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    ,.V5, "T r&rmtvrrXl t"B 15-
i -p
::i - "J n ' ' 1
Delaware nnd Hudson Railroad.
t June 6, 1101
-TtmIiu will leave Carbcmdate t cllv atatlon a
"follow ., ,tl . ,- am
Fnr saanten and WiRea-llarm . ' . "
Tooi. mm. 1121 a m ; li . ' 2"jt' 3'
.TOO, TM, 10 01. 10 .11 l. ra. . ,
5 S.ind.v train leaie t 8.M. 11.21 a. w ; 1 1.
3S.h, 4 40. .nn ii. in. , . v..
-iilor All-ato, Satatsa. Montreal. "?,,,on'11
'En(!ljiid polntn. etc-, Mi" a. ml "" ' m'
Po' t.alce l.odore. Wajnntt and lienenWe.
-7.:. n 01 o m i a it, mj p. jt , u-.,,.uri leace lor l.aV.e """ ""
and llone'dale Ht !.!0 (I m I 1.3", 1.41 P. in
Train tithe at Carlmndil from " llj-i ' "
and Srranton s Mln: f. f. "'; J,0.3."
m i 12 37. 'JTi", 3 2.1, 4 2, o.0 7.01, s . I-31.
Sundae tr.iitu arrive at OH a in : 12 1", ' -'
4.2, fl.20, n :n r in. , ,,, ,,
Train aniie dallv Irom Xllnny at '" !,n"
O.Vi p. -n (",' nn Sundu at 2 10 p. "' ...
.Trjn rrlc (rmn llonedile and waii
rtallr at fl in.; 12.10. 110. fl 4. c ni.
Sundav train arrive M Carbendile rnni I.ik'
lodoie, 11 n; mart and Honeihle at 12 r, '"
and ,7ft1 p. in. . .
New York, Ontario nntl Western
.tune 11. I'll.
Trains leaco Carbondale lor Nrantm at 7.0),
10 01 a in. , 4 01 p in
Sunrtiy tralntiat a in i nil p m.
Ti.iln lene f"r pnint ntln l
11 10 a. m. 4 41 p in On sundii- at l l'
Trilr lenlnc at 11 in i m wrek dn and " l"
ni. Sundir make iomvi-Hon for New ioik,
Cornwall. ,1, , ..
Tialna iirlie Irmn ranlf.p it 11 in a. in ; J '
f-4! p. m, from mnit n..rtli Mix i. in. n
P m f-undun frmn r intmi it ' l'i a. m. an I
7 41 p m ; Mom Cad"li l h i"l p m-
Erie Railroad.
.tunc :i. 1001.
TMln lfaie (it MatlKii, (irloii'1ite, daily
(etrent Snndii) at Tola. in. and 4 1 p in f"f
rirandt and S'lneieh, a o .U a m. dillj (ex
rer'inc ,indai i, for lllnghanilnn, inaktiia "n
ration (rr e lork olt ami Huffatn, and at
rio p m. for Mi,iiehmni, making innectiom
for tern point
S'indiv trln at o 41 ,i. m for Sitqiieh4nni,
1th neMern ionnectlon, and (127 p m , wltli
fnnie connciion
Trnn arrlio at s ) a m Jn,j J )i p in.
fMindna at 5i a. m.
"Dick" Joycs, of the Imperial Dining
Rooms, and an Unknown Compan
ion Make Away With a Gold Watch
and Other Jewelry and Several
Suits of Clothes, and Give Con
stable Nenry a Lively Chase Be
fore Being Apprehended The
Strarlger Escapes.
Richard Joyce, of Putt-ton, who has
been a tnihtpcl emploje of t'oridlngton
& Thomson's ImprrUl restaurant, on
Main street, since It was opened n few
months ago, started on a wild but
short-lived caieer of dlsMp.itlou u few
days ago which ended In Ills being ar
rested ahout 1.30 yestciduy afternoon
and held In Jl.noo ball befme Alderman
"Clones on the chatge of felony, the theft
of a gold watch belonging to
Coditington, one of his employers,
other small Jewelry and several Mills
of clothes.
Joyce had a companion In his wild
doings, a stranger, a young man who
Is supposed to have some from Scran
ton. He esiaped, but Cons-table Ni-ary
Is on a ch.if-e after him and will likely
'apprehend him befme today Is over.
The cticumst.inces sun minding the
.capture of Jo.we were niaiKeil by the
liveliest kind of excitement. The run
Jllng away of the Iuiim- whlih Jo.ire
"Jind his companion u.-ed to t.irt thedr
rtrunkful of plunder to the railroad
'station wheie they oi dried It sent by
express to Mahanoy City, their adroit
;moe to get out of town by the tiolley
jar to .imihI suBplilou, their being
"dragged oif the ear at Atvhbald by
Tonf-table .N'eaiy; their snuggle of n
'rfstente In whieh .loyie was over
pnweied and his lompanlon est-aiied
,ieie siiiiu- of the stliilng happening
that fuinlherl the heap of e.M-lte-;hient.
y Jojce woiked a usual In the restau
rant until yestenlay noun, when he
Ssked and was given pei inls-slon to
ro to t'rjvtai lake with the oung man
iho proved to be Ins partner In crime.
Joyce didn't letusn fiom the lake until
'J o'cloik yestenlay morning, when he
anrMils companion pulled up In fiont
af'lhe testaurant. their clothes sput
(ercrl with mud and with other evi
dences of their having had the "good
time." Ttjey were Intoxltuted and the
MiiUge In 'which they wete seated
was bioken. .
i'esteirlay roiermnn Joyce eame to the
restaurant, but he whs not allowed to
go to work. The proprietors Wf,rP r)S.
pleased with his conduct and after
;ivlng him -what wages weie due him,
ilFchargerl him, He left the restau
rant and from there went to the house
5n Stllni avenue wheio he lodged.
This place Is In looms wheio Coddlng
on and the employes also slept. It
supposed that Joyce's companion ns
risted him in despoiling the waid
obes of the rooms, for when caught
ie was wearing it coat and vest of a
:mlt belonging to Mai tin Connor, an
.ither waiter In the icstaiiiant. The
tiest of the clothes In the rooms weie
aken and packed In Joyi-o's trunk.
The, .plunder embraced three complete
l.uits of Coddlngton's and an extta
)alr of trQiit-eis, his mackintoah. a few
hlrt waists and the suit belonging to
Tonnor. Coddlngton's overcoat was
Isn taken from his trunk. The jewelry
iox In the room was rifled and besides
'oddlngton's gold watch, valued at $0,
. stud, a pin and two pairs of cuff
'mttons, beflde a brooch, the property
f the sistor of Coddlngton. were taken
."he watch was found later In Joyce's
lossession. and the other Jewelry In
he pockets of the coat of the- M ranger,
fhlch he slipped fiom and left In the
tands of Con'table Neary In escaping.
After packing the trunk, Joyce en
;agei a hoise at a livery and dtoie
vlth- the plunder to the Ontario and
Vestern de,pot. iihejp the pair ordered
t to be sent by express to Mahanoy
;jty. While they were In the depot
he horse, which was left untied, took
.' a passlpif engine and ran off
Jaun-'TtlvtT stieet as far as the city
(aUliJrt, where it Was caught. The
A rcjwdfr to be iliaken into the alioei. Your
.ltd frel auollen. ncrtoiu and hoi. una ,... .... .
ratily, If jou line nuuln feet m ughi 1k,c1
try Allen'i i Kent-Kate. It t0ol, the leet and
mailed waiKWK ) iurea hoiiui, meailne
ltU lBgroliuj.liail, bliiteia ami eallous apoca
Itetieve coin and bunion of all palK'and L-icei
rrtt arid comfort. Tiy It joday. bold by all
dtucgfita and itioc uorra for tit, hal luck'
ite FP.IX Addrew, Allen S. ,OIiwtecl, La ilo,
i i
: ir -i
Carbondale Department.
buggy during the run was badly dam
aged. Coddlngton In the meantime discov
ered that the rooms had been despoiled,
nnd suspecting Joyce, hastened to Al
derman Jones for a warrant for his
arrest. Constable Neary was given
the warrant, but on reaching the On
tario and Western depot learned that
tho pair left after checking the trunk
nntl had probably taken the trolley
car to leave town, as there weie no
trains which they could have. taUcn
Constable Neary Jumped on the a.r.O
train on the Pelawate and Hudson anil
got off at Archbald. from wheie he
telephoned to Caibondale for a de
scription of the men which his hur
ried departure prevented him from get
ting. The first south-bound trolley car
was boat ded by the constable, and on
one of the seats he spied the lleelng
pair. He grabbed them, hustled them
off the i-nr and started for the Ontario
ii mi Westein depot to catch the tiultt
fiom tfcrnnton due bote at I II. '1 hey
lui-l started on the trip, when Joyie,
who was In an ugly humor and In
llamed with dilnk, commenred to ie
slst. The s.ruggle was taken as a
cue by the other to make his exit and
i-leM'ily wilggllng fiom the coat by
which he was held, he united off, leav
ing the garment In the hands of the
i unstable, who was busy trjlng to
master Joyce. The escaping prisoner
ran with all speed and mounting a
culm pile, was soon lost to view.. Joyce
fought fiercely and as a last icsort to
fice himself he grabbed the constables
hnnd and sank his teeth Into the ilcshy
pot lion of the palm. Neary has hand
hd too many despetate chaiacteis to
be nt a loss to act when haul piessed
and employing a few of bis
"Hicks' Joyce gave In and became do
cile. vi mulling the city the prisoner
iHcnme stubborn and lefused to ac
company the constable. Neary was
obliged to use nlppern t" avoid a
scene on the public thoiotighfatc.
At the hearing Joyce admitted hal
ing taken Coddlngton's watch. He
wou'iln't tell any of the cliciimstances
of the thett, not would be disclose the
identity of his companion. He was ttn
nble to furnish the Jl.OUrt security Used
by Aloetman Jones and he lias sent
to the county Jail.
Afier the hearing Joyce balked again
;ud when he reluscd to go to his cell
h was handcuffed to a pillar in the
alderman's oltlce. Ho created another
ti-ene when be was seemed and began
to butt his head against the pillar by
way of illilstiHting that he could do
damage to himself tbeie as well as In
hW cell If the caicd to.
In the pockets of the coat notn by
Joyei'i. companion, which was the
property of another emploje of the
rcstaitiant, was a certlllcate of mem
bership In the rnlltoad department of
the young Men's Clulstian associa
tion of New York city, beating the
name oi (ieorge W. Hates; a book of
meal coupons from a St. l-iuils lestau
raut and a leather wallet fiom a
dealer in West Vliglnl.i town; nlso
several cooking leclpes. The stud, pin
and cuff buttons taken from Coddlng-
ton'n loom were also found In the
Willie in Scranton last evening Con-
s'abe Neary learned that the stianger's
nan.e is George W. Hates, alias Klch-
nr.l I.liingston, and that be was for
me, ly employed nt the Coney Island
yiick lunih on Penu avenue.
Michael Fogat raid a Visit to This
Michael I-'ornt. of Simpson, caused
a sensation heie esteiday. lie Is the
father of the three children who died
recently of black diphtheria and his
house has sinic been quarantined, one
of his children still 111 with dip
llietla. Yestenlay Fogat osi.iped from the
iitaiantine and came hete. He was
seen and recognized and Sanitary Olli
cer Moftatt was notified, Fogat said
he was going to Maytleld, but Aloffatt
would not have It so. He said clogat
should go home and (iogat went.
Morfatt put (logat in the middle of
the road and Moffatt walked In fiom
of hlm telling people to keep away. A
citizen who xoliintecid his serv.lces
ii. tlked behind Gogat and prevented
his escape. (Jogat was compelled to
walk fiom Caibondale to his home.
He came to town on a tiolley car. At
Simpson Ofllcer Moffatt saw a baker
delivering goods at a house which is
Tomorrow's Bill Game.
Neier before in the history of base
ball In this city has so much inteiest
been atoiised by any game as that be
t'cien Caibondale and Honesdale,
v Inch takes place tomorrow at Lake
Lodoie. It Is not alone the base ball
crank that is tilled up with the sub
ject, but evety man. woman and child
In the l inn Is constantly discussing
the coming contest. Manager Fox Is
certainly doing everything in his power
in bring ahout a deelsle victory for
the Crescents, and the dub Is n-atcely
doing anything else the past few clays
but practice. On the other hand, out
neighbor is perpetually drilling her
nine, and by all accounts It will be disappointment to the Maple city
people if the Tigers weie beaten in
tills game. There will be plenty of
rooteis on hand to encourage their re
spective teams, but they will have to
keep hack and not crowd the diamond
ns they did In the last game. If the
day is pleasant there wilt be a great
ciowd a. the boaunlftil lakeside to
parUclpate In Us manifold pleasuics,
and listen to Hauer's celebrated band
discourse sweet music on tho wuter.
Fresh Air Children Go Home.
Tho air chlldien sent heie by
the New York Tribune fund, who spent
the past two weeks enjoying the fresh
air In the country, letuined to their
homes yesterday. They were dlsti Hi
nted among- the homes of Leo Cuddle,
back. Jeremiah Bennett, I,ouls Ayeis,
of Cllffoid, and Mr. Wells, at Way.
Meetings of Tomorrow,
Gerinanld Singing society; Knights
of Father Muthew, K. K. Hcndrlck
lodge. No. in. motherhood of Hallroad
Trainmen; Central Labor union; Cigar
makers' union. No, ISO. and S. II. Dot
terer lodge, No. lfirt, Brotherhood of
Locomotive L'ngliuers.
'Phone t
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Prof. H. J. Hockenberry Presented
With Gold Watch by Priends.
Prof. It. J. Hockenberry, who has
been one of the town's1 foremost nnd
most esteemed citizens, Is about to lo
cate In the state of Washington, or,
rather, has accepted a flattering busl
nes offer fiom the far-off western
state, was made the leclplent last
night of a splendid temembiance by
n number of friends from among the
congiegatlon of the Methodist church.
Mr. Hockenberry has had charge for
a long time of a class of young peo
ple of the church, nnd It was during
the meeting of last night that the de
lightful Incident took place. In the
midst of the session, Miss Hattle Pae
coe Intel ruptcd the class to Infoim Mr.
Hockenbeny that the members, to
whom he had endeared himself and
who weie bound to him by tics of
warm friendship, wete desiious of giv
ing him a lemembrance whlih would
be a token of their regard for him,
and would remind him of the frlpn Is
he left behind him In Carliondale. She
thru piesented hlm with a hamWome
open-face Waltham gold watch. On
the Inside case was enginved: "To II.
J. llockc liberty, August lit, 1901, by his
Mr. HockenlK'rry responded ns well
as he could, but he was nt a loss to
speak at length, so suddenly was he
taken by the sincere and substantial
expicsslon of the regaid of the ft lends
to whom he Is stiongly united. Thrie
Is no mistaking, however, how ly
the lemembrnnce will be cheilshcd by
Mr. Hockenbeiry.
Solemn Services of tho Departed nt
St. Rose Church.
The late lamented Sister M. Hasll.
who died at St. Hose convent on Tues
day, wao yestenlay laid nt lest beside
the sleeping Ssteis In the plot at St.
lloe cemetery.
The solemn cervices of the dead were
conducted In St. Hoe chinch nnd wete
moie Imptesslve than ordinarily, made
so by the pipsence of two hundred SIs
tcis of the order, who have been In- le
tteiit at St. I5o.e convent. Hlshop-elect
(latvey was the celebrant of the sol
emn high mass of lequlem which was
sung. Row Oeotge Dixon wns deacon;
Hev. I'. K. Lavelle, of St. Patrick's,
West Scranton, ub-leacon. Ht. Hev.
Hlshop Hoban gave the absolution. In
th sanctuary were Hev. .M. J. Ciane,
Avoca, Hev. Walter Oorman, of St.
Hose; Hev. M. K. l.ynott. Jermyn,
Hew Thomas Hundley, Honesdale;
Hev. T. J. Comertord, Archbald; Hev.
Father Judge, Sugar Notch; Hev. P.
V. Quitman, I'lttston; Hev. Father
Fngnn. C.i eat Hend. A slight attack of
Illness prevented Very Hev. T. V. Cof
fey fiom bcilng piesent.
The music of the masfl was sung by
a choir of Sisters. At the giave,
Hlshop. elect (lariey pionounced the
The pall-bearers were Hugh Pow
drrly, Michael McCann, James Dun
le.ny, I'atiick McCabe, John Muriln,
H. P. Huike.
Central Labor Union Picnic.
Itt was an aggravating disappoint
ment, the putting otf of the picnic of the
Central Labor union on Thursday, be
cause of the hcai y rainfall. Today,
however, the labor men hope to bo
favored with better than the average
"picnic weather," and they have made
anaiigemonts to accommodate and en
tertain a gieat thiong at Keleen's
grille. The Mozart band illl be pres
ent with all kinds of dance and con
ceit nunibeis, and loiers of the dance
will be in their element. Abundance
of choUo reficshmonts will he on
hand also.
Meetings of Tonight.
Division No. 13, Ancient Order of
Hibernians; Com I Golden ICagle, No.
11. F. of A.; Diamond lodge, No. 26;
Shield of Honot, and school board.
The Scranton Hallway company has
distributed ties along the line from
Peckvlllc to Forest .City, which are
designed to take the place of those
which have long since passed being of
service. The company expects to be
in shape to acceptably handle the big
etouds during semi-centennial week.
Great Interest Is being manifested In
the cptomonles that will take place at
Lake Lodote on Friday next, "Odd Fel
lows' Day," when the Degree of Chiv
alry will be conferred on half a hun
dred candidates, Olive Leaf lodge of
this city will inn the excursion on
that day.
City Knglneer Kupp Is doing com
mendable work in stirring up property
outlets to conform to tho ordinances
coveilng the laying and maintenance
of sidewalks. Over a half bundled
notices have been served the past few
weeks and there will be a decided Im
piovement in the appearance of walks
by the time the visitors for the semi
centennial come to town.
Thomas ICatou, track foreman on the
HonoMiaio branch of the Delaware
and Hudson railroad, one of the oldest
and most faithful of the company's
employes, has resigned his position to
accept a more favorable one fiom the
Pennsylvania railroad. The news of
Mr. Katon's good fortune will be a
source of pleasure to his friends, who
ate legion.
Thero will be some Interesting events
in j-c-c s pars, on iiiesnay.wnen a num
ber of local horsemen will enter their
flyeis. Among tho entries are: Ldi
Patterson's Pi hue N.; '., p. Hell's
Mildred N.; Sam Cox's Nellie Golden.
N. J. Hell's Giftmnnt, and Gai field Wil
liams' Hod Wilkes.
One of the best events promises to bn
the 2.S0 class in which five entries have
also been received. They aie: G, H.
Crcvellng's Violet: H. S. Pierce's Mary
Lot; Henry Pierce's Hlackinnnt; La
fayette Lee's Little Racket and Walter
Scurry's Joe H, Theio will also be a
l mining race. Three Greenfield men
have entered horses In tho event. A
blcyilo race also promises to furnlsn
no little txiit-iucnt.
Hallock Warren Is spending a week
nt Dundaff.
J. 0. Geiser, of Scranton, was a vis
itor In town yesterday.
Miss Gabrllla Coleman returned yes-
terday from ft visit at Scranton and
Mrs. P. M. Tallman Is 111 nt her home
on Seventh avenue.
Miss Ida Bayers, of Wllkes-Barrc, Is
vNltlng Miss Cecil Tallman.
Miss Tlllle Ncnlon Is spending a few
days with friends In Plttston.
Homer Van llorder and Fred Berry
nro visiting friends In Duryca.
Mnme Huffy In visiting In Hones
dale, at the home of Michael Ennls.
Melvln II, Tappan Is homo from Buf
falo and the Pan-American exposition.
Mr. and Mrs. Delahoy nnd daughter,
Beatrice, nto camping nt Vine cottage.
Miss Anna Kapler has gone to New
York city for several weeks' stay with
C, H, Senmans and F. P. Price worn
among the Scrantonlans In Carbondale
Miss Kdlth Courtrlght Is being enter
tained by Miss Blanche L. Whitney,
of Honesdale.
Frank Kllpatrlek, of Rochester, N.
Y Is at the homo of his parents on
Darte nvenue.
Chief of Police Loftus and Thomas
Grace, of Plttston, were visitors In
town yesterday.
Miss Bessie Cavanaugh, of Dundaff
stieet, has returned from two weeks'
visit with ICIectrlc City friends.
The Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Mich
nel Jordan, of Fallbrook street, died
yesterday of cholera Infantum.
Josl.ih Brown nnd wife, of South All
Ington, spent yesterday with their
daughter, Mrs. Stephen J. Holgate, on
John street.
Miss Grace Whitney, who has been
the guest of Mr. anil Mrs. Mussel Shep
herd, returned to her home In Hones
dale yesterday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. r. H. Uettew left on
Thursday for their home In Brooklyn,
N. Y., after a visit with the former's
mother, Mrs. C. H. Hettew, on John
Misses Dorothy Bell and Bretta Ma
gee are visiting niends In New York
city. They will leave there on the 2fith
for Buffalo to attend the Pan-Amerl-cap
Mrs. Michael Foster and daughter.
Margaret, of Gieeley Center, Nebras
ka, arrived here Wednesday, to make
n protracted visit with Mr. nnd Mrs.
Thomas Coleman, on upper Dundaff
Mr. and Mis. T. H. Brooks, Mrs. F.
A. Snyder, Mrs. M. W. Guernsey, Mrs.
Louis Wlnt nnd Mrs. D. S. Rolls, of
Scranton. and Mrs. D. F. Skelly. of
Berkley Springs, W. Va.. took dinner
at the American house, yesterday. They
ii ere returning from Crystal lake.
The seml-nnnual conientlon of the
Wesley league of the Wyoming district
of the Primitive Methodist church will
be held In the Primitive Methodist
church of this place on Tuesday, Sep
tember 10. Delegates from the sur
loutirllng towns, and some of the mot
nble ministers of tho district, will bo
Hev. J. Tnskar. of Duryca. will ofiii I
ate In tho Primitive Methodist church
tomorrow In the nhsencp of the pastor,
Hev. S. D. Molter, who will pi each nt
the Second Primitive Methodist church
at Wllkas-Rnrre.
Miss Jennie Morcom, of Third street,
entertained a number of friends nt her
home on Wednesday evening. The vis
Itots wete vety enjoyably entertained,
nnd refreshments were served. Those
present were: Misses Carrie nnd Ida
Sherwood, Bessie Snyder, Clin Carter,
Hdlth Simmon, Kmma Pedrlck, and
Harry Lavmon, Archie Dltmote, Hay
Hollenback. Daniel Grllliths, of Car
bondale; Harry Miller. Hermani Lin
dei man nnd Alexander Kapher, of
Miss Kmma Pedrlck Is filling the
position of operator at the telephone
exchange Ir the absence of Miss Kate
Grlfhtlis, who K enjnyjng a vacation.
Liberty lodge. No. 1, Knights of
Pythias, confeired the rank of knight
upon thtee esquires last evening.
A 4 -year-old son cf Mr. nnd Mis.
Genrg,. Hiu-hmlto, of Scott, fell off the
sioop yesterday and fractured his
Mis. Menitt, of Hendhnm, called on
Jermvn friends. Thursday.
There will be a special meeting of
the Mayfield school board this evening.
Wo are Informed the item in
yesterdoy's Tribune, announcing tho
maniage of Mr. Fred Dawo, was In
conect, the maniage not yet having
taken place. The news came to us
through a relative of one of the family
nnd it was upon this authority the Item
was published.
John Osborne, who has been working
nt Garwood, N, J., for several months,
returned homo jesterday.
The conceit given by Hogarth's band
last evening, on Thomas Scutt's lawn,
was n very enjoyable affair and was
listened to by a large concourse of peo
ple. The Sunday school of tho Methodlht
Kplscopal church will run their excur-'
sion to Lake Lodore on August M, In
stead of Nay Aug park, as was In
tended. Thomas Hart, of Second street, has
been ill for the past few days.
A party of ladles, numbering sixty
nine, spent yesterday at Crystal lake.
The Journey to and from tho lake was
delightful, and the weather at the fa
vorite resort wns Ideal.
Mr. and-Mrs. Herman Kelfer and two
children, Misses Kate, Ar.r.ile and Vera
Catey and Krne Finch, of Scranton,
nie camping nt Crystal lake.
Mrs. Caroline Hngle Is visiting friends
near Harfnid, Susquehanna county.
Mrs. Theodore Spettlgue and daugh
ter, Maty, of Cemetery street, spent
yesterday with Carbondale friends.
Miss Verna Hchoonovcr Is visiting
relatives In Scranton.
Harry Snyder, of Pittsburg, is the
guest of his brother, P. s. Snyder.
Mesirs. D. J. Loverlng and H. G,
Doud leave today for Buffalo and NI
OKI a Fnlls. They will spend a week at
the Pan-Ameilenn exposition.
Misa Carrie Seberllne Is visiting Rev.
an 1 Mrs. Humphreys, former pastor of
the M. H. church, at their present
charge at Mciiure, N. Y.
Mis. Fiod Cai pouter, of West Pitts
ton. spent yesterday with .Mrs. I. F.
Price, of North Main street.
Mis. John Deans and sop have re
turned from Atlantic) City.
Mis. Jennie Grover nnd Miss Llla
PMrnr.der are spending their summer
nc.itlon nt Ocean Grove.
William Jennings is circulating
among his many friends about town.
Oeuoral 'Secretary Mnhy. of the
Scranton Young Men's Christian nsso
elation, will again deliver an address
before the Kpworth league on Sunday
evening. August 18. Services will ha
held In the tent, provided the weather
Is favorable.
The Home of Per una
x wiJsSdcSiMa n rjss ijj sKy wwr wsMW,
As Is well known, Dr. Hartman Is tho
president of the Hartman Sanitarium,
nn Institution which has a department
devoted exclusively to the treatment of
female diseases. c Is thus bt ought to
see thousands of such cases every year
the most of
whom i etui n
to their
homes to be
treated by
ecu respond -once.
p r I n c 1 p al
remedy he rellosj upop In such cases
Is Peruna, which every woman should
have, who has any affection of this
In view of the great multitude of
women suffering from some kind of
female disease, and yet unable to find
any cute, Dr. Hartman, tho lonnwned
gynaecologist, has announced his villi
Ingnffrsi to direct tho tteatmont of as
many cases as may make application
to hlm dining tho summer months
without charge.
The treatment will be conducted by
correspondence. The doctor will pre
scribe all medicines, applications, hy
gienic and dietary regulations neces
sary to complete a cure. The medi
cines presx-rlbed can bo obtained nt all
drug stores. This offer will prevail
during the summer months. Any wo
man can become a regular patient by
sending a written statement of her
age, condition of life, history nnd
svmptntn.w of her derangements.
All cases of female disease. Includ
ing menstrual Irregularities, displace
ments, ulcetatlons, inflamations, dis
charges. Iiritationi of the ovailes.
A stag party was held In Sweeney's
hall last evening. In honor of Messrs,
C. B. Tinker. William Coughlln. esq.,
Allan Scott nnd diailes Cunningham,
the guests of C. M. Hathaway, Jr., and
T. II. Kvans.
Mrs. D. L. Berry and children have
returned homo from I'nlondalo.
Tho gold watch which was chanced
off at St. Patrick's church festival, on
Thursday, was won by Mrs. James Mc
Halo, of Susquehanna street, nnd her
daughter. Miss Nellie Mrllnle, received
tho gold watch for selling the largest
number of tickets for tho excursion to
Mountain Park, thiee weeks ago.
The funernl of the late Andrew Ma
honey, w ho died nt his home In Wavor
ly on Wednesday, was held yesterday
morning. A requiem high mass was
eelobiated In St. Patrick's church at
10 o'clock by Hev. J. J. B. Feeley. In
terment v as made In the West Side
After a lapse of several weeks, the
street department yesterday resumed
tho cleaning of Lackawanna street.
Miss Margaret Conway, of Plttston,
Is visiting friends In town.
On nccount of tho failure of tho
Honesdale club to appear, theio was
no game at the park esterday.
Hev. D. M. George, of Plttston. will
conduct services In the Congtegatlonal
church tomorrow morning and even
ing. Services will be bold nt the usual
hoius in the Presbyterian church to
morrow morning and evening. Hev. B,
F. Hammond, pastor.
Mis. J. W. Kennedy and daughter,
Miss Jennie Kennedy, of Blakely, spent
yesterday at Harvey's lake
Mrs. J. A, Hull, of Blakely, Is enter
taining Miss May Abel, of Kaston.
C. W. Ostrander is spending his va
cation at Cornwnll-on-the-Hudson.
Street Commissioner J. C McAndrew
won the nve-dollar gold piece chanced
off nt the Grassy Island Hose com
pany', picnic.
Miss Charlotte Kennedy, of Green
Ridge, was a visitor In town yesterday.
The Young Men's Christian associa
tion are making elaborate arrange
ments for their banquet to be held in
Atherton's hall on Thursday evening,
Aug. 22. An excellent musical and lit
erary programme Is being prepared for
tho evpnt. The following is tho com
mittee in charge: Lloyd Dallcy. John
A. Boyd, Luther Harrts, E. A. Powell
nnd Nicholas Nicholas.
The Taylor Silver Cornet band will
give an open air concert In Mlnooka
this evening.
Tho Primitive Methodists of Arch
bald, Pyne and Sibley will hold their
annual camp meeting commencing to
mortow, Aug. IS, to continue until Aug.
25, nt the Pyne. The services tomor
row nre as follows: in so n. m., 2 p.
m. and 6 p. m. Miss Sarah Lanyon.
tho confidence evangelist, and other
well known ministers will be present
to assist Hev.. Walker In the services.
All are conllally welcome to attend.
The Watklns orchestra and I'nlted
Mine Workers' Drum corps have been
cngagen to furnish music at the Patri
otic Order Sons of America excursion
to Hurvev's lake on Monday next.
Quarterly meeting services will be
held at III" Methodist Episcopal church
tomorrow. Hev. A. H. Conger will
preach nt 10.30 a. in.: Sabbath school
at 2.15 p. m.i communion service at
,".?0 p. in., conducted by the pastor,
Hev. C. 15. Henry;' .Hpworth Leaguo nt
6.30 p. m , MIhs Ida Sperber, leader. at the Calvary Baptist
church tomorrow at 10.30 a, m, and 6
p. in.; "Vunday school at 2 p. in. Hev.
H. H. Harris, Ph. D., pastor. All are
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Oiiinths nnd
dangler, Muriel, of 'ils place, have
been the guefts of relatives In Jermyn
for the past few days.
Mrs. Thomas Jenkins, of Main street,
bus returned home from a two weeks'
tumois and dropsy of the ubdomen.
should apply at once nnd become leg
Istered ns regular patients. All cor
respondence will be held strictly con
ndctiitlal. Nn testimonials of cuies
will be given to the public except by
tho expiess wish of the patient.
No one knows better than Dr. Hart
man how much women suffer with
diseases" peculiar to their sex. No one
knows better than be does how mnn
of them suffer with such diseases. Pa
tiently, hopefully, wearily, and often
silently, they eke out a miserable ex
istence yeai after year.
A woman i-onllned to the house sev
eral years with a chronic female de-
r a n gemenl
had tinally
given up all
hope of being
cured. She
h a d tried
physic Ian
after plivsl-
A J (lift JJIJ
ciati. and remedy nfter tonicity, with
out any petmanent improvement. Her
treatment had cost her husband, who
wns a poor man, hundieds of dollars.
They had been obliged to deny them
selves many comforts) of life in otder
to get money enough to pay the physi
cians. Picking up tho paper one day she
happened to lead an Item which con
tained the news that Dr. Hartman
Mould treat such cases free of charge
by letter. She Immediately wrote the
doctor, desc-tlhlng her case, and giving
him all her symptoms. She soon re
ceived a Utter telling her exactly
what to do and what medicines and ap
pliances to get. She began the treat
visit with relatives In Ttion, N. Y.
Taylor lodge, No. fifis. Independent
Order of Odd Fellows, will meet this
Miss Maiy A. Set Ivors, of New York,
Is visiting her ulster, Mrs. Thomas
Jenkins, on street.
.Vts. John Hill, of Nantlcoke. Is the
guest of Mrs. John K. Kvans, of Main
Stanlev Nyhnrt Is spending a week
at Herrlckville, Bradford county.
Street Commissioner Lewis has n
foico of men at work breaking stone
nnd filling in the roadway at the Noith
Main stieet culvert.
William Vandervort Is spending a
few days with relatives at Tunkhan
nock. Mr. and Ms. Irwin Felter, of Auburn,
Conn., are visiting the latter's parents,
Mr. and Mis. George Moore.
W. -II. Storrs, of Scranton, was n
caller In town yesterday.
Mrs. K. T. Harding Is spending a few
days with South Olbon friends.
Miss Nellie Glanvllle is visiting nt
Passaic. N. J.
Mr. Blaokwell has moved from Main
stieet to White's addition.
Mrs. H. S. Heed, of Glenbutn. is tho
guest of her son, George B. Hee.d.
Michael Burke, of Airhhald, had no
money to pay street car taio and, be
ing under the Infltierce of liquor, at
tempted to create a disturbance on a
street car on Thursday afternoon.
When the car reached a point oppo
site Hotel Wilson. Conductor K. M.
Dohsom stopped the car and ejected
Buike. As the car was about to start,
Burke threw his dinner pall nt Dob
son. The nail missed Dohson nnd
struck a lady passenger In the face'.
Burke then went up Piospect street,
followed by OHlrers Sn.vder and
Thompson. After a tierce struggle,
Burke decided to accompany the otil
ceis to the office of Justice of the
Peace S. W. Arnold. Motorman Charles
Keller and Conductor K. M. Dobson
nppeared acrainst Buike. He was held
to appear at court. Burke was placed
In the borough lockup, nnd later re
leased on ball.
Preaching in the Prlreburg Primitive
Methodist church on the Sabbath, both
morning nnd evening, by the pastor.
Rev, Wilson Bentley. Morrlng service
at 10.30; subject, "Hold That Fast
Which Thou Hast. That No Man Take
Thy Crown." Evening service nt 7
o'clock: mbjrot. "Cnn Thero Be Anv
Good Thing?" John, l-4fi. Come and
There will be a lawn social and clam
bake, under the auspices of the Flor
ence Nightingale temple, No. 31, of
Prlcehurg, Saturday, August 21, nt the
Hatls-tead avenue grove. Everybody
cordially Invited.
Mrs. O'Malley. of Peckville. and Mrs.
.1. D. Williams, of Plymouth, were the
guests of Mrs. Benjamin Williams, of
Cartnalt street, on Friday.
Mis. Heedelry and Miss Applcgato,
of Green Ridge, were the guests of
Mrs. William Wler, on Wednesday
Mrs. Broil. Mrs. Sharp and Mis.
Kraft, of Green Ridge. nnd'Mis. Engle,
of Dunmnre, weie the guests of Mrs.
George Schmidt on Thuisdny.
Miss Ethel I'sner, of Albert street,
vipjted friends In Ma.vtleld yesterday.
Joseph Giitkiiecht, the n.j car-old son
of Cliniles Gutknechit, while playing
with a companion on Thursday, fell
from n tree and received injuries fiom
which ho died. The funeral services
will be held tomoirow at 2.30 o'clock.
Krause's Headache Capsules
arc, unliko anything prepared In
America. They wero first piesciihod
by Dr. Krause, Germany's famous
court physician, long before antlpyrine
was dscovered, and nro almost marvel
ous, so speedily do they cine the most
dlsti easing cases. Price 23c. Sold by
all druggl6t&.
The hartman Sanitarium,
Columbus, Ohio.
ment (the principal remedy being Pe
runa) at once, and In a few weeks was
well and strong again nnd able to do
her own work.
Another woman
without becoming
who used Peruna
one of Dr. Hart
man's regu
lar patlenta
had tho fol
lowing ex
po r I e n e e.
Green write
from Bald
wtnvllle, On: "Peruna Is wonderful
and good, and n certain cure for fe
male weakness. J havn been HI nnd
have been taking doctor's tne-dlcine for
several yenis. and found that none did
me anj good.
"Every day It was a worry. I
wes always sick. I had come to tho
conclusion to give up, nnd not uso
any more medicine. I wns sick in
deed for the past two years. Just
before I began to take Peruna I whs
very weak, besides I wns bilious
and constipated.
"I had pains in my back and side nnd
falling of the womb, with bearing down
"One day while reading my news
paper, I came across an ad., read of
the book for women entitled, "Health
nnd Beauty." and sent for It. Then I
began to use the medicine. After using
several bottles, 1 am now thorougnly
Send for free book entitled, "Health
and Beauty." Address Dr. Hartman,
Columbus, Ohio.
Dalley Bros, are erec-tlng the fine new
addition to tho High school building nt
Mis. James Oakford was a visitor In
Scranton on Wednesday.
I'otatoes heie a light crop are im
proving In quality nnd decreasing in
pi Ice.
Mrs. Dr. (intence Merrill nnrl son,
Orlo, are visiting relatives at Sayre,
Pa., and adjacent villages.
Mr. H, Peters and family are occupy
ing part of the Peace house, on Main
Messrs. WHIard Voshurg nnd Clair
Young have returned from a trip to
the Pan-American.
Misses Maude nnd Vlda Bostedo nro
visiting relatives In Buffalo and vlcln
lt. Mrs. Simon Cnrmody was In Scran
ton on Monday.
Mr, and Mrs. M. M. Hufford drove to
the river last Sttndny, where their son,
Charles Hufford, Is camping with a
party of young people.
Miss Grace Myers Is visiting relatives
at Glendale this week.
Messrs. Veinon Ludlow. William
Lynch, J. D. Bunnell nnd son. Henry,
took a trip to Lake Winola on Sunday.
Mrs. Walter Leonard and two chil
dren of Scranton, visited Mrs. John
Twining and other ft lends here during
the week.
Miss Dorothy Swnrtz, of Mill City,
spent several days with her friend,
Miss Llbblo Hymer. this month.
The pie soclnl at F. M. Young's, on
Thuisdny, was rather lightly attended,
on nccount of the rain.
Mr, and Mrs. J. Potter, of Scott, vis
ited at the home of C. W. Moredock on
Al. Dymond Is suffering with a felon
on his left hand.
Hay Smythe is camping on the hanks
of the Susquehanna river.
The young child of Mr. and Mrs,
Henry Hance, who has been very 111,
Is much improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Tlnklepaugh
left on Monday for Biidgeton, N. J ,
where they will spend a few weeks.
Quarterly meeting services will be
held In tho Brick M. E. church next
Sunday morning.
The Old Forge school board met last
Monday night and appointed teachers
as follows; No. 1, Wealthy Brodhead,
principal, and Lizzie Dawson, assist
ant; No. 2. Ella Drake, principal, and
May Biodhead, assistant.; No. 3, Kate
Clunan, principal, and Elln Heuser, as
sistant, No, 4, Bertha Rees, principal,
nnd Agnes Glynn, assistant. Tho
tedchois In the High school building
nro-, F. R. Coyne; assistant
principal. C. Weber; Misses Gertrude
Simmons, Mary A. Qulnn. Margaret
Cosgrovo.Gortrudo Rees, Barbara Nea
lls, Kate Clarke, Teresa Fallon, and
Mary Lally.
Spcrul tn the Scranton Tribune.
Honesdale, Aug. IB. The woodwork
of the locks nlons the Delaware and
Hudson canal Is being burned, In order
to get the old lion, which has been
purchased by n Junk dealer.
Mis. Wlllam Wood and two daugh
ter, of St. Louis. Mo, arriied today
lor a visit with Honesdale relatives
Theio mo no new developments in
tho Winiius Hull case The prisoner
spends the greater portion of the time
wilting lrtteis. The grand Jury meets
tho last week In September. If a true
bill I, touiid against Hull for th mur
der of Schoonover. his trial will tak
place at the October term of cotut
The Wnyno county fair will bo held
on September 21, 25 nnd 2ii.
An epidemic Is pievalent among
hoi sep In this vicinity, similar to the
hoti-o distemper.
On Thursday evening. August 22, a
benefit concert by local talent Is to ho
given In the Honesdale opera house for
the benefit of George Wolfrom, whose
home was destroyed by tire.