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ti&l(J0ri'i-v5s'VrJl4 '--'
labor Leaders Want to Know It a
General Strike ot All Union
Men Is Advisable.
Contributions to tho CaiiBo of
tho Striking Amalgamated Men
or a Sympathetic Calling Out
of Every Union Workman in
the United States Is the Question
Which Some of the Labor Politi
cians Aro Reforring to Their Con
stituentsNo Now Developments
in the Big Steel Strike.
By nxclijNJc Wire lioin The "ciatcd Press.
Chlmgo, July HI. Piomlnont labor
men In tills elty have locelvcd n cir
cular which, while It has not tho of
ficial sanction of tho Ametlcan Feeler
iitlon of Lnboi, has been hcnt out
with the full knowledge of the oili
er. of that oigauizntion, asking tho
labor leaders If, In their opinion, it Is
ndvlnble to caU a monster meeting of
the labor leadeis of the country to
lonslder menus to as-slst the stilkcrs
In their light against, the United
States Steel corporation.
The elicular mcielv asks for tlio
opinion whether It would be better to
assist the strikers by a genctnl strike
ot the union men all over the I'nlted
States or to nhslst them by cash con
tilliutlons. The circular was only te
celved tonight and the local men have
as yet had no oppoitunlty of replying.
All replies to the elicular are to be
made Individually.
Tube Woikers Oignnize.
Flushing, July L'l. The Impoitant
event In tho strike history of the day Is
the organization of the tube mill wmk
eih at McKeespott. The wot el it out
there tonight Is that after long and
nidtious work Assistant Soerotaty
Tlghc, of the Amalgamated hsmk latlon,
succeeded In organizing 125 men of the
National Tube Works company. At tho
meeting twenty-live skilled men fiom
each of the departments woie Initiated
In the mystettps of the Aiiialnturntetls
nsfco'.'lrttlori, and Mr. Tlshe claims that
within foity-clght houts enough more
of the woikmon w HI lie secutcd to keep
the entile plHnt c.oscd dowi, affecting
9,000 men.
Kioin WellhVille nothing has been ic
eelvcd heio except word the situ
ation Is unchanged n-d tpt stiikcis ay
eveiythipg Is satisfactory t thom. It
is bed-'.oi, however, that an attempt
will be miulo tomonow to put men to
work theie fiom other points, the ten
men fiom Vandeigilft, who aio said to
be .it Hast Llvcipool ready to go In
early In tho day. l lug the principal
men tolled jjpnn for the put pose While
the strike , s.iy th-y will not commit
any oeit i t. there Is an uneat-y feel
ing manifest luoughout the emire val
ley, and no one Is willing to antici
pate tho lesult of the pioposed attempt
to put these men at woik.
Shaffer Satisfied.
"When seen tonight President Shaffer
expressed hitnsclt as being moie than
satisfied with tho week's lesults. He
"Things aio veiy much better to
night than I thought they would be.
Moio mills aie shut down than we an
ticipated or could expect There !
moio deteiiiiinatlon on tho p,ut of the
men who mine out than was antici
pated. Theie has been more Inclina
tion to aid us morally and llnanilnlly
on the part of other laboi oignnlza
tlons and vnstlv moio support fiom
the general public than wo were look
ing for.
"Late last night I received a tele
gram fiom one of our men at Dunentis
lllo saying, 'DuiumiisvIUc Is out.' At
anv time within the voar we could
have formed a compact organisation
of tho mill there. They hae sent ns
dozens of letteis and a number of tele
grams declining their anxiety to Join
our rauc.
"Wo have lost no giound In the
mills tliinwn Idle In I'lttxbuiz. oilr
otganl.ers at Wp11s11p report that
after the advent of a solitary woiker
there fiom Vandergrlft to go Into tlio
mill on Satin day ippresontatlvos of
tho operative potteis senuicd Wells
vllle and Kast Llvotpool to tlnd otlu-i
men on a similar mission nnd found
not one. 1 can still icpoat what I have
said before in regard to the non-union
men taking our places, 'if the United
states steel rorporatlon olllclals can
got non-union men i will (help lead
the men into tho mills.' "
Nothing About Plans.
Mr. Shaffer would say nothing of the
Plans of Ills association duilng the
-onilng week, fuither than to iclterate
his funner statements that Ills pio
cramme was perfected and will be e ai
ded out to the lettei. His people bad
been prepailng for this conlllct, which
they foiesaw for tluee yeais. and are
prepared to cany on the light for an
almost lndellnlte pcilod.
The twenty-two-lnch mill at the Bos
ton Iron and steel plant of the National
Tube company at McKeespoit, will re
sume operations In the morning, after
a shut-down lasting tin en weeks. The
plant wan closed for i epulis. A great
many men tv 111 be beneiltted by tlio mill
resuming operations, but they weie all
Blad to get the three weeks' vacation.
Tho situation as to the Donets Wood
plant icmalns unchanged. Various
rumors were In circulation tliioughout
the town during tho afternoon and
ovenlng, to the effect that the mills
would try to resume opeiatlor.s tomor
row, but they could not bo confirmed.
The company officials pcivlst In thtlr
refusal to name the date for letump-Aloi
Wife of Former Transvaal President
Expiros of Pneumonia.
By KtcliKiir Wire from rhe Associated TrtM.
Pietorln, July 21. Mis. Kruger, wife
of foinier Pi evident Kruger of the
South African lepublle, died yesterday
afternoon of pneumonia, after an 111
ncKs cf thice days. She was 67 yeais
Mt. Kutger's long sepatatlon from
lici husband, combined with the death
of her farm It? daughter, Jtrs. Smith,
last week, bad completely broken her
splilt. Mis. Uloff and many other
niPinbois of the Kiugci' family were
at her bedside when she passed away.
London, July 22. "Owing to tho Sun
day telegraph hours In Holland," say
n dispatch to the Dally Mall fiom 1111
cisuin, "Mr. Kitigor was. not lnfoimed
of liM wife's death until tho evening.
The news was broken to him by Dr.
Hey mans and Secietary Hoesehotcn.
Mi Kiucer.who had Just letuined fiom
Hllieistim cliuicb, btnst Into tears, and
asked to bo loft alone.
"He exclaimed, 'She was n good wife,
Wp final i eled only once, and that wa
six months after we weio mauled ' He
piayed for a long time, and is now
calmly sleeping, his Ulblo beside his
"The Tiansvaal and Free
State flags flying above the white villa
weie iiaped nnd l-alf-m iMeJ. Shortly
bofoie the newn cam? a chh1 of coun
ti.r stils had been s'tin'ing a fum-song
outside tho villa."
Weather Bureau Cannot See Relief
in Sight Save That Obtained
from Local Thunder Stouus.
Il Kiilulr Wire from The wclatcd Press.
Washington. July 21. A hot wave of
unusual anil In many Instances leeoid
bieaklng intensity Is again pievalent
oer the cential western part of tho
country and Is spi ending castwaid and
noithwaid. The central west repoitcd
exlraoidlnarlly high tempeiaturcs to
the weather buioau today.
Tonight at Chicago at 7 o'clock the
teuipeiatiirc was 100 degi eos, exceeding
by several degices anything eor be
fore i pc oi (led at that time of the clay.
A seiloii'i fcatuie Is tho showing made
In tho states of Iowa, Missoutl and
Kansas, wheio the tempeiatutes hao
been fit) degieo. oi over for a peilod of
over a month. For eighteen days ot
this llnio the theimometer at Kansas
Cltv leglstered 100 degiees or moie.
The weather bureau tonight Issued
the following special bulletin:
Piactlcally the entire country was
covered by t'ie hot vweve today, except
the immediate Pacific coast and in the
states of Iowa, Missouri and Illinois,
nearly all previous high iccorde were
The maximum tempeiatuto llni of 100
degiees encircles the entiie gieat coin
licit. At Davenport and Dubuque, Iowa,
and at Springfield. Ill . the maximum
tempeiatuip of 1 06 degrees wore two
degiees cbove the highest piPiloi.s iec
ord, while at St. Louis he maximum of
106 degiees lias been equalled but once
befoie, on August 12, issi. At Chicago
tho maximum of 102 degiees equals the
ptevlous high letord of July 10 of the
piesent (ar. In the states of Iowa,
Missouri and Kansas tho duiatlon of
the ptesent heated teim Is without
pi ecedent, theie having been piactlcally
no intei ruptlon to tenipeiatmcs of sio
doKtoes or over since June IS, a period
of thlrty-four.dajs. On eighteen da.vs
of this peiiod the maximum tempeia-
turos at Kansas City was 100 degiees
or moie.
Theie aio as yet no indications of
any icllcf fiom the nbnoimal heat.
No lain has fallen In tho coin bolt
for the past thteo days and none Is
In sight. It Is, of, probable
that scatteied local thunder stoims,
which aie always accompaniments of
piotracted peilods of heat, may fall
at times, but no hope can be enter
tained .it this time of any general
lains or pcininnent icllcf.
Thermometer at 103 in the Shade
Breaking All Records.
Bi liluie Wire from The wilaticl I'icm.
Chicago, Jul 21. All heat lecoids
slmo the establishment of the weather
but en ti In Chicago, thirty cais ago,
weie biokon todaj, the government
theimonietPi at 1.30 p. m. registering
101 degiees. Down on the stieet It was
fiom tluee to five degrees hotter and
to add to the suffcilng. a hot. stifling
wind like a blast fiom a furnace, blew
all day fioni the (.olithwost. This even
ing the wind eeied aiound toward the
lake and caused a drop to )," at S.IIO
Piostratlons weio numoiotis and
police ambulances weie kept busy
taking inic of poisons who weio oici
come on the stieets.
D.r Eicliniff li ur from The AMOcUlert Prm
Krccport, lit , ,iuu i The heat uai a record
breaker tola., 110 to 115 in the tliaile being re.
I roeport. Ill , .inly 21 The heat nai a record
breaker Indd, from 110 to 113 In the ihaile
bring recorded.
lliLatiir, III., .lul) 51 Ihli wat the hottest
diy ecr known here. The gowmnent thermome.
tir resUteicd 10J.
Slou City, Iowa, July 21. The maximum tern,
peraluir here loda) wa I Oil. Tor kix houn the
nurcury stood 102 or hislicr
Kamai Citj, July 21. The lieat today broke
all records tlie temperature at t p. m bcinc lot.
Tills l the lhirt)-econd da of the hot iprll
and thero i no Indlcillon of relief. Three deaths
due to heat were leported todaj.
St. I.ouls, July 21. Durlns tlie day the rela
tive humidity. reported by the weather bureau
ranged between !.0 and 62 decrees. 'Ihe lntene
beat extended all ocer the jtate. At different
points the maximum temperature nas as follows;
Kan-ac Clt.c, lul; Chilllrothe, lit: llonlin;
(ireen, U2l Tarlf, 10S, Monroe City, 107; Spring
field, 100,
Fatal Duel Over Mountain Womon
By Kclmhe Wiie from The Associated Press,
llaiiilln, W. Va., July 21 A bloody duel was
(ought in the mountains llmrtdi.t night. Wath
Fry and Anthonj Lambert miaireled over two
women. Lambert lirrd neccral hots inefletlually.
The two wo"rn looked un and encouraged 'the
Hopelul Grant ol the Gzar ol More
Liberal Press Reo-
Their Audience with the Emperor
Nicholas Was at Flrt Followed by
Disappointing Results, but Later
Came the Change Which la Now
Hailed as a Forerunner of Impor
tant Developments in the Direc
tion of Modorn Progress.
t'orrevpindencc of The Aswelitcd Press.
St. Petersburg, Monday, July 8. The
grant of more liberal pi ess regulations
affords additional pioof that Umpcior
Nicholas has emancipated himself
from tho advisors who still bold tho
Ideas which prevailed during tho un
happy period that followed the murder
of tlio Czar liberator, Alexander I. As
an Instance of more benevolent ic
forms tho following example Is given:
A deputation of electors, led by a
courageous lltteiatcaur who Is no
longer actively connected with the
pi es, went bofoie his majesty with
their humble petition. "CJIve us a
piess law," they pleaded. "Let It bo
as your majesty may deem proper, but
give us a law. Let us know whore
wo stand. Fiee us fiom the domina
tion of officials, w.hose will Is their only
law. (live us as much freedom as you
can. Wo will not nbuse It."
The emperor made a giaclous ic
sponse. The editors nnd publlshois
bieathed a deep sigh of relief. Hut
they were cruelly disappointed. The
reactionary crowd gained the oar of
the cmpeior. An artificial agitation
was started. The machinery of gov
ernment and the police was set In mo
tion and the emperor was pcisuarfcd
that fanatical elements only waited
for tho giant of a modicum of llbeity
In order to -Hack the throne, altar
und his own life.
The law now granted will restoie
courage to the press. Hitherto one
warning fiom the censor has sent a
panic through the editorial rooms, two
have put them under the sword of
Damocles and three were legardcd rs
prellmlnniy to extinction, .vbioh was
raiely long delayed .flcr threo warn
ings tho authorities could shut up the
newspaper nt any moment. Now the
Hi st notice or warning will remain In
foico only n year If a second does not
follow within the year: tho second will
expire within two yeais If there Is not
a third within that period and the
third will icmaln In force only tluee
This action with logaid to tho llh
erty of the prc-s is taken by inany to
be a foreiunncr of an eia of lofoim In
Enthusiastic Persons Tako Off Jew
elry and Drop Thom Into tho
Contribution Box.
By Eicluslte Wire from Tlie Associated Press.
Lancaster, July 21. The closing
meeting of the Christian and Mission
ary Alliance for the dlstilet of Penn
sylvania, Delaware, Mai, v kind and tho
District of Columbia, which has been
In session for the past week at P.ocky
Springs, was held tonight. This morn,
ing Rev. A. n. Simpson, of New York,
pieached the annual nilsslonniy ser
mon and made a special appeal for
contributions. Twenty-eight thousand
dollars was lalsccl In money nnd
Some enthusiasts took off aitlcles of
jewelry nnd threw them Into tho con
tribution box as it passed among them.
Tho cniitilbutions weie niado by cities,
nnd Pittsburg headed the list with ton
thousand dollars.
Weavors Mako a Demand for Res-
atoratlon of Previous Wae Cut.
fly Fuliishr Wire from 'Hie Assocliteil Press.
Pattr-nn, . I, .liih 21 In all prohihihtt on
Tuisdiy nel eccn silk mill in the cii.i will bo
closed down, and from 2"i,iKl to .0.(10) wr.iwrs
will lie out mi a general strike Ihe delegtles of
the Mlk Hibbon Wcmrs' I nltn of America met
lat night and decided tint Ihe ulinp rnimnlttis
In ciih mill shall make a nemmd on their ie
speetlvu employers today for a uniform m tin of
wages on a plere work bals. The manufacturer,
arc to glee their employer an answer In vb'ii
day afternoon, and on that cccnlnz Ihe dolngitrs
meet again and report the result of their de
mands If the mill owners refuse whit the wen
ers ask, as they will most llkily do, a general
strike is sure to follow.
Another Woman With a Hatchet.
fly F.sclmbr wire from The Associated Press,
Leavenworth, Kan , July 21 -Mn Marj II.
Dickens, surprised half ,i dozen men In folm
licichlcr'i policy shop hero lat night and before
the Utter had recovered their composure slio
mashed a policy wheel with a hatchet. Her
bo)i had gambled In the place.
Syracuse Team Transferred.
Ily Fxcluslve Wire from The Associated Tress.
Tall lther, July 21, Fred Ma.ou, business nun
ager of tho jtaoue base ball turn, today gie
out the Information that the Syracuse team of tlie
Kustrrn league had to be transfcrrr-d Id Brockton
and will open up there next ihursday against the
Providence team,
Great Increase for Czar's Army.
Dy Escluslvr Wire from Ihe Asmdat-d Press,
London, July 21. l'mperor Nlcholis, according
to a dispatch from 8t, Petersburg, lias isued an
order that SOS.vy) men shall be recruited for the
Itusslan army and navy during the present year.
Slgnor Crispl Very 111.
fly Kxeluibe Wire from The Associated Press
Naplei. July 21. S!nnr Francesco Crispl, (he
Italian statesman, U ca!n ill. Ills '"art U rry
Strikers Will Open a Co-operative
Women's Factory.
Ily Kscluslte Wire from Tho Associated Press.
Kansas City, Jto July 21. Thcte will
be Inaugurated tomorrow morning the
most radical move in the history of the
struggle of labor rersus capital. Twenty
glrla will open the Garment woikers'
Co-opcintlre factory nnd make their
ptutcst against millionaire cmploycis
In a competition which promises a
battle to the death.
The gills stait with many prominent
merchants as their backers and with
the contiiict for all the uniforms to bo
wot n In the Labor day parade next fall,
when 20,000 men will be In line.
The garment workers' fuctoiy grew
out ot tho recent strike at Swoflord
Hi os. The girls cnlled a mass meeting
to lay tho matter before the public. In
tho mldot of the recital of their nbuses
some one from the crowd called out:
"Why don't you start un ovciall fac
tory of your own?"
The idea took like v lldflre. Mamie
Horn, president of the unit says:
"We had a committee appointed and
went to a lawyer and bad nrtlclcs ot
organization diawn up. The factory
will bo Incorporated and 60,000 shaies
of stock Issued. Preferred stock will
be taken bv outsiders business men
and labor unlon aio buying It. Com
mon stock will be held by the girls
themselves, No girl will be allowed to
work In the factoiy unless she owns
ten shaies at $1 a share."
In the fall ovcialls, shiits, punts and
men's shlitwalsts will lie maiiufactutcd
and dt urn me rs put on the road.
Culmination of the Great Meetings
in Connection with the Inter
national Convention.
Ily Kxclmltr Wire fiom The Associated Press.
Han Francisco, uly -1. The icllglous
enthusiasm amused by tho Interna
tional convention of tho Kpvvoith
League heio, had Its culmination nt
the grand meeting held today, the last
of the gatheilngs at the Mechanics'
Pavilllou. About 10,000 persons were
In attendance, and not a scat was n
cated until the conclusion of the ser
mon, preached by Bishop Joyce, presi
dent of tho League. Ills theme was
"Faith In Ohilst," and no moie elo
quent address has been heard since
the assembling of the convention. At
Its conclusion, the bishop was tendered
an Impromptu reception, he not being
allowed to leave the platform until
a huge pint of tho great congrega
tion bad giabped Kn hand.
The influence rr ..he League -was
not alono felt In the central meeting.
All over tin- city, in churches of many
dciioiui hi-, sei vices weio held,
and the local pulpits vvcte occupied by
visiting divines. In none of the
chinches wus there a acanK pew.
Love feasts weie held in the eaily
morning in more than a dozen places,
Including the Japanese and Chinese
.Many Leagueis will leave this city
on side trips to the Yoscinlto and other
lesorts, vatlous patts ot the state.
Of these, a certain pcicentage will ie
tuin to the city, but the greater pait
will journey eastwaid to their homos
after the completion of their outings
in the Intel lot.
Tederal Commissioner's Error Recti
fied by a Naval Captain.
Be Kxchwlic Wire from 'the Associated Press,
San Fiancihco, July -1. News from
Unalaska gives details of alleged ar
bitiary acts by Fcdeial Comml.ssloner
On the Fouith of July the master
ot the Uiltlsh ship Glcnova hoisted
the i:nglls-h flag In honor of tho Ameil
can holiday. Judge Whipple was en
raged when he saw tho llrltlsh flag
and sent an olllcer on board and
hauled It down.
News of this leached Captain Hany
Knox, ot tho United States gunboat
Concord, which was in the buibor.
Ho went on the Olenova, hoisted the
Hiltish flag, i etui ned to Ills own ves
sel and then flicd a salute In honor of
the Uugllshinan.
English Actois in Hard Luck.
lie I'.ulusive Wire from The vs,oclilrd Press.
London, Julv 21. According to the litest Inter
prctiliou of the llrlthh law the audlcmo In a
theater can thiow stones at the stage with im
punity A rowdy his been liaulid up In court
charged with throwing stones In a music hall
at llovton. The magistrate held that in the ab
sence of evidence I hat anv one had been struck
or Individually pelted by the thrower the prison
er niu-t go fice,
Sultana Won the Yacht Race.
Ily Fxcluslie Wire from The Associated Tress.
Irle. July 21. Siillam of St, Clair won the
one hundied and fifty mile yacht rice from Put
in Piv to Prescpie Isle The boats left Putin
Hiy at 0 a m. Siturdiy, central time, and the
.sultan i rraihed this port at .1 o'clock this alter
noon, cistern time. M,P was followrd five niln
uli aftcroird In Ihe Kca of .Sandusky. 'Ihe
nevt In was Ihr West l'nd, of Buffalo, followed
by the yacht Lucinda.
In No Haste to Leave Pekin.
Ily r.xduslve Wire from The Associated Press
IVkln, July 21 Hrentlng the presume brought
to bear hi tho Chinese to liae the foreign sol
liters cwcnitr Pokln on Aug U, the annlver
saiy of the icllcf of the legations, Major Cieagh,
head of the llrltlsh forces, Insists that the ciacu
alion be postponed, lie say lie does not consid
er the diy i suitable one for the evacuation.
The ewciutlon will piobably lake place bitween
Aug. 17 and 20.
Old Maids to Tempt Bachelors.
By exclusive Wire from The Associated Press
Sharon, IM . July 21. Ihe "old maid." of
Cool township, Mercer louniy, will hold their
convention, beginning next Tuesday and lasting
until Prldar. They have Invited ecery bachelor
in Cool township and will read to them statistics
showing that married men live from 6 to 13 years
longer than single men, and hate a belter chance
of success in life,
Boor's Captured.
Ily K.xcluhe Wire from The Associated Press,
Kroon.tadl, July 21. Major Pine Coffin sur
prised a lloer commando at llonlngsprult July 19,
lapturlug commandant Hailing, two sons of dm.
erst Prlnslon and twenty -four others, and killing
und wounding seventeen.
Us Bio Feature the Celebration on
Thursdau ot Porto
Rico Daii.
With Senators Foraker and Kelson
Ho Will Expound What Has Been
Done for That Now Dependency
Since the Raising of the First
American Flag Three Years Ago.
Other Features of Interest to Pros
pective Visitors.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Huffalo, July 21. The cool breezes
which have been such a fcatuie ot
Huffalo weather for tho past week
proved to bo quite a drawing card for
the Pan-Amei lean exposition. Dur
ing the coming week interesting events
crowd each other In quick succession.
Members of tho Catholic Mutual llene
flt association will throng the stieets
of the Rainbow City on Tuesday, the
day practically set aside ns Catholic
Mutual Tlencvolent association day.
Addresses will be delivered by Aich
blshop Corrlgan, ot New York; Right
Rev. Rlshop McQuald, of Rochester,
and tho bishop of Detroit nt the ex
ercises In the Temple ot Music. Wed
nesday tho Knights of Columbus and
Utah people will unite their forces;
Thin selay will be Scandinavian day
and Potto Rico day.
Governor Allen will be nt the exposi
tion for the cclobiatlon ot Porto Rico
day. Other orators will ho Senator
Foraker, of Ohio, who framed the
Poito Rlcan bill, and Senator Knute
Nelson, of Minnesota. July 25 was
chosen as Potto Rlcan day because
It Is the annlversaiy of the raising of
the first American flag In Porto Rico.
Porto Rico has a small building at the
exposition, repicsentntlve of tho archi
tecture of the Island, but Its principal
exhibits nre in the various buildings.
Saturday vvll be marked by the dedi
cation of the Wisconsin state build
ing. The speakers will Include Wlllet
M. Spooncr, of Milwaukee, son of Uni
ted States Senator John M. Spooncr,
Ciovernor It. M. LaFollote and Director
Ooneral W. I. Buchanan. The ex
hibits fiom Wisconsin stand well up
In loinpart.-on villi those from other
states. In the first competition In tho
dairy department. It took highest hon
oi s for export butter and many of the
Individual exhibits took first place In
the competition. The seed display Is
the laigcst on the grounds, there being
over 300 varieties exhibited. Tho speci
mens ot lumber fiom this state are
the finest on tho grounds.
In addition to those features the
daily iii Ills by visiting mllitaiy oigani
zatlons and the events In the Staduni
will attract no little attention. The
lattlor Include the athletic contests
between tho eastern and w ostein rop
lesentatives of Young Men's Clulstian
association societies In all paits ot
the country.
Pursued and Caught by Bloodhounds,
Arrested by an Officer and Then
Dispatched by a Mob.
By Pxcliisite Wire from The Associated Press.
Cleveland, Miss., July it Jesse Phil
lips, the negio who shot and killed
Lucius need, a plantation manage! , In
this city Inst Tuesday, wan captuied In
the swamps near here last night and
lynched by a mob of unknown men.
Phillips was discovered In the swamps
by bloodhounds, and while attempting
to escape- fiom a posse was shot In the
leg. An olllcer took the negro in charge
and Matted for Cleveland to place him
In Jail.
About a mllo from town a mob met
the olllcer. took the negio fiom him.
bi ought him to the spot where Reed
was killed and banged him to a tele
phone pole, So quietly was the negio
hanged that the majoilty of the In
habitants ot Cleveland did not know
when tho lynching occurred.
Four Riders Killed by Train.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
Lebanon, X. II., July 21. carriage contain
ing James Goodwin, of Hinsdale, Mass,; Will
Thornton, of Perry, S. II,; Thomas Bums, of
Wlnooskl, (., and l.ddie MiCahc, ol Lebanon,
was struck by the Montreal express on the Boa
ton and Maine railroad shortly after midnight
and all four were Instautly killed,
Brokou Tooth Made a Tumor.
By F.xclusiie wire from The Associated Press
Plemlngtnn, . J, July 21 link Itobeits, a
farmer, living near Clinton, had a tooth pulled
not long ago, Ihe tooth broke and a piece was
left in Ids Jaw V lump ion appealed and has
been growing lapldlt against Ids windpipe, which
gradually niado breathing more difficult. Hnberts
went to a Philadelphia hospital, where he was
told that the lump was a cold tumor, and if not
tcmoved he would choke to death, lie will ie
tuin to the hopilal and have it remoed.
German Navy's Substitute for Coal
By Lielusive Wire from The Associated Press
Washington, July 21. 'Ihe Imperial tferman
nnj' are using large quantities of an oily pro
duct or German brown coal tar called "nuut"
for heating and steam producing purpo-ca, The
advantages of "masut" otrr coal are ald In be
nne-fouilh trustor heat producing quality, greater
ease In handling, - e smoke and the ability to
piuduce full steam power in less time than coal,
Dynamite Was Used.
By Ficluslve Wire from The Associated Tress
Pu Bols, Pa , Julv 21, n attempt wis made
to blow up the large general store of J, (',
llirman, at Peiiftebi, mar heir, yesterday with
dynamiti, 'Ihe building was partly wrecked.
Weather Indications Todays
1 (Icneral-Sundsy at Mt. (Irctna.
l'nlon Men Are Polled.
More Liberal Pros Herniations for Itussla.
The Week at the Pan-American.
2 Csrbondalc tlepsrtmcnt.
Northeastern Pennsylvania.
3 Iocal Und of Firemen's Strike I Near at
Sunday's Sermons.
Vaughan and Vosburg Wlthdtaw from Judge
ship Itacr,
t Kdltorlal.
Note and Comment.
5 Local Irttkawanna Machinists' Strike Called
Hesiimr of Last WccV'a Kfforts In the Kduca
tlunil Contest.
8 Local West Scranton and Suburban.
7 Slory "Mystery of the Pump House."
Financial and Commercial.
8 Loeil -Lackawanna Avenue Sewer Not Large
Industrial and Labor.
Bodies of Ida Elizabeth and Annette
Colburn Recovered and Sunken
Pleasure Craft Lifted.
By Exclusive Wire from The Associated Press.
New York, July 21. The bodies of the
Mlssc Ida Kllzabcth and Annette Col
burn, the daughters ot Arthur Colbutn,
of Philadelphia, who were drowned with
their father In the two-masted yawl
Venltzla, sank In Long lslanel sound
last Thuisday, nro now at tho estab
lishment of a Ilrooklyn undertaker,
awaiting orders from Philadelphia for
final disposition. Tho bodies were found
In the cabin of the Venltzla, when she
was raised last evening, nnd the ves
sel, with the two dead, was brought to
Ilrooklyn today by the steam eleirlck
Champion, which lalsed the sunken
So far tho bodies of only the two
daughters have been found, leaving
those of Mr. Colburn, Captain Flint
and a nallor, known as Kiank, still to
bo located. The bodies ot the two
young women were In a fair state of
pi enervation.
The yawl was raised at a point about
midway between Greenwich, Conn., and
Sands Point, Long Island. She Is now
afloat In Mcintosh's 'basin, Urooklyn.
today, looking outwaidly but little the
woi&e for her mishap.
James Thomas, a Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western Engineer,
Robbed and Left Dead on
the Roadside.
Special to the Scranlon Tribune.
Hloomsburg, Pa , July 21. James
Thomap, an engineer on a switehng
engine In the Delawaie, Lackawanna
ard Western aid, wa muideicd nnd
lobbed on tho otitskiits ot the town last
He wan out for a dilvo wlih his wife
during the afternoon, and upon his le
tuin, in the eaily evening, put away
his hore and started nfoot for a nelgli
boilng faun, with the Intention of buy
ing n load of hay.
When night came on and he did not
i etui n, his wife became alarmed, and
after a time some of tho nelghbois
estarted out to look for him.
They cnine across his body alongside
the load on the outslel'l of tlie town.
Theie was a deep gash In the side of
his head, and all his money 'and valu
ables were missing. How much money
he had his wife could not tell, but ns
he Intended to pay for the hay he was
going to older, It is evident he had
Theie Is no tlue to the p"rpettator of
tho deed.
Thomas was a young man, and leaves
a wife and several small children. He
formerly lived in Wilkes-Hart e.
Day Set Apart by Governor Dockery
for That Purpose Was Gen
erally Observed,
By Kxrliisive Wire from Ihe Associated Prey.
.St. Louis, July '.'I. On this, the day
that Governor Dockery dralgiuited for
fasting and pruyer to God that the
present di ought might be in
Mlsouil, nil leconls ever attained in
St. Louis weio equalled, the weather
bureau theimometei on the custom
house registering 106 degiees. On tho
streets nnd In tho exposed places tho
meicury went many degiees hlgliei
As early as 7 a. in. the day gave
promise of being unusually warm. At
that time tho thermometer I'Rii-teted
90 degices, and fiom thou on .mill 'A 30
p. in. the meicury rtendlly climbed up
ward under the Impulse of a ilcuo sun
shining from a cloudless sky. rlaidly
a breath of air stilted all day, in.d the
llttlo that did cltctilate came as the
drnught from a furnace, so Intensely
hot was It.
The goveinoi's pioclamatlon was gen
erally heeded, neaily eveiy chinch In
the city holding well-utteiulcd seivlce,
given up to prayet that the thought,
which hiiis prevailed several months
and thteatens the destruction of nil
vegetation, might bo bioken. This Is
the second proclamation of the chaiac
ter ever made In the hlstoiy of Mis
soutl. In 1K75, a time of drought and
giasshopper pest, Coveinor f ha lies n.
Haidln called upon the p-oplo of the
state to piny for teiief. This tall was
also geneially observed.
Object to Investigation.
By Kviluslte Wire fiom 'Ihe Awntlurd Press.
Madrid, July SI. The Spanl-b m nam yesterday
rejected a motion, which hid been opposed by
the piemlei. Senor -agasta, io deleinilneil by In
quiry, who was responsible for tliu disasters in
the war with the United btatci.
Memorial Services In Honor o
Three Deceased Olllcers
ot the Thirteenth.
Services Were In Charge of Chap
lain Swift Little Work Was Done
by tho Soldleis Yesterday Weath
er Was Warm but Not "Uncom
fortableThirteenth Had a Pleas
ant Journey fiom Scranton to Mt.
Gictna When tho Regiment's
Section of tho Camp Ground Wa3
Reached the Work of Putting Up
tho Tents Was Quickly Accom
plished. Special to the scranton Trlbunt.
Cuinp Krank Mcllce, Mount Gretna,
I'a., July 'i. Today passed quietly,
hilgnde drill at 5 o'clock and the me
nioi lal sei vices being the thief events.
The weather, white win in. Is not un
comfortably so, as a gentle bioeze ban
been Stirling dm lug both days' en
campment. There aro numerous visitors
In camp, the greater portion fiom Leb
anon and Allcntown, nnd i onslstlng of
good-looking young women,
litinnl mount was held shoitly after
reveille this morning, and at 11 o'clock
the regiment attended set vices at the
Young Men's Christian association tent,
conducted by Chaplain Swift, of Hones
dale, who chose as his text "Hereby
know we love," John, .1-10. The icgi
montal band played two hymns during
the eservlce. and W. V. Giltlltlis gave a
splendid tiombone solo.
At 4 o'clock weie held the memorial
e.ervlces. which were conducted In the
open. They weie for Lieutenant Isaac
Hiown, of Company K; Captain Grant
11110, of Company 12, Iloncsdale, and
Ur. George Hlanchaid, who died last
Friday, Theie was a gieat attendance,
as eveiy man In tho icglnient was anx
ious to avail himself of the oppoitun
lty to thus hluivv his respect for tho
thioo popular and able nfllcors who
pjf.sod away since the last encamp
ment. Many vlsltois In camp wcic also
piescnt. The band played, and Chap
lain Swift gave a brief nddic&s In
eulogy ot the deceased.
Brigade Drill.
At 5 o'clock the bilgado drill took
place. Kach of the loglmcnts mndc an
excellent showing nnd their finely ex
ecuted ninnoeuvers made a. good Im
pression upon the ciowd of spectatois
who viewed them.
Statements given out fiom tho head
eiuattors of Absistant Adjutant Gen
eial Millar shows a total of thirty-two
hundred and nlnoty-soveu men in
camp. Tlie Ninth icgliuents leads
with 70S, tho Thliteontb has 033, the
Twelfth till, the Klghth .MS, and the
Kourth fill, flattery C has 77 men, the
Goveinoi's tioop, which at lived Sat
urday afternoon, 55, the suit and the
bilg.ule band, :.'.
Lieutenant Colonel Wallne e, of the
Ninth legiment, was bilgado officer ol
the day, and tomoiiow Lieutenant
Colonel Ilutchinbou, oP, tho Klglvth,
will bo bilgado olllcer. Major Not
inan raiquhai, of Gcneial Gobln's
staff, was today appointed provost
maishal. His guaid will consist of
twenty-live men, throe ceupoials, a,
sergeant and lieutenant.
The Thlileenth was given lively ex
ercises Satin day afternoon, when a
leglnientnl dilll took place at fi o'clock
and a ell ess pat ado at ti o'clock. Both
dilll and paiado woie executed In al
most faultiest style nnd eteatod fa
voiable comment fiom the otllceis of
the othets loglmcnts who viewed the
The Formal Opening.
The Thlitecntli, Ninth, Klghth and
Twelfth icgliuents, eomptlslng the
Thlld brigade of the National Gumd
of Pennsylvania, aio comfottably en
camped at Mt. Gietna. in the old
grounds made familiar by many sue
iCbslve encampments. Camp McGee,
as It has been dubbed, In honor of
Genoial Frank MiGee, was tin malty
opened at 0 o'clock Saiiuilay iiiiun
Ing. when the regiments foimed be.
fore bilgado heaileiuaitcis and sa
luted the Hag.
The day was passed In l online drll
nnd guaid mount, and the genoial pre
llmliiarles to the woik entailed by a
week's encampment. The .Thirteenth
reached e amp at ri.riO o'clock and so
expeditious was the wink ot Quai
tei master Frank Vandllng and his ad
vance detail and so gieat the "hus
tling" ability of the htingiy boys in
khaki who left the train that at fi.Si)
o'clock eveiy tent was up, the long,
oven company lines formed, and men
and olllcers alike attacking with
healthy vigor their morning mess. The
Ninth icglnient, which ai rived an
hour earlier than the Scrnnton soldlei
boys, did not have Its ariangcmentt
(Continued on Pasc S,
Local data for July 21, 1WH
UiKhe.t temperature
Iinrst temperature
W decreei
65 degrees
IleUtivc Humidity:
8 a. ni t'1 per cent,
8 p in I" per cent
Piiilplintiim, 21 hours ended S p. m none
weather, ileir.
Ilhjhcst temperature occurred at 3 p. m.j low
rt at S i0 n m. Temperature at even hours'
12 noon, s'l ilenrrcs; 2 p. m , HI dicices; 1 p. m ,
til electees; U p in , l deiiircsi 8 p. m., bi de
crees i '
W'ashlncton, July 21 forecast for East
ern Peninvbanla. Pilr Vlnndayi watmer
in southern poilion Tuesda, fair, con
iluued "inn. light to frc.U south ta
southwest winds.
TTTTTtttT- ff t
t K