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Good Supply of Coal in tho East, but
a Deficiency in tho West Washery
Has Boon Built at Archbald to Ro
Bcroon tho Eaton Culm Pile -Owners
of tho Silk Mills Arc Organiz
ing for tho Protection of Their In
terests Car Builders Strike Will
Continue Board for Today.
The hard conl trade is Int'llnod to be
nulet. With the luedlcteil uilliipm of
the firemen's Bttll.c due to the iictlon
taken by the United Mine 'Wotkete,
most of the colllotlos that were eloped
down now nro wntkinp HRnlti nnd pro
duction li us active iih the t ompanlc"
cnie to have It. Tuide stutlstks Indi
cate a tolerably pood nitiily of coal at
cistern points, but n fsrciit delUlency
in the West. I'ludmllon tluilriK the
next two months will be iletei mined
largely hy the size of the wristcm mar
ket. In Lake Huperlor tettltoiy theie U
Mime lmpiovemeiit In demand and the
movement from docks li liu'ieiinim,',
though rni'RoeM flout I'.uffalo aie ni
llvliiK little, If any, fastei. In C'hl
ciiko tenltory leielpts to d.ile are ie
poited far below hint .veal's Hguies and
stocks on the docks ale eiy small foi
July. Tile extieme lint wcathei that
has pievalled In the (.Vntutl West has
leiluced tetall demand to a mlnlniiim.
Most dealeis hae l.ilrly Rood supplies
mid will not buy mme till ictnll demand
lminocs. At lower lake ports con
ditions show some Impiowinent. In
the theie Is still some demand,
enoiiRh In the iirkiokuU' to move n
lot of, but the tiade Is falling back
into dullness after last week's lluiiy.
HBP coal Is the size most wanted.
The .Inly pilces inr fiee humlng
white ash f. o. b. Xw Yoik Hnilior
ports are: r.iokcu. W0: egg, $4 (15; nut
nnd stne. $1.11 Imglneiring and Min
ing Journal.
Now Washory at Archbald.
The foundation for the new v,nhery
which will dispone of "l'aton's" uilm
pile is finished and eveiythlng Is teddy
for the carpenter1-. The washeiy will
be a large one and as the culm heap Is
also laige and tontalns an enoi metis
quantity of good, thete will be
woik there for many .t da. The heap
is said to bo one of the best in the
northern hatd Held. It was made
when tiler was no di umnd for the
Fmallcr slyes of roal which now find
puch n liMely maiket. The binneh of
the Ontario l.tlltoad leading to the
washery is also le.idy nnd the flist en
jrlne passed over it Thursday.
Contractor T. II. Scnnlon has a fori e
of men preparing a load-bed for the
small engine uhlih ione.s the coal
from the old No. 1 to the lueaker at
the Kldge. At pic.-ent the load passes
over the etiliii pile. It Is jnoposed to
remove It fiom thete to the back of the
culm pile so that It will not Inteifete
with the woik of disposing of the pile.
Alchbald Citizen.
Effect of tho Strike.
Concerning the late si i Ike of the sta
tionary tiremen theie is this comment
in the runout Issue of the Knglneejlng
nnd Mining Journal:
"The sttike of the uicmcn In the an
thracite coal legion Listed only a few
days and was unstinessful It failed
because the support ot the 1'nlted Mine
Wotkers was not gien to It, and the
oflkeis of that a spoliation tendeied
the servhes of theli men to take the
places of the Hi emeu so far as was
necessary to keep the pumps going and
the mines tree fiom water. This ac
tion was taken in pursuance of tho
promises made on behalf of the Vnlted
Mine Woikers at the time of the settle
ment ot the geneial stilke last fall,
that the union would pi event any un
iecesaiy and vexatious utilkes. In
this case the agreement has been kept;
and the action taken lias certainly been
Judicious. It is not only the canylng
out of an implied contiuu. but It also
goes to show that the Pnlted Mine
Woikers contiol tho situation and can
command tonsldoratlnn for the i lalms
Which they may make hoieaftei."
Carbuildera' Strike,
There weie no new developments In
the inr buildeiV stilke .M,stetda, but
on Saturday u meeting was bold of thci
Milken, who decided by ,i oto, which
was almost unanimous, to lemnln out.
There weie nci 450 men piesent at the
meetlny, and when the question was
put to a vote, all but one balloted
ngalmt letuining to the shops on the
old teims.
Theie weie no meetings jesteiclay,
and but few of the stiikeis' olllcla'ls
were to be seen about headquai tits,
riesldent Pish, of the national union
was expected In the city Satin day and
yesteiday, but was detained at HuT
falo by tumbles at tho New Yoik Cen
tral's shop.
A number of mn who nan: signed
application blank3 nte exptttcd to u
tutn to woik at th" car -1 ops this
morning, and a number ro Satin day
repoiteu to nave gone back.
D L. & W. Board for Today.
Following is the make-up of the D
L. & W. board for today;
MM) AY, JLI.Y 2.
Wild rata l.i,t-S p. in, T. McCaill.j ; Id
p. in , A. II. Iluvvc
Wile Cats Last 1J.30 a. m , fi. Thomas; 5
a, m , J. II. MU'ann. JO a. m, 0. Ivrainev;
11 a .m, M. Iiughiuy; 1 p. in., V A llirlliol
omen; 2 p. m , 1". b ltoTi; 5 p. m , M.
Rtaplfj, JI, J. HcniiisMti' new; u p. m . .1
J. Costello.
Summit'!, Ktc f. n. in , oast, .1, Ciriihg; 0
. m., west, fi, Frounlelkrr; dp. m , r.i.t,
McDonnell; 8 p. in, east, W. H. Mihols;
7 p. m., east from Nav Auz, K. Mi vlll.tcr; 7
p. m., cast from Civus.!, llioinpson, 7 p. n,
eait from Cayuga, JliLane.
Pmhcrs-8 a. m.,; 10 a, 111 , S I In
wirty; 11.30 a, m,, Doudkan; 7 p, m , Murpliy;
0 p. m., Umpins; 10 p. in,, Midnn
Pssscnscr Englnei 7 a. m., fiiffncyj 7 . m.,
Singer; 10 a, ni , hecor; 5 W) p. 111, buiitun,
7 p. m., Mc(3ocrn.
Wild Ota West 10 a. m , J. Iljxtcr; It u.
ra., A. E. Ketchara; 1 p, m., F. Wall; 2 p. m ,
It. Ctsrneri t p. m., John Wardcll, poudlcin'i
trew; b p. m., U. Carmodyj 6 p. in., J. oinlry.
" "' NOTICK.
Bralrmaa James Cavanaugh rcpotta for J, H.
Rrakernao John Watklns rcrorti for M, Liugle
William rfoar will run 0 a. m. uild cat, Julv
V), P. CUllgui'i crew.
Pierson Leaves the City.
Vice-President T. M. Plerson, of the
Telegraphere union, left the city for
Buffalo Saturday night, after spending
the last month In this city lookng after
local affairs.
Yesterday afternoon he attended a
meeting of the Buffalo telcgrapheis,
and this week will visit New York and
Hoston on woik connected with the
telegraphers. Hfoic ho left here, ho
declared that In hlH opinion the Lacka
wanna grievances would be noon adjusted.
Mill Owners to Combine
The talk among the operatives of
Paterson of . general sttlko of the silk
goods workeis of that city If the Frank
& Dugan dispute is not settled nt once
In fovor of tho weavers has led to an
unexpected Jesuit. It has foiecd the
manufactuicrs to come together, nnd
the operatives may find themselves not
on strike, but locked out.
The silk weavers have been agitating
for a uniform tate In all mills, and this,
together with tho tin eat to tie up
eveiy mill of every line In tho silk
tiade in Paterson, brought about n
lonfetencu of the manufacturets. They
lesolved not to grant any healings to
committees or leprcsentatlve.s of tho
e.iers. The only giound upon which
the determination will be changed Is
the i etui n of the Frank & lJugait
weavcis at the teims offeied by the
fit in.
It Is lepoitcd that steps nto being
taken by the manufaetuieis to extend
their combination'. U now includes
exeiy mill of any lnipoi tatice In Pater
son This, of course, means it
embinies many of tlw mills In Penn
sylvania, for some of them nie simply
annexes of the P.iteison mills nnd nie
run fiom the offices theie ami In New
Yoik. The P.iteison mainifaetureis
will n y to get the scatteied mills
thioiighoiit the country not nlllllnted
with or controlled by any of the patent
mills In P.iteison to come in and be
bound by the agreement.
This nnd That.
The Kildwln Locomotive woiks, of
Philadelphia, Is about to ship two loco
motives to Kobe for utilization on the
Japanese ullways.
While in Scranton, Satuiday, Piesl
dent W. II. Tiuesdole, of the Lacka
wanna load, said that one of the mat
teis that will engage the eaily atten
tion of the oflbeis of the company Is
the enlniglng of their fielglit house.
H. A. Hogeis, of New Yoik city, ie
cently seetucd .1 contiact for the ship
ment of vm Ions contraetois' supplies,
Including picks, shovels, etc., to Sl
beila for mining operations theie. The
value ot the contract Is said to be close
to $15,(i0a.
The Piide of the West Mining and
Milling company at Patagonia, Aiiz.,
has placed 1111 order with the Allls
Clialmeis company, tluough tho Den
ver olllce, for a Holthoff-Wethey loast
Ing futnnce 121 feet by 12 feet, with
cooling Mom , also one tandem com
pound Keynolds-Coiless engine.
The .Teanesville lion woiks, of Jeanes
ville. Pa, has sold thiough Its Denver
ollice a 15 and 32 by S by IS Inch pump
to the Oold King mine at Cripple Creek
for a lift of SOU foot; a lfi by 7 by 12 Inch
pump to the Greenback mine at Lead
ville. The Jeanesvllle woiks has also
In hand a triple-expansion pump lfi and
27 inches and 4i by !i by SC, Inches.
which is to deliver 1,000 gallons per
minute against a head of 1,600 feet, n
lfi and .12 by 10 by IS Inch steam pump
is being built lor the Isocinah Coal
company of Seattle, Washington.
How Miss Grisel Held Up the Post
man ond Saved Her Father.
I'rmn The I.ond'n IcIpbmpIi.
The Kail of Abeidern, speaking at
a dinner of the Pulled Kingdom Pch
tal and Telogiaph Sen ice Benevolent
Society nt Abeideen. said they had to
go back to the old mall coach days to
set tho plctuiesfiie aspect of the postal
service, and to lliustiate this he mint
ed a loinantie incident which occuned
in the lelgn of James II 111010 than
200 ears ago. Sir John Cochrane, son
of a line old nobleman, Lend Dundonald
who was one nt those who thought
the liberties and Interests of the coun
tiy weie In danger owing to the policy
of the government'of the day, and 10
slsted it. Sh John was betiavecl into
the hands of the enemy and was lodged
in Edinburgh Jail. One night the door
of the pilson opened, and he hoaid the
voice of his daughter (Jilsel, who was
allowed to have many talks with him.
Meanwhile the news came that his
condemnation had been settled b the
council, nnd that the mall would c 01110
next week with his death w.trinnt. MsS
(lilsel Cociiiane told her father that
she iiad to go away for a few das.
He said: "I hope you will do nothing
lash," nnd she leplled that she would
do nothing veiy i.ish. She lode fiom
I'MInbuigh to lieiwick, where her old
nuiso lived, and tlieie she changed
her clothes for c lotheh of a bov. Then
she inde to a place between HeiwUk
and Helfotd, vvlieie she made Inquliies
tegardlng tho King's mall messongcis
and where they used to put up.
Ai living at a small inn about four
miles south of Heiwlek, she asked for
something to eat. The hostess told her
not to mnVe a nnlse, because in the
box-bed the King's mall mess.enger was
asleep. "Do lie nulet," shesald, "with
voiu knite and folk" She began her
meal. "Can you get me some water?"
The hostess 'aid: "Why a buiw lad
like yon hould sup nie." "Have jou
no cold, fiesh water'.'" If jou give 1110
water I will pay you the same as for
the ale." The hostess explained that
she would have to go to the well, n
long distance off, and It would take ton
minutes, but the clil or mtbor .
patent boy poisuaded the woman to go
lor 1110 water.
Dining her alitenco tho glil went to
the box-bed theie was the mall-mes-
senger asleep a "swack" fellow with
his mallbag under hks head, using it
for a pillow. On the table weie his
pllols. and veiy neivously the glil
withdiew the ch.uges. No sooner was
this done than the hostess letumed
with the water. Tho glil finished her
meul, went on tho mad, made a cir
cuit, and met the mall messenger, and
they lode together a bit. After a shcut
chat she dievv a little nenier and said:
"My f 1 lend, 1 have a fancy for this
mallbag." "If It Is a Joke," said tho
messenger. "It Is a pietty poor one."
She took out .1 little pistol and present
ed It. Tho messenger pulled out his
pistols, nnd snnp! the hist missed file.
Ho thiew It away and drew tho othei
sna! He had to hand over tho mall
bag, and she rode into an adjoining
w ood.
She opened the bag, dtew out an of.
fliliil letter, and lode with it to her
nurse's house, wheto It was found to
contain the death win rant of her
father. It was put Into the flic. She
resumed her glil'H clothes and tode
quietly to Kdlnbuigh. That caused so
much delay that they managed to get
n reprieve, and her father was isaved.
He (the speaker) had a personal In
terest in that Incident, as he under
stood Grisel Cocluano was u dliect an
cestor of Lady Abeideen.
After Twenty Years' Intimate Ac
quaintance Ho Gives Them n Fine
Cortiflcato of Character and Says
Boers and British Must Eventually
Arrive at a Better Understanding
Each of tho Other.
One ot tho most Interesting writers
upon South Aft lea Is Fiederlck C. Sc
ions, an Kngllshman, who has passed
tho gi enter part ot a lifetime as a
hunter and cxploier In what until re
cently was the "Daik Continent."
Through the courtesy of Mr. J. II.
Kldenour wp have lntely hud an op
poitunlty to lead Mr. Scions' most le
cent book, "Tin vol and Adventilte In
South Allien," published In lS'.U, which,
In addition to being full of Mil ring In
cidents and valuable Infoimation, has
an Instinctive estimate of the Hoeiis.
Mr. Scions spent 111010 than twenty hunting In and near the Twins
v mil. lie spoke the liner patois lluent
1, saw the people as they were and,
thci ! not being any trouble on when
he wicite his book.wiote without pieju
dlc e. lleie is an excel pt:
It .n nn til Journey (m.icle 111 HS1 on liore
luck irom Mmlicrlj tci Klcikidorp) that I met
Willi llic imo IiikIo Instance of inliopitjllty
tint I line cor experienced from ,1 Ninth Afri
1 in Inilihtniti, ind niter ill I cannot M mic
the ruin, j 4 .iter th grnt inllux of Hiiro
pi in- not ill nuoil one Into Ninth Africa,
I nti-npiciil upnii tin! wonderful eliicovrrlcs ot
diamond .ind unld mlnei, the simple kindness
nnd crcit ho.plt.ility (or which the Poors luve
.ilttd.M Ikiii nolrd un often flninrfullj
In 1111 piuilpleil MciiiwIrrK nnd it was no nn
inniinnii lliliu' tor a lloer to wake np in the
mnrninir to nnd tint the stranger, wliom lie
hid icecliicl ,n. an honored iiuest, ind who
hid c itrn lilx Inrnl mil mlt, had rlen in tho
lilKhl, nnel wllhout ul.lilng lilin Rood lije, hid
1,-nne oil wllli the licit Iioikc In Iilsi ulaldc.
Mich .111 rvpcrlcnce would lie enough to sour
Hie iiiluro of i rude tmt klndlv lloer, nnd
prrjuillii! lilin ailmt alj "ultlindci" tor
tur. TfHSi:i) AWAY.
One wild, tlorin) evening lietween snnet and
ilnk, 1 rode up to 1 luce, well-built, firm
hcni.e In the flee Slite, .ind inward!) con
gntulalcil im.elf on hiving renlied shelter
liefore one of the dcne ld.iek lnl.e of cloud,
which were ill.-cdclni; in torrents ot mln Jll
aiouml me, hid Imr.t upfn nnd drenched nie
to the .kin Hiding up to the front door, I
Elected the good looking clderlc lloer. ecldently
tho owner of the fain, with the ii.iial "(lood
do, umle," and at onto i-kid him "Km ik
Iner sljcap njihW" (" wn I Jeci here
to night ") I vi niinplv i.tounded wlien he
eonineiieed to nuke eveu-ei, .jjing bis hou-e
wis full, di , for It was m icrv difTerent fiom
the licirlv "Kerb sanl miar HIT, en kon liin
lien," c like .vmir .icldle oil, and come inlde,
in) tin),") to which 1 lud grown ace u.tunicil
Ihreiuslimt the On hr.t seeing me,
no d mlit the old nun tliongnt tint ver) pioli
nidi I hid Mnlcn Hie liorse I wn riding: but
noiielng nie moie close!), and perliips leclln
Foiucwlidt a.Innied of hijuelf, lie tn fir re
lented as in ,ij, "c.ij km mair, diium all
.nil" ("1 011 mil, linnet) r. fiddle oft")
II id 1 done 1.0, and Hiked with him nnd M
wife tor a lilt, I hue mi ihiuht I should noon
line otcrconie his Mi-phlons and obtained all
1 ipcpilrrit 1 i-uppcr end 1 tlukedcmn, ind t
good Iced for mt hoise; hut lilting, as 1 sit-,
been iiiii.tnuied to the unquestioning hopit ility
of mt friend', tin Irin.tnl lloer, I was hurt
and Indunint it the old nun's Mi.pldone, yn,
taking oil my hit, 1 nude a low how, without
di-mounting, and .ild: "Ik dink to, run, toor
to groot tiljndliil hel, mnr HeherMcr ral Ik in
de regen guan idaaip, als in en liuis ttur Ik
niet welkim Is" fi tlunk ton, unele, (or
.tour gieit (rlendllness, hut I would lather go
and i-lrep In the rain than in a hou-e where I
i in not tteliouic"); then tinning mt- horso'n
lie ill, I lode slowlt iwat into the (j.t gather
ing diikness o( a utormy niglit.
MM) and iiosrn ru:.
'I hl. .c I lute Mid be (mo, is the only time
Hut I lute otu met with inho.pitalltj it the
lunils of the south Volenti lloer, though ex
pi Menus of tin nine kind ire no doubt eoni
liiini along the mun nnds fur the reavms I lute
giien. Wheirter their eontldeme lias not been
aliu.cel, howrtii, I -it It wllhout tear ni eon-
II.MllI linn, mi pinole III the wothl 1 ill In' imirr.
ginulnelt kind and ho-pltable to trangers than
the s,,iii, vine in II11I1I1, whether In the Irans
till, the Pice stun or the 1 ipe ( olont i and
be.iile. linspitiMtt- the, n sueli an emi
nent dc-iei o mam of the .iulitle. that 1 ng
b.hnien piofe.s to admiic, tint, with a better
kiKittlciUf of one anotlier, the two would, I feel
fine, mkiii .hike nit their mutual pirinliie., and
agi'o In woik togi tin 1 for tho common good
and adtaneimcnt of the lust interests of South
Afilca. So mint' writers nn South Africa halo
written dl.piiigingh of Ihe Hutch wllhout any
nil knowledge of Ihe people thcin.cles, their
lu.loi) er their language, that I feci tint I, who,
dining the twentv ,teir which I hue pcnt In
that counlr.t, lute been Intlnulel.t nupnlntecl
Willi man llicr fimiltrs, lute a light to fay
oiucihing on the .object.
V. .1 .inline mm before going out to the ("ipe,
I spent more thin i .tear In Oermin.t ind Pa
1 1111 and jinmii'il a fair knowledge ci( Cicrmin,
which I (ound n( great assistance to nie in
learning Ihe Hutch pitols spoken in somi, Atrlen.
Thus 1 ten seioti w,is able to t ilk ca.ily and
lliientlt- with the lloer hunter!. I nut in the in
ti 1 on. From the lips of omp of Ihe old "toor
tickieis" I heard Ihe Mor) of the wiongs thtv
.ullcred under the flrlllsli idminlstratlon nt tho
Cipe Colon , which, eulmlnitlng In the cuuiiil
pat Inn of the .litis, ind the pit mint to their
owners of emit' about one (.ivtli of the value it
which Ihe) had been estimated by the lomtnW-
leineri) eniplntcd b r tint purpose, plun'iel the
whole lountn into grief nt.d dl.uui Then
the seiner .piilts le.olird tn Milmiit no longer
to umongeiilal lawn, idinliil.lcreil In nffliiaU who
lud 110 ninpilln wiih the people Ihet gov
erned 'Ihe gu it trek o s,,H was oiginleil,
and liundceils o( bntc lliittlinien trekked utt iv
Willi then wltes mid their (amlliis, their Roc ks
.ind their herel Into the unknown wlhleriie.s lie
loud the sieit (Mango rlter, eairtlng with Hum
a Inner lutnil of PrllMi rule, which still ant.
nuUi their de.irndints at the picnent diy,
'Ihe liWoiy cif Iho emlgiant liners during the
lircl tew )r,u after Hie) left the Capo Colony,
i one ni the iii"..t loiinnllu interest, and no
people In who.e tern, had run a le.s heroio
blond tli it the II ris hid Inla'iited (lorn their
liulili and i n 111 li Huguenot ancestors, tould
lute held their own against, and finally
tiiumphcel mer, the manifold illtflciiltira they
uau 10 eiaounier. iieinen (t lie place ot weeping)
In -N Hal anel Ujdenlicig (the hill of torrent) In
the 'I1.1n.taal, aie the nauio of two townships
lalel out b.t tlie emlgiant Iloein, which tell their
own tile of the grief and muTeilng umed by
the nn.sieres the) nitterul at the hinds of the
Silm jftcr tlin treacherous iniudir of Peter
Heticf and ills coinriiloa by Illngan. The name
of Hood liter win glim to the Miiam on wlin-o
hank, jii unit sent li) the Zulu king to exter
liiltiitc Hie lloer wis ilcfealul b) them with
gnat slaugliter on Ihe sixteenth 'of Deiemher,
In!-. Soniithlng of all time millers I hate hearil
10111 old mm In the Tianstail, ami I .nou ton
celled a fctiong a.tnipithf for the simple, kindly
people who had to Mernl) to submit tn
uncongenial laws, whlilr teellng became genuine
ail Dilation when I heard how they had rallied,
alter tho pcipelrateel em outl.ilng fami
lies by tho Zulus nnd tho Annndlhlll', and hid
llnall) rumple rn! Dingan and Uilted UmlligaxI
bitoud the Tianstaal,
most interesting and cniefiilly aeturitc book
lus bun wiltliu by Mr. (I. Mae ill 'Iheil en
tilled "lllstniy of the liners in South Alilca,"
wlm li I would adtlse till my renhrs to study,
It thiv wish to know mmethiiig of the people,
in piefiriuic to taking ttin opinion of souni
picjuillud i;ngllsluiiin on the nubjcet, who nuy
I1.1t' lltrd In 11 place like .foluuTie.liiirg or Mm",
billy and )tt ki tv al .olutely nothing about
Ihe linen or 11 n 1 1 1 1-1 1 n . 1 1 won! of Ihr'i I in
giugi. So jcneniiij mimlul nun tin lead toll
Flni) wllhout ac tt.tittleiliiig tint it 11 ih his
tory el the people pcn.os.tng all Iho quillllcs re
ciulied to InilM up,i greit nitlon. ft the
lloeit want i education and knowledge, they
lute pluity of good niliiral quiliUeii, Wheie,
I would ask, will .ton (ind more courteous nr
.kindlier fc'ciilltiiicu than umon.-st the educated
Is Often Made by the Wisest
of Scranton People,
It's a fatal mlstako to neglect back
ache. Backache Is the first symptom of kid
ney Ills.
Serious complications follow,
Doan'R Kidney Pills cure them
Don't delay until too late.
I'ntll It becomes diabetes Brlght's
Head what a Scranton citizen bays:
Mr. Austin C'oneny, of 40J Irving ave
nue, snys: "I ivvas bothered for the
past fifteen with a pain across
my kidneys. At times It struck me In
tho hips and extended1 down my legs.
It was worse In the early evening or
after I did a hard day's work. I vn
ndvled to try I)oan'.s Kidney Pills, and
having read lit our city papets io much
about them, I got a box at Mutthcwn
Hi os.' drug stcue, and was surprised
to ilnd how cpilckly they benofltesl me.
I soon had not the least pain In my
For sale by all elealerts. Price, KO cents.
roster-Mllbuin Co., Huff.ilo, N. Y solo
agents for the United States.
Hemcmber tho name Doan'e and take
no substitute.
Dutch of the Cnpe Colon), many o whom aro
near!) lelited b.t blond to Ihe rough frontier
incii of Ihe Northern 'lratistaal?
.l!sH)HVIi:i TOtmiSlS.
I .iluai.s think that the ordinary tourist In
South An Id, who, after a six weeks ni'h
thrnugh the country b) rail and coach, comes
lioiim and writes .1 book, gels another fale idea
of the countr). lie visits (ape Town, Klmlierly
ind .lolnnnesimrg. In none of wliith places docs
lie meet, perhaps, any one who was not born in
Kurope; he sees nothing lint KnglMi new. papers
ind hoars nothing but Kngll.h or German spoken.
Of the Itoe 13 he sees nothing at all, unless he
goes Into the markets, where he will find some
o( them in charge of the prnduic uagoni with
their long teams of oxen, and lie comes home
agiin impressed with the idea that the l.ngli.h
linguage is superseding the Puteh, and thinking
tint before long the intch eliment in pouth
Vtrlea will lie sttimpcd by the hnglish These
conclusions are altogether wiong. lhrou(,hout
"-outli Vfrlci the piopie who lite in the towns
nub as klmberl), Cape Town and Johannesburg
aie l.nglish, mlch, (ieimans and Jews, 'Ihe
Hutch throughout the countrt lite out on their
firms, and ate not seen at all by nnny tnurl.ti.
In the whole of the Malnieslmry cllstiiit, close to
(ape Town, one ot the principal acrlcultural
centers of the (olont, there Is not one single
l.nglish or Scottish farmer, and in the eastern
dMricts tho poorer turners o( British decent
seem to prefer to speak Dutch rather thin tug
lish. In I'Tfl I triteled through the Colour from
Port Kllrabeth to (.raif ltcinet he wagon, in
compant with several trin-port riders, ill of
them tho son of (armeis in the eastern protinie,
and all nl them Knglisli or Scotch by Hood.
'Ihe.t 1 mild ill speak Digllsh perfectly well, but
aninngst tliemseltes thet niter used ant linguige
lint Dutch, nnd their ihlldien mi) povdhlt not
loam hngll'h at all Ihe south Afrit m Dutch,
too, are one ot tho lunst ptollnV races in tho
world, and tery large families ol from twelte to
sixteen children ire not uncommon; so that I
feel convinced tint in South Vfrua the Dutch
ilement will neter become swamped, as It has
been in meriia, llowetcr, the south African
of the luture will lute no cause to lie a-huiicd
o( his ancesti), whether thry be l.nglish, Scotch,
Dutch or French Huguenot. I intself lute il
w,iis got on so well with the Iloera, and Kngtlsh
men and Dutchmen are reallt so much alike in
thought ind feeling thit I (eel sure Hut all tint
It lcquiicd to mike them work hirmnntntMi' to.
gcther is i better knowledge of one another than
at present pretaiis.
Mir itvcK or nni-T!'.
There are good and bid amongst all mtions,
but it is as unreasonable to sit- tint the loeis
are a nation of Inhuman brutes because one of
them mat hate committed n brutal crime (md
this has been often done), as to tike VIr. Deem
ing ci Jaek the nipper is a fiir specimen of an
tugllshnun. The giciter pirt of the Boers f
know hate been kind misters to their senauts,
though tliet- aie setere witli them If thet offend.
Ihet treit the natites, as do all colonists, as an
inferior race, not as einials, and there tan be
no doubt tint the) are perfectly right in doing
How Meissonier's Gardener Pioved
Himself a Fine Botanist.
A good story Is being told nbottt a
gardener who vtas for many eats In
the oinply of Messlonler.
This gnidetier was not only wonder
fully skilled In the ait of cultivating
uoivei's nnd vegetables, but be olio was
a Hue scientist and, ns he was en
dowed villi a phenomenal nionioiy, he
was able to give offhand the hcitiinltal
name of any plant that was shown to
him. Some of hli employer'- ft lends
fieciucntl) tiled tn bailie hltn by hand
ing him seeds or cuttings of exotic or
other out of the way plants', but they
never slice eeded.
Now, Molssonler was pi mid of hlni,
but ho vowed that he would, once nt
least bewilder him, nnd one day while
lmillo Angler was dining with hlni, ho
summoned the gardner nnd, taking
from his pocket a small paper package,
lu which he hud pievlously placed some
eggs of cliled hen Ing, he said to him:
"lleie nie some cuilous seeds, (Jan
you tell me what they nroV"
"Of couise, I can, lr," leplled tho
gardner, and, after examining them
for a moment or two, he gave them a
most Impressive I.ntln name.
"If ou sow them now," asked the
painter, "how- long will It take for
thorn to appear obove ground?"
"A fortnight," was the reply.
"Well," said Melssonler, "I wish you
would sow them at once, for I am
curlou1 to see what kind of plant It
A foitnlght later i:mile Augler, deslr
Ing to see the end of this joke, came
to bieakfnst at the painter's villa, and
as he nnd his host weie at table the
gardner presented himself nnd said:
"If you gentlemen will oblige me by
stepping Into the goiden, I will show
you the plants that those cuilous seeds
have produced."
The two f i lends followed him to tho
oonsoi vntory, where he pointed out to
them 12 odd-looking objects In a box
tilled with fleshly wateied brown eatth.
They btooped to examine them mine
clrwely and the next moment they
burst Into shouts of laughter, for the
strange objects weie the heads of 12
New Mode of Angling Practiced by
Means of Electricity.
from the MlimiMpolU Joiuiul.
It Is "positively hhocklng" tho way
they aro catihlng llsh nt tho plant of
the St. Anthony Fallfl Water Power
company. This, too, tn faco of a large
sign on which Is Inscribed In plain
lettt'is; "No Fishing Allowed; Keep
Annual Summer
Reduction Sale
Our entire summer stock to be closed
out to make room for the fall stock now be
ing manufactured.
The entire stock of Straw and Felt Hats
that were $2.00 and $3.00, to be closed out
at $1.00. (See window.)
Sale Price
$2.50 and $3.00 quality, $1.98
1.60 and $2.00 quality, 1.39
1.00 and $1.25 quality, .86
$1, 50 quality, sale price $1.19
1.00 quality, sale price .75
.75 quality, sale price .50
.50 quality, sale price .35
Big Reduction
in Hosiery
Remember, we have no old stock to
work off, but are offering you new, season
able stock at less than cost, as we NEVER
carry over stock.
Loui-s H. Isaacs
412 Spruce Street.
tSgr-Try Our Special
the new shapes.
Oft " Hut then, only tlin ImniotllntP nt
t.iolip.s of the power hou:-e ato pilvl
leRptl. 'Plif rtlnnl 1 lrheiw li-evo lirn.cmn sr ns,nil
to working wonders by olt-ctih Ity sucli
11 nili.iclc, for instance, iih uinnlnc- the
htieet i.illwiiys of two iltles without
Meauely hiivlnu to tuin u hand theni
selC!s that they are In the haliit of
e.illiiiK the in.Weiioiis llulil to their
n.i.itani.i. whenever It Is convenient to
do o.
Thpy Mtiirted out eaily In the s-eason,
whkli did not open until WedinrssdHy,
to tlsh In the legitimate way. hut lail
Inu to Ret any tish to peak of by
hook, they determined to eaten them,
If possible, by nook to clettiocute
Since then llh have leMionded with
ssui h wondeitul alacrity to the novel
bait that a few minute' sinrt will Khe
the new tlMheiman "a like mes-s." The
siRht would In Insr teaiis to the eyess of
Ike Walton, who believed In "ait lor
ait's sake," who aeiounted It a 111010
creditable pciloimnncp to catth one
llsh an hour by patient, painstaking,
phlloscophld endeavor than to (slaughter
tho tinny tribe on tho wholes-ale plan In
short older.
At tho power house they lmvo a
good live w lie, propei ly Insulated wheio
tho angler liold.s It, and sstlok the s.inio
Into the water. Water N a good con
ductor, as ever body known, and evtiy
time 11 Huh tome within in or 1J feet of
the center of dlsstui banco he I& conduct
ed to the sin fine.
Ho Is not dead ho Is simply shocked
Into In'-enslbllll"! by hi sensational ic
ceptlon, and If left to his own icsouucs
would soon bo hlmelf again. Hut the
ciuel man on the ledge of masonry
which Juts out Into the ilvet mound
the power house, tluough which the
tall race comes pom Ing, i caches deftly
Into the water and scoops un the un-
foi tutiate tlsh with a not
Iei eh, shlneiis, bullheads, nappies
and an oinisloiia! stuigeon are caught
in thin wn. Oni of tho otec'trlcltins
who was dli ih ting the mighty machin
ery whlih generates 10,00a hoi so power
silcl that he hail i, night a stuigeon
earlv in tho siirinir which wpiETlipc! ''II
pouiulf. He said that an oidlnaiy nir-
reni ot electricity was siiong enougii
to hi Ing tho most obstupetous ilh to
the surface In most cases. He had to
hand tho htuigeon consldciably moto
than the average befoio ho could mako
hlni "He still and he quiet."
Sometimes a simple lion plate with
electrical conncnlous Is used. It Is
hung over the side of tliP wall into tin
river, and does tho woik n effectually
as tho who attis. The law does
not specifically foihld electilu fishing,
but Oame Waiden Kulleitnn Is going
to rpp If the power house poit can't
be stopped.
Prom Mjunllhii's MiriIiu.
(Hailstones His; appearance as a
speaker In the arena In which he was
for so long a pi-ilod tho most eloquent
and predominant pcisonallty, was oh
scute and disappointing. He took his
seat as a member tor New ink on Jan.
."J, 1S3J, the opening day of the Hist
session of the Hist paill.iment elected
under tho Hefoim act being then 23
eais old.
Three woks later, on Feb. -'I, he made
his maiden speech. A petition signed
by 3,000 Whigs of Mveipool was pie
scnted alleging brlbeiy and coi'iuptinii
against tho Torry lopicsentatlves of
tho town, and In the discussion whlih
follow td, (flandstonc Intel posed on bo
half of the electoral honoi of hits native
"Kvery great uiutor fiom Demosthe.
lies to Huiko," Gladstone once slid,
"has suffeied fiom noivousness on the
ovo of an Impoitaut speech, and al
though I cannot claim to i-huio their
gift of golden speech, 1 cun claim moie
All 50-Cent
Quality of .Neckwear
Reduced to 35c.
3 for $1.00.
Twenty Per Cent. Reduction on
all Leather Suit Cases and Steamer
Reduction on all grades of Shirt
50c quality Belts and
Suspenders reduced to. . . .
Elastic Seam Jean Draw
ers reduced to
Wash Ties reduced to....
Karkee Summer Vests t
reduced to 1.19
Reductions in all other depart
ments. See windows.
10c Linen Collar, in all
than a fair share of their defect of
netves" Certainly, ho "was extremely
neivous on this occasion, as his in
distinctness of utteianie and hesitancy
of manner only too obviously showed.
That voice which subsequently hold so
many thousands spellbound by Its
muslo was Inaudible fiom the gallery
In which the icporteis weio taking
notes, rio little notice did this debut
attiact, that a speech dellveied In tho
house of a few months later by his
hi other Tliomas in defence of their
father who whs an owner of slaves on
his estates at, has often been
described in biographical sketches os
Gladstone's maiden effoit.
Lehigh Valley Bailroad.
In hilcit June 2, 1001.
Trains Siranion:
For Phllailclphla and New VorW vl D. fi H
! n.. at U 13 and DM a m.. and 2 13, 127
(Mack 1'iaiiiom' hsprisi,), nnd ll.wi p. ni. Sun.
tlaja, I). 1 II. " 1. !. "" P- m.
Kor White Haven, HazUton and princlpil
points In the coal regions, via I). A. II. It. It ,
li.'5, '2 IS and 4.27 p. in. Kor I'ottscillc, 0 15 a.
ni . 'i" P "'
Kor Itethlrhem, I'.aston, Iteadlnu, II lrrlslnirtf
nnd principal inlnmcilUte stations lia I). A. II.
It It, tU, 9.33 a in J 2 IS, 127 (lllatk Dii.
mond Kxpros), It 30 p. m. Siindan, V. it II.
It It.. 0-il a m.: 1.5 f.27 p. ni
Kor TiiiiklieUinoilt, lonandj, Klinfri, Itinca,
fienoia and primlpal Inlriincilhtc M itlnmi, via
11 1, it V. H. It . 8 10 j ni , and .1 M p. in.
V'or Ooneia, Hntlii-sUr, Iluftalo. Xtiiiari fall',
riiiiaen and nil points wr-t, via 1) V II U, It,
7 4 11 55 a in . 1 '- 3'A (U'aik Dlamnnil V.x
prciss), 7 1". P' si. I'"10 !' " hundj's, 1). U II.
It It.. It 5. f.27 p m
Pullnnn parlor and sleeping or Lehich Valley
pailor cars on alt tiaiiw iietneen Wilkes-IUrro
and New ork, Philadelphia, IlulTalo and Sua-
i'kiT.MS U WH.nrn, Omt. Supt., 2d Cortland
htr1 rt, e 'oik
CHVItll-s s I.HI. Cen. Pass. Ait., 28 Cortland
tiit, Xiw V"ik
A W NON-SKVV(lli:it, Di. I'a-sS. .St.. Siuth
nelhlchfin, Fa
for tickrts and Piillinin reservatlnna apply to
SOI I.ickavvamia aiinui, s-rintnn, Pa
Central Railroad of New Jersey.
Stations i N,w frk-l'oot of Libcity street,
X. It . and south Kcny.
IIVIK, TVUL1. IN hH-'LCr .IL'.M! a), lonj.
Tialns loaie htianlou (or New tirk, Neiwrl.,
FliMlicth, Philadelphia, l.aslon, Ilrthlrlirm, Al.
lcntown, Maeifh Cliunk anel Wldte llaien, at 8 5'.
a m. ivpi"ss, 110, exprtsd, s 00 p. ,n. feuD.
davii, 2 15 P t1'
lor 1'itUtoii and Wilkes llaire, S Si a. in.;
and 1.00 !' i hunelajt,, 2.1i p. tn.
for niltimore and Waslilnston and points
South and Nst via llethleheni, s.53 j, m , l.W
anel 4.00 p. m. Sundan. 2.15 p. m.
For leoi'C Itraiuli, Ocean Grove, etc., at SM
a in. (tliioush und 1 10 p, m.
Vm Rradinc. Lclianon and HaiiUliurc. via Al.
'rntown, is 35 a. m. and p. in. Sundaji,
2.1i p. m.
For Pottsvllle. ? 51 a m., 1 10 p. rn.
For Mountain I'.uU. 8.55 a. in , 1 10 and i 00
P. ,Tl
Through tickets to all points eat, south and
west at lowest latcs at the xtatlon.
C JI. ItFltT. dm. Pa. Act.
J. II. OMIVrsPN. Oen. Supt.
Delaware and Hudson.
In hflict June 0, 1001.
Tralrs (or Cailiondalo leave Scranton at 0:20.
R i 8.M, 10. la a. in. 12.00, liji. 2:11, J.52,
l" u-'S, 7:57, 0.15. 11 20 p. m . 1 In a m
idi ifont.iUls" and Lake I.odoie. 8 20, 10 13 a.
m "1 and V2' p. ni.
For Wilke.il3iie-''i. ' :. . 10:11
a in.. YJ:W H -: 3"i". '-r fl". 'il.
in li 11. bi) P I"
For I.. V. It. It polnta 0:13. 9.33 a. ni , 2:15,
i.'7 and ll:.i p. in.
For IMiiisjUanU H. U. potnts 0:15. 0MS, 2:18,
3'j.l and I 27 p. m-
'For Vlhan) ami "H I'01"" north-t3:.'0 a, m,
and ...52 P. 'UNnw 1IUINS,
For Caibomlale 6:50, lliAi a. m., 2:(, 3,5,
8.5J and 10.52 p III
For Vilkps.llarrc-9:J3 a. m 12,03, 1:53, 3:2S,
0:..2 and 8:12 p. m.
For Alhmy anel points north J.52 p m.
For lloi.fudile and Laku Lodoi o S 50, 11,33
a 111. and a 52 p. in.
Erio Baihond, Wyoming Division.
'Iialns for llav.ley and intermedial points leava
s, lantou as follows. No 8, 7.10 a. in j No. 1,
8 50 a, III . No. 0. ' 2 P m i N". 8, ,i,.'0 p, m.
sea. 2 and ( tlnuush tiains (or Nrr Vrk.
rrlvals No. I. S li a. Ill 1 No, J, 10 Jd a, tn ;
No. 5, a 15 I'. " S n' 7 !,'l5 !' "I 'Iialiu 0j,
5 and 7 aie ihroii.'h trains liom evv Voik.
bl'MlAV TRslNS,
Departures -No. 20, ti a ; No. 22, 2 p. m.
AnlwU No. 21. 12.13 p. in.; Nu. 2J, ,l5p. 111.
Manufacturers' surplus stock ot
Parasols purchased at half regular
cost; same manufacturers, quality
and style as our regular stock
goods, These, together with our
own lines, have been merged into
one grand assortment of Parasols.
Attractive styles and great values,
including plain and fancy Coaching
Parasols, Chiffon and Lace Trim
med Parasols, in white, black and
white, and the new colorings: of
fering an unusual opportunity to se
cure the best and newest in the
parasol line at
One-half the
Regular Price
Ladies' Plain and
Trimmed Parasols
At $1.00 Just half price from $2,00
At 1.50 3.00
At 2.00 " " 4.00
At 2.50 " " 5.00
At 3.00 " 6 00
At 3.50 - 7.00
Fancy Parasols
At 25c Just half price from 506
At 50c " " " " $1.00
At $1.00 " 2.00
At $1.50 " " " " 3.0a
Lackawanna Ave
Schedule in Effect June 2, 1001.
Trains leave Scranton;
G.45 n. m., tveek days, through ves
tibule train from Wllkes-Barre.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
coaches to Philadelphia, via
Pottsyille; stops nt principal in
termediate stations. Also con
nects for Sunbury, Harrisburg,
Philadelphia, Baltimore, Wash
ington and for Pittsburg and tho
0.38 a. m., week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and Pittsburg
and the West.
2.18 p. m., week days, (Sundays,
1.58 p. m.), for Sunbmy, Harris
burg, Philadelphia, Baltimore,
Washington nnd Pittsburg and,
the West.
3.33 p. m., week days, through ves
tibule tram trom wiiKes-unrre.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
coaches to Philadelphia viaPotts
ville. Stops at principal inter
mediate stations.
4.27 p. m., week days, for Hazleton,
Sunbmy, Harrisburg, Philadel
phia and Pittsburg.
J. I). HI TntlNSO.V, Oen. M?r.
J. It. 001), Cen. Pas. A?t.
Delaware, Lackawanna nnd Western
In KfieU duly 81 '"01.
Smith Leave Siranton for N'cvv York at 140,
3.1)0, 0.5.1, 7.50 anel 10(H) a. m i 12 I'l. 1 .U, 5 .10
p in. 1'or l'htladelphii at 7 n and 10 OS a ni ;
12.fl ind 3 . p. in Kor ToMhinni it h 10 p.
in. Milk auoinmoditioii ' " P ', Arrim
in Ilolioten at !...), 7.1-, 10 J, 12 OS, .115, 1 il,
7.10 p. in. rnve in l'hiladelphlt at II.. 1.21.
iiim anel ! ii p in Aime frnni ew liflrk at
1 1". (.'12 anel lit 2 1 a in : 1 oo. 152, Hi, oua
ami 11 .10 P m. Irom Tolivinnna it 8 05 a in
North Leave Mranin l"r Hiilfaio and Inter
mediate htatie.ns il It's dli and DIM a ni ;
1 55, 5 1! and II 3"' P m. I'or O.vvecn and bri.
cu-e at 1 15 I in . - a in and 1 Vi p. m, For
I tici at 1 l'e, 1 ' I m "i'l 1 "' P "I 1'
Moiiiroe it 0 00 a. m . 1 0-i and S 11 p in l'or
Mehol.on it 4 00 and H II p in Kor ninghim
Ion at 10 211 i ni. Arrive in Siranion from Ilul
filo at 1 23, 2 ''. 1 anil 10 00 a m ! 1 0 an'l
w fHi p ni. Kioni llswcfo ami Svraeusc at 2 5S a.
in , 12.12 and S"0 p. in. Imni I'tlca at 2 5i a
in.; 12.12 and ' -0 p. in. From Nicholson at 7 45
a in. and fl ml p in. 1 mm Montrose at 10.00 a.
ni . .1 20 ami oo p in
Hlnom-hiiic Division leive Scianton (or
Noitliuinherlind .n ft W tool i ni., 1 AS ami
R in p. in. For I'liiiiniith at R 10 a m , 3 10,
SM p in nlve at Noilhtnntperland at 0 .il i.
in , 1 10, r on and S l'e p m rrive at Pljmouth
at oni a. in ; I U. '' l" ni. Anivp in biran
ton trmn Nnrthiiiiil'irlaiid at 0 12 a m . 12 M,
4 50 and S. P. in. I mm hlnuston at 11 (VI a.
in. From ri'iuniitli at 7 !" a. in.; J 20 and 5.i3
p. m.
-.mitli leive Sianlon al 1 10, 3 00, 3 33, 10.05
a in i .t It and 3 10 p in.
North I.oivc "I union at 1 13, C .!, n no a m ;
1 13, 5 4i and 11 '3 p in
lllnoinshurK Division Irfave Srant.n it 10.03
a. m. ami H 10 p. m
New York, Ontario and Western.
Time Tabic in l'drit humliy. June 23, KOI.
Leavu Leave! Ariive,
Trains. f-uanlon. Oailandale. Cadosn,
' l,l(i.i.i in. 11 10 a m. inon. J,,
TC,,; .1 ... tll I' III. 4 41 P. Hi. 6.00 p ,
is., 7 ... 0.10 i in sr. I nhondjlc. e.ia n m
t,' ' ' SsOUillliOfNa ' m"
Leave leavo rris,e
Cadj.ia. ( iil.oii.UIc. S. union.
v n ' '"' ln- 7 40 a m
nS": ew.m- w," , wwJ S:
i. , .. a.ii p. i (,J ' "i i is ti in
" " bUNUA "M-V. .NOUni.IltlLM) ' '"
Leave Leave Arr8
KHnton. Cailuindile. ( adoju.
v. n ..S.a in. I) 10 a. m. 10 13 a m
l' 5 .. 7.00 . m. Al aiLon-lalc. 7.43 p, n
J0' "' ' MIL III IiDI Nil. ''
1 c ivu 1 eavo
L'adoa. ('.ill" iielalc.
Arri o
No (1 ... i so i, ni
So' 10 .. s-op ' 0,x! '' '" , H-5 P. mi
'Mains N.. 1. si ",fl 'lOf. ami p. on him.
d.n. makt main line lonnntloiu tor Ntvc ,,,
li), Ltiia. oiifida, H.iM'Ku and iiitcimediaiu
liofnta , . , ... ,.
Tiains No .1 and 4 in ike Walton, Ilclht, Um.
ilcn and Mdnrv lonneition.
Ftr liirther liiloiiiiitlnii (oniult tliket atints.
J, I' ANIiKltMI.N. (I. , x,ew ,w;
J. E. WLLbll. T. 1'. A., buanton.
F "O a in.