The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 16, 1901, Image 1

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A riT
Suhlin's Efforts to Wrest tlie
Gliampionshli) from Him tnrt
In Failure.
The Contest Is Witnessed by Moie
Than Ten Thousand Spectators,
Gnthcicd at San Eiaucisco fiom
All Points Along the Pacific Coast
Between Vancouver and Mexico.
Jcffiics Smpiiscd at Easy Victoiy.
Ready to Meet Shaikey.
Bi I ti.luiio Vnc funt 1 lie Vwrt itcd l'rfs
San riancl'-io, No. 1" In om of
the most unsatisfactory pil.c tights
Ptcr WitllO.Scd ill tills lOtllltiy, .Limes
7. Jeff lies pioved I lie tic-tor tonight
ovci Gils Kulillii, the Aluou GIjiiI.
In UlC flltll IIIUIHl Ot Wll It WllS to llllVe
been d tvwntv ) otiiid snuggle, ISulilln
willed .Did thou suueudeied to his
titer to the uttu ainuniient and dis
gust of the assembled thous nuN. No
one was nun i' .suipilsed tit the out
come than Jeflrics hinitclf who ai?fc 1 1
pe that while ho had dellveud one
tilling blow in the second joiind ho did
not eppt I to win the vlctorv so eas
ily. Kulilin'.s jble explanation of t lie
outcome of the tight Is that he u
celved a rhaiicc Wow which uttfilv
disabled him and tli.U Jcftiies poisibt
ed In lighting him low.
While Huhlln - ill make no nbo
hlte ehalge ol Jelliios lia ing com
mitted a loul. lie intimates that he -was
unfaiily Inndltd and Injmid as a u
sult. Ituhlin leeches the suppoit of
hit, .scionds in this stand, v. lio that
his was a hopeless. ius-0 aftci the bei -ond
When m on in his iln-IiiR 100111 af
ter the tight Champion .Iiftilcs .s.ilil:
"I was biupilscd at my t isy vktuiy
and Itulilin's amazing While
it lb tme that he did not puiu h me
liard ciioukIi dming tin liu- munds to
lausu me anv aHini I believed hiin
strong and i.tutloiib up to the moment
of his Kill ipse and suipiisdl when
lie quit. 1 eul.ilnly hud no tumble In
v hipping him and had the 1iht M'tie
on the leMilt must Iiac bom the
Kline. Ituliliu was inaccuiat( and in
poor wind .ind 1 cannot say that he
men had the (outage and fence Unit
I expected to I'licountei In him. Ituhlin
took a stilt punch in thi: stomach in
the fouith louud which I piesume Rao
him tiouble nei Unless T cpt i ted
him to lose hat do than lie did. Utih
lin ian doubtle'-s btsl explain his own
position and .is tor nn.solt I am will
ing to meet bliaiKoy iKxt month and
thcuafttr to Uetend a best I an the
title I hold."
Winn Huhlln wut to his, ilio'slng
room, he was. tollowed bx a ciy de
prescd iitinuo. The defeated nnn
conipl lined ol no pain atpl mocd
about without asslstamc Hi statid:
"J bthcMd tioin (he stmt ol the gong
that 1 would win, but as the tight pto
giessod I was boatm down until I ic
tetNcd a blow on the slomaih whieh T
must mv was Miy low. it may not
hate bit u a tutil and no lhing man
could hae t-tn x i i il it. .bit dep.utcd
fiom the wiittin inle-, anil nom the
eouiuion U'gul.itlons ol boxing whin he
thtfw hiins-ilf upon and wiihtled i.ith
rr than patll'd. 1 do b(lne that hud
1 had not ueied tlie s,toni.ioh punch
whii h endi d me in tlie liltli toiiiid 1
would lane woin down Jefnies a few
lound.s latei and beaten him ac a mat
ter of Pinluiaini. I am nady to IIkIh
liim again and helhne that in time I
xill hae the oppoi tutiity of Miowiug
that I (.in him, 'that Is all I
tun sa."
Audience of Ten Thousand.
lietoie an assiinblngp ol ten Uiuu-and
people at th" Alt i h ini.s' puvllloil,
which lias lit (II the st t lie ol imtn blt
tei .mil Impoiliint stnmgloh In the pant
Jiiuirs .1. .lelliles, of Los Angelis, t'ul ,
nit I litis Itulilin, Hie "AKinii (iiuiil '
tonight, and tolUllll tol I lie title .lelllli i
has In Id shite Ills nitmoiable battle
with I'itsluiiuons. i:,uly in the alto
noon a long line ot anxloin nun iismiu
blotl III 1 1 out ol the paWllou and held a
weal lid M in a dilzllng lain until
nilit tall, whut the Mile hi galluv
mats was open. Noun' In ill" liiht.n,
)1 H.i'i Piainlsto has theio bet u s-in ji
ii ctiish ot hiunnnlt tit a pugillstii
i ent.
The gnat )ia lliou hef,uu lo nil ut
sundown with the cnlliut-ius-iii tiowds
g.-itlii'i ( tl to wltnt;-s tho, Thous.
and pound into tlie mallei wlun the
doom weiti opened and louts holme tho win, tailed the upper
jioi lion ot the pavilion was- blink with
ppeetntoi, People coming limn all
points, botwmi Vanoomei and ,uxlio,
and einlii.ti'ltiB well Known siato olll
rial?, muvibci.s ol tho uud
promlnefit hpoiilng nirtii tool: post-es.
won of the high pilmd H-ats eaily,
.Ia or .lame. 1). I'lulan, Muyoi -elect
8o)inilts and almost the enthe hcmli ot
the lotinty ol San Ki.uiUmo was c.uly
nl the tlngfldo. Hilly Jnidan. tho vit.
ci mi announcer, wmh i.uly on tho hemic.
Betting Odds 3 to 1.
At IMS p. in. the belting at tin ilng.
side hteadled down jurt beime the big
uliugslo to nddb ol L' to 1, although
theie wtio butsth ot entluislahin uoni
cither side, In which longer odds woie
ollcied. The open I or at the Mnutu.
mcopo inaihlue adjiibted hs Instiuuionls
nnd a Hush uf IIkIiI tlnoiigh the aim.
of lamps piodniiucd that all was in, as lar as the iouipan was
i our crawl, A moment latei a Inn hi of
llintllriht) io,OW inndlc-powur, ilhiuilu.
nted the .ibt jeaches ol the pailloii
and fm titer enthused the gu-at host of
bpcctatoi.s as the luiiui'illam loieiunmr
of the iliiuiiploiishli? stiugglc.
Cipotgo Hailing, an tlttie.
tiepti of the Tweiithtii (' nlui ilub,
look his pniltlon lo the south slito or
the i lug, with Phil AVand, thuclseepcr
tor lttihlln, closely following.
At 11.20 .Terriles illleirt the ling, shad
ing his ojes. Aflrr him came hl
tiainor. Hilly 13elane, Kd. Kagan. Hob
Atinstiong and In other Jink Jefftlec.
Uiuiy Coibett.tlie u'leiec, then Ptipped
Into the ilng. At D u Liu si Huhlln m
teied the ilng, followed by his second.
They tossed lor coinpis and lttihlln
won, taltlng the soutliwosl coinei. Two
minutes afti r the men entetcd Ihoilng,
they v.eie announced bv Hilly Jordan,
who then picsented Uefetee Hatty C'ot
bett. .lelitles, In a llailntr led .sweater and
ihewlng gum In violent Impatient e, wit
demuiely in his miner, while Huhlln
tallied earnestly with IJomer I'd. Min
tln. On behalf of Shaikey, Tim Jlc
(Jr.tth chnllengeil the winner ot to
night's contest.
The men will bicnlc at. the older or
the lofetee.
Time called at 0.37.
hound 1 Ituliliu kills for hcid iiitl hull
Hiihtlv villi led. ( llnrli llolli nun cautious
.lillrlts kit jm aitiiniil lluhll'i'i lifd, lilt to
diiniKi') .tfltiln iihiI (,ih ll,l tie on lit'ul
mill lift He lillir (Icwilr tluiKcd lii.ll lift.
.Icllrlos itpprrrnts liulilln to i with lctt. Ji f
Inc hiirlcil lift on l Jt, trut inl",cl nnothct
foi linil liulilln totm'ir, n nltli left. .Ictliirj
.wiiii,- iciln lint iiii.h(I itiis lilotl.ttl lilt JjIi for
fire .lelfiies riidinl. lull llulilin c line into n
elmcli lifTin? t'j.i i lift lor boh, Iml tlio
Cllne unit s ,t out uf Ii tun's n. .letfil s is
-iti 1 1 it r flic loiitnl tu ( ime uitii tlie diimplon
Liln,- rli'lilh tlie iiiliint ig.
KontifV J (Iimli. Ituliliu mh lmol eil iiouiil
tin ml. nitli Ml. lie itciinl Jcftnet of 'mil
tujiliuir. 'I lie Akron nnn (lion liot in IM
riiilit md totinl ilcllius' iil). fulluuirii; tins t,p
villi in lii.iliitlip left Miinir fm tlio lir nl. -Ti f
frus mjmiI i(t!;rtfve. Itul lin vlinlnl r','lit
Tinl lift to the fji' tlien iiislicil, Iimliiii; on
the lioib. Tin rliiinpinu In Willi lift and I n
iniinttud liulilln found .foil's head md in a
t-lioit,'! niithir hutl the iili.inli;p Tho
imii f HiKlit it tlo'tr rnui (.u ipjin lindl it
on ills fiie .itij loppins the lilter'- dttimpl
to nttluti witli l siioiu ncht. Ituliliu feinful
llh light ind ihot tuiRlit left into Jelf'n ju,
liut Ilia I low b iMilLilh ldotUtl flie 'nei
ieic Micstlins Minn the iouiuI ilo el. fli s mis
de ninth ltinilln .-, l nuitl
ItoutKl . I ho nun inn up 'tions .mil Ituliliu
litt in ruJit ind lift, nliiili wcie topprd.
.Tdfriit cllioun hi-. .i. luik ind limlly cnuht
the kion man miiIi i terrible hit to the lcik.
Tifl jiui-md (iu and Willi bolli hntl
In i nidi Jiflnes lmilC'l cik ti.idj vv liu'i
lln i'iiii iipuls to the rcleni t.tii tcin'rtl
ml laino link with in liiefleiiml t-lioi t nt.u
lunch fell isili IiiM the id inljse, wlli law
consiiutb Kinipljliilnir I ho men do-cl in ae
r, ii linu-. Ituhlin li.fitln? l.m jii 1 .left tpilt
intlt looktiiK: for t iliime to tin I i laioil nit
punch Jcllriea letieiteil jhftif the tiucr until
the fpuntorb hi-.itl linn. Hie lonndtil end--1
Milh ii' ithfr mm in .li-ttc-s., l.ut llulilin tlir
u.oie i on ic J cf fin ttttt
tliund I lter 'lioit .ihinse it rle'.e nine
llulilin linded m fm. lie is t. iced lnil. .in I
ItH -nnln as (.is aitn liim lelf
Idinlirl lrtl, hlukeuiug' cte, tin n puru d
iinn, IikIiIiu? al Mint t mic mid hinh vniiu
1 1 nun ilwn lttihlln liik'd ii,ie-iiienc-b aid
itlreifod h Itlliiis mmiiii; bit mil nsht ml
ml t rl I. in hi loi 111 flie anil till piwund
liim urn-. I In nn.'. llun I In rlMinilni wilkitl
(an ic n - tho nn !Jiu tn lindid .1 tieae
lrtl on hi jm. llulilin shot (tit mclln (nil lit
lifl wadid in. nliiliiiic Huhlln lift ind tight.
I, ns mt den md lojl. Do lount. lie i line
up ipiJKtitlv ttt ik .ml loo f.lll" sni.J ,ini
llulilin tin plimh in the Bruti-.L ill tits-.
Iii.ii tie louml i lo d riu? nnn tl w e. muili in
Jertnii' tuut
Koiiuil 5 llulilin oie i t.u-ed ispreMin
whin hi ( line i p ' lines cut m with i-li ti.1it
inn lilf'i-, but wis ldyikid. lilt limit 1 b.hf
lto'k tn ,ti mul Mini I bit to uln anil htn
at, nil lo neili wil'i nht. lolliv fnllowij
tin in Mliich the 1 1 minion forced fills M.lh
Icfli to the fue Tluliliii ii md irtnjtrd
strnlih. Kllrici followid en the a li lut i je .ml
bond in tutiiliin llulilin bcneith tlio thin with
linlit and fouiua; liulilln to iupt", nfm whi Ii
Giii Mint to the fiom and it, llic count of ftte
stikStrul Ii lin fief. Ik ici-td liililius mil
lefl went m for the knoil inf. Ituhlin wis utlei
l ilmrl and uilnl wild .wIiir, while I-T
tlrtti inm nniisL lb l. pi-, lttihlln Mint tn huj
coinei and quit. Ituhlin (liuuiil that i iltiuic
blow in the e.uuiiili u mined liim unlit lor fiithl
inr. Ills ---lonis toniplilnecl bitterlj, but Huhlln
lli-i-ful tl n bo ii tin v i. t tin n .in iiiidnt
.lehrii'. ' tlltd to 1. hlin'i totnn "lid n-.k. d
wli it w t- i In. nulter. llun iiuml in Ii-ku t Jul
piiiiidcd In hii the-Miu rocm, while tin spin 1 1
tnii nc- h one ui tit him! rieeiid tin ihjtnplon,
wliilo ihn d.iiouiuiil Huhlln .n iiiinlii ml i
likii. Hi 1 1 lit r liiuilldl lid j tins nits, -fupp'il
ti... fi.'hN in whit Ii i, tin leitiie, md
tlhxr- of Hi' i Iiib weie iiivobtd The iituioit
ii II. in. ut pnii.'i.l. ilurliu w'luli lliiiliu mule
Ills W l Otll lift llll,'
It Roccnnmcnuis tlio Building of
Battleships, Ciuiseis, Gunboats
and TininiiiR Ships.
11,1 IS Itl.lM! Wilt llolli III Wul 1 111 tl I'll ,
Washington .N,i, ,-, Tin-
lepoit of .scuotniy ot tlie .NMvy Long
miih made publle tiiila. It icntiws the
iilllcliil it eiiuuneiHlalion i ol one enr
ii go toi an hit lease In the pc'isoniuil.
lot a national nnwil ie.-eie ami lor n
1 c I .1 1 ot the giade ol leciitlmiial,
anil ill the dlieitioii of new naval i on
sttiiii lion it leioinineiiils that cougiei-.s
tiilthoiUe the bulltlllig ot
'Ihl.e IU-.1 tit liitlliililp.
I uo fn i 1 1 iii iimv ictl tnii i-
'IIiiii iiiiboiti, i.tili nl ihotil I , i l i us md
lll-pl UUill nl
lliiie .iinU a-, tilt if ibutit '.Wj imii ,ihl
(lUpljllllllUl, lul ll-'ll.ll .-il tin,
'Ihue i Ilk. t Imii, eaili if uboiil n',0 lonstilil
II i oe ,-lu I Milium ti.llliin' slilpi, f.u Ii uf about
J,fi. Hid tlirpliiiuioiil.
Hue I'lllin ot about I', iio , n liiil ii-.le.
mi ut
1 1 in IIIJ i""1"
.So intoieiuu Ih made in tlie upmi lo
the ,ihe i mil I uf limulo
Blue Book ou the Boeis,
lly Ui litdii Uiic fiom 'Jliic 8soiiatt.J 'it,.s
Inidon, V. 13 llin twi rtlivo lus L.U'd 1
fjui liiiitlinl in.e blue IxoL of the olikUl
IcpulU Item iniuival an I ollur onlecH on tit)
coutlitloiK n the loiiuiiuatlut! cjiiip m Nutli
Mllu Hie rfciiil d (hill ut tin irport ultiibnici
tlie hl.h imililit.i in tlie 'alups to ibo dirt)
btbiia 1 1 Hit' llou?, tlicii i;nuiimo and iejti.
tllui, ihni iKouivi to i)iiirUo md thel. tu..
1'k leu- mold into ol the llilfiih ho pluN an I
Mnniln Wants. Pacific Cable.
in 1 i!uir Win fiom lne ioiialsil I'ic-m
x jiuI j. Xoi, 1"i- lie (lumber of luiiiiner e
lias tabltd in Pieildnit ltoo.-nclt uuln- that
I In' 1'ailfli uble b" hill, mul iliu tliil tho
main ohjiu would u an iiituiuiie if
the iillr liid'iai) of tlm I'liilipplne,, ithnv d
ot I3ikw,(ih), ami aUo economy and tlie facilttt
Hon ol budnivi
An Important Rullno is Given l)U
tlie Bureau ot Internal
The rxporteia Will Pioteat Againat
Payment of Tax, Which. If. Collect
ed, Will Have Important Beniing
on tlio Diamond Case Now Pend
ingShould the Couits Pvoveise the
Decision, of Commissioner of Intel -nal
Revenue Espoiteis Will Re
ceive Fund.
By l.xcltisnr Wire from Tlie (jociited I'icm
Washingtoii, Nov. 11 The commis
sioner of internal revenue today i ti
llered a decision, in whlih he holds
that beei. whiskey and othet ailiiks
of domestle iiitiiiufacliire nubjeet lo in
let nal reveiiup ta when eoiisiime'd In
the state aie subject to this t ix when
shipped to tlie Philippine Islands In
this si nse Hie Philippines ate to be
held to be domestic tenltory. Tudor
existing laws, articles .subject lo In-ternal-reenuc
tax at home nie te
lieed fiom the tax when expmtcd to a
foieign eottntiy, the expotter ghlng
bond when the goods aie witlidi.iwn,
which is cancelled when satiofni toi v
proof is luinlslicd thai they actttallj
hao been landed in foieign ten Hoi y.
Under a tullng made seveial weeks
ago bv the commissioner, the Pliillp
plnes hate been legnuled, lor the put
poses of internal letenue tTcation, as
foreign tertitoiv, and thetelote the
whiskey, beer, tigais. etc.. whkh hate
been shipped to the islands, been
exempted fiom tax itlou. Under Hie
piesnit luling the tax- in all i.ises will
be ex nted befote Mnpincnt. It is i -pected
that txpoileis will pa the tax
under ptotest, baling in mind the
' foul tci n diamond i nigs" i ase, now
pending in Hi" Unilctl Males Jiupuine
couit, in whlell a declbioll is expected
at an o.nly date. This rase nnolns
the same question whlih has aiison
in the consideiation of the
ii'tenue tax (ase, and it the com I
should hold that the Philippines aie.
foieign tenitoiy for customs, and in
ternal iccnue ta puiposis ixpoiteis
will be entitled to a leltind of the
amount of the ttxes paid
A Savings Bank in Subuibs of
Biooklyn Believed of fj60,000.
Ofticials Confess.
Di livljne Wnc from The a'0ciated I'imi
X.' yotk, Xov. 13 Defalcations,
riiTiounling, it is ilainietl, to,
bite been dibeotered In the accounts
of the Williamsburg failings bank, an
institution conducted at Williams buig
in the subuibs of Biookhn.
Oeii"ial J. V. Me.sciole, the picsident
of the bank, Is authoiity fm the state
ment that the patties Impllialed in the
afiali aie Henry 17. Coihett, :i lonncr
palng teller of the bank, who died
TN'oienibei 2 and lleoibo Zolliiigholtei,
a UMClvlus teller, who It is alleged
gate the liibt hitonnnllon leading to
the dibcoNeiy.
The bank lb fully piottckd, It is
said, by the bonds ot both t'oihitt and
Colllngholter. Unity Coihett had been
In the employ in the bank tor eigh
teen jeaib. He was looked upon as .a
nun of enempl.tiy habits and not Hie
bllglitest .su-pkion was attaclieil to
hlui up to the time ol his death.
Aceoiding to Genual Jlesuole on
Uiiday ot last week Xollinghofior went
to C'abhlei lluimi and lonfcssed to him
that he (Xolllnglioftcr) and L'oibett
had tor the past two or time
taken funds fiom tho iiibtilutlou for
the piupobe of block gambling and
thut b lar as hu could estimate the
ninounl that had been lotl was be
tween "0,000 and V50.000. e.i.shkr Hums
hud ZoIIitiglioffer lcpeat his imifobslon
to Piebldcnt Mosciole and a meoting
ol the ttustees or tlio bank followed.
Tho outniliintlon was not concluded
Unit day nor Is it jet loncluded, but
Iiiegitlatltles enough who louud to
blmw thai Zolllnghoifei had not ex-ag-gcnitcit
the e-Meilt of tlio defalcation.
Xnlllnghnile, nftir making his (on
Kh.sloii, placed hluibelf in the hands of
the tuiht companies and is aiding
ilieiu lu their incstlg.ition or Hid
hooks, lie was with one exception the
oldest iuplo)u ot the bank, haliig
been with the Institution for thliij
lilt eo ycaiH. Ho lb blxty jeaib of age
f'oibctt died In lilb iipnituient In
UmoklMi or pneumonia on No j lie
and his wile weie lilghh uspeuod.
Weyler Substitute for Sagabta,
II) l.seluabc lie hem Tl c .WorUtcd 1'ren.
Midud, o, 11. It H cxpictcil tint (Itiiiil
U ii In, tlio iniuUtci' uf nai, will ti iiiji ruilv
Pplaco feuior baga-ita, (-liouhl tho lattci's illni(
Kiiliime. It U further aJhl tlat the Duke of
tuKiu, tho iiilnlilii' ol niitlnc, will iisi;n if
tin clumber ot dcputin nfu.n j unlit it I.V
CHiO peteloi fci the new riiihlpi now inilii
riiobug Convicted of Muuler,
Itj IZv lusiiu Wiic from 'Hie As.ociatetl I'icv.
Tiiitton. x, j, &, -, n10 iuWt. tf (llur,
todaj aillnned the fomlitioii oi ltobeit Hiiwii,
iiiloiiil, nliii was foun fiilltj of inmrkr in ilu
lrt dcgKi by a Mcricr iyuiil Jur.i. Iltiiicu wai
chaisol with tittln.' lne to i liouin In w'
Mjij an I lui and her ililld, alio loUnd, cir
tuiiiril tn Uutli.
Gives Faun to ,i Seminmy,
Hi Kiilulif hi froniTl.o Weciatcd I'mt
PijIjii, 0. .Xoi. r-lluijinilii Miiihlir, a
faimei, ului llud In lad sou township, has inidi
tie lleitlelbuu- flieolo.iul Kiuluaii, localitl at
lillln, 0, u ift of hi farm of liO .lent, taltiul
at 7,S00 The f iiim Is litatcd in Jjik-wi town.
Meeting of Women's Auxiliary to
Boa id of Episcopal Chuich.
n.i lltiludtc Wire from The Avoclated l'en
Philadelphia, Xov. 1,. The annual
incolliigoC tho woiniin'a nuxlllnt v to the
boaitl or mlsons of tlio KplHcopul
(hutch was hold hete today, Uishop
Whltaker pieIdlng. Addi esses weie
made by Itcv. Ileniy Km ester, 111. Itev.
Lucliin Lee Klnsolvliig, 1J. D , and itt.
I!cv. V. II. Hair, H. T. U, ou mission
woik In many ileitis. "The Work ot the
riltnch In MeX'Ieo," wan Mr. Koiestcr'rt
theme. What mo needed In Mexico, he
said, aie native ileigmon, as the Mexi
cans air Intenselv auti-foieign in their
uutiiieund do not take kindly to Ameil
teiior mothe Is Hie anneation of Mex
(,m nilnlsteis, as thev think their til
ieo In Hie United Htates,
Itisliop Klnsolvlng npolio of the con
ditions in lii.ill. That (oiuitry, ho bald,
Is ol stialegle inipoitnnee to the chuich.
At the ntletnoon sebsJon UlsliopAVhll
nker spoke ot "Diocesan Missions," anil
Ai chdeaeon Iliibsell ou "The Kieed
mon " The lit. Kcv. Ocoigu H. Kln
bollng, 1). U. and 1U. Hev. V. IX.
t!iacs, D. 1), addicsbed the meeting
ou "Domestle .Missions" nnd "Missions
in China."
AT CABINET MEETING Situation in the Philip
pines Considered Necessity for
Geneinl Dibtiibution of Seed.
By 1 icltishe Wire from The Associated Prcs
Wnsliington, Xov. 13. UonsUleiable
time at the cabinet meeting today was
detoted to consideration of the agncul situation in the Philippines. From
lepmts leeched by tho war depaitmrnt
It is appnient that tlie vegetableb grown
theie aio "lumiing out" and theie is
immediate neecsbity for a genernl dis
tilbutiou of new heed. Sectotaiy Root
told the cabinet that not enough rice,
whieh lb tlie gieat staple, was, giown
now in the islands to supply the de
mand lor local consumption.
Sicielaiy AViKon has decided to bend
one of the depai tment's experts with a
tuP coips of assistants to the islands
to miestig itc the situation. Upon ab
icitaining the ueedb in lc-pcct to seed
the elopai Uncut w ill ship to the islands
bueli seed as may be ieeiuircd.
It is expected that many things not
hcietotoic giown in Hie 3'hllippinob can
be pioduced theie and ebpeeial iittcn
tion will be dlieclcd to the gi owing of
new" uops. Tlie seed will be disti Unit
ed giati1-. Although men fnnn the depaituVnt will do Hie
wink thev will be commanded by the
war depaitmeut lor this put pose.
One Woikman Killed Seven Others
Aie Injuied.
11 I etnm Wncfrcni riie -onated 1'ievs
Chicago No . 1"i The walls of a
nci power house being eteeted lor tin
Unheisiu- ol Chicago at Kit ty-eiglith
stieit and Kliis .nenue, btiddenly col
lapsed this alteinoon, killing one man
and Iniiiling seen otlicib, nil wotk
men. The dead aie: fleoige Jenkins,
ou mot ot the building when collapse
eame and completely bulled in the
wicck, and llcniv Potts. who Is
thought to be fatally injuied.
lie wiib taken fiom the wieik uncon
scious and bleeding and was icnioved
to tin Chicago hospital. The other in
Juiid men aio ixpeeled to lecover,
most of the injutleb (onslstlng ot
btoken limbs and bouous biulbef.
Eighth Annual Gatheiing of the
Pennsylvania Division.
lit l,e!iisie Wir from fhe Auocinlia I're-..
l'ittdiuv, X'oi. J The obl ii annual meetlns
of il,i l'iiiuili mil bilidon of the United Iloji'
IliU-idt of .merii i w H held todtv In the l intral
I'riibvteiliu cIiuilIi, at 1. uoLk antl .mlu-oi,
etuit , Alleghui.
XI i j ji- (.md il Hi in i- 1'. bptcci, of Phlladel.
phla, pndtUi! Jitiili iniouiaicineut was tUihed
tioin tho uporli of tlie furetarv and tuaiiuer,
whkli who tiuKUiue mil lull of good trail f.
Uih fuloi tint (criliibillid to tl i cood full u;
ailifng fiom tlio-o ii jioi H wi-t tie htitenunt
the linu i is not a bit ct iUl omi the bO
ikii. 'I In eliilioii of i rlilif foi I'liinijbinlt re.
Ftllti'l ill tho unmimoiis ihoin of Major (.meill
splin It was dtiidtd In hold the inietl.nj
int et in Loin isttr. Hie htuiiKlli of tho
uuinlitlnn In the tite was iipntul in In one t oinp inn-, tiiilniiliu llti grtliei 2,MtO
In n
They Break Into a Hotel nnd Cany
Awny the Safe.
Bv I irluslio Wire from The Aoclaltd Tress
Suiihuiy, Ta., Xov. IS. At an e.uly
hour this moi iilug luuglais broke into
Ibo Kestder hotel, in Xoi thiimbei laud
Kludliig no aluables they picked up
n small .safe In the olllio and loading
II on it wlliclb.ilioi, em l led It to the
b.un In jeur oi tho lot wljeie It was
blown up.
The lepoit of tlio explosion nw ali
ened the entile ni ighboi hood but the
lohhus got away wllh tlio contents,
JlfiO, ami tlueo gold watches In longing
to gilt'sis of the house. T. M. Kesshr,
ihlef buigesb ol" tho town, Is piopile
lor of the hotel.
Duuik Catholic Acid,
fli i'-tliulio Win fiom flic swciitcd I'rcs.
Xew oil, l'l 1 -lolm Kiln;, iaiiiwiI) tf
I'itlnbuij, I 'J., (omiiiittttl suit Ide foil j i hj ill In'...
luir tailmlii am, .it the licnu oi his t-lstcr, Ml,
l.iortro S. lloppie. JIm. Ilopplo tiinl to tiko the
1 olrou boltlo nom liim ami In the t.tiui,lc was
luillj biilin tl by I he Hi id. Sic lalnltd lilld fill
and, fico fiom lici, hebiy dunk the atM, He
wa ikiil hIhii u plii.lcl'in riaihul llio boine.
Gans Knocks Out Haulon.
tl l.clubc wire from The Atioiiitctl 1'iejj.
llallliiioie, ol, 15 -ko I, in,, (f iliis il ,
klilktd out atU llililon, if I'l lliiklphli, fu thu
Ml ond louud of a bout nlxduKd to ko iw nlv
loundi, bifui the l.tmLa Mhlctlc ilnb toni'it.
Will r.ivo and Sower Havana,
B. l.ilulie Wire from 'Hie AocIatrd 1'resi
II nana. Not 1'.- Hie iiiuuldpal i numb
moiiily lotcd to awuril Mliltail ). Hub, the ivi
trait lo in and nwci llavjiu at liU lO'luu'd
bid ol 1,U1 1,J W.
The Boers Give Stubborn Battle
to His Men at Brakspruit
Near Zecrust.
After Hard righting, Boeis Retiie,
Leaving Eight Dead on the Field.
Ono Hundied and Eighty District
Mounted Troops Sui render to
Smut's Commando Captain Thorn
ton Believes That Sui lender Was
Pi rvcliiiiie Wire from Tlie Awlatcd I'ie
London, Xov. lo A dispatch fiom
Loul Kitchener, dated fiom Ptetoila
today, sajs n, stiong pntrol of Yeo
niamy, while leeonnoitetlng, Xoteinber
1J, at lliakbiruit, near Kcciust (In the
Transvaal colony, about 110 miles west
of Pietoila), was .suuounded by 300
Uoers mid lost sN men kllleii and six
teen wounded. Some of the ttoopeis
weie caiituied, but weie subsequently
Tho rear gitaul of Colonel Byng's
column was attacked near Heilbron,
Orange River colony, Xoveniber It. by
400 Uoers, said to be tinder the com
mand or Geneial De Wet. Alter two
hours' lighting tho Boeis tctiied, leav
ing eight dead on the Held. Of Colonel
UMig's column, Lieutenant Hughes and
one man weio killed, while three ofllceib
and nine men weie wounded.
Middleburg, Cape Colony, Kiiday.Oct.
2). One hundied and eighty distiht
mounted tioopb, composed laigely of
Dutchmen, with their anus and horses,
suriendered to Sjinut's commando, Oc
tober 13. The distiii t tioops Hied most
of their ammunition at long lange and
then lefuscd to light turthcr. Captain
Thornton, their commander, belietes
tlieli bin lender to have been pre-ai-lansi'd.
Laws Demanded to Pi event the
Capitaliztitiou of a. Corporation
Above Money Invested.
B tci IiMie W ire fuin llic " ocntctl Pre i
Indianapolis, Xov. 15 At tlie giii
iial .'ibsemblv ot Hie Kniglits of Labor
today the leport ot the committee on
legislation was submitted. It tho
evolution now taking place in the In
dustiial Held thiotigh the lapid con
centiation of capital has tilled the
woiklng classes with alaim for the
lutuie weliaie of the couutiy and dp
c lines it ib time to call a halt on mun, state and national IcgiFlatlou
in gi anting further pihileges which go
to fatten another pi it ate foi tune.
Kesolutions bubmitted with the repoit
demand liom congiess such legislation
.is "will piovide tor the utmost publlt
ity of the affaiis of all corpoialions
doing an intei state business."
Such laws aie dcuuiiided ns "will pre
ent the capitalization of tiny rat partitions-
nliote the amount of money ac
tually invested, whether said invest
ment be in cash or plant."
The lcbolutions also declare, that
"congiehs has no light to tux- all the
people lor tho benefit of a tew," and
thai "whenever government aid is ex
tended to piivate coi potations ll means
lobbeiy ol the whole people."
rive Thousand Attend the Sessions
at Lewistown, Maine,
lb llvclinue W Iro from The nxlakd Pre .
Lewlhtown, Mo., Xov. lii.-Two bes
sloiib, distinct Horn the iniitlne woik
ol tho national gi.ingo today, wen; de
oted to the exemplification of tho bey
euth degiee. The atteudaneu nuuibpied
live thousand. The degro work win,
cinidueted by (leotgo Austin Dow en,
woithy high prieht of the older. The
number ot candidates inado It neces
saiy to liold the two sessions. One
took place In tho tiileiiinou and the
other this ovetiiUK.
The schsloiih oi the giango wore de
toted to geneial business and the ifm
bldetatiou of icsolutions inuthing na
tioiuil leglilntion in Giange Jnieiosts.
Entile Population in Dlstiict of Za
pata County May Peii&h.
11 I'uluaiie Wire from flie Nsoclatctl l'rca
Pallai-, 'lis,, ol 1" l.omnor haue tUiy
rcnlud i littir liom Hon V, , subiin, i
intinbir ol Hie IrgMiture in whkli riimict .ipala
lounty i hltiutci, fatlni; tin people in that
county mo mnii.y, and unlei iiniiirdiilo ulicf
liJiliei lliiin Ih: cntiie population will tile.
There Ii no ilumi to lake ui.y I. ind m n jpj
tlit te eaillor than nct pi ri Jin, Jr, sm.
bur.i M,i4 thire H rnul .i 1 II ol fuod on lunl
and apjeaU toi outihle .I'sUUnir at ewe (ii
crner Miln uiimidiatil suit VX) to Mi Sei.
bur) and nlkt mpplln will li'Sntten Into ijnli
i Willi i at the caillcst io.,tible iniiiiiiit
Milk Doctois Pined,
By lreule Wire from Tlie Associated
suitbiii), Pa , ,V 11 thaio'eil U; fu;d
lutpcctoi siuiuions wall tiiliirf furuialdrhjde 'n
tlieli inlllo Paliuneii J, (.' I.u.d.1, if tlm ib),
ami I. l lin,eiou, cl bioie ilie.i, wue todaj
flncil "0. Pnitl Pni,, i.iatUo'ir ol (ho Suubury
llirf lompinv, rhawd wllh .-ell In, oleouiara.
rine, uii hell in jil hill pi lOiiu
Hobson Will Manage Naval Esliibit.
Il I vcluibc Wire from I In Vicotlatcd I'le.J.
w. ulilii.'lon, ol 10 -aul (inslimloi Hi l.
momt P. Iltbiiu lias beiii dilnlit.l Pom duiy
in the Ionian of ioii.liiii'iiii aid Hp.ilr and tie.
tailed to dulj in loiiiniioii Willi th" iimiu.e.
niont of the 1,'ouimuwit natal (liilhlt ai ilii
t hailcilon ivpojitlHi, i'Ulli C lollnt.
Shot Dead by the HtiBbnnd of the
Woman He Had Just Killed,
tie Eteluilir Wire from The Avoclatcd PrcjJ
(lalrnt, hin , Nov. 1" At CVnltal I'll', J mill'
Inir cjinp tlueo nillei cl.l of Oilciia, eatly
toda, Mrn. s i, Uumei. wife of .i incri'iant,
wis shot ilitl In bei brd bv IMnard Willtlii',
who had rnlcrrtl tlio lioii'e foi tho mrnoe of
lohhen, tin u nhol mill killed WitMiis
Watl.lm hid ftrnierly betu cniploud by hum r
in tho littct's KUuinl sine. Kiamir lul ilm
poed of consider ildc ptopufv In town jcntcuU
nd wiu iccnmpinicd liotne bv iIMils.
Mr. Krunrr was .u, ikencil tlurlni; the tiUItt
antl found Wufl.lni BtnndtMg lit ir Hie brd iintl
point ii tetolui' at lur. .she (stlilmul: "Why,
Til, ion woiibl not hurt u, wouhl 0tir" wlun
M1H.I111, killing Iter luttinlh. Kinnitr
lwolie Jiit in llio tliot wit fli. tl .'ind llvd three
limit ut W itl.lii', cull bill I ikliiff illect, Alter
Kruner'ii first t-liol , Wilt-lin i.alhd to lilt pirtuer,
who wot In an ndiolnlni; loom, "Pi jour ilii'i."
'J licit Uitklnt tiled wit'ioiil speat.iiiR another
woitl. His pirtnei, who 0 littnllly iJ iinlaiown,
rifty Shocks Occur Twenty-two
Persons Killed,
fli Ktcliiiho Wire frum the Kstoclaktl frost.
TIHIs. Uubsia, Xov. in. Erj-oioutn has
again been tlsitod by an cut tluiuakc.
Altogether theie weie fifty shocks, ten
ol them being vety violent.
Twenty-two persons were killed, and
many buildings destioyed.
Tlie Only One Awaided for Heroism
During War with. Spain Offi
cers and Crew Remembered.
Bv IacIu'Iic w lie fiom The ssoclattd Tress
Washington, Xov. 13 The only gold
medal authorized by congiess for heioic
conduct dining Hie war with Hpaln was
forwaideel today to Lieutenant Frank
II. Xew comb, now located at Patchogue,
X. Y by Asblbtant Secretin y Taylor,
of the tioasuiy. Duilng the Spanish
war. Lieutenant Xew comb commanded
the icteniie t utter Hudson and rescued
the officers and ciow of the toipedo
bout AVinslov, tioin .1 teiy peiilous
pobition OIE Cai elenas, Cubu, while the
action of May 11, 1S98, was in progress
Unch of the ofllocis under Lieutenant
Xcwcomb was awarded a silver medal,
and each member of bis ciew a bi
medal. The medal sent Lieutenant
Xcwcomb contains about $2u0 worth ot
gold, and is ornamented on one side by
an engr.wing of the goddess of war,
looking down upon Hie scene of le.scue.
and on the other side by 11 lepresenta
tlou of Fame writing the stoiy of the
deeds of Lieutenant Xeweomb and his
ciew. In loiwauling the medal to him,
Seuetaiy Taylor s.iid:
"Yoius is the in mulct t distinction ot
belli!, the only 1 omm.inding otllcer of
anv strike to whom congiess awaided
a gold medal lor heiolsm in battle din
ing the war with Swain I take
uio in piespiiting to joti Hie mi
awaided. and in eoiigialulating ou
upon the iccognition thus bestowed by
the national legislatuie."
Healthy Demand for Leading Lines
of Meichandise About the
By kviluiiii' Wire from nt' Associated Piess
Xew Yoik, Xov. 13 It. (. Dun &
Co s w eekly 1 evicw of ti ade tomoi 1 ow
will say:
A hedtlij demand Is rcrorled throughout tho
(Oiinlry in .ill loading linei it uieicbiiitllji-,
while sal's 01 wintir soods lino allalutd int.
mil pioportlons, mil ho I Idly bu-itni pionuitt
to Fiiria all leeoid-. In uiiniifaitmlui; theie
1 ii liner before such will tut liner) aifnitv,
wit'.i lontuiti iiinniiu ut the middle ot next
ear. 'Hth ii Cipcualli tun' in tho n-o i
steel laili nnd many otbir hkiIirU oi iro'i,
while in biiililnig material, ft It foolwiar unl
moit tixtllo bramhei time is little piiMpccl of
idlt ne.
I npiiccdiuletl roiilitions in the in 11 aid sfcM
Indiiilrv .110 Hiowu by the hMcki of pis inn
en Vo I as, iiuldiihttl nv tin Iron sc. I in
inns in Ihst wue pioiluvins' ut tli lite if
uju,sil loiii witMj, whieh far uipise? all pro.
vloui ittouL--. With a pioducllon ot in rtit) loin
weil. aboii' the priikui Iji point, n. luiht
bo ivpeilcd lint mppllei wciild iiuriJ.n, ui .t
li nt 11111 tin stttiouan.
On fie lonliu.t, mm no ',' on m, I
wue TJ.j-l loin-, 11 luiuli lei than 1 nii.le
wtik'-, iiitput, and .1 tluiea.e n S.,Mi 101 tho
niontli of Ottobti, ( an.ilns tin rnmpjilvn bus
1 tir "1m-. an It), l 01 thu 111 mi loin ).1I i
mull' in tliU indu-liv. Mi 10 Nuumbir. IW,
tli( i.ipull.v 01 fuiuicei in bint lia in-(iei-
d fiuiti til,, )l tont to . .'il.oJI, whib fin
uiee sfoikti line tleilluel i tm nlkWul lo J7VU
toui, d I lure hii been ru Inlliiion of iriui
mul Hi siKiulili 0 eltitieiii 1. cntinlv lnkliu.
1 ieu tint no tlUtitroiii rjllap-i' N to lo feaud.
An olluiil npnrt of 1 lie hv.cst nv iae 't1i
of coin, per Me wis t ilnilalnl to ilitiigi'un
prke'i, but tho plunoiiiinil iiuotiiiom alu uly
pni illliif; v culd Kent io f till 1 dUiouuc s i.
iiiintrnt lifiiirtN IViiiiii buicri have beta tlrb 11
out of thete nnrkci", llio v.eik'h ivpciH fiom
the tintk' lOist anioiinllr to .Vu.wll'l',
inaliiit ,;,7-tl, .1 jcir aco, Wlnat rmo id 1110
licit pi ii Co uf the nop iai, pirtl in fiii Phv
wllli com, lor vvlikli it U btill (reel Milntl.
tilted, Interior imirili weie 7, .00,111 I iblicl.-,
agaiiiit 1, 1)1, lie! lut Jill, IndicitliU that -11
abundant uvp a couilin, lonvanl 11 d tin in ie.
nieiil 1 oulil be lic.hur if trai -nonatiuii Utile
I lei wile nillible, V.l Ilo en. rmous trop
would be if alii absorbed, Jmlaliis by tlio ilom 1.
tit milling tli 111 nil and 1 sports 1,1 tlio w,el. ot
I.S1 ),'-" buibeli, dBilusl u,Vi.',U7 a i 11 i
Colli 11 nioieiiil from tho buloni iiulia u lio
tianai, tlionu-h pni t rercipH aio liiau
1. lib. If-, lot the "Oil. iiiiinbcinl -la ut iu
I till c tl stalii, .igaliitt I'l lat eir, and twin.),
icicu In Can jdi, again.! thlii time list rar,
Steamship Auivals,
D l.iliilo Wire flora 11tiAo.utetl Piuni
lv inl Xov, 11. eliireui llohoiiadl'i'i,
.XapUi, and itcuoi; lunula, tlnipuol; I'.thlopii,
lilafrfOtvj AiiisKrdiiii, Itotlenlain, I uciliourr
Iriliull AtiKUile Mitciia. New oil 101 llau.
bun; I UjiiI I'jiied Ii t.asioain, Xw oiu
li,r llitre
Held for Natalia's Muulei.
Hi Itiliilvi Wire from riio .otlatid 1'ie.j.
(hiias". Now 13 illni am) Dominic'.
Ilejuiiiuntc in nl I to the fcund July todjy,
iliar?ed wlili the nuiitlcr ot Antonio .Natalia,
viliuoo iimtllJlul botly wis kuiul 111 a liuul on
tin ulilv ai the idsc of tlie illy on ot. 3,
The New Shell Does No Material
Damaoe to the Krnpp-
ized Target.
Tho Second Shell Will Do Over,
hauled in the Piesenco of the In
ventor Kiuppized Plato Used for
n Target, Uninjured by New Pio
jectile General Joseph. Wheeler
Among' the Spectators nt the Test
of the Gun,
By Ktcludte Wire from flie sSoditcd I'rcM
Xew Yoik, Xov. 11. The test of tho
Gatlnnatui gun and shell took place
this nf let noon at tlie nimv piovlng
giound on Sandy Hook and resulted
in a f.illuie. The shell did no material
damage to the target. The falltne ot
Inventor Oathmann's theory is ,ib
cilbed by hlin to an Impel feet deton
ation of the fuse, in the Intel lor of thu
shell. The ainiv ollleeis, bowevei.
claim that they have found convincing
pi oof to the eonliary and say that
everything in connection with the test
was as perfect as it was possible to
nnke it in accoi dance with the In
ventor's ideas. The boatd has decided
to give a second trial to which the in
ventor Is entitled tnmoirow morning.
The second Gathmauu shell foi to
monow's test will bo ovoi hauled In tin
pietence of Mr. Gathmitnn for the
purpo&e of guarding against impel fec
tlons. On the other hand the test
made later in the day with the icgu
lation gun on tlie duplicate tniget was
a complete success. The Gathmann
gun tcbt took place at 2.13 o'doek this
afternoon. When evei thing was 111
readiness Lieutenant Moiton oC Hie
oidnance depaitincnt piebsed the
cleitile button. A loar limn the gun
was followed by the explosion of the
toipedo against the 11-inch Kiupp
plate, liagnients of the shell flying lu
nil diicetlons. The plate, however, was
found uninjured except tor a slight In
dentation on the of the metal. The
position of tlie taiget was hlighth
changed, but the change was not ma
teiial. The piojectile was a shell 1
inches in diameter and six feet In
1 ngth, containing a eluiige ol the
liiiiulttd pounds of wet gnu totton,
the whole, including the shell weigh
ing 1.S30 pounds. The rluini ol Hit
inventor was that with .1 chatge of nin
pounds of powder bis shell or toi
pedo would disible any billlebhip in
existence at a distance of 3,300 auls.
The Taiget.
The tin get Usui in today's lest con
sisted ot n Kiupplcd bteel plate eleven
inches tliii k, bat kid by the feet of
bteel. To the tear ol the taiget was n
bank ol band eight leet high and blty
leet long.
The gnu was mounted upon a leiiipoi
aiy stiuetuie live bundled leet Horn
the taiget, whitb was located seveial
bundled .uds below the tegular prov
ing gi oiindb. Tlie powder 1 lunge wits
udueed in thib test mi us to repiosent
the distant e of ",")00 .itds.
The eluplkate tuiget on whiih tlif
regulation l.'-inch bieet h-luaellug 1 ille
with a 1 J-huh Jlldvale at uioi-picti ing
shell loaded with the got eminent high
pplcib!ve "D" was tcbtt d nt -1 o clot It
The piojectile pit nod the 1t-iiuli plate. It inudg.i petfeetlv
clean entiaiice and ccplodeti'atter ptss
lug thiough the plale, making u niobt
deplouible wieek ot the lutnior. A
ii'poit ol (he final lebtill will not be
made until aftei the test of tomonow.
Those picseiit when the tcbt was
made weie Jlajoi.s Knight, llieinle and
Whistler, lepicbentlng the oiduaiKe
department: Captains Hunter ami
Mtti tin, lepiPbonling the boaul of oul
nniue and Im tlilcation: Lieutenants
.Siutuss and Davib, lepiesentlng the
aitillei.v: Captain V. It. llabblt, oni
maudinK otllcer of thu piovlng wounds
and Genual .Totipli Wheeler.
The Town of Buena Vista Is Agi
tnted to a Maiked Degiee.
Ill I'm luh e Wue from 'II e Anot ulul l'rc
llurtil iiti. Cil.'Nnv. I"'- IhUlowu aid I 1
Miriiiumllii tounlty iNpiuintnl in c iilliriul,i
flioil. t.irly totli wlibli liifttl MWtiil betonis,
Man peu In ltiiheil (roni Iheir leililtntu, fei
irir'tlili' lioilit'i would be doiinilinhctl. I'lm wiiitlowrt wue ti tiled li is rtpoilnl t'ni
the w ittii oil Cottonwood 1 il.o loie londdeiilut
Vlini luihu botildeH on Mount I'limeton in I
Vomit Hart ml weie ilMmleol and lolled tlot 11
llio kIiIh (f tho mount 1I11, llio lu milling
nieinctl to trnd (inn tho Bntithwe-t in tin
noithciit unl li.tul aluut el 11 1 mul 'this i
the that lailliiunlio mr t('lf ' I'1'1111 iiU'
Yoik Tactoiy Buined,
lit Pielusbe Win from I lie blatrd I'rev
'loil., Pa, Nov. 15 His v nip unl lb 11 l
failoi It W.llitllli, owntil by tlie WrIUillln
Whip (finpiin, wis (hi.-ro(d bv at llic ai '
o'Llod, Iliu liiornin,. I o,., IW,i..J, patll In
Pitt&bmg WnlUing Motcli.
fit 1 irlmho Wuefl .m The As-oehiid IVv.
Pilltbtnc, Nui li-lni ioio ai mlilnlulil 'f
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