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Mr. Gonncll on Mines and Mining
and Also Upon Gommittec
on floriculture.
States That All Objectionable Fea
tures Have Been Removed from the
Isthminn Canal Agreement The
Confirmation of Attorney General
Knox Is Recommended Mi-. Grow
Speaks Upon Philippines Legisla
tionHouse Adjourns Out of Re
spect to Memory of Senator Kyle.
Jly HtiIihIif Win- frrm 'the A-.niialul Press.
Washington, Dec. It). The open ses
sion of the senate today was devoted to
routine business. Mich as the presen
tation of petitions, memorandums and
bills. The senate then went into ex
ecutive session, on motion of Sen.iloi
Lodge, who has I'hnrge of the Huy
Puuneel'olc tie.ity, nnd adjourned at
10.."."i 1 1. m.
Kenutni Lodge spoke In favor of the
treaty, saying- all objectionable leututo;
of the last treaty had been removed;
that the Cluyton-llulwer tieat., stand
ing so long in the way of ;i cimnl, hud
been removed: that the change In Ar
ticle 1 was of material importance. Iff
said the concessions were ample for the
I 'nited States' Intel ests.
The adjournment without furtln
consideration was in order to phi- th
Democratic caucus committee an op
port unity to consider the tieaty.
In the executive session, f-'ciiutu
Hoar presented the report of the con-,
mittee on Judiciary, reconiniending the
'onlirmation of Attorney General Kno.
He made a brief statement, referring
to the protests against continuation as
made by the Anti-Trust league, but
s.iid that after giving careful attention
to this lepresentatlon the committee
bad decided to recommend continua
tion. No opposition was voiced, but ac
tion on the nomination was postponed
by common consent. The senate then,
before taking up the Isthmian canal
Ireaty, proceeded to pass upon other
nominations, of which there are an ex
ceptionally large number before the
Committees Appointed.
Speaker Henderson, nt the session of
the house today, announced the ap
pointment of ihe committees. 1'sually
the committees arc not appointed until
after tlie holiday recess, hut Speaker
Heinlei son bad the situation well In
band wh-n congress met and having
complete (i tne lists, ho announced them.
The ways and means committee and
appropriations committee had been
previously announced. In the various
e announced today the Penn
syhanla membeis are assigned as fol
lows: lull tt Ac oiul I'uHki) ( unimein - Wanmr. Allalls- sIi,.
n.itihin.- ..till Curieni i I'ikiiIiiu,
Mi r.i ml M.ii'ni- .iml I'Miuii-- V.niny.
Ill us. .it'll ll.nlio-.- , i he.on
M lilan MIjIi.- it.mi.. Ulil.-I!utler.
Iiiiiuhii.iilcu .iml Yitiiulliiiiiii
aili ult in p- rmiiii 11 Wi iitlit.
K r. Ikii A.l.m:..
1'iH full-, iml l'i.t II i,nl. lilnulnin, si.,
TVrili nil . -la
I'ul.lii ItiiMiUiu. .tiul litoiiit.U - o. ilit-t.
( I ii ii.- i lit Mill.
t Hill I.I, Weight, ami Mi i-iiii. Il.ui.,
Imalhl I'lti.loii.-lltemti,
I'l-lli-ll II. I'.ltll 1.011.
IMiu.itliiii-f!rim- (.1. mm. in). .tail,-,
l.ahor li.m.iltpr an, I Ci.iIi.hii.
I'.iUIH. .lull.,
("latin. Ilutlir.
War ( 1.iIii.--M.i1h n ii lull in in).
Di-illu i. ( uliim'ni Mmull.
M.iiiiif.Htiiu - Hun,.
Mine, ami Mliiiiu-C.iiu ell, l'.(lni,'i. 11.11.
nifitliin u( I'u'.lilcii, Viio-I'te.lilin' .nil Kip
rcmtutlies in riiuK'.- - l.iwi.,
Khetlniis Ci.muitltio Nil. i nil. uli.ih
Iran), ami Cieiiin,
r.loitlim. f'i iiliiif n, ;l-.l.nK
I'.iilll, It I'llinu.
r.icni!till.'. In tl.r I'.isiuiilii' l)iiiiiini'e, -
W.ll.JIM' llll.llllll.lll).
A general speech on thu I'hlllpplnes
uns deli vei ml by llio venerable e
fpfiilter Oalusha A. Oiow, of Penn
sylvania, lie spoke for nearly an hour
on prospt-etlvo legislation for Ihe
."lilllppliie islands. Ho contended that
the constitution euntnincel two grants
of power tinder which congress could
KoAoin the Philippines according to Us
i I mi tlon,
Mr. Iluihe, South DaKota, formally
niiuniiiu'fil t lit death of Senator Kyle,
of his state, niul as a mark of respect,
th" house immediately adjourned. Tlio
fidjournnioiit was until Friday.
P.v IImIiikIm Win' Inmri In' Win pii'v.
t.aiu.i.tir, I'.i , On, in. Ml,. sium iVm.-.i,
M-lir n the Ule .Mm . I'ihiim n.iinl mil n
n. uiliilii,iii, illiil tun' tiiiln, ,mii M ,mmis.
Wii' a iht1 l.i-l n( tin' 1'iini.i IjiiiiI.'.
Sin.iiiM.iaiT, Di-r. I" Mi. Il.mihll Van :r.
linn, n i;iri'lur nf llii' ni'll-l.i.i.wn IKlju.n,'
llon-c,, Mlllilllll.l .1 ii-i I Willi linn
tri'ulili' i.uly liulay. Di-icimiI, in I.U i.nly lii,.,
mi. jin.miiiuitl) tniiiioiti'il with tin' l.rlilh
1jii liiIiimiI, IliiiMMil j, ui jimm uI jxe ami
lrju't .1 taiialy in Miniu' him.
Xll I1.. Ctt.l, llii'. 10. Jn-l' lljllilll.' IhlKlv
IV11I1.1, ililtiMtf ill Ilr.izl I In tin' i'.ni-Aiiii'il.'in
ci'ni;i."i, illi'il llil .dtiincuin Irnui ii'iiiii ml.i,
ri.iniilii.iiril ultli l.i'. at li'.iiilili'.
MfiMlil.ini:, I'.i., llii-. in. S.nuiii'l Wiuin
run, llii' eMi'M nun 111 smwIit nuini), illnl
llii. 1111, 1 inn'.', ukhI at Jfllt. lie n.i, .qipulnUil
rc.-tini.lir In l-ili and .iijiiln III I--I.
Bill for Memorial Bridge.
I'.i l.uluoHf Will- fmiii 'I In- A9MnlJl1.1I I'lii-v.
Wa.Iiliutuii, llii-. H. . nutnr Mai tin Iik1.iv In
ttiilniiil ,1 lull fur .1 im'iiiniiil;i' auo.. tlio
IVIe.inii 1 iu r, at W.i-lilii'jluii, at a iml vl K),-lfc-.i,i
The Pinmore of Greenock, Scotland
.In the Suif Six Men Arc
H.V i:rlliMlr Win- flulll Till- l.lll'il I'lC-.
Aberdeen, Wash., pec. 10. Wednes
day night, tin.- Ihitlsh bark I'lmiiniv,
.Muster Jaino-nti, owned by I'llnk
llrntheis, of Ui-eei Ij, St iitliiml,
bound from Santa Ito-alln. Mexico, to
Portland, in ballast, went Into the stiff
at tlie motitli of Haft river, north of
tit ay's Harbor. The crew of thirty
abandoned the ship and took to the
boats, one of which was capsiv.ed
shortly alter leaving the vessel, and
six men were drowned. The other
boat iiMchcd shore Mifely,after being
out lor thirty-six horns. One man
tiled lioni exposure. The dead ar:
Joseph White. II. V. Wlilte. K. Uraak,
T. l'roer, 11. Dcvor, Stanley Siierran,
Carl Nelson.
The crew made their way by land to
Oyehut, where the tug Hanger brought
tin in to iloiiuhim. One of the seamen,
P. Pearson, Is nearly dead from ex
posal u and is In the hospital at lio
iliilnm. Tlie ciew repo. t that the vi -sel
disappeared, but It i- beliewd she
has been towed off by a tug 1'ioin As.
t'aptain .lameson says he was olf the
Ooluinbla river -Nov. I'L', but the gale
blew him north. He worked back to
the Columbia on Dee. L', and was cloi;
enough for a tug or idiot boat to leach
him, when another gale blew him
north and be was powerless.
The bail; Krnest lteyer, ashore north
of (Jrays' Harbor, Is bioUen in two and
is a wieck.
Thousands Leave the Prov
ince and Seek Places
of Safety.
Hy i:iln-iii' Win' (inin 'I In -.hi urn 11 'ii..
.Manila, Hec, lu, Thousands of people
are leaving liiitangas province for
places uf safe ty.
(tiii'i'itl James M. Hell lepoits an im
Iiortaiit engagement between a liiice of
Insurgents at l.abo, piovlnce of Cam
arlnes, and a iletaehment of the Twen
tieth Infantry, Tluee Ameiieans were
Killed. The loss of the em my Is not
known, but Is believed to linve been
heay. Deueral Hell anticipates a
speedy extermination of the invcoui'll
aides. A large forie of Insurgents reiently
attacked the town of l.lpa, piovluce of
l!atauga, killing oiie soldier and sev
eial Ann ilcaiis. Troop K, Phst cav
alry, killed tell of the enemy befoie the
reinalndcr of the Insurgent fime es
caped. The Filipinos evidently expect
ed a victor), for tiny had cut the wire.!
and uurleil oil' a bundled y.ird.-i of thei
Tile natives 1110 stifled by tlie I'loslng
of the ports, and bitterly object to ie
couceiurallon. A I'llliilno force, lonsbtlng of two
hundred lllli'iueii and lour htmdiod
boloiueii, leientl.v allaclu'd .agmr
Halt, province of .Noith Hocac. Com
pany .M, lllglitli Intnntry, actliu; on the
ililensh.', ill ove olf the cueniy, lillllng
I'levell of them, with lio loss 10 them
selves. The ,-'upieiie coin I today dismissed
the wilt of habeas corpus In the euro
of I'attei'Min. llu ihigllshmaii, pihitte
't-ceri'tary ot ,Sxto I.ope, whose depor
latioii Is sought by tlio atilhorlili-s heie,
as ho ret used to take Hie oath of al
leglullii' to thu I'nlteil Stales when ho
lauded at .Manila. Patteisoii will be tie
ported on the llrst stiamer bound foi
Hung K'oiife'.
Railroad Men Gnrnislieed.
lb liMli, tlie Wat' Ili'in 'Hit' Wsimjinl I'rcv),
llirii.-liui, .i , tin. n. 'I'lii' n.ims ..( Ililiu
llnii.l.uiL' uiiilii"s i. 11.1 l'liil.nK-l.iili ami Ml.i
ill.- lib I. Inn nl Hie IV1111-) b.uii i i Din.
lui'V wire"nl I1.1I1.1 i. 11 Ni'.i Vliulnii
uilliilliiii ai.'iiii.i. tlie linn an nii.)ujri in iht
Inlitlit ili.ailiiiiiit, ami Mini- mil' iinlliliil tlut
tin' uuulil nut li'iibii llii- full ainiiniil nf lln-lr
il-iw 1111III tin. il.ilm jaln.t Hum .lie villi' I.
'llii' il.llin, .n; I10111 $S to $10, ud Soili'viti.'
atiiiut 41,01).
,! .w ,K! ."x.r-i'.i .'.. -. -rv... ww B:vsaiHffiCTiHiiaS
'Umm h ;mmmBvfflm
v.( &mTgs88mmmmm.
"s;.'8V'Wi;i'"..visi. ..-siKn. . Aftyiaw-??BE'y,,.i-XMfs.' r -.
i x-r . .. .x ..-j: sir' ' j s Ajv. -.'. r?t-i.-xy- Vjf jraiiC';"
Powell nnd Overstreet Shoot nt the
Snmo Iustnnt with Fatal Effect.
Il.i llxeltishe Wire from The-A'miclatul l'lce,
Holo, Kin.. Dec IO.-ij, L. Powell and
.1. S. Overstreet, two prominent imvnl
stores iniiniifiu tureis, shot and In
stantly killed eaeh other In a l'iue-to-fneo
duel today. Overstreet went to
Powell's still, nine miles west of here,
to see about some hands.
The two men had some words, and
both drew their revolvers. They llred
together, and each mail Ml. Overstreet
was killed Instantly, and Powell lived
only an hour.
Claims Injustice Has Been Done in
Federal Census Returns.
Hy Culmiw Who limn The V'-nelateil I'ic-1.
Washington, Dee, 0. The animal ro
poi t of (lovernor Otero of Now Mexico
renews the plea for statehood and says
the federal census letuniM for J!!l)1 do
th" territory a ureal Injustice. lie says
j. --
-.V ?. f' ,
14 I W .
?... . ";N,0 .v' A
that the population of the territory,
based on careful 1'stimates. should lie
at this time UI3,!1 including; Indians.
He likewise takes exception to the
census statistics for mining, stock
raising, agile ultuiv, horticulture, tim
ber, coal and boa industries and at
tributes the alleged discrepancy In the
figures to inadaptability of the present
system to sparsely settled mountain
sections of the country.
Nine Men Are Injured Two Will
Probably Die Water in the
Casting- Machine.
n.v Kxi'Imlic Wire tioni 'the AtiociateJ rrcss.
Sharon, Pa., Dee. 10. An explosion
that shook the earth for miles around.
shattered windows in hundreds of
houses at South Sharon, moved adja
cent buildings ronl their foundations
and caused injury to nine men, two
perhaps fatally, occurred at the Sharon
hteel company's plant today. Out of
the nine men injured, four were tak"n
to the hospimi. They are: .Michael
Howard, Jllehael liurquerli-h, I.'dward
Altman, Cassius Truxall.
The other live men wore taken to
Ihelr homos.
The explosion occurred lu the casting
department of die "pig" mill. The
nutal was being poured from the ladle
into the casting machine, when it came
In contact with some water, which
caused .1 blast that was Ml a great
dlsta me. The casting house was i-om-
pieiciy wrecKeii, i.arge strips of heavy
corrugated Iron beams and other m.i
letial were liiukd hundreds of yards
by the explosion. The casting' ma
chine and conveyor were damaged al
most beyond repair. .Vol a vestige of
the Iron ii.oi of Hie mill remains.
Republicans Are Overwhelmed nt the
City Elections.
li iaiIumv win fnmi fin. ..oiiui'.i pass.
Huston, Dec, in, The Donioi'iuts to
day coiupli lely oorw helmed ihe He
plllilli'llllS in lite city eU'Clloil, llctieral
Patrick A. Collins being elected over
.Mayor Thomas N. Hint by Hie largest
I'liiralll) lu u iiuarier of a ci'iittiry,
The Demociats likewise obtained
control of both branches of the city
government, elected Street Commis
sioner Salem I). Charles and practical,
ly all their candldutes for thu school
lomniission. .M usual, the city voted
strongly in favor of license.
Steamship Auivals.
II) I'm In.ln. Win- f. 111 Mln. Wuilainl I'i,.,.
Sin ink, Pi'i. in 11I111I; sii'iiiiu' .i,ir
Williilni ili-i lliii..!', Ilii'i.ii-n. ( li'.utilt Mpjim-i-n
l', nlui'ii; liii'.niji, I. In 'iiilj s'.
Paul, s,iiiluiiiiti,n, jMllcili hi, am, 1 i) null'.
I.liiin.i.j ( 11I11111I1I1, Xai,.,, Hiiii'in uii'l;
Miainrr Kimnliu Wtllitlm, Xni Vinli. Imilmi
Viliicili sii'anni lliMilniil. iu Vnil.. 1I.1
s.nitl, niip urn (fui Aniwi'iiD. Iliiliinlani 11Uul:
Miaini'i l(), ih Vmk. riii'ih.11111;- .
niul. .su.iini'i linil WaliliiMY, i uiU 111
I'binuiitli fui H.iih'miu (ami uiiiiil"il.
Had Too Mirny Postage Stamps.
II) i:rhbhc Wlu f 1 .mi Tin. Atviilalul l'u.,.
S'uv Vnik, Iht. in. t'hiil,.. siiik,.,, ., ii,Uiit
nt lliwiklin, wi, iiiialiainl In iuii fnlli'il Mali's
tVliiiiilw-linii'i Shli'l.l, Unlay nn a ilun;,. ,i Ui.
Iiu III lilt i.i.i'.luii f,l,in ueulli nl'k.
juupniiil In li.f hull ti,li'ii limn tin- I'liiia'.'.i
ii'Mnlliii' on tut. 'J'l I hi. IU' uj, ln'iii in svimi
.. : "' '"
He Is Not a Candidate for Pres
ident, but Gluick Full ol
Pokes Some Fun nt the Republicans
for Becoming Free Trndcis on tlio
Homeopathic Plan, Foresees a Time
When Yellow Journalism Will
Cease to Be Profitable nnd Wel
comes in Expansion Liberty's Op
portunity to Rear New Temples in
the Iclnnda of the Sea.
Ily lli In.lii' W 11 firm 1 lie As.oi i.ilcil I'rcu.
iiosfoti, TJt c. 10. All eloiUetlt speech
was made tonight by Colonel Henry
W.itlerson at the banquet of the .Mas
sachusetts nsyoe'inllon, his subject be
ing: ".Massachusi its and Kentucky,
with a Wind or Two About Iteclptoc
Ity and expansion." At Its bcginnlm;
he ItiMikcil heaven to foilild his ever
becoming a candidate for the piesl
dency, and then fontlnued:
I leii' Ma.. ii'Iiiim IK lne.iiH,' Mi.-.i,'liii-i'lli
I'll.'. Illnrt). Ill'l I lull lil.Llt). If I .1111 ,1
1 rank , .limit .iti.e t li iii'-r II i. alioni my ilirlu a!
ill linii'-i and 1. 11. In- all t letiui.t 11111'. tn lull,
nut in nmiiiii: Tin' II.Kiuni'.i', I am tnlil. pus
Tv, llu' i.'ini'il uf'.. II U a liiiu'i
tiling In half llu liou-i., ami in )..tir im..
tiip.MH ti. I..' fi.imili.l en Ian. Ati'l ii'i
11 ilir n.'ik nf vii n. uln'U' I,. tin-re .110
II"..' Mini lllillk Hill tiilltlllk) H "111 -h.ilili."
-ii. iv l-r tnlil i.f an nl.l ilnk'i in -l.m'-lmlillni;
-H. uli., .le.-l.i 1 ctl tint liU inline 111.1. ui was
In- .1 Iran thai hit llw.l. "I. In iriciiir
Inn Hem) (In-" " ia, ,r." "I!n ilti linn
I'n.'iil .link-nn.'" "a,i-, ," ni'll, nii'i.
u, tilth' l..liiaim. on unn'r .i lint In i.
i-alii' III 111 llii' Altnislile ." I inh' Nplu.iiin
t. .! inrij ,-. I ii mum 111. "I m n't -.11 ilil.
h, no, .ih, hut, Im heT) .iMinu )'t." Ken
11 k.v inn nut I e all Hut M.i-.-.u lin-.',l- i-; hut
. lltlllk) i. 'hii'i idiihk .lit!"
i.ti line iii'ii the .uHi'tinn. nf iirnli three
mliirie. nf lhlnki:i,' an I iln'm.'. -instli nn-
111!) ,'ian the blltili is nt limtllik) Men lllli'.nl-
inm ihelr war hi Hie liuht it ilni. I p. 1 ami
lill"-t!a.h thtinuh the' llaeklr-. lamhtiki' ai'il
the i-iituii. fun t tu plim th" llai; vlitili im
wi.r.hlp ami I a.l ne iipm the Hi -t ijii' f in
uiM'.Mii.l jemini'y aumiiil the uirl.l II111111L' thai
Wii- nt seeli'.n. Tdih i-xllnciiislinl fil;n
.lnu.i .ml irealeil a nitleii, .M.1 11 hu-i'tN as
imitiil In 1 1,1111. K.ntiiik.i a. mi ilntili'il
.lie f.'iil in 1 i' iniTiiher uf snl.lii, mtii liuth
uf the 1 .liten.lilu inilie 'I he. nullum the piin.l
Mi"-ti'.till the eh iu. ,t tint u It lipll' al.ll.
wlitl-1 M i" iihu-rtt. -tooil nil at I. .is ijiue ami
tout. 1 fpiiulatiii' 11. 11k at all iii'illuii, IJiii-
111. ki hul Ii, i'i ciple with It-i lealllli.; tu hln.l
up the W1111111I. if the; tu leeowr
the r.llipu.e irl the I mil pulitie; In leny i
In't i.lll-e ami In Ihe hli-lilu alimn Ihe We ilhl it We .ne .till il niiT what
i. left nf It fin 11. 1.1 it,.. Ami. Iln.iuli no Lu k f.f the wea'tti uhiih'i. )uii tu
wi.h nn' a thlii'i, ami In it, ami, ptihip-,
the tl ilniiii; anil tiuth..!. nf milei, whhh hale
(uti 1' i'iiaii 1.1 ) u tiuiii ttin.e hluneh 1 ot In
wlm Ii inn will not tie 11) Hi it .iiiur fathei-. in-
irasnl at 1 1 lii','tnii .11. it Oinc. nl an I llnnkir
HIM ,ie 1, in the Miret. of ihi-. eeiv tuwn we
.lie irt'tliii'.' ilu'ie, ami lit inn icp'Mt, Klnlllil.v
i. .mini,; )0t.
Some Tariff Talk.
Twrntyflie ) ago, I vintiireil In a ni."le-t
TJ.-tnoi i.itlc planum, ami In nthei simple, cliihl
like w-ai... to a.h.inee the theory that "ui-teiin tiMtion." ami I inlii'it ail.leil all
1, i, ill. hi. ".lull I... fur leienue nnh ;" In nthei
wm.t. the kum ii'ini nl tin. ni I'o'Htuiitmna!
llt'lll lu. 1 puuel In upiit), In h a .In, ill uf
l.iMlh.n 1 siept Im It. .mil .iippuit, anil that,
whin the Mini iniilri.l his Inin uhtafneil, the
1 1 sh i .top. 'I he) ealh.I me 11,1111c., 'I hi 1
laid I wa. a reiulntiuiii-t. Wm.e than all, f
ua. Iiri ihli'il ami -Hum itleil a. .1 tue na.hi'.
Il.i.ii) iihl iiifiui lii'lu-trh'. 1 si l.i'linir ihe ulra
lllmmi. Mil. .tame nl -aih.lil) mil of em; pole,
illinheil upon their liiunihe an. I with lear-i (11
their me. 1 i lain. i'.i, "U lull, i.iiul.l ,1011 ilipilie
us ihthhi'ii not mil) 111 inn pap, hut take firm
ik tlie moan, ot ahluu; tne vm woikiii'min
to earn .1 liiiuu'.'" Helm.' n nt ten. 1. 1
M'u.lliilllte. Ihiie wile Huns whin I w ml 1 tl
In iieip .iiiueiihiie ami weip, l.i! the Mine
hifl. I whit il.. 1 .ee 1 mm- the llrpuhllian
pail), whhh wi- mi .i'jlii.1 at the uhl-t i.lih.iieil,
alluinlhii' 11. '.nun nl I pie.iiii.eil, ..miliar out
11. .1 lull'l'i'.laul nee 11 ul.-i .in tle Ii.imh ..pithlr
pill.; It. Inn I. lull nt piolo.olle pill
I011I11I with niipioilii' 1 ip-iili,: enh i.i'1-.ule
inlet) ..u.aieil 10 ma the 1 uiey of .inh In
faiiK a. .im 1.1 ihe, tieatiiiuit, e.uli iII'Im
l.ellllll.' Ihe ohl ll'llahle I'mlPlllnill.I laliel!
I .-lioiil.l lie .li-in.ri'iil iiu If I alhlleil Mllpll-e.
link 1, 1, the 1 wilt fiillilh. a pinpluiy nf my nnti,
l nil .wait, auo, talk'u; to .1 i.impiii.i of 111 11,11
fiiliuri. at I'llt-timu'. I il. tint the iliy
iiuiil. I nut he t.:r ili-i ml whin I'. mi-.i Ii.iiiI.i
woiihl he foi fiee!.', whll.t a I'mlri lliini.-l
paly woiihl In luttin.' lu Keiitm kt ; that with
plan, peifiilul, with iruli'-iuaik. Iheil ami pit
int. Mime, l't liu-yh.ilil 1, Hiiklm; iluapei
live, ami wliler iuaikit, wuutil mv, ",iw 11 with
Ihe lull)." whll.t Ihe nillni. 1.1 laiv tualeii d,
the 1u.1l 1. 11 .111-1 an I the linn lonl. ol Ktiillifki,
Wi.n'il ill mil. "IhiIiI on, we iluu't waul Hi
1 hhln'.- in Mup until we haio uot our "line
if n."
I liaie Iheil to sic-s-ainl il not i,n. PhiIk.
tli.nUm it. Inn' nl the neilll my I'oiiti mien
ln'hu' Hut II .i htmml lu 1'iiiie ami iiiIkIiI Itan
ium hi'l iluapei I line linil to k.'o the
Aiiiiili'iu 111 niul u luii'i ahle 10 mm 111. inuitai
rival lu mi) iii-iii 1 .1 1 iniikil in Cliil.ti'iiiluin,
Miie ,11 Iiii.i uf lu.'ii llu-.' ami uii'tiulllui; th.....
111 ill. 1I1. Hul uei.jiiiplili.ill) hi'luii'i' to him; .
1 in..', fioni 11 mil n-lmtmii to .1 I ii.iiii itlie, 1 1 o
Hill. ltd piii'luil uf the iiit'ilian 111 inilf a tuur
ln.1,1) the Wi.ihl,
Soma rhllosophy,
What 1 tniuiil) Ihe tiling we tail g..i ci 11 n,
wlul .1 IiiiiiiIiii'; the Ilium wv 1.1II u Mile,! Aul
)il, allii' all. lu.w Iml ! l.,iie mi-ii m.iii 1
1..1I lull!.'. 111 1111 liini'i Iml mote sham haul'..,
ami I ilo ileilaio that I nun h pieiu Ihe .-l.lil
liattle. In the leal liatlli. I lnll alw iyi ion
lili.l lli it puliliu, I. 1, .11 wir; Hut pail) hi"'
uie nut Urn uf hull'. I hi'lnie lint we shall
lieiei' appmaih Hit' lu imm 11,111; nl 11111II we
hue (..11 nl pulilh' nn 11 In .pi'iik the 1 1 ulli ami
In w to Die llui' ill piihlli' all.ili., euii ,1, In pri
vate .Uldlf. 'he ..line I li nf hi.uiil hnhlln,' K'm.l
In hull., .ni'l. ul ll-i I wi'iil'l no im. ie i'mIii.Ih
m l.llnii'lil III in I Woiihl stup Hie rlu ill it Ion el
lilimil, null) li-wilr. ol ileal '.ou;it i'n riellui
il'liiiunl-li me that wi ale .1. 11 nile ne.iii-t 1
l.iluu iu iirm v. lull we .11 limit pa.llh,'
implulli: lint uii'iinil. ami lujin.ii .lie
p ip II. Hi. I Ii) the nii.ii'piivi'iilati.ui ami jhiw
uliitli ale mi lliil.l ll.llul upon puhlie nun for
I Hul i,ni.i', ui nlfiii-e. Hun .1" uf
opinion; ami that Inl'ilriJiui, the ili'lll's lun.l.
in.iiilui. In mil pi'luite iilaliop., iniln.ui'. Hi"
Mini uf all lit leil-ni.t. In the affairs nl lliinih and
('u)itlnut'il on t'a-g J.J
Tlie University Offer Dlscuosed in the
Cabinet Meeting Yesterday.
II) llveltiilip Wire ftom 'llu- Associated l're'..
Washington, P. C, Dee. It), The- pro
liiweil gift of $10,000,000 by .Mr. An
drew Cm m-iriti for edttcalloiial purposes
was discussed at today's meeting of
the cabinet, il wan stateil after the
meeting that Hit- president had re
ceived a t'oininuulcallon from .Mr. Car
negie on the subject of the creation
of a fund for the extension of higher
education. It Is mild that his proposi
tion does not Involve the establishment
of university buildings in Washington
hut rather the placing of a fund In
the hands of government trustees from
which the expenses of deserving stu
dents may be paid lu tin- Hue of orlg-
P-VMk'S - v'-rNv'
.!Js7.s-As .4
WW v '
Puller. I nl
I'li'-fiU-lll of the
I. e I'ri-iilent n
ut I..
fthe A
J ! ! $
Inal itivestigatioii at home or abroad.
The proposition, it is understood, has
not reached a concise form pxceiM In
general terms and .-ccrpl as to the
amount The president will confer
with members of congress In regard
to the proposed gift betore making its
terms public
It alo u stated after the meeting
that George Whitehead, at present
coll.-e tor ot the customs for Porto Itlco,
Had been ottered Hie position of ap-
pralse-i- id merch.indlsi- at the port of
New York, in place of Wilbur K. Wake, who had been reeiuestcd to re
sign. The Philippine tariff question occu
pied a considerable part of the time
of the meeting and the recent Insular
decisions of the supremo court were
also under consideration.
Wavne Suffers from a Dis
astrous Conflagration
Loss Over $40.00.
D) i:eliL.lie Wae fioni The Asxvi.iln! Piesi
Wayne, W. Va Dec. 10. This town
was almost wiped out by a lire which
broke- out shortly after midnight and
raged until after daylight, this morn
ing. The losses will aggregate over $10,
000. The following buildings an- de
sitoytd: l.nil Pali., ill) ,(o.iil-,
William Itnotun, dii kuuiN.
IMiI' I'i-ihhuk, .ii!.li).
Cliapruin I "i r. ilri u.-m.. ,
Vilili-a 11 .N'apiei, Iheri
I.. I.. II In it'e, ilwelluu; anil ill) oLu. -tn.v.
Wi.le) IHII., nairiii rlnip.
Illi-ha AtkiiM, tlwelllnu.
Ml., (i. It, lliinie.., I ua her -hup,
W. I.. Ilnntuii, 1 .
There was but little Insurance as the
town has no Hie deuartmeut.
The file originated lu a livery stable
and a stlif wind that was blowing
caused the flames to sweep on, de-stiuy-Ing
everything in their prith for two
squat es.
Pacific Const Members nnd Senators
Flaming- a Bill.
11) Km Wlie In. 111 'Ihe A.-en laiul I'n....
W i.hlnnluii, llei, 10, 'Ihe sK 1 iuiiiiiiIiii'i' if
I'.iillie i' .j. 1 Mnilui- .1 in I iiieiiiiii'ti who ,nc 11. un.
liK J I1I111 i In. hni hw ,1 11,11 (Inj 1 in lay
.iml iiili-i.liii.l a hill iiniii-il In Ihe hilli.lii of
ImniLlatluii. The mea-iue piniili. .iil.t ,.i iu
hluli, 1I1 filling -i tli .ill 1, nil eseepieil i Ij., uf
( hllie.e wlih h ma) mtii the iniiiili), ami , ,P.
iltlirij In pli'Mnl inl.iou-liui lion nl 1 1,1. tun if
the law.
Atlif Jilllltf mil till -.11111111, u il,,.
tlie ii.iiuiiillii' ailjiiiiiiml i.lilinu, linil ,ie,ii.,i,
'Ihe loiiiiiilliii' U 111. nl. up nf Hi,... upie., inin,'
Hie l.lll.JlH Mali. In ilhlih the ( hlt.i.e ale I', 1
i-iilfinl a in.t.iiv, lilh epn.,ent iliio Newlui'h,,
u I Newula, ,u liialiiuni, ami im mii.h.i..
Mill doll, nl Hll.'o'i: Willi ii, in Wiuuilie;, et.
fi'hl, ol hliho, ami IJipiisiniatiie. I.oinl, i.uuli,
ami, ut ( '..Iliori.Ii
Ily i:ilti.lle Wile t CI he VmucIjihI Pus..
New Milk, I'n. HI The ivup,.toi n ,j
l-il.iy hli)ile i.ue in M.uli.ou sjim,, (.ml,
wue !iiii.lm,- aw 11 imli) to i-tju i I, ,,.
Hi Ii., IKfoie .im 'Hi, l ill) lu, p.i-.. ,
Is lilily to In- liiokiu, Ai in nMi.ll, Ho ne u
weie I'lifhl mile., hililiitl Hie iiiiml, h.iilnj iu,i
riui.ll lap- "li Juuiinl u a lei-iip In the u(i In
tin- rlmit ili.laiii ni. Il.-lui,. inlilulxlil 'K
iinml wa Cslluiateil ,a iv). ',,. lvtr di
uMiilv wa.t
KiT" jAw, r r?s T -l .f
i y-x'S?ntfjj!svs'2ssweS:
ihffinft-wiri.-.sii' ?;i"mM.'sf' .i
lllliv. l.ip
. .t(7,'i ,
, ,li7.- J
. .117;. -i
,.u;; 1
. ,l7i i
..H7i 1
,.t'7l .s
..WI I)
I'i-ihir niul ( luvillli-i ...
Iliith i i ml Mi I .imii
Si i. Mil. ami Miiiiiu
Mi i:.u In 1 ii ami Walthoiii
M.i).i niul Wil.i.ii
I..IM..HI ami .lullii,
lilii' Siiiiuel, ,,
jliliiiiik ami Tin i ille ,,,,
I'li'iluhka ami .l.i.l , ..,,,,
Hall ami Mil. am
Darling1 to Succeed Hackett.
Ily i:iliiiliv Wlie hum 'Ihv .WooUud Pre,
Ma.liluutnii, llei. in. Ihe piii-i'luit loliy
nt In Hie ri'iult' Ihi' rumination nl t'liali'a II
Hiillii'.. nt Mini. 'i.t, tu he .ii.staut sinlai) ut
tho lul), Un Punk W, llaikit, lulsui't).
Senator Morgan's Measure Makes
Provision for nn Aggregate
of ijS180,000,000.
It) lli lustii.' Wire frnm The Aisniiate-il l'io.
Washington, Hec. 10. Meutitor .Mor
gan today Introduced a bill providing
for the. coitfitructlon of the Nicaragua
canal, The hill provlde-s an aggregate
of 51so.00n.00n. of which $,".000,000 in
made Immediately available, and of
which aggregate sum such amounts as
are necessary are to be appropriated
by eoiigrcrs ftom time to time. The
eoiittol of the canal and of the canal
belt Is In a board of eight fit I
lieits; of the I 'lilted States, In addition
$$$ $$! ! 4
uf I'liilailelpiila.
I'l.fl!.!. Ill (if the
sixin Mie
I', of I,.
; ! : ! .?. ; i ij.
to the secretary of war
who Is to be
The members of the board are to be
paid a salary of SS.fiOO a year each and
they are to be chosen regardless of po
litical ainilatleui. There is a provision
ii'ithnrlzliH-, the establishment, of a regi
ment ftom the regular army on the
final bolt to guard It properly and
courts also are authorized conformable
to the powers granted by the govern
ments of Nicaragua and Costa. Itlca.
There also Is a pun Ision nuking three
divisions of the canal dining the con
struction and theie la to he a chief en
gineer and two assistants on each di
vision, the chief to lecelve a salary of
Jfi.OOil and the assistants $j00n.
The President Has Some Pun with
Senator Cullom.
it) Win- fi niu 'I lie Ai-.ocl.itnl Pu ...
Washington,!). C Dee. 10. President
lloosQvelt had a little fun with Senator
Cullom yestetday, The Illinois senator
was quoted some days ago iu a west
ern paper as rrltlelxlng the total lack
of seeretlvetiess with which the presi
dent talks to his calleis. He talks out
In a loud voice regardless of the feel
lugs of the politician who has come to
tall: to him, and everybody can hear
what they are talking about.
Mr. Cullom visited tlie piesldent, and
iis soon as he appeared Air.
seized li i 111. led him into a far-off cor
ner, placed his hand over his mouth
and whispered to him in an exagger
atedly cautious manner, The senator
took the joke good-naturedly and both
Medical Witnesses Give Opinions as
to the Range nt Which Fntnl
Shots Were Fired.
II) i:-.. lu-it Wlie fmiii The A.-iuliiiil I'ic-k.
Wa.liluiittili, tin. til. -Time in. .1I...1 epets
irate le.tiiiiiiiii l,..l.i 11 t. in Mi-, hli
l.uli Un il'.-. iluiuiil wlili Hie Milium uf IMi.iii
t Ink Nile., all uoiliu In ..liuw the allieil 1 lo.j
lamie il wlili Ii the ihut. wen Ih'eil. Hi. stotllng
I'llil'i'ii li'.tll.ul that Ihe iln.-t wniiuil Inlliiie.l on
Aues 111 .1 h.ue Inin fo 1 .hut wliiu Ih" mil Ih'e tu eUliI In. In. ili. 1..1, 1 1' I i'i. 11, th'
I.11I1. I Ion. 11. 1, 111 ami II. me ,i, y.n,, l,sti
lii.iiii .dole.' llu- ame Ilia..
Ikpuly I'nioner lil.iihtuuk in. I Mi.iniie luipir
Si h i phi rui 1 '--i'i iwuuiieil ,11 1 ne .in 1 1 1 11
"'lin, 'Hull liotluit li) wa. iiuluipnii nil. 'Ihe
iliter i' ihe, 1 ,11111111111. ei II- .iile 1 lu-i'il. The pia.i-
llsut ll.iltl -litis will hi hUhlllllli'il lumullnil, I'liJ
Hie i.l.e will pi.ih.ll.ll (j.. o Hi. ,1111 lliul.iliy or
1'ihi.i) iiioiuim,
New Rnihond Contemnlated,
lli i:tlusln Wlie (loin Tli) AsJwiaiul I'ii-n.
Mniiu.iown, U., I lu- in. 'Ihe laiu" nun il'il
I i'.' I lunii',1. in Hie MllitniiiiK i.llh.i, luilinl'
In; Ihe I'liiiul st.iii., ,s,, uuipaii), the Na
tional -ml lompam, the ItepuMie bun mil
M'tl iiiln'.ili) niul tlie Ilf.-K.niii lalloii, aie
pHPiilm.' pi in. i. 'i llu urn. iiu linn m a In. .lit fiuiii I lite) iinl through Ihi' M ilit.liin,
tulle) In I'iiuliiiiur. l ii 111 illlu-, u H,, l,v.
rt IIU r a-'Uilat nil in (leleliml InnulloW, letl'll
will he l.l k.n on He.' piuji'it.
Election at Hollo.
II) L'si libhe WTu- fruiii Tue Ai.-nciaiii 1'u.s.
M ll.ll I . Pei. III. Ihe Ami ill. in. aul I n-n u
I'liliriU l let lul Huh lull al tin- In. a I
i lei 11. in'. In hi in Hollo, 1,1 iml of Pauiy. l,e
li n-tllillii u.ll mile allowing Mihlni. In
..,ii'i an liupuiliiil pail iu Hie ili'iilmi,.
Moignn Buys Iron Mines,
ttv KxiIihuc Wiic lieni 1 1iu Amoi'nte.J I'rcu.
I liii-ll.inii, Un. in Auunliiu lw the Mm'
hi. ..hi, .1 I'lupulit, v'f New iji, L Ijuj.
ii.).- iiun uilno ut silmi.
a 1
Two Busu Sessions Mark the fifth
Dau of the Bla Labor
By Clever Pnrllnmentniy Mnneuver
hg the Convention Lenders Succeed
lu Disposing- of a Testy Issue
Without Going- on Record in i
Manner That Would Offend Either
Side Ticket Scalping- Serves as a
Subject by Which the Socialists
Are Enabled to Inject Some Doc
trinal Speeches Resolution Op
posed by The Tribune Is With
The fifth day of the- convention of tho
American Federation of Labor was
marked by two of Its most Important
and interesting sessions.
The resolution against anti-ticket
scalping legislation brought forth a
lively debate, which among other
things showed that there Is a very
pronounced socialistic- tendency among
the delegates, declarations for public
ownership of public utilities being en
thusiastically applauded.
Chinese exclusion was unanimously
favored, but the convention refused to
accede to the demand of the extremists
from the I'aclflc coast that "JapanesH
and other Asiatics" should also be
barred. Tho leaders of the Federation
thought to "slide" the "Jap question,"
but the Pacific coast demanded action
and the convention was compelled to
fa co the Issue. The matter was so
cleverly handled, however, that It Is
an open question as to convention's
sentiments on the desirability of ad
mitting "Japanese and other Asiatics."
As the record stands the impelling In
fluence was a desire- to avoid compli
cations but the sneoches modify this
in a very marked degree. In a word,
the Japanese question is In the air tu
far as the American Federation of I.ti
bur Is concerned.
Tho matter of a universal label canu
up In a report disfavoring the proposi
tion because of the inadequacy of legal
enactments to protect It. Efforts were,
made to commit the federation to the
universal label immediately upon the
enactment of ptoteeting laws, but they
proved futile.
The resolution to the effect that nf
employer of labor be allowed member
ship In the convention against which
The Tribune has so earnestly advised,
was withdrawn, by Its father, with the
consent of the convention.
Last night the visitors were ban.
quetted by the Central Labor union at
St. Thomas' college hall. All the' celeb,
rlties were there and It proved a very
successful event from every point of.
Favor Ticket Scalping-.,
Till- llcket-scalplng discussion took
up a good part of the time of the morn
Intf session. It was precipitated by th'
favorable repeat of the- committee oil
resolutions on the resolution of the lie
ternatloiial Typographical union pro
testing against legislation that wll
make ticket scalping Illegal.
This discussion was the liveliest
heard so far during the convention.
The socialists demanded government
ownership. lialhoad men denounced
the resolution and declared the sulci
of railroad tickets was none of the con
vent Ion's business.
The resolution favoring ticket .scalp
ers and denouncing the railioads for
trying to stop them from selling, llnally
p.tssed, but the railroad delegates pres
ent asked that their opposition be no
ted. Delegate Taiiquer.i, of Colorado, who
Is also a state senator, opposed the te
porl. "Why seel; enemies?" he asked.
"This Is lioni! of our business,"
nelegate Lee Hart of Chicago re
sponded with a sarcastic! address in
which he said: "Why should we make
love io tin- railroads. The- dear, gener
ous railroads: they love us not."
Then .Mayor Agaril, of Fall-port, HI.,
followed with the sensational state
ment that ihe railroads and not tho
hcalpers should be htanded ns cilm
liinls, "I saw," said Maor Agurd, "
employes mutilate and permit to b
mutilated bodies of victims In thu re
cent .Michigan wreck, no as to defeat
possible) suits for damages, I also saw
a employe' strike it reporter
and fractuie his skull, to prevent him
iTiiiii obtaining facts regarding the
liet at the unit uf Hie tumble, and
declare for goxeniuieni ownership.''
yelled W, J. Croker, a Toledo socialist
"What Hie lallioadi. don't want, we
do wain," cried C o. Sherman, nf (ml-
"No should cluuge. inoii
than fuiiiteen cents per one hundred
I'ontluucil on l'a;'i !i.
I.t.. d iiiia foi 11,'iiiuin'i ia, icon
lllitli.t limpi'ialine
lo.u.-l tempi lalini- ,,
IK'Uthe llunililll):
h a. in
.,, li ilu;li''
,,, its, ilcijli'"
, h7 p-r din-
p. in.
.)') nr cent
Piuipilitl'Jii, Jl li'imt, rnJcil ! p. in., O.Jil Ine'ii
--- --
f "f
Washington, Pop. 10.- I'liruast lor l".H'. -f
iru I'uili.ihJllli: Kill Wi-iIiu'nIi.i, 'lluiia- V
il.ii. Im ri' iloii.liue., .liiuinil.iin 4-
-f wt'-li'il) wlliil.-". -y
tftn ii itiit i
, .st J,.'
'.. ,-. . 'l
r , R 4- &'i
ni 4. -
rv $& j .tt ".&; jfrtt, ,