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rt Large Number of Appropriation
Bl Is lor Private Charities Re
ferred to Gommittees.
Ho Believes That Trolley Promoter
Should Fay Clerical Expenses.
Report of Conference Committee on
the Capitol Bill Rejected by a Vote
of 61 to 119 Senate Changes in
the Apportionment Bill.
ly Kxclusiic Wiic from The Associated I'io.
Hnrrlsbtirg, June I'D. At the at'ter
iDiin session of the house its notion on
i large number nC the appropriation
Ills for private charities wns adhered
o nnil the measures were referred to
'(inference committees. The cnminlt
:nes will report at the evening session
and the Indications nre that the ses
sion will continue until midnight. The
senate bill providing that no corpora
tion or limited partnership association
organized for manufacturing purposes,
whose manufacturing plant, or plants
In whole or In part are or may be
leased to another corporation or limit
ed partnership, individual or individu
als, shall by reason of such leasing be
deprived of the exemption from taxa
tion upon its capital stock or any part
thereof to which, under existing laws,
it would be entitled If such lease had
not licen made, passed dually.
The senate resolution placing at the
disposal of the speaker and president
pro tern the furniture In their offices
in the capitol was concurred in. Jlr.
Corny, of Luzerne, raised the point of
order Hint the resolution was In enn
llii't with the act of isn.'i requiring dis
carded state furniture to be sold at
public sale. Acting Speaker Vouchees
ruled the point of order not well taken.
The senate increase in the appropria
tion hill In the University of Pennsyl
vania hospital from ffoS.OOO to $100,001)
was concurred In. When (he senate
amendments to the general appropria
tion bill weie taken up for concurrence.
Air. Coray, of Luzerne, called attention
In the item appropriating Sl.SOn for
i lerical and Incidental expenses of the
hoard created for the examination of
letters patent relative to the granting
of charters for elevated and under
ground railways for the two lineal
years ending May :sl. 1!)0;:. He said
the trolley promoters who secured val
uable franchises from the stale under
the rapid transit bills should pay the
clerks of the state department for ex
tra services in preparing these papers.
Bill Goes to Governor.
The amendments were concurred in
by a vote of 1"7 to ::,". The bill now
goes to the governor. Those voting In
the negative were: Messrs. merman,
Brcnnnii, L. D. Ib-own, Purnett, Cast
lie r, Cooper, Corny, Creasy, Dlxtm,
Fake, Foster, Fuerth Ciuenther, Tlnag,
Hays, Hell, Hitchcock Hoch, Ikeler,
Albert W. Johnson, Irwin X. Johnson,
Kirk, AIcLarn, Alc"Wliinney, Slayne,
H. Frank AUller, Moyer, Xuflzsingor,
Osier, Palm, Paul, Jlndgers, Roth,
Snulbh, "Westbrook.
Air. AVillard, of Allegheny, called up
the report of the conference commit
tee on the capitol bill. Air. Holl, of
Philadelphia, opposed the increased
appropriation from $4,000,000 to $4,2r.0,
000. He said the advocates of the bill
agreed when It was on thtrd rending
in tho bouse to limit the appropria
tion to Jt.000,000. The people want a
capitol that Is a credit to the state,
but they do not want a useless ex
penditure of money. The congres
sional library at Washington cost only
Sii,:U)0,noo, and $4,000,000 is more than Is
necessary to eicct a capitol commen
surate with the dignity and wealth
of the commonwealth. Tho report
was rejected by a vole of (ll to 1 lit.
and tho bill was referred back to the
conference committee.
The report of the conference com
mittee on the judicial apportionment
hill was ndopted by a vote of J!IS to
B:l. Tho bill as ndopted provides for
only one judge In Cambria county.
Mr. Ford, of Allegheny, moved that
the bill Increasing tho salary of judges
In counties having a population of
aver Mi.000, be reconsidered. The mo
tion failed by a vote of i!3 to 7:'.
Changes in Apportionment.
The senate this afternoon dribbled
iiwuy the tlmo without doing anything
until nearly 5 o'clock, when it took a
ipui't ami passed a number of hills and
adopted several conference reports. The
louse hill providing an additional Judge
n Luzerne county, which was defeated
it the morning: session, was reroiisld
sred this afternoon nnd was passed by
a vote of 40 to 0,
These house bills wero nlso passed
Detaching Carbon county from the
forty-third Judicial district and erect
ng a separate judicial district.
Authorising county commissioners to
evy a tax not exceeding one-tenth of
)ne mill per dollar nu the assessed
,'alue of property in each county, for
the purpose of creutlng a fund for tho
relief of honorably discharged Indigent
loldlcrs, sallots and marines, and for
indigent wives, widows and the minor
shlldrcn under 15 years of age of in
dlgent or deceased soldiers, sailors or
The conference report on the house
appropriating $11!9,500 to the Norrlstown
Insane hospital was adopted.
The senate withdrew Its opposition to
the house amendments to tho senate
bill, appropriating $1,000,000 to the
public schools to make up for the gov
ernor's cut of two years ago, and the
amendments wero concurred In. The
bill now goes to tho governor.
The conference report on the notion
Mil, regulating the manufacture and
sale of "process" or "boiled" butter,
whs defeated. The bill Is now dead.
The house having refused to accept
the congressional apportionment bill us
miido up hist night, the vote by which
tlie conference report was adopted this
morning was reconsidered and the re
port sent back to conference commit
tee. Tho bill wiih again reconstructed
and sent to tho printer.
At fi.HO Information came from tho
house that It Insisted upon Its amend
ments to the Fox rnpltol bill. Mr.
Fox moved that the senate recede
from Its non-concurrence In the house
amendments and that the senate con
cur In the same. This was done by a
vote of .'17 to 0 nnd the 1)111 now rocs
to tlie governor.
The report of Hie conference com
mittee on the congressional appor
tionment bill was taken tin at the
evening session and adopted by a vote
of IBS to 54. The reports of conference
committees on the following appro
priation bills wero ndopted.
K.iiip hospital, M.1.0M; Heaver hospital, 'J.OOO:
Western Pennsylvania InMlliition for Deaf nnd
DiiiiiIp. !l ,!!()! I'iIIkIoii hospital, M.VKK1; St.
.Mm ( hospital. Allosheny, $t:,IK);
iMiiiib, SJIO.OOuj Philadelphia Polyclinic,
The senate resolution authorizing
the governor to appoint a commission
to represent Pennsylvania at the St.
J. rails exposition, wan concurred In.
The house adjourned at midnight
until 11 o'clock tomorrow morning,
when tlie usual closing exercises will
bo held. Speaker Marshall will be
presented with a magnificent dinner
set of Haviland china nnd a silver
service. The clerks will bo given
purses of money. The house will ad
journ finally at noon.
Governor Stone expects to stait to
morrow for a short fishing trip. On
his return Monday he will take up a
multitude of bills left with him for
his action.
Work in the Senate.
At the night session of tlie senate
the reconstructed congressional ap
portionment bill again came up and
the report of the conference com
mittee was adopted by a volo of ".".
to 10. The .negative voters were
Heinle, Herbst, Higgins, Miller,
Xeely, Stiles and Wentz, Democrats;
Alatson and Williams, Quay Itepubli
enns, and McKee, anti-Quay ltcpub
llcan. The report now goes to the
Five of the six Philadelphia dis
tricts were rearranged. The iirst dis
trict was not disturbed. The other
I've, according to tlie latest make-up,
will be as follows: Second district
Kightli, Xlnth, Tenth, Thirteenth,
Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Twentieth and
Twenty-seventh wards. Third district
Second. Third, Fourth. Fifth, Sixth,
Kleventh. Twelfth, Sixteenth, .Seven
teenth, Klgliteentli and Nineteenth
wards. Fourth district Twenty-eighth.
Twenty-ninth, Thirty-second nnd
Thirty-eight wards. Fifth district
Thirty-first. Twenty-fifth, Twenty
third, Thirty-third, Thirty-fifth and
Forty-first wards. Sixth district
Twenty-second, Twenty-first. Twenty
fourth, Thirty-fourth, Twenty-seventh
and Fortieth wards.
Other changes are as follows: The
entire county of l.uzorene is to be
the Kleventh district. Fourteenth dis
trict shall be made ufi of Wayne, Sus
quehanna. Wyoming and Pradford
counties. Six teen Hi Northumberland.
Alontour, Sullivan, Columbia. Twenty
first Center, Clearfield, Cameron and
AlcKean. Twenty-second Westmore
land and Potior. Twenty-seventh
Armstrong, Indiana, Clarion, Jeffer
son. Twenty-eighth Mercer, AVar
ren,. Forest, Venango, Klk.
All the other districts remain tlie
ramo as they were agreed upon last
The conference report on the judicial
apportionment was adopted with only
one dissenting vote that of Air. Herbst.
The bill now goes to the governor. Tho
vote by which the "boiled" or "pro
cess" butter bill was defented at the
afternoon session was reconsidered and
the bill was passed.
The Warren Insane hospital appropri
ation bill wns nlso passed finally.
The conference report on the bill au
thorising the election of one justice of
the ponce In each ward of all borough
divided Into wards was defeated.
Of Interest to Veterans.
Tlie bill making nn appropriation for
n monument at Slilloh, In memory of
tho Seventy-seventh Pennsylvania regi
ment, created some discussion among
tlie old soldier senators. Air, Comings,
of Warren, a veteran, moved that tlie
senate iccede from Its amendments to
the bill Increasing the appropriation
which was opposed by Air. Williams,
of Puller, another civil war veteran.
Messrs. Quail, of Schuylkill, and .Mil
ler, of Cumberland, two more soldiers,
nlso took pari in the discussion, but
Air. ('innings won out by n vote of 2:1
to IS. At this point tho members i
tlie senate enjoyed a little levity.
U was started by Air, Kmery, of Aler
cor, reporting fiom committee, with
amendments, Hie senatorial apportion
ment bill, I'nless all rules were thrown
to the winds the bill could go no
further than second reading, Tlie leg
islative apportionment bill was next re
ported out and then all tlie ballot re
form, hills, Including measures intro
duced by Messrs. Flint, Perkelbach,
Herbst and Neely and Vandyke, of the
house, were unloaded fmni the shelves
of tho committee on elections, much to
the amusement of the senators,
A recess for an hour was taken until
10 o'clock to enable the Itepubllciins
and Democrats to bold caucuses for the
nomination of candidates for president
pro tein. for the senate of Ifto.'l,
At 10,10 tho senate took a ivceos for
half an hour, but It was 12.20 a, in,
when the lieutenant governor called
tlm senators to order, The table was
cleared of roinniuiilcutlons from (ho
house announcing the adoption of the
conference reports passed by the sen
ate. After u few nonsensical resolu
tions wero rend, Intended only for
amusement, which Is a usual last, night
Incident, the cenate udjourned until 11
a. m.
Kvery bit of legislation has been
cleared away and the only thing re
maining to ho done is the usual pres
entation of gifts.
Machinists Strike Is Off.
Ily Ricluiive Wire from The Associated Prtss.
YorW, June 26, The ktrlke of the union nu.
rhinitis ol York tame lo an end today, when
formally, behind clocd doors, the strike wa
declared olf, No statement was, Kben out, buL "
it believed the ttnkcit scuicd none ot llieir
demand. 'I hey will eo hack lo work as they aiu
attested as Individuals by the tains.
The Lusitanla Wrecked with Five
Hundred Passengers
Missed mrse in Tog and Kan on
Newf ndland Coast Passengers
Panic- irlcken Emigrants Use
Knivei in Fight for Boats Belief
That Several Were Drowned.
Survivors, Almost Naked, Landed
Through Surf on Hocks nnd
Hauled Up the Cliffs.
By Kxcln.sWe Wire from The Avnclfllcd Pre?'.
St. Johns, X. V., Juno 2(!. The steam
ship I.usltnnla, under charter lo tho
Klder Dempster company, and bound
from Liverpool to Atom real with 500
persons aboard, missed her course
while bound round Cape Pace, and ran
ashore just before daybreak this morn
ing, at Senl'o Cove, twelve miles north
of the cape. A heavy sen was running,
and the passengers became panic
stricken. The rougher element in tlnj
steerage fought for the boats, nnd used
knives against the crew, who were un
able to subdue them for some time.
When the frenzied men bad been over
come the work of saving them nnd tho
women and children was begun. The
boats weic lowered and dispatched to
the shore. It is reported that one was
capsized, and that the twenty persons
In It were drowned. That report, how
ever, has not been confirmed. On the
contrary in dispatches received at the
offices of tho line here It is said that all
the passengers had been landed safely
and the crew was standing by the eliip
The place where tlie lusitania ran
ashore is twenty miles from a tele
graph station, and details of tho wreck
are, In consequence, difllcult to obtain.
It is known, however, that the vessel
ran over a reef near where the Scot
tish King was wrecked and hangs
against a cliff. At the hour the first
dispatch was sent she appeared to h
holding her own. but it wns feared thai
she would become a loal wreck. A se
vere rainstorm prevailed nil night, with
high winds and a heavy sea, and In
the latest reports received it Is said she
was breaking up. that her fnreliolds
were full of water and that her cargo
was being salvaged.
There is hope of saving the effects of
the passengers, as where possible they
were stowed above decks.
Six steamers nre now on their way
from here to tho scone of the wreck.
It is expected that the rescued passen
gers will bo brought hero tonight.
Passengers Asleep,
Tlie passengers were asleep at the
hour of the disaster. The first nollco
they received that anything was amiss
came In tho form of a severe jolt,
which hurled them from their beds as
the vessel rasped over the rocks. Many
of them were bruised severely. They
nil hurried on dock In their night
clothes and n scene of groat excite
ment followed. Hundreds of frenzied
men, women nnd children wero clam
oring to be saved, while tho crow tried
to pacify them and launch their bouts.
Tlie mnle passengers, in their attempt
to seize tlie bonts trampled the women
under foot and, as said before, fought
the crow with knives. Some of the
more cool-henilod assisted the crew In
the effort to get out the boats. Ono
boat was upset and its occupants were
Immersed. It Is still supposed that
some of these were drowned, but that
point has not been definitely ascer
tained, It Is certain, however, that
one boat, having nu board twenty per
sons, has not yet been reported. It Is
supposed she Is adrift in the fog and
that may have given rlso to the re
port that twenty persons had been
Tlie women nnd children rescued
were almost linked. Drenched with
spray they were pulled up the cliffs
by the coast people. Some of the
boats were smashed In the surf while
attempting to land. Their half
drowned occupants Jumped for the
rocks and held nu shivering with cold
until rescued. This morning tho un
happy survivors, after shivering for
hours on the hilltop, wearily tramped
several miles In their endeavor to
reach the houses of tho fishermen,
which they eventually succeeded In
doing. They are now sheltered there,
Previous to reaching the cliffs tho
passengers passed two hours of terri
ble anxiety on the wreck.
The I.usltunln belonged to the Orient
Steiuu Navigation company. As said
before she was under charter to tho
Klder Dempster line, and was to have
been transferred to the new Franco
American lino on Monday, She was
under command of Captain AIcAloy, a
well-known, experienced and greatly
trusted captain of tho Klder Dempster
line. Her passenger list shows thnt six
cabin, fourteen second class and illl
steemge passengers were aboard,
The I.usltnnla wns built nt Liverpool
by Laird Pros. In 1S7I, She Is ;itu feet
9 Inches long, has 4t feet 3 inches
beam, and Is L7 feet 7 Inches deep,
Formerly she was In tho Australian
service, Shu sailed from Liverpool
June 18.
Wages Will Be Advanced,
fly Eihuiie Wlie fiom Tlie Associated I'icsi.
Cleielanrl, ()., June 2fi. 'Ihe Cleiclaud t'lly
Hallway company, belter known a Hie I. Idle
Consolidated ioiiiiany, of uliiili Senator lljniu
Is president, jnuoumed today that Ihe uJKr
of all conductni ami luotqimcii who have been
in the seiviee of the company two yean or more
will be advanced, to take effect mIIIiIii a few
days. Detail.) ol lire proposed liHieaso hate not
yet been made public,
m .
Nominated by Governor.
lUrrUburc, June 26. (.'overnor .Stone tnnlshl
cent to Ihe keuale tho nomination of William
N. Topham, ot lieinuutown, Philadelphia, lo he
diieilor of the niutical kIioo! at Philadelphia
fur tho term of sis jcars.
Degrees Are Conferred Upon 570
fly tirelustve Who from The Avoolalrd l'ie.
Sow Haven, Conn., June yd. The one
hundred nnd iilnety-nlnth commence
ment of Yale university was held to
day under tlie most pleasant of condi
tions. President Hadiey In his annual
address referred to the changes In the
course of study in tlie academic de
partment by which tho old principle
of a fixed curriculum hns been entirely
iibnndoued ami also dwelt upon ma
terial Improvements in the universities
which are made possible by recent
gifts. He spoke briefly of the signifi
cance ot tho bl-eentennlal celebration.
Degrees were conferred upon f"t! can
didates. Among the honorary degrees
conferred were the following:
Doctors of divinity Rev. W. Af. P.
Faunce, president of Ilrowii university;
Jtev. .1. At. Taylor, president of A'as
sar college.
Masters of arts Tlev. Harlan P.
Peach. IJ. A.. Yale 1S7S; William K.
Dodge and Theodore L. Devinne, nil
of Xew York; James Hougtelllng, Ph.
IX, Chicago, a founder and first presi
dent of the St. Andrews Protherhond
of the Protestant Kplscopal church,
and Ulfford Plnchot, 11. A., Yale ISSit,
chief of the division of forestry of tne
department of agriculture, Washing
ton, in addition to these, I lie honor
ary degree of master ot nrts was con
ferred prlvatlni on F. (1. JCowhiiuIs.
member of congress from Nevada, and
Hew Klmer K. Smttey, Ynle, 1890,
president of the University of Wyo
iiih.g. Tlie Yule commencement concluded
today with a full statement to the
graduates from President Hadlev, of
the amounts subscribed for the bi
centennial fund. He said:
The plan adopted by tlie committee c.Oled for
an expenditure for land and buildings of ?l,lh.'i,
(). A enr n(jo baiel.v half of this Mini bad been
secured. Ten ihys no Sir.S.WK) remained to he
rai.-ed. This has today been nccimiplMirri with
the addition (if the laiRC plfU which have been
made tor (-pedal purposes durinpr the continuance
of the ub.scriptiou-. and it make it icrtain that
with (lie proper effort we shall reach the fund
of $.;!,0no,000. This fund contains no laijjfr sift
than Sl.W.noO, and 1,700 or more graduates and
fi lends of the imlilution are on Ihe 1M. Promi
nent anions those who mnlrilmlcil to tlie mk(0s
of Ihe endowment are: II. C. 1). Hoi den, who not
only cao KKI.UiKI but itnnl his ctloit
mi'-pai'iiicly; I'rediriek Vanderbilt and .lames .1.
Hill, who iran- MOO.nOO each; tlie MNses Phelps
Moke, wlio gae the adminMi.ition building,
thin inntrthiiling fully $01,000 lo tlie general ob
jot; Chailes and iaiward llarkness of New Voik,
who traie .in,(KX) each, orisin.illy, besides Ihe jrilt
of S.i!."i,iX)0 fiom the third brother, and who in
tlie oineiRomy at the end each contributed $10,(100
towaids innking up the deficiency, and tlie Jen.
ninns family, of New Yoik city, who added to
their itift of some iJliO.dOO an aetixe pcn-onal inter-e-t
in tlie whole nutter; finally MU.OOO jjiveu by
(ienrgp ISIhs shoilly before his death ami paid to
us out of the (stale.
President Dudley announced that the
estate of the late William Lampson, of
J.eroy, N. X., will probably yield $.10,noo,
an Increase of $-5,000. He nlso referred,
to the gift of Airs. A. AI. Byers, of Al
legheny, Pa., and stated that the
amount was 5100,000.
Nominated at Republican Caucus
at Harrisburg Last
My i;.oluHe Win fiom Tlie Associated Pres,
Harrisburg, June 20. Tho Hepubll
can senatorial caucus tonight nomi
nated Senator "John Af. Scott, of tho
Sixth district, of Philadlephin, for
1 resident pro tern of the next senate.
There were twent-six senators pres
ent, twenty-four Quay Hepubllcans,
and AlcKee and Afagee, nntl-Quuyltes.
Air. (irady, of Philadelphia, presided,
and Air. Vaughn n, of l,ackawuuuu,
acted as secretary.
Air. Scott was nominated by tho
retiring prosoldent pro tern, Air. Sny
der. This being the only name pre
sented, Air, Scott was unanimously
The follow In,; slate committee of
nine was npji nted by tli I'h.'lr:
Snyder, of Chester; Iveyser, Philadel
phia; Alntson, AlcKean; Sproul, Ches
ter; Ileidolbuugh, Lancaster: Vare,
Philadelphia: Stewart, Franklin;
Fisher, Indiana, and Stlncman, Cam
A Tobacco Salesman Jumps Into Sus
quehanna and Resists Rescuers,
Ily Kelube Wire from The Asoclaled Pievi,
Wlllianispoil, I'a,, June 20. W, (', (baser, of
I'ltUbiu;;, a traiclim; a)esiuau for the IIKli
lliotlurs' Tobaico lompany, Wheeling, W. Va,,
made .1 dctpeiato attempt to commit tuicidc lo.
day, He jumped fium Ihe .M.ukct street bridico
into the .Siwpiehauna rber and tried lo diown
liinwlf, lie icaistcd reeue, but was luauglit In
hore after a lleico stiuccje with enteral youni;
men uhu went to Ids aviUlanie,
Temporary insanity is atciihcd as tho causa
of (ilaMT's attempt In take bin life.
Steamship Arrivals,
Uy i:cluslve Whe fiom Tlie Associated Press.
A'ew York, .liiiio !!0, Ariiwil; Uemluitlou,
Antwerp; lath:,iun, Piemen. ('It-am! l-i
llrrtaiiiic, llavie; Columbia, llamhuifr. Sailed:
St. Louis, Koiithauipton; Teutonic,'ipool;
Vadcrland, Aulneiu U Chcihouri,'. Southampton
Alllledi St. Paul, Xtw York. Silled; lineup,
nlii Lulu, (rum lliemeii for Xiw YuiK. Hotter.
djiH-'Aribi'd: Maaxl.1111, Xcw Yoik via lion.
Inline. Q'ireuttoMii Sailid: .Senia, l.iicico
fm New ork.
Marine Is Drowned,
Ily llxi Ill-he Wire fiom Tlie Associated IV".
Philadelphia, June 20. (Vnporal 1'Muk (belly,
it Lebanon, Pa., a I'nltcd Stales limine attached
to the rccclvlnt: i-lilp Yankee, at Ihe la'amie
Maud navy .laid, was dronurd while suiniiuliii;
in the Pclawaio rber todiy. lie was seized with
(ianitj and tank,
Ily llfiliiilip Wire fiom The Associated Piess,
Tuukhaunock, l'a., June 2d. Oaiur (1. Hser,
rX'Miprriiitrmuut of tho I'emisylsanla and .New
York dhbJoii of the'Uhiuh Valley lalhoad, died
at Ids home in Tuukhaunock from mi illness
which bcxan 1att Aiuriitt, Air. IWr was born
at M.imh (.'hunk, In ls'il, and woiked his way
up from en and boy through, Miuc.'.-ivo ofliiea
! Ihe Ion of division upcrintcndent, lie
uxs well kuouii all alunj Ihe line. Tlie (uncial
will be held vu Satuiclay.
ft Westbound Wabash Express Train
Grasbes ThroiiQh a Trestle
with Fearful Results.
An Engine and Pour Cars Drop Into
a Ravine a Distance of Eighteen.
Feet In Addition to the Killed
Fifty Passengers Are Injured.
New York Man Among Them.
Trestle Undermined by Bains.
The Dead All Italian Emigrants.
By Kicluslre Wire from Tlie Annocialed Press.
Peril, lnd., June -0. While the west
bound Wabash limited was running
under a full bend of steam across a
short trestle nine miles west of this
city, nt 1L',30 o'clock this morning, the
structure gave way nnd dropped the
engine nnd four curs to the bottom of
a ravine eighteen feet deep. Sixteen
persons weie killed and at least llfty
Injured, Including Mrs. AVIlllnm Col
ten, wife of the general superintendent
of tho Iron Mountain railwny, and John
Ickes, of New York. All the killed were
Italian immigrants, who were en route
for Salt I.,ake City, and It has been Im
possible to ascertain their names, be
cause none of the Immigrants speak
Kngllsh and their interpreter is among
the dead. Following I a list of dead:
MIIS. MATTIi: CUl'SI.', wife of .loe Cmse, of New
Yoik: the latter was injuicd.
Miss PAXXIi: Jinil.OIC, of Xew Yoik.
Lllfil llOXt, Xew York.
KIVK ITALIAN' HUN', names unkn.ovn.
TWO ITALIAN' WOMKN, names unknown.
Partial list of the injured:
.Mr.s. William rotten, wile of Keneral superin
tendent lion .Mountain Hallway, badly
Three ehlldien, names unknown, seceiely bullied.
David Acnew, Cieen Oak, lnd., rislit arm injured.
John O'Mitni, Denver, linht leg binken.
Unknown Italian, Xew Yoik, liiclit Ick and right
side manclrd.
Xleola I'olua, head and shoulder bulbed
John Icke?, Xcw York, head and body bitiised.
Anna .luber, hi. I.ouis, head badly lirul.-ril.
Joseph Pnxa, Tiinidad, Colo., head and left foot
Herbert .Menser, liilKdale, Mich., fare cut
Joseph Ciie-c, Xew York city, head, body and left
leg bruised.
Mrs. Joseph Ciuse, head and body injuicd; will
Ceorco II. Milner, Dalton, 111., left leu broken.
John P. Williamson, Itnwlins; (been ()., news
.icnit, both arms, both leg.s and right shoul
der blade broken.
E. P. ClatiRh, Toledo, O., head badly crushed,
riirlit shoulder blade broken.
0. A. Thompson, I.itlle Hock, Ark., head and
body biuiAed.
William Iliode, Angola, lnd., fare nil,
( harlrs Flanagan, flagman, body briii-ed
J. II. Lmks.-l.oKaipoit, lnd., traveling .salesman,
slightly biuiscd.
J. F. Under, engineer.
John Ad. no.-, liieinaii, both from Pour, s
(hailea Liigenbiihl, West llnboken, X. J.
J. II. Wilkcn. Lara.ictle, lnd.
Walter Laid, Waba-h. lnd.
The Urv. J. M. WaHi, Logan-poit.
(' 1. Home, Logausport.
John Derwinnis, Plttsbiiig.
J, II. Wood, Logan-poll,
V. K. llrownell, baggageman. Toledo
X. II, Kandeis, Stoninglon, 111.
I'laik Taylor, Log.inspoit., mine not learned.
Makeup of the Train.
Two sections of train No. :i, one com
ing from Detroit and the other from
Toledo, were consolidated in this city
Into a train of eleven cars, making up
tlie flyer for Its journey to St. Louis.
It consisted ot a combination baggage
and smoker, day coach and emigrant
coach, three chair cars, three sleepers
nnd tho private ear of General Super
intendent William Cot ten, of the Iron
Mountain railway. Having left this
city one hour late, the train was run
ning nt n high rate of speed when in
plunged through a tretle which had
been undermined by the recent heavy,
rains. Owing to the momentum of the
train the engine appeared to leap near
ly across the ravine, plunged Into the
soft earth on tho opposite side and fell
buck to the bottom. Engineer Butler
and Fireman Adams were thrown from
tho cab, but no' eriously hurt. The
express car and t first chair car were
telescoped. The t, algront car, followed
by two choir curs, went down on the
left .side of the track and tho tlrst
sleeper pitched forward upon the mass
of debrUi. lis windows nnd trucks were
broken, but none of the occupants was
Injured. Tho remaining curs also left
their trucks, but wero not badly dum
nged. It was In tho emigrant day
coaches that most of the deaths and In
juries occurred.
Aid was summoned by telephone from
this city, and within a very short tlmo
almost every physician in Peru was
aboard the relief train on its way to
the scene of tho wreck. Appeals were
sent from this place to other towns
along the 'Wabash railroad, and relief
and wrecking trains were sent out from
I.ogausport, Peru, Lafayette and Dan
ville, 111, ("ass, the station near which
the wreck occurred, is only five miles
front r.ogansport, and several aniliii
lanees wero sent from that city.
Farmers Aid in Rescue.
.Meanwhile bands of farmers, with
torches and Improvised litters were at
work seeking out the injured, whose
cries were heard In the wreck, Tim
dead wore left where they lay, With
the coming of daylight the full extent
of tho accident was first realized. Tho
dead were lying In almost every cor
ner of tho wrecked cms, and the In
jured, who had been tuken from the
debris were huddled In groups on tho
embankment, pleading far the rescue
of their relatives and friends.
A relief train, which left this city
Immediately upon receipt of the news
of tho accident, returned at 4 o'clock
with twenty-seven of the Injured pas
sengers, nearly hulf of whom were
women. These were taken at once to
tho General hospital. Thiee bodies
those of uii llullun mun and two villi-
Weather Indication Today:
1 Ceneral Xo Ansl.stancc Needed In the Flooded
Minefield Ifeglon.
Oiean Liner Lost OH Newfoundland.
Thirteen Killed in n Wreck.
Work of the State Law-Makers Completed.
2 (leneral Cflibondatc Department,
3 Loral One Day's Itecoid ot Weddings.
4 Kdiloilal.
Xote and Comment.
6 Loca!--l).itc (or Holding Mine Inspectors' Ex
amination. West Side Young Man (id ins on Contestants in
(lie Contest.
0 Welt Scranlcm and Suburban.
Financial nnd Commercial.
8 Loral Industrial and Labor.
Court Proceedings.
Convention of Sunday School Winkers.
(Iron who had died on the way ar
rived on Ihe train.
Conductor Hrownley, who wns In
chnrge of the train, is uninjured.
It wns Impossible for the engine
crew to prevent the accident. Heavy
foliage lined the banks on both sides
of the culvert, the npproach to which
was over a "reverse curve." Tho
night wns very dark and the engine
was well out on the trestle before tlie
structure gave way.
St. Louis, June 2C In tin oillclal re
port of the wreck made to President
IJnmsey It Is stated that thirteen Itnl
inns were killed, three probably fatally
and eleven seriously hurt nnd thirty
one slightly bruised and cut.
A woman passenger Is missing. Of
the total killed and Injured seven were
Only one body, thai of Fanny Muehl
vlc, address unknown, has been Iden
tified. According to the olbclnl re
port tho wreck was caused by the
washing out of a culvert.
Two Hundred and Fifty Men Have
a Narrow Eacape Forty Muleo
Thought to Have Perished.
Ily I'.xclusiie Wire limn Tlie Associated Press.
AVIlkos-Biiire, June 26. Shortly ni
ter noon today the large breaker over
No. i mine of tho Delaware anil Hud
son company caught fire. Tlie flames
spread rapidly to the washery, engine
house, fan house, and then eat their
way down the shaft.
In less than an hour the breaker and
all the other buildings in close prox
imity were in ashes. The burning
structures were situated Just outside
ot the city limits, but this did not
prevent the Wlkes-Bnrre lire depart
ment from responding to a call for
assistance. Tlie llatnes hud made
such headway, however, that the lire
men could do nothing to stny their
The officials of the mine were quick
to net In the work of rescuing the 2."i0
men in the mine. With the aid of
tlie telephone they were able to send
down a warning before a rescuing
party could go down In the carriage.
As many of the men ns possible were
hoisted to the surface In the car
rluge. while others escaped through
another opening In the adjoining mine.
The hoisting engineer remained sit
bis post until the roof on the engine
house over his head fell In.
The rejoicing over the escape of all
hands was turned to sorrow at "
o'clock, when the rebitlvesof Corne
lius Cannon, John Bruko, Peter
O'Donnell and Louis Diigdale, re
ported that they were missing. As
the ah- current had been cut off by
the burning of the fan house It was
thought the men had perished. Hut
an hour afterwards the four miners
appeared on the .surface. They bail
made their way through some aban
doned workings lo an opening. It wan
a long way around nnd they wer.i
greatly exhausted when the sot out
'Forty mules uro still In the mliio.
It Is thought they all suffocated.
The fire Is said to have been caused
by an over-heated journal In Mi" en
gine room next to tho breaker. Tho
loss Is placed at $100,000.
Six hundred and fifty men and boys
arc thrown out of work.
Will Meet at Harrisburg Today Mr.
W. W. Lathrop, of Scranton,
Mentioned for Judge.
fly nxcluie Whe from Tlie Associated Press.
Harrisburg, June 26. The Prohibi
tion Ktnte convent inn will meet In this
city tomorrow to nominate cniidldales
for Htato treasurer and Supreme court
Among those mentioned for Supreme
judge are W, V. Lathrop, of Scranton;
Kmniet ( .Nlcliol, of Wilkes-Iiarre, and
11. 1.. Itoblnsou, of I'lilontnwn.
Leo L. (iruuibliie, of Lebanon, Is
spoken of as tho possible candidate fur
stale treasurer,
Tlie convention will bo culled to or
der ul 10 o'clock by State Chairman
Jones, The addiess of welcome will be
delivered by Itov, Silas C. Swallow, of
tills city. The response will ho inside
by Homer L. Cassel, of Pttshurg, This
evening the oratorical contest louk
place In the board of trade auditorium,
itepi'csentutlves fiom the lending col
leges competed for ihe prizes,
Thursday evening there will be a
mass meeting ut the same place, at
which addresses will be made by .Vu
tionul Chairman Oliver YV. Stewart, of
Chicago, and K. L. Kuton, of flus
hing. Victim of the Fan-American.
By Kxrhuite Wire from Tlie Associated Press.
buffalo, June 2!. - Vndirw Jones, known profes
sionally us Teddy Oiiiri, at nick bicycle rider,
died today fiom iujinies inched on June ,1, ulien
he attempted to ride Ida wheel ovr a foi.vo"t
clilf Into u laku iii the wild ujut poiU at the
Reports ot Loss ot Lite and Pro-
perm in the Bluetields Reaion
Greatly Cxaooerated.
Tho Coal Fields Will Not Be. He
stored for Many Months Governor
White Issues a Notice to tho Pub
lic in Which Ho Gives the Opin
ion That the Stnte Will Bo Able
to Take Care of Flood Sufferer.
Dy r.chilii! Wlie fiom The Associated Pics.
Itoanoke, Va June 26. The news
from the flood-swept district In West
Virginia shows no reasons for In
creased estimates of either fatalities
or property losses. Fifty Is the out
side limit of lives lost. Four more
bodies have been identified at North
They are: AI. dteverly nnd wife,
colored, from Washington county, Vu.:
Dug (bilnes and wife, colored, from
Pulaski county, W. Vu.
The reports from nil over the sec
tion nro to the el'l'ecl that while many
poor people have lost nil, yet there Is
no danger of suffering j"or want of
It Is believed and from the evidence
of destruction on every hand t'ho be
lief Is well founded, that the coal
field will not bo entirely restored for
many month.
Xo bodies wero found during tho
last night or tills morning. It Is im
possible to give tho full list nf those
who perished from the fact thit-t many
of the bodies were burled without
Tho efforts of tlie Inrgo force of
men at work now nre directed toward
re-establishment of communication.
The property losses hnvc not been ex
nggeruted, but if Is not thought that
outside aid will be needed, as the coal
companies are taking care of those
of their employes who wore despoiled
by the Hood.
Two carloads of provisions and other
supplies for the needy in the coal
fields from tlie Xew York Journal,
passed thrugh Konnolcp this afternoon.
Wheeling hns nlso sent n. carload of
provisions around by way of Kenova.
The repairing and construction force
reached Vivian from the east today.
Tlie track between Davy and Vivian is
still In a very bad condition.
I'p to this time the list of dond re
covered amounts to eighteen, seven nt
Keystone, four at Algoinu, three at
Kckman, two at rihawnce and two at
Laiulgruff. These do not include a,
number who -were buried without be
ing Identified. Several more coal op
erations begun loading today. .Many
nf the wrecked and damaged cars
have been picked up and are being
sent to the shops here. Telegrams ex
tending aid continue lo come in, but
none are being accepted.
Governor White's Letter.
Charleston. W. Va Juno 26. Gover
nor While today issued the following:
To tlie Public.
Advii es lecciveil fiom personal representatives
(ant In Kc.ii.tonc and the Ihnuled diatiivt In Iho
I'lat Top iCKinu aie t the eflect that the lo-.)
of life will not cm ceil lifly and theie is no
(listless which cannot bo pioiided for by I ho
homo people and no need nf outside help of any
kind, The ol)ei.s of help fiom all over the num.
Ily have bleu gciieioiis and are highly appre
ciated. If II should develop that aid fiom Ihe
outside l needed I will take neC-nion to infolin
(In1 people of West Yliulnla ot that fact. In any
event I feil .sine thai Ihe eillens of Ibis utat.j
will he willinc and aide to Mipply any uid Iliac
may be ueided. A II. White, (inveinoi,
But Little Hopo That tho Prisoners
Will Be Pardoned.
By Kxelusive Wire from The Associated Press.
W.i.JdiiKtnu, Juno "0. I.ate lids aftnimon AI-(r.rui-v- lvnii: said that this umillcation
for pardon Hied by Ingham mid Ncwiti,
who were (omhlid about a aso of allnnp'-
iui; to biilu. an ofluer of (lie I mint .states in tlii
fauious J. cubs counfiifi'itim,' c-i-i', nf l.atir.i.-t'T,
Pa,, would not h bioiuilil to the pioiilenl's at
tintiou cvir.t by his llhe president') dliei
lion. It is a rule of the ilepailiiient ill tile
aliMiuoof favorable leiouiuiendalloiis lor pinion.,
appllcallons frr Ihe iamc mo .simply filed and
are not conshhred either by the attorney RCnual
or ilu- prcslchnt.
In Ibis case Ihe trial Jiulirc has leporlcd Uiu
ra-e without (omiurut, as has tlie lulled Miles
attorney who louducted the (.ie. I'nder lhe.
clriiiuistanies the incident's attention would
not bo callid In Iho iac cxiepl by ids oilier,
111 any event .Mr. Kuo bald no decbloii will b
reached wry toon.
Oil Controversy Settled.
By Exclusive Wire from Tlie Associated Press.
Austin. Tex., June Si. The Texas Supiuno
moil today iindeied an decision if.
feclini; the oil ludustiy. Tlie louil decided that.
Ihe state has no intciot In mineral land kohl
to actual Klllus from the tchiml land domain.
This M'ltles ii luutnnri.'.y mailed by Ihe diMOv
iry of nil at It auiiiont and other places In
Tex n,
Plow Trust Organized,
By KwIihIip Who from Tlie A.oci.itrd Pie".
Tieuton, X. J., June iii. The Ameiicin I'hixv
company, upllil. un,iMl, was incoipoialrd her
today. The principal obicl ol Ihe lumpany 'il
be In aboili nint of Hie. plow (Oinpjiiiej of tlie
I idled Matis.
Iliiihe-t liniperatmc
l.owett lemperaluie ,
llelative Humidity :
tt ile-recs
l7 dt'BU'i'S
a. in ..., Gil per cent,
K p. in SI per cent.
I'lecipitatiun, : bum nided S p. in,, Hum;
xu-ather, pailly cloudy.
V-H-t t i-H--f sr--WEATHER
Washington, June Uii.-Foiccat for
Daelciu I'euuvtbauia: Partly doudy and
piolubly local lams Tluusdiy; f'ridiy,
fair; (outiimcd hluh temperature; xuit-
able wIikli.
l f.fTt