The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, September 12, 1901, Page 8, Image 8

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gome Pino Displays Aio Made in the
Booths, Most of Which Ate Well
rilled Tho Famous Missing Link
Apple 13 Attracting Consldeinble
Attention Rnccs Weie Inteiestlng
nnd Excited a Good Deal of Intei
est The Entiles and Winneis of
tho Events.
1'ioni a slart l.iiiwpi tidiiit
Mitltlaiul I'.iiti. WiUIkx lllo.
IM ,
11. Two k"mI troitliiK ntiil pat-ini?
pvpiits mid a itiiniliiK ruio xxeie tin1
Itiuinlnoiit reunites of l.iii'Uiixxuiiiiu
county's iiKi-lrulluiiil fair m Maltliiml
l'uik," Wallsvlllc km1.iv. Tlii'ic hi
iilmut a tliutisiiiiil r-poi tiilm in the
Kioiituts ilurlnir tin- afii'iiinini. A
Hll'llllR XXltlll Mnpll1tf tlllWIl till' llllllle-
Mrolcli liiiuli' It a lallpi It. ml pinpivl
tlon fur tlie imppih.
A IniRpr muulicr of lili Miu-vs weie
In e.Nlstuiui' tliaii on tin- uppiiliiK Iti
ami nit njiin-il lo In' KPttlnu IlliPial
p.iliniiiiKP. Dllll'itr tln iifli'iiuii'li 'in
K..1I1I0 KnlKht "1 lit ntiiit township
Hhut ilmxn tin- lilK wlH'i'l r duliine on
1lii hill ami biol.i- up n flu'll Kiime that
vim ruuiiltiK
The hpioiiiI dux'n iitti'iiilanri' n
ll. willy up to the 1 ttitluiw of tlie
rlhpi'iniH iiinl tin- nilipfi litimii tally In-
toiosii'il. This w.m pinli.ilily 1 1 k- to
tllp UllflHOMllll' api'l 1 of tin1 i-ltx In
the euily nun nliiK. wlililt mi Just
Milllileiitly oviTta-t to di'li r ilu' Mtiul
Ins upon a Iiuik; Jiiiiiiii- h tin- num.
ny xlsltui-. who nrc. itft.i all, the
Ilu IiIhuip of a (utility fall.
In tlio pally iiiurnlim tin-
tuiek, Willi ll wa In xui h roiiiI iiiiull
t ion oil Tui'mIii.x, waf III an iiliuoxl (1p-pliil-able
Htatf Up.iv.x .slimxi re (liliiliK
the lllftllt liml ullM'l led It Into a il
(it limit and tile fuel Mepliltiu: hius.'.s,
nftir tliey hud in en put tlnoimli theii
p.uly illuming i-aie lime lint xlluht
IVSCtllllllltK c to I IIP .sill,X-i (llti'il. XXi'll
pioiilliPil ill Isl.ii lat of 111" tlllt
tllpy li'llllx weie.
TI'.ACK ITT I.N' Slt.M'n.
After the Mm hud romp out mid the
li.ic hail lifted from the iii'IkIiuuiIiik
hillsides the illieitiu of the fair
IHOinptly look nmticT" In hand, and a
ir.iutr of 11IP1I .111(1 tun "PS Weie eel lo
vntk hrrapliiK and h. 11 lowing the
jjiuiinil all the xwty around the
In an iniipdildy shot t ."p.u e of time
tho xx titer had Peon dialned 1m Heath
the stui tin p, a w. u 111 t-oiithptn wind had
Fpiun? up and the my of tho i-un
Minn di hit the liiilf-iuile iImIp My
llio time the 111. st line wii" 1 ailed tin
omro was In Rood shape.
Tho booths ilewited to ehllill" who
all well tilled pslnid.iy iiiihiiIiik.
Srimo flue ilisjilaxs weie made. The
must pioinliient one. In many lespeet",
was a Mp.nIi'.iii liootli. Ilttul up In ph -liircMitiu
fashion by I'otiutj Survevor
lieoiRU K. Stoxclicon. It piiiIii.ipp'i jihotoKiMph", mis, Inillun and
AztPi! lelles, head wuik, skillfull;. u
u baskets, antleis, .Meluiu di.iwn
Mink, lil.inkotH and many Implements
(if and iliiiiipstlp uu of li -pnnp
Thn booth" deoted to due lleeille
voik, hoicehold alt and doiue"tle
liMiiufaetllKvi air well tilled with an
jiUlitiliK quality of (jonds. A rpiiphuis
(ollcctiiin of house plant" and 1 ut ilow
fw tills almost one-half of one side
of the l.irKP hall ui"tiili" In the main
i:i:.mai:i m.i: aimm.i:.
The fiiliiotiH ".lls"ins l.lnk ' apple,
vhli h is ( l.ilinoil to leniiilii pound tor
four yeai.-, Is on exhibition, plaeeil
their- by ll. M. htoiip of Stall. I'a. It
is attractlM'ly set foitli. In the fumy
venk depaitment 11 jileee of ptiibiold
tiy shown by .Mis. lM-xin Tiffany of
JJopbottnui biliiR" I'm III exiluiu.illous
1 admtiatlon fiom neatly cveiy feinlit
Inp sppetator, and iuan. a iii.i"eullni
ep is rlvptted by its beauty. It U
a lafRP eiutie piece, of double tiips,
voiked In led. pink white and pale
:ipIIoi. Tht'ii tlii'ip aie a niiuiber of
pMllllstti ly worked line rollins of
liuelipM' and li.ittcnliPiK. mid linen
liandkeri lilefs, liemstlti lied and sui
loundeil with lliiest hue", make the
booth vi ry altjaetie. I!e.des tlie'-e
theie are di.iwn work leutle pli-i p" and
bateau (oeis. a laiRe nuniber of
pieced and knit hnliiullts 1 ur.y qiillu.
IiIm lilt ciLihleiii", -ota ( iisliluii" in silk,
lice, clicullli' ilerdm and nittou and
t uslilous cinlnoldAii il. limiil iiaiiited
kfltul Rotten up In ajiuo"i eci nin-
culvalilo vay Thin .lie main pleies
nt olil-fashloiii it I. u '. pl.ilub tamlly
rcllcs, rtlRS, (imlntid and uiinii
woolon mid Knit ."Kirts 1 mrhetti d
Hiood", dhouldt 1 at- f is' 11111 1 01 . "
Infants' nppnrcl and the oldtlmo rug
carpets In bale.
Theio are Jellies, preserves, Jams,
phktes, peppcis nnd nit other kinds of
kltchi'ii arts. Maple stiRiir cakes,
honey In the comb nnd In bottles, tes
tify liiutply but eloquently to the skill
of the housewives.
.Mi:nriiA.voisu display.
The lower pnit of the main liulldltiR
1 all tilled with inerrhnndlsp displays.
1). It TlioiniLs of Norlli Main avenue.
.Seiniitoii, pally has the handsomest
show of all. I-'lvp blKhlV polished
pliiiuis, and n number of sewltiR tuu
ihines me installed In tho upper end.
DiIrrs tc MneCoimell of Nicholson
occupy two sides of tills hall. One
Is di'Mited to stoves nnd comptlse.s
kitchen imiiki'h nnd eookliiR and par
lor stoves, ull haniNoiiiP pioducts of
the fonndiy. (n the other side they
slmw hanu-'ss and hoise clothliiR of all
II. 1.. Trubeiibndi. ot Koikaway
llellill. N. Y.. lias 11 colllltei lllled Willi
Jew eh y, heads and sea helK A HiiiR
hninton lit m comes next to him with a
llnp or clothes wasliets and wiIiikpis.
.1. V KellelibeiRerof raetor.vMlle take"
tip tlic leinalnder of the space with his
lie (I earn and lemonade stand and
table. At the other end of the lull
the t'eckvllle r.nterlalnmeiit lomp.iliy
dl.iws Rood-sized uowds to lis theutie
with a iiiovltiK plctuie and iihonoRiaph
(iiii"lde the old whip limn Is Installed
In hi" usual 101 tier. keepliiR the
crowds miiiiseil b his witticism" unit
lep.lltee. No fall Wotlld t Hllpleto
without tills whltc-milKtuehed. pleas,
allt-faeed old Kelltlemnil with Ills stoi
les mid (tt.i in t sa.tlmts.
I!v Hie time the hoises weie (ailed
Up foi the lli"t laic tliete was quite
a 1: mil-sized iillilleiue plecellt III the
stand and the Held to watch It .l.iinos
Iv. lly i.ri.Iu olllclnted as sialter. iind
Wllllain Siuerei. of lVikvllle: Tliun
iiii I'.iikei. of I'lmk's Snminlt: Smith
I'lOiinati. of Seimitoii. ami llari Mil
let, of Wax pi I v. wet-- the Jiulge." and
Hun 1 s.
Tin: KinsT isai'i:.
Tl. lust 1111 p. the S.ID das--, v Itli a
puisp of JHni, xx an called at 2 o'clock.
TIipk weie seven stntteis, iiuiKiii); a
ill',- buiuli for tin- JiiiIrps to control on
the -..liliel 11,11 low ttiiek. (told Itln
iIkw the pole, with .IpiiiiIp 1!. seiolld.
Miss Lou. t 111 1 (1. and t'nde Ned on tile
outside of the llrst low. Tlien came
.Mll'llle S, Call H. and Ml"s .tennle
tllilllllU-. lalill horse lepu-seuted a
dltfeieilt loi.illty unit theie weie lump
fiom Pei.mtnn. Tlie mcc by heats lol
low "
I'll si lieiit -TIip second attempt to
Mine was a Rood one. xxith the e
1 "Pllon that Jennie H. was left. So
Stattei ICellv called them ti.Kk. Ar.iIii
mill mruln tliey xxpip tiled, until the
Rood temper of Kelly almost failed I11111
aiiii In had to admonish the ilrheis se
xpipIx and xxain tliein that lines xwiuld
he intl.i led for tile lievt offelK e. Af
ter " mole futile .scoies they
wiie sont away fallly well, .tennle 11.
Rot at oine Into her stilile and foe a
furluiiR theie was .1 clenr letiRtli be
tween her nnd tile Held. Then Miss
l.dii 1 nine uloriR in a uisli ami ted to
tllMllst (ll. II ler, Willi Miss .Ipuille liet
.". Inru! liil'lnil. At the half Miss K011
1'ishel past the JiiiIrps sllll in limit
mul k( pt tlieie until the thiee-(iim tei.s
v is leached, xihen Miss .lennle t-xiK
up inmmaitil mul keit it until attei
ll" xlie xx as passed While 1 oiuiiiR
iiiouial the tut 11 for the home suodh
('.ill it. hioke and "ixcrxi'd Into the
"Hlky (llaxMi by .lennle H. bieakliiR
llie iiliiel and filRlitelihiR the nine
Into .1 11111 She uiiiif In a xx lid Ral
lii) up the sli'tih. hut when oppulte
her Miible stibsldPil Into 11 snu pai e
.iiiil w is easily caiiRht The heal was
turned nl'i bv ill,ntei" In tills Rood
time. 11 .:: 1 IT'j. 1.5U: '.' :uij. .Mi.
CipiellliiR, theownei of .lennle H., an
llouuccd III" Intention of stm tiliR ill the
n-.t, (l-'spUi. his luukeii sulkx.
This Question Should Be An
swered Easily by Scran-
ton People,
YliIoh Is xxlser to have confidence
In the opinions of your fellow citizens
or depend on statements made by utter
strniiReis? Head tills:
Mr. Isaac Smith, of 11C0 Sadlo place,
Hyde Park, employed by the 1)., 1j. &
W. at Atchbald mines as n miner
says: "I had a dull pain In the small
of mv back If I Mimed about quick
ly n stitch-like pain caiiRht me across
my loins. In lookliiR oxer the paper 1
lend a statement of a poison 111 luff In
Hi 1 anion who xxns tumbled just as I
was. 1 Rot a box of tlirm at Matthexvs
Hi os di iiR store, nnd they proxed to be
Just what I needed., and befoie I hnd
token the whale biy tin? pain left 1110
and 1 have been fiep fiom It ever
atl dealeio Tike lia
Kostci -Millitnn Co.,
sole iiRents for the
At unusual prices. It lias always been our
motto to give our customers exceptional
values. This new department will have our
best efforts.
10x14 and
Gilt Frames. Rec
ularly 25c. Here....
11x14 inch
l'or sale by
cents n.f bov.
lliilfalo, X. Y
rnlted States.
Iteiiiemher the
no substitute.
name Dunn's and take
15x20 and 16x20 inch
Imitation Oak. Reg- 'lCn
ularly 50c. Here... JC
2)1 Inch White and Gilt
or all Gilt, sizes 1 JX20 and
16x20. Regularly 'iQp
7CC. Here JC
3 Inch Imitation Oak
with Gold Lining or All
Gilt, fancy design, 15x20 or
1 6x20. Regularly AQr
90 cents. Here 4-7L
Two inch fancy gilt or
white and gilt, sizes 15x20
or 16x20. Regu- Cp
larly 50c. Here &D
Five inch, 3-piece frame,
all gilt or white and gilt.size
15x20 or 16x20. 7Cr
Regularly $ 1. 25, here 3'
Four inch solid oak, gilt
linings, sizes 15x20 or i6x
20. Regularly $1. Qr
Here "7L
All kinds of framed and
unframed pictures at corre
sponding prices.
Bring your pictures no charge for framing.
The New 4 Cent Store
Tty a recent net of the lcRlMa
ture, free tuition Is noxv granted
nt tho
Literary Institute
State Normal School
Uloomsburg, Pa.
tn all those picpniltiR to teach.
This school maintains coumes
of study for teacliPis, for those
ptrparliiff for rolleRe, and for
those xtudyiiiR music.
It wl'l piv tn "rite frr pirtlruhM.
Nil other riliiul odi-rii Midi mnnlor .up
xatitiiRM at fuvli low talcs .VMicxi
J. P. Welsh, A. M, Ph. D.,PrIn.
Scott & Go.
l. i . .,. ..i..i urn n.
WissahicKon licii;nts, v.ninui inn, r.
the dilxeis they kept liwlit on for the
mile, finishing In the same older. The
time for tlie iuiiler xwm U'i seconds
and for the half tulle. I.tinij.
Sei'iind It ipiiiilipil but one pi e
lliulnaiy toeinir of tlie inaik before
Air. Kellv sliouted "ro." Diamond (
xxns a little behind his tluee mates.
l.miiiblai k and Itaudolpti ('. made a
von- ptptty race of It all the xxay
in uiinii the ( Ii i lilt, (llstatu Iiik tlie olliei
txo stm ters. At the epurter ISaudnlpli
l had Ills nose ex en xxllh the wheel
of T.iiinplilai k's sulkx-, but tlie iliiver
of the liliu k let out an etta kink and
lie inoxed up about half 11 dozen
leiiRtlis in fi out of Itnndnlph by tho
time tlie stand xxas leached. The other
two xvere h.ilfxxay down the home
sttetih at the time, plaluli outi lassed.
'I'liiie of iiuaiter iuIIp, 4I'j seionds,
lialf-inlie. 1 I'M,.
l.fT WHAT.
Thiid This xn n repetition of
tlu other tvxo heats, the only differ
ent o beltiKtbat I.ampblai 1 was further
aliead of llaiidolpli ('. titan formerly
and the other two still fuither in the
rear. Tlie y folloxxs:
I imp 1' s '.,.n. W itkrs lltrrr. 1
! The WalkOver Shoe I
$3.50 and $4.00. 1
Fall Styles Now Ready. i
A tioanliiiK "cliool for boys In the etejpjf'
ami licaiitifiil open country nortli or I'lili.i
ilelpMa X" nilniiles from llro.Kl ht .station
for mtnloRiies aililic
l i
liunl.ilpli ( . li k . I. W. linn, Xlonl
ioi . 2 2 2
M iic.iet (VII. Ml, in. c sn,,,,ri ,
I'lillno. . t S .1
lliininiiil r., l.r ir. (' W. Cnlp, Pilion. I t
I mi 1 '.i - l.'i,. 1 17.
Then (.line a lunnlnp the ion
ditlons belnjr lialf-mlle heats, best
doesn't rnnic by accident A
fertile soil and can fill cnltix'a
tioti ,ire iiccessirx' to produce
the tow eritig stems and he.ix'y
Y( t Hip farmer who under
stands Hint he can't haxc a
healthx- corn crop without
fceduuj and weedmc, seenis
to think that lie can h.ix'e a
healthy liodv xwthout either
care or culture Hut the body
Is built up just ns tlie corn is,
by the assimilation of the
hcx-cral chemical elements on
xvltieh x'it.ihty depends. And
xx'hat weeds are to the corn,
diseases of the stomach and
tmtritixe systems are to tlie
body they (lix'ert Hie neces.
eary food supply from the
proper channels, and the
body becomes lean, sickly
and Hi-nourished
The proper diR-estion and
assimilation of food is a pri
mary essential of health lly
healing diseases of the stoni
acli and organs of digestion and
nutrition, l)r Pierce's Ooldcn
Medical Discoxery increases
the dlgestixe and assimilative
powers, stimulates the nction
of the blood niaVing glands,
and exery organ of the
body the rich ted-corpuscled
blood on which physical vigor
and vitality depend,
"I toolc two bottles of Doctor
Tlerce'i Golden DI(cov
ery, for ttomach trouble," writes
Clarence Carnea, Ksq , of Taylor,
towu, Loudoun Co., Va. "11 (Hit
rne to much good that I didn't
take any more, X can eat moit
an s thing now, I am fto well
Second After a lonir. dieaiy
xait, anil xxith the piomlse if n Hue
lieliiK: luMleteil by the starter on the
di Ix cis xxlui did not appear in a kIxcii
(.1111 the heat x.i finally called A
nimibei ot fiuitloss atteinpts xxeie
iii.iiIp befoie ,i. Kelly xxns s.itsled
with tlie llue-up ami k.ixc pei inlsnn
for tile unwlelily Held to Kt Kolng.
In tlie meantime. Miss .lennle had lost
.1 to-'weiirllt. whli ll flintier delayed
tii. When tliey fc-ot nxxiiy tluallv
.Miss .leiinie lepealed her tin tins of tllP
last by Kolmr iiromptlx ahead
t'mle N(d got a little the xxoist of
the .stmt. Miss .lennle W! all tlie xax
to the iiuaiter. xhhli she i eddied in
llT'i seioiuls, 1 1 1 1 t'aii li, (lose up
At the half In l.HU, these same two
hoises ieie tlKhtlllfT for the lead. .Miss
.li-nnl-. hiixltiK the il a
li-nmli. and tlie leiiiululm; lix'c beliiK
stietched lor a tuiloim belilnd. The
two leadeis tlottpil steadily all Hie way
i.iouilil the upper till 11. hut Millie of
those 111 the rtti'lv InoKe badly behind
the hill. The sK fllllongs XM'le inado
in Kit. On the drlxe luuue ("ail H,
ni ule n xaliant pftort to catch the
little bay male In fiont of lilin. but
was beat 'li for the heat by about lxo
bombs fnilp Ned, tlie old timer, xxas
ii"t to iiass the xx lie, liulf a dozen
h ukiIis uw.i.x. while tho iest weie fur.
ihei away stiitu? out In a lon line
Thiid heat Four tltnps anil olV 1 1 1
went Miss, .lonnlo led to tlie muitir
wlili Cat! H sei ond and I'm lo Ned
rest, p.uli sepaiated by a leiiKth. Time
- n'iiiii. At the half, Mls.s Jennie led,
I'm le Ned, second, and ('nil It., thltd.
I'aelc of Hie hill Carl It. bioke nnd
tell heitlnd. Cold Itelu took his place
.it thiid. wltli tlie mine two leaders
in limit. Cumins' home. Miss .lennle
paired und?r tho wire tluep lengths
alien! ot I'm le Ned, who Jed Cold Holn
bv about tlie same distance. The test
of the field xxeie tr.illiuff some dis
tance behind. Till id mid fouilli nionex.s
xer' oiileied dlxided between Call II.
ami .Miss lyou. smininary:
Mi l tiniP. I in, I inns (Viol, Villi-
thiee In llxe, for a purse ut $"0.
The first xxns a splilted lip.nt tie
txxcpii llmiy Itellows nnd Pike's Peak,
tliey beliiR on almost even terms until
the heimestreti h xxas leached, xx lien
Ilariv sliot ahead ami Peak slowed
down. Nlfwr P.aby was thiid and
Palsy fouilli. Time for the (matter
was L'T seioiuls nnd for thp half, .'iT'
M'l Ollils.
Ill the seiiiud heat l)aly did not
start. At tlie quintet Pike's Peak xxas
a nose in fiont of llnrix, but lip was
i. night there ami passed, llaity beat
ing the giav for tlie heat by a good
margin. Kummar: :
Hun, hr c, Kulur Ir, s, tm(7
illr. . . 11
Pil,i' P, it., v . II II I'urip, I .u l.oii-
illli , n
Nifuir Mil.s. Iiik s. W. I" sinni., w.irrli, 'I
aT 1 ft aTA-
m V. - i oar jkif n.
W I .Kj m m Im M I M m f m
m m m & M m aw mm m m m m El
m M fc U m aFfc 0 aw ap
7& I
lor Vriou, IluVwiiil anil IVit Xluto Clul
ilirn 1'liiKH il 'lralnins, Manint ruining. Arm
m itlon Mmli Uraxvlng, Mnilercjtun. Open
j n ir aiouml. (.huiUr.
S. A. Doolittle,
s' I'aixlrw Xxciiu, llinRliitnlon, N. Y.
T J 1'0'ler, PrcjIdcnU Tlmfr II Lawall, Tren.
It J Poiter, htinlpy r
Vtie President.
Fall Opening
New Dress Goods
Choice line of
Black Goods
in Staples and
Fancy Weaves
of Foreign
and Domestic
Exclusive Novel
ties in the
llji-i, l.r in . S 1'
Tunc OST's. 0 '
l.v. I llltnril.
( iir
Today tlieie xxlll be two nues, one
a fiee-for-all. for a purse of $2nn. xxhli h
has ten entries, nil of them fast tlax
eleis. The other xxlll lie for the L' ',
(lass, xxith a puisp of Y:, xxltb PlRlit
staiteis on the ( aril. V.. , Hatfield.
It Is Said O. & W. Is a Good Thing
to Buy at This Time D., L. &
V. Boaid for Today.
T I' in, Cauies, M (.inlr , ; p in C it.i,
lli'.ini".! n
l'u.liem fi ( i m I uinrit' s 1 m II i"
II Sn a m, Mnr.ui. 7 p in Murplit ' p in.
It llxrlliolntiipu , VI p in X W iileuor
I'lorncrr l.iislneJ 7 a. m , Caltnri ,7a in ,
Puiffir; 11 i m, Nimiisn. la . in, t' K
Snor: T p. m, Willhm ll'.ar, 7 SIX p m , Mc
Colm Wild l'.it, Wil -", .1 in , It ("Liner. 7 .1 in .
Iliinilkjiii s a. in, ll. Kniiliilpli. In i. in, W.
I Mier; II a in, iXilhim Klrln 1 i. in.
huiu-.lrr- "J n in . X K. Kt'tdiun. .1 p ni . XI.
I'limixlv; 1 p in , I 11 Xlri Htin, X p. in, .lohn
(ilwKiii, 0 p m, ii w. l'ltnrTal.l.
1 XI, , mull will inn I' lalllirmi'ii irew until
fuillier n.itup
I. I (dot, lln jinl cip'i "ill r in .ulilill'inal
siiinmli,, s p in s,pi
To Begin Operations.
lMixln Moses. inanaRei ot the l.aeK
awanna Window Cleaning company,
lias been Industriously encased dutlim
the past f xxeeks In ( lo-liiK (.ontiact.s
wltli a laiRe number of initial iit
hi siness men and it is ppei led that
tin conipany will bcem woik In the
f.ear flltuie. 'I lie enmpan.x Piitploys a
liitKP miinber ol deaneis, and It is
tlmtiKht that one In operation It xxlll
be toiind that the (oiiiern fills it Ioiik
felt want. It Is the first company of
tills in c to xcorlv in Siriiliton.
-h li-ti' mil
pi I u I In.
I ll.l lllll 1 M I l ll
. ill JituU tiling
l .MUM - ll .f . i-
ii ti ti li I nitwit
u'i ii Uni L i t im iu
I i
. I
At the Star Theater.
(If nil ln liililt'iitti er.ll.l7iiliiili li. v 1 I
llie ililil. "Mic Xlem MjIiIiiiV .inpiie
will pill X1n!ltt.t.t . IiiimUi .mil Wrlnii-'!i t
ni'Xi wml. .a Hip UiimIii. villi M. imIii i .1
i iltiiiilj.i iiuIiii'i.. .p i.iniciliil 1 In it i1 i
Inp. Ilir iilm U ,iii i viiplieiMin uiinii en .
Itnl .lllliilis tin llteniliirn mo lii im lit l mi il Nilh
lllllli'l. plinnill liuili(llr plllnu ililitil, 1 H li
1.HUII, illlllit imni'lltl .lllll lllllw Lull II. il uf tli
until, turnip, I.iIimuiI 1tij:ti., ili.iiilmii i hi i in
Till. Itlllll S. ti,. I.l.tlllill pi It I s nf Mill.
illle; I in mil 1 liipnun. imni'iti .niiilnt-, sp, ,
i er llii'llii n, miiIiimIV IioiiiiIi , .mil Miiiv
litu I. Ilu m iilil . jti net ti.i pnn lui uli i
i iit.iiilei uliiiinit .in
III lililllmn In the .ilinw Hull ml, ,i im. I, p
le.iiim, "X ll.o I inn. hi Ilu' I , .mil Xl
I1-.I ti lloi li,' Imtli i1i.3.itnh niniitiiiil whit in i
filhieni iiini an. rlnlili,i1 rfToi-. .init i pi'U
illill (ImrilK nf IHrtiM .(.illli; ijitn ., In .Kit I lilt Ij.
i o.-uiiiimI
V. Ilalelit. Liiri tlie, .,
II. W. V'lnuiK, Par.
t in li- Nut, It. b , Itnlicrt li., Silmi
('ml II ,ti K. .1
M;- Lou li. in.
f.ul'l Iti'ln, It. t
.Inline It , It in
LmiiJili. ..
Xlinnip s . (, p
'lime .'It'., -J
1 1 1
W. I'.
Norton, Allien-
t reiilinir, t'jr-
8 t A
I u i
plcanen wltli It I Baruly Know now
to tlinokyou for your kind Infor.
niation. I tried a xvholr lot of
thing before I wrote to you,
There was a gentleman told me
about xour medicine, how it had
cured hi. wife. I thought I would
try a bottle of It. Am now glad
Hut 1 did, for I don't know what
I xvoutd have done If tt had not
been for Dr. Tlerce'i Golden Med
ical UUcovery."
Dr. I'lerce'i Pleasant Pellets
regulate the bowels and cure
I C3UjtJjtl0U,
('. Muiler, l.i I'liinie, ..177
HI. L'..u.
Till: f'Ol.T HACK.
TIip colt i.ue, divided Into hnlf-inlle
heats, tiest tlircp In five, for a jr,0 puise,
iiiniP next. Theie xxeie four slaiteis.
TIip saino (ifflcialH picsidcd as In tlie
111 it im p. The lieatH lesulted as fol
low s
Flint bent-Mm gat et O'lt. xxas tlie
lmky horso to set the pole, Lamp Illaik
was next mid TtandMlph ('. nnd Ula
iiioud C. xx ere thiid unit fouith. It ie
ejulred a number of efforts, to jret the
strliiK eolner, but tit last, to a eood line
up tlie word wnBBlven. I.iiiuplil' k
Btepped rleht out and led all tho xxay
around, at tho quarter leading Hun
dolph O. by txvo lengths and at tho
half about the Fame distant e. Tlie
other two horses tl ailed far behind In
- ""v-i Indian, flic, iTbrout'h botne inlstake of
on all sides It N said that Ontaiio
and Westcin xxili do to liny at these
pnees for eltlier a Iouk or a slant
pull. Ilvpiituull.x. Its ft lends think,
the Mod; xxlll sell axxay up. Opeta
tlons of the mail foi tlie past flsia!
year lesulted III a surplus of JSTO,".':!;,
as against a sin plus of JsT.i.iL'l for tho
prexlotiH ye.u. Tile sutplus xxas eiiil
xalent to 1'.. per cent, on tlie ntitstand
Iiik stodt. OiiKinally the Ontaiio and
AVestein liad 2 non.nnO inpfeiicd stock,
but all but $.-i,00l) of tills has been ex-
i limited for bonds.
Tlie stodc so exdiaiiKed, how ever. Is
kept nllxp and tlie xotins tiust liy
xxlildi It li liehl eleds elKht of the
tlilitppii diiettors until Midi time ns an
pained dividend has been paid on tlie
lonimnii. Manifestly these terms lould
bo compiled xxltli noxv if tho maiuiRP
input tlioiiBht it adxlsablp. but riesl
dPiit Vowler liitlmatPS that dlvldpiuls
should not be pxpeded nt piescnt, al
though they me In slKht.
Coal furnishes neaily half of the
loiupany's gioss levciiup, mid of tlip
Iniri'iisp of $3.9.0nn in bioss last ear,
J.'i.'.l.nno was from mul trafllc. The
(ompaiiy naturally Is ilevulliif,' pmticu
l.ii' attention to this hiandi. The On
taiio nnd WestPin labois itndPr some
physlinl disadvantages, which lannot
up xxiioity lemoxed, altliotiBti great
impioxcinent lias been made in this ip
sped The loinpany evpended $1,7TS
per mile last par for mnlntPiiaiire of
wii, as aBiiliiht JS67 per mile In 1890.
The eoal piopeitles iPce-ntly nceiulieil
appear lo lie iiipablc of paying their
own way. and peihaps a little nioie.
Pliiladi'liilila Stodtholdcr.
D., L. & W. Board for Today.
Following Is tlie make-up of the D,
I.. At AV. board fur today:
Wild (.il. I.JM-s p ill, 11. 1, iltli 11,
(.llliilJU'. in, ID p. in, I, X.
Till ItsllxY. SlIIMI' li.
Wild I im, i:atl -HI a. in , .1 I a.
in, M. It MiI.jih' . 5 a in, M ,1, llninlk'Jiii
h a in, x ti lliiiiniilt; lux. in . O W Unit,
It il III, I! Ilimiii.; I p. in, J. II Xlikiria;
f. p. ni . I' an Wonnir; p. m , .1. Wat'lrll,
with li. T. si.ip.'i' iri'tt.
siuniniti, Ilu. il a m , rt, .1. .1. xiurrx ;
s a in , url, l I'reiinfr liter, II a. in , wrt,
XI. t liiiiul , ii p in , i.ui, .1. ( 4iiiui:i k p. in ,
tut, Ln.lliucr, 7 p. ni., Nwy Aut', li. .McAUlslu;
"The Danites" nt the Academy.
X iloliehtful pi i form mi i nf flic Iiuhik. '
olil linn" wp-Ipiii iiipIIi.iiiii, .i. uurn li-t
inu'lii it llie Xijildii.i o( Xlii.n l. Mn Wnlfonl (iinipllil Xlis sliriiilin Wnlfmil hs
PilU I'ifer i(.i a ilci-cr innii ptii.ii mul i-li Ma
itili Mipperinl. 'IIiIm aUriiiniiii "1 he HiiukIi Itnl
n'-i Itomani -." a flue iiilllun drann, rrplMfl
mill (Oineili ami Hiirlnu IiiiiIIiiih will I"'
Kiiin Tonisht "t mler ln l'lan." ill be tin'
,utl Hllon, pir.ciiliin,' fnr llie til -t tuiir- in tlii(
i itj t lit- UTrat dinil htorin mciip ciirii at the
liinliii tlieitfr. Ncm Xmk i t 'llili (Oinpanv
hat the Kile lltflit In ihl crinn anil Sioml
firner ill add tn the pi ifoiinanir Mini Xol
futil appeals at I iitaMK.
'House That Jack Built."
"Hip llnu-i .Till. Itlllll." liPi'icc H
lllnnlhui's lali'cl inii.ii j1 fine, xull line it
uroiinl itinii al (In lairuiu toinoilou nulil. In
lil( pirvlini-i Lint's Mr I1iii.idhiii.l Im ii.iiI I
ilMinitly llirini- n. Ilu lipn nt Im
pli.ii. In thin (mi, IiniiMir. indent nf .uinlnir
il(" fKiiis it the liruim nf iliuiu'.lu .en int
ami the xanmi lilmr iiiiion hi uliits tliiiu Jt
tlie full- nt llie xinuld lie
'lheil-,t IK ItCllkil I i.l lit'Uai 11 sititiiinw.uliil
xi ill appear n a pipirliain;ii. .nut Mks (.
f.eoice IIU..PV a the rii h wiiln Oilier mem-
heia nf tie (onipim ire 11eii llniknnnil, (' I".
1.0H1II1P, liiiuli I .iiiipi m, XI' li" (.liiri.i, Xllmt
Xinlieii;, Xlildieil Kiitli, Xti (uiiutiij. llnliert
Priiwir, Ine Willi iiu, Arllnir (line. KipiI .lnlni,
llatrv llnplans iml hIIipij, utiinns iilunii are
liiui xjuilcxillc lieadllniM Seal Jre nuw nil
"The Casino Gill."
fter a n..peioin inn nf am peifninuiiii-i In
Niw oil. illy mul .100 liiulils .It Ilu shiue-hiin
IhMtie, honilon, "The Ca-iun (.ill," t.invp .
I.ulinr'a Ci-inn niiiilul rxtiaiau'iii'i, "111 he
hi.iught tn ihl (lly on Monlai rxniliii! mxt
ami will he pre.iiitnl at the I.jkiiiii tlieitie
uiiilpr the peKonal ilircrtliin e,f s,mUpi ; ltnrK
The pit'iluitlmi li Mid tn lie "i "t H" "I1""
iiiiciiHl.ini Muse iiinieption( that tic I'.ii-lm
h.i eier keiit fmlli 'Ihe libretto N I'j Harry II.
siniih and the following htory I. the cxi u.e fur
the ilinlleij
ptmu ilriuii of the Ci.nio, tlrlntr nf thu
(ontliiiliU, l.oe-1 to f'Jlio. I'lttxpt, mid mien
eoiniiieri l1 life ai a milliner hi New crk
i.he had a medhiail, who nearthen for hi. he
loi ni iirail he locale. Iter in Ihe mm hiinud eliy
el the Sile lie dinvps in C.iuo at 1 time "lien
Ihe (mint i,x i cultnl t the ilepifilmoiii of
two joiiil roauon who arc fiueil .oiiKht toi In
ihe polhc lien Mul.j, the deierrr of Hit pur.
In (wipe .ine.l, limn au.pliion the wo.ier
nf tin. L'a.inn Bill. Ihe loiter I turn bun i u
luih in llie liiiuli iliiilc.l lulcitid and U e
lalgmil liefme Pllirmr IMnlu, whn has Jmt wii
his title and ottlu hy the inlimliiilioii of beer
lo tin; Khcdlie III Meal nf liw ate liidlrin if
and hi. jf.iunpllnii of iIIriiII l louilnl in tlm
extreme 'llie fun U fuinlh(il h. Ihe I'oln,
Dili Muli) iml Ina I'li'iii mn pinion, ulm .lie i
nit ii a pall (if liilidila .n en r i.tepiid on the
uiinii i'n ll, ami In fi nor (.aim, a Ci.i el
i.pei.i ttmn. uli". wilh hiii Ji.imiMll-'ii ''I "'"
hull. IkiuIiii .li.uulpil nil the Iniider it (he de.til V -.vveel tme tale, with ihe I a
.Inn Bid nnd tier xnieili.iii admlirr a the (fie
nil llzuri-i. nuw tlnniieh the -ton Iniiiimerahlc
ill nailer ale Inlindueeii at llnielv Inn rial',
mine In .lui;, -.nine In ilaiiie. and ntheia lo add
I'fHUl.i In the --ii m.
Iliiii.' n I a. inii piniluillnii It l intilh's' l'
kUto that tin: (inilnhuj ilivrui will be
Xtldli w. Xh, K. in "Tom iinn," ha( In i nil e
a Itionlw 1,1 f iiniiti, and U ihanuu i.ipiiiu
.lildiriniv tn the lleiald s,Uir, li,,iti, I in lu-t
luih mtAr tn plai mi Itimdua In eii-.. .iml lie
tlr.t 1.IIKI uptm llMMtluav tieiiitui' ihe ihr urn il
I'uitir. Iiis t.iine.1 la icr.v tl .a rlnsf. Ii.ili to
li ii ii iml hi luitiisi'i., Huh ,V Hull- Mr XIji I,
Mill iimiin at Ihe Ilu, ltd spian ihi an uriKi Iiilnio he hpln. Iiia t.iur ef the
priin ipa i ith.
'llie iiMuim l.i 1m wiiiii in Paul I'.iltit'-i tun
Itnl iKHteib. in nhlih tiuftt XIjdii and I 1 it i
t.ipuiau ale ""ii In open Iheli uie In u ir
made fi.iiu phel"-:raph-i nl heienii .i lint.,
male and . liken irieutli in the 'line
(ill. Mr. XIjiiii'h inike-iip mr Ihi rule nl Put
I'liiitlnii will he n (iimpn-ili iitiidi i.r (.unlit
.IiiiiIii it iiiil Hutu I' nil Mum i Ihe uppi t p i
tinn nf the fee. li pu rni Ina the hi iglil "f ll"' r
lllll llleln e. uill he luplul fli'lll Ciliiril .1 in
Iml, while ihe ileti rmliMiiiiii and ili.'i.'itl pir.iM
eiiie "f KiUL'rr will lie ilepli ml in tin mi" ,
niinilli im) i lull.
'Ihe Miw .V Irlinair I'.niiuli i iiiiii.-iih' imh
the Ihurr-i lililllmn in "Ihr lintel. Itinlhiis in
XXii.hluslnit," will run lilt hut hie un-ki lunji r
at Ihe Kiilikeili'u Ihe.llli. Ilitir In. I mitni
politau i imaci mi nl foi- th!-. i-ea-nu Mu. Imiikid
for bin xcien mciK. let In dial thin tlm ul
huipt Unit hekt Vl'W Xl'll. llli'Kl, llllllll M 14
(I 111,1X1 ut nn tteiki, lai-t e.mni Xllir pi n-
Im: in Itninkljii ami Nenurli Ihe Ihiei- luiiihua
Mill hri;iii ii (mu Miek' i-if.-aL'i im in .il Hi"
Ifnllui Miirt Ilu .Hit- in llnatiin, btgiliiiuu: Nv
KI.IM .V I'll IIUI (" pilillllilli'll nf 'lllll lllll '
U pi ii im; In i'iii.riiinii-i leieipis 41 ilu IIIiih.Ih
tlualle III Ihii.lL-n. where 11 "III inllllliile ..t I
Iniu 11111 It Mill lie pie., ill nl 111 nilnr
lalue (.Uie. h"fnii tlie 1 nil nf it,o seal 11. Mao
Kl.iu, of KU- & l.lljn.-il, riluiluil fiuin I it.--1
Hid mi sjniiihi, s,.pi ,, Ut, 11 u, in I.,, i in
Hie links in (11111111 linn Mlth piipitulinii. for
the Pnin 1 me pindui luui nf "lieu 1 1 .at " In hi
mule in Mjiih lull. Nejiiihiilnn. 1111 li""'
pendinir f ' 1 pimhn 111111. nf It, 11 Hut ' in ln .,
llrrlln and si p, iir-lmi.- Ml ("ii-l.n pu.uiii
tlui-i nf ilu-i ilriuii Mill he made under the di
ledum and unilm! nf Mni .X t'rliiuii.
Schedulo in Effect June 53, 1001.
Tinins leave Scranton:
0.45 n. in., week days, through ves
tibule train fiom Wilkes-Barre.
Pullman buffet parlor enr and
coaches to Philadelphia, via
Pottsville; stops at principal in
termediate stations. Also con
nects for Sunbury, Hnriisburg,
Philadelphia. Baltimore, Wash
ington nnd for Pittsburg and the
0.38 a. m., week days, fee Sunbury,
Hariisbutg, rhilndclphn, Balti
more, Washington nnd Pittsburg
nnd the West.
2.18 p. r.i., week days, (Sundays,
1.58 p. m.). for Sttnbuiy, Harrts
burg, Philadelphia. Baltimoie,
Washington nnd Pittsburg and
the West.
3.33 p. in., week days, through ves
tibule train from Wilkes-Banc
Pullman buffet parlor enr nnd
coaches to Philadelphia viaPott3
ville. Stops nt principal inter
mediate stations.
4.27 p. m., week days, for Hnzleton,
Sunbury, Hanisburg, Philadel
phia nnd Pittsburg.
.1 11 111 rrillNsflV (ten Msr.
J It WOOD. (!rn Pt. X?t.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
In I ITeil tune J. 1"0I
'Irani. Iran suantin
l'or Philadelphia uul Sew X,oik m I) k 11
It It , at lfi and t' .t a in. and J l, I J7
(llliik Hi am ml l.xpu-"). ami II Ml P ni sun
dam, II .". II It It 1 i1-. '' I' ni-
l'or XXIiile linen, llajletmi and priiiiinl
pniiit. m the mil resoim-i, xi.i fi 11 It It,
11I1, Sis dlid 1 -T p 111 l'or PolUulle, ti li l
111 . l! is p. ni
1 nr Ilettili liem. l.ann. iteauini;. naiiunurc
and prinupil interineiliale t itinn. n II .. II
II It, 0 15. O.iS a m , -' 1-. 1 JT itllaik 111!
mend I'xprisiO. 11 " P- m Mni'liJ", I) i It
1! It , ti Is a in ; 1 5s, s -j; p in
1 nr 'Iiinkhinnixk. ro.ianili, I Iniira, I1I1J' a,
(iimii ami prmiipil intrrmeili He .(aliens u
II , I. K w II It . f- HI .1 111 "I'd 1 HI p in
l'or llrneii. lto.he-.ler. Buttilo Niiuoi I ill,
( I iiatn and ill point. Met, 11a tl .X II It It,
7 IS, 11 "i"i i in , I '-'s. HI' I (III nk lliiinnnd I x
pii-.'-), 7 1. In II. II"11 P m Mind 11., I n. II
1! It . 11 .V, S J7 p 111
I'lillinin pirlm and -.hepuu or leluu-h itley
pailor tar. en all train. Iiitttem W 1IU11 llarre
and Sin 'rk, l'lnliiMi!in, lliiflil.1 and tun
pin. Inn lliidi; ,, , ,
liOl.bIS II Wll.Ilt'It, l.m spt . 'it Cortland
ftteet, New Ymk.
fit XIII. I I IT. (.en IM'" Xui . M CorHsn t
utreet. Sen Xoik .....
A XV N'OVMIMVf HUt. Ho I'e" X.t , south
Itelhlelnlil I'l ,
l'or ticket, and I'lillinin re'ernlnn. apply to
Siri annue, I'a
126 Wyoming; Ave
iinis s
Maiiur&cturors or
485 to 455
N. Ninth Stroot,
Telephone Call, 2333.
tor Sixteenth 't and Irving Place,
Anieinan I'lan, .i 50 I'er Ilav and t pxia'd.
I uiopean Plan, 1 1 Per Ila,' and Lpwards.
fcpei ul liaim to 1 amities
New Yoik, Ontaiio nnd Western
Time Tahle In l(t Sunday. June SI, piul
SOItlllltOI Ml
Lraie a.ic Xirue
Nrjiitnn iiliniiilale (jiIomi.
, 10 f) a. ni II 10 0 in 1 1 p in.
... 4 im p in- 4 it 11 m nem p. ni.
ii Ul p. 111 Xr ( aihoml'lc. (I 14 p in
feaie beaie Virile
Cadola. Orliondile. Si r.iniou.
7 nil a m. 7 in a. 111
','.' MO a 111. Ifll a. in. in to .1 ti,
.. 2 IS P. m 4 Ull p 111 4 11 p m.
M'S'nAs OM.V. .NOIt I'll HOl'M)
I.eaie l.r,ue Xmie
S.-ranton. Caibondile, ( ado.ia.
... s::0 a. in. 0 10 a in 10 ; a 111
... 7 0 P ' r- ''arhondalc. 7 IJ n in.
S01 llt-IIOI'Ml. '
beair ta.ue 1rl1e
Cailo'la. Caihondile. uuntun
7 00 a 111 7 10 a in
1 .n ., m. fi.on 11. m r. 1. ., ...
i. in .. . . 1 - , --- i- ....
Tialn. Nn 1. "n w',''' "1, "!" ' on un-
1j)(, mike main line (onneiuon.. ur New inrl,
(III. llha, Oneida, O.neo and jntcrnuduto
1 Traill. Nr. .'I and i mike W1I1011, Il.-llil, Um.
den and sldiif oimeilion.
l'or further Infiirunilnii inn.nll thket u.eni.
J ( XMIUP-OS. (! P . Sen ork
J P XVKI.sll. T P A . s,nntoii
Erie Ixallrond, Wyoming Division.
Tialn. tor llah and Intrimrdiite uiiul. lejio
.ii.ilitoii a. follotti No - "1" a in , Su, ,
8 i0 0 .in . No. '-. - -1 P '" 1 " l". u -'' p. 111
Vi,. 'J ami tliroiisli tialn. foi New ork
' AitbalH-No. 1, S 18 a mi N'n .1, in ai a in. j
No 5, tt.15 p. in i No. 7, a U p in train. :o
5 and 7 aic tlimush lialm fintn cm ork.
liciiailiiie-N" '-" u I" ". - P m,
o. I
No. .1
N.O. 7
No n
No I
Iio. S
No. n
No. i
No. B
Now Jorsoy Central.
Mitim In Neix Voik-1'oot nf l.ihuly ttiret,
It and sinth Kin.i
1 1 IMP. 'I MU I IN I.H'K'T II Nl a), loot
Tialn. leoe sttaiiton for Neil Xnik, Nenaik,
MTelh. Phtlaihlphia. I.a-lnn ll.thl.l,,,,,, Al
iiiiniui Xlaiiih I hunk mid White Hum, at s 5
a in . eui' 1 1U. cipim. 4110 p 111 Sun
,1 ii " l.x 1' m
Y'oi Pill'lnn and W likes lime, e V, 1. m , 1 10
and I 00 P i siili'l''-". - '5 P "'
Pur Itilliiunie and X ,-.ltiuc;tnn and pntnta
South and W . t xia lletlih linn. i ,Vj 1. ni , 1 lo
iml tl" P ni Siindai., 2 l" i 111
Per Innii Hi mill. "iean (.rnie, ele , at 8 5 j
a m (thrmi'li 1 nu In, and I 10 p in
I'nr Ileadms. l.ehaii'111 and llariintiuri;, mi M
linioMii. S m a in. and 1 10 p. in sundaes,
" 'nr I'ntl.l ihe. .Vi .1. in . t 0 p 111
nr Mmiutaii. t'aik. 6 Ji a. m, 110 ami 1 1
lliiniith In lid ' "" point, ei.t, south and
et at lowest riteH il Ihe ntxtion
C. M III It I". liui Pa. at.
J It 01.11 XI s.N. (,en. spt.
lo.'.IOI.lOU rnst I.Mh Slreet.
'I he .11 I I KftsONi.athnroiiBhlj flrt-cl.
family andtrnniienihiiiel olferinKRtaroinl.
mum co. i a maximum of hi niry and comfort.
On 15th Mi eel iui eirnl of Union Square,
it i. wiilun .i lew minute, uf tho leadinc
shops, tlii'utre. and rlub.
European Plan, SI 00 up.
American Plan. $2.50 up.
Suit, with Prikala Bath, $2.00 up,
I orpci-nlrateti auidnerlnformatlonitnts
,IOII V IMTMI.I.Il. rrnprlelnr
Delawaio nnd Hudson.
In i:iTict lune n, I'iOI
Trains foi Caibondalr leaie suanlnn it CHI,
bio So I. lull a m . UIW. 1 --. '-Ml, Da.',
S"'' fi"j, 7 .'i'. 0 I ''. H -'n !' '" I'"- m
"l'or llnneulale and Lake l.ndoie, JO, 10 1.1 a.
in 2 II and S " P m.
lor Wilke.llure Ull. 7 l. S 41. o-.s, ion
am, litis. 1 . -I1' a'!l -" u'0' " 'N
10 11. 11 10 V "
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For Shoppers
a mlnllt0i walk to Wnnnmakr-ry.
S mlnutm to Slrsol Cooper't. Big
Sture! Uasy of access to the creat
Dry Goods Stores.
l'or Sightseers
One block from n'way Tars, glv.
Inc easy transportation to all
points of Interest.
T only ono Itloclt from Hroadxvay -
X Rooms, $1 Up. pftVbi. t
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