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Spears tongue
Known of all
perfect '.camera
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Talte one with -you on
your vacation hiuI have
us do your flnlehing
when you leturn,
All styles
to select
Kemp's Stadio
103 Wjo. Ave.
SI'Mir w fl MllliV rj-nrr il I I'
Robin nniiniiid, W ir riitni-, line ti
paced iiu ntrs in lue new (J A 1!. hilt, and
will henaftrr meet cicrt satutdi) night, Insliad
of cm) other Untied i) nluht.
Milt D(.H) IHSKUUT.-MTiion Sdiloss, of
W illiamport, ua adJuiiMd a bankrupt In the
tlMrift frrhrtl eoutt rlri iHy nnil JiU ease re
ferrcd tii llefrrfo In Itankrupti V.. 11. potuei.
His liabililica arc ?l,.ll.'...', anil his nsicH 170.
Nt M. (II IIMi.-'lho annual outing of the
I'enn Annuo iliiinh and tli1 t li v hool will ei
rur on llnn-day, duly II. 'Ihe phic nrlettcd Is
Like I"doto. Phi' congregation and sdiliath
nhool dt Ihc .1h ki-nn Mrcct Ilipllt ehuiih will
unite with the I'enn Annuo eliurdi in dm 01
cation. Uier.thud) Is Rnltur.
Mil III I5IIV IV ( IIMKJi:. -Wuirn Petri , 1 ill
pad en rrt its nt New liiiiham, luuniili nit
ant cuetat) of tho Rrilioad ounjt Men'-. 1 litis
ti in association or this t its . will tike cliaiL'o nf
the tfniim at tho iomi.c mission fur tin next
two works. The inke 1 elhnu Inml will awt
in the mcctini; this (lenini:.
Mllir IV 'INK KM I. Hunt, n iisnn. tin
)iMinjr nn of V, Itetison, of .lit Irnnsnn atoiuir,
was aitulcntallt ulint in lln' km 1 In tail Mi
iultoi, .1 In" icmpiiiini, nt lake s, 1 inlnn
luf-dii A I Inlicit idle eartiod In Murium
was mililrntjlh- dl-eliin-cd ami the hulli t Imluitl
In the hot's lace Iir. II II l.l.t rcmotod (t
Donations Received Recently Are
Acknowledged. ,
The dlt or Int. nf the riorcm Crit
tenden inVsInn ptc"-ont tln following.
"oiK folltliod ,tt tho follow Iiik ptld'm
riuMn!? ot nlelil-s-liiit'., 1T1 conlM etch.
juhMms; of hiuiTJu.tldv' rlio!-cs, .",11 icnts
piich. nmKlii?; of plnln titiion. 10 rtit!
ath. m.ikliiB ot wt'liifss' iti'ionx, 15
fiit't evil-It, in.tkltiK of shltt waists, .'."i
lentt, plain hpiimilns: unci stltchlni;, IK
tonti per yitid, iMrpot r.tRi" m -ind
t-ewed, . (cnf jier pot.nd.
They also t;inl"fillly acKnnw lodfrc tho
follow 11117 donations. Ho fimti i'iu
hondnlo FloiPiitP I'llttPiidm iltxi, coti
t.tlnlnjr tli'thlni:. hate, ihk, i-nniiPil
poody, shoos, jukots, ( nff re, toa, himai,
vostji, towilliiR, conti United d 1. Ct.tnc
iM i'n, .1. I! Shannon A Co., Mi. II
Al..iUBh. Mi-s liutloi, Mih. riaidnoi,
Ml-o- tlo.Msliiaiit, Mis. D.iloy, Mi.x.
Chailos l.athioi. Mro., Mis
lio., Du.tno lliunphipy; cash (hulld
ItiR fund); $.'., V. II Talor; $.'. Alko
"Waltz; j-pwIiik ni.ttoilals, Mi.s. AV. If.
Talor, nuMt, Aimbttist, fair, Mai
bot fier, .lifKlns, Wot tiller, Mix. W. S.
DIohl, Mrs W II. (leal halt, Mi.s. ('.
"W. Klikpatilok, Mi. I., H Powi.ll, Mo..
James Atohbald, Mi.. II. c. Sandoi?on.
Mis. JikIro Am hh.ild. Mis. Ilany fliu
Uer, Mrs. V. II Ploico; rientlstiy. pe
Ullst and nioriU-al sotvko, fir. Kied
rrlcl, Dr. O. 1:. Dean, Dr. Anna Clink,
lianel Hour, Mix. (!. "W. Filtz; j.ti.iw
lioule.s, etc., Mis. j. I, Ciawfoid, Mi.s.
C A. Hun, Mis. if. C. Samloifim, a
filond, can niaplo hjitip, Mis. c p.
Jones; food,, take, lettuce, etc,
Mi.s. C. A. Van AVninier. Hanloy. Mi.
Lindner, Mrs. Zeldlor, J. P. Wllll.uns
&. Bio,, llolpliicr Hands of (liato ft. K.
chuich, Mis. W. T. Hnekett, Dr. G, H,
Dean; he ete.un, llanley, I.aikawanna
Daily eonip.tliM piilk dall, l.arka
wanna ami Ahlnton D,ilr ( ninp.inks,
olothlnp, uiuhiellas, etc , a filond, Mis.
O. L. Alllch. Alko Waltz, Mm. .1.
rhaudlor. 1. H l'luley, J C Sliuputi,
Mrs. 11. C. Sandeison, Mrs. Vainej,
JameB Walsh Paid $5 for Running
theOauntlet of tho Guards.
James Walsh, who was chaiKod with
tie.spass on the Delawaie, Jwckn wanna
and Western juemNc, was lined f,"
jetei(lny by Aldeiinan Millar.
Walsh was with Charles llemmluK
vhen the latter Is iiUokoiI to have tun
the gauntlet of the Riiards mound the
car 'shops nnd made his way Into the
paint shop, whete the Imported men
me housed,
Mr. lleinmlnsr was released yester
lay, without boliifr lequlred to pay the
fine of $10. In default of which he was
t'ndfr thli hexllnit ihert lfttfrt of lntfrnl
rill he puhllheil whfn iccompinin), for publica
tion, by the stritfr'i nime The Tribune don not
uiume rwponslblllty for oplnlont hre eiprcued.)
Mr. Hemming Returns Thanks.
Editor of The Tribune
!ir! 1 would like tlirnuah the mrdluin of tour
nimble paper tn puhlldr tlisnk the rc.k'er
feant t pollre hearlqinrteii fo- refiiKlnir to lod,
me up in a cdl on Tuesday tietit niter I had
been ti d for,lni? in the I-atkawanna
jarda bv Maitlitute .Millar. I)etrrtin Olaike
and Seldman look me there aflrr thla decision
of the majflntrate, and, aa it was not a police
(use, the terneant rffuccd to proce(d in Hie mat
ter. I thank him from the bottom of my lie-nit
'the net morning (Wednesdaj) I n taken tn
the county Jail by Dctectite Seldman and here
again the (juration of the romlnlttal caino In
Nothing could exceed the Mndnoes ahown me
by bhrriff Sehadt and Warden Simpson and when
1 wis let free at II a, m. no questions were
aAcd, I alro ilrtlie to thank the Xewr Jeuey
t'mtral and f.aikawanna men, aa well as tho
twite limci) and catpentira, who ttooil by mo In
thla matter. I'. I), Ileiiintliiar.
Bcranton, l'a., July 3.
Smoke the Pocono 5c clear.
?LJ p
r mb.
John Keldnr nnd Frank Word Badly
Injured While Preparing to Givo
July 4 Salute
John Kelder, of 3JI Phelps street,
and Pi a nit Waul, of l.aieh sheet.
were badly Injuied last nlRht by the
bin stint? of a small cannon, whltli they
weie loarllim", ptoparatoiy to KMnK a
thiindeMous July 1 salute. They were
ln.nliiiK It In the field near Larch street
and had almost completed the work of
chat Kim; It, about S.:!0 o'clock, when
suddenly theie was a tle.irenlnir le
pott nnd the air wan full of smoke
and J.iRKod pieces of fleiy metal.
Wind, who was badl Injured
the ees and face, was taken to h's
liome, while the Lackawanna hospital
was notllleil of the lnjutles to Kelder,
which were mote .serious. The ambu
lance responded and Kelder was taken
te the hospital, wheie his left hand
was found to be shatteied, and his
rlidit hand badly In luted. He was,
moi eoer, battel ed about the face and
It was found uecessaiv to perform
an operation nnd Dr. P. V. liunster
amputated the left hand nnd the little
linger of the llsht hand. He was as
Mstod by the hospital lesldent sui
Joseph Mayzo Was Carolos3 in His
Crossing Machinery.
Thomas i: Pi Ire, John James, M. F.
inlis, 1) W Hums, James Hart
and (1 A Williams, the jury Impanelled
by Coioiiei Unbelts to Inquire Into the
death of Joeph Mii7.e, whkh occutied
teiontly at Carlucd's stone y.ud, Is
Itorl the m em of the anldont yester
day afternoon to moie fully acquaint
theniseUes with tho circumstances In
the case.
Thev learned that Mayze had,
thtoiiKh his own taiolessne.s, crossed
the machinery while riiunliiK', when he
should have gone mound It, The Juiy
returned the following eidkt;
We' tilul, flKOIilllli.' In the rMildre, lnepli
M.iim- uiiir to Ins ilijlli on Nituiilaj mmuiiv,
.linn J'l, PkH, In In iiu, riiuhcel b m.idiinei.s
in 1 i.iuk Citltiiei'rt tonl phut at Srintiin. P.) .
in I it Is our lu'liif llnl Ins death w is altiibuli'd
ti his o. n tairle-iviH k
i ii 1 1 iiiiiii ml l devhe li. r otiitnuti'il
tint will lii iii i tmtli imiiiI the polliilitirs of ut -l
till nt
Miners and Operators Both Suffering
Heavy Losses.
Not eiy satl-factoiy piogiess Is be
ing mark- In the woik of pumping out
the Hooded (llenwood. Jumjn and
Powderb mines, 0f Ma.Miold, Jcimjn
and Ciiiiioiidaie, lespei tholy, ami a big
loj-r Is dally expeileiKerl 1 the 1,000
ldl. millets and the opeiatois, the lat
ter losing both f I oni the Idleness of
theli piopei t and the expense of pump
ing Immense pumps me kept at woik
day mid night, and although the woik
has been going nn foi four weeks It
will be another foitnight befoie the
water will he nil iiilsed,
Oxer r.0,000,000 gallons have been
raised fioni the rik-nwooil and Jeimyn
mines alone since the pumping began
Old National Guardsman Accorded a
Much-Soughvfor Honor.
The following was sent out by the
Assoi later Pi ess lastilght;
II irii'liiir', I ill .1,-!iiri il onlrr note Iviird fimn lie lienl juartrra eif the National
(litanl of Pi nti-.tltanla pi inure upon the retirnl
1M Moot John II PMi, late of tlie lliliteenth
Major FNh also beais a pioinl tec
oid as a e Ivll war soldier and Is one
ot the leading spirits In local Giand
Army clules,
Thoy Wore Issued by tho City and
School District.
The illy tieasmer esteiday 10
'deemerl Jtyooo of the $r.,000 Issue of
the dty itindlng loan of lSSfi The
Imnrls bear luteiest at the late of 4
per cent, nnd $ir.,noo of them me still
outstanding. They me ledeemable In
This week the city tieasurer also
tedeeined lO.Ono of school bomd bonds
of the Issue of 1&SG. They weie fi per
cent, bonds nnd the entile Issue has
now been tedeeined,
She Had Had Him Arrested for De
sertion and Non-Support.
Snm Kobotskl, of 40B rtnymond
court, was sent up yesterday by Al
derman Mlllnr for thirty days, In de
fault of a $10 line, for assaulting his
Tuesday Kobotskl was held in $:oo
ball for deseitlon nnd non-suppoit
Wednesday nlsht he tinned his wife
out of doois after giving her a beat
Oeotire Kline, of Ph mouth, an emplojc at the
Atondale collier), had his datlilc broken b.t u
fall of link jraltrila). lie was rrmoted to the
Moses T.i)lor hospital.
'Ihonui Sarlskus, a at the Piamonil cn.
Ilei), had one of his fed badly eruJitd in a mint)
uctldrnt )etrrria.v and rereited treatment nt
the Moses Ta)lor hospllal,
Thomas 1'illihiril, of KdttariUdale, had his foot
painfully Injured jealeiday by being run oter by
a ear at the Woodward lolllery. lie was removed
to thli Muwa Taylor hospital,
Hearing in tho Injunction Rule Is
Halted by a Motion for a Rule to
Show Cause Why the Defendants
Should Not Be Attached for Con
tempt of Court-A $25,000 Dam
age Suit Growing Out of the Ico
Train Wreck of Last Fourth of
July Other Court Matters.
The hearing in the Injunction case of
tho ilocky (lien Water company
against the Hcranton and Northeast
etn company, was Inter
t uptcd yesterday by u motion for a
rule on the defendants to show cause
why they should not be attached for
contempt of court.
Arthur Frothlnghtim nnd Annette
Reynolds, piesldent find treasurer,
u.spectlvely, of the Ilocky Glen com
pany, nt whose Instance the motion
was made, alleged In their uflldalt
that notwithstanding the Injunction of
May ::, l'jul, fni bidding the defend
ants fiom enteilng upon their land,
they continued to work theie nnd
oen at the ptesent time have a der
llrk elected em the propei'lv.
The rule t,n.s granted by Jndg"
Kelly nnd made returnable forthwith.
Mr. Frothlnghmu testified that on
thiee dltfeient occasions, since the
granting of Hie liijunr .ion, hi- has
seen men t.t woik theie and found,
upon inqiilty, that they weie wotklng
for tho defendants. Some of them
were cutting tiees from the land nn.l
hewing them Into ties, Otheis weie
engaged In digging a ditch to dlwit
the water of Gieen Itun, which the
plaintiff company proposes to use to
supply Its contemplated lescrvoir.
Last Sunday, on the ociaslon of bin
last lslt to the place, Mr. Kiothlng
hntii, so he sas. found that the emit so
of the ciook had be'on completely
On one visit to the ground he met
a 'oretnap In charge of the work and
ordered him to cease operations, noti
fying him, at the same time, of the
Injunction. The foreman tcfused to
stop anil said: "To hell with the In
junction." Mls.s Reynold, who accompanied
Mr. Frothlnghmu on these visits, cor
johornted his story.
Deputy Shot Iff J. D. Ferber testi
fied to having served the writ of in
junction on all the parlies to whom
it was addressed.
William Huinslrle, an employe of the
Rock Glen company, told of having
seen men at woik on the plaintiff
company's property nt various times
since the granting of the lmunctlo'i.
For the defense, Mr. Houghton tes
tified that as soon as the Injunction
was Issued, he notllleil all the- engi
neers and rnntrattois woiklng In and
about the Rocky Glen tiact to tense
operations and not enter upon the
propel ty again until ftttthor notice
from him. The work was stopped, he
said, nnd If nny men entered upon
the tr.n t they weie not employes of
the defendant company, as far as he
W. F. Rooth, n sub-contractor, who
had been woiklng on the Ror ky Glen
tract, testified that Mr. llntightnn noti
fied him of the Injunitlon and that
slnee that notification no woik was
done on tho piemlses by anyone In the
employ of the defendants, or by nn
ono else, as far as he knew,
J. 11. Rlttenhouse, chief engineer of
the division on which the in
question Is located, testilled that no
work was done theie after May 2.1,
the date of the Injunction, ecept the
unloading of some appmattis and sup
plies by it firm of sub-contractors
from Philadelphia, who did not know
of the Injunction. As soon as news of
this was In ought to the company's of
fice, woul was sent the Philadelphia
allies that they must leinove their
stuff at once. Thoy promised to do
so, and dlrl, but allowed a dorilck to
stand with one nf Ifs poles reaching
onto the Rocky Glen tiact.
George A. Lee, of Philadelphia, one
of the dlreotois of the company, cor
robi "ated Mr. Rlttenhouse.
Major Wan-en ingued stionuonsly
that the testimony of the iVIendauts
themselves showed that they weie
guilty of contempt. The fai t that the
dei lick was still standing on the
plaintiffs piopeity was MiHIoicnt. h
contended, to piovo the defendants
Judge Kelly ordered the evidence
tinnscilbed and will pass upon the
niattet h'ter.
The healing on the ltilo to make
the preliminary Injunction permanent
will bo iesumed Filday morning.
Allege City Was Negligent.
The R.uher Asphalt Paving com
pany, tluough Wells ccToney, hi ought
suit ngnlnst the city ot Seiunton es.
terdny, to ice over $4,077.47, which Is
owing on fifteen dlffetent stteot 1m
piovement bonds.
These bonds wore given by the tlty
to the company to Insure due diligent o
nn the pmt of the city in e.olleetlng
the nssessnieuts. The company alleges
the city has been negligent In Its col
lections and heme Is liable on tho
In most of the Instances, the alleged
negligence was In the tiling of liens
within tlie tcqulied time. The claims
ngalnst tho property holders nre now
baited by the statute of limitations
anil the city Is now llnblo, so it Is
claimed, for the amount of the bonds
nnd Inteiest at 0 per tent.
Tlie bonds on which tho suit me
brought me Issued for Improvements
ni d In amounts as follows:
Vine stieot. $100, il?. 13; Spruce
street. $100, $,'9 CO; Adams avenue,
$.-iOO, $500, $'i00. $178 fSS; North nnd
S-outh Main avenues, $100, :2; Penn
nnil Capnuse avenues, $417 h,"; Jackson
street, $."i00; .leifeison nvenue, $.'ii)0j
Washbuiit Htieet, $100, $10.20.
Echo of the Ice Train Wreck.
The Ice train wreck of Inst Fourth
of July on the Pocono waH recalled
yesteulj by a stilt for II'.OOO dam
r.gH Instituted against the Delawn-e,
1 teknwannn and Western company
Pleased with Our Service
It has so fnr been very grati
fying to the management of
this Bank to receive the com
ments of pleased patrons.
The People's Bank.
by the heirs of George W. Davis, one
of the brnkeinen killed In the acci
dent. The widow, Mrs. llnchel Davis, for
hMpf ninl two children, Jennie, nged
14, nnd Ray, aged 11, avers In her nlll
tlavit that (be toinpnny'H negligence
was responsible for the accident.
It Is tct forth that the train on
which Davis was sent out was mnde
up of Oitrl'Tii gondolas loided with
coal. At Tobylmnna twenty-set. en
cms of Ice were attnehed nnd the
ciew was directed to ptoceed vlth this
train to tlnl Dken. In going down the
mountain tl. train ran away, dashed
Into a freight train that was preced
ing It and caused the wreck In which
Davis nnd the others weie killed.
The plaintiff nlleges that the train
wns composed of an unusual and un
safe number of cats; that the locomo
tive, cms mid equipment generally
weie not In good repair, and thai the
nlr-pump on the englil- was defec
tive. D, J. Davl s attorney for the plaintiff.
Two Charters Applied for.
Attorneys Voshurg & Dawson yes
let day applied to court for n chatter
for the Leggetts Cteek Keg Fund. The
board of directors, of the society nre
Isaac William, .Michael Neary, Fred
W. Nelrty, James It, Davis nnd John
L. i:un.
Application wns made by Attorney
A. W. Rerthnlf for n (barter for the
Society Itnllaiie Rlena. De Montenegio
Pep'na D'ltnllmt. ot Throop. It is a
social, benevolent and fraternal or
ganisation. . i i
Marriage Licenses.
Samuel ('arm rrleeburii
Maty V.. Mi mil, Dickson Cilv
Midnol Siiklr.iU Ilunmnre
'Hi. n-a Pindall Ol.tphant
t.nv Welwtci (Merliout 1713 summit atenue
I 'li.n 1 1.' I!. Smith '.Ml.! North Main atrnue
Ca-pir iwrlihr UJ0 l'tnon Blreet
C.irrii' I,. Paltry ('Ink's Summit
Mirlln U Urate), a ( ltd wir tderan, was
jrstenlay Rtinfrd .1 peddler's lie erne.
Stanley MnliNkl, eh need with desertion, nnd
frank Itindill, dnrmd with iv.mlt nnd batten,
wire' nluised en bail furnished )ejtenlay befoie
Juds'c larpinter.
Death Roll Had Several Additions to
It Before the Rain Came Yostor-
day Afternoon.
Relief ft nni the Intense heat came
jesteiilay, but not befoie the death
rate was Increased be and that nnteil
In yesterday's Tribune. The addi
tional victims whose death can be
attributed to the heat weie:
Al.'ll'lt .KiM S, .s-werks-oli con ot Mr, and Mrs
Vlallii Innn, .i.!'i (.arileld ati line
Mils, IIIMIK.I f Dl'Ca.VV, Price liret.
Wll.l.VltP M'MIINKA, 1 and-T months old
dnlil nf Mi. ind .Mis Jo-tpli MiVenitt, j"i
I outth sliei t
1 II III s( mini 1)1 I,, nil l'lm sired, aueit 23
Schioedcl was cmplojed as a baker
hi Hess' baker), anil was oveicome by
tho heat Tliuisd.iy night about VI
o'clock. He was removed to ills home,
wheie his condition gtevv moie seilous
evoiy hour, until at 7 o'clock estenlny
nioinlng death lesulted. Deceased came
to this countiy about one year ago. He
was twenty-live yea is ot age, anil Is
survived by a widow. He was a mem
ber of the Maker' union. The funeial
will take place Satuiday afternoon nt 2
o'r luck.
James Hiown, shipping clprk at Me
gnigee llios ' paper tvaiehouso on
Washington iv "line, was pinstrated by
beat while it his woik yesteiday nioin
lng. Hi- was lemoverl to his home In
West Scrnnton.
A short but pir.vidontlal lain fall
occurred esteidiiy nfteinoon, and
bioke the spell of t"irihle weather
which has b.'en playing such gcueiul
havoc. Shottly niter 2 oMock the rain
began ami thtoughout the nfteinoon
It fell at iiiegulnr Intervals,
The entile rain fall was but f-100 of
nn Inch, but It served Us puipose and
caused a most gratifying dowuwatd
shoot of the meicuiy which had been
sizzling and boiling in ' tlie glass
tubes, in a most fcioclous manner all
morning. At S a. in. It was ah early SI
rkgiees, nci'oidlng to Observer Clmke's
ollk'ial figures and at 10 o'clock It
stood nt SS,
That the sun E"d's Intentions were
to keep up bis highly Industrious woik
ot the week was evidenced as the mer
ruiv continued to tllml. stoadllv until
at noon the sultry Ugures of fll up.
praied, which meant tliat It was about
86 in tlie street, Scrnntonlans of late,
however, dlnlaln tn feel at all iincom
foi table when the thouuomcter Is be
low 100 ami theiefote the miserable
figures of !!." and UG wore supeibly ig
uoi ed, and trade at the soda water
counteis leeched a tot rifle shoit nun
blow .
After the Hi st downfall of rain the
thermometer sank with beautiful tap
kilty nnd at :i o'elork It was onlv 7i
above, a fall nf If, degrees, Heio the
head of the Infernal weather buieau
took a hand, and huirylng Into the
1.1 each managed to chase the mercury
back to SO bv I o'clock. At 1 ?,0, how
ever, It had languidly fallen to 7S, nnd
during tho remainder nf the day, while
the air was heavy and oppiesslve theie
was a noticeable absent e of the ovei -whelming
heat ot the pioeiu'dlug days,
Officers of tho Northeastern Pennsyl
vania Company Elected A Der
rick Erected in Wayne.
Spedal to tlie cuui.t'i Iriluine.
Iloni'sdnle, July ?,, A ohm ter has
bren gtanted to the Noi theaslern
Pennsylvania OH conipnny. At a
mootlii'r of tho Htockholrleis, held at
the A'len housp on Monday, otllceis
were .sleeted as follows: President, W,
W. Wood; vice piesldent, M. II, Al
len; treasuier, Petry A, Clark: secie.
tary, W. H. Dimnilck; dliectois, W.
W.Wood, M. H. Allen, W. H. Dimnilck,
Peiry A Clnik, William F. Rleller,
ThnihUH Merllaud, J. J, Cuitls. John II,
Weaver nnd Fred C. Farnhnm.
Tho dei ilck hns been elected, nnd
the company mo cnnlklent of securing
Two Dftttos Engage in Battlo Last
ing Forty-Eight Hours.
Py Kveliuive Wire from 'Hie Vssoelaled Press.
Manila, July ,1 Vu rtiKiirimeiit littlni; two
days has oecurrid at point thiit) mllm east of
.ainboak'na, Island of .Mindanao, brttteen Datto
Tjlm nnd his followers and the followua of Pit
.siilitmin. P.illo Tjlm is a of the aullati
of .Mlnil.iiuo and Datto Sob) man Is an Independ
ent 'Ihe loose on both aides were heatv and th
reult of the rnuagrment deelslve. 'I ho saltan
of Mindanao, who Is frieldly tottaida the Amrrl
tans, piofe.cs lu'iiotame us tn tho iaue of the
Oulbrtak bclwuu tlie tttu Ualtcis,
If It Wasn't for tho Double Teams on
tho Brewery Wagons and tho Ico
Cream Factories Working All
Night, We Would Scarcely Know
the Great National Holiday Was at
Hand Ancient Order of Britons
the Only Organization to Run a
Fourth of July Affair.
Ptetty much all tho customary Indi
cations of u gloilous new-fashioned
Fourth of July for Scranton were In
evidence last night, Including double
teams on the brewery wagons, nnd, as
far its was noticeable to the casual ob
server, thete was nothing In the air
savoring of tho old time Fouith, when
our back-number ptogenllois were
won't to regard the day as an anni
versary of our lepubllc's bitth,
Theie Is to he no patade nnd mibllo
meeting with pattlotlc; oiatlons or nny
of that sort of old-foggy thing with
which we weie, nt one time, won't to
Inspire the Using generation with the
fervor that hi ought about the first
Fourth of July.
To be sure the Country club Is going
to play golf nnd have a file works dis
play, the Ancient Order of Hrltons will
have an excursion to Mountain Park,
over the Central, nnd the Delawaie
nnd Hudson will run an excursion to
Lake Lodotc, but It Is quietly ussutcd
that none of these events will be
marred by the Intrusion of any Hag
waving or that suit of fol-de-iol.
In one paitlcular, the old-fashioned
Idea persists In prevailing. The flie
woiks nnd cannonading part ot the
old-time progiamme Is not Ignoied. In
fact It Is obsetved moie geneially
than evet, nccordliif, to the lepruts
fiom the hilltops and dcaleis In Ihe
woi ks.
These latter say the sales this year
were the laigest In thiee years, almost
equalling theise of the glorious Fouith
that was made so much more gloilous
by some achievement or other of some
Ameilcan soldlets or pallors or some
thing like that, some place or other.
Just how to account for the Increatd
sales Is not In the icndy teckoner, but
It might possibly be ventuted that some
sort of an obseivante of the Fourth is
still an Inclination of the avenge
American citizen, and theie being
nothing much offered in the wnv of
pk nlcs or exclusions, the gieat bulk of
the Intending obseiveis have deckled to
do their pattlotlc duty at home with
lliecrackeis, skyiockets and such like.
Iceui"ini oiders furnish a ptetty te
llable Indication that It Is going to be
a nice tame, home affair, this Fouith
of July, Uol. The thiee big nianurac
tuiers, M. J. Kell.v, J. D. Williams &
Pro. and the- Lackawanna Dalt com
pany, will have turned out b noon to
day about 4,200 gallons, or neatly ton
tons of Ice cteam, and all but about :t5
gallons of It Is for city cuptonieis.
Tlie demand for lee cientn Is the
largest the city has ever expetlenced.
All thiee llinis have been woiklng their
plants tn almost their full capacity to
take taie of the ti.nle dining the ex
tiemely hot days of the past week, anil
the extra unlets coming In for the
Fourth made It necessmy for them to
tefue buslno as eaily us noon cs
teiday. At an nveiage pi Ice of $1 r,0 a gallon
to the consumer, the city will today get
away with moie than $0,000 woith of
lee ci cam, piovldlng nl.l that Is put out
by the maniifactuieis Is disposed of,
and It Is safe guessing It will bo. And
this is not taking Into account the out
put of the .smaller m.inufac Hirers or tin
Ice cream that will be made at homo.
About 1 000 gallons of Ice cieam was
ouleicd fiom Sir.inton ilenlei.s foi pic -nlcs
up the valle.v, but the oidei.s weie
cancelled, been use of the picnics being
bioken up by the smallpox seme,
Courts at Cincinnati Forbid the Use
of Violence A Very
Broad Order.
Ily Kuliisitp Wlie fiom The Associated l'iess
Cincinnati, July :!. Judge A. C.
Thompson, of the United States couit,
today allowed a temporaty Injunction
against the sulking machinists. Thu
f.ctlnn had been anticipated, and as
Judge Thompson Is to said for Ilurope
nevl Sound. ty it was expected that
Judge Clink would hear the case.
When there was a prospect for an
iigieinont between the paitles, Judge
(iaik left tho city on Tuesday for
his home In Chattanooga. Judge
Thompson was, thetefoie, called on to
Issue a tenipoiaiy Injunction. He
said that upon the application and the
ntlldavlts accompanying It, n tenipoi
aiy oidei would be issued nnd the
healing on Us met Its eould be hail
befoie Judge Claik next week. The
order was a ver bio. id one. It en
joined the defendants fiom picketing
or patrolling mound the fnctoilos ot
the plaintiffs nial from guaidlng the
doors or the stieets in front of the
fnctoilos and from Intel feting in any
wny with employes now in tlie fac
tories, either tlieio or at their homes;
fiom Intimidating their relatives or
inembeis of Jor families, it also for
bade the use of violence, fluents or in
t'liildatlon to Induce nn) poison to
leave the emplo.v ment of the plaintiffs
ei to prevent anyone fiom enteilng
l.itn their employment.
Attorne)s for the defendants com
plained that the allowance of a tem
poral y Injunction might delay a hear
ing upon Its merits and Judge Thomp
son theteupon ngieed to hear a motion
In the afternoon to dissolve ttiP tem
porary Injunction, After an extended
lieai Ing counspl for the plaintiffs con
sented to n slight modification of that
pait of the older, which foi bade the
defendants fimn enteilng Hip piemlses
of the plulntlfls fnr the puipose of Im
pelling their business, A stienuous
effoit was made to have stllcken out
the order ngalnst "picketing" but It
was unsuccessful, No fiulher changes
weie allowed nnd the Judge set July 15
for a homing for a permanent Injunc
tion. The ouler of Injunction names
Uuslness Agent Schilling, who Is In
e hmge of the stilkeis nnd a huge num
ber of otheis connected with the strike.
Will Continue Strike.
Ily Kieliialvr Who Irom The Assoi lited 1'icw
lleadlnrj, July 3,-Tlic lleadlnir lalbtay shop
hands, who ttrtuk ten days aim, and who, yrstrr
day ratified an aitieement readied between Chair,
man lloscher, of the striken.' etriutite unimiit
tee, and I'lesiihnt llaer, of Ihe railroad eonipan),
to go to work on 1'rlday morning, held a meet-
Beer Bottles;
For Bottling Root Beer, Made in Pints '
and Quarts. Lightning Fruit Jars, .
Atlas Hason Jars, the Best Made Extra
Caps and Rubbers, Jelly Glasses.
Qeo. V. Millar &
Today at our -
Fireworks Annex,
422 Lackawanna Avenue.
And In Front of Our
Main Store.
312-314 Lackawanna Avenue.
inn tnnisht ind bj a larce m.ijni lit- decided tn '
lontiiiue Ihe strike Ihe men mv Ihe nunpaui
In some irtir ilars has alnsd) bioken its iim
ment Tlie s ili'ct.iri' they will now slind out fnr
the full ret (ignition of Ihe union.
The New Constitution Has Yet to
Prove Her Superiority.
lit' Kvclusiie Wire from The Vssoi iated Press
Viwport, It. I , -lult .1 I'he new ninett fool. .
ConsUi ut ion, his til tn piote ililllillih hit
Htipeiloiit) to the ls'fi cli implon, ihe Columbia,
fii the Kocond eniittt today bitween the two
big r.miB was nlped in the bud, thioiiich tin
tinoftidat butkllni; if the ('olunibii's m nllnj-ali
whin the ).uhl h id seanely silled thiee mil.
nf the rue. 'IIh .runlent took place when tin
ImalH wen- Mlllni; veif fist nn the wind, nnd mi
diis' were thet lint then- is tonsidiraMe illtln
trie of opinion as In wl it the ntitioine would
hate been hid Ihet ronti'iiwd en their ten nit'e
In at to the first mark, the rai e being- a tiiaimu
lar nne of Ihlilt inlhs. Mint iihu follow nl tin
boat. Inline thil in the time hhott mitt lln
old boat pointed hlithit and tnoteil as fast as Hi.
Constitution, while Here an oIIums ttlm ut,
npiillt iiilalu that Ihe ('.institution, whlh ml
nutteilli liihind, wis tietcrtlieloMS fore n ai bins
tin (idiitnbii, mill would hiti ttentuallt lult u
hel tn the tirl inalk
Hut Ihe auiditit stoppid ill rating for the
day after the ).rrhts hid luiu .allniB jut n'tu
trill minutes, and asilti lln Coluuibia was tottid
bilk Into poit Ihe lue, whlih it i the mhoihI
under the auncis of the Vew Vmk V lit i lul.
will not lie icmIIiiI, mi that the nevt time tli.
two y uhts trt i nm hnlmis thet will lute t h.
fiulepi nib ni e as a eouipititnr in i he thrt ran
held by the Vwport Vaiht it u inn .ism's iitoni
ott this poll nn Situriht lortututdf, the icel
ilrrit to the ( nlumlil i was tint eiloii end i in w
martingale will be n placed in atnple time for th
ratis on r-Jt iniLij
They Secure $40,000 from the Ej -press
Ily Mxclinltt' Wue fimn 'Ihe Vo, luted l'p
ht Paul, July .! eroriliiu; In adtins I,,
(hid of I'oliee II (inn. '11 a trnn on tin (i a
Northern Ititiuir Seattle Sinuli) itenin? w i
lit Id up near W.uiur, Mont, tins atuinnoti bt
a kantf of out 1 iws.
'Ihe evpieM Rife was blnttu open and flO.nii'l
is eaid to lute be-en snund
They Foar tho Beggars.
11) Fxihmie Wire from 'Ihe A-snuatid I'iih.
N'iw oik, lul) U l"i jiiiir tint .1 I'iiipnnt
Moman, liiulctiint llotiiuur Wooiliutl, I lank
Vulidtibilt and ollur niillioiiaiies who ne i
ptitid tu arnte on Ihe te.imu lleiitsdilaud to
Inuirow' f i oni Kiurpc will be titer run with pei pie
with b'e guing missiuns, the otlldals ot the btiatu
Kbfji line hate I ike n un-iiil piiiautious to pioteet
tin in 'I luy lute eni;ii,iil an etri detail of
tutu to keep all pe.oii;i txtcpt thne who hate
pj-i i tioiu the pur and others will miel the
nic.iiMid mill as tlie) K'i to then lantaRm,
For Scientific Reason.
V k,rotip nt lri t (ar linn were hiaudin out
tide Ihe ham, infilled ill iiliiiiln tains tu 4
t,niii iniphite "Is IIipio ant ilatiifir of a fdlei
K' tt tn fchoilid on the-e hue ieitru tar "
ufkid the in w man, tltnlill), duriiig a lull n the
talk. "Il eh iinds intiidy on the l.'M.r. n plied
a sulous liMiKlntc motiinun "mr huts all n'
iniuibei about llut iae of i'lendi 1'ite,' don t
)'r It was like this," he (uiitinuid, a.l'f 1 1 -ini;
the .tiaiiKii "'1'iti' was a conductor, and,
while he ktinv his buslniFS douu to the uromul,
he was ciitalnl) il toimh proposition, Sirappmir,
diluklng and eifslii; all e nue as natutal tu lutii
as liu'.itliltiir, and he tarrhil uiotiud a IiIji k
iye aa regular a I cirry in) baiU-e llurv pit
diy he usid to mike a lue line for n trip girne,
ti tn 1 he had cnoin;h eollidnrs ihusitik' him l
bid bills to make a low from here to the pouei
lioiwe I lute to aat It, but i'lto' was a hiire
i niiiish hoodlum" "Was he the Idler that Mt
khoikiilr" Inipilied the nodee', "I w h loniiin;
I i lint," aid the inotonnaii "(Iiik dat iu-t
aftil a blk' l.clTlftot in. i'rte' wis mi tin- hind
platform, thinking up oine detlltt) or utlut,
whin the car Rate a Kind of luirli U'ollik' ammo
a mite and hi liiihbid hold of the ide rait
with one hand ami the iiintur plite with the nth
er l.tii)lhin.' In'iiu' wet, that lnt dieiiited
Ihe iiirienl m'IiiiImh and hOil tolu pas, id uuhl
otrr his built, Inm aim to arm. It burned orl
hlii Khlit as liik as n tthl.tle, hut 11 m-tu liitrt
him a bit, uunnl like it inn alonj the outside
of his skill without tiolncr In." "I nier heanl
tell of antthlni; like tlnl," mid the new man,
In MiipiUe. "How did it conn, the iedrldtt
didn't mm li lilniv" "Cause lie was mieh a bad
inndiH loi," ieilied the niotorman, and the meet
lug adlnurned alne dli. New Oileatia 'I line.
Duuoi rat.
John Allen on Depew.
.lolili Allin, ttliese eaner In congress has
miilu ihe li 1 1 ! town of Tiipdn famous, knotty
mote eood ntorlea IhJu any other mcmhei ot
the Iioiim', Due of Ihe bet III Ida reputory is
the lab' of tin' djrky und the possuiu, which
tins told In the wnate tloak room the other
ill) apioi(n of the utionai;i Sinator Depew
la tuipiHwnl to enjoy, but whlih Is quletl) ah.
foibed bt his i-rnlor eollrarrue A ne'in rpi
euro laiicht a hue lirire pnssiim, nkinuid, dtrssed
and hum; it bdoie a hlalm; the under a rei'i
Ini: tree, and while It hakinc to a di lettable
brown lay down on the pound ami went to
j fUcp beside It. About the lime the possum
Co. "iy?"'? .!
faiKiti innisODK Arvunoi Wti
A Revolution
in Furniture....
It is furniture made
In over three hun
dred original styles
and designs.
Hill & Connell
Are showing Prairie
Grass Furniture in
Call at 1 24 Washing
ton avenue and look
over this very artis
tic and useful line.
Seashore and
Country Combined.
lVtiwnk. (01111, has thrm both and '
the most diaunins spot on I.opk Island
Two and one half loans firm New York,
at mouth of the biautlful Connecticut
Fenwick Hall
Has etery attrition and enntenienie all
the uinu-e tin tils and sports, and etert
llnni; loiidiuite ot lied t tt and plcnuie
llilliiiu.', boitiui; (stiaui laiindies und sail, tisliimt: (the Im si on Ihe soundi,
i tiling, ililtinc, prlt.ilo golf links and
tennis 11 nits i.Uvatois ami uitale baths,
looms en jttiitc Write tu .1. V ( liatheld,
1'inpiidor Until .litlii-on New oik
( itt. fer terms and full partiitilara
grand Atlantic Hotcl. and annex
Virginia Ave and Ileach, Atlantic City, N, J.
fcWth )ear, .'I'd beautiful 101 ms ctisulte, slncla
and with bith, hot and rold sea water hatha
in hold and annex. Inratlon telee t and central,
within few .taids of th Mid Pier Orchestra.
(Iilirs Rpeiiil .prlmr ratis, $U to i15 by weeks
$ ' up b) da) hpedal istis to fimlliea. Coachej
meet all ttains. VVtito tor booklet
niAiit.i's k corn
Atlantic Cite, N. .1 One aiitiare from beach,
JSeit 7S room annex- Modern appilntmenta I'n
1 xii llnl senile Itjtil, li) the dat, 1..MJ and up.
watd I!) the week, t and iipitanl. Capacity,
toil II, .1. (Uioltie.
ttn done a lli k little dirk) happeninir that way,
Mole I tie pus-mil md ate It all up. 'Ilien he
took the hums and laid them down in front of
lua .Iriplm; 1 r ot In r. ,'ienul id. lips with pea
sum Kiease and uniainl pnsiun cnise over his
hnneis when the o nei of the awnko
he looked about dared ind muprhed to nnd his
piece do rnilimt jr. lie. but the bones liv in
front of him, he m't- the ena.o upon hU flnr;eia
and laMed It upon bla lips. "Is it poj'lde," I10
Mid, "I dun eat dit uisum wlun I waa 'ileep
I Miiell poskiitn 1 t is' poN.tiui and dar U d
bones. It aartlntr do hmk like I mm' hab eat
him, but fo' (iod dat dir poseum dun hah Vsa
'feet on inv lons'tutlnti din inny nle swsum 1
rtrr did ett befn'," that l the wa) with
Ih pew," said the nun who repealed thu tory
"He ahniild hate patronage, it looks, as if he
did lute intionace, but 'fu' (iod elat dn pat
ronJEO his 'e.s 'feet on his rons'tiillnn dan enny
nle pitronaBo he ever did have befor'," Lcalle'i