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To the Uncomfortable
"Wearers of glassed, wo extend the
benefit of llfteen years' experience,
nnd a thoroughly equipped shop In
making and repairing spcctncles.
In this puitlculur we tire nlono In
SI'CAKS TONtUlir.-Ufv. Station V. Kirof IH
pcak it the Itcscuc trillion tonight.
WKl.K'R CLKARIXUS. Die Traders' NJlloinl
lunk rrporLs clcarinits lor the wrck rmlliic Sept.
TS us follow: Moncliy, S'j'lT.TiiO fiOi TiirnUy,
SOI'WW.M; Wcdnculiy. J(k1,31I,,JT; 1 Imrsiljy,
f2ll.7rt-M.Js Kililay, 1naj.SI5.Sli SilurJ.i.i, !.
Ml T.J; total, JI.SW.Ml.iS.
MH.IS lOMnlttlOW NKIIir.-llie illiolic toddy ml Nrnman il.ini.llie iluli
lll friiine lt lnfctlned lomorioiv night at thf
JiniKriM of Coliimlius cliiti liou-ic. The iiroitratnma
for tlic season will then be annnimrnl. Anions
the lecturers HCiiirol .ire Dr. James Walli, ConJe
I'lttn ami Dr. I'oiulj.
xlfltlMVfl rilli: -The IIUEim huihllnir. on
laViuanna aicnui', ui.s iljtiuc;rii hy tire Nitur
day moininc to the extent of ahout tW. The
(fntral city (ntiijiaiile icvpnrMleil to nn nlaim
from hnx 'Ji, In time to ilicck the flames, sihlcli
licit' iinkh:; r.itiiii prr'Ries.s rn tli" thlnl Moor
n( the hiill'liiik'. A flic oicurrril In the miiu
building cm the irriout exenlnp, hut was e
tliiL'iil'lui without tli'.' necc-Mity of smiling In an
II XUIAI, 01' Mb .IOI1DAV The funeral of
Mis' Mary .Ionian took place 'Saturday from the
home of her mother, iorner of ,ahliigtrm annuo
ml Larch street. A large eonsrrKatioti of inourti
rm attemlcil the reiiiiein mist rcicbuttil at St.
Vaul's church hy Itev. M. U. Loflu. liitennent
was made in the Cathedral cemrtiry. T lie lull
bearers wire: Andrew O'lloro, .Joieph Kennedy,
.lohn J, James Kennedy, Willi im I.axis and
1 daid Manliy.
iiiirternth regiment, will hold an election on
Tuesday night to (111 the vacancy ocaloncd by
the recent resignation of (.'aptaln Joeph llel
liKrl. Lieutenant Thomas Murphy, late of the
.tnited States army, is the choice of the entire
company, and will no doubt be unanimously
cl'iled to the capt.unis. Alter the election the
vmpanv "ill hold a social se.slon in the dininij
em of the Klk ia(e.
Honcsdale District Gathering nt
Hawley Tonight and Tomoirow.
The twelfth annual convention of
the Honesilalo District Kpworth
Vague will begin this evening at Huw
toy nnd continue all day Tuesday. Fol
lowing Is the piogramme:
mosuay i:r.isn, t:.o
Auctions, Kcv. .Jnaeph M. Coleman, Throop.
i'lve Minute Greeting,
Itei Samuel C Simpklnt, llanley.
Itev. Manuel Itinera, DunditT.
Lecture, "The Mctse in I'ckiii, ftt-v. 1 I. Came
-lure, inc icrc in rrhin, iiv. i. u. .,aiin" i
well, IMi D. of the North China ConCerrme,
who, according to Suicess for July, lr,OI,
"Held at arm's IcnEth an empin- of tour hun
dred millions for hltyix day."
Appointments Sollies. Bcnedietion.
I'rascr Meetinf.
Led hv Rev. Dnid KsaiiK, Sterling
Demotions, Ues Orson G. Uuell, Hale F.ddy.
"J.ianEclim" -
1 "The I.lle of nod in the Soul of Msn."
Miss Kill Maude Stewart, Clitlord.
2 "Ihe Life of Man in the Work of fiod."
MUi Idua Skinner, Milautille
3, "The cin.-s Mosnnfiit,"
Mis. Heniietta .1. McCutihin, Wauuart.
4 ' 'IIih (.race AN.)." 2 Col S: T it flcpir
lor Oct. f), Hei. OeoiRe 51 Hell, Anl.
5. "Uscntlal to ital ChrkftUnlt.s,"
Itev .John A. Tmi'iie, couth Canaan.
6. "The peelopmcnt of the l.ianselittic
spirit in UilMlioocl."
Mrs. .f. C. Kstes, Dunmorc
7. Intcichanje of Ideas.
Three Minute Itepurts of fcuti Distiiet Contention
IttiidncM Transitions.
Sulci Mis lii.itc Whitney, lloncdale.
1 ll.e Mtituile fif fhn-tiaiiity towards
lVny I iHarr. llnnctdale.
2 "The ldiK.iticm periled ihioush Read-
Init." Mrs. I.lzlo II Mipiucl, Mo,ow.
u "Tin llnioniuntioiul school,"
l!e. Aitluir I) lljticl Thompson.
I "Is a IiiIIirc Kdin.uiiin Unliable for a
.Msuuol l.ihniri "
Hot Kiiltih' (Juimb.v, li.iiiiHntciii.
.cc3 Peilm I lli'iiidii'tion.
It IMiY U'lhHSOOV, 1n.O.
Vetotions, llet .1 li. Itatiuoud, tailij Urook
S "dm Kducatuiinl Woik: l'aal and I'ns
rnt," Jlet l.'inrce I'laie. 1'h II, llonesdile,
B. "Whit We ic and Whit We Oucht to Do
loi saciiie t nitiHitt."
He. .Justus V. Wainer, W.ijmart.
7 lnt"ichni!P of Ideas
"Euii'M of the I inn il ( onientlnn,"
thailes ". Itaker,
I.le iimi of I'ic-iiliiit, Itiioidms "-ecritart and
Tieisuier, uiii.-pondlne SecKt.ny and .limine
la ague "iipctintcnden .
Tlio I smotitiitton nf .1 Disui.t MlAsiiinarj' Cum-,
Completion ol t'litinUhnl I1ilIiiik
1, "V sul (u noi Is ( omeption of Mother.
In od,"
ltet William McVIiiiiii, NaiiowJiun;.
2 "lUloie tlie .Judffinent llai,"
ltet Albeit C. (liter, I. ike Couio
" "An Kpwoilh I.caKiii' llcue,"
Mrs It. I, Clirk, Forest flit.
i "Ihe Pot.ilillitles of the Meicv and Help
lli pallium! on Honcsdale District,"
Mii ll.ii i let M. PaMnp, Carbondale,
S "llaliituitini; Clilldirn to l'liihntliropio
Woik." Mis. Iliail.s Folev, I'dktllle
II Inlcnhaiifte of Idea-.
otle3. I'silrn wnl, IJeneilKtion,
'It 1DY KVKNIMi. 7.M
Deletions, Itev Jacob II. Itojce, I' Muunt.
lifport of ( ommlltee on ItooHitiuns x
Adlie.s, "What a ChrMian Nuiso Did for a
Wounded Jev. iili soldier,"
Mrnto Jacobs, Scianlon,
Fnlii-tii wounded, Riien up to die; iiuimn!
bai k to health, accept Clnist, disowned
bt pncnlsi liupiijoncd, etc, etc "He
thriller my people, and nioird thini int.i
l Investment
88 Broadway, N. T,
Wilkei-Birre. Carbondale.
I-S-6 Commonwealth bid's:, Scranton, Fa.
a deeper rttltua1 life." Itev. Thomas He
(Iruchy, t). l raster Jackson fctreet Hap
lift tfiurch, fMranton. "I wlh evershodjr
tuiild hr iiliii."-llcv. Arthur U. Duld,
1 homvon.
lleatltudei. Hi nedii linn. Adjournment.
Filled the Pulpit of that Church at
Both Services,
llev. l)r, J. H. Sweet, of Oneontn, N.
Y npi)Ko In liitKO collRiCKHtlnn1 holh
mutnlnK and evening yosteiday In the
Kim l'ailt ihurcli, Many meiiiberH of
hla former Hook at Simpson church lis
tened to him nl oiitih service. Ur,
Sweet Ih so great a favorite In this
city that liln cotnlnc Iwck on this oc-
i-axlon wn welcomed most Hlncerely,
Last nlfiht lie spoko from the text,
"Tlio Lord Uod is a Sun."
The eerinon waa one of scholia ly
ability and beauty of lniiRiiaKc. He
illustrated his subject by railing at
tention to the pteat centre of our nolar
system. The telatlonhlp of the light
gained from the oil In thu lamp as
oi Initially derived from stored sun
shine of other ngei, the problematic
soutces of elcrtilelty, and tlio variety
of Illuminating powets In general were
ronsldeiud. Life, too, must come from
the sun. All true robust life Is devel
oped In the unhlne. Ood comes as
the great sotiuv of life In the world.
If in the beginning Hod created tlio
gieater light to lule the day, the les
ser to rule the night; If in the be
ginning at God's command life In man
appears, so life in the human race
manifests its power In the sun the
sun of ilgliteousness. All true spirit
ual life conies from Ood. It Is not the
thought of Clod that any man should
polish, but should come Into eternal
The sun Is the source of warmth.
The annual coal products of the world
is about 'MO millions of tons. It Is said
that if all this nuihS were set on lire
It would answer but the Infinite part
of a second to supply the heat which
comes from the sun. If our earth were
but one mass of coal and the inhabi
tants thereof were as stokers feeding
the furnaces of the sun they would
be thirty hours of time keeping up it9
llres. God is the sun whose warmth
and kindliness kindle the tires on the
altars of our lives.
We designate as revivals those sea
sons when we meet together to warm
our chilled purposes and our hearts
and lives glow and throb together In
the name of God. "We speak of the
coldness of the woild as compared with
the waimth of Christian charity.
Warmed Into kindly ways toward each
other the btothethood of man and the
fatherhood of God ate realized upon
the iai tli.
The .sun is the source of frultfulness.
We should have no rich autumnal sea-.'-on
without Its shining. All nature re
sponds to this power. It Is the spirit
ual warmth which produces respon
siveness of life and soul in the woik of
God. We arc co-laboters with God.
He shines into our souls and produces
the up-brlnglng of heeds of ilghteous-
, , ,,
tlPf "'
Tho sun produces beauty. The blos
soms of the woild tat n to the sun and
everyone who comes into the sun
light of God comcK Into beauty ot
diameter and sympathy of life.
Theie Is a time for the setting of the
sun, but the darkness Is brightened by
the star of hope which prophesies ot
the sun i icing the light of eteinal day.
Pennsylvania and Central Pennsyl
vania Companies Join Forces To
morrow Headquarters at
A consolidation of tho Pennsylvania
Telephone company and the Cential
lYnnsyltniila Telephone and Supply
company goes into effect tomoriow.
The Pennsylvania Telephone com
pany has Its lieadnuaiters nt Hsirris
burg, and serves a tenitory extending
ft oin Ht'.sdcton to the Matyland line
and ftom Lancaster ui Uedfoid Springs.
The Central Pennsylvania Telephone
and Supply company, whose licudquur
teis ate at Wllllamwpm t, serves a. ter
ritory embiaclng fifteen counties, and
extending fiom Forest City to Johns
town. The consolidated company will he
known as tho Pennsylvania Telephone
company. The headquarteiH will lie at
Ilaitisbutg, and the geneial manager
"will be M. 11. rtuehler, at piecut gen
eial manager of the Pennsylvania com
pany. The WUllamsport hejdqu.a lets
of tli" (Vutinl company will he done
away w Ith.
The dliertoiate of the consolidated
company has not us et been selei ted.
It will opeiate under the charter of the
Pennsylvania company, and this pro
vides that sixty days' notice shall be
given ot any contemplated chnngo In
the by-laws. It is probable that the
by-laws will be changed to enlatge the
dliertoiate. When the sixty days havo
explted the matter of leorganlzatlon
w 111 be taken up.
The par value of the sliaies of the
I'eimsvhaiila company Is $."ii, that of
the Central lotnpany $100. The Central
people take two shares of the Pennsyl
vania slock lor each sr.aro they hold
In the Centtal company. It Is a dollar
for dollar exchange. The airangement
Is entirely nmieuhlc, It Is wild, nnd
made for the purpose of strengthening
the tone of the stock of both companies.
The consolidation will effec t no change
In the management of the local brunt. h
of the Cential company.
lohn M Idwauls has been appointed ntcmigi.v
pin i uf Hie en phant' mint.
A lull for a mtv trial was granted Saturday
h.i Jiulic laipcnUr In the taie of Jin. JI, J.
I.' ell asaiiitt c MieritT I'. II Cliiuons
Judge oliuii: on Situnbv handed down an
Older Hxlng Oil .!, at 0 a m . as Hie time for
the heal ins in the nutter of tlio eitate of Mar
garet taiitfliau
In the case of John Mullen against the Siran
ton HjIIwij company the Juiy on Saturdat re
turned a teidiet In fator ot the defendant. Mul
len ued (or being lougldy handled and ejected
Ircim a I'lotldenee car by the rnotornian and con
duilor en the night of Dec 2J, I'TJ.
Attorney II, I,. Tailor began habeas coipus
pioceedlniM befurc Judge IMnards Saturday to
secure the release of pomlneio Volpe, who li In
the couni.t Jail awaiting trial on the charge of
itealing W1 woith of Jeweliy and UIOO m cash
from Ihe houso of Frank Varnet, HIS North
Main ammo, Oct. J'l. lM! It Is ilaimed the
cwdeinc was not autlhicnt to warrant tolpe'a
committal. He wants Hi" court to rctiew tin
cate It will be heard Oit i at 9 a m.
Thexe Is Still Time.
Studciils aie legtsterlng dally for
the Conservatory's courses In piano.
OHice, tj04 Linden stteot. Open all day.
Tho popular Punch cigar Is still the
leader of the lOo cigars.
FlOlty.-On Saturdat, Sept. , 0U, the infant
ton of Mr, and Mrs. Curtis Bertram Flory,
His Final Seunon Was Delivered
Last Night to the Joint Congrega
tions of the First nnd Second
Chmches It Wns tho Same Dls
cotase He Delivered on the first
Sunday He Entered tho Pulpit.
His Rcmnrks to His Own Flock nt
the Morning Service.
Itev. Dr. O. K. Robinson preached his
farewell sermon last night, to the con
gregation of tho Second Presbyterian
church, which wn.s augmented hy tho
congiegatlon of the Klrst church. Tho
edifice was filled with llstencia who
deplore tho depai'lttto of the pastor so
beloved and tho benignity of whoso
presence will bo missed.
Previous to tho sermon llr. Robinson
made brief lomarks, in which he spoke
of the farewell, which he had said at
the moinlug service to his own people,
nnd at other times to the wSunday
school, the clergymen and othet.s. Ho
dreaded the separation and the break
ing of ties which had been so clo'-o
nnd tendei. Ho hoped tho church
would bo as kind to ills successor as
It had been to him. Ho was certnin
that those who had been his best
friends would be tho "best friends of
the new pastor. He knew not yet
whom tho man would he, hut sonu
whero Ood was prepailng him for this
At the conclusion of his addtess, Dr.
Robinson declared the pulpit empty.
Throngs of people tuirled to express
their regrets at 'the necessity for say
ing good bye to their pastor of four
teen years, Much emotion was appar
ent In the congregation during the
entire evening. A special musical pro
giiimme was glvt-n under tho direction
of Piofessor Chance. The sermon he
delivered last night was the one ho
delivered on tho llrst Sund,iy he occu
pied the pulpit of tho church. His
topic was "Sin Iilotted Out," and ho
took his text front Is.ilah, xllll 'J.'., "I,
even I, am He that blottoth out thy
transgicsslons for mine own sake, and
will not remember thy sins." He said:
The scry first thinjr that attracts our alien-
Hon in thi passage Is tho distinct, iinphitic
leioRiution of the peisonalily of find, "1 enn
I." It renilmU mo of tliat teutence whiih
K'inictimes hcems to be the greatest of all "I
am" when Moses asked to hate cicdeutlals tilth
which to appear befoie the IgiptUn (!m
umply b i id, "I nay unto them. Hut 'I am'
sent joii' When men think that theie is no
other Hod than the force which carries the stats
along and ttlilih. appears only In nature, they
eav "It" inteid of "He." When they fpcll
matter with a big "M" it Is all the clod thei
want, or recognize. If in reading seicntiflc- triat
Ue, jou obsertc that the writer uses a pergonal
pronoun when he fpeaks of find, when ho
writes "He" in rcfening to Ood, ton tmy be
pretty Mire that h lat a reterent scientist, who
feos thiough niture, tnture's Ood.
Hut when ton detect a ftudlous avohlinee of
tlio word Cod and freipient reference to the
(treat llle of the uniterse, correlitlnc forces,
rolling the ftam along, un ler tlio indefinite
neuter pronoun "It," jou tieid hate no dllrkult.t
in knowing ttheie to rank tii tviiter. A
man, wlio in wandering through the great ate
nues of thought, who, in all his Mudy of the
uniterse, measuring and weighing the stars and
noting the bilancinga of the clouds, nnd of the
gieater forces ol the dolnr and stellar e.nteins,
bis not attained to the belief in nil intelligent
designing cause, a personal creitor, and does
not hear the "I am" of Jelioiah, thrilling
thiough the music of the spheres be iloes not
tee the glory of Ood ho la blind and cannot
sen afar off. "The invisible things of Him
for the creation of the world aie clearly seen,
being understood by the things that aie nude
rten Ili-s external power and Cod head" of
lllin Him." All I blessed be the soul that not.
lug the daisy, or the Illy of the field, can see
through It something of the mind and head of
Cod. Ulessed the man who can feel the 'Ven-e
of Ood slide down in thrills through all things
mule through sight and sound and eve rj thing."
He alone can comprehend ttoids worth meaning,
when be aald "To me tho meanest flower that
blows can giie thoughts that do often lie too
deep for teais.' '
winur. SYsruxi of sionvuiv.
On the doctrine of the personillty ef Ood, so
plainly taught in Scripture, so conspicuously
reteilcd on a field, and in the kv, hangs the
whole st stem of morality Deny tint, and jou
deny all. If there is no Ood, there Is no sin.
what serins so is simply the ellect. the imperfect
effect of nature to leach perfection. Uut some
one uii.t say mat at ieai me-ic vtuuiu uc '
there, if men hate no Judge to render tip the
arcounta to. Hut with no pergonal Ood there Is
no Inimoitality, and do )ou know wlnt that
means. Sot only that this conscience, existenie
or personillty which, amid all trial and sorrow
jou would not bo deprited of, ceasra foreter
'at death not only that, but also all tint is
iniolied in that, the total, iin parable, cternil
separation at death from all light and friend.
hip. If there were no (tod, then when jou
stand bt a dting father or mother, or wife or
child, and see them laid away in the grate,
.ton could only say, "It is the end" "Till the
beaten be no morn they shall not awake, nor
be raised out ot th sleep."
Hate jou any idea, can jou gain any ade
quate idei whit this conscious immortality has
done for man' What effect it Ins had upon
his sense' of life and character? and what it
has effeited In the rrclprocation of thought and
feeling in the household' Take away fiom par
ents and ehlldien, from Mothers and sisters all
hope uf lltlng bejond the grate, all hope of
meeting In beaten, and need jou reason long to
become eontineed that the be.t and noblest part
of life would be gone, and that human life
degeneiates to a Ufa like the hearts who perish.
Ml thought of immortality ceaes, or all belief
in existence bejond the graie is abandoned with
the abandonment of this doctrine ol a personal
Then If there be no Ood, who can sat- "I"
tilth the? authority ot supreme volition supreme
power and supreme lote there Is no I'rotldenee
oier us. We nro drlteii along, simply as ma
chines, there Is no help, no pity, no power to
cheer us hi depression nor to inspire us with
rourige. I was going to say "Cod pity u." but
II there were no personal God rrajer would be
a mockfi.y. Ihe cry that notv goes up to God1,
no quickly, the sudden appealing prajer for mer
cy or help, would hate to bo smothered, for
who would pray with no Ood to pray to The
Uible representation of f,od, the "I am" ol
the Scripture "The Lord, He" -as the Hebrew
often put It is the sole warrant for intellljint
prajer All encouragement to prajer that has
led to the erection of .o many family altars,
throughout the woild, that has scut niatii s
parent to tho solitary place to plead, and the
prajer (or the saltation of her children, that
hate for ages brought tiod'a people together, at
staled times, for worship,, all wouhl be dene
awaj the whole theory of a superintending prov.
ideneo to help, protect and sate, would be sim
ply the baseless fahilc of a dream
Heme the emphasis In tlio Scripture phera
upon this diuliine that Ood ts a prison nd
there can be no stronger statement made in
Are You in the Race
for a free scholar
ship? Then y o u
mint get jour lift
uilo Die mail e.n
Mondaj. Sept. Se)
v Islua tcu luck and
i long lit. Tiy to
liud out one mors
wend It may ho
tl " winning stroke.
I AJIred Penning
ten, Dlrcctoi,
the lllble, than when (Jod to tho evi
dence of tils existence "As I lite aaith the
Imd (Joel, 1 hue no pleasure In the death of
the ttlekrd, but that the wicked turn from his
way and lite as Ood lives." Grasp that thought,
beliete, with all the might of filth. All that is
elear In life, all that is Inspiring to faith, all
tint Is grand In ethics, all that U helpful In
trouble, all that binds up tho wounded hearts,
all that throws any light on the future and takes
from us the horror of leaping In the dark, is
bound up with this belief. These two little
word, "I" and "Thou," expiess all the rel-itlen
between (Jod and the helleter. And so with a
repetition that It lull of encouragement, (Jod
satai "l-eicn I-sin lie that blolteth out thy
tiaiisgresslons," This terse has in It the very
kernel of the gospel. This comet What every
minister is commissioned to prrirli, what every
belleter Is commanded to declare, that thl
awful element of discord, woe, wretchedness, thi
state of the mind and heart which shuts off
from Ood this din, which Ood hates, rm be
fnrirltin. Naj-, Irt me rut it In the words of
the text, "blotted out." "I eten l-am lit
that blottcth out thy tranijrcssionj."
iiititi: is FonoivF.Ni:ss,
There can be no Intelligent recognition of
Ood without the consciousness of "in. Ood said,
"I hata heard of Theo with the hearing ot
the or, but now mine eje seeth thee, where
fores I abhor nijsclf, and repent In dust and
ashes." When Peter caught the gleam of the
illtino glory shining through the vail of Christ's
htinnn flesh, he tried i "Depart from me, for 1
mil x sinful man, 0 Ood " And so with tin
mercy characteristic ol Ood, this emphatic dec
laration of His personality, is accompanied with
an assurance tint there Is "forgltcnosi with
Him that He may be feaied."
I do not care how deeplj- a man may be
oontlctcd ol his sins, the deeper, the better, the
nearer the truth, for I know tint such tont lo
tion will not lead to despair so long as I cm
hold up before him this text, where Ood sn.ts
"I eten I im He that blotteth out thy trans
gressions." Ilifl gladdest sound I can hear is
tho cry, "Whit must I do to be saved!" for I
know what to say, where to point the con
tlcted soul. I can hold up this promise of the
test, and say, "Take that, belieto that; see
what Ood will do for jou" And this repeti
tion, "I eten I am He," it made here as an
assurance that the work of saltation will be
well done, thoroughly done for "Goal it able
to sate unto tha uttermost
sj If there is any one here today who feels
his sinfulness, anv one who it rady to u knowl
edge" himself a sinner, who does not need to bn
reaoned with to prote hie sinfulness, but
whose crj-, if it had anv toice, would be the
cry of tlio Publican: "Ood be merciful to me
a sinner," I desire to speilt to such a one. I
must say that souls in suet, a state of contictlon
are coinpirititely rare. My Double is to find
many who ore ready to take the slnner'is posi
tion and to adopt the publican's prajer at their
own. Most persons, while giving an assent to
the general ttitement that all men are sinful,
are unwilling to reeelte the peisonal application
of the truth. When the great and solemn truth
Is pres.fd home to them that Ood, from His
tert niture, has a controtery with them, be
cause of their sinfulness, and that there can
be no peace between God and thcin until that
sin is blotted out, they si ill sij, "My minis,
tor's idea of God Is different from mine." "I
don't think that God, biting created me. will
condemn me. I don't beliete that He mikes as
much of sin us tlie minltcrs say. I'm not
willing to put tnjelf among thnso who haie
no vailng graee within themseltes, and who are
lot unless sated wholly through the grace ot
God. I don't bclieie God icipiiios such humili
ation of me."
'Ilieie ar many in this congregation who
prailnilly say just thit, and who, therelore,
put thfinelies out of the lcich of x text like
that of tills ctenmg. Fur, at tho rlit glance
jou will sec thit these worels are addressed to
those who aie concerned about their sins and to
whom tho thought that Ood Is holy, and that
they are unholy in Ills sight, is an infinitely
solemn and aw till thought. It Is aeldrcsscd to
those to whom an assurance that Ood will blot
out the triiisgrossiiins, will bo an inestimable
comfoit, the best news which they cm hear
And it la .1 tin- affecting thought to me, tliat
many of jou, this ctenlng, therefore, leaie jour
seliee nut of the range of this text, by trnir
unconcern, by tour eilsrrgird of tho great fact of
sin nirated against God's holiness Oh, my dear
people, how many of jou will allow jourlic
to be frankly approached this etening by tlio
tlnee words? llow nnnv humbly, seiiously, con
fiding jour need of listing your iraritgressiiins
blotted nut, will tike in the promise nf tho
text? "I eten 1 am He tint blotteth out thy
( omider what the promise is, what God pro
poses to do To blot out the sin. Iet us gito
pi ice to that etpicvsion a few moments in
our thoughts. "Ulottcth out"? How mueh Is
lett of iinjlliug tint is "blotted out?" Write
upon a blickboard an iccount with some cus
tomer, anil when be pita it rub it off. Is
there anjthlng left there? 'Ihe words "blot
out," as ii-ed here In the text, is iletined to
mean; to obliterate; to ctlaic, to erae, to can
cel." In etcry easa it means that whateirr it
i;s a stilu, a charge, a spot, a ehrgraee, a sin.
It is gone', 'there is notliing left of it .nii
are not sure about jour arcount with somo
mei chant; jou go to him and ask him how
It t anils; ho opens the ledger and tells jou
that jour debt Is cancelled, that toil hate paid
all; tlio books are hilanccd; there Is nothing
against jou. ou are not slow to comprehend
his meaning, Wi hate nothing to pij And
tliat U just wlnt Ood proposed to do In this
text, and in tlio whole offer of saltation. And
it is that which makes the Christian minister's
meKs.ace such glad tidings; to blot out, to
put out of mind jour sins to "bilng them no
more to remembrance."
'i m:
rnneious noov to Mtv,
Does tint seem a small thing to olfer? an
Insignificant boon fiom God' There U nothing
bitter thin this; nothing so precious as this of.
fir which God mikes in the text. It is not well
to take our feelings about If, an indifference to
it, or anj- measure of its; talue. There are
many tilings; that operate to make worthiest
our estlmato of it from our feellnga. What
if we elo not feel that it Is taluahle? Dots
that mako it of no value? What if we elo not
realm', do not feel that It is the "pearl of great
Jiriee-" Does that make it n worthli-ss bauble?
Nol Not God alono stands where a fair estimate
of the worth of being sated, of hating our sins
"Iilotted out" tan be nude, and He, slewing
Heaten anl Hell; He, looking at life omniscient.
Jj, says that theie is nothing in all tlio
world, nothing in the uiinerse with so much to a
sinner, to a soul tliat can neter die, and that,
without sins blotted out can neter be happj, as
to hato God's foi git ene-ss. And once In awhilo
men are conscious of it, once In a while they
are brought where the thought tint their sins
are not blotted out, darkens the sunlight, and
fills Hie soul with anguish.
Onoe, while I was in my study woiklng hard, a
timid rap took me to tho door. A man and wo
man.strangera to me, deslicd to seo me. Thinking
tliat they might be among that class ol people
who lite by fiaudulent begging, who hate about
the 6ame story to tell, that their tickets were
lost, they wein on their way eat or west and
desired help to get on further to friends who
were waiting for them, and would be so muih
obliged to me If I wouhl adtance the means to
help them on, that they would return the money
by the next mall.
I was readv to glie them short notice, for I
hate considerable money intested In that way,
and am satisfied to nuke no further intestinents,
when, what waa my ilellfiht to learn that ..ey
had came asking no fator, but simply wanting
to be taught tho way to C In 1st. They had
lieaid me preach, I bclieie, somewhere up in
tlio count rj, nnd they had romei oier twenty
miles, with this thought to ask mo to tell them
bow to be saied. They had been in sorrow over
their tins for a month or more and had found
no relief. "Tell us," said they, "how to get
rid of this burden and be sated," Can jou
imagine how gladly the previous work was set
aside to tell them just what I am telling jou
this etening tliat God promises through Jesus
Christ to blot out our sins, and all we hate to
do it to take Him at Hn word, trust Him for
li " nd jet how many nf jou hate the burden
of jour sin retlng upon jour souls, k that
jou would go tin (ect to Ami peace. How
min.v of ) on caro for thee thlngt enough to
make any effort to accept the Ditlne offer?
How many lit o within the sound of the Gospel
and will go to church on the '-ibhath day, if
it does not rain, who are indifferent to this
offer of saltutlnn, when these people, troubled
about their soula, came tucn'v miles to ask
what they must do to be sated?
llow the death ot Thrlst aflcctt this I am
not railed upon to explain, and I sa- let no
man attempt It, take thit truth, at It stands. I
tuin to the third chipter of the Fplslle to the
llnriijiis, beginning tilth the second tere, and
I challenge jou to find any other doctrine, hut
tliat tlnoiuh the blood, the "Mood,", the sac
rlrlce nf Jcsm, it become possible for God to
offer full, (ice pirdon to sinners.
Situation nt Dickson City Is Nenrlng
a Crlsls Injunction to Be Asked
for to Restrain tho Treasurer from
Paying Furniture. Bills, Which Are
Said to Bo too High Investigating
Committee's Report Was Appiovccl
At Saturday Night's Meeting of
Tho investigating committee which
has been probing Into tlio doings ot the
olllclals of Dickson City borough is ex
pected to get down to real nctlvo busi
ness this week.
It was announced yesterday that
Burgess William Kennedy will be ar
rested befoie very many days will have
elapsed, on tho chat go of malfeasance
in ofllce, and that Impeachment pro
ceedings will be begun at tlio same
time to have him removed from olllce.
Court Is to be petitioned within a
few days also for tin injunction re
sit alnlug Uorough Trevisurer Uldlrgan
from paying the bill of D. T). Jones &
Co., of Olyphnnt, for furniture pur
chased by councils and for which, it Is
claimed, an exorbitant price xvns paid.
Tho borough council paid $900 for the
furniture. Tho committee has In its
possession a communication signed by
Hill & Conuell, of this city, offering to
duplicate the furniture for less than
A second public Indignation mentlng
was held on Saturday night, when the
following report was piesented by the
Investigating committee for the consid
eration of the citizens present;
Tit the Citizens of the Borough, of Dickson City,
in Town Meeting Assembled.
A our committee appointed at the last meeting
of the oitlena to intestigatc certain charges
made against the borough council, beg lcava to
repoit as follows:
First To the report that the borough councils
Intend to defaco tlio corner-stone of the boiough
building, we find the following:
At a meeting ot the borough council a motion
was made bj- Mr. McGaj-ritv, which was duly
seconded and carried At that meeting but set en
members were prc.-cnt. Mr. McGarrltj-, leading
the affirmative, succeeded in hating a majorlt.v
of the councilmen vote for bis motion, whi'h
wn.s as follows:
"That a committee of the borough council he
Instructed to procure some persons to erase the
named of Ihe building committee, president of
the council and burgess from tho corner-stone
of the public building, and to place theieon and
in its stead the word Dickson Pity Borough.
Sei end To tho report that the bill of hose
pun based by the council for the jear 1101 was
piucliascd after certain louncilmen had been
Kuhatautially lcwaidcd for their totes, w hnd
the follow nig:
Mr. ltentham, a former member of council,
openly aecusca John I.arke and Henry McOarrity
with luting reccited certain money from some
persont interested in the selling of the hose to
the borough We can find no testimony beyond
the statement of Mr. ltentham and Mr. Snyder
to sulistantlatc this charge, but the silence of
Mr. McOarrity and Mr. I.arke continccs us that
they arc not free from slain or they would dny
this charge before jour committee.
Third- In response to your third subject of In
quiij, which is as follows: That Treasurer Eld
crkln is demanding and taking a discount from
parties for cashing borough order", jour commit
tee ha ascertained that Treasurer F.lderkin has
receded monej- for the cashing of orders.. The
committee stated thej- have no at hand
where he has demandtd the same, as thet hate
no etidence of the same.
llegarding the purchase of the furniture and
oil cloth for the borough building, we find, the
committee sajtt, there tins no opportunilj- giten
for competititp bidding upon those articles and
the committee has asked reputable buairnvs
bouses and they find they could be purcnascd
for neaily 'i00 lew than the purchasing commit
tee jjalel for them.
'I ho raising of the tax rate for the borough
is an action on the pait ot council that is
unwarianted, and, we aie advised, unlaw fill at
the rite fixed for this jear, there being no reason
for the let j lug of said tax aslgned and the com
mlttre condemns said action on the part of the
boiougli council.
The committee also intestlgatcd the easet
charged against the council of preventing Henrj
llager from taking his teat and participating in
the deliberations of the council, and thej' find
this to be true nnd beliete it to be a matter of
personal spite on the pjrt of certain members
of the council, owing to spite and spleen.
The committee say they know Mr. Hagcr was
legallj- electeel and council refused to seat him
Tlio charge that the council expended $1,200 to
contest the seat of councilmen. They find that
this is untrue.
In relation to the charges tint Burgess Ken
nedj' has not made reports to the council, as re
quired bj- law, thsy nnd he was elected burgess
in February, POO. Hla salary was fixed at HW
per jear, and monthly he was required to make
returns of fines to the council This he hat
failed to do, and it is understood that lie has
colli'cted luge sums and appiopiiated the same,
having made no return of monej received for
fines, licenses, etc , that he has not giten a bond
to tli" boiough, as required by the statute, and
that his conduct his been such as to cieate sus
picion and elistniet and it Is the opinion of the
committee that his conduct of the office of bur
gcsR should bo inicallgatcd to the fullest extent.
(ct'orge Hofuaglc, James Margetson, James
Iteeel, Committer,
Theie were n few supporters of the
accused officials present, but the large
majority seemed fo favor the Investi
gating committee and its report. All
of the report, with the exception of the
clauses protesting ngainst the Increuso
In the tax levy and accusing certain
councilmen of seeming rake-offs on
hose, was adopted lifter much discus
hlon and general debate.
The committee was continued, nnd
the members will meet again early this
week to finally shape their plans. The
olllclals of seveial of the big corpor
ations owning ptopeity and paying
taxes in the borough, notably the Dela
ware and Hudson company, have noti
fied the committee that they will ren
der all the assistance possible In bring
ing the alleged guilty officials to Jus
tice. The charge which will be niiide
against the burgess will be tliat he has
appropriated to his own use fines and
costs collected by him and tliat he has
failed to make a monthly return to tho
tieasurer of such moneys. The com
jnlttee lias been Informed by City
Solicitor George Watbon, of tills city,
that the burgess has no light or au
thority, under the law, to keep any
costs Imposed hy him nnd that he Is
also liable to iirrest nnd Impeachment
for falling to make a monthly return to
tho boiough tteasuier.
Tho burgess has always maintained
that the costs collected by him are his
Jtist and lawful perqulsitles, hut Solid
tor Watson differs xxlth hlin and holds
that he has no light to keep any costs
as he Is paid a eaily salary hy the
borough.,K TO AHUUST.
Tlio ineinbfis of the committee have
also been Informed by legal author!
ties that each and every member of
the council htui rendered himself liable
to arrest for levying during the last
two years a special tax for the crea
tion of a sinking fund and then using
the money collected for other purposes.
Cicomu llufuauclu, alia o the leudei s
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some knowledge of what Is good and ttbst Is not, There are lots of poor ones made.
If jou buy a limp here jou get the benefit of our experience.
and Nickel, J.J SO. Antique llras reading has no superior. Old Hra.s SLA l(
I'crfeillon Student l-inip lor I'lnbh 41sJU
II k It. Lamp for nadlug ami general light, (Q candle power, It the C Oft
best ol Its kind. Complete with shade iPA.UU
tleo. V. Millar & Co. "..'""
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Pillows Renovated.
We will call for your old mattresses or pillows and re
turn them as good as new.
Mattresses Hade Over, same tick, $2.50
New Tick, best material 4.S0
Pillows Renovated.... 10 cents per pound.
Sctr anion Bedding Co.,
Lackawanna and Adams Aves.
At Crane's
Fashion's Doors Swing Wider
There's always a pleasure in being the first to see the
new, and the new here surpasses anything we have shown
in the past. A day makes a vast difference in our Fall
Displays, a veritable transformation has been wrought
since our last general announcement. To chronicle all the
shifting phases of fashion is a task from which any pen
might well shrink. We have shifted. "What we show is
the extreme essence of style and utmost values.
Others have been convinced. Are you waiting tht
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New Building, 324 Lackawanna Ave
v aia).av.a-t---.----t--t--t-'t-t-tr
i Scranton Carpet &
. 4.4.4. .,4f.
of the present movement, was nsked
yesterday by a Tribune man if he had
any statement to make In reply to
Uurgess Kennedy's assertion that he
(Hufnagle) was bringing tlili piosecu
tlon because lie was angry at council
for not building an embankment to
keep the water from running on hli
"The fellow Isn't worth noticing."
said he In commenting upon the bur
gess. "He knows that what be sas
Isn't bo and everybody knows It. Kven
If It wete It wouldn't be any excuse
for his remarkable actions as butgess,
nor for the dolngi of the ruling fac
tion of our council, I only own a very
small portion of the land which would
be Improved by this pioposed embank
ment. The officials of tho coal com
panies owning land there luxe been
more interested than anyone else in
securing the assistance of the borough
in creating this embankment. All they
want the borough fo pay Is the labor,
thu material is to be all fumWhetl
The councllnien wouldn't agree to
spend $-00 for labor on this improve
ment but they aie perfectly willing to
throw money away extravagantly by
paying twice as much for things as
they aie worth.
"If these men who are accused by the
committee are Innocent they'd be into
court In a minute, 1 know that If the
ehaigca were made against me that
have been made against some of thee
olllclals 1'rt have the men that made
them arrested the next day. That is,
of course, piovldlng I was Innocent, If
these men weio wise they'd resign.
The leformers claim to have seemed
a councllmanlc conxert as the result
of Saturday night's meeting. There aio
eight men In the council ulneo Coun
cilman llager has been refused admis
sion and the McOarrity faction has
constated of five of these for several
The leformets claim that Council
man Hly, who has been a staunch Mc
Gariity man, nnnounred bis intention
on Saturday night of going over to the
other side. This will make council
evenly divided and will leave the bal
ance of power with Mr, llager, who is
a ptonounced leformer.
Arrested by a Neighbor on n Very
Serious Charge.
Peter Castiillona, who was mairled
tin ft weeks ago with gieat eclat to
the belle of the Italian colony In Dun
nioie, gaxe hall in the sum of SfiOfi, be
foie Alduimau Uuddy, Saturday, to
answer a. charge of having attempted
to ciiminiilly assault tho 13-year-old
daughter of Vincent Diabase o,
Caslalloua is u bcctlon-hand on the
rraiK I uoaic Arsino,
Both 'Phones
-- -t f t t tt-
The mnnuTni'tiircrs shudder at
the prices wo hell their
for. They nell it's Rertroom, Par
lor, or DlnltiK Itoom .Suites to
retail at so much, but we fix our
own price, nnd every one Is
henefltteil. We sell more Roods,
and the pco'ile savo money.
FJut pi lues, would be no Induce
ment If beauty of design,
strength, and quality of mnter
inl ivere lacking- Everything
that m.ilce.s f?ood Kurnlture goes
with low in Ices bote.
Furniture Co.
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Our Fall Stock
of Shoes Is
Now Complete
THE DORCAS, for ladles, at $3.5C
Is the best shoe bargain obtainable,
LADIES' OXFORDS, $2.50 and
S3.00 kind. Now 1.50
MEN'S OXFORDS, $3.50 nnd
$4.00 kind. Now 2.00
SCHOOL SHOES, gunianteed,
for 75c
Many other bai gains too numerous
to mention.
UuJis, RUddy,
Dauies & Miirphq,
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
Kile. He claims that three of the
neighbors' little girls, the Dalbasco git I
among them, inltihlcvouKly tan off
with his coat and pick, which he left
on the hand car, Friday. Ho followed
them and upon overtaking them pla
fully thiow one of them down and
piled the otheis on top of her. The
Dlabasco girl's father happened along
at this juuctuie.
Montrose Fair.
The fifty-fifth annual fair of the Sus
quehanna County Agricultural society
will be held at Montrose. Tuesday and
Wednesday of this week.
Special reduced ratts have been se
cuted on Delaxvaie, Lackawanna and
Western from Cresco to AVavcily, in
clusive, and on llloouihhurg division to
and Including Shlekshlnry. nt the rate
of one and one-thltd fau for jound
Tickets good October 1 and 2, and for
return the lid.
Tho society have engaged tho famous
Dr, Mason Olee society, of Wilkes
Uarre, to sing on Wednesday, as one
of its attractions, and no doubt a laigu
number from this locality will avail
themselves of this opportunity to spend
a day In beautiful Hutiiiiehannn county
and to hear the most famous glee soci
ety in tho United States,
Smoke the Pocono 5c, cl".