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IjlBffflSjJ'jMkTfcllwy'y aktaH jnPjyWiBBMtjtflB.- -J
Amalgamated Association Executive
Board Cannot Take Action on
the Peace Proposals.
The Board Wishes Another Confer
ence With the Companies find Will
Remain in Pittsburg Until n Re
ply to a Messngo Sent to Mr. Mor
gan Is Received They State That
if Ho Does Not Again Rocognize
Them the Strike Will Not Be Set
tled. D hvtlmlw Win fi 'in Hie Mniileil I'r -"
Plttsbmg, Aug t - AnolliiM da of
suspense tilid tho end not i '. The
thlnl ull-dn s's-slou of tin- Aiualsi
mnted I ill ovtiitlvo linuiil bas
Ii.tsxoil without at Hon being taken on
the New Yoik ilili'K me p"iice pin
pos' ami n no' t-i session will lie
liel . iinioiiow. l flit in! in lliin.ttloa
in the status of tho sfol woiki-V
stilke, as It was outlined 1. ill" A-mi-i
l.itcit Pics lust night, was given In
tlir (iiiront isue ot tin Amalgamated
Jrniinal, w hli h Is Hit' nigun of the
association The executive lioilil of
the association Is. In fai't. waiting for
a wind fioni .1 I' Mm can
Altoi the boaid had lii'aid fiotn
Piesldent Shnffei tontoinlng hi tilp
to Now Yolk last week. II was Or
tided to ipqnrst a change In the (im
positions of Mi. Moignn .ind thev sent
n message to Mi Mnigan In New
Yoik on Tuesday night nunouni tug
tlielt deilslon on this mallei In t -pl.tnntlon
ot this message, tin- .Inui
Jlrll snjs:
'I lit eeiiiHi boaid iK-liis anothei
tonfciente with the lopiesonlntives of
the constituent companies and will le
nialn In the ilty until an utiswei Is to
iel tl rpnn the ipmiU of Unit an
ew cr will dtpend whelliti the sti ilt
will be piolongcd indefinite lv "
In the "nine statement of the tesults
of the lonlueiue of tin ixri lithe
boa id, the had tlil to a
'The Mi Ike slhittlon as we go to
pi ess Is about the mine as it was one
wctk i.go as fai as lb" 'oiklng ion
dltlons f the mill, aie ccrceincd. No
attempt las been ma 1 to .stall any
of the t lowed mills oulslde of the "Wells
ille plant of the Atniiiian Mitel htcil
coninan, in id theli effort In this in
stall c has I eon a liuluie
"Th" mnt Intel e-tu , phase of tie
stlike dl.ling the pot vrek was the
Hip tt J'lcident Miutiti and s,een-tary-Ticasuioi
Willi hum to New Yoi U
'1 hey weie an ompanled h Colom 1
ticoigc B M llaivev, who camt on
Uoin New Yoik as ii l opt est illative of
Mr J I'. Mm pan, and who suggested
that If Piesldent Shaffei and Socie
tal Williams would ro to New Yoik
he i mild nuance a meeting foi thtm
with Ml Moigan Colonel llamj
thought till", would he the best wa
to leath a heller iinilctstnndlng and
pae the wa toi a settlement of the
"Piesldent Miaffei aftei consulting
with the other national olllt lal, de
rided to ait on Colonel Uiuvcj'h pto
positlon In iiiiniiliimi' Willi this de
liclon Ptesidint Slnffti and Sotie
tH i Williams met Mi .1 I' Mnigan,
Piesldent Sihwnb, ol the l'nlted States
Steel t oi poi.ilion. and .lutlgi fmi, head
of the updating dcpaitnitnl last Sat
uidn Aftei sonic houis of discussion
the nllliliils of the I nili'il States Steel
oip lion tiskid l'M'sliluu shaffei to
rail the eei tithe board togtthei to see
if a k ttleini lit i mild not hr lenhtd
along the lines Indkated h Mi Mhir.iii
and his colleague".
"Piesldent Miaffi i and S-ctietaiv
Williams c iiiijsomIi tl will' the irsult
thai a merlins; of the emithe boa id
was held at llii' uulolial heaihillai ttis
Tuo-da.i and the usult of tlitli dellli.
oiutlon was suit to New Yoik tin same
Ultimatum to Morgan.
The llieo'-aRP si nt lo Mi MoiRau,
while not so stated Is In. lit i il to be
ill ultimatum to the hi ad ot tile I'tiltcd
States feteil loipuintlou It is viewed
as such by the lahoi luulus ahout
I'ltlshuiR. If the ski I woikeis do not
Kit iheli demainl foi this toiifuenie
the stilke will ro on Indt llnlteh .
noon, after ihe eseiuthe boaid had
brcn III session all 11101111111,' and in a
loiiual maniiei wailed foi t iep fiom
Mr. ihe meniheis ilei ided to
mako an olllilal tltiilal of the lepoit
ihn thcip was 11 1,0 of iiiiimmiy in
their ranks. To tho lepbiteia piesent
iney Rine out the follow Iiir.
"We. the membeis of the Reueial
executhe bonid of the Amalgamated
association, deslie to tlein emphatli -ally
the lepoits published expressive
of disagieemrul animiR us, We aie
dlifponins of the wnik befoie the 10111
inlttee as fast as Its inipoitance iu
"No member lias epiessed .n,v
opinion 01 Riven any Htatenieut nf the
business or of the attitude ot other
members. Nothing has been made
public, nelthei will any lepoit Issue
from us until a (Infinite eoniluslon Is
leaclied Wo aio slinplj tijIiiR to
1 each n settlement whleh shall bo
honoralde and satlsfretoiy to all con
coined '
Whether Mr. MoiKan will answer the
nussj.iKU of the Amalgamated assrula
lion or not seems to be a question that
even tho association oMUim don't erne
to predict. They hope that ho will
leeoRnUc them to this extent. Tliey
state positively that If lie does not,
there (an be no settlement at this time
of the strike. All day the exeiutlvo
board sat and waited for a reply. On
Wednesday the samo proceedings vvcic
cone thrmish with. Mi. Mm khh's ell
ne Is lesaided by some as slRnltlcant
lid ominous. Otheis piofoss to be
llHiPihat lie Is In cousultatloil with
oihrr oflli'ials of tliu United States
Slr I coiiioiatlon and "will answer
Sccretivonnss Continued.
The seetelhencss of the mtttltiR of
tin- Anuii'HiiiHled nun vv hlch has ihar-
ndeilcd the piecedltiK nicclliiRS was
Loiitlnued today The ineinbeiH of the
pxeiiitlvc boaid Ratheied eaily In the
nioinltiK and iiinaliied Loulliied In the
tonfeieuie loom of the heailquai tns
all da with the exception of a hilef
liituli hmii Tlieie vseic the same
Riiaids pi aid outside of the oMlecs and
tiewsiaper men vvcio kept liiuk from
all aripioailies to the inectlnR At I
otliak In the afteinoon Piesldent
Shaffei, iittiiiR on behalf of the boaid,
sent wold to the newspaper mi 11 that
tlieie would bo 110 statement Riven out
tin publication to-day and that time
would he a uitetiiiR of the boaid to
luol tow 11101 nliiK at 10 oMock. The
iiKetiiiR' did not adjoin 11 at this hour,
however, but icpialnid hi session un
til neail.v 1! o'tloik. UiiiIiir the aftei
noon .loselib Itlshoo. of the binild of
iti hit 1 a t Inn of Ohio, was picstnl for
some time. Kx-I'i evident M M. !ai
land, of the assodation, was also in the
ofllies foi a time, but both of these
men left eat I). Thej declined to dls-
1 uss the. situation hi nm foi in, uxupt
10 sa tnat nicy din not Know vvnat
the luobohilitles veie foi a setllemeiit.
First Oathoring of tho Pennsylvania
State Camp Held in Armory at
Harrisburg Officers Elocted.
Bj Pxilmlic Wire Irom The oclalrd I'rtw.
I tin 1 Ulmi j Ant? 1 Th,. Ill st mepf-
Iiir of the Pennsjlvanla state tamp of
the Spaiilsli-Ameriian Win Veteians'
assotlatlon was In Id In t lie alinoty
heie todav. twentj -tluce tamiis biliiR
leptevtnted out of the foit.v-llve In the
department Colonel C. T ONrill, ot
Altoona, ileiiaitiuent lommandei, pre
"ided and It was annoutiied thnttveiy
!'i nuslvanla leRliutiit and (oimnand
in the lite vai was lepiu-entcd Ite
foie the business session biRan Col
onrl James R Coijell of Phlladil
lihla. was Intioduted and Riven an
ovation b his ionn,ide As senior
vlie (oiuinaiider In chief he made an
additss leviewliiR the hlstoi and
riow lb of the oidet.
Lieutenant Stlne for the lonnnlttt e
on lesolutlons, made a lepoit, whldi
wan adopted, uikIiir Colonel O'Neill to
ait 1 pt a le-elettlon as depaitment
oiumauder: emloishiR- Colonel Coi.vell
foi lominaniler In chief, and lusti uot
InR Pcnnsjlvanla deleRates lo vote for
him at the national encampment meet
Inar In Huffulti. txpiesslns Rilef over
the death of Colonel II. t. Caldcr, late
assistant adjutant Keueial of the tle
paitment, uirIiir the adoption of a tils,
tint the national unlfoim for tho order
on leiemonlal occasions and such other
teatuus as inav have a tendonej to
uiuniiaRe luteiest In the oidei, x-
tendliiR a invitation lo nil Mil -vlvois
of tlio Spaulsli-Aint'ilian win to
nt tt ml to next annual met Hug, iiir
Iiir the eiiattment of legislation to plu
vial the misuse of the national ilag for
advei tlshiR- pin poses, and to movent
tho wealing of InsignlF and unlfoim by
unauthoil.ed pel son".
The following oflheis weie elected'
Conuiiandei, Colonel C, T. O'Neill of
Altoona senior vitp t onimandor, Col
onel (Jeoigo C. Itlchaid", Oil Citj Jim
ioi v Ic e comiiiandoi, Captain P M Ott,
Harilshtiig, assistant adjutant Renelal,
Lieutenant C A Seldeiustelekei, York;
assistant Inspeetoi gcneial. Captain P.
A. Snvdei Wllllainspoi t, assistant sur
gean genual, Major Salem Hellman,
Shaioir Judge advocate, Captain Ani
biose lllggins Piiiladclphla, thaplaiii,
I!ev. Pi IIeni C McCook, Philadel
phia, c oil 11c il of ndiulnlstiatlon, Colonel
C How DoiiRheil.v Wllkes-Ilarre; Cap
tain Cliaiiis sipauRlti Allentown;
Lieutenant Colonel J. H llutehlson,
Haiilsbuig; hletiteiiant J. 1.. S'hlek,
Yoik and inrahter both asked for
next .vein's meeting, but tho time and
place was left in the hands of Com
maiuler O'Neill, who will also appoint
the delegates to the national encamp
ineiit The leinalnliig houis of the ses
sion weie spent In a social unj, many
of those present not having seen each
other since thox weie musti'icd out ot
the si iv Ik. Department Commander
O'Neill lepoits the ordei n gi owing
inpldl.v and tint t Its piojcitois aie
much ciuoui.iRod
Governor Stone Grants Papers for
His Removal to Apalachian.
Ill 1 i lump W irr ftuni 1 hr VsvotUtctl l'rf-
Wilkts-H.uie, Aug 1 (.ioveinor
Stone today giauted the necessaiy
ieiiilsllion paieis for the of
Peter Itoe fiom the countv Jail heie
to Apalachian, Tioga coimt, N. Y.,
wheie he Is wanted foi a muideious
assault committed oil an Italian named
Ciuleppe Vldeis
Aftei committing the 01 line lime Hpii
to this section of Pennsylvania and
found emploinent nt the car shops of
the 'all i.iilioail, this ie,
wheie the machinists weie on stilke,
lie wiote a letter to his foiiner em
ploei lu New Yoik stale requesting
him to foi u aid his wages This led
to his auest.
Steamship Arrivals.
llv I.ilule Win' Iiom The Vwiuicd I'rfM
Xi Voik, Ausr I Vnlicih ) ut.iliUnil,
lliiuluiii: sjllol' Puut Ili-nurck, ilnnlun;
u PI.miouiIi liii'l Uici'iiiiirr, It l IminiidEii',
Hiir PLimmilli Vinidli Culumlila New
Vork ti r t'licrlivirc in I liiinliur'. C Imlu ue -I
ilinl Itjinfrln Mull Hi.'mii (funi llrcnKii
in I s0i t Hiiipl'li). Xr Vork trntnui -sillnli
VUJotlt, Xr VoiK rimoi Vrrlinl:
'Inivr. Sci N r iU n.i CiiliiuPir iml Xipln .tit
Uriii'i-saiifd, Poudiiii, lliulrerr ami i
Shortly aftei 3 o'clock this morning
Hie broke out In the Iron fence manu
factory of Sant Hi os nn Chestnut
street, between Jackson and Rcranton
sheets. The building was tutally de.
More Than Five Thousand People
Witness the Events on the
Columbus Track.
Was Practically Unconsidered as a
Winnor Favorites Win tho Two
Slow Classos A Jockey Injured at
the Lake Erie Track Tho Heats
Exciting A Good Track at
tli Fxilmlt VMrf (rem The iociatnl I'rfM.
Columbus, O, Aug. 1. This was the
big day of the giand oil cult mooting
and moie than live thousand people
weie piesent.
The Hist event was the unllnlshed
2.14 hot, four beats of wbhli weie de
cided oil Wedliesda, Dl. Hook having
two to his ciodlt and CS1.1t Ie Onwaid
and Wiiulinn each one Dr. Hook, how
evei, tame to the fiont in the sixth
heat nnd won casll.
The feature of the day was the 'J Pi!
pace, the fastest class of the meeting,
In which seven gooel hoises faced tho
stailer. Hetty Ci. was made the favot
Ite at $30 to $40 over the Held. Pontile
Dliee't won the first heat In 2 0i'i.
Hetty G. took the sotond heat In '.'O'i'i,
but to the surpilse of her baikeis she
was unable to tepeat, nnd 1'dlth W.,
pi actually uneonsldeied as a winner,
won the next thioe heats and the laie.
Kgnson (-' Ofi'O was tliawn after the
set ond beat, having stiained a ten
don. The two slow 1 lasses went to tho
favoiltos In fast time, Dainty Queen
in tho 2 24 pace, and Captoi in tho 2 20
The weathtr Indications tonight aie
fav enable for the last dnj's racing and
Ciosteus will hot against his record of
2 0J1 tomorrow.
Tho Summaries.
ln-t Hie (iiiinlliwl). ill U"t, puiis; if-VO
Hour hralu on rrlncil 11 )
llr II Kik, I" Mihlnnci lllnrdei 1 1 2 t - t
WauLdn (Cinti") i - I 1 I 2
duclo (liiw ml (Mini) " 1 - """
Xinn hinr (Mij'i) 1 ' '- il'
J I) (lliistim) "i '""Ir
Hit Miller (M-iUlcr hi
Tiinc-J ll'. 2 10'ii 2 1J'i; JU'ii -ll'tl
2 1 1',
sctoml rate, 2'-t thm, puliis, piiiM" i',
Ililnti (Jiioen, In Peeler (Vunviii)..J 2 111
n 1 '(Me Line mil MeDvull) 1 1112
lean Cutler (Mnrplit) 1 " '-' -' )
MU (irttrmlc (Mill) 1 t - hs
( liarhe Hnfer, li c (Ilului0 IN
llliolllrnun lilk in (( urll) Ii
litnr !!10it. 2 1IIU. 2ia,i 2 IJ'2. 2 12't.
'llilnl rue, J(i iliMi, Mif, iihm sj.iKi
1 1I1II1 W . hi It'll lonun llinmr) t I I I I
1 lei It I, (Vhbieiil 1 1 1 2
Hi mile Direit (Mcllirirt) ' '
ltilei II tl riin) 2 2 I i I
I lelel (Keiinej) " - 2 I
Milton S (Ponell) 5 li 0 tli
1 even (Crlttlitielil) " T ilr
line-2a.i,, 0-,'4. 2(i-.14i 2 or1.. 2 nT,.
lourtli ruee. 2 2'. 1 1 is. In tllns. m W
Cirtor, li C it ill in (VlJiiin) II It
Ciipliin nrriiken (luln) 1 i i
AltrnnettJ (Snider") 112 1
Dclrctn (oiini;) 2 .1 I t
Hie Iliitili (Inis) S 3 ell
JI111.-2 151., 2 12".; 2 111 2 11
At Erie Trotting Circuit.
Kile, 1'a., Aug 1. At the thin! d.iv's
meet of the I.akc lhle Tiottlng 1I1
cult, J. 11. Hwalt, who was giving
.loan of Alt' a prellmlnaiy spin ainuud
the tiack, was tin own out, the maid
bolting, and his leg hioken. Tho
heats weie exciting, and in two cases
the favorites won. Suinmaiics.
2 14 rutc, tlnee in tlic, pune iWi Cutliiuc
filrl won, C imlintlse (Slrl, wcond: II 1. 1' ,
tlitli) 1 line 2 li' , ElJ'i, 2 1j', Bli'i,
2 in1
2 17 tmt, tline In flic. p"re ;0 -Viileellx
vi on; Mllhrd sounders, nemid, nlli M, tldid
rune 2 !. 2 16, 2 17: 2.17
2 21 tint, tliree In die, purse Miia nlin liny
won. Pic It c, fiPcniul, 'lurk Itu.-ell, llilid.
lime-2 1, 2ir'ti 2 17; 2 17.
Good Track at Albany.
Albany. N. Y.. Aug. l.-'lheie wa a
good tiatk and good latlng tod.O 'it
Island Paik. H' suits.
2 is tli". tinttinu iimfliiiilml in Wnlmnliv)
-Htw-iell T, b ir (lltnn), won, Iti 1 tmniti ,
li g dtllei) Hinnd Wlnlfieil M, In in (II
II11W. Ililut lint time, 2 IP,
1 17 1I111 tmllliis su-le I. r 111 (Vltlteel,
vion: All night, Ii. g (ei.ider), kctnnd; Helen
V li in ( in Viikin), iliinl tie-! linn, 2 IPi
1 111 fnrall, lueliic-loiiiuir. Mk k (Mill hi
11I1II. tton, IndliiM, li L' KhiKi, ieuiiil, i 1
eeiila, li c (lioull, Iliad H"t time . 2H"'i.
I'll il iss, Irolluu tnnHnllied) - Vwiit 1 li 111.
ill neli) 11011 tnu boat l'li-ai:t Hill llrlle,
I 111 (llml). rmnd lutli one lieif IIhih,
Ilk in (Snider), tlilnl II t time, 2 Wt
And Rescued Her Pot From Official
Hi rvilmlu Mire irim I lie initrd l'iri,
Aillngton, N. J.. Aug 31 Miss Ada
Saigent, the 17- ear-old daughtei of
rrecholder IMward Saigent, of Keai
nev, publicly whipped James Helney,
the oilltlal dag-catcher of the town,
and rescued her pet dog, whlth Helney
had captmed.
The episode was witnessed hj a
laige ciovvd, which made no effoit to
Intel fere,
Soldier Visited Filipino GroRRory
and Killed Comrade.
P Evluihe Mlrc Irom riif Aiiotiatcd Preaa.
Wheeling. W. Va., Aug. 1 -Mis.
Dean Fleming, inotlu r of Seigeaiit
Chailes H. Kleiulng, of Company I,
Twentieth Infauti . ice tiled a letter
today fiom Captain Ocoiro D Mooie,
ot that .stationed nt Magslu
riiI, In tho Philippines, announcing
that her hon had been murdered on
Juno 17 by a drunken soldier of an
other letrlment.
Fleming was chatting with other sol
dleis when the drink-dazed man stop
ped out nfa uatlvo gioggery, and inls
lug Ills gun, (lied Into the patty. Tho
bullet passed thtough Heigcant Pleni
Ing's hcait, causing Instant death.
In another letter by Captain M0010
to Wheeling lodge, No. 144, Knights
of I'jthlas, to which Seigeant Fleming
belonged, he hii.vh the death may bo
cliaigcil directly to the abolition of the
canteen, which had heielofoie fin
nlshcd mild stimulants to soldleis,
lie savs tlieie aie several other cases
wheie soldleis deprived of the oppor
tunity lo sieiiio stimulants under the
tontiol of l heir olllccts have com
mitted nun del.
They Must Also Refuse Office at the
Hands of Capitalists.
Hi l.vetiHlto Miie from The AuMnialnl I'rcn.
Iiidlauniiolis, Ind., Aug. 1 The nit
I'lonal socialists' convention today
adopted a lesolutton cndoislug labor
unions and advising nicinbeiH to Join.
Anothei lesolutlon was adoitcd pio
vldlug that an sotlallst who shall
Join tho militia 01 actcpt an appoint
ive utile e nt the hands of capitalists
shall be expelled.
It was decided to appoint a munici
pal committee whose duty It shall be
to furnish lnfoi mation concerning- city
alfalis to the public.
Meoting' to Reorganize Democracy
of Philadelphia Nearly Ends
in a General Row.
Bi I'vilmne Wire Irom The Awociatrd Pre.
Philadelphia, Aug 1. The Jeffor
sonlan .soclet, whlili was lecently
elected foi the puipose of icoiganl
lug the Detune l.itie p.uty III this city,
held a meeting- tonight, which at
times ihteatcncd to wind up in a
low. The object ot the meoting was
to hem a slioit ndtlicss by foiiner
Ooveinor Uoboit V. Pattison, who last
week was elected t hail man of the
city committee, to suttecd Chailes P.
Donnellj. Mi. Paulson's lcmaiks
weie In ief and the bin den of them
wns patty iinit. At the eoniluslon
of his cpcpLli, a lesolutlon was pic
sented, bitteily denouncing tho two
local Democratic leaflet h, Donnelly
and ISv.iii, whlth was stoutl.v opposed
bv a number of those piesent. Hit
ter vi 01 ils weie spoken by both sides,
and the meeting tlueatened to bleak
lip lu a low. The lesolutlons, vvhiih
also piotested against the seating of
the delegates filendlv to Dounellv
mid Ux .111 li the coming Dcmoeiatlc
state convention, weie dually adopted.
Thou a lesolutlon was piesented
cndoislug P. 1 Itotheimol the inde
pendent candidate for dlstiiit attor
nev. to whlili was tacked an amend
ment eniloisliig .IiiiIrc Maxwell Stev
enson for the common pleas bench
The tcsolutlnn and the amendment
caused .mother extltlng discussion,
but they, too, weie adopted.
The Mayor of McKeesport Deals
Piomptly with a Stranger Who
Had Ambition to Labor.
Pv Exrluite Wire (ion The Vwclated Prei
McKeespoit. Aug. 1. night J.
W. Smith, of Wellsville, O. 111 lived
hue and imiuiied for work as a toller
in the W. Dew cos Wood plant. Tho
Mt anger had been lu the town lea
than ten minutes when he was sui
1 minded by a e towel of tho stiikeis.
Prompt inteifeieneo b the police
averted a Hot, and Smith was leaked
up on tho chaig'e tit dlsoidcily con
duct. The man said that ho did not know
that a stilke had been declined in
MiKcespoit. The Int Ide nt tanned In
tense eseltenunt and the stilkois to
newed their vlgllenee at the mill en
hances after Ihe auest.
At the hcaiiug thin uioinlug Mavot
Hlack dlsihatgcd Smith, but lold hint
that unless hi left town he would be
sent to the woikhoiise foi thlity davs.
Mi. Smith left at noon.
Drawing of Numbers Finished Yes
terday at El Reno Specula
tors Ready to Sell.
U tveltmic Wire from The Vwoi atcd Pres
r.l P.ono, O. T, Aug. 1. The (hawing
of winning uumbeis In the United
hiHtes land lottfty was concluded to
day, liOno envelopes having been taken
fiom the wheels, 0,500 f 10111 each land
dlstilet Beglnnlnswugust fi, one bun
dled and twentj -the names in eieh
dlstilet will be called dally for sixty
dnH tor the llllng of homestead en
tries. Homestead speculatois who legls
tered for the sole puipose ot selling
their pilze If they should he wlnneis
.u c nlieady seeking to soil letlnqulsh
ments of their claims.
Petal A. Ruptures a Blood Vessal on
tho Poughkeepsie Tracks.
ttv I xeluiiir Wire Irom riie Ajiocuted Prut
Poiighkeepsle, X. Y Aug. 1. The
tiottlng and pat lug meeting at New
Paltss was com luiled toda with a
sensational Incident, Petal A , a
bay mate owned by Francisco Hio,
of Little Falls, was favoiite In the
race for L' 3ri tiotteis and patois. She
won the first and second heats, dihen
by one of lici owueis, who then gave
tho lelns to Oeoige o, Smith, a 111010
expei lenced dilvei. Smith diove her
III the thild heat. Sho was leading at
the half mile when she ill opped as. If
shot and filed in her hacks, having
ruptuied a blood vessel.
Tho hoi so was Mi oil by Hod Star and
was enteird lu JS.OOi) woith of stakes
this season
Declared Purpose ol the Maruland
Democrats In State Conven
tion at Baltimore.
If Such a Thing Be Possible Undor
tho Constitution of the State the
Colorod Voter Will Be Placod in
Position to Have No Voice in
Politics in Futuro Combinod
Sagacity of Democratic Leaders
Enlisted in tho Preparation of a
Platform Advocating the Disfran
chisement of the Negro.
tlj- Fxclume Wire from The voeutnl l're.
Italtlnioro Aug 1. The Demociatle
slate (Otiventlon which met here to
daj deviated tint the putposu ot tlio
pnrty, If succettsful In the coming elec
tion Is to eliminate the negro fiom
politics In Mao land, If such a thing
lie possible under the constitution ot
the state. Upon this pai amount issue
ot the campaign ivlll stand the candi
dates nominated todaj foi state oilites
and those chosen In tho various count)
and dlehlct conventions as candidates
for places. In the legislature of lflOJ,
which body will elect a United States
senator to succeed C.eenge I.. Welling
ton. That his sutcessoi lu the event of
Domotiatlc iclory will bo Aithui Poo
titn man Is settled bevond question, nl
thouglit no formal announicmetit of Ills
candidacy has as jot been made
The nominal put pose for which the
convention met was to select candi
dates for the oilhcs of couhollei and
cloik of the eouit ot appeal"", ami It
fullllled this task l uuanlmousl.v nam
ing Di. .leisliua W. Herlng. of Caiioll,
and J Ftank Tiiinei, of Talbot, to
succeed themselves In the plates men
tioned. This action was a fort gone con
elusion ami tho leal business of the
convention was the fnt initiation and
adoption of a platfoim upon which the
DeluneratH could go befoie the people
of the tato with a leasotiable show
of w lulling. The combined taga( ity of
all the Demociatle loadcis lu the slate
was tailed Into urmlsltlon fm tills
puipose, and under the advice an 1 gul 1
mice of Mi. Gorruan the following dec
laration upon the chlet point ol issue
was evolved:
Tho Platform.
'The Demociatle pait icpic-ents
moie than 40,000 majoiity of the white
people of Mai .viand The, In toinmon
with their bretlnen of other states Into
whleh huge nuist-os of eoloied votots
have been Injected Into tho nndj poll
tic, lecognle that the peace, good or
dei, pcisonal safotj and piopoi devel
opment of tmt material Intel ests de
pend upon the tontiol ot the com
monwealth b Its Intelligent white les.
idents. Without the nld of tho bO.000
eoloied veiters, the Republican put In
Mnijland would be a hopeless mlnot-
"We, theiefoie, without hesitation
protlaim that the success of tho Donin
ciatlc p.uty will mean that while we
shall deal with pcifect falinei-s In e
cuiing all the benefits of good govern
ment and full and fnc oppoitunltles
for education to all classes, such ac
tion must be taken as to pi event tho
tontiol of the Mate government fiom
passing Into the hands of thoso who
liave nelthei thiablilt nor the luteiest
to manage public affalis wl-ely and
The othct pi mks In the platfoim re
alliim the devotion of the lotal pnity
to the piliulplis enunciated by Thomas
Jefferson; aseit that Dcmoiratlt ton
tiol Is necessniy to the welfaie of the
state, commend the tidmlnlstiatinn of
John AValttr Smith as gov ei nor, pledge
the pnt to amend the njstei and
school laws in t-uch manner as may
seem piopei, declaie tin ionise of tho
governor in ( tiling a special stolon
of the leglslatuie and the ae lion of that
bod in passing laws to limit the exei
cIsp of the light of fiiimhlbc lo those
who art able to lead and wilte to bo
pahiotle In the cNheine denoumo the
feeleial atlthoiltlis tot fiauds and li
le Milniltles in the late fedeial lenaus,
cominciid the statcaulhoiltles foi the
inaiinei in whMi a lecount of the pco
pli was made, and pledge the patty lo
the adoption of such laws 113 will make
the prlmni elections as fall as those
held under the geneial election law.
No Dissenting Votes,
Tlio platfoim wont thtough without
a ellbsontlng voice 01 vote. The only
lift in the lute of pel feet haimouy
came when the announcement of tho
incmbeis at the new state com
mittee wns made and It was dlsiovered
'that evtiy opponent ol I. Freeman
1 P.asln lu municipal polities has been
'ill opped fiom the list and their places
filled with thoie whose loyalty to the
oiginlatlon Is unquestioned.
Hoth Mr (joimait nnd Mr. Itasln
weie piesent throughout the ptoeetd
Ings, but neither of them appealed on
the plutform, nor did they octnp
sents In tho body of the hull. After
the convention adjoin ned All. Ooiman
held an Infoimal leceptlon behind tho
scenes and gieat enthusiasm was
shown by those who clouded toiwaid
to shake his hand.
Omen of Frosty Nights for Corn and
Buckwheat Crops.
Hi l vtluiie Wlie fifin Hie ''milled Pien.
Wilmington, Del , Aug. I. Tho up.
pcaianeo of the kaljdld two weeks
abend of time has caused home minis!,
no.! among faiiueis down tin state.
Faimciii say the hats did comes
about sl weeks ahead of the (list host
and If this should piove hue the torn
nnil buckwheat ciops would be dam.
Weather Indication ToJnyi
1 liriiPMl lllit !)iv m (irand ( Ircult
smpeiwe in Miel strike settlement.
Vhrjlund tn l.llinliitlp the Vearo
hecntiiry me lldilen Silile'l IleqiiMt.
2 (Irnrral Cuiliondilc Depirtmtnt.
3 Iieal- Injunction ithn Vmln 1 mler y.
Pmenvi ot tlio diiiitinnjl Contcit.
1 lditmlil.
Noli jtul L'enunent.
S IhuhI I ttinlntllnn h at an t.nd.
In Mnndtin llarfoiil (irplian SeliooU
'I lie lnv en Coit"M.illnni
(i 1 licit Wot Nimtuii and siiImiiImii.
7 (irnenl Norllientem I'ltnwjhanla.
llimulM and Cuiniii"re.Iiil.
8 I mid- I II trillion (elcbrntiin.
Indiiitrlal ind l.ibor.
The Man Selected as Independent
Candidate for Governor of Ohio
Rofuses to Run.
Bf Fjcluttve Wire In m The Amoclited Pre.
Cleveland, O., Aug I. tleoige A.
Clroot, who was chairman of tho
Pryan confcieiue at Columbus es
teiday, was todav shown a dlspalth
fiom Dr. It. II. Ueemebn, at Cincin
nati, salng that he would not 111--eppt
the nomination foi governoi on
the Independent ticket. Mr. (Stool
was "Vldently ehagilned over the an
noumement. "I suppoed tho com
mittee that made the nominations"
Fiild he, "know what It was doing, and
that the men selected would nm
'The executive committee will have
to fill the vacamy I am sine I don't
know who will be nominated."
"Will you bo tho gubernatorial can
didate.'" asked tlio icpottci
"No, sh. Ceitalnly not What
would I want to bo a candidate foi .'"
was the reply.
Senor Pulido Refuses to Accept the
Orders of President Castro to Re
gard tho Revolutionists.
Hi l.vilmlie Wire from rt,e Vwmatul i'rin".
Pott ot Spain, Island of 'Irillldad,
Aug. 1 The Venezuelan minister of
wai, Senor Pulido, who Is tho loader
of an Impoi taut political pait, has
icslgned after a violent stone In tlio
cabinet, (lining which the mlnlstei ie
fusod to accept the oitleis of Presi
dent Castro to leeognle the 1 evolu
tionists in Colombia as holllgeients and
to deliver a passpoit to Sewn Hit 11,
the Colombian minister. Scnor Pulido
denies that the luvadeis ot Venezuelan
teultoij aie Colombians, as Piesldent
Castto claims but Insists that the
aie lovolutionlsts.
The resignation of the war minister
has mused a pinfound linpievsioii heie.
The government hoops have been de
feated in theli 1U nt eiieountci with the
lebels 110.11 San Othei up
lislngs aie taking place lu the inlet lor
of the countiy. Senor tSueu.t succeeds
senor i'uituo as minister 01 wai.
They Occupy the Attention of the
National Glass Bottle Manufact
urers Association.
D.v Fxclutlie Wire from The Anniteil Prrw
Atlantic Cltv. N. J.. Aug. !. Faitoiy
lilies continued today to occupy tlio
attention of the wage (onunlttee ol
the National (It ecu cihis-s lioltle
Manufactuicis' association and tlio
CSiocu (Uass Blow ois' union The en
tile sps-slon was consumed In the dis
cussion of the w 01 king of men iv palis
and threes on (citnlii guides of bot
tles. Two and iluee men aie ie
qillied lo blow some til the bollli s,
and It has been the tiisloni to 011
gime a "lending bnj ' on viaie above
tivciit-fnui ounces. The "tending
boj" tallies tlic glass hum the Die
to the blower.
The nianiifactuiuib' coniniltue to
day nude n pioposnl lo illspcnso with
the bojs 011 bottles undei thirty-two
ounces and eniplo.v another man on
the woik. The bloweis objected to Ibis
on the mound that the labia is 11 it
sutllleiitly leiuuiifiathc and that few
men would iindeitake to do tho woik
foi the small wages paid
No decision was reached and the
lull was again taken up at the afttr
noon session.
Two Children Burned to Death.
Fishermen Perish in Storm.
Dj Fidunt Wire 'rom hie Uioclatrd Presi
Oiean Cltv. Md. Vug 1 Two of Jo
seph Heni.vs chlldien weie binned tn
death In his bain 11e.11 heie whlili
was htiiuk bv lightning on Tuesday
night and two otheis weie found 111
a thicket nearb), 11 bo aged 7 veins,
dead and a gill of T. eais iiiiioiicou.
A nuinbei of vcsf-els, Including the
police boat, Nellie Jn' loon, weie sunk
and seveial ilshermen lost theli ll t.
FennBylvanias Eninings.
Ill Fvclulio Wire fmni The M01htcd l'rc
Pliilidelplli, Vue I -hie 1 11 11.1 1 liill
1., til tonipjiiiV 1 milt Jilu n of (iinliux .ml iv
kiic (in nio'lli 01 lulu, Pml, nnd lot s
in nilln rndiiiE line " Pill. 111th -niii tulle 1
of llm m 11 inlliinv' I'll iiit..iih iillimd Hi"
illieilli "1HI tlnl Mnntli nt Inne, pml, .1 ii
iiinlns', lini(i, nlll.J'lO, eien ., Indus,
friii..!'"'! tt t eariilnK" liiira, Hll,ii 1 sl
ninnllK rndlne Inni .:, I'mi, cniv. 1 unlii'.'J. in
nrne. .'i. fiiw iiiiii'ii, l,inpvl,
nrl ruiiliiE. Inuti-t, .',! i',l' Hi ili'i
' nillic il'i i'"t In hide tlic nii 1 itimi uf llic l)u(.
J fjlo and .lli,iiiiii V 1U diiiduii.
Admiral Sclileu's Siioacstlons Thai
the Precept Be Modified
Are Not Heeded.
Admiral Objected to Ohnrgo of Dis
obodienco But It Was Copied from
His Own Despatches Text of His
Lottor to tho Department and of
Latter's Roply,
By Ixrtuilie Wire from The .taorhtM Vttv.
Wasiiington, Aug. 1. The navy tic
paihucnt has 1 of used to accede to
Hear Adinltal Hchlej's suggestion tint
the language lu thp ilftb sppcltleatlon
ot tlio piecept to the com t ot Innulty
be lnodllied
Tlio adiiihal In his letter challenges
that speollhatlon in which It Is set
foith as a fact that he had dlsobevcit
oideis and suggested that It lie modl
lled. The tnieiit In Ils icply de
cllnrs to nuke tlie suggested uindlfl
cations 011 the gtound that accoidlng
to tho olllelal lccoids Admiral Schley
himself m know lodged that lie had dis
obeyed 01 dots. The disobedience of
oidois was an established fait,
wether unwillingly or willingly. Fol
lowing Is the text of the communica
tions. "Cleat Neck, N. Y, Julv 27, 1001.
"Sh 1 have the honor to acknowl
edge ictelpt of tlio depai tinent's cnni
liiunltatlou of July 2f. Inst, Im losing
topv of an oidei "convening, piiMnmt
to the leriuesl contained In (my) com
munication of the 2.M Inst., a tourt of
lii(iilty' Innsmuih as the tout I Is
dlieeted to 'Investigate,' and, after
such investigation icpoit "a full and
de lulled statement of all the peitl
ncnt fails whlili It inav dot ill to bo
establish! (I together with Its opinion
and recommendation In the picinlses,"
1 would lcspct tflllly suggest to the do
p.iihiHiit that paiagiaph .". of the de
piitment's pitteit wliith Is ns fol
lows, vU '."1 . The clti umstaiites at
lending and the iciimius for the dls.
ohedleiue bv Commodoie Schley of tho
01 dei s of tho dopaitiueiit contained In
Its dispatch dated Jliiv 1, 1ST!, and
tin piopiletv of Ids tnndiKt In tins
piemlses.' be modified so as to omit
tile depai tinent's expiession of opin
ion, and thus leave the louit fieo to
expiess its own opinion In Unit matter.
"Veiv lespeet fully,
"W. S. Scliley, ear admhal
"lion .lohn I). Long, seuotary of thr
Department Roply.
"Nav Depaitment.
"Washington, Aug. 1. llnl
"Sli The depai tmc'iit has iccelvei!
.vourlttui of the 27th ultimo, In whlth
.von in knowledge the Hieipt of a 1 opy
of tht oidei convening, at our itiiicst,
a tiiuit of liKiulij to iiivestigale your
1 oiidiie t elm ing the w at w itll Spain, and
suggest that paiagiaph D of said Older,
dliettiiig the 1 ouit to iiKiulie Into 'tint
t iitumstaiiKs alttndlng and the lea
sons for disobedience bj Coininodoio
Sflilev of the oideis of the depait
ment,' eh , "be so moditied as to omit
the depai tment expression of opin
ion and thus Have the (ouit flee to
eptoss Its own opinion hi that niat
tei '
"In iopl vou aie advised that tho
piecept calls for an Inqulij by tliu
(ouit and the astei taliunent of pertin
ent facts. For the puipose of setting
on foot this Imiuliy the pieeept tieats
certain inattois as established, such,
foi instance, an the aiiival of the 'liv
ing Miuadion' off Cli'iilucos and oft'
Santiago the letiogaile movenipiu
westwaid tlie tllin ot tlic on
.Illl.v J, IVts and the laet that .vou ills
obejed oidiis, as teioited bv vou in
out telegiain daled Kingston. Ma 2s,
IS'is. in wliith ou s.ij . 'Milch to bo
leglttttil, taiinol obtv oideis of the
depai tine tit '
' Inasmuch, howevu, as It Is the de
p,"ihnoiit's tiuiposp (int tlie totiit shall
be absolutelv life to lepoit. If Mirli
hliiill be found to he tin tasi, that
j oil did not wlliull) dlhobe.v the oidei.
01 that oii wete Justified In disobevlng
them, and that this in ij be (leailv
undei stood, oiii letters of the 27th ulti
mo, with (opv of tills icplv, will be
dull foi vv .11 did to tlie tourt
"I' V. HaikPh, At Hug Set letarj
"Head Admhal Wlulleld S. Schlcj, V
S N, CSteat N"ek. N Y."
His Comment on Court of Inquiry
Contrary to Army Rules.
Washington Aug 1 The war do
paihucnt has taken (ognlmce of tlio
published Intel view of Captain Thomas
F s,u,ev legiudltlg Ihe eouit of ln
quliy upon Ids fathei. Heal Admlial
Schley. It Is undei stood that tho de
paitment has lnfoi med the uiptaln tliat
suih Iniervhws aie tontiai to the
niniy it'gulatloi'n.
It Is not believed that a geneial oi
dei dliedliig aim otll(eih not to talk
for imlille.illim about such matteis will
be neiessutj.
loul ihn fur nc 1. 1"(J
llil.lie.t iFiiiin iHiuit
Iimi-t iiiniiiatine
"V. ilecrret
ml ilmirct
Iteiaiie llimiidili.
s I in Tt fl edit
s i 1 VS irr tenl,
Piei Ipll (linn, - (vi ended H i, 111, nunc;
tuatlid, 1I1.11
f-f-f-f-f 'f'f-r-f-f-f -f-f --
lilnstiii. Viit. 1 I'm ft ml i"t Frl
iIji and "iliniln I i.iem Pennjrinl
I ilr Indai nil 'iiiinln uaimer Krl
lit In iioittitiii piiiM.n, belli northerly