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Chairmen of tho Various Grievance
Committees Had an Interview Yes
terday with Superintendent Clarke
with Roforence to the Trouble of
the Telegraphoru Delaware and
Hudson Has Placod o Large Ordor
for Locomotives Make-up of the
D., L. & W. Board for Today.
The clinlimr-n or tin rosnecthe Rilcv
inco committees of tlioliiotliciliooeNnn
the iJolnwnio, l.uekiiivunim niul W'rst
rrn toad, who went t" IlobnUrn. Tuos
,1ay nt noon, to see Onoral Supeiln
Undent Clarke lOK.udlnK tho trlPRra
phors' ciipvanccs. t plumed rstctdny
inoinlns, after having bad u eiy ..U
Isfactory Intetvlenv.
Tlicy lepiesented to Mr. Clinkc that
llio tclPRrnphciH weie? nimplalnliiR they
rould not get a heating and petitioned
them to Intercede for them, with the
lr-w of nrranRlng for tlic-tn to be henid.
Supeilnlcndent C'luaUc- nnMiri'd hit
:illpl thnt he had not denied the teleR
tftplicrs n hcniltiR nnd never ipfiiied to
meet with nny i-citiiiiilttee of employe".
The telcernpbeiH' rominlltep ciiiiio to
him, he said, while hi- vn busied In
ilcullnR with the ni.uliiiiissts nnu cat
builder!' fittlUes and he told thorn he
would not be In n position to r!p due
attention to nny fun her commltteeH
until the existing Mi Ike trouble wpio
nff liN hand"".
lie had Intended nil iiIoiir to tnke up
the teleRrapheiM' omplalnte, Just an
soon hi he eould reach tlicni. and that
Intention, ho wild, still ptevalN with
him. It lilt's been his policy, as
a superintendent, be e-.ilil. to Rive full
innoldoratlnii to any and ceiy com
plaint bis men nilRht Ia. befoic him,
and ho does not, ho said, Intend to
dclutr fioni tliat pollc-v In the piesent
rno. He fuitlipr nmie-il the leder
ntion lopic-Piitiiliics that the IpIpit
lnphPrs' tommitlee would be Kinnted
nn Intel view at the dullest oppoi lim
it y.
When the fedei.illnn bail men ih
tinned and lepoiied thl to the telej;
raphers' leprc.-pnliitlve-e, It wiih derided
to leave evei.vlliliiK In the liandn of the
Reneial commit Ipp of the l.,u-kniv.iiiim
telcRinphets Vlcc-f'ipoldenl
T M. Plen-nn will leave toda.v loi an
other point, and National I'lP-deleiit M.
M. Dolphin, v bfi ' in New Vend,
bound hllbei. will not c nine.
Locomotives for D & H.
OicIpih have been plai ed b the Dcl
awate and Hudson lomp.iny foi 4!
moid right-wheeled lommotlves, to
take the place of the M-w beeleis now
lti set vice. The ouleis for these Itn o
motlves have been divided between the
Dlckfcnn Locomotive vvotks of Scihii
ton, I1.!.; the Schenectndv I.oconiollve
works, and the Hiooks l.of oinotlv"
winks, of Dunklik. The sl-wlieeleis
will be disposed of ll iislnn the
elght-whecleis it Is s.ilil that fuel will
be saved, and .il-ei that It will do
away with one man In em h new.
The company has Just tinned out
of Its shop at Ciieen Inland a new loi o
mntivp which is known as Nn. C.S. To
the men geneially It Is known
as a pllol valve (ulin-burnlng engine
weighing MO tons, ami the latget en
gine ill use on the 1) & II. The pwtul
valve is a new dejiartuio and vv.c
built tinder the illiectlon of Master
McMianlc A. J. Huckanan, Jr . of One
nnla. No. IIS, when she W "smoothed
down" ft Utile, will be ued on the
Saratoga limited, the f!iu"-t tialn of
the D. & 11. f-j stem between Oneonta
and H.u.ctog.i.
The now locomotive will c.urv "00
pounds of steam to the iuaip Inch.
It is blghcr than any engine In ue
by tho company, and If the epeil
ment proves a suci e, ntheis of the
sanm typo will be built at once. The
(moke-stack of the engine" Is hut a
foot In height so huge is the boiler.
Blowing of Whistles
The different propiletors uf the
hotels at 'Water Gap complain that tlwi
puests at their bouses me veiy miiib
Hiinojcd by the loud whittling of
l.ackftwanna engines t and near
Water Oap.
Supcilnteuilent Klne has lsued an
aider to the effect that the uo of
whistles must bo l educed to ai tu.U
aecet-slllcs of the hoivko. llelpei and
pusher engines that aie i-ont mil fioni
StlnlldshuiR to Water (lap to assist
manifest or oihei tialns will not
tvhistle lelease bi.ikes, hand signal be
ng given instead.
Want Men Bo-instated.
The stilke of the dilveis and gate
Irndoi.s nt Muua.v s mine imnmoic.
Dr. Tierce's Faionte l'reicnption and
Krseverance in its use will work won
lers for the most hopeless woman. If
Mrs. Newton, whoe letter is given
elow, had not persisted in its ue, she
night never have know n the happiness
f perfect health. IVihnps the reason
lor ner persistence was because she used
Favorite Prescription " as a "last re
ort." Thysicians had failed. If" Favor
te Prescription" could not help there
?as nothing to hope for It did help. It
llways helps and almost always cures,
it establishes regularity, dries weaken
ing drains, heals inflammation and ulcer
ation and cures female weakness, It
Imparts strength and elasticity to the
organs of maternity mid makes the
baby's advent practically painless.
"When I consulted you In April, 1699, I waa
In poor health," writes Mra K. H. Newton of
Vanburen, Aroottook Co,. Maine, "Had been
ick all winter, ud. to add to lay trouble as
on the road to maternity, which the doctor aaid
would end my dsyt, I waa almoat Ulicouraged ;
did not expct any htlp, but thought the end
wii only a matter of time, and oh I my two
poor, little; motherleaa children.
It waa in this condition that I began the ue
f your valuable medicine. On receipt of your
letter of April 6th my hnaband purchaaed sli
boltlaa of 'Favorite Fictcriptlon'and T.olden
Medical Dlacovery.' and I uaed it aa you
directed. When yon wrote me worda of en.
couraeement on April a;tb I had received no
benefit from the medicine, bat determined as a
laet retort to give it a fair trial. I am now tak
ing; the thirteenth and Wet bottle. I have a
lovely baby girl three week old, that weighed
"K pounda at birth. My baby and I are enjoy
ing perfect health, thanks to your wonderful
medicine, to which I believe I owe my life."
. Dr, Pierce'i Pellets stimulate the Hver,
i:k rjii
To Hay Fever Sufferers.
Sufferers fioni hay fever nnd sum
mer cntarrh will be Interested to leatn
thnt tlieie Is n new, simple Inexpensive
but effective home treatment for this
obstlntitc anil bnniltiR disease, and
that n little booklet fully descrlblnK
tho tieatment will bo mailed fiee to
anyone by addressing the I- A. Stuart
Co., Marshall, Mich,
Doubtless this statement of n cure
nnd positive pieventatlve of bay fever
will be received with skepticism by the
thousands who have found the only ie
llef every year was n. channe of climate
during the summer months.
Hut whether skeptical or not It will
cost nothing1 to investigate this new
treatment. Simply ,end name und nil
diess on a, postal card to I A. Stuart
Co., Marshall, Mich., for the booklet
which besides describing the tieatment
contains a concise tieallse on the muse
and character of this peculiar disease.
Is still in progress, The men demand
the leliiHtntenient of two of their num
ber who were discharged. They me
IMvvnid Malay nnd John Kellly, both
employed as dilveis.
Tho owners have refused to take
them back, nnd as a lesult the mine
Is still Idle.
D., L. & W. Board for Today.
Following Is the make-up of the 1).,
1 & V. board for today:
Scranton, l'a , July -'
wi.dsi.sdav, .11 I.V 51.
Wild Oats KatS p. in, J. Hii-h
m. , llonr, with II. Uillnun'ii new.
10 p.
ninwnv, .lfi.v sv
Wild fits I ast 12S0 a. m., .1 I Mnrt.ii. with
I', CievaniUKh new; .1 n in, .1. HiiiMitrl; 6
tn, . II. Itortci b n in, 1'. Cmp. llli
A 0. llammltl's new: 11) a. m , 1 .in Hor
nier; II a m , II. Coder, vviih II. Pohoity'iv
errn; 1 p. tn, O W. l'llrccrild; 2 p. til . 1.
llallelt; h p in., William Luhv.
Summit. III. -f a. in, rjst, I Cauiitg. 8
a in, west, i rronnlelkrr; I, p. in , I'
MrlKiiinrll. S p. in, rnt, W II. MilmU;
T p tn. Caiufi, VkLane. 7 p. in, l.mmj,
'llionii-oiii 7 p. in. Sj' ,ng, 11 Ml MINIit
Pii-lier-1! a in , Homer, 10 a in , s ,r.
rertj , 11. V) .m , Mnnn: 7 p. m , Mmpln ;
1) p in, lniplnti in p in. A iilnei
Paiaencr nginf 5 7 a in , (laflnev; 7 a. m ,
uiKtT, 1U a. in , Secor, o Ml p m , M.inlnn,
7 p in . Nauuian.
Wild UK Vel-r, a m, O ItJinlolpli: 10
a. m , I (IjlML'Tn; II a m . 1". Wall, 'J p in ,
II Cjtnr, I p m , O ( a-; rt p in, VI
0U n
lli.ikeman I Pliilbin repoita fer I'avamiieli
HiiWmin Kieil Andrens will go out wnli
MihoN, r, , m, .lulv Jl, .unl until (iiiinrr
l nnrlm lfi T Donlicin anl new will so to
ILilUlfnl on u ? I'llilat, .lull .'A.
This and Thnt.
Wmk will be lesumeil In a few da.vs
on tile tinlley line between I. Histoid
and MdiKh Chunk. When it Is com
pleted, together with the extension
now In piogiess to Pollsvllle, there
will be trolley communication between
I'ollsv Hie and llaston.
.1 II. Oilcan, of the III in of Ciawfoid
.v.- Pugau. snipping (ontiaitois of
llnxleton. will leave the latter pint of
Ibis or eaily next week for Tien Tsln,
China, wheie he will manage a i
mine fur the Chinese Mining and Kn
glneeiliig eonipauy of the above cltv.
Tin- lade lompany Is to build n new
anl at Klmdale, Just lie.vnnd "U'lmnieis
summit The woik will be under the
ihaige of Itoadmastei Hood, and will
be i oinmf need at once. The yaid will
be u-ed as the pilmlpal station for
making up the coal tialns.
Mi. and Mis M II. Coon spent sovoi
al das with fileuds in ('aibondale and
leuuned home on Monday afternoon
Mls Maine Htitlingamc of Vti.
Hi'innton spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mis. J. U. Ajlsworth.
Mr. and Mi. Kbeneer Wllllnnis of
West Scianton visited lehillves bete on
Sunday Iiim
Mr. and Mis. I 1,. Plillllps nnd on
Thomas ret tuned on .louda fmin a
visit to New York city.
Mr. Andiew J Slngei is ft 111 a iheu
inntlp suffeier.
Seveinl of our town people are anti
cipating an enjoyable trlptotliefamoiis
Hiuvey's Lake, on Friday next with
the stiond district Odd Follows, at the
low i ate of seventy-live centfi the lound
ti IP fiom Seianton, via the U. & II.
lalltoad, July the I'fi. Tltkels foi tlie
ttlp ate on sale at the postolllce by
W. S. Fence
Mis. Claik of Seianton visited at
the home of her btother Ml. .1. A.vl.s
worth over Sunday last.
Miss Hattle M. Mead letuined on
Tuesday evening last fiom a visit
among lelatlves in Duumme.
Mi. anil Mis Walter I,. Matthews
enteitnlned theli friends, Mr. nnd
Mis. T, F. Penman over Sunday last.
Jlls-s Stell.i l.evan lr;ics tcnlny for
l.itKe Caicy, wheio sho will niciul 11
wc'pk at Mi. J. M. P.obertson's, cot
tppc. Mi. ami Mi.-. (Ichiro. Jopllni; arn
isltiiiK nt Stufforcls'.
Mis. .loepll Stlllmati haw tetunied
In her homo In I'lillnclPlpliln.
Mis. AV. (1. Hiohii Ih 111 with the
MtM. Anion Mm sland nnd chlldicu,
of I'ot pc t city, in e vIs-ltliiK tho foi -iiipi-'n
mother, Mis. Wplr, of South
Main MtPPt.
Mr. Wllllnm ll.inks, of AllechPiiy,
Pit, Ih lsltinp Ills slstor. Mis. Churli'H
UioclhPiUl, of Noith Main sltePt.
Tho Odd KpIIohs I'XcuisUni will lp
iiiii to lluiipy's l.nkp Kildav, .Inly '.'n.
Tho train will leap the OPl.iwatP and
Hudson clopot nt 7 ITi n. in. Tickets,
l' 1 PlltS unci M CPIltH.
Mi. Jameson and daughter A 11pp. cif
SiisquPhiinn.1, spent last week with
Mih. DI x.
TIip Mooc I'oimIpi' foinpany pay
the employ's todity.
Mih. ciaience Fo.siet, of llonesUalc,
Is WMIIiik lit 1 p.ucnlH, Mr. and Mis.
J D. Miison, of Hancleison avpiiup.
Miss Jienr Atheiton, of t'apousp hvp
nup, Is spending the summer ut the
Atheiion homestpaii, near (ilenhuin.
Mis. Mary Chinch, of (ipousc ave
nue, is spending the Hummer on her
i'uim in Scott.
'j'IiIh evenlnc the choir of the Ciieen
Itldse ltaptlst chin ch will hold an ice
pteam bopIhI on the lawn nt the rear of
the llaptlst paisonaRe. The pioeeedH of
this social will go touaid tin; building
fund of the chinch, This Is an oppor
tunity for all filcmls of the choli to
show appreciation of their faithful and
efficient service, and It Is hoped Unit
the affair may be Iitrfrely patronized.
Mrs, Townsend Poorennd Miss J'ooie,
of Capouse avenue, aie at Montioso.
Mlsa Annie I.oscy, of tho Correspond
ence school), la at the Pan-American.
(Concluded tiom Paie I 1
T, J. Stevvntt, Colonel Kschelinali,
Judge advocate; Colonel K. II. Hippie,
assistant ndjutnnt gcncinl; Colonel
Frank Sweeney. Inspector of tide
prnctlce; Colonel Srhcldon Potts, Colo
nel Trexler, Colonel Taylor, Colonel
Heynolds, Colonel Oeotge llnllstcnd,
Colonel T. J. Kccnan, Colonel Muekle,
of tho navy.
Tuesday was ihp waiimst day of the
encampment, fiom early morning until
evening the sun binning with a lelent
less ferocity which pioved most Ilk
some to the soldier hoys drilling out In
the open. Nevertheless, the men bore
the bent icmarkably well, nnd theie
vveie very few cases of piostratlon. The
drilling for Thursday, which will be
the most and, for that matter, the only
lmpnitnnt day of the encampment, con
llnues, nnd Colonel Wattes Is Inde
fatigable In his effoits to have bis men
thoroughly trained, and the Thlitccnlh
Is out In the Held, hnid at work, fie-
ciiiently when tho men of the other
commands nie IoIIIiir nboiit their tents
In ease nnd coinfoi t.
The Inspection will be held Thuisday
morning by leglments, and Colonel
Wanes' men will have their turn, from
9 o'clock until 11 o'clock In the mottl
ing, (ioveinor Stone, Major
Chailcs Miller, commander of the Na
tional (lutud of Pennsylvania, Adju
tant Oenetal Thomas Stewait and the
staffs of the governor and General Mil
lei are expected to nirlve heie some
time tomotiow; and In case the gover
nor artlves dining the morning, there
will piobnbl.v be n review ill tho after
noon, Bttttallon Drill.
After guai d mount Tuesday morning,
a battalion drill was held, In which
ninny of the same tactics weie em-
plo.ved as In Monday's bilgade drill, the
companies fotmlng for attack, extend
ing their lines, and going thiough the
Rerei al manoeuvre of n sham battle.
The Govetnoi's tioop, clrlllliiR In the
Held at the sjnie time, also had a dinm
light, tiling many cllehniges of blanks.
At 2 o'clock Tuesday theie was a
legliueutal 1 1 111. and nt fiM o'clock the
men weie man lied out upon the Held
for biisade chess p.uadc. It was piettj
wnim nt this jiinitine and, moreover,
the dust was far thicker than dining
any c i III thus fai, and caused the bo.vs
to think legietfully of lat veal's tei-
ilble dust, which made thing as hazy
that evet.v thing appealed enveloped In
a continual cloud of dust.
During Tuesdny morning's battalion
di III. Major Faiciuhnr leported to Ad
jutant Atheiton thnt theie was a dis
turbance nt the Ml. Gietnn nillway
station niul thnt a niimbei of Seianton
soldleis, who had pal taken too fioely
of the wine which Is led. weie the
cause of It The guaul wan oideicd
out, but on anlvlng at the station
found, of course, that the Seianton boys
weie guiltless, and the only cllstuibers
weie u ciowd of dene, wicked boys
fiom the Ninth, of Wilkes-H.irre
Colonel Watres took a trip Ihiough
the camp, Tuesday morning, on a
speakeasy cillsading expedition, and
when he had completed his iciunds the
men In seveial companies weie bewail
ing the fact that they will have no
mote oppoi tunltles thla camp of de
molishing any liquid lefteshment.s, In
their company slieets. In one Instant c
toe compan.v cnnimaiider was seveiely
I clinked by the colonel.
Wanted an Injunction.
An amusing Instance in connection
with the matter was the action of nn
Indignant coiporal In who visited the
tents of both Battalion Adjutants Itloh
anl .1. Rouike and David J. Davis and
anxiously liniuliccl of ho could not get
out an injunction tn I est lain the col
onel fiom intei fei lug with the comfoit
Ing liquor traffic
The llflo team bad its tlist piacllce of
the encampment during Tuesday atler
nonn at the lauge. Theie aie 100, 200,
HOC, (00, r,0n and 000 ard ranges, and a
huge amount of vei clever shooting
was done. Seveial men qualified as
niaiksmen. and evetv da will now wit
ness woik at the lange. Theie Is talk
of a general dilll tomorrow morning of
the hospital enips of the bilgade, pre
paratoiy to Thursday's Inspection. It
will be held In fiont of brlgadp head
quaileis. Captain Illgelow, of Com
pany , Uonet.cljle, was today's cap
tain of the dav, and Lieutenant dem
ons, of Company 1, of Knston, was ofll-
i er nf the guatd Dining tho day the
news nt lived of the death of Dennis
llnitnott. of Company H, a member of
the band. Ills brother, .lames, left for
Seianton immediately to attend the
funeral, nnd the band oicleied lloweis.
The dead musician was veiy popular
and his death Is slnceiely mourned.
The tnatot of the Ninth icRiment 1 ono ol
tlie 1110-1 Hiked of 14 well 1, without ipie.tiun.
Hie niot diinlnutie fisuies ilinut the rrcamp
ment He l "Cnloiiel" .lolin lljilon, .1 tin,
.coiuii; neirio, who wean a Mjlt of klul,i and
rih a Inc.icle whhh h aa en. nil aa he l Ihe
little fellow appealed i iNnron ihirlni; the
winter u cue of the spec nil) featuiea 01 a n
pertoue coinian npi'Mrmir at the Acad, inv of
Miimi lie Ii 11 quiet, plcatuit little frlluw, and
in idiillrrd 1.) Ihe men of ( 0I01 el Duiisheit) 4
k illant coiiini ind
(Viiip.1111 H of tho Ihiitcrnth ln one dl-liiiu-iil-hliiir
fratuie alnut iU imifolin, and tint
U tlni Biac of iieil.nejr woui. Kcrv man in
ipliin l'ooti'' iiiiiiiuind wears a neat black
fniii in-hand iraat. the coinjnnv qiiarterma-ter
niltiMnt niikln.- special aiunsenunia lor this
leforc lcaln; the 11I;
I i 11 fleltl jlicls U net injj In Ihe (jnullj of
nnleil) tn ( iptaln lliilf. of ( oinpili) II.
Illi hard Ihomm ami lohn nrn. of Company
V, are riijuilne i.mip iinnienielc llnth of them
are e cnlmiteera, haMiiir enli.tnl when the rail
wa nude lor nifn at tin lime war waa dr
ilaied with s'.m .I11I111 l atudtiiik" at llurk
11. II and will tleie Dili fall
1. 1.11 Mlllii, of the ho.pital coip, 1 Keneully
ail.tmw If iliied lo ho a ino.t faithful and cniiwt
etitiou woikir He erid in Ihe aime lap.n'lli
iliuliiK Ihe war, at the dilteunt camps at which
Ihe lluiieiiilli teiiiiuiiil weie quiilered, and
heini; i.iupitlirll In lutuie, ic well flitted fur
tin pUie he oiLiipiix,
In the alinin-e of Cafitain I'oote, who waa at
Sianlon, alten-lins the of Hi
(.eori-e nhnchard, I'lul I leutrnant IVia Hippie
i in chaicc- ol Ihe couip.itic.
Plicate llijrlii (Iiieiron, of Couipiny h, aitul
04 headiiu.iilcii oidril) lulu
llaiteic C, ol Ihe aitillci), conit ot a ery
t-eaionid jg'.-rciraticii of old lliniii, Ol the at-enti-Mien
men in Ihe Inlter) about fltly haco
meed In lite Philippine, tee
Color (.mid 1'uiik llajinond, of Company I
lal nliiht floured aa the center of a unique t-pec-1
ji lo numbei of men choen fiom tarlncia
companiea wnc- carbrd a liidluun, and while
Ihuer's lunil plitcd .1 dull dhuc, llaimond was
Hid In a Make and prepirallom made for burning
him allte. lta)inonil Ii.k -ll.n ne.nel i l cl
deal of amusement In I freak tntkriip, which
raiuo him tn beai a d"i hlnl leteiuhliinee to 'I'uin
Seahionke In the ' Iloundna "
Seiiceant Major John M IMnauli enlcilaltiej
Ulianon cnmpanv lait nUIn
llauer'a luinl k'ace a pl-ndnl conceit latt
nlitlu in Ihe Imiiv Men'. I urlsilan icnelallnn
tent, whlih wni enjn)ed by a gieat audleme
M, IMI, I'.useno U Infield, Tied H. Kccne
and .laiuei llroik hate been pljird on Hie ex
hibition uad for the ho.pllal i-oipc by Major
Corporal John Cumuli and Cuipuial Col-
Depends for Its
on Its absolute PURITY, Its de.
Ilclous FLAVOR, and Its great
ECONOMY. Give it a trial.
Ceylon Tea
fluid nly In I.d rekl.
50c, 60c. and 70c. Per Lb.
(in, of Company I', represent that comrnaml nn
tho rcgiinfiilil 'Iflo team.
explain t.ViiiRr llii, of C.impir.c , ac
cciiupiniwl tlii" iltl" tram to llic ransc lodav.
ViRcant .locpli Clcarv, of Company I). U lit
Scranton after uttagglcrs wh have not jet
Joined the regiment.
Corponl rdnaril Woodard ami Trivile T1in.
Ihleton, ol Ccinpany Ii. whoso linn- o( tnllt
ment I now lip, luce telt the leslment.
Comp.inv I ' men are cll'planns wilu Rieat
rnjocinenl a -.nap liol lalen In- a meinlier '
Iho compiny at Ciplaln Ilanli, howlnK the v.t
eian captain of Ch' ';hlii' liattatiMii In a t lie u(
dMialillle, hrfore rellrmit for the night
I'rliale Thonisa, of Compnc K. hac lieep wan
derlnc ibont Ihe camp in a nnndeiliil makeup.
lilen ha aroused unlieinl tnmnient white
iar ami clown milt are component cl II
Clarence nilmore, of Ccnipitiv K, I. cenerallv
roin riled to he one of ilie lirst compinc cleika
in (he ie(;inient
The wife and son of Captain lloin. of Company
I. if Kuton. an Mitoit at M lent todic.
I'rlcate l.euli, of tompany I, na found iin
rntmliim Indie while doing cuard ilutc Hut waa the raue
1'ih.ile .liictn. of Conipmv I. la itljinmc Iho
lepututlon (or hmivlf of lielnir tin cloei,t
mat In Ihe at ecadlnj all li!. in
coHinsf an putirulir woik He la on the me
lent detail. I P " f.olun iml tift ilmed eler
dac with Colonil 1 lunent, ( the Fourth reel
mint. Pereeant I!ilili (Iiejon- and Coiporal Tiank
Collin, of I), rre in I elmnon lodai
- I eon I evj.
Miss Annie M. Me ("aim, iliuiRhlor of
Captain and Mis. P. II. McCann. of
Hill sttoet. nnd Thomas Mullen, of Jei
sup. wpip united in niiuil.ipo In St.
Patrick's ehiiifh yesterday niotnlng nt
10 o'clock. Ilev. V J. Mutphy. the jia
tor, pet formed the ceiemony, which
was witnessed hv many filendi of the
younir couple. The lirlde was attended
hv her sister. Miss Agncss Mcl'ann.
flolh were lipooinincly attired. James
Fannins: acteel as Rioomsmnn. After
thp ceipmony .1 wedding hteakfast was
solved at the hilde's home to the lela
tlies and immedlnle friend of thp eon
tt acting p.ittlP. Mr. nnd Mrs. .Mullen
left on the noon train for Huffalo to
spond their hone) moon nt the Pan
Amet lean exposition. Both have a latge
plicle of ft lends, who unite In wishing
them a happy wedded life
The employes of No. " and lMdy
Cteek collleiles will be paid toda.
The memheis of Km oka rommancl
er), Knights of Malta, will hold a lawn
social nt the lesldence of Alexander
l'rew, Ji. on .Tad win stieet, Rl.ikely, to
motiow evening. All aie cordially In
vited to nttend.
An nnnlvcrsaiy ipqtiiem mass was
relebt.ited In St. Patrick' chinch yes
terday morning for the late Mis. J. Y.
MKs Mnrj Dougher, of Wilkes-Hane,
Is Hpendlug the week III town
Mrs. AV .1 Hauls, of Pi evidence. Is
visiting at the teslclence of Dr. V. W.
Jenkins, on Lackawanna stieet.
Miss IMIth Kviins spent jesteiday
with Wedt Seianton friends.
Mi". Mary McAndtew. of Dunuime
stieet, died last evening' nt 7 o'clock,
after a llngeilng Illness. She K sin
vlved by the following sons nnd daugh
ters: Mt. William lillibons. Mis. Kd
ward l.oftus and Mai tin McAndraw, of
Ol pliant, anil W. .T. McAndrew, of
Seianton. The funetnl will ho held Fil
day motnliiR at D o'clock A ipqtileni
muss will lie telotnated In St. Palrlek's
chin eh. mid Interment will be made In
St. Patrick's cemeteiy.
Mr. nnd Mi. Sheinmu and daiiRhtcr
May. npent Sunday lu Seianton.
Miss Ruth Finn, of Klmhuist, Is the
Kiiest nf her cousin Mls Mary DePeu.
Mr. nnd Mt lhlinil, of Seianton,
spent Sunday with the formers paients.
Mr. and Mis. P.. H. Kihnit.
The Misses Carrie nnd Blanche Lan
caster, of Scranton, aie vlslllnir friends
In town.
Mr. and Ml". Joseph Phiiltz, nnd
child! en of Peckvllle, were vlltois heie
The Self Denial flub, will hold a
social In Rallioad Pail; next Fiitlny
evening, to which all nie Invited. Ice
cieam and cake will be served.
Mls Saia Decker, enteitnlned Mis.
Hen Sherman and Mrs. Kdwaid Maim,
or Scranton. Suturdny nnd Sunda).
MIsh Daisy Waidell Is vl'ltlnp fi lends
In iatnwlsn.
Mis. William Ttnffeity. and chlldien
of Seianton nie visiting filends heie.
Mi. and .Mis. Tuinei. of Diooklyn. .V.
N aie vlslllnir the latteis sister, Mlt-s
Sue Pyle,
Miss Anna Wlntersteln of Sci anion
spent Sunday with her fllend Miss Kll.i
Miss Helen Williams letuined hume
no Monday after two weeks visit with
tiieiids at ftocknwny nnd Yonkeis.
Mis. Cora Olds nnd Miss Inez Olds
of Knctoryillle are visiting fi lends
Mrs. Will Kay nnd son, Forest, of
Sci Hilton, aie visiting the foiniei's sis
ter, Mis. I.. W. IMitrlrtfie.
hike it .shock came the news of the
death of Mis. U. G, Schooiiinuker, who
h n n h H't h h n h n h hk
Hayes & Varley,
424-126 Spruce St., Between Washington and Wyoming
Wash Goods Specials
That have been so very
ftf iirAftlr tifA rrnrft irrilr At irk1tit
wlcaji ww navv auiu uupnuaicu auu uau iwi uu nuvu
any amount of them today, but can't say hqw long they
f are going to last.
f SWISS -White grounds with black woven dots.
J BATISTE White grounds with black dots and
if stripes.
Jf DIMITIES White and
effects, dots and stripes.
LAWNS In yellow, tan, grey, black and white
5 grounds with Foulard designs.
This will be the last shipment of these goods, so if
you wish to secure a dress
Price 1 22 Cents.
Solawnro nnd Hudson.
In r.flcct June P. 1001.
Tnln (or luloi'ill! lrace .Vranlnn at fl."tv
BOO ! MM. 10!" '" 12:00' -"' 2i. -1-'".
Voi l'. . " " Polnt',-0!,'i' 0:33 m , 2:1S,
i.-7 and 11 :C0 p. in.
T'or l,enn)anU " " PoInt-l!l5. 0 .$, 2;S,
0..1 an,l I;JT I'. i
'for Alb my and all points north 0:20 a. m.
.. .-T(l n m
Tor Catbondale-s.60, 11:3J a. m , 2:11, 3 5.',
f, 5 and 10.1.! p "'
Kor Wilke Ham 'J 33 m 12. at, 1 33, 3:2,
6.32 and 8:12 p. m
for Albanv nnd point north -1.53 p m
Tor lloiedale and Lake- I.odoteS ji), 11.33
a 111. and 3.S2 p. m
Centrnl Enllrond of New Jersey.
Station' in New York foot of Libert) street,
N It . and south rcri)
llMi: TMH.I'. IN H1TCT .IfNP 'J). 1001
Tralna leate Seranlon for New link, Newirk,
I'liribetli, Philadelphia. Luton, Delhlehem, M
lentown, Mauth (bunk and White llacen, at S 1
' , . ruir-v. 1 10, ciprew, I W p. m. Sun
data. 2 13 P- rn.
Kor I'lttnon and Wilkes Rarre, S ", a m ; 1.10
ami 100 l. '" SundajN 2 11 p. in
Tor Ilaltinime and W.-uhlnulou and points
South and Meal ' Helhlelinn, 8. A a. m., 1.10
and 100 p. m. sundao, 2 I p. 111.
Koi lions Ilranch, Ocean (lime, etc, at SJi
11 m. (throiish eoaeh) and 1.1(1 p. 111.
Tor He.idlne, Lebanon and llatrldiurg, h M
lentown, 8 3 .' a. in. and l.lcl p. in. Minda)a,
2 11 11. m.
Tor PntUtille, 8 31 .1 m., 1 10 p m.
Tor Mountain l'alk, S 35 a. in, I 10 and I (VI
ThioiiRh ticketa to all points eat, south and
weal at lowest rates at the nation.
c. m. ni'itr. oni. rw. i.
j. ii. oi.nvrsrv cim. supt
Eiie Railroad, Wyoming Division.
Trains fer Ihwli-y and inteiineilialo point" lei
Suanlon as follows No 2, 7 1(1 .1 ni ; .No. I,
S.irt a m : V. '. '- ' 1' "' n "- ' 20 p. 111.
o'. 2 and r throusli trains lor Nen ork
Arrival So 1 s Is a 111 , So 3, in::o a in ;
Vo 5, .'! 1" p m . Nn- 'i l' 1 P ' Tialns ua.
I and7 are throned trains trnni New ork.
M'Mlll IlIMN"-.
Ilepailures-Nn 20. a 111 i No 2:. 2 p in.
Arrivals So. 21, li 15 p in , No 21, S lip,
p. m.
died Tuesday nioinlnpr nt "Oak Ter
race," nftei a llngei Iiik Illness. .Mr.
Schnoniiiakor has the s.mpathy of the
entlte community In his heieaveiment.
Fifty-two chlldien lepiesented the n
vl'atlon of Ml-s Hesslo Rue kinghatn
lo picnic In Wagner's oiehaid last
Thuisday. The day was peifeet, and
will be long lemembeied by the little
ones-, swings and hammocks and games
affoided much pleasute and nt noon a
tepnst was served b) the Hostess as
sisted by coi ps of willing helpeis con
sisting of Miss Klla AVagner, Nettle
Klpp, Jennie Tillile and Small Hahn.
nt four o'lloek just before the ciowd
ellspei.ed Mr. H. H. Kip)) nirlved with
his camei.i and took n liletuie of the
Miss Nellie nnd Julia Fiiintz of
Wilkcs-Ilario have letuined to tlielr
home nfter a lst with their cousin
Mls- I.I7.7.I0 Frantz.
Mr. P.alph Shields of New Mllfoiil
lsiled his filend Miss Mlldied Shoe
maker on Monday.
Mr. William Stleff and family have
moved to Scranton.
Mr. nnd Mrs, Schenek of Buffalo ate
visiting at the home of Mr. William
Bpeclal to the Scranton TrPuine.
Hnphottom, July -4. MasteV Clint les
Wninei lsltcd at his giandtatliei's
Alonzo Hell, lecently nnd ictiirneil to
Seianton on Sunday acccmipanled by
his little Inother, Paul.
Mr. Ilussel Phillips spent Siindav
with his family at the home of his
wife's father. Mr. Kugeiio Wilght.
Mis. Thuiiuaii Hell who has been
lsltlng nt hot biothet's Mr. Chailcs
Kelluni, letuineel on Satiinlay to liet
homo in Blngh.imton.
Mr. John Tllfany spent Sumlay with
his wife who Is ery ill at Montrose.
He lepoils a slight Impieneinent In her
condition on Moiiila).
hetoy C.iipeutel and wife fiom P.lng
hamton aie spending a few da).s 011
their fa tin near thl place.
Mrs. Oeoige Coiey who has lieen
visiting nt the home ot N. M. Finn
will 1 etui n to her home In AVIIke-Haiie
on Monday.
Mrs. Chillies Uuuh.U' of lltookl.Mi, N.
Y. visited at the home of Mis. O D,
lloliett.s Inst week on her way to Mont
1 ose.
Mis. Paul He.mlsley and daughter
have Just letuined from t'lceio, N. Y..
the home or Mis. lienidsle)'s paients.
(i W. Simpler Is selling new potatoes
from hi Bin den.
Phlneus Philips, luotliet- of I!. 1).
Philips of this place died at the hospital
In Si-ranton, Mcnidny evening, fmm
seilous wounds iccelveil In a wieck u
few ilajs ago.
Viennese Shoeinakera Object to Open
ing of Yankeo Shoe House,
Py F.aeliuite Wire from Die Aioelated Press.
Vienna, July '.'I. At n hugely nt
tended meeting lirut today ol Viennese
shcicniakeis, u most delei mined ptotest
was lodged against tho piojeeted cs
tabllshmi'iit of an Ameihau Hhoo house
In Vienna, nnd tho meeting lesolvcel to
send a deputation to the nil ills let of
coiiimeicn and to the piovlucial gov
ernment, begging them to Into diet
Ameilcitn houses fiom cmliaiklng In
the idioo business In this counliy.
20 b.-O. " v'1". "" i '. .. in
l-o'i llonesdalc and I.iVt 1-odore, 0 20, 10.13 .
ii .i .121 n. in.
V:or"iUenarrc-l:IG, 7 1, 8.11, o-.SH, 10.11
. m. li.01 VI. 2iH. 3:-W. 'X. 6:10. 7M,
. h t n n h t n n n t n h e tn
scarce during the past few
aA rA fin Inf tfnii hitfn
grey grounds with scroll J
pattern come here today.
ftiMM'' - fcfeM'rfMM
Schedule in Effect June 2, 1001.
Trains leave Scrauton:
6.45 n. m., week days, thiough ves
tibule train fiom Wllkes-Barre.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
coaches to Philadelphia, via
Pottsvllle; stops nt principal in
termediate stations. Also con
nects for Sunbury, Harrisburp;,
Philadelphia, Baltlmoie, Wash
ington nnd tor Pittsburg ana tuo
0.38 n. m week days, for Sunbuiy,
Harrlsburg, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and Pittsburg
nnd the West.
2.18 p. m., week days, (Sundays,
1.58 p. m.), for Sunbury, Harris
burg, Philadelphia, Baltimoie,
Washington and Pittsburg and
tho West.
3.33 p. m., week days, thiough ves
tibule train from Wllkes-Borie.
Pullman buffet parlor car and
conches to Philadelphia vinPotts
vllle. Stops at principal inter
mediate stations.
4.27 p. m week days, for Hazleton,
Sunbury, Harrlsburg, Philadel
phia and Pittsburg.
.1 II lirTfillN'OS' On Msr.
J n WOOD, fien. Pan At.
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
In l.fleLt July 21, 1101.
south Leaip srrinlon for New York at 1 ln,
?,W, fl V,, 7f0 and 10.00 a m ; 12 I'', :i , s ui)
p in lor Pliiladelpliia al 7..'.0 and 10M . in ;
12 4'1 md .I"-! p. in. lor Tol.vhmna at b.K) P.
in. Milk .mntiiniciiliMcui nt 3.40 l m Anive
in Ilohokeii at 1.30. 7.IP 10 2". 12.0S, .1.13, I Is,
7 m i in rnvo In Philadelphia nt l.n. ...2.1,
fiii and S"' p in. Arrive from New
1 10. 11.12 and Hi 2 1 a m. . 1.00, 1.52. 5 11, II U0
and 11 "0 p m. I roni lolivlnniit at S05 a m
North -Leave ciantnn for lluftalo and tnler
medi.ite stations at 1 15, r..1i ind P.OO a. in.;
1 "i, .1.C and II S3 p m. 1 or (Uneso and Sua
e use at 1 15 a. ni.. el .'." a ni and 1 S3 p. rn. For
I Ilea nt 1 H. fl.1i a. ni. and 1 5" p. m. lor
Montrose at V Ol a. in : I 03 and 3.IS p. in. 1 or
Nicholson at t on and Hi p. in. ror nniKnam.
ton nt 10 20 a tu. Arrive In Seranton from Biif-
filo at 1.23, 2 35, .is anil inra n, m ; ...o inn
sno p m 1'ioni Clswrco and S)racme at 2 Vi a
in : 12 !2 and 8 00 p. in, I'roin I'tiea at 2 51 a
ni,: 12 12 and ISO p. m from Ntrtiolson at . I,
a. m. and o ( P m. I lom aionirose i i.w .
in ; 3 2D and 8 GO p. in.
lllnciinbMg DivlMon -Leave Siranlon for
Northumberland -a "". 10 Oi 1 m.j 1 53 and p. in. lor Plvinniilh at S.I0 a. m . 1 to,
S 30 p in. rrive at Noithuinherhnd at H 15 e.
in ; 1 10. jOO and S 15 p m Arrive- at PI)moulh
at oul a. ni : t 32. 0 li p. in. Airivc in vran
ton li inn Northumberland at 0 ! a. m : 12. II,
I 30 and S l"i p in. I rom Kingston at 11 Oe) a.
in I icim Pljniouth at 7 41 a in.; 3 20 and 5 J5
V' m' SLNHYTnlNs
South Levve Scranton at 1.40, 3.00, 5 "i, 10 05
a m.. 3 11 and 3.40 p. m
North Ivve Seranlon at 1.15, 6 Si, 0 00 a, m ;
1IW, ft is and 11.35 p. m.
Illoomshnre Division leave Scranton at 10 03
a. m and 6 10 p, ni.
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
In Lffeet June 2, 1"01.
Tialns Leaie Scrantoni
Tor Philadelphia and NVw York via D k It
n II at 0 45 and fl .W a in. and 2 IS, 127
llllaik Diamond Kvpress), and 11.30 p. m. bun.
cljv I), i H- " ' 64- 8 -1 I1- m' .
iY,'r While Haven. Ila?lelou and principal
nolnts in the coal reilon. via I) K II. II II ,
CM3. 2 1 and 27 p ni for Poltsiille, fi 45 a.
m . 2. IS n. ni.
Faston, Ile.iiliiitr, Harrlshuri;
lor ueiniei" in
ji. m.
For Cleneva. locneier. nuuaiu, siasara ran".
e'1,1. ico ind a pomes m-i, . ,. n n n. n ,
C llleaK" "-, - ' , , i in,, i 1 .,... I f.
is ii 5i a. in. i -- - "-- i.iiii.-u.i .
Pl M 7 l. 10 H. 11 I'- '
'.. .. i, r' Q .'7 n ill
Minda), 1) & II,
Pcill'inon p'arlo' and sleepinc or I.ehich Valley
pallor caraon
all tialns between Wilkes Parra
inid New Yolk, rniiam-nuus, hwimiu nm guv
IIOiVkIN- ,Vl1'' . f!(,,lt s"l'. M Cortland
slice!. New ork
Cll "nil's ILL. en PavS. Ajl., 23 Cortland
I v-.f. -' .,..,..,.,... i, ...., I c,
A' Div Paa. Kt , South
nethlrhem. I'a
For thkets and Pullman reservations apply to
r.0'1 laekavvanna iivenue, Sianton, Pa
New York, Ontario and Western.
T,me Table III r.rTert Sunday. .lime 21, p0.
lime iui Noinil-IIOl'Nl).
Leave Leave rrl
No. 1
o. 3
No. 7
suaiion. CMiuouclale, ( adosu
jii.,0 a in. II 10 a. in, i 0) p ,
". 4 00 p. m. P- in. 6.00 p ni
' 6.10 p m r. I'irhoiidale.. 0 K n m
SOUl'll IIOl'XD. '
Leave l.eav Arrives
tad3la. f'ailmndile. Siranton
7W a m. 7,(0 a tn
a 40 a. in. 10 01 a. in. in 40 a. in
" ",l"i li in 1 w P- m I I j p in
J.iiNl).'' ONLY. Mill I II HOLM)
No. 1
No, 4
No. S
Leave l.eaie ,rr v,
Siranion, Oaibondale. c jilos.a
v 0 . fi .'.() a in. in a. in 10 n a in
v s ' 7()p-'n- Ar aibondale.. 7 4-i ii ni.
No. 5 ... otTH nOl'M).
Leave leave rilvr
L'adi-sia. ('aibondale. s, tan0
Vn .. "M '" : ,0 a '
No 10 .. t 30p m. OWSp m '. p ni
'lialns No 1. an week dJ). and 0. on
,l,is make main line conneellona for New ork
ritv.' I tiea, Oneida, O.vveito and mliiinediat,-
''"'Mains No. .1 and 4 injke ttallon, Ilelhi, llam
clen and Sidney eonnecticna.
l'or fviither Information consult lliket aemta
J (' NIKII0. fl. I'. A . New Urk.
J II. iMI.MI. T I' A. Scranton.
Every ,Womar.
about lib
MUVtL Whirltiio Spra
1Ii(nen iUilHrtt. Ivm
(ion m J. Mfitfifa Ilril a
fH IUI I l HIT II fll
(Patciilrd 1
ltilfint,e ii i Mi;
I far ii,
i ii -snoot Mpt'ly the
tltllslne,e)itro ,, V vr
ulirr. luit send iami for II J s
uslraie.l hook-sfslH ltBires J
iil'irliuilisaiinireninns(n fx fl
(,. "viiiii ., Uf fy
P.oom C6t, Times nds., New Yc-rk. l-
,'i ,neiial inlcimeiliate stations via II A H.
and pi moil ( j( ( ,. (HM(k ,)n
,ond'r.xpi.). 11 so y- J"' A "
n u o..s a. m ; 1-5'. s,2. p m
Fill iimkhannoil.. Tovvanda, Klmlra, Ithaca,
licneva and iriuel'Jl intermediate stations, vu
1)1. V W. H- H- s'te " '" '' l0i anJ 3-ltf
Reduced Prices on
Ladies' Shirt Waists,
Children's Moll Hats,
Babies' Lawn Bonnets
and Pique Jacket?
Shirt Waists
Our Shirt Waist trndp has surpassed
all fin iiior scaHoiip, and the question
of pioilt on the few Waists icinaln
I111; In Block will not he ccuiHldcrctJ
now, hut the price thnt will fedl then;
7.-c Shirt Waists Were $1.25
The niont popular $1.23 Khlit Waist,
nnd the very Lest value obtainable al
this price; the- best make and line
ciiiallty (lltiBhaiii, In utilpcH nnd solid
inloiH blue, old io.e, laveinlor nnd
J1.0." Shht Waist lediuod to JI.25.
J.'.OO Shllt Wulst l educed tn $1,50.
Higher pilced Walnts In piopoitlon,
I.awn nonnets and Jtull Huts at re
duced )lllCC.
-'.'e l.iiun Ilonucts l'a
r0c I.awn IlonnctM S?o
7.V I.awn IlounctH 50a
ji.i'O i.awn Honnrls Too
$l.fi0 I.awn Ttonnots $1.1')
$.00 Lawn Uonnets U.1D
tl.OO Mull Hats 7r.o
Jl fi" Mull llat.s $l.'J-
$J00 Mull Hals Jit,-,
M.00 Mull Hats $.V.'5
$!() Mull Hats $3.M
Shoit PIctie Jacket?, l educed fioni
Jli'i to $J.'J3
J.lf.n to J2.50
'i"i to , J.'.To
$ 1 .r.O Cnnt?, 4 leiiKth .'. JJ 75
s.voo coatH mo
50.30 Coats J3.0P
Lackawanna Ave
Manufacturers of
48S to 465
N. Ninth Streat
Telephono Call. 2333.
Cor Sivtrrntd St and Irvinj 1'lae.e,
American Tlan, M 50 Tcr Day and I ins-aids.
Furopean Plan, $l 0) Per Hay and Upwards.
Special Hates (o lanulies
T. THOMrSON, Prop.
inu-104-loci i:nl inili street.
TheJI.l'KI.IISONIaiithnrointhlj firat-claas
family nod transient hot el, off eringivt a mini
mum cost amftxtmiimof luiury and comfort.
On lath Street, juit east of union Square,
It it within a few mintitei of tho leading
hopi, theatres and clubs
European Plan, $1.00 up.
American Plan. Yl. 30 up.
Suites with Private Bath, 12.00 up.
1 or special rates Riiides or information write
JCIIIV I'. HATKIHI.ll, Proprietor
-t -t'
For nuslness Men J
In tho heart ot thu wholesatt .
district. 4.
For Sliopuers 4-
x minutes' walk to Wanamakers;
S minutes to Sleeel Coopers Big .
Bture. Kasy of access to the creat
Dry Goods Btores.
For Sightseers t
One block from B'way Cars. gr.
InK easy trunspoitatlou to all ""
points ot Interest.
SitiVI 1UIU1.
I ror, nth bt. UNivrcrtsiTY vu T
T Only one llloc-k tiom Uronday,
X Rooms, $1 Up. p&'SVn'Si. t
-s -4-s- - .-
COT North
im 1 riuiiUiriintKkiui sutKst t
rJ f fclla Iithl, la. tint UrNl hptritlUl U
i jj) Iwrrlri lis.trRi.tiM In rwrt tm h n I'rlttlt
I X J9HL W"'lt'''"whMiif4l ta(li1tt)Kf.rHr,4htti 4
!rCT BIsMnI l1. Wm Dchllllj, Ut Bfttkoael
IVAilMW Varlfftrplt Htrlrlarti ( tnUf 1, I sUtlp
IlptMln nrj mtxIIPKl ft1 ftlri1 trmu4, HnlU p )?.'
iis m
J v . "
H t " -