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The News of Carbondale,
Tito Older o Mayor Kilpatrick Goes
Into Effect nntl Drawn Blinds and
Tight Doors Are the Rule
Throughout the City Cigarettes
nt n Premium The Movement
Variously Discussed.
Tho. older Iwuied by Mayor Kllpnl
rlok last work Hint nil mildoiis and
stores would huvo to bo closed every
Sunday In tho ititnro was rullglously
ubsurvod yesterday by pnloankuopcra
nml mot'chanls.
During tbo week ClileC MeAndrew
untitled possible offenders and ns tbu
lostilt saloons, candy and dry woods
stores were tightly closed against any
Many who glanced over tin- order
as printed In the Tribune were of the
opinion that saloons and dry goods
places weie the only places that would
be allVcled by Hie order, but yester
day they found they iiitule n mistake.
A lot of cigarettes was at a premium
mil o show a package nn the treet
was n signal for lovers of this "smoke"
to ga ther mound and plead for one.
Then- was one place In town 'which not heeii ordered to close up. 11
being probably overlooked by the chief,
and Ihe proprietor stated last evening
l hat he had a lecosd breaking cigarette
day. Willi respect to cigars the case
w.i!-' different as they could bo procured
In all drug stores which are allowed
by law to remain open at all times.
Several times In the past the saloons
have been closed to Sunday business,
but not under one similar to this latest
order, that is one so sweeping. It was
in must cases on account of threatened
visits of the .Men's Colon League of
Serantuii. Those who seem to make
a habit of imbibing mole freely on the
Sabbath than on any day In the week
lilt upon the scheme of boarding a
street car and going northward to
Simpson where they were able to sat
isfy their l hirst, procuring beer or liq
uor In small or large quantities. Yes
terday, owing to the ears not running,
many walked to Simpson for their sup
ply, and got an abundance. Three
young men with inoiv than u generous
share, wandered down Main street in
the afternoon but refused to tell Chief
Mi-Andrew where their thirsts had been
In the history of I'arbondale there
never has been so ninny saloonkeep
ers, bartenders and business men on
the street than yesterday. Chief Me
Andrew made several trips around the
city dining the clay and failed to lind
one place which was not living up to
the very letter of the order.
The new order of affairs has come
in for much discussion among the
business man and other Interested cit
izens. The Tribune man happened in
with a gathering made of three denleis
in "gent's" clothing and three city of
lieials. One of the business men was
in favor of the new order, one was
against it In some of its forms, while
the other remained neutral. Tin; one
in favor of the order thought that any
business man who could not make
enough pioilts In six days to live ougiu
In go out of the business. The man
wlio held a different opinion believed
that a clothing store should be kept
opened for a short time in the morn
ing for the purpose of exchanging
goods which were bought on Saturday
nights and found when too late not to
bo the exact tit. Another listener
thought, that if drug stores were al
lowed to .sell cigars then saloons, candy
stores, etc., should also be allowed to
sell the same articles. They all pay a
mercantile tax and license and no par
tiality, he thought, should lit shown
to any class. Chief .MeAndrew stated
to the reporter that drug store proprie
tors would noL be allowed to sell cigars
on the Sabbath. Many people are of the
opinion that the movement is but a
(spasmodic one but those In favor of tlu
movement will .strongly urge its per
petuation and will not allow interest
to ille or lag.
The Columbia Fail-.
The Columbia Hose company held a
regular meeting in their rooms yester
day afternoon, and decided to manage
a fair in the tlrsi week In January.
A large committee was named to take
Maro, the Magician
lli.ici.uii now open ,n l. !!,, mil, . , ,m,
Lincoln nicmir
WAYI'llll-Two tlift il.ix lulnteis in miic. Ai.
ply tii V. .1. Pinch. ('IuikIi stiwt, Cailinii
Delaware and Hudson Railrontl.
JllIlP I!, 1'Jfll.
Tldllii wilt 1cjp (.'Jllioticl.ili! .it city -,!,il,m ,-
tulU': "
Pur Scunimi nml Wll;i.l.iiii'.-ii.iio. i n; ,.
sun, lo.oi. n. in.; i-j.hi, u.i, .i'-.i' :..'
3,1m, ".mi, lii.oi, ni.31 1 1. in, ' ' ""' '
Suwljy r.iln 1m vn :il S.50, l.-j a, ... , . .
8. in, 0,.''1. !.M p. in. ' '
Por Albinj, Sniitiiiirf. ' iii,tn v..,..
rnalmiil JmllltN ill., i.'i'l .1. m.; ,M ' M '
dlaily.) ' "'
I'm- I.jWp J.t.iloie, lYj.nii.iit, ami
7 !. 11.113 .1. in.; i!.:il. lU.'l p. in. "u-'i.i,-.
s i.i.v U.iIih l.ii( Lake l.nihuo, ,., ,
aril limit-rial'- at li.W .1, in.; ,.-'i, ,n ,' nlldt
Tiuili.'-in'lu- .it I'.illniiul.ili' 'mm Will;'.,.!,,,,,
mid giMiitnii in lullown! J.fli, S.'tr. a vn II,.!,
. in i lS.iir. 2.M, i!,23, I.SS. 11.05, 7.0 , j ' ?;'?
U.r.7 l, 111.; I.KI a. 111. ' ' l "x
Minitay train-, uuhe at 0,:i" n. in.: m .....
i 1?, (1.1!!), ll.S'l p. in. ' ' "-'
Niinlay iuIih niriM- at rjinnil.ili nnni l .1-,.
.l.nilorc. Wajmait mii ! jt I" ir J ,
snil 7.5ip. in. '' 'l(1
v New York, Ontario nud WesteinT
Sopt, 17, lfl.
t Tr.iin b'.nf l'al)Oii'lalo for fccranlon at :m
'm.; I.'O i. in. '
Vimlay trains at 7.00 a. in ; u.nil p. n,,
'n.lina-V-iO" t?HilioniiU (oi poIni nottn -.1
II It) .. On UiiiiUjy at U.IO a. in. 'iv.liii
liuilns at II. JO ii. in. wcil; ami 11.10 a in
Ruiulayi inaUa roiiiiectloni lor ,y Vork ('on '
uall, rlo,
Tuilm niihe funn scunlnn ut J.n a. m u i
p. jn,i irnnj Puliiti ligitli, 1.00 p. m. Si'imlim
funn Snantoii nt o.JO a. in, ami 7.1 1 ,, m . : i,-,,,
l(Jn.ia atatii; p. in. ' ' " '''
Erie Rnilroart.
' ' Juno 3J, jnoi.
Trains lcae city nutlun, raiLdmlalr, ihiiv
ricepi Sunday) it 7.W J. hi. ami ,;is p. m u;v
Jrjndt and Nlncvilij at V.XI a. in., ,j,-',.,,.
ctptins tiundJ), fur lllnshainlon. uuMns ivii.
nnjtlooj for ,cv Yerk illy and llutfjly. ami ,,i
1.10 p. m. for Sumiuchjiinj, nuklns ivnuoi.tlniii
lor Mfstfin pointi.
Sunday traliu at 0.l a, in. f,.- hiiquclijiin.i.
ith nrtcm tcnnfctlon, and u.27 p. in., uilli
lame I'Ciincctior.'.
Trln arrlvp at sy a. in. dinl 3.13 p. m, I
Buoviaj'i) at S.W a. in. '
the iniillcr hi Intuit anil spare nothing
to iniiko tho fair a grand success, The
members of tho committee named arc
till hustlers, and It goes without saying
that I'arhondallans will have 11 solid
week of enjoyment In January.
The company accepted an Invitation
to take part In the parade In Jerinyti
on next Monday night, when the Ar
tesian Hose company, of that plate,
open ft fair for 11. week. They also 111
cejited the Invitation of the
I lose company to take part
parade on the opening night
fair In this city In November.
I 'nllii HP
In their
of their
On both
of those occasions the members of tlt
company will appear In their uniforms
and their hose wagon will be In lino.
Local Eleven Scored .1 Decisive Vic
tory Over St. Thomas College
Team Score. 23 to 0 Indians'
Brilliant Exhibition.
The Carbondale Indians maltreated,
scalped and massacred eleven gridiron
stars of St. Thomas college, of Scran-
ton, on the Aluninl park grounds. Sat
urday afternoon, before a crowd of sev
eral hundred.
Jt was the llrst lime this season the
Indian team's supporters had such a
chance afforded them to let loose their
enthusiasm without calling Into use
any safety valves, cheers, following
cheers, vibrated on the breeze. Such
Incessant yells of victory have not
been heard at a foot ball Contest
In this city for years. The ignoinlnnus
defeat of the visiting eleven was a
hard pill to swallow without sugar
coating, but they took their medicine
like the gallant stars they are.
Since the days of Mtirrln, Sadler,
llrennan, Forbes, T'otts, "Ward, Singer,
etc., the annual lug game each season
was with St. Thomas College eleven.
Former elevens were content to lose
every game but the big contest with
St. Thomas College boys. To win from
them was the highest aim of their am
bition. Willi the .Indian eleven the
same ambition has lived. A decisive
victory was what they wanted; a vic
tory so great that no (piestiou of it
being an earned one would be brought
up. Such 11 vlctoiy was the one of Sat
urday. To be sure, Scranlon boys
lacked several of their best players and
were forced to play "subs." but the
latter played n great game; In fact, as
good a game as any regular man on
the eleven.
Hvery sort of a vehicle carried the
crowd to the game; fi eight trains being
the most accessible, were liberally pat
ronized by men of agility. The oppos
ing elevens were taken to the Held In
separate 'busies.
At 4.10 the game was called. The vis
iting team won the toss-up and took
the south goal. Indians kicking off.
Jladgins kicked to opponents' lift-yard
line, Cooney catching the ball and ad
vancing it for slight gain; tinkled by
MoAndrew. Oislck tried right end for
no gain, llurdy t-kirted left end for
one yard, and a center play netted but
n similar gain. The ball went to Car
bondale on downs. Price smashed Into
left tackle for four yards. On the next
play a fumble occurred, and Scr;nlon
seemed the ball. Hunly covered three
yards and on Ihe next play, guaids,
back on the left, wilt- tried, but a
fumble was the ivsillt, Scrautou re
gaining the ball.
O'llaro covered tlnee yaids before
being tin own to Mother Knrlli. Scran
ton punted, lladglns securing the ball
out of bounds. Tackles back left net led
three yards, and lladglns followed with
a line plunge for two yards. The play
was again tried and three yards weie
covered. A guards back play was next
tried, lladglns securing the ball and
passing it to Hope; no gain. Price
added two yards through left tackle,
and Hansen followed with a similar
gain. St. Thomas team secured the ball
on downs. A center play netted two
yards. A fumble resulted on next play,
a Seranton man securlujr the ball and
gaining a few yards before being neatly
tackled by McLean, fluards' back right
was not a success, and Indians secured
ball on downs. On their first play they
fumbled, ii. Hanson securing the bali.
Knds to the right were signalled for.
Hansen taking the ball and passing it
to lladglns. A fumble occurred, Hope
falling on the ball, lladglns punted to
O'Hnro. who was tackled on 10-yard
line. Scrantou's first play was fumbled,
1 usicK tailing on the ball. Cooney
circled right end for two yards. Cusiek
tried right end, but fulled to gain. On
a center play the collegians fulled to
advance the necessary number of yards
and the ball went to the Indians, Mason
smashed through light tackle for Jive
yards. On a fumble Hope secured the
ball. A revolving wedge netted two
yards. Hansen circled lefl end for
eight yards, and l'rice, on 11 mass play,
added one yard, lladglns struck cen
ter for no gain. The ball was within
one and a half yards of St. Thomas'
goal line, and Indians had but one
down. The signal was given for a
tackle play, but was changed, and n le
volvlng wedge, Hope having ihe ball,
crossed the goal line for the (hst score,
lladglns kicked a goal.
O'Haro kicked olf to lladglns, who
made a slight gain. O. Hansen was
downed for no gain, and Mason ad
vanced the ball four yards through
right tnckle, lladglns struck- center fo
one yard, and Price followed with a
throe-yaid advance ilmniKli ihe line,
tiuurds' back on the right in-tted one
yard, Time was called with ball on
10-yard line In Carbondale's icirltory
and In llielr possession, Score; I mil,
alls, ; St. Thomas, 0.
Second Half.
I'oouey kicked to Iladglus on lO-yard
line. He returned the punt In St.
Thomas' SO.yaid Hue, a St. Thomas
man missing the ball and Williams
falling on it. A revolving wedge
worked for two yards, mid was again
tried and live yards covered. U. Han
sen carrying the ball. MoAudrow
hurdled the line fop seven yards. Crane
fumbled 011 the next play, an Indian
securing the ball for a two.yard loss,
(iiinrds' back loft was called for and
lludglns was given the hull, dashing
between left tackle and end for a
seven-yard run over the goal line,
lladghui kicked goal. Score, jy to 11.
Cooney kicked off to lladglns. who
advanced live yards. Hope was given
the ball on Indians' O.vard line and
as ho was about to he luckled passed
to lladglns, who lu turn threw It to 11.
Hansen, who skirted left end and up
tlm Held for a touchdown. It was a
lino run, lladglns Interfeiiim for the
runner until he was bowled our by
O'Haro on ScranlonV .Vj-ynrd line.
Hadglns kicked the goal. Score, IS to 0.
Cooney kicked off, the hall striking
the front line of (he Indians and car
oming olf toward McLean, who caught
It up and falued a few yards before
I To 5uffd. and Return I
H I IHffllf8B I
15 c yH IS wZa I Mr fr Ei $r I i 1 i ir El rft Jm H
B&H u1 ii" b mmmmffii mmmM vmsmmsmBxHk wamm& mmbhow m
m JBL ran jpsgq WSwigSBmm WBbBSf- JL 1
m mmamsm fea m y m m n Wvm m mmssmmft m
hsb wmmmmm w jsj m k m m & xm h m mmmwimx, m
1 MB' rll I Ii ittllll
1 iK5lliSHii&iMSwSWM
Five-Day Excursion Tickets, sold at Six Dollars,
of any Lackawanna train on October 15, 19, 22, 26
five days, including day of sale.
i co n m w co
Ten-Day Round Trip Excursion Tickets are on sale
good for return within ten days, including day of sale.
all trains in
All Lackawanna trains land you at the foot of Main street Buffalo, Electric cars run
direct from the station to the Exposition grounds or hotels.
For further information, call on or telephone the local ticket agent at
Lackawanna avenue passenger station. Telephone, 265-3.
hAwk ta'ekled. A criss-eroi-s, HailRlus
to Hansen, failed to work successfully.
Hope gained one yuid. lladglns punted
the ball, it heluit fumbled by a St,
Thomas player and kicked while on the
Kroiind toward St. Thomas' Roal. .Mur
phy covered the ball, Cooney tried
rit?lit end and trained two yards,
o'llaro advanced two yards through
center. Cooney punted to Jludins. who
ran three yards. McAudrew tttilued one
yard through rlKht jtuurd. On next
play, a pass from Hope to II, Hansen,
a fumble ensued, an Indian player se
ciirliiK the ball. IIiuIkIiis went back for
a try at place kick, hut Cusiek broke
throiiKh Die Hue and cuiikIU the ball as
It left lladiilus' foot. This was one of
the star plays of the koiiio and Cusiek
was loudly cheered.
St, Thomas' backs came towether In
close formation and advanced on In
dians' center. The half-ton smashed
Into the line with terrible lorce, but
the Indians' line was eiual to the oc
casion and the result was likened to a
rubber ball bohur thrown at a stone
liuildiuK. The line wavered for a frac
tion of a minute and then the St.
Thomas formation hounded back- two
yaids bin k of their oilKiual line-up,
It was n Kl'iilld deftuse of the local
eleven's line, on the micceedillK play
Ille pigskin struck a knee of one of the
St, Thomas' hack lino and bounded
toward HudKins, who picked the ball
off (he tamuid and circled left end,
tliruUKh Ihe broken line, for a forty
yard run and a touchdown, lie missed
Hie kouI. Score,
Itadh'ius c.iukIU the ball on the khk
off and advanced ten yards toward the
enemy's territory. An Indian phoer
fumbled on the next play and a St.
Thomas man fell on the ball. Cooiuy
punted, ihe ball lu-inn. fumbled by Had
gins and koIiik over Indians' K"al line.
He regained the ball for a Hatchback
as time was called. Final score, 'SMK
The Kiime was a brilliant exhibition,
but was not devoid of sIubkIhu'. The
Indians wen- warned several times, for
hlttliiK. by the umplie. Only a few
slip.- oci urrcd.
A second K.nne will probably be ar
ranged between the two elevens, as St,
Thomas' team Is by no means tatldlled
Two-Day Excursion
70U CANNOT afford to miss this opportunity to visit Buffalo and the Pan-American
Exposition. The Four Dollar Tickets are good going in the day coaches of any
Lackawanna train on October 25 and 30, and for return the following day.
hi mind
over the result of Saturday's traine.
The line-up of both elevens follows:
Indians Williams, center; cokkIiis,
rljfht Kiiard; .McAudrew, left miaril;
Mason, rlnht tackle; Trice, left tackle;
.1, Hansen, rluhl end: McLean, left end;
Hope, left halfback; fi, Hansen, riylit
halfback; lladt'lns, fullback; Crane,
St. Thomas Murphy, center; limine,
rlfiht Kiianl; HiiKKorty. left Kuard;
Kelleher, riKlit tackle; Dane, left
tackle: Mc.N'ulty, iIkIiI end; Cusiek,
left end; Cooney. left halfback; Hunly,
riKlit halfback, O'llaio, fullback;
O'.Malley, ipnil ierback.
Iteftree, ,1, .MltiTlli; umpire, V, Mm
rln; timekeeper, O'Hoyle; lluesiurn,
Hope and Campbell,
Question That Is EoliiR Passed
Among' Strikers in Cnrbondale.
"Where are ihe twenty or iimro im
ported street uir men who were taken
to the power house at Maylleld on Sat
urday nlisht last'.'" Is the itcstlnn
hoilioiiiit; the street car strikers at
their headiiuarters In this city. Tiny
aie of the opinion that the nun re
turned to Seranton with four of the
Iui'ro open cars which have been lylmr
on an outside switch, near the power
house, since the strike, The four cars
wero taken to Scranlon. hut word has
heel, received from tint Seranton btrlke
headiiuarteis that the men had not till
returned on the cars and were still in
this vicinity. If the latter story Is eor
icit, the uien heroine at a loss 10 know
wlu-rn the men spent tho Sabbath.
There are no accommodations lu the
power house for sleeping, as the cots
were all relumed on Apill I.
At strike headiiuarters in this city
the men believe that an effort will bo
made to run curs throiiKli this city to
day. Superintendent Patterson, of the
company, having stated on Saturday
that all lines not yet opened would be
opened today.
Tho sh;ht of a car on our streets
again, though It he run by Imported
men. will be ipiite unusual, as but nuo
has been throuj;li hero since the strike
was started.
all the above
A Couple of Happenings Not En
tirely Devoid of Humor A Con
vention nud a Bnilrond titory.
Attorney C. C, Donovan, of Seranton,
of election contest fame, "Con Uono
van" his friends in the Klcolrlc City
call hlni, wan elected district deputy
of the Improved Order of lleptasophs
the other day. Tim election took place
in Carbondale, and 1 her. by hangs this
tale, a lain that will be repeated at
many a Hireling ami will cause many
a laugh among the men with the Ureek
Ciirboudale was namul as Ihe pl.icn
for the elecllon, Delegates from Ihe
surrounding' towns were elected to be
present at ihe meeting, on the day of
tile election ille delegates came, that
lh, two of llleiu. jlls,l two, ,r. luiju.
van himself and a Mr. Arnold from
Vanillins'. Mr. Donovan and Mr, Ar
nold waited for Hie belated ones; they
walled some mom and ihey waited
again, but delegates weie as sinuo
us pass "iiiieM on a Scrautou trolh y
car dining a strike. After another
wall and u few more .Mr. Donovan do-
ciiled t would be Well, hi get duW'll to
business, Then followed something
like this:
"ilentleiuen," s.ild the mail who is mi
adept lu dlsiimllf,vlug votes lu a hot
elecllon contest, "tli nileim-n," he co.
tinned as he rapped for order and ele
ateil his eyebrows and to see If tin-re
were any of the gentlemen n night did
what "Chuck" Coiiiioih woiildcall"ruh
berlng," this meeting- will coino u or
der. If there aie any nominations to
come before the meeting tlm chair will
lo'eive ilit-ni."
Mr. Arnold generously walled for
some one else to take tin- Hoop Jlrst, hut
us then- was no move, he moved: ho
nominated Mr. Donovan for district
deputy. The chair wa noi opposed to
iccelvlng the nomination; in fact tin
ihnirin.iu is licensed of smiling Jtit
a bit, a spit or satMlleil Miiile, a he
received the nomination. 'Who else Is
nominated?" iniiulred .Mr Donovan hk
he assumed added seriousness and dlg-
are good going in the day coaches
and 29, and for return within
every day at Ei
tickets are s:ood on
nlty and swept his glances all met- the
"I move that the nominations close,
Mr Chulriunu," c.ime from Mr. Arnold.
The nominations were duly closed, Ihe
million!' Mr. Donovan wa placed before
tin- house, there was plenty of room
for it. and Mr. Donovan declared after
the vole was taken that Mr, Donovan
was elected. Mr. Donovan then ad
dressed Mr. Donovan as he aro,-o to ex
press his gratitude to the convention
for unanimously choosing him to give
i .spresslou to his views as to how ho
would discharge tin- dalles of ollh-e.
Tin- convention, is, .Mr. Arnold,
hearilly applauded the sentiments of
tin- chair and the district ilepuiy-olecl.
'Phoiv being no other business before
the house the convention on motion of
.Mr, Aniold, adjourned,
It luiMi't been doubted whether or not
tin- ab-iulltig of the delegates wari
done with malice aforethought, to en
joy a Joke at the expense of the good
niilured Scrautou attorney; but at alii
rat-, ther- Is always an unusually ex
pectant liiterept shown when a brother
lleptasoph asks .Mr. Donovan how tho
convention carried out its programme
that, hetiays a fore knowledge of the
day's doings.
The Delaware and Hudson i.illro.ul
men are enjoying a ,itory in which
Nlglil Hag-gage. .Master Charlie Urllllih
of the city station, and Passenger llu
glncer John Miujfelter, "old reliable,"
urn UK' principles,
A few nights ago when Mr. Mugful
ter pulled his train lu shortly beiore
10 o'clock, lu dhmounied from his ep.
glue and hustled into (lu- express ollleo
edjolning the station baggage room to
telephone an Important message. When
he rang off and wtarted op, a run back
to Ids engine he struck a miag In
locked doors. (Irlllltlls not olcervillg
J.lllgfelter li the room locked the doors,
In an Instant there was a furious o.i
glncer wllhlii the impress olllee, There
w'as no light In the loom but some one
who was passing at the time '.-i almost
willing to swear that lie saw sonic kind
of u blue light around John's head. He
twlsli d the knob and he knocked on
the window-, but no one heard him;
looking- around, ho discovered thai the
other was locked from the Inside, a
spring lock doing' the trick. In another
instant this door was jerked open and
those who wero passing observed John
running as he never rnn before to gi i.
lo his train. He caught It by a halt-N
breath ,-iuil the last seen of him was
I In-owing' things at (.Irilliths, not klssr-,
but chunks of words and looks as dark
a midnight. Since thou Charlie and
John dodge each other.
Mary i:,u-n
died at Duud.ift
I .. .,,111,. ill,..'. 1lkt ... , 'It, I. ,. Ill
inlay iti'ii moon at tho home of le r
Henry Uace, aged til. Sin- s mir-
'd by one son, Henry, of Dundaff,
one daiiKhtei, Mrs, Simon Maxe,
"orest City. Services In Hie housfl
morning- at tk'iii by Uev. Mr. Wi -
, pastor of the Uaptist church at
.duff: interment at Northman -
I, Wyoming loiiuty, her former
I, net,
of 1
An Incrensie in Men's Hoeting-
There wen- thirty-live men In iin
men's prayer meeting' at. the BaptHt
ehurili yesterday morning, an luircas-i
over the ntlendnnei, of previous So i
dnys. .Mr. llcorgo Kmiuutt hd the
ineethlg very stleeessfully, The nc n
of the Hei'i-an congregation Hud th--o
meetings very enjoyable ami helpiui.
Next Sunday morning- Mr. tieorge X
Sbinion will lead the meeting.
.leiotni Wnliili, of Pittsion, was f.
vkiltor to Carhondalo yesterdaj.
M. J. TIbIio and Martin Kt-ilj. n'
Sirantou, spent yesterday in iirhoii
dale. Miss Agnic Coleiuati. of Vine slicet
Is homo after a week's pleasant islt
among relatives In Scranlon alld Pitts,
-Miss M-4.lo O'llrlou and .Mlsi. .Mar
gatel Kelly, of Pittsion, W'U'. Urn
guests on Sunday of tho Mioses Tigh"
of the West Side.
Qthor Carbondale news will bo
found on page ?,