The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, December 11, 1901, Page 2, Image 2

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The News of Carfeondale.
Delawnie and Hudson Railroad.
WnemlVr '-'I, IWIi
Trllni tc-Jir (.'aitioiielllr it cll si illc.n ai (ul
'Tor Sainton and WIlKx-Hir-f-H 00. T.W, S.jn,
I'.llt, 10.1)1. 11.21 n I l.m), Ml, "." -
fllM. 7.0(1, 1(ill, 1I.U0 p. in , .
Mind iv lulu lew at S.V., 1I.-31 . ft 1 l"-
2 Id. 6,'iU, S CO p. in, , , ..,.
I.r Vllniii, ViwtnKi. MomIiciI. 1,",,,f"'l
I'littlilid polnl. eti.. 7,U() u. Ill ! 4.-CT P '
I'm '.i.iiiiil anil t IoticslI', '-- H-m ' '"
.l.'l, I..I1 p. in. , ,, , . ,
Hiimiitv irilni Ii-ivp Wjyniirl end llonc-nlJlo
l 'i ."(i 'n, in.: Ml p. in. , , . .
Hulls, atrlp kI 1'irliomlilp from "lllr.'" ..."l.
and Scratilf.ii an frtllim: .V). 811,. !.. ".
n. in. j 1J.:i7, S.W1. .1.11. 4,2-, !.IN 7.(11, Sill. I) il. p. in.! '-'.OS .1. m.
Smiil,i liiliu iinlce at J7 J m.. '- I". -n-4
2. fi.2'1, 11.WI p. 111. ,
Siimlij Iriltw nrrlvp lit ( ill I.1I1' from "
mill and llmip-tltlp at 12.17 iml 7..i" p. m.
New Yoik, Ontario and Western.
,rpt. 17. inn.
IihIiii li.i Carbomhle toi crjnlon at T.oO 1.
in.; i.nn p. m.
-uiiclij irnlin al 7,00 a. in.; khi p. m
1 1 ilnt lone- C'.irliondilc (ui points 1101(11 ut
111(1 ,i. in. On Mind iv .il CM a. 111 '1 1.11m
tcnlnc ut II 1(1 a. in. uccl. iIj and1) 10 .1 111.
Sumlm niilx" leuiiiectlciin for .New VoiIm loin
will, dr.
ImIih nirivo from Scriiilon at 11,10 11. 111 : f- 10
P III.: fiom point 1101 Hi, 4.00 p. in. Mim!
fiom Vrantnn al CIO a. 111. and 7 15 p. 111. i
tiom CmlmU at 0 Oil p. in, ,
Erie Balhoad.
.lime 2.1. Villi
Tidii lrjv clu station, ('.nlioinbU-, dil.
fi-tunl Smitliv) at 7,m) 11. 111. and (.: p. 111. lor
nianclt and MiifwIi; at 0.1.1 a. lit., d.ill.i lev
upllns Siiml.i.O, fur Iliiikliainl'iu. inikiiii. on
iipiIiiiik for Now toil; ily and IttitTiln, nnd at
s.10 p. 111. 01 Sinqiit-lioiiiia, miking iciiitinlioii
lnr ur-trrn poInK
Nimby Iralm at on a. tn fur -MHCiiieliinni,
villi upttt-rn cnnn.'ctloiH, anil (127 p. 111., uitli
nine cnunrctinn,
Ti.iln airiro at 8 J3 1 in iml ." IS p in.
(iilnlais .it " 5J a. 111.
Negligence on Pmt of Someone
Causes Seiious Results The City
May Be Called Upon to Pay.
As 11 le.eult of neKllRt'iii ( nf "(iini
piio untl tho lieiivy mln. ;i uumbei' if
ctllars nnd lots wit dniuaift'd on
Hiooltlyn stici't .osUrdny. Tlic total
Hum of dimuiKoi ivill piobiibly li'.ifh
lour fiKUies rind tbo clly m.iy be c.illpd
upon to sottlt
The old Fallbiook 1 i pr. that stiuill
Mi cam of water running alonu: Hrook
ln i-ltcot. beininc swollen .Mond.iv
ulshl and ycstoiday niotnliifr .11 1!
o'clock an ho blockade torincd al the
Miidll Biooklyu biidite (he Kcn storp of T. .1. Ollhoitl. 'I'lii- blni-K-ailc
extended one bundled yaidf liotn
the iriif ol tho Lai kin lesidenie tn a
lininl 1101th of the bildKe. The eakts
of he weie the l.iiRest ever seen In tills
1 ity, some ten feel in leiiKth and width
and sis lnehe thick. The takes formed
in a inmi.i('l nias and tlie Hood oei
lllli the hanks on eltliev side, The
'j.iiik iie but a few feet oer the bed
,f the liver and the lushing writer
lound its way oer them to tlie load
w.iy. On the iIbIU bank the water
flooded tlie mart leadiiiK to the fial
l.mhcr lesideiue and load leadiiiK to
-Mill-dock's Ktove, ,iKii on Hiookljn
slH'et. Across the .street, at tlie bridge,
the water was seven feel in depth. In
1 lie lot ol John .MeDonoiifdi tlie w.ilei
lose to Ave feet, level with the poiili,
lloodin; tlie Ileie tin1 tide dl
'. eiRetl to the sitae of Mr. Toolan,
! Ileie it was leinfoued bv the laiRe
Hieani tominff titer the bridge, the
twin i-U earns lloodins the cellar of
Mr. Toolin, illinium the fountlatlnns
.and side of the house. At Mrs. Gil
martin's it made a conise twentv leet
from the river bed to the icar ot Mis.
Jl.arkiu's. filliliK' lier yaid, also tlie el
. Jar. of Mis. Ullmaitln A chhken
J onop and tlopr shaiuv weie can led
i'iiuay on tlie tide.
Water Illled the .ud or John Klan
neiy and Mis. Thomns Harte, anil also
their cellais. Tn the yaid of Mr, Flan
'neiy the water diverted from the toiuse
nnd found epriess to the liver Ijetl, dl
leelly Itelotv the ice blockade. On the
lr ft bituHJt lushed up Ihooklyn stieel,
Illlinf7"(hcv yard and cellars of James
Toolan, Mrs. Tinker, anil Mrs. .Sullivan.
The water also uishetl in the tellar ol
Mephnn's grocery stoic, rishiK to the
In the Kioceis, (illhool's 1 ell. 11 bauels
rontainliiK oil, vinegar, potatoes and
turnips were Moating aiouiid, also a
number of cabbages. Kvery thing was
destroyed. Those two stores piobably
Buffered most fiom tht Hood.
The street tlepartinent was uotilled
e.nly. hut could do little to stop the
ilocid until l.XO in the atteinoou. Travel
m the btldge was cut oft, and a nuin
lier of drlveis who went that way
weie loited to retuin to this city and
take another mute, Stiret cars weie
unable to inn. To reach the central
'lly, Uiooklyu stieet lesltlents were
lorced to follow the Hacks of the On
laiiti and "Western toad.
Slioet rommissioner Jnliii Kllllen. at
1.::u, succeeded in slatting the lloe, and
tlie huge (itiantlty of ice diltled tlow u
the liver ,1 bundled yards, when- It
again became blocked, but a chance
was atfnrded the Hood to override II.
At A o'clock, the lloe was still at tho
bijdgf! -111111 no eftorts were being made
to disrupt It, The yards ami cellars
jveic still Illled, and the roadways
ttTeietl with huge cakes of ice, Hugo
rakes weie tarried to Murdoch's grove,
pyil(jh.e.'.eleuton than the liver bed,
TllC'bridge. which Ik not stout, appear-nl-to
ho doomed, but the giuleis sltnd
thliK . . .
'The ininiatuie itebergs loiiu a rate
idetute, and 11 large number viewed
the spi"utuco lute in the lUternooii, As
yet no attempt has been made to
diaiii the water out of the cellars. The
lot lit which Hid stole of Senilis Too
lnn"s situated is coveted with Ice In a
solid I'orunitlini.
-The city and the watei innipuuy ap
pear t" bo at loggoi heads as to tvlio-n
duty It ty,U vi!so the blockiitle, ami
neither have as yet innceded (n tho
otlltjr. Tho residents of the stieet
thifjalcii in iiiuko It hot tor some one,
tiu old tesldent ol that street, pio.
tllcll'd, In miking with Tho Tribune
man, that if the blochutln Is not soon
raised dynamite will be tit?.etl in ut
tho1cc (Inn ut llbert;,.
'Tho blockade was (iiused by the wil
low huMlcri on tlm banks about one
IHinrtied ymils below tint bridge. Tlje
Uiant'hes of tho hushes have giowtt
der tho river ami becuiun uoui., pie
Ventlng tho Ico lioin niovliig.
i Another suffeiof fiom ihu tluotl N
IMIko" Connolly, whoso reshluueo ad
rjoins tho atom of T. J. illlliool. The
,Yutcr ittlind it new t'urnuoe(i) 'xjiOifiu
jiaro supplies heut to (lllhn6t t store
utt well us to air, C'onnoll's (esldeiue.
'i'lio sumo sufferer? from this lUmd
tyivc euffered yum ly f 10111 the suiiui
source, lust year U10 dllhool store be
ing itlinost 1 nisei! ft 0111 Us ttiuinla
t ton.
Dlscusaton of the Economic Questions
by J. W. Slnyton and U. P. aelBcr,
Two Pederntlon of Lnbov Delegates.
Academy of Music Well Filled with
Enthusiastic Workmen.
Two addresses. Illled will) spirit nnd
marked with utterances that conveyed
the plainest meaning In the most direct
way. weie niade In the Academy 01'
Music last night, under the auspices
of the Poult nl Labor union.
The fipenkois weie .1. . Slay ton,
I'toin the western part of the state, and
P. P. (lolger. of Dayton. Ohio. Unlit
me delegates lo the Aineilcan Fed
eration or Labor convention, now In
progiess In Kcrniuoii.
The audience that gieeted theni was
not 11 large one, but It was enthusiastic,
so enthusiastic that all of tlie mint'
pointed statements of I he spe.iheis
weie applauded to the echo. In tlie
gatheiltig weie Severn! women, who
showed an earnest interest In the pio
coedlng?. The ptupose of both speakeis was to
point out and emphasize the necessity
of the union of workmen il' they would
accomplish what the speakeis said was
necesiiry. the establishment or or
matlon of an economic society, which
would gle to the wotklngnian, the
toller, that which he pioduced, anil
would make the capitalist toil lor the
wealth which he was not enjoying,
they said, al the expense of the bodily
comfotts of their employes.
This thought was uppetmosl in ihe
talk or both speakeis. that thev should
bring about a change In the lolntioii.s
of capital and labor, such as would
bring about a different division than
tit piesenl.
Mr. (lelger was the more spiiltcd and
lorcible of the two. He Is Intensely
in earnest and when he waxes tun in
he makes a siloing tnlk. He .salt) that
the wage-eamei.s weie sulfeilng from
blanket injunctions nnd lock-out 01
deis fiom the eoiut. wholly because
they wete divided by Ihe ciy of the
capitalists wlio sliired up tellglous and
other piejudiees, to all of which the
woikmen listened and pntideied oei,
Ihe one thinking that pel haps he was
lietter than the other. This gave the
opportunity to Mil the legislattnes with
men who made laws lor tho wotklng
nian that the tonus punctured with
holes thtough which tlie col potation
lawyers could bo .wn ctawling. He
111 god the men lo stand togethei and
elect men in the legislattnes who would
enact lit legislation, ami to put on the
bent h Judges who would Inlet pi et the
laws and leae it to the evecuthe de
p.utments to taii them out.
Mr. (iclgor pilt hod Intu the "ualtoi-mis'-
edit litis wlio weie pin fsol
evading the dut binding on tlieni nl
enfoicing tlie anti-child laboi laws on
the statute books of Pennsylvania.
This spurting ol ilillrtien 10 the bleak
er and the silk mill befoie they have
manned pliyslcallj was n means tit
making them ahlect slates to the cap
italists later in lite: they hail less vig
or and stiength lo battle tor their
Mr. (lelger pmduiiil many .uguments
in suppoii ul his proiiositinn that the
pieaent ectinomic system tlenietl the
wot Kingman ot his Just share ol the
wealth tlm 1 was the losult ol Ills toll
This SNstein. he claimed, would con
tinue so long as tlie laboi ei does nut
own Ihe tools bv whltli he prndtued the
wealth, ami so long as tht. tapltalKt
tontinued to iiinnopollj".e eveiything In
sight, at the same lime leluslng to
woik his four, or live, or eight hours
per day like tlie nieu who gave lo him
his wealth.
The lime is (inning, Mi. ( lelger pie
rtieletl, when Ihe wngo-eainoi will own
his own tools and when ihe capitalist
will have to woiK. Then Ihe wage
earner will be In a position to give the
other fellow tile kind of inlunction that
he desci ves.
In conclusion lie uiged oigauiv.atlon
as the means to btlng about tlie etiml
ity that ho claimed should exist.
Among those who aceomp tilled the
speakeis to Caihondalo weie I'. J.
.Shea and Fiert Suilne, of the executive
committee ol the striking eiitplo.os (,r
the Hoi union Hallway company.
Another Meeting Thursclny.
Theio will be another public meeting
in the Academy of .Music on Thuisdn)
night. llesliles Mi. Sl.iton ami Mr
(lelger, Delegate llarues, nf Philadel
phia, and Max Hayes, tin1 western labor light, will speak, The
patty will unite heie In the eaily
evening, will visit and nrtdioss th,.
cllfl'eient labor unions or the town be
lore appealing at the public meeting.
Two of the spenUois will go lo Forest
Pity anil tnlk to the mlneis of that
lilate ami V.iutlling,
Another Case of Diphtlteiin.
Another ease or dlphtheila was io
poiled in the board ol' health yester
day atleinoon, Mm gnu l.esher, n ,eais
old, son ol Pmlessor A. M. I.eslici, or
1'.' P.iunmi stieet,
Able to Go to School,
Ihliest riaiupson, tlie 1 l-ycar-oltl lad,
who had both legs taken oh' while at
tempting tn lioaid 11 tialli oil the On
tario and Westinn mart in llils city,
M'Vuial nioiiihs ago, has lieeu supplleil
with aitlllclal limbs, nnd he now walks
8011101111101110 fiht ol'.s
up that way when taking Scott V
Knuilsion. Seven pounds of
new, healthy flesh from a one
pound bottle of ScoltV. Knuil
sion is on record,
. ScoltV KnuiUioii brings
everything to its aid ; good ap
petite, strong- digestion, rich
blood, new body strength, and
above all the power to get all
the good out of ordinary food,
For those who are in need
of more flesh there is nothing
bettert Thin folks try it !
tVr'll semi )ou little in lt, it o-i like
IU11 i. UOWM'., 4wj i'tarl ttuct. Nvw ui'n.
tibotil. Thu disaster which vlsllecl young
Hainpson was tho turning jiolnl In his
eureor. Prior lo the happening, lie win
Inclined to n certain kind of wnywiiid
iioss, running on" on trains and leinnlii
Ing fi (tin home for several ihs at n
time. Now he Is nUoiulltig hcIiooI, am!
Is diligent and tiilthrul ttt his studies.
Oullnniice Intioduccd lit Councils
Piovldlng for Sidewalks.
An tndlnance thai Is stile to be well
coiiHlderetl and widely dlscitssetl Is the
nieasure Inliodiiceil Into 'ontmon
cotinell on .Monday iiIrIiI by Mr. Whll
lleld, H Is linpoilaut 11s It makes a
radical change In the mutter of laving
sidewalks Ihroughotil the clt.t. It dl
tecls that upon each side of alt public
st 1 cuts within the city there shall be
laid or built untl kept In icpalr 11 good
iiikI substantial sidewalk not less than
live feet wide upon all streets except
.Main and Phureh slteets, Salem mid
Sixth n venues and I'm k place and upon
said streets said walks shall bo not less
than eight feel wide and said side
walks on all public streets In the city
shall be constructed of good sound
stone Magging or of atilllclal stone of
tlie best quality to be approved by the
city engineer. ,
II Is the belli f of Mr. Whitfield,
which Is shared by 11 good many who
have at lieatt the advancement and
piogiess or the city, Hint stone side
walks ale a necessity In ever.t section
of the clly whole they can be laid.
One of the best Indications ot a city's
prospeilty and piogress Is tho condi
tion or Us stieots. hi this respect Pnr
bondale Is lacking In some titiarlors
and Mr. Whitfield's ordinance is quite
timely, it Is an Intelligent move and
In Ihe light dliection.
Tho measure which piovldos for pen
alties Is now In the hand ol the street
Football Eleven Give Up, Have Ple
nties Taken and Issue Challence to
So-cnlled All-county Eleven.
The Indian lumbal! eleven lined tin
befoie the photogi apher's cnmeia last
night. Hvei v member or the elown
was in uullnnii.
The Indians, who ale the tluimjilons
ol' tlie county, felt Justly sole over nil
111 title in a Htranlon paper In whit li a
loolb.illist, signing himself Itlght
tluaid, picks fiom the vaiions teams
thioughoiit the ount, ghing them 11
place on ,111 all-iounti team. Stiange
lo telate, the joiing man picked 110 one
fiom the champion Indians who hate
punen supeiicn to all the elevens in
Set .lutein and tlie louulj, but, instead,
t onllned ills pit K to all Sei.inton teams,
Set en, es, clot on, men on the Indians
ale entitled lo a place on the all coiin
t. team, but the .voting man taking
upon himself tlie lespouslbility ol pick
ing a lepicsontative cloven allowed bis
tiiendship lor the Sei.inton plaveis to
1 1111 away with ills judgment.
In onlei 10 squ.ue m.itteis tho In
dians challenge the so-called all loun
t eleven lo a contest to take lilac e
about Phiistmas tide. They believe
they can bt winneis untl not half liy.
In tills all ('.11 bond, lie agiees Willi
I Ik 111.
Many Out-of-Totvn Fiiends at the
The late Ml". I Jet-so Hughes was laid
at lest in the 1, unlit plot at Maplewood
yesterday, attended hv a long pmces
sion of 1 1 lends, m.inv or whom came
1 1 0111 illlteieut points in tile valley.
Sadly Impiossive seitkes weie con
ilticled at the beieaved home, on Salem
atomic. Uev. Or Wh.ilen and Itev. W.
li (iiow olliclated The olllofi.v ol nu
clei eased was Illled Willi tender thoughts
of the dep.ntort woman, whose hie had
been so edifying.
Dining the services s,.jt,-c lions weie
lendeietl by the ciuailetle, 1 (imposed of
Mis. II. J. Whulen, (it. ice Hall, Morgan
Yt'atkins and John Howeu.
The pall-bo.iu-is weie William D. Da
vis, Moigan Thomas, D M, Davis, t
1) Jones, J. (I, Thomas, H. I.. Adams
Among those tiom out of town ut the weie; .Mr. and Mis (looigo
Powell, of Kingston, Mi, and Mis.
Datid Hughes. Mr. and Mis. Thomas
Phillips ami daughter, Mrs. William
Johns, Mis, Llzsiii' Hughes-lli undage,
Mr, and Mis, David Hums, daughter
Loita ami son Uenj.iinln, of Sciantou:
Mis. Thomas Holfuiau anil (laughter,
ol' Plttlston, Thomas Maxe.t, Mis,
(.'hallos c'hiiiiiliei lain. Mr and .Mis.
William Moigan, Albert Morgan, Will
iam lliehaids, V. A. Davis ami Miss
M.iij Kb hauls, ot Pllffmtl.
Will Be Placed in the Boxes Wheie
They Belong.
Theio seems lo bo a geuetal awaken
ing ol 1 ounclls to the fact that
bouilalo Is lacklui. In 11 mimbor ol mut
leis linn lutlltale tin- hustling town.
Hvlclonce of this Is to be seen In the
inovlslon for a street sv-tem In
the oitlinaiiit- lor stone sidewalks
thioughoiit ihe t-ity, nnd now we an-golnt-
to have Ihe alaiiu kevs placed in
lioM's, with an Iron and glass cover
ing. This I.-, wheie tlie Keys belong. The
Trlhuiii pointed mil this lueKwnrd
ncss lnonths ago, and suggested tint
.the change, which was ,1 1 lying neces
sity, bo made 111 once, Acting on the
Mlllc-iple thai gii'in bodies move slow
ly, the step was taken this week lo
act on tho suggestion.
Now the Ko.ts tan bo located, with
out daugetous delays ami olhei 1111
noMinc es go with keeping theni
III public places and lesitlelices.
The ins,, of lelonltiiis wounding ni
John Peel agalnsl tlregory lllgplns
came up in ei In 1 1 mi 1 icuirt eslcttnv
1111 nttei the lui'v had been mIociocI,
It was illspii-ii'il of without n 1 1 Jul,
Tonus of settlement had been agieed
upon, and when this was made known
In tin-(oiuiuouwealih, 1 lie tourt rtlroci
iil that 11 veiditt of pot guilty ho
liiUoii nnd that the cosu ho pluced on
Hlgglils, 1I10 defc-nilanl. Tills was the
basis ol settloiueni that lllgglus pay
all of the costs ami espouses growing
out ol the happening.
Tho happening on which t lie eiso
was Intituled look place in Jul , when
the delendalll slrucK Ihe piosectltor
over the heart Willi a stone. 11 glow
out ot some iiilsimrterst.uuling be
tween the lails.
.Mis. lit III. who was lecelved at ihe
hospital oil August .'. to iccclve Meat
meat, was well enough to go to her
hoine yosteicln. While .Mis. HrlU Is
quite lame, sho is ablo to walk and
feels elated and gralelul over Ihu piog
iess she has niatle. The hosiiltal start
proud of the success of her ease.
.liteob Huinphioy, the Ontario nnd
Western hrukPiimn, shows no change
In tils condition and the hospital .staff,
while having some hojies, would not lie
Htirprled If he took 11 eluingo for the
worse nt any time.
Mrs. Mm tiott, who' wan operatrd on
Inst week, continues to Imptove.
Participate in a Hnppy Celebration
nt Home of Mrs. Estnbiook.
'I'll" Whatsoever class met with their
teacher. Mrs. A T lOstabrook, lust
evening, to help her cclobiute iter
blrlhtlny. Tho time was pleasantly
spent, sewing for the Kmergoney hos
pital. After a bountiful dinner, a sel
of silver knives and forks ami u sot of
silver teaspoons were presented to Mis,
Hstubiook by Uev. Dr. II, .1. Wliitlen,
as a token of lovo nnd esteem from her
class am! fi lends.
Those who enjoyed the huppv occa
sion were: Uet. Or. H. 4T. Wluilon.
Mosdnmes ('hallos Mtinii, William Da
vis, P, "Wright, J. Dateiuan, I. Newton,
raatx. lletnel, Howen, Tallmaii, II.
Dlmock. A. Ilolgnte, Uoers. V I.a
nioreau, J. I.amoreail, Olllles. Kiii,
Carlton, LIkxIc Davis.
Unonlled-for Letteis.
1,1st of letteis leinalnlng In tho Pnr
bonrtale, Pa., postolllce, Uee. II, mm.
lor persons unknown: Oeotge Arnold,
A. Moiiuett. M. I.. Hiownell, II. Ill 011
son, Oeorgo Davidson, John Ootid,
llalph Dunning or Doc Dunn, M. I.
Unify. H. Hmerson, William I Ivans. (1.
W. Ilanklnson, Homer Joslln, Uev. ('.
Al. Livingston, tV, p. Morgan, Oeor-ie
K. IJcynoltls, Allss Annie Kuiey, Mt.
I'harles Dow. Mrs. Alat.v Over. Kor
logn (lllll 01110 (llgllottl.
J. II. Thomas, postmaster.
A Good Move.
A good step was taken al
night's meeting of common council
when a lesolutlon by Mr. Xealon was
adopted, which piovldos lor a new lite
hydrant at the 101 net of Riooklvu
stieet and Klghth avenue. This hy
drant was bioken over 11 voar ago, anil
ever since thu lesldeuts in the vicinity
luive been le.tiful ol what might hap
pen In case a file would occur with
tin- water service ciipplecl as it was.
A Position in Florida.
Hi nest. I lick, tv'lni sp(ut Sunday at
the home of his patents. .Mr. and Mis.
A. II. Hick, leoelved an offer by who
oil Alontla.v I10111 a huge bakeiy eon
coin al .Jacksonville, Floilrt.i. The
position was a pi utilising one and ho
atcepted. Dining the Pan-American
imposition .Mr. lliek was foi email of
the bakeiy of one ot the biggest res
t.itiiauts on the giound".
Social at Baptist Pnisonage Tonight.
This evening a social of ninn.v cle
lighttul fe.ituios will be held at the
Haplisl pnisonage. A musical ami ilt ptom amine will be leiiileiert al
s JO, In which some of the most capable
ol our toting musicians and leucleis
will appear. T.ight 1 ell c-lnnciits will
bo sorted.
'I'he Invitation Is coirtially extontlort
lo all. An admission lee of 1"h will
be c liaised at the door.
Funeial of John Fan ell.
Tin- 1 uncial ol" John Km it'll, who
was killed ai (ilyphant on Monday,
will take place Tluusilnv moining. 'I he
college will leave the house at f
o'clock. A high mass will be c-ele-btaled
in St. Uosp chlliih, and lntei
melll will be inade in St. Une t emo
lor.v .
Meetings of Tonight.
William 11. Davies jiost, ('.land Adiiv
of the Ucjiublle.
Pionoei castle Kniglns ol the Jlystic
Kldellt.v tout lave, llepiasophs.
c'.n boud.ile lodge. Knights of P.vlhlas.
t'ounl.v Detective Thomas H. Itiy
nolds, ol St 1, niton, was ,1 visitor to
P.u boiulalo yoslei da.v .
'unstable John 1 lawks, of Alderman
liiulilv's court, Scianloit, was ut the
Hiuiison House .vosteitlay.
Dr. 11. I. PK11K. of Xovv V01K cliv,
a tiaveling spec iallsi who visits Par
bonrtnle once In every Hit 00 months,
paid his usual visit lo this city yes.
leuia.v. Ho was leglsteiort at the Har
rison House.
The Jeruiyii school boatd held llieir
legular uiontlily ineeitng last evening.
Little business of inteiesl was trans
acted, most 01 it being of a 1 online
nnuuo. Hills amounting to .:M,iil
wen- loud anil payment uuihoiiod, A
)iaionl of one ol the absentee si holms
was piosont and ofleiecl an excuse for
the hoy's absence which was accepted.
Il is a soiuce of giatificatiolt to the
hiiaid to leu 1 11 thai the- 11011 attendant o
has been 1 educed almost to a mini
mum. II was decided lo close tho
schools lot January .0 until .luuuaiy
li, I life.
It Is probable that Mr John ('tlie
will bo president or tile Klist National
li till: of Jet iii.v 11. Theio me a tew one
bundled dnllui slimes for sale which
will close this week. Applications for
slimes must bo made to tleorge S.
Pinb.ilil.v the gieiitost uili-ltal Heat
that will be given heie foi the pu-sent
season will lie the conceit on I-'iltlny
evening In the .Methodist Ilplsoopul
chinch by the N'cnih l-Intl (lice club, of
Scrmitoii, 'I'lio enviable reputation Ibis
society has oniuc-d for itself Is well
known to all singris in l.nikiwaunn
county and the.v ought lo he gieeted
bv a huge audience. Tho piogiamiun
will be a varied one anil will uinslst
of glees, choruses. iilartelles, duets
and solos and those who 1 ontt-niplalo
heirllig theni will have it gieat
'I'll kots .'.". ei 111s mi- adults,
'I'lio liiiieru! of the Kite Harm Kar
tell will luke place this morning. A
high mass ol letiuleill will bo cole
hraicd in Haciecl llc-.ut t Inn ell ut !i.:m
o'clock- mid Inlet uii'lil will be in.ule al
The Jury i-iniiaunelhil to liiveslignlo
the death ol l.ula.votto l,eip met last
evening bill tin- cm oner was not on
hand mid they adjourned again until
this evening when It Is e.peeteil Dr.
Iti.iiorts will be present.
Di. S. D, Davis ami Or Hymn JncK
soii aneiitltil a .Masonic banquet at
Caihondalo last evening.
Mrs Kllas Hvans, a well Known and
esteemed reslck-ul of Vaililllllg, ami
lumber of Alts, T. L lllllllths, of Xoith
Alain htieet, died at her home it Vaud
lllig Aloudiii The funeial will take
place toiuoiiow iil'teiiicion. Interment
will bo made ut Hyde I'm Is.
Stops the Cough
and Woiks Off the Cold.
Li.Mitlve niniun-Qiiluliio Tablets cllio
a cold In olio day No Pine, ,S'o J'ay
Pi Ice ,'i ( cuts.
Is likewise felicitating Itself and
"T-'Tii i 1 '"jtrmtrnmmmm ii .- - i-
.3ssy tiak
-.1 W -Sk
ld y sr
1 aSF
of his home
Those figures on the pay
1 v-
enforced by sieknesB linvo their own story of suffering and
struggle. Many times when the man does work, he works in
suffering, for he cannot, face an altogether empty pay-envelope,
because that would mean an empty larder and hungry little
ones ni home. Very often the tigures that represent the loss
of time do not represent the total loss of money which has been
spent on medicines that did not cure, or been paid lo doctor who
did not seem to understand tho ease. Here is a. working man's slorv
as be tells it himself, which will appeal to every other worker who
knows what it is to "lay off quite often two and three days in a
week " on account of hickm-st.
"About ten vcam ago I bcL'au lo have trouble with mv stomach," writes
Alt Win. Coitnoll.t, of 535 Walnut Pt., I.oraiu, Ohio. ''It 'not so bad that I
hntl to lay off quite often two and tlueo days in a week; my stomach would
blont, mill I would belch up (j.'is, and was in awful distress a'l such limes. T
have employed anil been treated by the best tloctots in this citv, but got no
help whatever, riotue said I had cancer of the itoin.ich, other catanh, othern
dyspepsia. I have bottgbl finely tried everything r s,aw advertised for dyspepsia
ami stomach tumble, hut continued to get tvon.e all the time. About twelve
mouths ago I tvns in .such 11 condition that my friends had pome fear about my
lecovcring. I called a doetot and lie found 1110 in tery bid shape. Hand's
and limb-iv.ere cold and dripping with a cold .sweat, He told me that I had n
tery bail case of cliiouic indigestion, and ordered an injection of hot soap tutls
every two hours, I followed his diirctions and it seemed to relieve me. 1
tvas under his tieattnctit until this spring, but did not improve any. liy some
way or other 1 huppencd to get hold of a vial of your ' Toilets,' anil I thought
they helped me. It was then I tv rote to t on foi-advice. You told me that
by iny symptoms you thought I had liver" complaint, and advised the use of
jour "'Golden -Medical Discovery ' and ' 1' Pellets' 111 connection.
These medicines 1 have taken as directed, and am tery happy to state that
1 commenced to get better from the start, and have not lost a day this summer
on account of my stomach. I feel lip-lop, and better than I have for ten
t ears.1'
Thej-e aie two or three statements in Mr. Connolly's letter which
are almost identical with statements made by thousands of others
who have been cured by the use of lh: Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery. This shows that his otperionee is :i common one among
working men, and his cure and the means by which it was accom
plished are, therefore, matters of interest to every fellow-worker.
'1 have employed ana
citv, but cot no help whatever."
"I have bought and tried everything I saw advertised for dyspopsia and stomach
trouble, but continued to get worse all the time."
"These medicines ('Golden Medical Discovery' and 'Pleasant Pellets') I have taken
as directed, nnd am very happy to state that I commonccd to get better from the start,
and have not lost a day this summer on account of my stomach""
These three facts in Mr. Connolly' evperience are borne out by the experience of
thousands of others. Doctors employed without benefit. Many medicines used and
the condition growing worse instead of better. Finally the ttial of Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery, with improvement from the start and in a hhoit time a
perfect and permanent cure. You have a working man's word for these facts, and
the word of thousands of fellow-workers to back him up.
"Have purchased some of your valuable medicines of L. II. Spencer, of Jilackstoue, Va., and
they helped my wife and myself --o much that we do not know how lo praise them enough," writes
Air. Victor I Hat-den, of Ul.ickstoue, Nottoway Co., Va. " I ranuot express my gratification in
words. I had been suffeiing from' indigestion m badly that I could not tvork half the time, but
now can work every day and eat anvthiug I tv.tnl. Why? Because I took Dr. U. V. Pierce's Discovery. It has put new life and eneigy in me, restored my health and made
a man of me once more. I used to weigh 170 but had gotten down to .14, "now I am buck to
160 and will souit be back to mv old weight. Your medicine has done it all. I ranuot thank ou
enough for tour advice, and think if it had not been for tour medicine neither my wife nor myself
would have been here many years."
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery cures diseases of the Momafih anil other
organs of digestion and nutiition. It cuies liter "complaint," heart ''trouble," kidney
'trouble," and " weak" lungs, because the condition of these organs is fte
cpiently only a consequence of disease of the t-totnach and its allied organs of diges
tion and nutrition.
Those who MifTor from chronic diseabc.s tire invited lo consult Dr. Pierce, by letter,
J'rw. All correspondence strictlv private. Address Dr. li. V. Pierre, Buffalo, "ST. V.
Don't be fooled Into trading a substance for a
TlBE ''il
1 1
R il a 1
I'oimell met In legular lnouthl.v st s
rtlon .Monthly evening, will) all meinheis
pii'M-nt oxcojit Alessis. AIcMnlns .1 ml
Van Slikle. Altoinoy V. V. W'ul.tou,
ol Hoi anion, was present, leprest-ntlng
the Alnnsh .Mountain i'oal company,
anil ietue.sleil i-oiinell to exoueiato s-aiil
tompau.v Horn taxes to tin- amount of
?3si), v, lit U amount had been expended
by the c in ropahlug bmoiigh
loads nl Alais hwooil, The inntloi hits
been heinio council In-i otofoio ami war"
leleiied lo Ihe street lomiiilUte tin
Investigation ,u mdimint-o, t.itlfiiug
ami iipprovlug till woik peilalnlng lo
llii t onsti uitlon ol the boiounh sewer,
was piOM-nleil ami leooivert imaulinoilH
uiipiuval, lolliivved Immediately by the
signature of Hurgcss Aluniilng, tliulv
sotting aside the legal lot hull aliliei
which may hc-ieatler arise Uoiough
Attorney l.vueli being piosout, he nrt-
ysl count il tu seek some uu-lealile
itc'tlleiuent of the damage suit tliieat
eued to be instituted b,v Aim, liauielp,
U will be leinon.beiecl that .Mis. Dan
iels Hipped over llio lalsocl sUlewnlK .it
the loot of lllllliuciio sllot-l, sust.ilmiig
u In okeii arm ihc-ieb.v 'i'lio lepcui m
the eloetlle light colleetor foi .Novelii
ber showeil eolleetlcills to bo ?.';iV.fll, e
ponsi's. -f Kill, l"i expenses 111 ocess of
iei-elrts, $lii.',(i.s, a motion was adopted
to compel the boiough nudltois lo
lliiiKo ulllrtavil to tliiin oc-cupletl In aud
iting school itecouiits. r.uigc-ss .Man
ning sept In a I'uimuunli'utliiu i-oiu-plaining
of the poor service given by
the ale lights. He also leccmimemloti
Ihe appointment of a day patrolman,
uml suggested I'hllip .Moon tin the (mil
lion. Tlie Mieel i-oinmlssloner'.s lime
lor Noveiuber, amounting tn SliiL'.S. was
oiilerert ptilcl, as vvas also the lollowlng
light anil boiough bills: Delavvaie and
Hudson, $a7,.r0; I'. .1, Forney. SIS.IU,
Westein Hlet-tiie Iiisirmnont company,
$1.1,.'; Ol.t pliant Water c-oinpiiny, SlU.lin;
Thiim.iH Keainey, Jci; i:, A Fuller, MOT;
Hoc curt, ifJ'J.'JIj Al, Aim key, $.'.IJ5: Alls.
Wheeler, f 1.75; (lir.ette, J7..W. liamowell
rim Aim in company, $17.51). Delawair
and Hudson, $i;.1.'JJ. A bill lioui the
election olllccts of the i-'itsl waul loi
Wlialcvor touches
llm working man'a
tho iiiohI
suiisi', " time is money,"
Kvery hour of time lie loses figures
in flolliirs nnd cents in tlie oomforl
and in the well-being (if his family.
- envelope that reincpent a " lay-off "
been treated hy the best doctors, in
shadow. Any substitute olTeiod as ''just as good"
as ' Golden Medical Discovery" is a shadow of that
medicine. There are cities behind every claim m.ulo
for the " Discovery," which m '' just-as-good " medicine
ran show.
Y& GAN'T PJkY'. Dtsc!or
. . ,TTr n Florae's
Common Sense KSodioaS As1vSscipp Siacausa
It is givon away and never sofrfa T$tfs vaat
modiaaf warto, containing over SGQit large
pagos and niofo than 70Q IHastvatosis, is
ssnf FREE on focoptf of stamps to pay ex
ponse of malting ONLY SoncS 31 cne-ccnt
stamps foi tho cloth-bound volume, or only
21 stamps for tho book in paper covers.
Address: Dr. R. V. PIERCE, Buffalo, N. Y.
BrodW3y, 5th Avanin and 271h Slraef, NEW YORK.
i aiiiiiai g
In tho contor of the ahoppinp; district.
Tlie Oiilr Hotel in .Mmiliiittmi FroiiUnson Uromlnayanil 1'ifUi Ave,
V MuiIiiii rn.'lllw II -I 1 t mi It. in .ill n ii iiumiiih I'liHii-lnii.' Uliu dfiontont
tulittlc intt iln. ii. i.iui " iimt'dJi '" '" '"" si'"''- I PI urn villi IuiIl.. Hut aiU cull
water (iiiil toliiliuii In -v.ii ' '""" "'"' n-ilk1'
f. iii'-h lor toiiiiliiig liallols lot ln
riease of Intlobteilness al I lie line cloo
tlou, was ptomiuly voietl down
The following piiigrainme will be im-doii-tl
at Ihe com oil In the Itlakely
Haptlsi , hint n toinouow ev-nlng.
I'lalio -olo, Albs .S'ouu.i Willi. tins,
leillligs -l.iisca" lUopuo), -lilllliult
l.ove-MaUIng" (H-litO. "Millie Hoy
lllliu" (Field). Allss Coi.i (illlllli: total
solo, .Mis. I.Ule liughos-lliuiidagi-,
U'liillni,, 'Aunt .Melissa," "Mianlsli
1 I
rouclip.s liis
Mullu-l ' l-'orolgiH-l s Views m --i, mo
of l.lhtit," .Miss (illlllli vocal olo,
Airs. lliiiiuKige leadings, .Mlcha.
sUiogoft ' iVi-iut-i. 'When the Find Is
mi tin- I'uinpkln" tltiliv). .Miss liiilhn,
Aclinlssion. If, ami T c c ills
Ui v. I' -lor Ittihiili-. ot Mallanoj i uj(
as a visitor m town ' Mt idui
Austin l.jnc-h Is sponrtin,' llio weeK In
.New link.
Alls S.N I'.illeiult r ot . Si 1111,11.11,
Hod li I. (lives in lilaKi-b yitifcKi.
To him in nWWJMN
ii illi ffrBoyiftCTHM
II mmtHaEaBammM
li ill
111 Hi
Aw.aii' Nwi will 111 mwi
llll h
x I iltif BoIhWi H
f SSf Jffl R
i ..;
,-a- - i -