The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 09, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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    'ipijJ-tP ''aKtiiT5Al?9.t'nTfti,H?''-sn':
"U tTT
I ?- K
, I
H Mr"'VW'fM"-,v wtfyjvi.-'i: vp
Tho Gioom-clcct Is Willis Sweet, Son
of the Well Known Clergyman,
nnd Ills Biido-to-Bo Is Miss Emma
Ludwig, o Dunn-ore Scvetnl Re
cent Weddings Mine Accidents,
runejnl Announcements Recep
tion nnd Social Other OTntteis of
local Intoiest.
WHIN Kvveot. collector lor .1 I . Wil
liams & Co., and Mis Ihumn l-iidul-,
of Dunnioie. ihiuihter nl ail-, and Mi. 4.
Oscar Tniilulir, of DtlnUei- stii'id, will
be united in inarriaRe .il f o'clock tills
cveiilim at Oncont.i, N. Y . bv lb-v.
J. Tl. Kweot, D. P., fulli'-r or tin-j-roum-i
U el.
The reiniiiony will 1)p pel lot tiled In
tin Klifit MelhodNt llpisiopal church,
of Oneonta, of which Dr. Svvoe I N par
lor, mid will be uitness.Ml by tin' im
mediate irliillvps of tin- c imlr.irthiK
TinTtl"s. Doth hip wfll-Kiinv.n ,oun:r
people with a host of f i IciuN to con
giMtulati' them.
The i ouple weie in i ompaiiled on
ihplr jmirnev by thp p.ncnls, biother
anil sister oi the bible-elect, and Ilo
w.nd Williams and Ch.itlei Sweet
Alter a short Hip (luoiii-li York male.
.Mr. Sweet ami his brltle-olei t will ie
uil n to S-'einnlon ami beitm hntie-lipepin-r
.it the i oilier nl I'oin t stieet
ami Diamond avenue.
Recent Weddings.
I low. ml SwMitz. of M.iplevvond anil
Miss J'vn Spanc-onbet,-, nl I'orbi'll av
enue, wcip united in man Litre on Wed
nesday evenim: by 1'lder '. I. Me
Yej. of the Seventh D.iv Adv enlists.
John Gallagher and MK; Aimcs Con
ner, of Moildlan stieet, wcie mail led
at 5 o'clock Wpiliiesdnv alleinooa at
St. Patrick's (.'.itliedial i lunch, by
Tlcv. Kather Dunne
.Tolin .1., of I'Mic-tnut stieet.
mil Mis I'liahclh I'ushon. of l'vnon
sticct, were man led n tenth In St
Peter's Callied! al.
William Siuinm. of i.os Hampton
stieet, anil Miss- Annie j.jistei, or S til
South Main avenue, wcie manted Wed
lipsd.i.v b Itev. .Tames llenmnirei .
Another Mine Accident.
miner named Thornton. n-IdiiiK at
T.ilor, and luo Vcilandeis, w ho-c
names could not be learned, wen-
I A Daily Reminder
You will not l,i ! -.ippnitiltil in
ll.ifonr'i Idr: It will iclinc
(,'ougIi and Cold in one ingnt.
Careful Men
Think of These Things
The itcII dressed man will not sacrifice comfort
and appearance, merely for the sake of economy. In
fact if he is prudent, he will figure it out that there
is no economy, when any sacrifice has to be made
for the sake of a saving in price only.
But Prudent Men
Will not object to saving money provided there is no
sacrifice in quality, style and comfort, and it is to
such that this advertisement appeals.
Men's Correct Furnishings
Used to be confined to the exclusive men's furnish
ing stores, Today we have a men's furnishing
department within the store that equals in complet
ness and excellence any stock to be found in any
store in this city, and the price inducements are such
as to warrant any prudent man in giving us a trial.
Do You Wear Fine Hoisery ?
Look at these on Saturday. Men's fiue Cashmere
Half Hose in tan, black or natural grey, 'jCr
The best 40c quality for JL
Our Underwear for Gentlemen
Kmbraces every thing there is in that line ou the
market today from the best manufacturers the world
over. Kxtra sizes for stout men. Prices for Cn
thoroughly reliable qualities from OUL
Comfort in the Night Time
Can best be obtained in au easy fitting uight shirt,
with lots of room in it. Fine Muslin or Out- Cfr
iug Flannel Shirts in all sfoe-j. 6fc oties for -JvC
Odr Lafesf Line oi $1,00 Sbirfs.
0tir New Winter Stor? Stock.
Otir Matchless Neu) Neckwear.
And Odr Neu)?sf Suell Hoisery.
Globe Warehouse j
tuti-rlil by a full of roof In the An It
bald mini ye-dordiiv morning nnd nil
ui'ie s-everely tnjuivd.
The l-olunderrt re.sUkd lu KcllH patch,
wlicie one nl! them died shortly after
Hie accident oeettrtcd. The uocldmt
was jcported to the mine Inspector,
w ho w 111 make tin Invoctlgatlon.
Reception nnd Social.
A trcpjitlim was temlpiod Thninns
Klln-t nt II. U. Mnrt-nn'H hull, ininer or
Main avenue nnd Jntltson pi i eel. last
evening. The pioin-nnnuc consisted of
an ntldlos.s bv Joshua J'llasj solo,
Duthpi- Thomas; uddre-u, Hairy Ion
Ulna: rolo. Atthur Tlioiiiiis-: recitation,
William IJ.ivi: solo, ThonuiB Krant-li-;, John W Thomas; polo. Gmnr
lteesc: piano folo", Mls-s Ilye-Je nnd
MNs Jonei.
An nildio.'--s wn dellv-Kd b. ThnniiiH
l'llai-. who spoke of his leccnt tilp to
Vli-Rinln, South WiiIph and other phu-is
or ln! lest.
A olo was then iPiideied bv MIm
Lliisle Jcul'lno, tollmieil by a iclII.i
lion by David II. William's-, aim a solo
by Mlfs i-aiile I'van'-i. 1 tenia I Us were
mad" by the ilmliiuuii, .IoMiuii Jillns,
on New Yoik ilt.v. 'ake and infti e
were Muved, and olcclloiis icmli led by
the Tempeiancp CJlee club,
Recent Social Eventh.
Mis-. l.UIe I'any. of Noith Main
niinuc, wan a suinii'-e p.nty
bj a niiinliti- of her li lends on
Thiir-ilay i-venlns-. Tlie eiiiit was en'l by a'l ore-cni.
The Colonial D.inclu-r ila'-s held llieir
weekly lu AVashlnston hall lust
evoniiifr, and the IVuK SolI.iI i tub, ol
South Sciauton, nniltn-led a il.uue in
Meais' hall List evening.
Mi. and Mr-. John NltlmN-, of -.'17
Ninth I'VPii'tl .-itPiiur. entei tallied
filoi ds on WediiPMlny evonlm,' in honor
oi theii -.on nnd dnitf-htcr William nud
Two Accidents.
CliiNtopher Jcnkin.", of I IS Suiith
Iliomlcy inenue. ia-- stnn lc lu the eve
bv a llius piece of sliel uieiiUy, while
at woil; in the Connell buildiuff, and
ve(iel injuioil. The Injuiv i.a--ilu"--ed
by Dr. Pi i u.
Ml--. Saiah Davli -. ol 11J Nuilh
IJlninley avenue, while st.nidlni. on a
box on a cli.iii, ImiiRing: a picture, tell
heavily to the tlior and n.u tun-d two
ot lnr lib.-. Hi, l.iiiil.ibuiv Is atteiul-lu-r
Jackson Stieet Baptist Cliuich.
TIip ik-i event in ihc- 'onal lite of
tlui tjiiiiih will be the Old Folks,' oji
lort. to bo ttlveii b.v the ilinn, l'ml.
Pavlp is woikini' haul, and it all lake
bold ot it thfie is no doilbl but il will
be a ginnd cucies. See that .von have
our tickf is.
Tin- pastor will tin an illusti.iti d
temperance lcctuie. with teieotlcou
view?. Sunday evenirpr. the lTih. Ml-.
Annie Thoinis. will tedte the poem tu
titled "The Miser ot a Lite."
Special sei vices aie to be held on the
last Sunday ol Novcmbci. The p.cloi
then computes live e.n' woik. IJr.
Wlialeij. of C'aibonilnle, will pieach in
111" moininsr, and Pi. Sprnrer, ot
I5Lilelj, ami othei s will addiess Uk
school In the tiftorlioon. At the evru
lug ncrvlcu there will be n pennon by
Dr. Spencer on the topic, ".Monuments
Ministers Uulld."
Tho fluR-ln-,' of MIm Dully ttnil wan
very nppicclatod Iti-d Sunday
Suipilsc Fatty.
A pleasant surpilw pinty was t.-h-dei'd
Mr. and Mm, Hobuit II. itntnc",
tit their home on North IM-ecca ave
nue, Thuit-diiy rvenlUf. A vciy en
joyable cvenlniT was iipetil by all pic
em, with music and Riitnei-. titter
which rpfreidinieuls Wetp t-erved,
Anion'; ihp inuslcnl nutnhers wcip
piano poUm by Miss Kstolla Harbcr and
Mr. I'Vntil; Schlne, nnd --ultiir nnd man
dolin duets by tins Messi.s. (lelmlul. ptPheiit were: Mr. and Mis.
John Satifonl, Mr. and Mm. TJdwaul
Allnpatif;h, Mrs. llcnty Lord, Mr. and
Mt.s. Thomas Howell, Mm. Mlelul,
Mi-h. CuuililRtit. Mr. and Mm. it. It.
Thomas. Kntlu Stetter, Knlella itaiber,
lUtii Wlllard. riinrc I'liiwr, Flotenie.
Williams, Pen 1 1 Muiiay. t'1-irlie
llloomer, l.lllle Mum ay, llesul" I'ltuian,
Minnie I.anRKiith, Albertu Michel,
Mniy Thomas, ltutli liarne, llslher
Howell. Harry L. Swaitz, Fred S. Wil
liams, Itetmau Poruhelni tins Doiu
heliu, Chin los Doinlieim, Martin I..
Itojier, FiedPilel; done.s, Samuel Pit
man, nilswortlt Tlioinim. ChrlHlopher
Celmlnl, Clulstppe fjehulnl. Floyd W.
Itoper, Itobeit I'm .pi, Andiev. Kran
lek, llnrry Tlioiua", Fiank Schlne,
Willie AllspiuiRli.
I'uiieinl Announcements.
The ruticiul of the late fellu Flvnn
occurred on aftuinoon limn
tin home ol deceased's parents on
Tweiity-lifth htic-et. Short pel vices vveic
held lu St. l'atiick'.s Catholic chunh,
and intfimeiit was made In the Cutlie
diul cnuoteiy. The palt-beaieis wcip
Fivink Ciioiipv, .lolin Dm kin, .Tospjih
Cnoncy, .loliu Kennedy and Tlionms
Waters, of Plains.
The iuiim.iI ol the kite Clunk's (Jiarf,
who died at the Ulll-ddi- Home, was
privately toniliicUd .vci-tenkiy alfei
noou fiom deccaiod's home, 14J South
T'llmtm- avenue. Inli'imer.t was made
in tin; Washhuin Mieel ceiiicteiy.
The liinei.ll ol the late Mi.-. Mai Li
Saul will take plate thi moinliiff liom
the house, l.'JO Pi ice sinut. Services
will be held In St. Patllek'" chui eh.
and inlument will be made in the
C.ithedi il i ciiicteiy.
The of the lute Mi-. M.ny
Moiue oi cm ted on Thiusiliy moi niii-?
Irom the house, i oilier of Wcit Lacka
wanna avenue and Chctnut s-trcct. A
hlf,h m s of ivcpiiim was celehi.ikd
in St. Patllck's i-atholie e-huieh, and
Inteimnil was made in the Cathedial
cf mcUiy. The pall-beaiers wcie Itich
aid I.oneigan. Mlihael I.aikln, Joseph
Sindii. Peter 1. McCann, Mai tin Gur
l oil and C.eoiijf Kellow.
The icnifilns of the late J. P.. rtusbell,
who dli'd In NVallsville, w'eie Intel led
in the W.ihbiun stieet oemetery es
terdaj. The lodKt'S of which doi eased
was ,i mombor had chaise of the sei
vkes at the cemeteiy.
The lenialns of Chailes hl.idl.s, a
vonnsf man who vus killeil In an ex
pkision at fiieensbuiK'. P,i , aniied
hcie M-sfeiday nnd lennivcd to the
homo of deceased's biotliei-ln-lavc, 112
Men i it. coint, fiom whicn place the fu
neial will occur tomorrow afternoon.
Intel ment will be made in the t.-.uh-edial
i emetei v.
New Gnrments.
A meal v.ulety of Ladit-,- and
Mif-; I'-- Lon and Shoi t Coats.;.
Ian--. Xen M.nkets, Dte.
" MHATtS & H.UinX.
Mi- .lames A. Uvan-. of Xoilli
lljclr P.nU avenue, is tntei l.itiiiii)
Miv. Andi'-ws, ol LanMoid, I'.i.
Master Philip Ilaitmaii. or et
L-iekawanua avenue, is lonlhud to his
home bv nines-.
Miss Xf-lia Ilopp. of I'airview avenue
Is visltin-,' Iim- .sister, Mt.s. Adams at
Vllci. X. V.
Itev. D. U. lliipkin-, li.i-toi ol ih
riist AWWi) n.iptlsi ehtiuh, was ,( ie
cont visitor in Plvmiiaili, wheie he as-
Sisttd 111 OpelllllK a mtt- (lllllcll,
Pali lek Moian, ot ,I,u Khou i-tiect,
lia lelmiiLil tioui a luinliun' tup at
Mollllt I'm ono.
I! A. l-hlllli.s. of W. si Kim stieet.
has gone t" lie my, We-t Vliffiula, on
a business nip.
Mlsics Mae and Anna Latins, of
Davcnpoit, Idaho, aie the guests of
theii cousin, j Hai iv limns, ol Xoith
Lim oln iiiLimi1,
Mi. and Mi.-., ot Itiibokcn,
". J., aie the guests of Mr. and Mm.
Fiank ,lilin-on, of Xmih liebcua ave-inii-
S. S. Kies'e, of Petiolt Mich,, is vis
Itiiif, ills .slsiu, Mi.s. c. S HePu, of
Ninth l.iiuoln nveiui".
II. c. Doyle, nod Ms i:il..ibeih
Doyle, of llopwill, aie vlsitiiis Mis.
Lenihan. ot Cliestnui sinet.
A sun wis H-eently bom to Mi. .aid
Mis, iCdiiioml I,ewls, of Monls loint.
Mi.-, .I.nnt - .rones, of Iluiiltoul, is v s.
IthiK h'l sii,.', M).., iMw-.ud Tlv.ilif.
of W'aslihin ii stiei I,
A foiie of men woio at wntk .veslei
duy i ilslnt- tlio Scianlou Itallway
(omiuiuy'.s tracks on Ninth Main ave
nue, liontliiK West P.nk. An moil as
the work Is done ihu Hue will be
opeiiul for traftlc,
The inenibei.s of St. !,iur.s I'Ioiict
Corpr aie making nnaiiKenicnts for
lioldhu; a lit yri.iiitlieniuiu hh1.i1 in
Ha near inline, A iihoIIii-; of the
mips will be held tomoirou- uiteinooii
tu.ll': the dalo for the event.
The Vouiir People's society of iho
Chehltiui Htioot ilenuan Presbvtetlan
chinch will (ouduci an entPitainineut
mid in c);. tie hoiial 111 the chuifli ne.St
Thumdav i'enius Thltels nic mi.
Iiir; ac !' ceiitH each.
Tlu old lnlks' coiiceil at tho ,1m k
Fun Htreet Uaptlst thiirch will bo kIv
ui mi Thui.-diiy evenlUK. Noveinbpr
Pi or, David K. HtiKlies had i liaise of
the i liolr itdieamal nt the Pl mouth
I'oiij-i i Rational cliuich Im-t c-veniiiK- In
the absciiie ot tho leular ihoiMi-r.
Plot, David Owi'iic, wjio has foiie on n
iniutlm- nip to MontU'c.
Tim I. ilr committee' ot tin Patrlotlo
utJii Sous oi Anuvieu will nieut on
Sunday ut'toiiicnu at J,:io n'tloik.
Tho liuiuc of .Mr, ut'd Mm. David M.
Davis, of Djnou t-tject, has been
brlKhtcncd by u now aiilval.
Mlbs, Pcrtlia IliuoUs, ot (iuiildbboio,
has K'ti-.nicd to her home, after a pleas
diit visit with the Mlstes Deem, of
Not tli Hebtcca avenue.
K. J. Slice-In nnd M, .1. WlilbtPd. two
well-known joune' men of ihls .side, v.lll
open a pool and hllllaii! loom In the
Pali child buildln-f, l'.'t Xurlh Main ave
nue, on Nov ember 15.
A largo liumlici ot frleuilh of AuRiiat
Fill, of Jacks-oil Micet, tcndeitd him
a. miipiIm' p.ilty last cvcnlm; at liU
home. The kucsib spent a vci,v enjo
able ovenlns'.
The Home Mliloiiaiv cnli'iy ot Hip
Wafhbiiiu Stievt Ptefbv leilan ihuicli
Rich and Poor Alike Suffer fiom
Catarrh In Tills Climate.
All obsetvant phynlclan.s have noticed
the enormous InuiPiise In calnrihal
diseases In tpcent yrm-c. nnd thu most
llt-crnl nud cnllslitcncd have cheerfully
Riven their npprovnl to the new Inter
nal remedy, Stuait'.s Catairh Tablets,
as the most successful and by fur the
fittest lemeily for catairh yet pto
tluced. One well known entail It .specialist, as
.soon as he hud made a thorou-'h test
ol this preparation discarded Inhalers,
washes and sprays and now depends
entirely upon .Stuart's Catairh Tablets
In tieatinp catairh, whether lu the
head, throat or stomach.
Dr. Itlsdell says. "In patients who
had lost the sense ot smell enthely and
even where the lieni Iiir has begun to
be affected fiom int.mli. I have had
line iP"iilt.s alter oulv a few weeks
use ot Stuart's Catanh Tablets. 1 can
only explain llieir action on the thcoiy
that the cleansing- and antiseptic piop
ei lies ot the tablets destroy the ea
tairhal Reims whet ever found, because
1 have found the tablets ci-unllv valu
able In uitanli of the tin oat and
stomach as in nasal catairh."
Dr. Kstabiook say-. Stunt t's Catairh
Tablets ate especially useful in nasal
i atari li and catanh of the,
cleatltiR the meiubiancs of mucous and
speedily overcoming the hawking-,
coughing and oper toiatlng-.
Anv sufieier fiom catarrh will find
Slitfiit'.s Catairh Tablets will give im
mediate lelief, and being In tablet
loint nnd pleasant lo the taste, me
convenient and always leadv for use,
as they can be entiled In the pocket
and used at any time as they contain
no poisonous drugs, but only the
e leanslng antiseptic propel ties ot Ku
calyplus baik, Ouaiaeol, blood loot and
All dtuggists sell the tablets at r,0
cents foi complete tieatment.
weie entPitdincd jesteiday afternoon
at the home of Mis. (',. W. Jenkins, on
South Hvde Park avenue.
Miss Lama Stubblebine ami Miss
"Moi lis Thorn. i, ol Pellewie, Iflt !"
teiday morning for "VVIlkes-Daiie.w hcie
they will spend . tew cla-.
The Hrminle dance- will be held at
Mens" hall next Tuesday evening.
Tlviv will be a special meeting of the
West Side Wheelmen tomonow aftci
nooii at J 30 o'clock.
Allspaugh Ibotheis. cnntiai torn, me
fueling- a substantial dwelling' for
Mis. David S. Hushes, on Gai field ave
nue. The Donmicaii P.ithois of the Now
To: k T'loviute will open a mission at
llolv Cio-s chinch i ommenciug toinoi
i ow .
.Mis. u D Thonia.- will eng.inUe a fe
ni ile chorus this evening at Co-opeia-tive
hall to compete on the selection,
"A -mit' Laiuie" at the Noith Si l an
ion eislcddlod on Tlianksv igitig day.
News has been u-ceived heie of the
death ot Miss Lelth.i M. Waildal, in
Timid. id. Col. The l.imily foimeily 10
sideel on Noith Proinlev avenue.
Mei chant Kinuiu-r. of Ninth Main
avenue-, his taken po e-sion of Huston-
loom in the V. M. 1. building, 1JJ
Noith Main avriuie
The Lltctiii Cit.
ball i I'lli will play
Wheelmen's eleven
Wheelmen's fool
ihe Ciien-n nidge
em Thanksgiving
eh iv.
The alumni teams of Xos. 1 1 nnd I,",
schools villi play foot ball on the We-t
P.nk gioiinds this liioitiing.
l'u-t Methodlsl Upl.--.opal chilli h,
llev. Chailes Heut.v Now iug, pastoi.
Sei vices at 10. 'lu a. in. and T.:;0 p. m.
The pastor will pi each at both i-ervice,-.
Moinlug sllbiect, "Salvation by Con
U'Sflf.n." evening subjeet. "Sowing and
Ibaplti-,." cia-- nieellng at tin- eo-e
of the uioinlng sci vli e; Suuda.v mIiooI
at a."ii p. in.: evening prayer civlie at
ti.aft o'clock. The special ei vices will
be'i outliiiied till-lomli1',-w-ii k. Theie
Ins keen ,i good alteudanci' the past
week, and It is hoped that even mine
will iitterd iluiiug the week to onn .
The singing- Is i se elk ut, if jou lull lo
attend tin- sen lets, jqit aie missing
a gland nppoi lunlly ii good.
Tlii- Ttipp Avenue Chilstlau ihuitli.
Pte.'ichipg both moi nlng- and evening
b the p.istoi, lev, .1. 1!. Diilmey,
Mm nil. g topic, "Hondngo lu Urmii:"
evcnlniT topic. Our ciiUenshlp," Sun
day sihcol at 10 o'cloi k. KvPiybody
iiMdi w clciiine,
llev. Duvlel Spcuiicr D, D nt P. Like
ly, will pieach lu the DudKy Stnct
Haptlst tluuili loincurow al'teinoan at
a o'e loi k
Itiv. W. P. Clhbons will lontlnue his
series ot f-i'i moils on liiaveu toiuotiow
(veiling, Inking foi hi- ilinue, "Who
Will lit. to IIiMVPiiV"
How. ml Ilarpci. of chmy stuct,
and Mbs Lydla Hovce, ot Hutlei mi eel,
both well-knowii young people ol this
pl.ue, sitrpilscd their many li lends ,ves
teulay by aniiounelug theii minrlaRe,
which took place at Illntihauiton on
Thursday, October ill I'm the tupf-piit
they will les-lde with Mr. Ilnipei's pu
cnts, on chiiry stieet. Mi. Ilnipir Is
one nt tho town's be-t known .voiing
nun nnd l.s employe. I In the nei minting
dc-paitmcut of tho Temple Jtou torn,
Waltci tiii-avi.-.-, ji . Is confined to his
homo with Injiuk-s loielwd while dilv
luff his- fnvoil'i' pony yesKulay, lie
luckily cMi.iped without any In niton, and will be about again In a Hil
da vs.
Mls-s Com Ii lee, of Caiindenal.i, te
tuined lo her home jcBteiday, after
spendlntr tho past weil; In town.
Mlfs Catherine Tcelor, of L'lm stieet,
Is vIsitlnK- friends lu New Yotl.,
Miss Leah Cut mil, of Chriry stieet,
Is visiting- u lends lu IVutoiyvllle,
ractoty Inspector TJIshop Is dilvlng
a flue new tin nout, piuihutcd ttoiu c,
M. Ik-Its esleiday.
The woiknien nt Muuav's ndnc-s
wcie paid yestenlay.
New Gainieuts.
V ftieat v.ulety ot Ladles' and
Misses' I, ling mid Slmtt Coats, Lag
Inns. New Maikets, Htc.
.MKAltri JlAlllJN.
(dlii-nl-it coiiiininiloii, No. 2ti, Knlulil- ol
Milt I, villi work Ibtf M-IU ilif-rfe: nevt 'llnilliy
i Milne, .Vol. II
.New- t'liticil xil. tliren Itliluc MukC
l.imy Ink iiilr, in. en lltiUi' Muki-t. '
llev. t' 1. .liinr, cf Sew kliiK'Inn, tiiiii'ii'
liml eomil.i, onurlj ulr nl I lie SStnu I'liiii
gellul nt IliN (Hi, vbltcl liter I lllilge!
fllrtiil! lliU VM'cl .
tJtfeti Irnllli stanipii with ,ill iisli -il lata,
IIMum Mulct.
ll'li, ii.uli'ij oihI el nil". (Ifii-ii lllilf M ukct.
Night iiliool will i'Ikii In So. '-'" ilioil tan
eli- eiunlui:, ultli l'tufe-riii- J, II. llj'War .n
licli -lic-wil piins luikc-s ami elikkllH.
(lioi-n lllilp- Mitrkil. '
I'lfill vrisctllikw, nil khuN. ttiCCII UlelgC Mat-
I.t. "
New Gniments.
A gical vtulely of Ladles' and
Mles' Long tt i nl Shoit Coats, IJng
Inns, Now .Markets, Ktc.
An Escltlng Game of Basket Ball nt
Auditorium Between Cracker-
jncks and Defendem.
Tli" laigest eiowd that ever gath
1'ied at the Auditoi lllin to witness a
game ol basket bull eiowdi-d Into the
spacious hall to witness one of the
best plu veil games of basket ball thai
bus been plaved In the Audltoiiuni In
some lime. Dully 'inn people wlliieed
the game. The opposing teams weie
the Ciaekei licks, of this section, and
the Dolendeis, or the South Side, cham
pions of Lackawanna county.
Hughes, a member or the St. Clair
team, champions ot Peiinsjivanla, was
the star ol the game-, playing all
aiolind the other b-llous, and In the
latter pait of the second half he was
knoi keel uneouseloiis, while i milling up
the hall, bv running into on" of the
Delendeis' men. and was uneonse Inus
for about 111 I eon minutes, after which
he icsumed his position in the game.
The v.oik ot the umpire which the De
lendeis had, was unsatlsfucloi.v . He
fnvoieil the Delendeis close plays, thus
enabling Hip South Side team to In
i ivase their seoie bv tin owing baskets
on leillls, whli li he celled on the
Ct.uke-i jacks, when llieie was no need
ol them. The linn! sine v as U to tl,
but the game was foi felted to the
Cratkei i.n l.s, on aeiount of the De
lendeis infusing tei llnNh. .follow lug
Is the line-up of both teams:
Clld 01 II k- P'flllfl"!..
Wels iislil Imw ml ... -iiidor
Hi ni iniin It ft (olHiliI
.MMc-, until Kuie!
s. Puis Ml mini . . . O liue-ii
II. lliiii iiklit iiiid IVti'lern.ibt
1. Dm-, Wi -niiul viorntitv
D.tskets weie tin ow u by Kane, Unc
oil Inuls and one Horn Held, for the
Delendeis, nud Hughes thicvv two lor
the Ciai kei jae ks. I'mplip Quliiii.
lt"fei ee Mc i 'lu-kev
Biithdny Paity.
Mis-, Minnie Tlinin is entu tallied a
few ol her mauv freliuls at her home
on Putnam stieet Tluusday evening',
the oci asion being her thiitcetitli
biitlidav. (Sautes and otlnr pally
amtistineiits weie iiululgcel in until a
seasonable hour, when lefieshment.
weie served, alter which the guests
dopai led lor their homes.
Those piesent weie: Misses I'cssie.
Lewis, Sadie Low lands, Minnie Thom
as, Uniily Thomas, ltaehel Owens,
Klhcl Owens, lliehaios,
Kliabeth Lowlands, Kdith Lewis. Jta
i hel Lowlands, Illodwyu Thomas,
Maiy Moignns and Mary Uichaids:
Mosst. Jtobetl Pa ice. Thomas Lewis,
Thomas P.htk.v, l'lauk Jones, Hiiuley
Davis, William Thomas, .lo-eph '"'o
hen, I I.n i, v Thomas and Pav id
Postponed Week. .Monday evening is the unii lor
the November iis-,e;inbly ot ihe Sci .ni
ton .Men's society, ot the Noith laid,
ov. ing to ihe Inability ot thu speak-:.
Lev. J. 11. Wiialut. D. D to be pus
em ltc-M Moiiilav evening, the as-em ilv
villi take place (lie evening ot the 1Mb.
The liteiaty anil pliilauttuopic i eiin
initt"e ami social lomniiltce aie mak
ing special pieiiaialiotis loi this No
veinbei ineetiiig.
Dl. Wlialell Is ,l populai lectutei
ami at ihe men's meeting week attei
m t, he will speak on a -oilal theme,
or a tailor lu leveling the clusseo of
society. An otiliestia will enliven the
occasion with nui-di . and the -men's
luncheon," w hit h was so popular at
tlie meetings last .vear. will have, a
plan- in tlie assemblies this wintei.
New Gaiments.
A gl'-.H vatlety nt Ladies' and
Ml-e-' Long and Slunt Coats, Kag-lain-,
Ni i M. ii kids. Kie.
I'llul t- llllasti I Seigeaiil William I.n
tleliilm, ol llie Kleveilth leghuelll,
t'nitid Slates legular anuy, who has
Just joined Ills leglinenl alter spend
ing a month's le'iivo ot ab-eiuo with
his pan uts In ie, has b, en oideieel,
W till Ills tegililellt, to thu PhlllppillP
1-htluK Oil Pi e. 1.
Iti v. i '. A Spalding will tcid.i paer
Indole the llaplist Mlnisieiial eeinlel
i nee on .Mouda.v uniiiiliig ou 'Panilly
AVoi ship and Its lllstor.v.'
Seniles will be louducln! at the
Ninth Main Avenue Uaptlst liibcrnaele
tomonow at the usual houi.i, by the
pasloi, llev, Albeit Hatcher Smith.
Piol. ,1, S. Mac.Muney will sing at botlt
set V lies. At IO.mO ii. in., the- lllellln s,
'The Tiiinslotnied Life"; 2 X) p. m.
Siintlay ti hool: ciulstlan Kndcavoi in
ti..i0 p, in,, nud at '.) tlie pastor villi
ile liver a spuilul senium lo .voiiug wo
luen. lion, William Aliuilmm. M. 1'.. will
dellvei a lectuie on 'The Labor IJltes
Unii In Ureal Uiltaln." on 'I'lmr.-day
uveiiing, Nov. y, in the Ninth Mum
Avenue llapliot label tun le. Il will be
the only ledum ou ilm lalnn iiucsllim
that he will deliver in this dtv, and
tuuloubtiilly he Is the highest annua
lly of Knglaud and WaUs on nils
The Alpha li.iuia tool ball team de -fenled
til'- lleiklinets, of liiecti ltlde,
jtMtPidny iifteiuoon at Sanilci. mil's
park, by the. seoio of 0 to 0. Itoy till
lehple niado iho touthdow n and Col
lilis kicked the goal. Nel Friday nf
teinoon the Alpha fininas will play
Powell's Indians til Athletic p.nk,
owing to illness the dalo ot Mm L.
M. liiitu't- addiess has been poslpoitcd
to Nov. 17, nud Miss Anna Ann Noit,
loinier seili'taiy ou the South Side
will speak Monday. Nov. 10 tit .! :10 p.
lit. 'ihe meeting will bo ot' special In
leUst. The week iNtelidlng ll om Nov
10 to IT is set np.nt us u wick ot
puivci lor oung wotueii and a pta.ver
seivlee will be held in the assoelatlor
pailots al .1 p. m. Monday, Tue-sda.v
and Wednesdtiy, to whhh all who aie
Interested iue Invited.
Remains Wcto Taken to Cedar Ave
nue M, E. Clnnch Wlieic Scrvtccn
Wcio Held Functal of John rioe
licit Who Was Killed Tuesday In
tho North Steel Mill Roaiin--Biook
Conclave of Hcptasophs to
Celebrate Their Tenth Annlvei
saiy Other News Notes,
Mis, .lames Shot ten was laid al iest
ypsteulay aftcuiooii with impicsslvo
sen Ices, from the family leslilenee.
L'lOJ Cedar avenue. Long- bufme '2
o'tluck. the hour sot for the obeipilpa
ti gtettt tliioug- ot soriowlng li lends
nnd neighbors gatheted at the gtlef
Htilckcu home to pny their last le
spcetn to a kind mid loving ft lend and
win thy neighbor, whoso gentle dispo
sition and Ciulstlan character had eu
deini'd her to all with whom she cnuie
in contact.
At 2.:!t) p. m. the ipmaliiH weie taken
to the Cedar Avenue Methodist Lpls
eopnl clnnch, wheie a high tribute was
paid to the deceased by pastor Lev. I
1. Doty. Ititeuncnt was afterwauls
made in the Koiest Hill cemetery.
The pallbeaieis weie: David Hinn
plncy, Joseph Shorteit, Arthur A. Hew
itt, Thomas Wlltshlie, Alfied Haines
and Chailes II. Maicy. The numerous
floral tokens weie borne to the giavc
slele by Owen MpIvIii. William Powell,
Mat tin JelU'is and Mneky Ilickey.
Laid at. Rest.
Tlie funcial of John Froeliih. who
was Instantly killed Tuesday arteinoou
at the Noith Steel mill, took place es
leultiy alteuioon in the pieseiue of a
Luge assemblage ot nelglibom and ac
quaintances. Including the fierman
Ilenellcial soelelv. which was mai
hliallPd by Matthias AVelule.
The lenialns weie taken iioin the
family lesldence. "-") Alder stieit, to
the lalhedial. wheie tlie last sad lltes
of the (iiiiuli weie obsened. Intei
ment was afteiwuuls inade m the Ca
thedial cemeteiy. The pallbeaieis
wcie: John Tonkins, John Roitr, A'le
tor Stci n mid I'lod lJleu.
The limeial dt Mm. Hannah li. Pavls
will lake place tomonow afternoon at
1 o'clock sharp, fiom tlie home of Mr.
and Mis Uvnn M. FiimuK In Oieen
wood. Sen ices will be held at the
house by Lev. Hauls, oL Tavlor. and
Intei inent will be made lu the Diut
moi e cemeteiy.
To Obsoive Tenth Anniveisaiy.
Hoarlng Utook conclave, No. 211, Im
pioved Older of Hepta-ophi. with
he.uliiuarlcis In ir.itttnin's hall, have
begun uiiangenients to eelebiale the
tenth anuiveisary of the .soeletj's oi -ganlzation.
An excellent eonnuliieo of hustleis
was appointed by the pitslding- ofllccr
at the last nici tlnj, who will meet ne.l
Piiday and decide what foi in the lolc
biation will take. As the aflan- does
not take place until Jan. -.'!. theic is
siulliieiit lime to picpue a tine prn
gianime, and as tne committee weie
given a lice hand no expense will be
spaied to make it a memorable occa
sion in the annals ol Heptasnphlsm.
Ito.nlng- Uiook conclave is coiisldeied
one of the solid institutions ot this
side, and counts in its metnbeishlp a
number of the most pi eminent elti.tns
lu this pal t ot the eitv.
roinier Resident to Wed.
Ml. and ills. V. L. Teippe, ot T.'.l
Cedai avenue, weie .vestcrday in il
ecipt of au Invitation to attend the
wedding o William Adolph Se luuldt to
Ml--, Helen Ji -sie King, wlllcll will
take (line e on W'tdncsda-,, Nov. -7, at
the home ol the bible's patents lln
Pine sllnr. Hallstcad, Pa.
.Mr. Schmidt Icnmd the bit-Inoss as
a diuqgisi with Mr. Teipii and Pitvul
with hint as civil; over seven veam. He
was Inn n on this side and is will
known in the vleinliv. At pie-out he
is engaged a- head ileik at I". I'
sands' phaiiniiey in ( T'end.
New Gai incuts.
A gleat vaile-tv of Ladies'
Mif.-i-' Long and sdmil Coals, Lag
!aiu, Xi w Maikets, Uti.
Vu niiiii'-llus -i "Ion el (,iiui-l oiai 1 1 lit'
in unii it, knihlitfi el Vlilti, v J- 1 1 dl ai Halt
nun's 1 .11. mi Pill-iui ii.niii. la-t ridiiiii.,
linn eiif i nulliljli i. Initiiliil nil .1mii tlm
llil ikgiei V -lust s.iilil ms.ioii ill mill.
Vl,, I ill! Vlltll. II V,l, rtl.,ll, III, 1.11
lii-Mliii.r the Mill, villi liu Mltll. Mis ilim
1 1 Mill I, l Mlllutt ln I. li in-1 ii I luiiii" 'ml iv
Hi.' Kiiiuih linitliu., Mini "ni' .nui-tfil ni
Wiilnsilii t"l ih-Diiliilv i iii'lmt, in "Hi I')
III (OlllllV iJil l"i tVillll ili' I" MJciitl itu
-lull- M-tllllll
Vli liiliii'.tiii-. .. 11,11 ct tin1 loulu i lull .i
I tlJ li.-. mi inn,; In tin' oim-. Mwmii'i ' lius'iiii
i... iiill.ui i. ones, mi ti'Ui .aiinii, "nt n .li In
MtlHllM' ultllii- "I- liwile In Ub sllon.-, tun
,i el lit .i-.ut 1 ill, ii. Li -nnili, .itlciiu'li
iniiiIii," in I itilie villi be loi I,- Ul .V. 1',
lo til.
I il ml V -le in-, oi -mlli W i-liliuini .in iiih.
.mil Mi. It" i, in -until Wn luiiiK .imiiui'.
will I" liiliml til wiill'ik lii)ill,
tin Vllililli liili'n ilim ll's i la-.- lim it In J'l
! nl, li. lui lii.lrmliiin, lil rviiiiiu.
snue tlie nl.'lil imIiuhI, "I UiL ihv open mi
Miliiln, Noi. II lliiw ili-niiiS I" ililn Nf. -nl
ml i .in lihUir I'liioilin nl-jlil, N" . 'i,' lie.
II II II , it il s nl 'I k
UAXhO.M UltlliliS. one ol tlieoldisl
nnd iiiii-i pioiiilneiit iliitin. of this
lit), til- il .vtftuiliiy ,ilt(iii-ioii nl I
o'llock ,U his lioiiu, -Ml South llydi
P.nk itveuui, lie had bum sbk lor
ovet a NPiii. but was nnlileiil.v tain u
ill with piiinunonln on Wedncsdnv. )u
sni.k lapldl.v until In parsed awa.v. Ho
was Inn n lu this city in IWS and was
7S i iim of age but lor uulal .veils
he nsldul lu Cllfioid. Susiiiiih.'Una
ciiuutj He winked loi lllin n vcais
lis welijhin.tsicr al tin- OMoid mine,
lie was a devout inelilbfl of t' - Wiisli
Lili u Stieet ITesbyteilait ihuicli. H
was man-led to .Miss Muis.nci Shan
non, who died tlsteell eais ago Inst
New Ytni-f. He Is siuvlved by line mi)i
Attouiey Walter Iltlggs, a Inothei. IM
win Hiigirs, of I'llftord. and a sister,
Mis. John Shannon, ot Xlcthlelicm, Pa.
The funcial will be mudi'itul pilvately
at the house Monday noon at L' !10 by
the lit. v . in. John i'., D. D, of
the W.ishbiun Sticct Pusb.vtc linn
i Inn eh. Tlie lemains will be luu-ued
in the faiullv plot at West Pltision, Pa.
NOlt.MA P.VA.NS. tlu ft-. eai -old
daugl.ui or Mi. and Mm. John Lvaiis,
oi Pileebun,'. illul cn)y -.cttoid.iy
inoinlng. Dei eased was u nleie ol' Mine
rorcman James A, i:aiis, of the Dhi-nit-mi.
The luneial will ociui toinoi-
it vvondetftil, bat collee i?
Injuriojs to tlie netves and
digestion tit most people, li-.
raiiic ol Ihc ciUcinc in it.
The nhosphiites and hypo,
phcnphltcs added to Dr.
Hand's Condensed Milk
make eullec of. nctual food
value by neutralizing tho
etlcct o the coffee drug.
it the greatest of. all nerve
lootli ami body builders. It
tastes like rich crcani; gives
a delicacy ot llavor lu eoilc-c;
maktJ it a refreshing drink
nt all times. Dr. Iland'u
Condcnscel Milk is best tor
summer use. Alv ays sive-ct
jou don't need ice. Book free.
Tho Dr. Hand Condensed Milk Co.
Srranton, Pa.
Academy of Husic
M. I1L1S, I.cafc. , A. .1. Putty, Maiia;or.
Honday, November 4.
Huntley-Harris f6
In i Itipriluiic nf l'i lo-l)ite Plai. O,on
in.? unii a His bccnic I'iniluiiion ut
An Innocent Sinner
i urn v.u'pr.vtu.r vi is 4
V C ll lojtl nf Spend .-Ktilly.
1'iiifs to, ai .mil .i) uiii.
VI itliiop.-- 10 .nut JO e tuts.
Jvl P. (1 Ill.ltUlNti-lO.V, Manager.
I hm -il iv, 1 ml iv ind Mtunlii,
Nov. Till, Slh .mil Itli
tin l!l' II utlv Slimv.
Mme, Lillian Nordic
riio Woilds l!ie licit (imiil si"fft,
VI It. liOVIAN MI sV1VI0NS, I .,
In lonnection with tin; lomtcculj
lomeit ol The Stl.iutoll Sv million-.
Uieliestl.i, Thcodoie llunbel RPf, Coil
dm tor, at tlie
New Armory, Scra.ilon, Pa.
Thursday Evening-, Nov. 14, 1001.
llll.lllll ei(!l ll l'lUlll'-. VIll-IC S( o Ilinn.
el e Noe ,lli lf0l, ll 'i i III
'iphh ttnv 4!nnfiiilrrt nr.
itn.iii'in M.i.,n .i...v.i .lnv .l
Iniunvenlenfe, ani'CllonjinY I
lu.wWeti.topnllia. -u.V,uu'V
IicI.h unii l:ilecllnn Inli.
low when 111 - lenialns will lie taken tc
XaiulcoUe tot intet mint.
("SPY Ti!A IDS, of 11.' Clb-on .-itieet
died 'lluu-ilay eidim,- nt T.tlii. ruuei.ii
set v lies al the Iiohm s-aiuiil.ty iileht at
T :.a o'clock.
Th' i'iiucuiI of Mis. lluniiah Davie-
villi tiiKu Hum Iho linmo of Dvau
jiaucls. al i iieettwooil, at J o'clock.
Inte.nient will be inuda In Dunuioio
i cine tety
The fiiiiiinl ol the late t ', M. Stan
lev Will take iilnie tills attcilioon Horn
tlie iidii-c, i in mr ol .lell'cison avoiun
nud Linden stie-et. The leninlns villi
l.e i iKpii to l.i'siotshhi, x. Y., on tho
I,'" 1 1. in U.tuuiina ttalii. to tho
horn ol dei easi d's 1 i othei -In-law, li.
I Sabiieool, limit whiili plate the lu
neial will take pi, ti e
Tales, of Oslikosh.
Illlkirh, V, - , I. mi' ,f 111. nii.t ulu t-nl
)il ii i s III the uuilil, lli; rr in nilitr t nil lily
ln-ol-lrtit limit'. Illie k it ii'iutu, ni sn, sjn
ivl.lih llliUii llitneiltii. e ensile Hull, Inn lln nut,
Hi 111! Ill 1.1 Ml ,lMlltl llllllltl llllll llll!ll,.lt .llllft
.H '" lllUM IMu i-licil, l.n.-li ft II ihln
.an ikli kii.'.i.linii n luilnii.iii in tlirir
ii'ie t-d'uil lli H ihir li no ailruiiil in Uitni
mIi', lilai i iii.isiKi liiu.i nf Hie wilnl ulo, nr
m .l ni 111110111111111.-, jml mi isi'ij tint new1.
iill jiiUiin .liu I V iinlivllle liiili'iiiiti i lun ill
M llllll. I III llalllt U III II .1 Kll ll 111 mV ltilli,
lii lliU 1 1 1. 1 1' nil. lint I lie i.niii' ix a ii
U'lltlull, Illul lllll liu Xlltl llli' I'.NKt,. ill h .!!,!
U -.'I.IIIH' III ll"' 111 I J of Wl'iell.lll nil, I.I I llS
ilnlp lll.ll llillCmii II,
'I III' lll Mllltln r.lU lllll ItJtWl III 1- llit-
t ill I v lli iiinii'nl tie li iiui , III in.-, liui t iti-ii f
llhll.- fllllllt-1 Mllltll, ,lt tlK' llull'illl i I ikl
l linn lujn, .!. the liul Kllliiniiii ni I ml tin, wlmci' I ii in It limit' , mil tuiiiM i utun
e nli luiiili ll nliis .ui' I iiiivli'M irn . .1 ' 1
ii.d .iii,iiii,i.u in ii,iiIiu I lie in ln
illiii. 'Hie niltii'i 11 Ulu- Itler. In nl..u tlMl aih.iiu ii' In an ji 1 ' id
linluii viiiliv. Vt .1 KU'ii iuuuii 01 (
ml inl.klii 11 u.i-i iini ut'd ami (. tnulb "'I
lint III" i Ultliitlit tluuili he luiinil in Imihi'
ui I hi- liu it 0,i!.iuli, 1I1I1I 11 tlto Wli.mlii,' .-
I nun llnl lllll': ulilutl 1 ijuill "in tnii 1
ll. ililii intiiJiVii, (a e il.iluir it tui 11 lib iluv
1 1 1 11 it-ilf li nil, el lilt il.lil. I 1 'li'! 11
I.K, V.lll llC IUI ''lllll' llllll IllK'l J.. II c
tlulr niurtu lal, 1; n.u lln iiiii,iiuih ai
loi nf j loul tin up 1 Mini Url ilicw 4
tuition lu tilt' pnullillilUi in tlie v "nl 'Otll," ,iml vim flrt snitul uunj it lie llt
l.ll ll'MUt IlUt tit). 'Illik Ultllii- "s O'llrlllll
l,v j.kiiciI in ln inicr iliu ii Jcuiih in
til, liiliiv lilt 1 fbliixb il -ill ! iiinnniii.
lilt 1 mil ol lib lulUliiviui miiillU" mi UK
ilnllic. lulu, hi lui urna.', Ills ,UII ill ' 1 11.
ln no.- Jliijiliiel in, -tui uut cl in 1 I 'tin
illul- In Mo'tili ' a-UiJ tlii 11. in .r
'nil. jil-i luill "H' u' (I', na 11 m
fun Mllli lln U v "
"Mln, mi il'-'f till"". viUl Hill 11
SJl Witt 1 fUO M.l ..Oil.
"Sl, JUIMiU," lll IUI fllloW, III o kOilfl l-l
I jl WllI.JUl, Ui III' i'UUOl eltt 0 111 pi)' M-
pill vf .1 ltl'Lvi i'll'l V JllnJA Dtllel lil"0,li plcl
el li'lliuli Jtulu.n.1. ' libit il'f Jo'i "i 0 tlui
tilltiV wife lull si; ilitn -li,(!, lllin NiJ
till, lllli..'-.