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!? m&ffh v"r " Y-i,Tv?s.
EIU Assailants Knocked Him Down
f and Relieved Him of His Star, Club,
Watch and Revolver Another
Victim Maltreated and Robbed on
North Hydo Park Avenue Young
Girls in Dangor Doath Caused by
a Fractured Skull Organization of
Good Follows Othor Notes.
It has Just lit I'll learned Hint n follow,
r his inline rciulil lint be learned, was
Tnld up mid robbed cuily Sunday mom
,iib nt the dirtier ipC Price stieet and
Hydo I'nik itvcnui', by two bold hlfih
n Hymen.
The vli'llni was loltirnluK limui', nml
im lie ii'iiclit'it the comer Indicated ns
noekod down and icllovod nf what
Ittlo niiincy he hud mi liW poison.
When the mlilieis dlseovoied that they
'mil not li'i't'lved vciy much money fur
.hell' d.istaiilly woik, the puniniolod
Mirlr victim Int" iiiiionsolouncs and
ett lilm 1 liiK mi llie sidewalk.
After awhile the vlt tlm moxoiod sllf
lelently In MiiRRei away. The assault
vus witnessed by a woman living In
'hat nelphboiliood. but she was ton
uueli fi lnhlened to make an outcry or
Nil! foi heli.
Special Oftlcor Aesaultod.
.Innie.t Colwell. who I" employed as a
iIkIiI watchman al Mi I'lave ,i ft rooks'
'ouiidry, was Hie victim of a vicious
issault late Monda.v iiIrIu at the hands
it two unknown men on Sriutitmi
street. AicoiiIIiik to his own Ntnr, Col
svell went into the nallin.ul house, near
the Scranton Hiieet oiosslnt, and 01
k'led a Rla-x of heel'.
.After drinking It he stinted out of
the place nml was called back b. two
MratiRcrs at the bar. who Invited hlin
'(i drink, lie lofu-ed. but they Insisted,
Hid to please them he look another
rtllllk. He then left the plate, mid
tinted up Soi.iuton wtieet.
After he jiioieedecl a shot t dls
lance the two stivinRois whom he met
ill the saloon accosted lit ill. and w Mi
ill t w.irnlliK dealt hlin a vicious blow
with Mime blunt liistiument over the
head. lie was knocked down, and le
lleved of his watch, revolver, club and
Ft.ii .
The assailants then pi ni ceded to
puiu h and Kit k Colwell until he was
almost Iiii-eiislbk. Ills face and body
Is badly distorted na a rrault. l'atrol
nian Thomas Jones, who wns on the
beat, lcspomled to CoIvvcM'h call for
help, and Patrolman Thomas Kvans
assisted In the Bciirch for the nsfall
nnto, but they were unable to locate
Col well Fnys he would bo able to
Identify bin assailant, but does not
know them. Ho believes the nssiiull on
him was piovoked on account of his
tuiliiR as it special ollker during the
Young Women in Danger.
Newly every nlslit In the week the
residents of West Park arc regular
Willi the screams and lnutterlncs of
yoiinc women, who have been In
vented Into the dark places of the
plot by ilPslKiilnjr yminir men. In some
Instances the girls ale ns much to
Illume its their companions.
Only a year ago two young women
weie assaulted In that vicinity, and
the newspapeis at that time called the
attention of parents to the dancer of
allowing their gills to go out theie
after daik. Kleetrlc lights aie needed
on the plot, and better police protec
tion should be afforded that locality.
All-Collogiates Aro Practicing.
The base ball game arranged for
next Saturday at Athletic be
tween the All-Collegiate team anil tho
West Side Browns. Is attracting un
usual attention, and the way the col
lege boys practiced at the park yes
teiday would Indicate that they mean
to win.
The Hrowns have been materially
slienglhened and Manager Thomas to picsent a most formidable
team for the game. The contest will
be phicd puiely for the enjoyment
to be del Ived and as no admission fee
Is to be cbatged, it will readily be
seen that the boys aio meiely In for
good, clean spoit.
their annual outing this year nt Olen
Onoko, tho Switzerland of Amcrlen.
The ditto secured Is August 20, and
delegations nro expected from various
pluqes nil the way from Potest City
to Lansford. Tho excursion will bo
run over tho Central Hnllioad of New
Tho Union Excursion.
Tho committee having In charge the
union excursion to Harvey's Lukes on
Wednesday, July filst, we making nr
lancementH for an enjoyable time.
Tlioso who attended tho excursion last
year know that It was one of the most
pleasui cable events of the season. It
was this fact that prompted the com
mittee to again arrange for it union
excursion. It will be a basket picnic
In every sense of tho word, and will
bo conducted on good old-fashioned
lines. Many will be tho family gioiips
scattered bote and there tluougu the
giovc during the lunch hour. At the
same time ample provision Is being
mado for all who do not care to take
their lunch with them. Sandwiches,
etiffee, lcinntmde, cakes mid fruits of
various kind will bo served on tho
giound at nominal cost,
The union Is comprised of the follow
ing churches: The Hampton Stieet
Methodist, the Simpson M. K. and the
Washburn Stieet Presbytei Ian. Trains
will leave the Delaware and Hudson
depot on the 31st of July at 8 o'clock
Tickets: Adults, S.I cents; children,
GO cents.
and Mrs. James Lucltor, of Apple
street, died yesterday nftcr a short Ill
ness with cholera infantum.
Mrs. Johl Palmer, of Cherry street,
bus returned from New York city.
Mrs. A. P. McDonough, who was so
Revcrely injured on Monday, Is doing
us well ns can be expected, nnd her
early lecovcry Is now looked for.
Letters remaining unclaimed during
tho period ending July 20,11)01, at Dun
more postoillce. Persons calling for
these letters please Buy, "Advertised":
William Abbott (V), Anthony Hourke.
82 Manor avenue (K), Mis. "Willie
Crainar, Thomas Coicoran, Noalls
Connolly, Walter Clinnwntcr, Qulney
avenue and Kleetrlc avenue: Fred A.
Pi cor. W. K. Jones, John Kelly (K),
lllnnle Norton, cure Richard Ruddy;
A ul tinny Pace, Oiogoiio I'rlgnano (!'),
Andrea Cacossa.
Stophon Mieler Had a Wny of His
Own of Conducting a Speakeasy.
Fined $50.
Ttnio and Almond dram icmovc.
icrlnes ot the Mn and t.nntlics the
pain ot miil'iirn In one nisht. Tkp
a bottle with joii on jour vacation.
KOIt hALt: I1Y ti. W. JK.NKI.NS.
Royal Society of Good Follows.
District Deputy I.lnney, who lias In
(lunge the Instituting of an assembly
of the order In West Scranton, had in
tended to launch the society this o til
ing, but owing 'to the Inability of
Supreme Sect clary A. J. Hates, of
Roston. to ariivo this week, the mat
ter has been dcfencil until Mummy
evening next.
The chin ter list t ontulns the names
of ,i huge number of well-known
.voting men, and they have engaged
Red Men's hall for the occasion. Fol
lowing the institution of the assem
bly, a social session and smokei will
be held.
Died from His Injuries.
C. 1,. Heeis, the cement brick maker,
who fell from a ladder In bis workshop
on Men (field stieet a vwck ago, and
sustained a fractured skull, died yes
leiday morning without lcuiverlng
const lousness.
He is sin vi veil by his wife and eight
clilldien. The funeial announcement
will be made later.
B. Y. P. V. Excursion.
The Haptlst Young People's union of
Northeastern Pennsylvania will hold
1 J i .5 2 I 1
The Negligee
Shirt Season...
Is now iu full swing. So far, the demand for really
attractive styles lias far exceeded the demand. Over
and over again we have been sold out of top notch pop
ular ideas, but today there is neither a good style nor a
size wanting, while several novelties are being shown
for the first time.
The plain, soft, white, Satin Stripe Negligees.
The Plain White Tucked Negligees.
The fine tucked, hemstitched edge. Negligees.
The latest ideas in Fancy Negligee Shirts.
City Assessor Ovvllym .lones nnd
flamily, and his sister, M.lssl Pom
Jones, of Smith Hyde avenue,
left yesterday afternoon for a sojourn
at Lake Kheildan.
Two sections of passenger coaches
were requited yestetday to accommo
date Father O'Donnell'.s parlshloiieis
front Hellevue to Lake Lodote and
back, Tlie exclusion was one of the
most enjoyable of the season.
Mis. Thomas McDonough and daugh
ter, l.eotia, of Sctnutoii stieet, uic
visiting friends at Viindllng.
All the AVcst Scranton newsboys are
letiuestctl to line up In front of T. 13.
Pi Ice's place of business at 7 o'clock
toniouow morning to participate In
tile p.tiatle and picnic.
Mis. It. S, Iteynolds, Dr. and Mi-. O.
H. lie nolds. W. (!. Daniels and Morgan
P. Daniels attended the ftineint of the
late Mis. T. D. Davis, al Cllffoid, on
The auxlll.u.v of the Simp
sou Methodist -chinch held nn
enjovable lawn social last evening at
the home of Mr. and Mis. Flunk Slote,
on Noith I.lntolii avenue. The nttctid
aiKc and pationage was vciy giatlty
Ing. The Stianton IJallway company Is
hauling stone to West I.lndeu slieet for
the puiptve of putting the loadwny In
better condition.
Miss Annie Paff and slstei, Mis. Hci
iiuin liolf, of i lie Aichbiild mine, uic
spending a few days at THilfalo and
Nlnsaia Falls. They will also visit
(Jraiul Uaplds, Mich,, befoie letuinlng
Itev. D. D, Hopkins, pastor of the
Fhst Welsh Haptlst chinch, ofllclateil
at the funeial of the late Mis. Thomas
A. Hat ll.s Pstetday afternoon. The sei
vkes weie held al the house, on .lack
son stieet, at I o'clock, and Interment
was made in the Washburn stieet
Itev. .1. T. Morils and family will
leave today for Minneapolis, Minn.,
whine they will permanently icsitle.
Albeit Kilns, of New Yoik, Is visiting
at the homo of his parents, on Wash
burn street.
Mr. anil .Mrs. (leorge T. Ace, of "0.!
Meiidlan .stieet, aie lejolcing over the
at i Iv al of a son at thcli home.
The t cumins of the Infant child of
Mr. and Mis Anthony McCJotf. of 1,19
l!illroail avenue, weie Interred In tho
(Jathedial tenietery yesteulay aftei
lioon. The new Flist Haptlst chinch on
South Main avenue Is neaily com
pleted, and arrangements aie under
way for the dedlcatoiy services.
A slight Hi o occui red yesterday
morning at the home Patrick Morris
sv on avenue, where children
playing with matches set Hie to some
i lothlng In a closet. The Humes were
extinguished with a pall of water.
Prof. W. D. Kdvvaids and family,
of Ttlpp Paik, have returned home
from a visit with relatives at Wllkes
Bwro. A son was bom to Mr. and Mis.
William A. Drowning, of Jackson
stieet, .vesteiday inoinlng.
Arthur P.eese, of Lafayette street,
has leturned home ft om Plalnlleld, X.
J, wheie he was engaged as a musi
cian at the Netherwood hotel.
Miss Myrtle Wraugbt, of South
Hyde Park avenue, Is suinineilng at
Harvey's Lake.
Dlicctor of Public Safety Worrnscr
has adveillsed lor bids for making the
tepalis that aie necessary to put the
Columbia hose house In pioper con
dition. Mis. J. J. Huberts, ol South Main
avenue, returned home yesterday fiom
an enjoyable visit with lelatlves and
ft lends nt Middle Granville nnd Al
bany. N. Y.
Theie will be a meeting of the West
Side Driving club at C. C. Deekelnlck's
lomouow evenng-.
Stephen Mlslor, of Clearvlevv street,
Is an enterprising and Ingenious Indi
vidual. Infot mutton that he was
keeping a speakeasy vvns lodged with
the police authorities and ewly yes
terday morning Lieutenant Lonn Day,
accompanied by Patrolmen Hoss and
Palmer, visited Mlsler's place.
In the li-nr of the house they found
n pit about six feet squnio and ten
feet tlcep. This was cov'ercil by a
very lnnoccnt-lonklng hliunty. In the
pit was stored a large quantity of beer
and whiskey. At n hewing before
Police Magistrate Fidlcr last night,
Mister was fined $.".0, which he paid.
John Satula Killed.
A fall of loof In the Cayuga mine
Monday killed John Satula, a miner,
and seriously Injured Louis Concrest,
a laboter. Tho latter Is at the Moses
Taylor hospital.
Satula was married and leslded on
Cioss street.
John H. Owens, foi enmn at the Urls-
bln mine, has been appointed to the
Slons collleiy.
Miss Hnchel Owens has lctuined
home from Hartfoid, Conn.
Misses Frames May Guess and Mabel
Williams, of North Main avenue, have
returned home, nfter spending their
vacation at Claik's Summit.
MlhS Jcnnl" Thomas, of Plttston, Is
the gue.U of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mayo,
of Noith Main avenue.
An ice cieain social will be held on
the lawn of Mis-. Daniel Hcese, riJ.i
Spilng stieet. this evening, for the
benefit of the Welsh Congiegalloiial
church. Ice and cake will be
A lawn social will be conducted at
the home of Mis. Thomas '.. "Williams,
on William stieet, tonioriow evening.
Mis. O.-dioiiio Hlchards, of 'Warieii
slieet. and MUss Hattle lilchaids. of
School street, aie spending a few das
In New York.
Pniiolniaii Thomas Watklns and John
Saltry stint on their vacation tonioi
row. Patiolnian Finlay Hoss Is the day
man this week.
toy Mid-Summer Hosiery
Thread Lace
splendid as-
For Gentlemen. Beautiful New Lisle
Effects, Opcu Drop Stitch Work, and a
sortment of fancy colors and fast blacks in cotton and
maco yarns. You'll like them.
Swell, Up-to-Date Neckwear
The new Negligee Four-inHand, Reversible Scarves,
are the latest. Ours are full 50 inches long, and there
is not a prettier or more complete range in the country
than we have to offer.
Hev. Chailes H. 3S'ewing. of the
Methodist Hplscopal thurch, conducted
the funeial sotvUes over the remains
ot the late Thomas Dershlmer yester
day afternoon. Largo numbers of his
tt lends weie In attendance and King
Solomon lodge, Fiee and Accepted
Masons, of which deceased was a
member, weie largely lepiesented. The
pall bew ers were A. L. Francois, Mark
Bishop, A. 13. Hi own, Andrew Maish,
Heniy Webber, John FIdlmu, and the
flower beurer, W, J. Hall. Intel incut
was muile In Dunmore cemetery.
The social held on the chuicli lawn
by tho Chtlstlnn Frndenvor society of
the Piesbyteilan chinch last night
was largely nttendc-d and very suc
cessful, socially and llnnnelally A
neat hum will bo added to the Bocloty's
tieasuiy as a result of the efforts of
the committee in charge.
William Young, of I3nglewood, is
visiting ft lends In town.
The Ladles' Aid sotlety of the
Methodist ehuich will hold
a lawn .social at tin- home of Mis.
Peter Slegle, of I3ltn stieet,. on Thurs
day evening. Cream and cake will bo
seived and the public aro cotdlully In
vited William H., the infant sop of Mr.
The loimiins of the Lite Mrs. Dllz.i
beth WIekel were consigned to their
lltuil icsting place yesterday afternoon
In the Plttston avenue cemetery. The
sei vices, which weie held at her late
lesldence, 715 Willow street, were large
ly a ttendtd. Itev. '.Izelmann, pastoi of
the Mlfllln Avenue Lutheran chuith.
was the ohiilatlng clergyman. At 3
o'clock the funeral college moved to
the cemetci.v, wheie Inteimciit was
A i.itlle lor a ticket to the
Ameilcan eNposltlon was held last
evening at W. A. Hums barber shop,
on Plttston avenue. Ticket No. i::::ii,
Willi h was held by Charles Dunleavy,
won the pilze.
Kdwaid McAndrew, of llawiey, Pa.,
Is visiting f i lends on this side.
Mr. ami Mrs. Henry Sehwenker have
left for a two weeks' stay at the Pan
Ameilcan. James Conned lodge. No. 170, Inde
pendent Ouler of Odd Fellow, will
meet In weekly session tonight.
Mis. H. L. Wolfe and Mis. James
Hlgley and daughter. Mm to, of Bethle
hem, nie the guests of Mr. nnd Mis.
John Meyeis, on Plttston avenue.
Thomas Hundley Is spending his va
cation at Hawiey.
All members of Team Owners' union
aie icqupsted to meet at ItiiubYi hall,
on Wyoming avenue, Thursday night
for a special business session.
The membeis of the Jtoyul Aicanuiu
will meet In rcgulur monthly session
this evening in Pharmacy hall.
James Dienuan, of Plttston avt nue,
Is spending a few day with fi lends in
New Yoik.
AVoikinen me engaged In making
needed iinpiovements at the Intersei -lion
of South Webster avenue .ml Fig
stieet. The loadway at that point has
been In bail shape for some time.
Miss Margin et Donohoe, of Wllkes
narie, Is being enteitalned by ihe
Misses Keenun. of Piospeet avenue.
William Tahusco, who was wralgiicd
befoie Alderman Lentes on a ehmge of
non-suppoit, prefened by his wife, was
committed to the county Jail in default
of JMO ball.
William Ht'llly, of the William Cou
ncil Hose company, began his vitiation
Globe Warehouse
Is In .tore for ill "bo use Kunn'i lljluam for
Ihe Throat ml Lun;, tliu i;rrit cuamntcrd
rrnifdy. Would vou believe tlut it li toM nti
itt merits and an tliucRbt l authorlzo! ty the
rropilrlor ol this wontleiful icinedy to give joh
a tamnle bottle (ice? It never (ills to luie
aiute or chronic rounlu. All dunreii el
Krmp't llaliam. Piire "ic. ami 50c
i:imhiirst, died nt Oak Terrace on
Tuesday moinlng For the past year,
Mrs, riihoonniaker has been an In
valid. X'tider the caie of skillful
physicians, everything possible was
done to smooth the pathway of suf
ficing, on which she was called to
walk. In her home, loving hands gave
willing service anil her husband was
constantly near her, lending his strong
help and comfort to the allllcled wife.
Louisa Jane Heed was bom at Wind
sor, Hioome county, New York, In
1W0, anil was the only daughter of
sjpt'iuerJ. and Adaline N. Heed, In
her caily glilhootl the joined tho 13pls
copal tinii eh at Hinghamtnn. She
was mm i led to I'. (3. ridioonmaker
thirty-live years ago, and In JR'iti, with
her husband, settled In Scranton anil
there became Interested In the vvoik of
St. Luke's chinch, with which she
united, being among the number who
weie Identllled with the cliuiih lu Its
caily days, and was a teacher lu Its
Sunday school. Mis. Schonnmaker
will be renienibeieil In Scranton for
her gootl Impulses and many acts of
kindness nml love. Her gieat attach
ment to her own chilli h, pet haps In
v, nr'asiiio kept her back from uniting
wUh (ho Piesbyteilan chinch ul 131m
must, but she look an active Interest
In Its v elltuo and was n member of
, tho Ladles' Aid society, glvint; bur
Stirring News for the Seventh Day of the
July Clearing Sale
It would be a vain endeavor on our part to attempt to enumerate the many
special values that can be found in every department at the Big Store. The July Clear
ing Sale serves a three-fold purpose: It gives the manufacturers an outlet for their
surplus merchandise ; it gives the retailers an opportunity to dispose of the small lots
and broken assortments that are sure to follow a big business ; and last, but not least,
it gives the buying public an opportunity to secure seasonable merchandise at much
below the regular rates.
Today's list is but an index to the thousands of special values that await you at
the Big Store.
Upholstery Goods
At Clearing Sale Trices,
Swiss Ruffled Curtains, strip
ed designs, usual value
79c. Clearing sale price 5S)C
Ruflled Net Curtains with
wide lace Insertion and edges.
Usual price $2.20. t QCk
Clearing sale price.... 1 .o"
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
full yards long.
Usual value S2.98.
Clearing sale price.. . X.5U
Arabian Figured insertion and
Hdge. Usual value
53.98. jjClearing sale .
price X.4V
Curtain Poles Usual price
2;c. Clearing sale
price 15C
Ruffled Curtain Materials,
usual price 14c. Clear-
ing sale price I 1C
Window Shades, with oil
opaque, good spring -
roller. Size 6x36 xUC
Framed Pictures at clearing
sale prices. Could you do
better than buy them now?
Colored Photo and Phalenettes
in Gilt and F.bony Frames.
Usual price 9SC, Clear-
ing sale price 7yC
During the Clearing Sale all
orders taken for picture framing
will be subject to a discount of
10 per cent.
Wash Suits
Reduced for the Clearing Sale
A Fine grade Seersucker Wash
Suit in neat grey, black and blue
stripes. The skirt is made in
the full flare style with three
rows of graduated bands. It
has a blouse style basque with
white narrow plaited front edge
with insertion and braid. Usual
value 5. 50. Clearing
sale price 4)0. VO
Wash Suits 'made ot Linen
Lawn, in polka-dot effect; the
dots come in three colors: red,
blue and black. They are made
with bishop sleeves and have the
new crush collar. Usual value
$10.00. Clearing (5.-0
sale price p5.vO
Separate Skirts
Blue and White Polka-dot
Skirt, made with flounces and
finished with two rows of
while stitching. Clear- Q
ing sale price 9oC
Imported White Pique Skirts,
made with deep hem and grad
uated flounce. Usual price
$2.98. Clearing sale t Q
price 1.9o
White Pique Skirt, with wide
flounce, trimmed insertion. Usu
ally $3.50. Clearing 4.- .
Sale price q)Z.4v
Linen Skirts, in various grades
and many styles, up to and in
cluding the $4 grade.
Clearing sale price. . .. .VU
The kind that we back with
the only guarantee that is sure to
satisfy or money refunded.
Rice, genuine Old Carolina
product, 3 pounds 25c
Asparagus, white tender
grade, in glass jars, each 38c
Extra large a ounce bottle of
Vanilla, 3 for 35c
Sardines, domestic, in oil, 6
for 25c
Root Beer, 1 bottle makes 5
gallons ioc
Soap, Fairbank's best laun
dry, 10 cakes 25c
Baking Powder, Snowllake,
large pound can ioc
Fly Paper, per sheet ic
Corn, Weble's Cream Corn,
per can 11c
Flour, Jonas Long's Sons'
Best, every sack guar
anteed, per ) sack $1.10
Soap, Fairy Brand, b for... 25c
Prunes, choice Santa Clara,
5 pounds for 25c
Potted Ham or Tongue, per
can, large size ioc
Potted Chicken, per can. ... ioc
Sardines, packed in France. 12c
Chocolate Premium, per cake 16c
Blueing, large'quart bottle.. 6c
Ammonia, i gallon bottle.. 16c
Coffee, Aurora Brand, our
own pack 16c
Our Great Summer Shoe Sale
Will continue to attract attention. You'll be surprised at the great values now be
ing offered. A few prices are herewith given.
$4 -v a Pa'r 'or Women's
1.99 High Grade Button
and Lace Shoes of the very best
make. The value of this well
made, good wearing shoe runs
from $2.50 to $3.00.
$1 qa for Women's High
1 p9 Grade Advertised
Vici Kid and Dongola and Ox
ford Ties. Strictly hand turned,
with flexible soles, usual value
for Women's Patent
3c Leather one strap San
dals, with solid leather heels and
flexible soles, value $1,35.
for Women's Black Kid
99C Lace Shoes, with patent
leather tips and flexible soles;
duplicate them at $1.25 if you
t a pair for Women's Don
91C gola Kid Oxford Ties,
with patent leather tip and made
solid all through. Value $1.50.
$j . a pair for Women's
1 .9U Dongola Lace Shoes
with patent toe caps or kid tips
just as you like. They have
flexible soles, new military heels
and English Jack stays. Usual
value $2.50.
$i for Men's Russian
1 .79 Calf Hand Sewed
Shoes, in all sizes from 8 to 11,
in 5, 4 and 5 widths. Value
$3.00 a pair.
for Misses' Shoes, in
95C button and lace, with
patent leather and kid tips.
Value $1.25.
.,. for Youths' and Boys'
fill-' I - CI J.
Zr uutc Jiiuca, iiiwcui am v
ia leatner an tnrougn, jusc tne
thing for hard service.
Jonas Long's Sons
nov pa . HMBkK jgPfex VV R
0 L- EZL
Beginning Wednesday, July 2.
Will be an event such as has never been equalled in this city. Thousands of yards of
the latest styles ot Ribbons will be shown and sold. No one who wears or expects to
wear Ribbons for months to come can afford to let this chance go by. All at one price.
Plain Taffeta and Moire, 3 J
to 5 inches wide; Changeable
Silk, 3 and 4 inches wide;
Single and Double Faced Sat
ins, Beltings, etc. Value from
ic to 40c per yard.
See Our Window,
Gauze Ribbons; q and f
inches wide, very latest pat
terns. Our stock in this line
is limited. Our advice would
be purchase early.
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ri'Miwil soivk'f to tho voil; or tlir
Indies In iiilvillirllisr the Inti'lt'Hts of
tho fhuiili nt Klinliurii. The
will lio liclil Tlmi-Hdiiy.
MISS. I.Al'llA KNICUT, rclk t of .!..
H'pli KiiIkIiI. Iiti ( Diiiiiiiini', (HpiI
yowtPicluy inclining at tin liine uf licr
timilier-ln-lnw. tiroiRO Spcwoi, uf lii."0
Nui'iU Main iiemii tie u.ih .111 ln
vitllil fur a niiuilicr of jviii'H, MilfriiliK
fliilll HllRhl'H tllnfllHC. lull llPI' L'
wan mil cnm-liloioil I'llllial until last
wrek. Tlir ilcir.ihcil wik a native of
I'li'iixiint Mount. AVityno count, ami a
tlauKliKT of (lie late William Hull. Slu
nun uiiurii'il lu lSils, ami Hiirvivcil Iioi
liushiiml only two nioniliK. lurlii tliu
pienti'i' iioitlon of lit'i' niaiildl llfu bin.1
lcslilod In Duiiiuoic, Slip vun n de
voted niiMulHT of tlio Methodist KpIkco-
pal church and nn .11 dent woiker thoi -lu.
She was Inved li a UlRc elide of
friends and Kpn ted " everyone with
whom she iiscoi luted. The tuneial will
laUe phue Thuisihi ulteinoon at
o'eloi K.
nUN.NMS UAinWr-TT. - DonulM
llaituett. ased :m yearn, or Wyoming
avenue, who wan leioKiili'.ed as one
of the hest cornet playriH In the iitate,
died yenterday at the Lackawanna hos
pital after a lew days' Illness with
pneumonia, lie wnt. taken to the lios.
pllal 011 .Monday, hut ciadually mew
weaker, ami died yesterday morulas.
He hail heen a member of Mailer's
hand for 11 number of yeum. The ie
mains will ho taken to the home of his
sister on WyoinliiK avenue, ft 0111 wheie
the fueiiral will bo held ut a time, to
he Used later 1 It- Is survived by his
In other. James .1.. of Avoui, and a sis
ter, Mrs. llitke, with whom he liven.
MISS MAIIY W MATS', dauchter
ilatiBliter of the late Mis. Mary Maun,
died on Wednci-daj hIkIH at the ram
lly residence at il.l Noith IrvuiK ave
nue, after a loiifi Illness. She Is sur
vived by time sisters and one lnnlhrr,
Anna. HildKi't. Katherlue and K1.111K.
The funeial will be held tomorrow
mill nine fiom St. I'eter'n iHthulr.U.
.lAMI'IS lli;l.HV. the son of Tlinni
as ami Ann llexlo. died yesterday
nioinluir at (he family irsliluue. ISM
C'uslek avenue. URed tluee inoutllH.
Kuneiul Thuisdny. liucrmeiu In tho
Cnthedral cemetery and will l) private.
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