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Strikers at Plttsbiiro Are Jubi
lant Over the Action ot the
Men In the West.
They Say That the Strikers Are
Nearly at the Flood of Their Suc
cess and When the Ebb Comes It
Never Can Be Stopped The Mc
Keesport Tie-up Is Now Complete.
Tin Plate Workers Are Not Fnvtio
ularly Sympathetic.
ily lAduane Wire frem Th .Vwriai'l Prcaa.
Pittsburg. Alls. It?. The a-ijliter of In -t-iest
In tho steel sttlke today shifted
to the west, where Jnllct llnally swuiik
into line with tlio sttikcrs, mid Mil
waukee appointed tniiioirow ns 'In
time for a dual vote on the question.
The news that (.'aine out of tlio west
i-ln-ered tlio strikeis throughout the
district in this velnlty as ik other de
velopment since the labor war was de
al ned. In their cntliuMnsui they count
iiMn favorable action at .Milwaukee
tomorrow, ami carrying their hopes still
farther, my that they will yet win I
Chleago ovet. These successes, they I
declare with apparent eonlldcnee will
make them master of the situation
anil win the strike. The steel officials,
on tlio other hand, say the strikers are
n'arly at the Hood of their siirccs and
when the ebb conies it can never be
stopped. They don't seem to be dis
turbed by tecent events, and with n
confidence equal to that of the sti liters,
talk of certainty of ultimate success.
They itsrert that popular sentiment has
lfver been behind the strike, and that
the general Interest which was oner
aroused by the contest Is quickly wan
ing. They claim that they aie more
than holding- their own In the non
union plants that were unaffected or
have been started since the strike be
gan, and ate perfecting plans for re
opening several plant now Idle. They
nlso (latin thai ninny of their men.
p.titleulatly at McKcespoit. Wheeling
and Helluiie, were foiced out by In
timidation and will come back as soon
as the excitement dies out and their
safety Is assured. Talk of peace hun
been dropped for the time being, and
it Is agreed that In Its present aspect
the situation Indicates a prolonged and
stubborn contest.
McKeespoit Tie-up.
Two hundred men employed in the
J--itlnnal t;al,inly.lng works of the Na
tional Tube company at McKeesport
struck today They were the last re
maining workmen in the affected nudes
1n that city and the tie-up Is now as
complete us possible there. Many of
the tube workers, although on strike,
have refused to Join any union and the
opinion Is expressed that there will be
soon u break among the strikers. The
leaders plan another rally for totuor
iow llicht to re-enthuse the men and
heel an btcak that may be possible.
They have asked Piesldent Shaffer to
go thete and speak, but he bus not yet
said dellnitcly thai he would. The
cngatil.ers aie working Indefiitlgably
to keep the men In line. They nie also
exleiidliu their operations to Duquesne
nnd llo'itestead, the two gtent strong
holds of the Carnegie company, and
claim to Ivj gaining ground at both
mm. The recent gains here mul at
,'Ioiiet will bring the total number of
in ii brought out by the third and
J mil call of Piesldent Shaffir to about
;;nfKi'j and puss, the giand total to
something oer To.imhi Thousands of
the men out have found other work
nnd the exact number now Idle Is un
known. The Amalgamated association
1 organizing a series of employment
bureaus and plans to place many more
t the Idle men. President Shaffer an
nounced today that after September
J idle Amalgamated men would receive
r'lll'.e benefits of $1 a week apiece and
that some ptovlslon would be made for
tlie men outside of the organization.
Wellssille, Hyde Park. Painter's,
('lark's. Lindsay and McCutcheon's,
nnd the Crescent tin works, the six
pi opei ties open partly or In full with
non-union men since the strike be
gan, inoxed along today as usual. An
other it'fw has been seined for Paint
m's niHL The other I'nlted States
Stel propf riles unaffected by the
Hi Ike wen- nlo running without In
tHimptlon, white non-union men are
being brought from the South to break
the strike In the steel works at Mones
ren and It Is expected tml Mtart will
be made there the tlrst of next week.
President Shatter and all of his offi
i lal associates except Assistant Secre
tary M. F. Tlghe were at the sulkn
headquarters, where n scries of con-feteiu-cs
were held during the day.
Mr. Shaffer's Stntement.
Mr. Shaffer discussal the situation
rather freely. He said:
"The icwtilt cannot help but be far-
ranking, not only In the west, but
here as well. Accordlntr to a telegiain
from Tight received this tnoiulng, It is
not Improbable that the Milwaukee
men will go out. Mr. Tlghe Is in Mil
wattkoe today, nnd mo may hear some
thing from Hayvlew before the day
"I cannot predict what may happen
In South Chicago. I think It likely that
Tlghe will go to ChlciiRO as soon as he
pets his work finished at Milwaukee."
Mr. Snaffer was asked if ho had
heard from Vice-President Davis, of
South Chicago, elnco the western
trottbl" b.-c.ui. He said he had not,
Assistant cVcretnry Tishe. however,
rays Davis Is with him in iMIIwaukco
today. "I do not know whnt Mr. Da
via' etund is on the western situation,"
Concerning the local situation. Presi
dent Shaffer said It was unchanged to
nil outward appearances.
"The nuwH from the west will have
a Rood effect on the local situation. It
cm-otimgefl the men In this section.
Private advices from all tlio local mills
started, Inform us that the attempts
have been costly to the mamifacturcM.
It does not pay to make scrap, even
for effect. We know by the amount of
coal which Is golnig from the mills thnt
they nre consuming and the output
which Is going from the milts that the
attempt to get the mills going has not
President Shaffer refused to discuss
the absence of Trustee Pierce In the
cast. It Is probable he Is with the or
ganlzntlon'.t attorney, Mr. Hrennan, on
business connected with the Amalga
mated association. The sheet mill at
lluncansvllle, who have hitherto re
fused to Join the strike, are still ob
jects of concern to Mr. Pierce and lie
Is likely making another effort to have
them Join t!i" Amalgamated associa
tion forces. For some reason the Am
algamated headquarters have again
been tightly closed, locked doors bar
the entrance of even mall carriers and
messengers. The object of this move
as explained by Secretary Williams Is
merely to allow the oflleers to catch
up with the enormous amount of busi
ness which has accumulated since the
general strike order went Into effect.
The Amalgamated officials hint at an
other surprise In the way of closing
mills In the local district.
"I receive reports from every mill In
the country dally." President Shaffer
said today. "It would not be wise to
say any certain mill will strike until
It does. We like to let the newspapers
tell about thnt first."
Regarding: Tin Plates.
Tlio lodges of the International Tin
Plate Workers' Protective association,
throughout the country are passing
upon tin question of handling the
Welsh plates which the American Tln-
plate company plans to Import to re
plenlsh the supply cut off by the strike
and their decision will have nn Import
ant bearing on the strike. The Tin
plate Workers claim that on certain
occasion" In the past when they asked
for the aid of the Amalgamated asso
ciation they were Riven no satisfaction
and that the Amalgamated association
Itself furnished precedents against
sympathetic strikes.
A lengthy statement In behalf of the
tin worker has been made public here.
After stating that the Welsh plates are
made by union men, the .wtntenicnt re
views the hlstorv of the organization
after the American Federation of
Labor convent lor. In Kansas City In
President Shaffer conducted Hip for
malities of Its organization-, nnd the
stntement says:
"Feeing at this time that the inlet -ests
of the tin bouse men were Identi
cal with the members of the Amalga
mated association, we solicited Shaffer
to enter Into a del'enwlve alliance, to
strengthen the position of both organ
izations in trade disputes. Shaffer ob
jected. He told us that the Amalga
mated association stood for the ob
sei value of Its contract, and thnt It
could not entei Into any defensive com
pact which would obligate- the assoi I
atlon to violate either the spirit 01 the
letter of its signed agreements, lie
said he lould only promise the 'moral
and financial' aid provided In the laws
of the American Federation of Labor,
for which he acted when he organized
the tin house employes. We finally got
our scale adonted without any assist
ance from the Amalgamated associa
tion. "Two years ago. while we were dis
cussing scale points with W. II. lira
bain, vlce-piesldeut of the American
Tlnplate company, that gentlemen
showed iw a communication fiom
Piesldent Shaffer, which was sent In
reply to n itnteitieiit by Mr. (irahuni
that If he granted certain wnge ad
vances to the Amalgamated members
employed In the hot mills of the com
pany, he would have to grant an ad
vance alo to the tin hnu-'e men. as the
union of the tin bouse men would un
doubtedly demand It. Shaffer tppllcd:
" 'The tin house employes are not en
titled to recognition in this discussion.
They aie not skilled men, and should
not be organized.' "
The .statement closes with an asser
tion that one year ago the Amalga
mated men refused aid In settling the
scale and that at Conncllsvllle and
Cleveland the Amalgamated men aided
the company In lining the places of
sulking tinplate workers
Prospects nt Carnegie.
A despatch from McKoosport says:
"The .likers expect the Duquesne
plant of the Carnegie s'tcel company
will be out In thiee days. They say
It Is organized and is waiting to co
operate Homestead and Hraddock
mills and t'.inl this Is the trump card
President Shaffer has been holding.
Trouble Is expected If men are Import
ed or any old men return to work.
"The tube welders published nn an
nouncement today that they will Join
no union, but will remain out while the
strike Is on. Mayor Hlack refused per
mission to the Socialist Labor party to
hold a street meeting. He says politi
cal meetings are more dangerous than
gatherings of strikers nn the streets,
lie says be will not disperse crowds
on streets If they nre good natured, but
will arrest speakers at the meeting for
Inciting riot. The mayor got a postal
toilov wnrnln-; him to look out ns the
fool killer '.i hf ruled toward McKees
port anil Is liable to pick blni off. iii
also refused permission to the strikers
to hold a fwenty-roiind light between
.Tack McClellan nnd M. Donovan, for
the strike fund. About S.Sni) men of
tli 13.(1(10 Idle in this city nre organized.
I i ne oaiaiic,, imii 010 join in nuy large
number. Many of these not In organi
zations are ihalln;j at 1 lleness, hut do
not want to work unless nssuied pro
tection." Bethlehem Steel Purchase.
fly rclule Wire from Thr Awclitrd Pre.
IMiilmlellihla, Auir. Jfl. -At a mating of th
MmkliflMro el tl, Hithldum Stffl loniptn.?
teilai It wm alt t M.-d to ratify thf purclii nl
the Hi'tMclitin lion i-nnpny utul to luaif 7,."V
fan) nf linml, the puriliuc price tit Hie Ir n
Mnpinjr, Thfrn wtt not ilitn-iitlni! nte. 8V
III iharo uut ef a total of auO.UUO Uim rq-io,
Gcnrhardt Terllnden, ot Diilsburrj,
Germanu, Is Wanted tor
The Prisoner Wanted by the. Ger
man Authorities for Having Forged
nnd Hypothecated 1,500,000 Marks
Worth of Charters nnd Securities.
The American Equivalent of Hon.
Terlinden's Booty Is 8370,000.
Dr Eicl-niie Wire from The Assoclited Pren.
Chicago, Aug. 1(5. Shadowed by the
police ot Paris, hounded by the detect
ives of Scotland ml, looked for by
the sl"UthH of Xew oik, Philadelphia
and Cincinnati, Oeirhardt Terllnden,
of Dulshurg, (ierinnny, accused of for
gery antl embezzlement by the Her
man government, was captured In Mil
waukee b Chicago Plnkertons nnd
brought to this city for safe keeping
The prisoner is wanted by the (let-man
authorities for having forged and hy
pothecated 1,500.0011 marks worth of
charters and sccnt-UKs, the property of
the (Jcarhardt Terllnden company of
Ditlsburg, of which he was manager.
The business wn.i a land Improvement
and Investment enterprise,, and 11 ie
said that a great i-ttmber of poor per
sons were financially ruined by the
defalcations of the manager. The
American equivalent of llerr Terlin
den's booty Is JBTtf.nfio.
A little more than a month ago Ger
man Consul Weaver placed a descrip
tion of Terllnden In the bands of Wil
liam A. Plnkerton. The next day one
of the detectives learned that a man
answering the Rcneral appearance of
the absconder, had changed lO.iwi
marks Into American dollars at the
First National bank of Chicago. A
canvass nf the other banks showed
that ho had deposits In at least two of
them. It was found thnt he had lived
for a few days nt the Continental hotel,
under the name of (iraefe. Thence
he had gone to Milwaukee under the
name ahove pientloued. Terllnden Is a
portly, blonde man of 41, polished In
address with a euitly yellow moustache
and small goatee. He wears eye
glasses and speaks Kngllsh and
French fluently, but with a pronounced
Herman accent. He was educated nt
Superintendent Stlefel, of the Mil
waukee Plnkeiton otlbe, notified the
Chicago 'illlce o-i Wednesday that the
much sought man was there. Chica
go deicctives who had been nt work
on the cue for a month were dis
patched to Milwaukee and today the
fugitive was fouic'. In a private board
ing houv
A .lep'ily United States marshal from
Chicago vent thither on the nonn train
with rtqulsltlon papers and Terllnden
was placed under arrest without dilll
eulty. The Plnkerton nflirlals here ad
mitted tonight that a considerable part
of the prisoners' supposed booty was
found In his pockets and Hint more nf
It was on deposit In Chicago banks.
They refused to give the name of the
banks and admitted that they antiel
pate a fight against extradition.
During the Storm Thursday Night
the Portugese Bark Propheta
Collided nnd Sank.
H.v Exclinbe Wire from The orUtnl Prcs.
Pensacola. Fla., Aug. 16. The Ameri
can Steamship Kvelyn, ten days from
New York, for this port, went aground
at S o'clock yesterday a. in., about
eight miles fiom Pensacola bar. She
is listed and Is fast going to pieces.
During the storm last night the Por
tuguese bark Propheta, laden with a
cargo of timber valued at $5,000, from
St. Thoml, Africa, was badly damaged.
Her rigging was carried away, masts
snapped off, and nhe was stove in on
starboard side and stern. The bark
H. A. P.rnton was also slightly in
jured. The storm last night was one of
the wildest ever known here. The
storm Increased in violence and
leached n wind velocity of seventy
miles an hour, with spurts of ninety
There was great damage to shipping
In the bay and the wnter front prop
erty. Twelve or fifteen of tho schoon
ers of Sanders ,fc Co.'s fishing fleet
were badly damaged. Four of them
atik, causing a loss aggregating $70,000,
The schooner Tortugas from Mobile
for Apalacl'.Icolft with a cargo of cyp
ress lumber, which put In for anchor
age, collided with another vessel and
Constitution Wins.
H.v i:ilule Wire from 'I he A-oi-ialjl Pipm.
I.jri'hmniit Vaiht Club. V. V. Ane. IT.. Tin?
('Mitltullan ilriftnl airon the rtni-h line hie
thin nftcmoon .1 winner owr the ('nlnmln:i by
31 minute' ml -JS formula. Tlio ntml u.ii light
Jti.l only in the flrnt uiiiinl n.n thi-ie ;aiv anntptt
l rail. The Cohmihi.i una alni'vt Ixv.ilim'il
ill the latter put of the m.
The Canvass at Ironton.
Il.v Ktcluthe Wlie from l'he Auvlatnl Piean.
Irsntoii, O., Aug. 1(1. -While net alb clod by
the utrcl tille, the Imlse of the Am.ilw
nutid jM'ielatlon appointed loimnitiiea I" ine
iaj the illy for fundi ! .lid the elnkrie. The
ell)- in thoiouuhly districted ami a house tu hmi
solicitation is to he made.
American Conl in Europe.
Dy Kchilv Wire trim The A.Me,olrd I'rui.
L'lulon, Au(r. 17, "Amerkaii coal h.n omlnl
ItritUli loal fiom the Mvlt maiWct," raj ,i IH
I 'itch I (J the Dally Mail from b'enea, "and the
American fjndinte la aonlVlcnt ef nr.ilually
ohtjinlutf a niunuiijl' of tho wntlro Suit i.'Wl
Asks the Men Not to Toko Places
of Amalgamated Men.,
Py Etrlmlve Wire fiom The A.MOclated Prev.
Altonni, Alls, id, -Vlce-rrenldrnt .lohn Pierre,
of the Am.itB.imiled oclallon, not Mtlnfled
nith tita attempt to orcanbe tho Puneanmllle
mill of the American Fteel Hoop romrJny fev ieeli am, vi.alted Piineanllle anion tod ay,
but on .1 dlffeient mMen thl, time, lie did
not crone to oruanlre, but to ail tho men not to
en to phce uhere the Amalganuicd men ate
cut and tike their ptai-em Thi, of oiim, met
of the men refined to do. Many of them on
their onn hemea at Puneanavllle and work U
plenty there, although the pay la a little lfa
thjn at PlttAhurs and rlilnltr. I'lcrre. ,ilo
vladtcil llolllda.vhtirg, where a number of Amal
gamated men are working-, uho ipilt the Puncanv
ie mill aftrr hi IikI, .l.
Thcee man will use their Influence to keep the
nonunion mfn at llnllMateluirR from t.ikliu;
the utrlkirV plt'ed at other inllld, Plcne left
for I'itKlmiK tonl?ht.
Three Banks Have Entered Into a
Contract to Build Them.
Py Exclusive Hire from The Aoclaled TreaJ.
WaOilngtiin. Aue W. In a report to the Male
department iviimiI Canada, at Vrr.i f'ru, slalea
It la rrpnrlcil that three liank hivn
intereil Into a lonlrut wilh tint Rni-rninetit
for the purp'vo of erecllng bonded wjrchoiwa
In the my of Mexico nnd at the port of Vera,
Cuir. In thre bonded wrehoue, it la stated,
inen-liaiiiller will be mretiteil tthkh hn been
piilereil at the iiilnni houo, n well a that
whli h ia to tie entered .-iflrnvard; and otliera
will he allowed to withdraw whole eoualsnment',
er tuila theu-of, iiiinnliiut to their a-omrnlcnio
er tieed.
Artli-lea tint are not salable or hae not been
rntered at the iutom home will be allowed to
bo reexported without pajmenl of rmloim duty.
Imported nirnhandl-e will lie dixided Into three
rlvsea; tie llrt to pay 30 centa per l.nul kiln
prama (i'nin i,imnd.l per month; Jecond, 10
rente, and third, 1ft centa,
Distribution of Merchandise Has
Proceeded on a Steady nnd Satis
factory Scale the Past Week.
fly r.M'ltiaive Wire from The Avooiated Pres.
New Vork, Aug. to. Tt. !. nun ,t
C'o.'s Weekly ftevlew of Trade tomor
row will say:
The distribution of merchandise has
proceeded this week on a steady and
satisfactory scale throughout the east
and In the wot and southwest the re
lief from the beig drou'li and heat I?
beginning t.i be t effected In a larger
retail trade, so that for the ipiartir
promise N In Id on-, of a larger htts'-
ness than list year, t'rop conditions In
the territory most affected by the re
cent drouth nre Improving; and the
weather has been highly satisfactory In
nearly nil districts east of the Mis
souri river, though rains have Inter
rupted the spring wheat harvest.
'Che steel strike has affected prlce
extensively, particularly on sales for
Ituineillate delivery. In tin plates the
advance has been greatest, while hoops,
sneet. shcip and billets ate sold at
premiums. Quotations are ton eiratlc
for aeeiu-ate record, a ml In many cae
sales are at private terms. Confidence
Is steadily shown by placing nf dhtant
deliveries at regular pi ices. Consump
tion has undoubtedly In en further cur
tailed this month, but a revival of ex
ports tends to prevent accumulation.
Official tignres of condition were far
motehopcles a than even tho most pes
simistic anticipations. Indicating only
about two billion bushels of wheat and
com together, inflated prices brought
out receipts-- for the week of L,.3.!),0.'i
bushels against 2.0J2.19.", last year, and
reduced Atlantic exports to Ol.nnii
bushels, compared with L'.MJ.X.Ti a year
ago, and t.o:il,::o2 in isoo, Wheat also
advanced shorply, but there Is sound
argument for strength In Atlantic ex
ports during the last two weeks of 13,.
fon.o.'M bushels, against l.STS.fiOl In 1000.
Cotton prospects have materially Im
proved and with average weather dur
ing the next few weeks there Is reason
to expect n yield eiptal to If not larger
than the one preceding. Picking will
be about three weeks later than usual.
Failures for the week numbered 10S
In the I'nlted States against lfil last
year, and 19 In Canada against 2i last
An Enston Family Had a Thrilling;
Escape from Cremation.
Py r.xthnlve Wire from The Aoclated Pros?.
r.j!on. Pa., Aug. 11 Mr. and .Mr. William S.
rnlerly and their to ihihlren, .'! ,iuil 1 o.iri
old iepertbel, Ind thrilling rr,ipra from their
tiurnlnz home thia morning. I'.iaterly la a creor
and rcahloa oor hi utore mi Northampton street.
U I .to o'tlock he wa aM.ikrnod bv nmoke
.md llnne. Tho tair.i- v.n a nn of flimei
and the only riapo wa.a I brmigli the hhdii-I
Mnry winiloM-. Pia.'cing hia wile ,d Infant
from hod, Kafterlv took them to the front win
ilowa and dropped them to the jtreet. Ife re
tinned for Mmlo, the other rhlld, anil dropped
her inti) the arnia of liwln llellia Tne llremen
cariled i:.itrrly to the around. Mr. bi-tely
was, aeverel.v Iniured. b.itcrly lo,t alt hU turc
pooda and fuinlturo
Henry Shelly, of Stroudshurp;, the
Victim of a Painful Accident.
Speilal to the ranton Tribune.
Sliiiud-liurg. P.i.. Aug. in. - While uatihlng the
hl.n 1,-iiillln nt "ik in I lie Uaikauauu.i railroad
hop here Holding red-hot Iron, little Henry
Miolly, aged b) yeain, a trmk in the eye with
,1 pierc of the hot metal, ti-arriiig deep Into I he
The greater porllin of the content of the
eve aoilet were burned out. The lad Is totally
Mind In the eje at preconl.
Uritio Builders Strike.
Py r.tiluilie Mire from Tlie i.v ited Pieaa.
Ilurfalo. Aug. 10. About one hundred bridge
and tiualiir.d Iron woiker and fllteen to txfiit,v
pilnlira wont out on atrlke at the Stony Point
lerl plant todav. I'hey ivere employed by the Prldge company and quit out of aym
patliy with the nu-n who have atiucli fiom the
PakoU cloatr.
Const Artillery Tubes.
Py r,ilulie Ure (rem The Awoclated Preaa.
Wa-hlngton. Aug. 1. -The ordnance bureau
ef the war department today ananlrd to thn
Ameiloan Ordnanoe aoinpni) the oontiact for the
nuniifaoliire et ll'i auli-aalibie ttihe lor ioat
artillery at fi4,"ia. Then1 tuhra are plaoed in
the t.ea gum and u-ed for drill and target
praitlte, and aie a creit muiir 111 the toit ot
ammunition for thli uurpoje.
Ideal Weather Prevails at the Race
Course-The Growd
Is Small.
Best Raco of the Afternoon That of
tho Three-Year-Old Fastest of Its
Class This Season Many Starters
in All tho Events The Summaries.
Py Kilubo Wire from The Ae.-iocl.ited Pre".
New York, Aug. It!. Ideal weather
prevailed at Brighton He.ich today and
although the crowd was small In com
parison with that of yesterday, still
there was a fair attendance and the
racing was of a high class. The best
race of the afternoon was that of the
three-year. old and proved the bet
contested and fastest of Its class this
season. In the first heat ut the finish
the leadeis were tally heads apart and
In the second beat the clip was such
a fast one that three fell by the way
side, Including the winner of the llrst
heat. Kach of the other beats was
equally as Interesting and In the fourth
the finish was so close that the Judges
hesitated for a long time before decid
ing It In favor of Carrie Hell. The
daughter of Lynncbcl gxit the finishing
heat, but only after a bard struggle.
Petting was decidedly lively In the
IMS trot and with eleven starters Ivn
Deo was a strong favorite. Juno T.
managed to secure the llrst heat, but
In a rattling finish In the second Mau
rlng was llrst under the wire, but for
breaks was placed second to lva Dee.
The latter lost the third heat through a
break at the start and this and the
fourth went to Mnurlne. lva Dee won
the next two heats hiul the race.
The great betting race was the '.'.OS
pace, ami In the early pools Dan Patch
brought $1,300 to the same amount on
the rest of the Held. Another of $1,000
against an equal amount and one of
$;i0t) on similar terms were recorded.
There were seven starters and It was
very evident that Dan Patch was not
driven to win in tho llrst heat and he
Mulshed well back In fourth position.
It was quite different In the second,
for ho was sent from the start and
negotiated the llrst quarter In 30'i,
made the half in 1.01 and finished his
mile In I'.ot'j, after which the race was
The Summaries.
-.'.Ii1avi, trotting: purse. -rl.Ml:
I,i Deo. by Onward-Aunine, by
Warloik prer)
2 1
2 1
1 2
Maiiiine. by Hinder Wilki-H (Tur
ner '
Juno T.. by Iowa Chief (Tiffanyl 1
Klllee (!., Vie Shelloik, NeiEhbor filrl, llaller
ton, l.eola and .lantlna "vere ruled out after the
thud and II tramline and Oneonta vrre
liUtamed in the flist heat, 'lime 2.i:Uj, -J.121,;.
2.11'j, -.MfiU. -J.H'-;, 2.1H.
The .lohn II. N hull, trotting rli lor three-vear-ohb:
nurse. 4-2.O0O:
Carrie Pel, by l.jnno Pel, dam by
Haw Pali-h iThojert I!
Thmollena, bv Adhel (Golden) 2
Sl.irih (pootel t
Nellie Hota Ifirpenter) 1
Crevent ltoule (Murnen) .'
1 I
1 :
:t :
Tinie-2 1i, 2.13'i. '-'.-'0, I.II'J. 2.IT'i.
2 ila.s, luring; pure, -1,.ViO (unfinished)
Manhall, by ( Maih.ill. dam by Ale
dallah Clay fMiPowell) 1
pan Patih, by .Ine P.itehen (Mi Henry) .... I
fieorge (M(Kinn-y) 7
Major M.moUte (MoMahon)
'Die llihop (Prrryl
Paul Itome (MoPondd) ..
I'anv K., (Walker)
Time S.OI'.s. '-"',.
S 4
i o
Holds Option on the Stock of the
Bethlehem Steel Company.
Py F.kehuhe Wire from The .Wo,, .ited Prexa.
Philadelphia, Aug. 11. It wa.a aullioiitatbcly
announced today that within ten day the lontrol
of the Pethlehem Steel roniiuiu and the Bethle
hem lorn rompanv would br asaiuued by Proi
dent Sihwah. of the Pulled statea steel i-orpoia-tion.
Mr. Schwab hold an option on the .oik
nf the aompany at Ml a hare which cplrx
Aug. 2n. Moio than -.Mrt.nno nharea out of a
total ot r.m,iWI are no-v In the ault of the
(iiiard Trmt company, which acta aa liutee In
mo tranxaotlon.
.leaeph Wliarton, one of tlio principal omra
of the utock, xald today:
"I do not think the fluted SI ilea stool corpora
tion will got onntril "' 'I"" proierly. Neither
do I lichcio the tdant will go to the Vlckerx-Vaxlitw-f'rainp
intcrcMa. I don't think Mr.
Sihwab hiiuolf is certain jet whit lie will iln
wltli the planlx. A capltalbt often liuja aneli
properlioa wilhout haling an; cine rUe waiting
for them."
Secretni-y Atherton to Visit tho Ser
geant Drilling; Compnny.
Cuptaln D. H. Atherton, secretin y of
the board of trade, will go to Huston
next Jlond.iy to consult the Sergeant
Drilling company regarding their re
ported Intention of moving to Scran
tou. Tills Is n lni-ire concern atiH n-nnlit lm
it valuable acquisition to Scranton's
initusirini iiisiituiious. rne report re
ceived bete was to the effect that the
mrtlllf,!, lie ti'na, llnall'illO it D.,.)ln rr mi.,
lltindied acres of land for lis works.
Jersey Mine Fire Under Control.
Ily Kxchubo Wire from The .Woolated Preax.
Vllkill.irre, Aug. in. Thr flie In the .leiney
mine of tlie Lackawanna cninpiny at Aondili-,
which haa been raging for eotou weekx, l imw
under control. The flanua are centlned lo one
hrrakt, and Hie men engaged In fighting the Are
fay they will have It out within the next twents
four lieiira. The ofrlcialx nf the lompauy a,v the
dainago to thu colliery will not he at gieat u
Steamship Arrivals.
Py r.xclinive Wire from The Awociai-d Preva,
New York, Aug, Irt.-Arrlied 1 olumhn, linn.
burg; Allcr, (Jenoa. llamlung Aribodi Hub
gana, Sew Voiki PoiiUihland, New ork,
(,in entown Airb nil Campania, .Yew Vork lor
I.lmpool. Southampton Arrbodi KurH HU
nurcL, from Hamburg, lor .New York,
I Weather Indications Today!
1 General -lllg Mrel Strike Sprcaila.
Pig Storm Travel North,
brighten Peach Itacex.
Plnkerton Capture a firrmtn Forcer.
2 (lenerat Carbon l,ile Department.
3 Loral-Annual lteporl nf Superintendent
Taj lor.
Iluidy-tliirdy Attacked In Court.
Comenllon of Ix-aguc of Republican Club.
4 Kdllnrlal.
Note and Conunent.
G Loiat -Quextlon a.x to Validity of raving
Poor Hoard Will Pur More Land.
fl local WVxt Siranton and Siihurhin.
7 fieneral -N'ortheaa'ern Pennj Ivania.
I'lnanclal and Commercial.
5 Local Social and Peiaenil.
tine Woman' View.
Scientific Salad.
0 Iiral- Xiimliy Sohoid I-'on for Tomorrow,
lloligiou.x N'ewa of the Wtrk.
fieneral Indu-driil and Labor.
Tampa and Ita Hotels.
Will Swing Her Anchor Off Staple
ton Nenr the Steam Yacht
Py Kxcluxbe Wire fiom The AiMiciatccI Prcwa,
New York, Aug. lfi. Sir Thomas Hil
ton's Shamrock II will be floated out
of dry dock before noon tomorrow It
the plans of the officers of the yacht are
adhered to, and before sunset she will
be swinging to her anchor off Stapleton
near the steam yacht Krln. The work
of polishing the underbody was con
tinued throughout the day and com
pleted Just before midnight, the work
men putting the finishing touches on
the bright metal under the glare of
electric lights until It reflected the rays
like a mirror. The coat of green paint
which was to have been applied to her
topsldes will not be given until she Is
hauled out into the open vfnter.
The frequent statement that the
Shamrock II Is hard to steer. Is slow' In
stays, experts say. Is shown by an
analysis of the lateral plans of the
yacht as compared with the position
of the center of the sail plan. Tho
carrying forward of the yacht, it Is
stated, would have obviated this error,
which, of necessity, make her carry a
lee helm. Thnt this error In trim has
been noticed by Mr. Watson Is shown
by the preparations for a larger main
sail to lit the new boom, thus bringing
the centre of effort n trifle aft of the
centre of lateral resistance, giving the
yacht a slight weather hem. This will
make the yacht quicker In stays and
remedy the only fault that her sailing
master admits does exist.
Is to Spend Severnl Weeks in East
ern Pennsylvania.
President John Mitchell, of the I'nl
ted Mine Workers, accompanied by
I'M ward McKay, the national commit
teeman for the Pittsburg district, was
en route last night from liuffnlo to this
city, where he will make his head
quarters for several weeks.
Today he will attend the miners'
celebration at Plymouth. At Its con
clusion he will return to Scrnnton to
have a series of conferences with the
olllcers of the Pennsylvania anthracite
He will preside at the convention of
the Districts 1, 7 and !) to be held In
Ila.leton, Aug. 27. when the time card
matter and other things are to be con
sidered. Mr. Mitchell was expected on the 1.2."
Lackawanna train this morning, but
did not come. It was figured ho would
arrive at .".t." and take the h'.ld nioom
train for Plymouth. Secretary John
T. Denipsoy, of District No. 1; Organ
izer Itobert N. Couttrlght. of District
No. 1; National Organizer Anthony
Schlosser, of the I'nlted Mine Dorkers,
and National Organizer D. N. rilial
kop, of the Moulders' union, were at
the station to meet Mr. Mitchell.
Four Lackawanna Freight Cars De
railed nt Nay Aug.
There was a small wreck on the
Lackawanna railroad last night, about
0 o'clock, near Nay Aug. when four
freight cms of an east-bound freight
train were derailed. One of the mis
left the track and tin co others piled on
top of It before the train was stopped.
Poth tracks were blocked, and were
not cleared until o'clock. Ilast
and wcst-liounrl passenger trains weto
delayed as n result. The wrecked train
was In chrge of Conductor McDonnld
and Knelneer Chase.
Bessie, the Lioness, Died from Loco
motor Ataxia,
Hessle, the lioness at the Nay Aug
park "zoo," died yesterday from loco
motor ataxia, a disease which began
to develop soon after Uessle and the
lion Kruger weie purchased fiom
llostock while the latter was exhibit
ing In this city a year ago.
Kruger died a short time after the
City Receives a. Second One for Nay
Aug Park.
Director of Public Works John K.
Iloche announced yesterday afternoon
that still another fountain hail been
presented to the city for use n Nay
Aug park, by a puhlle-splrlted citizen
of the city.
The riliector ald that the iirw foun
tain will cost several hundred dollais,
but refut'Cd to make nubile the name
of the donor.
Floods Have Subsided In New Or
leans and on the South
ern Coast.
Damage in Track of the Disturbance.
Six Lives Reported to Be Lost.
Railroads raralyzed Communica
tion Established Between Mobile
and Atlanta Cumberland Over
flows Banks.
Py Erliilii Wire from The Aoclated Presa.
New Orleans. Aug. lfi. Until the Mis
sissippi river ami Lake Ponchatroln are
falling rapidly. The storm han prac
tically passed. The water has receded
rapidly from the section ot the city
overllowed yesterday.
lai'Re bodies of tnen fire repairing
the damage done at the various lake
resorts that bore the brunt of tho
storm. Little news has come thus far
from the Mississippi Sound, but there
has been no loss nf life In that reach
of territory.
The Louisville and Nashville railroad
Is still badly crippled. No trains have
come In or gone out over the line since
night before Inst. The subsidence of
water, however, makes It probable that
the damage to the tracks will quickly
be repaired and that tralllc will he re
sumed by night.
Many business men nre still de
tained on the coast, unable to reach
their ofllces. The Northeastern road
has had some trouble. The Illinois
Central has sided both the Louisville
nnd Nashville and Northeastern In
handling their passenger trntlle.
The Cromwell Liner Counts reached
the city today. She had no trouble In
the storm and reported no vessels In
distress. Dr, J. N. Thomas, of the
quarantine station, hoarded the Cnmus
near the mouth of the river nnd told
Captain Franklin that an unknown
schooner nnd a. small boat bad been
wrecked In that vicinity and six lives
lost. No serious damage was done at
the quarantine station.
A report from Helow says that the
tug Ulloxl of Slldell and two barges
went ashore and that tho fate of those
on board In not known. Ttoports of the
loss of il,e Cobden family, numbering
fifteen, at a point nbove the quaran
tine station have not been confirmed.
At Shell lleaeh the wind has ceased,
hut th" water Is rising and consider
able injury has been done to crops,
ltlce Ii.ia been damaged considerably
down the river.
The I'tilted Fruit company's schooner
I-'sther arrived here today. She en
countered heavy winds, but was not
injured and sw no vessels In distress.
The Ksthcr reported that there was no
set hum damage nt Quarantine station,
but that considerable property had
been swept away at Port K.ids. Ofh
clnls of the fruit company fear for the
safety of another vessel, the Fulton,
which left Ceiba fourteen and a half
days ago and Is now ten days overdue.
She never has been reported.
At Mobile.
Atlanta, Ua., Aug. It!. Communica
tion with Mohlle was te-estahllsha'd at
!i a. m. todny over nn uniellable wire
that enters the city by way of Mer
idian. The only liifoimatlon obtained Is that
the water In the Mobile began to nib
slde after midnight, but Is still high.
Among the points cut off below Mo
bile are Fort Morgan and Point Clair.
The llrst Information ftoiu these points,
as well ns from tnanv summer reports
on the bay. Is expected by boat, us tho
telegniph fiom .Mobile to 'Fort Morgan,
n distance of thlity-fhe tulles, covers
nearly elghty-llvc miles In Its windings
around the bay. This line was one of
the Hist destroyed. Weather Forecaster
Marbttdy .-aid of the ptnrm conditions
"The stonn that has prevailed all
along the gulf for the past few days Is
now contlned prlna-ipnlly to the eastern
portion of the Mississippi valley, the
storm centre this morning being over
Meridian. Miss. The path of the storm
seems t'o be In a northerly mid north
easterly dliectlon, Normal barometric?
pressine Is reported as far north ns
Iliiriit-ldc. Ky., Aug. Id. The highest
water ever known In this locality in
August is tagliig here. The Cumber
land river has thirty feet In the clian
nel, overllowlng the banks and doing
great damage to ctnps on the bottoms.
It has been raining steadily for ninety
six hours.
The Httffab" Tie company lost 6,0ci)
tie last nlghtiby the breaking of one
of the booms on Cimey Itranch, nnd
lle huge barges, valued at $12,000. The
steamboat Cumberland broke from Its
moorlti-g and floated down the river.
Twenty thousand loga have come dowr
the river in the last twelve hours.
Will Command the Brooklyn.
WaOiinsten, '"?. in - cablegram received
nt tin- tiai il ili'iurtimnl frem Hear Admiral
Heme) aniinuiici-H tint I 'liiitii itiiler Arthur H.
Speii'i' Ilia bun ili'te lieil fl i in I'.oile t.itin
ami orileiiil I" ili- niiiiii.iml uf the PronUyn.
Liu ill fur .uiiii',t lfi, Idol:
IlililieKl t(iiifi.itiui' S.1 decreet
l.uw'it Ifiiipriaiim- K-iilearei
llelaloe lliiiiil'luv :
S a, in M per rent.
l p. m 73 per itnt.
Waahiiifftnn, ue. 1(1 -Forecast fer
Kaatetn Pennvibaiiu: Inrrcmlns; rlnaidi.
resj Saturday, pn.halily without lain.
Sund-ij. rain and lower temperature; llrhl
Miriable wind, becoming dejh auutriaut-
t t -r- t t ii