The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, September 14, 1901, Page 10, Image 10

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IB Powcte
Royal Baking Powder is of the highest qual
ity, always pure, wholesome, uniform. The
contents of each can are exactly like every
other, and will retain their strength and fresh
ness and produce the same and the highest
leavening cflect in any climate, at any time.
Tlie "Royal RikpraiitllMMry
Cook" over Sou moM prac
ticalcooking receipts free to
every patron.
The Woik Was Not Completed Until
a Lato Horn Races in 2.27
Cla&s nntl Fice for All Tin ee
Foot Races Between Amateurs At
tiactcd n Good Deal of Attention.
Other Fair Notes.
iieclal firm .1 Mall ( oir"p,n1nt.
Maltl.intl IMlk. in lllr. Sept. 1-!
T?rlKlit, sunny skies and i Imlmy lircozn
Virouclit u law thiomr f ulsluset'i
nnd pIumiio ntUfis tn the pit tiiit'Miue
1 IneatPtl RrotmtN of tin- .Mitltl'inil
Fair .'iiitl I i i Iiift I'.nk Sui'it-iy toil.ij
ftv 2 ii'ilnt k tlipn ieit at finin
6 nOfl to s.non ppihum within the m
iloMitc anil t'ety ntio of them seemed
happy nml piiJo.Iiik the full to the
utmost extent
At noon a mllil sensation was iniiseil
Iiv the nlr liet'tiniliiK tilled with ,i white,
airy Hlh.-taiue uliltli the uiiuphlstl-
. ti d t Ity fnll.x ih i l.iieil with nun h
tntnlitliin mis a Unity of s-iuu. hut
the Knowing fainu-iH smllril (iiiPtly and
VolntPil to a Held nutslilp tin Bioiind"
ti'lod with "liiiMwetl," tlu dowiiv buds
if ulikli wpie liflui,' tiiattPietl li tht
t iinnK u ostein v Ind.
Dip illipt'tots whin ilnwn on some of
the Kamlillnp sanies after dinner. These
jirst.i weie about In abundant e and
Ha s-non as their de.ihi.s wi'it- diUen
fiom one Ifn.itlon they would open up
in anotliei.
The family pa i ties enjoylnc a days
ntltltiK on the hilltops of old Kenton
toniirlilp, t r,oi) feet above the r-oa add
ed to the attiai thi'iiess of the iliuitn
Snr scene npirad out In Ivld beauty
fmm thp hlRh stand Maud I'm'v
mllrs blue and riim-ii inotintaln tops
nestled loli)Kly njMlnst the hiirl.nn.
and an linobstiiii ted iew tlnuufcli the
ilrar autumn n'.innsplieie wi-ll lopalil
Hie pIlKilms for theh lone iit. to
rtach the prik
rnmiliar Faces.
Many familiar f.u es finiu Sirantnn
nnd (' nbor.dalo weii seen on eveiy
Klde and in every prioup To enuntei
ate them x.'ntilil he r-lmply to take up
much pneirtis space, for lovei.s of fine
hnisefle.-l. and of n.itine aie mini;, In
these two t'tlcs of 1. u kawann.i eoun
t. The .IikIrps of the ui Ions ilepm intents
of exhibits In lil h (ash pilzes wete
thp Ineenthe.s for display, cj Id not fin
ish up their wink until a late houi.
'limit' Sutvejni Clems.. 1: Stmenson
of W.iveily was tlm nillelal most In de
iiiand when n IielpliiK hand was needed,
nnd to hint should bo lven nedll for
making thi.s pan of the r.ilr the sin
cess it wan. llo was also a lavis- e
Mbltor in many lliic.s, ,n polled ,, title
Snj especial i-howlns u lemaiKnliln
ell. 'lie i." one of the ploueeis In this
section In breeding poll, d HolMelns and
flias met -with rumi micclss in ids e-fliprlmcnts-.
T.IMtn tiVftnrnii l, ,-, , .-. o...t,i. i.
,---.-, , .,,,, ,-, ,iii,iii, 1 ue
BaiiRhter of the Keiilal M-uetmy ot the
tissociatlnn, had n -p.i linen of her
Fklll In necdlewoik on .show She s
but k jcars old, but took tlrst miv.e
for loss-stltdilns on mnviis het en
' tiy In inwr a sofa pillow on whlih she
hntl woikcd In rmicd block letteis,
' Alalilund DrlviiiR I'.uk and I-'alr
t mpiiny, VM1 "
A lli-t of prl.f wliiiiei.s will appear In
Moiidn's Tillitine.
The Races.
The Imii-es weie slRtialleil to sel
liad at L' o'clock for the prut lace, a
trot and pate for the L'.JT iluss, with
a pui'i of 1L',". TIipio was an entry
list of ei :ht. hill mil half of thin mini,
n : s iti. The oflh lals of raeliiR
weie .tumps KpII, Diiumoie. hlarter:
Harry Y. Seaman, of Kaetoiyle,
and Thuri-tnn Pinker, of riaik's riuni
iflt, JudKer: W. H. ItrihlnMin, of r)f.
foul, r.nd lla.ry Mlllt, of W.ueily,
tlmiis. V. C. Smith eletk Tlie
horseb' drivers diew ptihltlnni as fol
lows: Cedella ROt the pole. Posl
Haste, eecond; Frances .1 nevt. and
Major H., on the outside. It was an
nounced from the Judses stand by Mi
Kelly that Frank (1. Ilnnnls had paid
up the tine Inflicted by thn N. ,. t ,
nnd had heen reinstated in Rood ctand.
insr. It was privately stated that the
"mount of the fine that Mr. llannls
had paid was JT6.2i.
It was 2.20 when the horses weie
teady to start. The summary;
127 il! rum. $Ui:
Fiance ,1, lilk. in, lludo.i Council,
Bcrantoi 3 111
Cfdcll, li, in , M p. Snjdcr, Dine
moro 1 3 3 8
rcit llaslc, li k . II S tionnan, bctan-
ten 4 2 2 3
I tarr R, It. k , (I. W. Dunn, Ectaie
ten 2 4 4 4
lime-'.u. :'.W, ! U, t.Si.
A runnliiR late for a purno of 50,
-conditions), half mllo heats, best two in
three, ruoiiRht nut four startcit. It
xeuultcd considerable time to get them
Avoid kilting ponders made
from alum. Alum is a torro
sie acid, which taken in '
foot means injur to health.
1. 1 iib. but when they did r t the wold
likes J'eak and li.ury Hellows set
ill rod made a Rieat raie to Hie nunr
tei, the biR Rf.iy belliR hair a leiiRlh
In front and the other two heliiR left
m.iii leiiRths behind.
Ilirrv llrllnn', lloliort Iw s, hntllf, '
1'ike s I'rak. II II I'ifrre, t'lrljniidjlp, ., 1
McRrr H1I11, W i: S(,n,, iMHIi, . . 1
MjiiiI. Itinv llrnnrll. I'ioI.,mic o, . . . 1
.' ilr
I ilr
limr U ,i7, ( a iii i,
Theie weie lhre loot in cos between
the he.its by ambitious lmis fiom the
siiiinudliiR towns The Hi si was n
sixty-, nd sii.itih rate and was won
by Maui lie Dean of Dalloii in fi sei -onds.
rhailes Anthmi of Wiillsvlile
was second and I'atl Tlftauy of Heit
llle iblid.
N'xt came a lnfl-yard hailillean. It
ploM-d 10 boa dead het bei-.een Dean,
sctatch, and Thomas, 10 yeais. Whll
inan was third. Time, intt seconds. In
the run-off Thomas beat the seiatili
man by about tluce feet In In seuuids
The football same siheduled for iec
attemoou had to be abandoned in
duce of the failure of one ot the teams
to i oine up fmni Sei anion. Mm tiiie
was jots of aintisement for exeiy on,'
without It, and all weie satliiVil with
the oniioiiie of llie meetliiR.
Atost nf flm nuimiii ,,f ili .n
I --.-- --. .,.1. w,.,,.,, ,,, ,,,,- .ll I '1
I anil pan in epei t to be in West it-
ton uet Wick I he spoils were all oei
at . 01 link and Hie I.iirp ihionir oiu-iii-ni
ed to set started for home, a pro.
lectlliiR tendeied dlfnuilt by the
tov lane down which the hundreds of
tics had to pass In simile (lie
li. 1. llallield.
While the Ttagedy nt Buffalo Has
Checked New Enteipiise the
Basis of Piosperity Is
11 ri'lusii Woe firm Ih M01utrd I'ihh
New Voik. Sepi. I3.-C. li. Dun &
I'o.'s weekly ieiew of tiade touioiiow
will sa .
ii m-idn' Imllit ilifcLnl iln inecin,. of j
iniion lir 1 tinii! mociihI iimlnukiims win?
alMiiilonril. .mil ontriK liolil link Ihil uilo jlioul
In I, phi 11I Mn-r the t-re.l tlific will In 1
ii'liiin to liirincr imuliiion', lni.iii-p tin mllil
fniiiMlatliin of 1 he leunnV uo-iititi t luo ie p
In ho iiiiiiniif'iitlv di-liifliril Mil .ire .11 1 opt
inu' onlr.ii In inr Iellrr ol .tool 1 iil fir into
1 mi ai sJk. ,, Hut n ilnii'.o In pi If e U iiur.
1'ini.luil tfi 1. tuili Mkui nhonotir nn
iliiKr hao uoniN In offiT at ionon.ilile tnin.,
.nnl 11,0 iii'ipjviI (niip 1 m n tin iii.iti. nnd,
IniiiiiUa to inline Inch prim .mil 1l111r.11.1- hie
puiti. Sim.,,,, f pi,, j,0II loiitjlnwl Minn -111
ilii Ni.l v ltll-1 lliitllii; the of (,,u 1m
Iijioi of Hi. N.iliunnl stfil rninpiio tli m i U
ijinil 01 tin 11 i 1 In hli.t on Si pi I iv i'i .
0! mil., 11 iIiiio.ho of out,, jlnmt ,'i4, toin
fmni tin- tlanio-i nf u I line 11I of ,1 I in-,.
Ihi-ii-iM- in tiirii.11 siink. on .ino'-rit of do
kiinvM, ilnit-jM in loti.tiiniitioii of lrI mill.,
tin 10 .lppi.ii .1 uv o 111.JV1 urn lor iho 11, mitli
of iii-ii.i. I.v nl h mill ,.o U iiiul Inn I,,,,,
HUllum, 'c MM III Ollt,
Hniii:li ip.iriH iioin lln- I mini s!,!,, ,J(1,
fillrn In low Hi.- iiiiiiiMllolnl 1111. li in, nl In n
til. I. Iho Vl'iK' llpliM loam; il.'.l 411711, 1,1
till-bllpU. Iloill llli llllli ll. JILMIIMI a.liTll.J-.. ,. t o.ll.
I'lOllillil-IH lllll Ihl M.lll M,, V , ,0 U,'.
ii iiini ls'il ilhj iiiii pioont iho imrki-tliv of
!.i;,Ts.' Ini-hoN, loinpiinl Hith n.iiiV-'I'i J
I .iiliin- 1,. i- Iho oi u iivinilioro.l l"i In Iho
I iill-il Mil,., 1. unit 'C, Ijh n-n .mil rUlitpui
111 I .iniil.i. .ijiln.i ih in I i.i ir
Piesldent Mooie Issues Pioclamation
Postponing Until Later Date.
Hi Kuliiiiio Wiro fiom Iho Wmlatoil Prr-w.
Philadelphia, Sept. 14. Piesldent .1.
Hampton Mooie, of the Slate I.ciikiio
of Mepubllcati tlubs, issued a pioehi
million this mornliiR pnstponliiR until a
date to be detei mined by the eei 11
tle lonintlliep of the oiRanlzallon the
lonvenllon whlih was to have been
held In Scrnnton on September 17 and
Successful Aimor Plate Test,
t.r FicIikivo Wire from The AtaorUted Pru.
jhini!ion, s,pi 1 .. ' ii thnko.t joruie ar
mor pbto mi e.lnl it iho Indian lira. I prutirnt
Kioumli n,u toioil loilji 1,1 iho b.irojii
of ouliuiio Tins w.n 1 Uiniii holii-iie ploo,
riprr.iiaink' nhnui iill tin of th- .11111. ,r for Iho
iMitlrrlup Miiuil llrfo il;oi fliod it
1.117 1, I.ifiO utiil l,rn.7 font toiniiru ohiolij, 10
ipcrthflj. The pniotratlon -a nbsht, ahnut
Hint- iiulira In taili u, ami t lit- to.t uu pin-
II .nil nt 1 mo.t tititoiitful ono.
l-cal ilata for sopp-mlicr It luili
IHulirkt tempi r.ituro T.t 1, crop
liwffct trmppratuio fjilffiiii
Itrlntiio llumlillt:
J t ' pt-r 'fid.
C p. m i,7 pt-r lint
-f-f 4; f
- -f
- w'hlnclcn, bept. 13. I'orciaiit Inr -f
4- Katrn )'cr,nihanli Ian hahndij -4.
-4- liRht to lifh wimlii, mn'tly weolfrljr, -f
-f fiuDdir, fatr. -f
f-f-f-f4 -f-f-f4-f-f-f-f4----4
office, hut all would waive their per
sonal desires and continue until such
time ns they could be lelleved easily,
If. indeed, they reiiucst tellef nt all.
t'nder the presidential suecesslon act.
a t a bluet olllcer becomliiR chief maRls.
trnle would have to summon coti
Riess In special session, but this if
(llllicmrnt does not apply to a lce
piesldent siieceetlliiR to the olllce of his
dead predecessor nnd, It l believed, no
I'Slrn session would he tailed In the
absence of stuttltuiy requirement, ns
the luce months IntervenltiR until Dp
1 embr can be bridged oer without
diiriciiity and th' l no special o"cu
fclnn for coiiRicss assc'inblliiK.
In ninny of the local chtiuhes todnv
men and women asseinbled for unlet
prayer that the life of the president
mlRht be spared. The hit Rest of these
nieetliiRs v en held at the Mtropolltan
.Mi'thnillsi chuuh, where the piesldent
and Mrs. MeKlnley woishlpped. Meie
many women ofiered earnest prnyeis
that the lit' of the pitsident niiRht be
spaietl. iitni'lier of iheui ipitetly told
of ptptty I'calents on the p.ut of the
piesldent that they had witnessed and
dwelt cpf tally on his fondness for
hlldren. "Do oti lemember chll
li en's din ."' said one of the Sunday
school teachers, when he Invited the
Utile boys who 1011I1I not tlud seal,s to
come In his pew V They weie o proud
and happy."
"They f,y Just a little while befoie
he was shot." lnuke in another, "h
had slialteu hiinils and spoken the kind
est woids to some little ehlldten."
Thus Incident after Incident Ulus
tiatltiR the kindness, (be love, the
chin It, the lellRiou of tlie president
was totalled by llie little Rioup of
woiik 11 fctandiiiR aioiiud hlsiuiptv pew.
Foimer Piesldent Cleveland Ex
piesses His Regiet Other No
table Expicssions of Giief.
IH KxoIiiaUo W iro fmni Tin OPiatnl I'ifM
Pi Inn tun. X .1. Sept. 13 K-Pies.
dent UiiiM-r 1 'lev eland, when told of
Pipsldeiit McKlnle's sei Ions sinklttR
spell, said 'This Is eiy sonowful
news." When asked If he would sa
soinethlns leRardliiR the ptexlileut, he
replied that he thoufiht it would lie out
of plate to s.iy auytliiiiR at piest-nl.
I'hli.iRO, Sept. i;!. Of tlie soiiowlul
tidillRs of the piesldenl's bedside I'ol
onel William .1 111 van nld tonlRlit to
a repti-sentative ol the Assoiiated
I'less- "I cannot believe the pies.
dent's life is lo end this way It teoius
Impossible. I simply will not believe he can die limn an assassin's bul
let until I heat that he has breathed
his last. While then- Is lite theie Is
hope. I'olonel Hi.van aitlvid heie
fiom Lincoln, .N'eb., at & TiO p, in over
the I'-ui lluctim mad. and was d liven
at once to the Sheinuiii house, lie was
to have ,idiliesM?d a Demouatit meet
lnR tomotiow but when he heard the
news fiom lluffalo In said he would
in .ill plobalnlll leavi foi l.lll' olu to
luol low nun nlng.
Tlneats Mnde in Chicago Against
the Impiisoned Auaichists but
No Act of Mob Violence.
By K.icbuito VWre from Tin AMWiiatid I'ltv.
Huffalo, Sept. la The tit, not only
In those pails near the Mllbuin house,
lut all over and even out In the e
lusllion Riouuds-, wint Into .1 stall of
fe' inent w lie n the news ot Ihe sudden
cull.ipst of the piesldent was an
nounied. Tlie 111 niws of the eaily
ilav had been somewhat softened by the
later afternoon annnunoenient that
tlieie was a sllplit iminovement and
tie suddfii announteineiit of his ap
pn.aihltiR dissolution i-atne as a Rieat
At tile Pan-Ameiit an Riounds It wa
iilii'.tilini ed that lie was tlead and tilt
tnajoilty of the immense ciowd tinned
ti wauls the tit. In the city Itself the
papeis jefi, lined fiom any antiilpa
tloti hut made It understood that theie
was no hope. It seemed but tin instant
when tiowiU formed at every eoinei,
s , iimed townids the newspaper bul
letins anil when they found that tlie
mums weie conllimed, some body
shouted "I.efs lluish the assassin "
With an impulse the ciowtl started
ft.i llie station house whine t'zol
ros Is toulluid. Telephnntoi weie
utilised ami the police notitled and
when the nowd at rived they found the
police out in lone. Supeilntendent
Hull. nntlilpatitiR tmuble, tailed nut
the enilie foiie and In addition nsked
font th InlRtidc headtiiaiter.s lo be in
1 dullness to assist. I'olonel Welch In
iIiji'rc, answered by nideiliiR two loin
panles each fiom the Slxt -fifth and
Seventy-louith leRlments to their ni
inntles to await Immediate call Around
the tutlm at S o'clock It was esti
mated that nt least li 000 people weie
R.ithoird. Th'-y weie not pai tlculaily
URly and weie quiet nnd when the po
lice pioceeded to dilve them hack there
was little resistance. At 0 o'clock they
hail been sent back two block on each
side of the polite station, and befoie
10 o'clock with the Indefinite
news, they had dlspeised or gone to
the newspaper bulletins
Shortly after inidniRht the Rieat
(inwds on the stieet became excited
over n minor that the piesldent was
tlead A lush was made towatd the
polite station wheie CzoIrosz is con
fined, it was piomptly met the.
pdlce reset ves mounted and on foot
and driven baik nfter a weak lesls
tance. In fact, twenty polk-eiuen
handled the mob on one stieet with
out trouble. IndltntltiR that they weie
not very much In earnest In their en
deavois to Ret la pollie hcadquartcis.
Tluents In Chicago.
Chit (IRO. Sept. 1.1 OhldiRo was quiet
all evenliiR. Aiottnd all the bulletin
bo.uds In tllfferent pails of the i-ty
larpe cuiwds Ratheied to Ret the latest
news of the piesldcnt's (ondltlon. There
were many expicssions of deep feelliiR
iiRiiltiHt the murtleier and not a few
weie leveled at tho annichlslH eonllned
in the ituinty Jail heie and ttiwaid Miss
noldnir.n who Is held In the annex of
the llairlsou pnllco station. Then weie
no splceheH but the ciowds, paitlculiii
IV In tho iloivn town tllsttlcts, wem In
a diinci nits temper, and had any uf
Concluded from tha Firtt Page,
the nnarchlsty, man or woman, been
turned loose a kllllnR would have fol
lowed ns soon as the ciowd could man
a Re It.
Three men, one of them the son of a
prominent hotel keeper, visited tlie of
fices of thp papers iltirltiR the early
part of the evening, with n call wilt
ten out and slRtietl by all thiee, askliiR
that If theie were tletlnlle news of
the death of President MeKlnley by It)
o'clock tomoiiow mornliiR they wanted
10,000 men to meet them In front ot the
count v Jail and take steps to lynch
the auaichists eonllned In the bulld
IliR. Their call met with little icsponse
althoilRli the Reneral feelliiR was with
The Queer Action of the Heart Dur
ing the Long Vigil Causes
Professional Cuiioslty.
Bf tUrlmitt flirt from Tha AMOclittd l'tw.
Mllbtini House, Uuflnlo, Sept. 14.--It
Is almost cei tain that an autopsy on
the piesldent's hod will be belli to de
let mine the cai t cause of death. This
Is the wish of all the siii-Rcons mid
physlilniis who weie In attendame,
The peculiar action of the president's
heait was inoie or less of a puzzle to
them all, and Dr. McHutney pxpiessetl
the opinion that In the Interest of sel
cine, as well as In the Inteiest or tlie
Rovfinmenl and the wotld, It was ile
sliable that the exact tattse of death
be detei milled, "The piesldent's heatl
Rave tumble ft nrn the IiorIiiiiIiir, but
lis eriatic action was at lltsl thoiiRlii
lo be due to llie shot k of the wound.
Hut when the wound had hcRiin to pin
Riess favorably the heart uavo more
tiouhle ami anxiety than evei. Us ac
tion became feeble and Dually Rave out
The jiiesltlent's death was tine to
hem t exhaustion, but some or the
phvslclans believe there was oiriiuIc
lieat t tumble. The theory of at least
one or the physic bins Is that tho 01 Ir
i 1111 1 shock of the llrst bullet over the
heart had mm h to do with the tumble
which caused death.
The Gunrd About His Prison Will
Be Doubled.
l l.icln-n- Win frntii 'Iho nt mini I'rrM
lluffalo, Sept, 11 The Riiard of the
p.i'i net at pollie headquai ters will be
Immediately b' resitored to its orlRlnnl
pioportlons. It can be said that C.ol
ros v.tll he protected fiom any mob
wllch may assemble. No names
wliatever will lie taken. Korce will be
used to disperse any ciowd which may
asr luh'e.
TIu Rlt-llrih and Seventy-roui th
leRlments of the National Ouard have
been assembled In tho banacks to be
In teadlness should the lai-Re eiowtl as
si milled about police headtiuarteis any hostl- clt-mou l 1 .1 1 inn. Theie
Ims been no In. II. itlon of a i1lpns.
iiou on the pait of the crowd to 1 mt.
unit tlie assembling of (lie National
i! laid s simp a pieiautlonai meas
1111 Onlv two tonipaiiles liave been ns-
sembled Ht eaili armor. Thev will
not leave their quarteis. Tlie .mthoti
tlps believed it advisable to xumninn a
portion ot path icRlmr-nt to at t as a
cunid over tlie lilies and ammunition
li the in mm les. The eiowtl in qule
am- ordeily At 10 p. m., theie were
vtiv few people In thp vliinlty of the
police station. Main stieet. In tlie
vi'init of tin newspaper offices, was
ci oiv ded,
Emma Goldman Has No Sympathy
Outside of That Looks Only at
the Consequences to Herself.
P.' Kvoliiait Wiro from Tho A'wKiatctd Prim
i'IiIiiiro, Sept. IS When sliow 11 tlie
Asseclated Pi ess dispatch announcliiR
the inevitable deuth of the piesldent,
Kmma Ooldmaii, tlie aiiatchtst, now
Ileitis held at the llairlsou stieet sta
tion, taiefully ad lusted her Rlasses,
lead the liullelin and, alter a tno
nieut's paiie, without a chaiiRe of ex
pression, said.
"Veiy son." Absolutely no shade
of icijiet or pity showed Itselt upon
hrr 1 oiintenanie.
"I tlo not see how that 1,111 iiffei I in v
case," Rhe added, "If it Is cairled on
law lully and leRiillv. Tliey have no
evliienio iiRiilnst me Thief Hull and
I'ltlef ONeill have admitted that they
have none. Thev ute boldliiR me with
out evident e. The (until of MeKlnley
would only lengthen my teim ot Im
prisonineut. If they convicted me. I feel
veiy bad for the sake of Mis. MeKln
le.v. Outside of that, I have no sym
pathy." Cleveland. Sept. 13. Uetecilve Par
ker, of this city, and Deicctlvp
O'UaiiRhlln, of rtuffalo, have seiuu-d
five nllldavllH fiom persons who at
tended the lncetliiRS held by Knuna
Ooldman here. Tliey aie to the effect
tlmt her utteiances were of an anauh
istlcaud inflntninatniy nature. Tbenlll
davits will be used ns a basis In se
em Iiir extradition papers for her ie
movai to nuffalo.
Popular IndiRuatlnn has t a used the
landltutl who owns the house In which
the Ozolgos!! family live to order them
Ciiminal Court Judge Chattelaln
Heais Arguments but Adjourns
His Decision Until Morning.
Dy Rutlmlif film Irom llio AuoclttiJ Prwi.
t'hlciiRn, Sept. 13. JttdRO Phnttcjaln
In tho citniinal tourt today listened for
two bouts lo niRiimelits of tnuusel In
the hdiiliii? mi th) petition for a wilt
of habeas 1 01 pus foi Hip an.ucliisls
under 111 test heie. At l.-'O p. in. a ie
cess till 10 a. m. tnmotinvv waa taken
without any decision having been
1 cached.
In lufoimal leinaiki. ninde for the
bciielit of tnuusel, the mint spcmed to
Incline tu the belief that the polleo had
the light to hold the anarchists ns a
prceatitlonuiy measure, even thntiRh
evidence was lacking to convict them
of any prime. Counsel for the city ad
milted thnt there was no evident 0 to
hold the ptlsoui'is, but pleaded In Jllstl
Unit Ion of holdliiR them the win Id-wide
moment of the case.
In making his icmatks to counsel,
the point speeltlrally slated that he
was not dlscussltiR the case on Its mer
its, lie wild the mntteis for his con
sideration were:
I'll st Was the process by which the
prisoners were attested anil held reRtt
Ini? Second Has the Justice court Juils
dlctlonV Third Has the mnRlstintc denied n
speedy hearing to tlie ptlsoneis nnd
has he denied them the constitutional
ilRbt of ball''
These questions will be pushed upon
by the court follovvinR the completion
of niRiiments by counsel tomturow.
Beats Geneial Stewnit Two to One
on Tirst Ballot After General
Sickles Had Withdrawn.
Ht Kichicnre Wiro from Tlie AworltlfJ Pruw.
Cleveland, Kept. 13 JuiIrc 11. li.
Tcc'tance, of Minneapolis, was unani
mously elected comtnandcr-ln-cblcf of
the c nt ml Army of the Hcpubllc: nt
tcday's session or the annual conven
tion, licnera! Daniel K. Pickles, ot
New Yoilc, withdrew fiom tho fight,
leavinR the Held to (Stewart and Tor
liiiice. The Western man had- been
oiiletly RalnlnR In strengtli on his own
peri-onaiity since the opening of the
encampment. The withdrawal of
Sickles also thiew a heavy vote to
Tottance, so tlrnt when the balloting
commenced, the latter had a valk
uwaj. The balloting slood '..".O to 4M in
favor or Torrance, when Comrade
WiiRiier, who had the Stewnit Inter
ests in hand, moved to make Tor
rance's election unanimous, The elec
tion of ofllceis was the only business
! ore llie -convention today, all busi
ness. Including tlie repot t of the pen
sion fominlttee, having been leforrt-J
lo tlie council of administration.
Other national ofllcer.s elected were.
Senior vice comiuaudei, John McKlioy.
editor National Tribune. Junior vice
commander, .lames O'Dnnnell. Custer
post, Chicago: sutRcon general, AV. U,
Tin. ild, Cincinnati; ihaplain-ln-chler,
Kev. I j. .M. Moyle, of P-,nnslvanla.
T'ie Inslallallon or ofllceis was con
tiuctcd in sei ret, after which the con
vention immediately adjourned.
The unfavorable news regarding the
1 ondltlon of the piesldent tast a de
cided gloom over the convention, 'iheie
was it ni.inl'tst disinclination ( ttans
ai t 1111 Inii-ims- while the death of
the thief i-xccutlve seemed Imminent.
Consequently the election of offlcts
was. tushctl and the .Tit li annual tonve'
lion of tlie Ctrand Aitny of the Iteptib
lie abruptly tei initiated.
The miming of tlie plat e for holding
the nrxt encampment was icferied to
the adminlstiation count II which meets
late this evening.
Clevt land. Sept 1.1 'i'he women or
the lira ml Ann of the IP-public nt to
day's session of their fifteenth annual
com union clei ted the following ofll
ceis: Piesldent. Miss- Kmma Wall,
I.awrenip, XCansas; senior vlce-pies.
dent, Kllz.i W.isgonei. San riantlsco;
Junior vice-president, Jennie llainell,
Kentucky, treasuiei, Annie .MIchcner,
(Jetmantown, Pa; chaplain, I.avlnla
13ialimul, New Yoik count II of admin
lstiation, P.achel Dnr.m. Plttshiug;
Olive Allison, Itlchmond, Ind.
The tnuuiil of adminlstiation dis
posed of the icport of the pension com
mittee by leferrlntr both niajoiily and
minority tepoit to the commaiuler-iu-1
bier and to a committee on pensions
to be appointed by him with Instruc
tions that at a suitable time, in tlie
discretion or tlie iomm,itider-in-chIer,
the whole subject matter shall not lx
biought to the attention or the presi.
dent or the I'nlted States ror his con
sideration. ADMIRAL RAMSAY
He Will Succeed Admiral Howison
on the Schley Court of Inquiry.
Schley Non-committal.
Br Rxtliwii Wire from Tht Aworlitod Pttrn
Washington. Hejit. 13. Admit nl Ham
say has been selected as Admllal
llowison's successor on the Schley
court of Inquiry. Atlmlial Itainsay was
tlie immediate ptedecess-or of Admiral
Ctovvnii. shield as chief of the naviga
tion but etui of the department.
He was appointed fiom Pennsylvania
to tlie naval nuulemy as midshipman
in isr,0, and his rctoid In the civil war
Is full of engagements with the enemy
on the lower Mississippi and Yazoo
rivers and mound Foit Vlsher nnd
rtlchmnnd, on tho Atlantic toast. He
Is fi yeais old
It Is Impossible now to piedlit as lo
his acceptability to Admit nl Schley ns
n member of the court. The admit n!
did not into to commit himself tills
afternoon, but icferietl all InqultPis to
his counsel, nnd as the latter hip nb
spiU ft 0111 Washington their views can
not bp obtained heiP.
Man Who Had Talked Viciously Put
Piomptly Under Espionage.
B7 EJClurit TTtn fiom Tin A..oditfd Trtil.
ltetiln, N. II., Sept. 1'.. I.e.u nlng
that a man who had left heie this rot?
nooti feu New York had declared that
ho was on hlsc way to Washington to
kit Vice President Hoosevelt, Chief
of PnVce YouiiRellss has telegraphed
111" 1 1 lef of polM ot New Yoik to
look out for him.
The nlll tiled t buy a tlck"t 10
VA nsnlngtou, but tottld not do so an)
bought oil" for New Yoik.
New York, Sept. 13 City detectives
tonight arrested a man nnsweilng the
tlestiiplion of the one mentioned in tin
Het lln, N, H telPfiiam. He gave his
name as Chailes Miller, of Heilln. He
Is a Oerinan. Tho pollie, believing him
to he limine, sent llllli to llellevue. Ile
wIhIiuh to bo III, and sa.vs he uiino to
Now oik to enter a hosillal. In his
pockets was $35; a small tallioad tur-
petlo nnd some French literature. He
ivald tlmt when he got well he would
call on President JtcKlnley nnd Vlco
President Itooscvelt.
Proposals for n, Settlement Under
Consideration in New York Tho
Jollet Strike Is Called Off.
Fly Ktcludio Wile fuun Tli AMOcUfotl I'roiw.
New Yoik, Sept. 13. It was learned
today fiom reliable quartets that pro
posals for n settlement of tho steel
strike nip again under consideration In
thin city. It wts also slated that Presi
dent ShnfTer Is expected here today or
tomorrow, but that his coming Is not
tho tesiilt of any communication fiom
this city.
Jollet. Ills., Sept. 13. AlthoilRli not
otllclnlly sanctioned by a Joint confer
enpp of thp IoiIrps, the stpel strike nt
Jollet Is nt nn end. An order from
Piesldent Shaffer Is on the wny, de
claring the sttlke here oft. The order
will not leach here until late tonlRht
or early tomorrow morning to ratify
the action of Piesldent ShnfTer. In the
meantime the mills stinted up nt 2
o'clock this nfternoon nnd many of the
stilkpi.s nlrp.nly have gone to work.
Other will rooii with nddltlonal turns,
nnd seveial departments will be put In
operation as speedily ns possible.
Plttsbui'R. Sept. 13. The nbsence of
Piesldent Shaffer from AinnlRiunnted
headquarters was noted this morning
nntl when the tiny passed and he did
not appear the report that he was In
New Yoik was received from sevctnl
Rootl sources. The olllrlals or the 01
RnulKntlon declined to dlst uss tlie
stilke In nny roim, nnd said they did
not know where Mr. Shaffer was. n
was learned tonight that President
Shaffer, with several or his advisois,
took the 10 p. tu. train for New Yoik,
presumably under nn nrr.ingpnipnt with
thp steel people to settle the sttlke. It
cannot be said positively that this Is
the case, but all evidence points to It.
The Indications eaily in the tin wpic
that n settlement of the strike was
looked for by the Amalgamated men.
This liellef was strengthened by the
current Issue or the Amalgamated
Journal, which told or Piesldent Shar
rer's renewed efforts for new ucRotln
tlons. His present tilp to New Yoik
Is believed to be the consummation or
these efforts. I'titll the lesnlt Is known,
no developments nte expected In the
sttlke situation.
Will Be Examined Monday for Cir
culating Incendiaiy Literatuic.
fl Eicluiito Wiro from Thee Aunt-mtril TroM
New Yoik. Sept 13 .lohann Most,
who was at rested last night on the
chili ge of ilriiilatlng Incendiary liter,
attlie calculated to Incite unlawful
acts, was ari.iignetl in polite point to
dnv At tlie prisoner's icqupst. his 1 -aminatlou
was st foi Monday,
Sept. 1C.
Tlie assistant diNtiicl attorney asked
that Most lie held In J.'.r.OO hall, but the
tiinglstiatp said tlie pilsoner was only
chni Red with a misdemeanor and fixed
tlie ball at $1,000. .Most was locked up,
In default of bail.
The Shamrock.
B? KietlTt Wirt from Tho tuociitid I'rtm.
Niw VorV. s,ii 11 ,r Tlinnm I ipton do
ridoi! Ibis mnriiini; tint In tho lmmrerk II
cut loitai Tninorruvf 1.I10 will gn for lior final
i-iin licfnro rnli rime tlio J-rip bin ilri tint Ir
slio will rrnuin In dot U, until i'liuroilji, wlion
lio will bo t.ficMlly moanroii
Semi-finnls in Golf Tournament.
Hi hxtlnip Wiro fiom 'llio uiu(fcl I'rrM
llmtli I'll i. sipt. II 'Iho tun toini tinii
nntcliot woir (ilJircl toiljy In llio mi itoui
piunhii cnlf I11111 lumont. Tram. Iho rli iinpinn,
loat Ilnuplj-s tno up, anil K J gin hoit srr,j
rloion up nllli nn , ij Tiam will play
I.JKOi fnr tho 1 1 1 .1 1 n 1 o ru 1 1 i ! 1 tom.uic.u.
German Defnmer Punished.
Ilr FxiliKiio Who from 'Iho troi-iitrtl I'r-M
Il'rlin, s.rpl 1 1 -Tlie fnroinon nf .1 lukorv in
noilln nainod Siiiii-,oinkt lia lioen goritcncocl to
iniprioninont for iv nionlln for rlef-inutnrv state-inrnt-i
rrgiiding 1'inprpn Vmimtv Vn tnria
Duke of York Sighted.
Ily liilunto Wiro from 'Iho i'Uloii Prf.
Illllfav, S , II -Tho Oph.r. Iioirlnc
tho I)u',o anil llnrhovi of I'nrim.dl .111. 1 nil, ainl
rnial pirlv, pi.v.pi ( apo North at fill p 111
sho U bu ind for (Jiithoi , 1111, 1, r tho 01 mt nf u.,11
Sixth Victim of Powder Explosion.
Itv I'xcliiHitp Wiro fi cm Iho Wnrmlril I'iowi
New Yorl.. s-pt 1. Iliiihnlninrw Ituruo .li .1 fiom tho -A,-, N nf ininnrs i.nivi.l in iho
o-tplo5itni nl Hit- villi in ill PntlUor 1 ninpdiii 'n
vinrl,i itc-tnclo nt rniiipiiin. Hni tl.-aih tnako
tho list of Ulllril Ie lln- r-xpirxnntl si
Relief Corps Auxiliary President.
Dy l.nlinii' Wiro from llio Au-ooitteJ Pro-a.
('loii-Lincl. sfpi 11 -Mi,, (MtA .liincj, of
ItLiilfenl, Voinionr, wj tmlu 11m -iinouit) oloi i
rcl pioxlilrnt of Iho Vitmiiil Winion'n lltlii-f
I orp. jiimI tn tlio lirjml Vtii) et tho !!
Horace Heydt Appointed Judge.
Pi 1 nliiiip Wiro fuun Iho Axsoi ntoil I'rfw
I f .11 1 tliili -r s jit 1 1 linti innr Siono hi-i ap
pnintod lloraco llrjtlt. nf M1111I1 Chunk, judga
of tho l'lfi.v tifih ju.Ji. nl ih. ulu
Cor-builders' Strike Declnied Off.
Ilv KmIiisiio Wiro fiuin Tho Amni iatn I'rrnw
llratlinc, .ipt 11 -llio tar liuilili-rs' union nut
horo todiy and tin bred nfT tho throe muiitht'
Flrlko at tlio liradi utr tar oliopi Tlio lnkc at
Ihe ioniiin'i loioinotlio wntkii 1 ttill on,
Kaufman Acquitted,
Ily Eiclmittf Wiro from The Awociittd rim
Ilrjtllnir. srpi t I rod 1 K oilman, aeod
21, wa thia fnirnoon amuiliril of killlni; Ihinlol
M spolin wilh a mall. 1, on ground of olf de.
Postmaster General's Movements.
Vidihllictcn, s pt 1 1 - IVifitnattrr (lonoral
Clurlo-i 1 mm smith lefi litre on iho lluflalo
evprt.t at T IV p 111 lit will reach llunalo, 10
inouoiv ni'iniint
A Chance for Him,
' Mi'" nched iho unliinnm jounr pott ' t
loin,' to tin i-oine Bi"at orice for moritan let
ttrii "
"Whv nnf ol viniini, ' fciiEcoittcl Vn Kn
dm I'hlhiilolphii l'rtii
-.sV 4 - 4-" 44444. 444 ,4.4.
Uur More
. .
Is Closed Today
Will Open
at 6.30
This Evening
Samter Brothers
Complete Outlittert.
-4-4 4-4 444-4-4-4-44--4 4444 44-4 4 4-4
Scott & Go.
See Our
Fall Opening
Dressing Sacques
Bath Robes.
We Are
Showing a
Most Elegant
Exclusive Line
126 WyomingAve
Mariiifttcturors or
488 to 455
N. Ninth Street,
Tclcphono Call, 2333.
Cor. biitrcntli hi and lrilnj Tlacc,
Amtiltan Plan, ?J 50 IV r Daj and I'pwartK
l.uropoan 1'Ian, $1 il IVr Day and tpwardi.
tpoilal Halts to lamilics.
103.1n1.1iHi 1'ni.i t.-.iii Mroot,
family andtmnniont hotel otTtrincatanilni
inumrnit amAiimumof Insur) anticomfort
(In ISth Mreet. jut tait of Union Square,
it li mthin a few minutes of tho leadine
BUopa, theatres and lubi
European Plan, SI. 00 up.
American Plan, 12,50 up.
Suitr-i with Privato Oath, $2.00 up.
1 or pcclal raica cuicUn or Information write
JIIV f. t HtlFII Ml, I'rnprlttnr
X For Business Men
-f In the heart at tho wholesale
4 dlstrlcL
4 For Shoppcis
"t l minuter' walk to Wannmakorv,
T S mlnutps to SIorcI Coopei'a nig
Btorc. Easy of access to tho creat
-f Dry OoocJb Stores.
t For SlKlilscers
- Ono block from 13'wny Cars, elv.
4, tni? easy transportation to all
t points of Interest.
I Cnr. 11th ST ft UNIVnitSlTY PU
4 Only one lllock from Broadway.
t Rooms, $1 Up. pSST(gSSt.
f'f-f -f-f-f-f-f -f -f-f-f
X, Every oWoman
Ttv n. .1 1. .l.,Ail.lli,e
IS lU'Ci" fit intui ' ii'tmiw
MRVEL Whirling Spray
erii'w fatmtiBjri!' n-ff
iwn tin v Mrtn Bt -bt
wt (inTfnifnr
III nnr laait,
. .Iforh
' ;j ihe
- .... li. ir-rpi 111,
lir. I111I ..,,! t.i, for 11
I4IM tank mM (im
II lull 11 IlLitt 1111 I iIiih, tinm
'I- ' I" '' ' ,
Iloom Mi, Tlmo nds New Y01U
Drnf R C TURCI ROI North
lUltUllllhkl.'.iVl.l Hixtn MX
rhllJf(hl, 1 1. Oolt t.frmtn SprrliHtl (i
iurU. dutrtntrr Iti fur ilo h nail IVIikl.
IMritra,frmhrtn 1 1 ltl dktoi tPMM,ihMi 4
t Hhod fUR, W(AH' Dfhllll) Ul iin1,
WrlrnrpU A Slrlflurfi mt ruttUft 1 I nltHp
T..... ta. .. bL 1.. kkB fn .. ti.llirinBlallA Raai 1
riplRrrr Bin1lf1 nil tttlrtktruA. Dn(Un piftr,
s 15
vi ..w.
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