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She Says She Is ft Member of Ouo of
the Most Prominent FamlHoi of
the West Side John Hardell
Crushed to Death by a Fall of
Koof in Archbald Mine-Daughter
of J. H. Hoffman Died in
Philadelphia Notes of Many
A woman who gave her name ns
Hrtry Carmody, ami residence as l'lttw
buig, wns picked up by Ibe police
last night and locked up in the station
bouse. She was throwing money
Anions a crowd (if boys on Jackson
street when litst observed, and Inter
drifted Into the Co-operative hull
building, whcie she was picked up by
Acting Lieutenant Thomas Kvuns nnd
Patrolman Thomas Collins.
Constable John Davis, of Alderman
John's court, suimlscd that the wo
man might be suffering from heat ex
haustion, and had visions of another
Duggiin ease, but the patrolmen were
able to analyze her condition lis a ease
of Mi mil;.
When the woman was locked up In
rell No. J. idle divested h'lt'lf of near
ly nil of her wearing npparel and
modestly called for a bunch of cigar
ettes to wile, away the hours of her
Incairernllon. She seemed to be un
concerned about her arrest, and volun
teered the Information Hint she Is
closely tela ted to one of I he most
prominent families In West Seranton.
(In being questlo-icd, she mentioned
n number of the membeis of the family
In question nnd seemed to be familiar
with their names and places of resi
dence. She was fairly well dressed
nnd had a small sum of money left
when placed tinder arrest. The wo will be Riven a hearing this morn
ing by Pollen Magistrate Dnvls.
She says her hi other, n resident of
Pittsburg, Is looking for her, and that
i-hn wants to go to jail to keep out of
his way.
Thrown from a Wagon.
John Jones, a farmer, was thrown
from a wuosii at Imdls street and
and Snyder avenue yesteiday morning,
and dragged nlong the ground by the
team for a distance of about i," feet.
The wagon was overturned, but the
drher ptticklly ilung to (he reins, and
Ttor nnd Almund Oram rrmovc
Tfinr e( lh ikln nnd snotlits the
r-on of tunlwrn in one nlRht. Tjke
a bottle with jou on jour tatition.
$ " SS 5" Sk
Is "So J 8
z '" 1 Z 1
The Negligee
Shirt Season...
Is now in full swing. So far, the demand for really
attractive styles has far exceeded the demand. Over
and over again we have been sold out of top notch pop.
ular ideas, but today there is neither a good style nor a
size wanting, while several novelties are being shown
for the first time.
The plain, soft, white, Satin Stripe Negligees.
The Plain White Tucked Negligees.
The fine tucked, hemstitched edge. Negligees.
The latest ideas in Fancy Negligee Shirts.
Dressy Mid-Summer
For Gentlemen. Beautiful New Lisle Thread Lace
Effects, Open Drop Stitch Work, and a splendid as
sortment of fancy colors and fast blacks in cotton and
maco yarns. You'll like them.
Swell, Up-to-Date
The new Negligee Four-in-Hand, Reversible Scarves,
are the latest. Ours are full 50 inches long, and there
is not a prettier or more complete range in the country
than we have to offer.
Globe Warehouse
received silent injuries, which were
dressed by Dr. W. Rowland Davlcs.
Killod in the Archbald Mine.
When a number of workmen entered
the Archbald mine yesterday morning
they found the mangled remains of
John Hardell, crushed beneath a mays
of rock and coal. The fall occurted
some time dt.ring the night, but no one
eems to lii-ve known Just how the ac
cident occurred.
The body was exltlcatcd after much
dlfileulty, and the features weie found
to be almost unrecognizable. The re
mains weie removed to Undertaker
Wymbs' morgue, where Coroner Rob
erts viewed them nd after a burial
permit was Issued, they were removed
to deceased's home In the Sloan patch,
ltnrdell Is survived by n. wife and two
chlldieu. The remains will be Interred
In the Cathedral cemetery tomorrow
Died in Philadelphia.
.1. 11. Hoffman, foremun at the Hamp
ton mine, received a telegram yesteiday
announcing the death In Philadelphia
of his daughter, Mrs. Sarah Davis, who
had been ill for name time. Deceased
resided with her father up to about n
year ago. when she moved to Phila
delphia with her husband, Thomas Da
vis, who was formerly employed by the
Seranton Iron l-'encc company.
Deceased was born In Taylor and was
SI years of age. The lemalns arrived
here early this morning and were taken
in charge by Funeral Director Price,
who removed them to the home of Mr.
Hoffman. The funeinl announcement
will be made later.
Boy Fractured His Leg,
Klicnezcr Williams, Jr., of (Chestnut
street, while sliding down the Ml,
Pleasant culm dump on Tuesday on a
rail, sustained a fractured leg in be
ing thrown from his seat on the rail,
and several of his playmates falling
on top of him.
The boys had been engaged In (lying
kites from the top of the dump, anil
when the wind carried their kites away
they resolved to have a toboggan slide
down the dump, and It resulted In a
mishap for the Williams boy.
It was several hours afterward be
fore the little fellow reached home,
and when Ills sisters called Dr. Allen
It was then they learned that a frno
tute had been sustained.
Cars Off the Track.
A number of boys released the
brakes on three cars on the Mt. Pleas
ant switch of the Iackawanna rail
road last night, and all of them were
A freight car was so badly damaged
that It was necessary to destroy it by
setting fire to It. No one was injured.
Silk Workers' Entertainment.
"Local No. 25S of the Sauquolt Hard
Silk Workers' association will conduct
an entertalnement In Moars' hall to
morrow evening, which will be follow
ed bv a social. The following talent
has been secured:
Itecitatlons, Kdlth Wordlte, nindwln
Jenkins and Sarah Lewis; vocalists,
Margaret Qulnby, Helen Markwick,
And R9 with the Ort Union Kx
furilon to lime' I-iVe on Wed
tudjy, July 31, 1M1. The Simp
Kin Methodist Episcopal, the
Any Washburn Street Prfl))terln ind
UHI the llimpton Street Motho.ll.t
i mircne rumpriFr in,- 1.1mm.
T icket: Adult, ?5 cent; chil
dren, 10 cenU. Trains leae thn
Ilelaware and H'lJsoii depot at 8
o'clock iharp.
nantleld Slsllers, K, K. Kvans, May
Jones Job Whltehouse, Nellie l.avelle,
Lizzie Davis. Nellie Murphy and Llzzlo
Iewls; pianists, Kate lteardon, Uertha
Thomns, Hay Davlcs, Margaret Jones
nnd Annie Council; buck nnd wing
danceis John Mungun and Michael
West Side Browns Line-Up.
The following players will participate
In the game of base ball at Athletic
park on Saturday afternoon In the
West Side Drowns' team: Oomer Da
vis, Thomas Davlfl, Kdwnrd Tlerney,
Thomas Kellett, Michael Mcllugh, John
Jeffries, Thomas Durkln, Mlehael Urad
ley, Charles Iiruy, James Heed, James
Bradley and Michael Needhnm.
The All-Collegiate team will be tepie
sen(ed by "lleatty" Williams, Harry
Harding, David Owens.Thomas llrooks,
Arthur (lunsler, John It. llrooks, Al
bert Hlaudln, John Murphy, I.auile
llllsf, James Blair. An effort v. Ill njso
be made to have "l.udy" Jane, an ex
l'rlnceton favorite, and Michael Walsh,
of (Seorgetown. in (he game.
Funeral of 0. L. Boera.
Services over the remains Jot the
Into C. 1.. Beers, who died as a result
of a fractured skull, were held last
evening at the family home on Merrl
fleld s(ree(. The services were In
charge of the Seventh Day Adventlsts.
The remains will be taken on the
0:3,". Lackawanna train to Seneca I-'alls,
X. Y., where Interment will be made.
A lawn social will be held next Tues
day evening on Keyset nvenue under
the auspices of the AUIs Mission of
the Simpson Methodist Kplscopal
St. Htenden's Council, Young Men's
Institute, have made airangemcnts to
run their excursion to Atlantic City
on August II over the Lackawanna nnd
Pennsylvania railroads.
The congregation of the First WVdsh
Congregational church, South Main
avenue, will unite with the congrega
tion of the West Market street church
hi an excursion to Lake Lodore on
Tuesday, August 13.
The members nnd friends of St.
Murk's Lutheran church will spend
Thursday. August l.", at Lake Lodore.
A special meeting of Hyde Park
lodge. F. and A. M will be held at
Masonic hall next Monday evenln-j,
wh'-li three candidates will be 'ad
vanced to the M. M. degree.
The Diamond Mine local, No. 21.",
t'nlted Mine Woikers of America, will
run an excursion to Lake Lodore on
Saturday. August '.'1,
There will be a large attendance of
West Seranton people at the news
boys' picnic at Nay Aug park today.
Newsdealer T. K, Price has an army
of carriers ready and anxious to par
ticipate iu the events of the day.
Milkmen aie complaining that a num
ber of doe attack them at several
places iu West Seranton, nnd some
of them have experienced much dlffl
culty in breaking away from (he can
ines. Announcement s made of (he mar
riage of William Wntklns, of Acker
avenue. Bellevu". to .Miss Harriet Bow.
en. of Taylor.
The West Side Driving club ate
making arrangements for another race
meet to be hold on the speedway In
th near future. A meeting of the club
will be held at Deckelnlck's this even
ing. Mis. Thomas K. Price, of North Stun
ner avenue, left yesterday for a few
weeks" vl.-it with parents at Wysox,
Harold B.itiln, of South Main ave
nue, I-, spending his vacation at As
bury Park.
Mrs. Komi Siivllle and riailchters
Beatrice ami Kdlth, of Kynon street,
aie spending a few days nt Buffalo
and the exposition.
Mrs. W. ('. Price ami son William,
of South Main avenue, nnd Mrs. Heed
Slvelly and child, of North Btomley
avenue, left yesterday fur a brief visit
nt Cnul-lln. X. Y.
Mls Helen Tliiiyer. of South Main
avenue, has returned home from a
visit with friends at Westerly, Ithode
Mrs. George Saxe, of North Mala
nveiuif. is spending n few days at
riilnnburcr. Pa.
Arthur Krege. iif North Sumner
avenue, entertained a number of young
friends at hl home on Tuesday.
An enjoyable birthday party was ten
dered Master Charles (lodshall cm
Tuesday evening at the homo of his
parents on South Sunnier avenue.
Harry Harris, of Atlantic City, has
returned (o West Seranton to reside,
and has accepted a position with the
Lackawanna company.
Miss Margaret Delnier, of Snyder
avenue. Is summering at Lake Sheri
dan. Mrs. F. L. Foster and children and
Miss Gladys James, of Landls street,
aie visiting friends at Nicholson.
There will be a celebration of the
holy eueharlst at St. David's Episco
pal church at S o'clock this morning.
A daughter was recently born (o Mr.
and Mrs. Thomas H, Kvuns, of Kynon
Colonel Margelts nnd Staff Captain
Hrewer, of Philadelphia, will lead
t-pedal meetings at the Salvation
At my hall Saturday, July 27. at 5 .
ni. They are two of the leading olll-cei-s
of (he Pennsylvania division,
and will be ety Interesting. All (he
friends of (ho Aimy arc Invited. Free
for all. Ice cream will be served from
I to 9 p. in. Come and have a good
time. The ball Is at 1030 Price street.
An open nlr meeting will he held on
Jackson stieet ut 7 p, in.
Dr. B. G. Beddoe, of South Main
avenue. Is attending a convention In
Miss Jessie Owens Is visiting her
brnflier, Kmerson D. Owens, In New
Miss Helen Jones, of S09 Kilwards
court. Is vlsldng her sister, Mrs.
Thomas Jackson, In New Yoi k.
Mr. Jucobson, a converled Jew, will
speak at (ho First Welsh Baptist
church next Sunday morning.
Fuiicml Director P. W. Tague In
terred the remains of an Infant child
of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hondl, of C07'&
West Linden street, In the Cathedral
cememtery yesterday afternooon.
! In atore (or all who uin Kemp'a lUliam for
(he Throat and I.ungi, the ureal guaranteed
rernedjr, Would jou believe that it l aold on
Itt merlti and any druggbt la authorized by the
proprietor ot this wondeilul remedy to trite jou
a aample Lottie (reef It never (alia to cure
acute or chionic couglu. All .druggUta tell
Kemp'a llalaam. Price 23c, and 60c,
He It at the Lackawanna Hospital
and la in a Sarioua Condition BCra.
Mary Walib and Mra, Margaret
MoVelgh Have Ono Another Ar
retted Party of Young People
Visited the South Steel Works.
John Healey, ar., Had Two of His
Ribs Fractured Other Notes.
Joseph Newhouse, of 928 Beech street,
a laborer employed by the Seranton
Hallway company, suffered from sun
stroke yesterday morning, while nt
work on Spruce street.
He was removed to the Lackawanna
hospital In the ambulance, and became
so dellilous that he had to he placed In
a straight-jacket. His condition last
night wuh said to be very serious.
Neighbors at War.
Mis. Mary Walsh was arraigned be
fore Alderman LciKcs las( evening, on
u charge of disorderly conduct nnd
u.'lng vile language. Mrs, Margaret
McVeigh was the prnseeutilx. After
hearing the witnesses the nldeiman
lined Mm. Walsh $'.'. or thirty days In
the county Jail. She paid (he fine.
Later, Mrs. AVnlsh had Mrs. McVeigh
arreMed on (he same charges, The suit
between the women, who are neighbors
on Cherry strce(, grew out of boys
thiowlng stones Into their premises.
The alderman- lined Mis. McVeigh the
same sum he nsessed against Mrs.
Walsh. This was paid, and with a
warning to the women (o keep peace
in future, he discharged them.
Nubs of News.
A party of young people of this side
visited (he South sleel woiks last even
ing. They were the Misses Sara Golden,
Sara Crane, Grace Brady, Nora Joyce,
Thomas Bohan, Joseph Huane, James
Crane, Anthony McDonald, J. J, Bohan,
M. J. Bums, John Mahon and Palilck
John Henley, sr., of Plttstou nvenue,
had two ribs fiactured by falling, while
doing some chores at his home.
The Misses Mlna Welscr, Lucia P.oet
cher nnd Lillian Welscr will leave to
day for a two weeks' visit with friends
at Shamokin.
M. Heslnger& Co. ore having under
taking parlors built In connection with
their old establishment
The members of Comet lodge, Xo. -131,
Knlghls of Pythias, will meet In Hart
man's hall this evening.
The Seranton Athletic, flub will meet
this evening at 8 o'clock In their rooms
on Alder sree(.
Fire was discovered yesterday morn
ing about 10.30 o'clock In the residence
of Itlchaid Fan-ell, 131 Gibbons street.
A still alarm was sent to the William
Connell Hose company, hut they could
no( do much (o extinguish the (lames
because their line of hose was not
long enough, A hucket brigade was
formed, and with the assistance of the
chemical tanks the lire was' extin
guished Willi a slighl loss. The lite
was supposed to have been caused by
boys (browing it lighted rlrecracker
Into the house.
The Misses Fannie McGce and Klla
Gavin will leave Saturday for Detioit,
Mich., where they will attend the an
nual convention of the Ladles' Catho
lic Bcnerlt association, which will
open next week In that city. Miss
Mctico Is the delegate of the South
Si i anton blanch, while Miss Gavin is
president of the above-mentioned
hi-amii, Kach of the branches of the
valley will send delegates to the con
vention. The St. Aloyslus society will have a
smoker after tonight's business meet
lug. Kdwnrd Golden, of South Webster
nvenue, left yesterday for a week's
stay nt the Pan-American exposition.
Patrick Henry, of Youngstown, .,
Is (lie guest of his cousin, Miss Mary
Mack, of Mlnooka.
Two Men Injured by an Explosion of
Oae in No. 1 Shaft Ex
cursion Tomorrow
At Xo. 1 shaft of the Kile rallioad,
(wo men weie setlously Injured by an
explosion of gas yesterday morning, as
they were about to begin their clay's
woi k.
Joseph Humminick, a miner, nnd his
laborer, Coriu Matuscli, both lesldlng
at Throop, were hurt, the latter suf
fering ft oiii severe burns nbout the
face and limbs, while the fonner was
badly biulscd, being thrown sonic dis
tance by the force of (he explosion,
which was powerful enough to break
several mine cars In o fragments.
Matuscli was removed to the Lacka
wanna ho.spial, Hiimmltilck being
tuken to his home. The men weie en
gaged in opening a now chamber,
which had only been clilven about
twenly feet, anil us (hey were about
(o enter, the explosion occurred. Xo
explanation of why the presence of gits
had not been discovered by those In
charge wus given, gos being very
rui ely found In that part of the
Told in a Few Lines.
The Odd Fellows' excursion goes to
Harvey's Lake tomorrow, The trip
will be made direct to tho lake In
steam cars, doing away with the long
wait and probable delay recently ex
perienced by those going by trolley.
A musical progiammo will be ren
dered by the M. K. church choir, as
sisted by several well known enter
tainers, at the lawn social to be held
to b held at the "home of Mrs. Peter
Slegle on Kim street.
Many complaints are being heard
nlxnit the quality of water being fur
nished by the Seranton Gas and Water
company. It was thought when this
company assumed control the double
with (he wa(er supply was over, but
It Is thti same dark-ln own-colored
stuff that we have been served wltht
for several Hummers past.
Miss Martha Nichols, of Wilkes
Bane, Is visiting friends In town.
Misses Marv and Anna Leuuou, ot
Grove street, are spending their vncn
tlou nt Isllp, Long Island.
Miss Anna Barrett, of Boston, Is vis
Itlng friends In town.
Born, Mr. nnd Mrs. H. B. Carr, of
Dundaff street, a daughter.
If Yon Have Headaches
don't experiment with alleged cures.
Buy Krause's Headacho Capsules,
which will euro any headacho In half
an hour, no matter whut causes it.
Price Wc Bold by ull diUBBlHts.
Decided Bargains-July Clearing Sale
Warm weather requisites to help you forget the season. The end Is not yet.
Every day we have something that we had overlooked before. Out it comes, down
goes the price soon it's on its way to the homes of the thrifty people who make the
Big Store their trading center. And thus it is that the July Clearing Sale becomes more
and more interesting each passing day. Today's list touches on some lines we have
not said much about before.
Art and Fancy Goods
Some Decided Bargains
Figured Pillow Tops for fancy
work; many and varied are the
designs, including some of the
college flags. Clearing
sale price 35C
Dresser or Bureau Sets; made
from a nice quality of open-work
effects, with inserted border and
ruffle edge. Clearing .
sale price 4vC
Stamped l.inen Covers for
Centre tables; the linen itself
come in various figures and is
printed in various designs, finish
ed with a good deep
fringe. Clearing sale price x"C
The Great Summer Shoe Sale
Is the one event of the year that makes it possible to buy guaranteed shoes at
much below the actual worth. We might enumerate the causes that make this possi
ble; today, however, we'll content ourselves with the prices:
Women's Oxfords 91c.
Made from a good quality of
Dongola Kid, with patent leather
tip; they are made solid all
through and will compare favor
ably with the best $1.25 .,
grade. Sale price VlC
Women's High Grade Button
and Lace Shoes This is one of
the best makes and is worth
ordinarily $3.50. t
Sale price p 1 .v"
Youths' and Boys' Lace Shoes,
made ot solid leather all
through. Sale price... yyC
For everything but old age and death. We never allow old age to overtake
anything in our stock if the price can move them.
W wot gaa unwwijw
We must make room for Fall Stock, which will soon be coming in. Prices arc?
down to exact cost, aud some for less. All kinds, all sizes, for all people.
All Men's and Women's Oxford Ties in
patent leather, wax calf, vici, black and
tan, our regular 53.50 and $4 (t f
grade. Any pair for, fmOXf
Ladies' Fine Dougola Lace vShocs, cloth
top, patent tip, worth $1.25 and '"7E-r
$1.50 at ' OL
Outing Shoes, Bicycle Shoes, Tennis Shoes
For Men, Women and Children, at your own price.
vSDon't miss this opportunity to save money,
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
or Henuinl AUxelon. "Bt'cl 73 yeni. died
at her homo, nun Kynon nuei. laU
Tueaduy night. She Is mirviveil hy her
husband nnd tw cons, Alonzo nnd
Henry. Tho funeral will tnlu place to
inouow afternoon ut 'i o'clock. Inter
ment will be made In thu Washburn
Btieet cemetery.
MRS. .M. M'SHAVNU, wlfo nf Daniel
McShnne, of Nny Auk nvenue, died yes
teiday mornliiK ut 11.U0 o'clock, after
nn illness of iineumonla, She was 70
jeuia of age, und Is survived by her J
Fancy Bordered Covers for
Centre table; some are plain,
with light and dark borders,
others are stamped ready for
working; worth nc, hem
stitched. Usual 59c quality, now.... 39c
Usual 95c quality, now .... 75c
Usual $1.39 quality, now... 8c
White Shirt Waists
Nothing quite so pretty as a
White Shirt Waist on a warm
day; that's probably the cause
of their popularity this season.
Some decided bargains in the
better grade.
White Waists, made from a
nice quality of lawn, with inser
Women's High Grade Vici Kid
and Dongola Oxford Ties, strict
ly hand turned, with flexible
soles, usual price t Q
I20O. Sale price... $ 1 ,o9
Women's Patent Leather and
Strap Sandals, with solid leather
heels and llexible soles;
value, i.2. Sale price 73C
Women's Dongola Lace Shoes,
with patent toe caps or kid tips.
The Laru flexible soles, new
military heels and English back
stays; usual value, & 4 .
2.So. Sale Price.. $1.90
Long's Sons
Men's Russet Lace Shoes, all
sizes, at,
Misses' Fine Dongola Button
Shoes, patent tips,sizes 12 to 2, at
Children's Fine Dongola But
ton Shoes, sizes Si to 11, at
Ladies' Dongola Oxford Ties,
at, a pair.
Infants' Fine Dongola Button Shoes, sizes 2 to 6.
husband and ono daughter, wife or Dr.
llniniiui Hessey. The funeral will be
held on Friday mornlnfi at 0 o'clock. A
leriuleni mass will bo celebrated In
Holy llosary church, and Interment
will be made. Iu the t'atbodral ceme
tery. Fuuernls.
Tho funeral of the late Mis. Mary
Moouey will take place at '.i o'clock this
mornlngr from the house, ,vj; Hampton
street. A solemn high mass of requiem
will bo celebrated In Holy Cross church
at '.'.'M o'clock, and Interment will be
made In the Cathedral cemetery.
The funeral of the late Miss Mury
tion front plain or plaited;
values up to $1.25.
Clearing sale price.... 7SC-
White Waists, made of a
somewhat finer quality of lawn
thin the above; thoy have five
rows of insertion down the front;
the back is made in the narrow
tuck style. Clearing c,t
sate price p 1 .0.Z
White Waists, buttoned down
the back, made in the long front
style, with narrow plaits, finish
ed with embroidery. t erk
Clearing sale price. p 1 .50
A somewhat finer grade Waist
is made in the sailor style, with
surplice, and nicely trimmed
with embroidery. t
Clearing sale price p 1 .75
Woman's Black Kid Lace
Shoes, with patent leather tips
and llexible soles; usual
price, $1.25. Sale price 99C
Mei's Russia Calf, Hand
Sewed Shoes, in all sizes from 8
to 11, in j, 4 and 5 widths;
usual price, $3.00. t
Sale price $1."
Misses' Shoes, in button and
lace, with patent and kid tips;
usual price, $1.25. Sale
price 93C
Mawn, of lrvlnR avenue, will take placa
this mornlnjr at ! o'clock, with a re
quiem mass In St. Trier's cathedral.
Interment will be made In the Cathe
dral cemetery.
The funeral of the IjI Mrs. Lauia
Knight will take place at - o'clock this
Mftp,.minn fi .kin tin. rcslilnt of lieorira
Ispeueir, ItiM North Main avenue. In
iteiment will be made. In Porest Hill
The funeral of the l.ito Dcnnla Hart
nett will take place thin morning from
the residence of his sister. Mrs, Mary
Hlckey, of Wyoming avenue. At 8:15
a high mass of requiem will hq cele
brated in St. -Peter's Cathedral.
-v-, ,. .
,' jiI "'i tf-