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The News of
WAMT.II-. 5fod Kill, niMilln bro inrfptrcd. hi
nt Mrs. William llltnili.ini, Wl ImuiiI.111 i-trcel.
Solnwnrc nnd Hudson Itallroau.
.Iiiiio 0, Hilt.
'Ir.ili3 will Ic.oe Cmlwmhto al illy Iatlon nt
r.r Amnion .iiM Vllkc.llnrip--HW, T.M. SM,
I'.dl, 1il.HI, ll.'JI n. in. I I'Mi). MS '-' '' in(l
t.lW. 7.IKI, mill, I0.S1 I', m.
"iiinil.iv li-ilim li-JMJ at ..')il, 1121 .1. in. : 1-lC.
2. Ill, "p.'iii, MM p. 111. . .
I'nr Alli.uii'. MintiiiM, Motitirnt, tliilnii, Vw
KiiKlaml point", etc., 7.K) a. in.; I..VI . m.
lilnlly.l ... , ,
I'm- 1.o(,.rr,, ami tlonpl.ilc.
7.'J'. II. n.', 11. in. 1 :i..M. 11.1:1 1 1. in.
Sunil.ii' imIih le.iu" bilte t.iuln'. W.miuti
nml llonofil.ili' nt two 11. in. 1 l.::n. I.l-'i 1- '
Tniln ntrlvc 11 1 Ciiliontl.ili" from Wllki'viuiin
nml .vianliui in follow! .:I7. !.-'. m.iti
. m.i 12.:i7, 'J.lnl, !I.!M, l.'JS, COS, ".ill, S.HI. '''I.
1 1. ft" i. 111. 1 I.. VI a. m. ,,,,
uiiil.iy tmliM sirilii' ,tt i..'l7 a. mi '-If "
4.1", ii.m, lt.::n p. in. , ,
smul.iv ti.iln imho nl fVuliimlfllf '""' lYi
l.rnlt'ir. W.ijtinirt iiml 11chckJ.Ii -it l'Alu -i-1"
nnil 7..." p. 111,
Now York, Ontario nnd Western.
frill. 17, 1WI.
TmIiih Ir.iic I .irlmnil.ili' (01 Sri.iulnti .it "'"
In.: I. Oi 11. in.
Mini) iv tinln.s nl 7,ni) 3. in.; ri.nij p. in.
Tniltw 1p.hi" C'.iiIiiiiiiIiIo (or points nortli in
11.10 ,1. in. On (.urnl.iv nl 'I.1II 11. 111. li-'"1'"
having at 11.10 11. 111. wri'li il.ij nml "J" "; '"
!-uml.c,s nuke iimnci'tiiui-t fur Now York. Cone
"ill. etc.
Tinini nrihr fiom Srroiitnti nl 11.10 n. m. ! J' "'
). 111.: fri'tii point, imrtli, I.Dii p. in. . miiiiu.V"
lrnni Kti.intou nt n.ln .1. in. ami 7.15 ! ":
lioni ('iirlosi.i nl n.od p. in,
Eric Railroad.
.llllll! 21, 1IU.
Twin, lour- illy si ition. r.ulwnit.ili", iljily
foiit S11111l.1v) at 7.1)0 n. 111. mnl I.".: p. 111. I"r
llranilt anil Mnfli; lit !.:! u. in., ilally i"
irpllne Sundry), fur lllimli.inilon. in.iKini: ion
jit I Inns" for Nlw Vi'il; dtv anil lliilMto, nml at
H -10 p. 111. fur Siinuc!utin.i, inakinj; umiicttion,
ldr vi",l cm point..
Siimhy IrniiH at P. 15 a, in. fnr S'u.'rpielnnnn,
Mill n"li"in iinncctloi., ami (i.27 p. in., with
tanin fCinnpctlpiH.
'h.iln, arrlo at S..".'i a, in. ami S.I3 p. it. al S..VI a. 111.
All Three in a Kemnrlcnble Hallway
Accident on the O. & W. Koad in
This City A Cabooso Thrown
from the Track. Pinions Jacob
Humphrey, a Brakeman, Against
Old Store House Kescuers Chop
Away Timbers to Kelease Him.
Xcg' Amputated at Hospital rive
Department Called Out.
A ti'iTlbly ilh'li'usslii railway :itii
li'iil, and mil" ol' the inoHl ruiuarknblt!
oviT fhidiilclt'd hereabouts, occurred
silmul 1 o'clock yesterday on the Ou
iiirlo mid AWstti'ii railroad, just above
lie Iron IiiIiIko at the und of tile loiiK
liiHtle that runs past that company'H
i:iSKeiit,'i;r station ill tills cily.
A ca bouse that was part ol 11 1'relBlit
train that was making ti llyinff switch,
llii'iniRh some mtsciilculalloiii v.'as
Innniu'd into liy the oars from which
it had just become detached. The
raliiiose was lifted from the vails, raised
lii.nh Into the air and thrown over 11
.'.-t'oot vctainhitf wall, .laeob Humpli
rey, of r'adosia, the brakeman, who
was 011 the caboose, was cntishl lie
lween the caboose and the store house.
Ills ler was pinioned and to release
lilm I he trainmen had to chop the iron
like timbers that restrained him.
It was a Iryiiiff situation. Tliuniili
reys' Ick was frightfully crushed. The
bones were crushed ami the blood ves
sels were hurst and torn. He was lo.-i-iiiR-
blood rapidly, the life current was
KilshiiiK out and erimsonins' the up
turned caboose, lleueath was the ca
boose, ablaze, the overturned stove
scattering the live coals and startlns
ii lire that thre.iteued to destroy all
libout it.
Humphrey's rescuers.bosel with these
1wo fears, that he mlKht bleed to death
or be roasted by the names which were
inakinp (laiiKerous headway unions' the
effects of the caboose, were nerved to
frantic desperation to remove him from
the double fate that threatened him.
The aNcs, swims' by arms that were
never more determined, made chips of
the timbers that pinioned Humphreys.
After a nerve-racklngr PlrtiRKlc, the
poor brakeman, who was silt himself,
was released. Ho was carried up to
the railroad on the embankment above,
while a hurried call was sent for a
physician and an ambulance, In the
meantime those about Humphrey tied
about his left tlilsli. the crushed mem
ber, strips of handkerchiefs and pieces
nf stout twine, to cease the How of
blood, which was so rapid as to 1111
every one with appreheiisilon,
A half hour after tlio accident the
ambulance arrived, in Ii Humphrey
was taken to Minei'sency hospital, un
der the care of Dr. Harper, where the
crushed Ick was amputated, above the
Fire Alarm Turned in.
Humphrey's rescuers divided their
fl'forts between releasiiiK' lilm und
IIrIiUiik the lire, which was blazing In
1 1ns caboose. The cabooso was divided
Into small compartments for the 11c
eoinmoilutloii '"' the trainmen's ho
lonslnus. Anions these the Hie was
bcKlniilnir t" rase. Tim facilities for
ritayliiK the ilanies were poor, and the
aid ot" the city companies was soin?lit
UmiiiKh mi ultii'in from box ai, Jiuln
stive! and Haleiii avenue. It was illlll
I'lllt to gain access to wlli'l'n the calioose
lay, ami before the hoso companies
could act, a stream was turned on
through huso drawn from the Uelawaro
and Hudson yard. This was eftVetlvo
mid the damaso to the calmuse and
effects was sIlKlit.
A Remarkable Happening.
The I'li'cumstances of the accident
pluco It In 11 clasH by Itself. To lliniro
out how the cabooso was ihrown Into
tin! position In which It lays Is pusii-llnj,-.
It ninrtii a coiuplcto turn and lauded
vlth wheels upward. It must have
been hurled upward for 11 number of
feet, in order to ho turned over as It
was and lu be thrown so many feel
clear of Hie rails, lulu the Delawain
and Hudson yard llflueii feet below.
Tim caboo-jo luted In between a siore
houst? anil the relalplnu' wail, as well
as If It had been lowered into Hie Mint,'
The U'uiiimi'U sfiiiiU'd unable to ex.
pin In how the accident happened. The
engineer, who is Thomas Sillier, lioni
Maylleld yard, referred The Trlbjiiio
man to the conductor, W. 1,. Ue'lutl, of
Cadosla, He couldn't explain any
thing, ho Bald, (lelatt was anltaied
nml soiuewhitt unnerved by the experi
ence and seemed ut u loss us to how 10
account for the unusual uvciinciice.
"None, of the trainmen hud any expla
nation of how the caboose canto to he
thrown front lliu track, but their rec
ollection up to tlv Unto i'C the collision
was clear,
It appears that It was the Intention
10 switch two cars Into the I'rclRlil
house. There was a en boose, lo cars
and the engine. To free Itself of the
caboose tin train sped nlonif. runnlim
In on n stillhK". The caboose was un
coupled on the My and the switch was
Ihrown for It to ro on Hie main track,
while the eiiKlne and ears pulled away
from It, onto the sldluif. Hcfore the
cahoose was clear of the switch and at
11 safe distance down the 11111I11 track,
I he eiiKlneer must have reversed the
i'IibIiio nml started back'. The result
was that the train caunht the caboose
before It cleared the switch, and nlvlliK
It a tcrrllle Iniiup, heaved II from the
tracks. There was some nilsunder
stuiidlnpr of signals, If any were given,
or some miscalculation, hut this will be
determined by nil investlR-ntloii of the
railroad olllclnls.
Humphrey w-us on the eabeose at
tending to tin; brake. U alt happened
so strangely und oulekly that he had
no lline to save himself. The strange
ness of the happening was freely com
mented on bv railroaders who viewed
the wreckage.
Humphrey is 11 married man and
lives at i.'ailoshi, N. V.
The Victim of Sunday's File Burned
Worse Than Supposed at First.
Fears for His Eyesight.
The burns received by Klreinai'
Charles Hull, the victim of Sinula's
fire, arc worse than supposed when he
was taken to IDr. Wheeler's hospital
after being; rescued from the Haines.
Ills head and face are terribly swollen
and the inlhmunntlon gives rise 10 pain
and, at times, agony.
Hull's life is nowise In danger. From
Hie beginning', there was little, If any,
apprehension as lo Ids ultimate re
covery, but fears as lo his eyesight are
giving- the physicians some concern. So
far the indications ate not unfavor
able, but the nature of his Injuries is
such as to he likely to give rise to
complications. None of these compli
cations are present, as yet, and all
that skill and attention of the con
stant, kind and careful nursing are
being (10110 to ward Iheni olf. The
physicians are discreetly conservative
in the bulletin's they issue if llull'
condition. They do not wain lo be
sanguine of the result when ihe dan
ger period has not passed, neither do
they care to unnecessarily alirm his
friends, while there Is an element of
hope present.
The principal thing now Is to arrest
and allay the serious liillammntiou
thai, surrounds the face mid forehead,
and every mens to this end is being
heroically em ployed.
There is widespread sympathy for
Hull, who bears the reputation of be
ing the most fearless, courageous and
daring lire lighter in the city. The
spirit of fear Is unknown when face to
face with a situation of danger al .1
lire. This be has demonstrated again
and again. Only a few weeks ago, his
timely efforts and bis brother's, at the
lteynolds drug store lire, undoubtedly
saved lhat whole block from deslnu -lion.
HelleAliiK thai ini'iiy friends and
sympathizers were anxious to show
practical sympathy, that meant uioie
iliaii mere words of regret, a fund for
I il 11(1 It, I .
'iiiu ri.iin.ii wim i . T.i . . a i. 1
l'11-.L M. I I .... , I II
his beip'tll was started .esierda., it
met with a good 1 espouse and is sure
lo swell to good proportions when it
becomes known that one Iris been
opened. Tims far the subscriptions
.1. 11. I'.iul 'J'.'.ufl
(icoi'go II. Paul iJ.Oii
(', l'l. Spencer 'J on
.M. CI. Watt -.'.til
Kvenliitt Leader '.'.tio
lb Stanley Itetiew I.imi
II. F. t'lurk -.'.O'l
li. A, .ladwlu '.'.I"!
.1, liussell .loues I.H'I
YV. il, Itrouivui y.oii
Hull Delirious Last Night.
At II o'clock last night, Tim Tribune
learned at Dr. Wheeler's hospital, that
Hull's ease was ansuinlng a serious
aspect, Not necessarily dangerous, Inn
much more nerious than judged at
Hist, Hull was delirious alt ai'ierunon
and more so later In the day, Ills
tare and head are terribly swollen, ;-n
swollen that there is not the least m
seiuhlance 10 a human being. The
pressure (Mi the eyes wua so great yes
terday that lr. Fletcher, who Is cur
lag for ihls part of Hull's injuries, cut
lertidu muscle to admit of mure free
dom to these organs ami pro cut .-ei-lous
iliimuge. cases of burns are ie
guided as iiiom deceptive bv phi
chins. There s danger fiom si-veial
Hoiu ccs. erysipelas, septic poisoning. In
fuel. Ihe phyplclun Is always al'iald of
soino dangerous complication For
this reuMin. ihe doctors are guarded in
their opinion:, and are not lo hopeful,
Nicholas Flood, Erie Brakeman,
Found Mangled Along' Tracks.
The body of Nicholas Flood was
hi ought to this city yesterday morn
ing, lb- met dcatli 011 tin Krle rail-
l'iS 1?
ioad Sunday night between Forest
City nnd the Hinunilt,
Tltu train was coming toword this
elly. At the Stllitnilt, Flood left tlio
cnbooso to i;o out mid set the brakes
on Hie train. His was not missed until
Forest City wih reached. An cnulito
W1111 run back und tlio mangled body
was found ulonRsldo the rails.
,Mr. Flood was born In this city for
ty ycai'M ago, nnd hits been 11 railroad
er since reaching manhood. Ho Is sur
vived by bin wife and live children,
F.dwnril. Nicholas, Mary, Mndntln and
Fllzaboth. Four brotheis nnd two
sisters also survive lilm, as follows:
Thomas, of this city, IMtriek, of Phil
adelphia: -Mnry, wife ot Frank Poes
Icr, anil llrldget, wife of Alderman At
kinson, both of ihls city.
The Substantial Expressions of Sym
pathy in the Shape of Qood-slzcd
Contributions Building Commit
tee and Soliciting Committee Ap
pointedWill Uso Presbyterian
Church Temporarily.
There wan nil enthusiastic meeting of
the oillelnt board of the First Metho
dist Kplsropal church last night, at the
church parsonage, t'ndlsmuyed by the
s if- - ' 1 "
755k:s ?sM3w'& - ,fi&k.W if- '
mmM ,mm -if
Ruins of the First M. E.
overwhelming disaster, Ihe congrega
tion Is pushing' 011 to rebuilding the
destroyed church and rctttorlns to It
all its former beauty.
Hev. Charles IC. l.i'i- was iirescnt to
extend the sympathies of himself and
congregation. It was decided to ac
cept Ihe tender of this congregation,
and commencing with next Sunday the
Methodist (ongrcgation will unite hi
services with the J'resbyterlnns. The
pastors will alternate in preaching.
Arrangements will he made with re
spect to the Sunday sdionl and sep
arate meelliiQS.
A building committee consisting of
Messrs. Hiillei'. I'aseoe, Koblnson. Tif
fany and Whillock, was appointed.
They will communicate with several
urchltcits for proposals as to the 11
construction of the church.
.Miss llnttie i'aseoe and Mrs. Waller
Scurry were appointed a coimnlttee to
solicit funds nntidc of the church.
The congregation feels satisfied over
the sympathy lhat has been expressed
and th' assurances of belli that have
poured in since Sunday. The follow
ing especially stirred Ihe members
present at lar night's concert.
Sympathy Which Tells.
"Itev. A. F. Chaffee, Cily.
".y 'lear Sir: ! svmp.ithixe with
you and the "ood people of your con
gregation In Ihe loss of your most
In autifill church by lire yesterday. Ku
dosed Hud mv cheek for one hundred
dollars that I may in pari help you lo
again build a more handsome church.
If possible, Iliaii ihe oil" that has jusl
bi en destroyed. Sly. dear sir, the chi
de) s should mil be allowed to cool he
fore you commence to build again.
With kind regards, I remain
"Truly yours,
"J. 11. Thomas."
The follow lug persons have also vol
uiiiarilv Mibsciihcd the following
I,. A. I'lillei'Mili $ .ID
C I:. Spencer 100
Dr. Wldmer .",
A ''"rlend pn'i
Richard Udy'fi Generous Offer.
IP'V. Mr. Cliiiffce al.-'O received Ihe
''ollowliig' h-lter from Park Keeper
Iticliaril I'dy. which inuireshed lilm
i.reatly by the wurni-heart"d senll
eieiils and the generous sphli Indlcnt
1 d The letter reads:
"Carbondale Nov. l.s, l!iu.
"Dear Sir: I feel very sorry at tho
loss of thf Methodist Kpisciipul church,
but Unit -i III not build the 1 hurch. I
Pledge to the M, K. iliurch of c.irhon
dali" fwentv-live dollars to rebuild It
again. Arise and work and build and
the T.ord be wllh lis. Allien.
"Vour humble servants,
"IMellliril and Amelia' 1'ilj,"
.TAJIKS II. FAU.KNKi:. the news
of whose miiI death was heard with
de.-p regret In ihls lly yesterday,
was one of Hie mosl widely known men
ill this cily. He died al S o'clock yes
iied..y iiiornlip; after an attack of
Itrights disease,
Mr. Faulkner was horn In Dunduff on
.Tune us, seeiily. seven years ago, He
was the sou of iir. Joseph and Mrs.
Pivscllla Faulkner. Deceased came
lo this cily ili'ty-four years ago nnd
has since resided here. Ho survived
Ills wife ihe years. For many eurs
ho was poor director and also served
several terms as conslable in the First
The following sons and daughters
survive him: Franklin W. and Heorgo
of this cily; Charles A. of of Audover,
Conn.; Mnnhu A, and T.ouise or ihls
city and Jli'ii, C, II. Ilecsou of Klllllrn.
Funeral will leave ihe house on Dun
duff street at ' on Wednesday. In
terment In .Muplowood cemetery.
MAltIK KKKI.Y-The third death
from diphtheria In this city In a few
weekn occui red on Sunday when Marie, child of Henry Kcely,
succumbed lo the til cud dlseac. Ilur
lal was made Sunday In St. liose ceuic
Pry. .luSKPil UllsivKiT. for a number of
years a resident of Ibis city, died in
Ihiiiulo. No purlleuhirs of I1I.1 death
aru known.
Mr. HUketl was born lu Kngland
eighty years ,tgo, but most of his lll'o
was ,peni 111 Ihls vhinlly. lie was a
foremost resident while novo. A Wlfo
and two biolhcrn, ono In lCiiRluiid and
0110 In this city, mirvlVR lilm. The de
ceased will arrive hero nit Wednes
day afternoon at 2 o'clock. Funeral
Kervlccs to bo held In tlio First Pro?
byterlnn church. Interment will bo
In Muplowood cemetery.
The advent of the cold und chilly
weather him brought with It tlio usual
physical complaints that nru unsocial
od with chuiiRcH of the weather.
Conspicuous among these In the com
plaint popularly known as the mumps,
and moat common uiiiuiir children.
This Is ipilto prevalent iimonp the
yoiitiR ones attending school, und In
several buildings It has played huvoc
wllh 1 ho atleiiilance. Classes have
been disturbed, as might bo expected,
and the teachers were discouraged
somewhat when they glanced over their
reports und observed what the ullcnd
unce columns showed, or course, the
teachers cannot control tho course of
human events to the extent thai they
could banish tlio mumps, or other all
mi'iil from iiiiioiir their pupils, but even
so, they regret being compelled to send
In 11 poor mark In the "overuse at
tendance" column. Chief union:: the
curnest teachers' pride Is to present a
report whole the attendance shown .1
high murk. Hut many will be denied,
this much this month, for the bothcr-
Church at Carbondale.
some mumps have kept many children
at home, some for several days. A not
able example was at No. S school,
where hi one room there were seven
teen pupils ot one time wiio were af
llieted, most of them being away from
their lessons.
This is an Instance where patience is
a virtue, and when the real cold weath
er sets in, without freriiient changes,
the mumps, the doctors say, will have
no terrors for either the pupils or their
long-suffering teachers.
The sad experience of Sunday, when
the beautiful home of the Methodists
was destroyed by lire, demonstrated
that Carbondulo has a volunteer fire
department of which sin; has abundant
reason lo bo proud, but what was dem
onstrated more clearly and strongly
was the fact that tlio department is
sorely handicapped in battling with
Ihvs by the lack of appliances.
There is a sore lack of the up-to-date
means to coiuiuer lire, and if Carbon
dale firemen would cope with disasters
like that of Sunday, and if the com
munity would have the protection that
Sunday's deplorable happening shows,
It stands in need of the necessary ap
pliances, which should be supplied.
Chief anuiiig' these is bidders thai will
enable Hrenien to mount to vantage
points where they could direct streams
with Intelligence on the devouring
Years ago, when there were but few
buildings above two stories, the neces
sity did not exist in ihls city for hook
and ladder tiitcks and the like' but
today conditions are vastly different.
The number of three-story buildings lu
the town and the lotly church struc
tures make it 11 stern necessity to erpilp
the fire companies with appliances
that have been proven the most ef
fective, parileul.iiiy the ladder arrange
ments. There cannot be found a volunteer
department that responds more read
ily or uuickly than Carbundule's, hut
this Is of small advantage when the
men arrive at the scene of the fire and
have but meagre means lo fight the
Humes that are so destructive under
any circumstances. The philosophy
that the best Is none too :sood Minis a
must lilting application In an emer
gency of this gravity and Ihere is Utile
doubt thai councils, with whom the
mailer rests, will feel the motives that
should come to them when it Is 11 ipies
t Ion of prefervlng the life and prop
eiiy of the community.
The business men of Ihe illy have a
big Interest hi the mailer, and their
feeling and altitude will he discussed
lu this column in a few days.
Defeated in Pittstou.
The Swil'twings, one of farbnndnle's
best Junior football elevens, was de
feated by ihe Market street learn in
Pltlsimi yesterday.
Pittstou scored two touchdowns,
while I'arbondalo were unable lo cross
their opponent's goal line. Pittstou
failed to kick goals, leaving the score
The visiting eleven was royally trout
ed and have nothing but good words
for the pulsion boys' Iiosiiltahillty.
They were given u Hue spread In Ihe
Plttston's eleven's club house.
E. W. Bui us Injured.
K. W, Hums, of Klkdnle, wai lu Ihls
chy yestetday for iiiedlcal attendance,
lie bud been using a fodder knife and
brought It down hard on his left hand,
completely severing the four lingers,
He drove lo this city and hud his in
juries dressed 111 Dr. II. c. Wheeler's
piiwilc hospital.
Mr. Haines l well known hi this
1 111. and his ninny friends deeply re
gret the sad accident which lii'd lilm,
He Is a blather of Dr. .1. Hee-I lint us,
of Scralilon,
Killed in NorthweBt Mine.
John Stas-lck, of Simpson, was killed
In Northwest nidio on Saturday nftci
iiiioa by 11 fall of rock. He was an
Italian, '! .wars old. lie had resided
In Simpson but a few weeks. A wlfo
and Unco children survive hlni, Fu
neral was held yesterday awerno'iii,
Interment being made In :i. Iioso
cci leieiy.
Laughing' Through Tenis.
"Sunshine and Shadow," by Lecturer
A llitwkesut ihe tititud Opera House
last night, was well enjoyed by a
Famous Doctor Urges
Pyramid Pile Curo.
Dr. Williams, u prominent olllclul
surgeon, says "It Is tho duty or every
surgeon to oolt an operation It pos
sible 10 euro lu any other way und lif
ter lniiny Minis with the Pyramid Pile
Curo 1 unhesitatingly recommend It In
preference to an operation. For sale
by all druggists. l.lttle book. "Piles,
Causes nnd Cure" mailed free. Pyra
mid Drug Co., Marshall. Mich.
large crowd. The lecturer made a hit
with the audience. His cxp.iiicnceu
through the South nnd North were
vividly given.
Light Ordinance Contract Fasses.
Common council hist night passed
the street lighting ordinance, award
lug the contiact lo Ihe Lackawanna
It was 11 stormy session. Mr. Nenlon
renewed Ids attack on the cltv solici
tor nnd Indulged In some sharp com
ment. No other business was tr.m
.ncted. Former Carbondalinus Hero.
William 11. Davis and wife, of Wcsl
flold, N. .1., spent the Sabbath with .1.
M. Alexander.
"Will" is a former"' Carbondale boy j
and has had a career In the Delaware,
and Hudson P.allread office from ofllce
hoy to head clerk 1 11 the itallrond de
partment in New York city.
Meeting of Masons.
Members of Carbondale Lodge, No.
24!, F. and A. M.. will meet at lodge
rooms at l.f!0 p. in. Wednesday, the
L'Oth, for Ihe purpose of attending fu
neral of Joseph Wrkett.
There will be a meeting of the mem
bers of the First Aid association in
Kdmunds' hull on Wednesday evening
at half past seven o'clock sharp, when
every member Is requested to be pres
ent as business of importance is lo be
transacted. Hy tlio recent accidents
wo have been reminded that our mem
bers should bo more diligent In attend
ing the meetings, so as to acquire suf
ficient practice lo enable us to render
Intelligent Hist aid, no matter how ser
ious the injury, to any person who may
be the unfortunate victim of an acci
dent in or outside the mines.
Our force being largely composed of
miners whose work Is done and who
have gone to their homes early, we
earnestly request the attendance of the
comiiitny men, especially the men or
runners who are employed In the vic
inity of the First Aid boxes, lieing oil
duty ail dav they would be able to
render valuable services in case of ac
cident in the absence of members at
home or others who niltiht he working
In a remote part of the colliery. James
Doud, president; Peter Kelly, seeie
tary. AfUin comic, the Hungarian laborer
Injured hi the Delaware and Hudson
colliery a few days ago by being struck
with a trip of cars while ascending the
plane, is lying at the Emergency hos
pital, his cas-e being reported yester
day as very serious,
Mr. and .Mrs. Horswell and son, Al
fred, Mrs. William P.uckingham. .Miss
Myru Hills, Mr. and Mrs. William
Pawling, Will L.iuginan and Kmmamiel
Champion attended a social of John
(. .Matthews laslle, Knights of th"
Mystic Chain, at Peekvillc. Saturday
evening. ?Hss Hills and Mrs. Uuck
Ingham und young Alfred Horswell
took part in the entertainment, the ef
forts of the latter in his cornel solo
being especially commendable.
Mr. Fred Wright, the well known
bookkeeper of ihe Peek Lumber com
pany's branch heie. is lying seriously
HI al the Hahnemann hospital, Scrnn
toii. wlili an attack of pneumonia.
Willie, son of .Mr. and Mrs. Mcllale,
of the (Oust Side, was seized with sud
den and severe Illness on Saturday, and
his condition gave cause tor much
alarm for awhile, lie was reported
slightly improved last evenluu.
-Mrs, 1, W. Dunn and ilaunhler, Ma
ntle, of Seranton, are the guests of
Mrs. Oliver Morgan, of Main street.
Tho suit brought by Mrs, fiullugher,
of West Miiylleld, against the borough
of Jermyn for $10,0011 damages for In
juries sustained by falling off the side
walk on Second street, several months
ago, Is to bo heard today, and the bur
gess and council and a number of citi
zens have been summoned to appear
und testify.
Lust t veiling the bo guar ill tlio
P.lakely Haptlsi social rooms opened.
The eiitei'iatntiient given was line -Hid
lite patronage with a specially encour
aging feature, Around the rooms are
booths laden with fancy and useful ur
ilcles, eiiiidy, pop-coin and llowers;
a No mi art room and llshlng pond,
supper w ill be served every evening
Il 0111 ," to S o'clock, lu Ihe enlertalii
mont. tills e wnllig. Mrs. Dr, Lloyd,
Misses Agnes Hull, .leanette Klugsley,
Maine Surge, . ICIu-a Simpson. Nellie
Street and Ihe Williams quaiictte and
others will tuU" pari.
Miv. ..I. Arlington Spencer and chil
dren liuvo returned homo after spend
ing two weeks with rcluihcs. in New
ark. N. .1,
The funeral of ihe late Patruk Mi -Cube
will take place this morning ul
10 o'clock, A requiem high muss will
bo celebrated in St. Patrick's church,
Interment will he made lu the West
Side cemetery.
Mis. Chillies K, O'Malley, of St run.
ton, visited friends at this pluie yes
lei'day, The Nina llepcriolre loiiipmiy open
ed it week's engugemeiu al the Falher
.Mailiew Opera House last evening,
when they preseiiled "A Man of Ideas"
before a good. sized audience. Iletwccu
tho nets a number of specialties were
Introduced. This evening lltey will
produce "An Irishman's Luck."
William Sheridan, of Dunm.iiv
street, lui'i yesterday for Pottsvllle,
where he has accepted a lucrative po
sition. r.ast night ihe executive epniinitteo
hi churge of tho fair, which tho Kx
cclslor llusi wmipuny will conduct
next month, held a niceliug ul tin
luwe looms and discussed plans for the
proposed oveiit. All tliu dlrfcieiil sub
committees liuvo been iitimcil and urn
working energetically lo make the af
fulr n great success.
Mrs. William Wells, of Providence,
was the guest ot Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
Williams, or HtlKiptehahnii street, over
Miss Klllo Hi-Pinmu t HI at her homo
on Dttninore street.
Mm. C.eorge llnllcy and Mr?. Meotgo
Southard, or llrccii Hldgo. wore visi
tors at. the residence or I). C. Kvuns,
011 Susquehanna street, Sunday. !
Mrs. Wllllain Itcese and it:iiigtilv,
Miss Ltalu licere, of 1)111 street, .lie
vlslllug rein thus al (Srcetillclil.
1). (I. ) Illicit, of Nicholson, wtiii a
culler In (own yesterday.
Frank F.vtius, of the HcConl, who
tins been ill at Ills home In Pittstou, is
around again.
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Kennedy, or
Oreen llldgc, spent Sunday with
friends here.
The concert held nt the First Welsh
CnngroRitllonul church lust evening
under the auspices of Ihe temperance
societies was 11 delightful treat. The
programme was of high order and tho
participants were obliged to respond
to numerous encores. The event was
well patronized und the proceeds will
go for a good cause to be Invested hi
procuring temperance literature to be
distributed throughout the country.
Hlblu day wits observed In the usual
pleasing manlier In the Calvary Hap
tlst church on Sunday evening by the
members of the Sabbath school, assist
ed by the church choir. The exercises
were carried out In 11 very creditable
way which reflects upon Joseph Con
nolly, superintendent of the Sunday
school and chorister. Prof. D. K. Jones.
Hecltations were creditably rendered
by Ihe following: Mmia Kvuns, Myr
tle Connolly, Kthel Steele. Martha
Smith. Vcrua Williams. Mabel Davis.
Ada Curtis and TldvUle Jones. Miss
Oliver Howells rendered a beautiful
contralto solo and Master llcnjatnln
Harris read tin Interesting paper, sub
ject, "That Thee: Jem." The pastor.
Rev. Dr. Harris, gave a very able ad
dress on tho bible work of the Ameri
can Ihtplist Publication society.
The Anthracite Olee club will meet
for rehearsal this evening In Llew
ellyn's hall.
The lll'tli annual convention of the
Young Men's Christian association of
the Fifth Pennsylvania district, will be
held at Pittstou on Nov. 'ii, Z', and 'ii,
IflOl. The following delegates from the
local Y. 51. C. A. have been selected to
attend the convention: Kara It. Pow
ell, John A. Boyd, William Hevati. Da
vid T. Reese, William Phillips, and A.
Colllngwood. The above delegates are
requested to meet this evening at their
rooms at T.'Jd p. in. lo transact impor
tant business.
The grand concert and lot drawing
on Ihe Mth at Hie Calvary Rnplist
church promises lo be a grand musical
and literary treat. Tickets are being
rapidly disposed of and a crowded
house is expected.
The Meadow Hrouk basket hull team
challenge the Tavlor Stars lo a game
on Friday evening next. Answer as
soon us possible. .Iiimes Walton, man
ager. The Taylor high school foot ball
team will play the Old Forge school
team on the river side grounds on Sat
urday nevt.
.Mrs. (ieorge Taylor, of Seranlon, vis
ited her sister. .Mrs. II. J. Davis on
.Main sired on the Sabbath.
Lewis Carpenter, aged 1 years, died
of pneumonia at the home of his
daughter. Airs, Ira Allen, of the Powder
-Mills, on Saturday night. Deceased
had been ill only a few ditvs. The fu
neral will lake place from Ihe late resi
dence 011 Wednesday. Interment will
be made at Orocnlldd, Pa.
The three local churches will this
evening hold a venison supper at the
banquet rooms of the Odd Fellows'
room. A large moose, which has been
donated by Mr. W, S. Hloes to Un
churches will be served up in tempting
ways by Caterers K. iJreinor and son.
A general invitation Is extended to the
public to attend.
.Mr. Thomas Warren and Mr. John
Snook left yesterday for a week's hunt
ing in Pike county.
Mr. Thomas Williams has been em
ployed as engineer a I the borough
electric light plant.
The Kpworth League will meet at the
home of Mrs, IS. J. Taylor this evening.
.Mr. Harry Simpson, who has been
quite 111. Is now 011 the road to rapid
Dr. .1. W. Heck, Jacob li'reenlug and
two gentlemen from Moniroso left
yesterday for a week's hunting near
Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Coopir have
returned home from a two weeks' va
cation and services were held as usual
lu the Methodist church on Sunday.
Tho pubtlo schools reopened on Mon
day, allhouzh not all of the heating
apparatus has arrived ami effort is
being made to heat the building with
what lltey have.
K. L. Fuller, who purchased the 'lem
ons farm, Is contemplating cxtenshe
Improvements on the property. He Is
going to erect u large residence nnd
lay out drives in various parts of ihe
Don't forget thai on Friday evening
of this wed; Itev. A, II. Smith will de
liver his pupular lecture oil "Some
Folks und Other Folks, or the dreatost
Problem of th" Century." in tho Uup
tlst church. Admission, I." cents.
Mrs. Fad Palmer entertained, on
Sunday. h"i" sister fiom Seranlon.
Fred Scott was .1 visitor at Lalhtope
on Sunday.
Tho Mineral of John Mollnnex, who
was killed last Thursday on the Lack
awanna railroad, was held on Sunday
111 the liaptlst church, Itev. Hubert It.
Thompson, pastor of the church, had
chiirgo of ihe servlie. Interment was
made In ihe cemetery al Waveiiy.
Miss c.race Von Storeh is visiting
relatives in Seranlon.
.Mrs. Dr. John Price and .Mrs. Ymuui
went visitors 111 Seranlon yesterday.
.Miss Hlisliillder iclllliied homo yes.
terduy from a visit unions friends lu
A union Tlimil8ivliiB service will bo
held In ihe Methodist church 011 tho
morning or Thanksgiving Day. Itev,
A. W". Cooper, the pastor of the church,
will preach the sermon
Mrs Mary Halley died Sunday even
ing at her home 011 Albert street. The
funeral will he held Wednesday.
.Miss Annie Hrier. of Main street. Is
seriously III of brain fever.
.Mi'. Litttejoliu, of Providence, visit
ed relatives In town on Sunday.
.Miss ,Minl0 Summers visited her par
ents on Caiinall strcel oil Sunday,
There will be a class meetlns lu Hie
I4rt ii
Scott & Co.
uO Wyoming Ave.
ITnless nil signs fall this Is to be
one or the biggest, and best
hosiery seasons ever known. The
standard of work Is so high, the
designs so new nnd original, and
Ihe temptation to buy so Induc
ing that my lady not satisfied
wllh ONK purchase COMK8
Imported German Stockings
are mining the best sellers this
year. JJlaek and colors, silk
docked, checked, and the laco
hose for evening, with prices
from fill cents to tl.'iT, a pair.
This Is essentially a silk season
lu hosiery, und our chief effort
has been put forth to secure 11
class of silk stockings to satisfy
the most fastidious purchuser.
Cashmere Stockings, black
ana colors, xac. ana ouc. pan.
Imported German Hosiery,
50c. 75c, 91 and 81.25 pair.
Silk Hose, 75c. 81, 81.25.
81.50. 82.50 a pair.
Allis-Chalmers Co
Successors to Machine Business ot
Dickson Manufacturing Co., Scranton
and Wllkes-Barre, Pa.
Stationary Engines, Boiler?, Mining
Machinery, Pumps.
Primitive Methodist church tonight.
All are Invited to attend, (
Mr. and -Mrs. Ell Swarts. or Dun
more, are visiting at the home or Mr.
Philip Swarts.
Mr. Walter Chubb is moling Ills
family to Scranton today.
The second of the course of lectures
will be given Friday evening, Nov.
ii, by James U. Shepherd, oil "A Pil
grimage to the Land of Promise."
.Miss Lena Sayre, of Scranton. spent
Sunday with her parents, Mr. und
Mrs. John Sayre.
Among those who attended the Nor
dlcii concert were: .Mr. and Mrs. H. L.
C.alge, Dr. and Mrs. L'Aniorcnux. Mrs,
M. A. Lyman and daughter Elizabeth,
.Mrs. F. II. (iardner and daughter
Until. .Mrs. .1. M. No.iek. und Mr. and
.Mrs W. II. .Miller.
.Mr. Iticliaril Pull, who has been vis
iting relatives in Wales, returned
home Sunday evening.
William Hoar has moved with hi'
family to Scranton.
Miss Ulunehe Allen, of Wllkes-Barre,
called on friends in town .Sunday.
Quile a number of people from ihW
place attended the supper given at th;
homo of Fred ('apple, 11 1 Mnplft Lake,
Friday evening.
The funeral of Mr. Yetlcr, who died
Saturday night from cancer of the
throat, was held at his lute home yes
terday afternoon.
Mrs. William Ehrgood, of Scranton,
visited Irieiids here yesterday.
Tho fall" given by the Ladies' Aid so
ciety will open this afternoon in the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows'
hall, to which all are invited. A num
ber of have been offered, one
of which is 11 prize to Ihe prettiest
baby Iheii' Wednesday afternoon.
s' 1,1 Hip . union Tiiliiiui'
Ihooklyn. Nov. IS. Revival moot
lugs have commenced In the Methodist;
Episcopal church and are well at
tended. Able Mere Is working In Scranton.
Burton Sage Is assisting .1. Pciklutui
wllh his farm work.
I), c. Perry goes to Wilkcs-llarre to
day lo have an operation upon his eye.
Mien and Ernest Tiffany on their
way tolhooklyn Saturday evening' had
a collision with II. F. Ciroen, who was
driving fiom Montrose at a rapid rale.
The carriages were damaged but no
one was hurt.
Two men buying old rubbers. Iron,
etc,, while passing out of town inward
Klugsley hud the misfortune to lose
their horse, which died suddenly. They
got iinother horse and left tho dead mio
b.'slde the road. C. H. Tiffany re
moved il and the "peddlers" returned
later ami settled tho bill.
A "hillleiil.v" supper will he Inid at
A. W. Kent's next Friday evening.
Aunt Hlmiua Kent has had a stroko
of paralysis and Is quite low at pres
ent. The Junior class of Ihe graded si honl
Is preparing for an eincitalniuenl in
be given before Christinas.
J. D, Pcckhaiu has cut his hand quiPJ
Theie v. Ill be services in the I'lihor
sullst chinch 011 Thanksgiving ii at
11 o'clock. Dr. Sago will preiuli
The Southern Pacific .Company
Announces thai the "Sunset Limited"
annex, consisting of special t (imparl
ineiit car and dining cars, will be op
erated three times a week during tho
season, leaving New York 1.25 p. in,
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
making direct connection with tho
"Sunsel Limited" al New Orleans, In
both directions, This will afford Cali
fornia tourists uniformity of Pullman
accommodation all ihe way from New
York to desiluutiou. Tho only chaugu
being ut New Orleans, thus making this
route the most pleasant and agrcoablo.
way 10 escape the rigors of tho white' I
lu tho Hunt, 10 reach tho famous whip '
resort on the Pacllle coast,
)n this sale we want YOU lo be
satisfied. If you are not wc want ii
the Hosiery back again.