The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 09, 1901, Page 9, Image 9

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'" 1
Spfdtl (o Hi Scianton TnbutK'.
MontroHo, Nov. S.-Tlic ullklul I'nittil
bIpr rtnlth H. Mttlc, Jtpi I iir illMin t
uttornnv, a innioilty of its? 'v v., .
rjHfTonl. Drill. Tlii' pltiriilllt for I'lit'ci'
on thr Htiito lk'kl Is 101.
Unity T. tllfcliiiKl, rilltm nf Hi" Sui
IllniUlttllll TNIIIHCltpt-l.PltKl'l. llllM ll'VIl
jirocthi?; filencli hi town tutlii. .Mr
till etui id Im nlicvidv In tln tli'lil mi
the nopublkuii iinnilliullon fot' icptc
."lltnthe next ypiir. He )inCM i
coiv needful iitlitllllriitlon for tlip po'-l-tloti,
nnd lil host of frlondH In nil i.n W
of the county will Iroin now on wink
to ninlte lilm one of Iln nonitiip".
f). V. (SiiKlhipr Is id HiilNt'-iiil mi
IiUhIiU'HI toilny.
PoilimtHtcr X. A. WnlKcr. of Am tut.
iuih ii prominent vMtoi in town toilit.
Attorney V. .M. (iiitdllU'i, of Kuieil
I'lty, iim tiioli'icloiiiillv ciiKaKcil hen
1IiIh week.
l.ouH CiottntPln. of Siii(iii'liiiuiii, h
fotiTipr irlilnnl of Monti oe, Ii xppnd
litK thp week In town.
Hairy K. t'oolpv Is .net lou-l III hi his
Iioiiip on South C'hpirv ittoi't.
A Riitup lic-twecti the .Monti one nnd
SusKjuclitinua loot hull tpuni will he
ployed In tliH pl.n p tonionow.
C'hutlcs H. AIiip, of thlt plm u, lm
is tpcplvef, taken posipMvinn ot Hip
hiilnohi afCclis of Jack AIpviiihIpi. Hip
l''otpt f'ily (lothlei, who wiiv im cully
forced into b.iiiUiiipti .
The Monttose bap hall I'luli will
Klve the second of Its yt'iic ol mipIhI
hops at A'lllnse Hall, on Thin mI.i
penlnK. Nov. 14.
ITver.volie in .MontniM- s Imp.itlputlv
nwaitlnc; the si cut "Itno-etci " tilul at
the com t 1h)ii"p on Mond.i pmmiIdk
HPXt. J5cser ed spjits on -.ile at Me
I'Viiisland's. pharmacy.
TIip tnembeis ol Zion Afi kan Mellni
dWt episcopal church sue picputiiiK
to hold a series of toxiwil uieelinKs.
Chillies AV.'iinei. sou of Mi. and Mi-.
lMon rf. Wnrnpi. has roup tu Dillon,
.Montana, to ipsidp.
Miss l"Al.i M. Kriiler. who has hi-cn
i"ltlliR rclntli"! heii". lms iPtuini'd to
her Iioiiip in Susciuehann.i. m o'li
panicd liy hei niei e. Miss VAitiificd
Piaidpr. who will nuLe a lew da's'
ilt to lelalhes In that plate
lldwin II. yhaler. of Siiiitituti. was
1 lie Riiest of his niolliei. Mis. N. 11.
Sh.ifpr. In this pl.K e, this weik.
The lddiPS of thp Methodist npl-io-pal
church will hold a fair and suo
per at the eliuich on Tiipm1.iv and
AVedlic?da net. The supper will he
on TtlPMlav owning, and a hlRh-clixs
liteiaiy and musical pnteilainuipnt
will 1ip ipn on Wednesday ow-nina.
Mt.s Adeline Stoddaid and sisipi.
Miss Janet McCausland. have roup to
.Mansileld, I'a . whpie they will mh
tlipn hiothei. W. A. MiCmsland, ind
later they Mill isit their slstei. .Mis.
P. .1. Jpmkes. at Peny, N. Y.
Srerial to the Scranton 'Intiuns
lloiifodale. Xo. S. Institute nest
week. All Ilonr-dale will submit to
the will of the fair school ma'am
Owliif, to Hip ahseiipp of the pastoi,
Ue . c. U. Teicv, thPit- will he no
."iic"s in Hip Baptist chinch on sjim
da. 'I'lie HunesdnlP but litis piopof to
taosciuip lliosi- who pnsiiRf in tlie
laffliiiR of poultiv unlaw fulh
Miss rioienep S. Wood is speuiliiiK a
few dai In "New Yntk ( lu
Mis. Im L. HthoonoPi, of Hum s
il.ile. has been pi-anted a widow s ,on--Ion
ot S12 per month.
The Maple Cliv band will hold a
social a I the aimon. Tup-dav pnpiiIuh
NoPinbp 1-.
Tho ouiir nun of iliaif ihiinh nnt
at tin- le-idcnce of .Mis. Keelvi, on
TaiK strei t, Thuisdav pmiiIur, and
in ga Hired a soi ktv of tile Hlothci hood
ol s,t. AlldlPW.
The laic- will i un an c m shin to
.'ei Yo' k on 'I lini (!.! . Now mbcr It,
r.up. 'i.'. Hood for iPtuin on in lafoie
the- lull.
The Ladle-' ilnU of the Claud Aim
ol the Ht public will npi w an ostei
supper in Hip ronn hall, Tue-da.v pii
lllt,', NovplUbPi IJ, I'l cit ceils win ho lot
tlip lellef funil,
Tlie fin niPis in the liluitj ol llouis.
dale hasp liuiiid theii attculion in
l.iislilR uitabasas, w lib h me .liipl
bv caiload to the I.aikawaiina and
W.somliiR allpv. The ciop Is benK
harvested now, The ield Is lame and
of flno iuallt.
The' Nina Jiepei toiu- ii.iupanv will
dose a week's enuaKeuient in the
"Honesdale open house this (SatuidHv i
evening. They pieseut rooi pla.vs, ,ue
n worthy company ami rIw a iIimm
dtaniu. Saiuiday atlPiiioou tht.v r!p
n mouvciiIi niatiuee tor ladies and clin
ch en.
Ilonefdale is mill to hae a ,
(lump. Suivejoi.s Ii.hp been al wa k
locating: Hie snine. The Dekiwai. and
Hudson iiuckmen aieat woik loimpit
ing the main Hack with the old siavity
light track at a point ninth of SppIi-v-vllle.
The old loadbpd will luinish an
Evei on the Alejt Alive to Eveiy
Toim of Oppiesbion Kept on Edge.
Bmdened Beyond Endumnce.
Nerves Give Out.
The m.uhlncn r a mill that Kiimis
(lay and nlelu lias to simi down now
nnd then lor lcpah- it - the. .sain.)
way with om ih-iw's (neiwoik,
tJose iiiiplliatlou, inn j (1 IUIhr
bilng about neiwi was'e ihai .sct.s up
syiupioiiiM ui vauuus Ulinlh. II may
be falling Mtonetli, wcaknt , I.uikuoi',
headache, sleeplt'ssiicss, , (, What
ever It Is, lietto roue n hnKhiB and
the nieaiiH of lesloilut? lestx t
A. AV. Uhttbc's Neno Pill- . K,,u
many people In Swaiuuu n.hhIi (r
Among them Is Mi., .lu-i pit .Mudi
nil, of No, DIG Linden set, West
Scranton, Pa who tus: o, w.
Chase's Nerve I'llls me Hue i ,!!, ajj
out of order, mivous, and lould not
(deep, wcalt and tutseiablc, Tu (.
iicys were blugglsih and the batk lame.
Nothing hceined to help me until I got
a box of tho uervo pills nt MatthH
ios'. ding stoie, No, a.'O k.iwm.iu
avenue, SIihp I look them I ?lcep wen,
don't Jeik and talk. My iienes aie
hleady, 1 feel stiong, and the kidneys
me woiklng well again, J am nrnm
than pleased, and glad to un oinineiid
the medicine."
Dr. A. W, Chase's Nei w Pillsi me
sold at GOt, a box at dealeis, or Di, A.
Y, Chase Medlilne Co., Bulfalo, N V,
Hee that pottiait ami .slgnatiiie of a.
y rMmw M. 1) , aie on ( W'l.v i.ukae.
ea.s Blade to ii'iuli 'lie 1 i s( shot bend
or top of tli" dump, fnriieih ummI b
the ttuixli' toad, uheu nil lintneii-p
illinium of (mil ,f liiiuiiili fluted.
It l ii natiiial smiiiii" plan The ioal
H n be loaded iiriiIii ilh'Mlh Mil" cats
at Hip toot ill tlte dump which Im illicit.
n in the i em of thi T. It, Clink &.
Co 's liming -Hop Wlille the tiniouiil
of Inline will not h" iPiitilteil to handle
tlie coa as in in im I iiiupv. It will be ui'
inatellill beiu'llt to llonc "diile
"I . t it 'H tli- itriiitiiii 'lrlliun.
I'm est Ct, ,'o S.-.'I'lie spei ,i (
pIpi Hon, mention of which was Hist
Bhi'M to Hip people HiioUrIi l'llpsihi, 's
'I'llbniie, lb,, inn III topi,. ) c nti cm -
lleie is j pic tuie liiuii '.lack and
Can oti Unci hi- motliPi .'
Fallon about town It will be lipid
Dei 1 1. loi the puipo-i' of Noting on a
piopositlon to bond the town in Ma.wO
ioi the pi pi lion ol .i boiough building.
The sltu.iiiiiii is pe, oh, a At the N'o-
eiiiln i i lei Hon in I'ioii ,i piopositlon to
bond tin town in $1.1100 fot tlie s.iine
pin pose, i, u lied b a wile ot 2V to 111.
Uetoie lh ek'i lion, c ollllt it put itsell
on un old that it would build on the
boicaiRb lot, on Dundatl sheei. Theie
was ,i pionouiHPd spiilluipnt among
mam people that the bnildlim shouid
b" mini' (enlialh loiated. and a lot
on Hip (oiiipi of .Main and Center
stippt was pin i based. Plans weie
diawn up and about sl weeks agci ,i
iiinti.nt was let to Nolan & Collins ol
Cailinndale. to elect the building The
pi ii e was ST.TIO w lib h was atteiwaid
.iiiMiicut"d to .?S nun im additional
woik Now iDlllfs tile ailolllini enienl
that ilie bonds ,ne invalid bv lea-nn
of neglei t In advei tlsing iln oidiuancp
iiillliiR theeleition Ccium II has tlicie
foie called anotlui pIpiIIoii and a-U-foi
inonii It is .in piubai i.issIiir .li
Ipuima The i olitiac tins ai i loiillnu
ing the wink, and if the I'lci Hon pio
positlon .should fail i suppoit the
matte i will piob.iblv wind up in luiiil.
II is impos-llile to piciliit whal Hip le-,
tilt Of tile election will be Those op
posed ai p of ionise, making the nm-l
noise Tin i oiiin ilinen have In the
past twelve months, bv the It aibi-
I I .ii v ai linn- amused e nnsidei able ,in
taReniisni and main who voted loi tlie
piopositlon a ,it,o aie on the othei
side now. -Illiplv beialise ol i el lain
men on the loumil Thev opeulv s iy
that thev will vote im Ilie bunding of
the town it the-' men will i esgn On
the iiibei hand, sum' of those who op
posed the -1 ll-me al l lie tunnel elec-
H now think 111. il the simplest, .Hid.
pel hup III Hi" Ioiir lini, iheap'sl wav
out ol tlie i oinplii albin Is in sn-t,iin
Hie iinmiil it Is tun iiulv in Riiae
Ilie pi oil lllle H'-lllt.
A, I lie who ha- been in bu-i-ni
-- hen foi Ni. u- and b.
MMj pupiilai. Intends In lmaie in Hip
We- about l''i b. I.
Miss .Mai.v Mm i i-iui, who ha- b -en
veij 111 lor the past uiiiiiih I- now
lapliilv impiov ins.
Mis. l.afa.vetle and two i ull
illi'll aie dsitlni; .Ml- Dei Kel 's sst,.r
In Ihadfold i iiuutv
Albi l t I'.cndei s hiiuie fiom a vl-lt
in New Vol k i ilv
William Mi iximiill Is In New Voik,
whei-" he will Ink" a iout-e a- muse
III H"lleviie ho-pital
Thomas .Junes pa- withdiawu fiom
thelivoi.v Hi in in .liiiit'-t S. I'.ikcii. Mat.
IlnRPii will inn Hi" bii-lue .
Kit(iil to 1 1.' S.1.111U11 Illl'Uiif.
Tunkliiinniii k Nm. SMis Maiy
Dickinson, ol lloid, was i.iilina on
fi lends hi town mi I'lida.v.
Squlie .1. We-le.v St.llk, of West
Nicholson, visited his .laughleis at this
place j esteida.v
Mis. John IlaidliiK. of Paleisoii, X.
.1., 1h vlslthii: Ik i motliPi, .Mis, Jennie
Thotupson, at Hits pl.u e,
Among the i (Hill v i, IK'S Ui be tiled
help HPNt weik ate those of Small
Ellnbc-tli Mown v .. Mat gal et Cham
beilaln, and Whlna Stanton .s. v., T,
AVheaton, The Mist Is a suit hiousht
to icstiaiii the id I'eiidant fiom collett
Ing a inoi tgage w lib h she holds against
the plaintiff's piopeity, because of an
alleged veibal undci standing made at
Ilia tliiif of Its I'M'i utlon, Tlie sieeoiid
case is (nought lo lestiaiu tho defend
ant tioin divi'itlug llio watei supply
fiom a certain sptlng upon which the
plaintiff depends lo obtain water lor
hei cat tie,
Tlie habeas niipus piini-pdlngs lu the
case of .Tames D. Oullilp, who Is ion.
lined In fail heie for contempt In fall
ing to comply with the older to ghe,
bonds 'lo suppoit his lamlly, will be
heatd befoie tho couit next week, John
.1, .Manning, esq,, of tha Lackawanna
bar, and Harding & Hauling aie attor
ney." for (Jallup, and Dislitet Attoiuej
Kliinei, James w, Piatt and W, IJ. &
c A I, lule ipptesent the common.
Mis. James Van 'J'uyleF, of I.otkville,
Is visiting her mother, Mis. Miles
nggleston, this week.
Lewis II. Comstiuk, laudloid of the
Wjoiulng huuse, is at Loelton this
week on a hunting trip,
i Albeit Not tin op, who has btcn juoi
pei (lug In the Klondike legion for Hip
past yo.ii Is now on his wny lumie In
Mpend the winter. III? parent? nte In
lecelpl of it letter ft out hlni, dated al
Heuttle. WiiHhliifflun.
A tiiaiihiRu license ha.s been siiiil to
Pi auk Tiiiver and .Mies Heitha .Moi
gaii, both of Hi'iiuinont.
Atloilie.v Jaiups 15. l-'ieni was duiiiR
business in Met union on Kilda.
U. I! Itlelcctt, ol l.acpyvlllp, nnd
Prank J. Hpntiltllng, of rotkftou. wetc
palling In town on Tlitiidn ,
S 'i id In II, f i I inlon IiIIiiiii"
rnloiiilale Nov -. Mi. nnd Mt. Al
beit Oph, ol caibondalp, wen- the
guests of 'yiillie and .Ml,". IjIHiiIi Cal
petilei owr last Sundtij.
Nathan I'liiiiau, otu popular mn
Unmet, W doing dut fot the low n olll
elnls In llenlck Centn ,
Mi. .tune)-, or Wilsh lllll vl
Itpd ft lend here lulel .
The Ladies' Aid ndi-l ol I he Pic
byleilan iltuidi was enlet lulnc d tight
io,ally lnt Tliind.i.v tit tta 1m Mis.
I''tank psIkiiIi
Wnlliiip Tlnglc had a iniiiow piupe
fiom b-liiR shut the oth' r dn.. lie wn
the lieaustalk," Jack i- -elliiis the cow.
out hunting Itestlm; hi- pun on a
fene, loaded, It tell tioin iindei his
aim behind him and dl-ihaiged its
(onteiits some ot the shot inteiliiR the
ai in nl his i iimpaniou liuutei neai him.
Mis. l'ied Caippnlei and .Mis- Sbei -lev
(iilison. ol PccKville. visited na
tives htie , ( euilv .
H l.i litAnt W u r fiufti Tlif vou ittd Vi?
I1 IMnn, m - luHjjh (llll url K. mii
i n -nit m ii IHn.w t, rtift (!i rt ikIiIch dt itli
on tin i ii tm ui rrn hi hntui I hi minimis
h nt o ii lo k lit Mit'id fc In- umk in (Ik
(Iiiiiiim iollioi, uIhm In i (innl'iviil .w i
Tin in I III ii ill ml iniio". tin lihu'li illn
Mill' Win Ii tUi It III)- 1 tilt u Im d II) uppo-llt
lllll itllill- Ml Hlll -.llpliftl fillt lit tIK ,i Of
mn mil Jin ill; In tmni nt llip ollin Hi p
nm mn iti'ttitilh uiiutiil ilin hrfuu hr o ihi
lit t ilvt ii lu In- limn
III. Wll-ll ltlHs (.llllllll, ttllHll In It II
until iuiny: litiii npin tm tin pi-i u
hIi, will In' iropincl Nuiiiln Willi ippuiprt
iU m i t t - Itt v, l ( I tlw nil-, i f I n I ii, w ill
I ii ti Ii in i Kh in tin Hfirim n
11k I 14I1 lln-o t.Jiiipmx i ilttnivil in inii
il ihi linn tin wlitiit win i ptipuhi 1 Ii v
t - UU I IK' ll Mill HI Ills Ii Ml ( lllpfMi IP'I
tit Ippnltll I (iilllllUttil Id Utilise till tin Mclll
tu ho lirjil ut U i-liiuuli.ll'- lill tlicf i Hill 1
i ili jiUTi the U(i k I illuuilu
I 11 1 in I. ifljin-ki, 1 IVmi i.i 11 Iilli IViImkIi i,
wis in-! ml h 1111. .1 1.11 tln l.l 1 fli illo 1 nl
iitnl 11 t Im llnjt sliJtt iiii-s-iiij list nulil Mn
'mill nt w i- iiiil Ii-uii m il iniiil Two 11 1111- lilil
piv i i oi 1 Hit. liuih
1( It hn ( Mall. , 1 In1 ii- w pi-lm if "i
twin'- lt"iii.iii l itliolu limn ii. iiuxtil hfi. 'his
million mi) f (inJiied 1 iiiiptmn l ilu
pnuils ni Hit1 imiuhtil -tlmoN
Hi iii(t,ni It DiUiohi- Mn1 I uliiiiiii in lu'n
isit 1 wii e pic-i tu i In Hi s 1 11 v 1111I lu- Ufi nipt
to Intuit lull lltlsij llllllll linlliili ft- (1
ntonllis tj,y, wis 1 l-iini in tin. nt u,ifiili
UUUl'i'lt Mill (Ills IUOII1I114 VI p 'still Mi 1)1
ItnnN Ii 1 1 h iiiit "t 111 huh puuK ni I'oll-li
in I'HllnIilplin
Iln - I'll Imi .ii ih Imt-Umi (ll tuiiKii- in
it ul 11 -t ion h-t niht un tint 1101 Mi p ii l i
n solution (Inn iiiditiA Hut Mn NiiiLoti Unlvn
I I tup in v npt 1 itt ii- Ihn - In 1 Ins 1 it w 1 1 Inn l hit
I ill- it fot ft It llcil f 111! Iiim - tin it tl HI I (Ui 11 , f 1 n- .-llc-tnli of III. 1 Iltl ll I il' '1
u nnn iiiiimi. i iiiin ,.ii,.ii, uwi-
11 'ii ,t(ul nUhi
sVlt luie W 1 111I11 llm I, .i i'is ViNifoi'ii
nut ui).la
Academy ot Music.
II e lliiiillii II un-1 1. 1 k imiiiiiii ,vntiii'i' in
ill n liie .imiI1iiic,. in ilie ijii'iiii in Mn. 11,
.mil, in fili nl' III.' (.tun 1 11 .ink,, ii, 1 iimiI.
amp incirj.iK ililb, ni. h I. Hi.- I., -( ii,.i. .1 1 m
tint tlie icuipiiK t- tirn 1,1 tin l.-l in Un 1 mm
li ilnin' 11 n'iiilii iiin.
PstC'Ill IV itllllKHili pil-llll.l 'tuil '
licfuii 1 iiunilul lmiii, mil I1.1 1 1111114 'Pi
Cluclifti," 1 in. 1. nl 1111.1 nl lutriiM' IiiIfii-i tint
lirlil tlie v.ivi uhIh'Ih. in ln.'.ulil. n- 1 1 it 1 11
until tin' fill nt 1 1 if Inn) 1 111 nilii.
Tliejiln tliU illiiiiimu will li- Hi, , pi.
niiiiiuii," 11 liimiiliil il iv hi (li CI. 1111-11I mil
tonitht's liill i Hie I'ltal I ml,' nm 1,1 tlie
hhonecM 1111 Lull nun cvni uiiiihi, . - . 1 1 1
Moml.u lil.iliiiu nill bi lihcn un Nov II 1 1 ,1
fjiiium Mil 11111 t.anll.- Lite Invn i-piiulli eu
lirril lor m vt imp. ami will mil iti'ij .lupei in
llll'll lllll I iiiitlt Jt I'ttlt H I !"! Ill Illie,
'Hit- Miitamua S.'ltj Upoa roiiiiint In,; m
lis nii.1.1 mem at the Walnut htnet iIh'j.u.
I'IiIIjiIi IiIii 1, under tin" moat au.-ikion. ciuiim
slum,'. Ciovul. il honsoi and cntluisljsiic .mil
nee milked ctery pfrtonnanic, Mike l.i
Midle vtill vinl iln- romp mjr to the l'acitii 101. ,,
)jtlni: Hi uliiiul iltiu en route
'Ilie (lull,-, lie my Mcllrer ItUtoriu coin ,lt,
"Hk'1 I ii.i Urn I ia of Murlbiiroiijli," ttja lpi.i
iililnl In I Hinl'iii vliiiiiluiieom nlth its (list
pii.eiititii.11 in lliin rountr.f, Alrenly puUtie ji
tonttoii U lielii,- atucldl lo U across tic wipr
fur tie MbW 1 Is one tint 1011M scarcelf tail in
intPirsI j.i I lulwluuiii, In (he nunor loin.
Tin run!. Iljnleli, Opera company plavliis
" simiilMij" m t1(. Treinont tlieltre, Il.H
Inn, las woiccl Ilie risonl bU'Ci of the jcojii
lu tint 1 itt of illicrlmlnatlui; culture. Mi..
Helen lionl. Mi. Uinlcii' new prima donn-i,
tiillv ilitldes llm honor tvlth th stir comedtin,
Jlr la Shelle tvill prodmo "Mii Simplicity" in
New ork ntt a Utile liter In the bejson.
"(ircjtcr Ailona" is on its flinl week nt the
AcOdiinv cit Slihic, Nfw Wk city, to the ac
innipinlnicnt ol a ihorus ot rrcrcts tlut it mint
lie no oin uitlidrivtii, 'I lilt mo.t excellent plij
nl iiru.1iis 'llionus' lia acliietnl a inn of
morn than SOU nli'lits In (iiraler Nevt Ynik wi'hiii
the sear, soiuetlilii? M.iiih lua not been arcom
pli.lieel bv -jnv other drjiiullc altractlon. "l
011a" open nt 111" Ujliuil sired theatre, I'hiU
delphli, on Not Ii?.
Oil Mmket.
Oil City. Not e Ciedit luliticu,. 1 Ji; icililc
Cites, no bid Shiiinents, I O.ldij 4ti'ij-e', ii)7,.
Ui, II "v UlIRi; 4VIUV. 73-Auj. '
Wnll Street Kevlew,
Niw Iln, nt .- 1 1n. 1 f m ,1 iillitnr if)
In tli tnluini nf tl,iiiiiitlnn m Iwlu 4 llnk
mill,. 1, Inn tlte n 1 iiljtlnli tiintlmii-if tmtilit,t
in I lee linn wi 11' 1 "li'l'lui'in inliit nl etlnmli
lliiniiuliiiiit lull the uuielil IM mutiil (null
III 1,1 ,lll'l I lllllllliil nf IHlllllllielll IOi k weie
nt (llhVirlii ltiiir iilioti' ilnl lieliui tlt liitlit''
leiel llellllni; von Ml) I1U.1' III lu(k ttlilili
hue linn .ii)iisit iimiitlt, fnliimln.' ilio 1 u
imii "f tie Inilkil In iniii Ilim pl.t Not ible
in 1I1H li'Vee.1 Will III' I'lilll'i Hid s I'uil
li illnil n.l In nle ill mi" llini in teinit Ilie
ni nil iiinieiiielil In llii'.i' tmk, with 11 11 mil
itiir iiiliiinip In st Pint nf K, nvit li.l tilqht'd
levil, Iiiii Mi" nli mn niei tieli icilllim 1 ml
v.i iinl mil I nl mi I'lilit'" iiicirniiiit iuh
.II11II11 i Vrrk t mil il niiiili nmlhei nnlililc
flum nf .111H71I1 M ntt i'Mmiiii nlv inee of ,l'J
lliiiiiui" iiinilnue nunnt nf Hie 11 1 v nlnpiuin
nl a pi 111 fu II pli'inlit it,t lumpim tu Ii 1 1.1 Ilie
.mil. nf tin l.iti'lilliill liilit'i'l" I'enmtll.ntl 1
mill in Mili.ldl n.t noili Iniiinl .iiutlier mitir
if MtriuMi cviipl lliltliii'iii .ilnl lllilo Mlileh
eii "i 11 il.inir; mi itMll'lm,'. mnl Hi Mieelln
nnd like I1I1 .link, lunti'il In Minintlit Mill
Hi . l!imli Hie s mhweilrlli lnik. t ele 1 ll"l
tli vioit t" Ilie iiiintnpeiiliiifui nl leiiiits
1 1 Ijiici' eiinln .iml iiemllMjr liiiii'ie In ilh
IiiiIii'iiiiiI 11 ikIIm il"niilnl retntlniiiil fur
I'liUvillr mi 'I Vi.litllle mill im I In Vti 111. 1111
klnil,., mn iiiit He piefiiiiil, uhlili linntiul
Iln iieltleimiii r( the Snrlliu eU'i '
1 nili.iti'l.i 1 mil In 1 'I lu iiu'Im nut. Ii ii eiu'mi,
iniln's til .Inn iiriliitlm; In Ilie B nilllu In I nl m
Pn III nt irnnlllii Hi 1 ml t ol nf lie lluillnt'ioii
.(triu Ii.i uuiepulfili 'it illieel miltnl In 111 II
n iiiiint.' Ilie iiosmIiiIIH "f lelfKiti? up
innt,il tinilii llil nl in mule il turtle nhrlt .it
niillti In Hie .penilillM' Im llii ill.'li
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ii ilim frnni Hi lwl iueel In In m leili'lni;
iliuiini I hi li-t Imir 'I11I1I 'His I nl it mil mh
Ilnl etel .ti op upu Hit llli'ti 1111 Iilk liilitiiul
i,r (.intli I'iuiI- rfiul In Kim-is iml Tim- -"
.ml- Hie Ininil m.iik'l vt i Linuillt uitti in I
llllL'lltll 1'nl ll -ill" pll Mllie, i. Illlll'i'l
I iillnl s net b-iti'N weie ill liililmudl mi lh(
hM 1 ill.
I Im fnlhttin.- pi nil
-ne (iirnl-li.
I n , inoins
I Ili
Tlli TIK)
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. IIsIa
liil.nii" In vt s ,iniu
ten lnillilins. s, 1 iiiini
1 1 h iiiione,
Ipi 11
vh c
. Iil'.j
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. lift
. sir,
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1 'e
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VI110111 111 siiu ir
tli hi. on
U'lifou. I'l
Vniil Cnppii
Vim 1 Cir . 1 oiniilit
llini.k 1 1 11 linn
Hill i. Ohm ...
lir. ,V uhlei
( tin l.l VeM. . .
si. I'ml Mind
Id I nit C lion
I lie 11 II
I il I!. I! . I
I I mi o i-li
Mm 1 lulled
Mi I 1 1 11 1 inn
li-n I'uitll ... .
Nnlfl'lk A Ml-1
Out .. 1 -lei 11
V ( ininil
IM1111 II II
Iti i.Itu lit
Id iiIiiij lit . I'r
s Ullliliil Hi ...
Sl a
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I'll ,
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1 l"
seuitliiin lit .
1 1 un I 'ml A.
Ii v i- ln itu
I s IrilhM
1". s 1 , Hhi 1.
I s I, 1
I s si,rl ( 11
I s sin c p,
Mc-iein I nton ..
Will Mi I'l
Scianton Boaid of Tincle Exc
Quotations All quotations
on Par of 100.
I ai 1, in inn 1 flint ( " , Pi
( ounlt sitim,-. Ilenk t liui i
l'nl Njlionil Hink (( aibnmhle)
SMiidnd llnllint. Co .
llm. I Nitlonil llink . .
Ilinie Pepn-it ind llt-LOiint fUnl
1 innnmv l.lslit. 11 S ! (o
I n-t Nitlmiil Ilenk
Mrka hu t s,r, Dcpu Co
(Ink v snolc.r n , 'i
Scimtnn lion Pence A Mm ( n
si i mton vle Wor'ci
sunnton Sjjr Ilduk
'h ideis' a 10111I llink
Sirmlon Holt A. Nut Co . ...
I'eopie s llink . . .
Ncte Vlevuo fit ( . t o
no Mis
1 00
suiinlon I'd-.encei (UiUeHt
MottuHte, due lon
1'iopii s slt(P iiiilnjt, hist moil
Rice, din t'llS ... .
l'i opieV surii llnlitjt, (icneril
m.iilKJS' . due 1'iJI .
Dm k-ou V! miifiituriiic I 1
I nl.i Inuu-hin stj,onl pet cent
I l'i
1 nt ci sUJmon ( ,nIj, 0
etui . .. .
bi union liainon i p'l cent
Scianton Wholesale Maiket.
ICoiiiiliil lit II (. Ilile. 27 I iekitv.inni Nte)
lioaiis -l'i 1 im-liel. ihmie ininntt, '..'uii.'ii
ilullu-l'i e-li neaniert, JI1JJ1 , dain, flesh,
l,oe-e I nil iieiui 1(1' ill.
I AU-- Nenlil Mali, " i.'ie
Mi iliuiii llean- l'ir!. J J)
1.1 1 1 11 I'i'is Pn lui-hid, SI l')jl l'i
I luin He-l patent, pei bunt, Mli
Item- I'm l.ii-h'l ilniip inaiinvv, il In
I'nt ilot I't 1 l.ii-hl st "'
Dliiuus IVi lni.l el sl Oil
New York Giain anil Pioduce Maiket
i "ink. Not I loin llild il IjIII lilpli
11 and ml il Mi, n. tvlth 1 fin el. 111.1 ml . ttiniu
-lllUllt- IHll'11. Milllll'-llll l Ill-Ills -.(Ol
I tu sp til in ; No ' lid, siii 1 1
h, 1 ' ml, -ii i ilev.ii.n. So 1 Diiliith ir. I ii H nli 11 iiplions
opui, d film, bill Inei tsiili.liiil i Ii- ipiili It
tint ip iiniiiil 1 -(unl -li.up 1I-1. Iml linillt
ei-id oil ulltll mil 1 lo-.'d st Milt 11 1111.111111.1(1
pin,- M it ilu-id sl,, Diniuliei, T'C,c
loin s,i luimi: No '. hi'iji ileiiloi iml
(i '.i, 1, I' b itliiit. llpHiins vteu tit 111 pjilt,
-old oil, tint llllllll ll fin-Hi in lilld ind
1 In-i I 1 l.t It 'ii.tlil 'l'i III" tilt illi-e.l l"i'i ,
llmllllil, l.'i'n, Hit- ""P"! I'"", N"' - '"" i
No ?, ll, , No J vihlli, ITi , No i ttiille,
lid 1 . link niiviil ttr-iiiu, l'.i ; link tthin,
4,l",(J, Dpllills llliMll'l 'Hi'' I HI tv sli'ldt Hut
til sunn,., uciiiioii, liU.'i.o., I.ntuit. I. '.1
I'll.!., Inn mm. IT'.OI'.i , miiulioii
1 HMiuiit, l-C iIm , -I J t dun. Ili-!li. I he.-e
i'lllil, flint, laie s,., ,n ,,,,,, 1. 'iijii,!,; nnii
Ijuo O iohei, 'ii(iV ; unit, imll S'plimli 1,
im, ii , lini.t -null 1). mlifi, i3iI0i. I Ki
ll -liio nnd I'i'iiii.'lt mil, ihJ'n'.; iiein
nm iiidlid, Hi'li ; vtiitem tiiillnl, 'JhJli
Chicago Giain and Pioduce Market.
( lib 1 '(. Not S - I iquidnloii lor prohki in
diinil In "lilt lieaiMi eoudillJiK ntoiipjlil a low t
loii.linn .ill aroiuiU in kMins todav, In tpite ax
Imlli-li 'itiiurta tott-anl ilie end 01 llm wulon,
I ,nr wheat closed a shade Mfilier: Ilireuiber
1 1 1. lower, and Pe. ember oats, U'ic
iloitn Piovlslona closed uniluiiReel to 'J'ic. high
11. 1 1.I1 qmitatloua were n follows:
I lorn Htm; Vo. 3 tprinf; wheul, OSaBOise.;
N. 1 nl. 74J?sc; o. 2 vellotv com. bOitc;
No " uts Wia'if.; No, S whitt, 4Ji.a3Jiu;
No t white, IJ'ial.V,; No. 3 tye. Cft-M fair to
1 hmi e malting: bsrlej, JUiMo.i No. 1 Bi eceU,
l ll. No. 1 Northwestern, Sl-Giitf: prune tim
nlhv need, 'JiOOifl', mess pork-, SD.S'il I !W; ljril,
-siili,6J'J; nhort nli".; dry salted
rlimililirs, TiUlac; slioit dear sidi.3, SlOaktOj
vilii.kij, )131.
Chicago Live Stock Harked
l lilfjyo. Now 8 Cattle Receipt", 2,'iW, iu
cludiiiir ttilrtien cars of Tetany 0 tain nl vest,
eimi lotv, steidvi iitiod to prime, V3a8"H poor
tu iiiediuui, SJ.uOjSUO; storken and fetidfis, ..a
I '"i: inws, Sl.'JSatoO; lieifetu, $1 6O4J; canneiH,
l,.'iaJ2."r, bulU, M.ISii '; Calte-, $!60a0i
'l.'s.i led stcets, (.UI; wmtcra steers, 3o5oVI.
Iln.-ltccrlpts today, 27,00dj tomoiTOw, 2t,(WH,
leil oti'i, S,0vi); opeueil llotf to 5 cent? lower.
i!o-il hluiiiBl mixed ami butcher, VjIjOiBj Rood
lu iholce beat). 53 uiaS tG; rough Wavy, $. ;. 11
fi5"i; liclit, V'OJJ'O"! uull ' M,," 'IWjS
siieip-Jteceipls, 1J,0M; sheep and lambs sltidv;
iooel lo cholie ttelhen, ?J 'iOat,:"i, vte.tern sheep,
1-tilbO; uitite Iambi, SJWat.W, eitcm lambs,
Buffalo Xlve Stock Market.
l'ast Mnflalo, ov, S l'ltlle--lte(eipti, f nr
rai; tlott; Kiadt, no teiy juod lieu', I'lediiu'
cotvj, iJOOl veils lecciptJ. ')i); kood, s; ,n,
clojlnp; -6 75jT.IU, othei., "' Wafi.7."i; litat.t fat
calten, V-oOal 'Jj. lice- lleceipt-, 01 nrn, op. no I
slow, CalOo. lowir, be.t boat, 'i.W.i(1,1Uj nilvi'd
packen. $J.8Jj'iiW: toikcr, good vtuht, W 7'n
O.SO; liulit. "i Mai 70; piss,. V JoaJ 50; bulk of
Biles, SKOaJPi, roiiRlii., ts" i'uj in; ship,, $14
4 50. Sliecp and Lnulu lleieipt-, UI can; steaJy
for lauiliij tupj, it net; a fitv, ft.niaS; nllieii,
s.t.7.1at 73: sheep, stionj; ton mivul, ft fjili I 75;
otlnrs. flTJaluO, tut lieu, itOal, 'calling,
New York Live Stock,
.New oik, Nov. 8 llecvfj Fleersi, steady tft
ftion", covts film to 10 cents litghi'ij stecis, i,io
all ',; oun ami ttat'S ?2il.T'i bulls,
ion,!, ifl.C0u3i.0. Caltcs-Stead.t : teals, I.Tia
bll'ii Riafcers, "slua.cjo. sheep I-inner; limbs,
leady lo 10 cents hlulier; sheep, $.'.2U13D,
laiiilKi. ifl.J'ial 2"; tvinadj, lambs $1 7.3a 1; ull,
VI. Jl05 Mftcij vtntcrn boss, ifoiili stale
biuri. uuulnal.
4 Lines 10 Cents
tVore flin Knur l.liien, i CcrtM for finch tlxtrj Line.
For Kent.
slOIIP llllt Itl'NI, .'i(VS iteiine, levt
ilnui to tlll1ot' lilt S' -on lll'liil'e nf
I. 1). Mode, Clnliili'i. IHI l.m kutv mn I mini
1-011 IIRN I'-r.lahl iuom, T.'l Jeffcion aveniej
all modem conienltncn I
For Snle.
. s.s i.,wwww.vvw "."f"" s
I tilt SM.I. I'l hue Otto, Int selillna, ! biiiid".
Ini'd bt lliiiilln' -Ire I'lime l!i.eii mini I lilme., in I hlnie., Imled in I MM ttllli
tun link-' li.inilllnj took uionl id -' '.'i
llltitili innoii ll. loli-l. II'IO! tvitb Imt li) tte ki
tnllilliC I'l. iho'tn tulle in 2. Ki. 'nil In 1,0 1,
lhl hoi-e Im. kii'I! knee nnd Iiim I. 0' I oil i in
lint a '.'.III t'll ! tteii no ittl ni", and I- t "
tiini.-l mli ill 'ottHiein Nm 0iV MilV. lie
Mild lu iIiim' pnireislilp vtlilu""i, It " . Hi'V
If, l.c'lei-hlie, N ,
lOlt svik flii'ip' linise. -pilui tti.'iu mi'l
Ii inn ss, ii o, l.'i, Ifdii ivcnii"
t'OIt SMI- I'tto light tpilns vtisont and noma
Imiien, cheap i:tau, rear 111.' im erne
Real Estate.
M.iein It 11,1 III II i.iniii slne.l.-' lion e. Miilhrny
.ll.. I M II II neiHi .
sj,-il Will III "i Ini:le ImiKe, 0'"! bl ik
Mtilluiii 1 mi. M II HnlKite
s,fn Ull I, III luce, fine lot Mulh'tit ili'e'.
M II, llolui'.
s-iiam Mill III -iiiali' liuii". full Im. IJinm
iteiiin l'i In mliiiid tnun sT.CVKI Mu-l In'
-old M It, Ilnl.-Hi
TmXI Mill HI II Ii'i'iii li'iine nil nlvM f fi
toniiiu muni, l.ieen niiUf. it 11. Hoi-
IKK) Mill. Ill V lot, I "i Nmili linifi'ii iteiiue
MUU 1MI 1. Ill ne'
Heine, (iiiin lliils
slnali lioii-p, Mjdl-ou
M It llnlcil"
S,C(10 M , III V 10 loom slncl' ll'ill-e. Iillcl-nn
neiiui, I, rem Itldiji M, II. Hols in.
'liT.'i Hit, I, 111 lit lOvlVl fit. sond 1r,rali..ii.
I.Keu Itii'j' S'tti'i urn v ilei In M It
Hole ilr. (, uiiiiiih. wnll h Iuii.'iihl
1011 hI.i; -One acie nf land, impioted ttilh
nine room lnui-i : plenlt and tjrint ni iruu;
send loc itlnn in tillise of Hrctilllc Mm Olive
1 i-h, I leeltllle, I'a
Wanted For Rent.
t.NII ll luuiMied Ioil-e lit -mill finiilt, ntt
or (.lei-n Itidse ddie-, inns Vliais b uld
Furnished Rooms.
IOI! I1I.N I' I'ni.e mom", one nire? fionl lo unlm
tn-lied. tun -nle in. mi, fuiiil-beil or unliii
ni-hed Smtilile for lidies ni Kentlemen -2T
Vdmi- ateniie.
ton HIAI' l'uini-hed front room, with hut,
bath and gas; near court house; gentl-man
prefeircd. Ac'drcss Boom, Bo'c CDC
I OR RI2.N r Kiiraislicd room; heat and bath
CJj Linden street.
Rooms and Board.
V I.Mttil IH0NI' IlilOM, Willi I laid it ".21
i1ii is ivnue sun ille im ln t ouni; men.
KOOMs 10 IlL.Nl", with boaid. bCKl llulberry
Boaid Wanted.
Mil N(, VI N tt.lllls lioild III pi nil
fainiK in
lion Hnlitc Vddies-. V
ll Inluuie Oi
ti e
Boarders Wanted.
WANrCD-Table boardera
Washington atcutie.
Urs. Tompliins, 531
BtiGiness Opportunity.
MOCK MI Will: T 1ft VULltS without dela.
VVntc for our spciial miirl.el leltu. 1'ico on
application S M Ilibbaid A- Co. memben N
Consolidiled and Slock Ksclianse. 14 and 4d
Binadita. New oik 1 -tabh-li'd ISol Lung
Du-tmce Phone 23SS Broad
Money to Loan.
$3J0,lX"j TO LOAN' Lowest rates: btiaiuht or
monthly pajment" Stark & Co .Tiaders' bldj,
e.tral,;l t leans oi Bullain; and Loan At
from 4 to 0 per cent. Call on .N V. Walker,
."II ,1". Connell l.ull.hns
Situations Warited.
W VNII I) V pCMIIOIl .1" -teil'iBI lplll I bt I Willi!,!
Iiilt; will ti' miii In -iti- sili-futinn Vd
iluS I, V , liihiine iittlu
rtlll VI ION WVNrHI lit l I id lo t ike it i-h
inu' liuin I'm niinl-li Hu be.i of i Itt irl'i
(llie Kdclliss, Vh- Ii , M south lltltu ItelllH
sill VIKIN t VNII 11 V tmni). lull ttilh s-uui
knnttliihe if pliailll.iif di-lle. rU'llU'll m
ihiisi-tue s,i,,j , objiii I', nilmne oihec,
VV VMI.H-Ht lerlneel, edinalcd Kill, po-ltioii i. '
home or niwllii'. iiiiipiulmi In old oi toi.iu '
lid Vppli lo I'. II , c I liilmiii
sill VlillN VV VNII II i iovk ind lllliidiess oil
cloiiu, neneiil boii-i tv ml. I vi , 'n, l.uiil
in hi line
sill VHHN V VNII II lo Kn out In Hie dai
t nhiiu oi ill mini, I ill oi aildii-,-, Mis
Hiu-hII, 1710 Lulu atiuiie,
I i:ii mi ni i 0 iuvvi r.iNi. sLnsMN ,(
po.ltloii tilth Rood tell ibti- hoii-e, on the road
ni loial lli't leiuenin Sltm VV, Tubiine
(llfu e.
VVOVIVN vvinl plue .i i nok In boarding
lioii-e oi .null hiilel, whole -Im en hate
hei ho lo do ilmie. and ci lu mIiuoI, Addiest
VI M ,' 'I i iluiiii ullue
A iOlNl! fiH, lapible f eomiiiaiidinir a,
tine Hide, ilc "lie. a po-itlou in i-loie, in
illipci and laile .hpulliiunt. Addle -s I), S. A.,
'iiitiuiii ollUi,
VV n.U- lit a genllemjii, vvoik lo do tfnlnga
fiom 7 to 1.' Addle-.., If, VI , 'liibuiia Office.
WANII.D A, posilini' in housekeeper or pa--tr
took, oi to like i ne of Intalid, by middle
(i'eil woman. Call fi addre. "Capable," CJO
Miillli otieei, Duninmi', I'a.
t'll! VI W VVVNIIll) To to out by the day
tva.blng, Jruulit,' ucileauin;, II is. Lee, (18
Mall-'te.ul eouil,
Sin IT0V VAN1I,I)-By a voiins elil 15 yeaia
old j.h uuue cirl; address 4 (J I Theodore meet,
VN i.M'l.llllINcnn sirl woulJ like altiution in
private family, honeAt ami tellable; wtgis $i.
AddiesS Kittle, Tiihune olBce.
A VVOVUS vvanlj vtoiU b the day, tall 5,H
I'oiot couit,
HI II0V WXTI.U to do washing and noninij
at home. Cill or address, U, I,, 'Jiibune,
sl I I'M ION' WANlhll-H' a viomiii I.) go out
b dit wo--hlns, 1 1 on i ni: ami cleaning I'lease
i all in .iddii'-i Mi. Itu'bdl, UlU CtUar itenue,
soiuli Slil', ell
sin.MlON VV'AMHi Prnliitant lull. ;ij
c u of age, withes a tiiuuion as cliildien'g
i ui.e ni 10 wait on invalid lad, or liou-e-kt'ipim:
for tvldotvcr vviili small famllt; bo had
i vn. ilenco; gooil icteiencis, Addii', I.', ll,,
'lllliuue Olftee,
WANITD I'oiiHon a slilppins cleit oi .took
nun', bad Hin.e .tiuo tvpeiienoo, (in tunic
well lecomiiicndid. Additoa, 11 C, caio of b-lau-ion
Help Wanted Male.
VMM I. II M'OMI! Ittente I'lpeilrmul l.u il
linn rill nt V II Itnlieil"', llirnoi I'a
V IIVNIv iiiiilie. the K-l-tiiiiienfuunii II dre.ed,
iiiliald men l -ollili .ulntf ncimiiiln lit
Mmirt liilillcd Itnv 10, Ihii iilflie
I IV II SIlllVlli: hOtnlimriit pD-itlniH. 'I ss'i
'ppoltilinenl. midi li.l .veil I'mlulili H'
nllli! ,irir I) lit iiiiiiiiiuti m li'iol iiliiiitlnu le
iitiled loi ("Citiiinilloii ( il.ih'Bii" of Indinni.
linn fin Uiluinlilaii t iurp.imiileiii i I olieRe,
VVa.hliu.tcn, II C,
01 Ml V, S ttmlid, ni illetnnu cop let
tiT" linuie pieiinp;', nut lelutli lo il" We
pit p,,r (lion. iiiil semi iddre.eiil cntelnpe,
piilinilii" and nipt I' M I' Depl 'i Hn
IHI, I'ldlidelphlu
VVVMI.I) l:ponllile miliivei lluliiil mjil
lie iinrmclinnilli'1 In tike rhaiae nf ills
trili i nir depot ind oilbe lo b opened In fd in
on to fiiriil.1i lni'lne?" Inleie-t" of an old i"!i!i
lili"d iiianiifn luiiiif; loncein. "ilnj. l'i pn
niniiili, and rxliii piolll". tppllcmt iiiini lute
"CO lo it.OXI i nli, mil good itaiidiiiR. d(lii',
Vri , I' O Pot, riil'adelplila, l'i
IVVNII.D- bilRhl InlelllBenl office Hot nlmiil
13 or HI tear" of irc Inquire at 111 1 i inklln
ateniie, ( lit".
VV WTI D-A .tonus nun IT oi 1 en old i In
sperier Oond miter iml H-iiui pplj '"
Mi 1 llen'on, t;oldinllh' l!i.iir.
IMNNII tly lenllnc; I'lillailelphia hoii-e, firel.
iliv Fitesman, to sll jrnenl Im" of piper
to the rdall, one ttho In .in u nmintani e
piefrilerl: uui-t bite lict irfiienic ilnl "' .''.'"'
In hnni'h bond c(ltci I O ncit 'OS, t'nlli
ilelplih WAN lie t boy Ifi tear- rt ice. a student
of Ihe scl,t)0n rsil-ilid. lollece, emplny
rnent for "ilnnli-s ddie-s 1' I', ''' Mo"'
se.t utitiue, tll.t.
nrtlOKI.Ml'ns VV NTi:n-rnr file brick typik.
CoiiimuniraHnn" and person il ipplicallonn
will bo iccciicd at my eitlkc in llamuik. .
B J. Huvnian
Help Wanted Female.
0l NO I MIIIS t' inted; nut di-liiice. rop.v let
Ii rs hmuo eteiinic,-, and lelinn In u We
pel SS pci Ihou-iiiil s,,, nhlir. ed entrlopi,
pitticiilirs ind iint 1 VI c' Depl. s, 1,,
lilt. I'lilhildptiii.
W VNTI.D I mnpetenl conk ami lainnln-"
Ij i.
leiioinn ateniie
VV N II- H -I, 111" for hotel vtoik, t.nlie- ca mik-,
limi-r tvmk .mil I-.iiiiIks- I ickiuiuna
Vs'tict, JI! Mom Huiblin
VOIM: f MllfS m mini im di-l mn . ropt let
lets homo eicnincs md lelinn In u- VVc
pit ss prr ihou and stnd iddiesul inti.iie.
pntKiilir. and mpt I' M I' llepl. 1'.". It it
Ull I'hlldd'lphii
1IOVK WOI1K lull I Villi s ho itrilo ileirlv.
suid slunpid iddios-id entelope a .in'1'l"
nf vtiilmc, tin pirli. nl ii'. I, I tot i ( n . s0utli
IJond. Iml ,
VV ri,l) V coinpi Inn
tvcik. ppii ii iij ;
Kill foi 51 null liouv
Pun' -I reel.
VVNli:il-A mil toi pimnl limi'e mk; iiin-t
be ililo to cook hto in linillt. 72" ejiiinc.v
(,IHI, W'VNri D tt.r itineiil lioaottork m linillt
ot ttto l.vcnlliiim liaudt. I! mil pleee to
learn Smt iblo it iro- Vpplt I'i.'i Monioo ite
titii . Mrs llean
VV N n.n-Op, mlorJ ind leimers on I idie"' mil"
Im undertieii. spirit tvorV md best pncc-
in town linpeili I'udoitteai. Co. Burr building.
nnv (in:rsATons w nii D-sCa,iv work
nunanleod. W. Iv Bock J. Son, l.'i dams
VVMKll-r,ul cm senile -lead, piohtalile em
pln.tnienl lit inlliiu at Jl ' Mears Building
WANTI D-Clirl for ceneial housework at Ballon.
Addre-c II f., rare Tribune
Want Adveitisements Will Be
Received at Any of the Follow
ing Duig Stoies Until 10 P. M.
Central City
VIBl.RI' S( IIIM, conn Mulbcrij'
ilitct and VViblei avenue
CI Si'AV I'lCULL, CJt) Adarm, avenue.
We&t Side
LIOROi: VV ICNKINS, 101 South Main
at i mn.
South Scianton
i hi ti i, ii:rpi'i:,
JJ Led u atenue.
Noith Scianton
(.10. VV. 11 Wis, uiiiioi Ninth Main
aw one and Maikit -tieet.
Gieen Ridge
flIVIfll'5 I' IONI s'.
I I IOIINS, o.'ii (iieeii llidRO -tieet
l' lOI'.l.N, eoinei VVa'hingloii avc
mn Mauon street.
W II KNll'IH, 1017 lituiK avenue,
I (' HONK i sO.N.
Agents Wanted.
AI.IAI's Ol mi' I III 111 Ciedit given tor hell
luff Hn- tinr-i -el of lu-tructlte I'ntcrtain.
Inu C In Istman Itouks, miadiil for elilldien of all
ige-, ,ii tin lowest pi ins ever known, 60 cent
book i out lining heautitiil illustrated poem nf
I md'- pinei, mitt IJ1 j trnta: 1.00 hook l'i
I I nt, l "id Imok 50 n'liN; i(J,0 book 7j cents.
Iiib. lal ei.iiimislou tn Vi;i'iils. Kerguson 0071.
I'iflli si , Ciniinnall, O
VVANIIin-ruiiii-'lieit loom, centrally located,
inudMii and in private lamlly. IS, Tribune
Oftlee, ell,
WAN 1 1.I)-f!ood iecond hand furnace, will pa
ta,h. Address Lock Box 130, scranton, Pa.
I.OSf Small black bill boot la central part of
city. Retina to ilr, Ji N. Ufecus oiuce,
Paull biilldmsr,
DR. TAVNTC W, SVS'BOUM, tptcialist in temaje
compUlnls, rneumaiifm ana cnronic ohm"'.
Clairrorant medium. Will read your life. She
teaches her gift to otlieis and will open a dc
velopini; clat in ns.tcie plienomrna, Uonda) even
In?, .Nov. 11. 1SS Irankllo avenue.
liAOIIS' AII.MI.VrS TIIKMIIOS all case; prl
vaer; pei iall't' caie, Medical llomc, 7i7
WashinVton bt Uutlalo, N. V,
Of Butte, Mont.
(Unite H ilie sreatot copper producing ul in the noiln )
5 First Mortgage Sinking Fund Gold Bonds
Denomination )A' inalntiinf 1 lo "0 jear, inp1.f piotnleil for b.t revive anf
n'lilviiiK mud, Vt I'linlnba linen .ind llnec iiiaitcrs times innrisl Imire..
Vnlc (or lepon ui Mt Sjninel In,ull, ('Hldtut ct hc Lbliatjo I ilisou l u , and ipei al
cir ulai.
3 Insertions, 25 Cents
More Thin Four Llnta, d Cent! lor Each Eilra Lin,
Cet titled Public Accountant.
i nw vim c.
bt't'U1IM1, '.'3 '1IIAD1JR3 BASK
DAVIs-, Alti'llllu;r7cON.SKi,!j
i.nvv miii ii
Kiti'iniitii k i,. nuovv.v. vm-ii. n, nt:vt.
l-slatc l.Mhance Hide-, 1.M VV'asliinKtoii ave.
Civil and Mining Engineers.
ll. I.. iiAiinisn, hud (onnm.Ii nmi,niNo.
on. c. i: i:u,i',Niii:it(ii:it, puli
pruce siicel. Siratitmi. uiaaueieu,
mt. c. v. lAunu'ii, m vwomino avknukJ
riHMt i:, novf.K,
Itonmi J.', If, jo ami is llmr Bolldiiiff.
t) B Itlll'IOfll.K. AITOUNI'V-I,0NS NCOO
llafed on real citato scturltt. Meir Bnildlns,
(cinri VV i.hlngtoii avenue anil .spruce sticet.
VVII.I.AIIII. WAttltKV k KVM'l'. V110iTni1'
md Int. Itipubllcaii Bulldina,
Wa-liinstou aienuc.
.iisst p k n.ssi .( ai iokm:ns AND OOUN-
i-elloi,ii in Comnioime iltli ItiillilinR-, Boom
I', it md 21
iiivvAiin u. iiii:u. AnniiNi.v. itooMl
"OI'.iOl, 'Uli floyi, Meiri huilclinc
i .v wvniKs, ArmnNi,v.An,wt umnii
of 'I lailo lluildinp, Sianlon, I'a.
Buik lliilldiui;
C. l()V,(is, on III I'l 1,C BUIl.DINO.
a vv. Bi'nnioi.i", ot'Kici: movi.d 10 mx
211 VVomlne; .iteiiin.
Physicians and Surgeons.
in: s vv. i.'wioiti'viJN, orric'K sr wash-
inslnii atoiiue. Itesidenti, IJ1S Mtilbeny.
Cluonie illseii-, IniiKs, heart, kidney aiul
Rinlto tuinii dir.iiis a specially. 11 o in 3, t
to 4 p. in
Hotels and Restaurants.
Till: 1 I.K l AIT. 12. ANIl 127 1 UASKJJS AVi
line. Kates icasonablo.
1 7.imi,i:it. Proprietor.
bCHAMOv iioiisi., m:ab D. Ii. ft w. r-
fditci depot. ( ond noted nn the turnpeas
plin VIO'lOR KOCH, Proprietor.
A. B BItlfiOS Cl.mss I'RIVY VMJI.rt AN1
cess puols; no odor; only Improved pumpi uied.
A 11. BrigK", proprietor. Lcava order 1108
Noith Main ateniie. or hicke's dnipr store, cor
nn Adam.1 and Jlulhcrrj. Both tclephnnei.
0 1!. CI.M1KK & (0. fsKKOSMKV A'1 NURs
erimfii, "tore 201 VVishintlon avenue; pre")
lini.e-, 110 North Main avmue; atoi tele,
phone. 7-2.
Wire Screens. '
jobi.pu Kui.nir., Ri:R sit t,ch. avk
Seianton, Pa , manuf iclurer of Wire Sereen.
Miscellaneous. '
alvi ladies waists. Louises fehoumakct, 21 !
Adams atenue.
JllOVROH'. BltOfi, PRINTLRb' Sl'PI'l.lfs, hN
t elopes, piper bip;s, twine. WircUoujc, 10)
JVitshington avenue, Scranton, Ta.
in Scranton at tho news stand of Rewiian
Bros, 406 Spruce and CO. Linden; M. Noitmi,
1I2J Ijckananua. avenue; i. S. hchulicr, Jll
Spruce Btrect,
CA.ME TO MY PRBMISU5, a calf. Ownei (an
Have ume by proving ownership md iuins
ecpenses. George aVntonio, Delawaie and Hud or
Cll'Y1 OP ftCRVNTOV, Depiitiuent of PubIr
Safct Se lied piopo-ils will be openod m
thi oftlee ot tho city iceorder by the iIiit-iIoi of
tins depirtmcnt, at 4 o'clock p. in, Mondit,
Nov. IS, 1901, inr repairing the e it ot i uu on
Kaibago crematory, uecoieling- ti plans ami iei
beat Ion prepaicd by Mi. P. M. Ilaifin, lo bo irnt
at tlio ofllec of the Ilciariment of l'ulilu such.
All bid. slnll be filoii with the city ioiiiinllr
('Marked Proposal"), at hii uffiro in ilie (in.
Hall not later than 10 o'dock a. ni , Ylnudi ,
Nov. IS, 1001. The sum ol fifty dollars (iVKmi
In cash or certified chock, is to be em lo.ed tti'li
adi bid, which sum shall bo toifeiled lo Hie iln
in ciso ot refusal oi omission on I'm put ol
the bidder to whom the contract is awanleil in
cxeciito oonlraut vnthm tea divs attci the
awaulinir of the same.
Tho ty rcuciics the right lo releit auv oi it,
biil. I. I WORVfsl ,
Pirrctnr Tlepiitinent oi 1'uhllo Sifei.,
Scranton, Pi. Nov. I, Inoi,
Spencer Trask & Co.,
IX & 29 Pine St., New York
, Transact a genial bank
. , inf? business; act as Fis
'1 I cal Agrents tor coipoia
tlons, and negotiate se
curity issues of laihoacls
and other companies. Ex
ecute commission oitlcis
and deal in
Jlcmbcrs New ork Moik Lulian;-,
Branch Office 65 State St. Albany
Descriptive list of investment
securities mailed upon request,
j. , s., ,hli&r t
J- -ta '2 Zjz-. tr
'.HWi-a js Mil