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Qoorgo Boydon and Charlton All
paugh Find a Den of Rattle
snakes A Woman to the Robcuo.
End of the Strike In the Erie Shops,
Qeorgo Cheeseraan's Close Call.
Personal and Other Paragraghs
from Whitney.
(Special to the Sainton Tribune.
SuhriuehannH, July 2. The Oakland
PuFqufhrinna tlslionnon havo tcturncrl
home from tho mountain factness f
old riko county, hilnplng tHle. of
thrilling nclventiirr-s nnei few fish.
Messrs. (".porce Boyden and Charlton
Allpnuch nift with a eiuoer cspeilcnee
near Pino Oiovo. While- flshlnK for
trout In a cieek cmpiyliiK Into the
DeUwme llxer, they walked Into a den
of irfttlennakcs. The icptlles Inimerll
ntely nhowed flight, and the terrified
fishermen quickly climbed a hemlork
tree, wheie thev remained for Fix
hours, Their slintits nttinrtcd the at
tention of Sits. Biivden. who lame with
H Fhotpun an.l killed the i-even lalto.
The half-starved tlshermen descended
from the tt e .1 ml the next morning
took a ti.iln for home.
Tin: di:ath rkcord.
Mrc Mary Ann fairlngton, nn old
resident, died on Thurs-d.iy. The funeial
took place fiom the family residence
on Sat in day afternoon, Itev. 1. N.
Shlpman, pastor of the Methodist
thuich, olllclatlng-
After a protiactcd illness of iheuma
tlsm, Harold, only son and child of
Kdltor and Mis. Henry T. Blrchaid,
died en Monday aftetnoon at his home
on Rtoad street. Ho Mas a lirlpht.
Rental boy, and the parent have the
slmero swnp.ithy of the entlie com
munlty. The funeral airancements
have not yet been made, but the In
terment will piobably bo made in
MontrOfp, tho foimer homo of tho fa ni
fty. Jt'ST Bl.TWUl-.N US.
Don't you roam
' you Rot her;
Stay at home
'Taln't no hotter.
The Ite man Is now having his Inning,
while the toal man Is at the seashoic.
Times are better. Few people now
adays take Jobs. Nearly all of them
kindly "accept positions."
In nearly all lesnlutlons of con
dolence, passed by fraternal associa
tions, it Mill bo noticed that the soci
eties "bow to tho will of Divine Provi
dence " It Is very kind and graceful
In the organizations afotcsaid, all the
O, for a lodge In some vast ice houte!
Health note: "Stick to your llan-
Upon a hundred hills the Incund and
broiling farmer Is tickling the earth
with a hoe. and legating the picila
tory and voracious potnto hug Mith
Paris green Juleps. Vegetation jumps
The six months' strike of the Krle
holler makers and tnelr helpers has
been amicably settled, and Hie men
Mill return to work on Monday next.
The non-union men will leave for Xmv
York and other cities Mithln a few
days, The settlement of the contention
is received Mith great satisfaction by
our entire community. And now let
the band play!
An Italian laboret, on Saturday
morning, narrowly escape ' drowning.
While bathing in tho river, near the
Erie car shop, he went Into a deep
hole and was down for the second
tlmp when some boys, by diving,
brought him to the surface. The
physicians had hard work to restoie
him to consciousness.
Oakland was, on Monday morning,
the scene of another drowning
accident. Two little sons of Kilo Kn
glneer Oeoige Ilertou, of Klinira, who
M'ere visiting licie, weie playing about,
a boat punt of the Susquehanna-Oakland
river bildge, when Kinest, tho
younger, aged S years, went Into a
deep hole and was drowned. The old
er brother, Robert, also M-ent down,
but he Mas rescued and soon icslorcd
to consciousness. The body of little
Krnest was leeovcrcd. The funeral
and Interment will probably take place
In Susquehanna.
It Is leported that the Krle shopmen
Mill again be paid on Wednesday.
Several hundred members of a New
York singing society, en route to tho
Pan-American exposition, on Sunday,
.ook dinner at the Starrucca house.
No fresh-air children have, ns yet,
arrived in this vicinity,
George Checseman, who lesides near
the Cascade, had an exciting adven
ture Mith a hlaek snake on Thursday.
He was at work on the farm, Miien
suddenly from a clump of bushes a big
The Finger Posts Marking the Many
By-paths of Present Day Troubles
Seem to Point the Same Way.
Lack of Nerve Force.
Day by day tho columns of this
paper bring now evidence from Scran
ton peoplo of tho great work btj'ng
if ne by Pr. A. W. Chase's Nervo Pills,
tVhy they accomplish so much Is easily
txplalned they atv prepared vlth an
sye single to restoring nervo force,
lhey accomplish this objpet. which no
other medicine In the world hns ever
been ablo to do; that's why hundreds
of Scranton people offer their teatl
mony. Mr. Samuel Rogers, of No. 128 Hydo
Park avenue, Scranton, Ii says: "I
Mas In a run-down condition, head
aches, nervous and sleeping badly and
the appetite poor. I was told of Dr.
A. W. Chase's Nervo Pills and got a
box. As a icsult I sleep and eat well
again. I am very much pleased with
them and glad to ipcommend them to
others. This I can do conscientiously."
Dr. A. W. Chase's Verve Plllr are
sold at 80c. a box at dealers, or Dr. A.
W. Chase Medicine Co.. Buffalo, N. Y.
Fee that portrait and slgnaturo of A.
w. chpn-. M. D are on ev.ory package.
black snake sprang upon htm nnd
colled about his person. It was a big
one, measuring six feet six Inches In
length, and as large around ns .a
man's aim. It did the squeezing act.
Clieeseman's big dog seized the snake
about the middle In his mouth and
broke Its back. Then Cheesomaii went
and resumed his light against tho po
tuto bugs. Whitney.
Graduates and Teacher of Brooklyn
Graded School Hold a Ploasant
Fpeclsl to the Scranton Tribune.
Brooklyn, July 2. The tenth annual
reunion of the graduates and teachers
of Brooklyn graded school at tho
Tewksbury house last SaUuday even
ing was a very pleasant event for alt
who attended. About forty Mere pros-
"Old woman, old woman, shall we ro a-shearing?
"Speak a little louder, sir, I am very thick o-hearing."
Pind her daughter.
ent, Including twenty-six graduates,
si teachers, besides fotmer ntudents
and friends of the schrud.
A short business meeting was hold,
Mr. Bruce floodrlch, 'On, presiding. Uo
ports of ofllcer.s and committees were
given. lie.-.olutioiitt were passed ex
tending sympathy to tho husband, par
ents and friends of Mrs. Ira Johnson,
a member of the class of '91, who died
Apill 10. After tho business meeting
the company adjourned to tho dining
room whcio a delicious spread await
ed, to which all did ample Justice.
Prof. (Jeorgo A. Steams, who for five
years was principal of tho school, nct
pd ns toastmaster. Ho expressed pleas
ure at meeting with so many of his
former pupils and after some very
appropriate remarks, he introduced the
speakers. The toast to the honored
guest was given by Ml.'s Gertriide
Waldlc, '01. She gave a c irt history
of the life and aehlevcmei of Miss
Alice l.oe, 'S7, Mho Is now Veacher
In Carcnovla seminary. Miss co has
won a desirable reputation as a teach
er nnd also as an author, and her
Alma Mater In the little village of
Brooklyn, as well as at Kingston and
at Syracuse, may Moll bo proud of her.
Miss l.oe Mas unable to bo present,
but sent her renponso, a bright witty
paper, M'hich Mas lead by Miss ICthcl
Other subjects Mere treated In a
pleasing way by the following: Miss
Aliva. Ooodrlcli. 'S9, on the subject
"Teachers of B. O. S."; Mrs. O. A.
Stearns, a favorite teacher, on the
subject, "Students of B. ti. S," Her
talk was excellent and. received with
applaus Karle Alney, on "Unlearn
ed Lessons"; I.ouls Geie, on "Kxpan
slon." Miss Bertha Sage, '99, gave
some "Ktpeiicnccs at School" in an
Interesting manner, A paper by Wini
fred Martin on "Sights Abroad." was
read by Maud Waldle. These, with
some music, closed the programme.
The guests then spent some pleasant
moments In conversation In the parlors
and on the porches until the midnight
hour gavo warning for departure, and
as they left for their homes, they
felt that Indeed It had been an even
ing to be remembered.
Sr'flal to the Sainton Tribune.
Waveiiy, July 2. An excellent
patriotic program has been arranged
to bo given on the Methodist church
lawn this evening at 8 p. m. From 0
to S. a social time will bo enjoyed at
which seasonable lefreshments will bo
served. 1'ior this entertainment, nn
offering will be received at tho en
trance. On the afternoon and evening of
July 4, lefreshments will aso be served
with light luncheon for those who de
sire. As 8 o'clock served oteam will
be given after which Judge J. W.
Carpenter, who was reared in this
section, wilt give an address. When
many of his old acquaintances Mill be
present to listen.
fpulil to the Scranton Tribune.
New Mllford, July 2. 13. T. Tiffany
and daughter, Clara, of Harford, were
guests in town the forepart of the
A. C, Barrett called on Jackson
friends recently.
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Hogers, of Kl
nilra, were In town Thuisday.
George Smiley, of Susquehanna, Is a
guest of Dr. and Mrs. G. P. Clements
this week.
J. W. Coleman and wlfo attended
commencement exercises at Waverly
Inst week.
Miss Bertlce Carpener was a guest
of Montrose friends the flit-it of last
Hobcrt Frlnk nnd family are camp
ing fit Middle lake.
Miss Uva Schlppert Is in Jersey City
visiting relatives.
Kdward Finch, of Washington, D. C
Is a guest of relatives in town.
Ten youne ladles of St. Mark's
church picnicked at at Rock Bottom on
I,ou S. Brown, of Sayre, was in town
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Kane entertained
Miss Katherlne Holmes, of Bingham
ton, last Sunday.
H. A. Shclp, of Rochester, Is visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Shclp.
Sylvester Lewis, of the township, Is
qulto III.
Mrs. Jay Vnll, of Scranton, Is visit
ing her mo".cr In New Mllford town
Special to the Scnnton Trrbuns.
Tunkhannock, July 2. Mai Ion D.
Betts, formerly proprietor of the hoetl
at North Mehoopany, and more recent
ly of a hotel at Peckvllle, visited his
brother, A. K. Betts, at this place, oer
Sunday. Mr. Betts has sold out his
hotel business at Peckvllle, and will go
to Port Jervls, N. Y where his sons
aie engaged In the mercantile business.
Miss Ruth Piatt Is visiting her
grandmother, Mrs. J. K. Peck, at
The Wlnola Woistcd Yarn company
hag closed Its mills for one Meek, while
tho annual cleaning up is going on,
The work will rc-commence on Mon
day next.
A license was issued on
Tuesday to Ficd Crlspell and Miss
Olive Miner, both of Beaumont.
A party of Nlcholscn Free Masons
visited the lodge at this place on Mon-
day evening, and on their way home,
after the meeting was over, one of their
wagons, containing several passengers,
was upset while rounding tho shaip
turn In the load, In front of Shaw
Bros.' store, at East Lemon, and tho
occupants thrown out. Shields,
Jr., a prominent stone dealer of Nichol
son, who was the owner ot the rig,
sustained a fiactuie of the collar-bone
and also a broken arm, while tho other
occupants of the wagon were more or
less injured In theaccldent.
Newell A. Doty, of Mehoopany, was
doing business in town on Tuesday.
A largo number of our people Mill go
along with Triton Hose company to
attend the Fouith of July celebration
at Meshoppen, The last train, a spe
cial, will leave Menhoppen for this
place at 11.45 p. in. on Thuisday.
County Commissioner Kdw In Vaughn
was at his duties In the court house on
Tuesday, after recovcilng fiom un Ill
ness of several weeks' duration.
Mr. Kyte, of rittston, wns calling on
friends here last Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Piatt are taking
In the slghlh at the I'an-Ameiican ex
position, at Buffalo, this week.
Epeclal to the Scranton Tribune.
Thompson, July 2. Tho local
preachers of this town havo arranged
for nivaehlnrr hervlees nn iho nlil raim.
ground July -1, morning, afternoon and
evening, itev. jjavitl will speak at
Orson in the foicuoln.
Mrs. Ooar IlTnes of East Ararat
died at that place this morning,
Mrs Sue Wiighter nnd daughter
Bessie of Ssqehanna nre visiting re
latives In Thompson (his week.
Ellis Cheesbro of Jackson Is repoit
cd seriously III at his home.
Linn Spencer and his slstei-s Mr
Iia and ipm left yesterday for a visit
at the ran-Ametican and Niagara
Falls. Their father G. F. Spencer of
tho Ppencer Steam Heating Co., K
thH no'i'ina for Scranton on a bul
n's n:p.
"ur ".ntmaster i. v. was
distressfully sick yestciday but is
easier today.
Mrs, Thomas Walker, who has been
so seilously III foi u week or more. I
still alive, nnd tnls awakens fin
hopes that she may recover.
Dr. W. W. .Me.Niinium Is ciu-rtaln-l-.g
Ills pnients Mr and Mrr. Demson
McNainiua of Lonux.
John Wnhburn whose Illness was
reported In theso Items died early Sun
day morning, ar.ed r; years, le-tvliiK u
Ml low and tin op daughters. Mrs.
Frank Allen and Mrs. John Welch of
East nt and Mis. Hohert Leuch
of this loioiich. His funeral was
held this forenoon in the Fre Ba'Hist
church of which he was a mnii ff.
Hi p.v-tor Itev. W. H. Leach p-e.-.h d
tho sermon. Hew B. F. Larahee read
tho scrlptuies and Rev. Tower offerced
pi ayer
Yf.. tho hot v ave reached Thrum
son but 01 degiees In the shade Is thn
highest point reached by the thei
mometer. ii. K. Gelatt left this morning for
f-ulllvun county, Pa,, where he has
quite extensive lumber Interests.
Tho prospect is that the fruit crop
will be very light through this section.
Tho farmeis are beginning their
naying eariy tms year.
Special to the ScrantonTrlbune.
Klngsley, July 2, Lee Merrill, of
Brooklyn, was a recent visitor In town.
Harry Adams Is entertaining his
cousin, Leo Adams, of Scranton.
Miss Nellie tioss, of Blnghamton, is
a guest at the homo of her brother, J,
B. Goss.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. McCarthy, of Hall
stead, M'ero guests of his parents Sun
day and Monday,
Mrs, W. W. Adams Mas In Scranton
Mrs. K. 13. Brundage has returned to
June 25 a daughter m-&s born to
Mr, and Mrs. S. Van Loan.
Mlfcs Adelaide Joffcrs has been grad
uated from a four year course of study
at Syracuse university, and has ob
tained the degree of Ph. B.
Wall Street Review.
N'ew York, July 2, Probably the all embracing
topic ot the weather U the sutflclcrit explanation
of all tint tailed for notice In todaj'a stock
market. 'I lie attendance at the board tell In the
malleit ot the summer and buslriewt Ml to In
significant proportions, the recording ol transac
tions ol "odd lota," or tola ot leu than 1")
shaic. was iraumed lor the first time alnce bttsl
new on tho exchange reached abnoimal propor
tions oiler the election bat (all, quotation
weie tnado ol bid and asked prices where no
transaction could be cflccled. The movement ol
price in the few actie flocks una alio barren
of eignltk'ancc.
There la not entile ficedom from apprehension
over the labor outlook In tho Meet trade, but
Wall street has airlvcel at n convietlon that In
IU pretrnl phase the desire for a vacation (mm
arduous work plaj a large part In the action ol
the men and that the crucial stage In the eontio
very will not bo deflnluly dculopcd until later
la the jcar.
Willi tho dat'a business below 200,0 ) shares
and the prospect o( continued hot weather, unani
mous approval was given to a movement tn re
quest (he governors to reconsider their refual
In adjourn the exchange over from 55'cdneriay,
Juy II, at .1 p. m., to Monday, July 8, at ID
a. m. Total silex today, lfl7,M0 shares.
The bond market Mured In the dutlnes and
heaviness of the nlock market. Total aalea par
alue. l,:,6j,(X).
United stales bonds were all unchanged on the
last call.
The (ollowlnu quntaliona
Trlhunc by M. . Jo-dan
Wean building, Scranton, r,
. ... i.!.,..i 11,1
Co., rooms TM 7'i
, Telephone 6003)
llleti. Low. Clna-
American Sugar 143;
Amerlian Tub 1 ceo 13n'4
Atchlaon MTa
A((hlon. It
nrool. Traillon
Halt A Ohio ,
(Vint. Tohmrn
( hea, A- Ohio ,
Chic k fit. Weat. ..,
St Caul
Rttk Ilaiid
Ixiuls. K Nah
Met. Tratllnn
Man Klealed
Mlasn. racldc
southern I'aciMo ....
Norfolk k Wcslern ..
N V. Cenlral
Out. k IVeatern ....
Tenna. II v
I'acinc Mall
(leading It'
Heading Ity., Tr., .
Southern II. R
.oulhe,n n. II., Tr.,
Temi. Coal fc Iron ..
t". S. leather
I-. S. leather, Tr.,
t'nlon Paclflu
Wahavh, Pr
Wealern I'nion
Col. Fuel k Iron ,,.
Atml. Conner
Teople'a Oas li;4
Kile, 1st
Col. Southern
Tcxfl Tieiflo
Amer Car Konndrv .
1'. S Steel Co
U. S. Steel Co., Pr.,
Open. High. Low Cloa.
WHEAT. log. rt. eat. lng.
September 71H 71Ti 71i 71T4
Peumber 7.1 71 73 74
September 1'i'i JOTa 49U ROi;
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
STOCKS. . Hid. Aked.
First National Hank I'm
Scranton sating (link .150
Third National (link 4")
Dime Deposit and Diacnunt (lank.. 275
Economy Light. II. k C. Co 41
Laika. Tnit Sac Co 150
Clark k Snnter Co., I'i 125
Scianton lion Ernie k Mlg. Co 100
Scranton Axle W01M P
I.ackmanm Dally Co, Pr 4') ...
Count s.iings Dank k Truvt (5i.. SiV)
Kltt National Hank (Carbondale) 31
Slardard Drilling Co 3D
Trader?" National Hink 175
Scranton Holt and Nut Co IM
l'eople'a Hank 13D ...
New Mexico !. k (' Co 75
Scranton ('avenger Hallway, first
Mortgage, clue 1020 115
People's Street Railway, filft mort
gage, due 11)13 115
People's Street Hallway, (leneral
mortgage, dire V'.W 115 ...
Dickson Manufacturing Co H0
Larka. Town'hlp School 5 per lent. ... 10J
City ot Scrjnlon St. Imp. (! per
cent 102
Scranton Traction 6 per tent 115
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corercted by II. O. Dale, 87 Lackawanna A'.-.)
Huttcr Wall, 20'4a21c; ilair, frcoh, lliji
Cheese Full cream, new, lli'jallo.
Egg 5Veslcrn fresh, 13',ialk.j nearby slate,
Ual)ac. ... . ,
Heana-Per bushel, choice marrow, $2 80a2 r5
Pea Beans Per bushel, choice marrow, ?2.55a
Medium Beans Per bushels, S2.IOa$2 45.
Creen Peas Per bushelrs, J1.40a1.45.
Elour Best patent, per barrel, $1.15.
Red Kidney Bearu Per bushel, 2.4Ja2.50.
Totatoes rer bushel, 85a90c
New York Grain and Produce.
New York, July 2.- ITour Dull, but (airly
ateady; Minnesota patent., If3.70a I.IMj Minnesota
bakers, S?jo.iJ.15; winter patents, -.J.(.0..0');
uinter stialghls, H.I0al.5D; winter extras. $2.5ua
2.S5; winter low giadei, W..!Oi2,40. I1e.1t -Spot
firm; No. 2 red, 7.5se. (, o. b. afloat-, No.
1 Northern Dulutli, 73'.sc f. o. b. afloat. Op
tions opened steady, cased nil later, but lull'' .1
and closed flim nt 'if. net advance. July t.o.ed
72Hc; Sept., 71'c; Oct., 72V.; Dec. 71c.
Corn Spot firm; No. 2, 4''V. clcialor and 50V.
f. , b. afloit. Options opened ejlei, but eventu
ally recovend and clo.ed firm 'jc net higher.
Julv dosed I'.'Uc ; V pt , ."n'si". Oata sprat
quid; No. 2, if-i'-i ; No :!. .t:c , No. 2 white,
;;j'ia.mic.; Nn. .". white, ."125ii.; hack mixed
xvpstern, 32a'U',c. ; rik white, ,'U'ja 17c. 4)p.
IIoils quiet but otcult. Ilutlei -ijniot ; ireainei,
ISalO'iv.; laclory, lJ',4il5c; Imitation creamer,
riVial7c; tlate dairy, llalVjc. ( lieee Uull;
(amy laigo coloied, Ic. ; (mey large whit., Oc. ;
(nncy small colored, fc. ; (amy Miial white, (v.
Eggs Steady; stale and Pcninjlva'ila, llal5i.j
wi'xtcm uncandled, 10al2'.c. ; western landlcd,
Philadelphia Oraln and Froducs.
Philadelphia, July 2. Wheat One cent lower;
lontiact grade Jul, fVui.l'c. Coin '.c. lower;
No. 2 mixed July, tnalic, Oat Steady; !.o. 2
white dipped, 31ic Wool Unchanged Butter
Him, good ilcinancl; fancy western ireanier,
10',sc; do. do prints, 20c ; do. neaiby do., 21c.
l.'ggs Stead.v ; (reih nearby, lie; do. western,
14c; do. snuthwci-tcrn, 12'c. ; do. southern, 12c.
Cheese Easier; N. Y. (nil 1 reams (ancy small,
9v. ; do. do, do. (air to choice, D'ia'fcc He
gued Sugars (uiet, but Heady. Cotton I'll
changed. Tallow Steady; city prime in hhds.,
5',c; tommy do, do in barrels, 4sarie.i cakes,
il-c. Live Poultr) Stead , (air demand; fowls,
ll'al2c. ; old losters. 7i ; spring chickens, 12
20c ; ducks, flilOc. Dres.ed Poultry Film; good
demand; fowls choice, lie ; do. fair to good,
lUilO'ic. ; old tonaleis, n'je. ; broilers ncaitiy,
lia25c. ; western do, Eiaiic.
Receipts Flour, 1.6i barrels and 1, 178,110
pounds In sacks; wheat, 18,000 bushels; torn,
UI.OOO bushels; oals, 10,000 bihhels. Shlpmenlj
Wheal, 3,000 bushels; corn, 119,000 bushels;
oals, M,(J00.
Chicago Grain nnd Produce.
Chicago, July 2, Advances from Frame re
porting damage tn crops there caused a rise of
'Ja'ic today In wheat, Sipteinber corn dosed
'iaV. higher and oata, 'jc. higher. Piovlsions
co.ed weak and 5 to 22',c. lower, the latter
being Iho loss on September pork. Cash quota
tion were as follows: '
Flour Dull, easy; No, 3 spilng wheat, 6Safi.)c ;
No. 2 red. flHia'jc.s .,0. 2 corn. 45V'.; No. 2
jellow, 4l1ial3V ; No. 2 oata, 27ftc. on traik;
No, 2 white, (liWe.i X". 2 xahlte. 20!,a1O';e.;
No. 2 rye, 47c! good feeding barley, 47a51c. ;
No. I flair seed, $1.M; No, l Northwestern, $!.(;
prime tlinolhv, $I.R0a(.35; mess pork, flliUjlO;
laid, f&.filVjtVn:; dry sailed shoulders, 7;aVjc;
short ilear sides, $.'.31; xvhlkey, $1.27.
Chicago Live Stock Market.
Chicago, July S. rattle Receipt. 3 500, In
cluding 000 Texans; native and Texas .teera weak,
butchers' stock steady to alow; good to prime
tteera, $5.20aH.25; poor to medium, ?I.0j5.1O;
linkers and feeders weak, sJ.&0jt.ia); cows, 2 (O
alA5; heifers, (J.Ua5; cannera, $Ja2.M; bulla,
C.50al.l50; calves stead, flafi.ll); Texas feil
steers, Cl.25a5.25; Texaa grata steers, M50al,15;
Texaa bulls, H h0.i1..V). Itogs-Recelpts today,
18 000; tomorrow, 30,000; left over, S.Onrt; alow,
top, $0.20; mliivi and butchers, lr.5SOart.15; gf.od
tn choice heavy, t5.Wao.20; oush heavy, $5 eOa
5.00; light, 5.f0a10 bulk of (ales, (5 95a.07,,
Sheen Receipts, 13,000; aheep gool native sheep
steady; western weak; spring lambs steady to
strong, other choice steady; good to choice wetli-
em. mi. ins.
111!? -!'i Ul!i
l.'IOVfc l.'tfi'i 13',
IW,4 87t fett
..ioi lnui io ioi(,
.. sii ! M!
..107U in;i; pi;i; 07i
.. fiS'i 6?', (W4 HOj
.. 4SU 41; 49'i Ji
.. :c; sin 2.i 21
,.171'i 17t 173i 17ti
..155 1M 153 15
,.tiV lOT'; 109 lOT',i
..17.1'i 17.15; 173li 17374
..1J5V4 l'.M',; lil'i 121
..noli 120'i, hi r."j',j
.. Ml T, ,5S1i 61
.. 5i's 87, siij 41;
.157s; 15U is;v usv;
.. M ,Wi .1J7J SB
..1.51 15i 15ii 1.50'i
.. 41 41 41 41
.. 4!4 4ii'; 45i 4
.. 70 71' a Til Tt'4
.. s.i r.ii; s.ii rm;
.. 7'i S7U M S7i;
.. e'' Tn1 hi'a 70V4
..; us ii'i is;
.. 7a(, 7A, 7S' 7sT
..ia; inou in, im
.. ii'i, 411 41 41
.. M ni o-jti rijij 111 1101. nn,
..IJJV4 1.M l.'JI, lit
11 . 1I7',4 11s
4ili tl 421, 4-:'i
7lt 7J 7I, 71',
H4 1". ll, 1,5
4ti 45 4l,i 4P;
:12'A 3r Ml,
4 l'i 471, 4
M ns-V 91 Q'-V
4 Lines 10 Cents
More Than Four Lines, 3 Cents Ur Each Extra Line.
For Bent.
For Remit,
About i2oo feet of floor space on
4th floor of the Tribune building,
suitable for light maufacturlng. In
eluding heat, light and power.
Enquire at office of
The Tribune.
FOR HUNT IN COL'NritY Cottago ol nine loomi,
nearly new, location the be.t; partly (ur
nlahed. Will rtnt (or the season or longer on
leasonablc term. Addicsst II. V. Carlton, Dal
ton, l'a.
1011 IIE.NT-Elght rooms, 73.1 Jeltcraon avenuej
all modern conveniences. t
SUMMER RESIDKNCI-WIll rent to rctpotulble.
parties, pleaaant lurnlshed summer home at
Rlverview (arm, situated on the hanka of Sua
Ouehanna river; beautHul scenery: flrit-clasi
black bavs tlhlng, nice boating and bathing.
IlenleM have exclusive use ol dining room, lit
ling rooms and large xeranda. Terms xery rev
soanhle. Call or address N. V, Walker, 3H Con
rell bulldlnr, or W3 Washington avenue.
FOR RENT C-room liouse, corner Wayna ivenua
and Putnam street; hot and cold water;
none hut small (amlly need apply. 1703 Vajnt
Olt OREEN RinnE STREET, ten rooms, modern
Improvements; steam heat furnished; detlr
For Sale.
FOR SALE-A Cottrell k Sons cj Under press.
33x31, In-good condition, new rollirs, V".
Apply Wllkes-Harre llmea Office, Wllkes-Bane,
FOR SALV:-ltnund bottom, strip laid and clinker
built and flat bottom fishing boats. Packatd
k Curtis, 153 Cherry street, Dunmore, Pa.
Real Estate.
HANDSOME TI.OT at Factoryvllle, beautifully
situated; few minutes (mm station. 1 ox
esses lovely xlew ol surrounding country. 55111
cut to suit buers. Prliei xeiy low. Address
55'. T. Ilackett, Heal ltatc, Scranton, Ta.
FOR SALE-Or will exchange, five Improved
houes fer building lots. Apply M. 5V., 113J
Reck atreet.
ers, $.i.50al 10; (air to choice mixed, $3a3.75;
weaterrf sheep, $3.25a4; jearllngs $3.75al.l5;
native lambj, 3.25i5.10; western lambs, ft lOaS.
New York Live 8tock Market.
New York, July 2. Hi eves Nothing doing,
(eeing stead. Market flat; almost no de
mand; (ew good veals sold at $5 50; buttermilks,
iiominil; nearlv 700 calves unsold. Sheep Dull
and barel tcacly; ihoiie and extra laml about
Mrad; nllieia lower to sell; medium to good
sheep, f3a.l50; medium to choice lamlw, 5.37Vaa
(1.3.5; one car extra, V'5. Hogs Weak to 10c.
lower; western hogs, o..,0; state liug, K'.t1',
choice light, y.50.
East Liberty Cattle.
Eist Liberty, July 2. -Cattle -steady; extn,
$5.'lafi; piime, 5fl5u5.75; good, 5.35aj 55. Won
Mow ; prime heavy. 4.l5a(i.20; best heavy yoik
en and asorted me-liiiin., rt.l0i.15; coiiunnii to
Iilr vorkeis, Va6,lo; pigs as to quality, $ft.lOa
0.15; skips, H7.5a5.75; toughs, l.2.5a5.(A S'-ccp
Dull; best wethers. .1.75v'I.S.5; culls and v.iiu
nion, $1.50a2..'i0; jearliiigs, $2.&Oil.50; veal calve,
Buffalo Live Stock.
East Buffalo, July 2. Recelpla-Cattle, 101
cars; sheep and lambs, none; hogs, 2 tars. Ship
ments Cattle, 10 cars; sheep and lambs, none;
Isngs, 3 cars. Cattle Nn change; nominally;
pring lamb., $fl50j (1.7.5; mixed sheep, $J.90a4.
Hogs-Heavy, $.20; pits, $0.15a8.20.
Oil Market.
Oil City, July 2.-Ciedit balances. 105; no trad
lng In certificates; shipments, 117,203; runs, !V
National League.
At Boston R. H. K.
Cincinnati 0 10 4 10 10 3-10 15 3
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 01 7 :i
Bitleries llahn and Bergen; Plttlnger and
Kitlridge. L'mplia Nash.
At Brookljn- It. II. I.'.
St. 1vuis 2 2 0 0 0 0(54 7 0
Brookljn 0 0 0002O-2 7 2
Batteries Powell and Hjanj Donovan and Jli
(iulre. I'mplre Snjder.
At Philadelphia R. II. K.
Pittsburg 1OO000O4O-5 11 2
Philadelphia. 0(11110000-3 9 2
Batteries Philllppl and Zimmti; M hitc and
McFarland. Lmpiie O'Day.
At New York- It. II. K.
Chicago 0 10000101 3 10 II
New York 2 0 1 0 I 0 0 fl 12 2
Ilatteriea Hughes and Kling; Pliyle and 55 ar
ncr, I'mplre Cunningham.
American League.
At Baltimoic 11. It. II.
Boston 0 0 a 0 2 11 0 0-10 It 7
Baltimore 3 2 0 10 0 10 18 II 2
Batteries Winters and Schreckongojt; MiCIn
nity and Robinson. Umpire Manassau.
At Chicago R. H. E.
Detroit 0 2 00002 5 7
Chicago 02010 3 7 1
Hatteriea Sievcr and Ruclnw; fiilfflth and Sul
livan. I'mplie Haskell.
At 55'avhington R. II. E.
Philadelphia 10 0 1.110 0 15-15 II 1
5Vahinglon 1 n 1 3 1 1 0 0 -10 i 2
Baltcrioi riatt and Powers; Patten and Clark,
Umpire Sheridan.
At Milwaukee H II. K
ncveland 1 0 3 0 0 0 3 0 0- 11 12 0
Milwaukee 2 0 0 0 0 110 0-4 ti 1
H.llerie Moore and 5ood; Han ley and Ma
lone, Umplic Cantlllon.
Eastern League.
Buffalo, 3; Sjracuse, 2.
Rochester, 5; Piuvidrnce, 10.
Montreal, 5; 55'oreestcr. 1.
Toronto, 11; Hartfoid, 6,
Special to the Scrantcn Tribune.
HalUlead, July I. Eugene Compton last weclt
btoke hia right wrist. He attempted 0 board a
fi.t moving Lac'tawanna tialn at New Mllford,
homeward bound from attending a ball game
theie, when he was thrown against the tide of the
cjboce to that hia injury was received,
Mini Lorctta MiConnack giaduited with honors
frmn the school she waa attending in Scramon
lait week.
Harry Kapp has seiuiel a passenger run on the
Lackawanna road (lining the Pan-Ameilcan ex
po.llion. Mlsa Laura Robinson, o( Hlnghamton, was the
guc.t of Mra. (Iroige Ward la.t week.
Mr. John t'onley Is entertaining Mlsa Mary
Carter, o( Hlnghamlon.
William Knoellrr is having his home on Main
street handoinely fitted with a modern bath
Charlie Tanner, Jaik Nannery and Jim (.luslln
vrero recently li)lng experimenla In baie-bacl;
ildlng, 'lhey were all mourned on the sanij ho'ae,
and the animal tlrco. ol hia load and kicked them
oft Into the rcj'l. Nannery is laid up from in.
juries received. Owing In the misfortune they
will postpone their circus tour.
Prof, and Mrs. 0. E. Moxley returned hone
last week from a pleasant tour ol the Pan-American.
Help Wanted Male.
HOY WANTED Brow na pharmacy, Washington
W'ANTED-llright joung man to travel (or large
Boston flrmj i and expenses! rapid ad
vancement; must have f 1A capital. For Interview
address "Responsible," tribune Olftee.
WANTED Experienced porter, must be capable,
reliable and have At reference. None other
need apply. Jonas Long's Sons,
Help Wanted Female.
55'ANTED-A second girl. Apply 5'cdnesdar
morning, July H, In Mrs. Henry flelln, Jr., 417
Jefferson avenue, or by mall tn the same address.
Want AdvertUementi Will Be
Received at Any of the Follow
ing Drug Stores Until 10 F. M.
Central City
ALBERT RCIlt.UTZ, corner Mulberry
street and 55'ebster avenue.
OUSTAV PICIILL. eViO Adams avenue.
West Side
GEORGE 5V. JENKINS, 101 South Main
South Scranton
FRED L. TERrPE, 720 Cedar avenue.
North Scranton
GEO. W. DAVIS, corner North Main
avenue and Market street.
Green Ridge
CHABLES P. JONES, 1557 Dickson
F. J. JOHNS, 020 Green Ridge street.
0. LORENZ, torner Wellington ave
sue and Marlon street.
W. H. KNEPFEL, 1017 Irving avenue.
, J. O. BONE & SON.
Rooms nnd Board.
LAROE (ront room with board (or two gentle
men, 416 Adams avenue.
Boarders Wanted.
55'ANTED Table boarders.
Washington avenue.
Mrs. Tompkins, 531
Wanted Board.
55'ANTED Hoard in country (or a (amlly o( live,
where Iherc are no other boarders. Must lie
near Scianton and have plenty o( shade. Ad
dress 301 Seventh street. Scranton, Pa,
Situations Wanted.
SITUATION 5VANTEI)-By .voung girl aa nurse.
Call at 81H lllvei street, south side.
SITUATION WASTED-GIrl wants eilnitlon at
general hnii.ewoik, t!ood steady girl. Ad
dress M, Ilothloid, ( Delivciy, 55 est Sid
SllUATION 5VAN'IED A hrtt cla-s coachman ite.
si its a ultiialloii with a private (ainll.v.
Capable, yober ami leliahle nnd understand thn
linsinem thoroughly; with lofcreiiccs. Addni
Coachman No. 3.(4 Penn aveiiiu-.
SITUATION 55 ANTED To go out by the diy,
wishing or dialling. Mia. Rusnell, lil'J Cedar
SITUATION 55'ANrED-Exicrt bookpeeper wanU
set books to manage not requiring entiiu
time, teims moderate. Aeldiera I. O. U., Tribune,
SllUATION 55 ANTED-Coaihnian drsitea a sit.
union with a private lamlly; capable mm,
Urictly tcmpi'iale and tellable, with good relcr
euies. Address (.'oaihmin, 331 1'cnn avenue,
S1UAHON WANTED-Lady would like to pro.
cure vvoik by the day. Addrcsa 401 Apple
avenue, Diinmoie.
SITUATION WANTKD-Uy experienced book,
keeper, now emplojcd. 55'ould like to change.
1). S., Box 273, City.
SITUATION 5WNTED Acllvo joung man elesirea
position as book-keeper; expeilemed and will
ing to make himself useful. Elmer, Tilbune Of
fice. sriUUTON 5VAM'KD-5s n cook or chef. Ad
dress, Armstrong, (iiaml Central Hotel,
SITUATION WANTED by a woman to go out
by day washing, ironing or cleaning. Pleaso
call or addles Mrs. M. llus-ell, l.'ll) Cedar ave
nue, clt.
SITUATION 5VANTED-lly a joung wonun, with
child thiec e-ars ohl, as housekeeper or
hoiiacwoik. Address, 730 Kressler couit, City,
IN Tilt: DISTRICT (.OURT of the fulled Stalei
for Middle District ol lVnu.lvania. In Urn
matter of It. L. Ilartiautt, llankiiipl. No, 1 In
Noliio is heicby given that II. h, llatliauft
lus tiled his application in t lie abuvc si. 1 ted
mint, a.king lo be ili.ihargrd aa a bankrupt
from all debts against his rstate, nnd that .1
hearing will bo hail nu the above stated petition
bcfoie his honor, It. W', Auhbald, dl-llld judge,
on Ihe hftenlli clay of July n.xt at ID n'dock a,
Attorney for Petitioner.
NOTICE IS HEREBY given that an application
wilt be- made to the gnvetnor of Pcunsivaul.i
on July 22. 1!J1, by Com ad Scluoeilei, Clinics
Hnbliisiin, 5Tctoi Koih, Emil SihlmpQ and Leo.
pnld Schimpfl, under the act of asscmbl eutilleil
"An Act to Provide Ioi Ihe Iiicorpoialion and
Regulation of Ceitaln f oiporallom," approved
April 2'i, 1874, nnd the supplements theiim, fur
the charier ot .111 Intended coiporatlon to be
ealled "The Roaring Hiook Land Inipiovement
and sand cmnpanv," the diarailer ami object o(
wliiih Is the puicha.lng ami selling of ieil estate,
and hand fiom leal estate, and l"i these put
poses lo have, possess and eniny all the rights,
benefits and privileges ol said ait ot assembly
and supplements thentn,
5VEI.LES k TORIU.Y. Solldtois.
James Barber, while In swimming recently,
stepped upon some sharp stono and seveiely cut
his foot. He la able to bo out ot doora again 011
55'. J. Day lias been making Improvements upon
his house on Railroad street, occupied by Mr. 5. 111
Aulen. The partitions arc being changed so as to
alter the rooms.
John Tanner waa fishing, in Pjge'a pond on
Monday and brought home a laigc airing.
Piepaiatlona lor a big time here em the Fourth
aie being made. There will be several hill games.
Time will alto be a dance in Du Hols dove and a
paiade, fireworks and other attractions at the It.
It. V. M. f. A.
S. S. 55'rlght was in Ilariisburg all last week
looking alter the inletesta ol Susquehanna count v
concerning the enlargement of this congressional
district. Through the efforts ot local pollticlvns
and of Ihe representnltvii, the propose il enlaige.
merit of the dlstiiit waa defeated, so that tho
district now- remains Ihe same, being the smallest
ellslllct in the state.
Fiank Allen riled here at the homo n! Ins son,
JiiiIhoii Allen, on Spring larm, al 1 o'clock Satur
day He had surteied Ioi a long time I10111
cieeplng paulsls He la survived by seven)
son. and one daughter. Mis. Bennett, of Cnnkliu.
Rev. Einest Colwell picaihed the funeial sermon,
The lnii tail tcivlici weie held In Haabrnok (ems
try, tireat Hend.
A letter from Rev. J. s. 1'acan, who ii louun.'
Europe, savs he arrived in In good
health and will leave London this week (or Rome,
Ite expects to return In August.
All the Hallstead stores will close at noon on
Ihe Fourth, an as to allow the clerks and pto
prietora lo enjoy the celebration.
The new-steamer "ill be launched en th? I'uJfth
of July, Captain will officiate at the
wheel during the trial trip.
3 Insertions 25 Cents
More Than Pour Lines, 6 Cents for Each Extra Lint.
Certified Publio Accountant.
Estate Exchange! Bldg., 128 55'ashl8Rton tve.
Civil nnd Mining Engineers.
11. L, IIARDINn, 60(1 CONNELL nUlt.Dt.NO.
Spruce ilreet. Scranton.
Rooma 12, H, 10 and 18 Burr building.
tlaled on real estate security. Meara buildior.
corner 55'ashlngton avenue and Spruce atreet,
and counsellora at-law. Republican building,
W'aahlngton avenue.
sellora-at-law. Commonwealth building, Roorru
10, 20 and 21.
wsi-wji, oth floor, Meara building.
of Trade building, Scranton, Pa.
Bank building.
211 55'yoming avenue.
Physicians nnd Sugeons.
Ington avenue. Residence, 13U Mulberry
Chrnnls disease, lungs, heart, kidneys and
genlto-urinary organs a specialty. Hours, ;
to 4 p. m.
Hotels nnd Resturants.
avenue. Rales reasonable.
P. ZEIOLER, Proprietor.
sengcr depot. Conducted on the European
Plan; VICTOR KOCH. Proprietor.
cess pools; no odor; only Improved pumpa usad.
A. B. Briggs, proprietor. I,cave orders 1100
North Main avenue, or Elcke'a drug store, cor.
ncr Adams anil Mulberry. Both telephones.
erymen, store 201 55'ashlngton avenue: greta
hoii'ca, 1950 North Main avenue; atora tele
phone, 7S2.
Wire Screens.
Scranton, Pa,, manufacturer o( 5Vire Screens.
al-o ladles' waists. Louis Shoemaker, 21 J
Adams avenue.
v elopes, paper bags, twine, 55'archouse, 130
55'ashlngton avenue, Scranton, Pa.
In Scranton at the news stands o( Reisman
Bros., 400 Spruce and SOJ Linden; M. Norton,
t22 Lackawanna avenue; I, S. Schutzer, 211
Spruce street.
Honey to Xoan.
300,iXx) TO LOAN-Lonest rates: straight or
monthly patnenta. Stark k CoTrader' bide.
straight leans or Building and Loan. At
Irom 4 to 6 per cent. Call on N. V. 5Valker,
311-115 Connell building.
Furnished Rooms.
FOR RENT Ono large (urnlshed front room;
also ono side room, 537 Adams avenue.
LOsT 5, black cow, no horns and no tall. Re
turn to John Capcuu, 01 pliant, Pa.
NOIH E IS hereby given thet a mietlng of the
stockholders of tho Collleiv Engineer Com.
piny Is called by older of the Hoaid of Directors
tu meet at the oihce of the company. In Scran
ton, Pcniis.vlvania, on Monday, August 29, IX1!
at two o'clock in the alteinoon. for the purpose
c( taking action upon the pioposcd inciease In
Ihe eapital stock of the sild company from ono
million Ave hundred thousand t$l,sno,(inO) dollau
In Ihieo million (.!,lK,',(x)) dollars, and ti
transact such either business as may be biouxh
beloie said meeting.
ST5NI.EY P. M.t.EN, Secretary.
Siranton, Pa., June .'llh, Hail.
HOARD Ol' F.XA5I1NERS- Candidates (or the of
His ol mine In-pectora In the First and Sec.
ond Inspection districts are heirby notified thar
the hoard ol examiner appointed by the court
ei( common pleas ol Lackawanna county will mecjr
at the Hoard ol control looms, (ity Hall, In the
Cilv o( Scranton, on Tuesday, July lrt, 1HJ1, at 2
o'clock p. m. (or the examination of such eindi.
dales as may appear belore them. Candidates
will please notice that section rt of the mine
law icqulrea them to produce svtlstacfory evi.
dence to the boa id of having had at least Ave
cars practical experience in the anthracite coal
minea of Pennsylvania.
Attest :- Bwd.
JvOTK E IS hereby given that Ihe partnership
lately subsisting letwcen A. II. Rogers and
V. 0. Major, both ol the city of Scianton, coun.
1 of Lackawanna and state of Pennsylvania,
doing business under the tlrm name of Rogeis
k Major, has expiied on this, nineteenth day of
June, A. D lll'l, and that the firm aforesaid
lus been eii-solved by mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said partnership arj
(0 be received by the said A. II. Itogere and all
deiiixnds on the said nartncishlp aie to be pre.
rented to him, the said A. 11. Rngets, for pay
ment. A. II. ROGERS,
WALTER E D5VK Attorney.
Letters testamentary on the estate o( Armlndx
Necld, late ol the (Tty o( Scranton, deceased,
have been granted tn tho undeislgnd, to whom
all persona indebted tn said estate are requested
to make pajment, and those having claims or
demandi, to make known same without delay.
II. C. REYNOLD, Executor
Attorney (or Eatate.
To 5Vhoin It May Ccncrrni
The Oiphana' Court ol Lackawanna County has
granted a rule to show cause why Maty Sulll.
van. executrix ol the laat will and testament
o( Daniel 55. Sullivan, should not be discharged.
Returnable to next Argument Court.
II. 0. REYNOLDS. Executrix.
Attorney lor Estate.