The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, November 08, 1901, Page 4, Image 4

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t(Sc Scranfon $ri8u.u
t lihtlilitd Hilly, t:cept Sunday. Iiy ThTrlb.
ic I'ubliihinv Company, t Fitly Ccnli .1 Sloutii.
J.tVV R nirilAttl), IMItor.
U. i nVMIKi:, Hiuliim Mwigtr.
Now York Office: JuO N.n..iti SI.
S. 8. Vltl'.nt.ANI),
Sote Aijcnt tor t'oielgn AdMiH-in
Lntctnl at tins tVxtoffi&t tt Rrrinton, Vt , t
Bceond Chi Mail Matter.
When ip.ue will permit, The Ttlliitni l alw.iri
RUd !o print short letter from It IrlcnelA bear
lnjr on curicnt topic, but It tide l tlut tlia
mut be sinned, tor piihllcilloii. by tho writer'
rral name! ntiil tbe condition precedent l nt"
'fptance l all contributions shall be subject
to rciMnn.
Tin: itATt: roil Ativmrristxa.
The follovinjr table fbnwa ths pi Ice per tncli
tach liuwrlloti, space to be 11,31! within ono year!
I.M1 tharreoolnchcs
ww Iniiicj...
Jfmo " ...
JOCll) ' ...
"000 " ...
for mills of flmnt. rMntiirln,i. .,)
anil sllllll.11' cmilrtlillttnna In flm .,-lnln ftf B'l
erllsltig lbe Tribune makes a charge of fl ccnti
Hate? fur Chuslflcd; furnished on
There Is ceitaluly nn element of tlio
ili-nmntli: In the turn of ttfi.tlrs whluh
nipsirenlly Rives t'onti-nlli'i' .Touch a
tiltirallty of ! voto.. Coniliiir 11s the
unexpected, It Is doubly Kt-atlfyins to
know tlmt this SDlundlil ollclul, clean
cut Ilcpubllcati ami mlrnlrulilp Kontli'
111.111 may lmvp three yi-iiM tunic In
.serve The snlniit fight ho made 1111-di-r-
adverse elietinistancps would rcn
der hia victory iiotahle oven though Its
tnnigln should he the elosefU on local
How Long?
ONi: OF TI1K most clirctKe
arguments brought by labor
leaders iigalnsl trusts Is that
they are liable to enforcn
their sunieinacy by tyrannieal mutli
oils, such, for example, as crushing out
miiiiII eoinpelltors or demanding of
transportation companies preferential
lutes by means of secret rebates. It
has also been claimed that trusts re
I'tricl the liberty of the retail dealer
by making war upon him If lie dares
to handle goods not bearing Ihe trust
is tliere nut danger of labor unions
using mill justifying, when used by
themselves, the weapons which, when
used by others, they have bitterly con
demned'.' To make our meaning clear,
let us cite an instance.
In a certain city not a tliousaud
miles from Scianton, two merchants
leased store looms in u newly con
structed building well situated for
their pin pose. They did not learn, un
til after they had signed leases and
spent much money in litting up their
stores, that the owner of the building
had had trouble Willi the. labor unions.
The. lii st knowledge they had of the
matter was through notice from a
labor union that they had been boy
cottPil for moving into a non-union
Their trade is mainly with working
people. They have always been on
friendly terms with Ihe labor unions.
3Iany a time, during strikes, tliey
have extended liberal credit to strik
ers, borne times at a considerable loss.
This apparently counted for nothing in
the present case. The boycott was de
1 Idccl upon in star chamber fashion
nnd clapped on before its victims had
had any opportunity of defense. It
was an illustration of tyranny as bold
nd unadorned as was over credited
against the most domineering trust,
and wo arc sorry to say that It Is not
an exceptional case.
How long will American manhood
Dl.ind for such practices'.'
l'or unee Lackawanna count
t-ympathize with Tammany.
Li Hung Chang.
HUNG CHANG was a typi
cal Asiatic. Vcw careers
have been more instructive
to the student of Oriental
jiolltlcs than that of the stntor-nuin,
soldier and courtier who has passed
away amid the wreck and partial ruin
of the kingdom who.-e destiny he has
during the past (ll'ly years so largely
Influenced In its relation with the
western world, M Huns Cluing was
as enigmatical to Occidental concep
tions as this philosophic: Ideals of his
countrymen are esoteric to our per
ceptions, lie knew vastly mote about
us than we knew about him or tho
motives which dlieeted his actions, nu.l
he was as conscious of our Ignorance
as wo wero unconscious of the ulterior
aim of his policy and tortuous diplom
acy. He could not contiol the trend
of events from the west as It surged
on with a tidal Impact on tho shores
of the Middle Kingdom, but ho did
what It wai possible fop him to do to
hold bad; the inundation by conces--Ioub
and placatlons whoto tho morn
dei)filtif Kuroiieau or American do-mands--voutd
have proved fruitless or
wotfse. 'Jfu was a great statesman In
Thociiso In which ho and his more
conservative countrymen understood
stafesimuinhlp, but his life and works
were tin alien to our notions of political
progress and expediency as Oriental
obr-curanlism and reaction could be.
A great deal of liiRenully litis been
txpemled in reconciling la's position
(vlth a desire to open up China to
ostein civilization. There is II tt In
room to doubt that lie fully understood
if hjj did not appieelalo the valito and
tmoriylntf pilnulplos of modern
thought and progress. ul wits intl
muftly associated with the represen
tatives of European governments and
oui'Sown for half a century, Uu hud
tnnjjL'leil around tlio world, professedly
not us a tourist or diplomatic- agent,
but aa a student whoso mind was open
to jlm Impressions and Influences of
tlio;wi:?ti who was prepared to im
lu'nfp the opportunities which tho
cessation of hosllllttci between his
country nml Japan brought about, to
begin u new era in tho history of his
country, Ho even went so far as to
nrofcsj sympathy with such a design.
H Is exceedingly unlikely, however,
that lie ever sympathized with u pros
pective revolution so tremendous in its
potentiality, while it is certain that ho
did all he could after' his return trom
.Itussla to frustrate it. In tills course
"Itiin rif lsnUnir mi
JPapcr Hemline
.21 " .2,1
.21) .2!
.10 .175
.IM .17
.ir. I .id?
he was poplbh' nholted If tint Ultrcd
tm by Itiissln, which hiiw as 1.1 him
self dlsicined that the legenenilion of
China lay In two direction;', as far
It wti po..lblu In regoneiati) It within
11 period the predominance
of ltiiMPln In tlio coiitmorclnt expansion
of the oi;l!lliil empire and Its Ititeg
Wl.Vi or (he piodomlnance of the oth
er ICtiiopoau countries and lli Vnlted
Ulateo with their nominal spheies of
liiHuetii'ij but with t'lilnu's actual po
litical disintegration.
Til I lung Chatm hud no seruples. Ills
patriotism was such in It Is Impossible
for us to suipply with motives much
Ii'ph seriously to nltcmpt to analyze,
Such ni It was IN psychological ImsH
was Identlt-at wlili thai of the Innum
erable hordes of lltetall thai somehow
hold loyal her Hi" Imperial unity of a
hotel ogencmi" and unwieldy elliptic
neither mote enlightened nor more tin
.elfish. I.I Hung f'hang Used his Immense
and autocratic powei with nil the uttli-
le-s savagery of the Tartar barbarian,
lie knew no mercy anil practiced none.
He was as Indlffercnl to human life
and suffering as lCughls Khan, where
Ills means subserved the eansf which
he had In hand, lie had something
of the constructive genius of true
statesmanship, but hli opportunities
In exeiclse It were clicuinsci Ibed by
the pecullniltles of a couit which no
sooner elevated him to the pinnacle of
power than It degraded him next day.
until the advent of another crisis made
his cruelty, ci.itt, and experience In
(lispenvable, it would he unfair In .bulge I.I by
modern or western standards. Human
naliiie moves slowly and more slowly
in t'lilna than elsewhere. As a -Chinaman
IA Hung Cluing was not in ad
vance of his age. Hut 1,,, seem" to
have kept step with it.
Mr. Croker's reception of the news
is worthy of .consideration by the
Pennsylvania Kmior.l.-ts. He frankly
admits that Tammany's defeat was due
to a lack of vote".
Why Not?
MONG the many messages nf
congratulation received by
Mayor-elect Low was out:
fiom Secretary of 'War Hoot
cxpiessiug his satisfaction at the vic
tory gained for the principle of Jude-
I'emiuji;; municipal pontics. "1 coml
ilently believe." he added, "that you
will give the city an administration
which will make lis people unwilling
1 vcr again to saerillco the interests of
good home government for the pre
tended benefit of a national party or
ganization." It is singular that one usually so
clear-headed as nihil I5out should in
dulge in day dteams on this subject.
The endeavor to separate municipal
from state and national politics, to
make fish of one and llesh of the other,
has been tiled for 11 great many years
in a gieat many places, under all kinds
of promises of success, and it lias in
vaiiably failed. Iiy this we mean tlmt
there has not been power enough
among Its suppoiters to keep munici
pal politics and other politics apart.
Mr. Low's administration will doubt
less begin as a non-partisan experi
ment, but inevitably it will take on a
partisan character, not peihaps from
intention, but in obedience to human
nalui e.
Men who do things have to be p.ntl
sans; have to bo for or against each
other, which is tlio basis of partisan
ship. And so long as party organiza
tions aic maintained in state and na
tional affairs, those interested in them
will uso them in municipal affairs In
preference to going to the trouble and
expense of keeping up separate politi
cal establishments. It is undoubtedly
tine that In city affairs party Hues are
not as stltf as in federal alfairs. liul
generally speaking, the parly align
ments correspond, and we can see no
reason why 11 party tit to administer
the government ol a state or a nation
should not be equally competent to ad
minister the government of a city
11 is for the sultan to decide whether
the seizure of Mltylene was an act of
war or nn oiiglna! feu line of the collec
tion nsreney Idea,
The trouble with Dr. Swallow ap
pears to have been his failure to make
the "ictrograde" movement at the
proper I hue.
Lackawanna county s-ceni-. to be
aboul tin- only locality left for Mr.
Dry .111 to tonifrntulate.
Arguments in the Schley i-a:-e chow
that the counsel havi- in t c-haugcil
their minds.
It Is better in suffer deli-nl
'off" than an "on" year,
In an
from thu Xtw Yoik Mm.
'Ihe iriunij-'i nf WIII1.111 Ti.i"i, ,li'i..iue 011
TuosiIjv ailei .111 t'lirilniirrilng r.ii.ia.s of ,s (duc
(ill originality so leniukalilo it .ittr.uteil
In him the .ilttntlnii nl tin' r.hoh; l iiii.n, makes
till?) nuns nun .1 tuii'iirot politlul ligiue. lulluii
all). If he keep, hi? head, il Id- Wilnt.v due,
lint c.imsc it tn anrll, If' 1I01?
nit 1 1 plain the poui.iiieuiiie.? which w.u m.
gli'.tl 11 ih.iiiu In ills lite, In- i., llkil) lu
li.ii e 11 U'iy lniioiliiil political liituic.
.hiitlio .Iiihiiic'k eli'.tton to Im dUlihl ,uoi
my v,H dui tn the llt'piibllt jih of -New Volk.
'tlieir lo).ilt) tn the fu.ioii llikcl, on will, li hi:
I.111, gie him .it le.isl thit'Clouith? nf the otcs
lie tcrchrds )ct ho is .1 IK'nmuat and u pomg
ci 11 ,n a llnio when tlut p.uly I? i i-nrely in
need of .1 popular Hgme who l iepic?i'iitiiltie n(
liilng ide.i mill not meudy a mouldy pan, i
call him a )uuug nun, thnu;l Im N fmiy-iwu
yean nf ugn and l cnl) one )eai jounjer tluu
I'li'.ldint llooscvrll,
(Jieat political irdlillltlii, Uu'iefuie, nu) be
in ntniei ior dualie .lerome, but bet nui ot llin
amldiii piiiuliicnci) he has leachtd the te.l ho
will now have to ciiduiu will be all lbe seii'trr,
llJs he Dididlty nt abilities imil nf 1 luiac'.i'r whleli
will bear the chain that will thui be put 011 I1I111.
1. Im nuly n lliilidlslit or will Mcidy juii
come liom hiii.' li he ioui)(i'iit lo till a liiycr
pirt than in 4 lord political di.imi'
Ihe teat will be applied to him ahaiph m ihe
ofiiio o( dhttlct Jllnrncy uf the (mm!)- nf ,ow
Vol!.. 'Ilirie. ho must t'Nhlhli abilities nt 11 .iy
dlllcient uidcr finm tl.o-e v.ilili tapiiratcd tlio
publii, liotli friends and political ci.e
11111"), lu lb" I1I0 c.iuva.i; and the (et will b
loth hi. umral and lib, InlcllutiMl .-'un;in. if
Im ttaiidt V, b the ktulf that oe4 lu tlio mi'.'u.'
of a nun uf ical liiiioitaiu.e is in him, h jn
eotitciiildJtiiil 01 hhii-elf duci lint ( 1 h! at
tention fiom toe iu'tt', of Jiisllfylin; at deed,
the prriciit (npular mllniaic of him found hum
Ids talk, W'illlai.l Tuu'L Jriume, nf New oik,
may bctome 1 ilgure uf luge piupoitioii. in the
calcuUlluiis of pnHliviaiM befoic Ids teiiu cl
office is over, liut Hut will not happen iinlivs,
disabling all eltorts U icuc as tucli .1 tbauchr,
he rains a title to continued prominence by win
ning it by icitoi. ot I1I1 con-pkuoiis doert.
Something flboOf
. MayoreIecf Low
Mum: iit w i'ii ji'ita m,u, ai i saiiiei idr
et (imminent rilucilm in tlio c't.v r,f
w.iAbinninit, I'licn tin! niiotlo'a t ti,t
( UMitriMl w.ii under ill ni-Moii, n
wratMii nun Midi "If t cilnmbl.i imhcidly cur
uuaikriii In lf4 tnn (million ninl power, nnd 1I..1
ell.v nf New Vnik lw IM dils pride in that v
Mlimlon liirul to in'iilneniinjU' ,uid piiicllctl
npprcil.itlon, tlirie 1,1 ill be iu need of planning
fnr .1 tmlloiiil m.lvtli.: il will be Ciiluinbli."
Hut to lift IVdmnbl.i culleac to tbe plane of
0 (Hit! imlveially, tn iiilcl,.i nnd rnUiara Hi
life, to that lite ill .ill eqtnl to Ila (ici.l;ll.
tli, to iniil tin- iolle,'i' Midi ntoiij thli eui.'cr
i'f RiiMt iM'fiilncn and irnowti, tliti weie a lil;
ratlins for tlio rrii.e of I lie crv tilcbel ml
inhiMiiiilic iiuilltlri, Appiatcd li'idneKi methods
wrte ilemiiu'eil, TIiph chninr tilMIrM mini In!
Iinltiil In fine lti.114 li iKcei wns tn einwu tli
elloil: m liul iily (iiiirii.illuii ef
liccdi anil iiiiiur(t4 rninbliinl 1lll1 Imiliv.. i
nblllly, tlionslitfnl Fomldu.illnii of (lie lljlits
nnd wi'lfnc uf otlioin, .1 lmna bold njion lbs
rntifldtncr of bl iu-ik l.itn mil of lb cuniliiiinlty
nt litffi', ncciiiali- Ion, ound jticlginctil,
l.ut. lejiillj, sroed l.illli, p.itiptiro -the bet
tjll.illlloi of lejdrreldp.
- o--Miib
rliiKiiLir tiiMiiinilly, .!! .biine II. Cm
llebl, In I he rtcWmv nf llevlrws (lie uliulco fill
lui Si lb Low. lie .u Juvt III jean of uge, ;n
tbe Mry pi line of M life, Ho W.H KUdiMlot
nt tbe nf ,H clasi In lyTD. A llttto mole
tlnn tin liter Iih nblllty, b manlliiei.
absoluli' lnilciriidrnce, lil-i tion? cns of cblo
ilntj ami bis fo.ill(-MH"l bnl n coinintnded liiin
tn lit fellow cillnn in (lionl.lyn Hut bo ivai
ihnn-11 mijor liinlcr lbe new ilniler of city.
Ill-) udiiiinlMlillin!i toirttlluti'il 1111 rpoiti ill tbe
bltniy nf giiiMiiiiient. .Men who
walclied I11-1 career ma.t Uusrly during I two: fom
Jiaii .iv the nunc tn (ii.iIm" .aid Ihe lea't In
Id inn'. Adeii' iiitiii-m win laic and 1011-1 niSly
diiieadnir; niprctl.itiim gicw Into warm .ip
pioval. Win ti ln luiiiril aside limn tbl t.l!c
HrooMin wh nnc of tbe lie-.1 emctlii'd rltle in
(lie I'nb'H and euiy IliooLl.Miili; m (nmil of
lie li'.'-il.iti'il lone and lniculy abuiit acieptiiiR
tlio pruidcncy of Cnlninbln, Ho iiuile 1.11 (ireti'ii
slons to IilIiis- an eilm.ilor in the or
piol'c-'lon.d ."-enfc; the tal. wa 11 icicle one, the
Iiinlcii3 moio iciy Rieal, lb" ncic-sary harrlflces
wciu miii-it.1l. To fell the old bnlldingx ami site
at a kodiI nice. tn pmch.m; aihniitjacnusly the
I nn) foi another campii. to ilcteniilnu in nil it.i
iktaiU the occupancy 01 (his new ground, to (dan
liiiildiiiR-i and dilip (.ciHtiutllon thluiisb to a
flnhli, tn transfer .ill dep.iiliucnts with no tcrioiu; in theli woih, to Mn.tcsfully tefund nil
outstaiidlni; indi'litedne.", to punidij for l.ugcly
imiei-cd ecndiliiie5, io exiand the entile nil'
llinliun and to thoionjrhly oik.iiiI tbe entile
ciluc.'itloiiil 111 11 inner,', tn accoiniilMi tbe affllli
tion of tbu bilhriln iiiileprndoit colIeKC, and in
ten jeais to lie able tn lene .ill this to ie.ioiubly
complete that li- leadiiifr f-jili it of il all liny
witbdi.iw ulihout a jolt or a jar being felt in
any put of the midline anil uillt no npp.iient
levelling of eitlur pomr or speed all thu is
Miuly a iiotcuuithy aclili-wnicnt. II li. pinli.ibl.i,
without a parallel hi the hh-Uuy of education it
iiiititiillon.s 11 i .1 iny ,,,(c nilnilnKti.itor who
cm m detiiuiiiiL' ami illicit tlio lel.itloiu mid
ioil. nf uthois that hi own pl.uc ami aluc aie
siaucly iceofiniid, and tint he tan letho with
out euii-inj what Mall .tii'et would tall a c-lunip
in tho local miikrt. It l1- fjr e.ifder and far moio
lomiiinu tn hccuic a rt iut::tiuii for brilliancy by
Keeping oue'.s sell ti-tentatlon5ly In fight, by in
lillg Uiiiii t oii'-t.itit (iciMjual iuttiatire, but
thii is nut cjigjuir.itlou. In Ibi-. ohcaily
uiiheiily Mr. Low has proicil biui-elf an oigau
icr. .111 admiui-ti.ttor, or lemaikably high and
Ktioug character ami qu.ilhic-.
I'nr moie III. in twenty e.i Mr, Low h.n stood
Mpini'ly and ir-Stcntly, and unielllslily Jiid
teal le.--ly, tm' tbu thorny nf liiblm) (iiiuciples
nnd nut iiatti-.m tnethoiU in luuuutpal nftaii1).
lie hi be 1 11 it.-, nio'.L tniiMiicuous adiocate, he
has been it nry ineainaliou, and for four jears
hi' put all llii-, into piaetico ill a icnuiLlbly sue
ce ful miiinii. It I-. M.utrly loo nnitli to assort
lint tlu public afliiid of lliuoKlui Haougli bis
maioialty liicjin" a tbnugh his pliiate bu-ines,
tnid a i.u a poible Mere adtuiniAtcrcd upon
picdrcly the fime li.i-i i and by lbe tame mtlbuda
as would )liiect Ids conduct of pili.ite iitfair-i.
lb' tried to mo iimncy fnr Hie people pieie)y
as Ins would have Irleil tn inahi' money fur him
self, lie mdoaioiid to nemo tho laiget pnj.-ilile
letuins I10111 the le-nuices at hand, jn-t as he
wmild bail' l.ibo.ed foi like icmiIis 101 a firm
in ".ldth he wai a pirtntr. He regiided t
pibl by cltbeiw as a l, litiite Invcsliueut fnr a
di'llnllc puipn-e, anel lie w.i a eagei to iodide
upon this iiivc-tmciit .H tboiiuh it h.i'l been undo
by nr foi a inipoiaiinu of which be w is a tluettor
ur the HH-iiiint. He made cii..i.icter and ifft
) iency Hie Mile t"-t. lor appoiutuieiil tn public
sen ice unit the soli n-.-uianu nt conlluucil ten
me. He cinieil admmlli.t(iou tn Ihe
blgl.e-t pnint ).f eiiuieiuy cur ii'-iehul in litis
louutiy. And in all be uninfected tho eluiacte.--ii-liert
which gaic him .-utcess ..t folumbli, and
which mule liiui tnii-piciiiiis ill the cducationil
WO' 111.
lioiu in, Jjii. 1?, ISM. sun nt Ablel
Abtinl l.nw, a liuttd lucichaut. In: hli
piliuaiy educitiuu nt the Ilrooklja Polytechnic
liistltuti', ia.idit.ited from Columbia in lsTf). He
tinned fiom the law .-ehool to enter Ids fathers
tea impuiling Imu-e, hemming In t" a member
of tbe lit 111. After r-ening his teini .11 mayur of
liionkljn. In which be had been iho-cn in lt-t,
ho was u-flectii In lss.;. He was iiuiuinited for
major of ,iw VmW In liiT hi tbe CltlenV pnty,
but u.i- lUfealed.
In Behalf of the William McKinley
National Memorial Aicli Associa
tion of Washington, D. C.
l'ri'sldent MtKiuIt.t's Mcinoty l rti-In Ii.ol in
the lit ait? nf hi? coiiiiti.Miiin. Hut their mii'viui
ded atlcctlnu demuuls e .lUi.-.-iui: 111 a uuteuil, il in thaiailu. In be 1T11I11I at
the uitIoli.ll tapltil, the Mcue of his gieatcit
libuli. mill .libicMimiits. The Wllll.uu Mc Kinky
National Aich a-niutlnu I1.1, heen ill
inrpnialiil miller Ihe law? nf the lll.tiltt of Cn
IiililbU to iiiiet this tlcsiie by the euctinii nf .1
nation d uiib in honor ot l'lriddi'iit )lc
Kltilcy in tho city uf Wa-lilntmn, In n.itional
hiiii1.ii' i-nli-i rlptluii.
The t.tlltei.s jic: lleiuy It. I". JLufatlind. pics!
ill l:L of the ul I. oliinili-luui'l.s ut the ill?
tibt 01 Culumbia, .U'?tikiii; Ljimii .1. l.'agi', k.'c
litaiy of the Ui.i.niy nf the Lnllid Male-1, ticas.
uieri Thouia? I", Wiil.h, of l'nlora)o, sjcictar.v j
.National In: I'li.-lil.'im-: I hlel .llbllic Mi'U illo
V. 1'iilKr. ilior.;e Dewey, Xchon
A, Jlllt"), t'aliliiui tilbbi.ns llfho(i lli'iuy C.
I 'nt I or, lll.liuii it. AndiewD, ltablii K. (,'.
Illii-th, Pi. I'r.111 ns K. I'lail., i'icidinl uf the
t'nlti'd Nil li Hi, uf 1 In i.l Ian Cudeitoi ; .Mi? Helm
.Miller liuuld, Mif. 1 luilm , r.ilibank-, piel
ilint.gciie.ial, lliugh.iis uf tho Auieilcim lleiulu
tluili Mis. Plinebn A, He.n-t, of ( illlotnlli Walter
S, 1.(11)111, iiesit''iiri.i,,h,ius ut the AnpiitJii
lleiulmlnii; .I11I111 Canull, (uuldi nt-gtucial,
hulls ci tlio Ileioliitioiij i:il 'loiience, cniuiuat.dcr
llithltl, hi nml iniv ul the Itcpublli ; '.lohii II,
ttuidnu, Older nt the Lcjal Legion; .1. I'.dwln
lliuw-ii, nation il luuuuimlir, t'nloti Vitciau Lo
gioni lliilhit M. (,. piienlnrtb, eoiiim.ndvr-hi-thiol,
fiilon Wiiuiii?' I mull ; 11. II. 1 aiuphcll,
I'linuuunilei-in-thlc'f, .Niiis t( Vclerans nf iiicrltaj
W. II. Ilubbell, cnimuanilci -liii blot, , ..nh War
Vciciaui' .'i.sutiitluni Pii'.-ld.nt I, liut, ci IIji
anl unhei.liyi Prcblcut IMIuu, ill I'lliiieion
imlvi'ifll) i I'lishlcnl lliqitr, w the I'niuulty ot
( hli.i.u; I'H'-ldi'iit .loiiloii, of st.infuid 1111 1 t-rs-il; ;
Ib-cliir roiidy, of ih I atbnlio I'nluisiiy of
i:ctnlio I uiiimitiec( luiU'i L Hill, John
.toy IMrbii, .I0I111 i. l'olei, XeUoti A. Miles,
tltoigc Pewey, lliniy V. Ilo)nlon, 'llieodme W. Ileilali Wilkin?, W. h. llutiliiiK, -Mitchell
Ihicnioilh, llr. William T. Ilairl., Ilcv. Dr. T.
I)eii Talnuge, I hailc? U fib)er, !-.nmiel fiom
pii., .loh'i H", l'ougj',s, C. Soniluiil Paiktr, and
ll.i' picsbl'nt, fcetii'taiy ami uej.uun cn-o((co.
I'le.ident Iliio-cvtlr fu aiccpteil lionouiy ineiu
bci.tdp in the
It is ,io)Hi4c.l In plan lne niemoilal aitb uc
fei.iblv at llin Wellington appio.u It In the .Meiun.
1I1I llihl'.e .llln? the Potoiu ic coiinrttlng W'a.h
liiilon wli Aillngiou, wlilcb I'le.ldenl MeKluIe)
cainistly ilenhcd and itcumi.icuilcd to iuir,'lcst ut
"a iiinnuuienl tu uiiiiiaii patilotlsin,"
( uiitiiluituu ti mo in, id will do nude member,
nl the nullum JttKlnlry Mciuoilil Audi .i0ocla
Hon. 'lbe ni'js'.uor, Hun. Lyman .J. lltgc, kecrc
toiy if tbe hva.-iii.v ei 1I10. I'nllcil States, Wash
ingtuu, II. C, will iccchc all rontilbutluiis and
will torwaid ttitlluale? of lucmbci.hlp tn a. II
lonttlbutuic. t ontrlbutlon? of innney may be
baud))! la iotiiuttci, inouanein uf trlt'tjiaph,
tt'lipboue and cpievs nfticcs. or dt'ioitei with
l))nt? ut o'lier financial in?tiliitiou, and nens
I'ipetit. They ore hereby authorised nnd lcqnel
til to recjlie and tran.nilt wntrl but loin to th
treiMimh The nuodatloii leailllv Inillci nnd
toiiftdently cxpeoln the ro-npeMtlon of tlio jjovif
I.6H nl ' fbilei mid icrilloiles the lnijon id ittlc,
ii'iil ell (mbllc iifileMi,,, ( (iC ,,M D (i conn
Iiy, 't the ihiucbei, rullcaei anil nhoob, nnd ef
nil oiirniilred frxlelfei, nml icqueit'l tint thty
will Inl.e liiiiiitdlati' ncllon In moniole lt.t !)')
Jee by innKliiR- nnd Deeitilnu MiWcilpllom. Alt
lOnilinmliJllotii rriept lemlttitKes chntdd In; ed
i!res.cil 1.1 Tliomii, f. WaJsb a-clelnry, WuIiIub
Ion, 0. i',
lbe ai(l,il(on u PtlC .,npiitliv with tlio
propoillloii tn rir,( a menioilal tn tlio
Uto iieIdrnt nt hl H,JU. n Cmton, Ohio.
IMItor of rbc Tilliiint.
'Ir-lhe ,nl sewl.m of the HrilMi rablnet wa
.1 long one, raid It N teported that It wat ililcfly
oeciipleil with a rorider.iilon of tho attitude of
frame toward Tutl.ey. The situation in the
l' i iiniuellonably giaie. It Is wllliln ll.e
bniinih of piotubllity, or, at Ica-t, wllliln tbe
llndti of potilliillty, that the action of the
I'irnili tleel In i-clrlng cuitom portJ In the i.c
laid of Jlltjlcne nnd on the AjIi Minor se i
lioard may leail to tompllcitlonii whltli maj,
eienttially bring about 11 fuiopruii war, In any
illdiiiiutii embioglio In which Turkey i Imohid
It 11 11 platitude among fitropeau publloil to
eirii.ire It any glto rle tn n general cote 1011. fiiqiie'llonibh' the 111.1te1l.1l1 me
theic for Mch a touihuilhiu, 'I lie pioeeedliig of
fiance any be the which needed tn set
the tn Ihe t tinier.
Viewing Hie matter fiom the terhnlele uilci or
preieelents of international liw, It U barley pos
sible (hat fiance Is Justified in eelzing cutanis
poiH to indemnify her subject? for nn alleged
bleach of tontrael between them and the midline
I'oite. Tint l a rubject, bowcier, whleli hal
li.nillv any direct bearing upon the iue a It now
standi. If the (accepts of lutein ttional law ate
only to be Miictinncd whete a weak nation li at
Ihe nieuy of .1 powetful adieiiary, wboie clnUter
ilestciH aie roueealeil In demands which no loun
try IU eipial would for a moment admit, it ii.u
ri'luelnntly tn be conirdtd lint the nonns of law, as tliey hao been iiTngnl7ed
and ilevcloped, are .1-1 h)potilllcat In appllcitlon
as the) aie specious In theoiy.
There l no pity or )inp.il1ir fnr Tuike). uliat
eier the iiiisfoituue, tntn she in.iv fall.
Hut beneath all the op(irobrliuil that
is be.ipeii upon Turkey and her gnieinment, tbeie
liei the (ict neither (treat lSiltaln, f.'ei
liiiny, Aintiia, Italy nor the Halkan prulnrc
can peimit or affoid to penult franco or ttuvia
to ctu-li tlie Tm Ic and absorb or dhide bN pa
frlmnuy. It li all iery well to peak of driving
the Tuilt out of 1'urope bag and baggage, but
where to? Or what form of goiernment Is to be
set up In his place when bo is gone?
Ihigland'a interest In Tut key liai practically
dwindled to maintaining Ihe Castein Jtedltcrran
"an open. Teirllorhlly bhc haa little or no in
ternet In Tuikey. leaiiug Kg)pt. for the moment,
out of the cuetiou, beiond that of trade, and nf
that she command! piobably eighty per cent.
Xnt 40 German), fti'iimny ilesires to staml well
with fiance, but she will not puicbaso her good
will at the downfall of Tin key. If franco, a It
is alleged, is 111 god 011 by Hussi.i to bring Tin key
i her knees on u tmmpciy matter of a nill nf
indemnification to a fain of cploilcis of tho
wbaifage of the fto-phoni-), theie Is nothing 111010
ccilaiii linn that ficimiin' will tuck up Tutkey
with her tleet, if she cm do nothing more, which
ii all that (iennany lcqulios in an encounter with
ltiK-ii ami fiance combined.
That ii lbe situation, franco has ailed with
her Usual impetuosity. She probably fteds' that
the staml which (lie I'nitcd States tool; in pci
ontploiily driniiiding an iiiibmnity for the Imin
im.' of tin" propci ty of the American mission In
Asia Minor justifies her picsont course. Hut our
action afforded her no piceedent at all. We had
no iilleiinr object In our demands, i:ery
cellety in Huiupe knew il. Xo such t'oiillilem e
is id.ueil in the frcucli dcsisiis upon Tuikiy, nor
will they permit her tn pinccr.d tn the"iiiily
of touching .1 hair nf Abdul 1 1. mm!'.- sieieil
be ml. P. M. rii'cei.
SciMiilon, Xui. T.
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POnil l'ittton
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125 W'ioniins Aienue, Over (ilobe Warehouse.
jAiiactcu ;jc
C'll.iniil Mr
J-ialcd TJc
Crowned, (,'obl $ lip
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lliiilce, noil; S't up
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fcomc tielb uplaccd ulllinut a (ilate, if jou nli
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cm ill
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Llccltle. Wiring and fixtures.
riectrlo Bell and Telephone Work.
309 Commonwealth building)
andTile Manufacturing Company
Makers ol Paring tJilck, etc. M. It. Dale,
Uei'cral Sales Agent, Olflce S20 Washington ave.
Works at Nay Aug, Ta., K. & W. V. a 11.
Kingsbury & Scranton,
Manufacturers' Afccnti
District Agents for
John A. Itocblliig's Sons Co.'s Wire Hops and
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Co.'s belting, Packing, lloso and Mechanical
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Depositary of the United States.
Capital, $200,000
Special attention given to all ac
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Win. Connell. Henvy Belin, jr.,
President. Vice-President.
William H. Peck, Cashier.
William Connell, J. Benj. Dimmick,
Thos. H. Watkins. James Archbald.
Henry Belin, jr. Luther Keller.
Geo. H. Catlin. Jns. L. Connell.
The discount rate to depositors is
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Open Saturday evenings, 8 to 9
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terest deposits.
Interest compounded Jan. 1 and
July 1.
Gunster .(Forsyth
.2i renn Avenue.
Trimmed Millinery
Clever and dainty hats from the
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Will Ml'