The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 29, 1901, Page 6, Image 6

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Addressed n, Largo Congregation at
thfj Morning Sorvico and Told of
His Convorsion to Christianity.
Two Boys Escapo from St. Pat
rick's Orphan Asylum Lawn
Social a Succobs Funeral of Mrs.
DaviB Among tho Churchos.
Othor News Notes and Personals.
Mr. Jacohson, n conertcl Jew, told
the stoiy of his life to tho moriilnp con
RreRatlon of llio Klrst Wel-di Hnptlsr.
church. Jn part, lie spoke n follows:
"In my lo liciotl la.v, I ns hiotiKht
lip in tho Jewish falh. win taught to
dcnily love my counti, but to hato
Chi 1st. When tho Spanish-American
war luoko out, 1 enlisted to Unlit
Against my iiiuntij'i foes and to help
ptotrct the l.iiul which 1 hod been
taught to lou
"Alinut tin- middle of the wnr, T was
seveirly vvoutldicl on the Held of li.itllo
and when taken to the was not
(pected to llo. However, nftei long
weeks of likiii'MM, 1 Milled suflielently
to .iriiIii take mi Intel est in what was
purlin, aioimd Die. Jlv ilav nurse was
u mini; woman, tin- daughter of
wealthy paunN llvlm; In New Yotk
'ity. At the llrvt ripportutill she ,ikeil
me if I hellevul In i 'lit Hi I mid that
I did not. She then nUd me If I was
a .lew, and I told h r sc.
, "Day alter iln she spoke to me of
the rhiNt who dkd to save my soul,
until I luiaine viiy nnniy and refused
to lot her mention the hated name
nSMln. When I liei.imo stioiiRer I de
cided to let hei tell me mote of Clnivt,
lull to listen to It ax I would to a hook
of no Impoitunce, let it go in one tar
and out the other.
"When I was sent to my own home
my paicnH, who nie vi-iy walthv.
welcomed me with open uim and held
ii bit; I'eU hri'ton lor tin- von home fioni
111,? wni. Notwithstanding all the pleav.
me of beliiR hoiiii again, m hfitit wai
tad bti.utvt 1 lould not help thinking
of this ik w I'lnlvt. rinally, I hnriownt
a Ulbk', and alter trailing It was ton
virtccl and became a new man
"Whin 1 told my mother of mv inn
version, she fainted, upon my father
hfaiing of whit I had said, he vtiuik
me, in the fac i and thiew me from mv
home, with nothing hut the clothes X
wme and $7fi In mv poi ket. After that
IJov ami Almond Cream remoiej
trdncM ot the- ckln ami soothes the
pain c sunburn in ore nlcht. Take
a bottle with ou en your acaiioc.
..... ii null.....
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deep and decisive, and there is not a yard of the
many thousands offered that is not of this sea
sou's productions.
Only a Few Quotations Today
But everything left in stock goes at similar reductions.
Silk Stripe Novelties
A magnificent collection
that sold at 3jc, 45c and
r;oc the yard.
Choice of
the Lot
Genuine Monsseline De Soie
A fine range of patterns
and colorings still iu stock.
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Clearing OOn
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All that's left of our fa
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Globe Warehouse
day I wrifl mourned in my father's
house as dead.
"Soon after thl, my parents had mo
ancBteil as belnir Insane. After being
locked up for fourteen days, I was io
leased and allowed to proceed on my
way rejoicing. Many varied nnd cruel
oxpeilonec have been mine since then,
but Clod, my father, has brought mo
heie und will take care of mo through
Lawn Social.
The lawn social held by the Sherman
Avenue mission, on Washburn street,
last Saturday evening, was a success
In every sense of thovvord. The spacious
lawn whs very prettily decorated with
Japanese lanterns, colorod lights,
Ameilcan Hags nnd bunting.
Those In charge of tho refreshment
tables wen- Mrs. Joseph Thomas nnd
the Misses Jennie. Oleason, Kuth Jones,
hist tahle, and Mrs. John Phillips and
Miss Jennie Unvls, second tnble.
Messrs. John Phillip', Richard Phillips
and John Harvard had chatge of tho
Mitt dilnk booth. A giaphnphone, oper
ated by Seth Jones, furnished music
thioughout the evening.
Loft tbo Orphanage.
Saturday afternoon, between 4 and 5
o'clock, two little fellow s.Martln IJ.uvy,
of Sci.inton, ago 11 jeais, and Pi.nuls
MiKee, of Nantlcoke, age 7 .venrs, le
spectlvely, lelt their home at St. Pat
rick's Orphan H.s.vluni, without giving
iinvono an Idea of their intentions.
As McKeeVi father lives in Nantl
icike, It Is supposed that they went in
that direction. Tho bos havo never, in
any way, exploded dlvsatlvfaction with
the life at the home, and weto nhaH
kind and obedient. It is Mtppovod, how
evei, that they beiame a little leslless
and stinted out for adventuie. If the
little fellows deslie to vllt at Nantl
coke nnd then letuin to the home, the
Sistoi.s will let them do as they deslie.
First Baptist Church.
On Sunday morning, Pastor Ma
thews pleached an eloquent sermon
fiom tho text, "Kor It is Cod which
woiketh In us" In tho evening James
O Hnlley, a licentiate of the chinch,
pleached an invplilng senium to the
voting people ft om the te.t, "God Is
Lov e "
The Sunday evening meeting of the
Haptlst Young People's union was led
b the pastor, and was oiy well at
tended On Kildti, the Sunday sthool will
hold Its picnic nt Nay Aug
park. The cats will leave Main and
Jackson at S.M sharp.
Among the Churchos,
At the Simpson Methodist UpWtopal
church the pastor, Uev. H. C Me
Deimott dellveied two very eloquent
sermons from the tets, "On Ragle's
Wings." and "How Are ou Living,"
uspeetively. Roth the Sunday school
and Rpwoith League nie enjoying an
uuusimIIv latge attendance.
At the Washburn Street Ptesbyter chutch, Pastor Moffat pi etched,
both moinlng and evening for the last
time till the Hist Sunday In Septem
ber. The Young Peoples Chilstiun Rn-
Imported Linen Ginghams
These sold at 370 and
45c the yard. Nice assort
ment still ou hand.
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Beautiful Dimities
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A Dozen Other Weaves
In various grades and all
the leading designs and
color effects, may be yours
at prices similar to those
just quoted. Is not the
bargain opportunity great?
denvor enjoyed consecration service
In tho evening.
In tho Hampton Street Methodist
Episcopal church Mundny morning,
nov. James Iicnnlngcr Inspired his uti
dleno by tin nddiess from tho text,
"Clod's Keeping." In tho evening he
preached fiom tho there, "13y Way ot
tho Cross."
Salvation Army.
The evening meeting of the Halvn
tlon Army held Saturday evening nt
tho hall on Price street wns vety well
intended. Coloned Mnigetts gave a
very Interesting account of his llfo
nnd also sang several solos In a very
llnu voice. .Stan Captain lit ewer then
gave a thoughtful dlscuurso on this
Hlble, after vvhlsh tho meeting vvj3
closed by player.
Ice ci em and enke were sold In the
basement, the ptocceds going to pay
general expenses.
Funeral of Mrs. Davis.
On Satutday afternoon nt 2.30 oc
cuned tho funeral of the late Mrs.
Sarah J. Uavls fiom the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Toffmun,
ot tho Hnnipton mines. Iluv. Thomas
De Ottlchy had charge of tho service
and spoke consoling words to tho
many bereaved ones gathered around
the casket.
Hiawatha council, No, 2!, Daughters
of Pocahontas, attended In a body.
The pall heaters were John Morgan,
Uviin Jones, David Ptice, Alf. Bovnn,
John ltceso and Thomas James. In
terment was made In tho Cambria
ccmotety on Washburn Htteet.
A number of West Kldeis enjojed n
dunce In Meats' hall on Saturday even
ing, under the management of Davis
nnd Tianey. Miss Loin Duggan fur
nished the music.
Oeotge W Phillips Is spending his
vacation at the
A blithday patty was tendered Mrj.
Horace Coslett on Thuisdny evening
at her home, corner ltubccca avenue
and Limine stieet.
The William C'onncll C.leo club held
a In Ivorlte hall yesteiday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. ltyton Hvnns have
returned home ft om an extensive visit
at tho Pan-Ainetican, Nligaia, Falls,
Ciystul Ueaeh and Canada.
James Dm kin, of Luzerne stteet, has
niieptcd a position with the Union
Traction company of Philadelphia.
M. i:. Woiden. of Ninth Hyde
avenue, is imptovlug his ptopetty.
Misses I'eatl and rioiento Davis, of
North Main avenue, nie spending the
summer at Lake Wlnola.
i:tonslvo tcpalis have just been
completed on the Methodist pat son
age Miss Mvitk Hecinor, of North
Bromley avenue, is camping with n
number of young ladies at Lily Lake
Ml1- Lou Miller, of Wllkes-Hatio. is
the guest of her sister. Mis. W. A.
Wilgley, of Division stteet.
Silas Hartman 'h building ahand
some house on Noith Hebeeca avenue.
The Misses Evans, of Rock stteet,
ate cntettainlug Miss Haivaul, of
New Castle, Pa,
The beautiful home of H. M. Car
penter, oil) Not th Main avenue, is
lendy for occupancy.
Horn To Mi. and Mrs. Simon Jones,
of Mollis coiltt, a daughtei.
Mis. Aswcll, of Hock stteet, is quite
Dr. Cieoige 15. Iteynolds, of Noith
Main avcmii, was somewhat Imptovcd
Miss Mae Williams, of Acker avenue.
Is cntct talnlng Miss Mattle Smith, of
J. H. Williams, of Lincoln avenue. Is
In New Yoik city on business.
Thomas H. Kv.ins of Luzerne stieet,
has gone to Philadelphia, on a business
Miss Mabel Phillips, of Academy
stteet. Is spending ,i couple of weeks
In Wilkes-IJatre.
Miss Williams, of Hlakdy, Is visit
ing Mis. Hannah Miles, ot Noith
Dioiuley avenue.
Saturday at let noon the stieet cars
wcte del.iod for some time by a bleak
in the oveihead wite between Oxford
and Lu.unc stieets,
The Thimble club held their nnnual
outing nt Nay Aug on Saturday,
Their will be a lawn social at thau,ir!.loii satunlai nlsht lie anlclcnUilj lan lib
home of Miss L'dlth Jones, on Locust
stieet, Monday evening.
CI1.11 les Mcllovein, of South Lincoln
avenue, has ictutncd to woik after a
seveie illness.
Quite .1 little excitement was caused
by a lun.ivvny horse on South Main
nvenue Sunday moinlng
Patilck Hiennntt, of Carbondale, Is
vMtlng fi lends on this side.
The men working nt the Oxford
clay for n clam bake.
Hde Paik Lodge, No. 306, K. ot P.,
confetred the third degiec on a num
ber of candidates Thursday evening,
Dr. Jenkins and Palmer Williams, of
this side, go to Buffalo tonight.
John K. Kelly will leave the city on
Thin sday on his wheel for a trip to
the Pan-Ameilcan.
As a icsult of the storm, tho large
awning In ftont of Cogiove's stotc, on
Noith Main avenue, is down.
The f uncial of John, the infant son
of Mr. und Mis. Anthony Dougherty,
of 144 Meildlan stieet, was held from
the family tesldence on Saturday
afternoon, and Inteiment was made In
the Cathcdinl cemetery.
Mr. and Mis, Will Carr, of tlieen
Ultlgo stieet, went to C't)stal lake Sat
uiday and wcio guests tlicie over Sun
day of Mis. Hdwntcl Jones and family,
Mr. and Mis. John B. Poote, of r,i
pouso avenue, left Satuiday for New
The Mlses Margaret Wnnen nnd
Hattlc ridels, of Mailnn street, aie
spending their vacation at Maplewood
and Lake Henry
Oian Cair, of Orcen llldgo stieet, Is
camping nt L'lk lnke.
Mrs. Zlba Knapp, of Kast Mai ket
stiet, Is at Lake Wlnola.
Mr. and Mis. Horace Smith, of Mon
sey avenue, spent the Sabbath nt Lnke
Mr. nnd Mrs. Duncan, of Biooklyn, N.
Y , are guests at tho home of Mis. Dun
can's patents, Mr. nnd Mis. S. P. Hull,
of Sandeison avenue.
A Inundiy wagon of A B. Wurman
was overturned on Sanderson avenue
Saturday by the horse making a sud
den lungo while turning. Beond the
bieaklng of ono of the side windows,
no damage was done.
The now residence of James Fuller,
on Delawiue streeljls nearly completed.
ai well 'u tho handsomest, and otheri
aro invited to call on any diusgiit and get
Irco a trial bottle ot Iunip'a IUIam (or tho
Throat and I,un:, a remedy that ia guaranteed
to cure ,"d rclleie all Chroni bnd Acute Cousin,
Aithma, UronchltU and CoiiiiuupUon. I'ricu 2X.
and 60c,
IINKBT A Tlirn why not eo with the
ul,CDU'1i1itit Union I vi union to
lljricj'n lkr on U'riinmUy,
REST ,M1,.V 3I ym- You WU
"'' mre to enmc hk refrcslicM.
The tAcuulon Ii under the illtcctloii of the
Wa'lihurn Slrrct I'rulntctlan, tlic Simpson
MtllioilIU l.plcxipal iriil the Itiimpton Street
.VlethoiJlit churched. Hie tr ilns wilt Icjin
the DcUware anil llmlvin depot pt 8 o'clock
ehirp and will go illicit lo the laVe without
rhanc?c. Tlclcetil AclnlK, Pi ccnUi ihll
ilren. IV) trnU
C. U. Tobey nnd family, of North
Park, iwlll, about August 1, take a cot
tage nt Columbian grove, on tho Sits
iiuohnnna ilver, near Lnncsboio, Pa.
Mis. Tobey and chlldtcn havo been
spending the month of July In Susque
hanna county.
Samuel Holtham. Isaac dinger nnd
Cntvtn Spnirow havo gone to Plndlay,
O., to icslde.
Charles Hudson cut his hand badly
tho other day bv the breaking ot a
glass ball which he was cleaning.
Frank Walcott, of Monsey avenue, Is
at Eagle's Mete.
Tho funeral of Mildred, the nine-month-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
John Dunning, who died Saturday
morning at 6,30 o'clock, was held yes
teiday afternoon at 2 o'clock from
their residence, 618 Lavollo coutt. Ser
vices weie held at tho hotiso by lie v.
Doty. Interment was made In the
Dtinmoro eemetoiy.
Tho Scranton Athletic club hold an
enjoynblo picnic nnd clam bake yes
teiday at Haldner's paik, which was
hugely attended by the membcts and
their friends, who spent tho day In
singing, dancing and other amuse
ments. Tables for lefrcshmcnts weto
arranged In the park and the commit
tee In chaige wer kpt busy stvlng lec,
ctcam, cake. etc.
The annual outing of the Church of
Pence, which was hold Saturday at
Conncll paik, was well attended.
Mrs. Joseph Keif and son, Harold,
will leave today for a week's stay nt
Lako Wlnola.
Miss Hthel und Lauta Flt7slmmons
aie visiting f Hands at Buffalo, N. Y.
Camp 4.10, Patriotic Older Sons of
America, will meet In regular session
this evening at Hnrtman's hall.
Miss Minnie Itegau, of Honesdale, Is
the uuest of Mrs. Fied Egan, on Hlck
oiy stieet,
Andiew Itolh has returned fiom a
week's stay nt the Pan-Amcilcnn and
Nlasaia Falls.
Mr. and Mrs. Albeit Storr, of 513
Cedar avenue, and their crandson,
Alfieo Woelkers, are in Buffalo, to
visit Mr and Mrs. Stotr's daughter
nnd the Pan-Ameilcan exposition.
Miss Kathleen Cavlston, of Pen Yan,
and Miss Alice O'Connor, of Archbald,
who have been the guests of Miss Ag
nes Hnnnon, of lospect avenue, have
returned home.
Mr. John A. Mulheiin, Jr, and wife,
of Stone avenue are nt Huffnlo.
The funeral of Helen Low cry, d.iugh
tet of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Lowery, took
place Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the residence of her parents, 2607
Hliney avenue, with Interment Jn tho
Mlnooka cemetery. Undertakers Need
ham & McDonough had chaige of the
Valuable Piece of Stool Found on
John Clarach When Searched.
John Clarach, of 4SJ Hminott street,
was anested on Satuiday nt the In
stance of tho ofllclals of the Scianton
Polt and Nut works, who charge him
with stealing a valuable piece of steel.
The theft was unexpectedly discovered
In a most pecullnr manner.
Cl.uach was suspected of having
rtolen a watch belonging to one of
his fellow eniploes at the bolt and
nut woiks and was seaiched. Tho
watch was not dlscoveied, but the
piece of steel was. The latter was fas
tened to his suspendeis nnd hidden
under his vest. He was held In $300
ball for his appeur.inco at cotiit by
Mnglsttate Howe.
Amticw Thonns U rcccblns treitment at the
I.HiUiwinnA ho-pital for a ImiIIc cut rund
While on h! w i hick, from like l.i 'itn on .111
hind through a car window.
.lohn ItUwamie, of the TaUhln pitch, had a
Ii mow eiape from ileiih Salurdac V hei
Iron trospieie which he win eiideoorlnc; to
mi ill plaie cave wav ant fell, ilmpplncr a few
inchc to one tide ot liim It thru rolled ocer
mid truck liN leu', ludh tiniKlng it. He wjs
talen to the Vtii-c Tic lor ho-pltil . .
Krink Itulil i, a juiine ln cniplojcd nt Hie
Storr' (.oilier), Siturdiy fell fiom the slope
1, idimr to tin hiejker, mil dropped fully feet,
Ilia rlulit lee wni fiicuircd nnd he wjs til en
to tho l.aikiuini.1 licKpltal. sjinud I,K, 1
miner at the i.ime cnlllrr), Ind hh Jaw bone
brokm In i piece of falllni; roof.
.tohn, of south Muth street, hi
lilt hind bad!) cut .Siturdn nlcht, by hav incr
It cauelit underneath 1 car in tho lackiwanni
v ant, width hi attempted to bond, lis waj to the 1-Jil,.imn hopital.
Many Hibernian Names Are Historic
in Gallic Annals.
i'rom Ponahoo'j.
Tho Iilsh soldiers nt Fontcnoy be
riue.ithed to their beloved Franco
names which became so many sjno
nyms for honor, and worth, nnd fidel
ity. Tho LnllvH and the Dillons have
over slnco tlguied with tho highest
nobility of the nation. We llnd mine
than one Dillon lalsed to the dliyiit)
of an archbishop. Another Dillon, who
was mauled to a cousin of the futuie
Hmptess Josephine, fought In America
with Lafavette, nnd latei, dining the
lelgn of tenor In 179 J, when ho was
commander In chief of tho Fieneh
At my of the Noith, peilshed on tho
guillotine. Again, we find another
liish descendant, Clatke, selected by
Nnpoleon ns his minister of wnr, and
given the title of Duke of Feltie. We
find a Ouilliiume Meagher occupying
one of the most piomlnent posts In tho
Hast Indian troubles.
Later still, In the eatly days of the
now spent eentuty, wo llnd an Abbe
Muccaithy, famous as a couit piencher
of such extraordlnaty met It that an
eminent authority, M. Icard. for many
oais the taciturn supeilor of the Sem
inary of St. Sulplce, declared hint to
he head and shoulders above Lacord
alie. Wo And a Macdonald, of High
land ancestry, but of Irish btlgade
schooling, "tho type of Fieneh honot,"
as Bourrlenne calls him, cieatcd it
marshal of Fiance by tho gteat cm
peior upon tho battlelleld at Wngtatn.
"Tho general opinion was," continued
tho sect clary of Napoleon, "Hint tho
elevation of Mncdnnald added less to
the maishal's mllltniy reputation than
It ledounded to the honor of tho em
petor." Just half a century after Wn
grani we find a Mac.Mahon winning the
battle of Magenta, receiving In tecom
pense tho honor of u dukedom, and
destined later on to till tho highest
mngltitrucy In Iho gift ot the Ftcnch
The Pastor Dr. Guild, in tho Morn
ing Road a Sermon Doliverod by
Dr. David Grogg, of Brooklyn, N.
Y., on tho "Gospol of Rest" Thoro
Was a Vospor Sorvico in tho Evon
ing Elian Palmor Arrested for
Conducting a Spoakoasy Other
Congregations somewhat larger than
the usunl attendance during the Hum
mer solstice, paitlclpntcd In tho two
forvlces of yesterday In tho Providence
Presbyterian (hutch. The pastor an
nounced. In addition to the other pul
pit notices, that ho would begin his an
nual vacation this week.
At tho morning Korvlce, In accordance
with tho announcement on Saturday,
Dr. Guild, Instead of giving his people
one of his own sermons, icud to iho
congregation an able and timely dls
coume, preaihed about a mouth ago by
Itev. Dr. David Gtegg In tho Lafayette
Avenue Presbyteilan ihuich. Biooklyn,
N. Y., and published In full, tecently,
In one of our lellglous Journals. "Best
and Ilcllglou, Best and Vacations" was
tho theme. Tho tenor of the sermon
wns to the effect that there Is a "Gos
pel of Best." "Best Is a. ptlv liege,"
"Best is a nece,ity," "Best Is a duty,"
"Best Is a patt of lellglou Itself."
The set moii placed special emphasis
on two piactlcal points.
First "That lost may be pinlltnble,
see to It that you get tho most out of
the rights of It." "It Is God's peilod or
list tor man."
Second "Seo to It that jou get the
most out of jour Sabbaths."
From conversations of our lepoiter
with worshippers In that congtcgatlon.
Dr. Guild's pulpit Innovation for a
summer Sunday met with much favor.
Last evening's worship In that chuicn
was entitled "Vesper Service." The
sentiment of the hour of woishtp was
"The Holy Sabbath." The music, whlcn
Included tho hvmns, Oloila nnd re
sponses and a 1 espouse following the
rending of each of the Ten Command
ments, was given by Mi. C F. Whltte
moie's special choir of eighteen joung
ladles. The pastot, In his bilef addtcss
on "The Sabbath," made mention of,
Hist, the Sabbath day is a holy day;
second, tho Sabbath was made for
man: thlul, It Is to be kept holy. He
concluded with thiee obsei vatlons.
First, deeds of inetcy aie proper on the
Lead's day: second, nil unnecessary
work Is to he avoided; third, tho Sab
abth day makes provisions for man's
physical and Intellectual and lellslous
Firo in nn Old Tree.
Tho nlaim of flic sent tn from box
72 Saturday afternoon at 4.10 o'clock,
to which the Llhertys, Niagaras and
Phlnneys losponded to, caused much
excitement in the vicinity of Diamond
avenue nnd Court street.
Some mischievous boys had been
plavlng with lite near an old tree
which is situated near two large hams.
The ttee Is hollowed out, and in this
got bejosul their contiol and tha
flames began to shoot Into the air.
the bos started the fire. The fire soon
The alarm was turned Ii anil the
firemen soon had tho blazo extin
guished. Elias Palmor Arrested.
Lieutenant Day lontlnucs his lalds
on dlsoiderly houses and speakea'-les,
Last Friday Policeman Perry got wind
of a speakeasy on the coiner of Wane
avenue and Putnam fstteet. Ho it
ported it to Lieutenant Day, who Im
mediately went to the plate, and found
that It was inn by Hllas Palmer, a
cilpple. Ho also found sovoial cases
of beer and two lingo casks of whiskey.
Palmor was taken befoie Maglsttato
rilder. wheio he pleaded guilty and
also pleaded poveity.
The magistrate was very lenient with
Palmer, as It was his tlist oftense, nnd
fined him $.'3, which ho paid and was
Stephen Idoke, of West Mai ket
street, was anested Satuiday evening
nt tho Instance of his wife, Saiah
Idoke, for beating her and calling her
vile names. Idoke was given a hear
lug befoie Aldeintan Mets and held
under $W0 bail for appeaiane at couit.
Mrs. M. H. Sanders, ot Chinch ave
nue, Is visiting at tho homo of her
father at Not thumbei land.
Mis, David J. Jones, of W.ivne nve
nue, had her light arm broken Filday
moinlng while attending to her house
hold duties. Mis. Jones was standing
at the top of a flight of stalls nnd
missed her footing. She fell to the
bottom, fiat tin lug her aim. Dr.
Doijie was called and leduced the
At 2,30 o'clock Satuiailyafteinoon tho
funeral of Miss Kato Conlgan was
held fiom tho home of hoi biother-ln-law,
Thomas Duggan, of 337 William
stieet. Bev. John Holmes conducted
seniles nt the Holy Itosaiy thutcli
and Intel nient was made in tho Catho
dtal cemetery.
The Lltemry and Dramatic
club was entei tallied Filday night nt
tho home of Mr. and Mts. Gootgu
Honor, of Gllbctt stteet, by a most
enjojablo lawn party given In honor
of their son Geoige. Dinning was In
dulged In and lunch wns berved.
Man led Miss Hllabeth Keainey, of
Phelps street, to John S. Hagget ty, ot
Leggett stieet. Friday at St. Peter's
cuthedial. A teteptlon was held at
the brides homo following tho coie
mony, nfter which Ml and Mis. Hag
getty left on their hildal tour. They
will visit the Thousand Islands und
other points of Interest.
yesterday nftei noon nt the tesldence of
her parents, Mr. and Mis. Samuel T.
Jones, on Monroe uvonue, after an ill
ness extending over some months. Mrs.
Page was the second daughter of Mi.
and Mts. Jones, and had passed her
thlitleth birthday. She lb survived by
her husband, John B. Page, her daugh
ter, Doiothy, jcais, and it slctor.
Miss Kdlth Jones. She was a joung
woman of unusual chaim of pot tonal
ity and was rately gifted musically.
For some time she was tho sopinno
soloist In tho Second 1'iesb) tertan
chutch, anil tier lovely voice was
familiar to the lending musical circles
of this region. She had tccelved many
advantages and nt one time a hillllnnt
career teemed to await her. Tho un
timely end of a fair und gentle life Is
greatly deplored by a multitude of
ft lends.
Monday Bargains at
Jonas Long's Sons.
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Monday. It is the money-savers' trading place and the
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We invite you to
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Jonas Long's Sons
Her family have been soiely stricken,
as It Is hut a ear ago when wns suf
feied the los-s of the only son of the
house. Mr. Tom Jones, tho young plosl
einn and tine tenor .singer, for whom
uch a futuie was predicted. Tor the
beteft lclatives gieat sympathy Is ex
pressed In thlw affliction. The funeral
of Mil. Page will take plnce Tuesda
afternoon at -'.::0 o'clock fiom the fam
ily lesldence. 3.'ti Montoe avenue. In
terment will be made in Dunmote
JAMKS ("OLnMA.V. aged 75 years, of
1.10 South Van Union nvenue. died sud
denly on Saturday afternoon trom rheu
matism of tho heait. He complained
dining the afternoon of a pain about
his heait, and died almost betoie the
members of the family realized that he
was not well. Mi. Coleman hnd lived in
this city for forty jeais. He a suivlved
by a wlte nnd the following children:
Mis. Hdwnid Sullivan, Mis. Thomas
Oleason. .losle, Nellie, M. J., Daniel and
John. The tuneial villi be held tomor
row mmnlng fiom St. Patrick's i lunch,
and Intel ment will bo made In tho
Uathulial cetneteiy.
Washburn stieet, died Satuiday after
noon, Mr. Caineion was J9 jeais of
ngo and has been a well known and
highly lespcetod lesldent of Hyde
Paik for a number of yeais. He was
a member of the Knights ot the cloN
den Iagle, Haul Html, (It and At my
nnd Odd Fellows. He Is suivlved by
his sorrowing wife and the following
chlldien: Mis. Telser, Mis. SaUmaun
and William, Jake nnd Chester, Jr. The
f uncial will take plate on Tuesday af
ternoon nt ." o'clock fiom St. Mink's
I.uthcian church. Inteiment will bo
made In tho Wnshbuin stteet ceme
teij. SAMl'ni. McMUM.IO.V died veiy
suddenly yesteiday at the homo of his
sister, Mis. M. J. Holland, 215 South
Webster avenue About (If teen months
ngo ho sustained a patalytle sttoke
und has been an Invalid ever since.
Yesterday moinlng he sustained an
other stioke nnd died within tlfteen
minutes. He Is Hiitvived bj two sons,
Thomas and Michael, and one sistei.
Mis. M. J. Holland. The will
ho held Tuesdav moinlng. A tenuletn
mnss will be celebrated In St. Peter's
cathedral and Inteiment will be mmlo
In the Cathedral cemetet y.
417 Hullioad avenue, passed to lur re
ward Sunday after a long and use
ful life She la suivlved by her hus
band and the following daiiglitets-
Maiy, Katie, Maigaiet. The f uncial
will bo held Tuesday moinlng at V
o'clock. Servlre ui the Holy f'toss
thmih, and Inteiment In Cathedial
A.WNIK nrrtKU, daughter of Mt.
and Mrs Pa t re U Hutke, of SOS Kynon
slteot. died yesteiday morning, aged
ten months. The tuneinl will be held
luesday afternoon. Inteiment In the
Cathedial cemcter.
HimmmT r. onioniuhe s-months-
old fc.on of Mr.nnd Mts.J.icoh Oelgor.Ji.,
died Situulny afternoon at 1.30 o'clock
at their lesldence on Cedar avenue,
after a wcek'u Illness with choleia
Infantum. The funeral will tako place
The Cjmiliell's vrc Cumins, Iluiraht Hurrah!
Monday, August 5,
Afternoon and Licninsr, at
The New Armory
Under the au-pltcs of the Caledonian Ulub.
iicond Olfklal Concert Tour of
"The Kilties"
1lh lliclilandiiii. Toronto.
Cinidi's CiacK Military Hind in muirUn,
Ii, tlmir, H iIitkom ami unite
the Uiilemhlii of VIr .li hn "-latter Appear In'
In lull kiltiil ic.iiiHiit.iN 11) .iiilliorll.c ol tlv
Dniniiiini covritiiiuni mil ) Mini pecUl per
tniminn of l olonol Ml donald and ofilcers cm
n imllng the IMh' rcelnicnt,
II is tiralid .1 fun i ot cntliusi.iMti In a hun
dred vnuritaii Itic-..
1'ltlt is vfttirinnn, 23 and 50 cents! eieninj,
50o , 7Jt. and 1 J.
General Ajcnt for the Wjomirs District (jr
Dupont's Powder
Mining, Illattln?, Ppainnz, solelcsii and thl
Hcpauno Ihernical (ompjnj a
Safety Fuse, Cap and 1 vplodeii Itoom 101 Cou
ncil lluildin.- .suanton.
TMOS tonil Pit'Jlon
JOHN' n -Ml J tl sO.V I'lj mouth
W. i: MLILIGW WllkeaBarrs
xw voti: th r. .. m i:. . .
lb.UlrlMt, la. Only l.roia Nfintl.t In
Anrrir. luiu-lr it turt lo bj ukll 1 rll
IHtrkM-. I ltrr. Abut, IIIuihI 1 oUon, Nfr
filling), Cndftiloumnit Si hhrunkrN Orin.
rfi tiMi rnrru i Is Kl n
, um rnrriJ lo HI .!. ST. yr prif HpI O fM
,miiiiiiai rtunninr mi !; ,...-,,-. ,
Inriliis ...rj WfJlHl 1 lnlrlnirnil. . llil. pf .
I,..nllll a .. UXA ! 1. m allll filP IKMtS "trill 111,
thlF nftei noon at J o'clock. Inteiment
will he made In tin' Tucntlcth vvutrt
cemetery. The will he ptlv ate.
ANTHONY M.UlTli:, of Tnvlor died
yesteiday moinliifr at the Moses Taylor
hoHpltnl. nfter a hhoit lllncm of jmeu
monla. He was ".' cat of age. and
woiked In the Taj lor mines.
The "f Hi" 1 itr .lotemiah
Hlniinniii vvlll take ldate on Tuesday
fiom the homo of his ulster. .Mrs. Dut
den, of lion Sweiland Htreet. Inter
ment will he made In Waahhiun street
cemetery. II" Is survived hy tho fol
loulnc slstois and hrothers: Mis.
ThomiiB nurclen, Mrs. Thnmns Price,
Thomu3 uud Udwnid Hlnunons.