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Citizen Juydeu of LnckawnntiA Town
ship Alleges That Four Members o
the Board Hold itn Irregularly Con
veiled Special Meeting and
Bought a ".Lot of Uneoded Desks
nt an Exorbitant rlgttrc Open
ing of the Second Week's Session
of Common Pleas.
T.nokiiwiiiinri towiinlilf. MhhikIi a
incie shadow id' Its fonni'i' sHf. lo
calise of the si'Vcnil rn-oiil yitcostiliin!,
In atlll vlRoroim onmiKh to ronm to Hie
fore again Willi a ni-houl board Hipinb
Mo. ailcliaf'l 1-ydi'ii, ai'tlii.n for liltm-dr"
and a nutnlior of oHmr tiixpayoifi, wnl
Into com l yi'Hlt'fday, l i')ri'.pntod by
Attorney David J. lleoily. Hiillcllrir or
Jbo Soranlon tmhool dlKtrlrl, and iip
jillnd for nn injunetian to annul a
olmol desk contract nuidi' Xowinhpr
r. with V. .r. Noon,
The cninplalnt If dltviM''il ii-inliisl
four inotnburs of Die board, Patrick
Vhilliln, .loltn Vllsilicnry, Thoin.m Sul
livan and ThoiuasA UulYy. II Irf allied
they mot in special session, without
Klvlns-, notice to the oilier two mem
bers, Thomas Coyle and .fames Dm kin,
and contracted lo buy 400 .school desks
nt ?8 a. ph-cc.
Amont,' the averments made In the
attack on the contrite t Mr. Lydon n
eitos that the desks are worth only
M.70; that bids were not advertised for:
Hint the award was fraudulent: that
there is no neccssily for such a large
number of new desks: that the pur
chase is not provided for in the ctir
le.ut expenses, and that this now debt,
together with the other outstanding
debts, will increase tin' district's in
debtedness beyond the limit prescribed
by law. Generally, it is charged, that
the purchase was needless, illegal and
.TudRO Kdwards sjr.inl.'d a preliinin
siry Injunction with a rule to nialte the
Injunction permanent. II is returnable
next Saturday morning.
In Common Pleas Court.
"Iresidont ."IihIkc r.dw.iidf. in tile
jmiln court room, and Judge Kelly, in
No. ::, opened the second week's session
nt' the November leriu of common
pleas yesterday.
At the calling of the list en- were
dealt with as follows:
Continued C. W. UuilU .iftJilii-l -Leu,'.- Ih'Nt
trcvpa-s; "Mary Dulfin .maillot ll.c e-ily i'f ."-euii-ton.
ttc-r.i??; P.ilriek ('.iMiplii-U ai;.iiii-t Hi" -'.!
imi-c Colliery .eppoil: W. J. tin Pol.uum' mid HmKvi e'oinp.iiiv,
ircf,.isij X A. llullicrt .leiin-e .1. II. le
plciin; X. A. Hnlieerl. asuins-t. M. ". l'lyim.
judgment opened; !' " hunjer sisJtmt the mi m-
inn Ceial icinpaiiy, tici'iu'.: .joi4st- H. vii.'ii.iii'i
i i'ii", i.
..!..- . . 1, II.. i. ,.l. .........' l.'.'i.l''.
JJCUM .ea. l.V'llli. ,l.' . ji.'ini.i' ". !" "-
.. I'lnkciporilili siK.iiii-t tli.- linn iit(tli cn illyph.i'it
ri al tic-pa-.-; riciiiinj; .v O'ltu.i niriirnt thee
lit v (if Serantoii. tiecpJSi.
. ltled-11. W. Cole! .ica'ii'' W. j:. r.'l'i.o ),
V.iifrjs; Iliniet. .r. .lulu apim-l lieoip W.ilil,
Intel pleader: Gi"nj.e o-ine (iKiitiil the Si untii'i
Railway company, tre-pi-; Jlary IhfUei asaiii-t
UUn, Mot.ilmn, tii'.-p.i: V. I. levi'in k Com.
;jii.v ac.iln-t .1. M.,
Oft" I j i-,1 II. M, Wiieton .ii;.iiii-t tin' Didawaie,
t..icl!.iw.mii.i and WViloni oniiip.in5'. ""
The reason advanced for the con
tinuance of the. ease of Mary Ilutlla
against the city of Kcranton. was tbal
.ludsc-elect K. C. Xewcomb. who was
Miss Dutlin's counsel, has withdrawn
tiom the case and his successor. V. .).
I'-Hzsimmons, lias not bad time to pre-3-caro
for trial.
Judge Kdwards' first ease yesterday
was that of Jlnry Holibs aainsl
3:mery Neal. The plaintiff claimed sue
was engaged to work as housekeeper
and nurse at the Neal home in Klni
liurst and that she was proini ed $-..''
p.T week. She workeil there twelve
weeks and received no pay. The de
fense was that she agreed to work in
consideration of being provided with a
borne tor herself and child. K.
liver appeared for the plaintiff and
'larence Ualentlne for the dcl'ciulant.
J'he Jury was out at adjourning time.
The next case called before him as
'hat of Thomas Sliotton and .1.
Lewis, trustees of M. 1. Osterbout.
against Jolin Kerrigan. The plaintili'
laimed $a.2ti on a book account for
groceries and the like, purchasc:d from
isterbout and his predecessor, i .1.
illlespie. The defense was that just
before Oslerhout bought out the fillles
)io store, Kerrigan clcaneil up his ae-i-ount,
then ainoimtlug to $:M", by giv
ing Cilllesple a contract on a lot valued
jit SSOO.
.icjlrnt licence ll .noiirill, eermimi; in it.
nt viPWd "I Olypiiint ou.T (IMiiVt: I). It. MaeH-ii
jcjiict the Si'ninlon l!aihay tie-iu.'i
Mi, lead I'inii .iR.iin-l Welilir.i; Swallow, appeal.
Continued fur Sellleiiieiil -Piliitk U.iniicllv
riM tew
V v
Has been rudely defined by some cynic
as "slops and sweuK" And alter all
there's more truth than poetry in the
definition. Ice cieatn and cake may
satisfy the palate, but they are far from
satisfying to the stomach, which requires
that 'food be nutritious first anil nice
afterward, By careless eating women
pave the way for stomach "trouble,"
and its kindred miseries.
Ur. Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery is confidently commended as a
cure for diseases of the stomach and
other organs of digestion and nutritlou.
By curing diseases which prevent the
assimilation of food it enables the body
to be built up and strengthened in the
only wry known to nature by food
digested anil assimilated,
"l-nr twelve Ioiir months I ufletetl untold
miterv," writes Mr, .Motile Colgate, of Ran.
dolpli, Clutilutle I'.ej. V3. "No tonRUe could ex
pre til" jiaiu Unit I tudurcd before I com
jneucerl taUnj! pr. l'itrce's medicine. I was
uot able to do anything nt all. Could not rut
anything except and tea or if I did the
topoCmv head hurt m it seemed it would kill
jnr ivltli all thru t n:ild do it would burn like
file I'M mm .;i)i iiviuK your ' Uolden Med.
iia. Hiu.iv.i. and avorite rrc6criptioll,, I
cine i.,i r) em1 i.i' alinr.-i emythiujf I want, and
can do a irtiod dast. wotk as well as anybody
nn. Am letter than 1 have been lor yeart.
Dr, Pierce's riewaut I'ellets enre
ftick Jiedrtcbe,
Gillespie, according to the KerrlRnn
fitatoment, promised to glvo a clear
receipt, Upon the contract beliiB trans
ferred to him, but he ticglouled to do
co, and hot expecting iltcro Would ever
ho tttij demand made for tun Alleged
cuticelled tlobl, Kerrlsan neglected to
Insist on n receipt!
The ease was on at iidjomnlnu; time.
Charles I Daniels represents the
plnlntltTs and 1. J, J.olighrnn the de
feiidatittt. In Jitilse Kelly's court was tried the
case of I.ulher Keller against ficorge
K. Fiilrchlld. It is a suit on a $M0 note
ngalual the dofentliint, which Mr. Kel
ler bought from M. K. Wordeu. Wot
don went to I'ltlrchlld to buy a horse
and wagon, l'ior tamslilerablo dick
orlntr, II was agreed, according to Wor
dun's story, that. J'alrchlltl should dive
him the horse and wagon ami i"(m to
boot, for twenty-live $25 shares of
stock In tho Scran Ion Paint com
pany. Valrehlld did not have .TH) In
cash, at hand anil gave his note.
Mr. Fnlrehlld'M version of the trail
faction was that Mr. Wordeu was
short of cash when be bought the
horse and wag-on and put up bis block
of stoeU In tit" paint coinpanv as ml
lateral scitiflty, reiiuirlng of Kalreldhl
a note for StftiO to soctir'' the difference
between the value of the horse and
w,tj,on and lb" market value of the
stoeU at that llinn. Kurlhcr. Mr. Wor
den tistoed. so Mr. Falrchlld allegcs,
lo bring around a man Inslile of three
mouths', who would buy the slock ami
thereby permtl him to pay lor the
hitrs" and wagon In cash. lie lulled to
do liils and Mr. FalrclilM Hllll has the
slock, but II. Is just at picseitt a drug
on Ibe marked.
The transaction ocitirred three mid
one-half years ao. Mr, b'alrchlld
had the slock tianfereril to his own
name on the company's books within
n month after it was conveyed to him
by Wordon.
The Jury was out at adjourning time.
M. W. I.out.v appeared lor the plain
tiff, and Taylor & Lewis for the de
fendant. The following juiors were-,
for various causes: T. K. liolaud,
Duntaore; II. M. Onldsinlth, Scranton:
S. II. Stevens. Scranton: Itcrl Warner.
Scranton. l-'rank ronch. of Scranton,
M. W. llvans. of Dunmore; 1-'. 11. Stu
ples. of Scranton, and John 1). AVnrd.
of Scranton, were returned by the
sheriff as "not found."
In the Orphans' Court.
A session of the orphans' court
held yesterday by Judge A. A. Vos
burg, this being the regular argument
week in that court. A number of or
ders were made, discharging: execu
tors and guardians, rnmfinnlng wid
ow's appraisement, and disposing of
other formal matters.
Several arguments were heard In
contested cases, among them the rule
upon John llurnett, executor under
the will of Mary Dookerly. deceased, In
furnish security for the money in his
This will is being contested by pro
ceedings now pending, nn behalf of
this rule it was argued by John K.
Murphy and V. A. O'lloylc. of WitUes
Barre, that the Interests of the execu
tor were adverse lo the contestants,
the legatee under the will being his
wife, and that if the contest went
against her, there was nothing lo pre
vent his going away with the funds
nf the estate.
Joseph O'Brien, esij.. and lion. .7. J.
O'Xelll contended that this applica
tion was without any statutory au
thority to support II, and that there
was nothing to show any wasting or
mismanagement of tile estate- by the
executor. Judge Vosburg look the
papers, reserving his decision. Argu
ment court will be continued today,
Vnnt Injunction Dissolved.
Frank M. I.yneb, solicitor of Oly
pliauf borough, secured from court
yesterday a rule to show cause why
the injunction should not be dissolved
In the case of Charles V. O'.Malley
against the borough of Olyphunt anil
Klanaghan and O'Hnra.
Flannghan & O'llara put In a sewer
in Olyphant. Mr. O'.Malley sought to
enjoin the payment or the borough's
share ol the cost because such pay
ment would cause the borough indebt
edness to exceed the two nor cent,
limit, which excess is only permissible
when sanctioned by a vote of the peo
ple, and such sanction was wanting.
The local court refused to grant the
Injunction but when it was taken to
the siipicmu court, the decision of the
local court was reversed and an order
inado directing that the injunction
should be grained.
At I he genera! election, two weeks
ago today, lhe question of Increasing
the indebtedness lo the extent of 530M
to meet the Flannghan .; O'llara
claim, was voted upon and decided af
tlrmatlvily. by a large majority. On
the .strength of this ratltlcatloa, the
borough now asks to have the injunc
tion dissolved.
Two More Divoiees,
Judge ,. V. Carpenter yesterday
handed down two more, divorces, mak
ing sixteen in all granted during th"
past two weeks.
Ullzaheth Fhlllips was divorced from
Thomas I'hllllns on the ground of
cruel and barbarous treatment. Tiny
were married In Wales thirty-two
y-.irs ago and have eleven grown up
children. She hum? she never had a
happv wed: with him. He draul: heav
ily and when drunk would boat her
shameinlly. They separated August
Id, last. At that time their home was
at 172" Summit nvenue, South Scran
ton, M. W. Lowry was tho lihellant's.
n Homey.
Tho second case was that of Anna
Kennedy against Patrick Kennedy,
They were married la this city, Aug,
IH, 1M'ti. As In the IMiillips case-, tint
husband was n heavy driiiKoi and con
tinually bent and abused his wife, They
were married only six months when
ho began to beat her, she says. C, W.
Dawson represented tho llbullant.
Cnrbondnle Water Case.
Judge Jlnlsey, of laiuurnc munty,
yesterday heard arguments In the Oar
boudnli' water case, In .luilgo Kdwards'
chamber. V. A. Wilcox, ,1. K, I suit
and J. II, Tortey appeared for tint
plaintiff and t'ity Solicitor It. IX Stuart,
('. Comegys, H. (.'. ! Hitler and lion, !:,
i Newcomb for tho defendants.
Thia Is tho Mill In which the Con.-toli-dated
Water company of Carbondal",
tho Delaware and Hudson company
und a nuinbor ot other taxpayers are
seeking to enjoin the city of (.'urban
dale from constructlm,' a municipal
water works.
Yesterday's Marriage Licenses.
John K.nan.iush , Mtciu
.Matg.nct Cliflcrd W'H
.Utnes J. Keen in 175 Mjry Urcet
llridsct 17J-J mump
Sinlo Grjntlc ,.,. , I'.nlnii;
Nina Tdariu CViln'idjIc
Willijm .Ijnics .,..,,., , iyoniIr,,'
Minnie iSiiiiin Weoii'bi;
fiuoigc 1'. Walili '..-uuiiton
Silly Houli .,,.., OI.vpi ji.i
Everybody should talk about it. Griffin's Store is the
most modern up-to-the-minute Clothing Store ever opened in
Scranton. The stock of Men's Fine Suits and Overcoats, from the
tailor's needle, is a perfect dream. The Correct Style is the only
kind in this stock. You will feel wealthier in one of his $12, $15,
$18, $20 or $25 Long Chesterfield Overcoats than you will with
the money in your pocket. If you were not at the Opening, visit
the store to-morrow and you will feel comfortable and happy for
the next two years.
JL ft Q
Tlli'll!!-, lliclir 2.111 Nl.m'0,1
l)rlili;t'l Miller Vianlon
Mt'lml.i'. il. MvKouti Sir.aito:i
Ktl.i I'owy Cl.llu':. I,-"M1
'IIiuiiiiis lluiiic'lt. T.i.iler
i:ii'..ilc-tlt I'tlir tl'aj lor
(Vilel.lcl .1. .eej;lc I Jliulc.ll, V. .1.
Dliz.lln'tll W'.llcll '. lllllllin 1"
.hull;!1 Ki'lly iltul.i li.uiclcel cl.Avri me ocitiIon
ill the i.L.i' n( .N'iN.ill llmii ft CulMc.lll elir.lili-t
I, in Mlileli l.o cli.vcU thai iuli;.
in, let le' uitiiul leer ll'c l init ill in tlic Mini nf
In I lie (ii.-c i.t . S 'Iciwilluir el .il. ,isii;i--t
iKIlit. lMliiicil, ill v. hirh , Incite C.ll., liter cliliet.
e-cl .1 t-i.lir L fur tlic ili'tcuiUiit I il MciU in Xo. ;!,
.i iiilec ,,r sine iv lii.ll, mi- M-li'ieli;- Icy
lilt- 1 ItHt ill -. lltH'llli'V, l. II. Ilcjileci;),., ,s ll'-Ill-ill.
Oil ici'liliccii i,r the1 Stuwi r.-' l'.:ci,iner i iiiicini',
il. iiuiue'iiiciir, i:. i', I'.iitiiM.ii's s.ii-, t, .i.
Ki'lly K I iitiipiny. r. I'. We'lil. .v e.niiitiy. V.
.1. ISiilnil'. .lied Cli.iiiilliT v Mini I, eeii'et .v-tii.
ley ur.intcel .1 rulo, retlilinlile' leoineiroev iiiiiinliii;,
to rhuw eui'-o wity .1 re'i uivei' sli.nilcl licet e
.iiiccinte'cl tnr tin' lit lit nf lliiuiilii'ilv ,V Mutin,
ct (iiili.ciiel.ilc, uinliT tin" no.v liiMilvuicy l.uv,
'llei' iii'tltlnncin Jic iii'ilimri' in Hie .inicjimi ot
el. !-'.
Mnlie Up oe the D., I.. & W. Bonul
for Today Locomotive Works
Are Rushed With Work.
Tin' i'lillinvint! !,s thr niaUt'.ii dC the
I)., 1,. tuid AV. Inmnl for today:
Mosn.w. .m)Vi:jiiii:ii i".
Wilcl C.N, i:.i-l -S 1 1, in., P. V, Dunn; 111 p.
in, l. U'.ilLeo; 11 c in., I'. ('.!', . I,', Hum.
lilltt' ele'W.
iriMiw, Mtr.iiui:i: i".
Uil'l l'.it, i:.i-t -t.fio j. in., I. Van W'.'iiiuv;
I .i. I.I., 11, ll.clccity! ,s j, in., , T, M,ipl,;c cl
,i. in,, .1. A. Ilu-li; II u. in., P. I., lioisei,; ti p,
in., , Mullen; ,i p. in., 1', llilli'tt; ti p. in,,
II. W. I'ity.'1'i.ilil.
hiiniinlt., Kir. -il ,i. in., r.'i.t, .J. Ilciuilirun:
a. in., wift Mil'uli; li j, in,, w.'il VIiuiiiimiii; 11
.1. in., n.'.l, Uilliiini Killi.v; 1! p. in., se't, I..'i.
tiinif, M. tciiili'.i'-. rirw, ic p. m., iit, ,1. ( Jc-.
liuj-i f- p. in., wv.t, l, (,'ulildii " i, m., ti'H'i
X.iy An, l. MeAllicti'i-,
l''i'.-ii ii, in., wieiiici: 7 ii. in., s, rinnitvj
S .1. in,, llon-t'i'i 11, IJ ,i. nt,, Mmi.iii; li p, in., I.
Ale liciini'll; ",.:n i. in., Mutpley; i' ji. nt , U', II,
ll.n (hc'l'jiiii'cv ; ID p, in., Limpim:.
Cidu'itinr llnnitnn-i ii. in., Ii.,ilni'.t , 7 i. m..
Since i ; In .1. in,, i). Mlllei; In ,i, in., I', I!.
m'icci-j i; .l.'jp in., funiculi Win p. in., Metinvetn.
Wild ('.it, Weil-",'! j. in., I. Ilaiupily: .1. in.,
11. C,iiier; n .1, in,, 0. KinsiUy; II .1. 111., I",
Vc',,11; t p, in,, ,, 1;, Kitcli.itn; S p. til., M. ''.it'
Ii.celyi I p. in., VV. Vi, Ij.ll.m; ' ji, in., I),
ileclpli; ii I-. 111., .Inliii OjIuu.iu; II p. in., T-
sum 1:.
(.'"I.clue le r J. V.iti!e'll . j It iiin niilit c.i-,eiui'I
nmiiie' u( Niei, -l.-cn. Nut, 1, .iicl until imlliet
This nud That,
Two liitttrrlos connected Itlt the
niitr siiciiru lieatliiK jiliint tit tho Dodi;
InviiluT llrcd 1111 011 .Sttturdity ;md
uro tviit'lilnar HiitLsi'iiftotily.
frici AiiH'tliuii J.oconnitlvi- JVorKw l
riiHlivd lth uli Itiittli nf uurl;, l.ut'u
tnotivi'H for tlic Dclmviiri', 1. ii-htiivnniiii
and Wfliiiu'i). rifluwfit'i' und lludcou
ami utlii't' rullronil i-ojnjanlfes atu l
Ina turiiiil out nearly every day,
Everybody Is Talking
Clothing: Store
The novelties in Boys' and Children's Suits in this New
Store is a treat to examine. Everything in this line will be kept in
large assortments. Ladies who want their boys dressed in the
NEATEST and the best where the cost is no greater are specially
invited to inspect the stock.
Is complete in every detail and when the doors opened yes
terday morning Scranton people had reason to feel proud of the
enterprise of one of her foremost citizens in opening the most
Modern Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Store in the State outside
of Philadelphia.
Hatter, Furnisher, 318 Lackawanna Ave.,
I Theatifical. !
At lii:MV--llimntt'lctn''. lile,.!-. Alleinonn .ml
'I'An '"'I lie Untlil llr.itn." iuino 'll .mil
lit; lit.
Himmelein's "Ideals" nt Academy.
'i'ImI MMuntnii thcilcr'troon i.ri' iri'tu'tuits in
tlicir patriHi'iK'1 "' ' wc"I peipnlir tnieeel nlte.-c.
tieiii eei t'kiiieiil lil nluln when .lolm A. Uiinicii'.
lilnV iciiip,in., "'I'ln' leli'.iN" opini'il ii.s .11111u.1l
evn-k't 'iej.nonioiil lei :i l.nso u.'ll i1cm-hI
.iiiilli'iici', pri-ditltiir lll.incy's -eie'ielnl pl.1.1,
"Tlee' KU'i-i rii'" "Ilio lennpsny i? Jceilup.'. 111.'
lce'.-l lllll ll.l- lcc'lll nl'l'tl lll'lii tili H'l-lltl. Iii'll"
.il'ieie' the rcpi'ilcciii' (iisinl.iliicii l, .tit .t
len.iul iitillity .mil oicMiie- iinleelliiliiiii'iil-.
Mis lle.iiii.p i:.nli, .1 linulit r.icil vhui'i'ii'i
little" ,letlV.- villi lll-i ,cpH'.;ll'il illte' 111 J).l
he.ceclls i lit lllf I10.ul eel tlic eeoilltunv, le-,
11-11.1I, .111,1 lie't-li.erinlnt,' .iml t' e!ut.i. Iciizi
ticili 1 if ,'ollli ll.llielnlpll til I.IM, IliKlll's piuiliii-'lnii .1 el.''cily eli'iir .mil il, lltiHtitl lilt in oi-f,
Slio I-, oiiiiuiiiiilcil ley .111 iimi.uilly i-lroin;,
Hifi' iiKtiltun lu'ln line' to Will ml Macl;, lead,
ins; ntun Willi tlie- (iiiiipani'i Jay (ultslry, !in, i's
lice,, vj 131111111 ni.'.eei, i-.nn .n.'.iie, i ccnie
Han; ( lun Its liiv.nnee", J. eft, Mack nr.d linn
If An.i.
ICI ialtllS nt .1 lllsll I'llL'l' Me'le- itlteMillc'r.-eel
lliroiiirlioiit the pe'llcJinilli't', iiOtlintr l.iU'i'ly to
tho enjoyment, nl the) I'eeiiintr, anil tlic ininde.'
ley llnnuii'i Ulictr.i .ilw. e..eino ill tnr 11 tiir
rliaro of .iiilaiw. At tin! in.itiiicci tliii adoiPeii.u
line ii'inccany will pimint "In the' Ilc.iit e- the
Storm" innl toniulit ll.uMitri mid Hnlonr's tain.
i-.u iccin.iiitlc, ",N'e:rtliPiii l.iuleli'," lll lie
"Tho World Renters."
II111 le nyw .iml cti.mii;aii?.i witli "Ter Wnild
HiMtti." u.-. lliolr ticiiuiiti!, was llm nili'iiin: at
tlic Star lliiMti'f ye'nte'ld.iy, Tlee; i niiipany will
In' at ilil tliiMtrr nr tin tliit three eli,s (J
till' week, Willi .1 lllltitll'il eelne'.ll.iy,
"Tlu Nanitlity WJelnw" U llii' lit!" of tin- open
In? liiiili'Mijv. lliticlill Iliads tin. "li" i .1 !iv.
idly JiiwIiliK tnili lele",ii Jik! Il.iliiii'.'tiin
innl I. ni ll.i .Mlli.'i, in a hliuit lumoily cillcel "I p.
slilu II.JIM1," Weic i'lieiel, .1- Wi'io ill) llclill and
Tulc, iliit.ulir iwni"liaii--. 'flie-y iniitaii;
ve'iy .Miiieidnlly liiiirnnii'iili,
I'.iriinm llintliclc, .Hiote.iliii i'iiintilllli, (cncK well
with tho lioiiei'. An npiiJtie e"iili'ny iiiiimimI let
icy Mr. .ind Mh. IUii Hint was ltf-iuly ip
pljiidnl. , cniiiiiily .-iml iini.ii al potpuml intllled I'lie)
Weinnii's Mi,",,-i'1 c'l.ielii'Jc. tin' ioi Tuidi
IHH i'.
Miss May Irwin.
'Ilio :iK'ataiiee-c at tliej I.yi'eHia toinniriiv. Iditht
or MUi Miy Itwin in her pill', "I'hn Wnlgi
JlclM," Will'tl'l llUllt IWlll JU I'llJBe'lllCIet fit iiliavVnviiN tci t-'crjutcjil llivji,.ni.iv,
JIUs Itwin l well known In thin ilty, aa she- i
ill oir the I'liiled t'lito, ami jeldul t' UiU
taet W llii! lnliretlnjr anitcmnciiiifiit tint in 'h'i
ph'.y Au 1.- timetliis with even .1 vieattr tneaiiiu'
ot dircfe tluti theifC in v.liidi tl.n lui o:i h.r
way lei ttcllar iroiiiine'lite in mjoii pttt,
Her lontpuiy, tuo, i. .ilnmt ititliely nrw, and
iiielmlie. ,lo.-tp!i il. Jpaik., )ldt t'. 'Ihijir,
,fuciuc KiiiKtr, t.liristecpliei lliuno. Manle." 11.
IVtel, liuirll I.aiition, 1 leaile:. ( hurch, lilwaul
llm .l,i, 'i..i.l. .le.lireM(.ii. i'lc-irvie'i- lltrnolii-,
ricci-li"' 11 rd. M.t.l ri'Jirnci'. IWItli IlkUi, .U
lliw.ell. I.e.iiicc IMIcUi, M iiCJt.'t Sajio, lli'.'et.t
llnnljp. (iiu.e Vanislin unci eelliiT..'.
In all lu-i I'l.oei M1V Irwin ha, had the met
uiutiii'iJ luiie -iifetcveM. In tuH .eiu1 .lif nai (inlto
:e I'umWr w'.iitli have eiou itniii'illati' fanr. Tiny
aie: 'Aiu'l 'I hat'' "din," "Wliat
Delaware, Lnckawnrma and Western.
In HITi'cl Nov. .". VJiJl.
"11 .1 in- leave j-eiaiitun lor New- ink-At 1.10,
3.1c,", T.jn and lu.ii" a. in.- I.'. I.'c. H.lii, ;t.B.l
c. in. r.ii Xew Vecik and Philadelphia T.'n,
IO.IVi .1. in., .iivl IJ.I.'i and :i..'i c in. Tor "I'otij -liaitnii
-At ti.Hl p. in. I'm" lliitldlc-l.l.'c. o.-J and
.' j. in.: I.B" ic..Vi .iml ll.Ili p. in. Tor Ulni.
lianitoii aii'l w.iy ctatlun I'l.ii si, in. and I in
p. ill. l'nr l Mm a, Sei.ien-i' and t'tita - 1,1., nil 1
ii.2-" a. in.; I.j'c p. in. O-uc'sec, .".Maen-c aiiel
I'tie.t tiain nt i, ".': a. in. ilall.e, eeeet Mencl.ij.
I'or M.intiiiM tj.UD a. in.; Ifl'J and (i.aei p. in.
NiilinUein siiioinniodniem l.un ancl p. in.
Illuiiin-hiiii; Didsiini l-'ni- ', at
,.)." and Kl.ei'i .1. in.: I..W ami Id p. in. I'm
Plinicmlli. at .n a, in,; ".ID and H.IMI p in.
Sunday 'I laiii-e-l'i-ci" New Venk, I. in. :;..-,. ll.n,
and,a. in.: ::. pi, ;:..;.: tc. m. IVi llutliln
mid H.2J ii. in.; l.Vc. ic"crt mi'l II.::.". p. in. I'.ir
llinifh.iintoii aitd wny -tiiiinii- lO.tiu :i. in.
lllnDiii'.liiiri; llivl.toti l.i'.ic Mtaiituii, lo.H'i a.
in. and (MH p. in.
Now Jersey Central.
Ill I'itee! Nne. 17, 1!i.
-il.iii..u- in Xi'V Voil.-I'iic't nl l.ilii'it1 -ll' el,
X. If., lll.ll Mlllll I'ui.v.
Tllllll.- Ic.lM' MLHItnil I'll l Veil., riillnli'l-
phia. I'.i.l lli'thli'liene, l'uitiiii, Mimli
Cliuiik, White ll.nin and l iluicdliiic' sit '.VD
:i, in. (Iliiicintli cclld ee.-tiliule train with parlnr
e.ii.-, leu I'hiladelphi-i); I p. in. and I p, m. :
inidav., . 10 p. in, I'm- .Unci, l-Ili-Uiit .end
Uill,.ll.iiii', I p. in.. I p. in.. .-.111111.1.1, .ti p.
in. 1 it ll.iltlinecii', W.i-jilnlicii ancl p.iml. miiiIIi
mid wc.-i, 7.:iei n. in.; 1 p. in., I p. in.; Sninlii,
.l p. in. I'ih l.icii1; llianiii. ".-.'an t;itce, ele.,
7.::e) a. in.; t i, in. Tnr lliaclin;, lalcmcn mid
Han Ictitntr, 7. .':n ,i. in.: I p. in.; Mindiy, ",I1
p, in, I'm Peitt-UUi, '." a. in.; 1 p. in.
I'uf latest and tieket apide t. ittrtlit at lali .it.
U. . WIl.STZ. HI,, liui. MilH.
C. M. lll'lll. I'm, l'i.. Ant.
Hid Maty H.c." "Ihe lleiuklii'.' Sun.-," "Iaml.t'iin
l,ii'," "I Ain't t.vir.n t'. W."k c Me le' Mil
"llie -lial.'!-pi.iii' viii-j.''
"A i.-.c ley any nthcr name i-nnicl Mm 11 a.i
-sri'Ct" U a inaslni ntlen unci It l h
ill llm r,i.i' of "iipirlia," Tut- llmloii Itrolhi'i--,'
lililli.nil cpi-il.ieiilai' p.illUHiiiinr islec.-i mi entirely
illtli'li'lit pc'llfiiiiiime Hem tint nf lilt M'.cr snnl
it inlitht lt railed li. ane nthii li line and nil.!
eiiiilly .11 Kneel t.iii-iai'tic-ii. S. mw n i' ni r
that nl llt HMvin'c. iic'li'eillie.llieo Hull Willi I'm
e.tU'lclleill nf two chert M'l ne-i ill the lltt ail "mi.
pellii" i, .1 lli'W ple-Ullltloil llit.iilsthinil.
The tiirehanleat mature., are, nf hiiiwi eh it
the llaiil'Uic, mill imliciilt il-o hid ihe Hanleii-.
KinM urate, .llei' Ilia', (ume- lliu nl.U'
pall m the elite it.'iiinn lit. .ll.i'ic the llililu'l
lliijlliiic' ileur cpei'ial ciiimlr, then the
leillel' ioiiitii-.en thil lulliU lei iciilcniii
e the .Mi'in-ei in which tiny lite lu he, and lale
tlie cpiTl.tltln nt intsi.'iel. It I. n.uillv a
happy, ciil.ii.illii-r und pleaain le.nll, raii-int;
'i h.icpy iMiii'l u( mind le eieiy cine wlm wllti.'.-e.
it. This will nil he iiiliiinevi Minn it U taken eeti.ldi'-.itiin tli ti the -.l-cw i i.ew in itri
nilileh and that, with 'lie iac i-'illon ol two
ii.eile'iii!, It i 1'i.ntiially n law iiiailnii and a
luiielly tliioiiL-hinil, "-'npellii" iuIiim I" the
l.JeCUiil )iiei-,i'aj idal.t i.exi. -"e it. iii.w "li ilv.
M. Ile'lt.'ll, 111 ITvmll lilattl"(lt, wlec'
"Z.U4," teefllllv clll uli a mw pie-c- e.ile I
"Vettg" in I'.ui. in c hi lilt win
rcotril. Cltai If coiiI.j1 ihe iljliU tur
"Vvttte" in thl'i lOniitry jinl the el,ainf .nc)
that Maelilcs Aelniit. will he sent in this piece p.'.'.t
Tho t.Icileiesj eliiiuto ol (alitumia ' ripleiitly
uy tawniUe ti tho il(ii?I!'iiieiil vi ilctfi
cjtajsc talent. Aiiivii-t t IiO-r Mli'iutc eiiuu-sh to
he teem time ale lllimiii' t.u-. j'.nii Acl.ilni,
Aim: Xei.eli, May liltiUty, Ada I , Is and aiii
! I Ice ,i.
"The J.i.t nf Hi.. liai'tJUV' i- dime :ei.e I .n
laiiitli-ii hy the t-'-vtp'i ..i "a lumt-due!!, lli'n at
fair, wliliii ccinij a ll wtiteij lalher a .e K'".i'.
pie-i tcj a et eyt .ililrs!' llilil aeli'al ili.iina."
('l)tl l'lleli will not step ewUe'iima i'i,i altlei- i'i
111,. aee',um,
bhBH IcBBlPBWKy'pvMBl'yB
Schedule in Effect June 2, 1001.
Trains leave Scranton:
6.45 n. in., week days, through ves
tibule train from Wilkes-Barre.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
conches to Philadelphia, via
Pottsville; stops nt principal in
termediate stations. Also con
nects for Sunbury, Harrisburg-,
Philadelphia, Baltimore.. Wash
ington and for Pittsburg and the
0.38 n. in., "week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and Pittsburg
and tho West.
2,18 p. m week days, (Sundays,
1.58 p. m.;), for Sunbury, Har
risbui", Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and Pitts
burg and the West.
3.33 p. in., week days, through ves
tibule train from Wilkes-Barre.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
coaches to Philadelphia via
Pottsville. Stops at principal in
termediate stations.
4.27 p. in., week clays, for Hazloton,
Sunbury. Harrisburg, Philadel
phia and Pittsburg.
J II. II1II'I1INM)X. tiin. Mur,
.1. II. WOOD, l.'ui. IMM. Axt.
Delaware and Hudson.
In I'.neit 'i, un.
Tialm tin Caili'iiiilali' p fc i.mtoii at
s w KM, '".in a. in-; li-.U", I.JJ, .,
ej."'.', 0.
1.13. ll.t'O p. in.! l.Hi a. in,
.1, 1'.-.. i."c. '".". ... 1
... . n..w..,iii,. ami hake- LoJoic. U.i?o. 11)
in.: S.11 t"J r'-"r !' ''
IVr WilkeH-llarie-15.15, . 15, Kll, t'.SS,
a. in.. VM, !-". '-I. "-' ''-'. M".
ill 11 ll."') P "I'
Vi'i' 1,. V. It.' . I'oltil-0. 13. O.OS a, in.;
4 .17 jci.t 11. yu tc. in.
l!ut fcmoiMiiU is. . rointi-o.13,
io. n
2. In,
:.; linn i.-i p. " ,. , ,
Tnr Alhauy auJ all points nortli-C.M 1
. in.
aI" '' '".SUNDAY 'I'll M.N""-".
Tnr CailiiciiilJlc -S.reU, ll.y.i a, in; S It.
caa ami iu,.vi p, m.
t'ni- TH,i'i.'llari,-'- " "! W.''. 1"5.
Clli aii'l S.K p. in.
I'm' .Mliaiiy !""! ieiiiit-i north "!.") p. tn.
I'or HiinesihilL- ami l.iikei l,uileiio-K.W,
. ... qtwl I! .V 11. 111.
New York, Ontario and Western,
In etTcet Tuc.ila), S. pt. 17, ltll,
" Mlltlll IIOH.M)
l.eato l.cavu irno
TiuiH. Suaiit'iii. r.illiiinli.', t'ula-i.i,
v. pi,::i) a. in. II.Wu. in. ,
Vn 7 ' ..... u.lDp. in. Ar. CirhmiilaleO. i)p ,
.Mi. . .,... gjj-cii nut Ml. '"
.eao ,. I'1'''1,", Uuv,-.
faJOill. (.aihmielll". .Slant, , 11
.. n . v.(ie) a. in, 7 ii) .. ...
v ' mKVuY"-; tiM.v. .Mifni uoi-.vd. ' "
I.MVB If'Kf Anl.-c
Tutnt eianon. I aiho'leltlf. f nhi.i,
V '. ... ".I'll'"1- Al.l'Ul'eell'llU', 7. (l i. ;
l.eaeo !"('ac', A into
I'aelJtll. raihiniilale. S. r.11,1.111
Ku. ii ,'J"'" " "1"J. in.
Vo H) l.uOp. n. ,''" f. in. (1.15 11.111.
Train-. No.. I ' i"lk ila ami ft on t'utii.ijs
1ual.11 until line ifiiiiU'i; ium ci Nen- Vnl nry.
Mliltllfluuii. WJlt. 'Nv"vl '' ""tlela, U.evcgu
innl all wlnt wcl.
Tor lurilici" infi.iiuatiiiii. ti.iKtill ami it.
.1. 1: Mti:ilHV. ii. I'. . Nie lork.
. i:. V:i.-ll. T. I'. A., .-it union. Pa
Erie "Railroad. Wyoming' Division.
Tialn le.r New Y-il. jietl iittt inn tliji.- pom1)
CJe S'Ulitini J' folloft.: 7. -I' a. in.: 2 i, p. in.
AmalvlO.Ji a. 111. tiom llviicemlaU., Ilanley
ml liiu'imeillji'' P'lliu-: ' if p. in 'loin New
Yelk Jll'l Inteeine'ellaie pointi No Suinlay tuini.
Ily n recent not of tho lcslsla-
ture, free lultluii Is now giantcd
at the '
Literary Institute
State Normal School
Bloomsbiirj", Pa.
to nil those preptirlnt; lo teach.
TIiIm school iniiltitttlns cottrnes
ol' stud" for teiioliut's, for those
liroimring for college, und for
those Hlttdylng niiislc.
U will piy to write tor p.-irticulir.
Nn othiT K'linel offcis Midi bttiierlor el.
tantiijej at bUeli luw late'd. AJJieai
J. P. Welsh, A. M, Ph. D. , Prin.
T. J. roster, l'leililcnt. I'.lmtr If, La will, l'cij.
It. J, Poster, Munlcy I'. Allen, '
Vlee I'rrsielent. Se'crctiry.
r tw $k
S'jleeleil Milh at In your piiipt"
unci neci'i. Um
Stcjel; i? ecoplicin.illy k..ui cpialiiy fur (he 11111.
fcniall -uiih talk Idt: anil hum much .-tlcntll
miivngsl our tea-oii. ihlo olleiinir.
412 Sprucei Street.
Manuractarors r
485 to 455
IT. Ninth Street,
Telephonts Call. 2333.
Cor. iJLxtuiith St. ami Irving l'lacc,
Amciiran Plan, $?,.'M 1'cr Pay ami Upward.
Kuioptan Plan, Ijl.tW Per Day anU UpwareU.
i-ic(iul Kate's to I'amilies.
lO'j.IOI.HXl Kiel I AI Ii direct.
Thn.IlII'niltSONIsiith'iroiiBlilj tirst-rlasi
iiinilyiimltruineient iint,)I.iiireniiiriUitniini
miiiiicniitieiniixlniiinioliixiiritnconi(ort On IS1I1 htrtect, jemteuktol llmoa Hepiare,
It is within it leew muiiiteK of tho loading
shop. ttiatitifs anil eluleee.
European Plan, $1,00 up.
American Plan, $2.50 up.
Suites with Private Bath, $2.00 up.
lor upcie-ial 1 ntiM.BUideet nr information write
Jtlllt I.'. 4IIATFII-:i.ll, I'rniirlctur
a 4 -rtr
For Business .uoii
in the liea't oC WholesAlt
I'or .siiopiicis
s emltiutcii' walk to WatinnialitfirRj
S minutes' lo Slf-cel Cooper's Ble
Btorc. IJiiss' of aceeBS to the ureal
Dry Guoila Storen.
For SlKlitscors
One block (rom B'way Car.i. !"
Inn euay transportation to au
prjlnta of Intoreat.
mr. 11th st. UNivj-'HsrrT it
Only otto Uloc't" from tltuaiiway
ROOIIlj, $ 1 Up. ricf Kcnfon-ihl:
-f-"f4--iV -f-T--fl"
Every Woman
isiiiti'ri,ti'liirtHli'iil'l',i")w, ,
'"' ' ihoutl lewuinlnifiil
MRVrt Wlilrlina Spray
lieneivlieeili)nf. iKirt
lliu -lui ;.,, ,,..- ..
t'Sl linn leiiTiu'T".
II wvin.iv in. "".
A.k war.u.rf,.trur ll.
II le, eantieit Hll'pty ll.te
tl. tilt r.l, neeei'i nu v y t
itltci, tun MMiilm. imp innl
iiill.lle.l hunt.,' khc V O A
li.lll'.iltliuiii'iiii'lelire''iii.iilli i ff
ii.'i it ii it 1:1. (.. w jy
Ihaiil ii'.'l Tmm ll.ltr . New Y iK "r-
l'bll.tlll'l'll. ' Hell. I..IHH" i..,Un. (
1 - ...---- -.
07 ..No ft
luiirlr. Iiuarai
0 rurr lutr tvall I'rliat
I i'j I'l i it -Lire ,ibu-.rt.l
-. ll l.iutl I'uituu. rrioa IlfiillH. t Jliibuuil.
111ir1ifttf L Mrlrlim't tw f UtlUtf. I H-JtltfloiM
.-1. sbrunkt-ij tlrk-iiin.S'Ud r-jriwiri Iifil--auaUU4 liuoki
cV'wvi'a'K. ivv
-mrfyiJA. mzs
"57T. iff
liiis 1$
s iffoTETrn!
c 1 :
-l C --Aw'
U'alLIiltd.l f Si
ll H
1 j--J
.,-t e-i t'i