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. burke Carbondale Department.
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The Colored Shoo Shiner Whose
Stand Was at the Anthrnclto
Building Suspected of Decamping
With Time Piece Belonging to
Dan Collins -The Story of the Dis
appearance. The colored bootblack whose ntntid
was In front of the Anthrnclto, the
1 young artist who Is aa dark aa mid
night "and whose fitjit naine was
"I.0U,"the last Fuppoicd to be Jack
ion, lctt town yesterday nnd Is sus
pected by the police of taking with
him a watch belonging to Dun Col
lins, a tullnr.
Collins, about a week iiro, was In
circumstances that led hlin to licllcvo
that the watch would be safer In an
other's hand, so he entrusted Us keep
ing to the alios "artist," with whom ho
was acquainted by ieas.011 of his occa
sionally patronizing the latter's stand.
A few days ago, Collin lccalled whole
he had left his watch nnd called on
his coloied acquaintance to produce
It. "Lou" didn't produce. lnstend,
io declared Hint he had returned tho
timepiece to Collins, nnd dimly In
sisted on this when It was suggested
that he was mIMnkcn. Collins was
reasonably sure that the watch had
i.ot been icturned to him, and tho
mote he pondered over It, the moie
he felt that "Iou" was playing a
foxey Same. After 1 evolving the
thought In his mind until he could al
most see the watch in the daik man's
rocket. Collins sought the help of the
police. Constnble .Moran busied him
self with the case, his Investigations
bringing him to Seranton, where he
learned that a watch lind been
"hocked" at one of the pawnshops,
and later. 'Monday, redeemed by a
young man whoso description lltted
"Lou," the Anthracite shinet. The
constable came hack last evening,
with the Intention of getting some ex
planation fiom "Lou" If he could, but
"l,0u" was gone, lie left the city at
noon, without Iealng word as to his
destination. Collins watch, the police
believe, departed with the elushe
The Splendid Talont Controlled by
the Brockway Lecture and Enter
tainment Bureau Secured by the
Enterprising Young Men to Enter
tain Carbondale Residents During
tho Theatrical Season The Entor
tainors of tho Course.
Arrangementfa for the ontettHinmcnt
course, which has been told of at
length In The Tribune, have been com
pleted, and Caiboiidale lesldents are
as'uied of as high class cnteitaln
ment duilng the theatrical season as
It Is possible to obtain.
The Biockway Iciture and entertain
metn bureau Is the organization that
will novlde the enteitainers, and this
means that the best talent before the
public will he heie to contribute to the
fun and pleasuie and distinction of
the rations of the couise, who, it is
trxpeeted, will be so numerous as to
occupy every seat In the (Jiand opera
house at each entertainment. This
was the uilc In Scrantnn last season,
and the preceding e,ir, during the
Biockway couise. As the couise of
the Brockway bureau has been con
tracted for, It Is not to be expected
that Carbondale will be lacking In
The course will open in October, with
M-iio. the magician. Impersonator,
'!i?dow jraphht and musician. Maro
Ins iipnn In Siranton. and his enter
tainment was pionounced as one of the
most'enjovahle of the course.
A. XV. Hawks, the lecturei. who ap
peals In "store clothes." will follow
with either of his lectures, "People 1
Have Met," or "Sunshine" Both aie
filled with quaint humor and descilbe
characteis of his native stat", Miuy
land. The Kinest Gamble Con. 01 1 com
pany, one of the best balaiucd iom
panles of musicians appeal ins in en
.ertalnment couiuos, will follow.
Ellas Dav. Impersonator and char
acterlst, a dlgnitied entei talnnient and
a prime favorite at Sciauton last sen
tftn. will be the fifth one of the course.
General John B. Gordon, the noted
lecturer from the tiouth, will deliver
his leetuie, "The List Days of the
Confederacy," the merits of which are
so well known that comment Is not
The Ottumwas quartette, assisted by
Mlfs Julia E. Van Deusen, a clever
itclter, will be the closing number.
The course r high-priced, hut this
did not deter the enterprising and pro
gressive young men who haw the
enterprise In chaige. for they feel that
Carhondallans would fully appreciate
the .quality of the entertainment that
would be appreciated,
His Letter Explanatory of His Offer
ing to 8emi-Contennial Fund,
Dev J J.- C. Ehlnger. pastor of St.
Paul's Lutheran church, has generously
contributed $10 to tho semi-centennial
fund, sending the following letter to
Mayor Kllpatiick with the offering'
"Your Honor: As Father Coffey came
forth with a contilbutlon to the city's
teml-ccntennial cclebiatlon, I will foi.
low suit, as for some time I was nnx-
lou'sly waiting who amongst the clty'a
-church servants would take the Inltl-
,-atlve;to helji make the celebration a
leal success
''But I 1 egret not being able to hold
him In the balance by the check en
closed, Our Lutheinn St. Paul's church, the
. younfiegt of the .city's proud churches,
is still In hei babyhood; born closely at
-th.e time of the semi-centennial cole
brailon. Her servant therefore cannot
t" Allen Fnet-Kue. a pawdu It cure, piful
tmtrting, nrnoin feet arid Insrmvln ml, ,nJ
Intimity UVit the Ming nut ot cftrnn end' bun.
. Otfu. lt llii tieateit wmfort dium ct the
ti. Allen' Fcnt-Vue mAo tlsht or rew hoc
ftd ctiy. It U 1 teitiln lure for twitting .
lftun ttid hot, died. thlns ft Tiy ft tka,.
EeM hy ill rirus(riU arid ihoe Moiei. Uv mill
lor Sic. In namp. TiUI puckagf KHI.j':, d,
drut Alien S. Olmsted, U lioj, .v. y,
expect much lemiineiatlon for his cm
vlies. The icsources aie different and
our hope lies In the future, Half a cen
tury mote and niuttets iua have cieat
ly chiinged.
"The whole attitude of the iltlzens
to our wotk fiom the very stait, their
generous contilbutlons vvniiunt this
hope and shall spin us to be woithy of
It and to be true to all good and Hue
Germans' motto: 'Hold fust, which thou
hast!' J. I" C. Ilhlnger."
Camp of tho Woodmen of tho World
to Bo Located Hero.
District Deputy Organizer John
Borthvvlck, of the Woodmen of tho
World, has been stirring himself In
behalf of the order, which Is one of
the recent fraternal orders that ha?.
1 cached a healthy giovvth, and hns
succeeded In Interesting suflkient can
didates to locate 11 camp In Caiboiidale.
The Woodmen of the World has
neatly n qtiaiter of a million lupin
beis, and Its camps are to be found In
tho principal cities nnd towns fioin
the Atlantic to the Pacific. Thus far
It has paid out $7,000,000 to bencflcl
nrles. The features of the order aie : A
tnble of rates based upon the experi
ence of the. old-line Insurance com
panies; that they piovide for sick
membeis; furnish total disability bene
fits to a member In old age; eiect 11
monumetn over the lestlng place of
deceased members nnd hold annual
memorial services over departed mem
bers' graves.
Manager Fox Gives an Encouraging
Talk to Hie Players and Feels Con
fident That tho Exhibition of This
Week Will Not Be Repeated A
Game on Friday and One on Sun
dayA Local Team and a Nino
from Honesdnlo the Opponents.
Manager Fox, of the Ciescents, is
not dismayed by the loss of this week's
game, nnd after an eiuouiaglng talk
to his playois he feels that theie will
not bo another "exhibition" this sea
son, such as was witnessed on Sunday
by the thiong of "cranks" who were
attracted to Alumni Paik with the
hope of seeing the ciack nine of Car
bondale In thed usual foiin.
There is no accounting for the game
of Sunday, but that the playois had
an off day, which is often the case
with even the crackerjack teams, and
the Ciescents do not piopose to loose
any eneigy woirylng over this defeat;
they and their manager are to wisely
philosophical to follow such a couise,
and they will reserve their eneigles
lor the games before them, which will
be neces.-ar.v, as Manager Pox has
made arrangements vlth tho cieveiest
teams heieabouts.
On Friday afternoon, the next game
will be played. The Ciesicnts will be
opposed by a team under the man
agement of Matt. Poland, who a vein
that It will bo composed of better ma
terial Jhan the team he pitted against
the Ciescents last week, to be slaugh
teied as It was.
fin Sunday, the stiong Honcsdale
team will be heic, which means that
theie will be "soinetliln' doln'." The
"cianks" of the city ami vicinity aie
assuicd of a rattling contest on this
A new member has been added to
the Crescents. Harris, from Port Jer
vls, an Intlelder who comes here with
a splendid leputntl'on as a player of
good judgment and good hitting quali
Recommended for the Grand Decora
tion of Chivalry of Odd Fellows.
Lieutenant Colonel Harry J. Hall, of
Caiboiidale canton. Patilaichs Militant,
who has altenrty iccelved signal lion
01s. will be honoied further on Odd
Fellows' day at Lake Lodoic, on Fii
day, August 1'3, when he will iccelve
the srand decoiatlon of chivalry.
This riegiee Is the highest of the hon
oiary degiees o Odd Fellows, and Is
(onferied only on thoe who aie rec
ommended In 1 onsldciation of honoi
ahle or merltoilous set vice In the cause
of pattlarchal Odd Fellowship or tor
fidelity in fulfilling a special commis
sion, Five ofilceus aie named each year
for this decoiatlon, one from a dlffei
ent icglment. and the high honor which
Lieutenant Colonel Hall In lugs to Car
bondale Is the Hist ever granted to a
patilaichs militant In this city,
Successful Fisherman.
The number of fish in the Susquehan
na county lakes Is considerably less
after the fishing trip which Ticket
Agent Claude Smith, of the city sta
tion, and Grocer John P,eese made
yesterday. They returned last even
ing with a mess of beauties that would
make envious even siuh iapltal fish
ormen as Chief McNulty and John
A Pleasant Evening.
A very pleasant gathering was held
Monday evening at the home of the
Misses Farley on Canaan sheet. Tho
houis bped quickly, music and games
being tho principal amusements of tho
evening. As a fitting close to tho fes
tlvitles a dainty luncheon was served,
On a Wheoling Tour.
Joe McGarry and Daniel Monahan
passed through here on Monday en
route from Honesdnlo to Scianton on
a wheeling trip. While In town they
weie the guests of the latter's cousin,
"Dick" Monnhnn, of the Anthracite
baiber shop,
Renovating Shoo Store,
Mnnnger Vincent Mnnners, of the
People's shoe store, Is having the store
Intei lor lcnovaled. New shelvlnc Is
being put In and other changes will bo
made, which will add to tho stoic's ac
commodations. Popular Drummer Hore.
William Filly, the Jolly and popular
salesman for the David Spruks job
bing house of Scranton, made a bus.
ness trip to Carbondale yesterday,
Gilbert Street Resident 111.
Mrs. V. A. Swingle s confined to
her home on Gilbert stieet by 111.
'Plionc :
NEW, 286
OLD, 0423
Abo Sahm, tho Director of tho De
partment of Publicity of the Soml
Contcnnial Association, Circulates
Among tho Merchants nnd Stirs
Up Intorost and Incidontally Gath
ers Up Some Good-Sized Contribu
tions More Plani of Celebration.
The booming of the semi-centennial
celebration was well started ycateida,
when Abe I. Sahm cdculatcd among
the stoies of the town, stirred up new
Intel est nnd enthusiasm In the plans of
the city's Jubilee, and Incidentally
gatheied up stibscilptlons to the
amount of $300.
Mr. Sahm Is ddector of the puhlbltv
depaitnu'iit. as It weie. of tin mmi.i
centonnlul association and he hn i. . 11
wisely cunson, for there Is no man .11
all the town who Is so well fitted for
the position. Mr. Sahm has Ideas. 1 x
chock full of them, of the sound st
kind; he hns the ability to expiees him
self tn winds that cany lone with
them, and he luiri an abundant e of pei -seveiance
which Is sine to win out In
any aigument or debate. Mi bahni
started to woik with a will yesteiday
morning, and by evening his lugh and
his talk and his wit showed lcsults. tm
he had stibscilptlons for the sum men
tioned befoie. $300, besides setting have
the pent-up enthusiasm of the business
men over tho celebration, which the
piojectois hope to make a big one In
uveiy respect.
Mr. Suhm was well pleased with how
he nnd Fiank llonunclmeyei', who was
n ready second In the work of ycsterda,
weie iccelved. Hut the business men
aie only a patt of the population of the
town, and the celebration ! one that
should nppeal to the ptlde of every
resident of tho city; hence Mi Sahm
and his co-woikeis will aim to Interest
every poison In the city In the Jubilee
plans. They will seek to disabuse the
minds of the people of the Idea that it
is only the latger subset Iptlons that
count; and they stilve to obtain a con
tilbutlon from eveiy peison, according
to his means. No one, they believe, who
has the least pilde. will pass by with
out ronti Uniting to the fund, no matter
how small the amount. The dollar, and
even smallei, fiom the one whose cir
cumstances will not permit a laiger
offeiing, will be as acceptable as tho
big contilbutlons, for these small
amounts fiom thousands of peisons will
make a sum that will assuie a cele
bration which will be creditable In the
highest ilegieo to the town's Inhabit
ants on the occasion of Its littleth
birthday annlveisniy.
To encouiage these small subsci Ip
tlons, .Mr. Sahm will designate business
places wheie they will be iccelved, and
where ceitlflcates of mcmbeiship will
be given in letuin for tho offerings.
Tho names of these glveis, iiiespecllve
of amounts, will appear also In the
ofllciol tecoid that will be published of
the Jubilee.
My. Sahm pioposc.s to have a souvenir
button inauufactmcd and sold, and
hopes theieby to iippieclahly augment
the general fund. He has adopted a
happy Idea in the selection of an em
blem. It will be the pictute of the
three biciliei hoys who aie astraddle
tho ,11 a mule, such as has hap
pened on the i,ind,ii of a Scranton
bank and vvhlih will hoicadlly icealled.
The legend "Scnil-Centennial. 1S31
1101," will Hud a place on the button.
The price of the buttons will bo ica-
sonahle. and the sale, It Is believed, will
leach into the thousands.
Open-air meetings will also be ai
ranged for by Mr. Sahm, at which the
piomlnent men of tho town will be
pieseni to speak on the why, how and
whciefoio of the centennial celebia
tlon. The labor, f internal and beneficial 01 -ganlzatlons
of the town have aheady
taken a deep Interest In the celebration,
but It t. Mr. Sahm's puipose to Increase
this Intciest and awaken an enthusi
asm that will sweep like a wave over
the united bodies of the town.
The Central Labor Union has begun
to piepare for Labor day, which will
occur on the second day of the semi-
centennial celehratlon. The demon
stration on that day will be the most
Imposing ever attempted In Carbon
dale. and among the ways and means
for the event will be a picnic at Kil
leen's grove, which It Is expected will
icallzo an acceptable sum to meet
the expenses of the day, the reception
and entertainment of visitors and the
like The guests will Include national
labor leaders and others conspicuous In
labor circles.
The picnic will be held next month,
the date to be decided on at the next
meeting of the Central Labor Union.
To tho Pan-American.
Trie Train Dispatcher John J.
O'Boyle and wife, of Blver street, left
Monday night for Buffalo. After at
tending the Pan-Ameilcan exposition
they will go to Cleveland, O., for a
few days' visit.
Family Reunion.
The third annual reunion of the de
scendants of Amos and Cynthia Car
penter and Joseph and Rhoda Carpen
ter will be held at tho home of Mr.
and Mis. Gilbert L. Davis In Nicholson
on Thursday, August 2:'.
Meetings Tonight.
vV. XV Davles' Post, G. A. n.
Pioneer Castle, Knights of Mystic
Fidelity Conclave, Independent Order
of Heptasophs.
Communion Service.
Tho celebration of the Holy Com
munion in Trlnltv chapel, which was
announced for Thursday moinlng, will
be omitted.
Aftor a Horso.
Martin Dockerty Is In Mount Clair.
N. J where ho will Inspect a speedy
trotter, of which he expects to become
the ow nor.
At a Funeral,
XV. F. McAndrow, of Cottage stieet.
attended the funeral of the late John
O'Mulley at Olyphant yesterday.
Called Homo by Illness,
James Kenworthy has been called
home on account of tho serious Illness
of his mother.
Rev. Dr. Whalen on His Vacation
Rev. H. J. Whalen D. D., pastor of
the Berean Baptist church, will leave
today on hi vacation of a month. Ho
will go to IC.tglesmere, Sullivan coun
ty. While Dr. Whalen goes to seek
n well-earned rest, ho will not be Idle
there, l'aglesmerc Is the centre of
a progressiva Chautauqua clicle, and
during his stay, Dr. Whalen, who has
been appoltned one of the lecturers,
will deliver a series of sermons nnd
Duilng tho pastor's absence the usual
church services will be dispensed with,
but the Sunday chool and the usual
week day prayer service will be ob
served as usual,
Death of Mrs. Kenworthy.
Mrs. France Kenworthy, aged sO
j'ears, died at X o'clock Inst evening at
her home. Deceased was born In North
Hensel, l'nglnnd, on March 2T, 18JI, and
hud boon a lesldent of Carbondale for
forty-live years-. She was a member of
Tilnlty church for forty years, nnd Is
survived by the following sons and
datmhtois: Mis. F.niHy Porter, Mis. J,
U. ltlanchard, Mls Annie Kenworthy
and 1'dvvln A. Kenwoithy, of Carbon
dale; rtudolph K., of Wllkes-Baire, and
James It. Kenwoithy. of Cheater. Pa.
The funeral airnugemcnts hae not
yet been completed but the services
will probably be held lomonow aftet
noon. Carbondalian Choion for Leader.
A Honesdnlo correspondent has the
following to say of John Neuser. re
cently of this city, who always hold a
similar position In band , circles in
At tho lequeat of David GUI, leader
of the Maple City band, John Neuser,
recently of Carbondale, was elected to
that position at the late rehearsal of
ths organization. Mr. Gill has been
an excellent leader, and under his ef
tlclent supervision the band has con
stantly giown In popular favor both
In this nnd other sections of the state.
Mr. GUI will still retain his position ns
a member of tho band.
Funeral of Mrs. Biglin.
The funeral of the late Mrs. Bart
ley Blglln will take place this morn
lug. At fl:30 o'clock the procession will
leave the tesldenco at 13S South
Chinch street and will move to St.
Bose church, where a high mass of
requiem will be sung. Burial will take
place In St. Hose cemetery.
Western Residents Depart.
Mr. and Mis. J. A. Murray and
daughter. Kthd, who have been the
guests of Caibondalo 11 lends for n.
week, left yesterday tor Glasgow,
Nova Scotia.
Camping at Lake Lodore.
B. M. Vnnnan and family, L. T.
Medland and family and Master James
Kelly are camping out at Lake Lo
Hcniy Berry is visiting in Union
dale. Charles Peter Hunter, of Clifford,
was in town yesterday.
Poor Dliector John T. Lynch has re
turned fiom New York city.
Mrs. Robert Klnback Is enjoying a
visit with Wayne county fi lends.
Miss Floiencc Murray, of Pike
stieet. Is visiting friends in Brooklyn,
N. V.
Miss Mary O'Malley, of Plttston, Is
tho guest of Miss Loietta Coleman,
on the West Side.
Miss Sadie Lewis, of South Main
stieet, has gone to Eaglcsmcie, this
slate, for a shoit visit.
Miss May Gaugher, of Seventh ave
nue, b-is returned fiom a prolonged
visit at Hnncock, N. V.
A. F. Becker, of Becker Bros., cigar
manufacturers, Scranton, was a Car
bondale visitor yesterday.
.Miss Nora O'Heam, of South Main
stieet, has letuined after ten days'
visit at Hancock, N. Y.
Dr. and Mrs. A. D. Pieston spent
Mondayi with the former's patents,
Mr. and Mis. S. S. Hauls.
Miss Maggie Alter, of Wilkcs-Barre,
Is the guest of her sister. Mrs. R. T.
Maxwell, on Salem avenue.
Mis. John E. Morgan and daughter,
Marion, left Monday to visit the for
mer's patents in Susquehanna.
Miss Isabelle Bovvers, of Canaan
stieet. is now In Danville, Vermont,
where she will spend the summer.
Misses Clara and Cora Arthur, of
Blrkott stieet, left yesterday for a
visit with lelatlves in Prompton and
Frank Qulnn and daughter have re
turned to their home In New- York
city, after a pleasant visit with Car
bondale fi lends.
Miss Anna Golden, who has been
the guest of Miss Mary McCann. or
Sand stieet, returned tu her home in
Scranton yesterday.
Miss .Maine Dougheity returned to
her home in Olyphant last night, af
ter a week's stay with Miss Agnes
Coleman, of Vine street.
Mrs. Frank Collins and children,'
i iimiiu nuu .Alice, are nere 10 .spend
a week with Mrs. Collins" father, John
Collins, on Cottage street.
Mr. and Mrs. George Dana and Mrs.
Mania Moise, of Utlca, N. Y., ore
spending a part of the summer with
Mrs. Margaret Morse, at Lakeside
cottage. Crystal lake.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirkman nnd son,
Clarence, of Poit Jervls, ate spend
ing two weeks nt the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Fiank Dennis. Mrs, Kirk
man Is a sister of Mis. Dennis.
William Connell, of Woodlawn ave
nue, has Just icturned from a de
lightful visit of two wijeks with his
brother, at Paterson, N. J. while
theie, he spent a number of days In
New York and at the vaiious lesorts
in the vicinity of the metropolis.
The school board of Jermyn held
their adjourned meeting last evening.
The board, by resolution, decided to
put chase the following new books, as
lecommended by the book committee:
Duiell and Bobbins' Algebia, Ward's
"Itatlonal Method In Reading," for
pilmary department and Sheldon's
new Htundnid seiies writing books.
The board aferwatdH went Into com
mlttce and took up the supplies, nnd
at tho completion of their spsslou,
aw aided the contiuct to the McConnell
Supply compnny, of Philadelphia, their
bid being about $o less than the high
est of the five llrms who submitted
bids. The boaid afterwards adjourned
without placing the teachcts. which
will be done at the tegular meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mellow, of CPine
tery stieet, accompanied by Mr. and
Mis. James L. Crawford, of Scranton,
have sone tn the Pan-American ex
position ami will a Wo visit the Thous
and Islands before returning.
Miss Llherta Henwood. of Second
street Is visiting In Scranton.
William M. and Thumab M Grif.Hhs
made a business trip to Wlnton yes
terday, where they aie Interested In
some real estate.
The Twentieth Century Sewing clr-
cle meeting lias been declared off for
July, owing to the continued Illness
of Afrs. Joseph Tennis.
Miss Jessie Winter Is spending a
few days In Monroe county.
Miss Mary Bwlck Is spending the
heated term at Blakcslee, Pa,
Mr. Joseph Tennis, Jr., nnd Miss
Minnie Hcynolds, of Butte City, wete
married at tho home of the bride on
July 16. Their many friends are Just
now receiving liberal supplies of wed
ding cake.
Mrs, Joseph Tennis Is slightly Im
proved today, under the skillful caie
of Dr. I. S, Oravcs.
Miss Phillips, of Wllkes-Barro, unci
Miss Fields, of Ashley, are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs, Thomas M. Grlfllths,
of Third street.
Miss Dora Bonner, of Oicen Hldge,
and Miss Eva Netherton, of Wyoming,
were yesterday visiting Miss Emma
Netheiton, of H street.
George Merrltt has given up his re
tall meat business and secured a posi
tion as flicmnn on the Ontario and
Western lallroad.
William Howe, of Third street, wont
to Johnstown yesterday to visit his
Mrs. Cara Nicholson, of North Main
street, entertained a large number of
little children yesterday afternoon In
honor of her daughter, Helen's, birth
day. The chlldien were treated with
all kinds of good things and they
passed a most delightful afternoon to
gether. The Sunday school children of the
Primitive Methodist church had thclf
picnic yesterday In the grove. The
weather was perfect and the children,
thanks to their pastor, Rev. S. S.
Molter, had an exceedingly pleasant
The funeral of the late John O'Malley
was held from the family home, on
Dunmoie stieet, yesterday morning and
was one of the largest seen In this
place In some time. The remains rested
In a handsome broadcloth casket, sur
rounded by several beautiful floial
tokens, and weie viewed hy the large
gatheilng of people. At 10 o'clock the
icmalns- weie home to St. Patrick's
chinch, where a high mass of requiem
was celebrated by Rev. P J. Muiphy,
the pastor, who also pleached an Im
pressive funeial sermon. Beautiful se
lections weie rendered hy Mrs. Anna
Blown O'Malley Rnd Robett McCoi
mack during the service, interment
was made In the West Side remetmi
The pall-bearers wete John .McLaugh
lin, w imam O'Haia. Patrick Cannon,
William Gibbons, John Hoban and Ed
ward Lyons. The (lower-bearers weie
P. J. Gallagher and Peter Foley. The
members of the Catholic Mutual Be
nevolent association attended the
funeral In a body. Among those from
out of town who attended were Michael
Cannon. Miss Katie Cannon, T. J.
O'Malley, Avoca; Patrick Battle. Pltts
ton; John Boylan, Miss Mamie Boylan,
Carbondale; Hon. P. A. Phllbln, Arch
bald; Mr. and Mrs. John McCouit,
Misses Mary and Nellie McCourt, An
thony O'Boyle. P. J. Joidan, Miss Delia
Callahan, Scranton; John A. Hoian,
Miss Golden, Edward Scott, Mrs. Scott,
Mrs. Samuel Prosser, of Blakely, was
among those who had the chivalry do
giee conferred on them by the staff of
the Rebekah lodge, at Lake Lodoie,
One of the laigest excursions of the
season will go to Mountain Paik next
Saturday, under the auspices of the
different societies of St. Patrick's
chuich. Tickets, adults, $1; children, 50
A house, owned and occupied by Will
lam Nlcholls, on Second street, Blakely,
was totally destroyed by fire yesterday
at noon. The blaze was caused hy
sparks fiom a locomotive falling on the
roof. The Peckvllle Hose company le
sponded, but on account of the lack of
fire hydiants In that vicinity they weie
unable to subdue the flames,
Miss Efitelle Usher, of Newburgh N.
Y Is the guest of Miss Lucy Farrell.
Mrs. Patrick McGlnty. who has been
at the Scranton hospital for several
weeks, returned home yesterday, much
Improved in health.
The sewing circle of the Calvary
Baptist church will conduct a grand
Ice cream and clam social on pay
night at the church class room. Other
refreshments will be Included In the
menu. A delightful time is assuiea
all who attend.
Archbald Mine local, No. ltilO. United
Mine Workers of America, will hold a
social session tomorrow evening In
their rooms In the Odd Fellows' hall.
Refreshments will be served, An ex
cellent piogramme has been ar
ranged. Dog days aie fast approaching, and
owners of canines would do well to
comply with tho boiough oidlnance.
by having them muzzled in clue time.
The Juvenllo society of the Archbald
and Pyne Primitive .Methodist church
will hold a lawn social on the chinch
lawn on Tuesday evening, July 20.
Borough Solicitor J. M. Harris has
announced his candidacy for addi
tional law Judge, subject to tho de
cision of the Republican primaries
The lafle for the silver watch for
the benefit of David Powell, who was
injuied at the Aichbald mine some
time ago, was held on Saturday even
ing. Joseph Jones, of Union stieet,
was the winner.
George, the young son of Mr. and
Mis. James Stevens, of the Aichbald
mine, had one of his arms bioken on
MVmday, near his home, by falling
from a high tence.
Foieman Louis Relnhaidt, of the
Pyne colliery, Is substituting for Out
side Foreman Thornton, at the Arch
bald colllciy, during the latter's vaca
tion. James Ward, of Avoca, will succeed
Dlstilct Superintendent J. L. Nelger
in the local ofllce of tho Prudential in
suiancc company, the latter taking
charge of tho Pittson office on Mon
day next.
Remember the excursion of Father
Mofllt and his congregation, which
goes to Lake Lodore on Monday next
Misses Lydla Hosklns and Bertha
Rose spent the Sabbath as the guests
of relatives and friends In Wilkes
Baire. Taylor lodge, No. 4iiJ, Knights of
Pythias, will meet this evening in
regular session,
T. A. Evans, of Ma'n stieet, Is
spending a week with friends In Phila
delphia. .1. Mllford Moigaus and tamlly aie
sojourning at Lake Idlewild.
Master Willie Ott, of Washington
street, is rusticating at Atlantic City
Foieman and Mis. XV. n. Thornton
and children, of the Archbald mine,
left yesterday for a three weeks' so
Journ In Susquehanna county.
Mlnooka tribe. No. 217, Impioved Or
der of Red Men, will meet In tegular
session this evening,
John Weber and family, of Main
street, aie spending the week at Ma-plevvood.
An unusual trade opportunity enables us to offer
two exceptional tines of Lace and Tapestry Curtains at
less than present cost to manufacture. As quantities are
limited an early inspection is advised, as when present
stock is exhausted we cannot duplicate.
j Lace Curtains
f Choice line of Brussels, Rc-
I n.iissnnce and Irish Point De-
T signs.
5 Real value Si. 75. Special $1.25
Real value $2. 25. Special $1.50
Real value $3.00. Special $2.00
Real value $4.50. Special $3.50
Real value $oo. Special S3. 75
Real value $6, 50. Special $5.5"
A select stock of Foreign
Estimates for all classes of upholstery, cheerfully t
given. We make a specialty of $
Slip Covers
$ Special clearance
T unnnTP wmi ninnn
$ uHnrmo, hall ninn,
; The most complete stock
J Temporary Store
n accordance
vn . r i
Season'sSuit Styles
$io and $12 Suits have been remarked,
and the prices reduced , n 7 o
for this clearing sale to po.DU, q(, .po
$15 1 and some $18 Suits in fine cloth
qualities, worsteds and
Fancy Cheviot, price Cfn . cn
for this sale pW aiIU M
The "Atterbury System" of Tailoring.
$20 and $25 Suits made by this sys
tem that have created such favorable
comment during the past
Prices now
Shirt Prices
Good qualities in stripe
and fancy Madras. These
shirts are a part of late
shipments. Re
duced for this 7e
sale to J
borne fine Madras with
fancy French fronts
made by the best shirt
makers. Reduced OQ
A few fine
Panama" Straws
At Reduced Prices.
I r-
Samter Bros.,
Tapestry Curtains
Some new color effects in
Oriental Tapestries
Real value $4,50. Special $2.50
Real value $9.00. Special $6.00
Real value $10.00. $6.50
Couch Covers
Special values in Kelim and
Bagdad eiTects at $3.50 to $8.50.
and Domestic Novelties in
prices on entire stock.
ruiion nr tnmt nrnn nt
DMao anu mu wwa, jsi
in Northeastern Pennsylvanii.
126 Washington Ave.
Clearing Sale
It's the clearing sale that always brings
the buyers. They know what the Semi
Annual Clearing Sale' at this Store means.
with the strict rule laid
down years ago, we must clear this sea
son's styles no matter at what sacrifice.
In M
All this season's stylish
straws in heavy chip, flat
btim or Fedora.
$oc straws reduced to... 25c
75c straws reduced to... 48c
$1.00 straws reduced to 79c
$1.50 straws reduced to 97c
2.00 straws reduced to 1.46
2.50 straws reduced to 1.83