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The News of Carbondale
WASTIltl-A Rm,.l Bl.l, tnt.l.llo .r.'firi-l. In
c( Mil. WIIIIjiii Mnulum. HJ llnmUlI nrrol.
A. W. HAWKS 1,1'iiMci'
Stinsbine and Shadou)
Monday, Nov. 18.
" Delaware, nud Hudson Railroad.
.Iiim (l. l'.)l.
Trails will CjiIm.imI.iIc al liy M.itioii m
'VorN'MNli'll .111.1 WiUr-llllH"-.0i1, T.lkl, S.V.
!mii, Ki.iu, ji.-ii ii. in.: lii". lis '-"' "''
.'..w, r.tiii, in in, 1'ini p. hi.
Mili.l.iv IijIim li'ini .it, 11.21 ii. m.i l.".
'.' Ill, ."..'Ml. .".Il p. III. , .. ,
fur Allum, S.ituloir.1. 11uIom, pw
1:iiI.iii. p.. hits rlc, 7,tl n. in.: 'US' V- "'
I'r Li tin linkup, U'o.wiiJit. '"" Hone(Ulo,
7 -.. 11.115 .1. in.: :i.5l, it. I.I . in. .
Miii.l.iv Ii ilri-t l..1 Ijntori'. iiiiuh
nml' .il !'.." ii. m.: !.::. 1.1;' I'; ,,
IuiIih .nilir .it IMiI.oim1.iIp from IIU'-I ''
i.n.1 SuMiilun in follow,.! IW". ."" 'V':,'; "'"
n. in.: i-.;i7, 2.:, ::.:. 1.2", .u., ".ill, vii. '.
31.57 1 1. Ill.i l.."iil .1. III. . .,..
snmln- Ii.iIik .mho nl n.::7 .i. m.i U.W, '-.
4 '.', tl.'l'J, 1 1. "II p. til. , , tinliH nithc al ( ,i! fioi" ''i"..
I.imImi'...' Wnjnmt iiihI IIi.iipmI.iIo .it 1.1"
nml 7.55 p. in,
New York, Ontario and Western.
.Vol, 17, l'ilil.
Ti.iiYh ,..hp f.iil il.ilo fir Scr.intnti at 7.00 a.
i.i l.iJ ii. in.
Min.l.iy liiiln.s .il 7.0H a. in.: um p. in. ,
Ti.iiiu loivc I.MiIioiiiI.iIp lor p'.lntf ii"1,.11 ,al
1.1" ii. in. On Miml.iv .il 'Ui a. "I- "'""
t- ilia" .it II.Ki a. in. wool, .I.i.n atnl !'. I'; '"
Imiii..ij.s Iii.ikc: iniiiiPLlioiis tin Nov.' Y.)tK. Lorn-
V..1II. ok. ..
'Ij.iIiii iinhr fimii Siunti.ii al II. W ' ") ?"'
V m.i Hi in poit.U not tli. I. ml p. m. Simm..-.
"ill Ser.mtoii al ll.ll) :u ,iii. '.iiul i.l.i I', '"
t.nii i.'.uIihi.i ni I'l.rni p. 111. ;
Erie Railroad.
.Inn.' J,t. li'OI.
1'i.iIik li'.no i II v -I ition, Cuili.'ii.l.ili'. il.iil
f.' Nin.Iivi .it 7.IIU ii. In. nml I.W p. in. "''
Itiamll ami Nlncioli; at n.:::l a. in., l.iily li'
x'ptlnar Siiinl.iv), lot lilniiliiiiiilnii, m.iUli.j ion
i pi Hun, lor .i 'V oik oily ami llull.ilo. anil ill
n.-P) p. in. for niiii.'Ii.iihi.i, in.i!iiii'j lOiiiivctiuiis
lor Mp-tpnt points.
Sllllil.IV ll.llll, .11 !l.- II. 1.1. for Nlllll'll.lllll.l.
villi wp'ttin i ii'iif, ini'l 1..-7 p. in., uilii
HIIIO lOlllt. L'tlot).
'I'l.lill llllho -it S.5! ... 111. .uul 5.15 p. in.
Nind.ijs ,il ..',:: ii, in.
The Indians to Line Up Again&t the
Duninore High School at Alumni
Park Today Other Foot Ball
The Indian font hall ii-uui will llnu up
H Aluiinii park tmliiy iitfalnst tlio
troiiK flcvt-n wliirh upholds the Dun-Dioi-ij
1 1 lull school's Rlory on the st-1,1-It'nii
this sciisoii.
'I'll..' riiiiic will he it hot one. hoth
leiiliiH hchiKT on thi'lf mottle. The In
linii'i will have tlu-ir stroiiRcst players
!u today's contest, nnd the visllliis
I'lcvoii comprises a liunibor of old fool
hall stars. Iloran, lluuue, (irant. the
Jolmsoii hrolhers and O'lloro liohnj
.nitons' them. - IhrotiK Is expected at
Hit' park.
On Tuesday next Hie llljili school
eleven will play in Wilkes-llarre against
the eleven leprosentliiB' Harry
acadeniy. On 'rimnUsfjlviiiK' day '.he
latier team will play hero.
On ucxl Hiiturday the School of the
.acl;:iuanii!i elevoa of Scranton will
contest for .supremacy with the High
school team, in Scranton. Hoth teams
met earlier in the season, the Scranlon
leain winning; hy a score of .". to n.
llouesilalo is not satistled with the
defeat dealt hy the hands of thii TUrIi
school eleven and seems anxious lor an
other name. As their snaidian will not
allow them to play out of town. Man
ager l'.urko will not Rive them a riiiiio.
The treatment the local buys received
at the laple rlty on Urn occasion of
1 lit! i" last Kiinie is still an unpleasant
memory, and for this season at least
Xloncsdale is not considered on lite map.
Great Speaker's Opinion.
TJvaiiRclist Sam 1". .Tones, lie who has
swayed thousands of souls ami who
knows the merits of ti public, speaker,
says of A. AV. Hawks, "the IuukIiIiir
philosopher," who will he at Ihr (irand
Monday nlnhi:
"i'aricrsllle, li.i.
"To Ihu Publli I Inivo fre.pienlly lis
tened to, laiiRlted at and enjoyed the
lendllions of A. W. llnwks, Ills fun
and philosophy leave a Rood laste In
my mouth and 1 am always ready for
mole of the sort he Riws. Sometimes
he lntikos me cry, hut whether 1 latiRli
or cry I enjoy every word he says, ami
his URly faces makes me laugh myself
mw. lie is naturally pretty, bul ir
tllleially URly, Host of all he is an all
around Rood fellow,
"Sincerely yours,
"Snui 1. .loiies."
Xyman Howe's Pictures.
Tin.' success of I.yman Howe Is so
(Treat that the simple announcoinont of
Ihtj apiieaianco of his nioviiiR' pictures
I.H sulllcii'iit to attract an humc.iso
thi'iinit to marvel al tin wonders llait
they display,
5Mr. llown and his pictures will he at
tJin Hiatal Wi'diK'sOay iiIrIU. All of lla
nmuhcrs will bo new; imno - III bo
Q.-ihililicl tiRiiln, Scones In connection
Vith tlic death of I'reHldoiit JlcKlnloy
ami the obsecpiles al Cautiin will Im
niuniiK tin' most InterestluK views.
I'l'lie prices of adinlsi-lnn are 2Ti, ;i," and
tf) cents.
" Scenic Plays.
M'liu lluntley-Uarrrn Block conipauy,
a'ltlcli comes ui the Oporn house T'hius
clhy, Nov, I'll for tbreo niflit.H, Is n vv'ry
lurfio organisation to be played at pop
ular I'l'leof, 'j't,i conipauy numbers
Iwonly people, and carries a special car
: scl'iicry ' fo)' their productions, which
'jjfluilo somu of tlio larfjest scoiilc plays
eijiittenipteii In thin country.
"l'or Liberty and l.ovo," "An jnao
emit Sinner," "Oavy I'rocUett." "Tlio
.N'cw Doininloii," "Knobs o' Tcnncssci',"
I'lm Fatal Oard," 'A Kouthoni Uuntle
iljan," "Ik'fuucu I l.ovo You," "Tlio Pe
3fui'iale," "I'lnl: Dominoes," "Uoan
t)le," nre feimirea of tholr roperlolrc.
Anyonu ImyliiR wen either of tlp'so
nlays must know what mi undertakliiR'
if la to curry all of them In one. com
pany. l.llKlllCK, HU'lltll bOiltS, IUR
qfiats, patrol wagons, fielf.hi trains,
fttirses, iIors, ele,, soniethlUR' never bu
foro attcnipteil at popular prices.
Tho T, N. G. Club.
Tlio ini'inbcra of T, JS (, enjoyed a
ltlchtful ovcnliiB when they held their
weekly mectliiR- on 'I'hiiinday nlt?ht In
the Harrison house parlors its the
KttestH of the Misses Mary nml Annie;
Monalian, The yotniR ladles weft'
heartily appreelallvu or the hospltnllty
of their hostesses.
Present were: .Misses Kalle and
Nellie Utile, Dora and tVcelhl Marly.
MatKitrel While, Carmel U'llearn,
Mary Otcnnoii, Sarah .Mt'Ourry, liraee
lllshop, MitRRle MeDoitald and Annie
ami Mary Monalian.
The stories of t'liaiiRcs In the ulllee of
the superintendent of the Delaware anil
Hudson company have been tevlved,
and thin time Superintendent Mnnvltlc,
aecordliiR- to the sosslp of the town In
railroad circles, too, Is to bo elevated
to the pnttltlou of sehcrul miiniiRer of
the road, to succeed Flrsl Vice-President
Horace (!, Youiir, who. in turn,
will become president, the successor of
11. M. Olyphanl, who Is now at the head
of the l'oad.
There has been no olllclal eonllrina
tlou or this story, an there Is the same
reticence in tills Instance ns before,
when there were reported chanR-cs In
the olllce of Superintendent Manville.
The story, however, has been about,
town for several days mid has been
variously discussed. The belief Is that
It Is true, and so fur as tin Rcneral
opinion rocs It is a certainty that Mr.
.Manvlllo h: to be honored with a pro
motion. In this case the wisli Is tho
rather or the thotiRbt, for it would be
a source of satisfaction and dcllclu to
I'nrbonilullans to have one of their
townsmen Riven such recognition.
The dlscre.'l .!lenco of the company's
olllclal' does not justify any more than
speculation, but It calls attention nunc
closely to some of tin recent doiiiRS of
the Delaware and Hudson company,
the most Imuoi'lmit of which Is the
buildlii.e; of IiIr; eon' storage pockets at
Honpsdiile. Work on which will prac
tically revolutionize the handling of
coal hound for tidewater over this road
Is now in proRress, nnd when the pro
ject is completed, Iloncsdale will prob
ably have the IiIrrcsI coal slori'tRe
point in the world.
There were many considerations to
impell the company to tin construction
of theM' storage pockets, but chief
amoiiR them was the economy of cars
and h.iuliiR.'. ItrlWIy. all the throtiRh
trains, that ii. the coal destined for
Xew York i 'ty, i an be made up at
Ilonesdale. There would be no neces
sity for haulliiR- ears bail; from tide
water to the mines. They could stop
at Honesilale and be loaded from the
pockets. No time would he lost in roIiir
over tin mountain, and there would lie
less diiiiRer of a scarcity of cars, in the
case of an increased demand of coal, as
the pockets would always be kept illled.
These are a few of the advantiiu'cs of
the proposed order of thinps
II vtmilri have reouired a Renins to
count the box that was sounded by Ihe
alarm beP hi the city hall tower at the
time of the Ii: c on South Main street
last night. First. Hi sounded: then there
wen; two tans, followed by :!.": two
iiRiiin, anil then a reuular tattoo of
It is needless to say that the failure
of the bell to respond was due to the
fact that the lire alarm system is being
i.crI'H ted by not beiiiR lesled dally, as
is necessary, if its highest clllclency he
n.i.ilntained. There is no daily test, ami
the eonseiiuenee is an imperfect sys
tem, which Is certain to cause disaster,
if It is not kept In workiiiR order.
The Tribune has pointed out, from
lime to lime, the necessity for a daily
test, and has explained the when and
why of it. ('ouni'ils, with whom Hie
remedy lies, while recoRiilzliiR the ne
cessity, have taken no action, but have
wasti'd valuable time in discussing
whose business it. Is to turn in a daily
test alarm. The Impression seems to be
among' the members of common coun
cil, parucui. :';, that it is tin duty of
C'ltv Klectrlcu a (lilleran to make the
lest, anil tho. same nieinbers have
wasted several wcck-i in wondering
who should do this work.
For the information and euliglilment
of these membeis. The Tribune will say
that Mi-,'s duties do not com
prehend the daily test. lb is being
compensated for looking after the ur
rauRenicitt and swllcli-board in the
city hall, but no provision is made for
ill.-; going about from box to box each
flay sending In an alarm.
I.asl night's perfoi mnuct' of t: sys
tem ought to convince councils thai ac
tion nuts! be taken, as the safety of ihe
community demands.
The remedy Is the compensallng of
Mr. tilllermi. who is the most capable
person for the extra work o singing In
Ihe alarm
Auspicious Event nt Berean Baptist
Church Last Evening.
Tlieie was a most auspicious opening;
of the liereau leading room last night,
The room presented a very delightful
They Are Often TogetherTJiese Days.
They Work Havoc All Ovoi tho
Country nnd In Scranton.
Yenk, nervous, the digestion out of
order--that Is what alls a Iiohi of peo
ple, U comes about in this wuj : First
from oerwork or other causes, the
nerves are burdened beyond endurance,
ni'i'Vi) waste Is not replaced, nerve
force Is weakened, I lien the stomach
loses Its nerve-coiitrollliig power and
indigestion follows, with falling
Ktrength, When tlrst Dr, ,, W. i 'base's
Nervo Pills ciiiihi to Scranton people
could hardly be convinced thai this
great Uledicliiu would remove theso
troubles. Now it Is an ucccpled fact,
luriiUi'o of their cum of very stubborn
cases no other medicine would Inllu
ence, Mi'f. .1, u. Johnson, of ,o. "in Xorth
Main strct, Scranton, 'a., says: "Dr,
A, AV. I'hase's Xeivc pills arc excel
lent. I was so dlassy and nervous, ami
tho stomach digested lis food badly.
This condition Induced a feeling of de
bility and lassitude. Hearing of the
nerve 1I1h at .Mathews Urns,, mo Lack
awanna avenue, l got a box, uiul the
result has ceitalnly been line. They
gave tlio .toumi'h strength t" handle
Ihe food properly, the nervouMicsa and
dUr.hiess disappeared completely, and
my general slrenRth and vigor re
turned, t'oiiseipiently I am plenfed mid
glad In recommend the medicine."
Dr. A, VV. t'husoVi Nerve Pills mo
sold al iiU a box at dealers, or Dr, A.
Y. i'IuiWh Medicine I'd.. UulYulo, N. Y.
So that portrait and signature' of A.
V, Chase, M, D., are on every paekase.
uipt;niulit:e With the tables likely nr
nmged and laden with tho choicest Ill
era lure. There; wero Hctect readings
from pome of tho material on tho
tallies, read by Prof. A. W. tleury, Miss
Mtutde narllell. MIsh Kilnn htmmls,
MIpm IMlth .tunes mid AVIIIlam DuvIh.
The loom will bo' open every Tuesday,
WudnoHiliiy and Hnlurdity evenings
from 7.15 to !'.l".
Delightful Evening with tho Rev.
Father Daly at His lecture "Fol
lowing: the Flag."
An audience Hint utmost illled .Si.
Huso parish hall lust night spout an
Interesting and enjoyable evening
with Ihe l!ev. Father Daly, of St. Pat
rick's Cathedral, Xew York city, amid
sreneii of camp life In the late Spanish-American
Father Duly was chaplain of the Sixty-ninth
regiment of New York eliy,'
and In the lecture "Following the
Flag" he led his lieurers from the ar
mory of the leglniont to Camp lllack,
then to Chlciiniaugnu pari;, to Tampa,
Florida, ending with Jluntsvllle, Ala
bama, where Ihe regiment was mus
tered out.
My means of a slereopttcon he watt
enabled to unfold the Inner life of tlm
regiment on the Held, and tho humor,
pathos, and the lessons of patriotism
that wero to be learned from these
experiences he happily presented to his
hearers; one lime convulsing them
with laughter, now pulling their very
heart-strings hy the recital of some
pathetic Incident, and again causing
tlp'lr patriotic blood to quicken when
Ii- showed the lessons of love of coun
try that were to he learned by the
phase.! of the campaign (hut he dwelt
Father Daly is pleasingly descrip
tive; lit never soars to heights of elo
iiueiice by his plainness and simplicity,
ills Hashes of humor and versatility;
In reaches his hearers and entertains
them and impresses on them the mes
sage he would leave them.
A BiilHnnt Social Affair Is the Sea
son's Second Subscription Dance.
The second subscription daneo of the
season was conducted in Hurke's hall
last evening, and was a brilliant, suc
cess. Tin pleasures and success of the
evening were under the patronage of
the Kllte dancing class, whose mem
bership Includes young people who are
conspicuous in their society set. The
ballroom was a brilliant picture of light
and color, as the music went on and
the dancers mingled on the Hour to the
entrancing strains of the waltz and the
other llgures of the programme.
The Mosmi'I orchestra provided tho
latest music that, has been voted Ihe
most popular by the devotees of the
arl of lerpslchorc, and the young peo
ple revelled in the enjoyment of the
varied pleasures of the evening'.
The affair was a brilliant social suc
cess, and tile young people who partici
pated will have mimeioiis pleasant
niemorks to recall.
Deputy Factoiy Inspector Bishop
Gives Orders to Others Beside
School Board.
Deputy Factory Inspector Karl W.
Dtshop, of Duninore, was in the city
on a mission relating to tlio erection
of lire escapes nol only on tho public
school buildings, but on numerous
buildings about, the town.
The school board has the matter in
hand and will act at tlio next meet
ing. With respect to other places
where lire escapes are necessary under
the factory Inspectorship laws, Mr.
liishop not Hied several buildings own
ers In town that they, too, would have
In i omply Willi the law. Those af
fected by tin law are all owners whose
buildings arc three stories or over in
height. Notices were served on some
of these some time ago, sixty days
being allowed then in which to meet
the law's reuiremoiits.
Annual Affair of the Recherche
Dancing- Clnss on Thanksgiving
The Dccherclie dancing class which
will he called for the many splendid
affairs which it lias oonducled, will
hold ti dame hi Httrke's hall on
Thanksgiving night.
The affair will be a chrysanthemum
dance, it Is an annual affair which
always aroused the eager interest and
anticipation of Hie younger social set
of the town, and Ibis year will bo no
exception to what has been ihe rule.
Firth will provide music and the hall
will lie becomingly decorated with tho
powers from which the function de
rives Its title,
Finds It Necessary to Devote All
His Time to Teaching,
Mr. "W. A. Huberts, musical director
nt the Herean IJaptlst church for some
months past, has resigned his position,
lie liuds it Impossible to devote the
necessary time lo tills work on account
of his many pupil In both vocal and
piano-forte, and the largo number of
calls Unit naturally come during tho
winter for conceri work', In which his
tine solo work Is especially appreciat
ive. Mr. Huberts will loutiuuo his leaching
In the city and lias promised the lie
reau trustees to assist on special occa
sions in solo work.
Union Ohseivnnco Will Bo in First
Presbyterian Chinch.
The union olisi'i muni of Thanksgiv
ing ilii will lake pliue this year In
tlm First Presbyterian church.
In the programme of religious exer
cises will he represented tho iMUgl'cga
lions of the Herein! Ilaptlsi, First
Methodist Kplscopai and the First
Presbyterian churche.-, As Is ciisto
iiiiny, the services villi lake place in
tlio morning. Uev, 11. ,1, YVhnlen, D.
D will deliver ti). i.ermon.
Music specially piep.'llcd for Up day
ol' th.n.ks will be the united choirs.
Recupoiating After Oporation.
AngiiJt Shliuiuerhoiii was discharged
from F.mergency hospital this week
after being operated on, following an
attack of appeudhithi Unit threatened
his life. For a lime his recovery was
doubtful, but he Is now steadily gain
ing in strength.
Fairs Last Night.
Tin fair of tho Cottage Hose coni
pauy will close tonight. ,
Tho Watt hall lias been crowded
during ihe evenings of this week and
the hose men heartily appreciate the
rcspoiuie that has been made by tho
11111)111. Tho fair has botiOcvon a
greater success lliuii expected, nnd tho
treasury of tho company will ho np.
'prenlably augmented.
Tonight there will be a programmo
that will fittingly uloso tho enterprise.
Tho contests rot the $50 lit gold and
nitiuoroiiH other articles will close.
Thoso who have books will kindly re
turn them this evening.
St. Paul's Lutheran Church.
Twenly-fnutti Sunday In Trinity.
Halilnitli school, 11.30 u. nt.; services,
10.110 11, in. Subject or sermon, "Un
worthy mitt Vain l.utnentiillons at the
Death-tleds of Our Loved Ones," from
tho gospel of tho Sunday, Jtiltus'
daughter raised, etc.
Tttkt notice, (hat after services tho
envelopes tinaddrossod and without
tiaiiio of voters for one trustee tiro lo
be handed over lo the secretary, A.
lierhardt. as aunotniced.
Tho rules and itinomtnwuts lo tho
constitution, Ihe organist and janitor
rules for tins ensuing: .vcar will ho read
nnd given Into the hands of the church
council (o dispose of, according to (he
constitution, on a ilmo as will bo ap
pointed. Tlie ladles arc Invited to it meeting
In tlio aftornoon nt 2 o'clock for the
purpose known to them. The pastor
cult glVo full Information, If desired.
'Anarchy vs. Patriotism."
Tills is the taking title of Henry AY.
Dowdlng's Illustrated lecture upon the
lamented William McKlnley. which
will bo given at the Trinity Parish
house this evening ut S o'clock.
On Sunday evening, Mr. Dowdlng
will exhibit a beautiful series of views
on "The Life of Christ." This exhibi
tion will not begin until the close of the
regular evening service of the church.
Mr. Dowdlng Is a highly respected
and callable clergyman of the Congre
gational church and is entitled to tho
heartiest support of our citizens.
Injured Miner nt Hospital.
Aston Cnrmuth, miner of Mayrield.
was received at Kinergency hospital
yesterday. He was injured by Hying
coal while at work in tlio Krie mine.
He sustained nn extensive scalp wound
and was painfully bruised ubout. the
ribs, though there were no fractures.
His condition is not dangerous.
"Will Helj) Teams.
Street Commissioner John Kllleen
mnl his force of men are nt work chip
ping the bricks in tho pavement around
No. 1 bridge, on North Church street,
so that tlio horses will bo nblo to get
it better foot-hold. This spot ha.s been
ii very hard "pull" mill the coal teams,
piirllcularly.will be greatly helped by it.
Mrs. Peters' Funeral.
The funeral. of the late Mrs. Margar
et Peters will be hold this afternoon
at J o'clock from her late home on the
corner of Wayne street and Harlem
avenue. Kev. Charles hoc, pastor or
the First Presbyterian church, will
conduct services. " liurinl will bo in
Hrookside cemetery.
An Attack of Pneumonia,
(ieorge MoKolvy, employed
Sullivan & Itcgiin, plumbers, is at
Kinergency hospital since Wednesday.
He is dangerously ill of pneumonia.
Dust night bis condition was slightly
improved, though he Is not out of
Will Sing at Berenn Church.
Prof. D. H. Dewis, the baritone solo
ist who accompanies l!ev. Henry AY.
Dowdlng In bis lecture tours, will sing
a solo at tlie liereau ISaptist church
tomorrow morning.
Men's Meeting.
The men's meeting at I lie Herean
Daptist church on Stinduy morning at
H.13. will he led by Deacon AYIllinni J.
Davis. A cordial welcome awaits all
the men who may attend.
At Trinity Church.
Thanksgiving day will bo fittingly
observed with religious services at
Trinity Episcopal church on tho morn
ing of tin day. Uev. II. A. Sawyer, the
rector, will preach nnd the vested
choir will sing.
Meetings of Tonight,
Division No. 13, A. O. H.
Court (Joltlen Kagle, No. II, Fores
ters of America.
Diamond Lodge, No. un, Shield of
In Boston,
ii. A. Lewis, of Summit avenue, is at
work placing an loo machine In place at
Iloston, Mass., for the Carbondalo Ma
chine company.
Summoned by Illness,
Mrs, Thomas Payne and son, lloraee,
have been called to the homo of tint
former's parents, III Kingston, by seri
ous Illness.
A New Janitor.
Joseph AVII.-'ou, ofP.elmont street, bus
accepted a position as janitor tit the
Herean liaptiKt church,
Llewellyn AYootlley has resigned his
position as agent for Musiu Dealer c,
W. Fulkersou.
Miss Pearl Lamoreaux entertained
the ladles of Junior Haptlst church
from Ii till 7 o'clock at her home, corner
of Highlit avenue and Archbald .street,
yesterday uftciioon. The occasion was
fraught with enjoyable lueldu.its,
Frank P, Hrowu has purchased in
Hancock, N. A"., one of tho best bred
colts In Ibis section, It Is a bay, eigh
teen mouths old, and yt unbroken,
Nothing makes i,.u mure st'iscepilble
lo taking Cold than .1 bad stomach, or,
In fact, to any contagious or infectious
While "7i" prevents, Hires and
"breaks up" a Cold, Its strongest ally Is
a mvcpt stomach and good digestion,
The use of SPECIFIC .No. 1U will bring
Ihls about by . urlng Dyspepsia, lutll
gestlun and AVeuk StomacI.
Humphreys Specifies me put up In
handy vials of pleasant pellets that (It
the vest pocket.
Al all piiiKRiiU ft-i lent., hi nulic.l en uTi'im
el prlii'. Dni'lui'D llgi.t; Mallei ru..,
Hiiiiii.IiiimV lloiii.vii.ilhli' MaJIUui' Co., lor
lice WIIIIjiii iiml Joint Uei'te, Xcw VeiU.
Tho colt Is iinmed Fred Wilkes, and
was sired hy Uuskln Wilkes, 2.0St,.
Horsemen hero mo struck with tho
many lino points of Frank's purchase,
and predict great things of him In tho
Philander Scull, of the Mill House,
Hrown Hollow, tiled yesterday after ti
bl'lef IMllCSS Of Ivntlnh! lomnmmit,, n.
ceased was ti well known resident nud
is survived by a wife and three chil
dren mid several brothers.
A Hungarian Inhoi' ..iniitiic.l in tlm
Dolnwitre and Hudson colliery, while
winning up one of the planes Inside tlio
COlllcl'V. WIIM Ull'.lnV Ik. ,1 l,.i. ..I' ,,,..,
yesterday and 'received a bad scalp
wound, nil was taken to the Carbim
dale Kinergency hospital.
Mrs. AYIllinni dark, a well known
resident of Scott township, died ves
tordny morning after 11 brief Illness.
Deceased was twenty-two years of uge
and Is survived by her husband.
Tho employes of the Kile collieries
were pnltl yesterday.
Mrs. Davis, of Providence, will
preach In tho Congregational church
both morning: and evening tomorrow.
In tho morning her discourse will ho
delivered In Kngllsh and In I ho even
ing In Welsh.
Tho Ladles' Aid society, of tlio Bap
tist church, will servo a. chicken sup
per on Thanksgiving night.
Cicorgc McKelvoy, a former employe
or Michael ISagun, tho hardware man,
Is In the Kmorgenoy hospital at Car
bondale, suffering with typhoid pneu
monia. Miss Jessie Whiter last evening en
tertained the members of her Kiituinv
school class. Tho boys wero verv hos
pitably entertained and enjoyed them
selves very pleasantly. Thoso pres
ent were: Preston Dadger, Ftldle
YYood worth, Charlie Parks. H01111I0
Uenson, AYilllo Allen.
The musical eiitertalninunt and leu
lure given In the Methodist F.plseo
pal church on Thursday evening wan
fairly well attended nnd as anticipat
ed was much enjoyed. J lev. II. Y.
Downing is an able lecturer and his
subject was one that Interested old
and young alike. The stereopticon pic
tures wero greatly enjoyed as was
also the excellent singing of Prof.
Lewis. Tlie entertainment gave great
The funeral of Dusil, the ulnu-months-old
child or Mi, and Mrs. Uer
nnrd Tissue, of Maylield, took place
Thursday afternoon. The pall-bearers
wore William Delmore, Joseph Mc
Carthy, Joseph Hart, Joseph (Irmly,
James MeNulty, Dennis Moyles and
Joseph Ilylaud.
Miss Margaret Smith, of Second
street, is visiting Pcckvllle friends.
J. D. Stoeker left yesterday on n
business trip to New York city.
Miss Lottie AVilllams. who has been
visiting- her parents at. Mayfield, has
returned to her home at Scranton.
The moose, killed In the woods of
Maine recently by Messrs. Bloes, Pierce
and liroiul, is nn object of great fu
riosi ly to Hie Peckvilie people. The
animal is on exhibition at Mr. Blocs'.
A'cry few of ihe people In this section
ever saw one before, and the hunters
were very fortunate in securing it, as
this Is tho only one the Maine woods
has furnished to hunters this season.
The successful hunters have generously
donated the animal to the churches
hero for a supper, which will probably
bo held next week. Let everybody at
tend it, for ia Hie seven hundred pounds
of the huge animal there will be enough
for all. Committees of arrangements
will meet in tin lecture room of tho
Methodist Kpiseopal church tonight at
7.".0 o'clock.
Services in the Methodist Kpiseopal
church on Sabbath will be as usual,
the pastor preaching' morning and
John Muekey, aged 'Si years, a minor
a I the Sterrlck Creek mine, -was in
stantly killed at that place early yes
terday morning' by a fall of rock. He
was a single man and lived with his
mother in what is known as tlie Ster
rlck Creek patch, located near Peck
vilie. Funeral announcement will be
made later.
Chicken thieves made a gootl haul on
AYednesday night. They secured some
seventy chickens from Hickory and
Main street residents.
Mrs. Andrew Hale, of Yatcsvlllo, is
visiting at the home of Mr, and Mrs. K.
M. Barnes.
Mr. Maple Bell loft yesterday for Au
burn, X, Y where he has secured a
position as chief electrician.
Tlie Athletic club met in regular ses
sion In Odd Fellows' hall last evening
to elect ollleers.
The Kpworth League will hold 11
Grandma's Harden social at the homo
of Mrs. IL J. Taylor, Hickory street,
Tuesday evening, Nov. i!. All arc cor
dially invited to attend.
Peckvilie Baptist ehurch-1. v. ,1. S.
Thomas, pastor. Services tomorrow at
Ifl.'lO a. in. and " P. 111. Morning subject,
"The Comfort of tho Scriptures." In
the evening, J'.lblo Day will bo observed
by the Sunday school. Parents and
friends of the scholars arc cordially in
vited. Merton Hay, formerly of (been llldge,
Is now residing' on Hickory street.
Mrs. Glanville, of Hickory street, is
visiting relutlves In AYilkes-Uarre,
Tho young daughter of John Jones Is
Improving from a seven attack of
Alva Hammond, of Scranton, called
on friends in (own this week.
Miss Mabel Day Is much iuipiovcd,
ill tor two weeks' Illness of iiuinsy.
The Wilson Flic company are making
great preparations (or their fair, which
begins Deocmbo" .', Alt should bo in
(crusted and join In lo help ihe boys
All residents of Itlukuly borough who
have dogs running' at large uro request
ed (o inuiwlo them for tho next sixty
days, All dogs found on the street f
nol niti)cd will be shot, By order of
the council,
(lenrgo W. AVilllams, lTtaldcnt,
Attest -I. F. Dewey, Secretary,
l tegular Episcopal services will ho
hold In Kdwards' hull, Dl.ikoly, to
morrow afternoon at !l.;J'i o'clock, Uev.
II. J, Haugliton, of Dunmoiv, will con
duct the services.
A. Y, Bower, I'srj., of Hi ronton, v. ill
occupy the pulpit at tlm Cougregii'
tloual church tomorrow evening.
Miss Nettle Cannon, of First street,
was tidert'd a surprise party by
many of her young friends 011 Thurs
day f veiling, i'hu time was pleasant
ly sp?nt hi music, guinea mid dancing.
HefreshiuentH were served by iho hos
tess at about 1 o'clock, after which
the guests departed.
Fdwurd Parry, of Hyde Park, wan a
caller in town yesterday,
Cards m out announcing ihe mar
llago of Miss Mary V Uerkheiser In
James Yebb. of Providence, ill thu
homo of the bride's parents, Mr, and
Many of Them Unnecessary. Mrs.
Pinkham's Advice and Medicine
Have Saved Many Women From
the Surgeon's Knife.
Hospitals in oiii giCuL cities tiro sntl plueoH to visit.
Throo-fotnuw of tlie patients lyina: on Biiovrvlijito beds aw
"women and girls.
Why should this he tlio ense?
Iiueansc they have neglected, themselves.
Every one of llieso patients in tho hospital hods had plenty of
Avarniiii; in that beiiritur-douii feeliup, pain nt. tlio left or right of" tho
Avomh, nervous exhaust ion, pain in the small of Ihu back. All thesu
things arc indications of an unheal thy condition of the ovaries of womb.
What a terrifying thought! these poor souls are lying there on thoso
hospital beds awaiting si fearful operation.
Do not drag along at home or in your place of employment until
you are obliged to go to tlio hospital and submit to an examination unci
possible oporation. Jluilcl up tho female system, cure tho derangements
which have signitied themselves by danger signals, and remember that
JjVcHii J3. lMiikliuni's Vegetable Compound has saved thousands of
women from the hospital. Read the letter here published with the full
consent of the -writer, and see how she escaped the knife by a faithful
reliance on Mrs. Pinkhtuu's advice and treatment by her medicines.
II' in doubt write to Mrs. Pinlclium nt Lynn, Muss., for free
advice ; her experience covers twenty years.
WCsauBSSISSSBS!&K?Mmiirt IsM .ikes b
flu jHk 5f55sH M WmijHk
Wok GSBPIPtesi&liZiiS&lf mm I I I I WwOH
flfl firzSftr ' lwk ' i U HuM
mZmQmi- k "SP& 1
Here is Proof, Undeniable Proof, That Many Operations
May Be Avoided.
"T)K.VK Mki. PiN'KiiAjr: As I am a great sufferer of female trouble I
thought L would write to yon to see if yon thought there was any positive
help for me. I am very sore through my bowels, especially over the womb,
and on the left side low down J will he taken with a dull sore pain, and in an
hoar will be so sore that I cannot move myself, and will have to he poulticed,
and will bo unable to walk for two or three weeks. I have a bad diselnirga
at times. Tho doctor says I will have to go through an operation and hava
the left ovarv removed. If voa can help me. let me hear from you soon."
Mils. M. (. Shivelv, Upson, "Wis. (Xov. 1J, 1000.)
" Dkar Mas. I'l.VKHAM : When T wrote, to you last fall in regard to ray
health, death would have been a welcomo visitor to me, bub 1 followed your
advice and am now well. I had tried everything I could hear of, went to
every doctor far and near, spent a great deal of money and received no benefit.
At the time I wrote you I was saving np money to go to Chicago to have an
operation upon the womb and ovaries which the doctor said unless I had I
would die, but thanks to your remedies, T avoided this. I hr taken eight
bottles of Lydia K. Piiikliam's Vegetable Compound, two of your
Blood Purifier, and used four packages of Sanative, and am a well woman. I
advise every woman suffering as I did to take Lydia E. Pinkham's reme
dies." Mil's. M. G. SllIVKl.v, I'pson, Wis. (March 20. 1001.)
KKWAltn. Wcliareilepositcilwlth Ihe National City Hunk of I.ynn, $GO0O,
which will liopniil touuy person who can tinil that tho above testimonial Inttcrp
aro not genuine, or wore publi.shpil bofore obtaining tho wrlter'8 spec'iat per
mission, I.yilia JB. Pinkhum Medicine Co., I.ynn. MaB3.
Mis. John K. lioi'KholFer, In Hlakely,
tit S o'clock 'I'liankHKlvhiK evening.
Mr. anil Mrs. T. .1. l'nrsmis enter
tained the members of the ltlakely so
cial club at there homo on Main street,
Hlakely, last evening.
Several members of the ISurcka com
mandery, Knlshla of Malta Lodge, will
go to Scranton this evening to witness
it rehearsal of the Hcd Cross degree
by the Anthracite L'onunandor.v.
Great interest hi being manifested in
tlm concert to be held at the "Welsh
f'oiigregiillnnal church on Monday
evening, November 18, under the aus
pices of tlm Women's Christian Tem
perance union and ihe Teniyiernuce al
liance. The cniiecrl will coinini'iicu tit
7,;;i) o'clock shai'ii, in order to make
train connei tloun. Following is the e.
i client programme: Piano solo (se
lected), Prof, .lunes; solo, Prof. J. T.
Wutklns: solo, Mrs. K. Ilruudagc;
poem, "The Drunkard's Wife" (Illus
trated by slereoptleiiiO, -Miss Sarah J.
Price: solo, "The Holy City" (illus
trated), Mrs. K. lii'iindam: solo, Prof. ,T,
T. Wnlklns: recitation (selected), Miss
Sarah Price; temperance entertain
ment, Uev, Thomas do Uraehy. (I)
"Tho Itaplds;" CO "The Wife's Story:"
(;n "Drunkenness;" (I) "The Drunk
ard's Story;" (.") "An Kveulng in a
Saloon;" () "Thou Art the Man;" (V)
"bottle's Message."
Services tomorrow at the Methodist
Kpiseopal church will he as usual, nilh
the exception of the evening service,
which will ..'ouinieiice at 7 o'clock In
slead of 7.:!'). Kpworth league at ii
o'clock, The pastor, Uev. Clinton I).
Henry, will olllclal. . All an welcome
Tonight villi inui'k the closing of tin
fancy fair of tlm American Protestant
association, which has been in progress
in Weber's rink during the last three
nights, The attendance last ovcnlng
was greatly luereas-cd over that of Urn
pi'i'ious two occasions, and a still
larger crowd Ii expected. The door
prize no Thursday evening, ii beautiful
I'UK. was won by ticket No. Ml, held by
Master 1'vaii I low ells.
Superintendent W. M. Dell, of the
Lackawanna Weenie louip.iic, has
imiw'.l his I'umll., (o Auburn. N- V
when he will lake charm of a large
plant in that city. K. Al. liarins. of
Pcckvllle, Is-, tin former's muccshiii
Illhlo day will Im at lh" al
Miry liunlisi church toiiinrrmv evening
by the ineinbeni of the Sunday svhonl,
tho church choir nsslullug. The follow,
lug programme- has I'.een prepared:
Hinging, "rihig of ilia King," choir and
congregation: responsive reading, Sun
day school; ivcllalion. "Name Nol tho
Dead." Illhol Steele; prayer, by the pas
tor: ivi ballon. Cruiuia I'.vuiis; recita
tion, (Handle Mapleson; singing. "Hook
of Clod .My Light." congregation and
choir; recitation, "The Hidden Word"
Myrtle ( 'initially- rccitallon, Ada ctu
tla; singing, "Precious lllhle." congre
gation and choir: recitation. "Let In
the Light." Murium Harris; recitation,
"The Ulessing of Song," Margurct Da.
vis, singing, "Star of Hope," cuugi-ega.
tlon and choir; recitation, "That's Thee,
.llin," l.cnjamlii Harris; recitation,
Martha Smith; singing. "Lead Well tho
Word," congiegation and choir: reci
tation, "How Much Owest Thou?"
Kdlth March: recitation, "How to Do
It," Mabel Davis; singing. ".Send Them
tho lllhle," congregation and choir; ad
dress, "Tlio Hlbb Work or the Ameri
can liaptist. Publication Society:" cnci--else,
"The Children's Gifts," four little
girls; singing, "Send Out the Light,"
congregation and choir; benediction, by
tin pastor.
Mrs. AVilllani O. Davis, a much ie
spected lady, died at. her home, on
Middle street, Thursday morning. The
funeral will occur tomorrow afternoon
al '.' o'clock. Services will he held at
Ihe home of deceased, Interment will
be made In tin Forest Home cenielf ry.
Mr. and Mrs. John Pugh, of Mt. Car
niel, have returned, after spending their
wedding loin- with lelallvcs here.
The following letter, concerning Iho
missing bonis Welhel, 1ms been re
ceived: War Department, Adjutant Uciieial's
Olllce, Washington.
Nov. II 1 im I
Mr. .Inhu Wdhcl, Jr., Pox 11, Talor,
Sir: 111 reply to your letter of the
llh instant, relative to Louis Wdhel, I
beg to Inforni you that the records of
this olllce show that Louis Wdhcl, ser
geant, Sixty-sixth Company of Coast
Artillery I formerly (lattery 1, Sixth ar
tillery), was present for duty with his
company at Camp McKlnley, Honolulu.
II, I., August III, 11)01, date of latest
muster roll received.
It is proper to add that this soldier's
lerm of service expired September -jr.,
IflOl, and It Is suggested that a letter of
Inquiry addressed to the commanding
olllccr, Sixty-sixth Company of Const
Artillery. Honolulu, II. l might elicit
sonic Information regarding the ulart.
ahouts of Hid soldier since that tlnii
Very respictfully,
.lolm A. Johnston,
As.-isluiit Adjutant (leinral,
llurgl.irs made a forcible eiiti-v u In
the v.t'-ant sunuuer residence of c P.
Matthews hcie mi Monday nlRlit last,
tliiiiugh the kitchen window, by break
ing Ihe shutter and glass in the sa.-h.
To get cotiuuimlcatiou through to tho
other part of the house theyctlt lh oiiKh
in broke out a panel of the door ',l
ilciue that the party numbered tiijve
was culte certain, as there u n ihiio
limlrs drawn up to the table, mid that
ihey tail led awhile, as the (.nun had
been used, as the burned in, lit lies o
ibatccd. Willi the exception of the dls.
appearance o'" a set ol plalcd tea.
spoons, nn booty of value was missed,
.Mrs. A lira in Wilson Is visiting al the.
homo of her ilautshler. -Mrs. William
Waters, in lilllghanilon.
.Mrs. Merlon Cook, of lilughaniloii, ,ls
here among relatives and lo attend Iho
wedding of bur hi other. IJIberi L. .lolm.
son, to Miss Allnnle l Pol tor, which
look place on Wednesday evening at
the home of llu bride's parents, Mr,
and .Mrs, -Mcnit Potter,
. &&, -i