The Scranton tribune. (Scranton, Pa.) 1891-1910, July 06, 1901, Image 1

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iHWkiT' BaBBKBllS at Hrl lYltlYti?
-ssam if wifc 'iinimi i ii i ill i i Yny--ir - tm. if- v kt
.tN- -sir h mhbhhbihibh r- -rircrs,cWM'wreii lkiKHncu nwnuT' r.r' bum- - ' .ar as h a &.' ipb a m h . .
xmmjf .!.... . . - - - ..v-wir-T..., i n-i ri -vavm"' m AaV,m." ijmmws
ihe Unlvcrsitu ol Pennsylvania
Grew Defeated l)U Lcander at
the Henlcu Reaatta.
English Oarsmon Load by a Length
at Finish Time of the Raco Seven
Minutes Four find Four-Fifths
Seconds PennBylvanians Ahead
Early in Raco-Crowd Goes Wild.
Coach Ward Has No Explanations
to Mako The Ponnsylvunians
lly I'tiln.iie M nc Imii The A.iwitf.l I'ic
Henley, .Inlv ."..The l.onnder Hovv-
lllET I lllll llefl'llll'll tllO l'llIMlty Of
Prnns.vlvanhi eight In the llflli and
IImiI heat rot tin' c.iand Challenge cup
toda) The tltnc of t ho w Inning fH'W
was T minutes i 4-3 seconds. Lenwler
" by n length.
The ttews lowed an follows:
1'ililiMhniii., II 1! mi. bow: II. II. rim
Inai, I. I, I'liitiport, " I'mwlhrr. Jr. . II
l.nlewir, ( Mini. W (I (Sirditier, .1. I',
(.u. liner. Minkc i I. I Ninth. C.i.ain
brander (' Willi., bow. II I. Ilniallmi,
l Hinller Waul. I. M Mull in. I. ('. 1) Huni'dl,
.1 i: i'i,Mif, c. i. i i;mip. it. ii riiirrnvioii-
Smith, Mioke; (. s. MiiI.jkiii em.walii
TIiuip wux blight sunshine anil puffy
itmh winds blowing lioni the Mil' Us
FlliUt', sllglltlv fllVlllitIK .lit' l.tMll'li I '
station, 'rill" followeis of tile Hiltlr-h
ci.nv evinced llir gientest (onfldene c,
mill l.e.uidor money wiih evet) .iheto
available, but this cnnlldenio tn'wr
went be)one nffeis of pon uninov The
Ponnsylv. minus' fiicndrt took, up sev -piiiI
litiniltPil pounds, mill 1 Phllnelol
phla occupant of a houseboat I I'ald to
have Invpxtpd jj.'iOO in luvor of bis cipw.
The Penns.vlviinlnns 1 c.iclioil their
bo'ithouse al 11 o'i lock, iippnientl) as
lit as possible, tlioush main of the fol
Inwcis of the tod and bltip showed
llltllks of lite Intense etl.llll of tile lilllll
minutes. The cipw snipped, (batted
mid laughed as molly as though going
nut for piaellci.
Kills Waul, the Amcrlmn mac Ii.
plactel a uilnlatiiie .nieiicaii lias upon
the 1 udder of Ills boat. As the mxs
unln e.inio to the boathousr. lie said to
"Krop as fur abend, inj bo, a
nll can."
Hoth cie, at the start, show oil no
tram of ikmxoiixho.x, and wete sent
away In lanital st.vle, the Pennsjl
anlaiis iowIiik t.l to the minute and
tlf heandets iiiuIiik ti. At the end of
Temple Island the Ametlians led by a
illMUer of 11 leiiKlh. At Kawley the
time was :i minutes j,"i '-," eionds. with
thp hLnndeis thiep fpel ahead. Fioni
lluie on It was a splendid stiiisele. out
of which the I.enndcis cained Inch by
inch. The mile was tearbed In .1 min
utes l.i t-pcuniN. with the l.o.indei.x half
n leiiKtb ahead, which the Incieasei!
to thive-iiuaitus of 'i length. At th
Isthmian the IVnns.vlvanlnn' made a
dpspeiate spin t, but it was no kooiI,
and two men we.iUpurd perceptibly op
pnrite the Rianil stand. The l.eandeis
Kalned sllcbtl.v finm that point to the
Jinlsh, passing the line a letiKth ahead.
"It was a giand i.ue." said Comb
Ward, as the'eiw ctnssed the fin
ish line. "Wp wpip lmply out-iowed
and have no other explanation to
It certainly was the bot and most
PM'ltlllR tussle eer spen nt IIpii1p,.
TlieiP was scatcelv the advantage of
thrrp feet In the I.eander lead.
The Cheering Terrific.
The cbeerlliR for the contest as (hey
striiRRled for the lead was tet title
Kven llonley had never liefoie heard
Mich wild applause as Rieeted the
I'ennsylvanlaiis and the l.eandeis all
down tho com so and the clieeiiiiR was
delirious f i urn the paitlsans of Hie
Leandpis as the lattPt's boat ciossea
tho lino at the finish ahead of the
Tho Amei Icons paddled slowly to the
raft and took their boat out of the
water. Their appparame Indicated
that they had had a hard IIrIU. Strip
ping as quickly n possible the I'enn-
pylvanlaiiR wpip soon In tlio water for
a swim.
Stroke Oardlner smiled as he Rieetrd
a representative of the Associated
Tress, payhiR: "Wp did not think It,
but tlipy wpre too stioiiR."
Then. pluiiRliiK Into tho water he
seemed almost dazed for a moment,
while hi brothei s, sitting on the bath
Btpps, watched the minute pass that
lie retnaliiPd under the water. Hut
Oardlner popped up quickly and Rtnped
his way tn the restliiR board. Ten
minutes later all the crew were out
flRitln, and while "Hob" Cook, of Penn
sylvania, and semes of fi lends came
to express sympathy the crew cbeeilly
declared thpy had Riven the l.eandeis
nil they hod and had npver towed In
better form.
T)r. White said Hip crow cntue
through the ordeal as flno as possible
and Captain Fllckwlr sold that Indiv
idually the crew did splendidly.
"I flon't think there was any one man
woise than nny other," the coxswain
paid. "Our start was not ns cood as
yesterday, yet it was a fair statt. The
wind was much nRiilnst us and In ttv
Iiir to avoid puffy Rusts. I was afraid
thlce that I mlKht roul I.eandei, We
. were rowlnjr about 40 all HuoukIi. ns
near as I can ruhro Wp led a bit up
to the pud of the Island, but -it P.iwley
they led by a few feet and wp vvitp
never nblp to rPRaln It." N
"It was simply a matter of a better
crew," declared both ITai'i and Ward.
"Wp think we have donp better than
any other American crew and tluniRh
benten by the best crew In Kngland
we did everyth'nR we expected, except
Victory for English Style.
Knclleh rowlnc experts all as-ree that
the result of today's contest as prl-
tuarlly a Mctoiy for the KiirIIsIi Htylo
of towItiR
It ( I.ehmann. who was founerly
raptnln of the l.enndor HowitiK club,
has wtltten the following for Hip As
sociated 1'iesx
"The I.eaiKler club and the I-pander
ciew feel It Is n honor to tlipinspps
to hiue competed aKiilnst opponents so
Kiillaiit. so plucky and so dctot mined
as the pIrIiI or the PennxylwniU
rnhPislty Itoat club. Wp tttist that,
thmiRli they did not win, they will all
taity away pleasant memories of lion
lev. As to the methods of iowIiik, wo
hold that tin1 ipsult Justifies our ad
heieiue to Ihe stle that Is based on
a pioloiiReil epeilence with boat rac
lllR" t'niplte Pllman said:
I may tell oti now that we hae
been moip afiald of the IViiusylui
nlaiH than of nny American cipw that
ppr vlsitPd Jlpnley. Tbpir ppifoim
nnce today JtmtlflPil It. Uowpver, we
cannot all win. I see no icason to al
ter our style of iowIhr."
The lecatta pioRipssed lather
tamely after thp llnnl heat for the
Rraiiil ihalleiiRp cup. Manv of the
Amei leans left early In tlio after
Subject for Discussion -Now Orleans
Scheduled as the Place, for
tho Next Moetinp;
Iljc Wire tiom Tlir Auociatfil I'rf".
Plill'idelpbln.. Inly r.. The topic which
oci upled most of the morning session
of the AmeiUan rabbis was one which
was bioiiRht bcfoie the convention n
year iiri and which taused ronsld.r
ablP dicussou at that time. The sllb
Jei t was. Wbethei 01 Not tllP H"llKlon
of Ji'sus Should He TaiiKht In the .lew
bll Schools" l.nst jeai a
mninilttee, consisting of Habbis U.nld
Plllllpson, (! Deutsih and Joseph
Kiauspof, was appointed to consider
the matter and icpoit at thin ear's
confeience. The following leport was
Mibmltted today:
"Domestically speaking, the position
of .ludlasm In i expect of the founder
of Christian! is altogether negative
as denying His dlvlnltv, though the
pivot on which Clulstlanily levolves,
.lpsux of .NaaiPth, has no place In
Jewish theology. The conception of
Ills position and of Ills slg
nllUauce in the development of lellg
lon Is a matter of individual view anil
oni ii'tlon, as Is also the pointing out
and application of the Jewish natuie
of many of the beautiful inoial teach
ings atti United to Jesus, but these can
not form pait of, nor be Incoi pointed
in anv olllclal slatement or dcilaiatlon
ot Jewish belief. '
The lepoit was leeched with ap
plause and was. unanimously adopted.
A paper on "Sabbath School Piob
lenis." which was to have been read by
l'abhl Hatty II. Ma.ver. was onlored
pilnted anil clictilatp'i among tlio iIpIp
gates. New Orleans was selected as the
plnm for the next meeting of thp con
feienie. which will be held In Apill.
U'OJ. The following ollimi.x weie
elected to seivp dining the ensuing
jeai :
Hon. piesldent and p-ofllcio member
o executive mmmlttee. Uabbl Moses
Millerne, of Cincinnati; piesldent,
Habbl Jos. Sllveiman, of New Yoik;
til. st vice piesldent, Habbl Jo. Kiaus
kof. of Philadelphia; second vice piesl
dent. Habbl Stauel Sale, of St Louis;
tieasuter, Habbl CJiailex S Levi, of
Pom In. leconllng secietniy, Habbl
Ailolph (iuttinai her, of Hnltlmoie, c or
lesponding secietary. Habbl .Mautlcp
II. Hauls, of New Yoik; dheitois,
Habbis Phlllpson. of Cincinnati, stoltz,
of Chicago; Wise, of Poi Hand; Schon
fatber, of Chliago, and Ctioshiiiaii, of
Cincinnati. Committee on gi anting
diplomas, Kabbls .Mllzlener, Deutsth,
Phlllpson. Oiossman and Margolls; spe
i lal committee, ISabbls i:. (! 1 Hi sell,
J. (inttliPlI and K. Kohler: committee
on fund for suiierannunted rabbis, 5ab
In lliitkevvlcz, Aaron and Callsch.
The lonfeience will adjourn toinor
Shot His Father Because He Could
Not Havo a Team.
lb Kirlu.iip Wirr fiont The Aioc latnl 1'riM pil, Inlv " 1 pen I lie ef iiU
fuller te ilk him tin' n of 1 tram fm i ilnve
voirnliv afliiiiiuui, ml Wlml-nr wcnl In lil
iiumi in Hi' WinclMir Imt. I, of w In. Ii M ftllur,
1l.oni.ift II WIihNoi, ih pioprlitoi, .euipl n elicit.
i:iiii .. rrtiirnlnz to tin lur ruoin, iIimIiiikiiI it
lull Into hl f ithir'- lii.ict
'lulic tho itu nillni: ilo" Ion ..ii I Inn Mr Witnl
mi will ille of lil. vvouml 'llir umi ilLipprttol
Hit. r ili.i -li.i.ii iiilt mill llir tiitliiu luiie iloi. Hr
hull nnalilr Ki llml him. It l .uppiKid Hut lie
I.. u iiiiihdIii.iI Milihlr lliii . lib r Wlnvii u i.
fi iiui'ih lirrltf of Sik, loutitv.
Mi. V iiiil-nr .lit I till .iflmiorti '1 lie mhi U
.till ut Uruc
Corporations Chartered.
II) Kwlii'.hr Who In tu The V.-uil.ltnl I'rr.
Ihnl.liurL'. lull .'i llnilir. wire li-.tied liy
Hie .lair drpiiluuiit tmlai In tin followitik' cor
potation. I'lil oal lonipant, I'ittflinik', tapl-
tal. fltl.tmit. Iron I il 'laid iipini. I'liulniie,
I, Yl.'iO 'lniniliiiirihilllr bupioirmrnt
loinpan). 'liiiinliaiirulllr. Hue k count) ; inpital,
Killed by Lightning.
lly Kvcluslvr Wire from The Vnnelatnl 1'irw.
New V'lK, full .' Ilnhlnlni; Mine k n hlc tree
on tlir tioundJ rf Ihe lilcn lliilse (.nil iluli it
Monlilair, N .1 . Imliv iluiitus a tirrilti tliundor
Morm. kllllnu' Mliharl 1'ioiit and Injuilni: four
otlum: .loxpli (irrrn, 'lliomas lliout, John an I
.lantiK ( olliat), all caddirt.
President Baer Sails for Europe.
lb Knelmbe Wlie from The Mirulnl I'rr...
I'hllaelelplili, .lub 3 -I'lrmdenl lifotur K
IIjit, of Ihr I'hlladelplila ..' Ilradlnx llalltoad
retnpnnv. kailrd from New ork for i:iuoie lodiy.
lltnlriK hi. alirnif, .lohn Lowlier el1i will act
m irmlilrnt Mr. Hair U aioompanlnl b) hU
fmnlly uml will be none ievnal wcfki.
i. i m
Killed with a Club.
lly Evcluilic Wire from Tm .xwatnl 1'rru,
llnnv, Jtn , .liiti 8 K. A. Vlcdmkry, a far
mer, toda) klllrd .Inliti Ilr.vant and hm on wlili
a i lull. Tlir llnantu wnr rrluhliori. VliCmikry
attempted nuic Idr, 1ml ii kt ill alive, Irntpor,
uri J, linluerd Ii) Ilia hut, ll uppo.i.d
to hive lauicd th ttigtfly.
Mr. and Mrs. McKlnleu Leave lor
Ganton, 0., Where Theu Will
Spend the Summer.
She Shows Unmletakablo Evidenco
of Pvocent Illness in the Thinnoss
and Pallor of Her Face, but Ap
pears to Havo Gained Strength.
The Prosidont and Party Occupy
Two Privato Cars Aro Duo in
Canton Toduy.
lly l'.xrln.op Wire from Tlie W.vlntnl 1'rr".
Washington, July C Piesldent and
Mis. McKlnley left Washington to
night for their former home at Canton.
(., where thy ate to spend the te
uinlnder of tlio heated, teim, cxiepi
that tho former may visit the Huttnl-i
exposition and inn on to Washing
ton for a few lavs. They were acroin
panled by Secietary Coitelou, Dr, P
M. Hlvey, several clerical nttacbees of
the white bouse, and sen ants. Tb"
patty occupied the pilvate c irs, Olym
pla and Hungary, thp piesldent and
Mrs. McKlnley being assigned to tvc
former. The cats were attache 1 to til"
iPRiilar western eiiess on the Penn
sylvania ralboad, which left Iipi.- at
7 4." p m. They me due to artlve In
Canton tomoriow.
Mrs. McKlnley, as she Inatded th"
train, showed unnilslaUable evidences
of her recent seveie Illness In the
thinness mid pallor of her fn , b'lt
she boarded thp tialn vithou -m'- ma
terial assistance and appealed to be In
a contented mid cheerful state of mill 1
and quite at eas, dining the fifteen
minutes preceding the depurlur" of the
tialn. Slip cm dlally in know ledged the
greetings of the fi lends w'io bad ex
seinbled nt flip station. The weather
tonight ix extremely sultry, but Dr.
Hlxey does not think It will have nnv
serious effect on Mis. McKlnley, as the
mountainous country, with Its cool
breezes, will bo reached dining the
caily evening.
Theie wpip a considerable number of
people at the station, mostly ladles,
wlio mine to see the p.ii tv" depait
Those In official life who came In
cluded Pecr-tailej. Hoot and Hitchcock,
Comptroller Dawes, and tho ladles ot
their families.
Occasional visit", at intervals of jpv
eril weeks, will be made by the piesi
il"tlt to the cnpltnl, to dispone of an
n cumulated business demanding bis
attention. These visits to Washington,
and ptobably one to the Hufl'alo expo
sition It Is likely will be the extent
to which the piesldent will be away
from Canton dining the sunuuei.
llnrrlsbuiR, July ." President and
Mi . McKlnlej passeil thiough llar
llsburg at 11 to tonight In a private
car attai bed to the western express en
route to Canton.
No Violence at the Smuggler-Union
Mine Since tho 3d of July Tho
Mine to Close Indefinitely.
lly I'.viliisho Wire In m The ,.n utrj I'll...
Denvei. Col., July fi. .V calm pio
v tilled today over tlio muip ot 'Wid-
nesday's tiouble wltb the stiiklnt;
inlr.erH employed In tin SiiuikkIi
I'nlon mine, near Telluride, Col, The
latest Infoi matlon i om einliig- the situ
ntion theie oanip to Covetnor (Jriuun
Ibis evenlnjr. p.i Iiik:
"Theie lias been no violence oi pinp
erty distroed since the lid. 1 don't
think I can piotect life and piopeity
In case of i lot. ll In usually done bo
foie one knows It."
Tills was signed by the sbeilff.
llnveinor Orman was very nuirh le
lleved by the lecelpt of the .ibove mm.
sane, for be fciued that theie mlKht lie
an ollthlC'ik betoie libs t mill) ilj-. 1. hi
could aiiive In TellmldL- and tal.e the
inatter In hand.
Mine .Manager Collins' icply to the
ultimatum of the sliikeis, In which be
pun tie ally declined to nc pt tin lr
terms and Intimated that It would be
iieces.saiy to shut down the SmtiKKler
I'nlon mine Indefinitely If their de
liijiuln wete peislsted In, was the nmt
I'.upoitant dt velopinent in the situatlun
toda). The final demands of the mini is
and the tefusal of the manager to a. -(ede
to thelil makes H appear useless
foi either side fllitbel to piesent lis
t'lalni'. mid theie apiieais to be no
chance for nn amicable seltleinont of
the dlfllcultles of the conlenilltiir putie.s
until the govpinot'H (onimlssion lvill
take a hand. This ciiinuilsnn, unless
It was delaved, ai lived In Tolluilde
Inte thlt nftetnoon and it Is expected
that It will lose no time In cnnfenlnw
with the tepresentatlves ot the minus'
union at Telluilde.
Effort of Mino Workers Unnecessary
lb I'.kelndlir Wlie fem The A.o. iilrd l'ir.
lj7lilon, .lull 3 -Orde'ii wete leielvnl nrr to
die tn uoik the collierid in llic llalrton ir
Kion but throe dac .1 week fur the leiuilnler
of tlir mouth llil. will nuke il uiili.i.-in tm
the t'nllid Vme Workrra to rarrj inln rwnilnii
Ihrlr irernt iletriiulliallon to c iur a kciki il .ih.
ptmlon ot opi rat loin In older to euitill the out
Chief Wilkie on tho Trail.
lly K.xrlunlve Wirr frrm 'Ihe ssmlileil I'rr...
Waihliictnn. duly ft ( lilrf of Ihr secrrt Sillier
Wilkie toda) ditailid an ofliiir of Ihat .enlee
tn a. .1.1 in Inii.tiKitiHK tlir tln'll of the molirv
al the San mint. IhU ml ion ui taken
itmn the Icli ki lphic reqmt of llirntnr of the
Mint Itoliertu, who I. at present In sin KraniUm.
Pensions Granted.
II) K.xrlu. '0 Wllf from llir Awoeiilril l'rr..
Wa.hlncton, July ft Prnnlniia hae brrn .n.
nl at follow. t William Shult, Uni .Santl.oke,
Hi Jnvph K. K Wratoirr. Ibuiiln, 17 Maiy
Jl. Wilder (widow), Mranton, 5.
Tho Well Known Southorn Journal
ist Passes Away.
lb lvltobe Wltn from Tlie Awochlr.l I'rrM
Haltlmore, July f" -Major Thomas W,
Hall, a ptomlnent Jouinallst and edi
torial writer of the Haltltnoie Sun, died
tonight at bix lesldence. Major Hall
was u native of Italtimoie, wheie bo
wax limn In 1S'l:i. Ho studied law In
the rnlvetslty of Virginia and soon
nfter being admllted to practice at the
bar engiiRed In Journalism as editor
and one of tho propiletors ot tho tlal
tlinrne D.tllv Hxchange, and nfter
waid as editor of the South. The
southern sentiments of these two
papeis caused their supptesrlou by the
government at Washington In 1SCI and
the n i rest and liuprlouuicnt ot tho
t'pon lilx lelense In November, 1xTi2,
Mr. Hall ran the Hlockade and etiteied
the Confederate ntmy as a captain,
subsequently lislng to the rank of ma
jor. He took part In many battles In
Cent gin and Vliglnla. At the close of
the war Major Hall ieumed the pinc
tlce of law and became a member or
the editorial staff ot the Haltlmole
Sun In IVW. Ills articles on subjects
involving questions of International
and constitutional law were quoted In
nil the leading Join mils of the country.
Fresh Labor Troublos a Feature o
tho Weok Manufacturing
IJv Kulit.lie W'irr from Tlie -oi i.ileil I'm.
New Yoik. July G. IS. C. Dun &
Cii'i Weeklv Hev lew ot Trade lomoi
row will sav:
llriilniiniriiis nt fiosli hlmr tioulilr. I. a fut
in,, nf ui.l,, Imt lliniiiBliimt the miliar) jnlililiiu
mill rr t ill linm .no Inn) .nul air liimlllinf P'oil-i
nt I'llni vvlil Ii )l'lil t'lr prolt. Mimifaitiirinit
lm Imii Intriniptiil 1'V llir il.mFiitH atul ljli"l
null it ion. Sntniroim pro-tl.itloii. (n in licit raiHul
liniiinu' imploMis to dew mill ilurlni: llir mcit
ilMii.'.liig liouii.. Mli! tlir .liii't and li'op otk
rts wire .ml. ml In stop oik until riitiln ill
,ntl point. irr .i-tllnl No iiiininllili' ttli
limit I. .intlclpitril, lni.iiic ininv timl
npnr ami uiliri nte t iMnif stoiU I mil ll'
nuiriii lli to ri.unie tlirlr pnlllon will tut lie
Lneun kliop. In iw I.iuIimI .m
a. toe on fall line, Imt loc il JoMhm ate lrvt bii.y
an. I onlir. from vile-m. n on tin imd .in ItKlit
Wool.m .nul Moi.lrd. ato rlllnt; l U.r anl t.iw
vool I. t.iki ti more Iriclv, Imt tlio aviuui of
iil is ji ululitl) Invi.r. Cnltm. ale in tu'llrr
iliiiimtli' ilniiiiiil. Imt price, ire lipid jlwvr Iml.
of slilip"-1 to Chitn Mimifirtniiiig a' whole
I. uniHiiilly acllM for tin" n i-on.
st iii prodml. air riulet. t-pr. iilillou lirlni:
iiMrlitul liy iliirrs.ine wiallnr and llir Irrislli)
liollilns at mot f tin' ruhaiine. prrvrnlrd new
i.iiiiiiiliiiintii. Vii from tlir wet via full of
punil'.' a to the (.liming whrit vlrld,
,i furtlicr ilr.linr in pilf. alllnniBh fouijn
nrnU iro ktiovin to I"' lirjw Corn stradinl liii,mr of the npoitnl Injur) firm and ilrmuih llicrlpl conllnnc Imlit In
..'iiip.irlvin with lit p.xr, Iml ivpoil. air cipnl
1 iniiti.fn ton. (Villon lioliU liiinU nt a point
i Utile In low nine edit., llir fur inovcrniut Into
intht of till' old clop In llu: iUstri;.ililil
(.iimii. irul fillurr. ilurlni: tin tirt nut nt i'.i
tiuii.liirid fi.TVi, with llilillllii. of,li'i,
.ikiimt U1 1i-t )eir foi T-TI.7IT. I In ni itiu
liilitrlnc lines l tn io wr'p I.Jih'i difiulis Willi
sJI.Cnl.llls lijlnllllr.. while I. lv) trjdri. fnlul
for sitviijoT. llir linpioirini nl met llir pit
ndiiu' )rir mi inn.i sli kllii in lirokrr itr an I
lunlaiii; ln-"lv'iiii". wlinh wue 'i.JI'l.l II and
Sli.iii'.l n-iill(h. ik hum 'J.'.I'I.IM mil
s'.'l.ii'' I i-i Mil Hit. I. tin"! tmtiwortln
Imaii-e ih. wolrnt .iKitilion In Wall ttrct ilunriij
Vl,i w i" i id ul nul to jiw fi noii. ilUlitrlume
nnl Ihe I i-l wick nf .tunc Ijimuht olln i liiluie.
tliioiih iniiidii huh .-pei ill it inn and poor hulking
mi i hoi I..
Attompt to Extend the Tio Up to
St. Louis Not a Success.
(1) l'vilu-lve Wue from The Awn laud Pre..
st I. nil.. Job 1 Mi-jUusc fuiiht lundlers
from 1 i-t st ,iils toil ii nltiniptiil In extinl
tin iiliike to illy, miliiis to Hie artionof the
laihoad nlll. i iN in l.lllnii friiclit lhio.mli in
older to aiotil the blockade on Ihr l'a-t Nile
'Ihe .itl.tnpl i not .1 men'.. Si far x. known
..ill nl ii .in i ne .1 nun eiiiplnir.l In the
Ninth s( .mils fieiuht houe, on llie ibir fiont,
went out. Wlen Ihe lll. 1. Illalellid into the
( uppliM .lilioii ili-lil. t .nd mule a d. iiiou-tralion
in, .in. I the viu.uinl P.n Hie and the l'ii-io ti. iulit
hull-. th. i viiie .li.pi Ii) the p.. bee
liiipoiliil neuiois were put In wotk on tlie 1 at
Sell- todiv In the lllm.iij Ceiilral and nut with
tin mtii in inc. Small force, weir abo al woik
In the lmu.ej of the Vlljti and the Mobile and
(H In.
Stiaightoned Out by tho Reconven
ing of tho Republican Convention.
B) Ixeliiilie Woe fioin 'Ihe s-oi utrd I'n.
Wilkr,. Illtre, lull ft -The tanute our Ihe
lioininiiion for i omit i lonliollcr on the lliputill.
e in tu kit is to hi .11 ii'.ble neil mil hi loeomtn
iiu; the uml. ilium whlih nut m llil. It on
'lur-dai. (halriinn liie.e l.lnnl, who pie.ldul
nl 'liii.du'. eoinrtitloti, eatur to the eonrln.1 m
(ml iv that Ihl. would be the Lot wa) out ol the
ililll. illlj.
'Ihe l.lletB In their irport ilaluu.l V It. Dhk,
of llaleton. hail i i inijoritv "I tlir vote.,
bill hi. opponrut, .1. II I I. ml, pi. .t. Me. I, nin;
ih. upon if the bllrik w.i. not collect, H. he
had .1 inajoiity ot T.l iot.
No Arrests Over Mint Shortage.
H) KmIiI'Iip Wue 1 1 'Ihr Worlitnl Pie..
111 I'ranel.rn, bib ft Ni anr.t. hoe brrn
nil. le in connr. (loll with the recent ilUeoirrei'l
.lioiliu'e of $.1i.iko in the mint Rmrrnnuiit
olflilal. woikini; on the .tile i e f n-r In .late Ihrlr
theorle. a. tn whit In i. line of the cold. Ca.hler
Cole nn. I Chief ( leik HlnimUk, ol Hie mint,
wrre su-prndid from dull prndlnir the out
ertne of the Imintlenllon Into the niv.trrinti.
elbippeantue of iiiiniki In Rold roln from Ihe
ij.hlei'i workniL' vault
Two Boys Drowned
ll Kxiblibe Wlie fioin The Vs-nelilrd 1'rru..
Il.'dford. I'l , Juli ft - William Miwu. the ".
)rir old .on e.f " K Vlnnn, of O-tcihins, llrdlnnl
loi.iity, wi .eied with a er.mip while In mini
mini: t.rar h.i Imme Indiy III. broiher, llalph,
wmt to hi. a..i.tjnce. and In tore In Ip could
i rite h Hum liulli wire drowned.
Strike of Australia Railroads.
lb- Knelulve W'nr bom the As-nelatnl I'nei,
Pre i tli. Wr.trrn, Auitralla, July ft V crnrral
rillroid ulrikr for lnneiml w ii;r. hi. com
ininird line aud the conwipirnt tie up of the
loids I. lotuplcte throiilieiiit Western Auitralla.
Baldwin at Ohristiania,
lly V.vcliube Wire fioin the Awiilitnl Prrw,
riiriitlinlt. ibtly ft. Ilvel.m II. Ilaldwln, Ihe
leader of the Haldwln-Zlfulrr Art tin rxpcdltlon,
hat airbed hric! He will lillt Sdiikord and, pro.
Kcd to Tibin.uCi Jul) 0.
Vice President Voorhees Orders
That All the Shop Hanrts Shall
Be Taken Back.
Today tho Railroad Shop Hands of
tho Reading Road Will Voto as to
Whether tho Striko Shall Be Con
tinuedMr. Baor'e Agreement to
Be Strictly Carried Out.
lly lUelmiie Wire from The Vwxiilc.l I'rr...
Hendlnp;. July r. The Philadelphia
and lteadlnn; employps In this city anil
other points aloiif- (he line who went
out on a striko for IiIkIipi waues, a 9-
hour dnv, etc., did not letuiti to work
thli morning, owiiiK to tli" action of
Hip general meeting at the (.rand
Opeia lioue Wednesday ovenlnn. when
the settlement was called olf on nr
rntltit of the alleged breach of faith on
the part of the company In ipfeipnc
to Ihe return of everv emploe to hi
place ns If no stilke had occurred.
The leaden 'tate that the notion nf
the nieii In tlecltllnc to stand liv Hip
men nt the Wayne Junction shop. whose
places hail been filled, wns linauimotis
and that they will not ko to woik until
n settlement has been leached which
will piotect every employe.
At the car shops It was learned Hint
pone of tlio men bad Kone tn woik this
rvornlnpf and that the unions weie
holding In Hup pvpry member who had
roi'p nut with them In the (list place.
When the locomotive shops were vl
i 'd ll wns found that not -i bo'leimak
t v as at woik, wli'le but two black.
so 'ihs weie on i.t.ti'. Tbes wrre the
urn who left the union uml leturned
nfter the men had succeeded In closini;
the .'hop on Ihe flist day of the stilke.
With these departments practically
e loed the company If nwny behind
with Us mot ut Rent work.
Vice Piesldent Voorhees telcpriapheil
hoip this afternoon that all Philadel
phia mid Mending shop hands should be
alcen back. ".Mr. Hnei's nut cement is
to bo strictly car-led out," !i -nys.
The Men Will Vote.
Tomorrow's meeting of the t-ti Iking
Heading railroad shop hands will be
incit important. They will then vote
on the ipicstlon of iptmning to woik.
The tPlegiam fioin Vice-President
Vnoihees Hint the teinis of agieeiiient
inaile with the .sliikeis' cninmittee liv
Piesldent Hner will be can led out, has
somewhat (I".tietl the atniospbero, but
theie Is still nil element tonight that
f.ivom a continuance of the stilke. This
ntternoon's conference between the
Heading lion compnny management
and the stilkeis' committee was with
out teslllt, but theie Is a ninie hopeful
feeling of a settlement. Negotiations
tuny continue for some days. The com
pany ottered the puclillers fl per ton
and the others a pioportionate inc tease.
The bone of contention Is the teeog
nltlon of the union
Philadelphia. July .1 Ktipei Intendent
of Motive Power Piince, of the Phila
delphia and Heading vallioad, was
summoned to this city fioin Heading
today for a consultation Avlth Vb e
Pioblent Vooihees on thP subject of
the shopmen's stilke. The conteience
lasted nearly two linuis, but both olll
cials refusfd to say anything as to its
icsiilt until after they have talked with
Acting Piesldent Welsh, who has not
jet at lived at his olllce.
After the confeience between .Ml.
Voorl'.ee.s anil tuippilnlendent Piince,
theie wa. u consultation between Act
ing Piesldent Welsh. Mr. Voorhees and
Secietniy Tavloi, of the Heading enm
piny. and at the' conclusion of the con
I.'ipiiip the following statement was
given out:
"SupplcmenlliiK Mr. Haer's announce
ment of the settlement of the Heading
railroad shop strike, Mr. Welsh, piesl
dent pio tern., states that the agree
ment made by Mr. Haer with the shop
employes will be lariied out on the
patt of the company absolutely and In
eveiy paitlcular."
The olllclals i.'fiised to discuss the
Shocking Doath of Andrew Kirkpat-
rick, of Lonaconing.
lly Ficlii.ive Wire fiom the .oriatoil I'reu.
Cumhirl uni. Md, .tub V- ndirw Kirkpalin U,
C" )i.ih of aire. I. Hi ail at Loniionmi;, a miiiII
Iiwii .liuilrd In the tulnlnj; di.triet nol far
fiom thl. phi i, a. the lesult of lupine, imbed
he the (Vplo-i.m of ,1 ulatit tire ctatker I.n-t
nluht while Kirkpatrnk na. walkilu; alonu the
main ulieet of lint pliee nnie one tepp.d up
behind liim and lnullfil Hie fine of a ulatit tlte
rrai ker which he cairird under Id. aim.
the epo.lon that f.dloned broke nnri il i.l
Ida ill... tote the lung, and Injun. I the l.i.nt,
dtath follnwlns Ihl. tuoinliur
Erio Officials Deny Reports of Settle
ment at Susquehanna.
Hi Wire (torn The ..ot lined Pick.
Sii.rmilianna, Pa, bib IV-'Ihe chief olhe i il.
ol Ihe bile railroad ilm the in. ntj
that the i inontha hi like nf tlir l.oilriinaK i.
and Ihrlr helpitt in tin l.nnm.illw woik. al
Sma.uehaiina and Meailnille, Pa. and lloinrll.
ville, N. Y , ha. I een .eltled ll.ev ,n no
untie nif tit ha. been rlleile.l and dial the up.. it.
Hut Ihe men will leltnn to woik eii Vlondi) iient
an wllhout foundation
Tho Montana Hold Up,
lly Kvrludie Wlie fiom 'llie Av-oeialed I'n'Ji.
St. Paul, Minn.. Jul) ft. (inuial Vudllnr I) S
I limit, of the (in it ,piea loinpani.
Mid that Hie I I"-. In the holdup at Wai:
lu r, Montana, cm Mnnda) wa. Hl.fton.
Mr. Lorillard 111.
Hy Rxdniilie Wire fiom the Anoelalcd Prei.
New Verk, Jul) ft. Dr. AimIii I'lint nt l
thi. inornlnc amiuuncM that Mr. I.oiIIIji.I
Weather Indication Toda) i
1 (irnerat Xineilcan. boar I' In the Henley
More Watm Wrilhrr Piedlctnl.
I'nidilrtit and Mi. MrKlnley (1(1 for Canton.
Itiadliii: Stilke Situitioti.
2 (Irnerat Carbon.! tie liepirlnieiit,
3 Iiral Pefrn.lanL. Tntlly In tho Itneky (llfn
KipilH Sill.
Work of A.r..liiic Cannot He Divided.
4 IMIIorlal.
S lent lite Sal.d
5 Ian al "I f.iike'a Siitnmrr Home (iprn. Today
at Cii'vet. Voiiiie Man shot
6 lairil -Writ Seianlon and Sul.Hil.ln.
7 Oenrral -N'ortliea.trrn IVnn,vbanh.
1 in me ill and ('..inincr. ial.
3 boral-Soild and 1'rtwnil.
thrie of Ihe HIk llrward. In Ihe IMtnatiniiil
'Mi.und.ri.tood" (siil.tnllbel In Ihe ilu it
stor) Conli.t )
!) I rial llelliiimn New. of Ihe Week,
sunilav Sehool Uvi.ti for roinornnr.
One Woman' View..
It) Cennal Smth Cii.iIIiu,
InlrfiiUle and
Wr.t Indiiti l'.Ki.iion.
He Annouuces That He Will Be Can
didate for U. B. Senator Beforo
the Feoplo of Illinois.
lly Kielti.lie Wire from the wocialrd Pn
Washington, July n. Mr. Cbailes
Dawes, comptroller of the cutieury,
has tendeied bis leslgnatlon to tlie
piesldent to take effect Oct. 1 next.
In nnswer to an Inquiry, Mr. Dawes
"I IiiivV leslgned because of my In
tention to be a candidate befoie the
people of Illinois fur the United States
senate. It would not be possible
for me to canvass for the sen
ate and ut the same Hue admin
ister to my own satisfaction the
1 ('sponsible olllce 1 , now bold. I
am Influenced solely In this action
by whnt seems to me the plain pio
piletles of the situation."
Mr. Dawes' tenu of olllce would not
have explied until Jan. 1. lUO't. His
letter to the president Is ns follows.
W.uhlnKton, bib 3. I'iOI
William MiKliiloi, KunllUe Jlan.ion, Wuslnn-
tin, I) ('.
Sir: In vlrw of the faet that 1 will be a e null,
elate for Ihr t'nltrd Stale, srnate from Illinois,
I herrhy Irnder mi ir.ici.ition a. rotnptroller ef
Hie currciie), to take cthct October mxt.
t'liarlrs fi. Dawr..
Mr. Dawes entpred Hip ofllco nf
compti oiler of the currency January 1,
ISO's sutcedlng James Kckels.
of Attorney in
Captain at Fort
Caso of
By Kirlu.lte Wire f.oni llie A-oeialed Pre1-..
Tomntn, Out., Julv 5 Sunday exclu
sions liy boats In Ontailo must tease.
That Is the decision of Attotne) Ucii
einl Olbson, following on the convic
tion of a steamboat captain at Foil
Hrle for tunning excursions on Sunday
from Huffnlo to Pint Culbome and
back. The attention of Mr. tJIbson has
been dliected to lufiactlons of the law
at Ottawa, Hellevllle, Hiockville, S.iult
Ste Mniie, Toionto and other pints,
and the ciown nutlioiltles will be in
stiueted to piosec ute.
This Is In iiccnrdaiicp with a piomlse
made by Premier Hoss .some time ago
to Pilnclpal Caven and other leadeis of
the .oid's Day alliance
Four Italians Celebrating in an
Abandoned Mino Are Overcome by
Fire Damp.
II) l.ulve Wire fii.iii Tlie ocialed Pun
PlttsburK. July .".Four Italian
mlneis, while on a spiee, went to the
abandoned coal mine at Calsbuig,
about n mile fiom Monongahela Citv.
about -1 o'clock this morning. Tliev
were oveicome with Hie damp nnd
weie found dead Inter In the day. They
aie: Steve Coskey, nged L'fi: Alltllew
Sefllnski, aged "-': Mike Manownskl,
aged 27, and Frank YanUy. aged I!..
All weie employed by the Schoen
burg Coal tompany. Vestciday then,
was an Italian dance at Monongahela
and the men, with many olheM. at
tended. About 3 o'clock this muililng
the dame broke up. and it Is under
stood that the victims took a keg of
beer and went to one of the looms of
the mine,
Ill Kviuie Wlie fioin The Wioelalrd Pirn
rhllidilphh, bill ft riii laie tuerllmr al bel
li!. M DiIiIhk pot win- lonilii.led lo.lai. Tin
lenijiiilni: t lee., Ihe 'J :,"i elj.. ml veil and two .pe
i ial me., weie ileilaiccl olf
fair lul ctnwel wai In allrndanre todai,
but In no .rn.e In point of number iiuniiraiiini;
(hi le.' pei.nnil i rloil. Siunmailr.;
'."22 ilau, pailn, miim, .'V'i be.t thife In
Hie tn hill. ex.; one hial e onte.ted lull 1. Kan
me siuhhlii. won; Vnita, .icotidi Dm Cir..,
thlid Time, " l'i. i II'.. '-' H'
2 2) i la., trntilinc iute, HV1; belt thtee In
the Io h.ii ii-.s. lied Hit. I won: Tlditnaik, e, mi.l,
llrluhmi Iti Ilo. Ilill. I. 'I nn.', '.' l'i. -' l'4. 2 i'l,
: ii, " .'.
' (l ila.a, inUcd, pur.r, 2V), ,e.t two In Hare
In him... Su.ii,'.i wen, I in le sjm,,
-. , thiol. Iloi.'. .' Jl' '.'..'J'., tU. -' l'a
Steamship Ai rivals.
Uy Kvcluilie Wire from The Uiorlaled PrrM.
Nrw- Olk. .lull ft Uriiedt Phornlrli, Him.
hunt; Kninik' l.uUe, Hi run n Cleaie.l. Viler,
Niplrie and (iciioa, l.tiiirla, l.linpool, stalrndaui,
Itniierdain, ila l..itlnsne llotirrdam- Silled:
Maaxlam, New Yoik. Havre -tulvrili l.a Hie
laiine. New ork. (Juirntnwn--iiirdl l.u-
J conla, New- otk fur blierpool, and ptoiudcU.
The Weather Bureau Is Unable tc
Predict a Permanent Break
as Yet.
Local Thunderstorms at Any Tims
May Drive Back Hot Wavo Tem
porality Middlo Atlantic States
tho Seat of the Trouble Baltimore
and St, Louis Hottest Cities Pros
trations and Doaths Continue in
Somo Localities -The Drought in
fly Kjclu.iie Wire fiom Tlie Vnoelated lrr.
Washington. July 5. A welcome break
In the hot wuve has occuned In some
put lions of the count I. v, but It Is still
very hot In most of the tenltorv east
nt the Hot'lcl. .s. The weather bureau
cotitliiues to asset t that no pctuinucnt
lellef Is In sight, although thunder
stoni's aie llkelv to occur :it any time.
The seat of the hot mive Is lit the
middle Atlantic stutiw and In the mid
dle Mississippi valley. At many peilmq
In Hint tetiltoiy the tenipi latino thla
moinlug rungetl tiom i! to ! degreps
above the tioimal teiiipeiatuti' for this
ceascn. Haltliuoie nt..1 St Louis, n.
cm ding to the olllclal observations
taken nl ,s o'clock this morning, were
nt that hour the hottest cities In tho
I'nited States The theimometers In
both places lecoieled hi degiees, S above
the average for this week of July dur
ing the last thltty enis.
Hellef has come In New England and
the tempc inline Is below the season
able average theie. In Hoston It Is 1
degrees below tin' not null.
The hot wave lute, been ellsslpatecl In
the sinus In the extiome upi er Miss
issippi and middle and upper Missouri
valleys, in the Lake Supplier region
and In the not thorn Hocky mount iln
(list! lets, wheie heavy rains have sent
th" nieicury lowiiwaid.
The day opened waim In this city,
with the meicuiy standing at SB at 1C
o'clock In the olllclal thermometer at
the weather bureau. This was a vise
of fi degtees In a little lens than an
hour and a half.
The tecoids of the district health
olllce show that for the f'.ist thiep days
ot July theie weie thlity deaths here
fiom sunstioke or other heat causes.
The hlghehl number of deaths for one
day was leionled last Tuesday, the
victims numbeiliig eighteen. Moio
deaths from heat have been lepotted
thus far this month than for any one
month dm lug last ear.
Storm in Now York.
New Yoik, Jul) ft. A spvpip thun
der stoim swept over this city this
afternoon and hi ought with It com
foit to millions of hcit-stileken New
Yorkei.s. The tPinperatuiP fpfl 15 do
giess In less than two hours and over
two Inches of rnln fell. Some of tno
sewers, unable to etury oft' the tre
int niloiis volume of water, burst, flood
ing the streets In vailous liealltlc,
aud In many cases stnies nnd ie?s-
denees. I.lghtnlng struck several
buildings, but no serious daman,: was
Fatalities in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, July . Deaths and
prostrations from the cncpss1c heit
continued to occur today, about a
doen fatalities and nearly thiee times
that many ptostratlons being repot too..
Although the maximum tempeintute
was lower toda) th in for a week pist,
the day was iinciiinfortable. Thi
pel rentage of humidity was quite
liigh thioughoiit the day anil tonlgl t
the ntinsopheie Is uncoinfni tably dose
The maximum lenipeiatuie )esterday
was leached at I p. in., when f'l de
giees weie leeoided. It hovered
iitouud Wi the entire nfteuinon nnd at
S p. in. it was standing ut SS degiees.
The humidity tonight was f.l per cent.
Rain at Little Rock.
I.lttle Hock. Aik. Julv S The (list
rain In this illy since June fell ;Ui
afternoon. Theie was a drop ot twelve
elegices ill the temperature. (Jood
rains hip lepoited trom Hot Springs
nnd other points, tlinugli In some coun
ties the di ought temalns unbro'ien.
Suicide of Mrs. Eliza Picklos ot
Clifton Heights.
II) bMluMie Wue fiom the Vvoi utrd Pre..
PlnhiMphii. July ft.- Mn. I.Iim Pickle., ef
I'llflon lleluhla, thi.uti. eouiiiiitted wn nl.
thin afternoon a lleliwnre rlirr .learner m
route from Tirnlon. N I , Io Mil. till. Vr.
I'll Me., toiellur with In r liu.harid and eien
wrcknolil ilill. I. had hren vl.ilini; relalivri in
Hie .let.e) i.ipiiil tin t Io ir nai ilovcn Ihe rber
Ihl. aflrrneen Mi. I'n kle. wml Into her laluii
inil delilirileb junipi.l Inln the iner. Hie
wuk I.. fine In Ip icailuil hrr. the only rea.on
for the ilerd that Ihr liil.and eoiilel (tlie wa.
that hi. wifi'd iiilml urn haic l.eeotne weakened
I reeit.t IHiiim.
Gifts of tho Sultan.
lb K.xi Wire fiom The Wftihtrd Pte.i
ll.llin, lull ft. -Ten Viahlan talllnni, L'HU o
Ihe .nit in of Vim... i ii to Kmpeioi William, havo
airbed at ll.iml.ui ir.
I ... 1 1 dali fm bib ft, iwl:
llilihi.t tinipi'iatitie 1 elegrcet
l,i wr.t teiiipi'ialuie , 71 ilrj;r.(
Helatbe lliunldll) :
m in KI per irnt
S p. ill . . TV pel e e tit.
Prcupltatiiu, '-' hoiun, ended s p in , trace,
f -r
WaihlnBlon. .tub ft I'orreait for Kail-
4- rm I'lniiMlianli' l.oeal urn., and tlmn 4-
ilrr loitu. satiiriln and piohihly Sun-
itav; n.i.iih In tmahneat wlnda. -f-
f tfl-ft t t-l-rltfftt