The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 19, 1901, Page 7, Image 7

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r-p'ilal lo iho i-euiitoti nilniiif
Jln'itniM", Nov. IS, U. P, rtln'iliciil
find fjiinlly, of Wlll-cn-Uiu'rc who Inivo
bon IIIIiik inlutlvcH In town. )"
turned to I heir home tiidn.v.
Hon. ImnpH 'I', Ditlioltf, of lliillsti'ud,
mum u vlollnr In town on Suini-tlni.
Mrs. Kldcllii Hmllli. of I'me'td J.nKe,
li visiting fi-londs In thin place. where
fhr; renlded Tor ninny yeiii-i
t'lindlilitto' for JU'iiubtluin iiiniiluii
tlons for county nllle'cM. In be filled
next year, me bet-unilnK numerous.
Tin en riiiiilldiilerf for icrrMer and le
rorder aio topm'ted lioin llie tmvnithlp
nf I'llrfTn-d nluiic. t'ji to (Ida time.
Monti (wc llilH. or Ih ieiutcd to bnve,
two iiHplrantrt for the suite semite, one
for roiieseiitiille. one for resliler and
let-order and one fni sheriff.
lit-. I!. . I'.enniiK mid con. I'dtvnrd,
were In HIiiRliainton tin Salnida.
Attorney V. J, riiott. of lA't union,
was tlio nue-l of Ids pniunH at their
1'omo In thin tilni e over Sundav.
Mis. 1". fitiy was ciilllnj,' on fi lends
In HIiiKlianilon on skituidiiy.
Adnlbcil Dull on. oi Cleat Head,
spent Sunday at the lioni" of bis par
ents, near this plnre.
Mrs. Jlany I'lodei-IcU'- and little
child, of ilonimiiluun. l'hll.idelphia,
are vKitlnj,' at the home ot her par
ents Mr. and Mis. 11. Dennis, n ,
In this plae
S. liiueo I'liif-p, esq., of H.UlstPtd,
was piofesslnnnlly I'liniifred in town on
Tx-Sliiillf Itu-burd J'nrin. of
FilendhVllle. was transact Ihk business
In town the last ol the week.
At :i meeting of the (Viitmy dub.
held on Filday evenlnfi. a eonstllu
tion and by-laws weie adopted and the
following ollleeis weie elected. H. S.
AVrl'jhl, piubldi-nl: .1. M". Kelly, llrst
Um incident, I!. S. Senile, 'erond
vice picsldent: dlieclni.s, J. P. Taylor
and M. S. Allen, to serve two yea is,
and Xoiinuii stletunl and X. AVaincr.
to sc-io one These ollleeis lomi
the house (oiiiinittce. by v. iilfh llie
other ollleeis, seuotaiy, tit-nsiitrr, etc..
will be appointed.
Tour Mi others post. No. !":!. lii.ind
Army of the Kcpublic, of this, nominated the followim, candi
dates for ollleeis diiiliir the oiiMiliif;
;,ear. I'oinniuiitlei-, Dr. i". i '. Ilu1.-e.:
senior voce, l'.inett I. liubiuson- jun
ior vb ?. S". J'. l-iine. chaplain. ('. X.
AVai-nci : singeon, Jlii'-im l'.iigo; ipiai
termaster. .1. T Taylor; oflUvr of the
day, V. 11. Dennis, si., ulllee-i- of the
Kii.nd, Hamilton Yiiitni,: lepieseuta
Mve to depai tment eiu.uiipiueat. one to
be eli-iti-d. i:. P. Munser. l- 1. J.olf
lnit-tee.s ('. V. Watious 1". 1'. MuiiRer.
Tne i-econd week of November tiiu
of entiil opened In this pin- e tuiLi.t.
.Indite Daniel V. Se.trle, jaesldhm.
i 'hlef .lustlee J. I'rowster Mit'ollum,
of the lVniisvlv.inla Suinenie louit.
1 as leturiied tiom Plltsbiii'K and will
spend seeial weeks at Ill's home m
tills pl.ire.
lion. I). ('. Tit man Is still t-c-i inus.
111 aL bis Inane on Hank street.
A "eiy Intel I'-stins k.uiii of foot ball
was played between TunKhaniioik and
Montrose in this place on Satin day.
Our team was cleaily uut-welKlHed by
their opponents, but they held them
down well and plned a Hood j'..nne. as
Tuiikhannock needy admittod. Tile
seoi" was lii-u In favor of Tunkhaii
noek. The kiloi.s weie a manly lot
of leiiows and made many friends o"ar
Iiir their brief stay In town. They
enjoyed Monti osi- ho.ataIitv until
Sunda inoi niiiK, when they ikp.nted.
Ala the Neuow Hans'
for tiii-ir
Bpfcial to tie Sorantim Tribui.p.
Il.lllstead. Nov. IS Mr. Thomas, a
newspaper man of expeiience Horn i:i
wlra, was in town Atjindav ((inleiu
lilatins: leasiiifr the Pounty Herald.
Ch.ules Kimons died oi oiHtiinptlnu
Sunday inclining at hi bo.iuluiK
houie, the home of Mis. Sadie laud,
on Lackawanna axeuue. In November,
V)00. he contracted a heavy cold which
later on developed into consumption,
lk'utb was inusi'd by a of
the hums. He died at 11.10 a. m. His
ngo was 'Jtf veais. His father and
mother aie both liviiiK. for many
years he was einnloyed us bi.ikeinau
on the Lackawanna lailioad, beluir last
cntploj ed on the 1 1 .tin cww of ti, Y.
Preston. The tuneial serlies will be
hfild at 10 o'clock AWdnesduy .it the
house 13. K. Tutlle is the iiudei taker
In charge. The lemaliis will be taken
to roster lor burial in the family plot
tbeie. His sei vii e on the was
ilwns lilKhly s.itl.slactory.
(ictlal to the Suaiitoii 'Irltiui.t.
WJalnslllR, Nov, lS.-Mlst- l.ucietla
Tun ell retuilKd to MoutiOHu after
spcudliiK the sunnner with Mis. Amelia
Miss Alllo .Smith .spent a lew das
villi fiieiuls at SerantiMi leeently,
Mr, and Mrs, !toii;e I'liambei lain,
ot Asian v I'.uk, N ,1.. ,ue xlsltlnij his
mother, Mis, Susan t'huinbotl.ilu.
Mrs, 1. V. Keeler eiitertaiiKd the
Twentieth Yiitiii. club l"ilday altei
iiooii. .Mrs. (''Inker Welles sneut last Tues
dav with iclathes at
Mrs, William Welles ami dinmlitoia
rt'luined huiuc Satuulay fioin a visit
with leluthis at Athens.
Mr, Itoj Ackley and Miss Lottie Lea
until was nun rletl at her lnolher's, Mr.
ICdwuid Leamaus. in Ikowutown on
Tliui.sdav by tk'i llnv. A. J. Cook.
Miss Ilessle Sloeuni lc.txes Wt'tlues
duy evertliiK (w New Haven, t'onii
Fiwijl lu th siMiitj" ''
Dureu, Nov, IS- A mw in. tied by
Mr. John .Itiluis, of this pltue, wlilln
fidiiflns lu the lain" Ik hi mar iliotviftt
iiuiiny oillurs jestfrtluy, sudilenly dls.
apopatcl, Some iUly.eps who Wul0
Htaudiutr '"'iir nolle imI the ilkiappear.
tiucv of Hit) tuw and InvcHiltfutvd ami
found that the animal hail lalktu Into
the cat Ih with a Ihikc i.iu thai hail
sudilenly taken plate. 'Jiey sotai pro.
ruiL-il an apparatus amlMllted the tow
fioin Its HlniruP' position, but iho cow
diet) from the Injuiies iciuhed In the
raw. The (live was i aused b a shin
hlh' of iiuliksainl in the uiiucs. The
lilirkn icslduuit was diiniiKel by u
(iivo-lu on South Main hlicct r'ceutly.
.Mr, Uomliilck Kliiff, lor mvnuil
years township loinuilijijlouei, (lied at
hlu homo on Voik uvciuie.
) Ktii 'riimiiiiu li,v U'tm 11 I'lhllrtr in
I'lttslon Satuulay,
Alif . John Wliiiinuu hi led per
mother. Mr.. ralnipr, of Duiinioie, on
Mis. William Shales anil Miss Helen
IJuilelnh visited lu Seranton Saturday.
Alls, .tolin Whylu was n visitor in
IMltston yefitrrday.
Misses Katie Oodwnllls and LIkx.Ii!
Wliyle visited their aunt. Mis, John
son llandall, of Avocn.
The ninrilitRe of Mr. Itnlpli IJnnks
and Ml"s Jtar, Hvaus, both well
known : culls' people of this place, Was
solemnized In the Presbyterian par
sonage, Avocn, I lev. Smith oniclntllig.
Mrs. Minor Swingle and Martha Itul
lei, of IMltstou, were callers at the
home of Mis. Amine) man, of thli
The Ladies Aitl society of Lawielite
1'rlmltlte MidhodlHl chuicli are busily
t'liKnfted In piepnt Ills' for n Thanks.
kIvIiik dinner mid supper, to be held
at the Lawtence Hose Company
on ThnnkKlvln: Day, Nov. 2
SpoU! in tin Sn niton 'hiliii1
Towiu.dt', Nov. Is i hi
committees announce It i un
well under way tor tie '. i . d. : on
Ttiewday, Noeiiihor "li, when tin- miI-
Cut out the seeial pails and lot in
a kiuious .liit rk.iu atlndial.
dieis' unit sailois monument "ill be
unveiled. The lollowins haw asstiieu
their presence for the occasion, (lov
ei nor Stone antl stall, Oenorals Sk ku-s
and King, loin i omp.iiiies ot ill- Ninth
li-gilllent. National tiuaiil ol ,Vuusl
vmil.i, of llkes-iiane, alsi pionii
nent M-leiaus, tomlher with eey
post, ill tie Mjtiety and pall loth ia--Siiui.ation
in the tountj .
i A. Kline, agent lor tile Slegniiitr
ltiewiu-4 (ouip.iuy, hn- Just n-telved a
line sail-hual. )hkh was made b.v J.
JL lb own, of Vialising. Mr. Kline
expects lo 111 U with a uapllia engine.
Mis. Ceoin'e Jtidgeway tell down n
Might ol slabs mi Tuesduv and badly
broke the bones In both her inns' lic
low lie- elbow.
II. A. .Muii in is taking a biishit s
trip tlnough West Yligllli.i.
Mis. N. C. I tan is, a highly i sieemed
lady of Athens, dk tl on Sunday at .n
ad mited age. Jiidstni Moi ley. it man of the same onimiinit.,
died on Sunday, aged TJ yeais.
A new postotllt e tailed Ccbu has
been established on the stage loille be
tween Itunneillekl and Home.
St. Joseph's Catholic i-liiinli at
Athens will be conipletetl and detli
tated tihout Dee. '"i.
The '(-5eai-old son ot N. c. IJetuielt
was di owned In a ilsi pond in Stovi-ns-vllle
last Satuulay.
Chai !(. Laiuont. a i esiilent of this
i outity for ucaily sity years, dkd at
his home in Cr.uiville Centei, aged SJ
llev J. K. Mull boll, of Aniid, was
vlsiliug- hi many ti lends in 'I'owanda
last wek.
Dr. 11. fhoidv, of ('anion, has lu-i-n
appointed a leskk-ni suigeoi. .it a sol
dins' home near Noi folk, Va.
i!. H. Hlneii, of Portland. 0c, a n.i
lle ol this counts. Is isithu In this
It. p. .MtCoiinkk, si toiiuer engi
neer ol the Pittshuig, Hliiglitiuiton aim
ICastein lailioad, with he.idiuarteis lu
Towauda, hat been anested In New
York city, dunged with sending
threatening- ami libelous lettois
through the malls.
The fulfill Tanning loinpany own a
trait of timber land of l.'.oon aues in
overtoil uml llaielay townships, ami
aw now making an eifort to get bkW
ton at ili having It niiinulaetiued Into
luuibi r.
KlKhleeii hunilleil ikkets wen- sold
lor llulfalo at Towauda. dining the
Pan-American exposition.
llalhoad Detective Caskey has in
rested a lad named Uvcidtt. of Iliun
nii'i'lield, for hi caking glass on the au
tomatic signal posls,
Ten deputy shoilifs aio still kept rat
giiaiil til Iho I'.eriike inlues, olhers
having lately been illscharged.
William M. ckartee, of AVairen ivn
lor, Just lelebrnted his nliiotlelh birth
day, Ho Is a native of lUiode Island
and came lo this county In is:i:', l-'our
senrrnlloiiB weie piesent on the oota
tiinn. The i out I oi appeals has handed
down a detlblou deiijlpg tlio motion
fol- reargumeul, Piadu on behalf of
I-'i-ei Kilst, ike contk-inned nmiikuer,
of Vtlvtll. N. Y who was granted -in
extension of fcfittoiuo by Iho governor
until Nov, '.'a. KrlHt sihot Katie Toblu,
at W'averly, In April. VWU, nml wait to
liuvo been ok'ctiocuicd iii Auburn
pilsou on tlio till of this mouth.
Mrs. Fannin Siiauge, n cokned lady
ot 'W.'iveily, while vlsttlufi al Kliiiua
list week, wits tiikon Insane, as the
result ol some revival meetings held at
her home, Slut wiik taken In chingo
by the Mipoiiut"ndont of llie poor of
TiOria i-tiuuty
A lamp iisplod.'d u the sleeping
iiparliuenis at lint Tidd hotel on Sat
urday e cuing, Couiddernble dauiago
was done to the furnishings and be
longings ol the i man heroin the ilainiM
wue extinguished.
Usury Welch, of Plymouth, who
tame to woik on the iiillroud bildse
al W.v.tlusliift, bacaiuo Inloxleatcd and
siiffoieil a earn ot ilclltlum Ircnu'tis.
Ilo witH taken In elmt'so by the local
ollleer, while on tlio ntrcctM IwrrIiib
weai Incr npimtcl, nud after beroinltiR
toher was fx-nt li.ieli lo IiIr home In
Lit7eine county.
Hnillh Halslcad, n yotuifr man of
Itentloy Cn-elt, this county, had n Ur
rlblo experience a few tlaya uro. while
on a htmtlns expedition. Willi a coui
p.inlon, he was lu the woods near his
home, when climbing thrnuuji brush,
over fences and tails, ho fell, rainmliiK
the iiunizlo or his Kttn Into the ground.
In ele.ultiK It out with the mttsi'le
polnlliiK dltcelly ul IiIh face, the ruii
exploded, t curing fioin the bartel it
piece of Hlcel, which entered his face
lo tlio left of his nose and sevcied lite
member fioin his fac". also tearliiK the
upper Jawbone and lacerathiK Iho rye
anil lodfjlir,' under the foiehead on tlio
ilfjhl side tif his face. Injured at he
wtiF, he walked a mile to u doctor'a
house, who, after ilt-essdng lh wound,
lomoved him to a hotpltal at Hlinlra.
AlthoiiKh Mr. Ht.lslead will hnve a ills
flmireil tare, he will reeovei.
FpfrUI In Ilif .i-raiilon Tiibunr.
.sprinKliehl. November IS. f! I'.
Slant: and Orange Whllney duiluetl
the K. H, Scott Ice pond last
week mill took out a few nice caw.
They had Intended to tlx It up to bet
ter facilitate the handling of lee.
A. N. Fame, who has been working
lor H. II. Thomas, the past summer,
was taken sli k with typhoid lever ten
days ago. At this time he Is not vc-iy
the leltei I)-the lust letter In tin name
sick, mid the ehanies are that his l nil
of len-r will be light. The Utldlellows Idled a nurse to cue lor him.
Little Coial, Hie leu-yeai-old daugh-t'-r
ol H. I). Ciiher and wife, was tak
en seveiclv ill a week ago with pneu
monia anil lor a time was in gri,a dls
ltes, Put is belli'f now.
Won! lias been lecelved liuiii Miss
f'laiie ( who went to lied
Lodge-, Montana last week, that she
has .urlved at her destination safel.
She will leinain until some tiino In the
Mm key liiothi-is h.m iit-i-u winking
lu this vicinity lately with a coin
lui'iklng and siuedding nun bine that is
saitl fo husk folly bushels per hour,
cutting and slnediliiig the stalks ,u tin
same time
C. A. Ilungeiloid iV Co. .tie closing
out their stoik of goods, having just
pun based .t stock and business ovei al
Dilton, wlnie they will move in the
near totu-e.
The stoic building that has been Used
by N. II. Shot man Ihiough the summer
has been leased to fl. L. Avery ami 1!.
H. Mi-MIt ken. who will use It for a
glOieiy stud Jil'-.ll inaikel after the
(list of Apill.
The newly electt d ollu-cis of Wst.i
Lodge, No. 1ST, D. uf IJ will be in
stalled Satuulay veiling, Dee. r, as
follows: N. c,., Jennie Slang; V rj
Hose ticirittson; se-netaiy, i;, n.
Prilchind: tieasmer, Lucinila Harncs.
Mis. H. II. Pkk.nd was eledrd tius
tee foi tlnee years.
AV. II. Willlauis' teams moved Hay
Culvers goods over to New Mllford
last week, wheie he has secured a Job
a I V2 a week In a shop
Tile dwelling oct upied b Mis, Ktta
Teny and owned by Mis. H. 11. .Tessiip
of Scranton Is being u-shiugled and
otherwWe lepaired.
Mis. Jennie Kilts went from lieu
Tuesday en unite for liuffalo, N, Y
expecting lo meet her husband, C. AV,
Kilts there and go on to Ciilifoinla.
Mr. Kllla Is In poor heallh.
Mis. Anna Cliattmi has Intel v le
celved news fioni her daughter, Mrs.
Manic Lyman, lied Lodge, Montana,
that she Is grandma to a healthy young
Tionui lilbe ot lied Men will meet
every Tuesday owning lu Sarstlekl
opeia house. All tneiuheis should he
Miss .Mary MiUrath. of Siianlon,
spent Sunday with Miss Nellie Calla
han, .Madeline, the ten months' old daugh
lei of Mr. ami Mrs, James. Mel lute, of
Muln stiTct, died on Sunday afternoon,
alter a In-let' Illness, The funeral will
take plate this nltenioou at l'.SO
o'clock. lutei muni will bo in St.
Maiy's icmetery.
On Saturday tm-uliig, another dar
ing lobbory was coniuiltlcd, when
James McMillan's stoic was bioken
into ami si tuunlity of boots and
shoes who ran led otf. i-'iank Flyiin
antl L. li. O'Hiie-u were ililvlng homo
fioni Pitthton and were putting their
horse In McMillan's stable, when they
wi'i'o eontronted by two masked men
with drawn revolveis. Thoy told them
not to say a woid and to piocecd dnwn
the Mi vet, When they got thorn at n
lospettablft dlstantc, tlley IhieulOtied
to shoot If they ratuiiied. Ai'lei winds,
Messrs.O'Hrleit and Klyiin moused the
neighbors, but when they got to the
stoio thn hiirgkus weio off m Uiu
Donilukk, the -T-year-old ,-on of .ilr,
and Mis. John King, of Dm yea, dkd
on Sunday evening ul the family n-ai.
deuce, after a hi kit' Illness. Heslde.s Ids
pnonls, ho Is survived by one brother
mid llireo blcstotu. The fuiieiul will
take place tomorrow morning at 0
o'clock. A leenilem niairs will bo (c-le-Imiteil
in HI. Maiy's church, Intel
liienl will be in St Mary's cenieter.
Wall Street Review.
Xcw Votlf) Xnr, t. -'ilic liiitl ulilpmcnt ol
Bolil whlili nor tc(t Now Vorl, In a Mnsle Iiy
ulll Ik' i.ailul on u McnnMilii iilllni; fimioirjw
nml Inucliliuc nt I'rcncli iiml (Irnnlii 'iitl, 'llio
tuniifiiiito piii;iiniii(nt4 amount in muml iiii-nl-i-n
tn VilW.1"1". t"l Willi !" eMil'tluti i'( ii ulll
I'lnporllnn Mi lktllii tin) t liok iimount li tli
ntlnoil loi I'.ul". Thli tnti'tltntpf n i.nlllrli"ill
iniiiPFlti iiioitinoiit ot fpri le to rspliln r.iIIv
tbe lirsllitlim loin- ilcvpb'.itil In the ftodt imr
l.ft, Iho ilitilfrilnu of (irlti-i ln-tantn my f'
ri.d it uni- time lull ,n tlu-iilcilly uneven,
rwcmI fltx.1,1 In t Lc Ikt oRctlii icIMiini In
Hi" ili-rllnn, tl ml irlti-i-tltiK tntillmii'il lilgi- lirnlni.'
iitnl Iroioih fiipiMit Tim ibj' (tt(-.ili-it do-)iu-"loii
cum' liclorn Hit- totnl rnjiiirnii-iiM it
roIiI Iicpii minniiniril, rlnl ii liinltmv lo
it'covei- linl irl In Mill iniithitKil In el tin-liln-
liiuciiiPlit tn tin- tim(rliiPht 'flip IHO't
muii- tlipievlon w.w linnu In llie Mini "t
Mllii'iiili lmmnllatcb' innicintil in llie Nntlli
Kpfctiin Itllioul frltli-mcnt. ninl the nthl cnni
of tlilt m i'illi piiii'pillilo In tin ,annu
riiisinn of rpnltlnit to III" cmupinv nut
Hi tjliptt li tin' jrmiilini o( Mlinii'inti, Mini
inllriiiliPil lilimoll IhIiIiiiI hn mi I ln hi io
st.ituli- linok. ,tiiuilii(ii, lirarri. Mere bIkii
mil In W.i II slnol. Willi nlllelil n.iih lion, lint
tlnvp lilutp-i Iiml Iicimi fullv romliliuil ninl tint
lu Hip (ininliiii n( li-nnpil i-oiiihpI nun.' nt tlii'lii
PH linl.iliil in tlir finiiMlliit ul tin' Not tlit in
"I'Ciilllici ininplli). 'HiN. Iiompit, tliil Hot
mill to ipniiiM' u.llroly tlm el (Him; clue lit
1 1,0 llfiNlllc .Ittltlllll- llsHNI( ll li!lllll tllP (0III-
pun, llnlfMi. if llili spulid piitllon of tlio
Moik ll'l, Hie illct of Hit' iroimoiii mitttcnl
inoitmint nf until J -lucul up- moili-i.ili, Tlic
iniiKcl itoml ,i ilitiikil KtiiMi.i lu I In' li-l
lioiir mult i Hit' InlluiiiM- of ,i il-p in tlio im!",.
l.lUi- M.iiiP miM nt :i JO. rou.piipil (Mill :il(l rn
tin- filet iding die. Ppiliiipi In tin1 joiiPial tl-t,
wlildi linl inn Innii ivu- In lliie-n polnn ul out'
tllilP, wire ipilutril L lliis lulo I ilh ulnl 'l.o
linikct iloPil lltlii, Total nk luiln, .'u'.-'Ot)
slim ,
Itillniiit lnli'N i IP oiill- niiiilii.ili-h .n I u i' n-ul
Mm- liiiiilii. 'I mil lift pii (.'lu,',
t ullnl s,npS iciiuiiliiu -' nit llni il 't pp mil
on I lie lil i ill
Tin- follow an;
TiIIiiiip to M. s
Mem IniiMiii?, s(
.loultn Sc
l.llllllU, I'i.
. ll'i
. .. so'.
. . ss
in.- fiimldiril 'lit
Co . looiiK TO'i-TO,
Teltpkonp, JKl":
I,0 '
( los
"si .
TO' i
',i j
IS "
mi .
I I'll
Mi i
1 1:";
:'i i5k
tlllllH 111 S.i(, II
Al. lil-ou
AUIiUou. Pi ..
liul, Coppn- ....
unci. Cil k 1'oiini!,. Ti.iLlion ..
Hill. .'.- I lino ..
l Iim. k I Mao . .
r lilt . .(. I, I. Mel.
ll,i,. 1-1 in, I .. . .
( ol. I'm I i. lion .
I tip It. It
l.i m It. !.. I'l. .
1 0lll. ,fc N l-li .
Mm. I lot.itnl
Mil. Ti.ietiou .
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.Noilolk ,V Wot. .
Out. A. Wi-luii ..
V. V. ft ulnl ...
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ltp.iillm; Hi.
ltoiillm; Hi.. I'i.
Olltllllll III
Soullillll Hi.. IT.
s'outlipin P.o ihi
'IViiii. ( on! ,V I urn
'ft xns l'.u ifie
1. S. Toilliti-
r s. i.t al i'i
I . . sp, I ( ,,, .
1 . . st-tl fo I'i
fulfill I iiion ..
W ili.i-li. I'i
107' i
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. .. . n't
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Scranton Boaid of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Bnsetl
on Par of 100.
srof N.
I irl,.iwiinii lltln I o . I'i .
( onnti -'iiinu-s mnk ,v 1 1 ii-.' (o .
I'n-t Xjlional II ink (.C.iiIihuiIiIp) ..
st.mtlinl Drilling fo
'Ilintl Nilioinl Paul
lllmt llipu-il antl Pi-toout tkinl, .
lVonoinj l.lslil. II. ,(. 1'. Co ... .
rim Witiouiii nml
I oka l'in-t so, ),po-it (.'o. ...
( i SlltlHI f tl , I'i ...
Str iiilmt lion I'pnio k .Mlj.. t ...
strJiiltni lt- Woik.
Su.intoii S n ni!.. ll.i ul.
Ti.nki-.' Nilioinl Unik n Holt Nut Co
l-iopn' II ink
Sew Milco lt. C. Co
SLi.ititun li.-otupi- lt.iilwin, Hi-t
MoitsaLC. iim. inji)
lVopIo'-, It.iilu.c., In-t uioii
SJrfc ilut l'is
I'etipp 'c siinl UiUhji, (.hhijI
IIIOIIIKI', (Ilh- 1'til ...'.
I)ak.ou Unuf u luring ( o 'lowu-lilp si, ,) ." pPI (Pill.
( 111 f f su,,(, s. n,j, ,, j, ,
tint ...
Si I lUU'll 'I I tl Hull li I'll ti'lll.
Jul . .
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... 7
Sctanton Wholesale Maiket.
(ttniciitil In II (l. Hilt-, -J7 l.i(kiw.ima it )
Ik ill, I'i I lm-lit 1, llitiitl- Ullllow', sJMliJi,,.
Ilutlii I'lt'-li (.iftimrij, JlaJJi., ihli.i, ne-li,
I licpc I nil i.ip.1111, lu'jilli..
I US,- N(.llt.Jl ,jli, -Jlj-Jji.
ltiliinn lltdn, I'ti- Ini-l.t I, --J tl
tiuen I'l.H IV'f IiikIii-I, s,iuil 13
I loin llp.t pJtnit, pel luiu-l, l 15
Ik-Jus I'pi liu-lnl. tlioito uiiitou. -, p)
I'otjloc I'li- liu-lipl, l ""i.
Union lii liu.l.t-l, s.i).
New Yotk Giain and Fioduce Maiket
Now oik. Nto Is ri.oii M iikd ipin-' aitl
lilllll .li'.lllv. - s;m i i,( f Vo, j ml, f. ii. b. .itloil, .No. uil, SO', diuloi,
No I Noi f hi in llolulli, M,, ( ,,. 1,. .id,,,, o,,.
titiii, cptiitil .Imilii latii- ttio In m- ntiir
linpli, linilli nllinl on tot 'ritiR- anil
i-ti nil .il r. net tlodiui-. M.i.i- iifTm.:
Ili'iuuli. I', T'l'st . I uiu sp a i.i.i; No J, nii''i,
doiiloi .ml 1,7'ji. i. ti. It. .illo il iiii,n
upt'iinl .((till-, wi.ikiiwtl, Imt (in illv!V I,
iln-lus; s Ip nl) ,a '.c',t. ml tloi-lim.- 'In
ilo-dl I ti'ii, ; llotniiliPi, iirii. ilit -spit
iiil"t; No. -J, f,i.i.; No. ... kit.; N .. -J whlti,
1st.: No. .1 wlillo. IT'.'i.: t r n I. linvnl wi-tni,
I'nli.i ; ti.u k 'ililto. IiM'iJ, . Dpilon. tpilt i mil
p.i.ln. Hulli-i- 1'n in ; tiPiiuiii, I7.i'"i,j fu'on,
U'''t : .Iiiiip ucimni. ITUJ'.i.; innliilii
(liinuri, lljl-t.,; l.ilo tlalii, luj't. tlm-,
I'lliili inn) lure sqiipinj,,!, iPjiin, , fnv,
hut Oitoliti, oi,i(..i ; i.uuv, ..mill .vplrni'iti,
in'si'ii . f.ine.i. sin ill Oitoli.-i, iit4.iini4i Bisi
ririn: s,ip jinl 1'i'im-il'. .nil,,, -joij,-, ; , -- oj
uui.iuiIIpiI, '.'.M iii : vi..ciu i.inillnl. Jlj'Tt
Chlcrtgo Grain and Piodttee Maiket.
(Iiiujo, Nov 1?, Iliandi t.-ili.llos nml , n
pi.i1 In ill. li loiiilltiout piciillttl ai ill ..,ih,s
(oil iv .ind Pi-ii-nilipi win it ilxnl "i-i'it. lonpi,
11,'iPinliPi i uiu, 'J.i1!". ilown, ii ml 11,'n iiiIki nit,
'iii'i lonpi, 1'ioiislom tloMtl T'jillii'. lo -Jil
iriiti. Iilului I .nli quo! u Ion, wnt ,i, lulloi.n:
liuiii -siimiIi : N'o, i! (-prlii.; ilu-it, il,-.i7li ;
No, J red, "I'-iTtk-.; No. -J mIIow mm.
No, oil., fU'til.'t ; No. - White. IJijitllji.;
No I white, IJiIIp: No ijp, ,"ip,; fab ,,
tlioito iiuliliii; IhiIpi, ,'iti iiitii . ; .No, t His Mv,l,
-l . 17" ; No. 1 Nnitliuinterii. s 17 ; pi imp lluinili)
Hill. s(, ,,,. Hl; ,,., k, -.l.i.'Jdill; 1.11,1, ,., ,JIV
n,. Vc sln.t t rlli., s7Hi,,7,i-,. ih "jiUf.,1 .hniil"
iim. T'ti'.-t : .sliou iU.ii oitlc, - ", ti. vii.
lo), s Jl
Chicago Live Stock Maiket.
l ult-.uo, .Nov. ).. I ittlo lleiiipu, l'.Utiti, ii.
iliuliiu no Ti",.ui.i; 1 1, uiu! It oh; oilinr .ion,
Ro.'il In pi Iim, YH.WiT.I'l; pooi In nil 'Hutu. Hi
ii.J'i; ft'Hl.n. ninl tttJei, f.'al Hi; n.., si.j'u
I.Mlj liclii-l. s -,0.r; ciniii'i,, s.j:M.j -,; ,i,t
sjil7"i: (a he., TJ.-JtUll -1: i. It-Ill nli pit, pVI.VM
,"i.V. IIoks -l!i'((iiw lO'll), Jil.mM, Imiiiiiiiit),
,'i,(Xitl; ill "itr, ."..ilnO; plejih Id dun on ilimu
Mtiulit, tlo-n" we.ik; inKi'il anil IhiUIhi-, , jiii
,1,11, i;ioi lo iliolit' liciw 71 Uiii.tXi imuli In
fill- hvnii, AIIj'i.'i'i Unlit, s'l.iJi'i. Vi: knlk of
uln, )-' IVl'i ", Minii lt(ulpl, ii.mi; vl,,,p
epeiit'il ti-iill ; f Irv-itl Iti to -J) mils lnwei;
lliilK opim-tl ileitli s ilo-eil 10 In r, lent!, .n u ;
(.noil to iliolio Mi'lluis, vl.lllil; wi.tun uluen,
sfil, esln, iiJtiie lamb., s.' o-.; ,, .i ,
Buffalo Live Stock Maiket.
I.J I lliitljlu, Noi I ( Jlllp- l,Vipl,, ',ij
ui., luiluillii.' li of I .ni.itl-n, iu,i.- In, 1,0011
lilplilin." mil epoie iiinlm. tlioui ti.iil loi
ntliili lic.t sKt'iJi here, t'ji'i Hi; iiirtllinn to eootl
klilppln,'. ilD.ik--,i uii tl" i..-i !.."; V" tl
laili In ii' 'Ini., el I i'i i.. n. Iklt kill -i ,i ui,,
Mil7"ii Pimm lielii-n. -il.Tuiiliii Uu'lu 1. o,nl,
slal.doi liil nl mm, WlMi.J)j fdi. In (ju. tl,
f-J.HJU.7Si i.itmt'i .iinl loiiiuion. i-l.TDi' .1); i'i k, h.1 ii'..i".s'i: -jni,e .mil Imttliti., i0i
il.Mi; (UHlti. .linl It-ttlirt Ir.uli ; i i h , ,
ell'llljl t-il. H 'iikiV.-H; i tint. J 'llll.X Ho.H
- Vaiplv. Ul' i n: indie-, .out ai.i'li -. .i. . Iikli
it, lull), ij''i.nii: inUcti, w , it., ,,n), ,,1s
Ktii'iii., TJ.tftu.Tti; loualn. " iV.'O. -i.u,., ii". tu.
hlncp .itnl l-nnlK.-Dlttilm-'. Ill' lau, imlu,ir'
ri of ClIMillllli; .low. lo'Af lot lilllll,; lopy,
r-l. .U: lull- in fcoml, . 5li ii; ,1,0,1, u,,,,,!
Bti-Jtli; mi iiiKnl, il I'd I. ".'I; (.nil, (i fjfp, 7-,
ul-J.1i Mitliin, W if.T'ii )(-Jiliui.(, k"Aii71i
(juaiU Ijnilo, Sl.loil.'H; ilv. kutk. s.
East Liberty Cuttle Maiket.
Pa.t 1.11ml, Nov H - Cattle -At tin- ami
Mjlici ilioli , ji.7'10. t'liiiitf, V5 VMS Tn, (.".jil,
4 Lines 10 Cents
More than Hour Llneni .1 Cents fnr licli V.xtrt tine.
Wnnt Advertisements Will Be
Received nt Any of the follow
ing Drup: Storps Until 10 P. M.
Central City
.Mdllinr SjCIII I.IZ. uimei MuUt.-iiy
ittiect anil IVrlwtn nunuc.
OfST.W I'IC'lll'.k, M0 V'l-iii" ateime.
West Side
iirontii; w. .ii'.nkins, in smii Miin
ai i-nue.
South Scntnton
l'UKIl I.. 'lllltl'Pi:. t"' tiilir J'tim-'.
North Seinnton
(ti:0 V. llWUs, tump Nt.nli Muii
menus ami Miil.Lt Mu-et.
Green Ridge
( IIAIII.I.b I'. .lO.N'k.s, 1.'J7 Diiktn
1' .1. .IdllN', fiJO f.iten ItitUe -tioi-t.
C l.OltllNZ. eoliiu- u-lilu!ton aid
imo .mil Jlirion tied.
W. II. UNr.l'l'i:b. 1"I7 bum; ii. nnc
i. ti. bom; , 'O.v.
Toi- Rent.
I'Oi: Itl.NT- 'Jui mom luiu-l', 1.0 Ujonimt: ,iu-.
line: Utility dull in hi ninnlli. Vppl.' n
.1. S .Millei, imiiPi JIIUTlu .iicniii .unl Mm t.
01 I'll i:s Kill ltKNT-n-i scloi-iI llmr V.I.OHL
I, .ill Imililin;, loin- l.tue, mpII-IUIuhI i.'iin.
Applv In II. J l. Cm, in ImlMiic, i '
Mlllu. Millliu .iml Mue.
Tor Sale.
1 01: si.; Ni,i tlioiomjhliiPil to li-iiit I-, nine
week- obi. lllti l.inile-n licct.
roi: s,i,i; cu loui t,t lom-.. s.oo-1 mimk
I tlilui.; wriakt hum I.H li l.Vn. ''- clo.ili m.ittlicil U-Jiin. On lip s"ui at ."A
lliiiuoii'l souil. I'. M. Colili.
101! stl,i: lllK.M'-fiiewooil, lion loollu.-, Iim
l.nit, lioiuK M.iiitlini,', etc. limn old ji-:
Miililile (or .ill piupoM-.. Jeimiius Cenlul
.Miri. Cul, l.uiiiii- i-tiPol.
I'OI' s.,;f, jp. li(,i,.. .pi ins w.ifti.n iml
liniit-.J, nt .No. lSJf Crilil aumic
roi! s-l.c Two llglit fprins waon? ami some
liatne", elieap. i:ans, rear 11JJ I-nzcnio
Vanted To Buy.
I (il!li Wtlilll lioui till tonN, tin.
Iiml moo'I oi luiln i imln i- ietiilitil it (inn.
suit lip.l pun, ,i i n n I .In 1 1 ijuipliit, tJl
U j-liinslon .iiptnip
Renl Estnle.
I Oi: SW.i:-0ne ncie of l.niil. linpiuMil wlUi
mm-iomi.i liou-p; pltuly mil nltlj ot full;
KMtl lot itii.ii in tilkine of I lcdnllo. Mi-. Olite
t'l-li. rieitiillf, li.
ruruibhed Rooms.
I Oil III N I' 1 in ni-ln it loom. I, ill,, in -i r
l.lm I'.uk ilmitli. I.'. I.. T., i t liiiitt Dili f
I oil I1I1NI Nioly liuni-lirtl lorn II (omen-
limii; piii.ue fiuiil.i. nil Mullitni stmt.
I I ItNlslil.l) ItOOMs 1 oi: IIIAT. with Ih-ji, e H
ami lulli, iitiillniKii pitU-ruil, ji .'n'l (l im
I Oil Itl'Xr ruinUlKil hunt mom, with beat,
liatli j'ul Ra; nenr enmt liou-p; kliiII'-iiihi
piefcrttil. Adiliets ltodm. llov 2!.
I'OK llllNr I'mnMicil loom; li-JL ainl katli.
i,jj l.nilfn flri'i't.
Wnntecl Fui-nished House.
VNl'hll-1 imii-liiil In iiii- iii ( itit, ui,.hI
liu ilinii, loi the wiulil, i lllilllt ol liM'
A, Mil--. ( , 'iiiliiim tlfllte.
Fuinished Room Wanted.
Mil N(! l.Mi woulil liki- iini.MiPil loom wi i
mil lio.inl, m pin. ill lin, Ih. tliln-., -i i'
lis turn- mil loiatlou, il I'., t.' Ililiint-,
i in
Rooms and Bonrd.
A bUICK ritONT ItOOM, witli l.ou.1. at -,jl
AiIjiih .ULiuii. Suit tlile (in two iiimiK ui"i'.
ItOOMs -JO llll.NT, wilh bond. Hi1) Mulberry
Boaiders Wanted.
HA.NTKD Table bonidcrs. llu. Tompklm, 5.11
Wniliiugton autiue.
Business Opportunity.
S'lOCIt AMI Villi:. T TltAlll'.ltS willinut (IpIjv.
Wiile loi nut fpi-tlal luuki't Uttii. I'lt-P mi
ji plliatlon. .s M. Illlili nil . to., uuiubitt N.
l, Con-olidatrtl and Sioik i:rli iiic'. H ami !
Ilroadiuy, New- Vmlc U.t.iblisliul bOI. I.on
DIsjikc 1'liono 2.S
Money to Loan.
uiW.iKiO 10 LOAN r.ottCbl rates: dtialsbt or
moot 1. 1 j payments. Stark & Co.,Tradcrj' blj3-.
ftr.iirrl t leans oi Uullditiit and Loan. At
from 4 to 1 per cent. Gdl on N. V. Wallie-r,
Ml 1-315 Comu'll luilMim;.
I tl I' -On l.linkii -tun. In Iv ion I'ljnMin me-
lino .iml 1 liu l'.u I. rlmiili, .i p.iir ol o,
liioinl ieeiiilei, in I In ler will e. np-r i
linn b.t b .ii lin; .it 'lillmiie niilie
lllst I, .ok 1 1, nib .In-!! .iml Loltl i mi, A l.o up
ell. ..I. In. lilt" on in umi ot 1'int ..i 1 .ml.. Ill !'. I. Hill .'- Sou.
('AMI! TO JIV ritl.MIM. i . il . Ottnu uii
Into Mine on pintiui; innpnlv iml piling
rptii.t-. Anilini li'eoiKf, I, h. II. Ili,i'.i',
.li I ui tn.
Suiinrfluous Hair Remo'ed.
-l I'l.lll'l.l 01 .s II Mil, jiH .'ml iiiole-f. iiiIiiuTs
It, piiiinui-litlt, iciiiru.illt- iiiiintnl by
rltihii nei-dle: no mm lliiiiiitolisit.ij 1'ji".
l.o , .',IJ .ivlimt'oii an inn-.
s(i:ilNl. NIW. Il rnif. iljiiiinul, lull 'in.
uiu. In nl ii In-. 1 1' ul it'.U (lie kimv ' mi
iiniiun t mull Di. Mklti'f l.lniik I ei.ili, tin
null pilt-ul e null in llie worlu, till Iip oj,l in
siiiiilnu lu- o flioir tune .if i-.iu! lull iUe
In .uhoili-lii, n ji nt-, implimil be (he 'ii,i ,,
jiUKi.liuu ilu .i i uii'lfi (ill tiinli, Stmt tamp.. in
in IjiIii.' !.. Ot. , irin-V ile, .'I'i. Aildre.t
in-i ill Jll'l i.i'elnil, iiinlni;., on MIUvil lllili
.ml. .l.'l M .tli-i'ii .ninl", n liuK'ii I'i
ti.iij,i. Io'.-IIuIipi I'l.tiP li-Mtitt. f i. Wii);
lent initlluni'. "i.Wi'ilt). liuiii il" , .si mi,-, .-,.
liuiv tmkiii., i.Tilii.iti ll.-lit ii4, o'liiHili.",
pi; . si.iniV.w, iousIl-, t 'Jlii. .simp
tri bi-. netlieif, s.( uij I.',-;,; c iillf nml i niiiiu ,
lai, tijrlln',, t.'.oOjIi tial i.du-i, yi.VjT Ji.
Oil Mniket.
Oil I'dj. Not H.(ieilll lijlame', Ul; iciHil
(lie, mi Mill lllprniul(. 101..', til ilfuip, jin,.
s, urns l'i&H, Jit-iaje, "i,"J''
WAM'KI) Pilule IrvntM In llrnluin'o Mmnliiinl
One or two .iIIpiiiciiiii e.uli wrek. Id t
OijImiii, TiIIiiiih' 0ikp.
U'AMI'.M I'liniblipil loom, (cntmlly l i
tuodpin ami ill pilule (amll). K, i
OfrVe, ill.
WASTIMI tlooil n-toiitl-lniul fiiuinp. Mill ,'it
easli. Adilief lock l!c llik s, i-iiilmi. I'i
Help Wanted Mnlo.
V.Nli:il, Al' 0li:-kifirUii(l "Mil li'"
tlmllirt I" liMouil Itefiiem, ipqiurcd. Ail
ilu.-.. I'.uglnpci, 1 lliiiii llll" l.
VNillll-tlooil, pi.uttpil (liopiu.ikii, liilil Hidi
nmimliU iniilri.l.iuil lit' Moik: ttti ul podlloll
for light tn in. Applt l. A. Hub. l.iuein" -i'1-mie,
nii(ille Harp Mi-itl, tVi-t I'iIUIoii.
UANII.II- I iifuilu limn n.- ivoiiihii to nt f" fPUPtaiy lu tin. di.liul. Inelet.- rd'
fltllllCMll l lltili lie l' t'- I'U-'lOflll. I 'IL of
'Irlbmie Ofilte iml n.nii ik'ion will In n.i 'I upilil'
lmn In olliii bml. ntoiinU. IKUieli "t
i(iilipit. Atiliei llo II, 'lillmiie (fu'p.
MNli:i)-lli Ipadlni; I'lillultlpbti lion-"'. Curt
eln i- ill siu.ti). rn m-II K nnil Iim "I 1"1'"
to Hie leliil tindp. me wlio lin an r.itpnlntiun'
luifiupl; iiititl Imp l.p.1 rinrenio .unl In; "i'1''
to fuiii'tli lioii.l. I'. O. lli !'), I'liilc
Help Wanted rcuiBlc.
Ol'I.II.VIOIts NII (01 I, Ml s.J lis tnii,-il;
.(i-ult t-oik nml snoil p.ii. U. It link ,N
s, n, .liiil 111.11111(11 limit, ,:i'i AiIiiih jwiiiii
WAN I 111)- I. ills for lioltl Mini., n.illie.-pt. eookt,
liou-t iihU. iunp. .ind liumliP..'- I.' l-.i-ti.imn
Ai-iiH.i, Jl ! Meal's billl'llm.'.
Willi)- V -iiil It or I.", teats old v.lio would
like a (.nod lieiiiiiiiint Iiome ttlui" uln- v onld
be lieilnl nt (lip ol the furiili. Will'- w a'lly
to .Mri. Iljicin lluikinelutn, l.liuhiit.t, I'i.
UAMi:il- iiiuUlIc auetl liou-ekeetnr. Appb
llionit" V. Jtei., .nulling.
UITV 0l'i:ttMOIts NII-l)-siPadf woik
mnianltid. , h Heel. i. son, ,VJ
WXl-UIl- Girl for cneiiil housework at Dallou.
AddipM II. T,, (ire Tiibune.
NOIII I. Is- Ill.tlCnV IIIVI'A Hill iiii jppllu
lion Mill be mule to Ike I'omt nl ( inmii m
l'leaj of I..ilI(iw.iiuii coiiiiIV on I he ''ill daj ''
Duiinbei, J'XH. -t '' o'eloik .1 m . umlei mi
ait piotulinir loi Hie iueoriioratloti .iml Kc'ila
lion nt oi t mi toipoiiliiin-, .ipprotetl Apill -'.
Is7l, ninl Hi .upplnmnt.. by Moillmci II. I'ul
lei, .Mini 4 lllaii, .li , .MIipiI . Hunt. I'.tnl It
11. IMiii .mil s. liilnUiliotl liimiip, fn Hie 'It'"
lu nf nil intfiiikil mrpoiatiuii to be tallid '"llu
Hail i-lim," Hie ilni.nlPi .inJ obi'-et ot
i? lo iiij.liil.iut .1 elub loi .oi-iil etijnjmcrit. ami
lui Ihi. iiiiio.e lo liaie. po-.-f.. and eiiloy ill the
iisIiIh. In "nils .nnl piitibKH ronlen d lo 'he
i-ml Atl and tl. -uppltuuut.
M ,1. lt1IIKi;V,' ilu"
'I llll NNI l, sii( Midi llfl:-' Uieel nr of the
Con.iliil.ilitl W .id l suptilt- loinpmt will In.
held at llieu oflne in llie nit or i iiil-in I'.i ,
Wnliu.ilat, Not. -J71 li, full. 1 1 it nt.. I"' tm
i lei lion nl ollltn. for 'liu iiisiiiii). ten. .ml f-i
Hie trin-uiion ol nit ulliei tnnlniis Ilut uiu
tome bffon Hie niietin-a-.
1,1 Olit.'l. II. JI.IIMN, sou, (nt
Mill. NNl M, Slot lUIOI.LUItls' niiiliiis ol the
I'aiilliei (upI. Main- i oinuiiny t.ill Ik In Id
i' llit-ii oflltt- in I'p iil of suanl I'.i . Wed-
ne-ilii. .Not. 71 li. 1'iul, al 1 ,i in., t"i ll"' 'I"
linn ol nlllni. loi (In eii.iiius ji'ti .iml loi the
li in-.ii lion nf .mi ulliei e-. Ll. it mat niiii
bpf.iii. lin- mi inn.;.
liioitni: u. .Ti:itNf vv.
IIIH NM r, si MUII lll-'lts' mn uiirf ot (lie
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tome beiutf llu- uui'lin.
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llili ANM h .sllll MIOI.HCI!-' nullum oi the
( nlinnd.ilt- W.itn loinpinv will In- held al
Hun olrkp in llu- uli- oi .senu'on, I'i.. Wnlue.
tlt.t, .Not. 27ili. 1"01. al 'I n. lu , for ihe deilim
oi'nflKi i-. fol Iho (ii.iiini. ten and Tel III'- tun.
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of oiiueii loi llie eiisiuin;.!! ir .mil for ike ll ill.
nlion 1 1 .nit olhei Iiimiiil-- Mill i.iiy eniiit beime
Hie met linL
l.l.olii.l' IS. JI'IIMW, s( ir.i
'I III: NNI Mv mT0( KIKir.Dl'.ltS' liter tin;! ! the
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ih.-h oiiiio in Ihe tin et s, iiiilun, f'.i., WidiK.
dn. Not. J7lh, I'lil, al 'l.i. ui.. Ini- Hip i It 1 1 inn
ni oillni-i foi llu- iii-iiius tear .iml I'm llu li.un
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tin- luceliiip.
l.'I.OIK.I. II. IMIIMYV. send in.
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iiiluci. for Ilif ni.iiliu .te.'i .iml I'll" Iln ti in
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Till' NNl M, S0( Klllll, Hklls' iiifplniir ol tlio
V.llnlliln.- M.llei ioiiiiiiii) In- hold at
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Not. -J7lb, 1 " 1 1 . al li a m,. toi He elrdinii of
nlll'pi. Id (In- rn-iiiiiK .tin end Im' Iho
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(ll'OIH.i; 11 .11 ItMYV. Petieliit.
Mill. IN.N'l VI, s0( hlllll, IIIHIs' im-eiiiu' U the
l't II W.i I i'l loiniiint- will bo held ut t lit li
(live In 'he tilt ol Siianii.u, I'.i. Wnlue.ilit,
Not. 27ih, HOI. .it 'i i, in,, Im the Million of
LlllCllS fill llll' lllllill! Jill .Ulll lot 111" tl.llls-
.11 linn ol .mt oiIipi- bil-lmt. lllti lila.t iciiit litftnO
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lltMil l.iki' Mild (onipiut will In In I.I :it
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ikie, N'ot, '7lli. l'1l, nt ' a III , Id Ho' tin lmn
nl minus lot- iho eiitiiliu tt ii- uml toi tin n in--.uli,
m ii ant ullnl lui.iiii-- lu i) mini' lidoii
Hip III, i till".
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Mill: WNl Mi sllll Klllll. HI. lis' nin-llDi. m ll '
.lillllt II .Hid Itmlilllook IVlli-l i.iupllit will b'
lull .il I'lil iillit- m Iln tilt nl su.inlou, I'a,
WiiIiumIii, Not. Ttti, I'tll, al ii t in., fur Hit
i'Ii-i lion ol oili'ii. lot Hie in-iuin. toai and Im
ilu li iii-.o lion of .iti) olhei liii-iiii-i, tint ma)
ionic hi fun Hi ineellliC
lii'imm: u. .ii:iim v, s,,ieii,i-.
llll-. UNNl b slilCKIIOI.IIIIIls' mitlluu of the
.leimtn M.lfr loiinuny will be luhl at Ibeli
otitic in the ill; of s,i niton. I'.i., ih,e.d it .
Not. -'7ib, jnol, al li a. in.. f"i Hit' iliitlon nl
oi'i'eis (in (hi' rinnlliT "" ""' '"f tin- f i ill--.nil,
ui oi in' olhei ini-lii' Ilut mat .nine beloie
the met tin,
lil.OIHH' II .H'llMlN. iHiiun,
llll. ANNI'Mi .s(M KIIOI.Iir.KV nurtiii; in llio
llii.hbtook W.ilei tompiuy will l.e In Id ,n
tl.elr olilte in (he ellt of hiiaiilon, I'.i., Wi-dui-ilit.
Noi. '.'ilti. Vit it " m.i lor ilu- ehrMon
oi oilutri im- ihe no-iilu; .tun nml foi tbe uin.
union nl in) othi'i lin. Inn. llul inayiom bilm
the iiitt liner.
(ii.tmr.r n. .ii.inivs, ".-.i.-nrt
IIIH NNl M, sl'iH lilllll. DHHV liieelinj m t.
Clin on W.itu lompiuy will be held m i n
i (fiei- in Iho illy nl .su.tnton. I'a, Vteilii'lit
Not. -!7ih. I' (jl. at 'I .i. in. tor llie eletiii-i
illiilit in- Iln ili.ilUP, tt.'l ami m (lit Mai
urlion in ant ot nt Ill-lie.-. II,U lilt) lime In on
tlio llll', lluu.
l.l'Olllii: Ik JkllMW. s-,,1,., ,
Till: AN.Nl M. -s0t KIIOI 111 II-' iiioilnu u ,,
Ciluittooil tlulii i iiuiiiut will lie Ind I i.
(hell (lliu i'l llieeid it Mtamvii. I'a, Wnlm-
ilat. Nut. I71n. I ill, tl ' a. in., loi llie i In lion ,
f oifiu'i. im He I'li-nln. ,'iai ami f,,i Hie luus. I
ailmii en on) iilnii bu-liii-.. lint may muie ueiorr I
the i.iteiii j
(.1,1111(11. II II IIIIW, N.ieij . '
Mill: SNN'I M. s III hllOI.HI.Its' i.ieeting oi (l.e
ilaillolil Vilii ii.miuiii-vill thv l
olilte in the (it; of Siunlon. I'u.. Unlne.djt.
.Not. Silli. I"0l, nt II u. in., (ni- the elcition of
olfuei., ioi the (I'.ulii'.' Jul ami for ilu- ijn.
action of .ui) othei lei, in'., tint mo) i oiiie inioir
the meeims j.nv s, Sene'jij,
3 Insertions 25 Cents
MoreThti t'aiir Linen, ft Cents lor l.'nclillttM tins.
-. .A, Hrt
Cei'tlfled Public Accountant.
I'DU till) 0. bl'At:i.t)I.Nt), fJ3 'lltAOIIIH BAM!
i im yu ii. iuvis AiiTuTiTri', on.vkuI
I'lll Dl.llll IK IHIOIIX. Midi. n nc.u
l.tliite l.i Inline Ithld., .'() Waililimloii av'r.
Civil nnd Mining Engineers.
11 l- iiMtiiiNr:. ooti coxm:i.i, huii.iiinh,
mi. '. i mi.i:niikikii:ii, pmi.i hi ii.di.nh,
Spiuee Ktierl, suanio,,,
Jilt. C. C. I.MJIAUI. 11". VOMIN(lAVi:Ntm
1'lllNlv j-. iiovi.i:. A,noitM..nM.Aff'.
Ilooim 12, H, ju and 11 Hun- llulldini:.
I'. K. IIMf V. AM l-V. COM.MOMVi:.M,TH HLDfi.
IJ. . lll.l'l.0(ll.i:, ATI0llNi:V-I.0NrfU10.
tilled on led r-ljtc heemlty. Me.irn Itiillillnii,
Ltrmr U.nhinon aienue and Spiuco sheet.
w n.f. iii), u- M(in:t, Ts mt. Tmulr5
sod i(iiin-elli.i.-at-jtt. Jieimlillcan lluildlm;
il.i-lilnslon incline.
.Il's.l C i H.SsCC, MIOUM'VS WI) COl.'.N
selloi. ai Int. Ctimuioiiwe.iKli llulldlng, Itoonn
I'1, 'Jil and 21,
i DWAItl) . MHUCIt, AM ronN"i:Y. UOOMS
)t!K)l, in, ii,,,,,, jwu l,u,l,Hnjr.
i. a wvrci.s-, AMioitM:-AC-bw, noRr
of Miade lliilMinii. St i inton. I'i.
l'Ai i nisov ,i u ii coxTm's xatiovae''. llullillm;
c. toMcoi, -ir. m pt'iif.icw iuii.uiNn.
a. u. Miiiriioi.p, oitk i: aiovi:d mo m
211 Wjoiulns JttnilP.
Physicians and Surgeons.
on w. r. ai.i.h.v, -ii noutii iv.siiisaioc'
1)1!. .u. M. l.'MIOItCM V, Ol'l'ICi: tl-1 IVASH
untluii .npime. Itp.hleiM-, IKS Mulbeity.
( Iiioiiio tlw i.-i, hint.., heail. i.icincj i iml
j,i nito uiiniiy oig'ins i (ppilallj. lloius, I
(o i p. in.
Hotels and Restaurants.
Mill' l.l.K CM'i:. IJ". INI) 1J7 h:mjli.v avin
nnc. Itiiet lu-onilile.
i'., ciopiieior.
SC'IJVMON 1101 s;, m:ah 1), h. A: V. TAS-si-iiiili
dppul. ( outluetetl on the i:uropen
plan. MOTOR KOCH, I'ropiictor.
a. i; itni(.(is i'i:iv u:is and
(is. pool., hi ulnl, tinlj- Inipiotnl punip. uted
A. IS. lins;, piopiietoi. (.iip oiden IKKl
Nmlli Mini .itpiiue, or Kifke's Unit; simc. cor
mi dani. and Mulbeiiv. Ilulli telephone".
C It CIACKI. CO , sj-;i)S; NI) .MJIls.
Pl.tnun, .(oie 2il U i.lui.tou atiiiiip; nieen
lioi."i'-, 1'1'U imtli Jil iln atinui; otoie tele
phone, 7si
Wiie Screens,
lo-i I'lt Kcnrn.k. m: it .iii i,cit. .wi:.,
sii.mtoii. I'i., uiaiiiitai uurr of Win- sireern.
1 M)li:v AIl.MllNrS MI!t:AMi:i); M ra-r; pn
tiut; ijiu i ili-t'-t Home, 777
Vt i.liiiuhu si , HuITal.), .N. .
llltl-istliKiNC t Oil CHH.TICl.N TO OI.'DiIKi
al-o 1 idles wai-i. 1 1 u!m- si,0vinikei, ill
Ad 11111 an line.
.Mm mil i:i: iiitos, ciHMi.iiv siii'rr,ii, f,K-
lelope-, ijpci bi., twine. WarPiiou-e, l'.t)
Mjhlifuitlun atiiuie, Sii.iulou, 1'J.
1 in: wn.Ki.s-iiMtin; iH.ioitu cin hi: hm
in scunioii at llu- lews stinil. of liei.nniii
Him.. UN. spun e and r.0J l.iinleu: M. .Noiton.
.'JJ I oikiu.inni an mie; i. s stimicr, 211
Spiuee s(iri(.
Situations Wanted.
s(ll IMIHN M .NM 1 I) -111- 1 I'lOiidmrr Rill ft
Kiiki.iI hon-e-ttoik; Mist shle pultrred Ail-iim-,
1711 tear Nuuum iieuue, I'lotideine.
I-IICMION" A INMI.H -A ladt (l(-iit.- .1 potl'iun
i. eijier oi Rineril lion's woik; wll'
ir' to do ui) kind ot woik. .Mi.. A, il. M,
1 1 iln. lie Oiliii
sIll'.VHO.N Nll'.l)"l)r(s-inikei- wanU en
jtiKiiinnl. to (In-tltt. Adtlic-s, Mnder, I'nb
line Ofliu.
H ANMIlll- l'o-iliim In joiiusr linn, ik" '-0. in
ttailu' in le-tnuaul ol pnt.itii tntilli. m .is
ildk ui i'nl.' tuiiillilni (k pu tun nli lut'e Im I
Unit- lean iipeiieme in (he le-dumml buIne.i
jnil uiu jeai in B"nl.' liiiiiUiinic tlepiitiucm.
Addiet-, .1. 1. It. c ilu ol Milbuiio Ollln, Car.
llOlld.lll, I'a
WANMI'I) -Woik bt Iho di lij i .tonus nam in.
( all oi .iil.lii . !!li Ad im. an mie.
rii:i!ii:cr.i) loi'usr wimiii 111.0 wiinuq; ir
1 iptlui; of .111) kind, limli, hoiuM mid mori
j;ii, iiiiuillt iluttii, Ailtlit Hon 11, M'libinu
(II live.
Mil" VI ION M WH'H bf 1 liifl-di' eoiihinii,
ttlth .1 iittato t limit ; (lioioiuiily untl.-r
nl mil. ihe bii-liies.; -ohpr and it liable, and
t innii ihhii; ltd unci., Addirw I". .1., Iln
( Olllv wilds .lltiilion, iruienre. it lerpur-l.
tiMiisi Aiiiimiiiiili "'" 1 1 hub Mied.
Ili10lilti:i I'l 11. iptii. opui to make eiiKi.euici.t
Itn lour honw il.ub ; rniuprlent and in -Lite;
luiiiei .mt -el ul luuks, stioil lullcetoi,
tsiipllonil uiiiiiKi-. -dm sj-, pot mon'li.
tililus. "liuiii." 'li iliuiii olilte.
On .ill' I .Hit I- .1 ilinii.. Ut., IMI, till fun)"'
notiio, Dm lolhmliiR .tiurly Mtis toi w.iler Mil
bo ih ni., di
llniisei. iiuiiiliil In on- Inuil.v nnl) 55 n)
Sin-'lo liou-i., ofvupinl by inniu tiun one
t.imll). loi In.l laiullf 1 "
suislo bou.i.. oieuplul b) mjio thiiii one
Uinilt, im i.uli elii (.mill) .,. di)
lit Ouli i oi llie Ilo ml,
ii Ik Hand s'eirelart.
N.itiinhtr lmn, rl.
Spencer Trask & Co.,
27 & 29 Pine St., New York
Tinitbnct a genial bank
ing business; net ns Fis
cal Agents for rorpowi
tions, and negotinte se
1'iuity issuet. of iniliondu
nud other comi)nuio!. Ex
ecute coiumisbion oideis
:uid denl ui
)l mini- np.v jri Moik i:ihai'ye.
I Urnlrll l)lliee tm Si lie St Alliatll
ranC' '',lal- ' "- "l)
j Desciijitlve Hat of investment )
! secttiities liiniied upon request. "'