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Since Sunday Night Not an Unfa
vorable Symptom Has Ap
peared in His Case.
Faith in the Outcome Grows Stronger and
Stronger and All Danger of Future Com
plications Seems to Have Been Brushed
Aside in the Minds of Many Dr. McBur-
ney Seems to Think That the President
Can Be Pronounced Convalescent in a
Week, While Dr. Mann Places the Limit
of Danger Further Away Mrs. McKinley
Is Admitted to the Sick Room for a Brief
MILBURN HOUSE, Sept. 9 The following bulle
tin was issued by the President's physicians at 9 30 p.m.:
The .resident's condition continues Favorable. Pulse
temperature 101; respiration, 27.
P. Al. R1XEY, Al. D. AANN.
QEORQE B. CORTELYOU, Secretary to the President.
Hi Ix lumo W in fimn I In . ujtfd Prp
Mllbuni House Bllflillo S( pt 'I -iind
i onti Ibutlon to the miil(,in
1 1 nple will in tlie spni illK nl tin piisi.
.1 ill Pie ,s Hie eienini; i-hadows
m falling touinht Jolin li Mllbiiin,
1 i -M U in of the Pau-Atni'lii in lexn
cntli ulteml these winds as be stood
l line the liotisp in whii It the nuiiins
piilitit was ilchtiiif; su br.neh with
'bail inl ,il who hac been at tli
Milium iesiiii(p toil.u lilted tile
Mi w that the hittle will In won and
tin in.iMis nl tin wot Id will be an-
ei-il Mu p last liljrhl not ill un
tiiMiiablc s.Miiptom his .ippi-aud bom lias bun a it ton r.iitli
In the oiitionie mow- mioiirci and
siioiiKd and hope mounts lilulu i and
limhi i until lit tin- minds of snme I he of all futiiii' i oiiiplli atlniis Is
In ll-lit il aslilc nnd llnpi' has bei lime
i llliti)l Indeed 111,1115 lit tin piesi
deiu v nit mis set mid pi i ss, , di tl
t-oi t oi sitKiNiittoiis lonlidnne in the
pii sub in h ieioM'15 w lilt li nni'iliii;
bin in ah-iilute i halite foi tlie woisp
i an slink. .nd the b,ss fm (In ,i,i.
ti li in t Is i piesseil Is snllil 'l'll'ie
li.ib b n nothing but impiovi on in
KiailuilH ami slowh, but sn ul im
ptniiiuiut Klin liulletln, nut pn-
lie and publli wind of the ilislilans
In itii inlain i' liiiatlies em oiii.iki inent
'I he iuioiIh the ii hIi l.tiis have
Klen out n ip tin t as tlies i'st fiom
a stleutllli staiidpiiint uimilpil with
sentiment tlll Hint the piesldenl Is
In no menus out of danuci is the ei
i'i t o phi li of them Not one of
thim will ilsk liis- pole-slonal icpu
t at Inn with a xtal Miunl that tin i .-i
di lit will lle All tlle will si Is Hint
with peiv Iioiii the iI.iiirpi of compu
tations fiuni pi-i Itinilil.s or blood puis.
nlllliK' di i leases l)i Mtillliuei Hie
niost Piulneiit of tlie ih.silaith 111 at
ti iiikinie pspipssh the ojilulou that If
the Inipioieinent inntlntii s. it will be
u week bi'foie the piesldent mil lie
liioiiotiuiid out of dtuiKPr and i on-
alesc-nt And some of his mlli asues,
like Pr Mann pi, ice the limit of
fitl -tlll till tilt I ,uay 'I'lle of
rieiitoidtli' Il i an In- s.ild )iositlel
ha well-nlKh diH.ippe.iied With the
ppliatlon of the erntj-two hour
peilod at I o'lloik this artinoou, ilan
rpi fiom tnat i-ouAe was almost cone.
The piei-ldcnt IiIiiim If his )neii i lieei -ful
all da and has ep(.sed ioiiII
dence In his iiioien Tenia v he
asked fot a 11101111111,' p.ipei, but this,
of, had to be dtuliil him It
Is with some dlflli ulty he 1 an be ie
U allied tioni talklnt; and Coiniiei m
ron T Hen lik, ot Cleveland, in iuotid
ns HUthoill feu tlie stiiti me m tint he
has spoken at lutciwils o s einl
thlnss he pioposes to do in the rut 111
Mts. McKinloy's Dtief Visit.
ThlH moinlliR he asked to be allow n
to move hid position, and w In 11 pii
llllnhlou was el on. Iiefoie the atteinl
nuts 1 otlld mole him, he th timed to
the position he ileslied to iihsunie.w itb
out ellllhulty 01 pain This speaks
nun h for his Konoinl siiciikHi and
spirits, Mis MiKlnle.v Haw him iikhIii
today for a htlef visit, and Seuetatv
i'ortelou was admitted for the Hist
time No one else was allowed In si e
lilni, ulihough helniu!iid Hcinal times
,who were below stulro. He was elcu
110111 ishinent todai in the foim of prks
beaten in milk admliilsteieil HiioukIi
the n 1 turn
Tlie watei w hli ll has been Klie-n
heietofoie 1 old did not appear to .mice
with lilni. and sinie last night eiy
hot watei has been taken into the
Miiin.iiii thioiigh the inoutli with
splendid lesulls His bowels inoiid
fieih dining tlie du, und this also
was tonsidciid an i-i client sMtiptoiu
If he eontlniles to liupiole It will be
gi.idualK If he should Slow woise.
Hie ihiiiKe In Hint illn I'tlim also piob
abli will lie sovx This is the opinion
of Di Maim 'I hole will be no niss.
If he anlw lit 1 oiiMilesi enie, Di .
I'aike epi esses the opinion that it will
lie three wei ks hi fine it will be s.if-j to
llioie him It is epei ted the iu
tilloi wousils will heal Hist The sut
111 es of 1 he a 1 1 1.1 1 1 d tissues weie made
so soon aflil tlie bullet passed that
they aie piobibh hi tiling l.ipldlv.
With the I'Mi-iloi wound It is a slower
pllll ( ss.
The eti(tue optimism of the vii e.
pitsldmi ami the meinbeis of the 1 ab-
iliet would lie dlffUult to oiustate
I am absoluteh iiinlideiit i'ei
thing will tin 11 nut all light" dei hired
tlie Ice-pn sldcnt and lie sUil he based
his lonildenii' on intoimatioii lielilnd
tlie publli espieualiius of the pli.s sli ,m
s.11 ieiei'd an Seiietinv U.ige and
Atloiue (j.-neial Knox at the impiriie
nient that tln will leie foi Wash
liigton tonight feeling siiongh that
lliell 1 hit f would teioii but with the
nsMiiaiii.. or the jihj le lun Hint If a
ihtinsp toi the woisp shoul I ronie It
would lie 'iiidunl and tint thev would
lliue ililple time to rettll II In the 1 use
of mm 1 elan dage tlieie was also a
public ieiisn wliv he should be at Ills
post Ni w iiils lluaiiileis h.iie aji
peabd to him to nlleie the situation
In the iiioiuj niiiiket h im leasing de.
posits in national banks and he f.ds
Hint lie (nn hardlv act at this distant p
fiom the siene If he nnils that aition Is
ilesliable Seiietnn of State Ha is
dm' to tit 1 he tonight and will lemnln
Willi til" olhel IIHIIlllHts of tu (ihtia(
nt least foi a da 01 Iwo Tlie deo
tlon of 1 lie nieinbeis of tin , ablnet to
llieli 1 biff Is toiiihlng All would de
slie to leinaln ne.ii him until the em.
(lal tit'ilod Is passed and Seneiaiv
Hltehioik and Steietan Wilson mow onh absolute and hnpeiathe puli.
Ih biisliu ss will Indtiie theiu to depait
befoie tlie luesldellt Is plouoillued out
ot dtillgel
Miiatoi Hatiun will also leni.iln until
the phHiclaiiM gc absolute assui
tune that Mi Mi Kiulei will 'the.
Contiollei Iiiwes ami sonie of the
nihil imliient men inuiteited with the
ailnilnlsttatlon oxpeit to ilppait tomoi
ioh 01 Wedneilio If the ImptowMin nl
Roosevelt's Tiying Position.
Vlte President Itoosfielt has 01 1 u
pled a pet ullui l delleate and tl.ilng
position sine? tlie eent which tlucat
ened the piesldellt'x life, but he has
lioine himself till iniglioiit this oidpal
in MHh nmnnei as to win the ailmlra
tlon and lespeit of all "U has, 11101 c
oei milled a new liond between tlm
lie inesldent and those Intimately
assodaled Willi tlio piesldenl, and tlio
latter ate wannest In their expies-
sinus of the tnaniHM In w liii It he has
iiH-t every 1 equipment of the sltuu
llmi. Not for d moment lias ho per
mitted tlio ldn to be entertained
llii'ii- UM in cd foi consider lug tln
rmitltlltinn-il functions which this
would Impose mi Iilm. On tho loii-
timj, Ml Ilnosovelt has been one of
tlio most positive In tlie ilet'lni.itlon '
that the piesldent would recover.
Dining the loin? iieilod of O.ulleld'.s
Illness, nlre distinction move us to
what constituted the liability of thu
piesldent within the meaning of thu
constitution, whether when the pli')si faculties weie benumbed while the
meiitU f.u ultle were unlmpalted
theie was- im illi.ihllltv .11 meant bv
the eotistltiltlon. But foi tllnalelv
theie has hi eu no Mil h Issue presented
on this occasion, and the vh piesideut
himself has been pilmntlly icsponsible
for the n old, 111c e of nil) thought of
the temporal V ovciclso n ee(lile
lunctlons by him. Nor has theie been
an) occasion foi the ovoiclso of eei 11
tlvo authoiltv foi such minor loutlno
matter a It eninc' enn reiuM) bo left
until the piceiit enieigcniv has
Twice dining the d i and again thu
evening the he pi&ldunt has called
at t'n .Mllburn residence to inept. r as
10 th" picsldent's londltlou. lupng
the nfteruoou mil h" met sovcuil olll-
ots and rviatoi Ilnnnu mil spent .1
short time with them In Informal dl
i us-lnti On the .streets Mi Roosevelt
his been a lentie of lespeitful atti n
llon. but lie has met this with dlgnltv
mil lonipnwilie Despite senseless ie
nuiks tint he was going about ru tid
ed bv seeiet sen Up men, he has posi
tively declined to have anything like
,1 giinid noai him. One of his 1 Ks
ti (I i III speaking to two laboieis
who greeted him, stiuck .1 popular
iluiiil. Thev had suggested tint he
might be afiald to be slopped "No,
Indeed," he replied, "j on men ate our
protection, nnd the foul deed of I'lldnv
will only make jou 11101 p vigorous in
profiting those whom you elei t to
Message fiom Nicholas.
Thnpeuii Nicholas gave happ o
piesslon to tin win ll-w hie solicitude
met the president in a menage which
was given out tod.iv. It Is nddicssed
to the piesldent and aftir expiebslng
his happiness at the piesldenl s lm
pioveiuont, ndds thut he loins with the
universal woild In wishing .1 speedy
He Peisists in the Denial That He
Had Accomplices in His Clime.
Emma Goldman Will Be
Huffalo, Sept. !) rolgos, the assail
ant of President McKinlev, went
thioiigh anollier long esaniln itlon to
dav at Hie hands of the polhe oflUials,
lint emeited fioin It without having
added 11115 thing liiateilal to llieli
knowledge ot the tase. The etfoit of
lite dctiithes was to dtaw lioni tlie
ptisoner some ndnilsslon as to Wk ac
toiuidlces, but he peisislontly stuck to
liis denial tint lie was not asslsti d In
anv way In the commission of (lie
crime Het' possible tieiiie was ic
soiied to in tlie eftoit to obtain the in
formation, but the pilsoun maintained
his position and could not be shaken.
In answer to questions, be again went
oxer the events of riltl.i and told
substantial!) tlie same story as In the lonfesslon inude to Superin
tendent Hull and Ulsti Ut Attoiiav
Peiine). C'olgos carefully weighed his
answeis ami when ioiultisons tint he
did not npproie were taken fiom his
statements, insisted upon making ex
planations of his p,n t meaning. 'I be
police hne about concluded that 111010
effetthe work on the plot theoiy can
be done on the outside, although (Vol
gos will iitobiblv liae another o
ler lenie w 1 1 ll the tliiid defeite of polli e
1 1 aft touiouow.
The geiieinl linestigallou of the inse
pi ogi esses slnwlv, betaiise the men on
it must ioer a huge amount of pie
llmlnaii gioiind befoie they 1,111 do
etteithe woik. Acioidlng to the
authoiltles, the jiollce of the countiy
knew- eiy little about the anaithlsts.
The s.i that the secret sen he do not
show auv siclal familial 115 with them
and that theie does not seiin to be a
single cltv police depaituii at in tlie
(oiintiv Hint has 11101 e than a guiieial
knowledge of them Membiis of the
Huffalo foice admit that they hae
uevei uhen Aiiieiliau anaithlsts seii
011s ( onsldeintiou and that thev did not
know tlieie whip an) heie. Slliie the
piesldent was shot they hae found
that them nie at least twent iiMiwed
auaichlsts In the city, lleie, ns i lse
wheie, It has been necessaiy tor the
deteithes to tlist satlsf) themsehes
as 10 tuc iiienitiy ot a 101 or men whom
the had iteier had otcaslou to watih
lieloie No other anests hae lieen
made In connection with the case, ami
the lot ul polhe sax Hint thes do not
antlilpate anv foi the iiieseiil
It Is believed Hint both Ihnuia riold
nian and Julius Sdiuali will lie ih--talned
bv tlie police wheueier the) aie
toiiud Suieilntendeut Hull has made
a seneial lequest to the pnllie of the
t mint 1 j that an) 0110 Htispeited of com
pllcty be detained and examined.
CVolgosz Is still kept secludul and the
deteithes nie the nuh ones who have
iui ess to hlin. He Is still strong und
health) and ento with a will Kuciwl
pilgp of the condition of tlie pieslilent
In kept ftom lilni He Knew 011 Pilday
nlglit that tlin piesldent was still alive
but lias been given no Infoimatlim
since then.
Not once slnie his couilneineiit.c itlier
in talking witli bU cum da 01 when
up for examination has he ashed an to
the fate of hln v h tint. ,Nn plan for the
uiiiilgmiifiit of the pilsomi has been
consldeied by District Attorney Pen
nev When seen tonight that olllilal
said We nie still Investigating the
tnsp nml until the Inqilli) 1)5 the polite
Is concluded und something dellultc ns
to the lesiilt of the? president's wound
is known nothing will be done about
the iiiiiseeutlon of the ptlsaner All
discussion of tlio subject Is ptettiatuie.
1 liao not set een taken thu mutter
up foi lotisideiatlon."
The Olenny Residence Adjoining
the Mllbuni Hoiine Tendered.
Pi lulusbe Wire finmlhe .oi laleil Pre
Buffalo, Sept. fl The C.lonny tosl-
ilencp, ndjnlnlng the Mllburn house,
luts been pl.n ed at the disposal of Sei -
letaiv t'oitel.sou nnd the inembeiH or
the cabinet for sui h use ns they ma)
deslie to make of it It lias not luen
lea led, ns cmnieouslj lepoitnl. The
use of it was Pimply tendcted In tlio
line splilt In whii It almost cei tliini;
In the clt of Buffalo has been offend.
Sei retan Coitelsou has moed a
patt of the white house staff Into the
n-sldeiice to sectlic Rreatet quiet In tlio
Mllburn house, espedallv alt ot the oul woik of niraiiKii'K dlspatihes and
htteis s bfliig done tint p. The inem
beis of tin' cabinet nlso met tliPte es
teiil.n to disuiss tlie leuticst of Actlntr
Sen eta iv llatkett for the detail ot an
ollUer ot the ilep.n tnienl of Jusllie to
nld .Ttidt'e AdMuate I.emlN In tlie
8(hle mint of Inquliy. The (ilennv
f.tinlh lias not moled out Onh two
or tin ip looms on the lower tloor are
heliiK used b5 tlie white house stair.
Mnil Canicr Who Expiesscd Joy
at the Shooting of the Presi
dent Is Out of a Job.
III MiIikIi Wire from lhi n " 'fd PrrM
Washington Sept. !) Second Assist
ant Postni.istet (.ieneial hh.illenbeiger
today suininailh cim oiled the conti.ut
of a mall ( tiller for epiessng satis
faction over the shooting of Piesldent
McKinlev The n imp of the poison
thus dealt with is Chillies I Coit
rlght, and he hail a contiaet for canv
lng the nnll boiween Homer, Cortland
countv, N. Y. and Spaffoid, In Onon
daga coiintv tlie same state The In
formation concerning his offense came
to the postotllce department thtoimh
tlie pnstmasti'i' at Hornet who en
closed aflldavits f' ,in four cltUns of
the place coiillt tiling his report.
It apreais that when C01 flight first
teiehcd tlie announcement of the news
ot the attempt upon the president's
life he remarked with an oath that lie
'was glad of It." and added that the
piesldent should have been killed jeais
ago Dealing of this, thiee
1 itiens of tile town called upon Cort
light and asked him if tlie repoit was
(oueit and he icplled that it was
I pern leielvlng this infoimatlon ilulv
Mippoiled li) the oilhs of the c Itiens
who lieatd this statement, (
sdialh ubi igi r took pioniiit steps to
.nice 1 Cottilghts contract on the
gioiind that a ption lapable of .sue li
sentiments Is not .1 lit custodian of the
malls of the government.
The Ex-Spenker Believes That Presi
dents Should Be Ptotected.
Dv Fiiluuir Wir from Th- Arcttcd Vita
Kingston, X. Y, Sept. ! Judge A.
T. Clear vvatc i, of tills city, Just re
turned tioni Par llitboi, was with e
speaker Thomas II. Heed when Mi.
Peed heaid the news ot tlie nttempt to
kill Piesldent McKlllle) Mr. llutl e
piessiii tlie watmest liope tliat the ln
jui It s weie less si 1 ions than repotted,
and for the presidents speed) lecov
erv. He said the time had at lived to pto
teet piiKldents fiom close contact with
the huge crowds. It was not a ques
tion of courage. All presidents were
courageous, but their duty was to lie
piotetted The position was so exalted
and so much depended upon
tile life and health of a piesldent, Hint
he should not be u I Jill 1 1 Oct to lisk
Do Not due to Match in Buffalo
While the President Is in Danger.
II r l.irlwitr lVirt from rhr AuoriatNl I'reu
Chicago, Si pt. ! - The Cook countv
Demoiiaiy has oted to abandon Its
tilp to the r.ui-Ameili an, giving as a
teihoii that it would lie Indelicate foi a
political club to niaich nnd enjov itself
in the stieets of Huffalo at a tlmo
wlien tlie inesldent of the I'nlted
States Is in dl'tiess neaibv.
The club nlso adopted resolutions
"eptecslng slneeie itgiet and scuiow
at tlie atti mpled .icsasslnatlon or
President McKinlev ami that our es.
teemed piisident will he icstoied to
tull and pi ifn t health "
Hi l.xiliwii IV ire (nm lli V-o ialcd.l'ii"
Nm 5ort,, s , 0- V iruwil ot piopli no
U'lihuril in tin slft lo date n innj lUnl
1 1.1 nl jlit to 11, ten to the atilirsH of Vim irrio
Njtlou, hoi lid teir uith 11 gcr wlion II10 i 111 In t
piilniniri "it iioimcril tint tho mi t,lji Hut
1're-ldi ot Mtkiulo) lull lirrn 1111ntlon.11 l is
Miillril mil 1.I11' In prij ho uotilil 1II1 s 3,i
Hut tln prt.iilfiit ujc tin' (rliml if nun m'Miis
an I Iiiiwcm and 1I11I not ' -crve to Im
slniiic1" liNkcil tlie .nullum' Vi Sailon
lion leilliil lnr lonrrt J lull Im 1111.I. ' ml
' 40N " 1 lie aiiillinu In .i. 311.1 Ml tin. lull
ami uitti.iili km limp 1 hoi it lor Mikinlu
Convention of Red Men,
Hi I viliehe Wire (run tin V.m.imio.I 'ii-
( Iiiiliuutl, 's it 11 Ilic Hiiiinil it ton il tun
ictilluii of llif llr-il Mill lifEin here tmtji Pole
Kilcx lioin all put "t th- I'lulril Mitu vmic
pirfiit, rciiresciitlliir Hi 1 nl p Vililitlonil 1I1I
tauiM to tl f niimtvr of 5 rrpuiirnl the
DuisliU'M if I'm iIk lit! I he miniidl 10111I410
.i rr-nirl) iiipihiI In supriini. 1 hit f Ha
1111 till, n sni 1 1 Hie rt nt the iln
h epnit in rlt,lit tiling lliulnoft siMluni will
tlCk'tll fuculi)
Sessions Will Be Held Dallu Alter
Thursdau from 10 to 12
and from I to 3.
DuiIiir a Conference Between Ad
inltnl Dewey nnd Cnptnin Lemly,
the Judge Advocate, the Matter Is
Ai ranged The Witnesses Sum
moned. Br Eiclmtrt Wirt troin Th Aaiocitttit TrtM
Washington Sept. 9 During tlie
coiifeioiice betwetn Admiral Uewey,
president of tlie SchlPy court, and Cap
tain Lemly, Judge advocate of the
tour I, at the navy depittnient today
,t was uir.'.ngcd that the sessions of
the court after Thursdu). when the
coin t tiist assembles at 1 o'clock,
should be held dally fiom 10 to i
u clock and fiom 1 to 1 o'clock or there
abouts The f out t will sit contlnuotifdv
from da) to day, Sundovs excepted,
until the Investigation is ((included
Among tlie witnesses examined b) the
Judge advocate general today was
Commander Solum der, naval governor
of Guam, who was exei utlve officer of
the bittleshlp Massachusetts during
tlie AVest Indian 1 ampnlgn, but was
not ptesent at the battle ot Santiago.
Other prospective witnesses who re
ported at the navv department ate
Commander Southeiland, formerly at
t icheci to the Cilotieester and Lieuten
ant Coinmandei Sears Admiral
s.ililev's Hag lieutenant. The latter is
on Admlial Schle)'s list of witnesses.
Captain riancls A. Cook, who com
manded Adiniinl Schle) s flagship, the
P.iookl)it, during tlie Santiago cam
paign, and I.leutenand Cominander
Sears spent piaitlcall) the entlie day
In cloe ( otioultation with Admlial
Sibley's counsel It Is undei stood that
Captain Cook will be the Him witness
to taKe tile stand foi Admlial Schlev.
Mr. Knox Declines.
liuffalo, Sept "'Acting Secietaiv of
tlie Navy llackett h.iR beon uiglng
Attoinev- Ceneial Kno, both bv who
and letter, to appoint one of tlie as
sistant attorney gencials to assist
'Viptalu I.emlv, the Judge advocate if
the Schley coutt of Inquliy, In the con
duct of tho case befoie the coin t Hut
the attorney general has declined to
ti he a step which he believes would
look like the government piosectitlon
of the officer on tl lal
The government, in Mi. Knox's
opinion, .should have no part In the
trial. It Is .111 Inquliy under the navy
depirtmcnt. made at the leanest of
Admlial 'Schley for promotion and
now for the depaitment of Justice to
detail an officer under it to assist In
tlie ((induct of tlio ease would inevit
ably be construed, Mi, Knox believes,
as a deshe on the put of the admlnl
ttallon to convict that otlkci
An Employe Killed; Another Fa
tally Injured and Many Pas
sengeis Huit.
Pr Itilushe Wire (roin He Avocliti .1 Pre
Wheeling, AV. Va Sept. 9 One 1.1II
load employe was hilled, one was fa
tiillv injuieil and half a dozen passen
geis weie cut by broken glass n the
vvieclt today cm the Jlaltlmote and
Ohio, at Burton tunnel of the
through etpiess. Tlieie weie six
loaches In the tialn, loaded with ex
itttslonlsts bound for Cleveland to at
tend the C,. A. It. encampment. A
biokVn flange piesumalil), derailed
the engine and the thtee cats, Includ
ing the baggage car The Tvreck took
fire and all three cars were destro)ed,
together with theh contents
Knglneer .M H, Stover Is dead and
I'll eni, in Mallow injuieil,
A Successful Tilal of Two and One
Half Houis,
Hi 1 1 Imbe Wire from Hit Vm ljt(d I'i
New V01K Peit 0 Aftei a success
ful tiial spin of two and one-half
limns toda), the ShamiocK letuined to
her mooting in the hi). Theie was a
good breeze fioin the southeast when
she started at a 01 p in It slilftul to
the soilthwaid unci tiiiall) In south
southwest. The iuht sailed on one
tack nut through Oedney's. channel to
Sindy Hook lightship, thence to sotttlt
waul about tin pp. miles, keeping off for
hoiiip at 4 I".
Ilor speed 011 thp beam leadilng in
fiom tho llhlitslilp was undoubtedly be
tween touitceu und siMten knots. She
toveieil, all told about , twenty miles
while she was out She inade fast fur
tlie night at fiM p 111
ll I ilnie Wile fiom the V
Dmitri ott. l 011 11 , s(,i n
IHUIlll f'lic
llir Mfly-tiflli
annnil (um rut Ion of tin OrniHti IIiiiihii 1 illn
lie ( rnti ll Vricln nf Noilli Vliurii 1 e dml I eie
tnd.n. Ihree Innnlr'il ilrlik.ur.. irpn.i ntln,'
Ifll ktati' ill the linlm iltuiiliil till tpillln.
itesiton V irvilnlinn tl. nont tlnj tin aitilipiel
liM-.l-j-liiHth 11 nf I'ltaliliiii VIiKinlei mil niiiler
In,- Kiiiipnhi ujs ml, pti I and
tiaiKinitlitl In trlimaph In llutljl .
An Institute of Allied Aits.
Br Tieluttve Wire from The Awoii.lrd I'reii
)ier. Di 1 , Vpt ') trillttiali of in.
1, t inn wn tlleil Ion tisln In Hie 1 1 inlliii 111
iltnte nf Vllirtl ltd of s rinlmi. I'i upltal
ttk. MKT0
Mr. Hay Depaits for Buffalo,
Mi Ixclmiie Wire '10111 The liinnntfd Pr
llrislnn, sr, n "siirlni of "if Hie
rearhnl llnttn from Vnlirm N II, Him at
tcrnoon nl departed al 1 o'clock (or HufUIn .
Anaiclty Can Be Neither Excused
or Tolerated in America.
ttf KclmWi Witt from Tbe Antoclntid IVf.
Huffalo, Sept. n William J. Hnnti
today telegraphed the Times as fol
lows. Vice governments may be over
ttitoun, but they cannot be lefoimed
bv those who violate the command
ment "thou phnlt not kill." Under a
government lllte 0111s every vviong inn
be remedied by the InvvB, nnd the laws
ate In tlie hands of tho people them
selves. Anaichy can be neither excused
nor tolerated here. The man who pio
poses to right a public wrong by taking
the life of a human being mnkes him
self an outlaw und cannot consistently
appeal to the piotectlon of the gov
etnment which he lepudlates. He In
vites a return to a stnte of bnrbatlsm
In whii h eacli one must nl his own
link defend his own rights nnd avenge
his own wrongs. The punishment nd
mtnlstPied to the would-be assassin
nnd to bis t o-ionsplratots, If he has
nnv. should bo such ns to warn all In
1 lined to anarchy that while this Is an
ns.vltnn foi those who love liberty, It
Is on Inhospitable plaie for thoso who
lalsp their lunds against all forms of
(Signed) W. J lit) an.
A Cablegram from Minister
Conger at Pekin An
nounces the Fact.
Br BicludTt Wlrt from Hit AinocUtfd Pitt.
WaaliinKton. 'opt. t Tho tollonlni; table
KMtn was reifbd at tlie state drinrlmtiit
P. kin. ept 0.
Protocol slgnnl s, pt 7 ftoikliill ldt Mh
(Mcnol) C'mis'rr
Mr Hot Mull Im tircn triiiic to M irt lioin
from I'eldn nice Anc 15 II? was aiithorireil to
lr ne then In Vtrftary liar, Init naturallr ile
sirlni; to tuiiplclp tlie import nit nork lie liail
linderlakin, in rnnntrlion vcitli tlie picpmtlon
o( the pn tocol lie nniilnrJ until the tlnKliinj
tonrlies luil luen S'lileil an 1 tlie dounnrtit
The Dominion Maiksmen Defeat the
Ulster Rifle Association at
Seagirt Range.
By InliKie Wire tioin The AiAocialrd l'revt
New York, Sept ! The Canadian
and lrHh rlllemen met toe a cm e
long l.inges nt Seagh t, N .1, in a
special contest between teams of five
men each. The) shot over the 800, !Wft
nnd 1,000 )ards ranges, the Canadians
using the Knglish mllltai) lltle and
thp 1'lstPr rppiesentatlves shooting
with MannlicliPi guns The Canadians
received an allowance of eight points
each or forty polntft for the team nnd
the hnnois went to Canada by IT
points on the ginss scene The net
scores weie Canada, oli, I'lster Itlflo
association, 6J0
The Irish team was selected bv lot
Major J. K Millner made H points out
of a imsslble r0 at 1 000 ynrds. The
niatcli was decided on the scores made
In the firft li ilf of the spei ial all
comeis 1 asb pi be mat( li in which
thlrtv -three men took putt, cadi of
whom had ten shots nt SOO, 100 and
1000 .vards The second half will be
shot tomonow, the same conditions
Mobs Surround the House of Senor
Caidor, Venezuelan Consul at
Panama and Denounce Castio.
Bv Kxduine Mile ft c in I lie voi uiej i'rta
Colon Colombia, Sept ft On the
publication of the repoit In l'anama
)esteida) that a Wneuel in scpiad
ron consisting of font ships was ding Tlio Ilaelia, on the Caiib
hean sen, a lawless, Irresponsible mob
proceeded to the icsideneo of Senor
Caid(i7, tlie VciiP7ili Ian ronsul at
Panama, shouting
"Down with (lie government of Cas
tin '
Canloi, who Is it Danish subjet t and
a native of St Thomas linmeillnti ly
took refuge In the palace of the gov -ernoi
of Panama wlieie he was te.
telved vvltli open amis The local ofll
1 I lis deploie the ligrettable lm blent
The mob was entuallv dls'petsed and
quiet retitotetl
He Is Asked to Relieve the Money
Br KxcliMirt Wire from The AMOcia'.td Trrv
Huffalo, Sept 0 Secietatv Oage has
been appealed to In i-nnie of the Xew
York financial Institutions to relieve
tlie rnonev inurket bv Incieaslnsr de
posits In National banks Hopiesenta
tlons are' being made to the effei t that
vihllP the Intel lnr Is ilemailillug money
to move the uops public funds are
piling up In the tteasui), to the dettl
1 it t nt ot the loimueiclnl eouutrv.
Seiieit.uv flage clet lined to state
what, If anv thing, would be done to
lelleve the situation He will be In
Washington tomorrow and ran theip
consldei tlio inattei at cIosp tange.
lie will not announce his decision until
lie is on the gioiind
Coipointlons Ch-irteied.
Br Kicliwty. Wire Imn I he Anr,ttd Prm
llirrilnirc, s, 1 1 ti (liirlu vere lueil li
the -MH ilepiriinrnt tort n In the fnllinlii; r r
puitiont llie I urtaii'lKUt 11.ll ("inpjlii, I 1
tjn-i.nt ViintiniU iniliiti 1 ipiul, m)i)
I'rnniivi ( heinlial 11 inpiui, I'litnroM, II. I.ivcue
itniiiii 1 ipli il ivrmn rhi ()nairi Waor
lompaii). Nineiah, M 'iiioitlainl tnnnti iap
ltd Tl khi
Governoi's Appointment.
Hi Ivilnlu Niie from I lie V-hiiii.1 Prist
II 11 1 il mt cr, 1 1 1 1 l.niernor stem miijv ap
polnlni l.wlih I riheti, nf I'itt.liure, ,111 aililithnal
nrli in' trnrl JihIbi 'f Mlmlirn) oiiutv , under
,111 ul piw1 I) the latt Iccrlklat ure cieatihK
thin eftU.
General Executive Board ot AmaK
Qamated Association Ad
journs Without Date.
Tito Entlro Matter of Arranpinpf a
Settlement of tho Steel Strike 19
Left with President Shaffer Tha
Members of the Board Have- Been
Clamorinp for a Settlement for
Three Days and tho Beat of reel
ing Does Not Prevail.
D Mdnibe Wire from The Aneoclateil I'rean.
Pittsburg. Sept. 0. L,nst efforts to
settle the steel strike Ii.ivp fulled. Tho
general executive board of the Amal
gamated association udjourned thH
pvpulng without date and without
either accepting any ot tho peace
proposltlons.whteh have come lndlrect
lv fiom the United States Steel cor
potatlon.or making any counter propo
sitions, according1 to tho ofllclal state
ment. The seml-olficlil report li that the
proposition secuied for the Amalga
mated association through tho lntoi
ventlon of the representatives of tho
National Civic federation was unsatis
factory nnd that the entire matter of
arranging for a settlement was loft
w 1th President Theodoro J. Shaffer.
The board In Its sessions of three dn)"i
Ins been clamoring for a settlement,
but satisfactory terms nnd nieani were
not nt band, and the sessions resolved
themselves Into an Informal discussion
of the situation. At the close nt tlm
national executive boaid this pvenlng,
Piesldent Shaffer declared that ho had
no statement to make, but sub.seeincnt
ly said.
"Tlio botrd has adjourned, and tho
out-of-town membets will piobablv
leave for their homes tonight. No
piace proposition has been lecelvcd
and none made "
Still later ho added that ho or no
othi Member of the boa id would go
to New- Yoik during the nlglit to sub
11H a pence imposition, .salni? that ho
vv Id e at e.itlciuurlem uh lit' 1 tn
11101 ov
T'i meeting of the boaid did ni
adjoin n in high good feeling, )et thi
.li'lilieis of J10 boaid weie averse to
making statements supplemental to
that of Piesldent Shaffer. It was
stated by some of the meinberH of tlio
beard after adjournment that they had
left matteis the ,tirre a.s befoie the
li'ietlng was called and that the stilkn
must go on as befoie having nttange
nients foi ,l possible .settlement
tin (High a coveted dliect coufeience
with the tepii sentatlves of the United
Mates Steel coiporutlou with Piesldent
h ha IT-1.
Mills in Opcintlon.
Today (orupleted tlie tlrst thirty da.vs
tince tlie Aiiieiliau bhei't Steel tom
pan. tho Ainetlcnn Tin PI lie com
pany and tlie .Miietlcan Meet Hoop
loinpiny began their attempt to suit
the union 1 Lints of tho countiy in tin
face of the Amalgamated Mi ike. Asides
f-i 1 1 the Clark plant of the Steel Hoop
1 1)111)1.111. and tlie T'ppet and, Lower
Cniiin mills of the Caiuegle tompari),
vvhfie the atti nipt to lender the stiik."
effective was never a .suci, the
thiee companies haio duiliig thu
uiontli succeeded In placing in opera
tion seventy-sK mills In tho union
plants single turn Indications 111
that the number will be doubled with
in tie i,et ten da)s if tho .stlike ii
not settled befoie that time.
While the tin plate company has pul
up the most aggiessive light of thi
lluee, the steel hoop company has been
most successful In the eastern distiht
and in the west the sheet steel eom
pany lias mot with the laigcr success.
With the 1 cults known In tin se pie
llmluni) skirmishes nt a few" chosen
points, all thiee compinles have now
lireprred to cany the light Into eveiy
union plant without fuither delay.
At iltKeespoit thlri evening the
stilkers, following up their ndvautagu
of tlie morning' In keeping tho work
men fiom enieilng the National tulin
works, gatheied about the gates of tlie
plant in gieat niiinbeis and warned
the few men who came out not to te-
turn tomorrow morning. It Is genet -all)
believed the company will appeal
to the shetlff or governor within 21
limits for pintectloii.
An est of a Piophct.
Hi lrlu.n Wire from 111' .Vivii latril t're
llemrr, sept -V rimul fioin Siber (llv,
S VI, ui ' Vntnnio M i(Tl,i.i. the miuicUn
mil alletrril atun Inn, ln u mhI to hue pre
ilhted tlei tn.iAMiiilion (f 1'ietnlent MVIiklnlei
tit fme OUolcr, lull wai ar ested i Mn lllti, 1
mining camp near 'iber ( it, N V . ihlj after
noon on lintrnitlona from WjhitiRli'n
Steamship Anlvals.
Ill 1'viln.iie Wire tioni Hie VviriJle.l l're
Niw oV, sipt ti (luieil Kalferln Man
Tliore-h, llnmni ami viitliunitnnv Piemen
ineil (,iONir hmtuiet Ni rk vi
Siiiiihiinpion i.ilirjltir nl .1 'luie, New
ork fm Niplc mid (lenoi sui(( Allei (from
dent 1 ami NipleO New ork Soiilhitnplon -Silleil
t rii hull Pir l,rofe ifroin Btemen),
Nm url
I 11 il iIjU for s,,i ) I m.
II1U10I tempi rituii "I rlrmrei
ljit tempiiaiino li rlreiee
Itililiie lluini.liii
siin Tl per tenl
s p in CO per irm.
I'recipliation. Jl lioum enileij R p. in, none
. .
tftTttTlTTT ff
Wa.hni,iiii sept i 1 oreeait for Tlif
rial aid VuIiiiita 1 1 jtl.m rtnntyb -
vania I'ailli ( loudt- Tiirdnjrt Kent to s-
firh leiiiherlr hIiiiN, Widncodif, -fi--f-
pinhablr khnnein, -f,
t -f -t- i -f -f S S). Jf s -f
. .
h-hMi vWL
mfflfam r 1 ii ' Wl rtmrtf