or a Fruit
Cake, or a batch of " None Such
Hermits." Simple, yet delicious
recipes on every package.
"None Such." Condensed .V.lnce
means tor sale Dy every trooa grocer,
ii: 1
Let us Know u your aeaier reiuses 10
ply you. we win ten you one mac
UEBEELL-SOLLC CO., Syricutc, N. Y.
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
anil Wllkes-Uarre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boilers, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
Grand Atlantic Hotel rND annex
Virginia Ac. and Peach, Atlantic City, N. J.
Sixth year; 2.30 beautiful looms ensuile, ulngle
and with bath; hat and cold sea-water latin
in hotel and annex. Location select and ccniral,
within few jards of the fctrel I'icr. ' Orchestra,
Olliru tpcelal spring rates, $12 to $15 by week;
.'.60 up by day, ypuelal rate la fjmlllei. Cojchej
meet ill traiiu, Write for booklet.
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western.
In Lftect Nov, a. IDOL
Tuliu, leave Scranton for New Voik--At 1. 10,
3.15, U.IH. 7,M and 10, U3 .1, 111.; li.15. Ji.IO, l.,U
II. 111. Kor New Yoik and I'hiladelphla 7.S0,
io.0.1 a. 111., ami 12,13 and a.S:i p, 111, I'or Toliy.
lianua At ti.K) p. m. 1'or lluiUIn 1.15, ''.-- and
ii.uj u. 111,; 1,55, u.50 and ll.::r p. m, 1'or ilin
luiutoii and way ktath'iH- lo.-H a. 111, ami I 10
p. 111. 1'or ()vvi'hu, SjiatiKe and Utlea 1.15 and
ii.22 a. 111.; 1.35 p. in, CtaviMju, Sjraciw md
i'tlt'j. tiain at ti.Sl a, 111. dally, except .Suudaj,
1'or .Montioe 0,00 a. 111.; 1,10 and ii.50 p. 111.
NI1I10I.-011 iucoiiiiuod.iliou-l.liO and U.15 i. m.
llUiiiimlinr,' Dlvlalon I'or Norlhuliiberlanil, at
li.liS and 10.0' 11. in.; 1,53 and 11.10 . 111. I'or
I'lVinniilli, at S.10 11, 111. j and li.'m p. lit.
Sunday Tiain. 1'or New ork,, a.I5, ll.a",
and IO.113 a, in.; ;I.I0, a.a.t p I'or llullalo 1.15
and 11.2:1 a, 111.; 1.55, U.JII and ll.M p. 111. For
llinuhaniton ami way latioiiv-lH.Vd a. in.
HlouiiiMiiiii: Divlfion Leave Scianlon, 10.03 a,
III. and p. 111.
Pennsylvnuia Bailrontl,
Siludiile lu Illicit June 2, IIWl.
Train leave Siranlon; tVM a. in,, week d.iia,
tliruti'jli veillbuli! tiain liom WllUcw-llane. 'u
man buffet pallor car ami coaches to Phlladl
phla, vil l'oltville; (top. at iuluiiie
ill.lto MJtiniu, Al'.o coiimcU for Siinbuiy, ar
rWnnv, Phlladeliihla, lUHImorc, aiilni,'toii and
lor PilWmijj and Ihe vvc.l.
U.lib 11. ill,, week ilaja, lor .Siinbuiy, llaifUbuii;,
I'hlladeliihl.i, lUHImuie, WaihliiKton and 'itt.
bun,- and the Met.
1,42 l. in., vviek dajs (Siiinljik. !..,) 11, in.),
for S1111I1110, llJIllkbuii;, Philadelphia. Ililtiiiiue,
WukIiIiikIiui and I'llltlmi'i, ami Ihe vvel.
;i.'js p. m.. week d.iy-i, t In mivrli ve..bule I1.1I11
fiom Wlllavlliiie, Piillimiu bullet pallor 1 .11 and
coaches to Phlladelphli via Pottvile. Stoi, ut
principal Inti'lliK'dlaie alatiom.
1,27 p. 111.. well: ilaja, lor lluKton, Suuhiiiy,
HaiiUburb', 1'hiladi'lphl.i and Pltt.biiic;,
J. II. WOOD, Oeu. l'j. Ant.
HOW THIS STOIIK relicts the holiday
palely I rhc hlaiinlnir mid nrepart.
lions nf in,mii i., nr(, ow uppar
ent. He vwo Ihliiklnp: ot jour lie
leinbrr wants loinc before YOU wtre
i.i.i .1 uirounh wllh vtimmer'ii 1cMtrii we
ooked jlicailt we n need our order while n.'lccv
lion mm ,oj, and the imult Is never before
h.ue wo hail mi ioniiietf n utock, m vorleil 1,11
(iiHimnt, o nil that I, beSi ,, tiVha.idhV, Z
set liefori! you. '
i,Jl.'ci.r,',.i,1.l.,,i "n'J"lBlvlinr Chrlstimu Rlfbmre
beie In iibundaiiee! from tot lu Rrnnd.slre-tliero'a
Minielhlns heiu to plc.ue every one.
ou won I make .1 mUtake ( linens .lie your
(lioli,. for itlfKs llieie Is ihiMiIiik -11 pleaslnj; to
the inn fill hoiiM'Wlle a.- Kieal iiuanlllle.s of bed
and Inble linen-.
' U"e ln'lii'io our .i-Miilmi'iil iiueiualled for ari
ely liotli In iuallly mil pilee.
A pair of niee w.ilin blaukeU or a llutlv liim
foitalile would make .111 i'iecilliii;ly de.vir.ib'le i;lft.
When (llil l'iu-1 nines wliistMnc arouuil,
null tlilnirH us llicsi- ale Iiet appreciated.
Illinkets In all weights nml Kr.ide-. from popular
ea.tein ool to I ho ureal waini, loiui'impped
(.illlnilii.1 pioduil. And i onifoi tables 110 end to
A hint ot oilier tcaouable iuviili.iiiillc
Glovas Petticoats
Hosiery Silk Waists
Neckwear Novelties
Fancy Goods, Etc,
You will find iiio-l of o llilnir you've set vour
mind on and Hie price-, will ple.iM' you,
Tlili slore nks Jour palion.i'.'e boeiuse it ile
sen is 11. The l.los, the hnesl wares am
Men 011 our loautris at all seasons There sreies
nn 11nns11.1l nhuiidince ol Ihinirs just ut tills sea
Mm, but Dial's In ciiisp pisl iion lou'ie MlOKI.Nt,
SIIAItl'FIt I li.m in usual 1 Inn. Hut lie II Christ
mas or uiid'sumiiier we keep the More for nu.
ou I'.in buy heir in pcifirl .'issiuani,' that dollar
for dollar this .store K the .store of xieatost
While we .ippni iale llio delishN ot
shoppim;, i.-peiially the plea-nuMe eeilem,-'iil.
Ihe few days Inliur, we would adiisc c.nly
pineliasiim', liee.iu-e ll,,' asoilun'ut is far meate'r
now it will be just lu-lnie 'In I-.tin.i-,: (Ills
makes shopping- ci-ier and sun ou lime, wiileli
,11 Ibis M-ason is .so aluahle.
By a recent act of tho legisla
ture, free tuition is now granted
at tho
Literary Institute
State Normal School
Bloomsburg, Pa.
to nil those preparing to teach.
This school maintains courses
of study for teachers, for those
preparing for college, and for
those utiulyliig music.
it will pip to write for particulars.
No other .school offeia such wncrior ad.
lant&gcs nt such low rates. Addicsf
J.P.WolsX A. M., Ph. D-, Pi'Ia.
T, .1. Foster, President. Klmrr II. Lawall, l'tcas.
It. J. foster, Stanley I. Allen,
Vice President. Secretary.
Cor. Sixteenth St. and Irving Place,
American Plan, ?3.30 Per Pay and Upwards.
Kuropean Plan, IJ1.00 P.r Day and UpwariU.
Special Ilatis to l'amlllcs.
4--f-f -f ---t-""'---'"t--f-f
lor Business ucii
In the
heart of lbs
For Aljopjier.i
n minuter' wulk to Wanamakers;
S niliiuteu to Ulcsel Cooper's Big
Btore. Knsy of access to the great
Dry Oooda Utorea.
For siRhtscor.1)
One block from B'way Cars. Blv
Inff easy transpot'tatlou to all
points of Interest.
T inr lruiir 4-
j nun x-iin. -f
4- ror. Ilth ST. A UNIVRKSITT Pt 4
Only ono Wouk from Ilro.irlnrny 4
4 Rnnrn SI n ... taurant.
- -r -
Prices Keuiombli
Every Woman
M a1v uhoiitlhowiinderful
ft LM.-1 fl MVfl Whirling Spray
tek'XVSA,j 1l,uni'wVi,l.ll.jrl-l',. lidie.
" v
lit Miut Cviivenlfiil,
i 1 uaM tor II.
If i.'.Mhn(a supply l ho
llllll ., 11L'-T)1K
It 11.11 1 it-ill 1 run nit ilii hi'I lull In
Hoom MO, Times Hl;r.i New Veil;,
Hk Drnf.fJ C TUCPI K97 J9. Tit!
f.J..l".,.". .. ".. .. ' j,,,n .
, uiituripci. 1 . ,ruii oprnau.i in
Amir It . (ittiru'itrf lu fur klub mall t'rhaU
111. ....I ..!. , . .I.iM. Ilal.ltll- lu,t Mj.1.iu..I T
t.JXal2pT i arlrurrlt & MrUlurt ( rullli; i nititltptk
Mrti.llirUPkrn lritk,Bdfwrh'ru rklloi'talU& Utffbi
ripu-'lnvrttr uinllcal J fllrJflfrul. Mmiluu yiwriT
V . "'?t-
J' 'Jr
! -Vi
- J
f , ; .; &$& -